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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 23, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> ben: go ahead, ashley. ashley: i will say even people i have ordered from they have put things out online saying hey, if you have not gotten your gift or purchase by x date send us email we will send you essentially an ioo. we have to go. thanks for being here with me this morning "fox & friends" right now. >> ben: my pleasure, ashley. merry christmas to everyone at home. here is "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ ♪ rocking around the christmas tree ♪ at the christmas party hop ♪ mistletoe hung where you can see every couple tries to stop ♪ rocking around the christmas tree ♪ steve: well, if that doesn't put you in the spirit, i don't know what is going to. miley cyrus singing about the christmas tree as we look at the all-american christmas tree on fox square on this christmas eve
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eve. today is the day, carley and brian, today is the day before christmas eve, which is my favorite day of the whole year because tomorrow is the day i finally start to go shopping. brian: wow. steve: i'm hoping the malls stay open late. ashley: you are hitting the stores tomorrow. no time like the present, i guess? this is the best time of year, especially when you are a little kid and thinking about how many more sleeps until christmas. and you are counting down the days and getting so excited. i certainly remember that. brian, what about you? brian: no memories really of christmas. i'm only kidding, of course. great memories of christmas. in the christmas book featured the duffy's christmas book which is again on the "new york times" best seller list. steve, i have a question for you. you say you haven't shopped in your head do you know what you can are getting? steve: no. brian: looking in the windows and looking at the mannequins
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saying she would look good in that. steve: brian, here's the thing. i remember as a small boy going to the maul in is a linena, kansas, with my dad and my sisters to shop for my mother on christmas eve afternoon. so the people literally were thinking the sooner i can get the doocys out of the store the sooner we can close and go to be with our family. it's a family tradition. but the problem is, you know, you know, in whether or not i know what i'm going to get her -- there have been -- remember, the vice president of the united states said in august, you know, if you want to make sure you get your stuff, you get your toys, you better do your christmas shopping. brian: exactly. >> steve: she said that from singapore. over the last couple of months we heard all the warnings. listen, i went to my gavery grocery store yesterday, they were out of olive oil.
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probably because they couldn't get the olive oil lids. there are supply chain issues with all sorts of weird things. brian: bottles. steve: want to buy a new car, ads on television somebody gets a new car great big bow on the top? almost impossible to get a new car because ever the ship shortage. brian: you are wrong, the supply chain problem is solved. don't you listen to cable. steve: i see it with my eyes. steve. brian: i have cable television in my office. i can't afford it at home waiting for the guy to come over and finally hook it up. according to my office television experts at the white house said the supply chain problem is solved. christmas will happen. thank you joe biden. steve: what? brian: carley, can you echo this? carley: president biden had a meeting yesterday with his supply chain task force because, you know, there has obviously been a lot of supply chain issues. if you listen to what he said, he is saying those supply chain issues that steve was feeling at the grocery store never really
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happened. listen here. >> much predicted crisis didn't occur. packages are moving. gifts are being delivered. shelves are not empty. i'm sure you can find some shelf because it's empty because the particular sort of gifts are very popular. i don't know. >> "new york times" said today christmas gifts are arriving on time this year. good news. we saved christmas that is because president biden recognized this challenge early. carley: they say they saved christmas. you just heard jen psaki mention the "new york times." that's because the "new york times" wrote an article titled why christmas gifts are arriving on time this year. and the biden administration absolutely loved that article. she posted a tweet saying take that, scrooge. the grinch and all the doubters that this could never happen. ron klain posted a tweet merry christmas to all and to this overhyped narrative a good night. the funny part about that is if you read the article, it's not
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about the biden administration. the article talks about how the reason gifts are arriving on time for people is because people were forced to shop early. and fedex and u.p.s. went through all these measures to make sure that people have their christmas celebration. so they are taking credit for something and linking to an article that doesn't even mention the biden administration at all. brian: all right. i will take it from here. steve: brian, it was supposed to be your turn. brian: sorry. i didn't know lost my concentration. thinking about the gifts i have to buy just two. i could do most of them right in this neighborhood. that's for me later. mental note to remind myself. charles payne, some people tweet and some people book experts. charles payne put on the suit and answered this very question. listen. >> this is serious issue. you can tell measures tonight believe your eyes or your pocketbooks. and i don't think these kind --
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that's helped. i watched the entire thing mostly a bragging session about, you know, it being -- these things not happening before christmas this supply chain issue is going to go on for a long time. short-term reasons for it will yous about long-term reasons for it i think the most important thing to understand is that the average american is suffering mightily. it's not about the christmas presents people may or may not have gotten. brian: i think that's great point. there is disappointment kids 6, 8, and 9-year-olds who hey this is christmas and magical. i get that and that would be disappointing. steve: right. brian: big picture, i'm thinking about toy store owners got to shut down because i don't have the stock the season is going to all year long. thinking about cities who have been told and limited with the vaccination mandates and the restaurants that are never going to reopen or reopened and found out they couldn't sustain themselves. so, ultimately, the american people will be the judge. because of the democrat and
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republican one thing they have in common, they all have to make ends meet and they all have their own experiences when it comes to food and goods and cars. steve: you look at those images, there are no paper towels, the image before, no bananas. jen psaki yesterday said that one of the enduring images with the legacy of the supply chain shortage and it is a crisis. and, you know, they can't really do much about inflation but they can try to control the narrative. that's what they were doing yesterday. she said yesterday when it comes to the containers on the docks at the ports for more than 8 days. that has fallen by half. okay. she is just -- that's the fine print. she is talking about containers on the docks. there are still over 100 ships off the california coast. and what the ports did, was they changed the metrics. they said, you know, half of you have ships rather than be parked 40 miles away.
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why don't you park out 150 miles. that's just the verbiage they are using to spin this story. if they're thinking the supply chain is fixed they are wrong. do you know what? nobody can go out for -- to go shopping or to, brian, you mentioned restaurants and stuff like that because of covid. and they said we didn't see delta coming. we didn't see omicron coming. do you know what people really want? millions and millions of americans? they want to be able to get a home test and they can't. the president of the united states has ordered up half a billion or something like that. but they don't have a contract. there's no website where you can order it so, you know, they can say that there is not a supply chain crisis. but, as charles payne says, earlier, you know, are we not supposed to believe our lyin' eyes because we can see with our own two eyes. for all those people who have clothing manufacturers and sellers out in those container
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stores that have winter coats that were supposed to be in the united states before christmas and they will now arrive after christmas. they're going to have to sell those for half price. they are going to lose a lot of money coming up in the next couple of months. carley: people are seeing it with their eyes. that's why there is new politico consult poll. disapprove of the president's handling of the economy. 17% who they are i don't know. strongly approve. all politicians like to take credit for things when they are not responsible for them. to publicly spike the football like this about the economy when it's the number one crisis on people's minds outside of crime in big cities is a big shocker i'm sure for a lot of people waking up this morning. especially when, steve, like you said, there are still ships 100 ships deep outside the port and a 40-year high on inflation. brian: right. here's the thing. it's joe namath 1969.
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i guarantee an outcome. he said i entertainer tee the christmas plenty is going to be there we are going to get to play the game christmas day. the shelves are restocked. we are all checking told because we were shocked to see that in the afternoon. we are all going to judge for ourselves if the president is right or not. and, therefore, they do deserve credit for telling us to shop early it recollected would. they do deserve credit for bringing up fedex and other ceos to the white house. maybe it did some good. we will see. ultimately, we are going to judge and then we will have the ballot box. up next the lawmakers latest target in america's car crisis two carjackings just hours apart. a new push to refund cash strapped police precincts. outrage grow against transgender athletes competing in women's sports as one former u.s.a. swimming official joins the fight for women. why she is calling the u penn transgender swimmer dominance grossly unfair.
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♪ ashley: back with a look at headlines, four people hurt after explosion rocks oil refinery. see the just outside exxon oil rerefinery out of houston. hearing a large boom large enough to shake houses and knock pictures off the walls. unclear what exactly sparked the explosion. the huge plant suffered a fire back in 201 that left at least 37 people hurt. and the supreme court will hear arguments against biden's vaccine mandates next month.
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the high court setting accelerating timeline after reports whether constitutionally sound. biden's mandates for private businesses with 100 or more employees and healthcare workers will be considered. the court battle comes as the fda authorize as new at home pill to treat covid. pfizer producing first of its kind drug saying it cuts the risk of hospitalization and death by 89%. and aaa expects today to be one of the busiest travel days of the holiday season. more than 1 million people are expected to travel between christmas and new year's. experts say travel is up 30% over last year and most travelers will be driving to their distinction. so far no major travel headaches to report and those are your headlines, guys, back to you. carley: all right, thank you, ashley. now to america's crime crisis. police arrest five suspects after democrat congresswoman mary gace scanlon is carjacked. >> griff jenkins is live with
3:17 am
the details here. good morning. >> good morning, carley, brian and steve. four men and a woman are behind bars in connection with to the carjacking of the congresswoman. scanlon left a meeting in philly held at gunpoint by two black men demanding her keys and phone and pursy found later and stolen suv near a delaware mall. her office releasing a statement saying the congresswomans would physically unharmed thanks the philadelphia police department for swift response and appreciates the efforts of both the sergeant at farms d.c. and her local police department. philly's mayor jim kenney taking to twitter saying everyone deserves to feel safe in our city and sadly that hasn't always been the case this year. s it disheartening and infuriating that criminals feel emboldened to create such a reckless crime in the middle of the day. the mayor has a point. crime is surging in the city of brotherly love. look at this. 540 homicides this year. up 13% from last year. nearly 4,000 shootings every 5%.
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local criminal defense attorney bill brennan joined "fox & friends" earlier and had this to say. >> i was born and raised in the festival area and i have been practicing in the area of criminal defense almost 35 years and i have never seen anything like it. it's the wild west. it's dodge city. and it's become really just out of control. >> and scanlon was just one of two carjackings hours apart of democrats supporting the defund the police movement in the chicago suburb illinois state majority leader kimberly light ford also carjacked at gunpoint. she said in a statement she is thankful she and her husband are alive and unharmed. trying to process the trauma of what happened to her. brian, carley, steve? brian: thank you so much, griff. appreciate it what we are witnessing right now is something we used to watch for these lawmakers in many respects. something to watch and get stats
3:19 am
on and now experience it directly. in areas that normally aren't overridden with crime feel secure outside the reception hall at your own wedding where you lose your rolex watch. driving down the street and stop at red light and next thing you know you lose your car and all your belongings and everything else. and then you have kimberly light foot as well as scanlon come out and say they were out there not necessarily defund the police but they are saying we need police reform with black lives matter. now, the philadelphia mayor said i'm appalled to learn of the violent crime perpetrated against my friend and colleague. are you really? are you really disturbed to hear about this or have you heard about it and it just came home to reality. james craig was with me on "primetime." he wants to be governor of michigan police chief in multiple cities. this does not surprise him these are individuals political servants not public servants.
3:20 am
we know how important police officers have. when they have been demonized, demoralized not supported. you back off of defund so-called moderates and moving away from defund the police to i heard the san francisco mayor she is now pro-hiring police. the problem is how are you going to support the men and women who do the job? how are we going to encourage young people to join the forces? steve: there you have got two democrats who have in the last year or so supported police reforms and they were both carjacked at gunpoint. it's terrible. but you have got to wonder on this thursday morning are they thinking was that a mistake? should i get a do-over on that? can i change my mind? here's the thing. griff started his report by reporting that the democratic pennsylvania member of congress
3:21 am
mary scanlon they arrested five guys in connection with her carjacking. they found her car, an acura, there she is right there at a delaware mall and they arrested five people. you know? here's the thing, if she was not a member of congress, they would not have devoted all that effort to finding her car they just would have said you know what? we are overwhelmed. contact your insurance company. and that would be it. because it's such a black eye for philadelphia, they had to put, you know, all hands on deck. let's try to find who stole this car so it can look like we are on the case. but, you know, in philly, carjackings are up 76%. i have had friends who have said hey, steve, i have been thinking about going into new york during the holidays to see the tree and rockefeller center. your tree, the other tree, i have said look, between covid where they have closed down the rockettes and broadway and a lot of restaurants, it simply is not safe. if somebody thinks that it is safe to walk the streets of new york, chicago, filly, places
3:22 am
like that, you are delusional, it is not safe and that is so bad. because this random crime, and that's what it is, it's random can happen anywhere. carley: you are right. so random. i think that's why people don't feel safe, steve, when you think about all the crimes that we have covered over the past year, whether it's college student who was on the train in chicago and all of a sudden a bullet flies through the train and shoots him in the head and dies. also in chicago a nurse walking down the street in a really nice area and a homeless person comes up and stabs her. and she loses her life as well. it feels like the world is spinning out of control. that's why people are moving. according to the census bureau. the states with the biggest population decrease are all blue. and these states aren't going to surprise you, california, new york, and illinois. and the states that everyone is moving to florida, texas, and arizona because those states
3:23 am
they appreciate their police officers. brian: i worry those people though screwed up those states are going to go to new states for a african-american start of screwing them up. i think the governors and mayors and police chiefs have to be cog nay zandt. you come in here, don't bring those values that had the streets overrun with crime. the last thing i want to say is, i know we all talked to a lot of police officers. you just can't say okay, sorry about that. sorry it's been a rough two years for you. i'm sorry about defunding and defaming now go arrest people. it's not going to happen. number one, having a really hard time recruiting. they have $1.6 billion now for victims rights and victims representation and they get another 1,000 cops and hundreds of precincts. good luck finding those recruits. you have to pay them moral and empower them to do their job. you have to give them the idea that if you are bad, you do something egregiously wrong. of course there is going to be hell to pay. if not, we will have your back. because not only are you telling them to go put their lives on
3:24 am
the line you are saying you make one mistake you go to prison. you do that you are not going to have a motivated officer. they are going to go how many more years until i retire? and i don't blame them. carley: so true. steve: one last thing, both of the members of congress who were held up at gunpoint and were carjacked, they both co-sponsored a bill to allow mental health specialists to respond to a crime instead of a police officer. so, when you call up and say to 911 and you report rather than sandy cop they send. brian: dr. dru. steve: somebody like a mental health specialist. i wonder on this thursday morning they are both thinking you know what? that probably is not a good idea. the crime right now, until we get a handle on it until we can tamp it down, maybe we shouldn't do that. carley: we're so glad they're both safe because that situation is so scary. steve: absolutely, terrible. carley: i can't believe two democratic lawmakers on the very same day, same crime, carjacked
3:25 am
at gunpoint. that's such a serious offense. all right. let's talk about another cultural issue that's getting attention today. there is a transgender swimmer at the university of pennsylvania, her name is leah thomas, she competed on the men's swimming team for three years prior to coming out as transgender in 2019. and she is getting a lot of attention because she is absolutely dominating the sport. and now there is a u.s.a. swimming official, her name is cynthia millen, and she just quit over this whole thing. she spoke to raimondo arroyo last night about this. take a listen to what she had to say. >> swim 8 to 12% faster. skelton, circulatory system and nothing lia did to take a year off to take testosterone suppression drugs. that does not change lia's body.
3:26 am
every time lia jumps in the pool this is a man competing against women. this is grossly unfair to all the women who worked so hard. women biologically will never be faster than men. now, katie ledecky is faster than a lot of guys, but there are guys who will beat her. it's just biology, again, bodies swim against bodies. brian: this is fascinating. since when don't women's sports matter, women's rights matters when it's transgender. everyone is scratching their heads. logic tells you unfair to a bunch of athlete four years left to compete obviously swim ago sport especially there is not a pro-future there olympic hopeful and ivy league school doesn't happen. they are sitting there finishing in second, a distant second. this is back of their baseball cashed. i think this is obviously unfair. nothing against transgender athletes. but i believe that when it comes to the ncaa and competing. i don't think that the metrics they are putting out there on
3:27 am
testosterone levels is something that should obviously is equitable. and i wish the female swimmers felt empowered enough to come forward instead they are doing a anonymously at the university of pennsylvania. that's the teammates. can you imagine how their opponents feel? steve: well, we heard from -- we heard how the teammates lia thomas' teammates feel through their parents written a letter you have got to be very specific about the requirements for transgender swimmers because right now i think the metric that you were talking about, brian, earlier is you have got have been taking the hormone replacement therapy for a year the parents want the ncaa to come out specifically and tell them exactly what is going on. and in the wake of that, the ncaa sent out to the children, the swimmers on the team of the
3:28 am
parents who complain, they sent a note and said we understand your concern, and if it's really troubling you, here is the number for a mental health hotline is what they sent, carley. carley: wow. the editor of swimming world magazine his name is john long. he wrote about this. he said the fact is for nearly 20 years lia built muscle and benefited from the testosterone naturally produced in her body. that strength does not disappear overnight nor with a year's worth of suppressants e went on to call it to the rampant doping that happened with german swimmers. he is now calling for the ncaa to change its rules. but, brian, you mentioned that a lot of the teammates have come out namesly and said things like everybody knows that this is wrong. this is unfair. but the coach just likes to win and that's why he is not doing anything about it the reason they are all anonymous because you look at somebody like the
3:29 am
author of harry potter j.k. rowling she has been beating this drum enough time it has gotten her canceled. brian: people can start own life in our own country. i have nothing else to add. i can't talk about this transgender swimmer. it's a lose-lose all around. meanwhile, let's move ahead. catastrophe. the supply crisis becomes so bad your peghts may be feeling the pinch. one pet food pantry owner struggling. wait, the president solved that problem. ♪ ♪ there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go.
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ashley: utah man accused of kidnapping and raping a college student asked to be released for christmas so he could see his kids. brown made the request at his bail hearing. he faces several felony counts after allegedly meeting his victim online picking her up from her dorm and holding her captive for days. fortunately they tracked down the victim and rescued her. small plane crash lands on top of a home in california. the pilot was the only one on board when the plane went down. he was put in the hospital after the crash and thankfully the people inside of the home at the time of the crash were not harmed. not clear what caused the plane to crash. the faa and ntsb are investigating. and just like santa claus alaska
3:34 am
marines coming to town. delivering toys to tots for kids in remote alaskan villages. they have shipped over 3,000 toys in total. they have also hand-delivered some gifts giving kids in the northwest artic the full santa experience. carley: that's great. every now and then santa needs a little help. the marines are there to assist. that's awesome. all right. we will check back in with you in a little bit. in the meantime supply chain delays have left many struggling in the holiday season. now the shortages are impacting our furry friends, too. as shipping delays and pricy ingredients make certain pet foods hard to find. here with more on the crisis she is witnessing firsthand co-owner of south shore pet food pantry in massachusetts kristin clancy. kristin, good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks so much for having me on today. carley: we are so happy to have you. how big of a problem is this? >> well, it started in the springtime. we know that there are global
3:35 am
issues around the supply chain. and we have seen it as more people are shopping online, i believe last year pet food alone the online purchasing power group by 46%. and then locally, our adoptions have increased. so, all in all, if you go into a target or a walmart at 4:00 in the afternoon, you may see some empty shelves. so it has made it hard for us to keep some of our canned food in stock so we can provide food to the food pantry here on the south shore. carley: yeah. you mentioned there are global issues affecting this. there are a whole bunch of issues. i was reading of course it's a truck driver shortage but also an athriewm numb shortage when you are talking about the packaging used to pack wet cat food and things like that. you say that it's kind of like the toilet paper shortage of 2020. >> it is. we are not seeing that any longer, but definitely if you go in the afternoon and look at the shelves, they are pretty empty.
3:36 am
we have a wish list on amazon and oftentimes we get direct messages that whatever we put on we will not have available for two to three months. even if our community members are purchasing for us, we are not getting it for quite a while. carley: everything is more expensive these days, too. are you noticing an increase in prices on pet food as well? >> so, our typical brands that we either purchase for ourselves or community members purchase for us such as purina has increased anywhere from 25 to 33%. in the last 8 months. so that makes it difficult not only for us, because we are a nonprofit organization. but for those members of our community, our client who are really, you know, short-term crisis. they may be living paycheck to paycheck. so that small increase makes a huge difference for them.
3:37 am
we actually were just over the weekend a client reached out. actually a community member reached out, her dog eats prescription food and that food has grown by 200 percent. and she was not even able to buy it so, fortunately, we had some on our shelves and so we were very happy to give it to her. carley: we have been talking about a lot of food shortages when it comes to people. this morning we are learning that it also effects our furry friends as well. you do such great work. so to help families and pets in need, go to south shore pet food to help out. and ease the burden a little bit. kristin, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. carley: straight ahead. rampant crime rocks the windy city, not only are thieves targeting high end luxury stores also going after the city's small businesses. the owner of one bike shop hit twice in two weeks. evolving with the world.
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brian stores robbed back to back overnight in chicago. the incident occurring just minutes apart from one another. high end luxury retailers aren't the only victims of chicago's raging crime. small businesses like the bf bikes are being targeted as well. the bike shop had not one but two break-ins in two weeks. racking up $18,000 in damage and lost merchandise. the owner of bff bike jillian for sight joins us now. jillian, before these two incidents, have you felt insecure in the past. >> about three years ago there were multiple incidents robbing bike stores. but this is just another level with everything that's going on in chicago in addition to that. brian: describe what happened to
3:43 am
your store the first time. >> we had -- it was-out robbery happened about 10:00 to 7:00 in the morning. it was very light out. there were people kind of going to work and cars about. and the robbers crashed through one of my windows and they targeted five very high end bikes and they just kind of rushed in, grabbed the bikes and left very quickly. brian: i'm watching the video now, you can't really see them, right? are you able to use that video to try to hunt them down? it looks like just three white males. >> yeah. there is a lot of footage. some footage that shows one of their faces but it's very hard to see for the most part they are all masked. brian: so it happens again. two weeks later. yeah. i had the window was replaced.
3:44 am
i had put some new bikes up on the racks and yeah, i got the call in the morning, you know, the phone ringing from brinks and sure enough, it happened again. the same -- it was obvious it was the same people, same cars involved it's organized, case the placements went back again, feel impervious to arrest. take a look what's happening to the rest of chicago. there have been over the last seven days, 21 robberies, up 47% from the same seven days last year. 184 burglaries up 45%. thefts up 51%. in this area, it's not gang shooting gangs or stealing from gangs. these are high end neighborhoods what is your recourse to move?
3:45 am
>> i don't know. the neighbors are talking about hiring a private security firm to keep eye on on the neighborhood. clearly we don't want people to move out of the neighborhood. it's a very lovely old neighborhood in chicago yeah, i mean, when you look at the footage you see people watching their dogs 10 minutes later. brian: what's your message out there to people wondering what the hell is going on? what do you tell them? >> honestly, i'm no expert but i never thought i would have said this watch your back. try to support the small shops as well as the big shops when you are shopping. brian: empower law enforcement so we get more of a presence and when you get these guys, they got to stay in jail. >> yeah. well be, that's the thing. i know there is some law that came in that, you know, these
3:46 am
are minors who just goat off with a slap on the wrist and they have to know that they are going to be held accountable. put them in jail or, you know, do whatever, but make them feel like there is repercussion to what they are doing. brian: let them have a job instead of screwing up your job and your shop. that would help. gillian, thanks so much. >> sure. >> hopefully people are so alarmed they will take action and back law enforcement. >> yep. brian: meanwhile, check in with adam klotz for the fox weather forecast. adam: spots where a mild. 45 degrees in kansas city. basically the lower third of the country is going to be seeing real heat the next couple of days. this is your christmas week warmth beginning with warm air piling up in the middle of the country. shifts from thursday into friday. you see those temperatures in the higher you were 70s in some cases and stays warm all the way into christmas day for a large area. but there is one system we are tracking and i will leave you
3:47 am
with this maybe folks see a white christmas. just some snow sweeping across the upper tier of the state that means snow in the upper great lakes and eventually running light snow into new england. where is that snow going to eventually end? well, as i said for most folks it is looking like rain. these are. so areas we are going to see a white christmas, particularly in the west the best chance to see a little bit of snow on the ground on christmas morning. brian, back to you. brian: thank you so much. speaking of christmas u.s. >> time for christmas tunnel 2 towers is helping the family of a fallen u.s. navy commander. you heard me talk about him here and heard frank talk about him. frank joins us live with a an update and it's a good one on their mission to help. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard.
3:48 am
you get advice like: try hypnosis... or... quit cold turkey. kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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3:51 am
ashley: here is quick headlines for you, christmas comes a few days early for pope francis as he gets the number one item on his list a basketball signed by calipari. with a old fashioned bottle of
3:52 am
bourbon. auction off help people deadly tornadoes in kentucky. christmas came early for 500 georgia kids nba legend shaquille o'neal holding 24th shack owe clause. bringing haircuts and food and more to children in need. the nba champ started the tradition to make his mother proud. back to you. steve tof those are both great stories thank you very much, ashley. steve: a story we have been telling you about tunnel 2 towers helping the grieving wife of five children brian baton rouge best of your knowledge killed in a training accident watch. this i thought might away tragedy. tunnel 2 towers we want to pay off heir by christmas. go
3:53 am
wouldn't that be a beautiful gift to give them. steve: that would be a beautiful gift to give them. joining us now tunnel 2 towers ceo frank siller. frank, you wanted to make it happen before christmas. here we are on christmas eve eve how are things going? >> well, i got great news, steve. and we should be proud, fox news should be very proud, "fox & friends" for sure that we have raised enough money yesterday we paid off the mortgage for commander brian incredible what we have been able to do. we had a company born primitive run by a navy seal. it's a fitness company. apparel. they donated $36,000. i mean, the guy is a navy seal that runs that company. steve: wow. >> we had somebody donate
3:54 am
$50,000 donation. most of it was $100, $50. you name it you know, people coming together. thousands of people making this donation. and we raised enough, we raised enough, steve, to send an additional $100,000 to the family and so that's a big surprise. meghan doesn't for this. i'm sure she is listening this morning. she knows that we are on. she is with her five kids. they are traveled to her brother-in-law's house from what i understand in nashville and they are there spending the holidays. so, it is -- it's incredible that the viewers stepped up. but, you know, steve, i hate to even mention this but there was a police officer that was killed early yesterday morning, officer immediate goodwin from charlotte mechanickenberg, police officer in carolina. she just finished -- she just came back from maternity leave.
3:55 am
she leaves behind four kids. a 3-year-old, a 1 and a half-year-old and 4 month old that she was still nursing. she just got back to work plowed over by a tractor-trailer dead. three other officers injured critically. leaves behind husband who is a firefighter this family knows all about service. we want to pay off that mortgage now before the end of the year. so is we -- it it's never done. always another sad story out there. let's turn this around and take care of this family, also. so once again, we are asking people to go to t 2 t dot oorgan so i can come back here next week and let that family know they don't have to worry about their mortgage. steve: that's great. thank you very much for making the announcement that you have been able to pay off the bourgeois mortgage here on the air so the family is finding out about it right now along with
3:56 am
america. along with $100,000. you talk about the other officer who was killed a lot of people on this christmas eve eve could go to and make a donation in somebody's name. that would be a lovely christmas gift. frank, real quick. >> >> honor somebody you love by doing something good and make a donation in the person that passed away. you do something good in their memory to help this police officer's family leaving three young kids left behind. thank you, "fox & friends." thank you for making this a reality. steve: you bet. steve: go frank siller, merry christmas. all right. president biden, is he going to run for re-election? we are going to talk about that in an interview he did last night. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive
3:57 am
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♪ wow! ♪ ♪ uh-huh. ♪ so go ahead. take advantage now. ♪ wow! ♪ ♪ ♪ frosty the snowman ♪ was a jolly, happy soul ♪ with a corn cob pipe ♪ and a button nose. brian: looking at our christmas tree. it's our second one this season. that's how familiar we are into it. it's still there. we had to the put the bike backs back so we don't have to spend another half million dollars on it. so far so good. i had to flip that switch.
4:01 am
sorry about that. it must have been the breaker. i had to push that button and it popped on. slowly zoom out and see us because we are getting closer and closer to christmas. and christmas this year. a little bit more normal than last year but because of the latest variant, the city is somewhat gutted yet there are a lot of people here. it's not tumble weeds like it was. there is still a fraction of the people that we saw walking in the streets. but there is a huge line to get tested. steve: sure. absolutely. you know, a lot of people aren't coming because of omicron but also crime and whatever. but, it's the day before the day before christmas. and it's a happy day. we just saw our christmas tree with the nutcrackers and i don't know if you can see, carley and brian, but i have got nutcrackers today on my necktie. >> we have themeatic. one other thing about the this day 23rd of december. today is a really good day to
4:02 am
get a deal on a live christmas tree. brian: absolutely. carley: you already have your christmas tree set up though, right? steve: had that set up the day after thanksgiving. carley: brian, didn't you say you had issues with your christmas tree because you got one that was small. brian: huge mistake. kind of panicked. sitting there with my family and we said okay, let's get a tree and guys are like well, what size tree do you want? and i thought my ceilings were -- i figured my ceilings were 8 feet so i should get a 6-foot tree, 7 feet but a 6-foot tree. my ceilings are 8 feet and my 6-foot tree. huge gap. i could get a degree on top of my tree this year. it's really cool but it's compact like a pocket tree. steve: unless you were living in a crawl space. your ceilings in a traditional house in the united states of america are 8 feet. 7 feet that's just a little
4:03 am
scary. brian: every year i have a stand at my place broadway nursery on broadway, if you bring your stand, they will jam it in and balance it out. and they will put it on top of your car with the stand. but every year i go i forgot my stand. and i say i'm going to buy another stand. so, this year i remembered bring my stand so i'm looking at a tree from 2021 but a stand from 2020. carley: that's very meta. how many stands do you have? don't you know the size of your ceiling or is this a new house. brian: i lost concentration. i lost focus. steve: lived there 15 years. do you know what, brian? i think what you were saying is this is your last stand. thank you. brian: ethics excellent. that should be a clint eastwood movie. perhaps it is.
4:04 am
steve: today is a great day to buy a live christmas tree. just measure your living room before did you go to the tree lot. in the meantime, let's talk about some of the stuff going on in the news. the u.s. supreme court is going to hear challenges to president biden's vaccine mandates next month. the high court taking up the cases more and more big city liberal mayors impose vaccine mandates on their own rich edson continues our coverage. rich is live at the white house on this thursday morning. good morning to you, rich. >> good morning, steve, carley and brian. the supreme court is moving quickly on this one. in a couple of weeks. you will hear challenges to two biden administration measures one that requires vaccine or testing for businesses with more than 100 workers and a vaccine requirement for certain healthcare workers. in a statement last night. white house press secretary jen psaki said, quote. especially as the u.s. faces the highly transmiivel omicron variant it is critical to protect workers with vaccination requirements and testing
4:05 am
protocols that are urgently needed. we are confident in the legal authority for both policies, and doj will vigorously defend both at the supreme court. legal experts say we expect a ruling on these issues pretty soon. also here in washington. mariucci muriel bowser has announced d.c. will join other cities requiring proof of vaccination for those entering restaurants, bars, gyms and other forms of indoor entertainment. there are exceptions for quick visits like to pick up takeout order and as omicron spreads rapidly, president biden says he regrets the administration not moving earlier to buy covid tests for americans. >> you could argue we should have known a year ago, six months ago, a month ago, but, um, the answer is, yeah, i wish i had thought about ordering half a billion two months ago before covid hit here. >> earlier this week the president announced americans would be able to go on tests. they would have to go online and get them the government would pay for them. the "new york times" is now
4:06 am
reporting the administration has not signed the contracts yet. it may be weeks before americans get these hard-to-find tests. back to you. carley: thank you. am i supposed to talk, brian or are you. brian: go with you. carley: two news items came out on covid yesterday one is fda approved pfizer pill. brian: huge news. carley: hallway news if you get covid take the pill. thankfully the 90% rate you don't have to go to the hospital. the other good news item is that if you get omicron like 80% less chance of you going to the hospital. two really good news items there despite their there being a lot of fear and concern over the omicron variant. president biden sat down for wide ranging interview.
4:07 am
brian: can i say one thing? like a cliff. the south african variant really high, got very few deaths and hospitalizations and nag off a cliff in south africa. they are about two weeks ahead of us. as much as you see cases, maybe even before the new year, you will see this variant, which spreads easier and is a lot less three that fall off a cliff robert redfield was saying that's exactly what he expected. more variants in another six months going to infect but not as lethal. i think that's the key. people got to stop panicking. carley: i agree. steve: carley, you were saying? carley: yeah, that's right. so yesterday, president biden did a wide ranging interview with abc news. he did talk about the omicron variant, of course. but he also talked about 2024 if he would run again. he said he would but one caveat.
4:08 am
>> you said you would absolutely serve 8 years if elected. do you plan to run for re-election? >> yes. but look, i'm a great respecter of fate. >> fate has intervened in my life many, many times. if i'm in the health i'm in now, i'm in good health, then, in fact, i would run again. >> and if that means a rematch against donald trump? >> you trying to tempt me now. ha ha ha, sure why would i not run against donald trump being nominee that would increase the prospect of running. steve: you have got to figure he says that, first of all, because he won in 2020, but, you know, apparently he is not looking at the polls. because, right now in the hypothetical matchup between our current president and the past president, it's pretty much a coin toss. it looks like they are neck and neck. some of the other things that he said na addition to what rich just mentioned regarding omicron and the president saying hey,
4:09 am
you know, i wish i would have ordered a bunch of them two months ago, the tests. why didn't he? i mean, the big announcement over this past week was the fact that suddenly because there are these long lines throughout america's cities where people are standing in line to get a test to make sure that they don't spread omicron to grandma, you know, they are talking about we are going to send out 500 million of these at home quick tests. here's the thing. the contract has not been signed. and the website, which is going to be run by the federal government isn't even set up. remember when the federal government set up a website for obamacare, that didn't work for a very long time. so let's hope they are trying to work the bugs out. nonetheless, you know, he said he is in it to win it. if he is healthy in 2024. and newt gingrich was on the laura program last night hosted by her friend raimondo areservoir. newt had this to say about joe
4:10 am
biden in 2024. >> what choice does he have? i'm doing so badly and i think i will quit three years from now? he is already in many ways deeply weakened and joe manchin weakened him more last week. the economy is weakening him. the covid is weakening him. the border is weakening him. he is in a box. he has no real choice. the question for the american people and for the democratic party is, you really believe that joe biden, given this performance in his very first year is likely to get reelected? he is already weaker than jimmy carter was at this stage. carter went down to the worst electoral college defeat of any incumbent president in modern history. brian: in retrospect newt future brilliantly what else is he going to say it's it for me. a terrible first year.
4:11 am
i'm feeling old and next three years i will follow out the strength. of course i will run four more years. big story in the "new york times" today. the headline tells it all. they also look at kamala harris and essentially she is a little angry and through her surrogate she is lashing out because she has no big role. and she, by the way. is upset with the role on voting rights and at the border. the root causes of the border problem. she says she has been given two thankless jobs. and people speaking out for her karen bass what the white house could have done is been clear better expectations supposed to happen under her watch. also comes out and says how when joe manchin comes over to talk to joe biden she said she was there to say hello and then basically asked to leave. so joe manchin gets to talk with the president and negotiate but not the vice president. so she has been a lot of the major decisions. not everybody is sympathetic, henry cuellar, the moderate at the border, the democrat from texas and says well, when asked
4:12 am
about ms. harris he said i say very respectfully to her i moved on. she was tasked with this job and doesn't look like she is very interested in it. so we are going to move on to other folks that work on the issue. so, the problem with kamala harris she also says indicates through a surrogate she would be treated differently if she wasn't a woman and a woman of color which is just not true. and to me that is a copout. she has not been a foot forward on anything she has been assigned. she has not been ready to talk to anybody in regular basis. compared to the availability of mike pence, compared to the availability of joe biden under barack obama who was given the same job as kamala harris when he was vice president and actually did the job. so, there is a huge fracture here. there is -- it's subtle but it's -- joe biden, you are on your own. don't blame me. and i'm tired of taking the blame for you because you don't deal me in to anything. this is a huge story. carley: yeah it, really is i
4:13 am
think it's so interesting now that we are finding out she doesn't like the job that she has been given. which is probably why she did an interview with the san francisco chronic a few weeks ago she said that the thing that she is most proud of in year one of her being vice president is her work on maternal health. having nothing to do with voting rights or the border. so, yeah. steve: that's interesting. carley: it is a non-subtle fracture in the west wing, brian. but right now we have got to turn to a fox news alert. at least four people are hurt after an explosion rocks an oil refinery in texas overnight. flames shooting out of the exxon mobil oil refinery just outside of houston. natasha gifl joins us live from the exxon mobil offices in baytown texas with the latest. natasha, good morning. >> good morning, yes. we are currently at the exxon mobil office here in baytown located just about two miles away from that refinery behind
4:14 am
me where that fire took place. now, we are told that this occurred just before 1:00 this morning and that exxon mobil's emergency response team at the plant was able to put out those flames within 45 minutes. we learned that the location where the fire happened is where gasoline is produced. now, that part of the plant is shut down while the rest is still operating. the air quality has been tested in this area and has passed and we learned there was no need for a shelter in place to be issued for the community. now, unfortunately, as you mentioned, four workers were injured in the fire. three had to be transported via life flight. they suffered second and third degree burns and one suffered a broken femur. we are told they are all being treated at one of the area hospitals here and all in stable condition. now, at the moment the cause of the fire is not known. it is still very early in their investigating process. so we will, keep you updated as we learn those developments, some scary moments for members of this community here but a
4:15 am
relief to know that there is no danger in the air quality and that there was no shelter in place needed. brian: thanks so much. preach it. certainly keep track of that four minutes after the hour go. over to ashley. i know you have been typing away working on the news. ashley: i have, brian. it's been tough work but we are going to start with this. chilling video shows a miami-dade police officer being beaten unconscious by an inmate. the officer is trying to handcuff the man when the scuffle broke out. the main mate can be seen punching that officer multiple times a civilian employee pinned the inmate against the wall before more officers arrived to help detain him. the injured officer was treated at the hospital and is now recovering at home. now to fox weather evacuation orders and major clean-up efforts are underway in california. the state recovering from record rainfall causing mud slides and flood warnings north of san francisco. in new hampshire, icy roads leads to over 30 cars crashing
4:16 am
in a matter of hours. police say many of the accidents are happening on a single highway and at least two people have gotten hurt but are expected to be okay. all right. and this: mcdonald's is french fries in japan due to a shortage of potatoes. the fast food giant selling the small sizes until the end of the year. mcdonald's blames flooding in canada along with backlog of ships as reasons why the potatoes are not making it to japan. people across the country reportedly rushed to get their fry fix. depends when the french fries are made. sometimes they are soggy and it's not good. steve: nothing worse than that all right, ashley, thank you very much. we have been talking a little bit about over the last week or two our favorite christmas movies. and now "parade" magazine, which shows up in your sunday paper if you still get a newspaper, rated the 35 top christmas tv shows. these are our favorite tv shows.
4:17 am
and which episodes because a lot of them had runs of like 10 years or something like that. they do 10 different christmas specials. what are some of them? for instance, and we will just go fresh prince of blair, the deck the halls version. as you can see right there. friends, the one with the holiday armadillo. and bob's burgers the night before christmas with the golden girls which was a very good one. carley: number 6 is happy days episode guess who's coming to christmas. number 5 always sunny in philadelphia. a very funny christmas. and then number 4 is community uncontrollable christmas, brian, what's number 3? brian: yup, number 3, i did not see this one and yet the office is on a loop in my house. it's hard to believe. the office christmas party. new girl christmas eve. and then the simpson roasting on an open fire. in fact, let's listen to a
4:18 am
little of what we missed if the you missed the simpson roasting on an open fire. let's watch the whole episode. >> favor us with a mellowed, a medley of holiday favorites. sing. >> sings like an angel ♪ oh jingle bells, bat man smells robin lays an egg. broken wheels. >> eh! >> i love that one. that's actually the only one i have seen. that was the one that they selected was actually the first simpson episode to ever air. and in that one if you remember, it's a classic at our house, bart gets a tattoo. then marge spent all the christmas money on having the tattoo removed to make money homer works as a mall santa but then he winds up making the money, takes it to a dog track, loses it at the dog track, the
4:19 am
dog that came in last was abandoned by its owner and that's when the simpson adopted the dog santa's little helper, which is an epic, epic version of the simpsons. carley: you could tell this episode is so old because the drawings are different than they are now. steve: right. carley: only thing i watched around the holidays are hallmark christmas movies. a hallmark christmas movies and holiday baking show on either the food network or the cooking channel. steve: those are good. carley: i know you love hallmark christmas movies because you love love. brian: up told you that in confidence now you embarrassed me. i'm a hopeless romantic and steve knows that i would like to add this. the best christmas movie that ended up a series, that's why it didn't qualify. the waltons the movie when they come home for christmas. carley: i love that. brian: recommend anyone see it
4:20 am
so good lasted i think 10 or 15 years. carley: john boy. brian: that was great. the ultimate i'll be home for christmas story. steve: you know, the best christmas commercial though has got to be folger's commercial back in the day sleeping and the son peter named peter comes home from college and, brian, didn't you have some sort of connection to the actor. brian: i graduated college his name is greg wangler stand me up for a while. him and putty. patrick wall burton long time roommates and good friend. patrick broke through first. you will see greg in the friends episodes and see him in different things. he did that he said i can't believe how many years he is getting a check for that folger's commercial. when we go out he always buys.
4:21 am
steve: best part of waking up on christmas morning is folger's in your cup. brian: very good, steve. i think you got a sponsorship. up next mow mental tum is building to remove the woke district attorney being blamed for letting the waukesha christmas parade suspect loose. we will talk about that when we come back. e. we're team players and artists. designers and do-it-yourselfers. parents and friends. if joint pain is getting in the way of who you are, it's time to talk to your doctor about enbrel. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, and helps stop permanent joint damage. plus enbrel helps skin get clearer in psoriatic arthritis. ask your doctor about enbrel, so you can get back to your true self. play ball! enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common.
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4:25 am
steve: pressure is mounts for john chisholm to be removed from office after he set incredibly low $1,000 bail for repeat offender darrell brooks jr. before the waukesha christmas parade massacre where he drove that vehicle through and killed those people despite the suspect's lengthy criminal history stretching back to 199.
4:26 am
our next guest from waukesha witnessed that tragic attack and doesn't feel as safe as she did once upon a time. waukesha resident kimberly coronado joins us live. kimberly, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this didn't have to happen, did it? >> it certainly did not. it could have been avoided. steve: what do you make of the fact that the d.a. now says well, you are right. it was impossibly incredibly too low bail but it was a mistake made by a junior member of my staff? >> ultimately he is responsible. it's under his authorization and authority to understand what's going on in his courtroom and you know, the amount of human error from losing transcripts to not recording to not looking at the entire history of him, of
4:27 am
mr. brooks is unexcusable. >> absolutely. you are not the only person who feels that way. but, you actually saw this with your own two eyes. >> i absolutely did. steve: i'm sure watching it unfold you must have thought what is going on here? >> yes. at first i didn't realize that, you know, this red car wasn't part of the parade but when i saw him run over the first person, the front wheel and then it turned and the back wheels ran over the person, it -- i knew it wasn't -- i knew it wasn't supposed to happen. i knew it was an accident and i knew a lot of people were in danger. steve: had darrell brooks jr. not been out on that incredibly low bail. he would not have been able to do it. those people would be alive. you know.
4:28 am
and you are one of the people who feels that the d.a., who made these mistakes, really has got to go. >> absolutely. he certainly does. you know, the incident, novembee situation should have been handled more swiftly. with regards to the victim of that incident. and women in general. i think, you know, and then on the 21st there was domestic situation and, you know, that maybe could have been handled a lot better as well. steve: yeah. kimberly, do you feel -- i know when you moved to waukesha, you felt very safe. do you still feel safe knowing that people like this d.a. are controlling the flow of criminals back out on the street? >> no, no, i don't. and actually, i was in our community and just sitting in a parking stall and another vehicle pulled up in front of me
4:29 am
and, you know, came within inches of my bumper, and i was alarmed sitting at a restaurant looking at cars backing up, you know, i'm just reliving that incident over and over again. and you know, to have my fees sitting in front of me and my daughter at my feet and being within arm reach of that vehicle on november 21st, will forever be in my recall. steve: i completely understand. i cannot imagine. it's hard to unsee that. kimberly, thank you very much for joining us. >> absolutely. steve: thank you for joining us and telling us the story. merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas to you. steve: we know it's going to be a tough one indeed. >> definitely different, yes. steve: i bet so. and it's going to be a while before did you go back to
4:30 am
another christmas parade. kimberly, thank you very much. >> you are welcome. thank you. steve: you bet. we did reach out to the d.a.'s office for a statement. we have not herd back. if we do, we will let you know. we remember the six lives taken in the waukesha christmas parade attack as we look at their pictures on the this thursday before christmas. may they all rest in peace. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, tam-tam! i was thinking maybe... your mom's car?
4:31 am
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>> expectation vs. reality. tourists flock to new york city hoping for a room with a skyline view, well one visitor definitely got a view she wasn't expecting. >> air b and b. pictures from online. two beds. a little bit close up of the winged dough. >> there is no building. we are in a restaurant like let me show you. look at this. that's a restaurant. that's two people eating dinner. they definitely can't see us. >> that video going viral on tiktok with nearly 10 million views. the creator of that video
4:35 am
desiree baker joins us now. whether a was your reaction when you rolled up the blind and realized you were 6 inches of away from somebody's date night? >> carley, good morning, i laugh every time i watch the video still. i can't get over it when i tell people like i'm in a restaurant, and they are like what do you mean? i'm like i can't explain it. i have to show you. i was just completely shocked, obviously i'm expecting a skyline and i roll up the window i'm like wait, that's a restaurant. i can touch this table that's right here. i shut can they see me? i had no idea what the situation was. i was absolutely bizarre. >> they couldn't see you because when they looked to where your window was, it was a mirror on their end, right? >> correct. so i went over to the restaurant to see like what the situation was. and it was a one way mirror. they couldn't see me but we could see them. carley: that's crazy. did you talk to anybody at the hotel about this and what did they say? >> the airbnb was a little bit
4:36 am
weird. it wasn't really a hotel no. reception desk no. one to reach out to. i tried to reach out to the host of my air bnb. it wasn't super helpful. but air bnb reached out to me. i messaged her hi like the pictures have you posted are inaccurate there is a restaurant outside my window and i wasn't hearing a response and then she got back to me and was basically just like what did she say? i'm glad you are having a good stay. hope all is well. happy we could host you and best wishes. i'm like did you see my message? did you see what it said? carley: i thought the exact same thing. you are complaining about this and they are like yeah, severing great. like they didn't even read the words that you sent them. so this video that you posted, i mean, it's going viral for good reason. it's gotten millions and millions of views on tiktok. how has the last week been for you? >> just crazy. i'm like how -- i can't even fathom like 10 million people and it's just been so much fun to see everyone's reaction.
4:37 am
some people are like you should play a trick on them like open the window and take a french fry. terrifying. so scary. it's been so much fun reading through the comments it's a crazy, crazy situation. carley: that's so true. i hope you had great dime in new york. i know you are from massachusetts and definitely got a great story out of that air bnb we gave "fox & friends" a statement. they say we have worked to support the guest and the hotel is under investigation. not sure if you knew that aspect of this. but they say that they are under investigation now. desiree. thank you so much for joining us and giving us a great laugh. we appreciate it? >> thank you so much. carley: all right. >> have a good one. carley: you too, merry christmas. speaking of the big a.m. new york now leads the nation for the highest number of people wanting to leave for red states. lara trump joins us live to react to that next.
4:38 am
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steve: talk about a big blue state exodus among the nation's largest states new york and california seeing populations decline while red states like texas and florida welcome the surge in the last year. carley: i wonder why. new york leading the decline as more than 300,000 residents, including our next guest fled the state. brian: yep. fox news contributor lara trump moved her family to florida. now happy, happier now than ever. we are envious. lara, do tease numbers surprise you? >> no, not at all. actually, brian, we have seen
4:43 am
over all over the past couple of years people don't want to live, shocker in a place with high taxes and high crime. you over the course of this morning have talked about how bad the crime has gotten in so many of our great american cities. and what do these cities all have in common? they are all run by democrats. it is their policies that are forcing people to flee to red states as you guys just pointed out. the number of people who have come to florida where i have moved with my family who have moved to texas, arizona, they are escaping the really feels like to tall tarren states like new york, like california. you look at states like florida where with the pandemic. you know, you have the lowest per capita hospitalization and death rates in the country in a state like florida, yet, the freedoms in florida have remained intact. the small businesses have been able to thrive and stay open and survive this pandemic and it's
4:44 am
much different than what you will see in places like new york where a lot is boarded up. where people cannot go down the street without fear of getting mugged or worse so, i am not surprised. it is one of the reasons that i moved out of that state. the nice taxes in florida don't hurt anybody and the weather is sure nicer down there. steve: absolutely. you know what, lara, i'm familiar with that neck of the woods where you and eric now have a house. you can get a really good new york style bagel in that region. you don't have to be in new york to do it. the exare other exodus people moving to florida. new york cops. i can't tell you how many new york cops i know they retired in new york and relocated and they are working the beat down in florida. >> yeah. and governor desantis has been very welcoming. you have heard him talk time and time again about how, you know, the police officers are welcome in the state of florida and they are championed in florida. and isn't it interesting that
4:45 am
these are states that people again are wanting to move to. he you know, whenever you say thank you to law enforcement instead of vilifying them and defunding and demoralizing them an amazing thing happens. you have a great place to live that is free of crime. where people are generally happier and so, yes. florida has been one of those places where i think we have had a lot of police officers coming down and we welcome them. it is a very positive thing. a lot of people who about a year or so ago would were saying defund the police. funny now they are the ones saying we need to hire more police officers. it's a little too late for them. maybe they are coming down to florida and that's okay with us. brian: other thing just to add to that texas is picking up a lot of people, too. 1.1% of the population while new york bleeds it all. illinois under 1% of the population has picked up and left, who can blame them especially if you live around chicago. we will see who else leaves chicago. thanks, lara trump.
4:46 am
carley: thanks, lara. steve: merry christmas. >> thanks guys, merry christmas. brian: i'm going to toss to ashley because you guys seem as though i should. ashley, what's up? >> we are going to start with this, brian. ghislaine maxwell is spending christmas, which also happens to be her 60th birthday behind bars. the jury in maxwell's sex trafficking trial suspended deliberations yesterday without reaching a verdict. they will return monday after the holiday weekend. maxwell faces life in prison if she is convicted. she is accused of recruiting and grooming young girls to be sexually abused by the late jeffrey epstein. and woke los angeles county d.a. george gascon's chief of staff is arrested for public intoxication and allegedly threatened the officer who arrested him. joseph is accused of telling the arresting officer he was making mistake he filed a complaint against the officer and put him on the list for dishonest police officers. holiday gift for a young boy
4:47 am
local police department is melting hearts. police in hollywood, florida say they got $10 from william hernandez who wrote thank you for your service from my piggy bank to you. police say they want to thank him but they don't have his return address. they want to send william and his family some goodies and hope they see the story on tv. his money will go toward the police explore program for young people interested in a career in law enforcement. if that family is watching, reach out to him. if you know the family reach out to him so they can give that little boy and his family something back. carley: so cute. love that. steve: he is not defunding the police. is he refunding the police. that's great. all right. thank you very much. ashley. all right. so how is this weather going on across the country and adam is right there in front of the map. adam, who is going to wind up with a white supremacists? >> some folks are in maybe some places that hadn't seen snow, at least by the end of the weekend. maybe not in time forechristmas. you do sees a you take a look,
4:48 am
forecast for today, plenty of fairly mild spots almost 60 degrees in kansas city. mid 40's in chicago. definitely not cold enough for snow. there is one area from in the mountain this that we see a little bit of a snow system, a snow maker, that's going to be sweeping across the northern tier of the country. i think in time for christmas. the upper midwest, getting around the great lakes. you will see a little bit of snow to the south. that's the going to be nothing but rain because it's so warm. continue on with this system. and do you see at least a little bit of snow in new england by the time you get going into sunday. so who gets the white -- white christmas. otherwise, i'm afraid it's going to be a bit too warm. those are your weather headlines, back to you. >> some people's dreams of a white christmas will be coming true, thank you, adam. on deck with some of the best games on fox. jen hale joins us with a match see matchup. later president biden claiming he saved christmas by fixing the
4:49 am
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brian: all right it's week 16 of the nfl season and fox has you covered with this week's must-see games. here to break it all down with us is jen hale, our weekly visit is underway. jen? i know everything is different, we have tuesday night football this week, and double headers on monday night, but the one thing we know for sure the 49ers are playing against the titans on fox tonight at 8:20. what do you think? >> keep your fingers crossed that game goes through, actually , yes indeed. all right, this is a good one, so right now, brian 13 of the 14 playoff spots are up for grabs and 49ers and titans are two of the teams that need to continue winning. titans has to get better quarterback play from ryan tanah ale, they are looking to up their game but nick mosa, the 49 ers is a pass rush machine , he's going to make life miserable. brian: i saw it looks like the titans had trouble in the fourth quarter. i was able to watch most of that
4:54 am
red zone over the weekend and just when the 49ers are you surprise surprised karafalo emerged as the starter? >> where else would you go at this point? no, i'm not and now that they are moving him back in the shot gun, he's had a lot better success, i don't think he's there long term solution but for the interim for this season he's the right choice. brian: cleveland browns go to the green bay packers never easy especially if you don't have baker mayfield. will they have their quarterback >> i wish i could tell you, brian. they are taking those covid tests all they want for christmas is to be healthy right? baker mayfield and their coach, they tested positive last wednesday, so it is very likely that if they could get those two negative tests in time to play this saturday on christmas day but right now they are planning to travel separately away from the rest of the team just in case. green bay packers meanwhile, they're licking their chops. aaron rogers, man he's getting
4:55 am
ready to pass brett favre, they are the one team that's lost up a playoff spot and rogers wants that home field advantage and that week off. brian: absolutely and the brown s come in with a must- win situation. he says he feels fine. that's the frustrate thing for so many players, they feel fine, they fail a test and they are asymptomatic. rams at vikings 1:00. must-win, rams looked great the other night but it's a very short week for them. >> extremely short. i was there with them on tuesday night, so you know, here we are 36 hours later, they have very little time to game plan for this one. now the good news for them, their star wide receiver is setting every record there is football had a triple crown award he be it, meanwhile the vikings, they really need this if they want to stay in the playoff hunt. they could get adam back, their star wide receiver, he did practice yesterday but i think the rams should easily have this one. brian: jen the whole broadcasting crew also has to
4:56 am
change because of this covid virus people don't realize that our production crew as well as you. jen hale thanks so much. >> thanks for having me by and merry christmas. brian: back at you meanwhile fox bet and holiday give away sweepstakes are underway. fox super 6 is giving away a house. yup, a house. i'm not sure if terry bradshaw's house but it'll be a house. coming up on this show, santa prepares for his trip around the world. a car insurance company reveals the most dangerous christmas songs to listen to while driving micro, whose christmas is capturing the imagination of every american, santa has a dirty job, topped the charts and it looks as though as of right now, psychologists reveal that it is okay to drive and listen. we'll keep you posted. ♪ you know, john, i was just thinking old santa claus he's a big man. ♪
4:57 am
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♪ santa claus has got a dirty job, santa claus has a dirty job , santa claus has a got a dirty job, and he does it all night long ♪ >> good morning happy christmas eve, ever thank you for joining us on fox & friends you are looking live at our all-american christmas tree on fox square, plus two nutcrackers. we're listening to "santa claus has got a dirty job" and there's
5:01 am
also christmas music playing outside our building as well so we are definitely feeling festive. steve and brian, we always highlight the christmas tree, but this hour, i chose to talk about the nutcrackers as well, because brian, i don't feel like they get enough attention. brian: well, maybe there's a reason, because we have now, in this generation, decided to have somebody else crack our nuts. >> without a doubt. brian: therefore, when you go to somebody's house and you see nuts in a shell, i'm thinking to myself, am i early? couldn't you have cracked this before i got here? but back in the turn of the century, we were cracking our own nuts as a country. >> it's a sign that america's getting soft. brian: right. because we have a machine crack our nuts. steve? steve: when was the last time you went to somebody's house and there was a bowl of walnuts and it looked like they were expect ing a family of squirrels to show up. >> [laughter] brian: been a while. steve: just asking i've got nut
5:02 am
crackers here on my neck tie but this just goes to show you how far we've come in a year because last year when we were at the height of the pandemic, and the vaccines had not yet rolled out, our nutcrackers, in front of the building, being thematic and reflecting america, the nutcrackers were actually wearing covid masks. >> i remember that. i had forgotten that. were nutcrackers actually a thing that happened, like people would put nuts in the mouths of nutcrackers and crack them that way? brian: i think the pilgrims came here with nutcrackers. >> i wonder the history of nutcrackers and why they look like little soldiers. brian: right by the way since they canceled the christmas show we could use real nutcrackers, they have nothing to do. i'm walking about the wooden soldiers who stand in front and crack nuts. >> that's right, yeah. steve would you like to continue to weigh in on nutcrackers? i love your tie has them. steve: nope. thank you very much. >> let's turn to news now we'll begin this final hour with america's crime crisis hitting close to home for democrat
5:03 am
congresswoman mary gay scanlan carjacked at gunpoint. griff jenkins is live with the details as police make an arrest. griff this is a very scary situation we're talking about this morning. griff: it is indeed, carlie, brian and steve, good morning and the crime spree doesn't seem to be abating at all. in that case, four men and a woman are behind bars following the congresswoman's carjacking and she had just left a meeting in philly when she was held at gunpoint in broad daylight by two black men demanding her key. the suspects were found in her stolen suv in delaware along with the congresswoman's phone and purse. her office is issuing this statement saying the congresswoman was unharmed and she appreciates the efforts of both the sergeant at arms in d.c. and her local police department. philly's mayor, taking to twitter saying everyone deserves to feel safe in our city and that hasn't always been the case
5:04 am
this year it's disheartening and infuriating that criminals field embolden to commit such a wreckless crime in the middle of the day. 540 homicides this year up 13% nearly 4,000 shootings up 5%. local criminal defense attorney bill brennan joined fox & friends first this morning and had this to say. >> i've been born and raised in the philadelphia area and i've been practicing in the area of criminal defense, almost 35 years i've never seen anything like it. it's the wild west. it's dodge city, and its become really just out of control. griff: her heist isn't an assist o lated event. another democrat illinois state senate majority leader kimberly lightford carjacked at gunpoint tuesday night in a chicago suburb afterwards expressing gratitude to the police saying she and her husband were un
5:05 am
warmed and she's now trying to process the trauma. carlie, brian, and steve? brian: thanks so much, griff. i saw that the attorney general, merit garland said i'm going to put $1.6 billion into criminal justice victims rights and things to that nature and hire a thousand cops to flood the country and provide the funding to allow these cities to hire more law enforcement but the problem is this is happening in high end areas because the cops haven't been in power, the da's are not prosecuting crime, unless it's a violent crime they are emptying out our prisons and you put these these things together over the course of two years and pass something like proposition 42 that allows you to steal up to just under $1,000 in 2014 people are realizing there's actually good money in this , and rather than go get a job at macy's this holiday season, why don't i go do something like steal a high end bike from a high end store. i talked to jillian for sythe from chicago, she was robbed twice and they
5:06 am
caught it both times on camera, in the daylight. she's outraged. listen. >> this is just another level with everything that's going on in chicago. i know there's some laws that came in that these are minors who just get off with a slap on the wrist and they have to know that they are going to be held accountable. i mean, put them in jail or do whatever to make them feel like there is repercussions to what they are dog. brian: but they aren't, there isn't. steve: so when you listen to her tell her story to brian, her heartbreaks but the average american when they call the police, given the fact that the cops are stretched so thinly as you look at some of the bike thefts right there, the police are just overwhelmed. when you look at the story that griff just told us about how congresswoman from pennsylvania, a democrat mary scanlan who do support police reforms these two members of congress carjacked at
5:07 am
gunpoint, within 16 hours of each other, and there she is, this happened in philadelphia. you know, the car jackers demanded her car, her purse, her wallet, and her phone, and the big news is they apparently did arrest five people in connection with that, but it was all hands-on deck in philadelphia. you know, when this story hit yesterday, it's like okay, we gotta figure out who stole this member of congress' car, because we look really bad. it just plays into the story that unfortunately for the biden administration, is something that people are seeing all across the country and there is a crime crisis but because she was a member of congress, they found her car. the average person just winds up getting a call from the police and they say you know what? we're overwhelmed we apologize but call your insurance company. we're not going to be able to find your car but because she's a member of congress and because it makes philadelphia -- brian: look terrible. steve: and the president whose been soft on crime, it just
5:08 am
makes them, you know, this goes to the story there seems to be little consequence for crime these days, two members of congress who voted for police reform over the last year, they've got to be saying, i don't know if that was such a good idea. maybe they think it was a good idea, but after getting carjacked, i think i would reassess. >> yeah, steve and speaking of little consequence on tuesday the justice department announced that 5,000 convicted criminals who were let out of prison and are now in home confinement because of covid, this happened last year, they wanted to slow the spread in prisons, they aren't going back to jail, and merit garland said thousands of people on home confinement have reconnected with their families, have found gainful employment and have followed the rules, so those convicted criminals they aren't going to be completing their prison sentences, they are going to be home, you know, for the rest of their sentence, and you know, the reason this is
5:09 am
happening is really twofold. one, it's political. democrats i don't understand why democrats get votes when they say things soft on crime things like reimagine policing and bail reform because it just makes those communities safer but the reality of the situation is that it is political and they do get votes because of it. the other is that there is this deep seated philosophy that america is a racist horrible country and criminals are victims of their own circumstance, therefore, they should not go to prison and, you know, they are victims themselves, and even though you hear laurie lori lightfoot and the mayor out in san francisco say that we need to change things, crime is getting so bad that we need to increase policing, that philosophy isn't going anywhere, so i don't think that this problem is going to get solved. brian: well absolutely, that is the big picture two years ago the conventional wisdom, the line from black lives matter but i think people are seeing
5:10 am
that crime doesn't see color, they see victims and it goes to show you too just to close up that bike story, three are now pooling money together in the neighborhood to hire private security. guess what? the bikes are going to be more expensive, someone has to pay for that security or there's less profit and they go out of business. the other thing i want to talk about talking about profit and business is what's happening with our economy in the grand scale. the macro scale. i was surprised to see this presser yesterday and this message from the white house through and through. listen. >> the much-predicted crisis didn't occur. packages are moving. gifts are being delivered. shelves are not empty. i'm sure you can go and find some shelf where it's empty because particular gifts are very popular, i don't know. >> the new york times today said christmas gifts are arriving on time this year, good news, we've saved christmas and that is because president biden recognized this challenge early. brian: so what i would say to you, go ahead, steve.
5:11 am
steve: well, look. that's what you would expect them to say. keep in mind it was back in august, in singapore, the vice president said hey, there's going to be a problem with the supply chain so if you want christmas toys, order them now and everybody goes are you crazy well it became essentially a self-fulfilling prophecy because over the following months we saw the things in our stores simply were vanishing, it was impossible for a while to get bacon, impossible to get cream of mushroom soup and i couldn't find olive oil last week, so while the president and his administration say, and look at that, no bananas, they say, 90% of the shelves are full, that means 10% of the shelves are not, and jen psaki said yesterday, the con danica containers on the docks at the ports for more than eight days has fallen in half and that sounds great but what they don't say is the reason for that is because they've changed the requirements to get into the
5:12 am
ports of los angeles and long beach, because instead of just waiting two miles offshore, now, some ships are waiting 150 miles offshore, carlie, and there are just as many ships out there with stuff that should be under christmas trees in two days that ain't gonna make it. >> yeah, that's right. i ordered gift for my husband, several weeks ago and it still hasn't come, so hopefully i'll be getting some backup gifts because that was the one i was counting on the most, but the biden administration is really speaking the football and doing a victory celebration here jen psaki posted a tweet saying take that scrooge the grinch and all of the doubters that this couldn't happen. ron clain said merry christmas to all and this over-hyped narrative of goodnight, and that's because the new york times wrote this article that says why christmas gifts are arriving on time this year, saying that people are going to be getting a majority of their gifts but it has nothing to do with the biden administration.
5:13 am
steve: thanks to fedex. >> it's thanks to fedex, ups and the fact that people shopped early and brian the ceo of fedex he was at that meeting with the president yesterday and he also said most of santa claus ' products will be delivered to the consumers, but supply chain issues are not all resolved. brian: right. very good point, carlie. there's a lot of people that won't get gifts because they just weren't good and that's another problem, blame it on the supply chain. the other thing is just stats that are worthy. a lot of these places have made adjustments 71% of grocery consumers are concerned about shortages at groceries. 35% of grocery consumers say they have to switch brands and stock toy companies are facing part shortages around the country. also you may have noticed this , costco and publix have limited purchases on some food and paper items, cream cheese, pepper minute and international food items and the other thing is pet food that is still a persistent issue so look i'm rooting for the supply chain problems to be over. i just didn't know what metric
5:14 am
they were going for , ultimately when you go shopping, for stuff, for food, or items, you're going to be the ultimate judge. that's why it's a huge risk to say that it's over and use your term, spike the football, because carlie loves sports, suddenly, and everything is a sports analogy and it's really bothering steve. >> [laughter] brian: meanwhile, president biden insists the supply chain crisis will not impact christmas , all thanks to his administration's efforts. the continued backlogs at major ports are telling a different story. kelly o'grady with fox business is with us now, with a look at how things are going at the port of los angeles. hi. reporter: [laughter] hey, team. well, listen it's christmas crunch time and the clock is ticking for everyone waiting at home for those last minute gifts i hate to sound like the grinch this morning but if you waited this long it's probably too late now today marks the u.s. social service shipping deadline for priority mail express and experts are saying if you waited
5:15 am
this long you will compromise getting those gifts on time. here at the port of los angeles things aren't looking good. we're seeing record levels of congestion as cargo ships idle and wait for the chance to come in and unload, and the shipping company is even warning clients at 133 vessels are heading to the la and long beach ports and they could experience schedule delays upwards of 41 days, but the president, as you said before, is remaining adimate that his administration is solving the problem even amid the truck driving shortage and that looming vaccine mandate. he's saying with these coming infrastructure investments, the christmas outlook is still positive. >> president biden recognized this challengerly, acted as an honest broker to bring key stakeholders together and focused on addressing practical problems across the global supply chain. the number of containers sitting on the docks at the ports of la and long beach for over eight days have fallen by nearly 50%. reporter: now, that's a little bit specific, okay? we maybe cherry picking statistics there, but now, you have supply chain experts sound
5:16 am
ing the alarm for 2022. we've got omicron spreading, and the fear of more shutdowns, more stimulus, and thus, more spending on goods, not services. if we're thinking about what that could do to rising inflation it's not looking good this holiday season, so team, i wish i had better news for you, but i'm kind of the ghost of christmas future. steve: kelly thank you very much , a live report from out in los angeles. brian and carlie, we started this segment talking about the nutcrackers in front of our building and according to wikipedia, which is sometimes true, nutcrackers, because brian you were asking about where they came from. in german tradition the dolls are symbols of good luck, and they frighten away spirits. well, nearly all nutcrackers are from the first half of the 20th century are functional, here's the important part, a significant proportion of modern
5:17 am
nutcrackers are primarily decorative and according to wikipedia, are not able to crack nuts. brian: really? steve: so there you go. brian: so that's unbelievable. then who cracks the nuts? you just slam them on the table is that how we're doing it now? you put them under your foot? steve: diamond does a lot, guy's nuts is a big brand as well, these are brands that i see in the grocery store. brian: if you know how to crack nuts call us or write steve directly. >> yes. brian: how about a hammer and chissel? steve: you could do that but that seems awfully labor- intensive. all right it is 8:17 now here in east and ashley joins us with the news. reporter: hard to follow that conversation there. >> [laughter] reporter: we'll start with this fox news alert at least four people are hurt after an explosion rocks an oil refinery in texas overnight. you can see flames shooting out of the exxon-mobile plant just outside of houston. locals reported hearing a large boom strong enough to shake
5:18 am
houses and knock pictures off the wall. it is unclear what exactly sparked the explosion but huge plant suffered a fire back in 2019 that left at least 37 people hurt. >> and the supreme court will hear arguments against biden's vaccine mandate next month. the high court setting an accelerated timeline after lower courts split over whether those mandates are constitutionally sound. biden's mandates for private business with 100 or more employees and for healthcare workers will both be considered. the court battle comes as the fda authorized a new at- home pill to treat covid. pfizer producing the first of its kind drug saying it cuts the risk of hospitalization and death by 89%. >> and a couple says they bought a house but they didn't realize it inspired a home in the popular christmas movie "the holiday." ♪
5:19 am
reporter: the couple says they had no clue movie makers created a model of their home to use in the film. now, they have fans turning up at their house all the time to take pictures of the iconic cottage. one of my favorite christmas movies, and i love that cottage, but i would not like all those people coming out there taking pictures in front of my house. >> oh, my gosh that is, i have all, okay, i love "the holiday" and also i have done so much, i've actually went online and looked at this house last year even, because it's such a cute house i think it's in suri, and that's so cool that they live there. i be one of those people to crash and take a picture in front of it. brian: i just heard you scream. i didn't know what was happening >> [laughter] reporter: it's like the cutest little house ever. i love it. >> it's a great movie brian and
5:20 am
steve have you seen the holiday? it's kind of a girl movie. >> brian is romantic he might like it. brian: right very true and did you pick that up from the show or you just heard that about me >> i picked it up from carlie last hour. reporter: brian you just give off that vibe. just so warm and smuggley. brian: it's the cross i bear, what can i tell you? steve you want to chime in? steve: listen, i've seen the local day one million times, my daughter mary, if she's not watching on the big tv in the living room, if she's not watching "love actually" she's watching"the holiday" so either/ or and here's the thing. you'd think that through over the years, she would not have to continually rent it, but i get a bill for 3.99 from amazon because mary's watching the holiday again, probably twice a month. brian: i'm going to watch it. it looks good. >> all right in exchange we'll all watch fred clause. we promise. brian: that's all i ask. >> still ahead mike rowe joins us live to spread christmas
5:21 am
cheer. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job, santa claus got a dirty job, santa claus got a dirty job, and he does it all night long ♪
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brian: welcome back everybody. a colorado judge will hold a hearing on monday to reconsider the harsh punishment for a truck driver given 110 year prison sentence for a 2019 crash that killed four people. now, the trucker says the accident happened after his brakes failed, and he couldn't pull over on an off ramp. kim kardashian joining millions of people calling for clemency including fellow truck drivers, but not all. joining us now with their thoughts, tracy zimmerman, tuesday and wife truck drivers & partners to the road. so this is a tragedy all around.
5:26 am
ed what would you like to see happen as they are reconsidering this sentence on monday? >> he needs to get a real sentence. the sentence that he got is may seem a little extreme but he was charged with 27 different counts and according to colorado state law, he was charged with the minimum that the judge could put on him for every charge. brian: it's just the way the law is. tracy, they say critics would say and you would know better you're the truck driver, that he had an off ramp, there was something he could have done and he should have known and there was a way for him to avoid that crash. >> as professional truck driver s, it's pretty much a code of the road. you sacrifice yourself to save those of the many, and he could have taken the shoulder or a median at any point in time, i feel, to avoid what happened. brian: are you okay with the
5:27 am
sentence? >> no. what price do you put on a life? i feel he should have been given more but that's my opinion. brian: so more than 110 years, because four people are dead. >> yeah, i don't feel he got enough. i mean, you can't put a price on a life, and i just feel that it wasn't enough for what he was charged with. brian: you guys are both pros. ed you feel differently. do you see some things there, do you talk to other drivers whose brakes have failed and had similar results or handled differently? >> the thing about it is is they say the brakes failed. there's several different types of brake failures. you can overheat your breaks on a downhill grade and lose all braking action, or you can have a catastrophic mechanical failure or an airline failure that is something that doesn't happen very often, but it does happen. some of the video they have, he
5:28 am
bypassed a run-away ramp. he could have gone into the median. there was just a lot of different things he could have done, so it's just, it's an avoidance of situations. that's one of the things that most drivers are taught is to always look for an out, to where you can safely stop your truck no matter what. >> it's all comes down to your pre-trip inspections and knowing your equipment and the state that it's in and if you feel at any point in time your equipment is not safe, you as the professional driver, do not move that truck until proper repairs have been made. brian: lastly, real quick. how do you feel about celebrit ies getting involved like kim kardashian, ed? >> um, i have a very big problem with that. they use their fame to try and
5:29 am
push an agenda. personally, myself, i don't see that they have anymore opinion than we do. >> well we're professional drivers. we know the road. celebrities who have never been in a truck have no idea what goes on out here. brian: well, you guys disagree on this , i appreciate your insight. i know you guys are the pros and we'll be seeing monday what's going to happen and the governor could always step up and just commute the sentence if he wanted to. i'm not sure that'll happen, likely not. ed and tracy zimmerman, best of luck thank you so much have a great christmas. >> thank you. brian: meanwhile, another first of its kind. a vaccine mandate is taking a bite out of the big apple. we'll tell you where you won't be able to dine without a boost er shot now. plus, we're shining a spotlight on one organization that's giving back to those who gave the most how you could help wreaths across america remember our fallen heros this christmas.
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. >> we're back with these headlines, famed new york city restaurants will require booster vaccine shots for all staff and diners at his restaurant, meyer who founded shake shack becomes the first in country to do this
5:34 am
telling cnbc the mandate will take effect january 1 for staff and later for guests. meyer currently owns union square cafe and modern, along with several other nyc restaurants. >> and progressive lawmakers touting on president biden after he extended the payment freeze on student loans. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez leading calls for the president to eliminate student debt tweeting next stop, cancellation. biden extended the payment pause until may 1. >> and the most visited website of 2021 is tiktok, the beijing- based social media platform known for the dancing videos even beat google according to traffic data from cloud fair. facebook, microsoft, and apple also landing among the top 10 most-visited sites this year. tiktok up from 7th place at the end of 2020. carlie, back to you. >> wow, yeah, i don't, have you ever gone on tiktok? >> i'm not going to. i can't take it. >> i remember i downloaded
5:35 am
tiktok like one day before we found out that there was that issue with china and china possibly stealing our data and i was like "delete." >> yeah. >> apparently it is, it's a popular one though and it's easy to get lost in the scroll. >> it really is. >> ashley, thank you so much. let's check in with meteorologist adam klotz for our fox weather forecast. hey, adam. >> hey there, carlie. what we're looking at across the country is actually kind of warm temperatures. this is your forecast for today, and look at some of these number s 64 degrees in denver, nearly 50 degrees running up into montana and one weather system we're paying attention to a little bit of snow running up into the northern rockies that system sweeps across the country bringing a white christmas and there is the low pressure system just at the very upper tiers of the country the old spot where it's cold enough to sustain the snow but you're talking about a white christmas for the upper midwest, great lakes and farther south is nothing but heavy rain stretching down into ohio river valley and this shifts over into new england and you could see a little bit of snow in the interior new england
5:36 am
especially here by sunday. maybe not in time for christmas, where are we going to see a white christmas? this is the graphic i'll leave you with. snow again just from the upper midwest stretching back to the west, the western mountains pretty good amount of snow in the last couple of weeks otherwise it's looking like it's going to be no snow for most of the midwest and the east coast. those are your weather headlines back to you. >> adam does that mean all the warm weather that parts of the country were seeing a couple weeks ago when that was part of the reason there were those tornadoes, is that all gone now? >> the warm weather? well no. it's going to be, i've got more graphics, but everywhere you aren't seeing snow it's abnormal ly warm the next couple days. it's still warm. >> so cold on the top, warm on the bottom. >> exactly. >> adam thank you so much. jen psaki says they've solved the supply chain crisis, but president biden says it never existed at all. we'll get clarity from one of the ceo's who met with the president yesterday. plus, someone who knows a lot about dirty jobs and making hit christmas music is mike rowe.
5:37 am
he'll join us for a debate you won't want to miss. ♪ gotta do whatever it takes, don't you know, that santa claus has got a dirty job, santa claus has got a dirty job ♪
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>> the much-predicted crisis didn't occur. packages are moving. gifts are being delivered. shelves are not empty. steve: well, with just two days left before christmas joe biden there yesterday brushing off the supply chain crisis insisting it never happened. this as he meets with private sector ceo's including our next guest, who join us live. joining us right now with more is ceo of the american association of port authorities, christopher conner. chris, george to you. >> steve good morning and happy holidays to you and your family.
5:42 am
steve: indeed, thank you very much, chris. so joe biden and the administration yesterday said we saved christmas, as we look at some of the empty produce shelves in american grocery store. isn't it a little too early for a victory lap? >> well, indeed, steve, and i was there. i had the opportunity to report to the president and the supply chain disruption task force yesterday and honestly, i don't think anybodies taking a victory lap but i will point out that this is a pretty key data point right here, the national retailers federation, which is the federal trade association that represents retailers around the country, put out a report on monday that 2021 will be the best holiday season ever with sales of christmas goods, 11.5% above what newly-released were in 2020, so we're a long
5:43 am
way from declaring victory in the supply chain crisis, but obviously, there's been some incredible work done and some great collaboration to keep goods moving through this crisis steve: well, as we look at some of the container ships and there's still 100 off the shore of california, what we've learned though, chris, in the last couple of months, is that compared to the rest of the world, u.s. ports are not very efficient, and you know, if they're going to spend a lot of money on infrastructure, they ought to upgrade our ports. >> for sure, and that's, it's a good point and we're pretty excited about the infrastructure bill signed on the 15th of november. it includes some significant dollars for ports and that money will absolutely go towards upgrading port infrastructure, improving intermodal connectivity. i should point out to you, steve , you know, you're absolutely right on the efficiency part. we are now starting, slowly
5:44 am
moving towards a 7 x 24 hours of operation operating model. most of our sourcing, as you know, particularly into the west coast, comes from asia and in particular, china, and of course , they are manufacturing cargo, shipping cargo, receiving cargo, and loading cargo 7 x 24, so up until now, its come into a system, into a theatre, our country that has not had that same distributed clock, hence part of the problem we've been facing. steve: sure and one of the other problems, chris, as we look at some of those trucks hauling off the containers is theres a truck driver shortage but we've also talked to, it was about a month ago we talked to darrel issa, a congressman from that region of california and he said one of the problems with the ports has been the union. you know the president did have to dial in the union and ask them to work around the clock because that's something they'd never done before. >> yeah, i think, i can't speak
5:45 am
for the union. i think they would tell you that if the demand is there, their labor will be there, whether it's to unload ships during the shift or to move cargo in and around terminals in the hours outside of the normal 12-16 hour day. one of the issues on the horizon for the industry is the labor contract which is expiring on june 30 and no doubt, those conversations that you highlight here now will be part of that collective bargaining agreement discussion. steve: well let's see what happens. in the meantime christmas two days away let's hope everybody got all the stuff they were hoping for. chris conor, we thank you very much for joining us today, merry christmas and happy holidays. >> my pleasure, thank you, steve. steve: all right speaking of christmas, santa is getting ready for his dirty job. mike rowe and john rich made that america's number one song and mike joins us live, next. ♪ santa claus got a dirty job,
5:46 am
and he does it all night long ♪
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5:50 am
♪ frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soul, with acorn cob pipe and a button nose and his eyes made out of coal, frosty the snowman, made the children laugh and play ♪ brian: it's right after singing that song he bought the angels and you might want to think twice before turning up your favorite christmas tunes on the road. a study by an irish car insurance company and there's only one, reveals the most dangerous christmas songs to drive to, based on their tempos. i can not believe the traction this story is getting. >> [laughter] brian: frosty the snowman took the top spot as a treacherous tune but what about the chart- topping christmas hit americans can't get out of their heads?
5:51 am
steve: what about santa's got a dirty job that's over 120 beats per minute and that could be a problem. just saying. brian: a problem, mike rowe joins us with more. mike, are you afraid that the song that you co-wrote could be putting people in danger on the roads? >> listen, i don't know what the irish are thinking with this study but they're looking at it all wrong, brian. first of all, santa does have a dirty job and he's got a big night, all right? he can't be cruising around in his sleigh to some sleepy little lullaby like frosty the snowman, he's got chimneys to go down and gifts to deliver. our little song has 176 beats per minute and it's the fastest christmas song ever written, but its gotta be because santa claus is on the move, come on, irish, be reasonable. steve: yeah, but here's the thing. okay, so we have just broken news, we made international news since this irish insurance company made it news, and that is, you actually beat frosty the
5:52 am
snowman by four beats per minute. brian: doesn't surprise me. steve: so what you're suggesting , mike, is that you need something peppy because santa's got a lot to do and in his final days before christmas we've got a lot to do with whether it's buying gifts or preparing big meals. >> exactly. steve: or doing stuff. santa needs a fast job. >> guys, when i get up early in the morning just for you, i fill this cup with coffee, not milk, all right? because i need a little get-up and go. santa claus is the same way. he straps his big butt in that s led and cranks up the tunes. he doesn't want to hear frosty. santa's got a dirty job. >> mike, i wonder what santa claus thinks of your song. i think he would appreciate you recognizing that he has a dirty, difficult job. have you heard from him on this? do you think he's one of those downloads? >> look, i have, and it's a
5:53 am
little awkward, his lawyers have reached out and there's an issue regarding ownership, name and likeness. i don't blame him, so we're going to figure something out but by and large, he loves the tune and the elves. the elves are going crazy, they dance around the clock now to this thing, so all in all he's grateful but he wants his cut if you know what i mean. brian: so i saw john rich on friday and he's literally astounded about the success of this song. pleased but astounded. can you give us an idea, i mean, are you astounded what's going on right now? >> well, look. john's got a front row seat to the music industry. i'm a guy who crawls through sewers for a living okay? dirty jobs back january 2 at 8:00 on sunday, but i've never seen anything like it, and honestly, it wouldn't have happened without you guys. you leaned into this thing, america loved it, and i'm not even making this part up, brian. because of this song, my foundation is going to be able to give away over $1 million in a couple of months in work ethic
5:54 am
scholarships for infrastructure jobs. i'm not even kidding. [applause] >> i don't know what john is dealing with but folds of honor and mike rowe works split the money 50/50 and i'm watching those infrastructure guys talk in the earlier segment and this is really the perfect story the money i raised from this song goes to train people to do those jobs, and you guys kicked it off, so cheers to you. brian: right. steve: well you know and mike, you have devoted your life to talking about the blue collar lives and jobs in the united states of america. it must just bog el your mind to know that you guys, you and john , you worked on the song a couple of hours. >> ten minutes. steve: and okay, ten minutes, and you're making more money with that song than you've ever made, you know, with any other single little 10 minute project for such a good cause. >> well thanks, but it just goes to show you have all been in the business a long time. the stuff you think is going to
5:55 am
be huge, the stuff you work on, the stuff you focus group, the stuff you dream about and test again and again, maybe it works maybe it doesn't. going to a bathroom with a funny guy in a cowboy hat, write a song, record it with the oak ridge boys and wake up next morning and you're number one in britain, in the country, i mean, you can't script it. >> [laughter] >> do you know what it is? it's a christmas miracle. brian: thank you very much. catch how america works narrated by mike rowe, mondays at 8:00, on fox business, plus santa is bringing dirty jobs back to discovery on january 2 at 8:00, and mike rowe, i've now plugged all of your events. i probably missed 10 or 12. >> you did, but no hard feelings. brian: of course, do you sleep in a jean shirt? we're going to answer that question, when we come back. fox & friends returns. >> now it got weird. brian: [laughter] ♪ santa claus got a dirty job, santa claus got a dirty job, and he does it all night long ♪
5:56 am
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♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. >> thanks so much for watching today. watch tonight too i'm hosting prime time at 7:00.
6:00 am
somebody there played tarzan plus special thanks to everyone that keeps the president a freedom fighter, moved to number 7. just behind the christmas book by the duffys. steve. >> my phone is ringing so we have to go. brian and carley we're talking about the nutcracker. i've got your presents. >> we're on verdict watch in the trial of kim potter, a former police officer charged with killing 20-year-old daunte wright during a traffic stop when she grabbed her gun instead of a taser in a minneapolis suburb last april. the jury has deliberated three days so far. they have indicated a potential deadlock. we're watching this very closely for you. former d.c. homicide detective ted williams and trial attorney heather hanson will join us next hour with more on what


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