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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  December 23, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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troops head home for the holidays. more than 45,000 personnel nationwide will go on holiday block leave. welcome home, thank you for your service and, of course, merry christmas. thank you for watching "special report." i'm mike emanuel in washington. i will see you back here tomorrow night. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ >> brian: let's get started. welcome to freedom. i will be brian kilmeade footer least an hour. with covid cases becoming obvious. the biden administration has no plan to stop the spread. last night the president was asked to clarify whether or not the white house saw the new variant coming despite mixed messaging from the administration about that. watch. >> the vice president said in recent days that you didn't see delta coming. you didn't see omicron coming. how did you get it wrong? [laughter] >> how did we get it wrong? nobody saw it coming.
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nobody in the whole world. who saw it coming? >> did you not see variants coming or did you? >> yeah. yeah. i did. and i think that the vice president's statement was taken a bit out of context. >> >> brian: really? who was right? dr. fauci or his bosses? the administration tried to clarify earlier today. >> why is the president saying about this new variant they saw it coming, nobody in the world if that's not true? >> well, first i would say that um, nobody saw -- knew that there would be the number of different variants. nobody knew exactly how transmissible they would be. >> brian: that's just flat out wrong. the white house may have been surprised but plenty of leading scientists were not including former cdc director robert redfield who sounded the alarm in the summer, august. >> this virus is replicating at a high capacity in humans.
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consequence the risk variant revolution is extremely high. we dealt with the u.k. variant everyone thought pretty bad twice as infectious. low and behollande three or four months later delta variant. sadly i'm going to predict within, you know, two or three four months we will have another variant and that variant is going to be more infectious than the delta variant. >> brian: august two or three months, november, december. he is about 100 percent right. we might not know the variant but we know the virus. we have been able to test for the virus and any variant for two years now. buff because the administration chose not to beef up testing and ended up we ended up with these massive lines. look at this overhead shot new york city today. it's freezing outside. lined up for just a rapid test. meanwhile, president biden already knew this back in december 2020. when he was president-elect. he said it himself. in fact, he said we have too many cases and not nearly enough
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tests. >> after 10 months of the pandemic we still don't have enough testing. that's a travesty brirch brian doesn't sound good, right? in one year later we are in almost the same spot. >> public health officials have been saying for months you need to surge rapid tests for just this moment. is it a failure that you don't be have an adequate amount of tests? >> no, it's not because covid is spreading so rapidly, if you notice, it just -- it just happened almost overnight. just in the last month. >> brian: you notice, you are getting other networks asking these questions now because it effects everybody, and everybody's family and everybody's christmas. biden has promised to deliver over 500 million new covid tests he hasn't signed the contract yet. there is no excuse for that john hopkins epidemiologist told the "new york times" this here's the quote. it's not a plan. it's a hope. if those tests came in january and february that could have had an impact. if they are spread out over 10 to 12 months i'm not sure what kind of impact it's going to
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have. so the tests aren't even here yet. this just another example of how the administration has been unable to do anything new to the win the fight against covid or at least keep pace. we're still using three vaccines created under operation warp speed and the trump administration. and when it comes to therapeutics, the biden white house actually has a break through. what they don't seem jewed about it watch. >> the fda has now authorized the first covid pill, the first antiviral pill from pfizer. how much has the government purchased? how much is ready to go right away? >> we purchased several million already but here -- right away, don't hold me to the number, i think it may be 20 million, but a lot of pills, all they can make so far. but, you know, i hope we don't get there because if people get the shots, they get their two shots and a booster, they are not going to be in a position where they are are going to need such a pill. >> brian: gotcha. for the longest time the constant refrain leave the
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studio, we go outside the circle of scientists and politicians, the common question is why don't they take in natural immunity and what about therapeutics, treatment like for example if i get the flu i get a z pac, where the z pac for this? the president knowingly just showed his hand. he and his team perhaps slow walking they're buoy particulars and antivirals because they believe a treatment plan would kill the vaccination plan. let's bring the real expert in a former member of the president's covid task force and former hud secretary dr. ben carson. dr. carson, why isn't he happy about therapeutics and antivirals this is great news. why isn't he pleased. >> that's ban question that many people have been asking including myself. you know, we have heather pew dicks that have been available for a very long time with some pretty spectacular results. and the fda has been dragging its feet, you know, i was really quite surprised they were able
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to get the paxlovid okayed as quickly as they did. i'm glad about that. but, as you mentioned, it doesn't assume to be any excitement about it. you know, there should be some massive planning that should have been going on even before they okayed it in order to make it available to people because it's you take it hospitalization rate by almost 90%. >> brian: right. >> that's dramatic. that's big news. why are they not talking about natural immunity? natural immunity is fantastic. i have natural immunity. a bunch of people have it. >> we have few people with natural immunity are being reinfected as opposed to people who are getting immunity by vaccines. so, these are the kinds of things if you are following the science that you would be all over. you would be, you know, you couldn't get enough of it. but they say to take a pretty
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nonchalant attitude about it and just insist that everybody, including children, must be vaccinated. >> brian: and just on your point. one thing you guys did great, was order ahead of time. you took a bet. you bet that pfizer and moderna and johnson and johnson if they got it right you had to be ready to go. you did the mix and did the test. ready to go. i know it's layman's terms please try to stay with me and tolerate me. right now they made 10 million of these and they only have 265,000 ready to go. they won't have the other 10 million until the summer. dr. carson, that's criminal. >> that's amazing. it would be nice though if they didn't keep trying to scare people and if they talk about some of the therapeutics and natural immunity, then everybody wouldn't be frightened and running off and trying to get these tests. you know, you don't need to do tests on everybody. you certainly need to do tests on people who are tom is a
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particular and people in high risk categories. the fact of the matter is people who have natural immunity, people who have been fully vaccinated, people who are young and healthy, are very unlikely to suffer any consequences from this disease. we are not talking about that. >> we have little in the way of mortality from this disease. >> brian: believe me, dr. carson, it makes no sense. i'm watching interviews with the south african doctors and medical officials and they are saying this has mild to zero symptoms. the hospitalizations -- deaths are 1. and they died of it, not from it. and i want to ask you two quick questions. they say that this is really going to be used for mild cases. well, break through cases are also mild cases. of the president says it's either or. if i get boosted and double vaxxed i'm still getting this friends of mine are still getting it friends of yours are still getting it. that's when in the perfect world i will use a therapeutic. they can work hand in hand.
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i just don't get what's going on here. >> well, from the very beginning, brian, you know, they have not pursued the many pathways that are available. it's been blinders on, down this path. that doesn't may any sense scientifically or any other way. we need to take advantage of the tremendous medical facilities that we have and the knowledge that people have, stop badgering the doctors and trying to tell them what they have to say and what they have to do. and let them use their medical expertise because every case is different and it depends on what your co-morbidities are. what your age is. there are a whole lot of factors and trying to put everybody into one size doesn't make any sense at all. >> brian: real quick the nfl is deciding not to test double vaccinated players if they don't have symptoms. this way if you have asymptomatic symptoms you could slip through the cracks. is that a good move? real quick, dr. carson. >> i think it demonstrates that
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they are thinking. and that's very good. i'm glad to see that somebody is actually putting a thinking cap on and doing something that makes sense. >> brian: just seems to me to be the right thing to do because we walk around every day, we could get the flu, could get strep throat. and this seems to be around getting down to the point where it's not nearly as serious as the delta and the first wave of this virus but you guys are the experts. >> it's not as serious as the flu. >> brian: listen, i hear you. dr. carson, thanks so much. thanks for being our lead guest. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: you got it he is not our only guest. case in point. meanwhile, new york's brand new governor, unelected kathy hochul is forcing kids, as young as 2, to wear masks. it's really no big deal. just listen. >> we do hope that everyone really comes around and realizes this is a simple very minor intrusion, if you will. all the children in the state have been wearing masks since the beginning, it's not that big of deal.
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>> brian: oh, really. that's night. no big deal. let's look at the data. brown university i hear that's an ivy league school. they just did a study on this noted 23% drop in scores measuring expwedges quoshts for children 0 to 5 since the pandemic began. we are already having our kids suffer. the report adds quote here we go the masks worn in public settings and in school or day care settings may impact a range of early developmental skills such as attachment to the parent or to the teacher, facial processing. socioemotional processing. sounds like a pretty big deal to me. called child development, doesn't it? here now two people that know a lot about it raising nine kids and once children themselves according to reports. rachel and sean duffy. they are good friends, my colleagues. and according to two or three separate sources, they got married. and authors of the all-american christmas. welcome, guys. >> good to be with you, brian.
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>> thank you, brian. merry christmas. >> brian: rachel, start with you that. hit home. brown university saying what our instinct told us right away. kids are being hurt more than protected with these masks. >> i appreciate the study. but i didn't need the study to know that. start with the science. i mean, these kids are getting less oxygen to the brain and having an increase of co 2. of course that's going to affect development. it effects them in so many other ways. even our -- the littlest learners are affected the most. they need those social cues and see their teacher's face and whether she is mileage. what her eyes are saying. they are preventing kids from learning in the way humans have always learned. and they are also banning smiles and they are banning interaction on so many levels. kids are being hurt and we are seeing it a rise in mental health issues, i believe we are going to have a generation of neurotics. i spoke with dr. scott atlas about that. is he very concerned about what it is doing to that.
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and what it tells me governor hubleg and so many others. there used to be a time where the older generation would say we're going to sacrifice for the younger generation and right now for politics, they are sacrificing our kids. this is child abuse. >> brian: how about, this sean, it makes it worse, the masks we are using don't even help. cnn hardly a cowboy on this says the cloth masks are nothing more than facial decorations. how about that shot to the solar plexus for parents. >> i get it. we all know that too, brian. of course these cloth masks aren't going to work that well. and, again, if you love kids, and you see kids wearing mask was nonstop, i know when you are annoyed at me or angry at me or interested in my story, brian, i look at your face and i can tell because i learned that at a young age. that's what every little human understands from going to kindergarten and first grade or second grade. we have nine kids. so you can tell over the course of your kids the ones that how
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they-in how they developed that we're part of the pandemic and those in kindergarten first and second grade right now it's horrible. the study also showed, brian, this has a bigger impact on boys, number one, but number two, from a lower socioeconomic class, you don't get the engagement and so you suffer even more. part of it says we believe in equity. i believe in that, too. we want to give every kid a shot at the american dream. if we're relevant gating poorer kids to not have any kind of shot because they are wearing masks in school. as rach chevrolet said this is child abuse. it's horrible. >> mitigate these mandates. >> brian: i think you might have a monitor there i was curious to see what other countries were doing and see where we lined up with it the netherlands no masks for primary school children. denmark, no masks for kids under 12. sweden no mandate for any student. england no masks for kids under 12. we are not asking people to take a giant leap and believe parents, these three parents in new york one of which has nine
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kids and i have three. i'm telling you what other countries are doing. is this american arrogance? rach? >> no, i think it's politics. i believe that what the democrats want to do is to keep the fear porn going. keep everyone afraid. and they are using these little children because it's part of the whole kabuki theater that they're creating. if they can keep our kids masked they can keep this fear in the country and they can keep these laws that they want for voting and so forth that help them stay in power. i believe this is -- >> sean: one last point on that. the just laid out. the country that you laid out are countries that test really high when we look at, you know, the world scores. >> brian: ahead of us. >> they value education of kids and we don't. you want to go. >> brian: rachel knows a little bit better than you and has more experience. rachel, i'm getting breaking news. maybe you want to rye it with me if you have a monitor there the "new york times" best seller
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list? true, the best seller's list has come out. the 1619 project sadly is number one. the "new york times" wrote it. why wouldn't it be? the story teller will smith is a fine actor. who needs to know the lyrics of paul mccartney's songs? we all know them already. the all-american christmas number 6 just leading me the president and the freedom fighter. what's your reaction? >> well, we think that just doing this little segment here will bring all-american christmas and the president and the freedom fighter back to number one because our viewers are the best. >> last week, brian, we were number one. and the 1619 project got us before christmas. it's actually a knife to the heart. >> brian: i do loot of investigating reporting. i'm sure rachel talked that at home. how much is the christmas book ahead of the kilmeade book. turns out just one book. one sale. then i found this photo online and i actually hurt myself, i am
4:17 pm
signing your book to the tune -- and hurting myself in the big picture on my page. i'm page 70. i hurt my myself with migrate stories. i have never seen such self-inflicted wounds. >> you are a selfless colleague. that's why i love working with you. that's the kind of guy you are. >> sean: they both make great holiday christmas gifts. those are great gifts for history buffs and christmas buffs. >> brian: all right, guys, always great to talk to you. thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: thanks to everyone who supported the book and merry christmas to everybody. coming up straight ahead we talk serious stuff. how far russia's rhetoric today is gas lighting the world they are inching ever closer to a military invasion. is this 1940 again? but first kamala harris wonder what is her life would be like if it was her -- if she was actually a white man and a vice president. karl rove and kayleigh mcenany on that story next. ♪
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>> brian: i'm sure you noticed our southern border has been a mess all year. nearly 2.2 million illegals. that means the ones we found let alone the got-aways are crossing already this year. it's not over. but, vice president kamala harris is once again nowhere to be found. this is her job. even democrats are upset about it. case in point. congressman henry cuellar quoted today saying he recently revealed he called the v.p. this summer to offer advice on border issues. he is from a border state. and a border city. but he never heard back. they same party. seems uninterested he kind of gave up on her i moved past her. apparently griping to the "new york times" she hasn't stopped yet about her boss. her media coverage and her role
4:24 pm
in the white house all in today's paper. the article reads like this. while most presidents promised president's access not shared equally. mr. biden does not feel a need from input from ms. harris as he navarro gates some of the most important relationships. so kamala harris feels like she is being left out and she is speaking out. but it wasn't always like this. at the beginning of the administration, she was side by side with the president for every public appearance. we'll can't forget she was the last one in the room when the president decided to pull out of afghanistan. and that went really well. it looked like things started out great. so what went wrong and why is kamala harris struggling so badly and talking about it we're going to ask two people that know quite well. in fact, the "new york times" would be different if she were nil of her 4 predecessors all white, all male. joining us now to react fox news
4:25 pm
contributor president bush's chief of staff karl rove and former white house press secretary co-host of outnumbered and this brand new book that's a best seller "for such a time as this." kayleigh mcenany. cailee, let's start with you. were you stunned to see this? clearly this is a strategy. she talked to the "l.a. times," the san francisco chronicle. cbs television and then this story. >> well, first cnn -- i just said that cnn hit piece against kamala harris you know you have an issue when cnn is come out against you or at least the reporting is cnn had three dozen sources. citing the kamala harris' office. this article in the "new york times," again a liberal publication had two dozen sources. what was so to me in this piece, brian is the opening antidote where they talk about joe manchin coming into the white house left wing about to go into
4:26 pm
the oval office and painterly kamala harris is there with joe biden. rather than bringing kamala into the meeting, he says to her, you know, give a smile i'm paraphrasing here, say hello to joe manchin and then she goes back to her office. she felt sidelined in the resulting headline was you know, we need kamala to win not necessarily to govern. but what is interesting to me while kamala may see that antidote and say i'm being sidelined at the heart. it's her incompetence. because she went out on west virginia airways and lashed out at will airways a move no one would suggest to do but she did. sidelined her own inat the tense at the heart. >> brian: if it was dick cheney saying it or key staffer saying it, the white house has to address this, correct? don't you think there has been a phone call or visit already? >> >> i suspect there has been conversation between the white house chief of staff and the chief of staff for the vice president.
4:27 pm
but, this is highly unusual. i don't remember this happening under president trump, under president obama, certainly didn't happen under president bush. i don't remember it happening under bill clinton bush 41 or ronald reagan. we are seeing something play out here that's highly unusual. i think it goes cailee's point. she would be getting criticized if she were competent and take immigration. rather than be involved in the real immigration problem, the problem that representative cuellar was calling her about mainly 2 trillion coming across our border straining state and local resources stretching them to the limit and beyond, instead what she says her problem, her responsibility is to deal with the immigration, the thrust from immigration coming from the triangle. >> guatemala, honduras and nicaragua not to come dealing with what's happening on our southern border. she has been defining herself out of the real problems. if you are not dealing with the
4:28 pm
real problems. people are going to look at you and say are you up to the job? she never attacked her portfolio. said i don't like the job i was given essentially. karen bass went to bat for her too against the president. good luck with that this story came out i want you to comment on cailee, an excerpt about the morale in the white house. quote, in the first year of the biden white house, cam rad derly has been fleeting. many teens suffering from low morale according to several officials. creating the potential for higher than usual turnover as for the beginning of a at the end of one year and beginning of the next. these satisfies reached out to them, cailee. >> yeah. that's right. look, we had a lot of leaks in the trump white house. something regrettable. you want to be on board, you need a team moving forward tore the american people. hate to see this happening for biden like it did for trump. indicates something big going on
4:29 pm
here. they are talking politico playbook a lot of these staffers, they feel left out and marginalized haven't had a staff meeting i was in the white house during mark meadows every single monday had a meeting where we all went in. together and we talked through the issues. and that was during the height of the pandemic. i get there are unique circumstances but you got have meetings like that. even if they're on the phone. there is a year where we had covid on the downturn a lot of the leaking. >> pretty interesting, karl, this is what they said, some staffers say it's the result of an insular top-heavy white house of long-time biden aide much of the staff. no new friends in biden world. final thought? >> yeah, the senate aids surround former senator joe biden that is a problem. the white house is more effective when it has clear communications up and down and they there is an insular nature
4:30 pm
to this white house. it effects not only the morale of the working staff of the white house, it also effects the qualities of the president's direction and its leadership. because they are not listening, they are not reaching out. and they are waiting for their guidance from him rather than helping him shape the right decision. >> brian: biggest surprise for me. i thought they get this stuff set and maybe the policies we would be debating they can't get their playbook and they can't get everyone to line up the right way. hey, kayleigh mcenany, karl rove, your mission now is to have a great christmas. thanks so much. >> thank you. brian. >> merry christmas to you. >> brian: right back at you and good luck with your book, cailee. one of the adversaries testing biden like never before. what is vladimir putin end game and how will president biden respond? we have that story straight ahead. ♪ (burke) this is why you want farmers claim forgiveness... [echoing] claim forgiveness-ness, your home premium won't go up just because of this. (woman) wow, that's something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks.
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>> brian: thanks for being here.
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russian president vladimir putin testing our allies allies invasion since the 1940s. 100,000 troops along the ukrainian border. plus vice president creating a false sense of urgency against ukraine. >> we are told war, war, war, we have an impression that they military operation running beforehand do not get involved. if you get sanction. >> unbelievable. it's classic soviet propaganda coming from rally behind the oppressed. russian. the biden administration obviously disputes their claims '. >> here is jen psaki earlier this week. >> vice president has his own
4:37 pm
audience. it's not the united states of america. we don't have aggressive intent with russia. the aggression we have seen at the ukraine border. the bella cross rhetoric coming from one side. >> brian: what if anything can this administration do to stop take over invasion here now former cia station chief. >> what was your take from that four hour presser ladder to sum up something like that but what's your take away? >> >> you know, vladimir putin is testing the resolve of the biden administration he is threatening military aggression with 100,000 troops on the ukrainian border in an evidence to united states and nato russian sphere of influence. i listened to the press conference putin said of course russia wanted to focus on internal issues but they can't because of this threat from ukraine. putin wants to portray himself as the only one, the only
4:38 pm
defender of russia besieged fortress mounting attacks against him which nothing could be furthered from the truth. the whether the biden administration will step up with the right kind of policies to deter russia's aggression. >> they want to stop nato from expanding. guarantee that ukraine and georgia will never be in nato. they want to go back to 1997 when those many of those nations prior to the collapse of the soviet union were in the warsaw pack. in fact, they have been trying to get talks with the u.s. president with barack obama george w. bush and donald trump to talk about the stopping the extension of nato. all three prior presidents said no. good move. >> it's giving putin the kind of positive reinforcement that putin wanted for having having ratcheted up pressure on ukraine. let's be clear here nato was discussing offering georgia and ukraine membership action plans back plans back at the paleudis
4:39 pm
pest summit in 2008. that spurred action against georgia first hybrid war in the summer of 2008 and against ukraine in 2014 attack. that wasn't enough for ukraine because just earlier this month, nato general secretary staltsenberg was talking about russia not having a veto over ukraine's foreign policy including nato membership. putin wants one gvment begive him that, then we will have done incredible harm to ukraine's democracy, and that's what putin wants. >> brian: this week key will continue to talk. you also said something interesting in that vladimir putin put 100 plus thousand troops on the border. you said pull them back because it will make him look bad. how far does he save face and how do we get him them not to invade? what's the speed spot there? that's the concern. he has created a false sense of urgency with highly public -- hard to step back from all of that. honestly, this is reminiscent to
4:40 pm
me of hitler's march on europe. i think putin took a lot of lessons from that is he defending ethnic russians in ukraine which was exactly logic putin used. i think that's going to be the challenge for the united states and nato allies. who do we climb down from all of this. that's where the biden administration will put a premium on collection from our intelligence community. what is really going on in the kremlin? what are putin's plans and intentions? i'm sure that the u.s. intelligence community, c a in particular is on high alert on this one. >> brian: dan, true or false. one thing has blown up in his face that the ukrainians aren't ready to blake. >> unified gottenning stronger and more nationalistic. they are ready to fight. i'm not convinced the russians want dead bodies. they don't want a real fight. they would like to crush an opponent. the ukrainian overmatched but they will fight to the end. i think vladimir putin knows that. >> i agree with you, i think that's the risk of putin's brink
4:41 pm
manships pship demonstrates weakness. concerned if ukraine joins nato in the european union that will bring all sorts of democratic ideas threatens his regime more than anything to his neighbor. i think that's what is of concern to vladimir putin. and for sure putin understands more importantly he doesn't understand about his public been. he does care what his inner circumstantial thinks. he knowed he would spill inordinate blood and treasure fight in ukraine. >> brian: psychiatry concerned about it and that should concern us. dan hoffman, thanks so much. >> thank you, happy christmas. >> brian: up next how george washington and his army managed to celebrate christmas even in the midst of a brutal war valley forge. kevin is here about his special how to get it and what he took away from it live. local life and legendary treasures
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tony here from, taking to the streets to talk about credit. what's a good credit score? go. 600. maybe, if you're trying to pay thousands extra in interest rates. can your credit score impact your job? ooh, i know this one: no. oh no. is credit repair expensive? isn't having bad credit expensive? my man. cut the confusion, get started with a free credit evaluation at brian most wonderful time of year for a little history lesson. ready? lucky for you fox nation has you covered with this special. valley forge tells the story of christmas time in 1777, when
4:47 pm
george washington marched his continental army into valley forge battling starvation and faced a brutal winter there wasn't much to celebrate army christmas day but they made the best of it. >> the troops did the best they could to observe the christmas holidays. they trailed off to any local church they could find. washington understood that faith was something that would encourage the troops, give them strength and help them to carry through the winter. >> brian: wow, the documentary reminds us to appreciate what we have there holiday season and always keep the faith. joining me now is the narrator of valley forge washington's winter army, we're privileged to have with us producer and director super star kevin sorbo. i just watched this before we started. it is fantastic and gave me chills. tell everyone what they're in for. >> you know, i was honored that they actually got ahold of me to want to be the narrator of this thing. i love history and i know you are a huge history buff.
4:48 pm
i appreciate the books you put out by the way. going through this i remember learning i would say 50% of this stuff in my history book they don't teach in school anymore of course. they don't want to teach kids history how our country became the greatest country it became on the face of the earth. they are going to find out something amazing. we even won that war. we are going up against the greatest, most powerful army in the world at that time the british forces. these were farmers, these were teachers, the guys it hide behind rocks and trees and throw rocks. throw whatever they could possibly as a weapon against these guys. in that winter, it was so brutal on these guys, it was so cold. they had to build these huts as quickly as they could. they had totally fortified themselves down. trying to get any kind of rest and build some sort of strengthening. and while the british army was in philadelphia, getting warm beds, going out to bars and restaurants. getting their strength back, everything was fine for them. the american forces they had no
4:49 pm
shoes, they had disease, they had all sorts of problems, it's a miracle we won this bar. >> brian: we lost philadelphia, our biggest city at the time. and the congress was saying let's replace washington. is he obviously failing. washington looked around and said i'm getting to many deserters. he said something kind of interesting. evidence wrote this. he looked stuck around. naked and starving we cannot help but admire the incomparable patience of the soldiering. in comes the german taught us military tactics we still use today and valley forge laid the groundwork for the almost unfathomable win that you can imagine. final thoughts? >> testimony t. was incredible. and you are talking about guy didn't speak any english he saw how horribly trained he had they were. washington did the best he could possibly do. this guy came in and was a huge, huge factor in helping us win that war once the winter
4:50 pm
finished off. there is a very famous painting, of course, with george washington his horse praying, neiling next to the river and asking god to get us through one of the worst periods of american history to becomes a amazing as we are today. >> brian: i was a actually walking through the city listening and on my phone. he went with the guys, took a knee to pray but he also hung out with him in the cold to let him know i'm in this fight with you. and it worked. kevin sorbo thanks so much. >> thank you. get this out to every school. every school should watch it. >> brian: i hear you. you can watch it now. valley forge washington's winter army right now on fox nation this holiday season, which is go get fox nation. use promo code celebrate to get 35% off any yearly plan only at fox you won't regret it while we are at it don't forget, kevin mentioned it, another slice of history, the president and the freedom fighter go to brian wherever you get books.
4:51 pm
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♪ ♪ >> brian: all right, where does the time go? just a few minutes left in the show and it is time to put jimmy family, the host of "fox across america" on the clock. are you ready? >> hey, man. i apologize, i look like a mall santa who got a dui. >> brian: which sadly happens way too much. first up from 84% of millennials say they would be upset if their parents swapped their real christmas tree for a fake one. they say having a real tree seriously impacts how much they can enjoy the holiday. i am kind of heartened by this. do the millennials have a point, jimmy?
4:57 pm
>> no, and i made surprised millennials have a problem with big trees because they are all living fake lives on instagram. everybody is pretending they are like a self-made millionaire and crushing it every day, but you know what, kill me to? this one bothers me because this is why we are going to lose to china. we are one generation that can be taken out by fake christmas tree emotionally, the generation behind them wiped out by a handful of peanuts. we are in bad shape. the guy who should feel bad about a fake tree is the dad because he is the guy who has to lug it out of the attic every year and it is like 685 pounds p.r. to have you lifted a fake tree, brian? >> brian: know because i get real ones. i like the fact there is a retro feeling among the next generation. meanwhile, some families are opting out of both fake trees and real trees for something less than that. like an unadorned aluminum pole.
4:58 pm
holiday for the rest of us. you know what that means. >> the tradition of festive us begins with the airing of grievances. i've got a a lot of problems with you people. now you are going to hear about it. [laughter] >> brian: jimmy, what are your grievances? >> i was just going to say, we don't need a day for the airing of grievances, we already have that every day. it called twitter. my grievance would be that if they did a reboot of this "seinfeld" episode, george constanza would not be allowed into the festivus party because he was not vaccinated. that would be it. give me a break, kilmeade. in terms of sheets of strength, i come from one of those families where the feat of strength is lugging one of my drunk uncles out of the bushes. >> brian: great points and a great grievances, and i wish america and festivus would catch fire. meanwhile, a story you really
4:59 pm
embrace. the wheel of fortune contestant may have even more grievances to air than jimmy. >> choosing the right... word. [buzzer] >> you know, this one is tough because you said all the right words, including the word "word," but as you know, it's got to be more or less continuous. we will allow for a little pause but not four or five seconds. i'm sorry. did a good job in getting it but we can't give you the prize, and it was the audi. >> brian: she did not get a car because of a pause but luckily audi came and gave her the car she technically lost. 15 seconds, jimmy, tell me how you feel. >> is a slick p.r. move by audi but it is not going to work because everybody who watches wheel of fortune is way too old to drive in this day and age. they are like all in their late hundreds. i have been to a ""wheel of fortune"" taping and i have seen younger faces on
5:00 pm
money. come on, man. >> brian: that is a tape i was not expecting. we're going to listen to your show from 12 to three every day like they do in tyler, texas. >> believe it. have a good lead in. >> brian: thanks so much. thank you for watching "primetime" all week. i will see you tomorrow on "fox & friends" from 6:00 to 9:00. i think tucker or somebody special is hosting. ♪ ♪ >> good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i am jesse watters in for tucker. we have learned a lot about joe biden in the last year. for one, we know he is not the same old scranton show that represented delaware in the senate for decades. for the oldest tough guy joe who saved the day by fighting off corn pops. he is not even the same joe biden who was barack obama's vice president. that joe biden is gone, and he has been gone for a


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