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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  December 26, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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veght to set your dvr so you never miss a show thanks so much for waving justice and once again a very merry christmas to all of you -- your families, and your loved ones. i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice, and the american way. god bless you. ♪ ♪ dan: it's christmas and here on unfacility wheard better way to celebrate than with some of my favorite things. and florida governor ron desantis plays big role in one of them he joins me with an exclusive interview you don't want to miss and this christmas santa has a dirty job but he's not the only one. mike rowe man behind number one hit to celebrate americans working hard this holiday season plus a very special interview with the athletes who made my all time favorite sports moment happen you don't want to miss
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this rip down memory lane and a lot of guests president trump, governor desantis dana white but there's one coming up that may be america's favorite perino and favorite percy here to get everyone in the christmas spirit and may have a special surprise of my own. folks, it is christmas. a big merry christmas to you and your families in the spirit of a holidays. i want to give you some of my favorite things -- but unlike oprah and cars here not liberals nothing is free and you don't want to pay and earn it. favorite thing of all is when democrats realize they were wrong and had to concede that conservatives were right it happened more than once. let's start with numero uno at the border. >> rio grand river all day long migrants illegally crosses that river needing to make it across this valley -- >> officially release their november numbers for migrant encounters here at the southern border they're pretty staggering.
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173,620 last month. dan: it has gotten so bad open board democrats remain in mexico policy after a court ruled they unlawfully ended it they must have loved that. then who could forget indictments headed down by investigation into hillary clinton russia hoax remember that indictments were so bad even hollywood leftist couldn't ignore them. >> yes we played with politics but we used to always have one rule no ringers keep it in the family. [laughter] do what you do. you know, but don't bring in the guy from russia. you know, this -- i don't know. this seemed like no, look a lot of this stuff we found out we're finding out was reported erroneously. >> you mean russia gait >> who can forget democrats racist and ban travel from africa over covid-19 but when omicron
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appeared weeks ago joe biden had a travel ban of his own and somehow it is like magic. total magic it was no longer racist. let's take closer look at the travel restrictions president biden expected to announce. won't affect american citizens but will stop travel from eight countries in africa. >> restrict travel from countries in southern africa. >> with respect to tightening up travel representations restrictions honestly, we should have done this sooner. dan: next what is a doozy remember when the mlb major league baseball moved all star game out of the atlanta with the proud population of minority voters because they said georgia now voting law ridiculous claim it is press the vote that was nonsense. and then they moved it to largely white colorado -- >> energy is the republican party right now is to pass a bunch of racist voting laws to
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reenact a jim crow system so they can hopefully win in places like georgia again. >> they're not changing their policies to win more votes but changing rules to exclude more voters. >> republican voters i know -- find this despicable. this makes jim crow look like jim eagle. dan: who the hell is jim eagle is this guy okay? the move cost atlanta and its citizens millions of dollars but thankfully story doesn't end there. with jim eagle or whatever he's talking jim eagle braves turn around and they won world series. which included playing three games in atlanta -- i'll tell you three games in the world series for price of one all star game it is a great trade unlike red sox trading to yankees a fantastic traitd. next my favorite moment from the culture wars. remember when the woke mob tried to cancel comedian dave chappelle over netflix comedy special supposedly set transgender community.
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well you know, dave wasn't going to play that game. >> transgender community more than willing to give you an audience. s will not summon me i'm not bending to anybody's demand. [applause] dan: new rules folks -- they're in effect. new rules are this, we win you lose that's how you deal with cancel culture. you can't cancel someone that refuses to be canceled. of all of the patriotic moment this is year, all of my favorites and this was one of them this one stands out at this year's fox nation patriot awards i had the real privilege of presenting heroism award to scott mann for his efforts with pineapple express gets stranded americans and allies out of afghanistan. >> you know, i appreciate that heroism award but honestly dan it is the afghans they said you know what nobody is coming we'll do something. we'll do something.
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and they step into the breach and they led and you don't need permission to lead. you need to step in and lead and that to me meant more than anything. dan: all choked up there brother, gosh. when government fails which is all too often it is great men like scott mann that makes this country great thanks scott. one of my favorite take aways is despite hardship despite everything we've been through there's a lot. there's treatments for covid learning to protect vulnerable and people are starting to get back to their lives some. even in democrat party and some disagreement. here take colorado governors democrat jared and president biden, the emergency is over. so you know, public health doesn't get to tell people what to wear. that's -- you know, that's not their job. don't tell people to wear a jacket when they go out in winter and force them too if they get frostbites it is their own darn fault. >> not fully vaccinated you have good reason to be concerned
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you're at a high risk of getting sick. all unvaccinated -- you have an obligation to yourselves to your family, quite frankly, i'll get krit krit -- criticized for this to your country. >> that's goafn ron desantis of florida thanks for taking the time i really appreciate it. >> merry christmas to you, dan. dan: merry christmas, sir, so governor i got coronavirus six weeks ago. it was a particularly nasty case and i've got to say i've been eager to get you on the show you have this incredible system down here you have a state website. where you can get to get antibodies you punch in a few question what is took me about five minutes get an appointment, i went to palm beach got the antibodies, i was better, i can't speak for anyone else but i was better in 24 hours i didn't miss a day of work on monday a simple question for you. why aren't other governors around the country replicating this really effective strategy
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that worked for me it couldn't have been easier. >> unfortunate re-- i think and starting from dr. fauci they have shied away from talking about treatment of covid-19 and they are constantly talking about vaccinations but i think as you know, many people who have been vaccinated are getting infected and we service monocolonial sites are high risk people who have been been vaccinated but i think people like dr. fauci think if you talk about treatments, then some people may say i won't get vaccinated but a treatment if i get it and they really want to control people's behavior. so when we saw people that were being hospitalized this summer, basically being told to go home and hope you don't get sick, when we knew we had effective treatments out there we felt the responsibility to fill that void. what we ended up doing is yes increasing access to it. but really just raising
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awareness of it. a lot of people didn't even know this was even something that was available and so we were able to do tens of thousands of people out of the hospital and no doubt save thousands of lives. this was during the summer when the south had the delta wave, what i would have done in other states is had these sites ready for when the winter wave hit in the northern states because we know that this virus moves in a seasonal and regional pattern. >> governor, toipght applaud you my wife went down and didn't even have coronavirus and exposed through me antibodies like that she never got it and amazing system you have here and now my follow-up question is did you warn biden administration that rest of the country was going get a wave up in northern states like we had in the south given that winter, obviously, was coming and people were going to be indoors like they are in the summer down south and if you did what was their response? they have to know this was going to happen. >> well one of the things we had to fight with them on is they've
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cut ouren monocolonial antibodies to state of florida and i think they did that because they knew this was something that could happen and in northern states so i had to go out to do a separate deal with one of the companies that is produce a new monocolonial to bridge the gap we're now in a situation where -- we have to fight tooth and nail to get monocolonials so i understand maybe being a little short handed. this summer when people weren't necessarily anticipating big waves but i think we know we're going to see these waves and so they should not be running out of monocolonial antibody treatment. this is something that everyone knew was going to be something that was needed. we're going to keep fighting for them in florida but it is sad that we actually have to do that. and there's some places throughout the country where it is virtually impossible for people who need these treatments to get them and that's wrong. dan: governor you've been generous with your time last
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question for you about message in chaos on the left it seems like on one hand governor radical left portion of the democrat party is obsessed with this constant fear porn to give up civil liberty but a manchin side those folks saying hey we have to calm down people are panic and crushing economy you've never been one of these fear porn guys logical and reasonable your thoughts on this message in chaos on the left and damage it is doing. >> i'll tell you the fear that they've instilled has done damage far beyond covid. i think it has caused a lot of problems i think you've seen it in education systems. i think yowfs seen it in our economy. and i do think you've seen it in mental health problems. and i think you're going to continue to see it so you never want to instill panic you always want to approach this with a level head, and that i think there have been a lot of people on high who have constantly tried to drum up the fear that is not the way to do it. you want people to be able to live their lives and empower them to make their own decisions while protecting their
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individual freedoms and their purge livelihoods. dan: that's right governor ron desantis really appreciate your time. >> thank you. dan: merry christmas. coming up on unfiltered elon musk santa claus giving big gift to government this christmas. brian kilmeade has a hot take on it you don't want to miss. it you don't want to miss. coming upp ♪ ♪ 'tis the season to break tradition in a cadillac. don't just put on a light show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent. and ride in a sleigh that really slays. because in a cadillac, tradition is yours to define. so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today. ♪ ♪
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered it is time now for hot takes outrageous stories you may have missed this week but you immediate to hear about. here to do hot takes for me this week brian kilmeade brian i got some good ones for you this week. the first one right out of this shoot here -- elon musk is he santa claus or not giving the government 11 billion dollars in taxes. brian kilmeade would you wrather that money in the handle of the government or a man like elon musk my friend? >> yeah it turns out he didn't pay taxes last couple of years either did the guy who runs amazon who's name went to jeff bezos turns out he's different way of earning income he takes that money he reinvest and does not give himself a salary. dan that's called following the rules. he's a go ahead and examine me or if you make sol profits you
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reinvest in order to pay less taxes or get this, you believe california where they take state taxes the and you go to texas. now why would a multibillion declare he made 240.2 billion last year richest man in the world why would he do that? he doesn't want to give money away. just because you have a lot of he wants to pick his charities one of which is people who deserve or need it and not the u.s. government i don't resent him but i worry about a country that resent this is type of wealth. the guy is built a spaceship and beat traffic he's trying to get electric cars that goes -- to me i want to learn from this guy and think about the people underneath him. that are actually learning from him the lieutenants, the vice presidents, see him in action and say wow i'm getting this experience. they will spin out and do their own thing. dan: well there's 11 billion less dollars of opportunity to learn from him now that government will take him and flush it down a toilet but story number two, brian, joe biden in
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one of the most ridiculous quotes of the week he take this is inexcusable jab that black entrepreneur this is weird check this out. >> there's no difference between a black entrepreneur and a white entrepreneur's success. xepght the black entrepreneur is usually doesn't have a lawyer. dan: brian this stuff with this guy is so cringe -- really does he want to take a tour of your neighborhoods or any neighborhood to introduce him to black entrepreneurs this is so ridiculous and he keeps doing it this guy he's so cringey every time he talks and tries to intermix race in a conversation. >> i mean to me it is such an insult like it is 1806 with this guy and he's only woke person in the right on the eve of the civil war. he says the most craziest things, he has such a diminished view of other races and he does it subtly and thinks he's giving him a compliment you know what he leans forward about to say
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something you know who is cared scared to death everybody on his staff that means he gave up the prompter, that means he's going talk directly to you. listen up, right no joke. and what he says next is usually troublesome. and that is another troublesome but where is outrage if trump even said something a little like that, or judge w. bush it would have been everywhere. so i mean, this is same thing with what he said -- you know, barack obama is clean. articulate, and that's when 2008 which flew up his campaign. dan: my gosh and you're right he leans in says this is not a joke it means it is a joke and it is not highs pep hyperbole that means it is a hyperbolic statement and telling students to eat fuser meals to save money. so other cost saving measures to take off shoes to walk around barefoot you know save on sneakers and stuff. that could work you can go out
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unclothed maybe they can do a nudist thing save money on clothing i mean, this is for people who claim to be really smart and nyu this is kind of dumb. >> so you left out that was one thing that's crazy and top five expensive in the school it cost about $80,000 and no campus life and sit there in new york city color your hair purple and just try to write checks what happens is most people can't afford it so they go don't worry about it they have a student loan and parent takes out their loan. they say so far this school has given up get this -- over 3.5 billion dollars that they -- 3.4 billion dollars in federal loans have given out more than any other school in past decade means you have good news bad news is you can't afford it and really bad news is we're going lure you into taking out a personal loan in order to pace for it and when you get out of school, you have this huge six figure debt and you have to live with new york city for the most part they say we recommend you
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graduate quicker. thanks. appreciate it. baby-sit, or eat fewer meals. eat fewer meals. so i can baby-sit don't snack -- we cannily take double my course load -- starve to death, pass out -- from anorexia and i can't march down aisle because i graduated in december instead of may. what a deal nyu is doing i have an idea cut your tuition you're a private institution you call your own shots you have a graduate school a law school tap into some of your founders, everyone is calling us about colleges we went to in high school call them. [laughter] dan: wow. brian kilmeade right there. i can see you got excite about that that's the brian kilmeade i love. thanks for taking the time man merry christmas buddy. >> go get them man, stay within yourself. dan: thanks. next on this christmas edition
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of unfiltered santa has a dirty job but it is not just santa working hard. mike rowe is here with a message for the hardworking americans who make the holidays so much brighter. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ dan: welcome back to unfiltered this christmas santa has a dirty job so do millions of american who is keep our country running through holidays. you know one time a while ago filling in a morning show in washington, d.c. and i remember driving down i-95 3:00 or so seeing all of these truckers there sleeping on side of the road and it really hit me this stuff doesn't magically show up on shelves we know that. but it hit me that there are people out there working all night all day.
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stuff isn't magic it happens because americans get dirt under finger male and willing to work we owe them debt of gratitude joining me is someone who knowing hardworking americans host of how america works on fox business mike rowe thanks for taking the time i appreciate it they can catch your show every monday night 8 p.m. eastern on business and congrats on santa has a dirty job i didn't know you were such a talented seaninger great, great work there. >> i was minding my own business and john rich says you know who has a dirty job and we ought to write a song he said all right five minutes later he wrote the chorus in bathroom played it for me on the iphone -- and you know, you can't script it. but yeah it is a great fundraiser for our foundation it has been doing well. dan: that's terrific one of talent song writing you have or don't you can give me five weeks to write that song and i would blow it but your thoughts on what i was talking about. i will never forget that i was driving in 3:00 this the morning
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getting ready to do a morning show. it was about ten years ago and we know truckers bring us the products. but i'm on 95 and there's rose and row of truckers i'm thinking gosh, you know, this is it. like they're sleeping in back of their truck this is stuff isn't magic there are people doing this behind this scene and yet they're constantly diminished in eyes of the so-called elites throughout who talk down to the people two actually built this place and make it work every day. >> self-defeating and criminal and west virginia been doing it starts with education we tell most everybody that the best path for the most people is most expensive path of four-year degree and then we wonder after 30, 40 years why we got 1.7 trillion in student loans on the books. you talk about truckers, right now that industry i got off the phone with one of the big shots that runs you know the whole -- whole trucking association. they can hire 50,000 people right now -- it's never been this crazy. and the shortages in some of
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these essential industries look it is mind boggling it is why i started doing dirty jobs 20 years ago it is why we're bringing show back and two weeks it is why i wrote santa claus got a dirty job i've never seen it this crazy. 11 million open positions, most of which don't require four-year degree here we are telling kids same old thing over and over without your degree you're screwed it is a crime. dan: yeah. it is you know mic it reminds me of this movie seven days about that real terror attack and revolutionary hijack a plane and long short of it is pilot is a plumber they've got hostages no one can unclog toilet and pilot looks up at revolutionaries he's like listen one plummer is worth a thousand of you revolutionaries and i thought, you're darn right my brother is plumber and electrician people build this place and they're making six figure salaries they're doing stoves and
1:31 am
changing natural world as we know it for all of our betterment and again it is constant talking down to them that's really disgusting. >> i couldn't agree more every year my foundation gives away a million dollars to people who want to learn to be plumbers steam fitters pipe fitters welders, heating air-conditioning and electricians we've been doing this now for 13 years and we simply do it because somebody needs to make a persuasive case for kinds of jobs that keep civilized life on rails and we've got up close look at what happens when you separate essential from nonessential when you tell half of the work force that they don't really matter. the unintended consequences of doing that are huge. and you mention one of them. lots and lots of trucks pulled over on side of the road they're pulled over because they're not resting but pulled over because there's nobody to drive them. we're this close. right -- we have to keep it in headlines dan and i -- i appreciate you doing it.
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dan: yeah mike we owe you a debt of gratitudes for celebrating men and women who put foods on shelves get the medicine on shelves they're dong it they're getting it done. you've been highlighting for years and we owe you debt of grat tiewdz and such a great singer nice work. >> i appreciate it dan, thanks merry christmas. dan: merry christmas to you thanks a lot. coming up on unfiltered christmas a time for family. that includes our furry family as well. dana perino is here with america's favorite dog per percy america's favorite dog per percy with a special guest of my
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♪i believe, i believe♪ ♪believe we're still worth the fight♪ ♪you'll see there's hope for this world tonight♪ ♪i believe, i believe♪
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♪yeah♪ ♪rock guitar♪ ♪ i'll be here to hear what's on your mind ♪ ♪ take this time to talk and get it right ♪ ♪ you know i'll be there ♪ ♪ all your life ♪ ♪ when you need me i'll be by your side ♪ [narrator] little everyday conversations about the dangers of underage drinking can make a big difference in a child's life. talk, they hear you. ♪ ♪ dan: so it is christmas, and you know i get a lot of show e-mail which is great i love hearing from you people sending me messaging in the back end of social media you know what one question i get more than any other question is where is lucy she's my dog. so joining me now is co-host of
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america newsroom and the five, dana perino with a guest you have percy there, bring over lucy. [laughter] dana, so listen my question for you this is a very newsy question here is my dog lucy look folks you can see right here. look -- lucy wave to percy dana do we deserve dogs they are fantastic you come home, every night no matter what you do, they like it is like they haven't seen you in ten years do we deserve these amazing animals? >> you know, i actually think that we do. i think that god wants us to be happy and to be joyful, and it is also for us to learn lessons about responsibility. and love, and some ways you can say there might be some humans that don't deserve dogs. [laughter] but i think that in general people do and one of my hopes dan is i lost our dog jasper in september he passed away and so we have this new one percy, so sleepy, and i really heard
1:38 am
fraiflt people who said they've had dogs that they lost one and that they didn't want to feel that hurt again. so they didn't want to get another dog. but my hope is that everybody does not deprive themselves of the joy that come pres having one of these monsters in your bed. dan: dana honestly i never -- look it is percy look on screen. i never thought i would be a dog person in my life. and then my youngest wanted one and now i've had the dog for about a year and you know, like i can't imagine now not having the dog. wow -- percy is not having that not having any of that lucy is calm i don't know what going on but i never thought i would be and then she kind of changed me. >> you know what's funny so my husband and i have been married 23 or 24 years and we only been without a dog for eight weeks total all combined -- and our marriage so we're definitely dog people it is not easy when they were little puppies so he's 13 weeks old, and every -- every bit of it and he's growing
1:39 am
so fast. but he really brought light into our house, and other thing is dan it helps us connect with other people and one of my rules is never talk politics at the dog park because there's a way for us to connect as humans and it might be through our dogs. dan: well next time if we get a dog play date thanks for taking the time and percy a big thank you from the household. i will take you up on that offer thank you dana we appreciate it. you got it next -- >> merry christmas bye-bye. dan: if youen will to my podcast i hand out medals to leftist media, now we're naming media biggest riches of the year. there are a lot to choose from plus age old debate that is lucy a good dog or not but die hard christmas movie? it may be our best rebuttal yet.
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered you know i always say leftist media running for the olympics of stupidity and frequently get the gold unfortunately many of them are also grinches too. here to break down the top media grinches of the year fox news contributor media columnist for
1:44 am
the hill joe concha let me lay out mine, obviously, first cnn obsessing over fox news despite their audience limited to airport waiting areas and then msnbc their producers caught following kyle rittenhouse jury and then a real praise for adam schiff's tack look at this. >> because the facts of the president's treaties for russian help and russia contacts leeched over a two-year period and coverup most americans have only a dim sense of what actually took place. and it really is stunning even now to have it just laid out all at once without all of the noise just have facts laid out. dan: all right. joe, well norming one that's a very nice christmassy look i like the red blazer you have on very classy but your media grinch you do this for a living it looks terrific a green tie
1:45 am
there very well done your thoughts on this. >> well, adam schiff is the most visible member of congress right and no lawmaker has enjoyed more free air time or whatever it is that you just played after that. just incredible right and this is despite him lying about having definitive proof of trump russia collusion despite him presenting the steel dossier as gospel instead of gossip dan and he gets rewarded as a result. you know cn nhl new book offers window into trump presidency from his chief con depression gnat prosecutor more accurate description is theorist and dozens of examples so now schiff is best sell earn richer in process all based on a very big lie. that absolutely has to be near the top of the list. dan: yeah, isn't it bizarre joe think about it right if any of us on the right or even down the center did this, you would have an army of angry fact checkers
1:46 am
knocking down your door. and your wikipedia pang would say dan bongino joe concha conspiracy theory if you do even half of what he did but on the left he gets a complete pass, in fact, a book deal who were some of the media grinches? >> well, award for best unintentional comedy of the year dan it goes to "the washington post" and guy there named dana millbank he says that joe biden actually gets worse media treatment than donald trump. [laughter] you know, to dan we see biden called a hitler on a regular basis these days, and what millbank say is we're not looking at the positives of the biden presidency because you can positively spin afghanistan debacle and you can positively spin inflation being at what a 40-year high and you can positively spin gas prices being at a decade high and you can
1:47 am
possibly spin all of the crime that we're seeing 16 cities record homicide rates or we see what happens as far as stream two or border or education and i can go on and on you find me one that i think joe biden can put on bumper sticker right now and run on or democrats for that matter in 2022 and i'm trying to be as subjective as possible i swear. dan: i got that most important topic coming up and quick said algorithm believe that he's getting worse coverage do not use that to figure the your meadowses you may want yourself at a body bank joe we do rebuttal every week typically with a democrat so you have to fill in this week it is a serious top egg here it is folks you've heard it before age old debate. is diehard a christmas movie or not? concha, go. >> it absolutely is a christmas movie.
1:48 am
it takes place on christmas eve by the way dan, what company right like the people that run the who invites to go to christmas party they should be at home with their kids instead they're stuck in this building and, obviously, bruce willis great bruce willis john maclaine look other die hards never happen right two, three, four, five but this is a class pick because it is all about husband who is trying to save his wife save people doing things that are anything but selfish he does it without shoes by the way. and grouper one of the great scriewdges of all time if you'ring loo at bad movie you know bad guys in movies. so all i know is dan, that there's going to be a die hard six coming and guess who is starring not brewings willis but this guy -- look at him he's perfect for the role, dan. dan: every time this is why i can't have you on the show. megyn concha is banned from the
1:49 am
show every time folks really i have no idea what he's doing trust me this is not just like my fights with geraldo none of this is ever prepared i have no idea it is awesome. joe i love you and your take on that yes what the heck were they doing at a christmas party rather than waiting for santa with kids is one of the most brilliant moments you're awesome you and family merry christmas. thanks for coming on. >> you're looking great and glad your health is coming along as it is. >> thanks you're a good man. coming up for miracle on ice miracle miami some of the most iconic sports moments ever. living here with two of the athletes that made them possible and doug -- coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ hey, tam-tam! i was thinking maybe... your mom's car? you up for a little night work? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you. merry christmas, dad. ♪ ♪
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dan: welcome back to unfacility
1:54 am
unfiltered and easy to have a favorite sports moment for the year and these are my favorite sports moments of all time. starting with number three, listen i love buckie and shortstop for the yankees amazing home run 1978 tie breaker game against sox, amazing moment. love buckie he's fantastic number two, doug miracle pass while he was the quarterback at boston college playing miami. he threw that thing 60 yards! one of my favorite sports moments again of all time -- is the majestic upset of the soviets by the 1980 u.s. olympic hockey team a locker room moment relived where coach played by kurt russell take a look at this. >> tonight, we are the greatest hockey team in the world. j i'm sick and tired of hearing about what a great hockey team the soviets have screw them.
1:55 am
this is your time! dan: well it wasn't a movie for our next guest he was there. a real hero of mine former or cap tab of the 1980usa men's olympic hockey team mike and another hero of mine former quarterback, nfl, heisman trophy winner doug fluety thanks for joining me mike i'll go to you first this is widely accepted to be one of the greatest upsets in history of sports. the united states was having a rough team in the 80s mike, and you gave all of america hope relive that moment the last few sendings as they're counting down clock qhar you says i can't believe this is happening. >> no i kept looking up at the clock. looking at the clock looking at the game looking at the clock looking at the game. and then when it ended, it was yes -- just incredible victory. it was incredible moment for my teammates and i to accomplish something so special. but you know, dan i hate to say this way but if we don't win on sunday we're not having this
1:56 am
conversation. so as great as soviet victory was,fin land game was biggest game we have played in comeback two days later to beat them a tribute to my teammates in brooks and what he put together. bus clearly soviet game was something that was pretty special. >> yeah that's interesting mike a lot of people forget that you have to play another game after that i'm glad you brought that up. now, i'll go to you doug, my brother-in-law is a doctor he went to b.c. this was one of my favorite games ever -- you're playing miami. a terrific team, you guys are down there nibble the orange bowl you're running out of time. you throw the ball 60 yards doug, 60 yards -- you jump up in the air, i mean, again, relive to us that moment at what that must have been like win that game. >> what i didn't realize was i retreated to my 37 and seeing 65, and you know about when we called it it was so funny because we felt like this wasn't
1:57 am
a fling in a prayer but we caught one earlier in the year and we thought we could run a play and have a shot and i just -- when i turned it loose i saw everybody fall to the growngsd in end zone i saw referee arms go up and i started laughing my tail off i couldn't believe it. and i pownsd out 35 years later two years ago i saw a different angle -- that tight end is all by himself on backside i could have turned around thrown to him and he would have walked in. dan: but doug then we wouldn't be here talking about this today. one thing i note you made a big fashion statement back then too no one wears football half shirts that was you. >> big match -- that half shirt that was all -- all 80s yeah. it was all about 80s. [laughter] dan: we got to bring that back guys you really you're heros of mine and when i thought we're going to do this show on christmas i said if we can get doug and mike a smile on everyone's face you know thanks for all you do for the cause.
1:58 am
man we appreciate it. you're terrific thanks for coming on. >> love it. >> doug have a merry christmas have a merry christmas dougie. take care. merry christmas fellas. you got it. time now for our lightning round to pack in as many stories as we can -- one of my favorite portions of the show let's get to it if you're planning on making candy cane or pepper mint bark hope you got them already because there's a bit of a candy cane crisis geng on right now. yes, there's a shortage of candy canes and weak peppermint harvest this year only joe biden and administration can manage to screw that one up. i think he can use a candy cane from last year you know you can put they will on trees you know -- moving on. folks it is christmas. nothing like a good christmas song, to get you in the spirit on this jolly day -- ♪ ♪
1:59 am
>> and a partridge in a pear tree ♪ dan: classic right? well the bad news is that it has cost a lot more to celebrate 12 days of krms this year check the some of these numbers off the charts. total cost of about $180,000 more you wanted math that's real math not aoc math that doesn't require an advocate that's what happens when you precinct money boat loads to chase products that don't exist more money less product. prices go up. it is really not that hard, i could have warned them in advance. but now we're gong to precinct more money as he tries to push through again over joe manchin you know technical veto of this. they're going try to push this bill back so we can precinct more to chase less products brilliant again banging head on desk wondering why your head hurts. before we go, remember you can stream the dan bongino show on fox nation, weekdays from 12 to
2:00 am
3 p.m. eastern time don't forget to follow unfiltered and facebook instagram make sure you set your dvrs as well. we really appreciate it that does it for us tonight at unfiltered we'll see you back here next saturday night at 10 p.m. [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. merry christmas. i hope you are enjoying the holidays with your family and friends. the grinch who stole christmas is the subject of tonight's watters words. the holidays have been harder than any other year thanks to joe biden. in one failure after another it's hard to imagine someone could mess up


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