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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 25, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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rex i love it, i love it. everybody that's it for us thank you for joining us merry christmas everyone, right? >> merry christmas. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> airlines forced to cancel thousands of flights is holiday weekend. cases of the omicron variance surge worldwide. good evening i am. david: and this is the fox report. >> one of the years busiest disrupted by surging cases of the variant of the strangest weeks after it was first detected in the country multiple airlines blaming the search for flight delays, cancellations staffing issues.
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the omicron variant also forcing broadway shows to go dark and pro sports team to put their seasons on hold. we have fox team coverage night charles watson is live in atlanta with the latest on the covid search. first david lee miller light at laguardia airport in queens, new york. >> john, thousands of travelers will not have the opportunity to spend christmas day with loved ones. a number of major u.s. airlines again today were forced to cancel flights because there was a shortage of pilots, flight attendants and support crews caused by the fast spreading over come variant the number of cathleen should increase during the day as of this are according to flight, lisa and her 40 flights were grounded. three to eight of the cares of flights accounting for 15% of its schedule canceled. united and jetblue have canceled 12% of their scheduled flights. only yesterday christmas eve one of the business travel days of the year, the same
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airlines also made significant cancellations. some travelers learn the bad news before they left some others found themselves stuck at the airport. the spirit of the holidays, many took the delays and cancellations with good cheer. >> we kind of expected it everything is delayed or shut down. we are blessed and grateful we will make it, we will make it will be a little late but we will make it. >> we have to roll the punches everybody has to be safe. if it gets canceled you have to have a good attitude of christmas in the airport. >> covid related flight cancellations are a global problem that has plagued some overseas carriers number of european countries reduce time and quarantine for those infected with the virus to improve staffing parts of u.s. airlines with the cdc to make similar changes here. despite all the cancellations the tsa is reporting yesterday
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loaned it screened 1.7 million passengers. but those same travelers will be returning over the next few days. the question now, will the airlines be ready? david thank you. the overgrown variant appears to be less severe far more contagious with covid case numbers in some areas increasing eight 100%. as cases continue to rise people lining up sometimes for hours to get tested. meanwhile many businesses including sports arenas and theaters are upping their covid protocols were just canceling events in closing the doors altogether. charles watson is live in atlanta where the cdc is headquartered with more, charles. >> is a point of americans take time off to spend christmas with their family omicron variant is certainly at work as of friday covid
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cases are up 10% with more than 260,000 american testing positive for the loss of life on the rise to according to john hopkins university 3003 to 54 deaths were recorded that's more a 50% increase in a single day the testing situation is complicating matters are not home test kits are home hard to find if not impossible as shelves are bare must less at clinics either long lines form testing sites around the country. seven having to turn folks away as demand swells to unmanageable levels. public health experts expect overgrown to ease his group based on what they are seeing in other countries. >> evidencing the peak is coming quickly but quickly going down. there are a lot of cases that the highly contagious transmissible virus, it's causing much more mild illness.
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>> covid case or turning up at record levels more than 44000 new daily cases reported on friday. new york city mayor bill de blasio said new year celebrations will be scaled back to allow those ringing in 2022 from times square to social distances as (very outbreak forces dozens of show from broader to the famous christmas spectacular with the rockets to halt production. in an effort to slow production of the virus mistake is shortening the quarantine requirements for those who test positive under new guidelines vaccinated essential workers are asymptomatic to return to work after five days with the same requirement. we were light up from the
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beginning my heart was out to them filled with gratitude that our workers can get back you are the ones that got us to the first many months the anxiety we need to again. we need you to be able to go to work. >> the positive is there are millions more of these at home test a new antiviral medications that are on the way. the badges is they will not likely be available in tillage the majority of americans until after the new year, jon regards charles watson live in atlanta. thirty-six president biden the first lady wishing americans and troops a very merry christmas for the first family took a moment to speak with the troops spending the holidays away from family as cases surge across the country. many families wonder whether it was safe to gather. alexander is a washington with the latest on that. >> these military members are everywhere but home is the president put it. also joining the virtual
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greeting was the puppy take a listen to their message. >> sgt commander-in-chief i would take this opportunity to say thank you, thank you you are the solid steel spite of the nation you really are. always vigilant, always ready when duty calls 365 days of the year. during the holiday season as we pray for peace and spread joy glad tidings we hope for a better year. >> the nature of a virtual greeting is something even though the military families have become familiar with at this point with the omicron variant causing cases to surge again. a lot of people want to make sure they could attend christmas gathering safely. we heard the home rapid tests were quickly wiped out. a brooklyn police had recalled when a larger than expected crowd overwhelms a site where free covid tests were being given out. this week the president said he regrets not ordering 500 billion rapid tests earlier.
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instead announced plans to distribute them free of charge last month. when president biden came into office there were zero at-home antigen test on the market. today there are eight and we have quadrupled the supply. according to reporting by vanity fair the biden administration was provided proposal in october to manufacture 700 million covid tests a month. they reportedly turned down the idea because they did not think the production would be possible, jon regards alexander huff, thank you. parishioners flocked to st. patrick's cathedral in manhattan to celebrate midnight mass for the church scaled back some of the service as a safety measure amid the surgeon covid cases in new york city. the dissent of the birthplace of jesus in bethlehem or the number of visitors lower than usual for the second straight year is covid overshadowed the
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celebrations. pope francis delivered his annual christmas message to about 2000 people the rise in loneliness and domestic violence a pandemic has brought and called for a dialogue to heal a divided world. london england queen elizabeth christmas message got personal. on her first holiday since prince philip passed away. >> dissent service and capacity to squeeze the fun out of any situation we are all irrepressible. the mischievous inquiring twinkle was as bright at the end as when i first set eyes on him. good life consists of final partings as well as first meetings. and as much as i end my family miss him, i know he would want us to enjoy christmas. >> the queen or the same brooch she wore on her honeymoon in 1947.
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a service celebrating prince philip will be held in the spring. >> a lot of people want to see a lot of what's going to be in their. we voted for the infrastructure bill that monies are to going out the door. we've got to keep talking were tired and surprised. i'm not going to tape hope away from anyone as we end the year were not going to abandon all those talks are going to figure out. >> congresswoman debbie dingell among the democrats at hope president biden "build back better" acts can still be salvaged. bided himself that he's not given up on the bill despite senator joe manchin's opposition to the proposal in its current form. senate majority leader chuck schumer says he plans to bring the bill to a vote next month. joining is now georgia republican congressman buddy carter he's a member of the house budget energy and commerce committee.
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congressman what you think the prospects are? democrats like to see trim down "build back better" what do you think? >> certainly we all understand talk about cutting back you talk about cutting back three and half trillion to 1.75 trillion actually all they did is they cut the length of the program. the congressional budget office it's still going to cost $5 trillion is still going to add $3 trillion toward that bird just saying you're going to cut back the length of the programs is not going to decrease the cost of these programs. that is a people of got to remember. i'm a big fan of joe manchin. my christmas present came early this year. i'm glad joe manchin represents west virginia sinnott the left. >> the president said this is not going to add any debt to the nation's ongoing debt
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problem. >> how someone could believe that is simply beyond me. i do not understand why this president is not working that is the supply chain issues it is a worker shortage, inflation, all the things we should be concentrating on. the present seems to be ignoring these things is that is going to push forward on build back broke plan is going to add more taxes to the working class in the middle class is going to put us more into debt going to cause more government intrusion into our lives. things is trying to do he should be be focusing on other things. >> the president democrats hold the presidency. that got the senate, they got control the house of representatives. what does that say to you in a bill like this fizzles? >> there's no question about it. it's obvious they've got so much in there it's going to cause more harm than good.
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there's no question about that is going to add fuel to the fire of inflation marty see what's happened with inflation it will only do more for inflation ways billions of dollars on green your deal initiatives and issues we don't need to be addressing right now. jon: you don't joe manchin think a lot of heat to go along with this when you save and senator from west virginia? >> thank you, thank you and senator who delivered an early christmas present to all of us. i'm glad to know there is still democrats who understand fiscal responsibility like joe manchin does. when he's not alone bring their number of democrats that understand we cannot continue to swipe the credit card. we've got to cut out the credit card in washington d.c. and the burden of trillions of
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dollars of debt onto our children or grandchildren. >> the president said he was going to get it passed he could not do it, why not? >> is too radical and liberal of a plan even for the moderate democrats who do not understand it's going to add to the national debt. it's going to raise inflation and taxes on working-class and middle-class. they all understand that's going to be the result of this. >> there is a version of this? chuck schumer the senate majority leader said he will schedule vote for next month to think there is a version of this that can be trimmed out enough somebody like joe manchin would go along with it? >> if he can come up with the clan that will not incur more debt will not raise taxes on middle class and the working
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class will not cause government intrusion into people's lives perhaps it could get something passed. in the form isn't right now he cannot get this passed its irresponsibility in the form of the president. jon: interesting one of the proposals will get abner scooby. >> that's the last thing we need to be doing. we need to understand we know right now there's enough sentinel to kill every american seven times over. we have to address this it's must more than illegal immigrants at our border. in spring amnesty to all these people that will be a tragedy. >> if you could advise the senator schumer or even the
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president about what you think would work in terms of a infrastructure bill or the replacement for that the "build back better" replacement what would you tell them? >> i would tell them that would build the wall the wall of the southern border is what we need to do that's the infrastructure we need right now. people are concerned what's going on at that border. even though the democratic leadership appears not to be concerned about it. people in this country are concerned about it. a bill was passed and good things that it also had a lot of bad in it as well. at the same time we cannot afford to raise taxes on the middle class and working class. we cannot afford to have more
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intrusion into the lives of our people. jon: is that the case let a material that was to go into the walls are even paid for and now is sitting on the border rusting? >> absolutely been down there twice myself i've witnessed it sitting there as you say rust being. we have miles of wall in the gaps of those walls just unbelievable late leadership we see coming out of the biden administration right now. jon: georgia congressman buddy carter merry christmas to you sir. >> merry christmas. space expanse of space got an extra present this morning. when we return will tie all about nasa's latest endeavor that aims to explore the possibility of life on other planets. ♪ ♪
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lift off from a tropical rain forest to the edge of time itself. >> and has a price tag of $10 billion and is the most powerful observatory ever to be sent into space. the telescope will travel 1 million miles away from earth to see the universe as it was before it was young. and see if the rebbe the other planets out there with atmospheres that could support life. well, if you mr. maybe forgot the most viral caught on camera moments of 2021, you are in lucknow. jonathan hunt takes a look back. >> even in these turbulent times one thing we can count on, year after year people get caught on camera doing good things, bad things come just funding things. 2021 was no exception. take this a 9-year-old boyfriends and hitched a ride on an airport conveyor belt. surveillance footage capturing the moment he hopped on board
3:24 pm
and calmly made his way to the baggage system. a florida woman coming face-to-face with an alligator while paddle boarding. the gator getting close enough to bite the board before swimming away. and no one likes an unexpected party guest unless it is a celebrity. actor tom hanks crash this california couples wedding ceremony and stayed to offer the pair marriage advice. campers love crime they captured a lot of it too. from a high speed car chases to the persistent reports of pirates. this naked intruder caught trying on clothes in the southern california home. things taking a turn when he killed the family pet birds before being taken into custody by police.
3:25 pm
by standard video capturing a tense hostage situation at a los angeles apartment complex. man can be see holding a gun to the back of a woman's head. a swat team later entering the apartment taking down the suspect. and while we saw some of the worst of humanity this year, we also witness the best of it too. heartwarming reunions to dramatic rescues. like in this scene in new york, a police officer teaming up to save an infant trapped underneath the car. >> i want to make my way cap you can get hooked up at. >> 's michigan officer pulling over a speeding driver who confessed to having a bad day. instead of handing out a ticket the officer followed the mid- home and help him hook up his tv.
3:26 pm
[inaudible] and a homeless vietnam veteran reunited with his service dog rerun. the families help by the pop sending a dog tag and food to the grateful owner. the matter what the new year brings, one thing is for sure. with more surveillance technology expected in 2022, even more buzzworthy moments will be captured. in los angeles, jonathan hunt fox news. >> the cdc is shortening the quarantine time required of healthcare workers exposed to covid. but should the same be done for all americans? we will speak to doctor janette when we return. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me...
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i am just got this is a fox report the bottom of the opera just joining us there's a look at the top story british real estate agent shot and killed in florida. police say and evicted tenant killed 40-year-old sarah as she sat in her car in coral springs. 51-year-old suspect charged with first-degree murder. in california a surfer is dead after a shark attack on christmas eve. police say a swimmer found the man floating facedown in the water with bite marks indicating he might've been attacked by great white. officials told people to stay out of the water through today. a judge or in the times return documents to conservative activists grouped. and destroy any electronic copies of those documents. the times hasn't been reporting on claims these deceptive practices and physical appeal to rule. for more on these and other stories tell of the fox news app. scan the qr code on your
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screen or go to less than a month after popping up on the cdc radar, the omicron variant is fueling a new wave of covered cases many people report symptoms a number of those who do is overwhelmingly hospitals that are already struggling with staffing shortages related to the pandemic perjuring snow fox news medical contributor janette nesheiwat family and emergency medicine doctor. the proposal is to cut the corn team improve her health workers who come down covid so they can get back into action sooner what you think about that proposal? >> a giant merry christmas. it makes sense if such a shortage of healthcare workers in her country right now. especially in new york city with such a high level of cases with omicron spreading so easily from person-to-person.
3:33 pm
i have even had some of my own colleagues can become ill with omicron. they make sense if you are feeling much better, have no symptoms and test negative, fewer negative after five days and make sense to go back into the workforce. but we have to be careful. if you are still having symptoms she could potentially be spreading to others and that is the problem, jon, we have such a lack of testing it so important to make sure it that issue under control before we can accommodate sending healthcare workers back into the workforce. >> you are saying if you're not feeling symptoms of covid you are not generally able to spread the virus? >> that's a great question you can spread the virus by the are symptomatic or not. that is the key testing negative. we have two different types of just the rapid antigen testing results within the hour then there's the pc are the most accurate nasal swab that i use
3:34 pm
for my patients. that takes several days for the results to come back with such a high volume of patients requiring tests and the labs get backed up. if we can get a good amount of testing available to everyone, not just healthcare workers and you test negative not only can healthcare workers go back to work but i think this should could be asked applicable to others as well. >> me and other vaccines on the market that are effective against covid now there are pills coming out. what is the difference between how they work? >> sure, their two antivirals that were just approved by the fda for emergency use authorization. these are really great medicines. it's 90% effective in reducing the chance of death and hospitalization. it is about 30 -- 50% effective. want to use it when it's the most effective.
3:35 pm
the way they work these antiviral pills stop the virus from replicating inhibit an enzyme blocks that enzyme the virus cannot replicate. the key is, jon, we want to get this medicine started as soon as possible, within 72 hours is the best. but you can prolong up to five days. the sooner you start the medicine the more effective it will be. this is important to help reduce the transmission of virus from one person to another fee can get them tested get them on this medicine. we have such a shortage the medicine is probably going to first be reserved for those who are at high risk of severe complications of covid. >> the vaccine helps the body actually fight off the virus, these medicines, pills you're talking about inhibit the ability of the virus to reproduce within the body.
3:36 pm
>> that is rights. the vaccines help prevent serious illness complications hospitalization speeding still pick up covid being vaccinated for most people for most of my patients that they do pick up covid their symptoms are very mild and for those who had their third dose they have no symptoms at all. they are surprised to learn they test positive in the first place. it's great we have this new therapeutics on the market but of course prevention is always better. we want to make sure he knew everything in our power to prevent any complications picking up the virus in the first place. jon: the omicron variant seems to have flattened out. it caused a great increase in the number of cases in this country. but that increase kind of plateaued last week. the thinking is the virus might be ready to take a down swing, it does not seem likely to you? >> absolutely perfect take a
3:37 pm
look what's happening in south africa there's a rapid spike and then rapid decline. i do hope we follow what is happening in south africa. the issue here though for example new york city is so congested it's easy to spread from person-to-person. with such a large portion of the population that is still not vaccinated. then of course the variants are mutating we need to take all that into consideration. ultimately i hope in a few more weeks we will continue to see a downward trajectory of cases. jon: doctor janette nesheiwat keeping with this in the beginning we thank you for your continued opinion. >> thank you jon have a great night. jon: you too. mine controlled weapon sounds like something out of a movie. but according to new surveillance, china is working on that very thing. we will explain right after the break.
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>> fox news new video showing russian troops at the ukrainian border appearing to pack up and head home after a month of drills. reports indicate more than 10,000 troops have been redeployed to places in russia. the move comes as tensions rising as a face consequences if it were to invade ukraine. china is reportedly looking for a way to teach shoulders to operate weapons with just their minds. fox's national security correspondent jennifer griffin has that story. >> it would be like literally putting a device into your brain that can launch a missile. >> sounds like a sci-fi thriller, new intelligence
3:43 pm
shows china's using technologies like gene editing and brain machine interfaces to enhance military capabilities and control its own people machines that could allow a chinese commander to discharge a weapon with just a thought not a trigger finger. >> it is like a new field. >> this month by the ministration targeted the emerging threat by levying sanctions on 37th chinese biotechnology companies that have ties to this research that experts say include so-called mind control weapons. former dni jon radcliffe went against the u.s. trying to keep up with china's unscrupulous effort. >> we are not going to place our own soldiers, sailors and airmen at risk the intelligence tells us the chinese are willing to do they want to advance at any cost including those that are harmful to their own population. >> the u.s. has no scruples about sneering china by every
3:44 pm
means. >> the pentagon says beijing already uses these technologies including biometric surveillance tools and facial recognition to track dissidents and journalists and to suppress the uighurs. >> broadly speaking we see china and their military continue developed advanced technologies and capabilities which are clearly designed to reinforce a very coercive and aggressive behavior. >> republican lawmakers are : commerce secretary's department levied the latest sanctions against thousands of chinese biotech companies to do more. senator marco rubio will propose a bill to restrict u.s. investment and more chinese military companies. companies that may one day produce mind control weapons. at the pentagon, fox news. jon: now for look other head lines around the globe in the uk police arrested an armed man this morning on the grounds of windsor cap castle. he did not enter any buildings for the queen's spend your
3:45 pm
christmas holiday at the castle. in spain assigned to eruption that began in september is officially over. the eruption displaced about 7000 residents and destroyed more than 3000 properties. in sudan security forces fired tear gas at demonstrators protesting octobers military coup. thousands marched in the capitol and other cities. in greece at least 60 people are dead after a boat capsized in waters late friday recent shipwrecks in the area have killed at least 30 people. and in south korea, members of the kapok group bts and tested positive for covid 19 or the management agency said they all had their second vaccine does in august they recently traveled abroad to the united states. that's a look at some stories around the globe. in the heartland, after deadly
3:46 pm
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jon: idaho is having a white and windy christmas. snow began falling late christmas eve high winds prompted warnings of reduced visibility on the roads as well as drifting snow. forecasters say the state could see more winter storms next week. it's been a tough december for many in america's heartland after deadly tornadoes devastated that area. the town of maysville, kentucky hit especially hard by a monster ef or twister earlier this month. for people there christmas has a different meeting this year britt fox whether max gordon has more for mayfield, kentucky. >> i was with the congregation of first united methodist church for the christmas eve service. behind me is what is left of their church. if you walk around the building you can see the roof caved in common structural beams exposed. members of the church to head out for safety as a tornado passed through mayfield. less than i spoke with him and others the congregation about
3:51 pm
what this christmas means to them. ♪ ♪ o'connell, emmanuelle ♪ ♪ >> all across the world, congregations came together to celebrate. >> to celebrate one of the highest and most holiest moments of church during the christian year. >> a christmas eve service for. >> but will do is read through several other passages appoint to christmas and they breed the christmas story itself. >> the congregation of the first united methodist church the christmas eve service meant a little bit more. >> the pictures you see does not prepare you. >> the ef fortunate ripped as it tore apart the town. >> we heard of furniture being picked up and thrown around. i honestly thought the chairs are being thrown against the wall. the sounds i was hearing, that was the roof of the sanctuary coming down. >> will we were inside the
3:52 pm
closet was heavily protected lip ring as hard as we could. >> the trip tore apart their church of the lives of so many in the congregation. so many have lost family home and everything. >> christmas eve is a chance to gather together. >> it being around more than ever for a. >> a piece of normalcy and tradition among so much chaos. >> is a sense of reflection of what is important. >> at the end of the day a church is not just four walls and a roof,. >> i'm a baker i need a bakery. if i'm a grocery i need a grocery. i am a pastor really all that's required of a pastor is that people pay. >> on this christmas eve, those people came in. >> are going to quote something from scripture that says you're here for such a time as this. >> bringing a little light in the world together after so
3:53 pm
much darkness. ♪ ♪ silent night ♪ ♪ holy night ♪ ♪ >> is unclear when this chart will be able to rebuild. still, they continue to do good for the community. the past few days they've passed that more than 10,000 dollars worth of gift cards for those hardest hit by the tornado. jon: the labor shortage is hitting all sectors including snowplow drivers. several states report shortages of seasonal workers that could lead to road closures. and springer has that story. >> interstate 90 in washington is a nightmare for motorists. it's already been shut down for days for the state department claims bad driving. >> those have need a check to verify it's not the snow levels were too much for us to
3:54 pm
hayden we did not have enough crews at that site. people were driving too fast for. >> is an obvious start to winter that could be treacherous on the road. above average snow is forecast for the west at midwest. there is a nationwide shortage of steel plow drivers for many reasons. >> it's a pretty hot job market for commercial motor vehicle operators. morton jumped ship from one company to another whether it signing bonus are higher initial starting pay. >> another factor of hundreds of snowplow drivers will quit or were fired for not getting eight miniature colored vaccine. washington state lost 50% of their staff. organist l13 present both required a vaccine drivers and mechanics colorado's own 20% even done offering a 2000-dollar bonus just showing up to work. jon seattle radio host is among the 20000 people who
3:55 pm
drive through this busy mountain pass daily. he lanes democratic governor for making the freeway more dangerous and less predictable. >> bring about the number of lives with that subject trying to get to work for someone trying to get home to see a sick child or someone trying to transport goods and services back and forth. thousands, and thousands, and thousands exponentially millions of lives impacted every time the clothes that pass. >> with the washington state covid it kicked in the snowplow staffing fell off a cliff the state dot war drivers the maintenance on the roadways would not be the same as in years past. do not take long for the dangerous ensue. dan springer, fox news. jon: it is the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving for decades. next, the unique tradition behind this very special fox candidate.
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brothers from new hampshire taking regifting to a whole new level. they have been gifting the same box of lifesavers for more than 30 years it. it began in 1937 when erica gave it as a gift to his
4:00 pm
brother who hates the hard candy. the following year ryan gave it back and the rest is history. they get more and more creative with how they give it, freezing it in a block of ice, setting it and a jell-o mold even sewing it in a teddy bear. that is how fox reports this saturday, december 25 christmas day. i am jon scott thanks for watching see you tomorrow. merry christmas. >> for questions around the road christmas is one of the most important religious holidays. that is a pretty obvious statement but in our culture it is easy to forget that jesus is the reason for the season. and celebrating his birth is all these beautiful traditions. many such as cookie exchanges and watching


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