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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 26, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> if you work hard in your household you get a puppy named woodley. that does it for us. katie pavlich, dr. nicole saphier. have a great night. "the fox report" with jon scott starts next. jon: thousands of flights canceled as the omicron variant disrupts travel plans in the u.s. and worldwide. i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report." many travelers are spending this holiday weekend stranded at our nation's airports and widespread flight delays and cancellations as the miley transmissible omicron variant spreads rapidly across the country. amid the surge, new york city is
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set to require employees of private businesses to be vaccinated starting tomorrow. and other cities are considering similar mandates. let's go to charles watson at hartsfield jackson in atlanta with more on these holiday travel disruptions. charles? >> the past few days have been a chaotic night mayor for many folks traveling this holiday weekend. unfortunately today isn't turning out any better. the airlines canceling 2,700 flights. a third of those cancellations are flights coming from or to the u.s. a woman who says she was forced to spend christmas eve with her two sons inside an atlanta hotel because her delay was dropped.
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>> we tried to order door dash. i have two little boys. we need some type of dinner. it's frustrating. it's scary getting strands in the airport. >> they cancelled the flight. >> delta and united airlines are blaming omicron staffing shortages and bad weather. 800 flights dropped collectively between today and christmas. the airlines are apologizing and promising to rebook stranded passengers. they are hoping new cdc guide lines that allow essential workers get back on the job will help avoid what we are seeing there is weekend. they are having to deal with unruly passenger, like this
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woman who allegedly hurt several people of on a flight to tampa. she is engaged in a profanity-laced argument with his makes being done. she hit and spit on the man. ironically the woman is not wearing a mask. she was taken into fbi custody moments after the flight landed. jon: the vaccine mandate in new york city for private businesses is set to take effect tomorrow. more and more major cities are planning on similar mandates. david lee miller has more on all of that. david? >> when many workers in the city tomorrow show up for their regular jobs, they must be at
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least partially vaccinated or they will not be allowed into the office here in new york city. a new vaccine mandate goes into effect. the city says it applies to 184,000 businesses. testing not an option. those seeking medical exemption can continue to work while their appeal is pending. some say the mandate is too burdensome. 91% of all adults in new york city have had at least one shot. they are planning to beef up current vaccine mandates. each municipality has its own the requirements, some are calling for full vaccination for anyone over age 5. in some cases proof a negative test result is an option.
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as more americans rowm their sleeves, an infectious disease expert says a fourth shot or booster is probably not going to beo to be necessary. >> are we trying to block every single infection? if that's our goal, maybe we need a fourth shot? or are we just trying to prevent hospitalization and death. >> 97 deaths in the united states and in total 816,000 americans have lost their lives to the virus. jon: david lee miller live in new york city. thank you. the biden administration is working to keep the build back better bill alive after senator joe manchin says he will vote no
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on the razor thin plan. the white house is refusing to concede. >> senator joe manchin said he's a no. you don't have the vote. >> i'm not giving you have, the president is not giving up. and the strikes too high. >> there is without any question room for discussion on what will actually be the impact to the economy. jon: joining us now, florida congressman byron does. donnels. >> merry christmas and happy holidays. in washington nothing is ever dead. it's a possibility for any bill to come back. one thing is crystal clear. joe biden and the radical left are not going to give up on this bill.
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they don't have the votes right now. and they will find any possible way to get this across the finish line. the american people got a present with this bill not getting passed. they are not going to give up on this bill, this agenda item. it's the last thing the american people need, the last thing america needs. jon: they don't go away once they are enacted. your former congresswoman jayapal wrote this in the "washington post," asking the president to use scwuttive authority. we are calling on the president to use executive action to immediately improve people's lives, taking executive action will also make clear to those
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that hinder build back better that the white house and democrats will deliver for americans. she wants the president at the stroke of a pen enacting multi trillion dollar bill. is that how the legislative process is supposed to work? >> absolutely not. >> if the president does that, it's unconstitutional. a complete violation of the constitution. the democrats just want their agenda item passed. they don't care if they payments tore joe biden just uses his pen and phone like a former democratic president barack obama who used his pen and phone to create daca. if washington moves it forward regardless of the legislative
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process, the programs will start and it will be hard to get it out. republicans and joe manchin and kyrsten sinema need to protect the congress's responsibility to pass legislation. we can't allow the president to sign a piece of paper to allow these programs to start without congressional approval. once you do something like this. it erodes the congress. jon: are you surprised that joe manchin is the only one who said no to this? >> actually i'm quite surprised. i figured there would be at least 10-15 more. this bill would have been a disaster for small business owners whether you are in a red state or a blue state. if the federal government is competing with you trying to get people to come into our business and work because they are
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getting money from the federal government without having to do something for the money. indianapolis contravention to every small business owner. i'm shocked there weren't more democratic senators opposed to this bill. the american people have moved further to the right than democrats realize. that's why joe biden's approval ratings are in the toilet. that's why kamala harris's approval ratings are in the toilet. the proof is in the pudding. it's unfortunate it's this way for their party. but they let their true colors come to light. the american people whether republican or democrat have rejected it. >> it will be interesting to see if this comes back to life whether through some attempt at executive action or something
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else. we'll see. florida congressman, byron donalds. russia reportedly pull something of its troops back from the border with ukraine as the u.s. russia try to hammer out details. we'll talk about that next.
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jon: the u.s. and russia are moving closer to scheduling talks over tensions surrounding ukraine. a new report says russia has withdrawn some of its troops near the ukraine border. >> jon, a new report claims 10,000 russian troops have withdrawn from the ukrainian border. buff still tens of thousands of additional troops remaybe. here is what the vice president had to say. >> we are having direct conversations with russia. we are very clear that russia should not invades the
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sovereignty of ukraine. we must stands up and we are starngds up for its territorial integrity. >> russians have been running drizzle neared the boarder. it signals that they were gearing up for an attack. vladimir putin denied this. he says he's weighing his options alongside a commit to the that nato's expansion into eastern europe. representatives from russia, europe and the u.s. are scheduled to fin discussions in geneva. president biden said he will give putin no guarantees. here is secretary pompeo weighing in on sunday morning futures. >> we have weak leashedship and the and sense of resolve so he will push us as far as he can.
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jon: alex, thank you. for years the u.s. military used burn pits to incinerate all trash, including plastics and medical waste before leaving a particular scene. exposure to the smoke can have lasting effects on those who are exposed. jennifer givein takes a look at that. >> the first time i saw the burn pits, it was minds boggling. i couldn't understand why we were burning trash. >> army veteran sedoe was stationed in tikrit, iraq. like many other bases, everything from plastic bottles to medical waste was thrown into
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burn pits. >> continuing to breathe toxins, you realize we are doing something wrong. about six months after returning from iraq. i was struggling to run. i was wheezing and causing, and i found out my lungs for those of a 70-year-old and i was 33 years old. >> the doctors believe it's caused about it benzenes. burn pit expose our has not been recognized by the veterans administration. the va secretary says helping veterans exposed to burn pits is a top priority. >> we are look by virtue of our exposure work to rare respiratory cancers and lung diseases for our next rounds of
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presumptives. >> until veterans are able to file a claim and bet nose benefits, then we haven't made a positive change yet. jon: the year 2021 is seeing an uptick in violent crime, including in new york city. incoming police commissioner says she wants to tackle that violence. will that be easier said than done?
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jon: i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report." a holiday party earlier this month at connecticut governor ned lamont's house reportedly led to a number of breakthrough coronavirus cases. the governor did not test positive and his spokesperson did not say if guests at the
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party were required to wear masks. a student is back behind barts after violating the terms of his bonds. he reportedly failed a court ordered europe test when it came up positive for taken illicit substance. he was out on $75,000 bond during the october shooting. >> the canadian government tracked the phones of 33 million of its citizens trying to determine the punls responsiveness to lockdown measures. >> a devastating fire break out in a pennsylvania home on christmas morning, killing a far it and two of his sons.
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-- killing a father and two of his sons. the mother and one of their sons escaped. >> investigators are looking at the christmas tree and the possibility that faulty lights started this tragic fire. the fire department was called to the scene at 1:30 christmas morning. the tree was in the main room downstairs. when crews arrived they tried to get in the front door but were pushed back by the flames. when they got inside they discovered the bod yet is of the father and two of this sons. kristen king and the family's oldest boy made it out. they suffered minor burns. here is a classmate of one of the boys. >> he was so happy. hearing that his house got burnt
3:27 pm
down and his family was in it tore me. >> the school district released this statement. this news is devastating for the k community at large. eric and kristen are very active in the community and the kind of people that make this a special place to live. they send heart the felt sympathy to the king family. members of the community set up a gofundme page. 8,300 people have contributed $562,000 so far. the fair marshal is investigating what happened. but it looks like it was a cry christmas tree and faulty wiring on those lights. jon: new york city soon will have a new police commissioner. the first female to ever serve in that position.
3:28 pm
and she'll have a lot to tackle. commissioner saffer, you seat headlines and the numbers. what does the incoming commissioner need to do to bring down crime in this city? >> she has a high hill to climb. what we accomplished in the late 90s and early 200s has been destroyed by the deblasio administration. they are letting parolees out paroled on murder only to murder again. she says she believes in broken windows which is very important. pay attention to small crimes as well as watch crimes. but it will be a tough job. jon: broken windows policing is the term for going after small of crimes like broken windows,
3:29 pm
jumping turnstiles. if you have catch the culprits behind small crimes you often catch the same culprits behind much larger crimes. do i have that correct? >> absolutely. we found by going after turnstile jumpers, aggressive beggars, people annoying people of on the street, that very often they were involved in major crimes or had information about major crimes. the most important thing is we have to send a message to criminals that there will and certainty of punishment if they commit crimes. what's happening now is the message being send the to criminals, you can do what you want, you will be out on the street the same day. jon: the number of shootings has essentially doubled during pandemic. throrpter sobering statistics. murderr murder is up 27%.
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felony assault up almost 10%. and the total leads to an almost 6% increase in the rise in crime. the incoming mayor eric adams who is about to take office is a former cop himself. do you think that's going to help take care of some of the morale issues plaguing the new york city police department? >> i'm hopeful. i know eric adams, he worked for me when i was commissioner. but they are going to have to have a real resolve and they will have to not listen to the loudest voices. all these civil rights groups will start shouting about them reintroducing what the former commissioner did away with, which was the street crime unit of plainclothes police officers who go after drugs and guns.
3:31 pm
they will have to back their police officers. if they do that they will start to reduce crime. if they don't, they will have the same problem they have now. jon: incoming mayor adams led a nationwide search for a police commissioner. incoming commissioner sewell is close to home. she'll have 52,000 officers under her commands when she becomes police commissioner. that's a daunting task. you have familiarity with it. what's your advice. >> choose good people, back them and let them do their jobs. nypd, they are the best police department in the world. she'll have top recognize the talent of people who are smart and loyal and back them you have as they do their job.
3:32 pm
nobody can do the nypd's job by themselves. it has to be a team effort. the rank and file, the people who do the work have to believe they are being backed by one police plaza and the mayor. jon: stop and frisk was a policy that generated a lot of controversy. is there any form you have think that policy could be brought back in a way that legal and constitutional. >> it's not a policy, it's a tactic. it results in getting guns and drugs off the street. if they don't go back to stop and frisking constitutionally the way it's supposed to be done they won't accomplish what they want to accomplish. it's an important part of how we reef deuced crime in the early
3:33 pm
90s and 2000s. if they don't use stop and frisk it's not going to happen. jon: you would even counting incoming police commissioner to return to that tactic. >> absolutely. and you have to do it in a lawful and constitutional manner. you shouldn't overdo it. there came a time when they were doing hundreds of thousands of stops and frisks. you have to do them in a way that gets guns and drugs off the street without annoying the entire community. it's important to get the community on board and them understand you are doing this to protect them. i did 76 town hall meetings when i was police commissioner. and it needs to happen. >> howard safir, the former
3:34 pm
commissioner of the new york police department. jon: he'to end apartheid and was a channelon for human rights. archbishop desmond tutu died today. . right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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jon: world leaders are remembering the legacy of former south african arch bishop of desmond tutu. he game an opponent of racist abuse and injustice in his country and around the world. >> archbishop desmond tutu has died at 92 years old. the nobel peace prize winner was
3:39 pm
one of the driving forces to ending the apartheid system in south africa. he was described today by south african president as a man of extraordinary intellect, integrity and ability. british prime minister boris johnson tweeted he was deeply saddened by tutu's death. pope francis released a statement offering his condolences to tutu's family as did the dalai lama. former president barack obama sir youd assault and called him a true servant of god. desmond tutu was a force for
3:40 pm
good. jon: nuclear talks in iran are set to restart tomorrow. >> there is income priest hencible to me. it's income prehencible that ayatollah wants to wipe israel off the face of the earth. that's the little satan, and america is next, the big satan. they are not going to abide by any agreement they sign. jon: secretary of state anthony blinken says the u.s. is on the same page as our allies about iran and other hostile nations. >> we are much more aligned with pour partners than we were even a year ago, on iran's nuclear
3:41 pm
program and china's efforts to alcohol challenge order. jon: president biden signaled he will agree to rejoin the deal with iran abides by certain guidelines. france is seeing an alarming spike? covid cases. they reported 100,000 infections in one day. roughly one in 100,000 people of tested positive in the area around paris. a taliban spokesperson called the commissions unnecessary institutes. in the democratic rub of congo a
3:42 pm
suicide bomber targeted people as they gathered for the holidays. the area is known for having is large extremist activity. '. a long time socialist elected in 2005 and re-elected to a second term in 2010. his second term was marked by the country, financial crisis. heavy snow hit the country's west coast. meteorologists predict the snow will last until thursday with 35 inches falling on parts of japan. vice president kamala harris facing scrutiny over her role as second in command as her poll numbers continue to fall.
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jon: vice president kamala harris responding to those who say the biden administration is
3:47 pm
setting her up to fail. >> do you think this is fair? do you think you are being set up to fail? >> no, i don't believe i'm being set up to fail. but more important, i'm vice president of the united states. anything that i handle is because it's a tough issue. and it couldn't be handled at some other level. jon: white house horse end phil wegman, her answer, anything i handle is because it's a tough issue of and it couldn't be handled at another level. what is her portfolio? >> she mass been deputized to deal with illegal immigration, the root cause of illegal immigration and issues where there is not a lot of bipartisan
3:48 pm
appetite to cooperate and get something done. while the many true that focusing on those two issues has kept her from the limelight and she has been harshly judged. judged. she says her biggest failure of the year is not getting out of the d.c. bubble. vice president harris compared to president biden is a no advice. much of her career was spent in california which is much bluer than the rest of the country. jon: a lot of observers save she is being set up to fail. for instance the immigration issues. he puts her in charge of that because that way she gets the blame rather than him. is that a fair assessment?
3:49 pm
>> president biden would be familiar with that situation himself. when he was vice president, --president obama deputized hin the same task. in some circumstances it has gone the worse. buff what is interesting here, if you look at her polling, you see that she is not just a reflection of where he is in the polls. she is even farther behind. if you look at the political average, just 37% of the american public supports what she is doing. while 52% give her a disapproval rating. what that tells you is the arguments that harris and biden were making during the campaign,
3:50 pm
which is they were going to restore democracy and bring the republic back to a stable footing. the public doesn't buy that right now. they are still getting to note vice president and so farther unconvinced. jon: she said she thick she should get out of washington more. that her biggest failure as you have said. her critics are saying you should go down to the southern border and work on the problem there and fix that. but she doesn't seem to have the appetite for that right now. >> i'm surprised the interview went so well. there have been moments from other interviews the vice president has done that haven't. she has a habit of laughing. she seemed to be more in control. you mentioned the big argument here which is it took her 3 months to go to the border.
3:51 pm
and even then she was far from where illegal immigrants were actually crossing. it seems that this administration, whether the internal palace intrigue is true. it seems to me that this administration was hoping the i am great lakes you would go away, that folks would focus on other things. but there seems to be a confluence of crisis at that point. you have immigration at the southern border. foreign policy and inflation, and by the way, covid is not going away. jon: let's talk about build back better. joe manchin is the lone democrat standing between the passage of that bill and its failure. republican kevin cramer says joe manchin is doing -- his fellow democrats a favor.
3:52 pm
he has people pushing and pulling and tugging from every direction. i know this, joe manchin may have saved the reelection of two, three, four, democratic senators whov would have had to vote yes on bbb but would rather not have voted at all. jon: are there senators who don't like this bill but pretend to support it. >> there are senators who are more than happy to let manchin take the slings and arrows. obviously cinema who are slightly concerned, they don't want to be the face' opposition constantly. manchin has an interesting argument that people seem to understand. when you look at the money we spent on covid, that's more than we spentn during the second world war.
3:53 pm
we'll see if manchin's resolve can actually hold. but i did find it interesting that this morning on "fox news sunday," senator cardin said they all just needed to get on the same page. frankly, after a year, they have been trying to do that. there doesn't seem to be anything other than paring down significantly the build back better to get them on board. jon: the democrats hold the senate, the house and the white house. so they ought to be able to do pretty much all they want. florida's beloved and endangered manatees have died this year in record numbers. now a bold and never before tried rescue plan is about to be launched. phil keating has that story. >> as gentle and cute as
3:54 pm
manatees are, they are dying. a record number, more than a thousand. the mass dieoff boils down to pollution. fertilizer runoff from farms and lawns, leaking sewage from industrial solution. it makes its way into florida watersheds and creates algae blooms that crowds off -- clouds out sunlight killing off sea grass, the main food of the manatee. for the first time, starvation rather than boat propellers account for most of the manatee fatalities. >> if the sea grass isn't as abundant as it was. they have to go elsewhere for food. >> most of the 1,000 plus manatee deaths have happened
3:55 pm
along the indian river. wildlife officials have come up with a new plan on how to save the manatees. feeding them lettuce and cabbage. they reexpound -- they rebounded several years ago from the endangered species list. 50 were rehabilitated this year. like this mom and her calf. the say cows are fed, tagged and released back into the wild. >> there are no species we are trying to help. to make sure this population doesn't go down the take in the next 10 years or so. >> the save the manatee club
3:56 pm
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jon: after tornado devastated kentucky this month, groups have
4:00 pm
responded, yesterday bringing holiday cheer, break barbecue relief for those in may feel for christmas dinner, volunteers also handed out toys. that is how "fox reports" this sunday december 26 of 2021, jon scott, thank you for joining us, "sunday night in america" with trey gowdy is coming up. >> welcome to poll lay edition of "sunday night in america," i hope you had a merry christmas or enjoying a wonderful holiday season. life can get busy and fast. around the holidays, hopefully you will have a chance to pause and reflect on those things we know are important like family, and friends and faith and community and our country. on where we stand as a


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