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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  December 22, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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our executive producer at the hem. this is our last show together. jay, you are the best there is in our business. >> yes. >> i mean that professionally and as a friend. we love you on "outnumbered." we wish you the best. you are going to rocket on your next adventure. we love you. thanks. merry christmas. we will see. "america reports." >> a fond farewell to jay. an fox news alert. a game changer in the fight against covid. breaking news the fda authorized the first pill to treat the covid virus. >> the pill made by pfizer can be taken at home and authorized for high risk patients. dr. nicole saphier will have reaction to this breaking news
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in a moment. >> first, we kick off "america reports" with another fox news alert. a war between moderate and far left democrats puts any chance of passing president biden's agenda in doubt. party leaders pledge to move forward but a mine field of issues remain unsolved. i am sandra smith in new york back with mike. >> i am mike emanuel in for john roberts. president biden's bill is on life support. any chance of getting manchin on board with a sweeping bill means key progressive items will be dropped. with the calendar turning into 2022 and the mid-terms elections the clock is sticking for democrats. >> sandra: mitch mcconnell will be our guest and will weigh in on that and more.
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first the fox team covers on biden's next move. >> mike: now to our congressional correspondent on capitol hill. >> progressives are feeling the pressure. put out a statement calling on the president to take action. i will read part of that now. they say executive action will make it clear to those who oppose the legislative path and put hurdles ins it way that the white house and democrats will deliver relief for people. progressives do not have any leverage left right now. even if leadership says the bill is alive it is hemorrhaging. the bill is going through the senate rules process that could strip large chunks out of it. the senate killed immigration 3 times!
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the white house wants to keep working with senator manchin. the progressives don't trust him. they want a vote immediately even without manchin a yay. schumer is on board. that would force the democrats up for reelection in purple states who have been hiding behind manchin to get on the record with this bill. the question is: would this test vote be used by progressives as political ammo, in the mid-terms? >> maybe. >> i find this dangerous. democrats need to unite and flip red seats to blue and not blue seats to bluer. >> the question on the hill right now: will democrats have to piecemeal this legislative piece through, trying to push something like paid family leave which is
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supported by some republicans through? >> mike: many thanks. >> sandra: mark, so much to get to. great to see you. will we see president biden take executive action to get this key piece of legislation under his administration done? >> well, if he could do it by executive action he would not have needed joe manchin. no, you can't do this with your pen. there are only so many things you can do with the pen and they can be reversed by the next administration or if republicans take both houses of congress. this bill 3.6-trillion dollars in spending over 10 years. this is dead. the reason it's dead is because democrats were not willing to compromise with joe manchin. joe manchin said he would support 1.75-trillion dollars in
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spending but it needs to be out over 10 years. they could have cut back some of the programs, eliminated some things and done a few things well and joe manchin would have gone along with that. may played budget gimmicks with fake expiration dates to get everything in. that would have cost over 3.5-trillion dollars. joe manchin was not going with that. could they go back and figure out okay, we can't get everything we want but we can do a few things and joe manchin will support us? that's a possibility. but build back better is dead. >> sandra: if those programs don't sun set as a probability. -- possibility. i want to ask you about jen psaki. she spoke a few moments ago and took questions about mcconnell
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asking joe manchin to come over to the republican party. and this woman talking about democrats in disarray. >> we have been working with senator manchin for months. the president has known him for years. the white senior staff have known him for years as well. that doesn't mean there are moments of disagreement or frustration. of course there are. this is legislation. our objection is moving forward. >> sandra: we have seen a lot of in fighting within the democratic party. what does that do in 2022 and democrats chances of holding power in the mid-terms elections? >> that's a different statement than jen psaki had on sunday when she called joe manchin a liar. they figured out calling joe manchin names is not the most productive thing. this is the whole fundamental problem they have.
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they thought joe manchin was 1 of 50 democrats whose view his to be taken into account but president biden was in challenger. -- charge. joe manchin was in charge. he it the deciding vote. without his vote they got nothing. to the extent -- in a way charlamagne was right in the exchange with kamala harris, joe manchin is in charge. if they accept that, they could get something done. if they are know willing to accept that and they roll joe manchin with budget gimmicks they will get nowhere. 2022, i would love for them to hold a vote on the original build back better. best thing that could happen for republicans. every moderate democrat in a purple state will have to vote on a budget busting monstrosity
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which will not pass. they don't get the benefit of the spending but will have to vote for this. please, have a vote. i would love to have it. >> sandra: that's a good point. we talked to larry kudlow about that. democrats are lined up behind joe manchin but they didn't have the courage to stand up. >> people hiding behind his skirt. >> sandra: jen psaki this morning. listen. >> we have to work with everybody in congress so the president considered senator manchin a friend. even if they disagree on some things, we will be engaged and our plan is to work like hell to get this done in january. >> sandra: the president considers senator manchin a friend. what are you hear something we know mitch mcconnell is joining
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us live 2 o'clock eastern time. he will make a pitch to senator manchin: come on over. we would love to have you in the republican party. is that a realistic thought right now? >> he probably won't become a republican but it's possible for him to do what bernie sanders does is be an independent who caucuses with republicans. the biggest problem he faces in coming over is president trump. he voted to impeach president trump twice and president trump is mad at him. if he becomes a republican, a pro-trump republican will go after him. president trump wants to call joe manchin and say if you come over and join the republican party and put us in the majority i will support you for reelection and there won't a primary challenge. president trump could flip the
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percentage tomorrow. >> sandra: really interesting perspective as always. mark, happy holidays to you and yours. mike, that makes for an interesting conversation at 2 o'clock time. we will ask mitch mcconnell about that. >> mike: there have been party switches. folks say don't push joe manchin too hard. in west virginia he would be popular as a democrat or republican. >> sandra: and jen psaki softened her language from the weekend. >> mike: president biden outlining his strategy to fight covid this an address to the nation yesterday. the president said his plan won't include lockdowns and school closures but signs of disruption in the u.s. may contradict the president's message. peter doocy live from the north lawn. >> you are right. americans are looking to
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officials here in a time that is uncertain because of the new variant. the information is confusing. the president said they didn't see this new variant coming. >> covid is spreading so rapidly. we know this. it it happened almost overnight. just in the last month. >> [laughing]. >> an alarm bell went off. i don't think anticipated this would be as rapidly spreading as it did. >> president biden said they were blind sided by the new variant but the cdc director said they were not. >> we anticipated this. this is what we have prepared for. from are doubling times of this virus in other countries that had the virus before us in 1.5 to 3 day range.
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this is what we anticipated. >> officials are trying to take a victory lap and a problem they think was caused by the pandemic the supply chain crisis. >> we heard about the supply chain crisis leading to problems around the holidays. packages are moving and gifts are delivered. shelves are not empty. >> so, that's been the president's focus today. no real follow-up to yesterday's warning that the unvaccinated will face death. last friday president biden was in close contact for 30 minutes on air force one with a sick person. he just took another test and the result is negative.
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>> mike: that's good news. the omicron variant is facing everyone. >> sandra: we are discussing our health status more than ever. are you vaccinated? have you gotten boosted? you have tested? we are back in that world again. a doctor that comes on this network often on the new anti-viral pill. she said awesome that the fda approved it. she will start prescribing it today to patients. a week ago she was seeing a positive patient in her office every hour. you must ramp up the supply. it's no good with this many cases. the fda approved that anti-viral covid pill. how soon will be it available? and how much of it will there be.
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dr. nicole saphier coming up. >> mike: and china could be using technology such as gene editting to control people and enhance military capabilities. should the united states military be responding to this crazy development? >> we should not do anything to assist the chinese communist party using these technologies for a military advantage or social standpoint. teran homeowna smart move when you bought your home. now make another one and turn your equity into cash. with the newday 100 va loan you can take out up to $60,000 or more. veteran homeowners- with home values at all-time highs and rates at near all-time lows now's the time to do more with your home equity. veterans are calling newday at a record pace to take advantage of the newday 100 va loan. you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value to upgrade
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♪ the snow's comin' down ♪ -mommy? ♪ i'm watching it fall ♪ watch the full story at >> sandra: the fda just approved the pfizer anti-viral pill that treats covid-19. this is a major development with the new ornament.
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-- omicron variant. the pill provides a 90% chance of preventing hospitalization and death. some experts the initial impact may be limited. dr. nicole saphier is here with her take. we begin with jonathan live in atlanta on the breaking news. we are learning what this new drug is. >> it's called paxlovid. it's a game changer. the fda granted an emergency use authorization for this drug to be used in mild to moderate cases of covid-19 that are at risk of becoming more severe. serious cases in other words. manufactured by pfizer, this is the first authorized pill to treat covid-19. that's significant because patients can get a prescription and take it at home instead of going to a hospital or medical practice to receive treatment
10:20 am
through an iv or injection. the fda issued a statement saying this provides a new tool to combat covid-19 at a crucial time in the pandemic and promises to make anti-viral treatment more accessible to patients at high risk for severe covid-19. clinical studies demonstrated that pfizer's pill reduced hospitalizations and deaths by 90% in high risk patients. there is another anti-viral pill being developed by merck and is expected to get authorization in the near future. >> sandra: jonathan will bring us the latest. >> mike: now dr. nicole saphier. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> mike: what is your assessment of this pill? is it a game changer? >> it is, mike.
10:21 am
if you look at what we have been dealing with covid versus influenza. the reason we accept there will be an annual flu season is because we have a vaccine and tampa -- tamiflu. pfizer just today got this emergency use authorization. in a study of 2200 high risk individuals, it decreased hospitalization and deaths by up to 89%. will we be able to get this medication into the hands of out patient doctors so patience can take it early on? it has to be given within 3 to 5 days? the government has a contract of about 10 millions courses of
10:22 am
this medication, this will be a slow roll out. there are tens of thousands of doses ready to be shipped from memphis. i don't think we will see regular use of this medication for the next few weeks. maybe even a month. that's not going to help our current surge. the number 1 thing they need to do right now is get people tested to start early treatments. >> mike: be patient but relief is coming. this pill will help elderly and people with pre-existing. who else? >> it's approved for anyone 12 years or older with cancer or obesity because that's a risk factor for covid-19. they will get into the details of it. anybody who has a risk factor should be eligible for this
10:23 am
medication. our goal moving forward with covid-19 is keeping people out of the hospital. that's a combination of vaccinations and boosters and treatments. >> mike: the folks at the u.s. army have been working on a covid-19 vaccine. it might provide proud protection against covid variants but it's not been tested on omicron variant. >> it sounds interesting and very different. rather than using mrna, they are taking proteins we have in our blood and putting spike proteins on that. the bodiy sees all of the different types of spike
10:24 am
proteins and creates a more universal immune response to coronavirus. it's hoped it can protect against future variants and past sars and mers. >> mike: dr. nicole saphier, thank you very much. >> sandra: americans making up for lost time for the holiday season. travel will be up. what you can expect if you are headed to the airport? >> mike: president biden getting tough on car makers. the white house said it deals with climate change. what will it mean for drivers? that's ahead.
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>> mike: jurors in the kim potter signaling the potential for a deadlock asking the judge what happens if they can't reach an agreement. potter said she accidentally shot and killed daunte wright while trying to use her taser. >> it jury may be having a hard time coming to an agreement. after deliberating 12 hours the jury asked the judge this question. in the jury can't reach a consenus what is the guidance about how long and what steps should be taken. the judge said you should discuss the case with one another to each roon agreement if you can do so without violating your individual judgment. the jury took that instruction
10:30 am
to heart. they have been deliberating close to 15 hours. the jury asked the judge if the zip ties on kim potter's fire arm could be removed so they could hold it compare how it felt compared to the tares. the judge granted that. the jury ranges in age from their 20s to 60s. they are sequestered. staying at a hotel. they have been able to speak to families over the phone at night. this week there has been a handful of protestors here. officials are not sake any chances. they have steps in place for additional help if needed. they hope everything remains peaceful in the lead up to
10:31 am
christmas. >> mike: thank you very much. >> sandra: we will monitor that and mark will be joining us on that coming up as he has throughout the trial. >> mike: you would think being sequestered before christmas would force a result but maybe they are stuck in different lanes. >> sandra: president biden rolling out stricter fuel standards for car makers in 2023. it's part of the president's efforts to cut emissions in half by 2030. this is a visiting fellow from the hoover institution and author of false alarm. our viewers listen because you acknowledge climate change and say this is something we have to address. your message is over time and do it with innovation and not just
10:32 am
with spending and alarm bells that you say the democratic party is guilty of. the white house's latest move to curb fuel standards is this a solution to the problem? >> yes, global warming is the problem. biden just had his build back better program shot down. he is trying to do something. cutting emissions from cars, all things equal is a good idea. but not if it's too costly. what you are doing, you are telling people we know that you want these strong big cars, but we are going to offer you something that is slightly less strong and slightly smaller and someone you don't want. what you are doing is you are saying you are taxing the american people to have cars they don't want but will help the climate a tiny bit.
10:33 am
that's not way to go. it shows how little biden has left to focus on. we should try for better. >> sandra: this is a big change from the trump years. a 25% increase as far as fuel standards are concerned. just to bring everybody along with what we are driving today, 40 miles to the gallon. the average miles per gallon by vehicle type today is this: sedan 31.7. suvs 26. pick ups 19. we are talking about a target of 40? most americans are driving vehicles that don't reach those standards. you are talking about switching out the entire fleet of vehicle being used by american families in this country. >> yes, tell force. that's the point.
10:34 am
it's going to force people to buy more effective cars. >> sandra: expensive cars. >> this is an expensive way to do it. it's a lot better than what biden wanted which was to subsidize electric vehicles. that's a traditional way to cut carbon emissions. this is better, but if you want to cut carbon emissions, the simple answer is switch from coal to gas. you can do that at a low cost. don't try where it's expensive and will annoy a lot of people. >> sandra: you have taken issue and written a lot about this for the "wall street journal" and others. the alarm bells. that democrats have rung. it doesn't help this alarmist
10:35 am
approach. your response to the epa administrator on the new standards saying this: even there, there is an acknowledgement these are robust and rigorous standards. acknowledging that in the first place, this is a lofty goal. >> well, it will hurt them and turns off a lot of americans. saying we won't vote for this party. climate change is a real problem. but if you charge people money for it, they will switch off. they will say i don't want to do this. what the administration is asking, this will solve global warming.
10:36 am
no, it's not. it's a tiny bit. and the rest of the world is rapidly embracing suvs. most people want more powerful cars. you won't combat that by saying we have a rule making it harder to get one of those cars. you need to find a way to get all of the things you want but with less carbon emissions. the first way is focus on power. switch from coal to gas. secondly focus on innovation so we make it possible for us to buy electric cars that are not hugely expensive and are something we want. the current rules they just announced are not that. they are forcing you to do. we needinovations that will lure
10:37 am
you. >> sandra: i asked how many electric vehicle are on the road. 279 million vehicles on the road in the u.s. the portions that are fully electric is0.36%. that's a lot of change they are asking for quickly. >> yes. it won't happen. there are all of these predictions. obama predicted that we would have a million cars. they made all of these promises. it's not to say the electric car is not a good idea eventually but make it cost-effective. >> sandra: thank you. >> mike: china is seeking a military advantage with cutting edge bio-technology for use on the battleground. ari fleischer ahead on the threat and the potential of
10:38 am
abuse of human rights. >> sandra: and dangerous drugs like opioid flood across our southern border. the national border control president will be here on "america reports" when we return.
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convicting the head of a harvard chemistry department for hiding ties to a chinese recruit program collecting millions from the wuhan university of technology. he failed to file reports from a foreign bank account in china. >> mike: u.s. intelligence shows china is using gene editing and brain control weapons to embrace the military. ari fleischer is a former press secretary and fox news contributor. this sounds barbaric. what can the united states do about it? >> well, i really don't know what those are. i will tell you this about china: unlike the u.s. where our declaration of independence says that government derives its just
10:44 am
power from the consent of the governed. the people run the government. china does the exact opposite today. people derife their just power with the consent of the their just power with the consent of the government. everything the people do is in service to the state. regardless ever what those te s -- techniques are that's what china did. >> we may be trying to accomplish some of the things not from a human rights standpoint but from a military standpoint of gaining an advantage on the battleground. we are not going to place our
10:45 am
own soldiers and air men at risk which is what the intelligence tell us the chinese are willing to do. >> mike: is it that americans value human life more than china? >> it's deeper than that. it's a recognition that the people are supreme in the united states. the government has to do what the people want to do. china is the opposite. if the people must serve the will of the state. if the state's will is it should always be superior including the military, people become cattle fodder. you manipulate the people to achieve whatever you want. after 9-11 the chinese government saw the rise in patriotism in the united states and they reached out to the united states and asked what did we do? president bush laughed. they failed to understand how
10:46 am
america works. they think they can have a top down government that dictates to the people how to behave. this fits long-term chinese thinking about how to have the state always be superior above the individual. i don't know what these techniques are they are trying. it sounds farfetched. there is a limit how far you can go. china will go to that limit. >> mike: there are more than 30 chinese bio-technology companies that the united states has sanctioned for brain control technology. should president biden talk about the actions they are taking against the chinese? >> absolutely. it's time for the entire world led by the american business community to step up and leave china. to recognize china's goals are not matched to our goals.
10:47 am
we have opposite systems. china is not working for the good of the world. china is bent on having superiority over the world. i think it's time for president biden to follow what president trump started. speaking out against china. i would love to seat american business community wind it down-and-out and leave china. >> mike: ari fleischer, thanks for your time. >> sandra: really interesting. >> mike: no doubt about it. it sounds barbaric but the chinese government can take religious minorities and do barbaric things. >> sandra: i talked to someone at the pentagon for that. he said they are trying to fight this. dream day turned into a nightmare when a groom is held at gun point in the city of
10:48 am
brotherly love. a crime crisis in the country. >> you should not return your honest opinion simply because other jurors disagree with you. >> mike: the judge in the kim potter trial giving jurors instructions again after they suggested they may not be able to reach a decision. we will have a criminal defense attorney join us on that. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ [text alert] ♪ son of a bi— beth? if it's “i thought we said no gifts” season, it's walgreens season.
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to celebrate its 100 anniversary. white castle is launching a collection of nft's. a digital artist designed the art like harb hash browns and sliders. users can purchase them hoping their value will grow. >> sandra: what was the last time you had white castle?
10:53 am
>> mike: i grew in up in new jersey but it's been a while. >> sandra: pennsylvania representative scott perry declined a meeting with the white house committee regarding the insurrection on january 6th. >> scott perry won't play ball with the committee. democrats claim perry tried to help former president trump prevail on january 6th. perry called the committee illegitimate. democrats say perry wants it both ways. >> you turned your back on the basic rule of law. the checks and balances of our system. the legislative branch is a co-equal branch to the executive. that fails if we tonight enforce
10:54 am
our subpoenas. >> the house held mark meadows in contempt of congress for not complying with a subpoena. perry said the house is out of bounds with him. he attempted to it use the rules of the house against hoyer and demanded the house sanction hoyer >> it seems to me the gentlemen from maryland disparaged the gentleman from indiana and should have his words taken down. >> a subpoena by the committee for an uncooperative member would be unprecedented. >> this is an investigation of politicians by politicians. that raises a different set of questions and potential abuses. if you start to issue subpoenas to your colleagues to find out what they said in their communication, you can create a parade of horribles. >> constitution allows the houses to discipline its own members but the constitution
10:55 am
speech and debate clause protects members from outside of prosecution during the execution of their official duties. >> sandra: chad pergram. thank you. >> mike: can democratic senator joe manchin switch parties? senator mitch mcconnell said he would welcome him. he will join us at the top of the hour. plus national border patrol council president and jersey joe all on deck in the next hour. veteran homeowners- you made a smart move when you bought your home. now make another one and turn your equity into cash. with the newday 100 va loan you can take out up to $60,000 or more. veteran homeowners- with home values at all-time highs and rates at near all-time lows now's the time to do more
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reports." mitch mcconnell moments away as democrats say they one give up on president biden spending plan to transform america.
11:00 am
i am sandra smith in new york. >> mike: i am mike emanuel in for john roberts. joe manchin said he said not back the president's massive spending plan. the senator is suggesting some changes we would need to see. and on the far left call it for the president to take executive action to push things through. >> sandra: republicans hope to get senator manchin to switch side says senator mitch mcconnell. he is standing by on that and more. we will begin with him in just a moment. >> mike: the white house where jacqui heinrich is out of the daily press briefing. >> good afternoon. the white house said it is moving forward with senator manchin and spending less time looking in the rear-view mirror. manchin joined democratic colleagues last night and said many of the same concerns he
11:01 am
voiced about the bill. size and scope and the national debt. one democrat described the path forward as twisty and murky. manchin pulled the plug on inexcusable things the white house staff put out referring to a statement that blamed manchin for the delay in passing build back better. resources close to manchin said it upset him because of the harassment he and his family are facing from those in his own party. jen psaki said manchin can take the heat. >> will there be another approach to deal with senator manchin and the other democrats in the party who have been vocal about they are disappointed in him. a shifted strategy since this blew up over bullying. >> i would not characterize it
11:02 am
that way. senator manchin has won many tough fights in west virginia. i would doubt he is a whithering flower on the side of the rod. >> chuck schumer will put the bill up for a vote. some democrats say not only would it fail but it could put democrats in purple states who have issues with the bill but have been hiding behind manchin in an uncomfortable position. whatever happens next will go through the senate process which frustrated schumer and pointed out the senate had more than 60 hearings on it. the white house wants build back better to bring down inflation and degrease cost-of-living for americans. today they paused student loan payments for another 90 days something they said they would not do but deny it had anything
11:03 am
to with build back better being sun -- uncertain. >> sandra: mitch mcconnell. the "wall street journal" indicates that the democratic party is aiming for a reset. they will try again to push through it these massive spending plans. having spoken to joe manchin in recent days, are you getting any indication that he will bend on this and come around to his own party? >> well, so far so good. he gave the american people the christmas gift they needed. killed this bill in its current form which would have been really bad and the wrong
11:04 am
prescription for the rampant inflation we are suffering. we dumped 2 trillion dollars on the american economy which is a major factor in this huge upsurge in inflation. the biggest inflation increase in 40 years. i admire what joe manchin did. i don't expect him to give up. i think they will keep coming back to him. i suggested a good solution to his problem would be to come across the aisle and join us. he would be treated with respect. the white house called him a liar on sunday. he would find himself in agreement with the party he was with most of the time. >> sandra: what is keeping him from coming over? >> you would have to ask him. this is a conversation we have had with him over the years. he is in a very red state.
11:05 am
a very republican state. he is trying to exist in today's democratic party which is very hard. the democratic party today is the party of bernie sanders. they want to turn america into a socialist country. no wonder joe manchin is uncomfortable on the democratic side of the aisle. i think -- for example, the last pro-life democrat in the senate. that's a better question to ask him. >> sandra: did he take any position if this were to happen. he could keep his chairman position on the energy committee.
11:06 am
anything else he said if you make this happen? >> [laughing]. he's never indicated he is willing to do it. i don't want to misrepresent his position. he's a lifelong democrat. >> sandra: it's grabbing headlines. >> he's been a lifelong democrat. i don't expect this to happen. but if it did, it would be a positive thing for him and the country because we still moderates on the republican side of the aisle. >> sandra: okay. president biden indicated they will continue negotiating on this and plan to win joe manchin over. he will bring this up for a vote at the earliest in january. do you anticipate that happening? >> that's up to the majority leader. he sets the schedule. i don't. he can bring it up any time he wants to and they will try to
11:07 am
convince the american people we ought to have the federal government take over all elections. i don't think they are given up. they are the party of bernie sanders these days. they will keep pursuing that. they didn't get a mandate for this. it was 50-50 senate and 3 state majority in the house is not a mandate to turn america into a socialist country. >> sandra: do you get other indications there are other moderate democrats that would stop this bill that joe manchin is the face of but others are hiding as jacqui heinrich just suggested, that would also step up and stop this massive social spending bill? >> honestly, i think we are down to just 2 moderal democrats. joe manchin and krysten sinema. i don't think there are any left. >> sandra: john hester brought
11:08 am
up inflation as a big problem. there are others that would be at risk for voting yes for this. >> i would think all of them would be at risk for voting for this. this is not what the american people voted for last year and not what they want now. i think we will have an opportunity to hear from the american people next november like we did in virginia and new jersey. an indication of what bad shape this administration's policies are in a purple state like virginia and a blue state like new jersey. american people are unhappy with this administration. >> sandra: the latest biden approval ratings. i will put them up on the screen.
11:09 am
what does this mean for your party's chances in the mid-term elections? >> well, if you look at american history, 2 years into any new administration tend to be rocky. only 3 times in american history has the party of the president gained any seats 2 years in to a first term. we have a 50-50 senate now. i think the environment for a mid-term correction is going to be dramatic. i think there is a great likelihood the house will flip and high likelihood the senate will as well. the good thing about that for the american people is that will ensure that president biden for the last 2 years of his term is indeed the moderate he claimed to be when he ran for president. >> sandra: senator, i want to it ask you about john soon.
11:10 am
there is a request for him to leave. there are rumblings he may retire. the latest is his wife wants him to retire. she is done with it. what is your message to john to remain with you? >> this party needs him in the senate. i hope senator thune will run for reelection. >> sandra: the folks of kentucky. how are you doing with relief efforts knowing a lot of federal relief was asked for your state, sir? >> i spent 2 days touring the tornado ravaged part of western kentucky a few days ago. the early relief has been handled well by the
11:11 am
administration. what i worry about is losing and -- interest over a period of time. we have major rebuilding to do. this will take a long time. at the federal level i will do everything i can and i know others will to try to help finish the job of rebuilding these fine communities. >> sandra: there has been criticism of your colleague in the senate rand paul for hypocrisy over the years am he voted no for federal relief in other natural disasters like hurricane sandy and now requesting it for his state. how do you respond? >> you will have to ask rand. i think rand is a principled conservative in the sense he is concerned about the deficit and federal spending. he is a big boy. he can handle himself. i am sure he will.
11:12 am
>> sandra: finally, donald trump. the shadow under which you continue to lead in the senate. i wonder what that is like, senator? as we interest the mid-term election year and wrap 2021? >> look, we are focussing on the present and the future. this administration and what it's doing to the country. i am focussed on where we are right now and where we are going to number 2022. >> sandra: okay. you made your predictions. the house likely to flip. merry christmas and happy new year? >> same to you. >> sandra: mike, a lot to take in there. a lot of forecasts about the mid-term elections and about joe manchin's future and whether or not he will come around to the democratic party on the vote
11:13 am
that president biden suggested will happen in january. or will he be convinced by the pitch from leader mcconnell? >> mike: it's interesting you asked about senator john thune. thune could be the next republican leader after mcconnell familiar -- but if he retires that hurts them on the hill. the secret service said billion dollars have been stolen from the covid relief funs. >> sandra: and mexican cartels and the rise of drug production south of the border and much is thanks to china. brandon judge joins us next. veteran homeowners. while some banks and lenders are raising their rates newday is holding the line with their two and a quarter refi. that's 2.25%, with an apr of 2.48.
11:14 am
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11:19 am
>> ♪ ♪ >> sandra: the secret service is reporting that criminals stole 100 billion dollars in pandemic relief funds. the white house is pushing back and adding clarification. griff reporting from washington. >> 100 billion dollars the secret service said. this could be the largest fraud they have ever seen. they preyed on the covid relief dollars for out of work americans and struggling businesses. the secret service national pandemic fraud recovery coordinator they stole from the small business paycheck protection program and the disaster loan program. >> as a taxpayer it is shameful to think that individuals would take advantage of these programs
11:20 am
that were established for people in need because of covid-19 and that they would target them for their own personal advantage. i have never seen something of this scale. >> to date the secret service says more than 900 criminal investigations related to pandemic fraud and arrested 100 problems and seized 1.2 billion dollars. as the white house pushes back on the magnitude of the fraud. >> i would note first we expect them to clarify this was a concerning headline we saw ourselves. just to give you the specifics what happened. there was an adding of 2 old reports. >> i spoke to a spokeswoman at the secret service and told fox news the agency's estimate is not a new analysis.
11:21 am
she stressed the numbers stand and are part of public reports in the small business administration. >> mike: officials say record high illegal border crosses are fuelling the nation's over dose crisis. mexican cartels are turning out more synthetic drugs like fentanyl. npr reports it was due to increased use of fentanyl which mexican cartels import from china and mix with other drugs. cartels don't have to pay farmers to grow opioid poppies. brandon jud the president of the national border patrol council. welcome. >> this story should not surprise anybody. it doesn't surprise law enforcement.
11:22 am
we have known based on the unprecedented success the criminal cartels have had, they would expand business. they are always looking to expand. we as law enforcement we try to minimize their influence and go after their profits so we can keep them as small as possible so they can't build these elaborate business models and are able to bring as many drugs into the country as what they are doing. it's very unfortunate that right now they are able to do this because the policies here in the united states, they understand the policies. they are exploiting those policies and growing their businesses larger than we have ever seen before. >> mike: the dea administrator said the administration seized enough to kill every american. there it is on the screen. 20 million fake pills. how alarming is that? >> extremely alarming when you
11:23 am
look at the way they are crossing their products into the u.s. the cost of fentanyl is going down which means there is a glut of the product in the market right now. ine though we are seizing more than we ever seized before, there is even more on the streets than before. when you look at that and you say it is truly a war on drugs. especially looking at fentanyl and opioid. we are loosing that war because of the policies in place by this administration is not allowing law enforcement to be successful. >> mike: it is killing our people. the cdc said more than 100,000 people died from drug over doses in the u.s. during the past year from mainly fentanyl. how difficult is is it to stop this for those on the front line fighting this crisis at our border? >> well, that's what is so
11:24 am
frustrating to us. when we see that citizens in this country are dying because these criminal cartels are able to get their products across. all you have to do is go out to huma and mcallen, texas, and see the agents in the field. we have 90% of our agents are not even patrolling the border. they are processing because the cartels are flooding us with illegal immigrants knowing that will tie up our hands and pull our resources into processing which creates these gaps. it's frustrating to us because there are simple solutions. there are things that can be done to control this to go after the criminal cartels but this administration ignores guard security that affects all of the citizens throughout this country. >> mike: you can hear the frustration in your voice. thank you very much. >> sandra: holiday travel
11:25 am
picking up this year. it is now on track to hit pre-pandemic levels. what you can expect ad the airport? >> mike: the jurors deciding the fate of former police officers kim potter may be dead locked. mark is live with his take next.
11:26 am
this year, postal workers transported, sorted and then delivered billions of pieces of vital mail, medicine, packages, greetings, and gifts to 160 million addresses every day. we serve everyone, everywhere. we're dedicated to americans like you, who rely on us and depend on a public postal service. happy holidays and happy new year from the members of the american postal workers union.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sandra: deliberations in the trial of ex-cop kim potter in the third day and the jury signalled a deadlock asking the judge what they do if they can't reach a verdict. criminal defense attorney, mark, you have followed this all along with us. it appears the jury is in a deadlock. obviously the point being made that we are a couple of days from christmas. you would think there would be urgency in getting this done. they don't have anything yet. did you see this coming?
11:31 am
>> i didn't until i watched closing arguments. i thought this was a slam dunk for the defense. her testimony was compelling. she made a mistake and owned it. she was remorseful. but i have to say this and i don't say it proudly. i thought about it. her defense lawyer in closing arguments failed her and failed her miserably. he didn't argue the number 1 argument i would make if i was a defense lawyer. while her behavior was negligent, it wasn't culpable negligence. that takes it from a civil standard. did you something wrong. to you committed a criminal offense. he did not make that point to the jury. some of the other arguments he made were offensive. >> sandra: do you think she did
11:32 am
that naturally through her time on the stand? it's only my opinion. you got that sense from her. could a jury have walked away with that regardless? >> yes, which is why many of them i think believe that she should be found not guilty. it's the defense attorney's job to lead them through the law and say what the prosecution is saying is not correct. culpable negligence let's say she showed up impaired and hung over from last night and knew she should not have been there handling any type of situation. let's say she was exhausted. that's where you get into culpability. mere negligence not enough. >> sandra: what do you think they are dead locked on? >> the primary issue: is this criminal or is it not? some are saying it's a mistake
11:33 am
and others are saying stop blaming the victim like the defense lawyer did. don't say he caused his own death. yes, he was responsible in some respects by driving away. but she pulled the trigger. he did not say enough about. she feels horrible but not a criminal. that's what this case is about. is she a criminal? she is not. >> sandra: as far as the jury and what they can do now, considering the timing and we are nearing the end of the year, what typically based on your experience, what do you believe will happen next farce timing and getting a verdict from this jury? >> okay. by law they can continue to deliberate until i am a great grandfather. they will say judge we are
11:34 am
entrenched. they already indicated to the jury. coming over to the other side is not possible, it's not likely. i think they will retry it. i am happy to go out to minnesota and help her get the right closing arguments to win this case. >> sandra: wow, you made that public. >> she deserves it. she didn't get the representation she needed. >> sandra: talk to you soon. thank you. >> mike: americans who cancelled get aways last year because of covid are making up for lost time. holiday it travel will hit pre-pandemic levels. people will hit the roads and rails and skies. and 34% increase from 2020. hillary vaughn is live at
11:35 am
washington national airport in virginia. hello. >> people are not shying away from the friendly skies this holiday season. twice as many people are boarding planes to head home. tsa said last friday and saturday 4.3 million people traveled through checkpoints at airports across the country. compared to 2.1 million last year. with the covid variant omicron on the rise travelers may not need to pack their patience as much as carry on some confidence to travel. a lot of people we talked to are not fazed by the new variant. >> it doesn't scare me. >> i am comfortable. >> will you do anything differently to prepare in light
11:36 am
of omicron spreading? >> no, not really. follow the rules. i have a mask. >> hopefully next christmas we can be free again and just travel without so much restrictions. so far it hasn't hindered me at all. i am happy. >> even though omicron is not scaring away most travelers, delta airlines ceo is worried about breakthrough cases because it could lead to a shortage of workers. he is asking the cdc to cut down the quarantine period from fully vaccinated people from 10 days to 5 das to get them back on the job. >> mike: i think a lot of focus are over covid. i am going to see grandma and my family. whatever. i will deal with it. >> sandra: good for them. going on year 3 of this.
11:37 am
you have to go see family members. i don't envy anybody going to the airports. i have seen the long lines. good for them. we hope everyone is see their loved ones safely. >> mike: and cramming the christmas gifts into the overhead. >> sandra: exactly. is china trying to use mind control technology on its own people? that's what the pentagon seems to believe. we will have a report next. >> mike: even weddings are not safe from crime. the story behind this viral video. >> ♪ ♪
11:38 am
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>> ♪ ♪ >> china's goals are not matched to our goals. we have the totally opposite system. china is not working for the good of the world. they are bent on having superiority over the world taking them in dangerous directions. >> sandra: ari fleischer on this program earlier on the posed by china. they are developing technologies including gene editing and brain
11:44 am
interfaces to control people and build-up its military. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. >>, well it sounds like a sci-fi thriller. china is using techologies to enhance military capabilities and control its own people. machines that could allow a chinese commando to discharge a weapon with just a thought and not a trigger finger. >> it would be like putting a device into your brain that could launch a missile. that's brain control technology. it's a new field. >> the biden administration targeted the threat by putting sanctions on 37 chinese bio-technology companies with ties to this research that experts says include mind control weapons. >> they are attempting to use
11:45 am
the neurosciences and technologies to alter the human dna through gene editing to enhance human capabilities. >> john ratcliff warned against the u.s. trying to keep up with china's unscruppule us efforts. >> we are not going to place our own soldiers and air men at rick. -- risk. the chinese want to advance at any cost including those that are harmful to their own population. >> the u.s. has no scruples about smearing china. >> they already use face recognition to track journalists and suppress people. >> china and their military will continue to advance technologies
11:46 am
to reenforce their aggressive behavior. >> republican lawmakers want the commerce department to do more and restrict u.s. investment in chinese military companies that may one day produce mind control weapons. >> sandra: thank you. >> mike: terrifying new video showing when 3 young men robbed a groom at gun point outside of his wedding reception in an upscale neighborhood. cops say the men are behind a string of armed robbies. brian reports. >> it's a stunning video that went viral capturing the moment an armed suspect pulled up to a groom. the groom was getting fresh air during his wedding reception when they stole his rolex.
11:47 am
shows people walking by and doing nothing as it happened. philadelphia police arrested 3 men last week for this robbery. 2 19 years old and one 20-year-old. the philadelphia enquirer reports that 2 men were out free on bail. one was arrested twice this year for illegal gun possession and drug dealing. there were 540 murders in philadelphia. that's a record in the city. armed robbeies up. retail theft up 20% and auto theft up 15%. a couple of weeks ago philadelphia's district attorney said the city is not experiencing a crisis in lawlessness after criticism, he apologized to the black community in particular. >> there is not a big spike in
11:48 am
crime. that's not true. there is also not a big spike in violent crime. neither one of these things is true. >> i failed in not acknowledging that pain and suffering. >> just last night a philadelphia police officer was shot twice in the shoulder. we know that officer is in stable condition. >> sandra: new data shows fewer people are choosing to live in california. there has been a big drop in it the number of people moving there. and a jump in folks fleeing from there. william is live in los angeles. we hear more and more about this. >> crime and affordability all reasons, why are people are living california. last year california lost
11:49 am
population. we lead the country in places where residents want to get out. 367,000 left last year. that's the population of cleveland. those moving to california declined 38%. >> the most stark trend since the start of the pandemic is the decrease in the number of people entering the state rather than the increase in people leaving the state. the pay area saw the most pronounced changes. >> that include this couple who lived happily in the bay area until there were fires and blackouts and hypocrisy from governor newsom. >> it was not hard to leave. honestly. i feel sad for what california has become. for the change. it's not where i lived. it's not the same.
11:50 am
it wasn't hard once we decided to move. >> the two now live in south carolina a red state they feel is cleaner and safer. others are moving to texas, arizona, washington, oregon, tennessee, idaho is montana all gaining california refugees. >> what is for certain people are re-considering where they live. and what makes them happy. >> another thing is affordability. the cost of living in l.a. is 50% than nashville and 150,000 will get you a house in other markets. here it just scratches the surface. >> sandra: we have heard about this for quite sometime. you think about the homeless
11:51 am
population and the crime. it's not shocking people are fleeing. >> mike: and getting taxed to death. i know people who left for texas and tennessee and say life is easier. up next the most dangerous christmas song on the road. first the runner up. >> sandra: to make the road safer the experts want stations to skip this one. do you hear it? all i want for christmas is you. it will be in your head all day now. >> ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners, need a financial boost? the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value and take out up to $60,000 or more. give them a call.
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11:57 am
>> sandra: frosty the snowman. the study reveals the gene autrey song has the opposite effect on drivers. wait for it! creates stressful situations. >> according to chill insurance, here's the top five most dangerous christmas songs while driving. researchers say it's about the beats per minute or the numbers at the bottom of the screen. the more beats, the more songs distract drivers. >> sandra: all i want for christmas, mariah carey has been the top selling album for decades for christmas. who doesn't throw their head around for that one. >> could be dangerous because drivers are reaching to change the station. >> sandra: now we know how you feel about the christmas songs. be careful out there behind the wheel. here's something you may be guilty of.
11:58 am
americans are swearing more these days. researchers say it's a combination of pandemic stress and a slide toward casualness. the work at home has blurred the lines. they say that has created a storm for more swearing. i personally am not a big swearer, mike. i don't mean a goody two shoes but i reserve my swearing for serious situations. >> i think it is. people have had it. perhaps things are a little looser after they've been working at home during covid. >> sandra: so do as you will. i have two little ones. i have to watch my mouth. >> very good. supply chains in anything but mind condition, you may not get your holiday candy. the candy industry has had supply chain woes and other speed bumps. now they face crippling sugar shortages since much of the sugar crop in louisiana was destroyed by hurricane ida. that is a bummer.
11:59 am
>> sandra: it is. we still continue to have our thoughts with those folks that lost so much. the picture with the hot cocoa and you use the candy cane as the stirrer. they even make candy cane straws to sip through the candy cane. too much, right? >> that's a great move. i like it. >> sandra: all right. enjoy. happy holidays to all. well, more on skinny jeans, jenko jumbo size jeans are making a comeback. take a look. the 90s fashion trend is finding new life with the millennial and gen z crowd. you can purchase a pair of the wide leg jeans on the jenko website. prices start at $800. news flash, by the way, this is what i'm told. skinny jeans are out. if you wear them, it shows you're out of fashion. it's all the wide leg look. >> everything makes a comeback.
12:00 pm
my son's friends have the mullet. if you wait long enough, it comes back in style. >> sandra: love it. business in the front, party in the back. have a merry christmas. >> thank you. same to you. >> sandra: thanks to our "america reports" team. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: "the story" starts right now with gillian turner for martha. take it away. >> good afternoon from washington. i'm gillian turner in for martha maccallum. major step forward in the fight against the global pandemic. this coming from the fda. they're announcing that they authorized the first pill to treat covid-19. it's called paxolovid made by pfizer. the white house purchased 10 million advanced doses of the drug. they say they're going to distribute the pills as soon as the supply is ready. dr. ben parson served on president trump's covid-19 task force. he says this


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