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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 24, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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bowl. >> ben: governor, thanks for being with us. griff a great pleasure to be with you as well. all my best to you and your family on christmas and the same to those at home. happy have happy merry christmas. griff: indeed. same to you, ben, hope you have a wonderful christmas in america. welcome, it's been great being with you. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ pick up your feet ♪ jingle around the clock ♪ jingle that's the jingle bell rock carley: good morning, america. a look at our beautiful fox news christmas tree on the all-american -- the all-american christmas tree out on fox square. happy christmas eve toe everybody, brian and steve so great to be with you this
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morning. brian, with your permission, i would like to tell people not to get dressed this morning in their real people clothes. brian: right. carley: stay in christmas pajamas all morning long. brian: you got my permission. go ahead, carley, for this one day. carley: we would like to share some pictures of our christmas traditions, hopefully you can send us pictures of yours as well. steve, would you like to share a picture of yours? first of all that is me and husband pete. we are in chicago in picture. [cheers] carley: every year go to the chris king gel market in chicago and i'm drinking a glass of soto. >> ho ho ho. steve: that sounds fantastic. word to toe bow audio guy i cannot hear brian. anyway, i'm going to describe that picture right there. one of our christmas morning traditions is kathy makes -- kathy has written cookbooks and we always have a big casserole
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but on christmas morning, kathy makes gingerbread cookies and the kids eat them. there is mary actually doing some of the decorating for some of our festivities and call the authorities we wind up eating pie and cookies on christmas morning. >> how dare you. steve: brian? >> yeah. i don't have any pictures with me. so, i'm going to have to just punt. so, we will have to see. we have a lot of christmas traditions. and it happens every year. the older they get it changes and evolves. i will be looking forward to getting everybody else's in. meanwhile, we are tracking santa claus, this is a big day if you have been seeing the video, if you have your own satellite or if you work at norad, you know what's going on. just some of the shots on earth which remains my favorite planet. santa focuses more on this planet than the others and i appreciate that and he has a lot to do today.
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carley: that's right. car. steve: he does indeed. if you are interested norad can you look at it on a desktop, a laptop, they also have a couple of different apps so you can follow santa throughout the day on your phone. also, on your phone, you have got apps to show if you are traveling today and millions of americans will be, there is a real good possibility that your flight has been canceled because of covid. yesterday flights into and out of the united states. brian: unbelievable. steve: almost 300 flights were canceled. today even more. it looks like 165 were canceled by united airlines for today because of staffing issues. and if you have been canceled you will get email message from united it says that your flight has been canceled because coronavirus cases are limiting the crew availability.
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delta airlines is already canceling 115 for today. which is going to, you know, it couldn't come at a worse time, carley. unbelievable. carley: could you imagine wanting to see your family, having your flight all set up, all the dreams of having the perfect christmas and then, bam, you get an alert on your phone that says your flight scan said. united is sending out messages to passengers saying we are sorry for disrupting holiday plans: united airlines spokesperson said the nationwide spike in omicron cases this week has had a direct impact on our flight crew and the people who run our operation. as a result, we have unfortunately had to cancel some flights. and, brian, one of the reasons this is happening is because of that cdc 10 day quarantine even for people who have tested negative. they had covid. they tested negative and are fully vaccinated, you still have to quarantine for those 10 days.
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brian: i mean it's unbelievable what's going on. i don't blame the airlines at all because this is a virus that you get. a lot of times you don't even know you have it the symptoms are so light. you cannot keep this 10 day quarantine going. the nfl has been saying that. health workers are now knocked out seven days. around the world looking at seven days. what is taking so long especially when you are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms you are ready to go have to wait out 10 days. the ripple effect goes down the wire. people traveling for business. people traveling for christmas. another hurdle that has to be cleared. and the thing is, i understand people just get an email to their inbox or a text message your flight is canceled no. explanation. here's the explanation. we can't get a crew. here is what delta says in a letter to the government says this: i need your help. this guidance that you currently have us under was developed in 2020 when the pandemic was in a different phase without effective vaccines and treatments. now with the rapid spread of the
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omicron variant, 10-day isolation period for those who are trge vaccinated makes it difficult. we have known about the delta variant and this variant for over a month. why we have to deal with this on criticisms eve. these airlines got to get an answer from the government. we are an outlet. if they are us from straighted to come out. but now on christmas eve you send a letter saying can you reduce it? you know how slow government works. now, by the time they get back to them with a mandate, which they are going to do, they will say seven days, maybe within seven days. buff that's not going to get christmas back for all these americans. steve: sound like all the airlines want to reduce the number from 10 to 5, it sounds like. but, no airline wants to be the first. and, you know, delta airlines in sending that letter that brian just read proposing a five day
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isolation from the current 10 day, that's one thing. but you have got to have people to run the airplane and the american association of flight attendants say do you know what? we are better, more comfortable with 10 days. here's the thing. the director of yale's institute of global health, what he is suggesting is if a person, and keep in mind a year ago we didn't have vaccination. if a person is vaccinated, and they show no symptoms or they have really really mild symptoms like omicron is presenting, they could end up with just four or five days in isolation, he says, if two rapid tests are negative. so he is saying it could be four days, it could be five days, but you have got to be vaccinated and got wind up with a couple of negative tests because, ultimately some people are still getting delta which has a different lifespan than omicron does. and particularly for the people who are not vaccinated, and they
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are the ones you have got to worry about, carley, they are expecting a spike not only in hospitalizations but in deaths in the coming weeks. carley: the cdc just announced new recommendations for healthcare workers cutting the time they have to isolate from 10 to seven days. they say can be cut shorter staffing shortages. total disaster no restrictions at all. i within der why it is even seven days if you get a negative text why can't you just go back to work after you get that one negative test? brian: absolutely. the omicron is 70% of all cases as of enough to. it's going to change and go up today. enough to they have done a test over the u.k. and they say the omicron is not nearly as lethal. we know that we also know hospitalizations are up 7% while cases are up 56% around the country. now, the nfl they are saying that if you are asymptomatic, we do not think think they are
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experts with the nfl most successful and richest league in the world. the nfl is saying if you are asymptomatic, there is no reason to test, number one, if you do have the virus, you can't spread it that's according to the nfl chief medical officer they concluded asymptomatic people do not spread the virus. giving players a chance to test out way before 10 days is what they want. they had 154 players testing positive over the last two weeks. so they have a huge issue, the nba, a huge issue, but they have their own medical teams. they are saying that this is -- we have to learn to live with it and living with it is meaning don't pretend it's 2020, pretend we are about to get to 2022. take in the new information and adjust the protocols. that's all they ask. steve: in new york city. they established a new record. more people actually wound up being diagnosed with covid yesterday than at the height of the delta wave which really says something. ultimately, carley and brian,
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thousands of people lined up at the airport and thousands of them are going to get the bad news that they are not going to be able to take those flights, how many of them wound up standing in line, long lines to get a covid test to make sure that when they went home they didn't make grandma sick and now it looks like they might be taking the bus. so we'll find out. one of the busiest travel days of the year and here in new york overnight, it snowed. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas eve. carley: it did. steve: 6:10 here in the new york city area. straight ahead, the dramatic rescue as a tsa officer jumps into action to save a choking 2-month-old baby. that incredible video is coming up next. it looks like the white house is catching a case of the holiday blues. as the vice president is blaming her bad media coverage on being a woman of color. more trouble in the west wing on this christmas eve on "fox &
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friends." ♪ ♪
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6:15 on this monday morning. minneapolis police officer kim potter found guilty on all charges during for the death of daunte wright in a traffic stop earlier this year. first and second degree manslaughter. attempting to arrest wright on outstanding warrant for weapons possession. potter says she mistook her gun
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for a taser and that mistake was fatal. as you see her smiling in her new mugshot she will be sentenced in february and faces up to 15 years. meanwhile, a prominent teacher's union randi weingarten says conservative activists opposed to critical race theory are trying to destroy america's public schools. in a leaked email, she says, quote: the real agenda of the right is the demise of public schools and the fracturing of our neighborhoods. weingarten says activists are against crt are trying to stir up controversy by lying about what is being taught. and look at this, an amazing rescue caught on camera. a tsa agent jumps over a conveyor belt as you can see the lower screen to save a choking 2 month old baby. she performed the infant heimlich maneuver until the baby started breathing again on their own. it happened at newark international airport across the river from new york city. the agent officer cecilia marlz
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says her 10 years of experience e.m.t. immediately kicked in when she saw that. she had only been working with tsa. the agency calling her actions inspiring and selfless. she was in the right place at the right time. carley. carley: that is right. she is weighing up on this christmas eve a hero. now to america's crime crisis. violence is surging nationwide this christmas, so much so the white house insists that stepping up federal law enforcement. griff jenkins is live with a look at who is being affected. griff, good morning. >> good morning, merry christmas, carley steve and brian. i think the better question, carley, may be where isn't it being effective? let's run through them. in philadelphia, police arrest a gang of teenagers in connection with the armed carjacking of democrat congresswoman mary scanlon. the main suspect only 19 years old. is he facing federal charges. in new york city, an nypd school
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safety agent is killed celebrating her 27th birthday. she was fatally shot in the torso and leg after an argument and gunfire broke out outside a club. and imagine seeing this during your grocery run woman spotted yield ago pickaxe rite-aid in los angeles. suspect stole merchandise. threatened anyone who got in her way. long gone with that pick ax. and finally guys, five people are hurt after suspects opened fire on each other in a crowded mall in the chicago suburbs. this happening on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. >> oh my god. not another shooting in a mall. >> that's crazy. >> we all panicked. everybody panicked. everybody running outside. and everybody going awol at that point. griff: two suspects are in custody and police searching for the third. despite all the chaos the white house insisting they have all of
3:19 am
it covered, watch. griff: what else can the president do or what else is the president going to do keep people safe. >> we have been stepping up federal law enforcement efforts for some time now. we are giving communities historic levels of funding through the rescue plan to fight crime. maybe neighborhoods safer, hiring additional law enforcement officers. griff: so we will see what else the white house has to say about the surge in crime but nobody likes seeing a pick ax when you are walking down the aisle at rite-aid, carley, brian and steve? steve: crazy. brian: one thing after another. they like to say quickly as soon as a mayor comes out and realizes their streets are overrun with crime. they are quick to say oh, look out, it's the gun. the guns are the problem. now i guess the pickaxe is the problem and the guns. the mask, the organized way they are doing the smash-and-grabs is a huge problem. one thing i'm heartened by things have gotten so bad that the white house is forced to
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react. and things aren't going to change until they have to change. and i just think that this year they know that at the very least. even if they don't believe what they are doing, they won't win a single election if they do not find a way to get control of the streets in america because it's not just the inner city, which is bad enough and people like to ignore. but it's bleeding into the high end places in the suburbs and in the city. that's when people with money say why am i living here again? i'm out of here. so i do believe there some hope. i think it starts with eric adams in new york city if he begins to crack down and take control. steve: the reason peter doocy was asking that question yesterday of jen psaki a sitting member of congress was carjacked. that 19-year-old man joe we have a brown from wilmington delaware. when they arrested him, he had the congresswoman's keys in his pocket. is he now facing federal charges
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as griff said. but because and i don't realize this because there was a handgun use in the execution of a carjacking, he actually faces life in prison the reason they were able to find this guy so quickly is because the victim was a member of congress and suddenly philadelphia looked terrible. okay, everybody has got to go looking for this person they found the person in delaware. they got the really good police coverage because they are a member of congress. if they were not a member of congress, the police department would have undoubtedly said hey, listen, we are overworked, call your insurance company, we are sorry but you are going to have to get a new car. but given the fact that now they nabbed this guy carley, he faces life in prison. and had he just carjacked
3:22 am
somebody else, not a member of congress, there is a real good possibility he would not have been caught yesterday. carley: there is so much turmoil all over the country. so many people worried about crime. there is also turmoil and trouble inside the white house the "new york times" is out with a new piece kamala harris heir apparent or after thought. the vice president's allies are increasing buy concerned that president biden relied on her to win but does not need her to govern. misharris has privately told her allies that the news coverage of her would be different if she were any of her 48 predecessors whom she has described as all white and all male. so, brian the issue isn't that she is kamala harris it's that she is a woman and minority.
3:23 am
brian: unbelievable. we had this yesterday and expanded on today for this to make the front page of the "new york times" sit down with face the nation. she is on a full offensive. believe me, festivus was yesterday where you air your grievances she used the "new york times" to air her grievances and whoa is me. pathetic the minority card if i was a white male things would be different. no, if you were a white male, who didn't show up for the border, didn't do anything on voting rights, the two things the president asked you to do you would be vehemently criticized. in fact, instinctively being a democrat and a minority and a woman, i think people absolutely hold back. and if you look at what henry cuellar said in this story and this reporter deserves a lot of credit. got some balance not just wow, who is me and leaving her iced out and by the way joe biden certainly is. for this to go to the "new york times" it shows how desperate
3:24 am
she is. she has nothing to lose. can you imagine as their chief of staff interacted yesterday, representative cuellar says who is a moderate from texas on the border and desperate from for help. i say this very respectfully to her. i have moved on. she was tasked with this job at the border doesn't look like she is interested in. move on to other folks on this issue. she did nothing. she doesn't even call the central american countries. she showed up once. she blew up when lester holtz asked her are you -- why weren't you visited or going to the border? she said i didn't go to europe either. to me, this is a lack of performance this is lack of interest. laziness. complaintaholic just wants to be president and angry she is not. she has been talk to hillary clinton former first lady and senator as well advice she shoulded do as a powerful woman in washington, d.c. in the daily mail this morning,
3:25 am
meghan mccain comments about what kamala harris is complaining about. and she says she finds the comments ridiculous. she says it's not that we aren't aware of racism and sexism in the country. it is that the vice president harris may not have been picked for vice president if she wasn't a woman and a woman of color. the very thing she is blaming all her problems on is what got her invited to the party in the first place. joe biden said he was looking for a woman in the democratic party made sure it was a woman of color. she concludes by saying the second most powerful person on earth it might be more productive for her to start leading from a place of power and strength instead of victimizing herself. and carley, do you know what? it's not just her. her staff, which you know, have been heading for the exits come
3:26 am
21st of january bunch hit send they want to head out. carley: white house staffers so unhappy they anonymously leaked to politico to complain hoping that senior staffers would finally take their complaints seriously. all of this detailed biden aides catch the holiday blues it goes on to say it's also hypocritical. this is a quote from one of those anonymous white house staffers very upset. also hypocritical and ironic that a president whose brand is built on empathy and family that fly in the face of that brand it's not a good look and it's emblematic of how this place is run. a lot of what the white house staffers, brian, are complaining about i thought was kind of funny, stuff like not being invited to parties, the christmas tree lighting. the turkey pardoning.
3:27 am
working for the white house isn't a sorority or fraternity it's hard work. if you don't get invited to the party, who cares? but the other part of me feels like maybe those complaints are just a party issue poll numbers bad. everything is turned upside down. i think president biden could walk into the white house not tweet and everybody would love him. that's most certainly not the case. brian: it isn't. some of these complaints are simply the complaints americans have in the country. they don't know anybody in their office. they have been forced to work virtually. most of these people don't go to the office. they actually reached out to west wing playbook to air their grievances because it was festivus. i keep leaning on the holiday that means so much to very few americans. i do love this quote. some staffers say it's the result of an insular top heavy white house of long time biden aides who are distant from much of the staff. no new friends in the biden world goes the refrain and
3:28 am
others say it's just poor management. a couple of things, now you are say seeing the poor management play out in the story that's going to be actually lack of testing and planning. enough of the antiviral medication. just talking about vaccination and vilifying those who aren't vaccinated. been their single playbook while trying to badger joe manchin to vote the way socialists should vote. he is not. that's their problem, and we are stuck with it for at least three more years. meanwhile, coming up on this show, new year's eve will look a lot different this year. new york city has come in with their new plan. yep, the crowds will be less. mandate masks and enforces vaccines and famous times square celebration which we're told is outdoors. mask outdoors? really?
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and faking a covid-19 vaccine card in new york can now land new jail for one year. governor kathy hochul signing legislation designating falsifying ids as forgely. mayor bill de blasio announcing details of a scaled back new year's eve celebration in times square. the event reducing capacity over the omicron variant attendees over5 will be required to show proof of vaccination and will all have to wear masks. sounds fun, brian. over to you. brian: yeah. stay home, please. thanks so much, carley. 27 minutes before the top of the hour. >> former minneapolis police officer kim potter found guilty of first and second degree manslaughter in the death of daunte wright. she faces up to 15 years in prison after the april incident where she mistakenly grabbed her handgun instead of her taser fatally wounded 29-year-old was denied bail. she will spend christmas in jail.
3:34 am
let's bring in fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. greg, there are no winners here. for potter i find it fascinating nobody thinks she did it on purpose. >> but it didn't matter to the jury. was it mistake -- was it a mistake to put her on the stand? >> no it was the correct thing to do. jurors yearn to hear from the lips i didn't mean to do it expression of remorse and apology which she did. you know, silence can sometimes be incriminating even though jurors are given an instruction by the jurors that it's not to be held against them they have a fifth amendment right not to testify against themselves. it was a perilous defense. best they were hoping for was a hung jury. the jurors decided that the evidence was there to convict.
3:35 am
brian: greg, you tell me you are the expert. potter's problem when asked after you knew you shot him. you knew where the car was and where he was. did you go over there and help? why did you got go over there and help. she really had no answer. is that too much analysis on a minor point or do you buy into that? >> too much analysis on a minor point. >> we have fine line between reckless and accidental conduct and that's the difficulty in this particular case. you know, the law is not helpful. you know, uses emore fuss language like a conscious disregard of the risk. that's not helpful among those ill defined imprecise words. just as the law struggles to make a difference between a mistake and criminalized behavior, jurors also struggle,
3:36 am
they agonize over a decision like this. and, of course, it took them four days. i think what made the difference is when the jurors about midway through deliberations said we want to take the taser and gun back with us into the jury room. that, i thought that was the end for her. she would get convicted because the difference between a taser and gun is so dramatic, the weight, the feel, the size, the dimensions, you know, the taser is holstered on the left. the gun on the right. it's exceedingly difficult to argue weapons confusion i think that made the difference she will be sentenced in february. what is she likely to get 10 years. >> only sentence on the top count. the sentencing guidelines anywhere from 6 to 8 years, seven years would be my guess. you end up serving about two
3:37 am
thirds of that particular term. the defense is going to ask for no prison time. the prosecution is going to ask to go above the guidelines to the max. my guess is the judge will hit around seven years. brian: gregg jarrett. great to get your analysis. two little kids and going to be in prison during the bulk of their youth. thank you, gregg. >> that's right. my pleasure. brian: straight ahead the fda clears a second covid treatment pill in less than two days as experts say a return to normal could be right around the corner, does this administration care about that. dr. siegel agrees. why dr. siegel says the time for mandates are over and this: santa claus coming to town. we have got our eyes on kris kringle, his nickname and where he is heading next. that's our planet from high up ♪ santa claus is coming boogie woogie choo choo train ♪
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>> i remember going from one i can't understand parent's house to the other anticipating santa later on in the evening. always excited for the times with the grandparents. there is very vivid thing i remember. i remember the santa claus that they each had in their respective homes. i remember the food. i remember everything about it. and it does bring back warm memories of a time past and looking forward to the future. ♪ ♪ [♪♪] did you know you can shorten your cold with cold-eeze® lozenges? cold-eeze® can shorten your cold by 42% try cold-eeze® the number one best-selling zinc lozenge. and try new cold-eeze® ultramelt™ chews
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3:43 am
being in the background. here with more is fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. dr. siegel, these pills are great but not for everybody, right? >> they are not for everybody, the paxlovid is exciting break through pill. it decreased hospitalization for 90%. people high risk that know right away that they have had covid or they have been exposed to it or they have a high risk of getting it then taking this pill is going to decrease your risk of severity. study deed in people unvaccinated i believe it is also something we can use in vaccinated people who are at i have been high risk. pretty similar, steve, to the way we use tamiflu for flu. i think we got our tamiflu now and i'm very excited about it. steve: it's for people who are more at risk and people already presenting symptoms of the disease. speaking of the disease.
3:44 am
omicron. >> or people exposed, right. steve: the omicron is sweeping the nation. the numbers in new york are through the roof. but ax you look at the number of people getting omicron in south africa where we first heard about it. it sounds like they are on the back end of the mountain, and the good news if, you know, it's still relative, 80% of them, less likely to be hospitalized with omicron, 30% develop severe illnesses if hospitalized. that's great it's still a problem is that a preview of what we can expect here? you know, they have only been really riding the wave for a couple of weeks and now it looks like it could be heading for the exit. >> i'm very optimistic about this, steve. i talked to it dr. gentleman jae
3:45 am
says it's a combination of more people getting vaccinated and boosted and people that have had prior covid or different strains that got different variants that got exposed. and that it's a milder virus. it's clearly a milder virus the problem is it spreads so rapidly that puts more people at risk. the path forward to becoming an endemic here, in my opinion and again i think we are going to follow south africa i think in january you will see less cases as, again, it saturates more people and more people get boosted. the goal is to cut through the hysteria, steve. the hysteria and incompetent government where everything is slow. where the pill comes out but we don't have it where this rapid testing for 500,000 -- for 500 million people but we don't have it. and then people go frightened to the pharmacy and they line up as you said right before came on. you line up at the pharmacy, guess what you are doing? you are spreading omicron. i think the hysteria and incompetent government has made
3:46 am
this an impossible situation. we also have to decrease the time for quarantines. steve: you are absolutely right. the administration has blown it. they had a chance apparently in october to get 700 million at home tests to make the holiday season a safer one. and they said no, not interested. but we were talking, dr. siegel, about the fact that tens of thousands of americans are waking up this morning and discover that their flights have been can said because united and delta san selling hundreds of flights because of coronavirus protocoled because once somebody is exposed or they present the symptoms, they have got to isolate for 10 days, now the head of delta saying why don't we make that five days. we think that would be safer. >> i think that that's true. and that's true already in hospitals like mine around the country for healthcare workers. but the centers for disease control is going too slow here. steve. a recent study just published in
3:47 am
the new england journal of nba volunteers so he if you are boosted, your risk of spreading, this it goes on for only about six days. so i'm in favor of cutting that 10-day quarantine rule down to five days. that's right. five days. after exposure, if you have a mild case, get a rapid test. your rapid test is negative. that's pretty accurate you are not going to spread it. i think hysteria is the problem here. by the way, it's all over the place, omicron. we need to shift to a new paradigm for omicron. do you know what's happening? we are still using the delta paradigm. that's a mistake. and by the way, if you give incentive to someone have you been boosted. can you come back to work. can you go back to school, that will get more people vaccinated rather than mandates. steve: you and i both have been double vaccinated and boosted and it's the most we can do for ourselves and our families as well. dr. siegel, thank you very much. merry christmas and happy
3:48 am
holidays to you and your family. >> beautiful christmas suit, steve. that's very uplifting and spreads hope instead of fear. steve: thank you very much. marc. my wife bought it at stein mart one of the big advertisers on fox news channel. she saw the ad and she bought it thank you, mrs. doocy. meanwhile, what's the weather look like for this christmas eve? adam klotz joins us right now with the "foxcast" and adam, it snowed here in the new york city area overnight. >> yeah. steve a little bit of snow out on fox square, boy was that short-lived. if it was on the ground it's probably already melted. we're just barely on those temperatures you need to support a little bit of snow fall. take a look at satellite and radar. can you tell little bit of snow wandering around new england. light to say the least as we are tracking that snowfall. temperatures at 32 degrees. as i said just barely cold enough. look back across the middle of the country. 50 degrees in kansas city. i will leave you with this graphic where it gets up to 70 today in kansas city.
3:49 am
45 in new york city. any snow that you see will melt. unfortunately, steve, not a white christmas out on fox square. those are your weather headlines. back to you. steve: all right. thank you very much. adam. coming up, two daring rescues as this young hero helps a woman to save her building that is on fire after saving his classmates mate's life in the same day. he is only 11. what a guy. plus, here comes santa claus. we are tracking jolly old saint nic as he starts his travel around the world up in the right hand-delivered he has already delivered 271 million gifts. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ say your prayers santa claus is coming tonight ♪ here comes santa claus ♪ here comes santa claus down santa claus lane
3:50 am
♪ at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner.
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♪ carley: santa claus is coming to town and our friends at norad are tracking santa as he starts his journey to deliver gifts around the world. so where is he now?
3:54 am
norad commander general glen van hirk joins us live with an update. good morning, merry christmas. >> good morning, carley. santa is in immediately to right now. carley: i do understand he has already delivered presents almost 200 million of them. >> actually he is approaching 300 million right now. carley: is he very fast. >> already visited russia and pacific islands. carley: norad has been tracking santa since 1955. pretty cool back story as to how this started. can you enlighten us on that? >> absolutely. it started by accident. actually, when a department store advertisement printed the wrong phone number that phone number actually ran in the continental air defense command headquarters and colonel answered the phone and realized quickly it was a young child looking for where was santa claus. he continued on the rest of the
3:55 am
night answering calls from that errant phone number and we have continued ever since for now 66 years. carley: well, you are very special person because not only do you have a direct line to santa but norad keeps north america safe all throughout the year. that doesn't stop during christmas. but, i was wondering if you could share what a behind the scenes look at tracking santa looks like. how much work goes into this? >> well, we actually utilized the same exact systems we used every day of the year. 365 days a year. it starts off with our radar warning system called the north warning system that stretches across the north of canada and alaska and as he leaves the north pole that's what we pick him up with first. then as rudolph's nose starts getting hot we can track him on infrared satellite capability and finally as he approaches north america canadian cf-fighters.
3:56 am
f 16 and f-22 fighters ensure his safe journey through north america. carley: is he in new zealand now what country is he going to next. >> he is going to antarctica. going from the north down towards the south pole. carley: track santa at norad or 1-877 it hi norad. doing great work maybe kids happy across the country. >> thanks, carley. carley: coming up, as we rush to open presents under the tree tomorrow. alveda king reminds us how to keep christ in christmas. ess ♪ ♪ yes, show a little kindness ♪ ♪ just shine your light for everyone to see ♪
3:57 am
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4:01 am
very special day. it is christmas eve and, carley, a moment ago you were talking to the brass from norad, we are tracking santa as he flies around the world. i'm looking right now. let's see, he is in new zealand and he is going to be in antarctica in four minutes and 47 seconds. the gifts delivered according to that tracker in the upper right hand corner as you can see. this guy is unbelievable. 337 million gifts delivered so far. don't know how many kids actually saw him deliver them but nonetheless is he a busy elf. carley: he is. not delivering very many gifts in antarctica, i don't think. i have it on good authority right now as is he flying around the world, brian, is he listening to santa claus has got a dirty job. brian: right. he feels that way. although he does not complain. because it's not fess vas. festivus is a different holiday
4:02 am
all together. that was yesterday. and that is where you air grievances. steve: made up holiday. brian: we're pretty sure. i don't know it, seemed pretty real when i watched it on seinfeld. seemed like they knew what they were doing, something that went back generations and seinfeld we know was based on a true story. most of their episodes anyway. one thing is pretty clear. you don't have to clear santa, is he used to bad weather and used to overcoming it what's happening right now with this omicron variant spread so easily and quickly and in a way we haven't seen before even though the symptoms are mild. you have to have a crew in order to fly a plane, santa one guy and rudolph out front, with the planes it's a lot different. people are really upset and really no one to blame. except maybe china and the virus. because now we get this. this is an ongoing number that's changing. as of now, there are 284 canceled flights yesterday. 436 today. that number is growing.
4:03 am
and, guys, the way i understand it, you just look at your phone, you get texts, you get email you are canceled or you have to get to the airport and find out it's canceled. you can't blame the weather. you can't blame equipment failure. blame the fact that you can't crew. a lot of people are saying hey, it's because if one of my men or women test positive, whether it's a pilot or flight attendant or a maintenance operator, we have to give them, put them on the sideline for 10 days. we have got to amend that for healthcare workers it's going down to 7. can we get it down to 5? steve: well, here's the thing. generally if they cancel your flight on the app., they will rebook you. but if you are going to head home today, there is a real good chance that the flight they put you on is not today. and you could actually wind up going home for christmas after christmas sadly. brian, you are absolutely right. we were talking to dr. siegel a little while ago and is he talking about how the protocols
4:04 am
regarding isolating yourself, the 10-day isolation after your first symptoms and then a couple of negative tests. that, for the most part, got started with delta. and alpha as well. and now that omicron is less, thank goodness, is less severe. perhaps it's time to take look at something else. when these people are winding up with the cancellation, it invariably says the reason you can't go today is because the coronavirus cases are limiting the crew of availability. and carley, even the delta ceo is saying this is really screwing up business for air travelers and we're going to have to maybe, rather than 10. how about five and that would keep more planes in the air. carley: absolutely. i can't imagine waking up this morning thinking you are going to see your mom or dad or a member of your family and you look at your phone and you get that alert that says because of omicron, because of covid, your christmas plans are canceled and then you are alerts you don't
4:05 am
know what to do. united airlines spoke to fox business about this because they know so many people are going to be so frustrated over this situation. and they say the nationwide spike in omicron cases this week has had a direct impact on our flight crews and the people who run our operation. as a result, we have unfortunately had to cancel some flights and then, the other situation, brian, is that when you do get on a flight, you have to wear a mask the entire time and now the heads of airlines are saying that's not something that they even support because there is -- there are hepa filters on planes. they are calling for less -- the time to be cut down in terms of quarantining from 10 days to hopefully five days and they also say masks become a thing of the past when you get on the flight. >> you had so much out there. i will take the top issue. and that is we have to be anymore being, we have to learn, we have to pivot, how to live
4:06 am
with it while the experts try to destroy the virus and get ahead of the first time of a variant if possible. we have to learn ways to live with it we almost need a unit, it's called living with the virus because it's going to be at least 10 years, we're going to have some type of variant coming our way. thankfully they are getting less and less serious but they spread easier, we understand if robert red field is correct the next one coming through is going to go through us real quick will you also less serious in terms of symptoms. makes us wonder how much better off we would have been with a businessman as a president because he had a way through red tape like we have never seen before. what anyone thought of donald trump operation warp speed doesn't happen if a politician is leading this country. he didn't come up with the vaccine but he set up the systems to expedite the process. so, this is why i believe the administration -- this current administration who told us in july this was over, we can have
4:07 am
a cookout and then by august we found out it was a much different story, but, during that period of time, there really wasn't much that changed. we had the tests. we heard about the mask, we got the vaccine. then, in the fall, even prior to when this latest wave happened, this latest variant came into play. the vanity fair writes this story to bring us inside an opportunity the biden administration decided to not to take and we are all paying the price, the headline, the biden administration rejects in october 25th to be specific. free rapid test for the holiday. evidently this group comes over to the white house and they said hey, guys, we have a great idea. you have to get rapid test to everyone. we are going to need 732 million rapid tests. the administration looked at it and said okay, let me think about it, the answer is no. the bold plan is done. and a lot of people saying that is where you are lost. i don't want to take the whole time talking about this article. let you guys expand on it this is so telling.
4:08 am
you need someone leaning forward. if we wasted some money buying tests. i got it if you want to bring that up during a debate or during the midterms, takes the slings and arrows. we already took a huge bet on the vaccine. why we didn't take a bet on the rapid test, getting into people's houses, i cannot get my head around that. steve. steve: well, it's all because they put all of the -- they put all of their eggs in one basket. the basket was about the vaccine. and, you know, we have been talking over the last week or two about how -- why didn't they stockpile monoclonal antibodies? we don't have any of those? why didn't they stockpile all this stuff? how many of the people who are out at the airport standing in line trying to talk to an agent about rebooking stood in line to get a test in a tent or an urgent care place over the last couple of days where the line was out the door and around the corner because they couldn't get any at home tests.
4:09 am
brian, you were talking about that zoom meeting they had at the white house back in october. where they said we need 732 million monthly tests. and if we do that we save the holiday season. but three days later. the white house said, you know what? thanks for the input but we're going to take a pass on that. and, unfortunately, carley, this is where we are right now. you have got lines like that where you have got thousands of people, nobody wants to be the person who goes home for christmas and gets a family member sick. because that would just be terrible. but had the administration acted in october, we could have been at the place where everybody knows before they go home they got a test and they are saying i got a prc test yesterday. i'm absolutely fine. and do you know what? when we gather with our family tonight around the table, i know that i don't have it. carley: look at these long lines, i was saying earlier this week that one of my girlfriends
4:10 am
was traveling overseas for the holidays from france. she was waiting in line with her baby. she has a 1-year-old. and they waited for five hours. it got too cold for her little girl. it was a big disaster on what to do to get everybody tested. and this is exactly why the white house is taking such heavy fire over not being prepared on testing. and now white house press secretary jen psaki is actually trying to swing this as a positive saying well, the administration actually did take some action over the summer to ramp up testing so things could have been worse. listen here. >> we did take steps to rapidly increase our testing capacity as of the summer and i would just go back to kind of the chain of events here to remind people. june was long time ago. but before the delta variant was on the rise there was not a demand for testing in this country. delta changed the mentality in the public for understandable reasons and the fact that there
4:11 am
were only a couple of approved tests just before october, there were only about three on the market, right, that we could have tapped into. the president using the defense production act of investing $3 billion allowed for there to be an increase in production so we could order the huge number much splice that we're ordering. >> there is the white house spin on the subject. brian, keep in mind, president biden ran on a platform that he would do better than president trump had had when it came to covid-19. and he would be prepared at all times on all fronts. so, for him, and the vice president to come out and say that they didn't see delta and they didn't see omicron coming, and that they had this opportunity to get all of these tests and they rejected that proposal back in october is stunning. brian: carply, it's unbelievable. it would be different if it was 2020. but you have this team that was able to study it that had this h1n1 back ground. they were yesterday to handle a
4:12 am
pandemic. ron klain said he was in charge of it the h1n1 when obama was in office. and they were going to fix it and they mocked president trump. so now you said it was a mistake, basically he told david muir not to have 500 mr. at home tests. now that he will actually have those tests. we are not going to get them until january. it was a mistake not to order the antivirals from pfizer ahead of time. we all knew as the american people if pfizer fell on its face with this and we lost money, nobody would have blamed either president. they took a bet. and also, president trump made the hard move. he said make this stuff -- make the concoction, we will do the testing. while you are manufacturing it and then we will try it and boom, almost all of them worked except one, johnson & johnson, pfizer and moderna. now we have another one. keep in mind this. the president is not all in on this antiviral. remember what he said to david muir. he comes out of this and says well tell me how many pills you have. he kept confusing pills and
4:13 am
tests. disconcerning interview muir was unbelievable. did he a great job. tell me about them. when it comes to the antiviral -- don't worry you are not going to need them. you are wrong vaccinated people are getting this and they have the minor symptoms and they would take the antiviral. talk to a doctor. how could the president be so wrong about that? when you have a break through, you would need the pfizer or you would need the merck. carley: so true. steve: brian, the white house knows that americans are frustrated and americans see that the administration was caught flat-footed so this week they announced they are going to be 500 million at home tests that you will be able to apply for starting in january on a government website from, we hope the same people that put the obamacare website together have nothing to do with this. so that's going to be coming up. and while there are no at home tests for the most part for america at the white house. the one thing the white house
4:14 am
does have some dancing and singing nurses. the northwell health nurse choir performed on tuesday for pbs in the white house and critics are saying you have got to be kidding me. that is so tone deaf because there is a mask mandate in washington, d.c. the first lady doesn't have a mask. they don't have a mask. but nonetheless, it puts you in the spirit of the season. watch this. ♪ fill up the stocking ♪ ♪ we need a little christmas ♪ right this very minute ♪ we need a little christmas ♪ right this very minute ♪ steve: and there are critics who say that that show was simply to distract people from how badly
4:15 am
the administration has handled the pandemic. and northwell health nurse choir, great organization. they have been on "fox & friends" a couple of times this morning the white house is getting criticism for inviting them there in the first place while the kim potter smiling after she is found guilty on all counts in the fatal shooting of daunte wright. garrett tenney is live in minneapolis with more as this trial finally comes to a close. garrett, good morning. >> carley, good morning to you, after 27 hours of deliberation, this jury of six men and six women found kim potter guilty of first and second degree manslaughter. inside of the courtroom the former brooklyn center police officer was stoic and showed almost no emotion as the verdict was announced and she learned
4:16 am
her fate. >> we, the jury, on the charge of manslaughter in the first degree find the defendant guilty. >> outside the courthouse, a crowd erupted in cheers as the verdict was announced. minnesota attorney general keith keithellison whose office prosed the case while is he pleased with the outcome it doesn't bring daunte back. >> we have a degree of accountability for daunte's death. accountability is not justice. accountability is an important step. critical, necessary step on the road to justice for us all. >> kim potter is now in the state women's prison as she waits for her sentencing in february. you can see her smiling here in her new inmate photo. she is facing up to 15 years in prison and prosecutors have said that they plan to seek -- push for a sentence closer to that
4:17 am
but given that she has no criminal record according to state guidelines, the sentence should be somewhere between six and a half to eight and a half years. we will see what the judge ultimately decides in february though, carley, brian, steve. brian: all right. thanks so much. appreciate it so, yeah, we are going to follow that story. we are going to be doing that just about every hour. let's turn to headlines now. other stories we are breaking we want to share with you. new court documents show accused michigan school shooter violent doodles on his schoolwork. look at this. the drawings alerted teachers to crumbley's potential risk to himself and others. crumbley appearing to write disturbing messages including threats of self-harm and crossing them out. his mother addresses a text message she sent to her son before the shooting saying "don't do it." she says she was telling him not to commit suicide. his mother faces accusations she knew he might attack the school. the house democrat from texas
4:18 am
says v.p. harris' work as the border czar is falling short. congressman henry cuellar says when he offered harris advice in june. she never even returned his car. cuellar saying quote: she was tanked with a be jo. it doesn't look like she is very interested in this. we are going to modify on to other folks that work on this issue. what a joke. this is a catastrophe on our border. harris did not visit the border until months after being tapped by biden to work on the root causes of the migration crisis. now she is whining about it. this is not your typical photo with santa. we taught our baby sign language. this is the sign for help. you're welcome. the 1-year-old is going viral online. social media users saying he was begging for help. the baby's mom says she was standing right beside him and only noticed the hilarious sign until much later. that's kind of funny. those your headlines. but that's not all we are talking about.
4:19 am
steve, you have something you know quite well. you want to open up right now by talking about top christmas movies in new york and new jersey. you work in new york. you live in new jersey. steve: actually, brian, we want to talk about the top movies, holiday movies all across the country because yesterday was national christmas movie marathon day. did you realize that? and so a number of different web sites came out with a state by state breakdown of what the most popular movies on. are. and it's interesting, when it comes to new york and new jersey, you would think that there would just be one movie. but according to one aggregator, big data. home alone is the most popular movie in new york, new jersey, also in florida. whereas the says the popular movie in new jersey and newark is the grinch who stole christmas. carley: polar express is one
4:20 am
popular movie. the other popular movie is why him? a movie i had never even heard of. brian. steve: yeah. why not? brian: kansas. that's also your hometown. >> well, here it's my home state. and here's the thing. according to big data. christmas movie is die hard. >> controversial. now i know be. when you look at it you are absolutely right, carly. it is controversial. die hard. because a lot of people go die hard, the guy in the skyscraper? bruce willis? absolutely. 75% remember the set everybody is gathered for the company christmas party i respect all
4:21 am
opinions on the die hard debate. up next, meet the 11-year-old who saved his choking classmate's life and helped an old woman escape her burning home all in the same day. unbelievable story here. ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th
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is carley: welcome back. back with headlines, the office of progressive l.a. county attorney george gascon recommends a zero dollar bail for a man arrested for allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting a minor. glendale police say gas connie's office justified the move by citing their zero bail policy which aims to reduce jails during the pandemic. a judge ultimately set bail at
4:26 am
$100,000. gas connie's office denies ever suggesting bail be set at zero. west virginia senator joe manchin calling for understanding after being fellow democrats enchts let us pray for peace and safety and understanding that brings our nation together. >> carley: looking for a way to get biden's agenda passed next year looking for cuts to the massive spending pang that could bring manchin on board. manchin not saying publicly what changes could get his approval or whether he might revisit the bill next year. a 3rd grade teacher promises hot chocolate for her students if she could sink a full court shot. check out what happens next. watch this. [cheers] carley: that is so cute. of course, this video is going
4:27 am
viral for the wild reaction from the kids. after kathleen fitzpatrick sinks the shot. it turns out she is a former division 1 basketball player from rutgers university. she credits the assist from the student in the reindeer outfit and obviously if you take this video home to the kids' parents you show them they are going to love this. look how happy those kids are, steve. steve: yeah, no kidding. i'm reading "people" magazine regarding this particular story and it said look at them go crazy, she says i usually play basketball with them at recess and i don't really take it lightly. i play as hard as i can. and she does credit the assist from the little kid dressed as rudolph in the reindeer costume for giving her the ball and launching herself into our story of the day. carley: that's right. really quickly, griff jenkins earlier this morning said his kids went toe that school and he said it is a great school. steve: it is indeed, carley,
4:28 am
thank you very much. meanwhile, an 11-year-old boy is being honored for his heroism after jumping into action to save two lives in one day. day von johnson was made an honorary deputy just hours after he life that young hero joins us right now along with his mother latoya johnson andy simmons and under sheriff greg martin. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. let's talk with you first explain what you did when you saw that one of your classmates was choking on a bottle cap. >> he just ran in my classroom and was like under breath saying
4:29 am
i'm choking, i'm choking. and another classmate said he is choking because nobody could hear him bottle cap out. steve: you saved his life. just like that. later in the day, you are driving through a neighborhood and you see a house is on fire and you lady needs help, what did you do? >> so she was coming out to her porch, right across the street. i helped her to her truck and to get off. >> you did, indeed. latoya, your son, is quite a young man. i understand you got to be just super proud of what he was able to do. >> oh, yes. steve: are you encouraged him, latoya, to help others in your
4:30 am
community whenever he can? >> >> yes. >> he certainly did twice in one day he saved lives. under sheriff martin i understand you have nobody that young man since he was a little boy. >> yes, i do. i have had him in -- my grandson and him went to preschool togeer. he was always taking care of everybody and making sure if anyone had a bad day that he took care of them. he had that caring personality and was taking care of all the little students there as well so he was always kid guy. ing deputized him honorary
4:31 am
deputy, right? >> school board's decision to give him attention as well as the city, city government as well as our county government. surrounding him and giving him all the good kudos we could with the mayor, mayor comey. >> sheriff, day von was in the right place at the right time, wasn't he? [talking at the same time] >> yes. you know, a young man like day von to be in the right place at the right time two times in one day and have the courage to act we're thankful for to have a young man like him living in our community. >> no kidding. the good news is, i understand, davon you want to be an e.m.t. when you grow up. and over the last week or so you have already gotten plenty of
4:32 am
experience at that thank you for joining us and merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. steve: all right. as we continue our 12 days of giving. we are shining our spotlight on the wounded warrior project to honor those who fight for our freedom straight ahead on this new year's eve. for the gifts you won't forget. the mercedes-benz winter event. get a credit toward your first month's payment on select models.
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4:36 am
fighting for our free domes on a daily basis. joined by one of the best in the business. wounded warrior project mike leng ton and iraqi war veteran. anthony wallace talk about this program of 12 days of giving. first off, general, the focus now that we are not in two active wars although there are challenges every day, how does that affect what you are doing at the wounded warrior project? >> yeah, brian, our focus today is as it has been for the last 15 years how do we reconnect veterans that have served and sacrificed so much on our behalf and really provide them the programs and services that help them thrive in their community. less than 1% of americans serve
4:37 am
in uniform and for those that bear the scars and burden of war we owe them our best efforts and that's what we do at wounded warrior project every day. brian: antoneth he watched the towers fall what was your service when you came back. >> i was a senior in high school when the towers fell in staten island, new york. i watched it with my graduating class. that prompted me to join the military which was something that i had not considered previously. i did serve in iraq from 2004 and 2005 and tikrit saddam hussein's hometown. when i returned home, i was diagnosed with ptsd. and i suffered with the invisible wounds of war for quite some time i struggled several years and they helped me get through that.
4:38 am
steve: i know she weapons a lot of people you help. come back different needs is help pee transition and reconnect. >> yeah, brian, connection is the most important part. i mean, veterans miss the cam rad derly and cohesion comes in the military. creating those connection events all over the country and 25 cities and represented in all 50 states helping them connect. and providing them the programs and services that help them heal, mental health, physical health and wellness. financial counseling, jobs. with what's going on today, all of those services that we provide are so important to helping the veteran and their family and that's why over the christmas holidays, our specific focus is on helping veterans connect in their communities and give back to those in need. brian real quick, general, tell me the way we left afghanistan and humiliated the country the way we did it. how much harder did it make your job when veterans contact you? what are they asking for and
4:39 am
antoinette what are they asking for when you see the way we left? >> brian, we did a specific program that reached out to more than 30,000 of our alumni that served in afghanistan, really based on that survey we altered our programs to help let them realize that, you know, their service was not, you know, for not, they kept our country free number one, they provided opportunities for the afghan people that never imagined and really they were there for each other and really over the holidays as we think through the christmas holidays, that cohesion and that camaraderie is what we are rebuilding right now and certainly the christmas holidays is difficult for many veterans and their families and that's why and the financial burdens over the holidays, that's our focus this christmas. and antoinette does that. brian: antoinette, thank you very much for helping out still. general, you are doing a great
4:40 am
job with the wounded warrior project. everyone out there you are asking yourself how do i give back and feel better about this holiday one thing under your control go will it their site. great to see you again. >> thank you, merry christmas. brian: back at you. meanwhile as we get closer and closer to christmas, a great american story patriotic people and family. president and freedom fighter abraham lincoln and frederick douglass and battle to save america's soul. straight ahead in our show talking to favorite lumberjack. the man who looks great in plaid. sean duffy. >> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now... >> ...and make a difference. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> man, i love that song!
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♪ brian: guilty on all counts. former minnesota police officer kim potter convicted of manslaughter charges fatally shooting daunte wright during a
4:45 am
traffic stop earlier this year. steve: the judge ordered the ex-cop to be taken into custody immediately without bail. potter is now facing up to 15 years in prison with sentencing scheduled for the month of february. carley: here to react contributor and former congressman who also served as a d.a. in ashland county, risk, sean duffy, sean this is a tough tragic case. using your legal experience, do you think the jury made the right call? >> listen, i disagree with the jury decision but, listen, juries reflect the morals and values of a community. and they heard all the facts. i didn't sit through the whole trial, so, you know, i can see why they would come up with a guilty verdict here. but i think when you look at all the facts whether you have donte wright lawfully pulled over. lawfully has a warrant for his arrest. tried to take him into custody and you try to flee the scene he tries to slump in his car and get away that's a heightened situation that he created and obviously if you are law enforcement, you want to put an
4:46 am
end to the fleeing defendant. and you are forced to make split second decisions and sometimes they are not always the right decision. and so, i don't think those agra valgt factors were as much considered by the jury ace would have considered them had i sat on the panel. again do i think justice was served by juries? absolutely. carley: brian? steve: brian. brian: all right. sean, couple of things. there was a top halfway in the cop when he was pulling away. she obviously didn't want to do it. no one wants to see him daunte wright dead, obviously. he will didn't do enough -- it was a traffic stop. he didn't want to stop. he kept going underlines the danger of police officer. this woman had a perfect record. she was actually training other people and now she is in jail for 15 years. this is the danger of this job.
4:47 am
it's really underlined in every way. >> i think you bring up a good point. you have a law enforcement officer who is in the car. and, you know, frankly she is using lethal force. and that was part of the prosecutor's -- i'm sorry the defense argument which was she was lawfully using deadly force with a fleeing defendant. so, and i would agree with that. but the problem is if you are a defendant, don't flee law enforcement. if you are being taken into custody, comply. and when you flee or try to get away or resist arrest, bad things happen like what happened right here. here is my frustrating -- it's not the jury that frustrates me, it's the prosecutors in this case. keith ellison, who is the attorney general in minnesota. is he a left wing progressive. so across the country, you told this story, how prosecutors going light on hardened criminals people with long records, the book is not being thrown at them.
4:48 am
the charges are light from prosecutors, sentence recommendations are light. the bail recommendations are light. for criminals. but here is kim potter as you mentioned, brian, she has a stellar record. she makes a split second decision that the jury found was in error. what do they do? they threw every single charge they could at her will prosecutorial discretion used. not only that after the conviction you have the prosecutors saying this is aggravated case we don't want to go with the sidelines seven years in prison. we want her to sit more time in prison because she is a danger to her community. what the hell is wrong with prosecutors. you should look at kim potter and go this was a mistake, we are going to use our discretion. have a lighter charge and give a lighter sentence recommendation. but you have liberals letting criminals go and a good cop with a perfect record they are throwing the book at and want to see her in prison for over 10 years. unbelievable. steve: sentencing comes up in ebb if. let's see what happens.
4:49 am
sean, thank you very much for joining us, merry christmas to you and all the duffy's. >> steve, thank you for wearing such a happy outfit for christmas. i love that you made me smile when i saw you this morning. merry christmas to you all too. carley: merry christmas to you rachel and the kids. steve: one day i get to wear this indeed. speaking of christmas, coming up next dr. alveda king joins us live as she shares the real reason for the season and her special christmas message. ♪ everywhere you go ♪ take a look in the five and ten ♪ listening once again ♪ with candy canes and silver lanes aglow ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪
4:50 am
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>> good morning it is christmas eve and tomorrow, families around the world will gather to celebrate health, happiness and the true reason for the season. here with her message to keep christ in christmas is fox news contributor, and evangelist, alveda king. alveda good morning, merry christmas. >> good morning, carlie, hello, everyone, merry christmas. >> oh, we're so happy to have you on. what is your message on this christmas eve? >> the beautiful christ-like message we've had hanukkah,
4:54 am
kwanzaa, certainly christmas. the message is to love, to repent, to forgive, and to share , and so that's what jesus did, and god gave us jesus, so it's just a very beautiful season. we want to keep that spirit all year around if we can, but certainly, this is a good time to say merry christmas to everybody. >> that's right it is jesus' birthday so we have to remember him and religion as we open up our presents. really quickly, alveda, because i do want to get to something special that you have on fox nation but i was just thinking about all of the news stories we've been covering lately and a lot have to do with tragedy. the tornadoes, the crime that's happening across the country. what do you tell people who are going through something right now, because sometimes christmas is even more difficult for them. >> this is a very difficult season. i have lost loved ones to covid, for example, the violence, the tornadoes, everything that is happening. my granddaddy, reverend martin
4:55 am
luther king surfing, even after the death of my dad, reverend a. d. king, my uncle martin luther king jr. his wife alberta said thank god for what we have left, and so i tend to focus on those things that are right around me now, and even with gift giving, you know, say you don't have a lot of money to buy a present, but you can bless somebody, one of my neighbors came by with a plate of home made cookies, the carolers came by, and so things like that mean a lot at christmas as well. it doesn't mean that other things are not happening, have not happened, but we really can thank god for what we have left. >> you have a new special out on fox nation, alveda king's house a house of family at christmas. >> what we do on fox nation is to bring hope and joy in the midst of the storm, and we do a little cooking with it. >> oh, we love it we will definitely be tuning in and we know your favorite recipe is rice pudding and we'll be able
4:56 am
to watch you make it on fox nation if you tune it. alveda thank you so much for joining us you're so inspirational and so positive and have a message that everybody should be happy to hear. thank you so much, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> the christian family band, we the kingdom, joins us live with a powerful christmas eve performance of "silent night" you do not want to miss it, coming your way. ♪
4:57 am
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4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ come to the stable, he will satisfy, taste of his goodness, find what you're looking for ♪ ♪ for god so loved the world that he gave us ♪ brian: there you go, we got a look at maryland right by our nation's capitol and then we go to the capitol of the world, new york city where that is our second tree and it's beautiful
5:01 am
and it's fantastic and welcome back, everybody. we are finishing up the final hour unless hemmer and dana over sleep again then we're forced to go a fourth hour almost like the weekend show that could indeed be happening and steve, of course you have wiped everybody out off the map when it comes to fashion. i think the rest of the primetime lineup or whatever is happening tonight cannot actually compete with that. steve: well, listen, ms. doocy, who watches the fox news channel a lot to see mainly her son, she saw an ad for steinmart, and they were selling these santa or christmas blazers last year and i think it was $59 something like that. >> wow! steve: tis the season, i know it was a great deal besides if you wear something like this , today is the day, because it's christmas eve and in fact, carlie, earlier you were talking to the people from norad. santa, kids who are watching right now, santa is heading our
5:02 am
way, currently over the country of russia, and the gift track erin the upper right hand corner shows that 671 million gifts have been delivered so far. >> wow, yeah, putin gets coal, everybody else gets christmas gifts that's what santa told me. steve: [laughter] coal. they could use some coal. brian: right. i mean, absolutely. we'll find out if they see any buildup on the ukrainian border if santa would report that we would certainly appreciate it it would save us some drone money, but i do think it's great. i would love santa could actually see the curvature of the earth. that must be something. that's not the best shot there, but there's another shot, we fully see the earth, and it's amazing which by the way according to reports we're spin ning right now. steve: yeah, and brian, what you're talking about is when you go to their app, if you want to look at it on your smartphone, they've got
5:03 am
an app,, and as it tracks it starts on the earth and then zooms into where santa is and currently he is over russia. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about christmas eve. it's going to be, what do you want for christmas? according to the new york post, this christmas, 2021 all we want for christmas is some sanity, because with covid and omicron, things are crazy. you know, going back, about 20 years ago, i used to do rock' in new years eve with dick clark in times square. there used to be 1 million people jammed in times square, and because of covid, last year was canceled but this year, there was a possibility they were going to cancel it and yesterday, mayor deblasio announced that normally they got 60,000 people in those holding pens or viewing areas as we look at the sign that's going to be lit up in about a week or so
5:04 am
normally 60,000 and now they pairity back to 15,000. usually, you'd be able to go over and find a space first thing in the morning. they're not going to let you into one of those areas until 3:00 in the afternoon, even though it's outside you've gotta wear a mask, you gotta have a photo id, prove that you've been vaccinated, that's why they've got testing right there. if you've got a kid under five, whose unvaccinated, because it has not been cleared for children, you've got to, the kid has got to be accompanied by a vaccinated adult. so new years eve in new york city is going to be unlike anything we have ever seen before, carlie. >> yeah, that's exactly right and that's why the cover of the new york post today says all we want for christmas is sanity, and the op-ed that is attached to that headline talks about how the author says that covid is over. this isn't a crisis anymore.
5:05 am
i would say that it's almost over, hopefully, because we have such good news that really everybody should be celebrating this week, with the new covid pill that would cut down hospitalizations and deaths and the fact that there have been several studies from countries around the world that say that omicron is much less severe. unfortunately, we still are living at a time, brian, where we're using the rules of 2020. one of those rules being that if you get covid, regardless of if you're vaccinated or not and if you test negative, you still have to quarantine for 10 days, so a lot of people are waking up this morning. they are checking their phones and realizing that their flights have been canceled so they can't go home for the holidays, because airlines are facing significant staffing shortages because of omicron and the cdc rule. yesterday, 284 flights were canceled. today that number is up to 443, so so many people right now are waking up so disappointed and
5:06 am
scrambling to try and get home for the holidays. brian: couple of things play into this. if you don't have a crew you can't fly, if you don't have a pilot you can't fly but there's so many other elements, if there's a maintenance issue, all gotta be done and part of the problem is, during the shutdown, even though money poured into the airlines because they couldn't fly and they wanted to keep them afloat and nobody argues there, they offer ed a lot of their staff the delta, united, american, major airlines said guys if you want to retire, we'll give you an incentive to retire and a lot of them did. they took the package and left so now when they ramped up and america jumped back on the plane s, they are so short staffed and i know because i've been flying around with this book tour, i was held up two or three times because they're asking these flight attendants and others to work two or three different shifts and they go from plane to plane and they don't have enough people. a very coveted job is now wide open. they're hiring and then when you
5:07 am
have now this very contagious variant of the virus, now you have it jumping from person to person to person so mr. and mrs. johnson gets it, he's on the shelf for 10 days even though he feels fine, more than likely. now they are saying hey, they wrote a letter to the airlines and united in particular and delta, saying can you lessen the quarantine time from 10 to seven and we prefer even five. steve: right. the spokesperson, i guess that's my toss, the spokesman for united says to fox business, the nationwide spike in omicron cases this week has had a direct impact on our flight crews and the people who run our operation as a result, we've unfortunately had to cancel some flights. you know what? they couldn't be canceling flights on a worse day because tens of thousands of people all
5:08 am
across the country, look at images at tsa in chicago, same images in every metropolitan area. people want to go home but they also want to go home and be safe , and that's why we saw all those gigantic lines of people trying to get tested so that they don't go home and make the rest of their family sick, because it's one thing to give a loved one a fruit cake, but it's something else if you give them omicron. dr. marc siegel was with us a little while ago talking about the advances with the new covid pills, by merck and pfizer. he said generally, carlie, to your point earlier about all we want is some sanity is we need to get over the hysteria, the doctor says, watch. >> i'm very optimistic about this. the path forward to becoming an endemic in my opinion and again i think we'll follow south africa. i think in january you'll see less cases, as again, it saturates more people and hopefully more people get
5:09 am
boosted. the goal here is to cut through the hysteria, steve, the hysteria and the incompetent government where everything is slow, where the pill comes out but we don't have it, where the rapid testing for 500 million people, but we don't have it. the hysteria and the incompetent government has made this an impossible situation. we also have to decrease the time for quarantines. >> yeah absolutely. i think he's right and i think that there's a really big messaging issue with the biden administration this week where the president held this press conference over omicron and his message was doom and gloom. he was saying don't panic but then everything he said would lead people to panic, when there is so much good news. i would say listen remember that winter of death that i was talking about? i, as president, will do everything in my power to stop that, to keep the country open, keep people safe and tested but also make sure that businesses thrive, kids go back-to-school, and take a much more positive
5:10 am
approach than what they did this week because there is so much good news on the horizon. we have to turn to this now. go ahead, brian real quick. go ahead. brian: i was just going to say the problem is he's going to have to qualify his own remarks and walk people back. his press conference should be, how do we live with this , not how do we run from this , this is the deal, notice it's not as dangerous, we want to avoid it and i'm excited about the therapeutic but for some reason, anthony fauci has got in his head and he's all about the vaccine, fauci doesn't even want to talk about the therapeutic. it's all about the vaccine and that's gotta stop. vaccine, yes, therapeutics yes. >> without a doubt. big story out of minnesota right now. a new mugshot shows former police officer kim potter smiling after she's found guilty on all counts in the fatal shooting. garrett tenney is live in minneapolis with more as the trial finally comes to a close. no winners here, all losers. reporter: yeah, that's
5:11 am
absolutely right, carlie. kim potter is now in the state women's prison after the jury of six men and six women found her guilty of first and second degree manslaughter, and in stark contrast to that new inmate photo kim potter showed very little emotion in the courtroom as she learned her fate. >> we, the jury, on the charge of manslaughter in the first degree find the defendant guilty reporter: outside the courthouse , a crowd erupted in cheers as that verdict was announced. the minnesota attorney general who prosecuted the case said while he is pleased with this outcome, it does not bring daunte wright back. >> [chanting] >> we have accountability for daunte's death. it's not just justice, accountability is an important step, the critical necessary
5:12 am
step on the road to justice for us all. reporter: potter is facing up to 15 years in prison but given that she has no criminal record, state sentencing guidelines call for a punishment between six and eight and a half years but prosecutors are planning to push for a harsher sentence than that whatever her sentence is, it's worth noting that kim potter will likely not be serving all of it in prison, and it is customary in minnesota that inmates will only serve two-thirds of their sentence before being released on parole. back to you all. brian: all right thanks so much appreciate it. let's pivot now and get some analysis from jonathan turley, fox news contributor, constitutional law expert. i guess i know where you stand. the headlines from your column are kim potter made a mistake, the jury did not but maybe the law needs to be reviewed. what do you mean by that, jonathan? >> well, this has been a
5:13 am
longstanding controversy over these weapon confusion cases, which are really cases of negligence, and we call it culpable negligence, but these laws are really ill-defined and very ambiguous and vague. you saw the jury struggling with that. they were initially a hung jury. they went back to the courtroom to say that they didn't think they could in good faith reach a conclusion. the judge sent them back and said try again, and they did, and they ultimately came out with two convictions, but we really need to have this debate as to whether these types of cases should be handled as criminal rather than civil matters. there's no question in anyone's mind she did not want to kill mr. wright and so this really raises this issue that i think was bothering some jurors, as to if i don't think she thought she was using her service weapon, how can i say she consciously disregarded that risk?
5:14 am
steve: right and mr. turley, obviously, the evidence was overwhelming if the jurors found voted unanimously on both first and second degree charges of manslaughter, but when it came to the actual judge who presided over this , and i didn't watch all of it but i watched a good portion of it, the judge seemed fair and firm and in a case like this , where it is confusing regarding the law, that's what you want. >> i thought the judge did an outstanding job from the beginning to the end. she had the perfect demeanor and her rulings were right down the middle, and she now faces this rather difficult task. the government will be arguing for two what are called aggravating factors. one, the obvious one is that she was a police officer using official authority. the other is more debatable which is that she put others at
5:15 am
risk through her actions. if they can get those , they can push it out beyond that eight year line, seven to eight year line that usually applies to a first offender. i expect she will get extra time because she was a police officer >> wow, jonathan, do you think she's going to get extra time? i was just about to ask you about her prison sentence because she faces 15 years for the first count, 10 for the second, but i guess it would run concurrently. then there is a fact that she was so remorseful, so does the judge take that into consideration? >> the judge really does, and that can then push it further down. usually, judges will tack on time if it is someone using official authority, how much time is a real question. i'd be surprised if she went close to that 15 year line for first degree manslaughter. there's a lot of ambiguity here, and that's what makes these
5:16 am
cases tough. now, having said that, by the way, i should note that i'm pretty confident that steve's jacket be culpable negligence in minnesota. that's all i'm fairly confident about in this case, but with the exception of steve's jacket, i don't really have a good, firm idea of what that means. >> so many questions. steve: [laughter] so little time. ho ho ho. >> all right, jonathan thank you so much for your perspective s. >> thank you, merry christmas. >> you're definitely smarter than i am by a mile. all right, we begin headlines here with this. five people are hurt after suspects opened fire on each other in a crowded mall in the chicago suburbs. it's unclear what exactly sparked the shooting. two suspects are in custody and in los angeles, two people are killed in a shootout at the burlington coat factory store. police say an officer shot and killed the suspect who was assaulting another person and one of the rounds went through
5:17 am
the wall of a dressing room, hitting and killing a teenager. oh, my gosh. morale among staffers is reportedly very low in president biden's white house as his first year in office comes to a close. staffers telling politico they're ready to quit because there's no natural coordination on the team and they get left out of events and vice president kamala harris says if she were a white male, the media would treat her better, according to the new york times. harris facing her own staffing problems as several key people are leaving her office amid reports of turmoil. yikes. an oklahoma boy being honored for saving two lives on the very same day. 11-year-old devon johnson helped a woman out of a burning home hours after saving a choking classmate's life. he joined us earlier, along with his local sheriff, to describe what it was like.
5:18 am
>> went behind him and pressed on his stomach. then ran across the street. >> the sheriff's department making devon an honorary deputy for his heroism and he says he wants to be an emt when he gross up. what an incredible kid, steve, he did such a great job with that interview. steve: good kid. brian: all right, thanks so much. yeah, he was a good kid and it's almost like he's spiderman or something, saving two people in one day. straight ahead, russian president vladimir putin ignites a war of words blaming the united states for tensions in the ukraine and a four hour press conference, former secretary of state mike pompeo reacts to the blame game and the christian family, we the kingdom, joins us later this hour with a special christmas eve performance. don't move. ♪ taste of his goodness, find what you're looking for , for
5:19 am
god so loved the world that he gave us ♪ showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th.
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steve: welcome back. as tensions rise between the united states and russia, over ukraine, vladimir putin is laying the blame on the west, claiming he fears nato expansion into the region. he also is claiming he is not looking for a fight, saying this week, "arm conflicts and blood shed are absolutely not something we would choose." here with reaction is fox news contributor and former secretary of state, mike pompeo. mr. pompeo, good morning to you and happy christmas eve. >> thank you, happy christmas
5:24 am
eve to you, steve it's great to be with you this morning. steve: what do you make of mr. putin saying yeah, don't blame us, blame the west. he was also asked, will you guarantee you won't invade ukraine and he goes um, no. >> well, vladimir putin has been on the stage for an awfully long time. he knows full well that latvia isn't going to invade russia. he knows this , it's victim ization to assert somehow he feels threatened from those countries for an invasion. he's the one that raised the tension, not fault-wise with him but there's fault in the biden administration too when putin saw what happened in afghanistan, the terrible tragedy of 13 americans being killed and real weakness being shown when we gave him the opportunity to finish his pipeline and have energy control over germany, he saw american weakness and so i think what you've seen over these past days and weeks is him building and putting pressure on the americans looking for concessions trying to achieve something through threats and coercion that he
5:25 am
doesn't want to do militarily but he's perfectly prepared to push the biden administration to the edge to see if he can't get what he would really like. steve: and you know, mr. secretary, when the president of the united states had a virtual summit with mr. putin a couple of weeks ago, he said joe biden said if you invade there are going to be heavy economic sanctions. is that big enough? and he said for the most part the military are hardware off the table. is that enough of a big stick? >> you know, steve, we forget in just this year its been a long year the first 11 months now the biden administration. we forget, it was russia that shutdown a pipeline inside the united states closing off gasoline to the united states for days, and president biden said don't do that again. it turned out to be a pretty idle threat there were no real costs imposed that we're aware of so i suspect putin takes those threats with a grain of salt. it's going to take a demonstrat
5:26 am
ed result not just words but deeds and preparedness and a demonstration of preparedness from the biden administration to stop putin from acting in this coercive way steve: sure. i remember you from when you were our kansas congressman. what sort of traditions, family kansas traditions did you have at christmastime, mr. secretary? >> you know, steve, we had a couple. one of my favorites was every year our family would gather together and make this secret pompeo fudge recipe, came from my mom's side of the family, her mother, grace me rcer's recipe and i released it when i was a director, we thought it be fun to take a secret recipe and release it. mom was clearly in charge, dad and i and my brother and sister were the labor but it was always good. we would make fudge and distribute it to people in the neighborhood and teachers and the like. the kinds of things families do together and now my wife susan and son nick and his fiancee
5:27 am
rachel will repeat that now this year and it's a lot of fun just to gather around in the kitchen to talk about to work a little bit and to do a good turn for friends and people we love. steve: well that's great. obviously the fudge recipe has been declassified because we just put it on tv. you know, one of the doocy family traditions, i would always take the children running down the stairs and i showed a couple of days ago. the other thing we do every christmas eve and we'll do it tonight, our town has a sing- along, where everybody gathers and we sing actual christmas carols, and i think we've got some pictures of it where the kids do the singing, they handout the sheet music, and there you can see right there. it's dark. peter doocy has the flashlight and he's the towns deepest voice with the best baritone as they recreate 12 days of christmas. very nice. anyway, and there we are.
5:28 am
mike pompeo thank you very much. >> i'd kill your ratings this morning, steve. steve: [laughter] oh, christmas. anything goes. mr. pompeo thank you very much for joining us and merry christmas. >> thank you, merry christmas to you all as well. steve: i tell you what, mr. pompeo, could we put that recipe on fox & friends so we could share it with everybody? >> yeah, that be awesome, steve i would love that. susan and my mother whose passed away now would love that as well steve: okay. so folks, give us a half an hour and we will get a link to the family secret fudge recipe. all right, mike, thank you very much, merry christmas. >> thanks steve, so long, sir. steve: all right moving on, hoping for some cash under the christmas tree? we'll tell you how you can win big money with fox bet, coming up. ♪ it's the most wonderful time
5:29 am
of the year, with the kids jingle bellingham and everyone telling andging of good cheer it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪
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5:33 am
>> this just into our newsroom. the marine who criticized top military brass over the botched afghan withdrawal has now been discharged. stuart sheller jr. the now former marine lt. colonel post ing the news on facebook and he says the discharge is under honorable conditions effective yesterday. sheller making headlines in august after a youtube video of him slamming the biden administration and military leaders went viral. he says the discharge was part of a plea deal and he is losing his military pension, so big development in that story, that captured the nation's attention over the summer. brian over to you. brian: yeah, sure he's going to be doing an interview with us soon too. meanwhile the fox bet super 6 app, is giving viewers another opportunity to win $5,000 in a quiz show game, just another six questions correctly, on a wide variety of topics. steve: fox nation host tom shillue is the host of fox
5:34 am
nation happy hour, sign up for fox nation to get exclusive access to other original content , events and your favorite personalities on any gi zmo. good morning, tom what do you have in-store for us today? >> good morning, carlie. i've got the app, give yourself a present and download the app. it's free, and we've got all of the questions i'm the only fox news guy who doesn't get in trouble for looking at his phone steve, which of these christmas cities will have the warmest temperature on christmas day. wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan, new york. or a tie. steve: i'm going with most of the people who responded i'm going with b bethlehem, pennsylvania. >> warm in bethlehem on christmas i like it. okay question number two which of these songs, which of these songs, carlie, will have the highest spotify top 200 daily stream chart on christmas
5:35 am
eve? >> without a doubt, "all i want for christmas is you." steve: of course. >> naturally. >> people can't enough of that song. okay, to brian. how many people will travel through tsa checkpoints on christmas eve? that's today. what's your answer? brian: i'm going to go to, wow because there's so many flights canceled, i'm going to go f. >> yes. more than 2.2. let's hope. brian: yes. >> which nfl teams will have the most rushing yards on sunday this goes to steve.
5:36 am
steve: i'm going, once again, with the most people who respond ed, you can see the blue line on e, indianapolis. >> steve plays the favorites that's why he's nerve won. okay next question. which of these states will average the most expensive gallon of regular gas on christmas day? >> i mean, new york. everything is more expensive in new york. >> and good one. okay, which college football games, brian, will have the most combined points scored you've got two choices. most points. brian: i need more time. um i'm going to say hawaii. >> we gave you more time and i like your answer, memphis vs. hawaii. there's your questions, guys. you could win $5,000. steve: that's right those are the exact questions, so download the fox bet super 6 app and
5:37 am
enter for your chance to win $5,000. it be perfect for christmas. tom, thank you very much, sir. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, some chicago first responders are getting a christmas miracle this year as one local businessman gives a big donation after the city they served cut them from their payroll because of their vaccination status. that coming up, straight ahead on fox & friends, on christmas eve.
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priceline can help you make the most of your budget, saving up to 40% on your flight. ooh, we have a comment from the airport announcers. (muffled, distorted) ...gate 43. what? (muffled, distorted) ...43... not better. brian: hi, everybody welcome back. hundreds of chicago firefighters and police were left without a paycheck for refusing the covid-19 vaccine, so, one businessman is stepping into help for the holidays, with a $50,000 donation for first responders who lost pay over their vax status joining us from chicago that businessman former senate candidate dr. willy
5:42 am
wilson along with one chicago police officer who currently is on a no-pay, no- work status, stephanie mingar i. welcome to both of you. what about this situation got you to donate? >> well, i think it's wrong to dismiss people without pay, especially during the holidays but not only that police officer and fire department they put their lives on the line for all of us and so you just don't do things of that nature. they are a hero one day and next day, they don't do something the right way and then they are out of pay. that's no way of doing it but i think what they got to do is sit down and talk and bring us together, versus dividing us, so we wanted to help out and do what we can do financially. brian: stephanie, so you said i'm not going to get vaccinated. i've been a first responder for a year, no one cared about
5:43 am
me and now all of a sudden you want me to get a vaccination i'm not going to do it. how tough has it been being out of a job? >> its been very tough. like i said before, mentally, physically, the stress level, the unknown, what's going to happen, did i do right, was i wrong, what's going to happen, and with the support we've had from dr. willie wilson, from our fop, from people throughout the united states its been amazing and we know and i know through faith and god that we're going to conquer this and good will prevail over the situation. brian: stephanie why not get the vaccine. what's your reason for not getting it? >> my issues, i've never been an anti-vaccine, or whatever they are trying to label us. my boys have been vaccinated for school requirements, i have been vaccinated throughout the past it's just something to me right now we don't know much about this vaccination and it was pretty much created
5:44 am
overnight and i think that people are entitled to choose right now what they want to do with their bodies and with their children, so maybe in the future , i will get vaccinated after years of research, after, you know, more studies have been conducted but right now i just don't trust it. brian: so you're not going to do it and a lot of colleagues especially in new york too, a lot of nurses that just don't want to do it and we're featur ing them on too, a lot of airline workers a lot of the flights be in the air if they had some tolerance when it came to their vax status. dr. wilson your story is so inspirational. you were mopping floors at a mcdonald's. the people left, you stepped up and became a manager, and asked for a franchise and then how many do you have and what are you doing now? >> well, i used to have five mcdonald's restaurants. today i'm a supplier nationally as well as internationally at mcdonald's and so we do an awful lot of things now, and basically
5:45 am
trying to support people such as the homeless shelter and things of that nature and our job is to help other people out here that may not have the fortune to be able to make it, so we focus more on trying to help people and do things and trying to help change the laws and get involved. you know? brian: yeah, you're an inspirational story. read his background, nothing would stop willie wilson and of course you stephanie, everyone feels for you, for a year you guys were heros and how they tell you to get lost, it's just sickening and i could not be more in your corner. thanks so much and it's a great thing you're doing and please continue to rally around them, and -- >> can i add one more thing? brian: go ahead. >> many people don't know this but the day that dr. wilson donated the 50,000 check, he also brought $21,000 in cash and for all the officers and firemen
5:46 am
who were in attendance we all got $800 a piece right there in cash thanks to this additional $21,000 cash donation on top of the 50,000 he donated to the heros fund. brian: that is awesome. that is great heart, puts his actions behind his words. thanks to both of you appreciate your story. >> thank you. brian: have a great christmas. >> merry christmas. brian: the best possible, absolutely merry christmas to you. let's check in with meteorologist adam klotz for the fox weather forecast, hey, adam. good morning, brian and the new york city area, and here on fox square overnight a couple of inches of snow fell, not linger ing now because those temperatures are a little too warm but let's take a look where the snow is moving across the region, still snow in interior new england as that falls but the problem is it's just a bit on the warm side, 33 degrees here in new york city , runoff towards the west look at that 54 degrees in kansas city, it is going to get warm in the middle of the country by this afternoon jumping up to 70 degrees, 56
5:47 am
degrees in chicago, 45 degrees here in new york, so if you saw any of that snow and you live in this area it is not going to stick. now there is a little bit of snow out west, and that is where you see the best chance for a white christmas, so snow has been falling, just round after round in the pacific northwest stretching into the rockies and that upper tier of the country stretching over to the northern portion of the great lakes, those are your weather headlines for now, merry christmas and tossing it back into all of you. brian: all right, thanks so much, adam. meanwhile don't touch that remote. we've got a powerful christmas eve performance straight ahead from the christian family band " we the kingdom." this is what they sound like and look like. ♪ god i need it everyday, it's the only thing that ever really makes me want to stay ♪ in giving back. that's why, in difficult times, we provided one hundred and fifty million meals to feeding america.
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and now through the subaru share the love event, we're helping even more. by the end of this year, subaru will have donated over two hundred and twenty five million dollars to charity. this is what it means to be more than a car company. this is what it means to be subaru.
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♪ come find his mercy, come to the stable, he will satisfy, taste of his goodness ♪ brian: all right they're a grammy nominated family band and now we the kingdom has been
5:52 am
named as the contemporary christian artist of the year. steve: that's awesome lucky for us they areere on this christmas eve to tell us about their festive new album. it's called a family christmas album, and give us a special performance. >> how great is this? vocalist andrew berktold and drummer martin cash join us now, good morning to you both and merry christmas. >> good morning, merry christmas. >> you guys are so talented, so inspirational and so much fun. what would you like people to know about your band? >> go ahead. >> no, go for it. >> i was just going to say, you know, we talk a lot about in terms of writing and our records and even playing live that what we would love for people to walk away with is to know the full spectrum of human emotion. i think a lot of times depending on what circles we come from and
5:53 am
the families we grew up in, it's hard for us to realize everything is okay to experience , and just because you're feeling pain or even sadness coming up on christmas, man, that's okay. that's just a part of life and it's an emotion and we would love for people to know that the full spectrum is okay. steve: sure. so in a moment, we're going to hear your performance of "silent night" and andrew, you know, that's one of the most beloved christmas carols of all-time. we all grew up singing it, but you guys do it a little differently, because you've added a chorus. >> uh-huh, yeah, we actually, we're talking about it because it's really hard to approach such a classic song and you don't want to mess it up, so but we're talking about it. what would it be like as a response once you sing sealant
5:54 am
night, what is a heart response to that song and those words so we wrote a chorus that's just high praise worshiping in response to the king that has come so that's kind of where the lyrics came from. brian: martin, what has it been like the last year? how have you grown as an artist if at all while you had to get off the stage and the rest of the world just we stood down as performers. >> gosh, man. i mean, we are so fortunate and blessed to have been able to do what we do and just to see faces , even though they were few at times at concerts and venues and all of that. gosh, man, i think that i've learned to feel encouraged within myself and to really explore individuality. i think a lot of times we can
5:55 am
piggyback off of other people or what their lives look like, what their lifestyle looks like, even what their faith looks like , whatever they believe, like gosh i want to be like that person, but i think through these times, i've learned like it starts with us. >> absolutely. >> and it starts within. >> and amazing inspirational words and let's listen to we the kingdom performing "silent night." ♪ silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright, round yo
5:56 am
n virgin mother and child, holy infant so tender and mild, sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace ♪ ♪ silent night, holy night, shepherds quake, at the site, glory stream from heaven above, heavenly host sing hallelujah,
5:57 am
christ the saviour is born, christ the saviour is born ♪ ♪ holy, holy, hope is a manger for you and for me, bow down, in worship, come rest your eyes on the king, jesus our
5:58 am
heavenly king ♪ ♪ silent night, holy night, son of god, loves pure light, radiant beams from thy holy face , with the dawn of redeeming grace, jesus lord is thy birth, jesus lord is thy birth ♪
5:59 am
♪ holy, holy, hope in a manger for you and for me, bow down, in worship, come rest your eyes on the king, jesus our heavenly king, jesus our heavenly king ♪
6:00 am
>> wow, steve: how great is that, we the ink dominion, with a family christmas album and that is just beautiful. carlie and brian, merry christmas. >> what a way to end the show. merry christmas, steve, brian, love you both. brian: all right, go get em, we'll see you next time.


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