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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 27, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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my giants draft psmghts but what are you going to do? every monday you will get mopey melba over here. >> anyway, what can i say? you got to go, bye. todd: with that thank you for joining all of us, "fox & friends" starts right now have. great monday, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hello ♪ hello ♪ hello ♪ >> good monday morning a look at "fox & friends" a look at our all-american christmas tree on fox square. christmas may be over but our tree is still shining brightly. will, lawrence, great to be with you with both of you. lawrence, how was your
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christmas? lawrence: it was good. i didn't get to see my folks until yesterday. but all is well. i had a false positive test so i'm all checked out. carley: i didn't know that. lawrence: i got to hug my mom and dad yesterday. i got celebrate. all is well. will: i got the call from lawrence, carley over the weekend. we ran into each other here in big d. i got the call from lawrence hey i got a positive test. i was around you. i didn't get the gradual lawrence it was false positive. that's breaking news to me right now, lawrence. that's interesting. thanks for the heads up. i love you, brother. here's the things i'm going to forgive you that because you have at least one small excuse. and that is i imagine you were up late just like i was last night to watch the most dominant team in the nfl reclaim their position as a super bowl favorite. the dallas cowboys just whooped up on the washington football team. lawrence: it was about time. will: that meant i didn't get much sleep.
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i don't know about you. lawrence: same, brother. i probably went to sleep at the end of the third quarter because i was so excited. i don't want to wake up -- sometimes things go wrong at the end of the game and i didn't want to wake up with all that tension on the morning show. i saw it through. carley: all right. well, speaking of things going wrong, at the beginning end of the game all throughout the year, kamala harris, the vice president has not been having a good first year in office with the low poll numbers, staffers leaving and there have been several prominent news stories detailing all of this. politico says not a healthy environment, kamala harris' office rife with dissent. and the "new york times" just had this article last week heir apparent or after thought frustration of kamala harris. the vice president did a half hour interview on cbs news the whole thing aired yesterday. she addressed the drama in the west wing. listen to this. >> i don't believe i'm being set up to fail, but more.
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>> democrats -- >> but, more important, i'm vice president of the united states. anything that i handle is because of it's a tough issue and it couldn't be handle at some other level. and there are a lot of big, tough issues that need to be addressed. and it has actually been part of my lifelong career to deal with tough issues. and this is no different. >> do you think you were judged fairly? >> i believe others to make that decision. carley: i genuinely think that was a good answer from the vice president, lawrence; however, the only problem is you have all of these news reports circulating from people close to her saying that privately she thinks that the news coverage of her is more negative than it would be if she asp white man and she says that she does feel like she is being set up to fail. lawrence: you know, i just find
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it ironic. i mean, captain obvious, yes, of course, if you are the vice president and you are dealing with different issues facing the country, of course they are tough issues. buff the problem is kamala harris has not been present on those issues. whether it's the border crisis or handling the root causes as she says. the election form. she has all these jobs. and, you know, the president of the united states had an opportunity to vet her. you can look at her track record when she was san francisco's d.a., attorney general, of california, or as a u.s. senator. all those problems that existed in those offices, back then, still exist right now, in the vice president's office. this is the reason why voters rejected her during the primary and all this talk about diversity, inclusion, black voters rejected her, too. so, you know, this was a misstep from the president of the united
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states. she is not just failing but he is failing by appointing her for all that's roles, will. will: you know, i think kamala harris suffers from with it quality that don't make for a very appealing politician, quite honestly for a very appealing person. and that is insecurity and inauthenticity. so, let me start with, this carley. i actually think she's right. or suggestions around her and the rumors around her swirling that she is being set up to fail are correct. i think she is being set up to fail. i think the biden administration is off loading intractable problems anywhere mind. unsolvable problems on the vice president. i think the border crisis just that the biden administration doesn't want to pay any attention, much less mention what is happening at the southern border. the best way to wash their hands of that no one situation in their mind is to off load it on kamala harris. so, she is being put somewhat in a no win situation because she doesn't have the power to bring back trump era policies.
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she doesn't have the power to bring back a solution to the border. but, beyond that, carley, i go doo think the vice president is showing great amount of insecurity. that's why she laughs. that's why she laughs away tough questions. i think that's why we see her twice now sort of use the hammer of i am the vice president of the united states. she did that in the interview in charlamagne tha god excuse me my name is kamala harris and i am the vice president. as though it needs to be reiterated here. she did that again with margaret brennan she reiterated her position of authority that's because she doesn't feel confident. either in her abilities or in the atmosphere of the west wing or in her support staff. she clearly knows she didn't earn this job. there is a lot of insecurity in her entire demeanor. carley: part of that insecurity. i mean, we saw it on the campaign trail and i that i was really run of the reasons she didn't resonate with the american people. and she dropped out of the
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election before some candidates that, you know, marianne williamson and huian castro. so that insecurity definitely is one of the big reasons why she doesn't connect to people. and then when she starts getting -- it's psychologic as well. when she starts seeing the poll numbers and people picking apart everything she says rightfully so she is the vice president and only gets even worse. when she was asked about national security. it was probably the weakest part of her entire interview because she said that our biggest national security threat, lawrence, was climate change and threats to our democracy people hear that and roll their eyes. completely unserious answer. she could have said china or russia. she is not going to say afghanistan. because the pull out and ramifications are their fault. she coulded have given some sort
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of legitimate answer. she chose not to. lawrence: i want to back up a little bit. because will talked about the insecurity of the vice president. i think it's deeper than that this goes back to how the white house is ran. this is a staff-driven white house. that means the staff prepares the talking point. the ideologies are going back and forth behind closed doors. they put out a statements out for the president and the vice president. part of the reason why this administration isn't secure in their position is because they're not the ones coming up with them. the vice president and the president aren't really giving orders. it's reflective when you see their staffs try to rip them off on air. their staff doesn't have confidence in them. if the vice president cannot answer questions with charlamagne tha god. i'm going to get in trouble with my people. it's very clear that there are
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outside factors that are control the agenda of the country right now. and that's why they operate the way they operate. because it's not them. it's their staff. will? will: those outside factors are attempting to rehabilitate the image of kamala harris. there is no doubt that she is on a media blitz, a media tour in response to those poll numbers that carley has mentioned. only real question, i don't think it's much of a question is, will it work? the answer right now is no. we will move on to this chicago crime takes another tragic turn this weekend as a 911 dispatcher sounds the alarm on the shortage of cops. >> afraid like a death zone. some of my officers who texted me, okay, and said they were scared. will: but, will the city's leaders do anything to address the crisis? and ahead of the new year. a new op-ed says the resolution for liberals should be tolerance. the liberals.
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will: omicron holiday traveling hundreds of cancellations and delays. 700 flights cancelled already today. airlines blaming staffing shortages and weather. adding to the frustration dr. fauci said americans better get used to wearing masks on planes. >> we want to make sure people keep their masks on. i think the idea of keeping masks off in mya mind is not something we should be
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considering. will: fauci also says vaccine mandates for domestic flights could be a good tool to pressure people into getting -- he has not found a pressure point is he not willing to push on the american people. now to fox weather. as part of the west coast experiences a christmas winter whiteout. check out conditions in nevada where 50 mile-per-hour winds and poor visibility caused a 20-car pile up. meanwhile in california a 70-mile stretch of california interstated was shut down over hazardous conditions. there is your white christmas. now to what we are calling a brotherly disagreement in the nfl. two washington defensive linemen jonathan allen and der ron payne during a blow out loss to america's team. the dallas cowboys went at it
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with each other this happened after they allowed a fourth touchdown in the first half to zach prescott. the cowboys wiped them out winning 56-14. that was an ugly fight. problems in d.c. not just political problems and another divisional matchup the bills take down the patriots 33-21. decisive win puts puzzle on top of the. the kansas city chiefs taking control of the afc. 8 game win streak this one added to it. 36-10 over the steelers. the chiefs six straight afc title they have secured. look at this game in seattle, snowy, how football should look. the bears put together an exciting comeback to end the seattle seahawks playoff hopes. watch this. >> back in the end zone and
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it's -- catch. >> the bears winning 2. conversion to win 25-24. and those your are your headlines. >> carley? >> all right. chicago plagued by more violence each over the holiday weekend a highland only 11 years old is shot on christmas eve. 911 dispatcher sounding the alarm about officer shooting in the city. the latest on criminals takeover on chicago streets. todd, good morning. todd: good morning to all three of you. gun violence in the windy city over the holiday weekend, leaving 17 people wounded and one dead. here are just a few of the incidents that happened there in chicago this weekend. police say tie quan scott opened fire inside a chicago apartment building strike 11-year-old boy and 25-year-old man in their legs. they are both in good condition at the hospital. scott was arrested shortly after and faces weapons charges for
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that shooting. in another incident on christmas day, a 24-year-old man was found dead on the street by police. the victim had been shot in the head. a chicago 911 dispatcher sounding the alarm about an officer shortage in the city's largest police district. listen. >> it's outrageous. and i'm not happy. when you say anything, people are afraid. it's like it's a death zone. several of my officers who have texted me, okay and said they were scared. they have no backing and they are scared of being out there by themselves. >> that dispatcher was praised for his handling of the deadly shooting of officer ella french back in august. he says the city's liberal mayor lori lightfoot ♪ doing enough to address the shortage. alderman says the 16th district is down about 70 officers. that's a lot, guys, back to you. will: unbelievable. thanks, todd. so, guys, this is chicago.
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this is the new normal that's happening right now. and what you are seeing, i have been covering this for years. they have really reached the breaking point. the cops have two options. either they show up, risk firing their weapon and then they will lose their job, lose their family, be incarcerated forever or they don't show up at all and plus they get criticism from the public for that. you got brothers that are marching in the street trying to protect their own communities. they get no support from lori lightfoot. they get no support from kim foxx who is the d.a. that continues to allow repeat offenders back on the street. the judges are progressive as well. they grant bail. this city will continue to go into decay and by the way it's not just the inner city of chicago. this is now in the suburb. the criminals realize they can just get away with this. carley? carley: yeah, will, go ahead. will: i would add to lawrence, the entire calculation, the
3:20 am
entire recipe is so disminted, so upside down and lawrence recapped a lot of this. think about this if you are a police officer, you have been vilified your reputation ruined your pay sock. you don't get rich being a cop. have you lost qualified immunity in many places so there is an attempt to push away qualified immunity. which means if there is a discharge of your weapon in a highly tense police second decision you can be personally sued. now you have to satisfy a vaccine mandate many of these same cities, walk into violence and dangerous environment on the daily basis. what's the upside beyond a sense of duty? then the result of that is that we have a policing shortage and we have a neighborhoods with record amounts of crime. by the way, the exact same neighborhoods who are purportedly the ones we are trying to for social injustice. it's demented punishes minority
3:21 am
communities. carley: look how quickly things spiral out of control. the just got rolling last year and look at the crime affecting cities across the country. police officers by and large are frustrated. they are sad that all of this crime is happening. they also should feel extremely appreciated. because we wouldn't have a country without them. and then you think about the democrat response to this where you have aoc continuing to push for bail reform and lori lightfoot blaming retailers for the theft that is occurring and jen psaki blaming the coronavirus pandemic, they are not being serious about the fundamental reasons about why this is happening and my question is how much does it take for people in inner cities to vote differently? how bad does it have to get? and hopefully people will wake up and demand a policy change. i think republicans have an opportunity to go into inner
3:22 am
cities and say listen, you feel it. this isn't working. maybe it's time to vote differently on this front. lawrence: they got to show up. carley: they absolutely do have to show up. hopefully that will happen. it is all about saving lives. that someone issue that is affecting the country and the democratic party in particular. here's another. courtesy of "the new york post." check out this headline, liberals should resolve to be more tolerant in 2022. our democracy depends on it the op-ed goes on to say new year's is approaching and one resolution will had help our democracy make a friend with opposing political views and be kind tore people you disagree with politically. the left will claims our democracy is under attack root demos mean people. if millions of liberals refuse to speak conservative people. even the liberals enlightened and intolerant who is a threat
3:23 am
to democracy? i love that perspective. lawrence: i love it how do you do this when the other side -- i think they are wrong. >> they think that we are evil. i really noticed this when i ran campus reform on the college campuses. when you have professors that are teaching these young people that the other side is not wrong but they are just crazy or they are demented or they mean to invoke harm on you, then you really can't have an honest conversation. look i disagree with most liberals just because of where i grew up. but i don't think that they are evil people. i just think that they are a little messed up sometimes. i don't think they have all their facts correct, will, i would never say they intend to harm others. that's where the modern day progressive movement is. will: yeah, the progressive movement, honestly is so far away from any traditional definition of a democrat.
3:24 am
the progressive movement has flipped every single, you know, at least values they profess to hold on its head. i know, i believe that those who yell racist the loudest are usually those that exhibit, for example, racist personality characteristics, the same goes with this concept of tolerance. you know, liberals pride themselves or progressives would pride themselves on being tolerant and yet, take a look at this poll of college students on being friends with people with delivering political believes. 5% of republicans would not, would not be friends with someone of the opposite party. but 37% of democrats would not be friends with someone of the opposite party. so preach tolerance or practice something very different. you know, i think it's now become one of a host of qualities that you preach one thing and practice another. whether or not it's on race. >> whether or not that's on science, quote unquote science, divorce themselves, they turned
3:25 am
code pawns response on religion and now see it on tolerance as well. carley: as you were talking some celebrities speaking out against cancel culture and a lot of liberal celebrities are saying that this has got to stop and they are saying that because they recognize that it could come back to bite them as well. kim kardashian just gave one of the most reasoned comments on cancel culture when she said that this is -- it's insane and if you cancel somebody, you are not inviting them into the conversation. you are just cutting them off. so, you know, i think that there is -- this poll clearly shows that republicans are at fault of this as well. i sort of dispute the fact that only 5% wouldn't be friends with the other party. i think it's usually republicans are like okay, you know, sure i will be friends with anybody. democrats who usually feel very strong. especially on college campuses and what is right and wrong and all of that. it is definitely something that
3:26 am
there needs to be a coming together. will, go ahead. will: 5% is a small number. you can probably find 5% that don't like ice cream. it you can find 5% for anything. carley: yeah, exactly. but i love the message of just finding a friend from the other side because usually when you hear somebody out and you may not agree with them. but you put a face to the gleef and then you know, you start to realize that, you know, serve a person and it doesn't have to be heated all the time. lawrence: i made a commitment when i first got in this business just because i have friends of opposing views that i was not going to allow politics to affect my friendships or family, just going to agree to disagree sometimes. we start off at that point. but to pick up where you left off, carley, when it comes to celebrity. the only reason why you have all of these celebrities that are coming out right now saying they
3:27 am
are now for -- now against cancel culture is because it started to impact them and their -- one of the main ones was ellen degeneres. so totally cool with canceling everyone else. the moment it hit her or her friend kevin hart all of a sudden she was cancel culture. we have seen this over and over. it's like wildfire, put gasoline in a fire don't be surprised when it hits you too. you can't control it. carley: you are right. i do think that the more people in prominent position to speak out against cancel culture the better. even though it affects famous people, they still have the money, they still have some sort of outlet to further their future. but it also effects people that don't make news every day. they lose their jobs. and those are the people that i really feel bad for. all right. got to get to headlines here, deliberations resume today in the ghislaine maxwell trial. the latest on the cases as we could be on the verge of a verdict.
3:28 am
also happening today a new vax seen mandate could take a major bite out of business in the big apple. a group of new york city business owners react to the latest hit from democratic leaders. ♪ ♪
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carley: we are back with your headlines, the jury deliberations today in the trial of ghislaine maxwell. recruiting girls and women for epstein. jury broke for the holidays last week. maxwell spending christmas also her birthday behind bars as she faces up to 80 years in prison if convicted. the first commanding officer of the navy seals team 6 dies at the age of 81 on christmas day. he enlisted in navy 1958 and served in the vietnam war. the navy seal museum remembering him in a statement saying he played a very unique park in seal history leaving a legacy like no other. considered the united states premier counter-terrorism operator. god bless him. young girl seriously injured by
3:33 am
a missouri tornado earlier this month learned she got christmas presents from donald and melania trump. >> both of these boxes are from president trump. can you believe that? >> oh my gosh. carley: oh, wow, the former first couple sending signed hats, presidential blankets, american girl dolls and more. the 7-year-old lost her older sister in the deadly tornado weeks before the presents coming with a signed letter from the president from trump, the trumps rather, reading in part, quote with your steadfast spirit and unwavering strength and support of your wonderful family and many friends, your first potential is limitless. how do you not love that amazing. those are your headlines. all right. let's check in with meteorologist adam klotz with fox weather forecast. hey, adam. adam: tracking weather systems across the country. few clear skies but spots where
3:34 am
winter weather is coming down. that means snowfall for some really cold rain in other areas. this leading edge now running into pennsylvania, upstate new york. stretching back across the upper midwest to the south of this across ohio. just some heavy showers. if you live in the western states you know it has been round after round after round of winter weather along the coast. higher elevations and seeing snowfall currently. this is not going to stop over the next couple of days. prepare for a whole lot of snowfall. this is a snowfall forecast. everywhere get a couple inches. pinks and purples are getting up to several feet of snow particularly the higher elevations. good news for skiers and boarders if you are heading out january. bunch of snow on the way. california, thee are some of the snowfall totals we are going to be looking at fairly sveda spread. at least a foot and a half. places getting up to 2 feet. places getting up to 3 feet. winter weather is here. those are your weather
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headlines. for now, lawrence, bring it back to you. lawrence: thanks, adam. today new york city vaccine mandate in person private sector no option to test out. meanwhile the state's governor is actually shortening the quarantine period for essential workers who test positive. watch. >> critical workforce we have relied on from the beginning and my heart goes out to them filled with gratitude. we need you again. we need you to be able to go to work. lawrence: here to react are business owners in the big apple diner owner, brooklyn shop office and brooklyn dumpling shop owner and assistant manager pasta reria. thank you for joining me today. >> good morning. lawrence: these vaccine mandates, how is it impacting your business?
3:36 am
>> well, the vaccine mandates have had a huge impact on our business. because what's happened is we have people that are in support that we are not following the mandate. we have people from everywhere thanking us that we are standing up for what should be normal in the united states of america. especially in the city of new york that people are come in, sit down have a cup of coffee live their lives like normal. huge impact and unfortunate what's happened now two weeks to flatten the curve. two years to endure this absolute craziness push for vaccines everywhere in order to live a normal life. lawrence: it seems like you guys have been hit. government closings and trying ting get back up. pay your rent. unable to pay that at one point.
3:37 am
finally able to raise some money to make it through all of this chaos it just seems like this may be the final nail in the coffin. brooklyn shop house. honestly, we are not going to listen to this mandate. my staff basically are all -- they have come to me vulnerablely and said hey i got my second vax, we have got our boost earth. we're not going to mandate that. not going to threaten people march 2020 to june 2020 feeding over 800 healthcare workers. gheert going to threaten them 'for losing their job because they don't want to get a jab. our responsibility restaurateurs when they clock in they get a odessa immediately with a swab. if it's tested negative they continue to work. if it's positive, they go home with no threat of losing their job, again, this is a political ploy again, as usual, politicians make these kind of
3:38 am
mandates because they are not laws. and then they expect us to follow through and then they want us to police it with 1983 technology, which is a valid covid i've got my booster and they want me to basically police this i just will not. lawrence: unbelievable. meanwhile these cities have crime everywhere. they are not doing anything about that. but they want to focus on these mandates. what is the conversation like with the customers that are coming in? it seems like y'all are not only expected to police your employees but the people that are supporting your business. >> our customers, we are doing okay with our customers. everybody is being compliant. i have not forced any of my workers to vaccinate vaccinate and i will not. most of them are vaccinated on their own they did ton their
3:39 am
own. irs forced to vaccinate because of these mandates and i will never forget i was forced to vaccinate. i will never forgive them for that it is disgusting. it is unconstitutional. it is against my religious belief. and unfortunately, i'm single mom with four kids. and i have to provided an income for my children and they were -- they put the fear in me. and i had who do what i had to do. but i am not doing that in anybody else. i took the decision upon myself to get vaccinated. but, you know, business is going okay. even though we have been very slow since these mandates. nighttime going to lie to you. ever since they put mandates on, our sales have gone down. and it's just very slow. it's very slow for business.
3:40 am
lawrence: you know, irene, you can hear the emotion in your voice. we are witnessing our individual liberty fade away. and i think history will remember this moment. irene and mary and joseph thank you so much for joining the program today. good luck to you all. >> thank you. lawrence: you bet. a teacher in texas publicly mocking parents' concerns about woke education in schools with a poem. a mom of four that district reacts next. >> meander likes reading a lot. but some evangelicals did not. these bigots don't get to choose for us, that's clear. ♪♪♪ my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 2 system. with a painless, one-second scan i know my glucose numbers without fingersticks.
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reading a lot. some evangelicals do not. how i am wondering did we even get here? they growl at our meetings all hawaiiing and humming we must stop this indoctrination from coming. will: so parents outraged this morning after a teacher resigned and then used dr. suess style lyrics to openly mock texas parents as quote bigot for protesting explicit books in school libraries as you just saw on your screen. here is a mother of four in the round rock independent school district joins us here on "fox & friends." thank you for being with us. you see that video that was at a school board meeting. apparently it was sort of a last hurrah for that teacher christa taylor because she had just resigned we had learned before that meeting. so you hear that and you know that was in your classrooms. that mindset was in your
3:46 am
classrooms for quite some time. what are your thoughts. >> >> first of all, i would like to start off by i saying i respect teachers. i would like to thank all of them for everything they have done and they do for our students every day. concerning this particular teacher, i think she is showing her true colors by name calling and attacking parents for having views different from her own. i have opposing views but i do not mock anyone for religious beliefs or call them bigots or brainless kooks. she is supposed to be serving students of all faith. she is supposed to be a role model. she is wrong when she thinks only evangelizes are opposing
3:47 am
these pornographic books. i'm not a christian and i oppose these books. >> if you are to take a picture of one of the books gender queer and post it on facebook. facebook will actually remove it because it violates its community standards for having explicit content. and that says a lot. >> will: by the way, i don't know that it's necessary it's a shame you need to say you support teachers. this isn't an attack on teachers. it's an attempt to have an appropriate influence of the education of our children as you line of to those types of teachers christa taylor what you realize this is all throughout our classrooms this type of mentality. it makes you wonder can you leave your children in a school district that toler rates that point of view the question for you can you leave your children
3:48 am
in a school district where teachers like her. >> her views i don't think she should be teaching openly saying this in front of a camera or a school board and audience. i don't think i would trust her in private with my students. will: no, yeah. definitely not her. and then it brings the district's point of view, the district's positioning at large then into question. tyler will no longer be teaching in your school districts at least. kieu, thank you for sharing your position with us this morning. we wish you the best of luck in educating your children, thank you. >> thank you for having me. will: we reached out to the school district for comment and they haven't got back. they are on holiday. come up, america's crime wave strikes oregon business for the second time in from months with a break-in on christmas day. owners make a plea for law and
3:49 am
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♪ carley: small business owners in portland are cefs stated after their shop was broken into on christmas morning. the owners of flip side says
3:53 am
their 11-year-old son had just started opening presents when portland police called with the bad news. this is the second time their store has been hit since it opened just two months ago. owners of flipside hats corey and jacob join us now. good morning to you both. corey, this is such sad news. what an unfortunate turn of events for you on christmas. what was it like when you got that phone call from police? >> we were opening other hand made presents from our son and we got a call and said the store was broken into again. and it was our hearts just sank, you know, here we are again going through this. it was very disheartening. >> what should have been such a happy time for your family. jacob, how much did the bad guys walk away with? >> it's unbelievable amount, damage to the store front about
3:54 am
$35,000 worth of goods so far that we have tallied up. carley: oh my gosh, kori, have police told you anything about who the suspects are? are they still out on the run? >> they are still out on the run. we have video footage that you will show. carley: yeah we have it up. >> you know, with the mask mandate, actually they have masks on so it's very hard to identify anybody. carley: that is so unfortunate. jacob, we mentioned in the intro business flipside hats at least this location is new. opened on november 1st. already was broken into, what, on november 3rd? so just two days after you opened. what happened during that first robbery? the first robbery they drove a car into our store front, smashed the front door looted computers and many, many hats. they were coming for all of our awesome hats and it was clear
3:55 am
they were going for the expensive hats. carley: kori, unfortunately you are not alone in this. robbery up 16%. motor vehicle thefts 30.62% from 2020. why is this happening? oh no, unfortunately we lost their shot. we wish wish them the best of luck. whether a an unfortunate situation especially to happen on christmas. we will move on here the founder of the controversial 1619 project doubled down on one of the left's most outrageous positions. what she had to say about parents being a part of their kids' education coming up. ♪
3:56 am
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♪ joy sets my mind free. lawrence: welcome to "fox & friends," lawrence jones here, will cain as well as carley shimkus. live shot from washington, d.c. i'm live in dallas, guys. how was your all weekend? willful. will: it was wonderful. i was here with carley on both saturday and sunday. so it made every morning a little bit brighter, carley. carley: stop. keep going. will: lawrence i'm in big d as well which meant i got spend christmas with the family which was awesome i had two young boys banging each other transparent bowls that we all banged into each other on "fox & friends weekend." my guys got those for christmas. i stayed up late and watched the cowboys win. carley: big day ahead today. because president biden will meet with state leaders and health officials who discuss the
4:01 am
omicron variant as it spreads across the country. lauren blanchard is live with for. >> today president biden will meet with the nation's governors and the covid response team to talk about what comes next. some states are reinstating mask mandates. others are considering shortened quarantine periods to help get people back to work faster. more than anything, the president is likely to be asked where are the tests is last week the president promised 500 million free of charge rapid test kits but the tests won't be available until next month. not all at once and well past the holidays. the website to request one isn't live yet as we wait for the rapid tests americans have been met with long testing lines or sold out pharmacies. >> obviously got to do better. i think things will improve greatly as we get into january but that doesn't help us today and tomorrow. >> dr. third down fauci says it's not the time to take off masks and they are aware there is a testing problem.
4:02 am
meanwhile he and the administration continue to advocate for vaccination and booster shots. there has been some criticism that the administration has been so focused on vaccines that the testing shortage could have been avoted before the holidays if they had ramped up production earlier. lawrence, carley, will? lawrence: thank you some, lauren. will: thank you, lauren. so listening to that report. go ahead, lawrence. i want to hear you kick that off. lawrence: i'm sorry about that brother it just seems like the federal government is focused on all the areas where they should not be focused on. and then they have been tasked and biden by the way he promised to do this on the campaign trail. they promised to get the testing and all this in order and just simply failed. look, of i happen to believe that we are doing way more testing than we should but there are moments where testing is necessary. my mom and little sister has lupus. when i'm in the city i'm not testing all the time.
4:03 am
but because i'm going to be around people that have a low immune system, then i need those tests so i can make sure that i protect the vulnerable. but it seems like the administration can't get their act together, will. >> right. i share your opinion on the fact that we are actually overtesting. but what you are pointing out actually that we ever mistesting. we are devoting resources to areas where it's unnecessary and depriving them of areas where testing could be useful and helpful. the "new york post" is talking about this in a new editorial where they have said biden has been breaking his promises on covid tests all year only to keep doing it again and again. specifically they go ton say president biden tried to show strong leadership by saying he would make 500 million at home tests available to all who want one. it turns out people haven't even finalized the contracts yet. the bigger problem is that biden already vowed to order 300 million rapid test three months ago on big speech on the
4:04 am
delta wave. does he think the american people are that forgetful or that stupid? carley we spoke about this over the weekend, what we spoke about was a pandemic of positive tests. asymptomatic healthy people out there coming back on the regular with positive coronavirus, you know, test and that is causing a work shortage, a labor shortage in almost every single industry. i know this it's happening in the media industry, it's happening in the airline industry. it's happening in professional sports it's happening everywhere. lawrence points out that who might need to get a test or having trouble getting one. no other way to put it than this the biden administration to president biden to dr. third down fauci have handled the coronavirus pandemic about as poorly as you could possibly handle it. >> that's right. will: someone needs to pay with their job. my suggestion would be you start with dr. anthony fauci. carley: you are right. you mentioned a labor shortage. and vaccine mandate on
4:05 am
businesses, all private businesses in new york city goes into effect today. lawrence, did you a great interview with some small business owners who are pushing back against this mandate. listener to what they had to say. >> we are not following the mandate. we have people from everywhere thanking under the circumstances that we are standing up for what should be normal in the united states of america. >> we're not going to mandate that to our staff. we're not going to threaten the people that are with us from march 2020 to june 2020 feeding over 8400 healthcare workers. we are not going to threaten them by losing their job because they don't want to get a jab. >> it's disgusting. it is unconstitutional. it is against my religious beliefs. and go i'm a single mom with four kids and to identify provide an income for my children. they put the fear in me. carley: so you have this sweeping vaccine mandate taking
4:06 am
effect in new york city. also on the sunday shows, dr. fauci he thinks that on flights people will be masked up forever. answered also signaled his support for vaccine mandates in order to fly. no. >> you have to remember why founded to limit big government. this is a massive overreach and it starts small with things that seemingly make sense like 15 days to slow the spread. you have to mask up during the height of the pandemic and now children are being forced to get vaccinatedsed. you have vaccine mandates for small businesses and possibly a vaccine mandate in order to fly. it is outrageous. and this is something that a lot of people are speaking out against. but people that aren't in power and right now because of the administration that we have. expect to see more mandates coming down the road. lawrence: it defies the science though. that's the pointed we are missing on the airlines.
4:07 am
will, dr. fauci told on himself. he said the reason why he wants this to continue on the airlines, is because it's going to squeeze people to get the vaccination. that's the real objective is control, not science. will: dr. anthony fauci needs to be fired. he is simply out of control. is he power drunk. i would ask any journalist who has access to dr. anthony fauci find the limbs of his own party. ask him the limit of his own power. see if you can find the point at which he would go no, that's too much. we would never do that i will guarantee you can you push the limit as far as can you find and it his answer will be well, we will have to see what the data says at the moment. we are not governed by data. data which doesn't support his power drunk perspective. data that shows omicron is overwhelmingly mild. but his power is limited by the foundational documents of this country. is he not empowered to tell us to get vaccinated to fly. he thinks so. and i would challenge you, find
4:08 am
the limit. ask him. see what he thinks the limits of his power might be. carley: will, i think that's such a great point. also, when it comes to vaccines, every single doctor that has come on our air, highly respected doctors all say that the vaccines were great. they are safe and it's what prevents people even if you get something like delta, a more serious variant, it prevents you from going to the hospital. but, i also think that people are allowed to be skeptical of a new virus for -- or a new vaccine for a new virus. i think it's all about choice. and you shouldn't demonize people for thinking something that you may disagree with. lawrence. lawrence: it's demonization and it's also telling people either they get the vaccine or they can't work. i mean, we just had a guest irene, did you see the emotion in her voice saying she wouldn't be able to provide for her family unless she got the vaccine? she said she would never forgive the united states government for
4:09 am
mandating this ever again. i mean, that is the line. we are telling american citizens that either you can provide -- either you get the vaccine or you can't provide for your family. i just think that's a slippery slope, will. that is the slope. carley: yeah, it is the slope. will: we are sliding down it quickly. let's move to this as well this morning. parents across the country have been pushing back on school boards as well you know the critical point, the inflection point has probably been loudoun county, virginia. this has happened in school districts across the country. parents wanting to exert their influence, their perspective, their persuasion over their children's education while teachers have shoved critical race theory, critical gender theory, every other type of critical theory into children's education. now, nic the founder of the 1619 project at the "new york times," she is mystified by this idea that somehow, some way, some reason parents should be guiding
4:10 am
their children's education. watch. >> i don't really understand this idea that parents should decide what's being taught. i'm not a professional educator. i don't have a degree in social studies or science. we send our children to school because we want them to be taught by people who have expertise in the subject area. and that is not my job. this is why we send our children to school and don't home school because these are the professional educators who have the expertise to teach social studies, to 250e67 history, to teach science and literature. we should leave that to the educators. will: another category, carley of leave it to the experts. carley: oh my gosh. i mean, i cannot believe that she said that she doesn't understand that parents should have a say in their own child's education. do you think she would feel that way if she had a child who was being taught something in schools that she disagrees with? and, of course, you bring up loudoun county. think about what happened with the virginia gubernatorial race.
4:11 am
terry mcauliffe said the exact same thing. and it is one of the reasons why glenn youngkin is the governor of virginia. parents across the country are so frustrated with you education right now. and this really, lawrence, started when the pandemic started because they started to see with zoom school and everything what was going on behind closed doors. they said this isn't right. now they are going to school board meetings and finally taking a stand against this. lawrence: they said it wasn't hang and then the parents saw what was happening and tried to ban them from school board meetings. sent the doj after them. the parents went to loudoun county and said let me see what is going on. can i get the actual information that made them sign nondisclosure agreements and it went on and on and on. look, you know, i have been out front when it comes to crt because i actually want to understand what the other side is saying. look, i'm all for and i talked about this before more history being taught. untold stories being there. like i said earlier in the show, it has to be with honest
4:12 am
brokers. and mrs. jones is not an honest broker. i have read several of her pieces. i have read her book. you know, one of the things that she does is that she will cite these academics. and include their information. but the moment those same academics that he cited in her book disagrees with the pov. she pretends not to know those academics and then she deletes them out of her future writing. she is not honest. she does not respect history. she comes from an alternative -- alternate point of view. that is not based in fact or history. i just don't think we should take her seriously at this point. because even the people that she has used in prior documents, are starting to discredit her right now, will. will: yeah, senator ted cruz said this woman is writing fake and racist history widely debunked schools across the country nonetheless are using as curriculum pointing out the 1619
4:13 am
project has great influence over what children are being taught. i would say two things, first. you want to own this like terry mcauliffe, go ahead. i dare democrats take up this line parents shouldn't have influence over their children's education. it my suspicion you will end up in the same place terry mcauliffe is. i spoke to a mother in round rock, texas, whose school is dealing with the same type of thing. they had a teacher, call any parent who pushed back bigots. i talked to kieu earlier this is what she had to say. >> i respect teachers, many of them very hard. concerning this particular teacher, i think she is showing her true colors by name-calling and attacking parents for having a view that's different from her own. my opposing views but i do not mock anyone for their religious belief. she is supposed to be serving
4:14 am
students of all faith. she is supposed to be a role model. will: that was in response by the way to a teacher who called any parent that pushed back like we are talking about, bigots and uneducated. my second point i wanted toed make was this not that it would -- democrats would pay at the polls for this type of -- for this type of mindset, but that this isn't done, jones mindset isn't done with the mind set of educating the state. the process is we need to turn them into appropriate voters. in other words, turn over the education to the quote, unquote, experts so when they grow, not that they have wide range of perspective or understand how to critically think, that they know how to vote. they want to create advocates, not enlightened individuals. carley: yeah, i think this goes back to what we were talking about last hour with tolerance. and the fact that teachers feeling elm bonded teach children this lawrence, you said
4:15 am
it right thinks that the left is wrong. the right thinks -- when it comes today occasion, i think most parents just want teachers to too just that stick to the basics. if you look at testing around the country, those test scores are slipping and there are a lot of cities where, you know, insanely low numbers. in terms of even getting to the proper level of reading and writing, that's where teachers really should be focusing. lawrence: you are exactly right, carley. that's why i'm so concerned when it comes to this issue. will is correct. that dems will pay at the ballot box when it comes to that. i saw this with youngkin. i was there three months before the election. i didn't think he had a shot. the voters weren't were not that enthused with him. three weeks before the election, you could see the tide turning and obviously he won. it was historic victory.
4:16 am
one thing i noticed in loudoun county. and, you know, it seems to be happening all across the country, is that even though republicans would continue to win elections if dems run on this. the classroom still needs to change. and i'm worried that the parents are losing their kids. that's why i always say it has to start at home. although you may ban it, on paper, these teachers have been teaching this for a while. even before it was written on paper. and that's why the parents have to be invested. they have to see what's going on in the classroom. and i understand these parents are, woulding long shifts. my mom and dad could barely make it to the game that night. they have to see what their kids are learning when they're not around. will: absolutely. we have to turn to headlines. danny jr. danny smooth is dead after a christmas eve shooting
4:17 am
in what police are calling a road rage attack. they say kelly was driving his girlfriend and three children to a family celebration in maryland when a vehicle pulled up alongside him and opened fire. kelly's girlfriend and children were not injured. the $25,000 reward is being offered for tips leading to the arrest and conviction of kelly's killer. two college football bowl games are canceled due to covid outbreaks. the military bowl scheduled for today and wednesday's finway bowl will not be played. boston college amend the university of virginia saying they don't have enough healthy players for a full roster. so that canceled those games. this after texas a&m pulled out of the gator bowl for the same reason that game by the way will be played with rutgers replacing texas a&m. have you ever stepped on a lego? yes is the answer. many times. turns out you might have actually stepped in a gold mine. i might be rich then. i need to read more.
4:18 am
a stu study finds discontinued lego sets have appreciated in value 11% annually from '87 to 2015 which is more than gold. lego prices skyrocketing during the pandemic as kids and adults alike tried to cope with the lockdown blues. the priciest sets are the millennium falcon. the imperial star destroyer. and taj mahal. okay, so, i kid you not. i can walk into the living room right now and legos are scattered all over. half built, started on christmas day. half built. i'm concerned we have talked about this. you can open one bag at a time. you know legos have big boxes. multiple bags, right? don't open more than one bag because i don't want all of those legos scattered there on the floor for the next month. do one bag at a time. finish that bag because i don't want to be stepping on these things. they are all over the place.
4:19 am
carley: it's a painful toy. fun but painful. not worth it new york everywheres are known for being tough but the latest spike in violence has some residents too afraid to go outside. the families of crime victims join us next with their plea to city leaders, plus, president biden reinstated the remain in mexico policy. but migrants are still heading towards the border in droves. how cartels are taking advantage of the crisis. en breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred.
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lawrence: welcome back to "fox & friends." it's getting to the point want i don't want to go outside. it's too dangerous. face a surge in violence including the devastating impact of our next guest. sanchez lost her sanjay quan just four months ago when he was shot seven times and killed while waiting in a checkout line in the bronx rosalyn lost her brother alexander in 2012 after he was murdered while being robbed in philadelphia. marisol and roselyn join us now. ladies, thank you so much for being here. i'm so sorry for your loss. marisol, what do you think is driving this? >> i think it's a lack of government officials at the
4:25 am
moment. so many things have changed. you don't see police presence like you used to. and it is the lack of, again, the lack of government, you know, officials being in the bronx, and the community supporting us, helping us, you know, and it's just, you know, it's scary. it's a scary situation right now. because you can't even walk outside. you could just be going to a store and, you know, and you see people walking with guns like it's like a new norm here in the bronx now. like literally outside. you see these guys walking around with these little man bags or whatever. in their sweaters you see guns. and it's scary. it's very scary, alarming and, you know, something has to be done. lawrence: it's so true. i was just outside of my
4:26 am
barbershop in harlem last week. my barber told me that the day before gunshots right down the street, someone died right there. it seems like it's become the new normal in washington, d.c. roselyn, i want to go to you, where are the elected leaders and what are they doing about this? >> well, currently, our elective leaders are not doing enough, obviously. you have a current district attorney larry krasner who is extremely soft on crime and not allowing -- not prosecuting those with firearm possessions and they later on murder someone's child. we see this day in and day out. i mean, i always say, are you know, since he has been in office he has never the defense. it's overwhelming because mothers continue to mourn the loss of their children while he does absolutely nothing for us. lawrence: marisol, tell me about your son. >> jay quan was a very vibrant young guy -- young boy.
4:27 am
he was so full of love. always helping others. always caring, big hearted. he was just, you know, he was at a stage when he was murdered he was at a stage in his life where he wanted to like go into nursing. he wanted to go back into acting because due to the pandemic, there was like no jobs. so he was like steady looking for jobs. it was so hard. so, right before his murder he had just passed the nursing test. and he excited to start that in september. and, you know, he is just missed. he is missed by the community. not just me because he was so much loved by so many people, so many people have so many nice things to say about him. and that's what keeps me going. it gives me strength.
4:28 am
you know? i want everyone to remember him by that because he had -- he was big-hearted. lawrence: had a bright future ahead of him. sounds like a wonderful son. i'm so sorry for your loss. marisol, roselyn, thank you so much for joining the program today. god bless you both. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. lawrence: you bet. still ahead, the supply chain crisis could soon impact the covid pandemic. the most important medical supplies getting delayed at our ports. plus, it's joe vs. joe as biden fights to push through his massive spending agenda. what do everyday measures think? reaction from senator manchin's own state is next. hi susan! honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? now get powerful relief with robitussin elderberry.
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shortage of medical supplies including masks. the health industry distributers association releasing this data saying transportation delays are a healthcare issue. more than 8,000 containers of critical supplies are currently delayed an average of 37 days. meantime one mask manufacturer says both the supply chain crisis and nationwide worker shortage is depleting ppe
4:33 am
primarily disposable masks. not good. the pentagon plans to cut the state side cost of living stipend foreapproximately 48,000 troops in 2022. the department of defense announcing that troops in 15 metropolitan areas in 21 counties across the u.s. will be cut off from a cost of living allowance starting this upcoming saturday. washington, d.c. troops are among those losing funding. ultra rare game worn tom brady jersey up for auction. the tampa bay buccaneers jersey signed by the seven time super bowl champ. he threw four touchdowns wearing the jersey during the team's 44 to 27 win over the atlanta's falcons at the end of the last season. the jersey could fetch, this get this, as much as $6 million at auction. will, that is a lot of money. over to you. will: it is probable mvp this
4:34 am
season. but it's joe vs. joe as vice president kamala harris pushes for biden's build back better agenda despite senator joe manchin rejecting the bill. >> you're talking about build back better act like it still has life to it as you snow senator joe manchin said he is a no. you don't have the vote. >> i'm not giving up. the president is not giving up. frankly the stakes are too high. will: but business owners in the mountain state are sticking with their senator. here to react is west virginia chamber of commerce president steve roberts. steve, great to have you with me this morning here on "fox & friends." thanks for getting up early. there has been a lot of talk about. even been questions asked hey, who is the real president is it joe biden or joe manchin? the question, i think, has to be this. is joe manchin and his position, specifically on build back better, representing the interest of west virginia? what do west virginians want? >> will, thank you so much for
4:35 am
having me this morning. i really appreciate you taking some time to talk to me here in west virginia. and what i am finding is that west virginia supports senator manchin, his decision to say this is not the right build back better bill. i think west virginians have found out that the stakes are high and they come with high consequences. this bill has been proven to be inflationary in the short run. it has been proved and scored by the congressional budget office to add to the national debt. it creates uncertainty for 53% of the parents whose children are in a religious based child care. for us here in west virginia, it taxes energy production and adds to the cost of natural gas. i think all of those things cause us in west virginia to say that senator manchin is right.
4:36 am
senator capito is right in saying this is not the right answer to the problems that we're trying to solve in our country today. will: what do you make of the response to manchin's vote or manchin's declaration that he would not support build back better? what do you make of all of the perspective nationally toward west virginia. west virginians and their choice for senator? >> you know, will, we in west virginia are proud of our state and we are proud of our senators and the way they represent us. i think we probably safe to say taken back by the vitriol towards senator manchin and toward us. i have been the recipient of some really hateful emails and my answer is let's not respond in kind but let's be open-minded. what we really would welcome is a healthy robust debate about
4:37 am
the issue. what is it that people want? and let's talk about how we might be able to get there. with those things that could be legitimately supported. but let's also be aware that this is a very big bill that comes at a very high cost it has been scored by those who do this professionally and for a living. to be a very costly approach to serving -- to solving certain problems that i think people would legitimately like to see solved. this is just a very big expensive way to do it. will: right. west virginia chamber of commerce president steve roberts, thank you for getting up and talking with us this morning on "fox & friends." >> thank you, will. thank you. will: all right. coming up, remain in mexico is back but the border surge isn't slowing down. why? a former el paso officer breaks down the failed messaging from the white house. plus, dan bongino is here.
4:38 am
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♪ ♪ carley: president biden forced to reinstate president trump's made in mexico policy this month. that's not stopping thousands of migrants rushing our southern border. will: 6500 haitian migrants have arrived in tijuana, mexico and baha, california. in moan while in florida dozens landed in key largo on friday morning in this sailboat. >> unbelievable. caravans putting migrants in danger as they are caught in the middle of a cartel turf war. former el paso police officer robert el monte joins us now to
4:43 am
discuss. robert, thank you so much and thank you for your service to the nation. i just got to ask you, what are you seeing with this criminal enterprise because although remain in mexico is only a piece of the puzzle, there's a lot of folks that are still pouring across the border. especially in el paso. >> yes. good morning. yeah, it's terrible situation and unfortunately, it's getting worse. and what we are seeing as far as the remain in mexico policy, i think will that caused a lot of these migrants to panic and make a rush for the border. and thinking they are going to miss their turn in lined mexican cartels heavily involved in human smuggling and trafficking for years. the only difference now even more involved now because of the surge of migrant and cartels don't treat the migrants any differently than they treat their drugs. they treat them both as
4:44 am
commodities. they don't care about these people. they get killed. it's no big loss it's just a horrible situation. i can't help but feel for these people trying to make it to the greatest country in the world and they are falling short on their dreams. will: robert, your suspicion is that the announcement that the biden administration would bring back remain in mexico actually caused a short-term, i guess, at least surge in that migrants were hoping to get here before that policy is put back into place. does that explain by the way why we are seeing haitian migrants, once again in the caribbean and as far as west as baha? >> yes, i do. i really think that the remain in mexico situation actually did have an impact on what we're seeing right now. i think it will be temporary. however, i think that's exactly what we're seeing, not just with people trying to make entry from
4:45 am
mexico. we need keep in mind these people that are trying to make entry into the united states from mexico, they are not all from mexico. they are from different countries and south america and also have the haitians coming in as well. carley: robert, earlier in the show we were talking about an interview that vice president kamala harris just did where she said that the greatest threat to our national security is climate change and threats to our democracy. you have seen the situation on the ground with the southern border. would you put the lack of border security in that category? >> yeah. absolutely. absolutely. and to be honest with you, i think i would put it ahead of the climate change because the cartels are impacting not only our southwest border but every city in the united states. these mexican cartels have cell groups set up throughout the united states. and there is even more of them right now. we lost over 100,000 people to
4:46 am
overdoses last year or in the 12-month period. and due fentanyl. and mexico simply is not doing enough. for example, under president fentanyl labs seized. there is a clear example that it president lobe door is not doing enough. our government needs to put more pressure on the mexican government to address the mexican cartel activity. mexican cartel activities includes as we just mentioned and talked about the immigration issue. lawrence: you know, robert, you would think when the vice president said addressing the root causes that this would be included in that but obviously not. thank you so much for joining the program today, sir. >> my pleasure to be here. thank you all very much.
4:47 am
carley: thank you. lawrence: you bet. all right. let's check in with meteorologist adam klotz for our fox weather forecast. hey, adam. adam: good morning, everyone. we are tracking several different areas. here i am. tracking a couple of different weather stories here. one being heat across the southeast continuing. this is current temperatures right now. nearly 70 in memphis. you fall back across that cold front and suddenly those temperatures get a whole lot colder. negative 90 degrees running up into montana. that is where the temperatures are really warm, really cold. a couple of other spots to pay attention to. weather systems moving across the system. this one leading edge snow moving into pennsylvania. i will show you out west we continue to see very heavy snow and rainfall across portions of california. those are your weather headlines for now tossing it back to you. will: all right. adam. thank you so much. america's businesses facing inflation and supply chain woes. will it get any better in the new year? goya foods ceo bob inouye is not
4:48 am
optimistic and says his company is poised for war. those wreaking havoc on the trucking strismt latest effort to get more women behind the wheel ...
4:49 am
priceline works with top hotels to sell their unsold rooms, saving you up to 60%. ah, yes. the parental delegation? you should stay with us. it's no trouble. it's no trouble for him. fine, don't stay with us. i didn't really ask to... okay.
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lawrence: we're back with a couple quick headlines a new years plans are starting to look a lot like they did in 2020 as omicron spreads around the globe. new york city slashing the times square celebration dropping plans for 60,000 people to just 15,000. london, paris, and rome are canceling public celebrations entirely, but president biden's chief of staff wants us to look on the bright side. he shares this column in the hill titled "let's be honest , 2021 wasn't all bad" and calling it"a lookback at the white house remains under fire for multiple failures and poor polling the first year. carlie? over to you. >> lawrence, help wanted as the
4:53 am
american trucking association says 80,000 drivers are needed to end supply chain delays . in wyoming the first woman to graduate from a new commercial driver's license program is finding success with the launch of her own trucking business. the owner just difference smith joins us now. justin good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> why did you want to become a trucker? >> there was a claim wyoming program and all of the stuff they had to offer was like desk job stuff and i've never been, that's never been my cup of tea and i saw the cdl program and thought it be perfect. well off the past year, you've graduate, bought your own semi truck and started your own trucking business talk about a wild ride. when people hear about all that you've accomplished what do they say? >> some are proud. some still their doubts, but i'm just doing my own thing. >> what is it like being a female trucker because it's not
4:54 am
something you see that often. >> you get a lot of looks. you get a lot of remarks like oh , you are driving a manual shift it's not an automatic, nope! >> how dare they. well you started your trucking business at a great time because as you heard 80,000 truckers needed. how has business been for you? >> business has been good. we actually just bought our second truck, so in time, i'll look for a second driver right now. my fiancee, whose also my business partner, he hauls on his days off because he does own another company that keeps him pretty busy, but its been good enough for now. good its been a solid start we're looking at a picture of the two of you together very good looking couple. you know, mike rowe, he's the host of "dirty jobs" on fox news recently and he said there
4:55 am
needs to be more people that skip traditional four-year college education programs and go into a trade. i see you shaking your head. do you agree with that statement >> i do. i always told my girls go to college or go to trade. trade is something that you're always going to be able to use ment when you come home, accounting or being a lawyer isn't something you're going to use in your household. being an electrician, being a plumber, stuff like that, a carpenter, a welder, it's all stuff you can use at home. >> yeah that's right and you also say that you wanted to be a trucker because you do have a daughter and you want to show her the importance of independence and doing something to make the future better for yourself. do you think that more women should become truckers? >> i think it is perfectly fine if they want to. there is nothing that says you can't. i do think women, when you are in a big truck, you're more
4:56 am
cautious, you're you might drive slower or take more precautions which mays the road safer. >> well congratulations on all of your success this year and i'm sure more to come. just difference smith thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> coming up a stunning new study shows less men are leaving the nest, the shocking increase at adults living at home without a job. ♪ people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible... with rybelsus®. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes.
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♪ will: the sun is shining on this final week of 2021 good morning, welcome to fox & friends, it's december 27, 2021 it's the third hour of "fox & friends" and it's will cain, carley shimkus and lawrence jones with you, for the beginning part of this final week of 2021 good morning to both of you. >> good morning, this is a great week, right?
5:01 am
because most people are off school and sitting at home on the couch, how great is that, lawrence? lawrence: that's right we've gotta finish off strong, can't slow down, so we've got a big week ahead. want to go to some news that's been made by the vice president. she was on face the nation yesterday. we still got this broken immigration system, the surge continues to go along, but the vice president says she's still tackling those root causes , watch. >> my approach to the issue in guatemala and its neighboring countries which has been formerly called the northern triangle is to do what we have, i think, a responsibility to do as a member of the western hemisphere, to assist in dealing with the root causes of migration out of those countries and that is my primary focus. i think everyone, regardless of their, where they are in the political spectrum, appreciates the point that people don't want to leave home and what can we do as a neighbor
5:02 am
to help them stay-at-home when that's in fact what they want to do and i'll tell you when i was in guatemala and spoke with the people there, that was emphasized in a we that i knew before i got there but was really emphasized when i got there. lawrence: so when you actually talk to a lot of those leaders in those countries, they say they haven't heard from the vice president there's no plan put in place that we know that a lot of these countries were forced to work with the trump adminitration, but it seems like the biden administration completely torpedoed that. and do you know whose upset a democrat henry cuellar, who has reached out to her office multiple times, yet they don't seem to reach back out to them. this is a democrat at a border state trying to solve the issue but really it doesn't seem like they are interested in resolving the issue. will: because they aren't interested in facing reality and understanding the issue. it's part of this press tour of
5:03 am
the vice president to try to rehabilitate her image and lift her basement level polling numbers meant absolutely nothing that people don't want to leave home. she's seen that, she knew that and was emphasized to her, she said as she spoke to people in central america. well, you know what? the number of little at the southern border who have crossed or who are waiting to cross seem to fly in the face of that exact statement. the bottom line is the united states of america is the most free and economically advantaged country on the face of this earth and that serves as a magnet to people who want to live a better life, that's a fact, and if we instituted an open borders policy, carlie, across this world, i think this is always so fas fascinating, anyone who thinks we are systemically injust, drop all border walls and drop all border laws. do you think more people flow to the united states or out of the united states? and so the united states is magnet for people who want to live a better life and the bottom line is, you know, the vice president can tell us
5:04 am
they want to stay home and focus on root causes but when you accept that reality, then you understand you have to accept the job of enforcing the law of our immigration policies. >> yeah, that's right and you have to wonder why democrats and the biden administration have been so reluctant to change their policies, because when you do look at polling, the areas where the biden administration really polls the lowest often has to do with illegal immigration so it's not just republicans who are concerned about this but also democrats, and, you know, you think about the fentanyl issue where its now become the leading cause of death between people, the ages of 18 and 45, and the fact that these criminal cartels in mexico are making money hand over fist. if mexican cartels if they had a vote be voting for you, that means that you're on the wrong side of this equation, and robert el monte, a former el paso police officer is sounding
5:05 am
the alarm on this skyrocketing cartel activity. listen to this. >> part of the remain in mexico policy, i think that caused a lot of these migrants to panic, and make a rush for the border, and thinking they are going to miss their turn in line. now the mexican cartels have been heavily involved in human smuggling, human trafficking for years. the only difference now is they are even more involved now because of the surge of migrants and the cartels don't treat the migrants any differently than they treat their drugs. they treat them both as commodities, they don't care about these people, they get killed it's no big loss, so it's just a horrible situation. lawrence: democrats don't understand the criminal enterprise of the cartel. it's not just the people. it is the drugs as well as the human trafficking you can't separate one from the other. if you're for the people coming illegally across the border you're for the drugs, you're for
5:06 am
the human smuggling because it's a part of one enterprise. the last thing i'd say is carlie talks about wondering when the democrats will pivot. i don't wonder anymore. this is what they are for. when you look on that presidential stage, in the primary, and you saw every single democrat raise their hand when it talks about illegals getting benefits in this country , they made it perfectly clear where they are on that issue, will. will: they did. they did, and then there's this. as we enter the final several weeks of 2021, the political battle sized up to be not joe biden vs. donald trump but joe biden vs. joe manchin, joe vs. joe because the center for west virginia essentially said no to build back better. he would not be supporting joe biden's $5 trillion social spending package and in response to that, in response to that opposition, he earned the ire,
5:07 am
not just of joe biden or not just of the biden administration but the entirety of the democratic party. watch. >> if he doesn't have the courage to do the right thing for the working families of west virginia and america, let them vote no in front of the whole world. >> we all knew that senator manchin couldn't be trusted. the excuses that he just made, i think, are -- he's continued to move the goal post and he's never negotiated in good faith and he's obstructing the president's agenda. >> joe manchin wants to be taken seriously, then we have to be able to have some level of trust. >> you represent 1.9 million people out of 330 million. do you think that you have the right to deny progress to the other 331 million people? will: that last part of the montage is the most
5:08 am
fascinating one because it shows a total lack of understanding of how this system works. his job, joe manchin's job, is to represent that 1.9 million people. it's to represent the people of west virginia not the democratic party, and i will just say this. earlier in the show the three of us had a conversation. if the democratic party wants to take up the line parents shouldn't have influence in their children's education good luck. if they want to take up the line of defund the police and rising crime rates good luck. if they want to take up the line the united states is an inherent ly racist nation, good luck and if you want to villify a moderate democrat from west virginia, and is the source of all of your problems when it comes to 2022 good luck. >> villify him and try and get him on your side to be a yes vote. what sort of logic is that? it's just a little walk down memory lane what is in build back better $555 billion tax credit for clean energy, 150 billion for creating affordable housing, 140 billion medicaid, home, healthcare and
5:09 am
15% income tax on large corporations that are supposed to be paying for a majority of it and there's also stuff we don't talk about a lot like $1 billion to support salmon conservation and there's this salt tax deduction that benefits connecticut, new york, california, the rich area so when people say this is a spending bill, specifically designed for poor people, oh, no , no, no, there are a lot of stuff jammed in there for rich people as well, and lawrence? people are demonizing manchin saying how dare he do this , there have been lawmakers that called him a racist for not signing on to build back better. just listen to what people in his own state of west virginia are saying when it comes to this , lawrence. lawrence: well so you get to the major point, so there's multiple points. first, these are the same people that talked about civility in past administration, about not
5:10 am
name-calling and we just saw so much trash displayed in that montage. number two, it wasn't just manchin who they vilified. it was his voters. they made fun of them. you have bette midler, several congress people talking about the west virginia people and how they act and you know, them being those walmart shoppers, this is what they do when they can't get the legislation that they want but again, if the democrats were very consistent on the issue, they will realize that joe biden promised to be the joe manchin, he promised to be the moderate, and manchin didn't change. joe biden changed, and now, they realize that they're done. he is a wash president, he won't be able to get anything really passed and instead of working with manchin of trying to get something smaller which i thought was ridiculous too, but getting something smaller, they wanted it all, and now they will play at the ballot box, will.
5:11 am
will: and to that point of whether or not joe manchin's representing not the democratic party but the people of west virginia, we spoke to the president of the west virginia chamber of commerce, steve roberts, a little bit earlier, here is what he had to say. >> we probably are, it's safe to say, a little taken aback by some of the vitreal that has come towards senator manchin and toward us. west virginia supports senator manchin in his decision to say this is not the right build back better bill. i think west virginians have found out that the stakes are high and they come with high consequences. this bill has been proven to be inflationary in the short run. it has been proved and scored by the congressional budget office to add to the national debt. will: so, represent the interest s of west virginia, not the democratic party. >> novel idea.
5:12 am
will: yeah, actually do what a democracy, a democracy which we're told is a great risk of harm, is supposed to do, represent your constituents not a party. let's move to this i mentioned several times the final week of 2021 that means it's time for resolutions and getting ready for 2022. the new york post has a suggestion for those on the left the headline reads liberals should resolve to be more tolerant in 2022 our democracy depends on it and they go on to say new years is approaching and one resolution will help our democracy. make a friend, with opposing political views and be kinder to people you disagree with politically. the left claims democracy is under attack, but democracy's roots, its root word, demo, means people. if millions of liberals refuse to speak with or feel concerned for millions of conservative people, even though liberals claim to be intolerant whose the threat to democracy? carlie and this comes, by the way, just to put this in the
5:13 am
context a new poll of college students say only 36% of democrats would or rather, 36, a total of 37% would not be friends with someone from the other party. >> yeah, i love this article. i think it's such a good idea, just unity togetherness, let's get back to the base ins and not hate everybody. it also, this op-ed also points out that liberal women are the worst offenders and we saw images if you remember young, white, women shouting in the faces of black police officers during the black lives matter riots calling them racist and this shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody, because of how liberal college campuses are they're taught these ideas in school. also points out that only 6% of college administrators and studies say that they're conservative just 6%. i think one of the greatest tools democrats have is college campus. teaching these things young to college students is sort of
5:14 am
indoctrinating them on this level. college has become so, so partisan and so progressive and republicans, if they care about the future elections should try and make headway on that front. lawrence that's why campus reform is so important. lawrence: yeah and i used to run campus reform and i saw it firsthand and there's only one point of view that is welcome on the college campus so let's talk about this. i think that the goal of getting them to have more conservative friends or have more conversations, that is too big, right? i would say they need to be tolerant of their own side first , right? like even in liberal and progressive circles, different perspectives aren't welcome. like learn how to speak with your own people. look at joe manchin, who has never changed, whose been very consistent and we just did a whole segment of him being demon ized and his voters being demonized so let's start small in 2022. let's start working with your
5:15 am
own side first. will: [laughter] yeah, that's what they say about new years resolutions, don't make one too big. that's my mistake, lawrence i have like 10. get my life in order. >> get your life in order? lawrence: we too, brother. will: start big, carlie, and then drill down and work out a little more, the podcast, add video a lot of things. pick one. >> will, will, will, just letting you know. i mean, your life is in order. i know i don't know you that well. will: you don't know. you live in texas but from an outsider's perspective i think you're dog pretty okay. will: okay, thank you. it's all a facade. it's a facade. lawrence: he's faking it. will: outside of this box, carlie. >> you're stepping on legos left and right and hating life. will: all right guys we'll turn to a few additional headlines.
5:16 am
a suspected cop killer is still on the loose after an off-duty nypd school safety agent is killed in a triple shooting outside a queens nightclub. police in new jersey nabbed the suspect less than a half hour after the attack but were forced to let him walk free because they didn't have enough reason to hold him. new jersey police chief martin c on joined fox & friends first earlier to react. >> we have suspects in the shooting and we were told to let them go because they didn't have enough cause to keep them and now there's a shooter on the loose. will: the alleged shooter is the ex-boyfriend of the officer shot. she was celebrating her 27th birthday. omicron jamming up holiday travel as airlines report hundreds of cancellations and delays. more than 700 flights have already been canceled today. the airlines blaming staffing shortages and weather adding to the frustration, dr. fauci says americans better get used to
5:17 am
wearing masks on planes. >> want to make sure people keep their masks on. i think the idea of taking masks off, in my mind, is really not something we should even be considering. will: fauci also says vaccine mandates for domestic flights could be a good tool to pressure people into getting the shot. of course. spiderman no way home is the first pandemic era film to cross $1 billion in the global box office. the star studded super hero movie is the first flick to hit the milestone since 2019 the star wars the rise of sky walker. the film also getting overwhelming praise from critics and lots of shocking twists and turns and just in the u.s. the film brought in $253 million on the opening weekend. and those are your headlines. i contributed, i bet, well over $100 to that box office because my boys have seen it twice. lawrence: i'm going today.
5:18 am
>> oh, kevin mccarthy, i think that, did you do the interview, will, when the movie critic said that it should be nominated for an academy award? will: by the way, i've seen it. it is good. i don't know if it's academy award good but what is the academy awards anymore. lawrence: tough crowd. >> i like all of the marvel movies i'm excited to see it. i'll see it tomorrow, because i'm off oh, my gosh this is very exciting in the meantime, the white house insists the supply chain crisis is under control, but business leaders, like our next guest, are not buying it, goya foods ceo shares his plan to combat runaway inflation plus more men are jobless and living with their pants than ever before. what's behind the startling trend we'll have joey jones in the final hour of "fox & friends." ♪ all i wanna do is have some fun, i've got a feeling i'm not
5:19 am
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>> short-term solution includes what we need to do around the supply chain, right? so, we went to the ports of los angeles, long beach, savannah, georgia and said hey, guys no more five days a week, eight hours a day, 24/7 let's move the products because people need what they need. >> the vice president kamala harris insists the white house is taking care of the nation's supply chain crisis but one iconic american food manufacturer disagrees warning it won't get better in 2022. goya foods ceo joins us now to explain, good morning to you. >> good morning, carlie, how are you doing?
5:24 am
>> that's okay, good morning, good to see you. >> good morning. >> so first explain how this past year has been for you. >> well first of all, carlie, the supply chain crisis is real, it's not make believe. it's too early to declare mission impossible, mission accomplished aboard an aircraft carrier just because gasoline backed off a few pennies or because we've got a few treadmills in. this is real, inflation is real. in five days, we manufacture can s and we also purchase, january 1 the price of cans are going up 64% and when you buy steel, and tin, you go out six or eight months, we're going to go out at least a year with this , so i'm saying that inflation is going to go from some products, for most, out another year, and, you know, like in 08 when the price of
5:25 am
commodities tripled, they went back to double but they never went back to the original spot and i don't think our pricing is going to go back to the original spot of whether it's labor, goods, or services. >> oh, boy well you just heard vice president kamala harris there say that the biden administration is on it. they spoke to the people who run the ports, the ports are open 24 /7 and business is now booming what's your reaction to that? >> fake news. you know, the ports are still clogged. if you go along the new jersey turnpike, or newark airport you'll see thousands of containers stacked up because we consume, we're not exporting. we need to manufacture and that's one of the things that we're trying to do, we're invest ing $80 million in texas, where i am right now, around the u.s. in puerto rico, to manufacture. within a nanosecond of this
5:26 am
socialist agenda taking office, they undid with 48 executive orders, they were up all night i guess, they undid all of the accomplishments of the trump adminitration and moving products to this country and getting the economy straightened out, and in a nanosecond that was dismember and so this is real. it's not make believe, and it's nothing to joke about. >> well bob we've been talking about build back better. it stalled because of senator joe manchin although the biden administration says they are full steam ahead going to pressure manchin to sign on to something. in it right now is the child tax credit with no work incentive. it's something like that passes, what happens to the economy? >> well, you know, our labor costs are up because we don't have drivers and things like that. people aren't going to work, and you know the government has made it that we have to, our biggest competitor is the government. trillions of dollars going out
5:27 am
and a lot of waste where we have to get back to work, we have to produce, we have to manufacture, that's what we're going to do. we also have to plan ahead. just in time inventory doesn't work. you know, what usually takes a week can take eight months. i ordered generator for my home in march. it's still not here. there's no chips. samsung is going to produce in taylor, texas, they are opening up $17 billion plant to produce chips. tesla also, so we need to produce in this country so we're not dependent on consumption and bringing products in. >> that's such a great point and you say your biggest competitor is the federal government and there is no competing against free money. bob thank you for joining us. >> thank you, carlie, good bless, merry christmas, and happy new year. >> same to you on all fronts. a winter whiteout on the west
5:28 am
coast causing a 20 car pile discuss shutting down the interstate. the latest on the dangerous weather as more snow is on the way plus a 911 dispatcher sounds the alarm on the shortage of cops as chicago crime takes another tragic turn this weekend what will it take for leaders to address the crime crisis, dan bongino reacts, coming up next. welcome to allstate. ( phone notification ) where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more. now, get new lower auto rates. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower rate today. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... you're in good hands with allstate. claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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will: we're back with headlines. the jury resuming deliberations in the trial of jeffrey epstein 's associate, the british socialite accused of attracting girls and women for epstein. this is the third day of deliberations after the jury broke for the holidays last week maxwell spending christmas, which is also her birthday, behind bars as she faces up to 80 years in prison if convicted. >> to fox weather. as parts of the west coast experienced a christmas winter whiteout, check out conditions in nevada where 50-mile per hour winds and poor visibility caused a 20 car pileup. six people were injured, and needed to be hospitalized. meanwhile, in california, an entire 70-mile stretch of california interstate was shutdown over the hazardous conditions. >> i guess they are calling this a brotherly disagreement in
5:33 am
the nfl. two washington football team defensive linemen jonathan allen and duran payn ex throw punches on the sidelines during a blow out loss to america's team, the division champion, dallas cowboys. this happening after they allowed a fourth touchdown in the first half the cowboys just wiped the floor with the washington football team 56- 14. in another divisional match up, the bills take down the patriots 33-21 and the win puts buffalo at the top of the afc east and the kansas city chief taking control of the afc with a 36-10 win over the steelers kansas city clenching a sixth great afc west title with that win and look at snowy seattle. what football is supposed to look like. the bears put together an exciting comeback to end the seahawks playoff hopes with
5:34 am
this play. >> back in the end zone, and it's a miracle. it's a catch and convert! will: that's the game winning two point conversion, put the bears up 25-24, and those are your headlines. lawrence: can i just say, will, i enjoy you editing the copy to reflect that we are the nfc east? will: i know, i read that. those are all facts. see the thing is, lawrence and i know, people have a hard time discerning opinions from facts. those are facts. lawrence: that's right. i love that. thanks, brother. all right got some news. chicago reeling from a bloody christmas weekend, at least 17 people injured by gun violence, including 11-year-old boy. now, one 911 dispatcher is sound ing an alarm, the alarm over the shortage of police, watch. >> it's outrageous, and i'm not happy. when you say chicago, people are
5:35 am
afraid, it's like it's a death zone. several of my officers who have texted me and said that they were squared, they're tired of this nonsense, they have no backing and are scared of being out there by themselves. lawrence: former nypd officer and host of "unfiltered" dan bongino is here to react. dark thanks for being here, brother. can you paint the picture because a lot of folks don't know about putting that vest on and as you always talked about, what it feels like for the wife to hear that or the husband to hear when they're coming home. what are officers today afraid of? >> well let me just say first, as a fox news channel prides itself on the diversity of opinion, having you and will both on as cowboys fans is frankly, i'm writing a letter to the ceo immediately that this should never happen again, and you backing will up for his editorial, i know he didn't read
5:36 am
that off the prompter, is quite disturbing, so i'm going to take that up with will, but honestly, a very serious question. you guys are great, but yeah listen. here is the thing. i'm glad you remember that line, lawrence, because i was out there giving a speech in alamago rdo, new mexico, at a police event and there was a wife of a state trooper who was a judge, then went on to become a judge and she was incredible giving the speech and saying all the police officers out there, you know what i'm talking about. the most powerful sound in the world is the sound of velcro at night and everybody in the room knew exactly what that meant. when your police officer, husband, or wife comes home at night and removes the bullet resistant vest, it has thick velcro and believe me that sound is un unmistakable. it's really loud. it means they're home safe and that's one of those things you don't really think about that in every job, guys and during this christmas week and new year , we should reflect on that
5:37 am
like we have a great job, will, carlie, lawrence, this is a fantastic job i love it and everyday, but let's be candid but none of us go to work like thankfully, are we going to come home, we just don't and that's a good thing but police officers don't and their families don't either and i think we need to reflect on that in the new year like how we got here and the culture and how it rotted so badly that we're at the point where large parts of the population unfortunately see these men and women in blue as the bad guys. that's not good, man, it's not good. will: no about it leads to not good outcomes on the streets is what we see. there was a good outcome on fox & friends this past weekend on christmas day, in fact, where what was supposed to be sort of a surprise turned into a bit of an auction. dan came on to make a donation to folds of honor and he ended up making one a little bigger than he originally anticipated.
5:38 am
>> we wanted to do a special gift for my friends at folds of honor so i said i was going to do a $10,000 donation but i changed my mind i want to do 15,000. you and your family are such a blessing to so many so thank you >> i think 25 is a nice round number, like 25. >> [laughter] >> all right >> i'll tell you what, we'll do 25. rick you win i'm going to do 25. lawrence: wow. >> so dan, any reflections on that moment? it really was so cool. you went from what, 10 to $25,000? and why are you such a supporter of folds of honor? >> well i'm wearing their shirt you can see right here, folds of honor. by the way the website,, short for folds of honor, because listen, carlie, education is the way out. i grew up in a lower middle class maybe at times poor family and a local catholic school kind of took us on as a charity case
5:39 am
and it's the only reason i'm here on television speaking to you in sentences, education is the way out and the way up and the fact that these families that have given everything you've got to remember they came back in body bags and coffins, their kids should not have to worry about getting an education folds of honor provides those scholarships so on monday morning the reason i want to come on today and i'll surprise you, let's do another 5,000, let's make it 30,000 the donation because i really care about them. who knows maybe it'll be at 40 by next monday but listen, it means a lot to me $30,000, my wife is texting dan rudy this week to setup how we get that money over to these families but guys" rile law enforcement matters to me and education, that's the way out. it's the least we could do for these heros. no one questions that right? where the country is politically broken in many ways but can we all agree if you gave everything in service of the greatest nation of the history of human kind the least we could do is
5:40 am
get your kids to college and give them a chance. >> without a doubt. will: can i say really quickly, carlie. because this was said over the weekend and obviously money, everyone listening, everyone watching those $30,000 is a ton of money, but to put it into human terms, dan, just made a scholarship donation to five children of disabled or fallen american heros, so that translates into five scholarship s we were told by lt. colonel dan rooney. >> that's amazing dan, you're tough, smart but also have such a big heart and supporting such a fantastic cause, and because you donated it will spur other people to donate as well. that's why i wanted to highlight this again. >> i've got tons of e-mails so to everyone who went out and went to and donated, it's you all giving that really matters. we'll give more and more and more and i'm spurred every day by your generosity. thank you so much.
5:41 am
amazing stuff dan thank you so much. >> okay i've gotta write that letter to fox now, about the diversity. you guys should never be allowed on camera again, cowboys, seriously. >> from dallas. >> i know i follow you on social media, you live tweeted a game last night and will did not , i want a screen shot of that prompter. it said nothing about nfc champions guaranteed. >> all right you know it didn't dan thank you so much for calling him out. i love that i personally appreciate that call-out. a new vaccine mandate could take a major bite out of business in the big apple. new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis sounds off as the state clamps down, coming up, next. ♪ find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best
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real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ will: today in new york city the country's first-ever vaccine
5:46 am
mandate for the private sector, going into effect. threatening businesses who don't comply with $1,000 fines. it comes as the state's governor shortens quarantines for healthcare workers to get them back to work sooner let's bring in new york gop congresswoman, nicole malliotakis. congresswoman, great to see you this morning. it's a big day, december 27. the private mandate in new york city goes into effect. it's odd, our only healthcare workers are obviously important. are they the only essential workers? are they the only people that we need to keep this country the city up and running? what do your constituents say and what are they telling you about this private mandate? >> well, we already know that here in new york city, the vaccination rate is 89% which is above the national average and the mayor and the governor have already implemented a vaccine mandate on city and state workers, healthcare workers as well, and what we're seeing as a result of that mandate is that people are still getting covid.
5:47 am
cases exploded last week so it's not stopping the spread but what it's doing is reducing the symptoms. the issue that has become as people are testing positive for covid, despite being vaccinated, they are calling out success and seeing shortages in the nypd, ems fdny, healthcare workers to the point where the governor has now said it's going to be five days quarantine , you can return to work, which is obviously not in sync with the science of the cdc so they are making up these rules as they go along and a result of also has been, you know, let's transit service her in my community of staten island , the subway, the ferry had less trips all because city workers are calling out sick with covid despite the vaccination and there aren't others to fill in because they have been fired and i'm afraid this newman date will expand that into the private sector when they need time in production. will: no doubt it's going to definitely impact essentially quality of life but here is what i want to follow-up again with you on. you know i've seen fascinating
5:48 am
stats lately about state by state migration patterns and new york is suffering, just like california. huge, huge exodus of people from new york and california into places like florida and texas. people are voting with their feet, so i'm curious, staten island, southern brooklyn, your district i've seen support for these mandates and various polls. what do your constituents want? do they support these types of mandates, the new york city voters, new yorkers in your district? >> i think it's very split, but there are people who have had enough of the overreach of government and they are concerned and it's businesses too. look we had a round table in washington from industry leaders particularly those in transportation sector, that are saying that this is going to have a huge impact if the biden administration's vaccine mandate actually takes effect. now two things are happening, right? next week we'll get a new mayor here in new york city and we're hoping that mayor will revisit some of these policies and the
5:49 am
supreme court will be looking at the biden mandate as well so let's hope things loosen up and we focus more on treatment and therapeutics going forward because we have to learn to live with this virus. will: yeah, and then the question, we'll see what the new mayor does you're absolutely right and then the question becomes do new yorkers get what they vote for? is this what they want or is it time to pack up your bags like so many have. >> elections matter. will: we'll soon find the answer out to that, nicole malliotakis thank you for jumping on with us this morning. >> thank you. will: all right more young men than ever before out of the workforce and living with their parents. joey jones tells us what it'll take to get them to leave the nest. ♪
5:50 am
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to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. lawrence: welcome back a shocking new study shows that young men are more likely than ever to be jobless and live with their parents. that's according to data from the conference board, which says the number of men between 25 and 34 without a bachelor's degree living at home had jumped from 15% in the 90s to 25%. that's crazy fox news
5:54 am
contributor joey jones joins us to weigh in. i don't know if it's just because i'm from the south but my dad would never allow that to happen. >> yeah, listen, lawrence. there's no such thing as a 21- year-old kid. they are 21-year-old young men raised to be kids at 21, and every time i hear a news report where someone calls a young man a child or kid it crawls up my spine not just because i joined the marine corps at 18, it's because i know how this world is and life isn't fair and life is tough and i know the easiest and most important responsibility we have as parents is to raise our kids to be adults and i say easy because it's inherent in us. it's in our nature. we are born with the inherent desire of fear, food and family, and everything we do after that is driven by those three desires and listen you can't fulfill those desires living in your parent's basement, not learning or experiencing anything, never having to go out and earn anything for yourself or your nourishment and not needing a family because you're living with your parents and you have
5:55 am
pornography on your computer. the idea we no longer go out as young men and experience things, get hurt, bumps, bruises , cuts, and learn, is something that really bothers me , and it's not this whole masculinity, toxic, that's a part of it but that's not all of it. it comes down to the dignity of hard work and the idea of finding relevance in yourself of what you can do with your hands. my dad is a brick and block maso n. when he drove away from a job he had put something in the ground a family would build their lives on. that type of dignity is something we should celebrate and one of the worst things we do is we have an entire institution of teachers that tell kids if they don't go get a four year degree or become a philosophy major they haven't made it in life or done the right thing so then you go do that and live with your parents while you do it because now you can be on their insurance until you're 35 and realize there isn't any fulfilling way to use that, so you stay-at-home in your parent 's basement and that's not the way our lives are designed to be as human beings or as
5:56 am
americans. life is supposed to be tough so we can celebrate the moments it's beautiful and amazing and fun and you do that by building a family and by building things with your hands and your mind. you don't do it by being passive and we've raised our kids to be passive. lawrence: yup, and then those young men eventually marry women and then of course weak men in the household, kids, i just don't think we understand what's happening to society as a result. >> yeah, there's a video on instagram of joe rogan saying hard times breathe soft men until you get back to hard times again. lawrence: exactly right, brother thanks so much for joining us. appreciate you, brother. lawrence: you got it. for enlisted veterans, helping thousands buy a home, get cash, or lower their mortgage payments. we start by asking one simple question: how can we help that veteran? with more ways to help more veterans, no bank,
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>> that three hours flew by. it was great spending the morning with you will and lawrence and the viewers at home. have a great day. that does it for us. >> thank you fox news alert. president biden joining a call with governors and his covid response team this morning. they will talk plans to deal with the rapid spread of the omicron strain as panicked americans across the country scramble to find tests. good morning, everyone. i'm trace gallagher. julie, good morning to you. >> julie: good morning, trace. i'm julie banderas. this is "america's newsroom." the president expected to discuss what governors need for their states. the main focus is likely to be on testing kits. the administration is ci


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