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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  December 24, 2021 10:00am-1:00pm PST

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and christmas morning we read are pumped into each other. up . everybody, god bless you. i'm so glad we were together this christmas eve. wishing all of you the mace of everything, health and happiness with our family here at "outnumbered" and fox news. ♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. the omicron variant causing a holiday travel nightmare. more than 3,000 flights have been canceled worldwide due to the surge in covid cases. airlines like delta and united saying the surge is impacting the availability of the flight crew. this happening at one of the busiest times of the year for air travel. hello, everyone. welcome to fox news lives. i'm alicia kenya. >> hi. so good to be with you today. i am anita vogel. the issue doesn't show any signs of going away.
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airlines have already started to cancel flights for the weekend, as well. travelers of all ages being forced to change their plans. >> the thing i don't like about it is when you get stuck because airport is is so busy. >> it's canceled. >> it was bound to happen. >> it sounds like me as a convenient excuse for delayed flights because they are already short-staffed as it is. >> david lee miller is live in new york city with more. >> hi, alicia. many of the cancellations taking place are entirely not unexpected. it delta's ceo earlier this week fearing staff charges could result in disruptions, for people testing positive for the virus from ten days to 5. the airline boss at the current policy was developed last year when there are no vaccines and
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effective treatments. today, delta granted at least 141 flights, about 7% of its schedule. united canceled 170, about 9% of its flights. in a statement, united said, and i quote, "the nationwide spike and overcome cases this week has had a direct impact on the flight crews and people who run their operation. as a result, we have unfortunately had to cancel some flights and we are notifying impacted customers in advance of having to come to the airport. we are sorry for the disruption we hope to rebook as many people as possible and on their way for the holidays." all the major carriers report a high vaccination rate for employees. despite the threat of the variant, the tsa says nationwide yesterday it screened nearly 2.2 million flyers. >> i have never really been concerned about the virus, and i'm not concerned now. we are just following protocol and doing what we are asked to do, but yeah, i'm not concerned at all. >> we've been flying anyway. i think it's one of the safest
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places to be because everybody's mast and everybody's got to be vaccinated. >> and it isn't just u.s. carriers that are affected by the omicron variant. worldwide, as many as 3,000 cancellations are going to be taking place today as well as tomorrow, christmas day. back to you. >> alicia: david lee miller in new york city. thank you. anita? >> meanwhile, americans are marking the most expensive christmas in decades with record inflation leading to higher prices on just about everything. it comes as the u.s. deals with another covid surge and testing shortages. as president biden stares down multiple crises, morale is reportedly sinking among staffers, and polls show that his popularity is underwater with most americans as his first year in office comes to a close.
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fox team coverage now, katie pavlich, moments away on all of this. first, to the white house and peter doocy. hi, peter. >> anita, good afternoon. there is a new report from politico that suggests some biden staffers are planning to leave en masse in the next couple weeks because they're upset about the little things, like not getting invited to christmas or holiday receptions at the white house, that people in town like dnc staffers and capitol hill staffers get to go to them. a few weeks ago there was a similar story about kamala harris' office. i asked jen psaki about it then and she suggested it's business as usual. >> is natural for staffers to have from their heart and soul into a job to be ready to move on to a new challenge after a few years, and that is applicable to many of these individuals. it is also an opportunity, as it is in any white house, to bring in new faces, new voices, and new perspectives.
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i expect to hear more from the vice president's office on that. >> a week from tomorrow the president plans to lift covid-related travel bans on countries in south africa as his administration tries to figure out how to massively scale up covid testing here, at a time that the demand is far outpacing the supply. >> why is it you guys are promising 500 million tests next month if you haven't even signed a contract to buy the tests? >> we have no concern about the contract being finalized. we are just working to finalize the contract. >> if it's so easy to get tests, why don't people have them now? who year decided that americans are going to want to have access to these tests in january as opposed to now before they go home for christmas? >> well, peter, what we've been doing over the last four months, even before the president's announcement, is massively increasing our testing capacity. quadrupling since the summer.
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>> president biden visited a children's hospital and a christmas display in washington's dupont circle neighborhood, after the last 20 minutes or so he has been in the executive office building on a zoom call with norad, which is getting ready to track santa this evening. anita? >> anita: es, and we'll all be doing that later. peter doocy, live from the white house. thank you, peter. alicia? >> alicia: anita, we are bringing in katie pavlich now, editor and fox news contributor. so great to see you. what do you make about this report of the staffers who are complaining? >> complaining, yes. working in the white house is a tough job, lots of long hours and sometimes as little credit. if you look at the story from politico, a lot of the staffers are saying things like they haven't had an all staff meeting since they've been in the white house. it is a top-heavy institution where a lot of biden staffers who have been with the president
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through his vice presidency, even as a senator, are the ones calling the shots and kind of keeping out newer staffers from being part of the club. kind of a "new new friends" kind of thing. as a white house staffer your idea you aregenerally willing to puth that treatment, not part of all the big meetings you want to be, as long as you are winning and if you like the work you're doing is paying off. over the past weeks, the biden administration has taken a huge hit when it comes to build back better being put on hold, maybe indefinitely. the infrastructure package they passed was with a person does oncapitol hie radar, and others testing emergency which has drawn rage from all sides of the clinical spectrum and their allies in the media. when joe biden took office on january 20th earlier this year, he had a big meeting that said, if you treat anyone to his disrespect, the value on the spot. but it doesn't seem like there's
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been much respect or a combination of team building and the biden white house, which is giving a lot of the staffers second thoughts about whether they want to stay into the second year. >> harris: you bring up a good point. we have this report from "the new york times" that the vice president is getting agitated because she feels like she helped get president biden to the white house, but that she's no longer needed. here's the headline from "the new york times." "heir apparent or afterthought? the frustrations of kamala harris." here is a quote itself. "harris has privately told her allies at the news coverage of her would be different if she were any of her 48 predecessors, all of whom were white and male. she also has confided in them about the difficulty she is facing with the intractable issues in her portfolio, such as voting rights and the root causes of migration." katie? >> well, the vice president wants credit for getting work
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done that she just simply hasn't delivered on. joe biden at the beginning of his administration just a year ago had had every single meeting, every speech he gave. she was by his side. he gave her lots of opportunities to step up to the plate and deliver on his agenda, and quite frankly she just hasn't done any of that on issues that she could at least be putting on a good show for. she comes from capitol hill as a senator, she's been unable to convince even members of her own party to get voting rights done in the way that democrats see fit, and on the border it's a crisis that continues to deteriorate, and yet she is nowhere to be found. she has visited the border once in el paso, a thousand miles away from where the crisis is actually happening, and then she turns right around and accuses essentially everybody, including people in the biden administration, who have a problem with the way she's handling the portfolio, with big responsibilities to help the president govern, and accuses them essentially of racism and
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sexism. at that level i think a lot of people are focused on results, not on those identity politics. >> alicia: and she was backed up by former secretary of state hillary clinton, quoting again from the same article, "there is a double standard. it is sadly alive and well. a lot of what's being used to judge her, just like it was to judge me, or the women who manage 20202020, or everybody else is really colored by that. "and not letting go of her loss once again. and reinforcing his argument that it's not about the job being done, but your gender or your race. >> first of all, i would say that joe biden maybe put her into this position by saying he was going to choose a vice presidential candidate based on gender and race. maybe not necessarily on qualifications. so that's the first problem. the second problem is that, look, joe biden's approval rating is also very low.
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it's about ten points higher than kamala harris, depending which poll you look for, but they are both suffering as a result of not delivering on the big promises they gave, and turning right around and betraying moderates they promised on the campaign trail that they would be delivering for as a return to normalcy back in washington, d.c. so this argument that there's a double standard for kamala harris because she's a woman and a woman of color just isn't true. she's not delivering on major policy portfolio items that the president had handed to her. that's an argument that is often thrown out there. hillary clinton has been using it her entire career when she has not delivered results that she's comfortable with for herself. i think the american people are looking at the issues and wanting more results and less victim talk from the vice president. >> alicia: katie pavlich, so good to see it. merry christmas eve to you. thank you.
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>> anita: take a look at this, stunning video from a venice beach, california, rite aid. shocked customers look on as a woman walks into the store carrying a huge pickax. the women allegedly threatened store employees before filling up her basket with liquor and walking out. the women got away and thankfully no one was hurt. >> alicia: also in california, glendale police say ellie county district attorney george gascon's office recommended a $0 bill for a man charged with kidnapping and having sex with a minor. the d.a.'s office disputes the claim and says the bail was eventually set at $100,000. finally, a war of words between former new york city police commissioner bill bratton and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. the former top cop tweeting this picture, blaming the city's
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political leadership for the homeless crisis and assembly system. aoc responding to bratton, slamming the former police commissioner for talking about the homeless like they are "furniture or animals." yikes. boy, these arguments are always played out on twitter today, but, alicia, homelessness is such a big problem plaguing cities like new york and of course los angeles. >> alicia: absolutely. we have the same problem here in denver where i'm located. additionally, with all the crime on the rise, folks don't want to hear what the politicians think i have to say about it. they just want to feel safe while they go to the grocery store. >> anita: less talk, more action. >> alicia: absolutely. moving on, special counsel john durham is investigating members of hillary clinton's 2016 campaign as part of his sweeping russia probe. now durham says the court needs to review a potential conflict of interest involving a law firm
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representing the clinton campaign and a russian charged with lying to the fbi. we will have more on this coming up. the >> anita: plus, scientists coming through with brand-new pills to treat covid-19, but testing shortages could make the pills difficult to get. dr. marc siegel will join us on this coming up next. ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th.
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give your business the gift of savings today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ♪ ♪ >> alicia: a group of republican legislators and are g the state. republicans claiming the new congressional map is gerrymandered in violation of the maryland constitution.
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the lawsuit reading, "the 2021 plan violates the rights of the maryland citizens to choose their congressional representatives by continuing to crack republican voters, including plaintiffs, into congressional districts in a way that ensures the election of democratic representatives to congress." anita, you're going to continue to cover this issue, as you know, because democrats also accuse republicans of doing this and other states, as well. this is not going to end. >> anita: when you draw the map, you have the power. that is the crux of that fight there. moving on, the fda authorizing two pills to treat people infected with covid-19, but to get when you have to be tested for covid. but there are massive lines of people waiting hours for tests, and the 500 million tests promised by president biden are at least weeks away. let's bring in dr. marc siegel to talk more about this.
10:20 am
dr. siegel, thank you for coming in on this christmas eve. always so nice to see you. >> hi, anita. good to see you. >> anita: first of all, your reaction to these pills just approved by the fda, one by pfizer, the other from merck, and another company. you can remind me. these are only for the severely ill and those at high risk, is that correct? >> that's what the fda is saying. they are saying to me, you should only prescribe these, dr. siegel, if other treatments aren't available. i don't think this is where this will end up. i think that's very cautious. i think this is the drug out of the starting gates and the drug is really the pfizer paxlovid drug, not the merck molnupiravir. it doesn't work as well as the pfizer drug at clinical trials, which decreases the risk of hospitalization by 90%. that is huge. as you just outlined, the problem is i want to give it early in the game, and i want to do it with someone at home who isn't feeling well who get the
10:21 am
test, it turns out they're positive or even that they had a high exposure and that they are at high risk, and i can, bam, it is in a pill the way i do with tamiflu. the home tests are not there. abbott is saying they hope to get 70 million tests available by the end of january. well, that's not 500 million, is it? the tests are not there, then you have to go through some federal website, and the next thing is even if someone tests at home -- and by the way, anita, i don't want them to go to the pharmacy and wait on a long line with a wildly contagious variant that they are spreading when they go to that pharmacy. that is the utmost in ridiculousness, and it shows that we are not changing the public health. i'm here fast enough. you're not feeling well, you should be at home, you should be able to get the test at home, get the treatment at home, and we don't have the monoclonal antibodies we need, so the gsk drug is the one that works.
10:22 am
that monoclonal antibody is not available at all. so the administration's right, that they weren't ready for this, but they absolutely should have been. >> there has been a lot of criticism suggesting the administration has been slow to push for these new treatments, because they have been concentrating so much on the vaccines for so long. let's look at this headline from "the wall street journal." "big pharma, success. government, failure." vaccines that you do have reduced the biden administration's urgency to approve and accelerate new treatments, especially antivirals. they could have hedged by fast tracking oral treatments, and operation warp speed did by investing in multiple vaccine measures using different technologies. i want you to react to that, but first let's take a listen to an exchange between jen psaki and our peter doocy at the white house yesterday. >> we see a surge in demand for tests. this is not just happening in the united states, it's
10:23 am
happening all around the world where there's not enough testing capacity. and we have taken steps that are more significant than any country in the world so we can have the testing needed to meet what people are looking for. >> anita: peter was asking about the delay in getting the testing, and she is saying other countries are facing this also. but aren't there other countries that were able to get these tests a little quicker? what is your reaction to this criticism? >> i don't agree with the press secretary, absolutely. the united kingdom have's been giving this out for free. their national health service -- and i've criticized them up and down -- they've been giving this out for free so you can get as much as you want and have it at home. that's what we have needed to do. we are still way behind on that. that's number one. the other one i want to respond to is your point about the vaccines. i am a huge proponent of the vaccine and i'm a huge proponent of the booster shot. even the booster shot is not that available right now. he can't even get that in the pharmacy. so you are absolutely right.
10:24 am
there has been such a narrow laser focus on that, not enough on therapeutic play or less. to be totally fair, when i interviewed former president trump last year in the white house, he said, very excited about therapeutics. that was part of operation warp speed. they need to extend that to this. the biden administration needed to extend to therapeutics, absolutely. >> alicia: a lot to do there, but at least we have these two new pills now that will be available, so at least that is some good news. dr. marc siegel, so great to see you today, and merry christmas to you and your family. >> and that's great news that we have the pills, anita. made christmas to you. let's go this pills out there, it's a game changer. merry christmas. >> anita: thank you so much. alicia, a lot happening there. covid is all the talk once again this holiday season, and we have a little bit of a humorous newspaper cover we want to put up. [laughter] take a look at that!
10:25 am
>> alicia: i could not agree more! yes, some sanity, please. i feel for everybody out there trying to get tested right now, because this travel of madness, i feel like i'm on. yesterday i was going from pharmacy to pharmacy just trying to find a rapid test, and i couldn't. yesterday the only way i was able to come to work was, the night before, i had a family friend who had tests that i could use. that is ridiculous, and i am one of how many? anyway, we will continue to cover it. >> anita: yes, we will. we will also continue to cover a looming showdown on capitol hill as democrats gear up for a power grab to pass their far left agenda. our political panel sounds off next. >> anita: plus, the white house claiming president biden saved christmas. but how do americans who are dealing with record inflation feel about that? as we market the most expensive holiday season in decades.
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ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. ♪ ♪ >> alicia: the senate's top democrat, chuck schumer, says he plans to force a vote on changing senate rules to make it easier for democrats to pass bills and advance their agenda. but there is a real chance the move could backfire. lauren tomlinson is a former deputy assistant secretary for strategic communications and public affairs at the department of homeland security. and a former deputy press secretary for the dnc. it welcomed to both of you for being here. i want you to take a listen to it president biden told abc news about supporting targeted changes to the senate filibuster. >> the only thing standing between getting voting rights legislation passed and not
10:31 am
getting it passed, if it's a filibuster, i would support making the exception of voting rights for the filibuster. >> i will begin with you, because when president trump was in office and republicans had the senate, all the senate democrats signed a letter defending the filibuster. and they are looking to possibly change the filibuster. what has changed for democrats? >> first and foremost, we've got to recognize that the party in power, or the president in power, obviously they want to try and not use the filibuster because they want to pass their agenda. that is something normal that happens in both parties. but i think the real issue here, alicia, is the american people are tired of congress getting nothing done. we have seen time and time again that a filibuster 50 years ago used to be an exception to the rule, now it's common ground. we use them time and time again. nothing gets done. we are paralyzing congress and the senate. so i think what senator schumer
10:32 am
is trying to do is we've got to bring the conversation to the table. this has got to change. we need to pass things for the american people. it's getting frustrating. and if this happens, that is something both republicans and democrats are going to use for their benefit when they are in power. but that's only for the american people. but we at least need to have a conversation. >> you would think you'd want to get rid of the filibuster particularly because he was such an institutionalist. the filibuster is there because it is not that congress can't get things done. you don't want a simple majority passing everything all the time. you want to make sure that certain changes to our laws are supported by two-thirds in the senate. when they want to get out of the filibuster, what they are really saying is the majority power wants to just shove everything through congress as quick as
10:33 am
they can before the election, and american people be damned. things get done, they passed that infrastructure bill that both republicans and democrats supported, but they can't get the voting right legislation. all the sudden this has become a political issue with democrats with their base ahead of the midterm. when we talk about getting rid of the filibuster, it would be detrimental, i think, to the checks and balances and making sure that the minority in the senate has the same right as the majority, and that would be really bad for our country. >> to be clear, this isn't so much about abolishing the filibuster entirely. it's about targeted exemptions. however, jose, i do have a question. what is the risk here for chuck schumer when you think about the fact that senators manchin and sinema have not expressed any support for this?
10:34 am
what echo will that leave when this doesn't get through? >> i understand from a political standpoint that it might not look too good for some of the moderate democrats. but there is are some of the tough decisions that politicians have to make. this is why the american people send them to congress, not to make the tough choices. by the way, i don't know if ending the filibuster is the right thing to do, but i think we have to have a conversation the american people -- we owe that right to the american people, the benefit to talk about it. maybe we deliberate from 60 votes to make 55. whatever the number may be. it's clearly not working and the filibuster is being abused for both parties and that's going to end. >> alicia: lauren, i want to give you one more last chance to respond here. >> i think congress needs to spend time not focus on the mechanics but finding ways they can come together and pass legislation. if you're talking about narrow
10:35 am
exceptions for the filibuster, what that says to me is that your argument isn't good enough to get enough people on your side to pass an actual bill. senator schumer needs to be focused on how we went over senator manchin and senator sinema over to our side, not to change the rules to get what i want. that is what i would charge senator schumer to think more about and congress to think more about. >> alicia: lauren tomlinson, jose aristimuno, thank you both for being here and merry christmas eve to you both. >> thank you. merry christmas. >> thank you. >> alicia: thank you so much. anita, "the wall street journal" had an op-ed about this issue, talking about the risks to the biden administration and for americans. because all it takes is every four years for this to flip-flop. even if you agree with one side, legislative whiplash would be a bad outcome. imagine lax rules on nationwide mail ballots following a complete reversal.
10:36 am
>> anita: that's a really interesting point. i thought your question is very interesting about how this impacts senator joe manchin and kyrsten sinema. you don't want to upset those two. look what happened to the build back better bill. you need the support of those senators and you've got to make sure they are on board with any changes to the filibuster. >> alicia: absolutely. >> anita: coming up next, special counsel john durham going after members of hillary clinton's 2016 presidential campaign as he investigates the origins of the russia investigation. why could there be a conflict of interest involving clinton and legal representation for defendants in the durham probe? >> alicia: plus, a blue eight collapse could pave the way for a red tsunami in 2022. details on why democrats' chances of retaining congress are slimming fast. that's next. most of the musical ♪ ♪ay
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♪ ♪ >> alicia: house democrats facing a wave of departures in 2022. so far 23 democratic representatives have said they won't seek reelection, including five in december alone. congressional correspondent aishah hasnie is live in washington. merry christmas eve to you, aishah. >> merry christmas eve tu, alicia. good to see you. some democrats say this is totally normal, but the parties facing another challenge. here's a look at the house democrats not running for reelection. just about half that number on the g.o.p. side, if you were wondering. aside from those who simply want to spend more time for their families were seek higher office, some are struggling moderates in a house that has seen the influence of progressives increase while others are loyal pelosi friends and she has signaled that she could exit at the end of her
10:42 am
speakership. we are also seeing some in-fighting between progressives and moderates over the president's massive tax and spending plan. three democrats announced they would not run for reelection and the hours after senator joe manchin said he was a no for build back better. some democrats are calling for a senate vote immediately when the senate returns in the new year, which could put those democrats who are up for reelection in purple states in a very uncomfortable position, as progressive say, look, we are all in trouble if we don't pass build back better. >> it is incumbent upon us to do everything possible to meet the needs of that most marginalized which made this majority possible. we run the risk by playing small. so of course i have some concerns about us not keeping our promises. >> but there is more than what's happening inside the halls of congress. as you know, the president's job approval rating down to 42%. inflation at nearly a 40-year
10:43 am
high. republicans smell blood in the water. >> what you should be looking at is democrats in swing districts retiring. it's a big sign that democrats are not confident that they are going to maintain the majority. >> and then, alicia, there is what history teaches us. the last mass exodus for democrats was back in 2012. 29 democrats are tiring then. could not flip the house. alicia? >> alicia: aishah hasnie, good to see you. well, special counsel john durham putting members of hillary clinton's 2016 presidential campaign on notice. durham telling a federal court that he is scrutinizing members of the clinton team as part of his criminal inquiry into the trump russia investigation. let's bring in former federal prosecutor doug burns to talk more about this. thanks for coming today. >> thank you. >> alicia: john durham still working away on his probe.
10:44 am
he is not happy about what he says could be a potential conflict of interest with a particular law firm representing former brookings institution igor danchenko and former clinton team members. what problems could that pose? lenses into don delmont john durham. "the interest of the clinton campaign and the defendant might diverge. for example, they each might have an incentive to shift blame and/or responsibility to the other party for any alleged false information that was contained within the company, reports, and/or provided to the fbi." what is your reaction to that? >> well, there's two types of conflict of interest, potential and actual. the word "might" kind of tips at off that this one is a potential, but it's very much a serious concern, because the
10:45 am
point is that if any of those witnesses, aside from the two representing the defendant, if he represents them and they're going to come in and assert a position, a claim, testimony, against the defendant, that could amount to an rise to a conflict. so they're going to have a hearing, the judge will hear everybody out, then you get to the second part of the analysis real quick, which is if it can be waived. some conflicts can be. the judge says, mr. defendant, are you aware of the situation that's been raised about this potential conflict, are you willing to waive it, et cetera. some are not capable of being waived. if i weren't a defendant, i couldn't also represent the cooperator, and nobody can waive that. to sum it up, it seems like a
10:46 am
potential conflict that could be waivable. >> anita: we will see, there's a hearing on that. i want to put that graphic back up on the screen because these are the three people that have so far been indicted in the durham probe. here you see i to igor danchenk. people plugged into washington say there are more shoes to drop and maybe some very big names to come up here. what do you think? >> i wouldn't be surprised -- and we have been talking about this and speculating about this for quite some time, obviously. we have been watching this saying, wait a minute, where the next steps, who are the next people? and so on. but this issue today, apart from the conflict issue, is very important. the point is, if you have hillary clinton campaign staffers and members who are contradicting, for example, on issues about how the dossier exactly got underway, who put in what input, who met with whom,
10:47 am
who spoke with him, that gets into the real meat and potatoes of the origination of the whole trump-russia story line. >> anita: there are many reports that say this all came from hillary clinton, that it was her idea to create this russian collusion story to divert attention away from her emails. do you think hillary clinton could ever get in trouble for this? >> well, it's fascinating, because you don't need me to explain that any suggestion about what you've said was at the center of just the toxic dustup in this country. nobody on the left wanted to hear that. folks are rooted in great detail expanding the origination of the whole story line, and much of it did land at the feet of the clinton campaign, through law firm, through others, through steele, so the point is it the wild shot and they can't speak late on whether hillary clinton
10:48 am
will get into trouble, but i will smile and say i guess there are many who would like to see that at least be in play. given the nature of the ferocious, hysterical story line that went on for years and years, it's against the real truth. >> anita: john durham is looking for the real truth. we will see what he comes up with. in the meantime, doug burns, thank you for coming in today and merry christmas. >> my pleasure. you, too. >> anita: alicia? >> alicia: more schools are returning to a remote learning despite vaccines being widely available and the biden administration's test strategy. is the move by some schools unnecessary, and how to be keep more kids in class? >> anita: and the top christmas movie in the united states? according to new data, it may depend on where you live. we will share the most popular selections in states across the nation coming up next. ♪ ♪
10:49 am
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>> alicia: the most popular christmas movies in each state, just in time for you and your family to fight over it. the company releasing this map showing the most popular christmas movies across the u.s. it's an interesting look at how some movies resonate in particular parts of the country. top data also releasing the most searched for christmas movies in each state. help her coat home alone" taking the top spot, followed by " " how the grinch stole christmas" and "the polar express." that's interesting. do you have a favorite christmas movie? >> alicia: i have so many. i love christmas movies. the cheesier the better. but my all-time favorite is "else," which came out 18-19 years ago. i watched all the time and every time i watch it it's like i'm seeing it for the first time. i laughed so hard to the point that my husband is always like, "you have this movie memorized, why are you laughing like you've heard it for the first time?"
10:54 am
absolutely love it. what about you? >> anita: i am a sucker for "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer," and "love actually." one of my favorites. >> alicia: absolutely. as a micron spreads across the country, many schools are moving back to remote learning despite the push to keep schools open. critics say there is more of a focus on demands from educators instead of the needs of children and their families. alexandria is lives in washington with more. >> hi. a lot of people are looking at prince george's county maryland. children will return to class until january 13. maryland's governor fired back with this. >> shutting down an entire school system of kids that have already struggled with distance learning for nearly a year, it's just outrageous and wrong. >> virtual-weary parents fear that schools will default to remote learning using covid as a
10:55 am
guise for staffing issues. >> there is very little spread within schools, and we saw a huge amount of harm to kids emotionally, with learning loss. none of that has so far been remedied. >> special education teacher michael powers told fox news that virtual days have been a strain on educatorsdu,cators, ts not about teachers not wanting to work. >> i had to learn how to do play therapy and therapy with children with developmental disabilities and special needs virtually, which was exhausting. so we have never been closed. >> a literal example comes out in mississippi. aside from the first few weeks of the pandemic, they have never resulted to remote-only learning. a superintendent said students and parents both benefited from it. >> when you shut that down, you are shutting down an economy, because those kids have parents, and those kids' parents work, and it's important to them.
10:56 am
they want their kids cared for while they are at school. we have proven we can do that and will continue to do it. >> others have come around to the same idea. president biden said this week that schools should remain open and gavin newsom announced that he has ordered rapid tests to be sure that children can return after christmas break. >> alicia: merry christmas eve to you. anita? >> anita: well, alicia, on the calendar for the new year, democrats pledging to move forward with president biden's massive social spending package. despite senator manchin near fatal blow. but the far left of the party calling on biden to go it alone. more on this in the next hour. >> alicia: plus, a holiday travel mess at airports around the world. the omicron surge making the flight crews are defined for many airlines. we will have the latest coming up. , ♪ ♪ h moderate to severe crohn's
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>> anita: fox news alert, to top a branding our, this christmas eve we begin with a spending fight in washington and the left demanding president biden go it alone, with plans of his multitrillion dollar plan to transform america. good afternoon, i am in anita vogel. >> alicia: so good to see you. i'm alicia acuna. president biden pledging to move forward despite joe manchin saying he could not vote for the bill. he says he and the west virginia senator will "get something done." >> anita: that's not good enough for the squad and others on the far left. they say it's time for the present t's executive action. >> alicia: karl rove on all of this and just moments, but first a congressional correspondent, chad pergram. >> good afternoon. democrats hope that the cool temperatures, but republicans
11:02 am
are now courting manchin. democrats need manchin in a 50/50 senate in order to maintain control. >> the party is -- it's not just him. they need to get on board with what's happening in the 21st century economy, and our beautiful 21st century multiracial democracy. we have to make sure everyone is involved. >> his new york colleague, nicole, says it's not right for manchin to face criticism for those who aren't yet acquainted with his home state. >> joe manchin to the right thing here. we need more representatives like him in the senate willing to stand up against their own party and do what is right. i think he knows best stomach what's best for the people of west virginia, not anybody else.
11:03 am
>> the g.o.p. aims to win both the house and senate, but it's unclear if democrats have the same energy to advance the bill in the new year. >> it could spill into january or february, but the risk for democrats is the longer the legislation goes on past, the greater the risk of something happening that then distracts either the senate or the countries from this legislation. >> if democrats are stymied legislatively to help some of the agenda is enacted via executive order, but there are limits they are, also. alicia? >> alicia: chad pergram, merry christmas to you and yours. thank you. >> anita: let's bring in fox news contributor and former white house deputy chief of staff, karl rove. great to see you on this christmas eve, and thanks for making time with us today. >> you bet. thanks for me.
11:04 am
>> tomi: dumb xd at any time. after wonder how much liberating they are doing this evening. this was sunk by joe manchin right before christmas, but progressive democrats still want the bill. it seems like at any cost. that is not going to cost with voters connect before you answer, i want to take a look at the fox business poll. we have asked people, what are voters extremely are very concerned about? look what's at the top of the list. inflation and higher prices. with that in mind, how much do people really want a nearly $2 trillion spending bill? >> well, it's not $2 trillion, we now know from a cbo report. i think it was a week ago friday. the true cost of the bill, if you extend these programs, is $5 trillion. $3 trillion of it in red ink, and the american people know that inflation is driven in large part by too much money, chasing too a few goods, and
11:05 am
that monies being pumped out of the federal government and being put on the tab for our kids and grandkids to pay. chad pergram mentioned two obstacles to the democrats getting this done. the obstacles the progressives want to basically ignore. they are both contained within the constitution of the united states. article one, section one, says the legislative power is vested in the congress consisting of the house of representatives and the senate. they don't have the votes to pass this law through the senate, so now what they want to do is have the president and act this on his own. but he doesn't have the legislative power. they also want his spending to go forward, article one, section nine, clause seven. no money shall be charged to the treasury except in consequence of an appropriation made by law. so they can't get the votes in congress to appropriate these monies, so somehow they want the president to fund these bills without a vote to congress.
11:06 am
with the democrat progressives are calling for is an unconstitutional, if you will, dictatorial act. it's not the way we do things in united states of america. >> anita: no one knows the rules like you, karl. last week president biden gave a press conference on omicron and covid, but at the end of this he was peppered with questions about the build back better bill, and joe manchin. so what do you think? is there anything -- and he said, "joe manchin and i are going to get something done." do you believe that? is anything the white house can do to get him on board and pass this bill? >> they may get something done that is not going to look anything like the $1.7 trillion measure that was before the congress. that is one of senator manchin's problems with the bill, the gimmicks used to try to hide its true costs. he said, "i'm willing to do things, but only if you limit the number of things you will do, you pay for them, and to be honest about them in the bill." there is conceivably some
11:07 am
measure that could be drawn up, offset by $1.7 trillion in additional taxes, with a few but not all of the giant welfare expansions contained in the build back better bill. the problem there is, if they get manchin, they may lose a lot of the progressives his attitude seems to be, "we want the whole enchilada or we don't want anything at all." when you have a 50/50 senate you can afford to lose a single democratic vote. when you only have a 3-vote margin in the house, they may have a couple special elections that add two or democrats so they have a 5-vote margin. that's very hard to do in a 435-member house, to not lose people. remember, they lost them on the bipartisan infrastructure bill because they were afraid it would take the steam out for the welfare expansion. guess what? they were right. passing the bipartisan infrastructure bill because a lot of people to say, "we probably don't need another $5 trillion of spending on top of that." >> anita: we'll see what happens.
11:08 am
democrats still say they want the bill but we'll see what happens with that next year. karl rove, thank you for making time with us today. always a pleasure to see. >> you bet. merry christmas. >> anita: thank you. you, too. well, alicia, the democrats still want the bill. karl said it's not $2 trillion, it's more like $5 trillion. i don't know how you get joe manchin on board. we will have to see what kind of negotiations the white house can extend to him. >> alicia: it'll be interesting to see if they're able to pull it off piece by piece in order to move this sort of thing forward. you know, anita, even i both cover politics and we know that right now all of this is going to be coming at a time when we are also heading into midterm season. so it'll be a really interesting timeline to see how this plays out. >> anita: absolutely. >> alicia: the crime crisis continuing to spiral out of control in california. videos showing a woman carrying
11:09 am
a pickax into a los angeles rite aid. police say she still a basket full of liquor from the story. christina coleman is live in los angeles with more. hi, christina. >> hi, alicia. talk about a scary situation. they have been brazen robberies in the l.a. area. look at this disturbing video again. a woman carrying a big pickax takes her time walking around a rite aid store in venice, cussing people out as she shoplift's wednesday afternoon. she allegedly stopped her basket with bottles of liquor and threatened employees who tried to take it away. no one was hurt by the pickax-wielding woman, and at this point she has not been arrested. this homeless man, 21-year-old simon lopez, already had a warrant out for his arrest when he was taken into police custody on monday. he is accused of kidnapping, domestic violence, and engaging in intercourse with a minor. police say he was in a romantic relationship with a minor younger than 15 years old, but
11:10 am
glendale police say due to l.a. county's emergency $0 bail order, the d.a. office recommended that he be set at $0 bail. fox news reach out to the d.a.'s office for a response and a spokesperson denied a prosecutor recommended zero bail for la paz. the judge ultimately set bail for the suspect at $100,000. so this situation still led to more criticism of l.a. county's liberal d.a., george gascon, and criminal justice reform. which prevents sentence enhancements and cash bail for many low-level offenses. earlier this month, some of gascon's critics announced they are launching a second effort to try and get in recalled. >> there is no way to sugarcoat this guy. gascon is complicit in the destruction of los angeles, and the out-of-control crime we are seeing today. he has abandoned all of us victims in favor of criminals.
11:11 am
>> alicia: despite consistent criticism, he stands by his policies. he says he is responsible for the rise in homicides or smash and grab robberies in l.a. county. alicia? >> alicia: christina call christina coleman,i hope you ane a made christmas. anita? >> anita: alicia, big div element in the fight to treat covid. including two new antiviral drugs. >> alicia: plus, with holidays in full swing, what can you do to stay safe? dr. janette nesheiwat is here with what you need to know. next. ♪ ♪ why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond.
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>> alicia: major travel headaches this christmas.
11:16 am
airlines canceling hundreds of flights, citing staff shortages due to the spread of the omicron variant. united airlines said in a statement that they are working to rebook as many passengers as possible. anita? a >> anita: hope so. well, with millions on the move are already home for the holidays, covid is once again sure to be a big topic around the tree. but there is a big movement on treatment as the fda has approved two antiviral medications to use against covid-19 infections. charles watson is live in atlanta, home to the cdc, with potentially very good news. charles? >> hi, anita. the two antiviral medications the fda have given emergency use authorizations come until firm. the first is molnupiravir, and pfizer's paxlovid. both are authorized to treat infected adults at an increased risk of developing severe
11:17 am
illness from covid-19. studies show that merck's candidate is less effective than pfizer's, and despite that, medical officials say either drug is suitable to be given to patients who don't have access to other authorized treatments, and they must be given within five days of the onset of symptoms. >> you have to recognize your symptoms, have access to testing, get a positive result, and then take it. that is actually a fairly quick turnaround time. >> meantime, shortening the amount of time health care workers need after contracting are being exposed to covid-19. the new guidelines mean health care workers with covid-19 who have no signs of symptoms can now return to return to work with proof of a negative test in seven days, as opposed to the ten-day requirement that was in place. fully vaccinated health care with a booster shot will not
11:18 am
have to isolate after "high risk exposure." of the new guidelines also allow health care providers to further shorten quarantine. period pointless if needed. cdc director is saying the preparing for a surge in patients, similar to what the largest health care system is currently seeing. all 16 of indiana university's hospitals are currently operating at or above 120% capacity. the situation is so dire, the u.s. navy is sending in 20 navy personnel to help front-line workers at the largest hospital in indianapolis. >> we need help. and that is what you are seeing. >> making matters worse, the difficulty with which people are finding it is to get tested or find an at-home test kit. the biden administration says it
11:19 am
has ordered 500 million test kits to give to any american who wants it, but those are not likely to be widely available until next month. anita? >> anita: charles, you're a brave to even attempt to pronounce the name of that merck pill. i commend you on that. [laughter] thank you for that great reporting. merry christmas. alicia? >> alicia: you read my mind, anita. let's bring in dr. janette nesheiwat, a fox news contributor. so good to see you. we all need a little advice right now. not sure exactly what to do with this new information. we have got quite a bit here, actually. but what would you say to folks out there who are hearing about these antiviral pills? how much comfort should they taken this right now? >> a lot of comfort, alicia. despite the number of cases we see surging throughout the nation, we are still in a better place than we were at the beginning of this pandemic because we are looking at a different way of treating covid. we now have two antiviral
11:20 am
medications that have emergency use authorization by the fda, paxlovid and molnupiravir. it is recommended to use paxlovid because it does have a higher efficacy than molnupiravir by merck, but if we don't have paxlovid available, then we should go ahead and use the other antiviral bed, because it can still give you 30-50% protection against death and hospitalization. whereas paxlovid by pfizer can give you up to 90% protection. what does that mean? you are less likely to be hospitalized, less likely to lose your life. if you're able to start these antiviral pills, ideally within 72 hours. if you still take them on day four or five, it could still be effective, but is most effective if you take it within 72 hours. this is a blessing, it's a miracle, it is just a matter of getting the supply. we need production, we need manufacturing of this medication. we need it now. so that's the biggest issue we
11:21 am
are dealing with right now. >> alicia: you talk about the supply for this pill, but it's also running against the supply of these rapid tests that folks are having such a hard time getting. and also when we even go to a location to get tested members of my family were told it would be 3-5 days before they get a result. let's just fast-forward. if it's going to take a while for us to get results, the faster we use these pills the better. don't we have a problem on our hands here? >> you are absolutely right. you have such a shortage of testing. fortunately we can use what's called a rapid antigen test which usually get within 15 minutes to an hour. it's the pcr test that takes much longer because they are more accurate. but you know it, alicia? sometimes if a patient comes in and they have all the symptoms of covid, severe fatigue, sore throat, body aches, chest pain, shortness of breath, they had to
11:22 am
the point where they need to be hospitalized. sometimes we'll prescribe it if they are high risk and we may not have the test back. we can use clinical judgment which is still very useful for most patients. >> alicia: let's move onto it folks are doing right now. there are a lot of people out here, if they haven't canceled or changed their plans, they are planning to be with friends and family over the holidays where they are traveling. what can folks do at this point in the most realistic terms to protect themselves? >> that's a great question. ideally the best thing is, of course, to be vaccinated and have your booster. if you get that third dose, you double your protection against oma crown for about 35% of to about 76%, which is phenomenal. you can still catch covid but you have either no symptoms or very mild symptoms, which is exactly what i'm seeing in my patients that come in fatigue, body aches, sore throat, that
11:23 am
sort of thing. they're able to go home and use the support of medications to help them feel better. but that's number one. also, testing. try to get tested, especially if you haven't had a chance to get your booster. testing can be helpful so you know if you have it or not they are not spreading it to others. then of course try to celebrate safely outdoors if possible, and try to limit your gatherings to know more than 10-15 people. those are all the things you can do to celebrate the holidays safely with your loved ones. >> alicia: dr. nesheiwat, he always bring a calming presence, especially in this pandemic. we appreciate it so much. a christmas to you and your family. >> thank you. merry christmas to you, too, alicia. >> alicia: thank you so much. it's tough out there, but it does help to hear what the doctor has to say, that there are steps we can take to try to remain as safe as possible. >> anita: exactly. i was thinking the same thing. she always delivers her medical reports with a sense of calm and makes you feel like everything is going to be okay.
11:24 am
hopefully it will be for families across the nation. >> alicia: absolutely. >> anita: so, santa is still coming to town. but we better keep an eye on the forecast. still in heavy rain expected to slam parts of the west this weekend. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth has the full forecast. as i was driving to work this morning here in los angeles, there was lightning all around me. it was pretty scary! >> [laughs] l.a., were normally think you'll go there to have a nice warm christmas, not going to happen. all of the activities across the west, the east on the south, it's just baking. take a look at these temperatures right now. 69 degrees in kansas city on christmas eve. still cooler across parts of the northeast. 38 across new york city. in the north of that is cooler, but we are really baking across the central part of the country. watch what happens over the next couple of days. this is where we are on friday.
11:25 am
and will move into saturday. the heat across parts of the country is not really going to budge. maybe the far northern tier, we'll see cooler temperatures across north dakota and such, but this goes all the way to monday. we have temperatures on monday at 63 and indianapolis, no snow and no i christmas happening there at all. we are going to see white christmas for a few people. we are watching one system that will bring a little bit of snow and will have a much bigger storm we'll be watching that is across parts of the west coast. that'll be continuing for us. let me just show you what we've got here across the south. this is christmas day, you will see those red dots probably breaking your high temperature for that day in september. take a look at this, abilene, texas, christmas day, 84. minot, north dakota. across the east things are looking completely dry.
11:26 am
you see that little bit of rain, we've got parts of wisconsin, it'll bring a little bit of a clipper, little bit of snow for tomorrow across parts of far northern new england. but take a look at this, there's the rain. in los angeles, very heavy rain across parts of arizona. some snow in higher elevations. look at this, snow everywhere, going all across parts of the mountainous ranges. everywhere across the west. anita can expiate we always need the rain in california so i guess we can't complain too much. >> kind of a christmas present for southern california. you bet. speed indeed alicia? >> alicia: anita, the white house claiming biden saved christmas, the covid cases are surging and tests are not easy to get. all that as americans are still digging deeper into their pockets to pay for basic items. so is the white house missing reality? john is here to weigh in, coming up next. ♪ ♪
11:27 am
11:28 am
dad are you sure you're up to host? yeah! we want to keep it the way it always was, right? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's your grandma. she was the best at the holidays.
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>> alicia: hard to believe, but we are one week away from the new year and the new security assessment shows that there is no credible threat at this time to the new year's eve celebration in new york city. and while revelers will be allowed into times square this year, the festivities are being scaled back due to the surge in the omicron variant. only 15,000 people will be allowed instead of the normal 58,000. >> anita: inflation for the holidays. the white house claims president biden saved christmas for americans with his economic policies. but the numbers still show americans are paying more on everything from gas prices to food with the key inflation number hitting nearly a 40-year high. things are coming in today. >> merry christmas.
11:32 am
he also waiting a long time to get things he ordered. in some cases they are stuck on container ships. and then biden's policies are good for the country, how do you square that? before you answer, i want to put up a graph. we have information from the bureau of labor and statistics showing just how much items have gone up over the last year. look at that. ground beef, 14%. bacon, 21%. eggs, 8%, and so on. so how is it that biden's economic policies are saving america for christmas? is that true? >> some of that is political talk. politicians like to claim credit where they can, because they also get blame for a lot of things. you are right, that inflation, we haven't seen that in decades. but we also haven't seen
11:33 am
economic growth like this in a long time, either. this economy, which is huge, it's growing at 5% plus this year. really substantial economic growth. the jobless numbers at the lowest they've been in a long time. you've got a very tight job market, people able to find work at higher wages, because it's a tight job market. the economy is growing so fast. inflation coming from two different places. there's a lot of pent-up demand, a lot of things closed down, they open back up. they just didn't produce in us. there is more demand than there was supply. when that happens, prices go up. if you are selling widgets and there's a ton of demand, you can charge more for them. the other thing that you sort of have to keep in mind is that the disruptions that were caused in the production system that led to a lot of this inflation were caused by the virus. the virus is still with us. if the public wants to do
11:34 am
something about inflation, they can play a role in health care to the virus by getting vaccinated, and stop listening to disinformation preventing them from getting vaccinated. that will stand in the virus and because supply chains to even out again and get back to normal faster without poultry processing factories in the united states, or microchip factories in malaysia, having to shut down again. >> anita: the president says he still wants to pass his build back better bill. that is nearly $2 trillion plan, although we had karl rove before he said it was closer to $5 trillion. do you think that will help add to the deficit? definitely two sides on that. what is your take? >> we don't know what the bill is going to look like yet. it's hard to estimate what it's going to cost because they don't have a bill yet. remember, it was $3.5 trillion at that point and now it's down to about $1.8 trillion. it'll probably go further south
11:35 am
than that before it gets approved. a lot of the spending will be out over several years, so how exactly do you calculate it? it's not like one sudden hit to the economy. the argument by the administration is that there elements of this that are going to smooth out the supply chain, prevent disruptions, prevent inflation, expand to more people, and when that happens you get bigger tax receipts. people are paying more in taxes because more people are working. that pays for this. we haven't really seen the numbers get squared yet because we haven't seen how taxes are going to be affected by this. because congress hasn't agreed on it yet. it has the potential to be inflationary if you don't find ways to raise the money in such a way that it doesn't contribute to an overheated economy. >> anita: in about 30 seconds, let's turn to covid. the president made a major address last week promising tests to americans, but nobody's getting these tests for weeks. you have to sign onto a website
11:36 am
and it's a little cumbersome. is it also was a little too late or is this the best the administration can do? 30 seconds. >> hindsight is 20/20. boy, it would be great to have had these tests six months ago. people are calling for them a year ago. you have two administrations and the cdc that have been behind the curve. they've been very slow to react. they also almost called it quits in the spring by saying you could take off your mask to vaccinated. but they have underestimated how much people were not going to get vaccinated, how they have to convince people to get vaccinated. so it has been slow, behind the curve. it would have been much better to have these tests months ago. >> anita: hindsight is always 2020. >> it is, indeed. >> anita: john, thank you for your insights today and hope to see you. so, alicia, as john points out,
11:37 am
this has been a roller coaster. one minute health officials are saying you can take your masks off and relax a little bit, we thought we were done with delta, then you came omicron. so you never really know with this virus what's around the corner. >> alicia: absolutely. and i think there is fatigue upon fatigue over dealing with it, but there is an actual danger out there that we have to contend with and try to live with. it's just so hard, especially when you talk about taking off masks, you have to put them back on. what keeps coming to my mind is that we were told, even if things seem to be loosening up a little bit, that we knew in the fall and winter months to expect some sort of surge. we didn't know what was coming but we knew it was something. i think it's really frustrating to so many people out there. there is concerns russia might try to invade ukraine, but the russian president claims the u.s. is stoking tension. a live report on that.
11:38 am
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>> anita: amid fears russia will invade ukraine, vladimir putin pointing the finger at u.s. and nato, blaming them for the increased tensions. alex hogan's live in london with more on all of this. >> hi, anita. the u.s. has worn russian not to invade ukraine, but the kremlin says it wants assurances from the west. yesterday at this annual end of the year press conference, the russian president vladimir putin denied any intention to invade ukraine but wouldn't rule out the possibility. an immediate guarantee that ukraine will not receive a nato
11:43 am
membership. he also requests a promise that weapon systems will get placed closer, arguing the next diplomatic move is not a zone. take a listen. >> lee, without any tricks, openly said there could be no more nato further moving eastward. the ball is in their court. they have to give us an answer. >> russia has amassed roughly 100,000 troops in armored vehicles near its border with ukraine, sparking fears of innovation as early early as next month. they blame the u.s., and the white house has warned russia that any invasion would lead to swift economic sanctions. they also pressured prudent on their relationship with china, to which putin spoke of the current partnership to develop high precision weaponry. putin confirmed that there was a
11:44 am
test launch of a hypersonic missile which took place last night, calling it part of the new generation of unrivaled arm systems. amid all of this rising concern, the u.s. held diplomatic talks with russia last month. it had other plans to do the same thing again, hold more conversations with the country at the beginning of next year. anita? >> anita: alex, thank you so much. alicia? >> alicia: anita, there's a fellow democrat calling out vice president kamala harris over the border crisis. texas congressman henry cuellar says his office reached out back in june when it learned that harris would visit the state, because his team never got a call back. let's bring in art del cueto from the border patrol counsel. thank you for being here on this christmas eve, and merry christmas to your family. i want to continue with this
11:45 am
interview that the congressmen did with "the new york times." we will put up a quote in which he said, "i say this very respectfully to her. i moved on. she was tasked with that job. it doesn't look like he's very interested in this, so they're going to move on to other folks that work on this issue." he went on to say that actually when he reaches out to the white house they at least called back. this is not a good look for the administration. >> definitely not. listen, he gets it. he's on the border. his constituents are on the border. i was born, raised, lived here, worked on the border my entire life. we get it. beyond that, it is not something by one political party. at the end of the day, everyone needs to worry about our nation's borders. that doesn't cut it, that's us.
11:46 am
they are very much aware of what's going on. everyone has seen -- the american public suffers, and it is not something that is affecting just the border, it's affecting the entire country. >> alicia: a devastating editorial came out coming out the policy, saying it led to a devastating death toll. ellery part of it. "the administration's suite of inconsistent policies was received in central america and other countries as a green light for migration, or at least a blinking yellow one. illegal crossings spiked and within the body count mounted. some 650 migrants died at the border in fiscal year 2021. that number represents a 24% increase from the previous high
11:47 am
in 2019, and a 58% jump from 2016. the deadliest year during the obama administration went 412 border crossers perished." we are definitely dealing with a security issue at the border but there is also a humanitarian crisis. you have people who are losing their lives in search of a better one. >> definitely, but is a domino effect. we have an administration that has plainly said, "we're not going to do any type of sanctions against the criminal elements," this is what happens. [unclear audio] it is the drugs coming across the country because of this administration. opioids, overdoses. the amount of methamphetamines. sentinel, heroin. the drug cartels know what they're doing. they are controlling our
11:48 am
nation's borders. we have a leak administration that does not come down on criminal elements, so they do have for their own behalf. it's everything else because of -- it falls on the heads of this demonstration and their -- defend our nation's borders. >> alicia: we apologize, we're having some audio issues they are, but if you can hear me, would like to thank you for your time and perspective today. anita? >> anita: things look bleak for house democrats in 2022. president biden's low pulling are working against the party. now a wave of retirement could sink the democrat's chances at keeping control. will have a live report up next. >> alicia: plus, a very strange holiday job you've probably never heard of. find out why one group of workers are tired of using their
11:49 am
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>> alicia: a christmas eve at the vatican. pope francis holding mass at st. about 2,000 people attended. officials put a limit on how many people could attend because of covid. the pope urging people to look beyond the lights and remember the poor this christmas. anita? >> anita: ahead of the 2022 midterms, it isn't the only thing democrats have to worry about. a wave of retirements could sink any chance democrats have of keeping the majority in the house. nearly two dozen house democrats are already on the way out. congressional correspondent aishah hasnie is in washington with more on all of this. hi, aishah. >> hi, good to see you. aside from all of those who want to simply spend more time with their families or seek higher office, semistruggling moderates and how seeing the influence of progressives increase day by day. while others are loyal pelosi friends retiring as now she signaled she would exit at the
11:54 am
end of her speakership. here's a look at the 23 house democrats not running for reelection. about half that number on the g.o.p. side. some democrats say this is totally normal for a redistricting year, but the fact is the parties facing a number of challenges. we've been watching infighting between progressives and moderates over the president's massive tax and spending plan. in fact, three democrats announced they would not run for reelection in the hours after senator joe manchin said that he was in no further billed duck better. now they are calling for a senate vote which could put democrats up for reelection in those purple states and pretty uncomfortable spot. progressives out there say everybody is in trouble if they don't pass build back better. >> it is incumbent upon us to do everything possible to meet the needs of that most marginalized movement which made this possible. of course i have some concerns that is not keeping our
11:55 am
promises. >> but there is more, the president's job approval rating sank to 42%. inflation is at a nearly 40-year high, and then there is what history teaches us, anita, the last max exit is for dems was back in 2012 with 29 democrats retiring. back then, they could not flip the house. of course the g.o.p. took that. anita? >> anita: a lot of people moving on, aishah. this is going to be very interesting next year. aishah hasnie on capitol hill, thank you so much for that report and merry christmas. like aishah was saying, we see this as we head into midterm elections. a lot of changing up and a lot of the people in the house. >> alicia: every party gets its turn. the first midterms, after there is a switch in power. everybody's got to get used to it. nobody likes it when the going through it, but that's just the
11:56 am
way history shows us that it goes. it'll keep going. a third grade teacher in d.c. promised her class hot chocolate if she made a half-court shot. well, she delivered. ♪ ♪ >> five, four, three, two, one! ♪ ♪ >> alicia: man, looking for the kids, their teacher made her record. hundreds of flights canceled due to covid and thousands are stranded as they try to see their loved ones. we'll bring you the latest from the packed airport terminals coming up in a brand-new hour. ♪ ♪ ho ho ho! not again. oh no.
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
over time, i've come to add a fourth: be curious. be curious about the world around us, and then go. go with an open heart, and you will find inspiration anew. viking. exploring the world in comfort. >> the biden administration facing a covid testing crisis, that one health expert in the "washington post" calls a failure of imagination and failure to leadership. welcome to a brand-new hour of fox live. >> good to be with you for our third hour today. president biden tapping into plans for americans coming under intense criticism as we learn his administration reportedly had at least two chances to ramp up testing supplies before the
12:01 pm
delta and omicron variant surges. >> he's had a vaccine only strategy, and that's been to the detriment of people. >> our correspondent david lee miller is live with the latest from the airports. >> the holidays is taking on a new meaning this christmas. that's because many would be travelers are now stuck at home because of flight cancellations caused by staff shortages. the covid variant omicron is to blame. united today canceled about 9% of its scheduled 180 flights. in a statement, the airline said, and i quote, the nationwide spike in omicron cases has had a direct impact on
12:02 pm
the flight crews. as a result we've had to canceled flights and are notifying impacted customers in advance of coming to the airport. we're working hard to rebook as many people as possible and get them on their way for the holidays. as for delta airlines it's grounded about 157 flights, roughly 7% of its schedule. earlier this week the c.e.o. warned and asked to reduce the quarantine time of people testing positive from 10 days down to five. meanwhile, passengers, although concerned about the virus say they feel safe enough to travel. >> i think for the most part people are going to do the right thing, but there are always going to be people who try and slip through the cracks. that's why we have vaccines, masks, and those measures in place. >> i feel safe. i'm taking all the precautions, and i haven't had any difficulty. i think new york is doing the best out of all of these cities.
12:03 pm
>> covid's impact on travel isn't just limited to the united states. more than 3,000 flights worldwide have now been canceled between today and tomorrow, and a physician advising an airline group says the omicron variant makes it two to three times more likely airline passengers will be infected with the virus. >> wow! david lee miller in los angeles. thanks, david lee. anita? >> with the omicron variant causing havoc for travellers this christmas eve there are two new reports that the biden administration avoided taking steps in the spring and again in october to fix the country's covid testing shortfall. that's despite nearly a year of the president saying more tests would be made available. >> we continue to work on making at home testing available. we're going to deploy things like testing to expand detection of the virus. >> we're committing $2 billion
12:04 pm
to purchase nearly 300 million rapid tests so that every american, no matter their income, can access free and convenient tests. >> white house correspondent peter ducey is reporting live from the white house. i guess we've been hearing a lot about how the tests are coming but the tests aren't actually coming until next month, right, peter? >> right, anita. we did hear from the president today. he does not yet have an opinion about doing what new york's democratic governor just did, which is shortening the isolation period. the quarantine period for fully vaccinated people who test positive but don't have any symptoms from 10 days down to five days. >> do you think the isolation period for covid should be shortened for everyone? >> well, i just listen to my team of docs and they think we should keep it the way it is for now. >> people trying to find covid
12:05 pm
tests this week met bare shelves and long lines and that had some doctors who previously had been publicly supportive of biden upset with biden. a doctor writes in the "washington post" this is a failure of imagination and a failure of leadership. in large part why we're here. the biden administration did great job with vaccines but they should have done just as much with testing. i'm very disappointed by their lack of focus on testing earlier because with you saw this coming and now the administration is playing catch-up. >> why are you promising 500 million tests if you haven't even signed a contract to buy the test? >> we have no concern about the contract being finalized. we're just working to finalize the contract. >> biden dialed into an event with norad, santa trackers and the father of several young children who got to speak to the president by phone left the
12:06 pm
president with this. >> i hope you guys have a wonderful christmas as well. let's go brandon. >> let's go brandon, i agree. >> if it's not too late that guy might wind up on the naughty list. >> anita >> oh, boy, peter. a little bit of christmas antic there. thanks so much for that live report from the white house. peter ducey. >> let's bring in joe concha, fox news contributor. it's good to see you. let's look at some headlines because there are a lot of them out there. people are really upset about the fact that they can't get tests. we've got msnbc, "washington post", politico, the thing is, the president said this isn't march 2020 but when it comes to testing and trying to get a test this really feels like a throwback. >> it's basically the same. by the way, let's go brandon, i guess is the new -- just to throw that out there. this is a fitting in to a
12:07 pm
crap-tastic2021. fortunately this is mostly omicron and the overwhelming number of cases are reportedly mild or asymptomatic. but look, we're all old enough remember december 2020, where biden sedlak of testing was a "travesty." you would think they would have done more to be ready for the omicron variant but they haven't. the wife always has me working, and i saw in front of two local urgent cares lines extending blocks just to get into the facility. these poor people, home tests as peter ducey just reported, they are almost impossible to get. the "new york times" reporting, help is weeks away if not longer. the administration hasn't yet signed a contract to buy the
12:08 pm
test nor how quickly they will be shipped once they begin to be available next month. unquote. whether it's inflation or violent crime or the border or good afternoon, everyone, this is an administration that's perpetually reactive instead of proactive and the president and the vice president, to have the audacity to say no one saw omicron coming, i'm sorry, cdc director just said they have been anticipating and preparing for this for some time. it's all of this administration's making. >> first, i have to tell you, i'm totally with your wife on this. my husband has a to-do list on christmas eve as well. everybody is working so just get used to it. i have to switch gears here because you tweeted about this, okay, we have to talk about this. this is one, i thought, no way, but yes, privacy organizations are saying -- while not the biggest theft to the world right
12:09 pm
now, is creepy, invasive, and possibly dangerous, and sends a terrible message to kids about surveillance. can you please help me here. >> i'm really, really trying to push back the temptation to get angry and you've seen me get this way before. it's christmas eve so i'll keep a smile on my face as hard as it is to do. elf on the shelf is a doll. it has magic, and i have a 6 and an 8-year-old upstairs who are looking to get over to grandpa's now for new year's eve and they look forward to every morning, since thanksgiving, seeing thee elves fly from one place to another. there is nothing creepy about it. can we please just leave one tradition alone without this nonsense this wokeness, we're going to cancel the elves now? come on. >> i got you. let's just have some fun. i hope you and your family have a merry christmas and you get
12:10 pm
everything done on your list. >> do i cheat or do i wait until tomorrow morning? i have access. >> you wait until tomorrow morning. >> thank you, alicia. great to see you. merry christmas. bye. >> bye. the latest revelations in the case against a suspected michigan high school shooter and his parents. plus, the pickax wielding woman caught stealing from a pharmacy. retired detroit police chief james greg on america's crime crisis coming up next.
12:11 pm
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mom, hurry! our show's gonna start soon! i promised i wouldn't miss the show and mommy always keeps her promises. oh, no! seriously? hmm! it's not the same if she's not here. oh. -what the.
12:14 pm
oh my goodness! i don't suppose you can sing, can you? ♪ the snow's comin' down ♪ -mommy? ♪ i'm watching it fall ♪ watch the full story at >> alicia: school shooter ethan
12:15 pm
crumbley's violent comments on school work. according to the oakland county prosecutor, the drawings were so alarming to crumbley's teacher that he was called into a meeting just moments before the deadly november 30 shooting with school counselors and his parents, a meeting he was ultimately allowed to leave. prosecutors also allege in the documents that crumbley's parents didn't pay attention to their son instead spending time on "extramarital affairs, financial issues and substance abuse issues." chicago democratic mayor lori lightfoot under fire for her mishandling of the city's rise in violent crimes. condemnation coming from both sides of the isle. as a democrat, alderman highlighted the disturbing number of children who have been shot this year. a similar crime wave is also breaking out in los angeles,
12:16 pm
where a woman wielding a pickax recently robbed a rite aid. kristina coleman is live in los angeles with the details. kristina? >> yes, i just went to this store to get an interview and realized i was just there a few days ago doing some holiday shopping. i'm always in the area with my son. i would have been terrified to see this woman with a giant pickax. take a look at this disturbing video. this lady takes her sweet time walking around this rite aid store in venice with a pickax cussing people out as she steals bottles of liquor. no one was hurt but at this point this pickax wielding woman has not been arrested leaving some holiday shoppers on edge. >> the fact that, i don't know what's going to happen if i walk in there. that's unsettling for sure. >> i hope they catch her before she hurts somebody including herself. >> alicia: and this homeless man, 21-year-old simon lopez,
12:17 pm
already had a warrant out for his arrest when he was taken into police custody on monday. he's accused of kidnapping, domestic violence and engaging in intercourse with a minor but glendale police say due to l.a. county's zero dollar bell order, they recommended that bail be set at zero order. we reached out to the d.a.'s office for a response and a spokesperson denied that a prosecutor recommended zero bail for lopez. they ultimately set bail for the suspect at a hundred thousand dollars. this situation led to even more criticism of l.a. county's liberal d.a. and his criminal justice reforms which includes ending cash bail for many low level offenses. l.a. county is currently dealing with a rise in homicides and smash and grab robberies. earlier this month some of gascon's critics announced a second effort to try and get him recalled.
12:18 pm
>> regardless of where you're from, your race, your political ideology, your income, we're all bearing the cost of his pro criminal agenda and the rising crime in l.a. county. enough is enough. >> alicia: despite this ongoing criticism he stands by his policies. he says his office is taking a proactive approach to preventing violence. >> alicia: kristina coleman in los angeles. >> let's bring in james craig, former police chief of detroit credited with keeping people and businesses safe in detroit last summer. he's also running for governor of michigan as a republican to try and unseat gretchen whitmer. thank you for joining us today and merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas, anita. thanks for having me on this show. can i say one quick thing. i really want to offer prayers out to our family member, baltimore police officer, that
12:19 pm
just passed. kianna holly. i want to office prayers for the police family as well as her immediate family. sad day. >> alicia: it's terrible when we hear about these crimes affecting police officers across the country. thank you so much. crime is up in almost every major city. homicides, violent crimes, smash and grab robberies. how much do you think the defund the police movement is to blame? >> it's a combination of things, anita. defund the police started momentum but it went on with these radical liberal reckless district attorneys. it's no surprise. remember the tragedy that happened at the christmas parade, where a suspect was out on bond. weeks after he was released, and how many people lost their lives?
12:20 pm
elderly and children, and let's talk about chicago. that mayor, she needs to step down. in fact, if i wasn't running for governor of the state of michigan, i would go to chicago, run for mayor and take that city back because it's doable and we need to call all of these progressives out for not protecting their community. >> alicia: chicago, one of our great american cities no doubt. speaking of chicago i want to listen to alderman raymond lopez. he's a democrat but let's listen to what he had to say about crime in that state. >> every day residents throughout the city of chicago are struggling. they feel that they are quite literally under the gun every time they step out of their home whether it's to take their kids to school, to go to work or whether it's just to take a walk around the block and what we're seeing right now is that the pendulum that many democratic politicians, and i'll say as a democrat, i find it disgusting that we're at this point but they have pushed the pendulum so
12:21 pm
far to the left when it comes to criminal justice reform that we now favor criminals over victims, and even as the politicians are becoming victims themselves, i'm more than certain they will never accept responsibility for the seeds that they have sewn to bring us to this point. >> alicia: politicians are becoming victims, too. i believe there was a state politician in illinois who recently was carjacked or had some incident with a suspect. i want to turn, though, quickly to new york. that's another major city where we see crime on the rise. recently, ocasio-cortez got into a tit for tat. first, bill tweeted, you know why new york's recovery isn't happening. this photo today on the e train at 6:45 a.m. says it all.
12:22 pm
why should working people and tourists be subjected to this? how is it fair to those who need services? imagine the cops' frustration with no support to deal with it. ocasio-cortez saw it and here's what she tweeted. of course they are frustrated. it's not the policing job to address housing, provide healthcare, or solve the reason why people sleep on the subway. maybe if we shifted some of that $11 billion per year spent on robo dolls and housing services -- she's saying shift money from the police to the housing and homeless but does that help solve crime? >> absolutely not. in fact, i'm a fan of bill and i worked for him when i was in los angeles. we talk on a regular basis. he got it right. new york is one of the safest big cities in america. you take care of the small things and you don't have what you have in new york right now.
12:23 pm
people are leaving places like new york, los angeles, my old home, why? because it's not safe. you've got these radical liberal prosecutors. it's not the police. it's the prosecutors and the courts, who are making victims out of suspects, and because of that, there are no consequences. so you've got what you've got, and so i say, as governor of the state of michigan come to michigan and i'll take care of you. >> alicia: all right. i guess that could be your campaign slogan. chief james craig. thanks so much to you. merry christmas and we'll see you again soon, i'm sure. >> absolutely. merry christmas to you, too, anita. >> the new warning about the state of the economy from former clinton and obama economist larry summers. as americans face the most expensive christmas in decades. that's next.
12:24 pm
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12:28 pm
>> former treasury secretary larry summers prediction coming true. now, summers is saying things may only get worse for the biden economy. >> we're already reaching a point where it will be challenging to reduce inflation without giving rise to recession. >> let's bring in daniel -- thank you so much for being here, daniel. he also says the central bank was late in tackling inflation. your thoughts? >> well, i have to agree with the way larry summers has been laying things out. i don't want to, but he's right. look. the way the economy has been
12:29 pm
through policies slowed down here is a very bad thing. what's happening, we have demand that's spiking and we don't have enough supply. that supply is driven by not having enough people in the labor force. why aren't people working? people aren't working because they have incentives not to go to work. this is what's creating a lot of this problem. it is our ineffectiveness in dealing with covid and now the variants, and these variants don't seem like they are going to slow down. so the fed being late to the party in its assessment of inflation, calling it transitory when it's not, unless there is a change in policy, there is not going to be a change in the trajectory of inflation. >> alicia: unfortunately, i'm low on time, but i think folks out there are just wondering when they are going to get a break. is it coming any time soon?
12:30 pm
>> unless the policy changes, anita, i don't see us getting a break. we need to do something to change the trajectory of where we're heading, and unfortunately, larry summers is right. it could take a significant increase in interest rates which could very well throw us into a recession. it happened during the carter administration. >> anita: happy holidays to you. thank you so much. >> inflation isn't the only crisis president biden is dealing with. as he heads into an important midterm year. a slew of recent polling also shows him under water with voters. covid continues to be an issue and now a report in politico about unhappy staffers inside the white house who are even threatening to leave en mass. so can he turn this around? let's bring in democratic strategist crystal and
12:31 pm
chairwoman amy. crystal and amy, thank you for joining us on this christmas eve. >> thank you, merry christmas. >> thank you. >> crystal, do you first what do you make of these reports about white house staff unhappy about morale and a host of other things and are ready to head for the exits. what do you think? >> yes, it's challenging to hear but it's not unusual that people are thinking about, you know, exiting the white house after the first year in office. we see this happen with a number of administrations, particularly under the last administration, donald trump. there were many people who didn't even last the full year. they lasted maybe hours. i'm thinking of the white house, you know, press secretary who did not even last a full month on the job. people are thinking about their future. they are thinking that they want to give, you know, new folks an opportunity to serve this country so we will see people leaving. >> amy, does crystal have a
12:32 pm
point? there certainly was a lot of turnover during the trump administration and not just low level staffers, key people. so is this just a normal shuffling of the deck that happens in every administration? >> yes and no. while turnover is normal, i don't think at this level, this soon, is normal. when you have your top communications director that's leaving, when you have several other right-hand aides that have already left and now we're not just talking about people who are upset on being part of a losing team which nobody likes to be a part of, we're talking about staffers that are throwing temper tantrums because they haven't been included in holiday parties, or the lighting of the christmas tree. this sounds like a bunch of spoiled brats to me. >> no one likes to be left off the guest list for a holiday party. kristal, there is a report from the "new york times" that kamala harris is asking hillary clinton
12:33 pm
for help. v.p. harris is also facing trouble in asking hillary clinton for hope. let's look at this from the "new york times." faced with declining approval ratings, a series of staff departures and a drum beat of criticism from the conservatives and news media she's turned to powerful confidants including hillary clinton to help plot a path forward. now, i'm sure she loves being asked for advice, but is hillary clinton the best person to seek advice from? >> absolutely. hillary clinton, absolutely, hillary clinton is a top diplomat for this country. she's been through several crisis moments. i'm thinking about benghazi, and she's been able to weather every single storm. it's actually natural that a person in the position of kamala harris would reach out to someone with a lot more seniority and a lot more experience not only serving in an official capacity but also
12:34 pm
going through many crises that she's gone through, she should be able to give her sound advice on directions to move forward, on ways that she can recapture the essence of the vice presidential office and really move this country forward not only amongst her immediate staff but this country. >> let me give amy a chance to respond that. amy, 20 seconds, i know you're dying to respond. go ahead. >> yes, it's interesting that she chose benghazi because we all know how she mismanaged that horribly and the infamous "what difference does it make" comment when we had members pass away and that were murdered brutally from the united states. she's the wrong person to go and ask advice from. also, she's not a william of color, which kamala harris likes to blame all of this horrible media attention that she's getting on, and i would just like to know is she going to be signing up for hillary clinton's master class session because
12:35 pm
maybe she can get better advice if she goes and take her course. i don't know. >> all right, ladies, we'll have to leave it right there. krystal knight and amy tarkanian. >> thank you for joining us. >> the latest provocations from russia's vladimir putin and how the biden white house will respond. that's next. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood.
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12:40 pm
administration to the edge to see if can't get what he really would like. >> that from former secretary of state mike pompeo who says vladimir putin is prepared to push biden to his limits to get his way. putin today reportedly tested a hyper sonic missile and is also demanding assurance that is ukraine not be included in nato, while he masses russian troops on the ukrainian border. correspondent alex hogan has more from london. hi, alex. >> hi. that's right. russian president vladimir putin did confirm this test launch of a hyper sonic missile which took place late last night amid rising tension that is we've seen in the area. despite that russia has pointed the blame at the u.s. and other western countries for the escalating tension and this current climate, yesterday in his annual end of the year press conference putin denied any aspirations to invade ukraine, but wouldn't rule out the
12:41 pm
possibility. the kremlin wants an immediate guarantee that ukraine will not receive a nato membership. putin also demands assurances that weapons systems will not get placed closer to russian soil. >> we, without any tricks, openly said there can be no more nato moving eastward. the ball is in their court. they have to give us an answer. >> putin rhetorically asked how americans could respond if russia deployed missiles to neighboring canada, for example. white house press secretary jen psaki rejecting the finger-pointing. take a listen. >> we don't have aggressive intent with russia and certainly the aggression we've seen at the ukrainian border has been coming from one side. >> russia has massed about a hundred thousand troops near its border with ukraine and rising concern that there could be an invasion as early as next month.
12:42 pm
also taking place next month, the u.s. is set to hold more diplomatic talks with russia, something that both countries say that they are welcoming. anita and alicia, back to you. >> alex hogan in london, thank you. >> for more on this, let's bring in national security institute vancouver director at george mason university. welcome to the program. happy holidays to you. >> happy holidays to you, too, anita. >> thank you so much. this is a very worrisome report about the russians launching hyper sonic missiles. you and have i talked before about how china has been testing these same exact weapons. the u.s. is apparently working on it but behind all of these other countries. can you briefly explain to our audience how this gives russia a certain advantage? >> yes. anita, it's a great question the main reason why hyper sonic weapons are interesting is
12:43 pm
because they travel at a high rate of speed, mach9 inside the atmosphere, and very maneuverable. they can avoid american missile defense systems even if we were to deplore them. there are american defense systems around the globe including on-board ships and in parts of eastern europe. the agents onshore defense system these missiles could avoid because of their speed, maneuver abilities and that's why they are potentially game-changing weapons not just in the ukraine theater and european theater but around the globe. >> that was my next question. how does this make the situation with russia and the ukraine even more tenuous. go ahead and expand on that just a little bit. >> part of the challenge with the ukraine and the situation with russia is they are engaged in a build-up. pompeo is exactly right. the build-up is coming from the fact that the russians are putting those troops there. the u.s. is providing some limited amount of weapons to the
12:44 pm
ukrainians. anti-ship, anti-air, and anti-armor weaponry to exact more of a contra, that will be the deterrent factor. today ukraine yankees not be able to stop the russians, the key is whether putin wants to go in. today the administration is only talking about economic consequences. they need to get talking about more serious consequences to prevent putin from going across the border like he did in 2013 under the obama administration. >> very quick answer on this. very quick. why is the u.s. so behind on this technology, and will we have a hyper sonic weapon soon? >> we hope so. there is a lot of testing with some failures but we're making progress and the hope is that we catch up and pass the chinese and russia. that's where we need to spend our money, time and effort, relative to the russians and
12:45 pm
chinese. >> happy holidays to you and your family. >> same to you. >> more schools opting to return to virtual learning because of omicron. despite studies finding significant impacts on what kids are able to learn. a doctor joins with us that and more. ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th i may have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ or psoriatic arthritis. but we are so much more. we're team players and artists. designers and do-it-yourselfers.
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12:49 pm
>> fears over the omicron covid variant leading some schools to move away from in person learning raising concerns over the impact this will have on the students now facing shuttered schools. here's more on this from washington. parents cannot be happy about this. >> it upends everybody's lives and it's happen once again from new mexico to new york. hundreds of thousands of students will remain home after christmas break in. prince georges county, maryland, classes are going virtual through january 18 with the district saying that educators had to prioritize their own health. that did not sit well with the governor. listen. >> shutting down an entire school system of kids that have already struggled with distance learning for nearly a year, it's just outrageous and wrong. >> this week biden spoke out
12:50 pm
against closing schools endorsing the test to stay model and california governor gavin newsom announced that he's ordered six million rapid tests to ensure kids can return to class after christmas break but parents fear that school boards will continue to default to remote learning using covid-19 as a guise for staffing issues. >> there is little spread in school and we saw a huge amount to kids. none of that has been so far remedied. >> a school district in mississippi provides an interesting comparison. aside from the very first few weeks of the pandemic they have kept kids in the classroom. in august, the county had the highest covid-19 rate in the nation and yet they did not experience an overwhelming outbreak in their schools. >> when you shut down -- you shut down an economy because those kids have parents and those kids' parents work, and
12:51 pm
it's important for them to go to work and be successful. >> the doctor said in his district, student performance actually improved during the pandemic. anita. >> anita: let's hope all kids can go back to the classroom in the new year, thanks so much for that report. >> alicia: thanks. we'll bring in a fox news medical contributor and professor of health policy at the johns hopkins school of public health. thank you so much for being here. before we get started, i do want to play a little flashback. this is when the president was talking to some fifth graders back in may about what remote learning was like for them. >> sometimes -- feel tired -- [inaudible] >> so doctor, they sound cute talking about naps and being able to sneak off and eat. how concerned are you about the
12:52 pm
possibly of returning to remote learning? >> i'm very concerned because if we use the current criteria to scene schools closed they will be closed or restricted in perpetuity. you're seeing restrictions, even outdoors. you're seeing masks mandated to kids as young as two years of age. if we use the current criteria, in the future, when influenza, perry influenza, rhino virus, respiratory virus, all the viruses that kids get and cause a common cold five to seven tiles in their childhood we'll be in this situation forever so we need some balanced, reasonable policies. >> i would also like to turn to the cdc recommendation now that healthcare workers can cut, as long as they are vaccinated, that they can cut the amount of time that they spend in isolation but it's specific to healthcare workers. i can just hear folks saying why
12:53 pm
can't i do the same >> that's right. the american hospital association is a powerful lobby and they stood up for their members as they should and they said if we use the current quarantine standards we're not going to have enough staff to keep going, and this is a critical infrastructure issue, and the cdc responded and they said we're going to be flexible. you can quarantine for five days or if there are significant staffing issues, you can not even quarantine at all. use your local discretion. i wish we had that disclaimer with all the other policies the cdc put out from the beginning. we should have learned this lesson in the spring of last year. we cannot have the cdc adjudicating on every aspect of american life. we need that flexibility to have a reasonable policy. >> doctor, we appreciate you joining us on this christmas eve. our best to you and your family. happy holidays and merry christmas. >> you the, too, merry christmas, thank you. >> alicia: the move democrats
12:54 pm
are eyeing to revive parts of biden's stalled agenda, a live report from capitol hill next. >> the only thing standing between getting voting rights legislation passed and not getting it passed on the filibuster, i support making an exception on voting rights for the filibuster. >> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now... >> ...and make a difference. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ [ marcia ] my dental health was not good. >> man, i love that song!
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in premenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor alone. kisqali can cause lung problems or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain, a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. kisqali is not approved for use with tamoxifen. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. >> as democrats look ahead to next year, some are eyeing potential changes to the
12:58 pm
filibuster, to revive president biden's plan to pass voting rights legislation. jack is reporting live from capitol hill on this christmas eve, hi, chad. >> good afternoon. senate majority leader chuck schumer says the senate could attempt to alter filibuster provisions to pass voting rights legislation. it takes 60 votes to crack a filibuster but it's unclear if enough democrats are ready to amend the filibuster custom. the person in the way again could be joe manchin. >> if you're going to make the senate work better the rules are something we've changed over the rules. 232 years there have been rule changes but there has never been a change of the filibuster, rights of the minority. >> democrats want a special filibuster carved out exclusively for voting rights. >> manchin, if he does not want to do that what he's really saying to the american people, that's okay. democracy and the preservation
12:59 pm
of the foundations of american democracy, one person, one vote, that's not very important. >> democrats say voting rights are more important than passing their social spending bill. >> even the number of votes needed to end debate has changed. in 1975, senator mondale was successful in a bipartisan effort that reduced the threshold from 67 to 60 votes. >> democrats would not change the actual rules. instead democrats could establish a new precedent. the senate conducts much of its business not by rules but by precedent. however, even a precedent change needs all 50 democrats on-board. anita? >> anita: live from capitol hill, chad, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> that does it for this christmas eve. we hope you and your family are
1:00 pm
safe this holiday season, alicia, have a wonderful christmas and we'll see you soon. >> alicia: same to you. merry christmas. from all of us at fox news, have a merry christmas. a special edition of "your world with neil cavuto is coming up next. >> neil: it's beginning to look a lot light christmas. hello, everyone. i'm edward lawrence in for neil


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