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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 21, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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in and christmas card and give it to whoever is on your list. >> neil: that is very cool. these are great ideas, heather. nothing crazy about anything you just mentioned. save you a lot of money there. nothing crazy about saving money. heather, thank you very much. just some ideas. we are here to help you. we will look at them and get your responses as to whether those ideas made sense. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, and jesse watters along with dr. nicole saphier, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. ♪ ♪ >> another huge day breaking news. we a lot to get to. president biden giving his big speech on covid and getting very defensive over the surgeon omicron cases. kamala harris stepping in it again after contradicting the white house on a key issue. and after biden's agenda went up
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in flames, the squad pushing a radical plan for the president to still build back better. but first, president biden trying to convince americans everything is under control as cases of covid spike. the president with more harsh words for the unboxed while touting his response to the pandemic. >> if you are not fully vaccinated, you have good reason to be concerned. you are at a high risk to be getting sick. almost everyone who has died from covid-19 in the past many months has been unvaccinated. unvaccinated. get vaccinated now. it's your patriotic duty. we should all be concerned about omicron, but not panicked. this is a critical moment. we are ready. >> and after getting caught off guard by omicron, even though they knew it was coming for weeks, biden snapping at reporters staring to press him on americans being forced to wait hours just to get a covid test. >> no it's not, because covid is
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spreading so rapidly. we know this. it just happened almost overnight. over the last month. >> what is your message to americans were trying to get tested now and who are not able to get tested and who are wondering what took so long to ramp up testing? >> come on, what took so long? what happened was the omicron virus spread more rapidly than anybody thought. speak all right, dr. nicole saphier, what was your take on all of what we heard from the president this afternoon? >> you know, jesse, it felt like a little bit like deja vu, talking about fema, talking about military help. and all of a sudden, i was like i we really in that same situation? and the answer is no. he kept saying don't panic but fema is on its way. and i took a step back and i said listen, remember cuomo when he was like you have to send ventilators, you have to send help or people or going to die, yelling and president trump, and what happened? he sent the military should, and
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when unused. he sent thousands of ventilators, they went in use. here we are now nearly two years later. yes, omicron is highly transmissible, you are seeing cases surge across the country especially here in the northeast. we are still battling delta. but here's the thing, the hospitalization rate is less than one-third of what it was last winter. a not to mention, what it was initially. but we have to look at is yes, our hospital stress right now? yes. they were stressed preomicron. that's because people weren't going in and getting medical care. this is a government made problem because they shut it down and didn't allow surgeries and other things they considered to be voluntary to be done. and not to mention the fact that you have thousands of doctors and nurses and other hospital staff and health care workers will either quit or been fired because of this mandate. if you want to focus on helping hospitals, these are the ways that you do it. and while president biden was correct, yes, the cases and
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hospitalizations and deaths are being fueled by those 50 and above who are unvaccinated, the better thing to do right now is a tailored approach. we need to target the vulnerable, get them vaccinated, get them boosted, and do everything we possibly can to get treatments to the market. because to keep people out of the hospital, that is what we can do. make sure there are workers there and keep patients out of the hospital. we have a lot of treatments that are anywhere from 30% to 90% effective from keeping people being hospitalized with covid. if they are given on. the patients need access to testing, their primary care doctors, and getting that to -- >> i may have had up an opinion about that. what was your take away from this afternoon? >> what the fudge is he talking about? ventilators? get the fudge out of here. that was my reaction. i didn't say fudge in my office. >> i am you didn't.
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>> number one, he is the panic peddling -- the whispering scaremongering. somebody tell him to stop whispering, that it is not effective and it is off-putting. he looked like he was auditioning to be a commentator on cnn. we know he was trying to cast -- he clearly thinks his job is done as president because he did nothing to placate the fears of americans. they need to change the narrative we are probably a few days away from having 1 million positive cases of covid in this country. maybe by next week. so shift away from talking about, as greg has said, as we have said for nearly two years, case numbers, and switch to hospitalizations and deaths, and how is it is much better than it was. talk about the 95% of elderly americans over 55 who have gone least one shot.
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it will help him not only to preach safety and security in american people, but like the political narrative. because a million cases, can you imagine so politically, but why aren't their tests? ari fleischer tweeted this. he states have $1 trillion. why don't you have testing capabilities which are marked because they don't know what they are doing. >> and the white house press secretary jen psaki, couple days ago, downplayed the whole testing thing. let's listen and you can react. >> why not just make them free and give them out and have them available everywhere? >> should we just send went every american? >> may be. >> than what happens if every american has one test. how much does that cost and what happens after that? >> need to be making them available in greater quantities for less money. >> someone in the white house was listening to that saying,
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they have a good point. i think the testing thing is absolutely abysmal. you've seen in new york city, and i know this is happening in other places but i've witnessed this from a too, although testing places and everyone is waiting to and a half hours in the cold outside waiting to get a test. and still the cdc protocols i think are way too stringent, especially for this particular variant. they say to isolate for ten days. one of the reasons you don't have more people at the hospital for example because of it is highly transmissible. i thought that the speech could have been given and should have been given last night. quick evening speech, do it at 6:30 p.m., when everybody have their meaning. because 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon, that is for roundtables on electric vehicles. that is not the time to say this is so serious. the other problem is that we are technically in year three of the pandemic. in the testing thing is still not good enough. you can submit trump administration didn't and you get enough testing, but okay,
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now you are 12 months end. and the testing is still this bad and no one is lighting a fire under the fda. you can find a test anywhere at cvs or anything. if you want to travel coming up to get a test. want to make sure grandma and grandpa are okay, you have to get a test, where you going to get a test? it is anxiety producing. the thing that was missing from the speech and has been for a while is a sense of optimism. there are good things to be able to say. he gets defensive and meant that even though mike anyone is even questioning the situation. the other problem is there is nothing new or different. he pointed out that last month, the white house had a fact sheet on covid and they did one for today's speech and the lead paragraphs are the exact same. and we are not in the exact same situation. when you were the president of the united states, you have the ability to call different people. why not go and do something different? or maybe stand there with a republican. imagine that. find some republicans that are willing to stand with you. there is no way to change up the narrative. so i think the headlines you are
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going to see in the morning or more of the same. which is why their numbers are going down. i feel like there is no way for them to move. my last point is when they say they were surprised by the variance, it makes me so mad, because for the last two, now year three, we all know that they mutate. november 8th south african side we have a mutation. we are going to keep an eye on it. i was november 8th. it is december 21st today, december 1st, 1st 1 in america. you know what was going to happen. it is already here. and there still are no test? i really think that fall squarely on them. >> they are always surprised. >> yeah, i am surprised. >> you are surprised that they are surprised. >> this is almost over and the government doesn't know it. so it is up to the people to tell them that it is over. right now, you are at home, you are not in office like this, you have no idea what it is like in this building.
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i just sent home what, four employees? stress is speaking. it is a combination of holiday stress, a combination of hassles that you to deal with when you're traveling. and they are adding this on top. so there is an environment of panic. though mike gushing to the city, going through our offices that is 100 times worse than omicron. it is nuts. and it is creating psychosomatic systems. i am very suggestible. i think i am dying. this is insane. the point i'm making is, this is a pending from the top down. it is not from above. it is not a typical hysteria that you would get about some kind of strange phenomenon. this is a row versus to. the problem here is that you have a mild but highly contagious strain that almost everybody is getting. you get tested, it is going to become positive. that is what is happening with everyone i know. but the only tool that we have is a sledgehammer.
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so we have the testing and what we take is we send everybody home. it is a shutdown in reverse. originally we were saying we shutdown everything and maybe it will stop, but now we are doing it in reverse. and it turns out if you get this thing, it is as colorful as a cold. most of the people i know that had i had to close and that is that. but we have a bike, government and bureaucracy that is terrified of losing an election and terrified of litigation. so what now it's a hassle panic because we allowed to go home and be with our families and they are screwing us over. but, with this intense panic tells you, the government is not an appropriate vehicle anymore for telling us what to do. they are done because the vehicle only has one speed and it is panic. it is driven by one incentive, reelection. it is not skewed toward risk management. adults understand risk management. you saw that was biden. he doesn't understand that. he he believes there should be
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zero risk. that's a child mentality. it is up to us to pick the day. i've been having a conversation with scott adams. we decide the date for this is february 1st. we are the hostage negotiators on behalf of america to discuss with the government about what to do since no one else has volunteered. we have to talk to the government about a return to normalcy. because they are not going to do it. they are too cowardly. so it is up to us to actually say this is what we want. february 1st, we are done. >> i like that. right before super bowl weekend. >> and he gives a bit of time to deal with what comes after the holidays. you get through that, it is over. but we can't keep doing this to people. biden has no idea the difference between the beginning and the end of a pandemic. he has no idea. just keep going. one more time. he will say that until the end of time. >> i am glad you are in charge. >> thank you. >> thank you for stepping up. >> i have to because no one else
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is. >> i'm glad you clarified that february 1st. i saw adams' tweet and there was like a party going on. >> coming up, joe biden's presidency already until spent and he just submitted a key part of his covid plan is very unpopular. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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mom, hurry, our show's gonna start soon. won't be too long. i'm leaving work now. ♪ people around ♪ ♪ christmas ♪ oh no. seriously? oh, don't worry. mommy'll be back soon. besides, we can record the show for her. it's not the same if she's not here.
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♪ christmas ♪ ♪ the snow's coming down ♪ what the? oh my goodness. don't worry, i'm a nurse. we're on in 30 seconds. i don't suppose you can sing, can you? ♪ deck the halls ♪ ♪ but it's not like christmas at all ♪ mommy? that's mommy. whoa. ♪ and all the fun we had last year ♪ ♪ pretty lights on the tree ♪ ♪ i'm watching them shine ♪ watch the full story at >> president biden using his speech today to defend unpopular vaccine mandates. >> i want to start by acknowledging how tired,
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worried, and frustrated i know you are. i know how you are feeling. going back to march 2020, not this past march 2021, but march 2020, when the pandemic first hit. that's what i keep getting asked. the answer is, no. i don't think vaccination requirements are popular for many. they are not even popular for those who are anxious to get them. my administration has put them in place not to control your life, but to save your life. >> policies think that have done a number on his deeply damaged residency. biden's disapproval continues to soar. 55% inc. he is doing a terrible job. seven in ten say this year was a bad year with the country. you know, jesse, we were talking in the break that he has no power to express any optimism. and it's like you have people that yet, they think this year is bad, but they also think next year is going to suck because he
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can't express a glimmer of hope. >> and he told us that this year was going to be great. and being president is kind of like being a parent. you have to manage expectations. we take the twins on a car ride to maine from new york. depending on when you leave, depending on how much traffic, it is either six to eight hours. the night before we leave, i don't tell the twins we are going to get there in three hours. they are going to be cranky and confused and they are not going to trust me the next day. and that's other people feel. they are, confused, and distrustful of the president. the guy ran on crushing the virus. said trump didn't crush it and then declared the summer that he crushed it. then you have two successive waves and people don't think you are credible after that. you pull back mandates that you said you want going to do. anthony fauci, what did he say, his favorite words. could be, might be, may be. that shifts away your credibility. and he says we didn't see the waves coming. i saw the waves coming. people smarter than i am, a lot
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of people smarter than i am, and they told me the summary, yet this august is going to be bad. not as bad as last winter comic book going to be a rough winter. how does he not have people in office i tell him that stuff? >> he should be fired on the spot. >> i do i know that a lot of people go get tested before thanksgiving and christmas and he doesn't see that coming? how do i know that thing is seasonal and regional and he doesn't know it is seasonal and regional. this guys out of his mind right now and you have to ramp up testing after, what, we spend $2 trillion on what? we don't have tests after $2 trillion? where did the money go? and you can't go out there -- you said it -- you can't whisper to the american people. you can't whisper and you can call for you all whispering and expect people to pay attention. he is not clear or loud enough. >> dana, i'm going to piggyback
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on his parent analogy. he is the dad driving the station wagon and they are lost. the kids are the americans saying where are we? and he is saying we are all good. and he is like arty just crossed the border. >> stopped and asked for directions. >> stop heading her sister in the back. you can do a little reverse psychology on america, but the question here in this block does he have any political capital loud? looking at the poll numbers that are dwindling and then you have the build back better that falls apart. why not start the speech was something that says america, i want to thank you. you have done everything we asked. and in amazing numbers you have gotten vaccinated, he stayed home, and i know that was hard for you, a lot of your businesses suffered, we are so grateful for the taxpayer support. imagine all the things you could do to make people feel like okay, you are bringing me alone. instead it is immediately like, boom. the vaccine mandate was a distraction during afghanistan. it was a friday afternoon in the
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middle of august and all of a sudden, he is going to give a speech. great, maybe tell us what is going to happen here. i would going to have enough time to get these people out? instead he comes around with the vaccine mandate and that was confusing. if they are going to change something in the coverage, they have to have something or somebody new. and they could've done that today, we could have paraded the fda. basically today one of the things he said -- >> they have been real good at that. >> to dana's point here, he might not be the right person for this moment. he seems almost entirely divorced from the mood of the country. >> it is because he is the farthest humanoid away from being persuader in chief. the only people he is persuasive with our people who already grew them and they are the type of people who will agree with betz midler. you are not a persuader if you vilify the end vaccinated which he continues to do.
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he did it again today. you are not persuader talking about the winter of debt. if you hate republicans and/or tribal, you are not a persuader. the most dark thing, and we artie mentioned it, is the fact that he did not come out and say, this week, based on reports, the merck and pfizer antiviral pills are going to be approved this week. and i had to keep pivoting back to president trump, but he valued and wanted to cheer the private sector. in these incredible things. while the left, elizabeth warren is blaming inflation on grocery stores. so you know biden won't stand up there and pharmaceutical companies. as trump once said, people working governments are stupid. that should have been him. those people are slow and stupid. those bureaucrats, we will go and shake marbles out of their school and get them to approve
2:24 pm
these antivirals. we are on the way to recovering and stopping the pandemic. >> this pill we keep hearing about -- >> the fda is long-standing and has always been there. president trump through operation warp speed was able to cut a lot of fat. i will say that bloomberg report today that the fda announced that the dash could be approved as early as tomorrow. great news. it's also about -- >> these are a lot of medicines and going up to learn a lot about. >> it is an existing medication that is being repurposed. it is shown to present at the and hospitalizations in 90% and it is a cheap medication that you can get from your pharmacy. >> and ghetto -- >> we are in an dire shortage of antibody theory therapies right now. if you truly wants to give that up to american people, should be transparent about the number of
2:25 pm
hospitalized covid patients. hospitals are full but it is not with covid patients. we have a flute is going around right now and the flu shot is not being very effective with that. we have a lot of chronic illness and yes, there are in increasing covid patients but there is a way to keep them out of the hospital. >> all right. more stuff in these two blocks than anything out of that white house. >> president gutfeld right here. >> coming up first, kamala harris going off script again and president biden is not going to like what she said. ♪ ♪
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>> kamal flowers going rogue on the white house's covert messaging. contradicting her boss about unvaccinated americans and appearing to give china a pass. >> is that the fault of the unvaccinated? >> i don't think this is a moment to talk about fault. it is no one's fault that this virus hit our shores or shook the world. but it is more about individuals' powers and responsibility and about the decisions that everyone has the choice to make. >> why -- they spent millions and aunt attacking president trump thank you assault on china. why is your initial instinct and reflex to say china is at fault than going to say something else. speak up because she has a democrat and we are grading on a curve. i think we've made congress that >> maybe it she is trying to steer him in a different direction. >> maybe this is a good cop/bad cop strategy or maybe she is relenting and creating separation from the
2:31 pm
president with a covert response that would help her on the long term because he is a disaster on covid. i am faxed you can have the president asking you to characterize your family members as being enemies. my family members are vaccinated. it would've submitted to the clinical trials of work speed if they could have. there are people who have mothers and fathers and cousins and you can't ask people to say that these people are enemies right now. biden is an old-school politician. so he knows you divide people by race, gender, and social class,, you only have to get 50.1% and then you ride that majority. that doesn't work in a pandemic. you are trying to get as many people on your side as possible so he asked it unite. and at least kamla, i cannot believe i'm giving her credit here, but she is being a little bit more compassionate and not condemning the unvaccinated.
2:32 pm
>> maybe not just -- white deplorable's. that is probably what it is pure this is also a transfer of roles you see when parties exchange power. so when the dems are not in the white house, everything is the fault of the white house. when they're in the white house and suddenly it it was a suv that drove into the parade. no one was driving it. just like no one is driving the country and therefore they are not responsible for what is going on and why americans are in charge. february 1st. i'm going to keep saying it every single day. >> we are not going to get tired of it old. >> it is going to be more irritating than -- >> my bar. >> i do wonder about that, and that she perhaps is suggesting a different direction for the president. because of think about it, president, dominic president biden, what he did and as vice president, when he got president obama to move on gay marriage, you can do that as
2:33 pm
vice president, and have an impact. >> especially if you say something publicly that garners support when the president has been so criticized for blaming the unvaccinated. there is some blame that can go around. you look at the ccp and they suppress whistle-blowers, they kept concealed information. you could also blame the trump administration, cdc, and nih when the abilities that had to on in the fact that they weren't able to give us accurate information early on in the pandemic. you can also blame the teachers union power lobbying house and what about the biden administration, the fact that sheldon are still being kept out of school is not coming heart -- and the fact we still can't test. but i do agree with her that americans are not to blame for this pandemic. and while they should continue to encourage vaccinations and boosting, at this point, it needs to a targeted approach saying you have access to this, this is the information, this is what we can do, expand access
2:34 pm
and treatment, and allow people to move on. make sure we target those vulnerable and high-risk but allow the rest of the population to move on, and that is the way they're going to become more popular with the american people. >> do you a chill wind blows between the vice president's office in the west wing or do you think there is -- >> chill wind. a big blowing cold wind. she is not thinking about potus biden, she's thinking about potus harris. everything she does want to become president of the united states and everything at this point will -- all of her thinking is directed at that. she was showing a modicum of political independence by simply saying i am not vilifying and demonizing the unvaccinated. because as he pointed out, black voters and latino voters, voters of color, there is a is vaccine hesitancy in those groups of people along with white trump
2:35 pm
voters. so she was making a very calculated decision. you can almost see her inside her own head. and i think the tell was the interview that she did with charlemagne. as bad as it ended, i was still very focused on issues that matter to voters of color. and she is staying focused on that. and i'm not going to say nasty things. >> and midterms elections are based elections and you need them to turn out. mark the occasion. we were praising kamala harris in that segment. up next, who needs joe manchin anyway? the squad pushing biden to bypass congress on build back better. ♪ ♪ i've spent centuries evolving with the world. that's the nature of being the economy. observing investors choose assets to balance risk and reward. with one element securing portfolios, time after time.
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>> did he break his commitment to you?
2:40 pm
>> senator manchin -- >> president biden trying to put his best foot forward. senator joe manchin after the white house called him a liar, the radical democrats don't want to hear. progressives have focused on pressuring biden to go it alone on the spending plan. aoc tweeting this. biden needs to lean on his executive authority now. he has been delaying and under utilizing it so far. these are the same people who whinge and screech about the ruination of democracy. our telling him to trample on the constitution. >> let's make him king. we will build him a turn, put a crown on his head. a monarchy. the squad can go home. send the supreme court home too we are at it. checks and balances. just a monarchy now. like, who talks like that? doesn't even pass the if the shoe were on the other foot test which is a great test. and you know how much i hate tests.
2:41 pm
>> did you pass the test? >> yes, the only one. if trump was president and he didn't have the majority in the senate, do you think it would see would be like yeah, let trump and act the makkah agenda. of course she wouldn't. this is the mentality of the far left. don't renegotiate this thing. don't try to persuade anybody. don't go back to the drawing board, just jam it through. just jam it right through. it's crazy. this is a crazy kind of instinct. >> greg, bette midler is the new spokes broad for the squad or she is auditioning for that job. poor, illiterate, and strong is how speak out you have to be strung out to watch when of her movies. did you ever watch "beaches." it's a terrible film. it clearly washed out people on twitter because they have had a great career and all it takes is a few tweets that kind of
2:42 pm
unravel a fan base because there are people in west virginia and the probably do that midler. three or four code. immediate response to this thing like a down and out gambler, but everything unread. at the roulette table and then it went black. they are absolutely devastated. i've never seen so many people upset over something they didn't read with the exception of the bible. a little religious food for thought. >> and by the way, i put my hand and your shots. i apologize. >> we are going to have to talk about that. >> i was doing might wind beneath my wings. it's a good story. >> i don't like her as an individual, but it is a good story. >> no, she is dreadful. west virginians, listen to this. i went to our reaction >> i support joe manchin 120%. not backing down to biden
2:43 pm
because west virginia is suffering for biden's choices. speak out nothing and that bill was going to help west virginia. >> and they are wearing masks in west virginia. aoc, wow. >> from the left about west virginians is something that has been on display, but also they are not smart on policy. joe manchin knows his estate and he is not there to represent the left. he is there to represent his state. says i'm going to go -- come they will not listen to him. the last thing i will say on this. give a mouse a cookie, about the book, this is like the policy version of it. if you give a mouse a cookie, he is going to ten more. if you give liberals a mandate for something, they will take ten more. if you get any a tax hike, they will come for all of your income. and that's what they're trying to be with. no, we're going to take that and then take even more.
2:44 pm
>> give them an inch. >> what if you just teach the mouse to fish? >> i think it's that you can lead a horse to water. >> then you can teach the horse to fish. >> -- count >> please do not talk directly to my mother. >> don't look a gift mouse and the pale because it stinks. >> i will say that i agree i haven't read that book that i get the analogy. i know where she is going with that. she is right. they tended to give mike do that, and asked for one thing and take more. that's what the build back better bill was about. the things running out of funding and he is looking out for the people that he represents and that's the bottom line. >> do manchin like the movie "beaches." >> i'm going to look up how many copies of "give a mouse a
2:45 pm
cookie" have been sold. >> why would you give a mouse a cookie when they like cheese? it's a strange book. >> -- >> i was not a member. >> next, what the... cursing is through the roof. experts know exactly what to blame.
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>> cursing up a storm lately? you're not alone. experts noticing a rise in people using four letter words and they're blaming the pandemic and zoom meetings for breaking down the boundaries between professional and personal conduct. one of my favorite things about you -- but honestly, one of my favorite things about talking to you is that while i am italian, i tend to use the f-bomb on occasion. not feta cheese, the f-bomb.
2:50 pm
but you in a very eloquent yet a manic using some southern slang and troll. you are saying what i want to say by screaming four letter words but you are not actually cursing and some of your statements. >> because when i started doing television, i had a mouth that would make george carlin red in the face. i came up with an alternate lexicon of all the words so all of the curse words that i use all day long every day, i have an alternate. i know why cursing is up. it is because now twitter and facebook will try to stop you before you tweet like shazam. and it makes you want to tweet the real shazam, not the fake shazam. >> or fudge. >> what's the french? >> they said cursing was up 41% on facebook and 27% on twitter.
2:51 pm
but dana, on a serious note, this undoubtedly, people see a bread line when it comes to their interactions ever since the start of the pandemic. you have a lot of emotions rising. have you yourself seen some of the vitriol and have you induced a question mark >> i'm not the only one who has actually been believed on the show before in particular there are politicians using it more like in press conferences and public statements and especially women and i think it is quite undignified and it doesn't show you are more powerful or tougher and i think the more you are doing the show, you are able and competent, it is better than cursing because it takes away from your power. speak out no doubt. and it muddies the message. >> greg, what is your favorite curse word? >> cursing as a bridge between viewer and the emotion and
2:52 pm
violence. it is unnecessary relief. it is an off-ramp from regrettable behavior. so i prefer to swear as much as possible because it makes you less violent. >> yeah, because you are such a violent guy. i stopped cursing during the pandemic because i had a baby and i cannot curse around jesse jr. or her first word is going to be the f-bomb. i can't imagine my mother hearing that. changed one of those -- >> i your older girls, have they started cursing at question marks because i know the words in my one daughter thinks it is funny and she says -- she thinks that is hilarious. >> one more thing is up next.
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>> jesse: time now for one more thing. dana? [laughter] deign predictions continue that's a good time for this on one more thing. jasper wine for everyone. that is not happening this year. everyone has a percy wine. >> greg: got quite a package. if you are going to do this. i can't show this. there are kids watching. >> jesse: if you got it flaunt it. >> greg: get you arrested in the subway if you do one of these things. >> dana: is the thirst thing your eye went to. >> greg: of course. >> dagen: i always have purse wine now i have perce wine. >> greg: you can't regift it they know it's from dana. >> katie: it it's more valuable.
2:58 pm
>> dana: take to to holiday parties. >> jesse: christmas parties. now christmas is right around the corner. getting ugly out there. check out this bear, same deal just the bears are just like us. >> greg: great. >> jesse: jess we are having a hard time squeezing through spaces that we used to glide through, doorways, subways, turn styles. it's just very difficult. don't shame us. just give us a little push. speaking of needing a push i will be hosting ingraham angle tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. so watch that show. greg gutfeld? >> greg: all right. do we not have to talk about this? show the little animal. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great. >> jesse: that's all right. >> greg: do you know what that is? it's a baby. it's a baby, what? >> jesse: armadillo. >> greg: no. >> ant eater.
2:59 pm
>> jesse: they're the same thing. >> dana: no they're not. >> greg: it's a taper important an trip in belgium sue wily, maybe for the right price. >> jesse: belgium we believe. >> katie: tiktok user home cooked meals. originally went to 7-eleven for lighter fluid when spoke to the clerk surprised grilling and jokingly asked for food. she posted a video on tiktok returning that evening surprise ago worker with a full meal. take a look. >> i told you i was coming back. >> thank you so much. >> you are welcome. >> you are the best. >> come back and tell me how good it is have a good night. >> >> thank you, darling. >> you are welcome. >> katie: that very grateful worker worked a 16 hour shift that day dagen so i'm sure he appreciated it.
3:00 pm
>> jesse: i don't know why you need home cooking at 7-eleven. >> dana: armadillos and ant eaters. >> jesse: same thing like netherlands and holland the same thing. >> dagen: i don't have time. 10 seconds left. >> dana: blame me. >> dagen: one more thing. >> jesse: february 1st, that's the day we are free from the pandemic. right, bret? >> greg: you got it. >> bret: exactly. i will wait for san diego, go ahead. all right. >> dagen: no. >> jesse: no, you go. >> bret: all right. we will see you guys. good evening. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, president biden says americans can feel comfortable celebrating christmas and the holidays with family and friends if they are fully vaccinated. including a booster shot. today the president outlined his plan to respond to the latest surge in coronavirus cases. this one sparked by the new omicron variant. he says the nation is not trrnt


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