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tv   Watters World  FOX News  December 25, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> for my family to yours. >> merry christmas. >> from my house to your house at home, merry christmas. >> merry christmas [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. merry christmas. i hope you are enjoying the holidays with your family and friends. the grinch who stole christmas is the subject of tonight's watters words. the holidays have been harder than any other year thanks to joe biden. in one failure after another it's hard to imagine someone could mess up this much.
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but the white house is in complete denial. >> good news, we saved christmas. jesse: omicron is ripping through the country. case in vaccinated areas, if you have against vaxxed, mild. he tried to ease americans' fears with more testing and deploying military medical personnel after his mandates caused the shortage. but instead all he did was scare everybody. >> if you are note fully vaccinated you have good reason to be concerned. you have at high risk of getting sick. we should all be concerned about omicron, but not panic. >> newsflash telling you not to worry is how 2 create panic. people in washington waited up to 7 hours to get tested and
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at-home tests not to be found. but don't put the blame on joe. >> what is your message to americans who are trying to get tested and are asking what took so long to ramp up testing. >> come on, what took sloang. wad happened is the omicron virus spread more quickly than anybody thought. jesse: the grinch stole christmas gifts with the supply chain mess. people unable to get their christmas gifts in time. some can, some can't. but joe says the supply channel crisis never happened. everything from pet food to alcohol, candy canes. some of the biggest charities say supply chain issues will be affecting their ability to give this year. >> i can't promise that every person will get every gift they
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want on time. only santa claus can keep that promise. jesse: hear that, blame santa claus. i suppose we should blame santa for things being so expensive. no, the grinch stole your dollar. everything at the dollar tree went up to $1.25. pizza shops went up for the classic $1 pizza. the inflation is at a four-decade high. there is no room for americans to breathe. he's just pulling the rug out from under you. the grinch also stole public safety. a crime wave rocking the country. smash and grabs destroying and bankrupting small businesses across the u.s.
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shootings and whom krieppeds. the town of mississippi had to cancel their christmas parade because of an increase in shootings. and 5,000 inmates were let free. while crimes rise we are putting more criminals out on the streets. people pouring through the open borders. the cartels are making millions buying from fentanyl drugs. mayor america's worst newspaper, "the washington post," wrote that biden's incoherency is responsible, he just gave the green light for migrants to come in. it's hard for necessities like oil to come in because the grinch stole oil. joe cancelled the keystone
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pipeline this year. over 11,000 u.s. jobs vanished like that into thin air. then he made us look weak as he begged opec for more oil and they turned him down. gas prices reached up to $8 a gallon across some places in the country. joe got the fbi to threaten parents for speaking out about their kids being taught that they are racist, you know, crt. the white house excluded with the school boards and drafted the letter that the ag got. all just a huge setup to call merits domestic terrorists and get the fbi to go after them to stop them from speaking out. the grinch stole the media. the media couldn't help just starting to point out all the failures. the grinch and his army of liberal hacks also stealing
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everything. joe said the plans to run again in 024 if he's healthy. talk about non-committal. but there is hope on the horizon. the new year is just years away. with 2022 comes the mid terms. the red wave is only getting stronger every minute and this coming year americans can take it all back. america is strong and resilient. one thing we'll never lose is hope and optimism. >> all great change in america begins at the dinner table. as long as we are remember our first principle and believe in ourselves, the future will always be ours. jesse: enjoy your christmas with your family and we look forward to all the good coming in the new year. here with reaction, sean and
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rachel campos-duffy. merry christmas, you guys. >> merry christmas, jesse to you and your beautiful family. jesse: thank you, and to you as well. sean, i will go to you first because your wife put you second on the cover of the book put despite all the things we just laid out, the negativity, the hatefulness, the desire to punish the american people. you must be a little optimistic about 2022. tell us why. >> you look at all the negative things happening. you laid it now the this grinch story. but every good thing happens in our home. our faith, family and kids. too much wine and too much food. but the core of our community and society is the family. i'm hopeful for that. our founders were smart. they made sure the house was up every two years.
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so if the voters got it wrong and gave it majority to a party that didn't respect the voter, they can take it back. i think america is sick of what we have seen the last year and they want to go in a different direction. they want to be respected and have prosperity again. the last point i'll make on this is you can't steal those things from us. you can steal our wages and our dollar and the supply chain. but you can't steal our family, you can't steal the love for the ones closest to us. jesse: you go back for christmas and reconnect with your family and extended family. maybe people can talk about things they haven't discussed in person. after a couple drinks you get warm and fuzzy. that's what counts. at intimacy of families coming
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together, celebrating the birth of jesus christ. no government, no politician is ever going to be able to take that away from the american people. >> well, they tried. and they are not going to opinion on that one. in the catholic faith we call the family the domestic church. in america the quote you had from ronald reagan was so awesome to hear. so thank you for playing that, jesse. everything starts with the family. so many people come to sean and i and they will say i feel so hopeless about america, what can i do? i say stop thinking you can save the world and that you alone are going to save america. the only thing you can save is your family. grandparents, listen up. you have a role in this. this kid, this grandkid, they are not taking this one.
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you decide what you have to do to make sure the cultural marxists, the atheists, the communists, the globalists can't indoctrinate and take that child. if you can save your family you can save america. you have may have to home school or go to the school board meetings. you may have to do what sean and i did. we chose a school first away from our house than what would be convenient for us. but we wanted to choose a place that shared our values. i want to make sure my kids understand about the constitution. you can create a freedom library in your own house. you will have to take the initiative to stave your kids. if -- to save your kids. if you have a family as big as powers, that's be nine kids. and we are the ones reproducing
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on the conservative side, and definitely on the hispanic side more than anybody else. i will say we can spaif america with our families and with our children. but we have to be determined and we have to know their after our kids and it's up to us to protect them. jesse: i am glad you mentioned the freedom library. in that library you will find my book "how i saved the world." you have to save yourself before you save others. it's about wake up early every day, reminding yourself what's important. work hard at that. if you love yourself, then you can love other people. that's what people need to be reminded of. love yourself, and if you work hard at it the rest of life will figure itself out. >> first of all, it's great that
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you saved christmas first, then saved the world. but i think you are right. we put a lot of time into our jobs and our work and hobbies. but you make a good point. the things that are most meaningful, you have got to take care of yourself and your family. you can't take care of anybody unless you have your heart and your soul right. lean into it and lean into the traditions and the heritage that you have that makes your family so strong and wonderful. i think indianapolis what people are doing. because it's been pulled back from us. people are leaning into christmas. i think you will see aunt judy and uncle ted get along at the dinner table and not fight because we missed it. >> i just say go to church, enjoy your family. that's the best way to save america. lean into that. jesse: you will remember this
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christmas seen many, many years along. the duffys "all-american christmas" flying off the shelves. jesse: miranda devine brings her naughty list. i asked people on the streets how much they know about christmas. the three wisemen brought gifts for the baby jesus. what were they? >> some sandals? g and it works fast. in as little as 7 days try fast acting biotic gummies from align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. hi susan! honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need.
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[♪♪♪] jesse: i just stole and's a naughty list and checked it twice. who made it this year in new york post columnist joins to break count top five. your first pick. is it the cuomo brothers? >> it sure is. they are definitely on santa's naughty list for lots of reasons. but i think that is a christmas present for the rest of us. it shows the cuomo train does eventually come for the bad guys and it whacked them pretty good.
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and the bridge in new york. there is a petition, 200,000 new yorkers want it to be restored to its original name, take the cuomo name off of it. jesse: they will cancel the bridge and rename it its original name. if that what they want you have to give the people what they want. justy smol the was awfully snawt -- jussie smollett was awfully naughty. does he make the list? >> he more than anyone else showed how bankruptcy and willfully ignorant the media is. thank you, jussie smollett.
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jesse: we are going to play some sound of another person on your list. roll the tape. >> if critical race theory is taught in more schools does your on in law make more money yes or no. >> this memorandum has nothing to do with critical race. >> you are saying no? just answer it directly. you have know how to answer a question directly. jesse: he's definitely getting coal in his stocking. >> i think santa is very, very cross with merrick garland, the attorney general. parents speak up at school board meetings because they don't want their children brainwashed by crazy leftists. i'm sure they put in special
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requests to santa to put merrick garland on the list. he could redeem himself if he would rescind that memo siccing the fbi on parents. >> and we'll wait to see if there is any action on the laptop. next we saw the rittenhouse prosecutor. he was a bad dude. run the tape. >> i was astonished when you began your examination by commenting on the defendant's post arrest silence. that's basic. >> don't get brains with me. >> isn't it true when you would hang out with dominic black that if you would play video games and kill everyone with your guns. >> it's just a video game, it's
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not a veal life. >> but you decide you need to run because of the fire? >> what was so urgent? >> if it was a fire. >> look, binger has become a verb to describe anybody who made a fool of himself? a trial. he failed miserably but it wasn't for wont of trying. for perverting justice or attempting to and bad fashion sense, that's why he gets a place on the naughty list. >> he's pointing that rifle at the jury with this finger right there, oh, my goodness. the last on the list. best for last. who is that, miranda?
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>> that would be one joy reid who spends her entire show railing about racism and bigotry and she is the most hateful racist and bigot on television. it's amazing she is able to keep a job while being such a hypocrite. >> stoking hysteria or critical vase theory which is not taught in any public school. >> just because i don't want critical race theory taught to my children in school does not mean i'm a racist. >> it's exactly that. jesse: wow, just throwing around the race card like it's knot iter sunday. >> let's hope that joy reid's spot on santa's naughty list
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gives her time for instroa specks. we reboot and become more kind and less hypocritical next year. jesse: have some eggnog, miranda. nothing is safe. cancel culture comes for your favorite holiday flick.
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enroll today at no additional cost by visiting getsilversneakers dot com. jon: welcome to fox news live. i'm jon scott. the omicron variant still ravaging the globe and causing covid cases to sky rocket. 800 percent in some places. holiday splans were disrupted as several airlines cancelled flights. churches had to limit services to small numbers of people or cancel them all together. broadway shows and sports arenas are implementing stricter covid rules. at vatican st. francis'
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christmas mass prayed for more vaccines to reach more countries. people are lining up sometimes in the cold to get tested. i'm jon scott. now back to "watters' world." jesse: the woke left won't stop even on christmas. they are hoping to cancel some of our favorite holiday movies claiming they are racist and misogynist and they body shame women. buddy the elf, apparently buddy is actually a sexual predator for this scene. watch this. most i really can't stay, it's cold outside ♪
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jesse: joining me to discuss is dean cain. do we have to put an ankle bracelet around buddy's leg after that scene. >> buddy is like a 5-year-old kid. he's like a child ref he willing in the love of christmas and that lovely song, baby it's cold outside which they call a rapey song. cancel culture cancels everything else. not even bud why it elf is immune unfortunately. jesse: santa claus, i guess this is a racially insensitive joke. >>
5:30 pm
♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ >> what are you talking about? everybody likes denny's. it's an america institution. jesse: there is asian businessmen at denny's, that's insensitive? >> i am asian. i don't see what's racist. a bunch of japanese businessmen are having dinner at denny's. i don't see why people got upset about that. they talk about santa claus and they say he's getting fat shamed. these are the people who will tell you on twitter that you look fat. i would think they are
5:31 pm
absolutely and completely overblown. jesse: it seems like you might be a little sensitive to people on twitter. >> they even figure at my hair and tell me i color my hair. jesse: my own mother thinks i dyed my hair. mom, come on. "it's a wonderful life." there is yelling. watch. >> this is the chance for a lifetime. >> now, you listen to me. i don't want any plastic or ground floors and i don't want to get married ever to anyone. i want to do what i want to do, and you are -- and you are -- jesse: they embrace >> they kiss. which couples don't argue or get passionate toward each other?
5:32 pm
i guess they were upset he didn't ask permission to kiss his wife. he didn't get consent. i can think of some of the best kisses in my life, i don't recall giving consent or getting consent. >> you have to have signed paperwork before you go in for the kiss, dean. everybody knows that. >> it makes my head hurt. this website or whatever it is saying these things. they are trying to look at everything through the lens of 2021 wokist. and it's not. this is 1946. there were more traditional gender roles at that time. i don't put it through the lens of 2021. jesse: love actually. there is some body shaming going on. let's watch. >> it works out.
5:33 pm
>> the chubby girl? >> they call her chubby? >> she has a sizable ass there. too yeah. whatever. >> i think of all the horrible films that have come out of hollywood, the sexual violence, the horrible violence. chubby is now something we need to cancel. >> listen. people are going to have these conversations every day. even if you are not hugh grant or the british prime minister he was playing at the time. it's craziness. these are the conversations. i didn't say it. i was quoting somebody saying it. >> dean cain thinks sick is definitely more aprobeiate than
5:34 pm
chubby. >> i'm canceled. that's it. jesse: there is a debate every year. is diehard a christmas movie? let's refresh our memory. >> that a wild goose chase over here. everything here is okay. over. ♪ let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ♪ jesse: so everybody wants to know what is dean cain's take on diehard? a christmas movie or not >> it's definitely a christmas movie. just in that clip right they was singing let it snow, let it
5:35 pm
snow, let it snow. maybe not in the way you would expect. it's christmastime there. so it's definitely a christmas movie. one of my favorites, a christmas party is taking place. bruce willis said it's not a christmas movie, but he's an actor, he doesn't get to make that call himself. he has a pistol taped on his back [inaudible] jesse: he's not sick and that hair is really dark. life lessons for kids from a former navy seal. simple stuff like make your bed. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard.
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jesse: my next guest was in charge of the navy seals. they are considered the best trained military force in the world. they operate on sea and land in the most extreme conditions. and you must finish the most challenging and grueling training programs. he calls this a lifetime crammed into 6 months. he said during one of his motivational speeches that you will fail, but never give up. he's sharing his great wisdom to kids in his new children's book, "make your bed with admiral the
5:41 pm
seal." i think i might be able to get through a day or two. tell me what that process is like on a simple day of training. >> so the entire basic seal training is six months long broken down into three phases. but your day starts at the crack of dawn. you will do a couple showers of calathentics. then a short break then a two-mile, three mile some of the sands run. '. lunchtime comes. jones * we are not at lunch yet. before you go to lunch you put
5:42 pm
an inflatable boat, a small raft. you jog to lunch. you have lunch, you come back. you get a short break. then an objects calculate course. and a short break after that. just one day. if you don't screw up in the course of the day you go home at 5:00 or 6:00 in the evening. >> you had a hit book. and you transitions to a children's book "make your bed with skipper the seal." tell us about the character that comes with that and everything you talked about in training. >> the first thing they teach you in training. every morning you start with an inspection in the room. myself and athleter officers shared a room. the vietnam vets would come in
5:43 pm
and they would inspect your uniform, then they would inspect your bed. i thought i don't get it. i'm spending all my time making my bed. four months into the training i stopped one of the instructors, a highly decorated vietnam vet. i said why do we spend so much time make our beds. he said it kinds of the first task of the day, and if you do it well it even kowrnlings you to do the next thanks. and it's the little things in life. if you can't even make your bed to exacting standards how can we trust you to lead a complex seal mission? do the little things right and you will do the big things right. jesse: we had footage of jesse, jr. doing some seal training.
5:44 pm
we dunked him under water. he's not a seal yet, but that's a good start. >> "make your bed with skipper the seal." it's the simple stuff. we are grateful for you and your service and a lot of this wisdom you imparted. holiday decoration situation. christmas card plagiarism and the tiktok challenge. triple play is up next.
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jesse: time for "triple play." a couple's witty response to their neighbor's over the top of griswold christmas display. they put up a simple ditto sign
5:49 pm
with an arrow pointing next door. >> he built a projector screen that he projects the movies on to. >> i thought i would have to do something fancy to keep up with the neighbors. joining me next raymond arroyo. which house would you be, raymond? would you be ditto or the lit up one. >> i would be the lit up one. but i appreciate the humor. this is like when you are acting. if somebody is over the top, you pull back to get your piece in. it's a counterbalance. i appreciate the neighbor's wit. i like that. this is the christmas spirit at play with a little dry wit.
5:50 pm
>> you are my ditto. you sit back and go, yeah, what he said. jesse: this couple, did they basically rip off whatever christmas card from the kids they had a the year before -- they had from the year before. >> i think they are spoofing. all these family christmas cards you get. how did the birth of jesus become permission for you to share your family vacation for people on your list. nobody cares that much about your family except the intimate members of your family. i was at a coffee shop. >> oh, look, he's as big as the kids. oh, boy, you can tell she got her mother's nose.
5:51 pm
don't subject your family to this cruel judgment. put the wiseman and the nativity on the front of the card. you are clean and safe that way. >> if you only knew what was going on behind the scenes. it looks good. but behind the scenes, not so good. >> i will write comments on your card and send it back to you and emma this year. jesse: we have a new tiktok challenge. ♪ i feel good ♪ it's funny when people aren't expecting it.
5:52 pm
[♪♪♪] jesse: raymond, i can watch that all day long. >> maybe you could, i couldn't. in my generation we had carol burnett and tim conway, jerry lewis, real physical comedians that would make you laugh. fit weren't for the laugh track i doubt anybody would even smirk. i don't like this have much. >> the least the cat part. that was only natural and unrehearsed part in the entire spectacle. but everything else, i will stay with the professionals.
5:53 pm
jesse: raymond arroyo is unrehearsed. next, how much do people know about christmas. the christmas trite self, what country did that originate from? >> buffalo. >> buffalo is a city. clerk: hello, how can i? sore throat pain? ♪honey lemon♪ try vicks vapocool drops. in honey lemon chill. for fast-acting sore throat relief. wooo vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops.
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[♪♪♪] jesse: what better way to celebrate the holiday than a christmas quiz. let's take a look back at how much people know about christmas. the christmas season is upon us. where was jesus born? >> somewhere in jerusalem, i believe. >> wow, wow, wow. >> where was jesus born?
5:58 pm
>> bethlehem. >> bethlehem. jesse: correct. the three wise men brought gifts for the jesus baby, what were they? >> sandals, a robe, and some bread. >> food? >> i haven't been to sunday school? years. >> gold, frankincense and wings. i don't know. frankincense, myrrh and something else. >> what is myrrh. >> are you wearing cologne? >> no, but you are. i can smell you from here. jesse: what was jesus' profession? >> he was a carpenter. jesse: the christmas tree it spell of, what country kid that
5:59 pm
originate from? >> i believe it was in russia. >> probably not middle east. swede be maybe? >> norway. >> closer. finland? >> we can stop now if you want. >> i believe it was germany. >> germany. jesse: unbelievable. do you say merry christmas or happy holidays. >> merry christmas. jesse: have you bought your christmas tree yet? >> yes, and it's artificial. jesse: do you know how many fossil fuels are burned to make that tree? >> it will last forever. jesse: what are you asking for for christmas? >> jewelry. jesse: with all the heartbreak and defend nation this world,
6:00 pm
you want jewelry? do you know who i am? >> no. jesse: i'm watters and this is my world. merry christmas, everybody, and happy new year. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to a special justice on this christmas night. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. we have a jam packed show for you. but first my christmas open. against all odds, the spirit of america and her determination to return back to the country she once was still exists on this ch


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