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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  December 21, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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does he feel the nba season could be postponed or canceled like the nhl. >> as we look at minnesota. what a beautiful shot. you are working a double shift. >> i have a lot of shopping to do. >> you will stay here until 7:00? >> new couch. >> bill: good morning, everybody. fox news alert. what's next in om omicron. we're about to find out. president biden laying out his strategy. the dominant strain now in the u.s. four days before the big day, good morning. santa coming down the chimney. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. somewhere up there is a children's album i do believe. >> dana: you never know. that's exciting for next christmas. i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." it is a pretty big day. >> bill: did you know that the week ending last week that 73% of all new cases are omicron?
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you call it is omicron. >> dana: the president is scheduled to address the nation at 2:30 today as the white house is trying to get in front of the winter surge that's coming and putting the country a bit on edge. >> bill: here is what we know about the white house response including military aid for hospitals, funding for 500 million free at home tests and includes more testing sites. additional fema response team. >> dana: the white house trying to ease american's fears and emphasizing the risk of not getting the shot. >> he will issue a stark warning and make clear unvaccinated individuals will continue to drive hospitalizations and deaths. that's not trying to scare people or maybe it is trying to make clear to people in the country what the risks are of not being vaccinated. >> bill: we have you covered. jonathan serry at the cdc. dr. marc siegel has analysis and we begin to peter doocy.
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>> the press secretary jen psaki's warning there that the unvaccinated are likely or on the way to hospitalizations and deaths is a lot harsher than what we're hearing from the vice president. >> is it the fault of the unvaccinated? >> i don't think this is a moment to talk about fault. it is no one's fault that this virus hit our shores or hit the world. >> a big part of the new biden plan to flatten the curve is send 500 million at-home covid tests to americans for free. >> 20,000 free testing sites and we'll continue to build on that and the president will talk about that. >> lines stretch for hours in many areas at overwhelmed testing facilities across the country. the president will talk about a contingency for up to 1,000
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military doctors and nurses to help hospitals and expansion of vaccine capacity. they're throwing a lot after the new variant months after the president made it sound like covid was pretty much over. >> president biden: today we're closer to ever from declaring our dependence to a deadly virus. >> president biden is not quarantining after a negative covid test but monday morning a mid-level staff member received a positive result for the covid-19 test. three days earlier on friday that staff member spent 30 minutes in proximity to the president on air force one from orange, south carolina to philadelphia, pennsylvania. there are a lot of questions about this new policy that will be rolled out today but it is unclear if president biden is going to field any himself. jen psaki told a reporter yesterday it depends on what you ask, bill. >> bill: thank you. nice to see you peete doocy.
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>> dana: the first omicron death is confirmed. jonathan, this comes with important context. >> absolutely. texas authorities have confirmed this death in the houston area. it is a man in his 50s. he was apparently unvaccinated and had underlying health conditions. take a listen. >> we'll have hospitalizations, tragically deaths like what we've seen now. but the evidence shows that for those vaccinated and with the booster it is much less likely. >> moderna released new data showing its current booster shot produces a 37 fold increase in omicron antibodies and pfizer earlier this month. this is important. without boosters existing vaccines are less effective against omicron than previous variants. >> seem to go through like wildfire in certain states. a lot of it has to do with the
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unvaccinated. unfortunately with omicron being unboosted almost is equivalent to being unvaccinated. >> concerns about omicron the surge has created a huge demand for covid tests. there are long lines of cars as a testing site. the national hockey league and players association will begin the holiday break early after today's games. the league's regular season will resume on december 27. on wednesday the schools in the new york suburb of mount vernon will go to 100% virtual instruction until january 18. a memo to the community the superintendent explains i have been very reluctant to close schools but given the current trends in covid cases, it would be risky not to do so. and dana, covid cases within some broadway theater companies have prompted the temporary cancellations of some very
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popular shows including hamilton and aladdin. >> dana: don't forget the rockettes. >> bill: let's bring in dr. marc siegel. we have 100 questions, let's see how many we get to. we will hear half a billion tests, 500 million, right announced from the white house today. robert redfield just said 20 minutes ago as a country we need a billion tests a month. so then if he is right, why are we only halfway there still? >> at least it's a starting point. good morning. listen, have a billion is a starting point. we've been nowhere. they'll have a website for this. i agree with dr. redfield it has to be a billion a month. go to a website. get it delivered and free and paid for by the government. here is why. i want people to know right away whether they've been exposed or got it early on so that they then can be the group
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that is separated. we don't need the whole country to feel they've had it. do you know how many patients say i have a sniffle, what do i do? if i know you have it, where is the tool to help you? i hope the president will talk about this today, which is we need that pill, we need that pfizer pill. we need that pill approved by the fda immediately and we have to have a way so if you are positive you have access to the pill. i want hundreds of millions of doses of that pre-purchased by the government as well not to mention the monoclonal antibodies that are scarce. everybody is running around looking for the test, antibodies, pill. we have to get past that if we want to get rid of the fear. >> dana: dr. siegel. peter doocy showed us kamala harris says we didn't see delta coming, we didn't see omicron coming. however, we've been paying attention to this since january of 2020 and we know i just read here, i'm not a doctor, viruses mutate. we should have expected that. the thing that gets me about
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the presidential speech at 2:30, the first announcement from south africa about the variant was november 8. december 1 we had the first known case in the united states. by then like we all know it's everywhere. yet they take until december 21 to say we'll send you tests in mid-january? i don't understand how this has gotten so mixed up in the administration's mind. they wonder why people aren't listening to them anymore. >> that's so well put, dana. listen, you talk about global health and multiple experts have told me including a doctor from montreal and georgetown and multiple people are warning about variants emerging especially from africa. you know it well from president bush's program that we have the ability to do the outreach to know about this. the variants were coming. to say we were blind-sided, we weren't. hopefully it is a milder
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variant and the direction viruses the end to go. they spread more easily but less deadly over time. we hope for that but we should be prepared. we should have ramped up testing and treatments and the vaccine program. i actually think that if we could change tones to a more inclusive strategy here rather than this whole idea of a stern warning. you heard the press secretary a stern warning again. the country has been warned and warned and warned. how about an inclusive strategy and bring people together and make them understand if they're boosted they have better protection against the variant. that's the thing we need to do is talk to people, not down to them. >> bill: dana threw out dates. a few more. november 8th was the first detected case in south africa. we keep looking back at that country and seeing how the curve is going. just yesterday one of the leading doctors there said we're over the curve. that was on december 20th, which is a period of about six
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weeks. seems to me like that's pretty fast for a variant to be discovered and pass through a certain measure of society. >> that's a really great point and we're seeing the same thing in the u.k. right now. i would call it a hot fire. it is burning like a hot fire and spreads very fast. even the case numbers we're seeing are nothing compared to what is actually out there. 250,000 new cases over the last 24 hours. there is a lot of asymptomatic spread going on. the virus reaches the hostess that are susceptible and burns out. that's what's happening in those two countries right now. it is leveling out. we may see that here. the fastest way to get there with mild cases is to be vaccinated and boosted. that's the fastest way. again, i want the treatments out there. we may have that hope in a few weeks from now but we can't count on it. >> dana: dr. siegel do you think there is any way the white house will ask the cdc to revise protocols for people testing positive though they might not have symptoms or mild
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symptoms that they have to isolate for 10 days especially if they're vaccinated? does that make any sense? >> not at all. with that strategy as we do all the testing of a half billion tests you could have no one left on the streets with 10 days. i want you to understand with this variant when you get it, you know it much more quickly. this strategy of 10 days of quarantine was based on the prior versions of the virus where you didn't know it for several days. this one it is in your upper rest pri tear tract and you get congested and the cough right away. within a day or two of exposure you know if you have it or not. if you are vaccinated it doesn't last as long where you are shedding virus. i think they can cut it down to five days, not 10. >> bill: if we had more time we'd take it. we appreciate yours today. marc siegel with us today. we got some answers, right? christmas is four days away. everybody is thinking will they get together with the family anz inside the house. not everybody. a lot of people will ask
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themselves is it okay? dr. fauci call for number two said this when asked that question just yesterday. >> vaccinated and boosted people, when the family members are vaccinated should feel very comfortable in getting together and enjoying a holiday meal or get together. >> bill: there it is, right? different from last year. i want to enjoy christmas, don't you? >> dana: i don't know if the stern warning is necessary from the white house today for the unvaccinated. the hospital rates are going up. we have that information. but what dr. siegel was just explaining is that people know a lot about this and they know if they are feeling sick they know it right away so they can take measures. we have to trust people a little bit. >> bill: i think what the trump administration did very well was operation warp speed. that was historical and some people are asking where is this version of operation warp speed senator tom cotton asked about it yesterday and operation warp
6:13 am
speed whether it's testing or the pill or whether it's at-home care. this is as you point out, a little too late right now. when we knew it was coming. >> dana: also people waiting 2 1/2 hours to get a test in the cold in new york and elsewhere across the country totally unnecessary. fox news alert. verdict watch. the trial of kim potter is the former minnesota police officer charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed black man in april. an investigation finds kim foxx violated legal ethics including lying about contacts with his family. >> progressives furious at joe manchin. manchin said the white house staff did things to indicate they were mad at him, too. karl rove will take our questions on that. >> i give joe a lot of credit. the amount of abuse and flak he
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>> bill: 18 past the hour now. fox news alert. verdict watch three high profile trials awaiting. first of all the fate of a former minnesota cop now in the hands of a jury. deliberation resuming next hour in the manslaughter case of kim potter who shot and killed daunte wright has he tried to take off during a traffic stop in april. she said she mistook her handgun for a taser. british socialite maxwell. prosecutors calling her a dangerous predator who was part of epstein's abuse of underage girl. also west coast elizabeth holmes, a startup founder on
6:20 am
trial for defrauding investors, doctors and patients with claims she invented technology that could reliably screen for a range of conditions with a few drops of blood. updates on all of them as we get them. our eyes are affixed. meanwhile this, watch. >> i think the stakes are too high for this to be in any way about any specific individual. >> how do you do that without senator manchin? >> you don't give up. >> i have confidence that senator manchin cares about our country and that at some point very soon we can take up the legislation. i'm not deterred at all. >> dana: the vice president house speaker vowing to push ahead with build back better after joe manchin said it wouldn't get his votes. democrats will seek a vote early in the new year. meanwhile manchin says white house staff leaked inexcusable things about him after his no on the bill. how the "new york post" sums it
6:21 am
up today. dem bullies. always very clever. let's bring in karl rove, fox news contributor and having a birthday this friday. hi, karl. i want you to listen to senator joe manchin. here is what he said. >> i knew where they were and i knew what they could and could not do. they just never realized it because they figured surely to god we can move one person. beat the living crap out of people and think they'll be submissive, period. >> dana: "wall street journal" says by all means vote in the senate on build back better. schumer demands his incumbents vote for a bill that won't pass. what about the strategy there? >> well, i'm not certain there is a strategy. because they know they can't pass the bill. i understand that recently in a telephone conversation with business leaders that senator manchin was asked about this and he said that he told schumer if you don't believe that i'm a no, bring it up for a vote and i will vote no. so schumer knows this is going to be a problem that he is not
6:22 am
going to get it passed. why is he doing it? i have a couple of reasons why. the biggest one is aoc. schumer is worried about a primary challenge in 2022. he is up for election. he is worried about aoc coming after him in a primary and he wants to say i did everything possible to pass bernie sanders' build back better bill and so you can't criticize me. i think also they are desperate. they are hoping against hope that somehow or another they can convince manchin to cave. he is not going to cave. they also think they may get them some give on other issues namely voting rights. sooumer wants to send a message to the democratic caucus fall in line or i will make you a visible symbol like i'm making joe manchin. >> bill: was it smart to call manchin a liar on behalf of the
6:23 am
white house? >> incredibly stupid. it sticks. people are people. and if you go out and say he is a liar and a traitor to our party which is essentially what the white house spokesman jen psaki said it makes it more difficult to deal with him in the future. also, it makes it more difficult to deal with other members because look, there may be a lot of people in the congress who voted for the build back better bill but let me tell you people on capitol hill don't like their betters at 1600 pennsylvania avenue calling them names. so particularly those swing democrats who are in districts that will be difficult to win or states difficult to win in the 2022 mid-terms are saying to themselves you know, don't be doing that to people who may do this out of conviction or out of political necessity. it is stupid because it heightened the sense the white house is weak and right now joe biden does not need to look weak. and he does. this makes him look weaker.
6:24 am
>> dana: there is a fox business poll out last night asking the country do you think 2021 was a good year or bad year? 70% said bad year. and so if you are at the white house wrapping things up and legislative agenda is in tatters, poll numbers are what they are. omicron is waging and you are way behind in testing and the cdc are slow to get the treatments approved. what do you think they do? take a few days off and regroup in the new year or power through and try to figure out a way to right their ship? >> they have to find a way to right their ship. next year will be a bad year for them no matter what. this whole year has been bad. inflation, the border, afghanistan, we were all going to be -- covid would be in the rearview mirror by july 4th. all of these things have combined to create a very bad atmosphere for this administration. second worst presidential
6:25 am
approval numbers of any modern president except donald trump. we know what happened in the 2018 mid-terms to the republicans as a result. so they are looking at a bad situation in 2020. is there a way that they can turn it around? they might be able to turn it around a little bit but to turn it into something good so they avoid the disaster at the polls, there is a very simple answer to that and it is no. the question is how much can they do to mitigate their problem? they aren't going to be able to solve their problem and turn it around. >> bill: mitch mcconnell was asked whether or not joe manchin would cross over to the republican party. he is welcome. only nine months ago joe manchin voted for the 1.9 trillion american rescue plan. would you see him becoming a republican or is that far afield, karl? >> i don't think so. look, his dad was a bigwig in the west virginia democratic party, his grandfather was as well. i could see him becoming an
6:26 am
independent who caucuses with the democrats but i don't see him turning republican. dana put her finger on something. think about it. they got the american rescue plan, the bipartisan infrastructure bill, getting a bunch of judges, he is trying to return a sense of normality. if they lowered their expectations and tried to sell us something that they didn't go out and say we want to transform the american economy and a whole range of free new stuff and we'll have a huge $5 trillion spengd bill on top of infrastructure bill and on top. if they had lowered their expectations they would be in a much better place today than they are. >> dana: or take up manchin on his offer. they didn't. thank you, happy birthday to you coming up. >> bill: happy birthday. >> merry christmas. >> bill: then there is this. >> this is a plan that they've set about to let millions of people invade our country and they don't care who they are
6:27 am
including terrorists. >> dana: potential terrorist is caught trying to enter the u.s. raising new question about president biden's border policies. america's supply chain crisis taking us prisoner. how dairy farmers are feeling the pinch and putting their very survival on the line.
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serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> bill: border patrol agents in arizona catching a potential terrorist illegally entered the u.s. from mexico thursday night. border patrol saying the 21-year-old migrant is from saudi arabia and linked to several subjects of interest from yemen. he was wearing a jacket from a county in new york from an ambulance volunteer organization in new york. spokesperson telling fox news the man is not affiliated, however, with that group. >> dana: illegal immigration not just happening at the southern border. florida seeing a surge of migrants arriving on its shorelines. coast guard data shows the number of migrants caught off the florida coast is up 1600%
6:34 am
since 2020. phil keating is in fort lauderdale with an update for us. hi, phil. >> almost at least once a week these days a boat comes toward the shoreline full of illegal migrants and it happened on this very beach just two days ago on sunday. all right in front of beach goers near fort lauderdale. a boat and nine foreigners scamper into the sand. they were taken into custody. most often they're cubans, haitians and dominicans, these are columbian. same thing before 26. likely to be sent back from where they came. many of the boats full of desperate people crossing the florida straits into the keys or the east coast are spotted at sea by the coast guard. often coming via paid off human smugglers. >> do not take to the sea.
6:35 am
that's the bottom line message from us while we support legal and safe migration, these illegal and unsafe operations on the sea absolutely are dangerous. they are not worth the risk. >> the coast guard and customs and border protection are seeing a surge in the migration flow. haitians are fleeing gangs and kidnappings and a country in chaos. latin experts say cuban have their own reasons to head north. >> the pandemic, the economy, the social unrest, the lack of human rights, the lack of food. people wanting a better future. >> interdick shuns are up 1600%. 400 cuban introductions recently. the year before that just 49. that was right after wet foot, dry foot ended.
6:36 am
before that it was nearly 1500. it is unknown how many migrants end up drowning at sea. it is not as easy out there as wading across the rio grande. waves get big, weather can change and sharks in the water. >> dana: thank you for the update. >> i was born into this business and i've been in the dairy business all my life. my grandparents and parents did it and my wife and i get to do it and starting to bring our kids into the operation. it is a family thing. it is 24 hours a dai, seven days a week. >> bill: it is not just the stores and factories feeling the pain. the supply chain crisis is hitting dairy farmers. the backlog at the nation's ports making harder to sell their product and stay in business. douglas kennedy back from the farm live in new york city. what did you find out, douglas? >> america's ports are broken and it is causing chaos with goods coming in and going out.
6:37 am
right now a lot of your product is stuck in some shipping container. >> a lot ofist is just sitting there waiting to go to a customer. we have had up to 60% of our loads canceled over the past two months. >> a dairy farmer in central california and part of the california dairy cooperative. he has been shipping backoffs and california ports have put millions of dollars of their products at risk of total loss including 68 million pounds of milk powder and 10 million pounds butter. the u.s. dairy has lost over a billion dollars because of the recent shipping slowdowns. so shipping will slow down but cows can't slow down. >> they don't stop. through the entire pandemic that has been the problem. we can't turn off the valve.
6:38 am
>> you said end-to-end transit times go from 43 days in 2019 to 78 days last month. >> that's right. the whole system is not coping with the volumes. >> an online cargo booking platform that tracks shipping trends. he says delays have been caused by a shortage in truck chassis, a lack of truck drivers, and limited space at storage facilities. a perfect storm of problems clogging west coast ports. you are also seeing prices soar ten times what they were two years ago. >> that's right. the price in 2019 was 1,300 to ship a container from china to the u.s. west coast. that reached as high as 20,000 this year. >> last month president biden mandated ports stay open 24 hours a day to ease the backlog. but this man doesn't see things
6:39 am
getting better any time soon. >> what do you tell these dairy farmers who need this over now? >> this is going to take a while. there is a big backlog and the network isn't coping and building new ships and ports and trucks and trains takes a while. >> we don't have a while. we need fixes now. and we're losing customers globally and we need our exports back. >> he says many california dairy farmers simply won't be farmers anymore if not. we're back to you. >> bill: douglas kennedy on that. >> dana: i'm so glad we did that report. dairy farmers are one thing. other farmers especially up in wisconsin in particular are also having a problem. what he says they need their customers back, in the past 20 years, the u.s. dairy back then was only a domestic market.
6:40 am
we're now the third largest exporter. that's a lot of jobs, business, product and things need to get moving for these guys and so they can keep their family farms. >> bill: as he said, we don't have awhile, we need it now. >> dana: thank you, douglas. for that report. ♪♪♪ >> dana: it was a thriller on monday night football. watch this. >> this one counts and the raiders have won it. las vegas is still alive. >> dana: the raiders kicking a winning 48 yard field goal as time expires beating the browns 17-14. the last second vick re keeping the raider's hopes around. last second victory. if i read supportive to make
6:41 am
sure i do it correctly. thank you for giving me the opportunity. >> bill: you are funky about the nfl. the browns started a quarterback yesterday who was on the practice squad a week ago. the first two guys were out because of covid. >> dana: isn't there an nfl football game every day for the next two days? >> two yesterday and two today. i like it. you go home and you have a football game to watch. i like that. the browns losing, good for cincinnati. just saying, dana, just saying. so a democrat-run city pouring half a bill into crime prevention. was it money well spent? good question. should senator manchin leave the party? he is considering it. how much so? we'll talk to a lawmaker who made the switch just two years ago coming up.
6:42 am
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>> bill: chicago's mayor lori lightfoot pumping more than $400 million into a violence prevention program that critics say has yielded very few results. she is asking for additional resources from the federal government. grady trimble from fox business live in chicago with details. >> mayor lightfoot is asking
6:47 am
attorney general merrick garland for more atf agents. at the same time the spending more than $400 million on affordable housing, outreach and community development aimed at curbing crime in 15 of the city's most violent neighborhoods. >> investing in people and places, uplifts lives, stabilizes families and makes neighborhoods vie brants and importantly safe. >> critics say that plan just isn't working. shootings up 9%, murders up 4%. all of those crimes higher year-over-year. it's even worse in those particularly dangerous neighborhoods. opponents say the mayor is throwing taxpayer dollars at the problem while not dealing with the more immediate concerns like the rise in smash and grab robberies and problems here on the city's magnificent mile. they say the mayor needs a new
6:48 am
plan to deal with the smash and grabs but also the longstanding problems of gun violence. this comes after lori lightfoot recently came under fire for blaming the retailers here on michigan avenue for not doing more to stop the burglaries. >> bill: grady trimble on the sidewalk in chicago. >> dana: let's stay in chicago. cook county illinois district attorney kim foxx facing calls for her resignation after allegedly lying about her contacts with jussie smollett's family before she dropped the original charges against the actor. foxx said she stopped talking to smollett's sister after he became a suspect but they find foxx continued communicating with her days after. let's bring in jim trustee. i want to read from the retired judge who said kim foxx showed resign. she is a liar and administration is in chaos and blaming everyone else. she should resign. taxpayers deserve better and
6:49 am
her mentor should take no part in replacing foxx. cook county government needs to clean house. basically the text showed that smollett's sister and foxx were in communication and foxx says your brother should be fine as long as he stays consistent. how does she stay on the job after this? >> maybe only in cook county, i don't know. kim foxx is a progressive prosecutor who broke almost every rule you can imagine in handling jussie smollett's case. she repeatedly lied according to the 63-page report where they interviewed 53 witnesses. repeatedly lied about the strength of the case to her contact with jussie's sister, to even jussie smo*elt's criminal records. they said he had no criminal record. he had a dui with a false statement to police conviction. a pretty material piece of information they lied about. the conversation with sister is astounding to me because it walks up to the line of obstruction of justice.
6:50 am
she is telling the sister now that i know he is a suspect as long as he is consistent as in keeping with that false story he should be okay. amazing moment for a public official, prosecutor to be coaching that. >> bill: if you see it that way and many others do why do the state and county disagree? last night cook county came out with a statement saying we disagree with what the state has found against kim foxx. why? >> i don't know what the political loyalties are there. cook county has a well-earned reputation for political mischief. this is outrageous to the citizens of chicago. you have a chief law enforcement officer who is lying over and over again to cut a sweetheart deal for a two-bit actor because that's what she wants to do. it has nothing to do with justice, everything to do with personal favoritism and the lies shouldn't be tolerated no matter which city or state's attorneys office. your chief law enforcement official should not be out
6:51 am
repeatedly lying about false things. >> dana: the other thing is what about the breakdown in trust between police officers out there with their lives on the line and prosecutors like kim foxx? in this instance it was a hoax, they sent them on a wild goose chase, 3,000 hours that he has been now convicted in a court bay jury. but that breakdown between the trust of police and the prosecutor, if you don't have trust there, it is very hard to consistently fight crime. >> dana, most of these career prosecutors that have been watching their offices turn over in the progressive prosecution offices have left. same is true with the brain drain at the police departments. they think why would i stay on for this regime that doesn't support the police? i think you probably have an all-time low in some of these cities like chicago when it comes to police/prosecutor trust and co-existence. just because the politics are paramount. there is no real belief in the validity of experience and law
6:52 am
enforcement by people like kimberly foxx and they run out the talent. >> bill: the celebrities, the actors, and a lot of news folks are on camera in the very early days showing their support for jussie smollett and maybe kim foxx was right there with him. nice to see you. ncaa now rules for transgender college athletes are under the microscope at this swimmer leah thomas smashes u.s. records. the leading switch publication has strong feelings on this. we'll share that with you coming up next as we roll on four days from christmas. ♪♪♪
6:53 am
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as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. your strategic advantage. >> bill: fox news alert now a few moments from now jury deliberations will resume in
6:58 am
the manslaughter trial of kim potter. she is the former cop in minnesota who says she mistook her handgun for a taser. we're live on verdict watch outside the courthouse as we begin another day. garrett, good morning. >> good morning. jury has been deliberating for a little over five hours and set to resume in the next few minutes. so far they've only asked one question. that was for the specific date that kim potter interviewed with a defense witness, psychologist. a big part of this case boils down to the jury's interpretation of kim potter's actions leading up to and including the shoongt of daunte wright. prosecutor in the closing arguments said it was much more than a simple mistake, which is what the defense has been arguing saying that giving kim potter's training it was much more serious. >> this was no little oopsy.
6:59 am
this was not putting the wrong date on a check. this was not entering the wrong password somewhere. this was a colossal screw-up, a blunder of epic proportions. >> the defense argued that everybody makes mistakes, even those with years and years of training. and it especially happens in high-stress situations like the one kim potter was in in april. >> in life nobody is perfect. everybody makes mistakes. some of those mistakes are small mistakes, but some of them are very serious. and she obviously made a mistake. she has called an action error. >> kim potter is charged with first and second degree man slates and faces up to 15 years in price on.
7:00 am
the your -- the jury has to say that the state proved beyond a reasonable doubt was reckless and careless in handling her weapon and it caused the killing of daunte wright. >> it is winter in minnesota. >> when you open the border up to illegal immigration which takes half the border patrol off the line you open it up to criminals. you open it up to human trafficking of women and children and terrorism. how many of that 400,000 didn't get arrested and are terrorists? >> dana: former acting ice director tom hoe man after the border patrol caught a potential terrorist trying to sneak into the united states by yuma, arizona. >> bill: the suspect from the middle east was found wearing a first responder uniform, a stark reminder of why critics say the biden administration policies pose a national security threat. our national correspondent
7:01 am
william la jeunesse on that story from the west coast. hello. >> good morning, bill. the 21-year-old saudi with links to middle eastern subjects of interest was caught sneaking in on thursday outside yuma wearing a central new york volunteer ambulance jacket. no one knows how he got it. it shows anyone from anywhere is crossing the southern border. in fact, yuma is so overwhelmed a few agents are on patrol i'm told by officials that brazilians and venezuelans are hiring ubers and taxis to get their release papers faster so they don't have to wait in tents like the central americans. the big news yesterday president biden's flip-flop on the border wall. here is candidate biden in 2020. >> there will not be another foot of wall constructed on any administration. i'll make sure we have border protection but it will be based on making sure that we use hi-tech capacity to deal with
7:02 am
it. >> two things there. there are not accurate. whether you build a fence by the mile like trump, obama, bush, clinton or the foot like biden it's the same purpose. controlling the border. the biden administration saying yesterday it will build border fence to close gaps in texas, arizona and california installing gates where none exist and linking unfinished portions of the wall. however, dhs will not as biden said use any of the high-tech cameras, sensors and lights left over from the trump administration to protect the border. >> border patrol has been building out a strategy for over 30 years and the border wall system was part of it. it wasn't political. the last administration supported it more than anyone else. it was support evidence in the past. it is shouldn't be politics, it is smart business. >> the president claims to be against it. as a senator he voted for 700
7:03 am
miles of fence and now finishing part of what trump started. figure that out. >> thanks william in l.a. >> dana: brandon judd. want to put up the mug shot of the suspected terrorist who was caught. this is something that kevin mccarthy mentioned back on march 15th. they were ridiculed by proven right. here is what they said back then. >> not just people from mexico or honduras or el salvador. they're finding people from yemen, iran, turkey. people on the terrorist watch list they are catching. they're rushing it @ once. >> individuals they have at the watch list for terrorism are now starting to exploit the southern border. we need to wake up. >> dana: cnn did a fact check. the gop claims that people on terror watch lists are crushing the board. the fact yesterday bill told us
7:04 am
they had 11,000 gotaways in november alone, sir. >> when you look at the total number of people that are crossing our border illegally there is a rush. now whether there is a rush of people from saudi arabia or iran, iraq, that is a different story. but we do know we're apprehending people from 151 different countries including countries all over the middle east. countries that have ties to terrorist organizations such as the african continent and people from everywhere. on top of that we're having a record number of people that are able to evade apprehension. when you go to yuma. i was there on monday of last week. when you go to yuma, 90% of our resources are in processing. we only have 10% of our agents on the border. we have holes that are wide open that criminal cartels are able to exploit including terrorist organizations will be able to exploit those holes in our coverage as well if they
7:05 am
want to. so yes, it exists and there and a real threat. now the problem is, why not be safe than sorry? why not open your eyes to the problem and why not do something about it? that's what i'm trying to push that administration to do. when you look at the filling in the gaps of the wall that is something we've been constantly on them to do and thank goodness they are starting to do that. that's where all of these people in yuma are coming through, the gaps in the walls. they are giving themselves up but they are still coming through the gaps. >> the country is 151. looking at this website pew, the number of encounters from romania in 2020 was 266. the number of encounters of people from romania this year in 2021 is 4,029. turkey a year ago was 67. turkey this year is 1,370. it blows your mind. that sound bite from then candidate joe biden talking
7:06 am
about high-tech. what have they done in the last eight, nine, 10 months in hi-tech on the border? >> nothing at all. it wouldn't matter. even if you had hi-tech at the border all it would be doing is counting the gotaways able to evade apprehension. it doesn't do anything as far as allowing us to take people into custody. all it does is tells us where they are at. if we don't have the resources on the border to take people into custody it doesn't matter. one of the things i've harpd on dhs to do is if we were to take these people. we're shipping from yuma off to laredo to be processed. why are we sendsing people on the southwest border to another sector? why aren't we sending them to the northern border to process there so we can have our resources in the field. if we have would do that in yuma. take the people we apprehend in yuma and send them to the northern border for processing
7:07 am
we would have our people in the field. this administration has done absolutely nothing. no policies, no programs, no operations, no new technology, nothing to security this border and that's why we're seeing the influx that we're currently dealing with. >> dana: you are urging the administration and talking to them and urging them. do you get a response ever? >> lukewarm at best. they say they listen to what i say but they are not -- they've never implemented anything. no, i'm not getting any type of response. >> bill: one last question here some of the observations on crime in soef these big democratic cities. you start to see a shift. the mayor in san francisco, the governor in california said something about it the other day. have you seen any shift on the border in this administration at that level? >> right now if you look at what happened yesterday again we've been yelling at the top of our lungs to get them to fill in the gaps in the wall. now they are actually coming in
7:08 am
to fill in the gaps. they have to do something. they know they have to do something. this is a very small thing but you give me one foot of wall it's one more foot of protection on the board. i don't care. >> bill: you say you see some movement however small it might be, correct? >> yes, a little bit. >> bill: we'll see how much more you get in 2022. thank you, brandon judd for your time. >> dana: thank you. >> appreciate it. >> bill: 8 minutes past. long knives are out for senator manchin. progressives going on the attack after he said he won't support bill back better and a lonely voice in the caucus. other top democrats trying to get the bill passed. aishah hosni with the follow-up on the hill today. >> later tonight senate democrats will have a call to talk about how to move forward with build back better. it is not clear yet if senator joe manchin will join that call. if he doesn't join that call, it is another indication that perhaps democrats need to build back their relationships first.
7:09 am
so right now leadership both in the house and the senate are not deterred by manchin's no at least publicly. leader schumer saying we'll vote on bbb very early in the new year and we'll keep voting until it gets done. but progressives are raging over manchin. on a call yesterday it was said it is abundantly clear we cannot trust what senator manchin said. progressives are drumming up their own ideas, their own plans for build back better. squad members presley pressing the senate for a vote now so they can demonstrate on the record the contempt they have for their constituents. aoc in the meantime tweeting this. biden needs to lean on his executive authority now. he has been delaying and underutilizing it so far. she mentions climate, student debt and immigration what he could move on now.
7:10 am
a lot of back and forth between manchin and the white house in the last 48 hours. manchin says he spoke to the president before announcing his no decision on "fox news sunday" but a white house statement suggested right afterwards that he had reversed his position. manchin also blaming white house staff for allegedly leaking stories about him. >> surely to god we can move one person and badger and beat one person up. surely we can get enough protestors to make that person uncomfortable enough they'll say i'll vote for anything, just quit. guess what? i'm from west virginia not from where they're from and they can beat the living crap out of people and think they'll be submissive. >> the president will address the nation about covid later today. the leader of the party will get a lot of questions about the future of his legacy building legislation and think about the back drop of all of this happening right now. we saw at least three more democrats in just the last 24
7:11 am
hours announce their retirements. that brings us to a total of nearly two dozen democrats as opposed to half of that on the republican side. it is just very interesting to see what is happening. >> bill: you may get more. they expect more, too. thanks for that. aishah hosni live on capitol hill. amazing thing to have a democratic senator talk about a democratic white house like joe manchin just did. >> dana: interesting they'll have the call at 8:00 tonight. basically isn't that a nationwide zoom call? who isn't going to be able to be on that call? i don't know how they keep it secure. we'll probably hear everything that haens. i'll be there for all of it. a transgender swimmer breaking women's records and swimming world magazine says leah thomas has an unfair advantage similar to cheating that would get others kicked out. >> bill: schools announcing nroons return to remote learning. a new strategy to try to keep the schools open and safe coming up.
7:12 am
>> we are keeping our schools open. let me repeat that. we are keeping schools open.
7:13 am
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>> dana: as omicron cases serve the national hockey league is starting its christmas break two weeks early. players will come back sunday for testing and activities starting up again next monday. >> bill: okay. we are looking that up and how many teams in the nhl from canada? >> dana: seven. got it right. i guessed four but there is actually seven. >> bill: you have a lot of cross border stuff they'll take a pause for five days. remember what we said about south africa? they're on the back side of the curve after six weeks. that's good news. >> dana: november 8th the first reported case in america
7:18 am
december 1st. big speech by the president at 2:30 today. >> bill: transgender swimmer leah thomas meets ncaa requirements to compete in women's college swimming but swimming world magazine said the requirements aren't strict enough. this publication is the most widely read in all of america. here is what he says. what we are stating is this. the effects of being born a biological male as they relate to the sport of swimming over thomas a clear-cut edge over the biological females who she is competing. she is stronger, that simple. it is beneficial to her stroke and endurance. doping has the same effect. want to bring in jimmy failla. how are you doing and good day to you. how will we make this right, jimmie? >> listen, i 100% agree with this editor but i do hope she can compete just so i can
7:19 am
gamble and her and win back the money i lost on the new york jets. good for speaking out. everybody believes what this editor said. no one wants to say it on a college campus for fear they will be labeled hateful. we aren't against it because we hate trans people. a lot of us feel like we're erasing women and the signs who makes women who they are and makes them different than men. if you look at the requirements in the ncaa they want a year of hormone suppression treatment which will cut testosterone by 2 or 3%. when you look at the most elite swimmers. michael -- if you cut down in testosterone by 2% he is still beating her by a quarter of the pool and that's michael phelps who isn't doing a drug test for
7:20 am
speed. we crunched numbers. here are leah thomas's numbers versus the women's team. 2 1/2 seconds faster on the 200 free. 16 seconds faster in the 500. those 1:05 on the 1650. how does it stack up against the best female swimmers in america? the women swimming records on the right. the longer you are in the pool the more your ability to swim fast is diminished. one year of testosterone suppression is not enough to be sufficient. because of that women are suffering who are on these teams, jimmie. >> i don't feel we're wrong in saying that. what i'm frustrated by is the intolerance of this debate. the truth is, okay, we're a
7:21 am
country that has demonstrated it sports the trans community. full stop. out of many, one. we're having the problem on our end of saying we are well open to including you in everything, but in instances where other people are being marginalized us standing up for them shouldn't be labeled as hateful or trans phobia. if i was to give this to the viewers, bill, on a very simple, superficial level think of the movie rocky iii, okay? if mr. t were to change his name to mrs. t and fight adrian instead of rocky you would all be betting mrs. t even with a year of treatment. >> bill: john long is the editor and chief of this publication. an interesting article. folks at home look it up if you want a gander at that. it is called she is stronger, it is that simple. swimming world magazine. one of the quotes apparently thomas gets out of the pool and she says that was so easy i was cruising. at least i'm still number one
7:22 am
in the country. that's where her priority is. from the parents of the university of pennsylvania what some are saying. at stake is the integrity of women's sport. the precedent being set where women don't have a competitive space to compete is a direct threat to female agents leets in every sport. they ask the question what are the boundaries. how is this in line with the ncaa commitment to providing a fair en vierment for student athletes? there lies the critical questions. what are the boundaries and where do we set them? >> having to see this pushback in the little bit of what we'd call the culture world. people feel like it's gone
7:23 am
beyond science. we aren't hateful people to say men and women have biological differences. the winner of the new york city marathon in the men's division beat the women's winner by 14 minutes. in racing that's a long time. >> bill: indeed it is. this time of year it is not half a block that takes that long in new york. >> dana: a truck driver sentenced to more than 100 years in prison at the center of a grassroots protest movement and the omicron surge fueling more uncertainty for schools. the president has a strategy to keep kids in the classroom but will it work? we'll discuss. ♪♪♪ ♪“i got you babe” by etta james♪
7:24 am
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>> bill: a growing number of truckers are boycotting colorado after that state sentenced a driver to 110 years in jail in connection with a deadly crash he says was a complete accident. anita vogel has this story in los angeles. anita. >> good morning, bill. so many people felt this sentence was really excessive and banding together to help this man they don't even know. back in april of 2019 the brakes on the man's semi truck failed on a winding portion of interstate 70 in colorado. the truck plowed into dozens of cars and a fire that engulfed other vehicles. four people were killed. during thinks sentencing hearing last week the 26-year-old broke down in tears pleading for the judge to forgive him. he told the judge, quote, i would have preferred god taken me instead of them. he went on to say his brakes
7:30 am
failed and he did his best to avert disaster. the judge explained he was not angry with the man but was bound by law to impose the minimum sentence for each crime. so far 4.4 million people have signed a petition at asking for something to be done to lessen the sentence. yesterday a rally in front of the capitol building in colorado drew hundreds. >> unbelievable that this has happened. >> it seems like an overcharge. so maybe there is an attempt to convince him to take the plea. i don't believe that somebody deserves 110 years consecutively for making errors and bad decisions in the middle of a traumatic event. >> the man's attorney says the process to shorten the sentence is, quote, in the works but ultimately the decision lies with the colorado governor.
7:31 am
>> bill: anita vogel on that in los angeles. >> they did not get the quality of education despite the best efforts of the parents and teachers who struggled alongside their children every day just to deal with the circumstances we dealt with last time. we are know a different circumstance and so part of our winter surge plan is we're committed to keeping our schools open. >> dana: the governor as new york state set daily covid records. her position is not universally shared. schools across the nation are planning to go remote again as the omicron variant spreads. emily oster. los angeles last year there were many in person school days were lost in the period of a month due to quarantine measures. so now they are saying they'll
7:32 am
keep the schools open. but yet you have individual school districts making other decisions. we already know how detrimental it has been to have schools shut down and now we have omicron which is not -- more transmissible but more mild. what do you make of all this? you write about it a lot. >> the one thing i would really have to emphasize is the importance of keeping not only keeping schools open but keeping kids in school. there are tools we have to do that. we know schools can be operated safely and in general schools are a low-risk environment. the question is how do we have schools without quaranty. the test to stay program is a good option for a lot of schools. hopefully we'll continue to see more of that. the other thing we have to have in our mind is the staffing issues. so to be extent that teachers get covid or exposed to covid they may struggle with staffing and something i would like to see policymakers support. we need to prioritize kids staying in school where they
7:33 am
were out of school last year like california. >> dana: a statistics on kids and vaccine. ages 5 to 11 is 18%. 12 to 17, 61%. pretty high. there is also this. i know often your work appears in the atlantic. they had the piece over the weekend i thought was stunning. the headline was the cdc's flawed case for wearing masks in skoo. one of the writers went in and looked at the data and said it doesn't make sense. it doesn't make the case children should continue to have to wear masks in skoo. it is also difficult. all the things you learn from reading facial expressions and hearing and speaking properly, that is being lost for two years now. >> i think there is a lot of push now for the idea that schools don't need to just be in person but need to be there normally and yes, that means without masks. and people are starting to talk about how we can start dialing down the masks and how we can think about -- i think the
7:34 am
author makes some good points in terms of affirmative data in favor of masking in schools is pretty limited. reasons to think that masks work in general and reasons wearing a good quality mask some place like an airplane as an adult is a good idea. down sides to having it in schools and hold it to a high standard and think about how we can move to a safe but without mask schooling environment for kids. >> dana: regarding the idea of tests to stay in school i could maybe be on board with that. that sounds okay. we don't have enough tests. right now in texas they have 100 people in line at the time square location to try to get a test. you can't find them at any drugstore. you can't buy them online. when you can they're up to $20 apiece. >> if i had to say what is the big oeft failure? so many failures but what is the most significant failure of the pandemic the lack of access to testing both pcr testing and
7:35 am
rapid response but rapid testing which is what we need for a test. this afternoon president biden will make a commitment to more testing. 17 months too late. but it would be great if we can get more of that in place and that's what we need to keep schools open. >> dana: any advice for parents preparing to take their kids with them to visit family members this year? go for it or be cautious? >> i would say your kids are low risk, if you are vaccinated, which you should be, then i think it is reasonable to travel even if you for example have younger kids who cannot be vaccinated. we need to start moving to a place where we can do some of those activities while taing appropriate precautions like rapid testing. >> dana: a mrish -- a pleasure to have you on the show. >> bill: say hello to the
7:36 am
latest four legged friends of the white house, commander. president biden introduced the new pooch on twitter calling him the knewest biden. the other german shepherd is moving on to a new home after a series of biting incidents. not to be outdone a cat will also join the bidens next month. no word on the name for the feline companion. >> dana: i'm all for dogs. i think i would have made this announcement on friday and had him in a big stocking as a surprise for the president. a christmas puppy is always good as long as you plan to keep it. i'm not advocating getting a christmas dog if you don't plan to actually have a dog. that happens especially with dalmatians, have you ever heard that? >> bill: have i? >> dana: i will tell you in the commercial break. 101. harvard professor accused of
7:37 am
lying to the feds about his ties to beijing. joe manchin standing his ground in the face of tremendous pressure by democrats to the opposition to the big back better plan. he isn't happy how they are treating him. will he leave the party? ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th.
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>> bill: a harvard professor on trial over his ties to beijing. he failed to disclose that china had paid him $50,000 to mentor students as part of a government recruitment program. senior national correspondent rich edson following that story in washington what did you find out, rich? >> in this trial is a major test for a justice department initiative to stop the chinese government from stealing american technology and sensitive research. the federal government is
7:43 am
prosecuting dr. charles the former chair of the department of chemistry and chemical biology at harvard. prosecutors say in 2011, the professor became a scientist at the wuhan institute of technology paying him $50,000 a month and living expenses of more than $150,000. the department says the professor never told harvard or the u.s. government about this. >> failure to disclose foreign affiliations and foreign funding can pose serious threats to national security as these methods are used by china to develop talent networks that can later be tapped for non-public information. >> the professor is an expert in nanotechnology. the justice department says the national institutes of health and pentagon gave his research group at harvard $15 million in grant funding. the "boston globe" reports when the f.b.i. arrested him he denied that chinese university had paid him other than travel costs. when shown his contract with
7:44 am
the wuhan university, though, he then called that evidence pretty -- and he had bags of cash that he never declared to the i.r.s. the attorney said he was careless, a complete workaholic and the government doesn't have enough evidence to convict him. >> bill: interesting story. thank you, rich edson in washington >> surely to god we can move one person. surely we can badger and beat one person up. surely we can get enough protestors to make that person uncomfortable enough to vote for anything. i'll quit. i'm from west virginia not from where they're from and they can't beat the living crap out of people and think they'll be submissive. period. >> dana: axios is reported sources say manchin is considering plans to
7:45 am
leave the party. let's put the question to you. do you think that he will and if so, why would he give up the leverage he currently has? >> well, i don't know that he will. i surely hope that he will and i surely invite him to come into our party. i really believe he would be happier in the republican party. what has happened to joe manchin is in some ways similar to what happened to me. i wouldn't vote for impeachment and i was beaten up by leadership in washington, leadership back in the district. in fact, the last thing that was said to me i'll never forget it is you will obey. and i was threatened. just like joe manchin west virginia, i'm from new jersey. let me tell you you don't tell people from jersey they will obey. two years to the day that joe manchin made his decision, good decision not to vote for this
7:46 am
bill is two years to the day is when i was in the oval office with president trump and made my decision that i was going to leave the party. so you know what? i did. i went from the minority. >> bill: i that i was what manchin was saying yesterday. mitch mcconnell was on with guy benson. listen to this from yesterday. >> he didn't fit well over there but that's a decision he ultimately has to make. we certainly welcome him to join us if he was so inclined. >> bill: if he was so inclined. we'll see what happens there. how did the party change for you? >> the party has changed in so many ways. for me and again parallel examples. it was impeachment but many other things. it was the constant berating of the president, the lack of any bipartisanship, not giving us
7:47 am
any information on the republican side, which bothered me a lot. i don't think that's the way government should run. then the final straw was impeachment, which was not constitutional. it wasn't being done properly, it was the wrong thing to do and there was no cause for impeachment period. i said i wouldn't do it. i was not going to vote for it just like joe manchin said he won't vote for this bill. and of course i was pushed and squeezed and pressed because they didn't like the way it looked. what i was saying before to me i'm happy as all get out. i belong in the republican party. the party that basically -- no party is perfect but does care about america and cares about our future and does not want to make us a socialist, marxist state. the changes in this democratic party now are so remarkable and not in a good way. literally and build back better is an example of it. it would literally change the
7:48 am
very structure of our nation in many ways. it is bad stuff. federalizing elections. all this new democratic party wants to do has nothing to do with the party that used to have blue dogs in it that used to be the big tent that used to allow people to individually think. people are pressed and pushed into voting even in ways they don't want to. you see that in the house of representatives all the time. a bad bill that will go through. i'll vote no, other republicans vote no. i talked to more moderate democratic friends over there and said why did you vote for that? i know you well and i know you don't believe it. they basically say we had to. that's not good government. that's not america and not what we believe in. >> dana: good to get your perspective as joe manchin doesn't know if he will join the conference call if democrats are having tonight. >> they haven't treated him well. >> dana: no, they haven't. >> bill: thank you. a tough christmas for a lot of
7:49 am
folks in kentucky, tennessee and arkansas. mayfield, kentucky is beginning a long road to recovery after that horrific tornado. they are smiling and there, the tunnel to towers foundation is there. the founder and ceo frank siller is bringing smiles to the people of mayfield and we'll talk to frank and more coming up next and take you there live. ♪♪♪
7:50 am
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because everyone deserves better. >> harris: democrats are suddenly backing way off senator manchin. wonder why? after he tanked the president's spending agenda. but the liberal media still hitting manchin over and over. plus new fox business poll show what voters think of 2021, biden's first year in office.
7:55 am
it's terrible. the timing is awkward. in a few hours he is set to address americans on the covid surge. joe concha, nancy mace, kat timpf, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> bill: the people of mayfield, kentucky need a lot of help over the holiday. today the tunnel to towers foundation is stepping in after that deadly tornado devastating the area back on december 10th. 74 people killed in the state alone. the founder and ceo frank siller is live in mayfield today where his organization is helping in this and frank, nice to see you there. i know you have a lot of great folks behind you. what have you seen so far after this devastation that strikes you? >> we've all seen it on tv over the last few days, and weeks. it is incredible, though. in person it's so devastating. i can tell you americans have to step up. we have to take care of these
7:56 am
six states that were annihilated, leveled. mayfield here which is ground zero to us, what was a 9/11 for me is now here in mayfield, kentucky. we are here with all new york city firefighters who drove here. we'll make a christmas party for the kids. they don't have a home anymore. we better make sure we take care of them as a country. >> dana: what have you witnessed in terms of the community spirit and cooperation there? last week when we were covering this we had reporters there on the ground we were quite moved by that and i'm sure that has deepened as the days go on and people start to realize they have this really long road back. >> well, i will tell you, today the spirits have been lifted because they've seen tunnel to towers foundation, 50 new york city firefighters and police officers came out here to help lift them through this, the darkest times. we're here with a lot of young
7:57 am
kids. we'll give out over 15,000 toys to this community. i am here with the mayor here of mayfield. so the spirits are lifted today. but we know this is a long time commitment. the tunnel to towers foundation are putting a stake in the ground right here. i noticed some houses that had bad damage but are still standing. we'll go in and start working on those homes right away to make sure they have a roof over their head for this winter and so tunnel to towers we're making a commitment. we need the american people as always. the fox viewers go to and we need to raise millions of dollars. i promised them every penny raised will go to these people that have paid a big price in this tornado destruction. >> bill: the mayor is over your right shoulder. give her our best. you said it, you have 50 active and retired firefighters from new york there.
7:58 am
you are bringing 15,000 toys for the local kids. you have hot dogs and hamburgers. you are doing the job. if you went to try and turn some smiles in mayfield, kentucky, you have done that, frank. you gave the website. how else can we help? >> well, once again just go to and ask people to do $11 a month. not asking too much. if we had a million people come together we could take care of a lot of houses. that's what we're asking for. but today we'll have a celebration. tomorrow we'll have a celebration and give out these toys not just to mayfield but adjoining towns. you can see the devastation for miles and miles and we know it's over 200 miles of devastation. we'll be here for a while doing this and we're very proud of it. you can always count on the new york fire. they go all over the united states with the tunnel to towers foundation and make sure we take care of people like this. we're proud of the work we're
7:59 am
doing. >> dana: a friend of mine who went through --- >> i'm asking every family buy one less toy and send in the money to tunnel to and we'll make sure that it comes to these kids in this area. one less toy. i think we can do that. we spend so much money on christmas let's make sure that we give and we do good with -- to help these families. >> nice to see you there. give everybody our best. it is going to be a holiday. they will never forget it, unfortunately. nice to see you on the ground. tunnel to towers, thank you. >> dana: they do such great work. amazing. they are everywhere. >> bill: soldiers and firefighters and people in kentucky. amazing organization. >> dana: did you know that today is the -- before we go.
8:00 am
today is the shortest day of the year and national greg gutfeld day. >> bill: i know that now. greg is what, he looks forward to this day every year. is that the connection? >> dana: i said this a few years ago and i go an hide under my desk. he always hits me back in a great way exclamation point. you can see him on "the five" as well. harris faulkner next. >> harris: we begin here with democrats trying to walk back the last 48 hours after the squad, the white house, the liberal media all went after senator joe manchin. they directed swift and brutal criticism at manchin for opposing president biden's massive spending plans. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". manchin announced sunday he is a no on the president's signature legislation and making news ever since. his fellow democrats gave it lots of oxygen. they went after him.


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