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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 25, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PST

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>> judge jeanine: definitely going to use it. >> dana: everybody that is it for us. thank you for joining us. merry christmas, everyone, right? >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what's so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ through the perilous fight
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♪ o'er the ramparts we watched ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave.
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[jingle bells] will: good morning and welcome to "fox & friends" and merry christmas. will cain, todd piro in today. our friend carley shimkus all here with you on this beautiful christmas morning. todd, and carley, i'm so happy to be with you on this holiday. a holiday celebrated by all of christmasdom we welcome you in with the national anthem and your beautiful pictures celebrating christmas. we hope you continue sending in to us at friends at we will play them throughout the show, carley, todd so, glad to have you with me this morning. carley: i'm happy to be celebrating christmas with both of you. i'm getting my first look with you and todd as viewers. both of you knocked it out of the park with the holiday
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outfits. will, could you give us a better look at your "fox & friends" sweatedder? will: "fox & friends" ugly christmas sweater. carley: opposite of ugly. "fox & friends" beautiful christmas sweater what i would call it one of my favorite things filling in "fox & friends weekend" of course i get to spend time with will and pete. unfortunately not rachel because usually i'm replacing her but i love that patriotic open and seeing the christmas spin on it. so amazing, because it does remind you what christmas is all about. we live in such a divided time right now but everybody on this day stop and celebrates in a similar way with family, friends, hopefully reflecting on jesus, the birth of jesus and what he did for us if you are a believer in christ and christianity. and i think that's so special even in these divided times we can all be grounded and remember what really matters most, todd. todd: yeah, i couldn't have said it better myself. i echo everything that you said.
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the only thing i would add about 45 minutes ago i got a text from our producer rachel saying go look like mr. rogers. here you go. mr. rogers wishing you and yours a very merry christmas. will: you gook great, todd. i'm glad we are all three together on this holiday. we are glad you are with us at home. we thought we would bring you a little bit of our home. so here is a little glimpse side the cain extended christmas. i got together with my family my mother and stepbrother and sisters. you can see more stockings than you can count. i tried. take a quick look. >> rose lynn will luke kathleen matt brook travis mom jay marlee
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mary jake wes matthew add line sara and. >> there you go. i didn't count but it's a lot. carley: your house looks so beautiful will, too. i love all those stockings on christmas in the shimkus family household. we always celebrated at my gram's house. actually we will go to a picture of me and my husband pete. that's us in chicago. there is this great fair kris kringle market celebrated in chicago every year, that's us enjoying the festivities together. before i met pete though i was obviously spending it at home with my grandma. she is the love of my life. that's me and my grandma on christmas. we all get together, celebrate in her house. she is polish. she makes polish food. that is a lot of fun that's me with my sister and two cousins. i'm missing them today. but, you know, we will do a little facetime session and hopely get together after the holidays, todd.
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todd: good stuff like will we went full festivus this year. basically what we did on the 25th we did on the 23rd. what we did on the 24th we did on the 23rd. two days with my family one day with my wife's family. had some nice pictures taken here. one with my sainted mom. i don't know why i said that i always call people sainted. watching christmas vacation. [angelic music] todd: well played toba when i will we have the lovely way too tight t-shirt on from clark w. griswold and action shot there of the activities. a lot of fun. i was on the phone my boss lauren talking about other stuff. i said i may need a new gallbladder after this holiday season is done. i just ate everything that you could that basically was high in fat and salt. so if i look puffy, it's because of that. merry christmas, america.
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carley: todd, i don't know if you can see the screen because i know we are all separated. i mentioned i'm missing my family this christmas. but there is something else missing from this particular christmas, todd, it is that picture of our jointed sweater. it graced our lives for two or three years. todd: it did. carley: todd and i cannot find it we have searched this building high and low several times. we don't know where the sweater is how do you lose a sweater so large? todd: we have reported consensusly on the crime crisis here in our country. i think this is front and center as to what is going on in our cities. because, unless you brought this home, this sweater was in new york city and now we don't know where it is. take that de blasio. find the sweater. will: we hope you will join in the tradition. send us your christmas photos at friends at we will play them throughout the show this morning. we move on to news that may be
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affecting your lives already. holiday headache. hundreds of flights canceled across the united states as omicron knocks airlines out of business by taking out staff. that is flight attendants and pilots incapable of coming into work because of positive tests s from omicron. this is what it looked like in terms of flight cancellations, 248 on thursday. 688 canceled flights yesterday. and today a scheduled 820 canceled flights. that left, carley and todd, some very angry travelers. watch this. >> we have been traveling for 30 hours and we didn't know what to do. and christmas here. >> we have our already. we are here for the connection and then all of the sudden when we came, we saw the canceled. >> they said it's canceled we don't know now what's going to be the next step.
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>> i haven't gotten another reschedule for my flight yet. i'm hoping i don't get one. >> the problem is one flight attendant gets covid. they have to quarantine for 10 days and then everybody that they worked with also has to quarantine and then it becomes this major staffing shortage. so airlines are calling on the cdc to shorten that quarantine time. and airlines are also doing, you know, everything that they can, alaskan airlines is offering to pay extra for people to pick up shifts this holiday season because they want to get people on flights. but you know how frustrating it is when you are expecting to go somewhere and you get that alert on your phone and says your flight is canceled. especially when it happens around the holidays. and airlines are saying that they are rebooking flights but we have all been there if your flight is canceled on friday, christmas is on saturday. okay we are going to rebook your flight but it's going to be on a monday, that's why so many people are so frustrated, todd. todd: there are some questions as to our federal response to
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this pandemic. and obviously airlines are contractors of the federal government so they need to follow the federal rules and if they push back against that that's when problems come in. but, i take a step back. whether you are right or wrong on that, whether your opinions on that are there should be mandates, there shouldn't be mandates, i take a step back and realize we probably wouldn't be in this situation if employees in general in our country were back to work in the numbers that they should be. and if this government wasn't funneling free money for basically two years now into the hands of people incentivizing them not to work. it's a cascade effect. and, as a result. we have this great exodus from the workforce, which is hitting us in almost every sector of our economy. and on a holiday weekend, like this. you really are going to see it full swing. will: you are absolutely right, todd, it is a cascading effect.
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to continue with the metaphors, instead of the met for of trying to squeeze a balloon. this met for is even more absurd. like we are attempting to hold back the wind, we are not going to be able to stop omicron from spreading across the population, it's simply an impossibility. what we are suffering from right now is a pandemic of positive tests. and we are testing in every industry. we can speak to our own. can you probably speak to it to some extent in your personal life. as you watch people come back with positive tests but not necessarily sick because we know omicron is incredibly mild. look at the nba, look at the nfl, look at any of these businesses trying to field any type of full workforce and you can see they're incapable of doing so. right now there is a cruise ship sitting off the coast of mexico with 1,000 mexicans sitting there can't deboard and join their families because mexico wants to keep omicron from coming in from a cruise ship? that's beyond absurd. you know it's there the point is this: what are we beginning to sacrifice and hold back the wind and sacrificing our family and
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here on christmas we are sacrificing as you pointed out so appropriately at the top of the show, carply, the reason for the season. the birth of jesus christ. and churches across this country are beginning to cancel services. i want you to take a look at prominent services in person services, washington national cathedral st. john divine. old south church. universalist congregation and first church of god. that's simply. so most well-known churches across this country and we are sacrificing, carley, not just family as i mentioned but the reason we are celebrating today cardinal timothy dolan was on "fox & friends" on wednesday and he had a great message what christmas is all about and how we should be celebrating it. listen to this. >> home for christmas, come home to your spiritual home, your parish church, wherever you worship and praise our lord for
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the supreme gift of his only begotten son that first christmas our lord and savior, jesus christ. god intends for us to be together. when you think about it that's the message of christmas, isn't it? god didn't send us a video or email. god became one of us and entered human history and was with us. okay. he wants that personal community. that's what the church is, that's what sunday worship is that's what christmas is. we will be looking for you. carley: in person church attendance is down 22% nationwide since the start of the covid-19 pandemic. that's why cardinal dolan was on with us on wednesday. it's a really big concern because you take church out of people's everyday routine for, you know, two years now and the real concern is that people aren't ever going to go back. todd: that is a concern globally when i look at churches across our country and across the world. i would add christmas is not
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just a day or season it's an experience. to me it's that midnight mass or now an earlier mass because working the earlier shift you can't stay up until midnight. the love all of that in that room you get to see all your friends that you haven't seen over the course of a year. it's just a special experience and a shame that we are losing that. one person who is, i guess, losing the opportunity to travel the country for some reason is v.p. kamala harris. she says not getting out of d.c. more is her biggest failure this year as she faces backlash from her own party over her handling of the border crisis. here is the vice president in her own words. listen. >> what do you think your biggest failure has been at this point? >> to not get out of d.c. more. [laughter] i mean, and i actually mean that sincerely for a number of reasons. when we came, in we really couldn't travel, you know, a large part of the relationship that he and i have built has
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been being together in the same office for hours on end doing zooms or whatever because we couldn't get out of d.c. people have a right to know and believe that their government actually sees and hears them. and, um, my biggest concern is i don't want to ever be in a bubble. todd: okay. why? why couldn't you get out of d.c.? we just led off this block talking about the difficulty that the common folk have traveling but my guess is those same restrictions do not apply to air force 2 one of the if not the most locked down plane in all of air travel. why couldn't you get out? is it because you're fearful of the reaction from people when you actually go to the border and see the mess that your administration along with joe biden has created? i don't understand what the rationale is for her saying i cannot travel. it's an out and out lie. will: yeah, todd, she doesn't
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have a rationale. she only has excuses. and that's what this is. by the way it's an accurate excuse. you do live in a bubble. almost every politician does being, the higher the office, the higher the bubble that you are in. you have some authority. you are capable as you point out, todd, in dictating the thickness, i guess, the protectiveness of that bubble. you could have traveled to the border. what harris is on is on a media tour of blame and excuses. she knows she is getting bad press coverage right now and spent time in the last couple days on blaming that being the first person of color. if she were white or a man she wouldn't be receiving such negative press. now moved on suggesting she is insulated in a bubble. what we know is that that bubble has kept her even if it's self-imposed bubble from dealing with the problems in this country. and representative henry cuellar has said he is done dealing with the vice president. says it doesn't look like she is interested. specifically said i say this
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very respectfully to her, i have moved on. >> she was tasked with that job. it doesn't look like she is very interested in this so we are going to move on to other folks that work on this issue, carley. carley: two things about what kamala harris said. first of all, i will give her credit for making a really good anti-lockdown point. we can't be in bubbles. we need to move on with our life especially when you consider that omicron, especially if you are vaccinated, is more like a he would do. on the border issue, we are looking at the most -- the number one cause of death for people ages, what, 18 to 45 is fentanyl. that's because it's pouring across the southern border. a suspected terrorist just crossed our southern border and was captured which begs the question how many people in that category are in this country who weren't caught who paid cartels to sneak past border agents and then i mentioned cartels because cartels are making money hand over fist, these are issues republicans care about. democrats turn a blind eye. when it comes to kamala harris and this border issue. she really just for her own poll
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numbers and for people who are -- who are advising her. i think they all missed a really important and easy win for her where she could have addressed the root causes of the border crisis by going to guatemala, el salvador, honduras, be on the forefront of that. i don't think it would have impacted the border the way i would want it to. but, to change her low approval rating and make it a little bit better. she could have easily done that instead she decided to shy away from the issue because she doesn't want her name attached to it if you remember, todd, the president of guatemala said he only spoke to her one time throughout the past year. todd: we need to disavow the notion kamala harris implied in her statement that she is burning the candle at both ends, working 24/7. no time to get out of the d.c. bubble. she has time. there is many, many reports despite the fact she has been tasked with all these things, she is not doing many of them if
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any of them. we will leave it there and see where this goes in 2022 meantime, up next, the marine who blasted leaders and resigned over the botched afghanistan withdrawal is officially discharged from the military. what he is planning? we will talk to his parents coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi. so you're the scientist here. does my aveeno® daily moisturizer really make my dry skin healthier in one day? it's true jen. this prebiotic oat formula moisturizes to help prevent dry skin. impressive. aveeno® healthy. it's our nature.™ new daily moisture for face. ♪ you've got to try a little kindness ♪ ♪ yes, show a little kindness ♪
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>> i'm not say would he go have got to be in afghanistan forever i am saying if any of you throw your rank on the table and say it's a bad idea to evacuate bagram airfield. did anyone do that? when anyone didn't think to do that did anyone raise their hand and say we completely messed this up? >> i'm resigning my commission as u.s. marine now. i'm forfeiting my request retirement. i don't want a single glar. will: that is lieutenant stuart scheller from this past summer
3:24 am
infamous video that called for accountability inside the military after our dishornl withdrawal from afghanistan in response to that lieutenant colonel sheryl has been and you gag order for much of the past four months you were you were dischargedlieutenant sheller iso talk. according to his family and according to lieutenant colonel scheller he will be going on a media tour to let us know his side of the story. >> the first interview he is going to be doing with tucker carlson. you will be talking to his parents, will, is that right later in the show. buff he revealed the news of this latest chapter in his life on facebook. he said that he was discharged on thursday after demanding accountability i was relieved of
3:25 am
command, slandered, imprisoned under the false pretense of flight risk and lost my retirement. was it worth it? well, unfortunately for them the war isn't over. i think we just arrived at a turning point. i would like to sincerely thank the marine corps for forging me into a man and from the bottom of my heart, i would like to thank all the marines to served, led, bled and suffered alongside me for the past 17 years 2022 is the start of a new year, a new generation. the lions are here for more and we are not assimilating anymore. it's a truly unbelievable story when you think about what happened in afghanistan only person who lost his job and put in the brig and gag order and honorably discharged under less than total honorable status. the only foreign suffer is him.
3:26 am
did he break military rules. he also did make a great point at the time which was if president biden wanted to leave bagram air base then somebody in the military. the people who were supposed to advise him should is have said no. this could woo cause devastating consequences and 13 u.s. service members lost their lives as a result and he was frustrated. todd: rightly so, now we have an administration that at least publicly maybe even privately doesn't think it went that bad in afghanistan when the entire world sees the exact opposite sees what it has done to our country we are not an ally other countries can rely upon. far be it for me somebody who has not served the chain of command. obviously a chain of command that has led us to victory in countless wars but stuart scheller is in that chain of
3:27 am
command. he is question that chain of command. part of a broader response i have seen to our country's military. we have heard stories especially around the holiday season of active duty service members needing handouts from the public to survive. we have done countless stories since, i don't know, the vietnam war about veterans on the street. this should not happen. we should be treating our active duty service members and our veterans with the utmost respect and putting them in a position that they don't have to worry about feeding their family. they should be paid a salary that allows them to do so we should never have veterans on the streets. those who give so much to our country our country does not give enough back. this is a perfect example of somebody doing this for his country. he is not doing this for himself.
3:28 am
he sacrificed his retirement. this is how our system treats him and to me it's an abomination. will: you know, todd, that's so well said. if we are going to make this broader this is what the story is about to me. lieutenant colonel sherrod suggested he has been slandered as to his mental health and character and now ready to step out and speak out about truly his motivation and his mental health, his ability, his state of mind. i can't wait to hear from him. we are going to hear are from his parents. they are going to join us on "fox & friends" at 7:20 a.m. eastern time i the broader anyone who steps outside of the acceptable line not just afghanistan but any story may be it the social justice racial rev revolution the last two years be it covid. anyone who steps outside out of the group think is shut down and slandered.
3:29 am
scheller is someone who stepped out of the line of acceptable group think and paid the price. i, for one, would love to hear about the price that has been paid in terms of what has been done to his reputation. he will start media tour on monday with tucker carlson and talk to his parents in the next hour. the nightmare before christmas when all through the land store shelves remain empty while shopping lists expand. while the white house claims it saved christmas. big business and small businesses say biden is turning a blind eye. one restaurant owner tells us why this issue will stretch longed into the new year. carley: that was creative, will. good job. ♪ hurry down the chimney tonight.
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♪ ♪ hey, tam-tam! i was thinking maybe... your mom's car? you up for a little night work? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you. merry christmas, dad. ♪ ♪
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todd: from the "fox & friends" family this is one of the best things we do showing our amazing team and their family and friends. let's start off with senior booking producer for "fox & friends first" sam sullivan and her friends jess and hugh at a christmas party. without sam, carley and i have nobody to talk to we would just be staring at each other on a desk 4 to 6:00 in the morning. sam, doing an amazing job. thank you. this is production assistant lauren rit jerry. i love talk about all southern california with her here. she is with her family hudson, kara and jonah. without her "fox & friends" doesn't happen. we thank her for all that she does. noirms head writer taylor and her husband c.j. seen here in pajamas, christmas pjs i should add. a pleasure working with you the last several months. and we can't forget production assistant alli demattio.
3:35 am
alli is one of those bright lights that just fills up every room wherever she goes. it has been awesome to get to know you this year. looking forward to working with you and all of our amazing team here at "fox & friends" and "fox & friends first." i also work with carley so i'm going to toss it over to her now. hey, carley. carley: i love seeing those pictures, all bright lights and awesome to see them with their family. you did a great job with that thank you them. todd: according to your mom i'm a blessing. carley: you are a blessing. my mom did say that she is right, you are. there is a lot to be joyful about today. many americans still reeling from supply delays despite the white house saying it's not a crisis. demows family kitchen joins us now to explain good morning sir and merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you as well. >> we heard from the president
3:36 am
and the administration earlier this week. they say they saved christmas from the supply chain issue. you are in the restaurant industry. you deal with this issue every single day firsthand. where do we stand on the supply chain issue. is it still a problem? >> yes, the supply chain goes beyond just the end product you see on the shelves. i mean, it is everything ranging from parts to equipment. to even like the lids that you get on lemon juice. our manufacturers cannot produce the items that we need to have because they can't get the necessary material for them to be able to produce it and send it to us. carley: yeah, you say that the supply chain issue won't be resolved until the labor shortage is fixed. its i think that's great point. can you elaborate on that. >> absolutely. part of the issue is and i know when i was talking to people people kent saying you don't get product from china so it's not a barge issue. >> it's not a barge issue. two of the companies we can't get product from one is stone mountain georgia the other in chattanooga, tennessee one of
3:37 am
the few hours from us. one of the i we had when we talked to them they don't have the labor to run the lines necessary or if they have a line to break, they don't have the mechanics to come and fix the lines so, therefore, we can't get the product that we need in order to be able to serve our customers. car there is 11 million job openings now. when you are looking to hire someone do you have issues with that and what do they tell you as to why they don't want to work? >> you know, i still haven't been able to figure out exactly the reason why people aren't coming in to work. we are having some people who are fearful. we have some people that don't want to come to work because they are so -- living off of an extended government help. there are some people that don't have child care issues. there are multiple issues why people aren't coming to work. the bottom line is people just aren't working.
3:38 am
we need to do something to increase workers. by increasing workers is the best way that we can actually fix this problem. carley: yeah, without a doubt. president biden is determined to pass build back better and in it there is a child tax credit, no work incentive attached to it. do you have any reflections on that and what that could possibly do to getting people back to being employed? >> well, i know that when people need to work, they will come to work. and so, there are many people that just want to work. i have a actually a working philosophy that people want to work; however, if there is no reason to do so -- i know if i was in college and i didn't have to work. i wouldn't have done so. but when i was in college i had to work. i went and got a job and worked my way through college because of that we have to create the incentives to be able to do so. and without doing that, people are not going to be able to return to jobs that are necessary, sump as restaurants
3:39 am
and manufacturing and truck driving, et cetera, we have to be able to focus on these jobs that aren't necessarily digital or white collar jobs. we have got to focus on all the jobs for the people that are actually the bread and butter and backbone of our nation. carley: yeah, that's so true. people do want to work it gives people self-worth. sometimes you get stuck in this cycle where you are getting money and sitting at home and we got to get people out of that and get people into restaurants because it's an important industry. peter, merry christmas, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you so much. appreciate you having me. carley: the white house set to lift the covid travel ban on 8 african countries. next guest says the ban was another one of biden's botched covid-19 response ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪ o what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way
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3:44 am
[speaking at the same time] >> simon. >> the omicron variant is now in 57 countries, what would you say to those of us this is a racist ban that target only african and south african nations. >> this was the recommendation of the health and medical experts because there were a large number of cases in south africa. will: let's bring in our next guest. you just saw the exchange with jen psaki. great to have you on the program this morning. thank you. >> merry christmas, will, thank you for having me. will: so, simon, it's hard to make the argument in any way that the african travel ban was based upon any type of science. you made the point jen psaki omicron had already been detected in 57 countries. in your estimation, why did they pass down a travel ban on eight african nations?
3:45 am
>> yes, thank you for having me again, the travel ban was never based on any science. it wasn't based on fact. it wasn't based on any evidence. at the time the president signed the -- issued the travel ban on november 26th. on 8 african countries. six of them have documented zero cases of the variant. zero. and so it wasn't based on science. it was just based on trying to will pretend to do something. the w.h.o. says the travel ban doesn't work. and even when the variant was already in the u.s. in different state 57 countries the travel ban in remain in place. today it remain in place even though the variant is in 110 countries. the president said yesterday the travel ban will be lifted on
3:46 am
december 31st. many people are like why don't you lift it immediately because it doesn't really serve any purpose most people come to the u.s. have to show a negative covid-19 test and have to be vaccinated. african-american countries discriminated and almost racist. black african countries it wasn't based on any science. the worst thing was. it wasn't just banning african countries, it was trying to ban even journalists, african journalists who are trying to question the travel ban i was divtion to ask but that. you made the point in the white house press briefing room there. to jen psaki, what was the reaction of the administration to your questions?
3:47 am
>> yeah. this question about three to four weeks ago i went on tucker carlson's show. i have not been called on in the briefing room. i have raised my hand many times. i have been ignored. i have sent email seeking clarification to some question update on the travel ban and i have not received any answer. i have sent a complaint to the white house. i have not received any answer. so it is like you know, you ban african countries, based on nothing. based on zero evidence. based on zero omicron variant in six of those countries, and then you try to silence african journalists who actually tried to question the ban. now, today, like so many of these issues that they silenced in the past. they move forward in the future by lifting the mistake that was
3:48 am
that policy. simon ateba, thank you for joining us on this christmas morning and sharing your story. >> thank you. will: all right, it was a very merry christmas here it is a very merry christmas here at "fox & friends." pastor robert jeffress joins us next with a special message reminding us the reason for the season. first, ainsley earhardt shares some of her favorite christmas memories. ainsley: my favorite traditions are probably yours as well. the night before christmas my sister used to be scared of santa, so she would sleep in the bed with me. in the next morning we would get up at the crack of dawn and wake mom and dad up and sit at the top of the stairs waiting on them to get the video camera downstairs on mom to get her coffee, they would say okay, it's time. we would run down the stairs and see what santa brought us. we went to church the night before of the candlelight service. in the morning we would have breakfast and go to my grandmother's house and have a wonderful time with my cousins and open up those presents and have a great meal.
3:49 am
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stand up to cancer and lustgarten foundation are working together to make every person diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a long-term survivor. visit pancreatic cancer this is bob minetti and his wife wendy. in 2016, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. bob participated in a clinical trial that included cutting-edge radiation therapy and surgery. he's been in remission since completion. i am so glad i learned what was possible for me stand up to cancer and lustgarten foundation are working together to make every person diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a long-term survivor. visit pancreatic cancer carley: merry christmas from the "fox & friends" family brian
3:53 am
kelly with his family brian, doug, john, marni and tyler. this is associate producer andrea's parents carla and cammeron and here is writer celina arondo with her cat there. merry christmas to production assistant spencer diamond with his brother gabrielle and dad and mom. we love you all you do such great work. it's great to see your beautiful family. todd: love cam bear. christmas classic movie we all know and love. >> i suppose it would have been better if i was never born at all. >> what did you say? >> i say i wish i had never been born. >> you mustn't say things like that. todd: our next guest asks in a fox news op-ed what if there were no christmas at all. >> joining us with a special christmas message pastor robert jeffress senior pastor of the
3:54 am
first baptist church and fox news contributor. pastor, merry christmas to you, great to see you. what an original way of tying it's a wonderful life to the birth of jesus, to christmas what is your christmas message? >> todd, just imagine for a moment a world in which jesus had never been born no. followers of christ. no benevolent organizations like the red cross or the salvation army that were started by followers of christ. would have no hospitals or orphanages, those were uniquely christian ideas. would be missing the music of beethoven, bach and missing great works of art that glorify christ like the sistene chapel or notre dame cathedral. wouldn't have to throw our calendars away. getting ready to start writing 2022? what does that mean? 2022 years since the greatest life that ever walked the face of the earth. but the greatest consequence of no jesus would be no one to
3:55 am
forgive us of our sins. somebody says if man's greatest need was for an education, god would have sent us a teacher. if our greatest need was for money, god would have sent us the economist. but our greatest need was for forgiveness. and that's why god sent us a savior. the angel said for unto you is born this day in the city of david, a savior. who is christ the lord. and that's the message of christmas. todd: that is a beautiful message and to keep the analogy going, there is that final scene where george bailey is told by his brother george bailey the richest man in town, i think we are all the richest people in town because we have christ in our lives. pastor robert jeffress, we appreciate you. we appreciate your time this morning on christmas. merry christmas to you and yours. >> merry christmas to you. thank you. todd: all right. you are looking live right now at our all-american christmas tree.
3:56 am
pretty solid week for the tree nation wakes up to christmashe morning. we are helping you whip up a delicious christmas brunch with the ingredients you have right at home. "fox & friends" on your christmas morning returns. ♪ heaven and nature sing ♪ and heaven and nature sing ♪ and heaven and heaven how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪♪ the only thing a disaster can't destroy is hope. ♪♪ donate now at ♪♪ this flag isn't backwards. it's facing this way because it's moving forward. ♪♪ ♪♪ just like the men and women who wear it on their uniforms
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♪ happiest tree ♪ ho ho ho ♪ he he ♪ look how pretty they dressed me ♪ lucky, lucky me. carley: christmas tree does not get old. today it is shining its brightest because it is christmas morning. good morning to everyone across the countriment and around the world who watching right now. todd and will, a very merry christmas, i'm so excited to be
4:01 am
celebrating with both of you. will: good morning to you both. i'm glad both of you are here with me on "fox & friends" on this christmas morning as well as you at home watching. speaking of that you have been sending in your photos all morning long. we should take a look, todd, at some of these photos that our friends, our viewers in the "fox & friends" family are sending in. >> todd: it is the best tradition that we do here on the program because it allow was to us connect with our amazing viewers. carley: look at that picture. todd: kick us off. carley: merry christmas to larry and darlene from colorado celebrating today with their 18 grandkids to a packed house over there god bless them. todd: nice work there. here is christmas in new hampshire. state i spent four years. in bill sending in this picture of his niece's daughter scarlet and his son dressed up as who is that? that's right, santa.
4:02 am
todd: dressing up has 'got to become part of my family tradition. not yet in the cain family tradition. in pennsylvania. what's funny shared that earlier was your extended family your in-laws, brothers and sisters cousins as carley mentioned all getting together. keep sending them in your photos at the problem, carley and todd with now with getting extended family together is it might be hard because flights are getting canceled all across the united states. off chron, the positive test covid pandemic has hit the airline industry. hit staffing issues with pilots and flight attendants unto over 800 flights that have been canceled today. look at the flight san sell labor relations from the last several days, thursday and then into yesterday. can you see today 841 flights canceled.
4:03 am
making it hard, carley, to have that extended family get together for christmas. carley: yeah, that's right. 6:00 hour that number was 820, so -- in just the course of an hour 21 more flights were canceled so people are so disappointed across the country as they try to maybe make it home, last minute they were working all week. they couldn't get home and the wanted to see their parents or loved ones. also a lot of long lines and frustration once you get to the airport. you look at the board, realize your flight has been canceled. what an absolute nightmare. take a listen to some angry travelers on these christmas flight cancellations, watch this. okay. so we have some sound. i actually do have the readout of what they said. it is important these stories what these people have been going through so unfortunate. we have been traveling 30 hours.
4:04 am
border pass here for the connection all of a sudden within we came we saw the board and they said it was canceled. one of the reasons, todd, this is happening is because of the fact there are shortages in staffing. once one gets omicron on a flight the whole crew has to quarantine for 10 days. becoming a major nightmare. take a listen to some of those traveling woes, watch. this we have been traveling for 30 hours and we didn't know what to do. >> we have our boarding pass. here for the connection. when we we came we saw the board they say it's canceled. we don't know what's going to be the next step. >> i haven't gotten another reschedule for my flighted yet. so i'm hoping i don't get one.
4:05 am
>> airlines across the board asking the cdc to change the rules. cut down the 10-day quarantine period to five days. once you get covid, that negative test even if it's like two or three days. if you are negative why can't you go back to work then? todd: you know that's not going to happen. that's not the world in which we live. our federal government has created a situation where any time something happens with regard to a virus this virus implement something that ruins people's plans ruins their lives. 15 days to stop the spread. then it was give us this christmas. we will get you back in the holiday spirit in 2021. and now look look where you are. imagine one of these people hasn't seen your family a long time. 2021 christmas is the time i'm going to go. yet, being prevent wanted from
4:06 am
doing that because as will aptly points out a testing increase. not necessarily a death increase. not necessarily hospitalization increase got to be a punch in the gut especially if you are one of those individuals a healthy individual and gotten sick in the past and managed to fight through that will. will: and todd, that's why i called it a pandemic of positive tests. because what we see going on across corporate america. the three of us know this very well, is everyone is being forced to take a really strict testing regiment. that doesn't mean everyone is sick or symptomatic. that's the nba, nfl, that's corporate america today. i promise you this. as the biden administration pushes 500 million new private tests out to the public. what will we will be talking about in two to three weeks is the mistake of testing
4:07 am
asymptomatic individuals testing is seemingly healthy people and in turn telling them positive can't go to work. we can't stop omicron. we won't be able to stop what every report suggests right now is a very mild, mild sickness. i don't know if they have this available did i ask. can you throw up lebron james meme he put out instagram post he has seen the light like some others have seen the light when it comes to it covid or omicron. three spider men's looking at each other. can you see it there, covid, cold the flu, all pointing out at each other right now looking exactly the same. that's unique to omicron and that's what's going on right now mild form of disease shutting down big sectors of this country. >> will, you make such an excellent point. carley: american population and
4:08 am
around the world the view of covid hasn't met the reality on the ground. when you read headlines there is a surge in cases in a quickly moving virus. you think it's going to be marc. there is going to be a run on ventilators. thousands of people are going to die. there is all this fear. after the holidays, there is still going to be 300 schools shut down because of omicron which is something that we are going to talk about later in the show. when the reality is thank god by the grace of god this omicron variant is similar to a cold. especially if you are vaccinated. and one of the things that the white house did when we first learned about omicron being a part of our life was the biden administration placed a travel ban on eight southern african countries to try and slow the spread, to give the administration some time and doctors some time to try and figure out how serious this virus is. controversial decision whenever you impose travel bans on certain countries and, will, you did an excellent interview with one reporter who works for, if you remember the title of where
4:09 am
he worked, will, oh, that's right. today. will: african news today. is he a white house correspondent his name is simon ateba, he had this interesting back and forth with white house press secretary jen psaki on the south africa travel ban. listen here. >> the u.s. is among the countries that impose-only 8 african nation when the variant several countries. why don't you lift it or impose sanction on other countries that have it? what would you say to those of you was who believe this is a racist ban that target only african and south african nations? >> simon i would convey to you it's absolutely not the intention. that is not our policy. this is a recommendation of the health and medical experts because there were a large number of cases in south africa they made a decision early on out of abundance of caution and protect the american people to slow the spread of the variant.
4:10 am
todd: remember when the china travel ban was put in place i was all for and south african travel ban my initial instinct was great idea. stop it from coming here. as you did the research. research done by health professionals. you have realize that this was something, a, we probably weren't going to stop from coming into the united states. and, b, singling out these south african countries was wrong it was wrong for a number of reasons. not the least of which was we want countries to be forthcoming when they have a situation that they are dealing with. we don't want to punish these countries. where is the incentive to find out what could be down the pike. a mild move by the white house. >> we have, very questionable. if i'm a country that experiences something, let's say in march of 2022, i do not know if i'm going to be a as forthcoming with the world community because the ramifications to my country could be dire. will?
4:11 am
will: and you know, todd, it was -- like so many other aspects of our entire response to this pandemic, it was covid theater. it was done to give the perception that we are doing something to stop omicron, which had already escaped southern africa. in fact, i spoke as you mentioned carley to see you monday ateba to southern news africa. and his conversation with jen psaki. >> the travel ban was never based on any science. it wasn't based on fact. it wasn't based on any evidence. at the time the president signed the -- issued the travel ban on november 26th, on 8 african countries, six of them have documented zero cases of the variant. zero. and so it wasn't based on science. it was just based on trying to almost pretend to do something. it wasn't just banning african countries, it was trying to ban
4:12 am
even journalists, african journalists who are trying to question the travel ban. will: you know carley i don't think the african travel ban racist. you can call donald trump's travel plan racist and xenophobic you have to in turn assume this was racist or xenophobic. what i think actually it was covid theater. give the impression we are doing something even if that something has nothing to do with making either of you was healthier. carley: i don't think either travel bans were racist and todd you bring up a great point if we keep imposing travel bans on countries when we know how quickly disease is spread now. it could disincentivize nations especially poorer nations from coming forward and telling the world that they have a new variant and that's important information that we do need to know. all right, turning now to your headlines. the real estate agent is allegedly shot and killed by a
4:13 am
disgruntled tenant in florida. police say sarah was sitting in her car outside a property -- outside a property she was showing when the tenant who had been evicted from the home shot her multiple times. of the suspect was arrested just hours later. authorities say the suspect may have mistook her for the owner of the half a million dollars property. wow. the suspect is facing a first degree murder charge. fired gunpoint fired a legally owned gun at the perp as they ran off. state senator kimberly lightford revealing her husband directed her to run while he exchanged fire with the suspects. lightford said he had the conceal-carry permit. no one was hurt and so far no arrests have been made in the carjacking a case for second
4:14 am
amendment right. a case to recreate this iconic christmas vacation scene goes wrong. watch this. carley: new jersey man create the scene with a mannequin it looked so real that his neighbors called 911 prompting the fire department to come to the house. that is so funny, todd, i know that really speaks to your soul because you love the movie christmas vacation. todd: let me tell you something, carley and i are very, very close. we are good friends but we fight over this issue more than we probably should. she is a christmas story fan. i dispid despise the christmas story. christmas vacation is my jab and we actually haven't spoken for weeks over this. carley: that's not true. because then we wouldn't have a show. >> we have difficult. todd: valid point. carley: really quickly but got to talk about christmas cookies. i have never seen the movie
4:15 am
christmas vacation before. i don't have any facts to back up my claim. but i was walking around the 21st floor recently and there is somebody in the newsroom with a leg lamp on their desk and i thought that was really funny. will: carley, i cannot even begin to express my disappointment in you this morning. not only would you vote christmas story over christmas vacation. carley: the best movie. it's not even best christmas movie. it's the best movie hands down. will: that is fake news. todd: come on. will: our viewers deserve better this morning. carley: can we do a poll on this? will: my estimation one-to-one carley vs. todd. we need no other judge but me this morning. the answer will be todd wins in a run away christmas vacation is the best christmas movie and todd, by the way, i there our next story might give everyone a little insight into why you and i might have similar tastes. todd: yeah, exactly. before we go to that carley you
4:16 am
sit on a throne of lies. the question we were all wondering in america this morning, why do we leave cookies for santa? it turns out a tradition from the dutch. let me read this interesting fox news op-ed from chef jason smith on the cookie tradition. now, leaving cookies for santa or saint nick also a tradition started during the feast of saint nick also a dutch held each year. cookies give travelers a snack from when they arrive all over the country to praise the saints. here in the united states cookies for santa started during the great depression as a teachable lesson families didn't have much money or baking supplies but they had enough to bake a small batch of cookies for santa. this was also to teach the youngkins, not young'ns not the youngkin kins. will glenn youngkin needs to learn. end with a quote. this begs the question buzzfeed
4:17 am
helping us out here and asking what kind of christmas cookie are you? will: yeah, so it's a personality quiz or a christmas season i found it to be a christmas season preferences quiz. do you like this movie or that movie? do you like this drink or that drink? and the three of us, todd, carley and myself went through and took this quiz so we learned what kind of christmas cookie are we. carley, what are you? carley: when i took the quiz it, revealed to me that i'm not actually a cookie i'm a candy cane, it says okay, you are not exactly a christmas cookie but you are definitely a treat to hang with. unique and creative. you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. a little, if it means staying true to yourself. sweet. so that's me. a candy cane. todd, wuted you? >> i mean, look, i think we can all agree that you are sweet. but i would like to point out to will wants earlier point that will and i are on the same page here. you are not even a christmas
4:18 am
cookie. they didn't even find a cookie for you. >> you are with your christmas story analysis. but will and i are both gingerbread. let me read the definition of ginger bread. you are classic. extroverted bold and fun. you are the jl friend hang with the holiday party a bit of spice to the personality keeps everybody on their toes. extroverted and bold. you know me probably best. i'm not that fun and you don't want to be around me at a holiday party i'm so tired from getting up in the middle of the freakin' night. i'm like when can i have a beer and go take a nap? go ahead, will. please do share why you are a gingerbread or why you are not a gingerbread. will: imagine this two television hosts are extra throw investigators. talk on cameras for four hours. gingerbread cookies. it does explain though, todd,
4:19 am
our love for christmas vacation. clearly we have a similar set of tastes, carley. carley: really, i struggle with this debate because, like i said, i'm being completely open, honest and transparent. i have never seen christmas vacation. can i say wholeheartedly from the parts i have seen a christmas story is so much better the classic movie. about a by gone era, love for something. all the christmas joy, hirttle. hilarity. it makes you feel so good inside. i think that makes me a better person than both of you. >> oy. will: before i did this show first take a debate show. we have our first "fox & friends first" take style debate this morning. christmas story vs. christmas vacation. i will take your challenge. let the viewers decide.
4:20 am christmas story or christmas vacation. todd: can i hop in on this first time in the hills of life anyone was compared carley shimkus to stephen a. smith. i have think the comparison is apt. will: i do as well. the marine who blasted leaders over the botched afghanistan withdrawal is officially discharged from the military. his parents join us live next. ♪ at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner.
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4:24 am
>> i have been fighting for 17 years. i'm willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders i demand accountability. will: decorated marine officer steven sheryl went viral in august withdrawal from afghanistan now announcing he has been discharged from the marine corps in a lengthy facebook post calls out senior leadership for slandering and silencing him following the
4:25 am
august video and revealed he lost his retirement under the terms of his discharge. lieutenant colonel scheller's parents join us now. stu and kathy, good morning, merry christmas to you. thank you for being with us this morning. >> >> merry christmas. >> we look forward. will: thank you very much. we look forward to hearing from your son in the coming days. he has promised to share his message. he has been under a strict gag order, stu. i wonder if you might fill us in. what has lieutenant colonel scheller wanted to say over the past several months that he has been unable to say? >> a lot. and he has been busy. for those that are not following him on facebook or linkedin, he will be saying a lot. he has announced that he will be posting everyday for the next 10 days and he has been invited to join tucker carlson on january 4th. he also has a website up called
4:26 am
authentic and you can read what he has to say. will: really quickly, stu, as a follow-up to that. he has so much to say. if you could, if you distilled it into one thematic message. we know what he had to say in august about accountability. here we are four months later, that is the one main thematic message he wants americans to know? >> well, i would say going forward we need leaders, not politicians you will be hearing from stuart scheller going forward he will be calling on leaders, he will be calling for accountability, and this is just the beginning of his journey. he is a young man. he is only 40 years old. we are so very optimistic about the futures for america with
4:27 am
leaders like stawrt sheryl taking us into the future. will: kathy, i heard you begin to speak there. i didn't mean to cut you off. >> no, no, no. and i'm trying to keep this more light hearted because it's christmas. i'm going to join in and say my favorite christmas movie is it's a wonderful life. because move i watch every year on christmas eve. we didn't have a town rallying around us, we had america rallying around us. and they sent their prayers up. their phone calls, over 40,000 people made donations, and they -- our son is at home with his children today because of america. and i would like to say thank you and it is a wonderful life. and i could not be happier for them today and his journey forward will be what it will be. he is his own man. but i want to remind americans that there are 13 families out there who will not be having their family members come home for christmas and we have a lot of veterans who are in pain
4:28 am
today. so, reach out to your loved ones, love on them. give them a call, if you can't get on your plane and get there, but it is a wonderful life. trials and tribulations in life. will whale a wonderful message, kathy, absolutely to keep those 13 families in our hearts and prayers this morning. you share that with my mother the love of it's a wonderful life. but right now i think your perspective, i think your perspective right now is important because you have experienced as you point out it's a wonderful life. can you tell us a little more about this? i know you mentioned donations in the way that your community rallied around you, like the town and it's a wonderful life. on the private side of this, what did you experience? what did you hear? neighbors, friends, loved ones or maybe even strangers in support of your son? >> oh my goodness, so much support. letters, cards, phone calls, emails, text messages, so many people that i have really feel that i have formed such close relationships that have held us up during our darkest hours.
4:29 am
these people that we did not know have reached out to us and become so close, almost like sisters and brothers to us. or in some cases children. i mean, they have been awesome. and someone has torn into us and given us a hard time they have rallied around and supported us and i just cannot say how amazing america has been and with all of the negativity out there, and this was a hard one, this was four months of really darkness, difficult times, but these people yes, our family the strangers, the family we didn't know who are not strangers anymore have been amazing, and so when i saw a wonderful life with people bringing in that basket, i thought they gave our son his retirement. newark was so up from upset at him losing his retirement they funded his retirement just like they did in that movie with their dollars. >> i will end it by saying many angels got their wings these
4:30 am
last four months. >> yes, they did. >> use movie parable but that is exactly what happened. many angels came forward to support kathy and i and to support our son. and, again, we are very, very optimistic about the future of america. will: so many messages were put out not from your son, from others about his mental health, he has alluded to, is he interested in setting the record straight regarding slander. but it's great to hear this message this morning about your personal experience on christmas. and we have a lot to hears a you pointed out, stu from, your son in the coming days, starting with tucker carlson, this morning i think the right message was the one you just gave us, kathy, it is a wonderful life. we're glad you feel the same way. thank you both stu and kathy sheryl for being with us on this christmas morning. >> thanks for having us. merry christmas have great day with your family. will: merry christmas. all right, still to come.
4:31 am
mike huckabee is on deck. but, first a christmas message from new york archbishop timothy cardinal dolan. >> a blessed christmas, everybody, cardinal timothy dolan here at my house right behind saint patrick's cathedral. we need a little christmas right this very moment, don't we? remember that song with the covid, with the tensions in the world and our country with all the sorrow and sadness that we see, we need some light. we need some life. we need some goodness, we need some love. we need a little christmas right this very moment. i sure wish you a blessed one. ♪ i have something for you. [husband whistles] ♪♪ hi. [wife laughs] i have something for you too. [wife whistles] ♪♪ ♪♪ step up to gmc with 0% financing
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4:36 am
and my biggest concern is i don't ever want to be in a bubble. carley: vice president kamala harris citing lack of travel as her so-called biggest failure as the embattled v.p. faces backlash from all sides even her own party over the handling of the border crisis. here to react former arkansas governor mike huckabee. governor, good morning to you. and your family. a very merry christmas. you know, i think that when you reflect on the vice president's answer there, the question that comes to mind is it that she couldn't travel because she was citing the pandemic there, or is it just that she didn't want to? especially when it comes to our southern border? >> carley, her biggest mistake was being sworn in it has been down hill ever since. let me say merry christmas to all of you. she answers with her typical kamala cackle and tries to
4:37 am
nervously dismiss any real questions because she doesn't want to answer them. the truth is it had nothing to do with her, quote, inability to travel. she traveled all over the world. she went to several countries. she traveled across the united states. my goodness, it's not like she has to go through tsa and get wanded and then get on a commercial flight and get delayed or canceled. she flies on air force planes wherever she goes. air force 2. the full crew. so this is nonsense. it's not really why she is having a hard time. i think she is having a hard time because the policies of the administration are horribly failing the american people. todd: meantime, governor, jesus is supposed to be the reason for the season, but, churches across our country are canceling in person christmas services over covid concerns. here is just a smattering, the washington national cathedral st. john divine, old south church, universalist
4:38 am
congregation and first church of god. governor is, that the right move. >> well, i don't think so. i mean, you know, i will leave it to each church to decide what they think is best for their congregation. they ultimately answer to god. not me. but if i were god, i would say, you know what? i any if there is ever a time in our world history where we need to worship the creator and we need to recognize that greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world. it would be right now. so, i love the fact that many churches, especially in the area of the country where i live, are wide open. people are going to church. and the covid rates aren't worse, in fact, they're much less than they are in the areas where there is lock down. so there must be something about people continuing corporate worship and being with each other and singing praise and hearing scriptures and i just think that there is a power in the fellowship of each other and
4:39 am
in the cam rad derly ochristmas. i can't imagine saying we're going to cancel christmas. that would be like god saying the weather is in pretty bad shape in bethlehem. i think we are going to push this whole thing off and not come to earth. tell the shepherds to just cool it. maybe we will come another time. will: i seem to remember in sunday school jesus healed the sick. he spent time with the sick. he spent time with the lepers. governor, by the way, spending time, we are getting to spend some time with you this morning on christmas morning which we so appreciate. but share with us what you normally do what you will be doing later today with your family. what are some of your favorite traditions and memories? >> i'm sure being with me is your favorite time of the christmas season i'm glad to be able to supply that on christmas eve get together with three children and seven grandchildren and that's where we do the exchange of gifts in the
4:40 am
morning. what you are seeing now is a picture of my 4-year-old grandson thatcher, my son third of four. and we are at church. that's last night at christmas eve. so after we get together. we go to christmas eve service. and then our entire family goes out and eats chinese food on christmas eve. which we did last night and had a wonderful time, probably made the biggest mess at the restaurant that they have ever received and i'm sure they are still cleaning it up now. and then this morning we will go to my daughter's home and we will see christmas with her kids, but it's, you know, a wonderful day. and we celebrate the birth of the savior and we celebrate family and the fact that there is nothing better to be able to recognize how blessed we are. and my prayer is for blessings upon you, you are having to work today. but i hope you have a blessed wonderful christmas all of you. carley: governor, beautiful, a beautiful family. absolutely. beautiful memory, thank you so much for sharing a portion of
4:41 am
your morning with us and merry christmas. it is a blessing to have you on. recommendation merry christmas to all of you, thank you. todd: merry christmas, governor. will: by the way, carley, todd, chinese food on christmas. a secret american tradition that we all know exists. no one talks about. carley: do you know what movie has a scene of it where they eat chinese food on christmas? todd: will, you walked right into that. will: i do know the answer to that question it's the movie that comes in a distant second to christmas vacation on everybody's favorite list. carley: wrong, you just made a point about the christmas story. all right. coming up. we are shining a spotlight on one organization giving back to those who gave the most. how you can help wreaths across america help our fallen heroes this christmas. ♪ ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪
4:42 am
superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th
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simparica trio is the first and only monthly chewable that covers heartworm disease, ticks and fleas, round and hookworms. dogs get triple protection in just one simparica trio! this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures. use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders. protect him with all your heart. simparica trio. welcome back father of three tragically killed after a car accident. died after laying wreaths event in san antonio. go fund me now being set up to help his family this christmas season. lets bring in wreaths across america and veteran outreach developer. joe, i'm so sorry for the loss
4:46 am
of this great man. what can you tell us about daniel? >> it's always so tragic when you hear of a family having such unthinkable loss during the holiday season. daniel, like some of our volunteers who had previously served himself is a great example of someone that just continued to serve his community and, of course, seeing the community already starting to rally around him down there in texas is just, you know, really heart-warming, over the past week or so i have had an opportunity to engage with some of our gold star families who also experienced similar losses during this time of year, and just understanding, you know, how that really changes the dynamic and how much it really means to them to see the support of that community come out and rally behind them. todd: our military gives so much so that we can be free. and then following that service, he gave his life trying to bring some measure of joy to the that's the amazing part of the wreaths across america mission,
4:47 am
describe for us the look on the face of a wife, a mother, a daughter, a husband when they see that wreath on the grave gravesite of service member. >> our mission is serve honor and teach. reach across america day last saturday means the world to these families so much more than just a wreath. this is really a promise it is a gift from an american to that veteran, to that veteran's family. it's a promise that we will not allow their memory to be forgotten. we will live up to the legacy each and every day throughout the course of the year. and that's really what it means. to be able to interact with our gold star families to see how this program helps them not only with their grieving process but to support them in what they're doing after that loss as well. >> it is important to remember that this is a year-long mission. how can our viewers help out year around?
4:48 am
>> absolutely. wreaths across is where you can learn more about our program. that mission is year around to remember honor and teach share those stories of our veterans, their families, our military service members and their families so the folks understand those sacrifices what they look like. todd: joe, we thank you for your service. we thank you for what you are doing with wreaths across america. and we honor the memory of daniel sphere on this christmas morning for one serving our country but dying trying to bring joy to those this holiday season. joe, thank you very much. >> thank you guys, merry christmas. todd: merry christmas to you as well. all right. let's lighten it up from french toast to eggs benedict quick and easy ideas as you kick off your christmas morning. but, first, here's pete hegseth with his christmas message. pete: merry christmas from "fox & friends." you know, we are out here on a beautiful day, in the greatest country on earth. and the word that comes to mind for me during the christmas season is gratitude.
4:49 am
grateful for the country. grateful for this amazing fox team. for "fox & friends." grateful to my family, of course, and grateful for a savior that was born on christmas that redeems all of us. merry christmas. everybody. hi susan! honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? now get powerful relief with robitussin elderberry. ♪ you've got to try a little kindness ♪ ♪ yes, show a little kindness ♪ ♪ just shine your light for everyone to see ♪ ♪ and if you try a little kindness ♪
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4:52 am
bob participated in a clinical trial that included cutting-edge radiation therapy and surgery. he's been in remission since completion. i am so glad i learned what was possible for me stand up to cancer and lustgarten foundation are working together to make every person diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a long-term survivor. visit pancreatic cancer this is bob minetti and his wife wendy. in 2016, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. bob participated in a clinical trial that included cutting-edge radiation therapy and surgery. he's been in remission since completion. i am so glad i learned what was possible for me stand up to cancer and lustgarten foundation are working together to make every person diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a long-term survivor. visit pancreatic cancer
4:53 am
will: merry christmas from the "fox & friends" family. here we have booker with her parents liz and leo. and this is editorial producer kira and her sisters. talia, adria and parents gary and karen. associate producer ashley mitchell and her son danny daughter iola and husband patrick. and merry christmas to associate producer anthony rockio with his sisters amanda and kaitlin. we appreciate all of you, the work you do behind the scenes, very grateful to have you as part of the "fox & friends" family. carley, over to you. carley: all right. thanks, will. one of the best parts of christmas morning is waking up to a delicious brunch. and here to help us whip up a quick and easy breakfast can you make with ingredients already in your pantry is chuff and
4:54 am
culinary nutritionist diane hendrix. i think is. >> good morning. carley: one of the most important segments you have not only delicious recipes but quick and easy and already make them with ingredients you already have in your refrigerator. take it away, show us what you have got. >> okay, great. one quick trip to the grocery store and stuff you have have on hand things like french toast and bacon and sausage and bacon with lattes are standard. lunch options i have some shrimp scampy which is frozen from sea pack the delicious garlic butter sauce, make some rice, whip it up and it's so yummy. and char cutery boards are fantastic. throw whatever you have on hand. a little march that laid, some jams somberies, for a little dessert i have my cheesecake dream jars i'm using cream cheese smooth and creamy
4:55 am
nondairy cream cheese. one of my favorite is eggs benedict. i'm not a huge fan of ham. i'm doing it with guacamole. so i'm using owholly guacamole yesterday to serve. hand scooped avocados spread it on top it's so delicious. and then a perfectly poached egg, which is very important, a little tomato, look at that beautiful bright slice of tomato, and, again, a perfectly poached egg. a little hit of salt, and i'm using heritage avocado salsa. creamy and smooth and gives a nice little flavor. look at that garnish it with a little cilantro and i'm going to show you when you cut it because i'm a huge fan of poached eggs and i don't like it when they are not perfectly poached. look at that a perfectly poached egg. you can serve that to the family on a nice platter and just everybody can just grab one. it's really really good. and then we also have some twice-baked potatoes. so easy to make.
4:56 am
you take a potato scoop it out after you bake it restuff it and then i have got some cocktails which are really fun. we have got mimosa. a bloody mary a can berry spread. carley: breakfast, cocktails and are you wishing us a merry christmas? merry christmas. >> wishing you all a merry christmas. i love you.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ christmas all over again todd: that is the late great tom petty welcoming you into a great 8:00 a.m. hour on "fox & friends." and that song is the credit song the one that plays during the credits of another great
5:01 am
christmas movie four christmases starring vince vaughn and rachel witherspoon -- reese witherspoon. i apologize to ms. reese witherspoon. you will kick off your morning today with will contain and carley shimkus. will: merry christmas. glad everyone at home is spending a little time with us. maybe before the kids get up. maybe before santa's blessings are unveiled. we are glad to be spending a little bit of time with you on this christmas. and we thought we might share with you some of our family's tradition, some of our christmas this year starting with todd. here we go. we had a little festivus miracle in new jersey over the last couple days on the 23rd. insure pic of mom and me.
5:02 am
and then we have a big picture here of some of the crew that was there some didn't want to be on national tv on christmas morn the ones that did are in the picture there. just a great time. wife's family today, my family yesterday guys. >> you know, todd, carley for the last, say, 15 years, my wife and i have been living in new york city. which meant we didn't get to be home in texas with both of our families on christmas or we're in the process of traveling and like so many today you deal with flight cancellations over 800 by the way flights canceled because of airline shortages this year having moved back to texas be with families, brothers and sister. their children, cousins, can you see a picture on the mantel of all the stockings at this family gathering on december 23rd. tried to count. tried see how many people were there. watch. >> roselyn, luke, will, kathleen
5:03 am
matt, are brooke, travis, mom, jay, rachel, marlee, jordan, mary-kate, charlie, wes, matthew, add line sarah, and emit and kai. that was, let's just put it this way a big family gathering and it was wonderful. it was wonderful to be back in texas with both of our families. carley: that's so great. i counted 19. i hope i got the number right. that mantel looks probably like rachel campos-duffy's mantel with all of her children as well. so i have some pictures of my family as well. this is a picture of me and my husband pete. we live in separate cities. so we try to spend as much time as we can together over the weekends. one of our favorite things to do together is when we are in chicago go to the kris kringle market. it's chicago tradition. so much fun and us enjoying it i believe that picture was taken last year. there is also my grandmother, traditionally my family spends
5:04 am
christmas morning at my grandmother's house. she lives in new jersey, she is the light of all of our lives. we love her so much. i'm missing her today as well as my two cousins daniel and jacqueline and my sister margo is on the right-hand side of your screen. so missing my family but i'm so happy to be with my fox family this morning as well. also, we have another picture to share because todd is wearing a green sweater and the millers thing about wearing green on tv is that producers can change it because of green screen to anything that they want. and will, because we loved your sweater so much we also decided to put it on todd, todd, you don't look too happy to be wearing a duplicate sweater to your buddy will. look at that facial expression, you know, look, carley you know me better than anybody. you know how fashion forward i truly am at all times. but they did not tell me they were doing that picture. they just said look at the camera. and so i was looking at the
5:05 am
camera but i was trying to like read ahead. see what's coming on in the show. i didn't have my normal bright, cheery smile on. as a result. i look angry at will cain for stealing my sweater idea. will: you clean up nicely tv's todd piro. i'm glad you jumped on the christmas sweater bandwagon. will: you at home love to see your christmas sweaters as well email us at friends at previous hour and will at the top of the next hour, when, by the way, santa will be joining us after the busy night. todd: santa? will: yeah, i believe, todd, is he wrapping things up in his first stop will be on "fox & friends." carley: naturally. will: exclusive interview. got to get to some news now, unfortunately, we have to talk about a topic that everybody is feeling, it's a big bummer because inflation has hit the highest level in about 39 years. now, former treasury secretary
5:06 am
larry summers is warning about a recession. if you just look at those prices, 20% plus, 0% bacon. a lot of things you will be eating for holiday celebration. like i said, larry summers former treasury secretary, he was talking about this very topic and how when the federal reserve takes long overdue action on this, it could actually slide the country into a recession, todd. todd: yeah, larry summers is not larry kudlow. and let's remember that we need keep that in mind. larry summers to come out here and make this point i think speaks volumes. let me read what larry summers has to say and then we will break it down on the back end, quote: if i thought we could sustainably run the economy in a red hot way that would be a wonderful thing. but the consequence and this is the excruciating legislative we learned in the 1970s of an overheating economy is not merely elevated inflation but
5:07 am
constantly rising inflation. that's why my fear is that we are already reaching a point where it will be challenging to reduce inflation without giving rise to recession obviously not a message of hope on this christmas, and he does hearken back to the quote, unquote, lessons of the 70s. but, obviously, we did not learn our lessons of the 70s, one major lesson if gas and oil prices go thigh filters down to every other aspect of the economy and puts you in inflationary state for a vo long time what does it do, slash pipelines, get those prices as high as possible. even more dependent on foreign oil and be at the becken call of folks in the middle east. this is a situation that the biden administration has put us n a year. unfortunately, i don't think they can turn the spigot back on. let the oil flow and have the inflation problems go away. my fear is that it is so baked
5:08 am
in at this point that we can't unring this bell for a few years. if not longer. will? >> will: you know, todd, what i think the biden administration has done to throw gasoline on an already lit fire. what set the stage this type of inflation is shut down economy for ekdz tended period of time in response economy in place our economy has flood the system, at the same time constricts the supply chain labor can't be controlled, it's very difficult to control inflation, when you attempt to incredibly painful. on top of the pain that inflation causes, because, we're all in a consumer culture and we are in a consumer moment at christmas, but this is also about necessities as carley pointed out. all the food items, bacon, milk,
5:09 am
eggs, it impacts restaurant owners like peter demos who spoke to "fox & friends" earlier when he spoke about this crunch of supply and labor and what it does to his business. the supply chain that goes beyond just the end product you see on the shelves. it is everything ranging from parts to equipment, to each like the lids that you get on lemon juice. our manufacturers cannot produce the items that we need to have because they can't get the miss material for them to be able to produce it and send it to us. we have some people that don't want to come to work because they are so living off of an extended government help, there are some people that don't have child care issues. there are multiple reasons why people aren't coming to work, but the bottom line is people just aren't working. will: carley, i can't remember the exact number in front of me of the trillions of dollars in spending that have been improved. this the is gasoline on the fire that i spoke about.
5:10 am
but i promise you this, the process of attempting to exit an inflationary economy will be very, very painful, carley. carley: yeah, will, you are absolutely right. i think it's two fold issue first of all, the federal reserve should have raised interest rates a while ago and that's something that larry summers speaks to very eloquently about. the other issue is that march stimulus package that should have never passed that pumped trillions of dollars more into the economy. and now, you hear the biden administration doing things like pausing student loans even longer up until may of 2022 when there are so many jobs unfilled jobs out there about 11 million of them. you just have to wonder i think that peter demos makes a great point about how the supply chain issue isn't going fixed until we get the labor shortage issue under control. and with that we are going to bring in congressman michael waltz on this christmas morning. good morning to you, congressman, thank you so much for joining us and merry
5:11 am
christmas to you as well. >> merry christmas and just merry christmas to all of you. and i think we just have to take a moment to appreciate that we all woke up this morning breathing free air and a free country in the greatest country in the world defended by the greatest men and women in the world. and just what a blessing today is to celebrate the birth of the birth of jesus and merry christmas just thrilled to be with you. so. >> beautifully said. we wanted to have you on for a number of reasons, you are one of our favorite "access" guests, of course, also there was a big development regarding lieutenant colonel stuart scheller he was given a general discharge under honorable conditions. he also lost his retirement. he says is he filled with mixed emotions over what happened. he recapped all of this in a facebook post. he says to recap my theories of defeats after demanding accountability. i was relieved of command, slandered imprisoned under the false pretense of flight risk and lost my retirement.
5:12 am
was it worth it? unfortunately for them the war isn't over. i think we just arrived at a turning point. what are your thoughts and reflections on what he went through and the end result. >> one hand discipline and as he said in his original what he said in uniform consequence on the other hand for the marine corps and the defense department to just throw the book at him. the fact that he was in solitary confinement being denied just basic necessities was way over the top but, you know, underlying all of it was the push for accountability and the fact that we have had none of it. no accountability from biden on down is what has so many veterans and gold star families so upset. guys. we had the defense -- the dutch
5:13 am
defense minister resigned over the debacle that was that withdrawal and so i have promised the 13 gold star families the gold star mothers, the veterans, many of whom have quit their jobs to get their -- our allies out and fellow americans out which is ongoing right now. i have promised them i will never quit as long as i'm in this seat to drive forward for accountability and hold those responsible for the deaths of those service members, for leaving americans behind and for leaving our allies behind that are being hunted down right now as we speak. todd: congressman, this is such an important story. it cannot take a holiday off. wewere able to have stu's parens on earlier. >> going forward, we need leaders, not politicians, and
5:14 am
you will be hearing from stuart scheller going forward that he will be calling on leaders, he will be calling for accountability. >> we didn't have a town rallying around us, we had america rallying around us. and they sent their prayers up. they made their phone calls, over 40,000 people made donations and they -- our son has been home with his children because of america. i would like to say thank you it is a wonderful life. i could not be happier for them today and his journey forward will be what it will be. is he his own man. >> congressman, sump powerful words there from the parents, does this episode change the way our military works going forward? not to diminish our readiness capacity in any way, shape, or form, but to make it better so that the brave men and women who watch this episode decide they want to get into the military and aren't deterred by what they have seen involving stuart
5:15 am
sheryl and the treatment of him over the course of the last few months? >> well, you know, journey going forward i hope he considers running for office. i mean, i would say to mr. sheryl we need leaders as politicians. we need leaders in office. with a little bit of dirt and sand and blood and tears and sweat under their fingernails with that experience down range. right now we are at record low in our nation's history in terms of veterans in office. it's 16% in the 1970s it was at 80%. so i'm recruiting veterans to run at all levels. local, state clean that up. social are seeing things generals in leadership positions accountability.
5:16 am
that's how the system is supposed to work. i hope he runs, reach tout me. >> congressman, what a fascinating stat as much as 80% of our office holders from, a military background and now we are down to 16% it says a lot. something worth more we need to look into. i find that incredibly fascinating. congressman, we really appreciate you spending some of your christmas morning here on "fox & friends." we know you are taking time away from your family. who we have been asking everyone who is with us to share some of their family traditions here on christmas. what does the waltz family normally do on christmas morning? >> well, you know, normally we try to take a ski trip over christmas. of course, we are floridians we go visit snow and go back to the beach. my daughter and i have 17-year-old daughter love to snowboard together but this year we are taking a pause because we have great news in that we are expecting a baby boy in just a few weeks.
5:17 am
so, we're about to have an empty nest but we are going to refill the empty nest. but i have to work out after christmas between my mother-in-law's black lava, they are of jordanian dissent. my mother is southern banana pudding and black eyed peas and rice. i mean i will put on a good 10 pounds and sit around and watch, guys, the elf and the grinch, which i think are the two best christmas movies followed by a close second by a christmas story. i'm sorry. todd: waltz. will: there is one vote. carley: yes. move my vote, congressman even though i don't live in florida. will: take that with a grain of salt because he is going to get a work in get a work out in on christmas day, congressman? >> i will get one in tomorrow morning. i'm taking today off. tomorrow morning we are back on
5:18 am
it. carley: congratulations on the baby. >> i have got to keep up. thank you, thank you. baby boy. and everybody is healthy so far we are fired up. carley: amazing. will: wonderful. what a christmas blessing. thank you for being with us this morning. carley: thanks, congressman. >> thank you, god bless, appreciate you. will: there is one vote for carley you at home vote. it's on our facebook page at "fox & friends" facebook page a you will pup down to two go vote between those two. we hope you do turning now to your headlines, 1,000 americans stuck at sea thanks to covid disembarking because there is no covid in mexico. cases are among fully vaccinated
5:19 am
crew members all reportedly showing mild and no symptoms. double hung. the ship will now head back to san francisco omicron pushing back the wind. can the democrat hoping to unseat g.o.p. congresswoman elise stefanik makes a big twitter gaffe matt referring to new yorkers saying while elise stefanik is focused on starting culture wars i'm focused on helping new yorkians. not lost on new yorker merry christmas new yorkers. along with a photo of her family. that's much more damaging than you can possibly imagine. the spirit of giving. >> we want to bring you an update on a story we covered earlier this month. you may remember rachel introducing you to navarro farm, the place for kids with special needs can experiences magic of santa. so since the piece ran, "fox &
5:20 am
friends" viewers helped raise over 100 $5,000 for the farm. owners say they're incredibly grateful to the viewers, to the don't nature, to our special friends at fox we want to thank you for sharing navarro farm with the world. >> merry christmas. will: with the funds they will break ground on a new greenhouse so kids can come year around even during the winter months. and those are your headlines. i just wanting to say this one more time. the "fox & friends" viewer. you are the positive change. we talk about so much and times the thus tends to be negative and we look for a positive outlet in which to make world a better place you are doing so. you are to that positive change so, illustrated right there with navarro farms, carley. carley: $125,000 more smiles, more joy, abrasion, more love we
5:21 am
thank you so much for that that's incredible. young us next with a christmas surprise you are not going to want to miss this one. ♪
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where's mom? she said she would be home in time for the show. don't worry, sweetie. she promised she'd be here for it. ooh! nice shot! thanks! glad we have xfinity, with wifi speed faster than a gig! me too! woah, look! mom is on tv! she's amazing! (cheers) xfinity brought us together, after all! power your whole home this holiday with wifi speeds faster than a gig. click, call, or visit a store today. sing 2
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carley: nearly 300 schools keep doors shut due to rising omicron concerns. psychologists are warning this could have detrimental effect on kids. saying quote our school district leaders continue to view not essential service there are direct consequences of school closures on children's mental health related to the isolation stunted social development and the associated learning loss. fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier is here with more. good morning to you, doctor. and we see that you have your two -- >> -- good morning and merry christmas, carley. carley: you have your two beautiful boys with you. merry christmas to you all. doctor, this topic is extremely personal for you. not only are you a medical professional. you are also a mom. so should schools be shutting
5:26 am
down because of omicron? >> well, carley, you know, i can tell you that always during the holidays, you know, the parents we're always trying to do the best we can to make it a happy experience and good time to be with your children while the covid-19 pandemic has been very hard for adults, it translates down to our children. and they don't have the emotional or social experience to be able to navigate through these restrictions and the vaccine mandates that are ever changing and not to mention the politicization of it all. despite the fact that you have the surgeon general come out saying mental health crisis adolescents and the american academy of pediatrics declaring a mental health emergency the cdc saying children need to be in school. you continue to see not a priority keeping our children in school. you have schools closing down right now because of cases. and the truth is, we cannot continue to quickly close these schools because just because of a few cases. they have to do everything they can, make it a priority to keep
5:27 am
kids in school. because not only their educational but their physical, emotional and social health are at stake. carley: dr. saphier even president biden said during his press conference that schools shouldn't shut down because of this. and now you have three -- over 300, it's affecting hundreds of thousands of children that will be out of school in january back to virtual learning i think a lot of it has to do with the way the media portraying this. people focusing on what do the numbers say about how serious this disease is when it comes to hospitalizations hospital and death. >> carley, covid-19 has killed 800,000 americans, it had is nothing short of a tragedy. moving forward, we have to be able to work our way through the hysteria and really look at things from an objective manner and not get caught up in some of these media headlines, for example, south africa, who is just coming down from their
5:28 am
omicron peak they have stopped testing everyone testing positive. they have said that the illness is so mild in people who have vaccinated and just those who imr not even vaccinated they are only going to isolate those demonstrating symptoms. even if you are testing positive, if you are not tom is a, you don't need to isolate in south africa anymore. you are seeing that across the globe. you have data from the u.k. and scotland. everyone saying that the peak is coming quickly quickly going down a lot of cases because highly contagious transmissible virus it is causing much more mild illness which is great thing. carley: it is, absolutely. thank god this is a more mild variant. >> dr. saphier, i understand that santa brought your family very special new new member of the family sapphire family. >> that's right. santa did bring something this morning. go ahead, harrison, who is this, hairy. >> woodley.
5:29 am
[sighs] carley: are your boys excited about the new puppy? >> they sure are our lab is equal he can excited. i will tell you they are going to be buddies for sure. carley: cutest shot we will have on "fox & friends" this morning. puppy, your family is beautiful inside and out. boys handsome as well. perfect family. thank you for celebrating with us and joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> merry christmas, carley. carley: up next. time to curl up and dr. watch your favorite christmas classics. we are sharing must see movies. first janice dean shares one of her favorite christmas tradition. >> christmas traditions, my mom stella likes to tell me she came up with the ugly christmas sweater trend back in the 1990s. you know, i actually have pictures of her with the sweater adorned with all sorts of
5:30 am
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5:35 am
and annual merry christmas eve party. here is line producer nikki delicacy owe who does it all with aunt eileen, mom, brother chris, grandma clara and goddaughter olivia celebrating noche cha buena on christmas eve. it is christmas eve and i said it perfectly, i believe. todd, over to you. todd: all my favorites in that pick love olivia and mom. let me tell you something next time you go to miami make sure grandma cooks you red beans and rice. best cook. love you grandma. nice, thanks for always inviting me to your house when we are on assignment in south florida. meantime, nothing like going to the movies on christmas and with the long awaited mat tricks movie reduction and marvel spiderman in theaters. bring in friend movie critic kevin mccarthy to break down the must see merry christmas, what movies are your favorite
5:36 am
this holiday weekend and why? >> merry christmas to you, todd, and nightmare before christmas i wanted to say hi to you guys this morning. merry christmas to you and so the matrix refresh your recollection the first film in the matrix franchise. first impactful films in my life changed cinema and moved cinema over. over the years think of terminator 2 and jurassic park films that changed cinema and changed the way movies could be made. fourth matrix 20 years later you could imagine more innovation with technology that's happened in cinema and nothing in film really wowed me like that. to me, the film is too self-preferential, too much meta aspects to it. at the same time i loved seeing kiana reeves and trinity characters back on scene together. the movie did not deliver. nothing has ever come close to the first matrix film.
5:37 am
maybe matrix 2 reloaded and that's it. i gave this movie a 3 out of 5. i gave the original a 5 out of 5. and all of the matrix films are streaming hbo mac. new one in theaters as well. i wasn't a huge fan of it, three out of five compared to the original which is a 5. >> spiderman in theaters. >> this movie is about to cross a billion dollars today in theaters worldwide. i absolutely favorite film marvel cinematic universe. i believe this picture deserves the best incredible action film. emotional stand point as well favorite spiderman to date. alfred, william this movie delivers the ultimate spiderman film ever seen. one of the greatest theatrical experiences i have had because of the communal aspect. everybody in the theaters
5:38 am
cheering and having a great time and being surprised by incredible twists. this is the type of movie that reminds you going to the theaters is a special experience you can't really have at home. that's only playing in theaters right now. five out of five. todd: that's fair. love that i'm not going to see any of those movies. i'm not into movies currently in theaters. that's why you didn't see excitement in my face but now we are going to christmas movies. give us your top 3. >> no question home alone 1 and 2 rank on my number one list. now, this is an a generation aspect of me and wonderful life and some great movies can you think of. me growing up home alone no question. a little piece of movie trivia tell your family over the weekend if you want. a famous scene in the first home alone film where daniel stern they put a tarantula on his face real tarantula and his real scream and black and white films in home alone one and two were fake movies made specifically for those movies. they are not real films. but then love actually is
5:39 am
another one i want to mention that's on hulu and then the nightmare before christmas which is available on disney plus as well as home alone 1 and 2. top three favorites christmas movies myself. todd: i love love actually number three elf, wonderful life, christmas vacation, much to carley shimkus' chagrin. >> christmas vacation is iconic and one of the greatest comedies of all time. top five for sure. no question. todd: let's not sleep on love actually. really good movie. critic kevin mccarthy thank you so much merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas to you. todd: up next, we are talking to dr. can a carol swain on this merry christmas morning. don't go anywhere ♪ jingle bell, jingle bell ♪ jingle all the way ♪ o what fun it is to rise in a
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spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, tam-tam! i was thinking maybe... your mom's car? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ merry christmas, dad.
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5:43 am
betsy devos and others make
5:44 am
clear is the demise of public schools and the fracturing of our neighborhoods. here to react is former university professor and the author of "black eye for america. how critical race theory is burning down the house." dr. carroll swain. dr. swain, great to see you this morning. merry christmas, we are grateful for some of your dime. >> merry christmas to you. thank you. will: you heard there what randy weingarten has to say about the demise of public schools. she is blaming those, not unlike yourself. who have criticized critical race theory. what do you say? >> well, they do have a problem because they have been exposed and so she is blaming the people that are actually fighting for our children. and we were people, chris rufo, james lindsey, among others who have been out front educating the northwestern people but what i'm proud of is that parents organize, they gather information and they are fighting back not just against
5:45 am
crt but also against, you know, critical queer theory, critical feminist theory, all of these things that have infected the classroom and taken teachers away from teaching academics towards teaching social justice and so our children are falling further and further behind children of other nations and they also have many mental issues suicide rates are high among children and there is a desperation. we are out there trying to save public schools rather than destroy public schools. and the parents will see how bad it is they are yanking their kids often out of the schools. will: right. it's easy to blame you or chris rufo. but what do you say to all those parents that are showing up at school board meetings having seen what their children are learning. we don't have a ton of time but i do want to ask you this. you brought up critical theory not just critical race theory as you point out.
5:46 am
what does it mean for the viewers after the home. what is critical theory? >> critical theory is rooted in marxism and it's all about destroying traditional ways of life and replacing it with something else. and so it always creates conflict. it always destroys. it's not about educating our children or making a better society for racial and ethnic minorities. and critical race theory argues that white people are oppressive, minorities are victims, critical queer theory focuses on relationships between homosexuals and heterosexuals, all heterosexuals are seen as oppressive, criminal will all men are oppressive, all women are victims. these are theories that are infecting our schools and it's infecting our young boys and males. and so it is just as serious as critical race theory.
5:47 am
they're seeing sexualization of our children through books in the library and comments made by teachers or teachers who use their lifestyles as a way to push the indoctrination on our children. will: divide us into politicals and define us as oppressor and oppressed. would you mind sharing some of your favorite christmas memories or traditions. >> i grew up in the rural south in a large family. we did not have money for christmas gifts. and my memories are of us going out into the woods, cutting down our own tree. making paper ornaments and stringing together popcorn and christmas morning we got an orange, nuts, candy, plenty of food on christmas day and so my mother had very little to give her children, but we loved christmas. i still love christmas.
5:48 am
and it's my mother's favorite holiday. will: we are blessed to have you with us this morning on "fox & friends." appreciate your time. merry christmas dr. swain. >> merry christmas to all. will: let's turn enough to to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth who has our fox weather forecast. rick? merry christmas. rick: good morning, well, merry christmas to you. all right. so, if you are thinking you want christmas and you are across central parts of the country and out across the east, i mean a white christmas, take a look at this. 44 degrees in chicago waking up at 7:45 in the morning local time on christmas day, that's amazing, warm temperatures. take a look at this. going to be breaking record temperatures, high temperatures today all across the south, all across a lot of the east that heat stays with us. likely until around wednesday, and take a look at this. 84 degrees today in abilene texas, parts of west texas pushing 90 degrees, go towards parts of north dakota that's where the cold weather has
5:49 am
settled and remain cold much of the coming week, prescription wise the south, east, looking good except for parts of the ohio valley and parts of the northeast, a little bit of mixing ice and snow across parts of maine, that's where you will have a white christmas. snow continuing, way colder air going to be coming in towards sunday and monday. get ready for temps breaks records and snow all the way down places like portland and seattle. maybe some snow, that's how cold it is, will, back to you. >> some of those ski resorts need that snow and 84 in texas would make you wonder why am i wearing a sweatedder this morning. i have asked myself this as you sit in hot studio and gets hotter outside. rick, we will talk to you later. the only thing better than christmas is christmas dinner. and that is coming up next. ♪
5:50 am
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♪ todd: might be chilly this
5:54 am
christmas morning. chef george duran ideas on his mind joins us now with his tips. george, merry christmas to you. thanks for being on the show and people who know me know if i live by one personal credo sort of my north star religious of holidays who doesn't love a good cheese bladder, kick us off with cheese. >> my goodness. kick off with a lot of recipes quickly because i want to show you the quality cheese platter you have to present especially during the holidays. start off with this right over here. wonderful, a dutch masterpiece, award-winning cheeses. artists. so you showcase your artist or your favorite dutch master piece good darks for example and have the cheese in front. the rembrandt, the vincent, gouda meets parmesan. france hall goat cheese good da. everything in front. everybody can see did. work of art so wonderful in the pallet. of course, with that you have to have a masterpiece crackers and
5:55 am
absolutely gluten free. absolutely gluten free crackers toasted onion and everything. so well with the cheeses, you want to make sure you have quality crackers with that from there go with humus actually brings in fiber and protein. have to check out the folks who make the salsa make roasted red pepper. take a piping bag and wonderful cucumbers make a hole in it and pipe them together you put it with the peppers as well. what you get at the end, folks is, this. a christmas wreath with hum mass with all these vegetables. fantastically delicious. find them at walmart, also, and then finally dutch oven, some of the guys from insta pot. red onion soup. red wine in there, too. the stock, when it's finished cooking the beautiful that you can take it straight into the oven or on the stove top and get amazing results with lovely, lovely french onion soup flavor
5:56 am
to it add your bread, of course more dutch masterpiece right on top. i'm telling you so worth it. to do this. look at that how beautiful it is. todd: george duran, sheriff, merry christmas to you. from george santa claus, is he coming to "fox & friends." joining us after a very long night delivering presents. do not go anywhere. and disruptive muscle aches. you can count on fast, effective relief with motrin.
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5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good morning and christmas. welcome to fox and friends on this wonderful christmas morning. as you see a shot in the fourth hour fox and friends on
6:01 am
park square and our christmas tree. good morning merry christmas. >> good morning. as you notice i did a bit of a an outfit change inspired what people call it ugly christmas sweater it is a beautiful christmas sweater. iran up to my office and got my very own christmas sweater which doubles as a rain toss game. how cool is this? jewell has the rings you can try to toss them on the antlers are going to try to give it a whirl ready to go? flying off the shoulder one more. one more one more endless holiday fun. >> we got one a great is this. [applause] i love this. how do you feel about my sweater?
6:02 am
>> i love carly you can to force to play that game? >> july august this is never ending fourth of july let's plan some reindeer ring toss. >> what was that i missed that? >> did something go to move on to the good stuff which is me saying hello and getting to you the viewer's pics let's get right to it. by the way we love these pictures please keep them coming. he got to meet santa claus for the very first time this year in west virginia. i said political joke here the rest of the nation got to meet santa until joe manchin in the "build back better" deal. [laughter] joey, donna, janice in 1960 in chicago with a throwback picture this morning. >> i love that that is so cute. this is sherry's grandsons and virginia putting hay in their santa hats because naturally
6:03 am
that is what kids do. >> that is cool. mcconnell family john, ashley, tripp and nj christmas morning in arkansas. we appreciate this so much, thank you guys for showing its these awesome pics merry christmas to you and yours, will. >> we love spent christmas party with you at home are viewers. we love seeing inside your home sing your christmas. now we have a special treat here on fox and friends. fresh off of what had to have been a harrowing and busy night exhausted though still happy to talk this morning is santa claus. santa claus welcome to fox and friends for. >> good morning well, how is everybody? merry, merry christmas. >> how was your journey around the world delivering toys all the little boys and girls club to mark how are you feeling this morning?
6:04 am
>> i am tired. i really got about two hours of sleep. that was an amazing ride. the weather was fantastic throughout most of the planets. i did almost get caught once in australia. but we pulled it through and it was amazing. >> that is great. >> that was my question were there any close calls? you mentioned australia. is it something about their curiosity that brings you concern every holiday season every christmas season when you make a flight down under, santa? >> technologies getting so much better. everyone attracts me they know exactly where i am. i have gone stealth. i have taught the reindeer how to become invisible. they still end up finding me. it's not just australia, it is everyone.
6:05 am
>> you know santa, you help settle a discrepancy this morning that your 5-foot 7 inches almost 250 pounds. yet santa is real which is an organization that also keeps up with your fluctuations i assume. they are reporting you are actually 6-foot 6 inches and two and 50 pounds which makes you a road dundas than a jolly fellow can you clean up that discrepancy? >> gladly. i am just about 6-foot tall. and 250 -- 260 fluctuates if it's my off season i could go down to 2:30. but to fit the suits i have to gain a little weight. 250, 260 is good. >> wish i had that problem got a gain weight to fit into the close. santa, what is your favorite christmas movie we've been talking about christmas all morning long. >> everybody always asks me
6:06 am
what my favorite whatever is. it's not really fair for all of the others. but christmas movies not that bad i will answer this one. it is a wonderful life. it is one of my favorites. probably the most favorite. todd? >> interesting, interesting. >> i didn't hear movie it was they were talking in my ear. >> same i didn't hear a movie. [laughter] >> it's a wonderful life. >> got it glad you said that too. i was like what movie? [laughter] i look ahead i'm a forward thinking, santa claus. today you are relaxing you had a heck of a night you've got get it back altogether. what does the next week look
6:07 am
like for santa claus? to go to a tropical island newest at the north pole? what are we doing? >> i know you want to hear something amazing but i am probably going to sleep until new year's eve. >> i would like to go someplace tropical but to coin a phrase you really do not want to see this and a speedo. [laughter] >> sans it really quickly any close calls last night in terms of almost discovered? any children almost happen upon you or did you make it out clean it from every house? >> i did make it clean out of every house it was touch and go and australia. i probably shut up a little too early in the kids did not go to sleep yet. i had to hang out on the roof for about five minutes. it wasn't that bad i got to talk to the reindeer and stuff. i did have an accident when i
6:08 am
was in new york. i have the hot cocoa machine puts out really, really hot cocoa. because it is so cold when i'm moving so fast. i accidentally sifted way too soon, burnt the roof of my mouth, almost crashed into the empire state building. >> but you didn't. >> are pulled through the reindeer at the last second pulled up and everything was fine. and thank you the roof of my mouth is better now. >> i'm glad to hear that i don't know the north pole has workmen's comp. bird we appreciate your hard work every year, santa. i know there are millions upon millions of little girls happy for what you did last night. >> i checked the snow globe. merry christmas everybody. >> see you. >> alright santa successfully navigated the skies. although there was a close call that is breaking news.
6:09 am
unfortunately not everyone is selected and it comes to air travel because hundreds of flights have been canceled there out thursday, friday, saturday leading into christmas it's important for so many people because of the omicron variant to look at the numbers on thursday 284 flights, yesterday 688 were talk about that yesterday i thought the number was massive only to be outdone by today. 861, the reason this is happening we been talking all morning long it's a very real thing. a lot of people getting tested now for it. they're testing positive because omicron is highly transmissible that the call at second corn team for ten days and they're all the staffing shortages that airlines are facing it's affecting air travel. a lot of people getting last-minute text messages and e-mails sent to their phone saying you thought your going over the holidays think again your flight was just
6:10 am
canceled. >> august the omicron was a huge factor in all of this. i'm sure will is going to extrapolate a little more on that. i take a bigger step back and look at our economy as a whole we don't have workers filling jobs. not just in the airline sector but every single sector. the better how much of monday's organizations raised wages people want to stay at home. to a certain extent it is the dignity of work that is not filling up the hearts and minds of so many americans right now. a big part of that it's free money. you need money to survive. if you get free money from the government for a long time and you decide hey, i like this better than working it is the cascading effect that trickled down to every single industry. obviously we are reporting on the airline industry christmas is right in front of us. people don't get the opportunity to go be with
6:11 am
their family that is a newsworthy story. we need to get a handle on this going into 2022. our economy and our country cannot survive if we do not have a robust workforce that is filling jobs and keeping us moving forward, will. >> the point of singly flight cancellations is to show in my mind, carly and todd, what we are sacrificing. todd, you alluded i might dive in a little bit deeper on the omicron pandemic this wave of positive test and therefore cancellation and the flight industry the airline industry is not just the airline industry the three of us know very well it's affecting for example the news media is a sports fan in the nba, the nfl, not to make light todd i'm sure you play fantasy football. every week you have no idea who you're going to play you don't if they're playing in real football. a symptomatic healthy individuals are taking tests all across american business
6:12 am
landscape. they're all too frequently coming back positive. but we are dealing with is a highly transmissible by all reports incredibly mild cold and flu like sickness shows up positive on test results and shutting down businesses, to your points compound that with the labor shortage what you have is a dramatic impact and a sacrifice when it comes to our families here on christmas as we watched flights canceled. carly went up we see church services canceled major churches across the country shutting down christmas services. finally we know going into january 32 odd schools are to shut down the sacrifice art kids education well i'm so glad you brought up the schools it's such a big issue.
6:13 am
audited to children's mental health or seeing a repeat that take place today hundreds of thousands of kids all going to go back to virtual learning maryland new jersey new york all of the school district released statements and said the same thing. highly transmissible virus while that may be true first failure dealing with children we know covid at its worst with people with comorbidities and the elderly. especially if you are vaccinated especially like getting a cold the cost of
6:14 am
closing down schools in the few kids testing positive for omicron. i want to look bigger picture what is is due to their ability to live and grow to their ability to get to that next level and from there what is this doing to our ability to get jobs in the future with the lack of training they have not been able to keep up on over the course of the last two years. that's what americans are well behind other countries that are not doing this. 2021 -- 20 do the same as we created in 20. there's so many factors different we've got to check
6:15 am
headlines right now. the husband of democratic lawmaker carjacked at gunpoint reportedly fired a legally owned gun at purposes they ran off. state senator revealing her husband directed her to run well he exchanged fire with the suspects. imagine that terrifying situation. he has a concealed carry permit. no one was hurt so far no arrests have been made in the carjacking. president biden is unexpectedly controlled by a parent while tracking santa on christmas eve, watch this. >> you guys have a wonderful christmas as well. merry christmas and let's go brandon. >> let's go brandon i agree. >> are just for the president actually repeat let's go brandon phrase. it's not clear if he actually knew what it means for the first lady appeared to raise her eyebrows became an anti- biden rallying cry after a nascar chant was misinterpreted. but if cost you guys already know that.
6:16 am
a decoration prank attempting to the iconic christmas vacation scene that goes wrong, watch this. [background noises] [background noises] well, a new jersey meant re-create that scene with a manikin. it looks so real his neighbors called 911 prompting the fire department may not be my favorite movie but that is a hilarious situation. >> i love it, i love that decoration lp does not get in trouble and have to put the fire departments built. that would not be relaxing. but this is, how's that for segway? apparently these are the 11 most relaxing christmas movies. this is getting to poke at first they just put this in. this settles our debate.
6:17 am
>> i agree the sound we just heard. [laughter] >> there's a debate this morning between carly and the two fellows both dominant christmas vacation is the best christmas movie. that a christmas story is actually the best christmas movie. you can see here the viewers have spoken, carley they overwhelmingly agree with todd and myself. >> i think i agreed as a better person than both of you guys. no facts to back that up. i'm not even seen christmas vacation i'm basing this on absolutely nothing on my pure unbridled love for a christmas story. i did get an endorsement from congressman. i'll take that many when where i can get it. [laughter] >> genuine i'm going to have? we went out on the street back in 2019 we interviewed the
6:18 am
people there on fox square and asked them what is your favorite movie, vacation or story? overwhelmingly stuck to those numbers. in fact to beat those numbers. it was like ten -- one christmas vacation versus christmas story. you can take your story take a 39% well and are going to have the happy, happy, happy is christmas and i cannot say the rest of that line. [laughter] >> clearly, well, we are polling the wrong people. there's a whole section of americans that have not been told about this. we do have a list of the most relaxing christmas movies though i'd like you to read the first one just take it away. >> number five is a christmas story is the consolation prize everyone gets a ribbon. number four, the holiday. number three, the night before christmas. number two, the muppet christmas carol.
6:19 am
and number one, the man who invented christmas. most relaxing christmas. >> i've never even heard of that? >> you want to know why christmas stories relaxing? you do not have to stress yourself out with laughing at any point in the movie. you can take a nice nap there is nothing funny. we are really good today. >> ho, ho, ho. >> we also have this information what is the most stressful christmas movie? that apparently according to the poll is diehard, the most stressful. [cheering] i like that. >> i'll give him that comment diehard the scene with the plane, when they are not hitting the calibration with the distance to the ground that gave me real anxiety when i was eight. now i've calmed down a little bit. >> i attachment diehard to? >> i was segment diehard to the christmas movie.
6:20 am
i was talking about diehard one. so is diehard too, right? >> merry christmas. [laughter] that's their way of telling us to move on. not just in the last 30 seconds but the entire year, coming up will take a look at which headlines made the naughty list. joe constant knows a movie or two makes a list and is checking it twice. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ pain hits fast. so get relief fast. only tylenol rapid release gels have laser drilled holes.
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>> it has been a year of media mayhem filled with biased coverage of biden's multiple crises. news headlines range from the ridiculous to the outrageous they were not even satire we thought we would break down some of the worst headlines in 2020 when here to help us fox news contributor joe concha, joe merry christmas. christmas will lie from the north pole still little dark here. chili as well. were going to work through this. >> what a festive outfits.
6:25 am
what a festive background but we need to get you through this work to some of the headlines. it says in fact, inflation is good for you, joe. [laughter] that is real isn't it? amazing you look at poll after poll, well, 90% of americans say inflation is a major concern this impacts the low and middle class the most they cannot absorb all these price increases when it comes to food, when it comes to gas, home heating bills are going to be up 50% this winter? that is good for you if you live and opposite at this point's ridiculous to try to spin inflation the numbers are real and people are feeling it. >> from the files of the favorite unwritten part of the headline, actually inflation is good for you. here's another one, joe, actually they treat biden as badly or worse than trump,
6:26 am
here is the proof. okay, joe that when i would love to see the proof. donald trump's first 100 days according to the conservative harvard university they found donald trump not more than 90% negative coverage limits first 100 days. joe biden got basically the opposite of that. have we seen the president called an authoritarian or hitler like trump was throughout his years? of course not. to make an argument like that and a great statistician called the analysis complete crab unquote. [laughter] that's what you need to know about that i do not even have to explain this of course a truck got worse coverage than biden, come on of course. >> the thing about all these, joe, are of course. here's one more from the intelligence whatever the intelligence might be. that media affection that fiasco in afghanistan for the funny thing is, joe, these
6:27 am
publications i'm way more influence inside their media bubble in washington d.c./new york bubble than the average american would ever realize. >> well, what an insult to those 13 service members who died in afghanistan during that botched withdrawal. to say that media it somehow created this. all i know is the towel band runs afghanistan. al qaeda is back. isis is reinvigorated it's basically a terrorist playground at this point. to say the media created that, no we all saw the images of people hanging on planes trying to get out of that country. we also the image of those coffins coming back to delaware not withdrawal was done from the international airport in kabul instead of the airbase. this was a colossal fail. maybe the worst in u.s. history to spin it otherwise is like trying to spin inflation. well, the american bee was simply not buying it if you look at poll after poll on the issue. >> right, right that is a
6:28 am
silver lining these headlines do more than just credit the media. alright joe, you have young kids like i have young kids that makes this morning not just special but busy. we appreciate you giving us a bit of your time on christmas morning. would you share some of your family's traditions or favorite christmas memories? >> i decorate the house but i never go on the roof, well, because my wife is a heart doctor tells about all these guys falling off the roof traded to the clark griswold. 14000 people in one years the court to the latest stats went to the er as a result of injuries trying to hang lights from rooftops i do not do it at our household. we give you two never quickly opener gifts on christmas day is that of other states as a thing i called kevin costner rule on that one. and then of course finally we always get the dog, we always get the dog the santa picture that so it's got to be done. my kids went to say hi real quick, will you don't mind. come on guys william,
6:29 am
kindergarten future fullback, when you have to say to america? >> merry christmas america hope you have a happy new year. and cameron what is number one in this household? >> when you're 18 you're out the door. >> i love you. dad i know that. >> i know you know the rule, great i know that is your role as well, well when they go to the university of texas well, that is it kids, think you bring. >> incredibly impressive on several fronts you've got a fullback and a broadcaster in the making. >> exactly are you plugging your youtube channel right now? we are way over time of the producers are getting very, very stressed. [laughter] by. [laughter] >> merry christmas cameron and william, thanks joe. >> all right by guys.
6:30 am
come on get out of here. [laughter] >> coming up, dan bongino coming up with the special christmas surprise ♪ ♪
6:31 am
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6:34 am
merry christmas of our fox and friend news family. her dad ken, mom sue sister a.j. excited to celebrate 2022 this is fox and friend we can executive producer is working hard. she's been getting getting the show together all night long. deb along with rachael's puppy jack, look at him. merry christmas to camera operator bob scott his wife
6:35 am
having a holiday lunch. our line producer courtney who is clearly on santa's nice list this year. how about that, will? >> that is wonderful that good stuff. flapjack make sure the bosses are always happy putting in the work from the three of us. you know who else is putting in work this morning question, the host of unfiltered it is dan bongino. dan, merry christmas. >> merry christmas, all, wonderful to see on this fine wonderful joyful christmas morning. >> we are glad to have you, dan, we brought you in today because i think the top of our list of priorities and talked with you this morning as you have a special surprise he went to short us, our viewers a very special recipient could you tells about the surprise? sure i like my kids to join me, come on over isabel and my dog lucy who was the second
6:36 am
most famous dog in america after percy. she is on my show tonight, well what are you and i'm best at on fox? plugs. we are the king of plug if you're not in the camera gonna squeeze in. making an appearance with percy my kids around taft i'm fading the camera thing out the dogs looking the other way. that's the camera right there. we wanted to do a special gift as you can see for my friends to provide scholarship, i love my kids for women during the third ten years every christmas and we never get the whole logistics right. it's such a worthy charity children of fallen soldiers. if you and make a donation i have the shirt on a set is going to do 10,000 dollars donation i change my mind i want to do 15000 i do not have a fancy fake check like rick has which is really amazing. this is a fake check real
6:37 am
money i promise you. we want to do 15k meet and the kids went to saint merry christmas and the dog. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> we love is when my favorite charities anything you can do on this wonderful holiday to support this charity f oh for fo check them out. well, going to see you in nashville. invited myself i am headed up there and i think were going to have a good time. >> we are going to get to that plug in a second but we have a surprise for you, we are going to see and raise your second and let's deal in lieutenant colonel dan. >> he is my man.
6:38 am
>> a dan on behalf of our 35000 recipients merry christmas to your family. your $15000 donation will fund three scholarships or spouses or children about someone killed or disabled in defending our freedoms. we get to celebrate christmas altogether i am with my family, you are with your family. we know freedom is not free. there are a lot of families forever change the sacrifices made for our country that's what folds of honor at steps then great patriots like you, my friend, is such a blessing. as in the bible early this morning and came up with a verse just for you dan, out of isaiah and i love the spirit of this it's about learning to do rights, seeking justice and helping the oppressed. specifically widows and orphans in the christmas spirit with the holy bible tells us to do, you and your family are such a blessing to
6:39 am
so many. so thank you. >> guys you charlie surprise me for listening and viewing audience at home, i had no idea they're going to bring this awesome patriot on. let's do 20000 instead. forget 15 let's do 20000. >> that's for scholarships for. >> really i am so touched, dan, you are doing gods work. will, todd, carley, you had that pretty well. i wondered why they kept asking me about this segment are you going to do a donation now i know you had me hook up with day and that's really awesome, dan you do amazing work. >> both dan it's an honor to have you both on, giving back make sure the people sacrifice the most are always supported. or actually going to bring another person into the mix, another huge folds of honor donor, rick what is your
6:40 am
reaction to all of this? >> i think 25 is a nice round number. cards i'll tell you what will give 25, rick you and i'm going to 25. there you go buddy let's do 25000. 25000 it is. this is an auction listing 25. by the way real money fake check i could not find a place in time to do a fake check he did a really unbelievable donation. i know you feel how i do about the charity folds of honor f you gotta get the plugs in and it's really a wonderful charity. you guys are really great. thank you guys for. >> rick, dan, dan, thank you all so much. what a wonderful addition to fox and friends and family and also out there making the world a better place something we all want to remember to do on this very special day. dan, dan, and rick merry
6:41 am
christmas thanks so much for. >> thanks guys merry christmas. thanks guys. >> love you guys. >> i learned for the best, i learned through dan bongino but he mentioned one week from now nashville, tennessee one week from now along with many, many, thank you all. >> our guys to you later take care. >> adding a new meaning to the season of giving we actually love that. right marine veteran dakota meyer joins us next. don't miss it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ 'tis the season to break tradition in a cadillac. don't just put on a light show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent. and ride in a sleigh that really slays. because in a cadillac, tradition is yours to define.
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going forward we need leaders not politicians. you will be hearing from stuart going forward will be calling on leaders. he'll be calling for accountability. >> are sent is not home with his children today because of america i like to say thank you is a wonderful life records early on fox and friend we can the parents a decorated marine officer speaking out after their son announced he has been discharge for slamming the afghanistan withdrawal. lieutenant colonel went viral in august after demanding
6:46 am
accountability from the biden administration over the botched pot and cobbled her fox news contributor marine veteran dakota meyer joins us now good morning and merry christmas. >> good morning merry christmas. >> you heard his parents are feeling positive this morning but he was given a general discharge under honorable conditions less than honorable discharge pretty also lost his retirement. what are your reflections on this this morning? >> the big thing ready to focus on, why is this lieutenant colonel who demanded accountability in the beginning of all of this, why is he the only one held accountable? let's not forget we have 13 u.s. service members lost their lives their families are going to sit at home on this christmas day and they are going to have an empty seat at the table no one has been accountable the only person spent accountable is the person has the least to do
6:47 am
with any of them. we still have marines who aren't walter reed who are trying to recover from the decisions of the leaders at the top of our military they're going to be home with their families unlike the people who lost her lives. they have not been held accountable. how is that okay at all? >> you raise a very important question of spoken with some of the families of the 13 who lost their lives. that is the most important thing to them. no one has been held accountable. that was the point of lieutenant colonel stuart scheller post one of these military posts that was supposed to guide him through that and say that's not a good idea and here's why. that did not happen. do you think it -- have you lost faith at all in military leadership going forward?
6:48 am
or is this just an isolated incident? >> look i think this has happened you seen it back in vietnam. two i think our leadership rate now that we have issues in our leadership? absolutely. i think the generals and above are getting on the political side. does not run on politics i think that is what we need to worry about right now. do we need to worry about overall military? absolutely not. men and women serving who believe in the idea of america we have an all volunteer force race in the right hand saying we believe in the idea of democracy. we believe it so much for running to take it over and defend them across the globe.
6:49 am
>> joining us on christmas morning we so appreciated. >> all right cap next country music artist honors our troops with a special christmas day performance. but first, steve ducey share some of his favorite christmas memories watch this. >> for almost 20 years we've been talking on the news channel of the traditions of the kids running down the stairs and. started when they were little kids and continued until they were big kids. watch this. >> let's go kids, santa came. >> that is a great tradition. in fact ever since, that ran the first time people come up and said i've seen your kids grow up onto the it's ran down the stairs.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> merry christmas from the fox and friends family. dj visiting santa. our study camera operator
6:54 am
chelsea and fiona. a very merry christmas to director pager on the right with his brother. and all around the camera. to make the show not just great make it a family, todd over to you. >> awesome stuff guys, thank you for all you do all your long. meantime is performed for troops from sea to shining sea and today he is a powerful gift for our soldier. here are details for the inspiration by his new song christmas without you and to help you honor heroes this christmas is country artists lucas hoge. thank you so much for being here. what's your inspiration behind this story for you? there's so many ways you can honor our veterans. why did you choose the words of this song to do it? >> thanks for having me on a
6:55 am
merry christmas everyone. i've been going overseas for the last 12 years. you cannot help but get inspired by others servicemen and women over there. the first time i would over was during the holidays and 2009. you get to see everybody that is does not get to go home. i wanted to write the flips on to all be over christmas think about all of our families back home will not have their service men or women home with them. besides get with my buddy and we wrote christmas without you in hopes to inspire everybody and resonate that story that there were so many people out there that will not be home for christmas. so we wrote christmas without you. >> just a few minutes were going to be hearing christmas without you for this is a special performance. if you like what you here you can download the song and one had a piece of the proceeds go to a veterans charity, can you tell us about that? >> yes, all the proceeds from
6:56 am
that song downloaded chemistry ♪ ♪ back to the purple heart foundation for it is a great organization that helps all of our combat wounded veterans. i want to ever can help support the organization is much as possible because they disobey great things they do for families of our servicemen and women. if you downloaded though, here's what you're going to hear. we have a special performance christmas without you, enjoy. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:57 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that was wonderful, christmas without you by lucas hoge. the demo that he can get back to the charities. by the way, coming up all-american new your life from nashville hosted by fox and friend hope you get up
7:00 am
early this week bring in the new year. this has been our christmas addition with carley and todd part of enjoyed being with you merry christmas will come inside, all the out there helping of the best celebrations. what's all the best of your families merry christmas. ♪ ♪ >> we hope your loved ones over the holiday gifts you mentioned are under the tree is a look at the all-american tree out on fox square. good morning everyone i am david as bend. it may not be a very merry christmas from president biden he did not get the present he really wanted


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