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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 21, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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brian kilmeade show from 9:00 to noon. here's tucker. ♪ >> tucker carlson: welcome to tucker carlson tonight. happy christmas week. has there been a news environment like this one? every day feels like some weird psy-op from the government. masks will keep you safe ukraine is essential to our national security,ou rachel leve is an admiral, he's a genius. it's enough to make you go crazy. am i the only one to know
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you start to ask yourself that. to clear the mental restore sanity, we are going to return to what we actually know which is to say to the facts here is the most important fact and american politics. democrats cannot continue to ru the united states of america. they ask him at democrats get elected president with 33 percent of the hispanic vote. or with the matter with 43 percent or with that 53 percent. oil as the answer, no chance. it's impossible. this is a huge change for what most people thought.
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certainly with democrats thoughts thought. they sincerely believe they wer the party of repressed racial minorities. that was the whole point of thae party, and weirdly, republican leaders seem to accept it as true, but actually it turns out it wasn't true at all. the democratic party is not thea party of the repressed racial minority. and pretty lament only entitled white liberals. democratic donors live in aspen and martha's vineyard in bel ai , democratic voters live in brooklyn and chevy chase and newton mass., and boulder, colorado,. and increasingly those are the only places they live. you know that lady who screeche that you in the airport about pulling your mask over your nose ? that t is the modern democratic party. no normal person likes that lady . she is awful. so effectively, as an electoral matter, that party is done. we're not going to have any mor
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democratic presidents for a while. they're is a big deal, you thin you would be getting wide coverage, but it can't have tha great time for aa new açai up time to crank up the fear machine. now they're telling you you're going to die of april they're callinge it omicron, it's terrifying new variant of covid which is a name they can tilt the fact with the likely pandemic was contact but shut up , stop talking, that's racist. and now, on the ground this year . your job is to be afraid to. and unfortunately, many people are afraid. they n'have time because they'r so afraid to check the numbers and discover that as an epidemiological matter this is all completely insane very far more americans have died this month from choking on entrées than have died from omicron, that is factually true. but just as an exercise, we are going to ignore reality for a moment and take you to the president of the united states
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who shuffled onto the stage thi afternoon to mumble about omicron. here as part of what he said. >> i know some americans are wonderings if you can safely celebrate the holidays with family and friends. the answer is yes you can. if you and those you celebrate with our vaccinated, particularly if you've gotten your booster shots. if you are vaccinated and following precautions we all know well, you should feel comfortable celebrating christmas and the holidays as you plan to. >> there you go great if you ha at least three job biden approved vaccine injections, yo can celebrate christmas. that's the word from our botox from the podium. otherwise you can't celebrate christmas. for now, joe biden has canceled christmas for america's working class as the unvaccinated. they didn't vote from the love that last.
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the whole pandemic is their fault right now before we unpac the implications about what biden has said what about the language they are using. biden and his employees persist in calling these injections of e vaccine, but that's not quite right. vaccine prevents disease. many thousands people are in better shape because they got their shots, they didn't prove that so far no one has proof that great let's assume biden i right, which is fine. methey are not against experimental health supplements. your body your choices they use to say. unlike other supplements, this one is mandatory. t's increasingly desperate and
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experienced today, submitting t this injection is the patriotic duty.. if you don't get the shot said the man who up until his election was you don't really love this country. watch.eses >> all of these people who have not been vaccinated, you have a yourselves to your family, and quite frankly to your country. get vaccinated now, it's free. it's convenient. i promise you it saves lives. and i honestly believe it's you patriotic duty. again, the botox napoleon in charge of christmas. we go on and on and play soundbite afterr soundbite. nothing embarrasses this man. we are not going to play those clips, we've done enough of tha this week.
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the ballot box looms on the ris as the democratic party tries t wreck your christmas they're political they can convince you of anything anymore, you no longer believe them, why would you so they're trying to punish and terrify you into submission instead.y here's the good news. it's not working. americans are going to celebrat christmas anyway, they always have and they're going to this year. this is still america. look at this tape. no place in this country has suffered more this year than waukesha wisconsin. last month a racist lunatic drove through a christmas parad and he tried to stop christmas, but could him. here was the scene month later. >> tragedy can take away so much ,. >> after the parade, some peopl have been afraid to come back down. >> don't tell waukesha its
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reclaiming history coming healing is a >> we can't live our life in fear, we need to live our life and help. you can't forget about the heaviness. they're are people who are here tonight who have children who are still in the hospital. but you can add light after darkness.. singing after sorrow. >> hopefully we replace some of those negative feelingssac with some positive ones for fred. >> another stepped on the road to healing. >> minstrel of lights and hope, it's just that. >> it's been amazing to see the whole community come together. it's been beautiful. >> it has been beautiful. the crowd gathers, some of them still have children in the hospital. >> imagine describing them as beautiful bird that's the scene of carnage for the friends, relatives, and neighbors were
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just murdered those were terribly heartfelt you could hear that. the determined hope in the face of evil and death it makes the hair on your arms as you watch it. you are proud to live in a country with people like that, those are the best people. they're are so many of them in this country. at the end of the week, to matter what joe biden says people like that will be gathering with one another to celebratean this country's most sacred holiday. americansco of been doing that centuries. whether it's by foot, horseback you go home on christmas you go back to your people, that is th whole point of it. americans are still doing it this year. you cannot stop them. nothing can stop them. >> about 12,000 troops lead fro fort inning alone. you can see how eager families
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were to reunite with their soldiers after a mile of cars fromci pennsylvania, florida, kentucky, even as far as iowa stacked up outside the base for pickup spirit. >> i'm definitely am definitely going to cry. >> 's newlyweds says she and he mother-in-law took a 15 hour drive down from council bluffs, iowa just to get an extra day with her husband. they were emotional tears of happiness as they embraced for the first time since the day he they actively exchanged nuptial earlier this year. >> my knees started shaking.ea >> my heart was racing the entire way. i was overjoyed. >> 12 hours from council bluffs to see her husband for an hour. it reminds you some things are bigger than covid. love for your family comer reverence for your god. the obligation you feel to carr on traditions your ancestors observed.
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it is worth remembering meant o this is forever. those people will be gone at some point, probably sooner tha we think, but christmas will no be gone. christmas will always remain. lieutenant governor of texas. at the beginning of all of this he came on the show with his thoughts on covid and what it means and how we should respond to a. a took enormous abuse for saying what he said. we went back and looked at the tape today. in retrospect, dan patrick was one of the very few who got it right here is part of what he said. >> let's get back to work, let' get back to living. let's be smart about it. those of us who are 70 plus car we will take care of ourselves, but don't sacrifice the country don't do that. >> he did it anyway, but they.
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he said on never forget this moment, i've had some health problems, this is a threat to me , but it's not a threat to our kids and they are the future of our country. let's spare them, and demand looking back i think that was prophetic.oo >> tucker, i think about the leftist agenda of this administration and the dour wif is bad, you better get used to it personality of biden. what is the real principal? they have no hope. they have a lack of hope. there or divisive they look for someone to blame their failures on. they are the blue grinch that wants to steal christmas. christmas as you said will continue let's face it, tucker, this season is about. christians like myself believe baby was born in the manger, tucker, to bring the world hope to bring us out of our darkness into the light of the living go
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that o promises life in eternal heaven. america, as you stated, as the people just said in that piece she read, they come back to always having that hope no matter how difficult it is sinc the birth of her nation whether it was the civil war, world war i, the great depression, and assassination decade of the 60s or 9/11, we always had hope and we had presidents who inspired us, whether it was roosevelt who said the only fea to fear is fear itself or what bush said in lettuce after 9/11 americans do not cower, whether it's the terrorists are the china virus, we have hope, we have strength, and when you hav hope and strength, you have peace, this president doesn't know what hope is, and he will not steal this holiday from as. he will not take it away from u because we are a nation built o the word of god and we have hop of. even for those who don't believ
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and i respect those who don't, even they look forward to a new year and a new beginning as thi president, poll numbers are dropping into the basement because he is out of touch with who we are as a people and as a nation. >> and where is the courage i have to say which is the kind o fraternal twin of hope. they're are press all around us. you see this very early, it offended people, but where is the bravery? >> the left believes that government is their god, so the have nothing to believe and so when they are in trouble, they are really panicked whether there panicked over low poll numbers are joe manchin not voting the way they want, so they have no courage they have no courage, the people in this country with courage are the people who have hope that believe in jesus christ and the baby coming to bring us hope wh believe in our fellow man who aren't looking to blame someone who doesn't have a mask or isn'
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vaccinated, but somehow they ar anti- american. let me tell you it isn't patriotic right when you run that clip of biden today, what isn't patriotic is not securing the border, what isn't patrioti as running up where people can' buy as many gift. what isn't patriotic is turning your back on america i don't know who's going to run and president of 2021, i know america will be looking for a man or women who we're returned us to our values and principles. not afraid to stand on the wordr of god and talk about their faith and he will bring us hope because that is what inspires a nation and this president has lost the country. his loss the country and he wil never get it back because he is a man of no hope. >> this is way to dark, i agree with you completely. lieutenant lieutenant governor, dan patrick. thank you for coming on. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. if you're a normal person flyin
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commercial you don't go ten seconds without a mask before your scolded by a none of this applies to you if you are maxin waters because you make the rules, you don't obey them, you could be a super spreader all you want maxine waters was spotted massless on the united flight from dulles to la where she lives in a according to the daily wire, the flight attendanb only asked waters to put on her mask after they were alerted by ed tipster so she could go barefaced for a full hour, even took a massless nap. if there is a definition of luxury on commercial air travel a massless nap, but can you imagine beingea allowed to brea while you nap on a plane. maxine waters was not physicall dragged off the plane and charged with a federal felony o permanently banned from flying,
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no of course not, she's maxine waters she gets to do whatever she wants shut up, sir, you're not maxine waters. up next, i biological man is no competing with women at the university of pennsylvania in swimming he's got no unfair advantage he claims. the editor of a swimming and compared that to doping.
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plus, see sing 2 in theaters with buy-one-get-one free fandango tickets. join over a million members by signing up for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. >> here is one way to dramatically improve your time in college sports, just change your gender. man at the university of pennsylvania announced he's a woman in as a result he is completely dominated competition . he goes by whereby thomas in recently won a race is swimming raised by more than 38 seconds. if you know anything about swimming, 38 seconds is equivalent to four days. there aren't 382nd difference i between top competitors. he said he should be allowed to compete in any becausee he doesn't have an unfair advantage . >> i think the guidelines they
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set forward our very good in do a very good job of promoting while keeping competition and integrity going. everybody is able to compete in ththe category they are most comfortable with and less there is a proven unfair advantage that they have. >> it's not attacking the kids, obviously, but what about everybody else. everybody else has to pretend that's true instant of pretending omicronn is somehow terrifying threat to our civilization you have to go along with that you're degraded because you're complicit in the dishonesty. one person brave enough to poin this out was the editor-in-chie of swimming world magazine who compared the advantage to doping , and that seemed like a
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big change. he's always been an adult in th room, clay, thank you so much for coming on. the editor of the swimming magazine pointing out what's clear to every rational person seems like an advance to me. >> look, tucker, you're right about this very thanks for having me on, this is absolute insanity. you have got a biological man who didn't just decide to becom a female swimmer, he was good enough to be on the university at pennsylvania men's team, and then he stepped out for a year, decides to identify as a woman and shows up and dominates all of women's swimming. we're talking about the guy potentially breaking every college women's swimming record that's ever existed, every woma out there who has ever competed as a swimmer or really competed in women's athletic at all you gets up early in the morning wh
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puts out every ounce of their ability into their pursuit of swimming, every feminist every advocate should be standing up and screaming for the heavens from the heavens this is unacceptable because men are bigger, stronger, and faster bi biologically then women, this i totally absurd. but once again, you know the tw left-wing ideologies identity politics collide, you've got feminist and title ix supporter on one side to support women's athletics in than you have the trans agenda on the other side, you have to pick a side and wha often happens in these storiesd they just pretend it doesn't exist, espn, they love to cover every single conflict of sports and politics. they haven't written ari single story aboutut this, tucker. it's a sham. not one. every time somebody doesn't go to the white house to visit trump it's the lead story on espn for five years, a he
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biological man threatens to become the greatest women sweater swimmer of all time and they don't even cover it cracks. >> espn used to be so impressiv and was famous for having the smartest producers. and then their number stinks because they became liars. they are just liars, he would watch that? >> not only that, it's the very foundation and essence of sports . that's why we watch to see that best man or the best woman win. we have to talk about the transgender agenda, you got kids , i've got kids, we don't let ten -year-olds compete against 18 -year-olds and baseball, right? we don't let flyweight boxers who weigh 120 pounds go fight heavyweight boxers like mike tyson back in the day because w know that it's not a fear of rights, we have all sorts of regulations, big high schools don't play little high schools and yet we have somehow a man deciding to become a women and
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he's going to be the greatest women swimmer of all time? i got an e-mail about this recently, what if lebron james at the end of his nba career decided he didn't want to quit playing basketball and wanted t become a wnba star and wanted t be the best men's and women's basketball player of all-time because he's not going to catch jordan. are we going to allow that? it is a farce, it's ludicrous, it's insane, but this is where far left wing politics mixed with sports lead us, it's an absolute unmitigated disaster.>> >> i kind of hope lebron james does go to the wnba. know to have ever deserved one another more. what if that was his play to catch jordan in championships. he's not going to catch him otherwise, but what if he start to argue i have for men's championships andsh then i adde on three women's championships
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in the wnba. i did catch jordan a championship, it's absurd, but may be espn would even cover that story per pretty i would love to see thiske. clay travis, thank you for bein here. >> merry christmas, thank you, tucker. >>tucker: maxwell, the former ranger for currently on trial for her role in grooming underage girls. jeffrey epstein did not kill himself there are dermerto she will start naming names if she' guilty in change for a lighter sentences. whose names are on the list?
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>> more foreign nationals weeping over our open borders now than ever before in the history of this country. no one reports that, but it's true. apparently those illegal aliens are getting help from uber. >> fox fox news digital did som investigative reporting in yuma arizona and found illegal immigrantsivor are making use o uber to help them get to their next destination here in the u.s. typically hotels. fox news news posted to drivers
10:35 pm
in yuma when driver said he's had drivers confirmed their hea here illegally the other driver said he deduced that passengers are illegal based on circumstances such as getting picked up with bags in remote locations near the border. here is one of those drivers. we'll sbe in 20 plus immigrants on the quarter, and they will just hop in and go wherever they're going. >> fox news reached out to f ub come at the age did not respond to the direct questions, but sec a driver can cancel a right if they feel unsafe or if they suspect illegal activity. law enforcement has warned him it's against allowed to transport illegal immigrants, but he can't predict an immigration status. he saysdi the surge and pickups begin in the past few weeks and the mayor also tells fox digita that immigrants turning to uber
10:36 pm
is a new tactic. >> what people we're doing is ae the border a couple of hours an it just wasn't happening, they haven't seen anybody they start moving. some of the waves was by uber. >> that me and declared a local emergency sink the number of people crossing the border is staggering. tucker? >>tucker: thank you so much. jeffrey epstein former girlfriend and arranger delayin last name maxwell, on trial facing 70 years behind bars for her role in a child ring. closing arguments beginning tomorrow the daily mail predict a verdict this week is highly likely. they're our rumors that maxwell is found guilty she will name names in order to get a lighter sentence. the question is who's whose names would she name. david marcus has been. souc this trial is interesting
10:37 pm
the rest of us because it may answer some hill and answered questions about what jeffrey epstein was doing, where the money came from and where the. >> i think there's a real idisconnect with what the publ thinks this trial is in with th trial actually is because it's federal trial. maxwell is really charged with transporting underage girls for the purposes of illegal. this is all about trafficking, not the actual abuse itself. i have to be honest with you, tucker, having sat through almost all of the testimony at this point i am far less convinced that they've made a very good case against maxwell. and frankly, i wouldn't be surprised if the jury did anything here, acquitted, found
10:38 pm
guilty, fun guilty on some grea it seem like a very closed case to me. >> fascinating. so you saw the other day the januaryja 6 committee has been nabbing the text messages given that environment, no privacy whatsoever, why are w these tap from the various film still under sealed using? >> i think first and foremost, judge ellison the judge in the case, she is very by the book great every day at exactly 5:00 o'clock so she's very careful about what evidence she lets him based on whether it's really relevant to again this very pacific charges. also i think right now in the dtrial, it doesn't benefit eit side to bring these big names in . i think the prosecution it's just a distraction i think for the defense it may be dehumanizing little bit, but as you pointed out, should she be found guilty and need a little bit of a leverage, that stuff
10:39 pm
may come in handy. >> just to figure out how the country or the world works, you want to know where all the mone came from covid you think were ever going to find out? >> not from this trial. again, should she be found guilty and be in the made to tr to make some deals, perhaps, this trial is over, the jury ha already deliberated. we have gotten everything that we are going to get out of this trial as far as the end it's no much. >> amazing. i have been wondering the whole time, thank you vermuch. >> merry christmas. >>tucker: merry christmas. tony fauci telling you your kid had to be masks and locked down at that very moment, he was focusing on a campaign to silence doctorsat who disagreed with him.
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♪ >> new e-mails reveal details that probably won't surprise you . tony fauci was behind the scene included the institutes of health director to discredit an practicing physician who had questions about covid lockdowns freight keep in mind neither wa treating covid patients, there was actually doesn't about covi despite their job titles, but they tried to crush anybody who was treating covid with a different view of how we should respond, in the e-mail since e october of last year, franson college told him a quick and devastating published takedown was needed for a group of scientists you saw a document
10:46 pm
questioning lockdowns because the lockdowns affect the mental and physical health. that declaration was signed by international magazine scientis but collins called these doctor which is the last thing it turn out. in author and journalist who ha been following the details of this and many other stories and joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. it sounds like your reading digenovese e family leaders talking about crushing an opponent overestimate contract. really. >> it's unbelievable, but i really hope americans watching this story will understand how w ttruly scary and devastating is that such senior scientists and researchers who are responsible for allocating billions of dollars in research were taking time from their job
10:47 pm
to fund research to single out individuals who we're telling u the truth and doing their jobs as epidemiologists and public health experts, these are peopl who if we had listen to them a year ago or last november, our kids would be efree, they would have been in school, our young adults would have 100,000 restaurants would be open because they said let's support everyone living normal life which is normal epidemiological but shelter and protect the vulnerable, so it is shocking t see them off you like mafia -like toxics of dr. fauci and dr. collins saying let's take out and make sure there are hit pieces on these respected epidemiologist and researchers. >> you a make such wise points, these guys hold the purse strings, they are in charge of federal dollars that the scienc community really needs come into
10:48 pm
, they use the media to pull this off. >> these are some of the most extinguished experts, stanford, harvard, oxford, and jeffrey tucker at the american institut of research, these are highly reputable people, and they all put their reputations on the line knowing there would be blowback in telling the truth that went a grass and so what i really want to stress is that not only is that terrifying another piece of the bowling at this administration like singling out that this information. and science because many people told this that declaration othe sciences other researchers that they oppose lockdowns or they oppose masking children or they had questions about vaccinating childrenen, but they were scare
10:49 pm
csay anything because they did want to go against them who are deeply targeting american citizens for doing their jobs i an absolutelyta devastating and terrifying. i think also the taxpayers misuse of public resources. >> of course it is and then the have hits pieces nobody has pursued this. i don't think with the tenacity and clarity that you have from the first day when you come on the show. >> it turns out on the side, nancy pelosi has made millions of dollars on the stock trades at the public servants. what surprising is she is defending doing that. masters on that note.
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>> tucker carlson: nancy pelos has been in politics locker tha a lot watching now have been rich. and somehow she's super she's one of the wealthiest members of congress. her personal wealth grew by almost $17 million. did yours? many americans were forced into poverty by the lockdowns she su why are they allowed to trade i markets that they effectively regular later.lo we don't know. but we know for a fact that nancy pelosi wants to continue doing it. she's defending it. w >> investigation and -- violate the stock act. i wonder if you have any reaction to that. and secondly, should members of congress and their spouses be banned from -- while serving in >> no to the second one. and we
10:56 pm
ohave a responsibility to report any stock -- on the stock, but i'm not familiar with that five-month review. but if people aren't reporting they should be >> why -- (indiscernible). >> because this is a free market and people -- we are a free market i economy. they should be able to participate in that. >> we don't have a free market eco this is free market trading nobody cares like master cares. he's running for senate in the lstate of arizona, promises to end it if elected. blake masters, thank you so much for coming on. how can this continu >> well, tucker, it can't. naughty nancy, my goodness she's at it again, trading stocks, breaking laws. tucker, i think nancy pelosi is the poster child for the rot and corruption in hiour politics. she uses her hih office to enrich herself, right her and her husband make tens o millions of dollars every year trading stocks. look at her rec
10:57 pm
she's outperforming warren buff she's the best investor in the how does that happen? could it be because she has nonpublic information about these compani i mean, this is disgusting and don't know if we can trust thes people to regulate themselves. we can't trust them to police themselves so we have to ban it we need to ban individual congress members from owning an trading stocks. it's just that >> well, it is -- it is that si if you're nancy pelosi and you're one of the richest in th country and speaker of the hous at the age of 81. what's the po why wouldn't she stop doing thi what does this tell us about he >>t it tells us she's really co unfortunately, the problem goes so far deeper, right? it's not so many left wing democrats are corrupt. they're
10:58 pm
so much so there are terms for champagne socialist, limousine elizabeth warren is in the news for attacking our country's richest african-american entrepreneur, a successful businessman on track to pay $12 billion in taxes this year. i'm talking about elon musk, of course, he's done more this wee for america than elizabeth warren will do in her lifetime. she has the nerve to criticize i'm sick and tired of it. if you are, you're watching at home. you're s sick and tired of the corruption in dc, send me to the u.s. senate. go to blakemasters donate as much as you can. i promise you, i will put an end to this. >> really quick, she's better returns that warren buffet is. is there a way for the rest of us to benefit from stock-picking prowess. she's a savant, obviously. she seems like she's got dementia, but, no, how can she be our cnbc anc >> oh, we do need to retire her from her job. she's been in
10:59 pm
office forever. we need term limits, we need a new changing of the guard. these people are so corrupt and tucker, i'm so sick of it. merry christmas to watching except you, naughty na a lump of coal for you. >> tucker carlson: exactly right. she's our jim cramer. blake cmasters running for the united states senate in the state of a a lot of people didn't think it was within reach for the onrepublicans but the polling suggests it is. we're rooting for you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker carlson: we're out of ti two things to remember tonight they're super obvious, but it's the obvious things you should r the current regime will not be here forever. these people are completely out of their depth. they don't have the country's best interest at heart, they make unwise decisions, and they're mean as hell. but they're also going away. and the second thing to remember is it's christmas this week and that's the most important thing. it's seabout your country, your fait, and your family.ou celebrate it with the ones you love. that's the best way to fight back.
11:00 pm
don't forget to stream tucker originals this holiday season. they're all worth watching. of course we'll be back every weeknight at 8:00 p.m., a sworn enemy of lying, pomposity smugness, and group think laurence jones, our friend, in for sean tonight. he's going to be great. don't change that dia >> thank you so much. we pick up where you left off. welcome to hannity, i'm lawrence jones in for sean tonight. we begin with a tweet fromwe october 15, 2020 on that day, then candidate joe biden boldly declared in a twee we're eight months into the pandemic and donald trump doesn't have a plan to get this virus under control. i do. he later promised to shut down the tonight, if there was a plan to shut down the virus, it clearly is not working. according to biden's own administration, we're entering in a period of severe illness and death.


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