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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 22, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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the correspondent. talking with you, the audience out there. anyway, has been great. my mentor sean will be back soon. unfortunately, that is all the time we have left you tonight. thanks so much for joining us. be sure to follow on twitter and instagram. and have a great night. let your hearts not be troubled. jesse watters is filling in for laura ingraham tonight. jesse >> jesse: i thought i was your >> i thought i was your mentor. >> man on the street. >> cowboys. jesse:i am jesse waters in for laura ingraham. 11 months in, americans like biden less than jimmy carter. larry elder breaks that down, the latest polls show democrats are freaking out. tom home and isn't surprised
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about a potential terrorists trying to sneak into the country. he will tell us what is really going on at the border. a special tuesday edition of seen and unseen, the only biden ever to be held accountable for anything. but first back on the campaign trail biden promised to shutdown the virus but not the economy. how's that working out? despite 70% of eligible americans being vaccinated cases of shot up 20% in the last two weeks, hospitalizations and deaths were also up, colleges completely locked down, finals online and blue cities and states will try to shutdown schools as well as kamala harris just admitted to the la times the administration didn't see any of this coming. you mean biden's scientific brain trust of fauci and collins couldn't foresee any of this? why my not surprised? these are the same clowns who
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thought funding dangerous experiments hotbed coronavirus is at stuart: lab was a grand idea. with the economy lagging of the virus spreading like wildfire again biden announced a new 2-pronged plan to get the pandemic under control. program, browbeat and vilify the unvaccinated. >> if you are not fully vaccinated you have good reason to be concerned. you are a high risk of getting sick, you're putting other people at risk. your loved ones, your friends, neighbors, strangers. your choice can be the difference between life and death. >> from m2, more testing. >> one of the other things that we know has to be done is more testing was we will continue to add federal testing sites and we need to do better with at home testing so i'm announcing today the federal government will
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purchase one half billion additional at home rapid tests, we are producing as many tests as quickly as possible. >> of biden she thinks shipping free tests to everyone who demands what is a good idea of got a bridge to sell but have no fear. they have learned their lessons from the disastrous obama care website. >> president biden: we arranged for it to be easier for you to find a testing site near you on google. just enter covidtestnear me in the google search bar and you can find a number of different locations nearby where you can get tested. dennis: google it, thousands they some dramatic positive cases that will cause more panic and more despair which means more restrictions, mask mandate and possibly lockdowns. no wonder the left and media outlets love this plan.
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that includes francis collins who gave a totally nuts interview last night, mad scientist doesn't describe his insane ramblings. >> the laboratory is also potentially a cathedral because what we are doing is to learn how to be even more amazed at what we have been given as human beings surrounded by a beautiful world. jesse: more like a cathedral of misery. the most likely origin for covid is a move on lab. then there was the bizarre response to this question. >> is there something you would wish would have emerged from nih? >> maybe we under invested in research on human behavior. i never imagined a year ago when those vaccines were just proving to be fantastically safe and effective that we would still
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have 60 million people who have not taken advantage of them because of misinformation, disinformation. jesse: americans not wanting to take a vaccine is nothing new. factoring democrats because it was created under trump and you have hesitancy, list you thought this was about public health and not controlling your life let's not forget collins along with fauci and others spent the better part of two years dismissing potential treatments that could've saved many lives. if they truly cared about public health they would urge biden to launch operation warp speed for his own therapeutics instead of doubling down on more of the same policies that clearly aren't working. why aren't fauci, collins and the rest of the medical bureaucrats pushing for effective therapeutics? my next guest went on joe rogan's podcast for what is really going on. joining me is doctor peter
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mccullough, epidemiologist based in dallas, texas. what is going on? >> we see in focus on lockdowns, masks and a giant focus on vaccines. what is left out his treatment. we know when sick patients are treated early we reduce the period of infectivity from 14 days to 3 or 4 days. that happened in joe rogan's case, he has state-of-the-art treatment with supplements, antibodies, ivermectin and steroids. he was over it in three or four days, i told him that's the protocol i drew up for america and for the world last year. sadly what has happened is we have had a chilling effect on early treatment, on hydroxy cork in, ivermectin. we've not had any petri of monoclonal antibodies in the national discussion or any focus
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on anti-inflammatories, high quality drug purchases thrown in the largest clinical trial to reduce hospitalization and death and now we have new therapies from merck and pfizer used in treating patients. when they are sick they don't want to hear anything about vaccines, whether they are vaccinated or not they want to be treatment. jesse: people like those medicine needles, i count myself among those people. he trying to vaccinated way of living and taxes way out of this thing, do you think testing your way out of this winter is going to be an effective strategy? >> we have plenty of tests right now. i have patients in my practice getting tests, the limit is less
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then 28 following cdc standards, we have antigen testing, home testing and i agree with you. rachel: more tests into households we are going to end up with more asymptomatic false positives. the test should only be used in acutely sick people as a diagnostic aid in making the diagnosis of covid 19. jesse: he had in his basement and went from the basement to the white house and fired all the essential workers who were working while he was hiding in his basement process is a catholic guy and tells who can go to christmas with their family or not, do you think he has any credibility as a messenger left with the american people on covid 19. >> we heard the darkest message i think ever americans heard before the holidays about a long and deadly winter for the unvaccinated. my message for america is positive and joyous. we learned so much about covid 19. our treatment of covid 19 is causing large numbers of individuals to avoid the hospital, avoid death, recover and match -- have natural
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immunity. it's a positive story as we work our way through the pandemic. americans have suffered enough and in my view don't need a strong negative message moving into the holidays. jesse: it is hard to absorb that message when you have your mongers on cnn like this doctor who says he wants to form a task force to attack the unvaccinated. >> anti-science aggression is one of the leading killers of young adults in the american -- they need an interagency task force that brings security, commerce of heaven, the justice department, the state department and really take a hard look at how we dismantle the end the vaccine, antiscience empire. >> president biden: -- jesse: the undersigned empire. >> we weigh the risks and benefits, all forms of their vision vaccines, risks and
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benefits and those proposing the big things need of your balance review. we should had a monthly basis on the risk and benefits of vaccines, how are they doing and to give americans an intelligent choice in terms of whether or not they take a vaccine but the choice of therapy is always belongs to the individual, we cannot have that circle of medical freedom broken by external forces. jesse: despite the return of mask mandates, travel bans, colleges locking down even professional sports, biden wents you to believe we are not taking a huge backward step in the country. >> the question folks are asking is are we going back to march of 2020, not just much of 2020 but much of 2020 when the pandemic first hit. that's what i keep getting asked, the answer is absolutely no, no.
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jesse: to enemies fox news contributor charlie hurt. what is your assessment of the present's tone and posture today as he talked about this very very dark winter? >> you touched on it. a point where biden has never been that a lower level of credibility, still using the bully pulpit to harangue americans and vilify americans for the choices they are making about their healthcare. it is not helpful. it is ridiculous and probably only hurting him politically and you have to remember the entire biden campaign is based on two lies, based on the fact they claim donald trump was a racist and that covid was all trump's fault and what we are seeing now especially with the emergence of this omicron variant which kamala harris and president
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biden both said to come by complete surprise. a pandemic takes you by surprise. which it never take you by surprise is there going to be variants. that's the one guarantee. the fact that they are admitting the variant took them by surprise is proof their entire campaign was a lie, is a lie and democrats with a grievous price for next year. jesse: the taliban taking over afghanistan so quickly also took president biden and kamala harris by surprise. >> his presidency is the story of the self inflicted wound. when they went on the campaign trail and claimed donald trump and republicans for a pandemic it was quite outlandish but they are suffering the consequences of building up this thing but if you just elect president biden somehow you will be protected from a virus unleashed on us by the communists in beijing, the
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wuhan lab, this thing is a serious serious threat. let's keep our heads. why does it take you to talk about therapeutics and.the doctors? why does it take people like me to talk about the fact we have very affordable dirt cheap therapeutics for people who get second the great news, most of us who get chinese corona recover and are fine, there are serious cases and people have died and it is a terrible thing that was unleashed on us but we are the american people, we got to keep our heads, we can get through this and president biden is now part of the problem because he is turning american against american and that's not the way we do things. jesse: needs to borrow hope from his former boss, barack obama. he needs that and needs it now before the winter hits. this guy is really just latched his political fortunes on the
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covid cases and covid cases go up and down in different parts of the country, different times of the year. he has no control over covid cases. he doesn't understand this virus, he needs to change the message fast because there is no defeating this virus, you've got to live with and live with a positive spirit about it. >> all that goes back to the fact they billions higher purpose of their presidency on this live that somehow the pandemic itself was donald trump's fault and when you start with that premise this is what you wind up with but one thing that is fascinating about all this effort that biden wants to put into testing testing is a perfect socialized medicine solution to a problem like this. therapeutics and vaccines are perfect free-market solutions to a crisis like this. what does president biden want to fall on? this whole idea of testing
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because these tests get taken, the information goes back to central planners and they solve no problems whatsoever. meanwhile you have the free market coming up with therapeutics which apparently works very well and the government has no interest whatsoever in trying to promote them and encourage them because they actually solve the problem. president biden and his doctors, all they want to do is gather information and talk about how bad it is and scare the crap out of people. >> afraid everybody will get a little bacon the lower back and run out and take a test and all of a sudden my gosh i have covid, didn't even feel that bad but they have covid and it will shoot the case numbers skyhigh and that will freak out all the politicians and politicians go we have to do something, shut everything down again, mandate this, mandate that and now we're sliding back into 2020. >> as if that's a bad thing.
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i live outside washington dc where they are already starting to shut down schools again and i speak up for the domestic terrorists, the parents, i'm the father of five, literally they are encased in masks. they have been doing this for two years, football games, basketball games, dances, being canceled all over again, dehumanizing childhood for our children. where is the balance here? enough is enough. what i would like the american people to do is say stop it. we are going to use some common sense. i'm the parent, i will govern my kids's healthcare decisions, i want my kids to go to a school that allows them to have a mostly normal environment and we'll deal with the consequence of this virus when it hits our family. time for the american people to get a little run desantis and say no more.
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joe: jesse: if i see another photograph of fourth-graders in below freezing temperatures sitting outside 6 feet apart having lunch i'm going to lose it. every parent would lose it if they saw their kids like that. >> because government bureaucrats care about our children more than we do, really? jesse: 5 daughters, good luck with everything, we've got to go. >> a lot of money -- jesse: better start now. thank you. is it just covid that is dragging democrats down in the polls? larry elder is here to highlight the avalanche of isshurting the left, that is next.
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jesse: the economy, americans think biden is doing the worst job of any president since 1977. most heard cnn's report the average of president biden's polls put his net approval on the economy at negative 13 points. carter's economic net approval in 78 just negative 8. that's not all. biden's approval is also underwater on crime. foreign-policy and the southern border. at it up and it is no wonder his overall approval is abysmal.
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a new poll released monday put it at just 41%, a new low. joining me as larry elder, host of the larry elder show and former california gubernatorial candidate. it is bad but how bad is it? >> it is real that particularly when you look at the hispanic vote, since the midterm elections there's been a 40 point shift among hispanic voters in favor of republicans. now hispanic vote is a generic house republicans will be the generic house democrat. this is earth shattering. this is a major major earthquake within the democratic party because the whole reason the democratic party has porous borders is they've always assumed illegal aliens turned citizens turned voters would pull the lever for the democratic party.
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if ever the case, the borders would be close to the clam's behind but that assumption may be backfiring on them is a greater number of hispanic voters are moving towards republicans and even among black voters, donald trump improved percentage of black voters of the presidential level from 8% to 12% in 2015 to 2020, that is a 50% improvement going the wrong direction. the economy, crime, school choice, urban parents want school choice particularly among black parents, they are getting the worst teachers, the worst bureaucrats, the worst prisoners in the worst outcomes. i ran for governor as you know and pre-pandemic, 75% of black voters in california could not read at state levels of proficiency and the math scores even worse, half of all third-graders in government schools cannot read and state levels of proficiency and again math scores are even worse. what was huge in virginia, the
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republicans are gaining ground among so-called voters of color and democrats are scared and they should be. >> democrats usually get at least 70% of the hispanic vote. if they are only getting 30% they will never win another election and that is just math. i guess math is racist but that is math. this is a fox news alert. the biden justice department is allowing some prisoners to remain in home confinement. the movie versus the trump your decision that would have sent many of the thousands of inmates released to confinement during the pandemic back to prison but now the prisoners get to stay home. thanks to president biden's justice department, permanent pandemic. >> a continuation of the overall thoughts on crime attitude on the part of the democrats. cashless they, soft on crime das was the governor of california oversaw the release of 20,000 convicted felons early can many
12:26 am
from violent offenders, barbara boxer, former senator got mugged in oakland, herself and was taken. i shouldn't be laughing. a few months before that gavin newsom was attacked by mentally ill homeless guy, a whole bunch of people are out a lot to be in prison. we have das with crime enhancements so bad guys going to prison to the full sticks into their time and this is another continuation of this and the people who are mostly affected by this, mostly heard of the black and brown people living in the inner-city. >> i think this will happen with the ballot still, permanent pandemic, omicron, we have to do universal mail ballots again. i can see it coming and i hope i'm wrong. i'm never wrong but this time i hope i am. last night we told you about the saudi national of potential territories trying to sneak across the southern border but here's a question. how many suspicious characters like that don't get caught.
12:27 am
former acting ice director and fox news contributor. this is alarming. this guy had some fake uniform on, let's all official except the flag was upside down. thank god we can't him but imagine how many guys we don't catch. >> a lot we didn't catch. i've been saying for a year when you open the border, it drives have the border patrol, that is what is happening. border patrol arrested 15 b b is creating databases, this is just the latest. we got to remember there's over 400,000 got aways, based on camera traffic, essential traffic and drone traffic they couldn't respond to. 400,000 got aways. how many of them were suspected terrorists? we don't know but i'm afraid someday we will find out.
12:28 am
>> this guy was terrifies, just a dreamer, so what if he has a dream to blow things up here. give them some scholarships and maybe some healthcare subsidies. that's the mentality. all the people that are crossing are just good people looking for a job except the ones on the fbi watchlist. now it looks like crazy footage out of florida, the legals are coming in in boats, they've got boats coming in filled with illegal immigrants, they go right up to the shoreline, drop them off and they come on and we are hearing over drivers are responding, they got a call, we got 20 people need to be picked up here. uber will just pick you up, take you wherever you want in the country. >> you are seeing how successful the smugglers are in the southwest border, they know chances -- they are not going to be detained because ice
12:29 am
detention has been decapitated. even if they lose the case in court ice can't remove them, with a policy in place saying being in the country illegally on its face is not enough for ice to make an arrest so the cartels are using our own policies to enter the country illegally, you won't be detained and ice can't remove you because they can't remove anybody for simply being here illegally. the cartels and the caribbean are taking advantage, maritime smugglers up like the southwest border. real quick. i am the sheriff and want to make something. to the views. why is the southwest border visible? if you want to come to this country and harmless, you can't get a plane ticket anymore because the database checks that are done after 9/11, you can't get a visa anymore because of the visa security unit are put through a myriad of databases and any derogatory information
12:30 am
in any database you can't get a visa or plane ticket so if you're a terraced house you come to the united states do us harm, the same way 20 million others did across the southwest border, the same way they were. this year, 500,000 got aways. that's how you get into the united states. that is the national security issue. >> the squat of can come from anywhere in the country, take a little trip up north and you are in the promised land. thank you for coming on. coming up the biden turns to a rescue dog and a boy man to save his agenda and harry potter's favorite sport is about to change its name. raymond arroyo explains it all in seen and unseen.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: it is time for rsp 21 segment where we expose the big cultural stories of the day. for that we turn to
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>> we expose the big cultural stories the day and we turn to author of the spider who saved christmas, raymond arroyo. the president's agenda is on the rocks and so are his approval numbers but his plan. >> he does have a plan. there is the new npr pbs poll that has biden down 41%, 29% with independents, 33% with hispanics which is awful and when your approval is that low there's only one thing to do. >> hey, powell, how are you doing? how are you? >> so predictable. they brought in a new cat. is a free fresh or for you in
12:37 am
the audience as they welcome commander they are dumping the last new first dog, major. major was dining out on white house staffers and secret service people. they tried to retrain him but they should have released him on the senate. that might have passed build back better. instead major is being re-home. >> we heard about major being rehomed and a new puppy and white house cat. is this the worst week ever? >> i met the pet commander, he's very adorable, going to bring joy to the president of the first family, to all of us probably as well. >> if he doesn't eat you all first. call him by his name, commander. >> remember when bill clinton got into trouble, didn't he just obama bunch of factories in afghanistan? getting a dog is better than launching missiles into the
12:38 am
middle of nowhere but commander. >> when in doubt get a dog but president biden needs more than a dog. given the president's performance at the presser today the distraction of a new dog seems almost necessary. >> >> president biden: among the vaccinated, we will send dozens of ambulances to new york and maine because covid is spreading rapidly. the unvaccinated have a high risk of ending up in the hospital. or even dying. still too many. >> glad the triple vaccinated people are okay. he doesn't need pets, he needs a roving medical unit and rescue inhaler. what is the cost? it is endless, chronic. jesse: you are supposed to go into the hobo, not the hand, don't shake anybody's hand as he
12:39 am
likes to do after that. >> the jonas brothers recently visited the white house and cut a little video to commemorate their business. >> you vaccinated, yes, sir. who is the president? >> byron! >> what you want to tell joe biden right now? >> take me out to dinner. >> do we get it? >> you got it. >> this was so sad but she doesn't know the jonas brothers from the ottoman, which one of you guys is donnie? that is our audio in the video actually comes from some viral interview with the homeless man. how this convinces anyone to get vaccinated is beyond me. they tried it with olivia rodrigo, they tried it with internet influencer, they drags out bill night. all of this is an admission the president has no influence over the american people but the string of celebrity endorsements
12:40 am
for this agenda item or that shows one thing, there's only one thing less credible than biden trying to make us do something with that is random celebrities. they sent the jonas brothers to west virginia. that the only thing that will convince build back better, these guys are so influential only the jonas brothers could twist -- >> in the jonases and major out and might move. this could will ruin a few christmases, the us major league quidditch teams made a big announcements. this is the sport created by jk rowling in her harry potter series. >> in a release the leagues hope the name change will help them continue to distance themselves from the works of jk rowling who has come under scrutiny for anti-transpositions in recent years. what is going on here?
12:41 am
>> reporter: rowling repeatedly stood up for biological women and some see that as anti-trans but have you seen these people who play quidditch the literally run around on the field on broomsticks pretending to be wizards? you can't separate the sport that was created by jk rowling from jk rowling. this is crazy. they don't know what they are going to name it yet. they haven't come up with the right term. i have an idea for the. you've heard of bed knobs and broomsticks, this could be nerd clods on broomsticks, perfect name for the sport. who needs this? it is absurd. >> i'm actually speechless. i didn't read harry potter. i don't know what quidditch is, this looks like field hockey or like some sort of dungeons and dragons game of lacrosse. i have no idea.
12:42 am
>> they ride around on the broomstick like they are wizards. when you read this to jesse junior and figure out what quidditch is and how important it is to the harry potter universe and nerds everywhere. pete: all i'm reading is the spider who saved christmas -- >> all i'm reading is how you save the world. >> we will do this together. raymond arroyo, expert in quidditch and all sports a real. thank you so much. we will see raymond tomorrow night and on new year's eve from new orleans we will miss that. still ahead this week our vp, we will tell you in a few moments, stay right there. stay right the
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: in the last week, kamala harris has once again proven why jesse: kamala harris has proven why her favorability is at 34%. her disastrous interview with charlemagne la god. here is how her outgoing chief advisor tried to throw her a lifeline. >> i want to know who the real president is, joe biden or joe manchin? >> i am so sorry. >> she can hear me. and -- >> acting like that.
12:49 am
jesse: after the piece appeared magically, tried going on the attack against the host. >> is a real president joe manchin and joe biden? >> it is joe biden. no, no, no. it is joe biden and don't start talking like a republican about asking whether or not he is president. it is joe biden and i am vice president, my name is kamala harris. jesse: like if you are black you don't vote for me. moving past that dumpster fire kamala went on cbs, a total pass for unleashing the virus. >> i don't think this is a moment to talk about fault. it is no one's fault this virus hit our shores or hit the world but it is more about individual power and responsibility.
12:50 am
>> reporter: the only good thing you can say is she didn't blame unvaccinated americans. the terrible we didn't stop there. as i told you at the top of the show, fauci and other scientists, for not seeing delta and omicron ferry ands, doctor doom himself fired back. >> we saw very ands coming. with one referred to that was not anticipated was the extent of the mutation, amino acid and substitutions in omicron. jesse: the author of all americans, topping the new york times bestseller list. the vice president of the united states has a handle or interrupt the interview and say can't ask that question. interview is over. if she really needs to get
12:51 am
bailed out like that. >> he does and this is incredible. a team of communication experts working around the clock to improve her image and they can't do anything about it. the reason, she never should have had this job. the only reason she became vice president as she met two qualifications, she was the right gender and the right color. democrats thought that would be enough. it is not enough. you've got the hispanic vote literally cratering. the only good news for democrats is maybe, just maybe, the obsession with politics, a way of picking people who are important jobs, not some low-level staff are on a committee or something she is the vice president of the united
12:52 am
states with a very likely already experiencing dementia president. she's not qualified for this job, part of the job is being likable and being able to sell your ideas. the second is a good idea and that she is giving china our greatest enemy who -- the entire world into extreme poverty, at the highest level it has ever been in history because of that virus released by china. her policies make a difference, they are hurting america, to the socialist wing of the story, when they promised to unite the country, and they feel they -- >> >> they have a lot of questions.
12:53 am
>> he hasn't been diagnosed, we've not seen his medical report. a lot of people with family members, many of the things you are seeing on camera. jesse: a lot of people lost the ability to do this but thrown a total softball down the middle. >> china, anybody. this is politics 101, unite the country against the country that unleashed this thing instead of going after unvaccinated americans like abbas does. at least she didn't attack the unvaccinated. heard pr team is showing a little bit of promise. >> maybe, but maybe what she's doing is pleasing her boss who i believe is compromised by the
12:54 am
chinese government so in that moment i think she is appeasing her boss. jesse: his son and other family members are totally invested with the chinese. sold the stake in the chinese communist company. i've not seen any evidence of that. rachel campos duffy have the number one book out and rachel put her money first on the book and sean is upseabout that so everybody check that out. >> trying to start this. final thoughts when we come back. er soviet union there are thousands of destitute, elderly jews who are alone and in need of basic food.
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jesse: that is it for us, you
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can catch me every we found five at 5:00 and saturdays for waters world and if you want more of me which i know you do watch tucker tomorrow night at 8:00 and if you need another christmas gift for someone you love or even someone you hate, a copy of my book how i saved the world. tune into the ingray when raymond arroyo sits in the chair and greg gutfeld takes it from here. todd: wednesday december 2, '02, president biden unveiling his plan as americans head into the holidays with covid cases rising interest in short supply. will be able to get when if they need them right now. todd: many questioning biden's ability to lead america through the omicron surge. live with more on the nation's response.


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