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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 24, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> ♪ ♪ >> president biden rounding out his first year in office. approval numbers down and stuck there. the list of crises from the economy to crime to the coronavirus pandemic keep getting worse. this is "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner. wishing you and your family a very merry christmas eve! we are almost there, people. today kennedy, fox and friends
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first anchor and first nation host and joe concha a media columnist for the hill. i had, everybody. i want to begin with where the president is on the pandemic am he kicked off the year with high marks in the polling. fast forward to this moment and the spread of the delta variant and omicron variant, both pushed 8 states to enforce strict indoor mask mandates. >> i will take care of this. i will end this. i will make sure we have a plan. >> and afghanistan the botched withdrawal sparked deadly chaos on the ground in kabul. 13 u.s. serve member died in a suicide bombing at the airport. it was a mad dash to evacuate americans and allies. the president told us he had it under control. >> we are going to do everything
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in our power to get all americans out and our allies out. >> taking it to america's streets. the defund the police movement led to an explosion of crime in major cities. in california smash and grab crimes became the new normal. in chicago criminals feel confident to stroll into a luxury store and run off with high end merchandise. it's so bad president biden has had to buck some of his own political party and distance himself from the defund the police movement. the supply chain crisis made it hard to find christmas staples in stock. on this issue the president is not making promises he can't keep. >> i can't promise that every person will get every gift they want on time. only santa claus can keep that
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promise. >> if only he had not said that last part. >> i know! >> there is a piece in the atlantic today i want to talk about. joe biden's year was ruined. whose fault is that? i know you have thoughts? >> yes, sir. all of the bad polling in regards to the president it's not his fault. it was the hand he was dealt. chuck tod on nbc said the buck doesn't stop with this president. here's what is the president's fault: inflation. adding trillion dollars in spending and wanting to spend trillion dollars more. the supply chain crisis where the secretary of transportation pete buttigieg has yet to visit any port on the west coast, east coast, or gulf coast. show you care about the problem.
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violent crime president biden barely broaches as the commander-in-chief. democratic mayors and a president missing on this issue. in afghanistan did u.s. troops withdrawal themselves? who decided to keep bagram air base not open? that would have prevented 13 service from being killed. the border is like 7-11. it's open 24/7. i could go on but we only have so much time. >> joe, you're absolutely right. the reason independents voted for president biden was to get rid of trump's messaging. but they forgot policies are more important. a lot of progressive policies
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revalve around buzz words divorced from reality. the concept of defunding the police is absolutely insane. if i hear somebody say reimagine policing one more time, i am going to scream. president biden is trying to kill the oil and gas industry also insane. one of the areas where the biden administration polled the lowest is the border. people understand that open borders is a national security issue. someone was arrested at the southern border who had possible ties to terrorism. fentanyl is the number 1 killer of people between ages 14 and 45. all of these things that joe and i just listed are manufactured issues that the president can reverse, but he won't because his party is tied to these ideas. >> i want to give our team a chance to find something before we move on.
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i don't know if we have jen psaki talking about what they would do if there were bad news and they needed good news. >> i remember that. >> announcing there would be a new cat in the white house. that's what they did this week. i immediately thought of her at the lectern saying that, we might announce a new cat if we need a good news day. i don't know in the team has it. you got it? okay. you can't make that up. kennedy. >> no, that's what happened. the new adoable german shepherd puppy. everybody loves puppies. i have a segment on my show where we highlight dogs. i love dogs. it's obvious what this was. they had a rotating selection of puppies in the wing waiting for
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the worst and sadly for this administration i don't think the worst news has dropped. immigration is not going to solve itself. inflation is not going away. crime is not being tackled. when san francisco is under its own crime and punishment lockdown, you know things have gone in a really strange direction. that's what is happening here. it's interesting to see who the white house continues to blame. they blame parents as domestic terrorists and blame scientists for not letting them know that the omicron variant is here. they blamed americans stuck in afghanistan saying they really didn't want to get out of the country. blaming others and they have to do something to make these bad things better. >> the omicron variant is ridiculous.
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the vice-president and president saying they didn't know there would be variants. everything has a mutation. the flu and everything. look at evolution. we are mutations. according to the recent abc news poll 63% disapprove of the president's handling of immigration. 57% disapprove of his handling the economic recovery and 69% disapprove of the handling of inflation. not a winner among them for him. where toine start? >> he hasn't handled anything. that's part of the problem. his vice-president and never been the actual border, the czar, hasn't done anything. they discuss things and equal rights and this fluffy garbage
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that is not helping average americans. when they go to the grocery store and look at the people coming through the borders, people are seeing it. they are telling themselves, maybe we should not wear a watch to shop at the century city mall. that might be dangerous. that's when you will see a turn. you will see it even in blue states. the people are realizing things are not going well. you can shield the people in the gated community. but once you impact their lives along with everybody else's, that's when you are in real trouble. maybe this administration in 2022 should handle even one of the things on those lists. >> on "outnumbered" we said why did the speaker nancy pelosi start a news conference to talk about how bad crime is, in san francisco, that's where she is from in california.
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someone said because louis vitton was being hurt. is that what it takes to get those inside the beltway who live in a bubble to pay attention to what is happening to every day americans? that's a fair question. we found that. the lectern. the white house press secretary jen psaki talking about what they would do in a bad news cycle. >> if you see a tail wagging coming out of the briefing room. you know something bad is about to happen. >> they were going to trot out a cat or a dog. >> yes. >> i wanted everybody to see. you can't make it up. >> no. i remember that moment. i thought it was cute at the time and she wants to have that one back. now that we are in an extremely bad news cycle for the president. every poll is lower and lower.
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they are actually going along with what she said. getting a cat. everybody knows that she showed her hand. you are supposed to keep that a secret. >> kennedy, the dog on monday just hours after senator joe manchin said no, i won't vote for your build back better bill. on sunday and monday here comes the dog! >> here comes the dog and here comes omicron. i worry about what is next. what is happening this weekend? she said the dog will show up before the bad things happen. that showed up after senator joe manchin last sunday went on fox news sunday with bret baier and said i can't do it, i am a no. >> coming up the president may have had high hopes for his vice-president. a serious of gaffes seems to be
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it naturally helps reverse insulin resistance, stops sugar cravings, and releases stubborn fat all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. >> kamala harris, as you all know is smart, she is tough. she is experienced. she is a proven fighter. she knows how to make the hard calls. she is ready to do this job on day 1. >> well, unfortunately her first year in office may suggest otherwise. it's been filled with messaging missteps and gaffes on hot button issues. the president gave her the job, fix the border crisis. watch. >> do you have any plans to visit the border? >> i am here in guatemala today.
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we are going to the border. we have been to the border. this whole thing about the border, we have been to the border. >> you have not been to the border? >> i haven't been to europe. [laughing]. i don't understand the point you are making. >> oh! still hurts. then just a few months later there was this controversial exchange with a student about the middle east. >> [inaudible question]? >> this is about your truth. >> they had to deal with that too. her gaffes coming amid a series of shake-ups in her staff. several key aides departed quickly.
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the vice-president's poll numbers have taken a hit. unfavorable topping 52%. that could put her political ambitions in jeopardy. kennedy, some of those people have yet to leave. nearing the end of the year and they announced they are going like symone sanders, a big name in the democratic party. she was on bernie sanders team and helped him to be successful. >> that's his daughter. i am just kidding. symone sanders botched the interview where kamala harris was trying to rehab her image with charlamagne on comedy central. he asked her a pointed question. who is the real president joe biden or joe manchin? symone sanders is like we can't hear you. no. kamala harris was wide eyed. she knows she can hear
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charlamagne and will look stupid want at least she did not cackle am no, i can hear you go. go ahead. it was a string of things. i am waiting for her to step up. i think her political ambitions were in jeopardy when she ran for president and didn't make it to iowa. >> joe? >> the perception of harris and this administration is hard to reverse. the commander-in-chief is too old and too incompetent and too disconnected from what is important to the american people to do the job. he doesn't put in the work either. plan-b was supposed to be kamala harris. now it's more like plan-f as shut the front door it. >> oh! >> it's christmas eve. >> sorry. i almost slipped. i caught it. >> you caught the front door. >> thank you. many americans agree that the vice-president is not equipped to be the commander-in-chief.
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we are seeing resignations. symone sanders will be leaving soon. if you are symone sanders why leave this job? being the vice-president's spokesperson given how few interviews she does? it's like a cat sitter. there ain't a lot to do. when your boss is polling on handling low on the migrants coming across the border. why stay on this sinking ship? >> she is not doing the one job to make the president look good. she can't do it because of the pole numbers. you ask why people are leaving. i would estimate if you can't do the job they hired you to do, you know your days are numbered. you might as well as start looking. they can't help her move this sinking ship yet. we will see. >> yes, half of the country is
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not going to like kamala harris no matter what. but polls show there are a chunk of democrats who are turned off by her as well. she comes across as unprepared and uncomfortable. >> at least she is not laughing as much. >> but she still needs to work on it and get serious. when you think about the vice-president, you want to imagine them in a room with an adversaries going toe to toe. you can't do that with kamala harris. she did an interview with the san francisco chronicle and said her work on maternal health is the thing she is most proud of. that's important, but i didn't know that was on her list of items to handle. you think about kamala harris's responsibilities. it's the border and it's voting rights. maternal health is something you could give to a first lady to
9:22 am
deal with. she's had a bad year. she needs to reverse course. >> tommy, not a lot of time but your final thoughtsment i don't get a rats patootie about kamala harris's future. she is not even trying to make things better. people say go to the border. that's simple. i will go to the border. you are not doing your job to find green new jobs in south dakota when you ended the pipeline. she doesn't make the effort and that's most insulting by kamala harris. >> i wonder if she doesn't go to the border because there is only one set of facts you can come
9:23 am
back. it all needs to change and you should not have undone what president trump had going on down there to keep the numbers low. they don't want to admit that in the white house. we will move on. ahead from jussie smollett's hate crime hoax to the kyle rittenhouse case to former president trump we will look at the stories the media have gotten wrong and wrong and wrong. there are 7 more wrongs but we will go to commercial here. >> ♪ ♪ i may have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. or psoriatic arthritis. but we are so much more. we're team players and artists. designers and do-it-yourselfers. parents and friends. if joint pain is getting in the way of who you are, it's time to talk to your doctor about enbrel.
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9:28 am
gushing over the actors in the days after the alleged attack. >> i don't like it's being put out this is a possible hate crime. >> i have a lot of questions. but i know jussie smollett is a really really good guy. i want justice to be served in this case. >> the media cast doubt on his story which i find offensive. >> he gave a detailed account that the chicago police said is consistent and credible and he's been very cooperative. >> kyle rittenhouse acquitted on all charges. liberal outlets vilify him for crossing state lines with a firearm which is not true. >> it's a really bad thing to have kids get ar-15s because it's cool and don't cross state lines and shoot people.
9:29 am
>> kyle rittenhouse a white teenager who crossed state lines with after ar-15 rifle killed 2 men and was told by police to go home. >> a 17-year-old who recently purchased a gun and traveled across state line to protect property that was not his. >> it's not just this year. how the media pushed the russian collusion narrative after the mueller report was released. >> why was there never an interrogation of this president? how can they let trump off the hook? >> this investigation takes place within the justice department which donald trump controls. he got rid of the problem, jeff sessions. this guy is not rescued. >> it feels like the seeds of a cover-up are here. >> i think everybody needs to pump the brakes talking about this being a huge victory for this administration. there has been a lack of transparency here. >> yes, everybody needs to pump
9:30 am
the brakes. joe, you cover this for a living. what do you make of the media rush to judgment? >> i will take the media perspective on jussie smollett in terms of a rush to judgment. many in the industry portrayed him as a victim of a hate crime and didn't question his stories. robin roberts of abc news the highest paid person in this industry bought his tale, hook line and sinker. the target was donald trump and his supporters. they just happened to be wandering around chicago during the polar vortex and they were carrying bleach in search of actors in 2 a.m. it was presented as gospel. as for the rittenhouse trail. it was presented through a prism
9:31 am
of race. this was a trial involving a white guy shooting three other white guys in self-defense. number 2, msnbc had a producer follow the jury bus in order to find out where they were staying. the producer that followed them ran a red light to keep up with them. the network said no, the producer was not doing anything of the kind. the producer said he was under orders from new york. no one ever apologized. they didn't apologize to rittenhouse or for the jussie smollett coverage. there is no contrition in this business anymore. >> what bothers me more than the lack of contrition is the lack of attitude about facts and which ones matter. when you get it wrong. it's not just apologizing.
9:32 am
robin roberts hasn't come out and said he is not a good guy. this is what we found out since. i have lots of questions about the connection with the top. i am surprised how connected these people are. so and so is a good guy. how do all of the news anchors know this and plan to report objectively on any of it. now we know it wasn't true. i am confused about that. with jussie smollett, i am further confused about the fact that you want to play the race card but the only two guys you could pay to do this to you were two guys who were nigerian. in the kyle rittenhouse case, where was the race? you talked about what was happening with things playing out with the shooter and things playing out with the people who were shot. they were all in the same category of race.
9:33 am
are we so thirsty to bring in that divide, it hurts cases where there might be legitimate cases of hate crimes. >> kennedy, around the horn. and then tomi. >> i am glad that jurors have been good stewards of justice. they had hard deliberations with smollett, rittenhouse and awesome board. -- ahmaud arbery. they came up with the right verdict. >> tomi? >> the narrative is the only thing that matters to much of the mainstream media. it's like they have a pact with one another. they will report misinformation to advance their agenda. when fox news reports the actual facts, they say oh, that's not real news. that's just for conservatives. you are misreporting facts and don't take accountability and
9:34 am
don't do it accidentally. you do it to advance a narrative. that's why the american people are fed up with mainstream media. maybe that's why their ratings are so low. >> on social media interesting how only one side gets censored. coming up. two shots for may not be enough. businesses requiring boosters and what it means going forward. >> ♪ ♪ with age comes more... get more with neutrogena® retinol pro plus. a powerful .05% retinol that's also gentle on skin.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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hey, tam-tam! i was thinking maybe... your mom's car? you up for a little night work? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you. merry christmas, dad. ♪ ♪ >> two shots may not be enough. more and more businesses are taking the data into their own hands and requiring covid booster shots. new york's opera said beginning january 17th, employees and audience members must get
9:39 am
boosters to enter. the nfl is handating that coaches and staff get boosters by this coming monday. a poll finds americans are split on the definition of fully vaccinated. half say it means 2 shots of pfizer and moderna and one shot of jj, although we have seen reports. now they are saying it include a booster for those. kennedy. >> it can be hard to get a booster right now. i understand that we need protection. no one wants to get sick. we want to keep people from dying. vaccines are not all we have. we more in the pipeline. we need to be able to turn to that. but my fear is that it doesn't end with this. it doesn't end with vaccines. there will be other areas of
9:40 am
your life the government will want to control to determine that you are able to participate in society. >> it's already happening. you go to a school board meeting and you have a disagreement. now there are extra eyes on the parents because a group sent a letter to the white house and said we want you to look at school board meetings. so merrick garland went to the fbi to watch those parents and use the terrorism unit to do that from the fbi. it's already happening. joe, when kennedy brings that up, that's not part of the discussion about covid. what she is saying is everything is a discussion about everything now. it all brings it in. >> yes. kennedy made a great point as far as it's more than just about vaccines. what is coming next? those anti-viral pills against
9:41 am
covid from pfizer and merck. pfizer said its pill is 90% effective from preventing hospitalization and death among high risk parents. i am not a scientist or a doctor. that's the end game right there. we can treat this virus. >> where is the white house putting pressure on the fda? >> it will be coming soon with this pfizer pill. it's effective against omicron by the way. covid is never going away. vaccines we are seeing breakthrough cases among those not boosted. if we can treat 95% with the pfizer pill that's the ballgame. >> tomi? >> i agree. i don't think mandates are the way to go. we have done them for 2 years. if they worked we would not be sitting here 2 years later in
9:42 am
the same position. we have to learn how to live with covid. talking about the booster shots, so many americans are willing to get the first and second shot. there won't be as many willing to get another booster and another booster. they will say we are not doing this. the american people will stand up and say enough of this madness. you are pushing us too far. the goal post keep moving and we are tired of it. democrats don't realize it because they exist in a bubble where everybody complies and everybody is scared of covid. if they go to tennessee, texas or florida they will realize the american people won't put up with this. >> we don't have mandates anymore in new jersey. but we have access to monoclonal antibodies like in florida. some of the blue states are taking note. depending on your personal health, that ought to be a discussion you have with your
9:43 am
doctor to get a booster. i don't want a restaurant to tell you to do it. >> we are a highly vaccinated people. 75% of americans have at least one shot. if there is a person that is not vaccinated right now and they see their two friends who have six vaccinations in their blood stream with two shots and a booster and got covid themselves, that's not going to inspire confidence. the point of getting a booster and getting vaccines -- >> it won't keep you from getting it. it will keep you from getting sicker. >> that's what i was just about to say, harris. people need to live in reality. and realize not everybody will get vaccinated. that's why the therapeutics element is so important. there are those pfizer pills coming out. and monoclonal antibodies that could help people. in the goal is to save lives,
9:44 am
then we have the tools. the biden administration just needs to push them further. >> just ahead, do you check your work emails over the holidays. a new study may give you a good reason to stop doing that. plus, do you have family members who have a few too many cocktails celebrating the holiday season? you might not be alone. i don't know any of them. next, more. >> ♪ ♪ in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. [music: sung by craig robinson] ♪ i'm a ganiac, ganiac, check my drawers ♪ [sfx: sniffs]
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so many people are overweight now, and asking themselves, "why can't i lose weight?" for most, the reason is insulin resistance, and they don't even know they have it. conventional starvation diets don't address insulin resistance.
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that's why they don't work. now there's release from golo. it naturally helps reverse insulin resistance, stops sugar cravings, and releases stubborn fat all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> oh, it is wonderful. working from home. experts warn that you should not check your emails over christmas. a new report shows the adverse effect including burn out mental health and poor physical health and a strain on family
9:49 am
relationships. it's tough. when you are in a competitive environment, one edge you have is responding quickly to emails from the boss or a co-worker neany time of day or night. how did you balance that? >> one of my adult favorite things about christmas is when you check your email after the day of celebration, you have 5 emails and none are for you. that's satisfying. i check my emails religiously when i am on vacation whether it's christmas or over the summer. if you leave it all for the end, then that causes distress. i like to consistently check. it's therapeutic for me. >> harris? >> in 2021, the good lord blessed me with a show with my name on it for the first time in my career.
9:50 am
i want to know what my team knows quickly. i check emails at the same time every day on vacation and everybody knows this. >> boom! >> that's how it's done. >> one time a day. time to get in the holiday spirit. egg nog and a survive of 2000 americans say they are over the age of 2021, they agree there is always one family member taking things too far when it comes to holiday drinking. 58% admit overindulging is a family affair and says their entire family drinks too much at festive gathers. joe, drinking is a national pass time during the pandemic. someone in your family who is a booze bag? >> well, we are talking, kennedy, in a singular fashion,
9:51 am
you have to go plural. there is a gallagher side to the chonca name. getting over-served if a holiday tradition for many uncles and aunts. after this year, you will see and hear more about people having one too many harvey wall bangers. that's carlie's drink. call uber to go home. there is no excuse for drunk driving. have fun but do it responsibly. >> amen. >> and also responsible hydration. a class of water for every alcohol beverage. >> i live in nashville, tennessee, where drinking is an olympic sport. it's not just the holidays. tennessee people are cracking open a beer at 10 a.m. and
9:52 am
riding a party bus. it's like christmas all year round. if you have not been to nashville come see us in 2022. we will have a lot of fun. >> beautiful. >> i tried to get on one of those party buses with people drinking. i think not get on. >> i like the whiskey tour. >> and kentucky. >> we now have an idea how different states stack up in terms of christmas spirit. singular. not the kind you drink. google searches and online shopping and holiday music and music streams find that new hampshire has the most christmas spirit this year. whoo! followed by maine. montana, kentucky and connecticut. at the bottom. maryland, virginia, alabama, mississippi and the state with the least christmas spirit: new york!
9:53 am
that's sad. does that surprise you? >> no, not at all. doing the hallmark christmas movie formula. the over worked girl is from new york and finds the spirit of christmas and love in a state like new hampshire. this makes perfect sense to me. >> that's so sweet and welfare. a vat of maple syrup to drown her troubles. harris, how do you feel about the geographic nature of the christmas spirit? >> there is a reason i live in new jersey and not in new york. [laughing]. i have plenty of christmas spirit. let's just get the 900 pound gorilla out of the room. they burned down the christmas tree outside on fox square. a suspect did. i don't think everybody loves christmas so much here, but we do. it doesn't matter where you put this fox family, he will love
9:54 am
it. >> amen. it goes back up as a beacon of hope for the entire world. >> amen. >> coming up, everyone will share one holiday tradition they can't do without. what is yours? compare with us. that's next. >> ♪ ♪ what do we want for dinner? burger... i want a sugar cookie... wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win.
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we've been waiting all year to come together. ♪♪ happy holidays from lexus. get $1500 lease cash toward a 2022 rx 350. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ ["all i want for christmas is you"] speed when we are baking cookies, getting ready for santa. hope he fits down at the chimney because we'd like to fatten him up. what are your traditions, letting round? tomi? tomi we watch "national lampoon's christmas vacation," a christmas classic, the best christmas movie out there. that's our tradition.
9:59 am
>> harris: joe concha? i watch "m*a*s*h" and fight to stay awake after having one too many boilermakers. it's magical. it's been when i thought you're going to stay up to see if santa was coming. >> joe: that, too, of course, but i can't it meant that as an adult. [laughter] >> harris: kennedy? >> kennedy: crab-int on the oregon coast and my mom's souffle. >> harris: love you, kennedy. carley? >> carley: that sounds so nice, kennedy. it's not christmas at my house unless "a christmas story" is on repeat. >> harris: really? how many times will you watch it? >> carley: it is shown 24 hours. >> harris: you are to 24 times? >> carley: it's always on the background. leg lamp, love it. >> harris: i love it. we came up with a new tradition. my youngest daughter did. every halloween we take a little pumpkin and on the lines we write what we are thankful for,
10:00 am
and christmas morning we read are pumped into each other. up . everybody, god bless you. i'm so glad we were together this christmas eve. wishing all of you the mace of everything, health and happiness with our family here at "outnumbered" and fox news. ♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. the omicron variant causing a holiday travel nightmare. more than 3,000 flights have been canceled worldwide due to the surge in covid cases. airlines like delta and united saying the surge is impacting the availability of the flight crew. this happening at one of the busiest times of the year for air travel. hello, everyone. welcome to fox news lives. i'm alicia kenya. >> hi. so good to be with you today. i am anita vogel. the issue doesn't show any signs of g


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