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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  December 21, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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and last any new year's resolutions you would like to share with us. i will take the feedback off and drop lbs. election year does it for me. leaving california in droves. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair, balanced and unafraid. a guy who is always staying in shape always with it "fox news primetime" host brian kilmeade this week. start right now. >> brian: thanks for not bringing up golf and that i am terrible at and you are not. you are great. thanks, bret. great job. and i look forward to your next history book. welcome to "primetime," i'm brian kilmeade. we waited all day for joe biden's address to the nation to find out what restrictions we would face for the coming holiday and the coming winter the good news is -- >> another question that folks are asking is with regoing back to march 2020. not this last march 2021, but march 2020 when the pandemic first hit.
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that's what i keep getting asked. the answer is absolutely no. no. we can keep our k through 12 schools open. that's exactly what we should be doing. no. this is not march of 2020. 200 million people are fully vaccinated. >> brian: great. no shut down and president biden also plans to beef up his response to the pandemic by increasing support to hospitals. speeding up access to free at home testing and have more access for vaccines but now here's the bad news. president biden still seems to have found a villain in this never ending covid crisis. >> if you are not fully vaccinated, you have good reason to be concerned. you are at a high risk of getting sick and if you get sick you are likely to spread it to others, including friend and family. all these people who have not been vaccinated, you have an obligation to yourselves, to your families and quite frankly i know i will be criticized for
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this but to your country. if you are unvaccinated you are at a highly risk of getting severely ill from covid-19, getting hospitalized and even dying. you are putting other people at risk. your loved ones, your friends, neighbors, strangers you run into. your choice can be the difference between life or death. >> brian: right. how motivating. joe biden says the scary new omicron variant will toledo a dark winter for the unvaccinated. wait a minute, if you look at the data, which we are urged to do and follow the science, which we are told to do. omicron has resulted in one death. now, that's one death too many. i get it now it's true that patient was unvaccinated so, joe, i guess technically mr. president you win, i'm scared. but that shouldn't be want point. we shouldn't be dividing america based on vaccination status but that's what president biden continually does. i don't get it kamala harris on the other hand says no one is to blame for the pandemic. oh, i see. >> is did the fault of the unvaccinated? >> i don't think this is a moment to talk about fault.
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it is no one's fault that this virus hit our shores or hit the world. but it is more about individual power and responsibility and it's about 9 decision everyone has a choice to make. >> brian: nobody's fault? first of all she is wrong about that. it's china's fault. a pile of evidence pointed to a lab leak. i'm glad she is comfortable not pointing fingers. now, she has no problem playing politics when president trump's name is involved. >> this virus has impacted almost every country. but there's a reason it has hit america worse than any other advanced nation. it's because of trump's failure to take it seriously from the start. his refusal to get testing up and running. his flip-flopping on social distancing and wearing masks.
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his delusional belief that he knows better than the experts. >> brian: right. his expert told him this won't be a problem here in february. his expert told him in march don't wear a mask they give you a false sense of security. kamala harris was bold enough to make that statement then. even after president trump got a vaccine to the american people in record time called operation warp speed and in doing so he did save millions of lives. do you want to challenge that? now that the handling of the pandemic sunday the biden administration, no one wants to point any fingers unless those fingers are pointed at the unvaccinated, those horrible people. and even china gets the biden shield. >> well, bret, i'm really sorry that the lab leak has become such a distraction for so many people because, frankly, we still don't know. there is no evidence really to say most of the scientific community, myself included, think that is a possibility but far more likely this was a natural way in which a virus left a bat, maybe traveled through some other species and got to humans. >> brian: why do they give china
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a pass and a lab leak a distraction? here now to respond texas congressman and former navy seal dan crenshaw. dan, we spoke moment ago, you kind of like some of the things the president is doing, using the military to help out hospitals, expanding testing and things to that nature, making vaccines easier, where else do you go from here when it comes to the holidays and the winter? >> sure, so let's look at what he said. he wants to put federal support for hospitals, they are having workforce shortages, that's no secret now. they want at home testing to be easier, allow you to order one. that's all fine. but, as you said, their continues to be demonization of the unvaccinated this is counter productive this ♪ helpful. look, wuivet elements of a workforce shortage in our hospitals is the fact that they have been firing people who don't want to to get the vaccine. maybe they have had covid before. they just don't want it. these aren't completely irrational people. they have been living with this risk for a long time now. they have been treating patients.
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and for whatever personal reason they didn't want to do it. okay? the way to get people to comply is not forced mandates. you know, in that speech he also celebrated the sixth circuit win they had for the vaccine mandate. this need to go up to the supreme court and get shot down. i think we all agree with that they can't keep pushing this, this is detrimental to our society and detrimental to our economy and as shown clearly detrimental to hospital workforce. it's a real problem. >> brian: he had 72% approval in march for handling of the covid-19 virus. remember he considered it beaten in july. it's down to 53% and some polls even further. and now we sit here when he has right now more deaths with a vaccine, almost a complete year in office, actually a month shy of a complete year in office than donald trump had and we didn't even know what was hitting our shores. >> right. now, if you listen to the left wing media their big metrics for success in covid are case numbers and deaths.
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by those metrics biden is far more of a failure. far more of a failure. way more people have died. way more cases have begun under the year 2021 under president biden. so those are the metrics. now, what this administration is finding out they owe the trump administration an apology. because part of what kamala harris said is, in fact, correct. it's really not anybody's fault here that the virus spread. it's a global pandemic. now, it is china's fault, right? because they hid the virus from everybody, whether it's a lab leak or not, which i think it is. we do know 100 percent for sure that the chinese sought to hide it from the world for whatever reason they h they sought to hide it and it left the rest of the world helpless. that's true. but what is also true you owe the trump administration somewhat of an apology. there is only so much the government can do to stop this kind of thing. do you know what? i don't think operation warp speed would have happened under the biden administration. all right? they have an antipathy toward the private sector. they don't like working with the private sector. they would not have done this
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public-private relationship to get more treatment and more vaccines online. and by the way there is more treatment that pfizer is producing right now pill cure covid that the fda is slow-rolling. they could be doing more along the lines of the trump administration did but they didn't. and we should be noticing that. >> brian: right, dr. osterholm a former adviser and constant medical presence on cable news said this and predicted in his own knows astro dom must fashion what the winter is going to be like. >> we are going to be in a the middle of a viral blizzard across the whole country. this is going to be blizzard that is going to hit all 50 states. we will see a lot of places hit by this viral blizzard i just talked about. it might be thought of as a category 5 hurricane in many, many parts of the country. we have got to get through the next three to eight weeks when we are going to get hit hard. >> brian: the omicron virus we are paying attention. cases are up 383% in two weeks. hospitalization is up 6. deaths, 1. can we please keep this in
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perspective. >> blizzards and tornadoes and everybody is going to die. they have been doing it for years at this point and i think the american people are sick of it and see past it as far as hospitalizations go right now, if you listen to left wing headlines you would think our hospitals have r. completely overwhelmed. again, there are shortages, the truth is our hospitalizations are about half what they were of the peaks of 2020. we can get through this. there is no need to panic. tell people if they're vaccinated they will be safer. that is a fact. they will be safer from the virus. but leave it at that let people make their own choice. give them the facts and let them make their choice. >> brian: dan, i appreciate you scrambling to be our lead guest tonight. if you want to get a great gift for your kids that has a great message pick up one of dan's kids books. go online. dan crenshaw thanks so much and have great christmas. >> appreciate it, brian. always great to be with you. >> brian: you got it former hhs
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deputy chief of staff who helped develop, get this, the covid vaccine for operation warp speed that made history. author of the upcoming book "warp speed, inside the operation that beat covid." you tell me, paul, in reading some of your notes today, that you were trained at west point and you were told don'tover state -- as a leader, don't overstate the danger, in fact, try to dampen it. did the president dampen or did he increase it? >> yeah, brian, i think my exact words were good leaders dampen anxiety and they don't amplify it today and the last several weeks joe biden and his administration have been amplifying it. what i was reminded of today when i watched him talk was the arsonist who calls the fire department. they have been whipping up hysteria for the last couple weeks now you have joe biden riding in and on the fire truck saying i will put it out but i was most struck by not what in his address but what the address lacked. he did not mention the word
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therapeutics once he did not acknowledge that natural immunity actually provides immunity and he completely lacked empathy for the unvaccinated. here is a guy who politic sided the trump vaccines a year ago by saying you shouldn't trust them. and now he is wondering why folks aren't taking them and why there is hesitancy. he created that problem and now he is blaming those folks and calling them unpatriotic. that's disgraceful. >> brian: paul, do you have a theory on why he doesn't bring up they're pew dixon the threshold of getting approval? pfizer a pill test positive take it better than tamiflu for the flu. >> yeah. the sphreagd of the biden administration is very singular, vaccines and vaccines, and vaccines if we had good therapeutics, a lot of folks would say why do i need vaccines if i get sick i can be cured or healed. it's in conflict with his dominant strategy of vaccines
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and it's a very narrow strategy and it's failing. >> brian: operation warp speed will almost maybe festival in just behind the manhattan project great things maybe ahead great things that you guys have come up with the american government has come up with along with the private sector for the greater cause. guess who is taking credit for it? listen. >> mow my goodness the decision we made on january the 10th to go all out and develop a vaccine, we had a number of vaccine candidates may have been the best decision that i have ever made with regard to an intervention as the director of the institute. >> brian: was he superman in this? was that his decision? >> well, brian, as you know, failure breeds a lot of orphans but success and particularly spectacular success like operation warp speed attracts a lot of parents. operation warp speed was the
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product of a small group of highly dedicated patriots from the government, from the military as you know, and from industry. did tony fauci make a contribution to that? sure he did. was he central to its success? no, he wasn't. the only thing he has been doing for the last year or so is politicizing issues. he has lost all credibility and he should not be taking credit for operation warp speed's success. >> brian: but you should. in your estimation, does joe biden ever have warp speed because of his lack of ability to work with the private sector? >> no, brian, because they have federal government authoritarian impulses. we have a very simple principle and i write about this in the book. that is do not permit the federal government to do anything that the private sector can do better. that's not the philosophy and ideology of this administration. >> brian: paul, thanks so much, i look forward to your book. >> thanks for having me. >> brian: have a great christmas. the biden administration build back better bill blocked for now. how scheming to transbe form
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america. members of hillary clinton's campaign facing scrutiny from special independent council john durham. who is it and are charges coming? lindsey graham next. ♪ ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th
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now perkins coie is the form that fusion gps. move across the board it brings us to fusion gps who paid former british intelligence agent christopher steele to create the now famous dossier. are you catching up to this now? the obama doj and fbi would then use the steele dossier as the basis for the fisa warrant to begin to look into the trump campaign, carter page and the trump campaign and maybe even donald trump. perkins coie's involvement did not end there. michael sussmann attorney for the firm, you see him on the bottom the first to be indicted there lied to the fbi during a 2016 when he shared false information about trump's ties to a russian bank. think about this, a guy running as the republican nominee who eventually becomes president, they are making up a fictional alliance with russia and he knew it sussmann was charged by durham in september. and it is through that indictment that we find the connection to three prominent democratic operatives. now ready for this? because you know these names. they are robbie mukasey who
4:21 pm
served as hillary clinton's. jennifer palmieri communications director and this is the big one, jake sullivan who is still screwing up our government right now. sullivan continued to push the story even though it was false going so far as entering a statement in 2016 saying this, quote: if could be the most direct link yet between donald trump and moscow. computer scientists have uncovered covert server linking the trump administration to a russian-based bank. think about this, that is not true. why is he lying? because the man lying about trump's russian connection is now joe biden's national security adviser. the same jake sullivan who has been front and center in the afghanistan collapse, the biggest embarrassment in american history, military history and is biden's right-hand man on foreign relations right now. is he going to be the next to take the fall in the durham probe? should he be fired straight away or could the investigation go right up to hillary clinton herself? turn now to senator lindsey graham and expand this senator, very few people know this as well as you.
4:22 pm
how significant are these steps forward? >> the news today is that the department of justice filed a motion with the federal judge saying that there is a conflict of interest between the same lawyer representing dan chenk co-who produced the steele dossier and said it was all garbage accused of lying to the fbi and clinton campaign operatives who were pushing the narrative that trump was a russian stooge. so what doj says that the same lawyer can't represent both because they may be potential conflicts of interest. what does that tell me? department of justice is looking at clinton campaign operatives separate and apart from the dossier. >> brian: so we have to see how this moves forward. we are always caught by surprise. are you surprised president biden's administration is still allowing this probe to go forward?
4:23 pm
>> well, i mean durham. you know i introduced legislation so trump couldn't fire. >> brian: i know. >> the special counsel. if they tried to do that it would blow the town up. no, they can't stop durham. durham is doing what needs to be done did the fbi get played by the steele people by dan chink co-or willing accomplices, did they know they were getting false information from the fisa court or did they get duped. there was a campaign working with the russians in 2016 it's the clinton campaign. we know that for sure now. time will tell where this goes. >> brian: all i can tell you and we will move on but the whole country was hurt. we were distracted and embarrassed and the u.s. russian relations were destroyed over an investigation that shouldn't have been taking place that went from let's stop him from winning to let's hurt his first four years so senator, that's why people should pay attention, independents especially.
4:24 pm
we have to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> carter page had his life ruined based on a bunch of garbage there would be no warrant against carter page without the steele dossier that was complete garbage. they lied to the fisa court. people being prosecuted for lying to the fbi. you know, there is a lot more to unfold here. >> brian: senator, i was surprised bret baier was when senator manchin came out and said it's over. it's done on build back better. you are probably one of the few people not surprised why and where do we go from here? >> i listened to joe manchin rather than yell at him. i listened to him closely. he told me thought the $1.75 trillion cbo score was a bunch of budget gimmicks, if these programs don't sun set it would be more like 5 trillion or 6 trillion. what did i do? i asked the cbo to score the bill, build back better without the sun sets assuming the
4:25 pm
framents go on for 10 years which they will. they said 5 trillion not 1.75. joe always believed these programs would add to the deficit. biden said everything is paid for. what did the cbo tell us? $3 trillion is added to the deficit over 10 years and the energy part of the build back better will drive gas prices up. i listened to what he said. the cbo analysis that i requested made it impossible for joe manchin to build back better because he had three rules. number one you can't use gimmicks, number two, it can't add to the deficit. number three, it can't make inflation worse and the cbo analysis, i think, proves all three would occur if build back better were passed. >> brian: two quick topics on the same subject. first off, you believe that reconciliation with this is done, but there might be a pathway because there are some things in this bill that republicans would go along with? real quick, how do you explain that because it seems like a
4:26 pm
green palooza. >> all the green stuff will go. greene green new deal stuff will go. child tax credits donald trump in 2017 created child tax credits. maybe we can work to build upon those. child care, there's a group of republicans trying to find a way to help people with child care without driving costs up in a government take over child care. here's the headline, joe manchin is telling the world reconciliation as a way to pass any more spending is dead. he has ditched reconciliation. he wants us to use the committee process and i'm here to tell you there is one or two things in this bill that maybe republicans and democrats can work together on. but build back better is dead. >> brian: right. i can hear the cries coming from queens right now the squad ain't happy. senator lindsey graham, thank you for playing note calm must with us and predicting the future a little like jean dixon. have a great christmas, sir.
4:27 pm
thanks for your time. >> thanks a bunch. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, the pentagon cracking down on free speech for social media for members of the military? we are going to break it down with one of our finest congressman michael waltz former green beret himself. first, build back better is dead thanks to senator joe manchin, we just talked about it don't think joe biden and the democrats are done trying. mick mulvaney will bring us inside of washington in a matter of moments. ♪ story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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brian west virginia senator joe manchin may have put a stake through the heart of joe biden's build back better bill. to no one's surprise democrats have their eyes on the next prize or is it the same prize. listen to what james carville had to say. >> build back better dead or alive, what do you think? >> build back better is dead but build back differently is going to be very alive after the first of the year. >> brian: really? no sign of quit in the democrats as they are already getting back
4:33 pm
to work calling an emergency senate meeting tonight to plan the next steps forward. joe biden still seems confident they are still going to jam something through. >> so did senator manchin break his commitment to you? >> senator manchin and i are going to get something done. thank you. >> brian: that's interesting. joining us now mic mulvaney, former director of the omb and former chief of staff under president trump. well, mic, you have been there before, you tried to undo obamacare replace with skinny bill. when that failed you pivoted. they will stay with it build back different may be the label of it. >> yeah, brian, thanks for having me. always nice to follow james carville on this program. i think james is right. what you are going to see is the democrats do what they do better than republicans. they stick with an issue. they are not going to give up. if you can ask joe manchin is he going to vote for this bill he will say no. if you tweak one or two things he will look at it and say that's a different bill can i vote for it i was as happy as anybody else in the conservative
4:34 pm
camp saying on sunday he is not going to vote on this bill. not one of the people jumping up and down saying this is over. i don't think it is. come back after christmas, try to figure out what manchin can vote for. there is reports out tonight that said he can vote for universal pre-k. he thinks he might be able to vote for expanded obamacare and maybe he can vote for hundreds of billions of dollars for this climate deal. so to celebrate now, let's celebrate because it's christmas so there is no build back better. i think after the first of the year we have to be very much aware that democrats are going to stick with this i think until they pass something because it's what they do. >> brian: in a way. i know this. for some reason they didn't come together when he said i will not fund the child tax credit. the family leave plan and the child care. and he said i'm not going to do it because you are not telling the truth. you are making believe this end of the year instead of projecting it out. so you are trying to dupe a guy on your own team. >> yeah. listen, it's really ease oy to play with those numbers. i have said to people if you give me the bill for a weekend i can make it cost nothing.
4:35 pm
can i make it cost a trillion dollars. it's really easy to manipulate the system. and manchin manchin knows that everybody in washington, d.c. knows that what i think you are seeing is he pushing back. he has always wanted a delay. he always said let's have a pause. is he asking a lot of the right questions. we still have enough money to defend ourselves if something goes wrong with china our russia? will this impact inflation? how it will it affect my people in west virginia. asking the right questions. questions we are glad he is asking. that doesn't mean he doesn't vote for something going forward. there is still a difference between having a democrat controlled senate and a republican controlled senate. we are starting to see again that elections do have consequences. again, i'm happy we don't have the bill passed right now. i think people that are patting themselves on the back saying it's over are acting way too quickly. >> brian: speculation made by the "wall street journal" and "the washington post" more conservative editorial sections the b.s. thing to happen with the biden administration was for this to fail because it's going to add to inflation. some people like larry summers critical of the 1.9 trillion
4:36 pm
passed immediately when president biden was elected said this will not -- not impact inflation or the debt. what does mick mull rain j say used to have our balance sheet. >> easy to explain inflation to elm pool. inflation is too much money chasing too few goods. i'm actually old enough to remember what inflation was back lining in the late 70s and early 80's. last count $6 trillion of extra spending this year by the federal government and we make it harder to get things to market. not just because of covid but because of biden administration is reregulating. they are undoing a lot of things that the trump administration did on making it easier on business, especially small business to get goods and services to market. more money, fewer goods and services that is the formula for inflation. that doesn't go away because covid might go away or find a better vaccine. inflation is real. democrats don't seem to care. they want to pass this legislation. they know if they can pass it one time it's really hard to
4:37 pm
undo in the future. >> brian: mick mulvaney good at math. anthony fauci is going to let him celebrate christmas and your kids all get home in the next 24 hours so you can go ahead and enjoy this holiday season. mick mulvaney, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. merry christmas to you as well. >> brian: go get them. meanwhile the biden administration is once again targeting our troops of the department of defense is unveiling new guidance to help track free speech online and what they deem to be extremist activity amongst the military. under his new guidance military leaders will be able to punish service members who they believe to have interacted with extremists on social media. by the way who is extremists? what constitutes extremism in the eyes of the pentagon? they don't specify, instead leaving it up to the discretion of the military supervisors. simply like social media post could get punished. what is the end game here? is this going to help or hurt our armed forces. let's ask someone serving in congress and also is still serving the military and the national guard former greern
4:38 pm
green beret himself. a commander in the green beret congressman michael waltz. congressman, they looked at 2 million people and found 100 that might have extremist ties within our military. what do you think of that look and what do you think about this policy? >> brian, so you are hearing two narratives from the left. particularly over the last year. really since president trump was elected. one, that white supremacist is rampant in the united states military and, two, that this is a new and recent issue that's just exploded in the last few years. to your first point, i mean, the most recent report from the pentagon indicated 100 service members participated in extremist activity. set aside how they define that let's take that at face value at 100. that's out of 1.4 million. serving today. so do the math on that. .007%. yet, you have president biden saying this is a lethal threat
4:39 pm
to the capability and performance of our military and you have secretary of defense austin making it his number one priority as soon as he took office. .007%. then the other thing, you know, it's just remembering that timothy mcvay back in the 1990s who blew the face of off of a building as a member of the militia was a member of the military. you had nadal hasan who was radicalized and attacked soldiers at fort hood there. has always been a fringe element. we should always be on the lookout for it this narrative that it's just exploding across our service members is insulting, i think, to you are oveterans. it's insulting to me and it's a totally misplaced priority on the part of this leadership in the pentagon. and in the white house. >> brian: listen, i was able to do a few events in and around virginia and washington. i had more people come up to me who i didn't know who worked in
4:40 pm
the pentagon and says it's become a total woke place. getting really scary for the same. sane. is that what you are hearing? >> absolutely. you know, we have been hearing it from soldiers, from cadets at west point. you know, who alerted me to the fact that they were being taught a seminar on how to deal with your whiteness and your white rage that over 120 cadets attended. yeah, i mean, at the end of the day, you know, what i have always emphasized to my green berets you leave your politics at the door. we are all wearing the same color camouflage. black, white or brown doesn't matter in the fox hole. we are focused on defending this nation and killing our enemies. and i can guarantee you, brian, that's what the chinese, the russians, 9 iranians and north koreans, that's what they are focused on. they are focused on how to defeat america, not all of this garbage. >> brian: if you say in the pelc or it becomes clear that you are a trump supporter, you are going to be attacked in some very
4:41 pm
devious ways. that's within our pentagon. that's how scary this is. you guys got to gut that place. thanks so much, congressman. appreciate it. >> all right. thank you, brian. merry christmas. >> brian: same to you. coming up, slam china at your own risk. how the communist nation is retaliating against its critics. we will talk to one of china's biggest critics and freedom and sanctions served on us for condemning us for having concentration camps. can you believe it? we will talk about it. dness ♪ ♪ yes, show a little kindness ♪ ♪ just shine your light for everyone to see ♪ ♪ and if you try a little kindness ♪
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>> brian: no one sanctions china and gets away with it president xi against anyone who calls out abused uyghur muslims in the region. four americans of the u.s. commission on the international religious freedom have been sanctioned. china's goal, creating a chilling effect for future critics around the world. will it work? one the only people brave enough in and out of sports to stand up to china and says to their silencing of other nba stars is enes kanter freedom who recently
4:47 pm
became an american citizen of the boston semitics. enes, how do you feel about them sanctioning american officials for calling them out for genocide? >> unbelievable. i feel these are lame attempts to retaliate against the u.s. for leading the world in responding to the mass general side against uyghurs in china. the u.s. was the first country to sanction key officials and entities responsible for the atrocities leading the global boycott of the winter olympic. and, you know, just last week, you know, we passed the uyghur force labor prevention act ensuring that goods made in made with forced labor do not enter our markets. i want to give a huge shoutout to my friend senator rubio and also representative jim -- by leading the way. i think it's really important to hold this dictatorship accountable and they're leading the way. >> brian: you are wearing the shoes, call out china.
4:48 pm
you were calling out nike. you were calling out the nba for even wanting to do deals with china. they are losing millions of dollars. enes, have you felt the backlash? have you felt the pressure to take off those shoes and stop speaking out? >> of course. i mean, once i started this whole campaign, obviously not many people liked it, especially from our league. you know, they were pressuring me to take those shoes off. i was like, you know, this is my freedom of speech. go tell your boss about that. obviously once they saw that i'm standing strong against my first amendment. they are going to give up. i think it is important like i said to hold these associations, companies, and organizations accountable because when they call themselves a social justice organization or companies, they just -- they only obviously do it in america. when they country like china where they are making billions of dollars, they remain silent and someone has to call them
4:49 pm
out. >> brian: former new york knicks journeyman in the nba jeremy lynde is now playing in china. you called him out saying how could you be playing for that horrible government? what is your problem with him plays over there? >> i mean, first time i tweeted about that obviously i know that he is from california. and he is chinese american. everyone knows taiwan and do you within a knees are going through right now. i believe that to me it was just ashamed that he is making so much money from china from beijing where his country are obviously going through. >> brian: could be invaded at any moment. real quick, enes, you believe the nba should stop playing? so many players testing positive they can't get enough on the court. thettes had 10 players out the other day. why don't you think they took a pause like the nhl did?
4:50 pm
>> so i -- so i believe, you know, i mean, [inaudible] tested positive and actually affecting our season, you know. but, i mean for nba, obviously, they care about making a lot of money and obviously the christmas season is a huge season for nba. i heard from some of the officials that, you know, they might think about postponing the season after christmas. but i was like come on, man, it has to be safety over money. no other way around. i hope that they make the right decision and i know that we need support in our life but i just want people to be safe. >> brian: right. i just heard we are trying to get confirmation that the nhl might not be going to the olympics. that would be interesting. that has been confirmed by the way. >> i just heard recently. i love the courage. i want all the associations and organizations out there just take notice about what they're
4:51 pm
doing. wta and nhl are leading the way. i mean, what are we waiting for? what are we talking about genocide happening and it's a shame to open the olympic games in china. come on. >> brian: one of america's newest citizens and proud to have him. enes kanter, thanks so much. i hope your family gets to join you here now. best of luck to the celtics. >> i appreciate that. >> brian: we have a little breaking news for you don't. get a signed copy of the president and the freedom fighter still on the top 10 list in the country brian don't go anywhere. johnny joey jones has been booked to go on the clock. he can't get out of it now. ♪ ♪ ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th. ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> so glad you'r you're back. a minutes left in the show. time to put the famous johnny joe jones on the clock. johnny, you ready? >> ready. >>irst family is welcoming a brand new puppy to the white house. they might not be able to handle it. they had to rehome
4:57 pm
their german shepherd major for biting everybody he saw. joey, are the bidens fit to raise another dog? can america handle the carnage? >> this reminds me of a docudrama starring will farrell. he had two pugs that he loved and they came in and revamped his style and gave him two labs and gave them like commander in chief and hunter. so the first dog was to make him look tough and cool, didn't work out. the dog was tougher than he was. >> you tapped into a will farrell movie to explain what we're going through in a country. >> we're living in a will farrell movie. >> you could have named him commander or brandon. the final story or we can wait it out? (bell). >> joey, your favorite fashion
4:58 pm
statement are making a comeback. janco gene jeans are back in style. prices start at just under $100. joey? would you make that investment in you? >> if you're a true millennial, born in the mid '80s like me, three responsibilities, teach your kids to not steal, not lie, and not revive any of our fashions from the 1990s. they were the worst of fashion and they're going to come back because we're letting the internet to raise our kids and the internet tells you everything was cool. i remember these pants, i went to goodies where i would go buy them. it was about getting the biggest pocket and the widest leg. i hope this is a short lived disaster. >> we got a picture of you in the 11th grade. oh, ran out of time. too bad. an insurance
4:59 pm
company is ranked among the most dangerous christmas songs to listen to while driving. they claim beats per minute in a song can impact you and how you drive behind the wheel. on the list, feliz nav dad, second is all i want for you is christmas. that causes you to put the foot on the gas. the most deadly, no surprise here, frosty the snowman. joey? >> i don't get it. i listen as i drive, i get aggressive. frosty the snowman, i don't know if it puts you to sleep or makes you aggressive. we've come a long way from attacking baby it's cold outside. i will let them have this one. they're not claiming misogyny or racism. the peats per minute are a little difficult. if you have kids, you're a lot better off playing frosty the snowman than listen to them whine and cry and be upset. keep the kids happy. >> the most traumatic thing can happen in the child is frosty in
5:00 pm
the hot box when all that was left was a carrot and glasses. i don't want to put it away from you. i was able to put it back together. >> i had a tough childhood. >> appreciate it. have a great christmas if i don't see you again. thanks for watching primetime. hope to see you. the brian kilmeade show from 9:00 to noon. here's tucker. >> tucker carlson: welcome to tucker carlson tonight. happy christmas week. has there been a news environment like this one? every day feels like some weird psy-op from the government. masks will keep you safe, ukraine is essential to our national security, rachel levine is an admiral,


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