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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  December 26, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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essex stream this is just a magical experience for children. so it was just really special. i personally really enjoyed it too. julie: i want to come to the east coast next year, julie. >> would love to have you join us. you have to wear your christmas pajamas. i'm julie banderas. ♪. >> hello, everyone, katie pavlich, griff jenkins, david webb, with dr. nicole saphier. welcome to the bilge sunday show. here is what is on tap tonight, david. [kamala harris feeling reflective of the time as vp. >> what is your biggest failure at this point? >> not to get out of d.c. more [laughter]. >> why didn't she go to the border at more. harris on defense. that is coming up.
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>> griff? >> katie, progressive policies are facing major push back as crime surges and politicians get worried about the midterms. is change coming to a city near you. >> and nicole? >> well it's a very big, big, sunday show reveal. i gave my son the christmas gift of his dreams. his reaction is priceless. >> but first, bah humbug holiday travel headaches because of omicron. today is the one of the busiest travel days of the year. there are more than 1000 flight cancellations because of staffing shortages. meantime dr. fauci wants you to be very afraid of omicron even though the symptoms are mild. >> when you have such a high volume of new infections it might override a real diminution in severity so that if you have many, many, many more people with a less level of severity,
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that might kind of neutralize the positive effect of having less severity when you have so many more people -- >> and starting tomorrow workers in new york city are required to get vaccinated. if workers don't, if workers don't have at least one shot they will be put on unpaid leave. so dr. nicole saphier, you had a christmas wish that you tweeted out. did you get everything that you wanted for christmas? had a number of things on that list, vaccines to targeted high-risk people, masks for those at risk, shortening time for isolation. eliminating expanded quarantines and more. did you get any of that between yesterday and today? >> well, katie, we did see pfizer and merck's medications get their emergency use authorization you there the fda. we saw the cdc shorten the post infection isolation targeted at health care workers. but that was about it. unfortunately one of the biggest things i wanted to see was the
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targeted vaccines and boosters for the high-risk individuals especially this as new analysis of the data from the oxford study in nature showed that the first, second, and third doses of moderna as well as the second and third doses of pfizer had a higher risk of my myocarditis ad per icar diet tis in males under 40 than covid induced my owe myocarditis alone. the booster campaigns should be targeted for those higher risk individuals and those over the age of 40. i would love to see the shortening of the postexposure quarantine. didn't really get that. we heard biden talk about getting more testing but getting access to this stuff, we're not seeing it yet. while it is great we got. eua for the paxlovid, pfizer outpatient medication, we'll only have 200,000 doses by the end of january.
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certainly not going to help us right now. >> so, david, web, we're up against a deadline number of places for forced vaccination people choose between getting the shot or the jobs. there is a piece out in "the new york times" showing that these mandatory campaigns have not done much to increase the rate of people they want to get vaccines. how will we see this play out next couple weeks? will people sue? will legal battles that will come up? what will happen here? >> there are going to be more and more legal battles. there are private companies. there are pilots within united there is another pilots group stepping up. you have got the state attorney generals. so when you put that all together there will be ongoing battles. now the supreme court has said they may take the cases and bundle them together. that's something that's important because these mandates aren't doing the job. the democrats who told us for the longest time, don't trust
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trump, don't trust the vaccine, now they don't have a plan to roll out the vaccine they are telling everybody they should take. >> yeah, as also that people have pushed aside this idea that for the most people who are still unvaccinated has nothing to do with politics. doesn't have anything to do with president biden. nothing to do with donald trump. everything to do with their own individual health situation but i digress. if you look at this idea of mandated vaccination, whether they worked, michigan state university epdeem epidemiologists on vaccines, it is confirming their bias. if vaccine was good they wouldn't have to force me to take it. griff, what do you think about that? >> well, listen i think that in, raised a point that dr. saphier was making earlier about testing. when you played the sound bite from dr. fauci he also said in today's interview. we have to do better. we have to get the tests out
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there. here those that got vaccinated did what they were supposed to do, those that did not have a reason to get vaccinated are at risk. a few years into this the administration says we're not doing everything we should do. now here is another sound bite from dr. fauci that i want to play because now we're discussing about whether or not there could be a vaccine mandate showing a card to get on a domestic flight. listen to this. >> a -- vaccine requirement for a person getting on the plane is just another level of getting people to have a mechanism that would spur them to get vaccinated, namely you can't get on a plane unless you're vaccinated which is just another one of the ways of getting requirements, whatever that might be. >> he wants to spur people to get vaccinated by threatening domestic flight challenges. people are lining up to get
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tested can't get them already that would compound the problem. mind you comes after a week where the administration had their coronavirus team out there saying that the unvaccinated were headed for a winter of severe illness. look if you want to persuade people to do something shaming them, insulting them is not the fastest path to accomplish that. [all talking at once] >> covid shaming narratives. they are trying to tell you either got it wrong or got it right. covid shame something really a thing now. you brought that up, griff. i don't know about the people out there i can't be shamed into something if i follow the logic, science, advice of my doctors like dr. saphier. >> one of the things we're starting to see as you see the vaccinated are having significantly more breakthrough infections. the two-dose own protects you from illness 20 or 30% of the
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time. now others are saying they have break through infections. now dr. fauci, cdc will pay attention to the science, pay attention to the data, natural immunity, hybrid immunity, combination of natural plus vaccined are more robust than two dose of the vaccine. maybe some of the shaming will start to go away? >> yeah. i would just say that dr. fauci has made it very clear for a long time now he has no interest in actually following the science and he is high on power. the idea he wants to punish people and prevent them from essentially seeing their family if they, because they can't get on a domestic flight, where is his authority to do that, especially considering everything that dr. saphier laid out about vaccinated people spreading it, also getting breakthrough infections? we were told a year ago, maybe longer, by airline ceos, that planes are the safest places that you can be when it comes to
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not spreading or contracting covid. they have all the filters in place to do so. so if you look all of that, all the data, science behind that, you try to reconcile with dr. fauci's words. it is very clear he is interested in power and control, not the science. >> let me insert one more thing, katie. that is i woke up here to read my "washington post" every day. i was shocked by this headline on the shaming point. it says thousands who followed the rules are about to get covid. they shouldn't be ashamed. it goes into saying it is okay if you get it even if you did everything an tips for avoiding covid shame acknowledge it. don't overexplain the situation. practice self-compassion. remember you're not a failure. this reminds me, katie, when i would get put in school detention and my mother would have to pick me up half hour late from school, it is okay, little griffer, you're not a bad kid. you got into a little bit of trouble. unbelievable that this is the narrative they are taking now.
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>> well it pose to show how arrogant the media is, if you do everything the government tells you won't get covid. if you live in reality you that is not true. even people who do everything they possibly cannot to get it will contract it. for a long time the media narrative red states were spreading covid and republican policies, now we're seeing numbers spike all over the country, again completely destroying the narrative about governor desantis in florida, for example, making bad health decisions. i would say ignore "the washington post" and be as careful as you can and live your life. >> well, katie, i can tell you right now it wasn't just the media that was creating this divisiveness between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. you also had president biden saying this is an emergency of the unvaccinated. the unvaccinated are spreading
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it. this will be the winter of doom and gloom of death for the unvaccinated. the truth is as you mentioned before, katie, as the virus becomes endemic, two doses of the vaccine will offer high amount of protection of reducing severe illness and going to the hospital and dying. but it is important to how to live your life-style to reduce your risk. you live the healthiest life you can. if you lose weight to get to healthy bmi. wage and weight are two of the highest risk factor for severe illness. do what you can to protect yourself, protect others pro covid. best you can do is move forward. >> absolutely right. speaking of moving forward, straight ahead this is quite the laugh. [[laughter]. >> kamala harris reveals her biggest failures as vice president. we'll talk about it when the big
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♪. >> welcome back to "the big sunday show." nine months ago, biden put kamala harris in charge of the border. a lot of people wonder why she only went to visit the u.s.-mexico border once. does that mean she agrees? , do doubt it. listen to this. >> what is your biggest failure so far? >> not to get out of d.c. more. i actually mine that sincerely. >> do you think you're being set up to fail? >> no, i don't believe i'm being set up to fame. it has actually been part of my lifelong career to deal with tough issues and this is no different. >> now i'm having a tough time deciding who to go to next guys, between griff who is always in d.c. and katie too close for
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comfort. so ladies first, katie. she is playing the card, being set up to fail, what do you think? >> media trying to frame the vice president of the united states as some kind of a victim is just so amazing to me. yes, she has a challenging portfolio. that is what she signed up to be for vice president of the united states, when joe biden picked her to run with him. it was going to be a difficult job that is the name of the game here. yet she hasn't delivered on the things despite there being a playbook, i don't know, dealing with the border. president trump gave them a playbook. they completely discredited it and through it away. as voting rights, democratic senator who knows a lot of democrats on capitol hill, would work through the voting right issues that have been stalled specifically in the senate on that issue. she continues to fail. this idea that the vice president is somehow a victim of some kind is
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ridiculous. i think americans are looking at the issues that she is taking on and been given by the president to solve with no results and it is starting to really show up in polls for the midterms why i think the democrats are so frustrated with her. >> but you know, katie, she now says she is being criticized because she is a minority woman, so she is playing the female card. she is playing the bigot card against the biden in the primaries. here she is talking about that. >> the fact you're a woman, the fact you're a minority in this office part of why there is such scrutiny? >> i will leave that for others to deal with. you know, i have a job to do and i'm going to get that job done. let me tell you if you talking the first or, maybe it is because i am? >> all right. so griff, let me get to you on this one, is it because she is
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minority? you heard me say the joke before, why don't you self-identify as a white man? is that good enough for the left? >> i don't know where to start. the cackle laugh has become the telltale sign she said something she probably regretted or she was uncomfortable answering and i think that really, when she said she needs to get out of the bubble, it is really as katie was pointing out, she is failing in the bubble. when she got out of the bubble she went to guatamala to deal with the root causes. went to el paso to visit the border once. the border is on fire. trust me, i spent a lot of time there it has never been worse. she failed there as katie pointed out, she failed on voting rights and she has failed to do the vice president's fundamental job helping get that build back better passed. the vice president for the last 20 years had one job, get the president's agenda through, be the liaison to capitol hill. biden did it for obama.
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pence did it for trump. cheney did it for george w. bush and she is just simply failing. don't take it from me. the american people are showing it in approval ratings. she polled last month at a 28% approval rating. look at the poll here. 51% disapprove, 21% simply can't even figure out what's going on and that is historic lows for a vice president at this juncture. so i think really, honestly at this point, coming off the heels of that train wreck that she had with charlemagne the god when her press aide made the golden mistake of trying to shut it down, much like secretary of state's powell tried to shut down a tim russert interview that was a disaster, here she is coming off of that. she is being asked about her failures. she points to simply her biggest failure and acknowledges it. >> you know what? maybe her biggest failure is incompetence not capable of doing the job to katie's earlier
2:21 pm
point. former senator, has colleagues on the hill, not able to go back to the hill. nicole, it goes beyond that, while you play a doctor and you are a doctor, you and i talked, i know you care about the important effects around the country when it comes to other democracy, on "face the nation" this is what kamala harris had to say. you have got to listen to this. >> one of them is our democracy. there is i think no question in the minds of people who are foreign policy experts that the year 2021 is not the year 2,000 and we have embarking on a new era where the threats to our nation take many forms including the threat of autocracies taking over. >> you know, nicole, i read the entire transcript, 5580 words. her full answer, 320 words of gobbledygook that meant no
2:22 pm
sense. please help us, can you make sense of this. >> interesting david, i read the transcript too, i felt the same way. i don't think she got a full thought out. but i have felt that way throughout her for the entire last year, throughout the entire campaign and one of the parts that we just heard she was saying we're in a big danger of autocracies taking over. she is right if she is referring to the current white house and what they are doing to the nation and overstepping boundaries in terms of the mandates, the travel restrictions and everything else that is further dividing the country, causing a major worker shortage, causing more unemployment and keeping us in in this perpetual state of hysteria, something she could have done instead of cackling as griff called it when she asked what the biggest failures were, if she wants to talk about minorities, wants to talk about women, talk about a huge failure the fact in the second year of the pandemic more people died than the first one despite vaccines, boosters and treatments. how about the fact that the minorities are the lowest ones with vaccination rates but are
2:23 pm
higher risk of hospitalization and death? these are the points she could have made if she wanted to actually be, say something of success during this interview but unfortunately there was very little substance there which i find to be her normal. >> gobbledygook, incompetence, unqualified, are my three words for it. we'll get back to more of that i'm sure. we have what, three more years? recent crime spike -- go ahead, griff. >> that train wreck interview with charlemagne the god, at very end, the aide stepped in, wait a minute, doesn't start talking like a republican pivoted. charlemagne the god, that is the harris we want to see, unscripted, the legitimate, genuine person but yet here she has a chance to overcome that. does this big sunday show and, as nicole points out just goes right into being ineffective in her answers. really like she is not learning her own lessons in real time?
2:24 pm
>> yeah. well, this one fits in next because remember when her staffers bailed out rioters out of jail while she was a candidate? the recent crime spike in big cities largely because of progressive policies and now elected leaders, they're wising up, i'm not sure. is change finally coming to a city near you? that's next. ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th. >> man: what's my safelite story? ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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thinkorswim trading. from td ameritrade. ♪. griff: welcome back to "the big sunday show." progressives district attorneys across the country under fire for their policies that are largely responsible for recent spikes in crime. now one county commissioner is calling out chicago district
2:29 pm
attorney kim fox for not being tough on crime after a shooting that sent christmas shoppers running for safety. >> a lot of our violent crime is coming in from the east. we have a states attorney often does not prosecute the crime as she should. i could tell you that these offenders, speaking on behalf of our state's attorney will be fully bross cuted. griff: in the nation's biggest city shootings up 2.4% with more than 1500 people shot so far this year. let's bring in, everybody. david webb, i have got to start with you. you've got experience in this. you have covered these things. what is going on? david: what is going on we're also paying attention to the headlines, griff. as you know, shootings get attention. unfortunately tragically, often fatal shootings no matter how they happen, what is going on here is the lax on crime policies in these cities has led to a rise in robberies. so you've got misdemeanors and
2:30 pm
robberies. they don't stop at robberies. criminals don't stop at a certain level and what's really disturb something a bigger spike in robberies, various forms of armed assault or unarmed assault. those are the criminals rise you see shootings follow that. for anyone who thinks if we get shootings down, we have antigun unit or antigang unit that will only do the job, it's not. you have to stop people in the midlevel crimes. the lower level crimes. bring back the broken windows theory. get back to street policing. if you don't, you're going to fail. people pay the price. griff: let's talk about the shootings in new york for just a second because the mayor-elect, eric adams, from brooklyn, specifically the one specific neighborhood, brownsville is the hardest hit, most violent of all of them, he is turning to show a little bit of a pro-law enforcement side which we haven't seen out of any democrats. his spokesman saying this, quote, stopping violent crime will be adams' priority when
2:31 pm
he's mayor that will include a comprehensive plan to reduce shootings. katie, let's talk about the political angle on this. is eric adams the best last hope for the democrat party to start getting tough on crime as it spirals out of control as david was saying? katie: well, the mayor, incoming mayor talk as big game about combating crime. he is a former police officer so he has a lot of credibility when it comes to that but i'm still waiting to see that put into action. whether he approaches this from going after the criminals perspective or implement more gun control in new york city to try to quell these shootings. i think it is really important for people to understand what you're seeing with these leftist d.a.s around the country, not just a series of bad policy decisions which forced an increase in violent crime, it is a pervasive ideology. for example, the d.a. in san francisco, chess is a bowed din were part of the weather
2:32 pm
underground. they were convicted of murdering a guard and went to prison. she was raced by the weather underground and bombed the pentagon. when it comes to the ideology these d.a.s have, they believe the criminals are the victims. because of circumstance, color of their skin, it is not their to blame. just property damage, people assaulted or robbery can call insurance companies. that is not true as we see people killed inside of their homes, at their driveways, inside of their storms. you have to understand how it works, this is ideology not just about policy decisions but incoming new york mayor has the opposite approach. new yorkers said we're tired of our streets being so out of control and so dangerous. griff: i think, nicole, you're a mother. people are frightened for the environment that it is creating. do you think this is an issue if democrats don't change it there will be a liability for the democrat party in next year's
2:33 pm
midterms? nicole: griff, public safety is one of the most basic responsibility of government and the outgoing administration of new york city is obviously failing. my son goes to school up in the bronx, he witnessed a robbery in front of him couple days ago at the local deli. it is out of control. while i have hope for eric adams coming in, he has been the borough president of brooklyn since 2014 that is the most deadly borough. is it now a priority to reduce violent crime? he talks the big talk as katie said. he says he will bring back some of the policies that were dismantled under mayor de blasio. i'm looking forward to that as my children grow up in the area and it's a dangerous place right now. it is a modern day gotham. griff: great point. public safety should be priority number one. moving on. first it was the "squad" called senator joe manchin scrooge. now the media says manchin stole christmas.
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♪. katie: all right. welcome back to the big shunned show. the media is attacking joe manchin on bailing on biden's build back better plan saying he stole christmas. quote, manchin denied struggling families vital economic support which they desperately need. his goal of spending priorities took over compassion to help struggling americans to make ends meet. including those in his own state. he should be ashamed. griff, i want to start with you on this one, there is a lot of controversy last couple weeks what happened with manchin. first i want to take a listen to
2:39 pm
a sound from senator cramer where he was, you know, he was praising manchin because it seems like at this point the media is doing the democrats bidding. they're attacking manchin we needed to hear senator cramer stood up for manchin. take a listen. >> the once great democratic party has become this bizarre socialist agenda where they seem to put all the chips on the table this year while they have control of the house, the senate, and the white house an thank god for joe manchin and others like him but especially joe manchin who is trying to save america and in the process may very well save the democratic party. nicole: griff, do you think the democratic party has been taken over by the far left? griff: first of all, let's just give joe manchin a little bit of credit for standing up for the fact that they have already spent 3.4 trillion on covid and so manchin is saying let's pump the brakes here. we're headed into entitlement
2:40 pm
spending which could wreck the country financially amid record almost record four decade old high inflation. the fact that manchin comes in an torpedoes the progressives massive social spending bill is to be applauded. i think senator cramer is simply saying good for him having the voice of reason, for trying to say listen, some things are a no-go. there are things manchin said he supported in build back better, wanted to focus on that. progressives said no, it is our way or the highway and joe manchin said he wouldn't play ball with that. so i think he getting well due credit. nicole: a great point. now, david, one of the things we talked about in the a block was the vice president's inability to get people to cross the aisle and work together and push forward president biden's agenda but kamala harris is blaming the senate for not getting people
2:41 pm
across the aisle and passing the bill. look what she said questioned about trying to get republicans across the aisle. >> you were just in the senate. >> yeah. >> and the president spent decades there. how come you can't pull someone across the aisle on this, or joe manchin within your own party. >> we are not going to give up on these issues but you're right, it's a 50-50 senate. it's a 50-50 senate and so, but it has to be a combination of us as an administration but also everyone weighing in. nicole: again, david i don't really know what that answer was, but what was your take on it? david: more word salad for one which is all you get. you're right, biden has been in the senate for what, decades. kamala harris was there. the reason they can't work, by the way she is the president of the senate. so if they get all the democrats on board she could cast the
2:42 pm
deciding vote in the event of a tie. so when you look at it the failure that manchin doesn't want to go back to fdr-like policies or lbj policies which bankrupted people that removed work requirements. handed people money freely to stay home instead of going to work. when he looks to west virginia for his political survival as well as economic survival, he sees this is not the survival of the country if they go down this progressive path. nicole: katie, media has certainly been attacking senator manchin but you wrote a piece "town hall" about killing of the build back better plan essentially saying good-bye to biden being the next fdr. tell us about that. katie: joe biden campaigned as a moderate. when he came into office to repay people on the left to bernie sanders who is now the senate budget committee chairman and aoc congresswoman in the house and part kristina of the d
2:43 pm
to put these proposals together which bernie sanders wrote. he would transform america, make history, and delusional, it was given margins they have, 50-50 senate. house is has so thin margin they haven't seen it since the 1hundreds. they tried to push it through anyway. joe manchin is the one democratic senator out front taking heat on all of this. but the media focuseds on one vote who are in tough re-election race. mark kelly from arizona, democrat senator, krysten sinema democrat also from arizona had problems with the bill in addition to previous spending items with the joe biden administration. joe manchin is taking all the heat but far left push of joe biden is paying back progressives getting him elected, sunk him in year one and now he is a lame duck going
2:44 pm
into the midterms. nicole: not to mention americans didn't vote in bernie sanders. the far left agenda is not where it is at. christmas may be over but the left isn't stopping on the war on christmas. one columnist said norad's santa tracker must be canceled coming up next. ♪. age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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♪. griff: welcome back to "the big sunday show." the media's latest target is norad's santa tracker. you heard that right. the msnbc columnist writes, quote, i prefer we end the tradition because it is about time that we decoupled st. nick from the world's most powerful military, the messier business of war that goes on in the background doesn't jibe with the christmas spirit. i think if we were looking for a grinch to anoint here this christmas it's a columnist for msnbc named hayes brown. clearly in the article he simply loathes the military perhaps is
2:49 pm
a valid point if you're a columnist but he goes after norad, from one columnist to another, katie. what say you? katie: i think it is ridiculous. stop trying to kill everything that bringing everybody joy. it is absurd. leave santa alone. i think the norad tracker is so cool. tells kids about the geography and the world. one thing i didn't like, santa in his sleigh with a mask on by himself outside. that was a little weird. all the joy norad brings kids every single year. all the adults who want to be miserable. misery loves company. leave kids alone. leave santa alone. the norad tracker is a wonderful thing and should continue. griff: nicole, i'm sure you followed the norad tracker with your kids. you gave the best gift ever with your kids. i followed the norad tracker with mine. the tradition started in 1955 when a killed dialed into a phone number because of a typo in a colorado newspaper, thought
2:50 pm
he was talking to santa. this guy decides to try to ruin it for all of us. do you think he has a clue how bad this is? nicole: of course not. griff you make a very valid point he goes on in his column we need to decouple the military from santa. i can tell you the military who are watching the norad tracker saying i don't have to join the military. that is not what they're seeing right now but they create anything they possibly can to bring controversy where it is not there. by the way there is nothing bad about taking the military when it comes to the holiday season. they may not feel it is about being togetherness and being with our loved ones, when with see military families who are able to come home or they call, that is, that is the spirit of christmas for so many people and they need to be careful because you have about 17 million veterans in our country, that doesn't include our active duty servicemen and all of their families, for a lot of people the military means everything for christmas. so bah humbug to the grinch and
2:51 pm
keep norad tracker the way it is. griff: such good point. we're so grateful for our american men and women serving overseas for the holidays. we can't talk about the norad tracker without the tradition of the president talking with kids, david this year, there was this moment, tell me what was going on. watch. >> i hope you guys have a wonderful christmas as well. good christmas and "let's go brandon." >> "let's go brandon," i agree. griff: david, he apparently not aware of what that means. david: i'm not sure if he is aware of it. i'm not sure. i won't prejudge him or dr. nicole i won't judge him from a distance or diagnose it. the guy said it off-the-cuff, now he is getting death threats. not the spirit of christmas. the grinch again, they have to pick on something the media needs a story. no offense to hayes brown, my editor as columnist, my editor
2:52 pm
said if you can't find something to write, don't connect something to an event because it is clever in your head. all of this is grinch stuff. enjoy christmas. the new year is combing. i'm looking forward to see griff go through new year's. you know what i'm talking about. griff: that's right indeed. stick around because we saved the best for last. the big four is next. we'll be right back. liz, you nerd, cough if you're in here! shh! i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs. [engine humming] [clapping]
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[♪♪♪] >> welcome back to the big sunday show. now for the big four. our picks of the biggest stories everyone will be talking about next week. my husband and i did surprise our family and our youngest son with a new puppy, something he has been asking for for the last several years. we decided to wake him up early christmas morning. he was dead asleep. and we put the little guy right on him. he thought it was a stuffed animal. he was going to throw him and i had to say no, no, no, it's a real puppy. he hasn't stopped loving and hugging that little puppy ever
2:57 pm
since. there is the family with our three boys, and my husband. the new fupy is woodley because he's the color of wood. >> let me tell if you what people are talking about. that is the cancellation of bowl games with omicron surging across the u.s. the military bowl is the latest bowl game of to be cancelled. second one ways also canceled between uva and smu. it's the mid one previously canceled between memphis and hawaii. i think at some point fundamentally we are going to have to learn to live with covid and the canceling of a ballgame that benefits the uso, i think
2:58 pm
we'll be talking about it. it gets canceled as we head into the bowl season. katie? >> speaking of even more football. today's halftime show the vikings rams game. some of them had santa claus on their back racing down the field. look at this guy. he has santa claus on his back. i guess the reindeer ran away. i took my dog to a doggy pool day at the ends of the year and i found a corgi contingent of lifeguards. corgis are really cute. i have a lab, not a corgi. but they are really cute with their short little legs.
2:59 pm
foop i'll call you queen pavlich for that one. how do you have follow two dog stories combined. give me a break. and a football game. a viral -- a viral tiktok. >> when you authorize $900,000 of food stamps for someone who doesn't work and just bought a house. >> so lily ramirez posting this tiktok video. when sit comes to this government subjects does, this person bought a house, gets $900. really in we are building dependence, front we. >> i'm all for incentivization. you work hard for it, you don't gift out for free.
3:00 pm
>> if you work hard in your household you get a puppy named woodley. that does it for us. katie pavlich, dr. nicole saphier. have a great night. "the fox report" with jon scott starts next. jon: thousands of flights canceled as the omicron variant disrupts travel plans in the u.s. and worldwide. i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report." many travelers are spending this holiday weekend stranded at our nation's airports and widespread flight delays and cancellations as the miley transmissible omicron variant spreads rapidly across the country. amid the surge, new york city i


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