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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 27, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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been tough, and people watching the story remember their kindness in the world. >> yes. with covid and everything, it was a beautiful gift, -- >> jackie: we are going to have to go but thank you so much for sharing with us. >> thank you so much appear to have wonderful day. >> jackie: that is it for us. "the five" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone. i'm katie along with tires, rachel campos duffy, and richard. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> president biden once again blaming others for his catastrophic failure on covid. if you want to test, you're going have to wait. panicked americans all across the country scramble to find tests and this could be why. back in october, the
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biden administration rejected a proposal for free rapid test for the holidays for the president trying to reassure frustrated governors on a video call earlier, but he just wound up blaming them. >> look, there is no federal solution. it's gets solved at the state level. seeing how tough it was for some folks to get test this weekend shows we have more work to do. when i took office ten months into the pandemic, and even so, we had no, 0, over-the-counter home tests in the united states. we got to work. we crossroad the number of pharmacies offering the free test and now there are more than 20,000 places we can get testing for for free. for over the counter at home tests, as i said, there were none when we took office. none. now we have eight on the market, it's clearly not enough. if we have known, would have gone harder and quicker if we could have. we slept tens of millions of unvaccinated people and we are seeing hospitalizations rides. >> and even dr. fauci thinks
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biden fumbled the ball on testing. >> you know, testing has always been an issue that has been problematic. it has been compounded by the situation of the high demand. we had a conflation of high demand, high demands plus the concern about omicron which is a justifiable concern. but the high demand that was triggered by the holiday season. not making any excuses for it. we should've had more tests available but hopefully now as we get into the first couple of weeks in january that will get much better. >> and dr. marty makary is ripping at the biden is handling of the situation. >> it is disappointing that we are just sharing the sort of political hot air because there are a lot of important things right now about the white house could be talking about that they are not talking about. for one, they need to announce a selective testing strategy. they cannot recommend universal testing with a limited supply that we are christian, currently rationing. >> is a big news from the cdc
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after shortening their quarantine gun is for those who test positive to five days. they are now saying individuals will re-deceive their booster shot do not need quarantine at all following exposure but should wear a mask for ten days. so tyrus, seems like the government created quite the mess for themselves here. >> again, i'm not a rocket surgeon, but i do lead dominic read a lot of books. we have literally been told since the administration came into the power that we are all deaf comrade, covid, covid, covid. we can't go to work task all these -- so why would we not why would they review stuff when their entire pitch this entire administration is that covid wasn't going anywhere and they were going to be prepared. and once again, fantasy world, the woke administration are not prepared. you hate to be the conspiracy guy. i never want to be that guy. so omicron came on and they are telling you you have to
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quarantine for at least ten days. lo and behold, you can't go back to work until you get a test saying that you don't have any more. so now people have to wait to get back to work. so lo and behold, the cdc comes out with we will cut it to five. if you have your booster, we will cut it to none. just, wow. when are they ever just going to be accountable and tell us the real. what is exactly going on. instead, it is just more of the same, and americans are confused, frustrated, and rightfully so. >> so, jason, president biden campaigned on shutting down the virus not signing dominic shutting down the country and today negatively him and said this is not a federal government problem is he failed to deliver on that promise. >> yeah, after beating up on the entire year on places like texas and florida and those types of things. it is not a federal problem k, hey, it is you, governors. meanwhile, we are going do federal mandates on work
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requirements, unmasks, on airplanes. on all kinds of things. they are going to do all those mandates. but you have an two years to work out this, mr. president. then you cannot of the world and say, i forgot to order more masks. why, he forgot to go to the grocery store and order -- bring home the avocados. that is forgetting something. you don't get to order literally billions of tests. and then you told people on december 2nd they could go down and get one for free but that isn't going to happen either. oh, we have to wait until january and order to do this. and i tell you what, if you're intellectually consistent, for those of you that were critical of donald trump thing on day one that he didn't have enough testing, certainly two years into this you have to take that same position and say joe biden and kamala harris, what have you been doing? because it hasn't been working on covid. i still don't understand what their plan is. >> so, richard, biden used this political point on the campaign
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trail. he bludgeoned donald trump over repeatedly. there are tweets of him saying the president is behind on testing and yet here we are a year into his presidency with this story in "vanity fair" is saying he rejected this massive testing plan ahead of another variant which we were told by experts for the past two years would eventually happen. what happened there? >> blood, i will give you this. i think we can all agree that the white house is a day behind -- a day late and a dollar short when it comes to testing a role in making sure that every american have a test. but they acknowledge that today and other than that what you see happening all across the country is that people are able to go and get at home tests. i was able to get a at-home test at a fire station right here in the nation's capital. but i think the most newsworthy thing out of today's meeting with the governor is the fact that both fauci and the president are really interested in switching the definition of how a bit of fun and impact of covid-19. and instead of looking at infection right, looking towards
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hospitalizations. because the omicron variant is spreading just so fast that we have to have a new way to evaluate how america is going be kept saved understanding when to live with this virus for some time and understand it is impacting our health care system and our health care workers and any other sector. so i'm glad they're moving in the right direction and changing the definition of what they are more concerned about. less about infections, more about hospitalizations. >> they are so behind the curve. oh, my gosh. i'm sorry. -- >> go ahead. >> is just that everybody has known that we have been not counting cases, they have been counting -- counting cases instead of hospitalizations. that is been there problem from the get-go. here's what i don't understand. marty makary said it very well. if they have a shortage of tests, they should absolutely prioritize those who need it most. the elderly, those with comorbidities. been doing that would basically
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expose the lies of this administration. everybody is going to get covid. we now know that. and why i don't understand is that everybody is going to get covid in this variant is very mild. wouldn't be a great time to start talking about herd immunity, to be talking about early treatments that people can do at home, to be talking about natural immunity? i don't understand why they keep doing jobs only as the only solution to this problem. it doesn't make any sense. if we have limited tests, save them for those who need it most. >> so, jason, back to you real quickly. on this issue of this testing shortage, the government created it by dr. fauci telling everyone they need to test before they go home to see grandma and grandpa for christmas, and now we have these people were not showing symptoms showing up by the hundreds to these testing centers. so did they put themselves in this position, especially after rejecting a plan to develop more tests?
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>> yeah, you have to have testing in order to go to school or playing sports. they have to do on the sports field. they are taking really healthy 20-year-olds and saying hey, you have to get a test. if you're overweight, over 65, you are in the hospital and you have a comorbidity as rachel was talking about, yeah, this saves a test for them, but not everybody, especially those that aren't showing any symptoms, they don't need to go get a test. >> but here's the problem -- >> i would just say -- >> they really haven't been able to handle it. coming up, we're going to talk more about the vaccine problem and the spreading of the virus of course on another airline passenger going dessert thanks to mask mandates and dr. fauci is about to make things a whole lot worse. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> travel chaos is wreaking havoc this holiday season. almost 10,000 flights were canceled or delayed over the christmas weekend. and disruptions continued today. so marilyn's plain stop shortages due to the omicron covid variance. it's like an episode of jerry springer and once you actually get in the area thanks to people going crazy over mask mandates. here the latest fights that went viral. >> yikes. that woman going dessert there has reportedly been taken into
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custody by the fbi following the altercation. and you know it seems like making this a whole lot worse? more regulation. dr. fauci is now pushing a whole foul vaccine rule for your next flight. >> if you're talking about requiring vaccinations to get on a plane domestically, that is just another one of the requirements that i think is reasonable to consider. when you make vaccination a requirement, that is another incentive to get more people vaccinated. if you want to do that with domestic flights, i think that is something that seriously should be considered. speak up but there is nothing that dr. fauci that would put out there that you'd say you need this -- stick you with another shot. how about the idea that you can't even get on another airplane? rachel, i can only imagine what you and sean go through putting all the duffy's on a plane trying to get them all on a mask. it has to be an absolute unbelievable scene at an
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airport. >> frankly, it makes me not want to travel, and i think that is what a lot of people are doing. i'm sick of being lectured at people who have had three job or less and still have omicron and somehow i should get a jabs when i had covid and natural and unities. i think omicron is ripping through new york city, it is taking out a lot of people in terms of they are getting this infection, and is being spread by people who have been faxed and boosted. let's be honest about that and i think we should. again, i will say this idea, this magical idea that if you are in the plane and you lower your mask to snack, somehow covid doesn't spread. but then you have to put it back on because covid knows when you are snacking and when you are not. it is so silly, and it is what is making people crazy, that is why you are seeing the scenes that you are seeing right there. nothing makes sense in this pandemic. our leaders are telling us the truth, and frankly, i think this
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is all about social control, and leading us toward a communist-style -- chinese-style social system. i've never felt more like a chinese citizen then when i made an airport. it is ridiculous. like sheeple. >> there's no room for fighting in these altercation on these flights. i feel for these people that they are there, going through up throughout the delays in the flight flight attendants, you are not paying them enough to go for that garbage. but i have to tell you the rules and the understanding of who can spread this and who cannot, airplanes are supposed to be one of the cleanest places you go with the circulation of air every 2 minutes. >> listen, i agree with you there on this point. i think flight attendant should be paid more and i don't think they deserve taking the brunt for the u.s. department of transportation regulations. so i do think that we should give our flight attendants a little bit of grace here. but does not necessarily for me. i've traveled through airports about the pandemic, and i think
2:19 pm
it is not necessarily about what is happening on the plane but is what is happening in airport restrooms and airport food courts, and the security line and tsa, that is the moment we save if i'm going to catch covid in an airport, am i going to catch it here? i think the question we have to be asking ourselves is if we want to continue to fly, we love to fly, love to get on planes and visit grandma and grandpa and our moms and dads and her cousins, but ensuring the flight crews don't catch omicron or don't catch covid so the plane cannot take off because they are not on it. >> tyrus, my guess is you've never been been on an airplane and never had anybody pick on you. >> you know what, you guessed wrong. you guessed wrong. real quick, a funny story, coming home from visiting my children in florida to my home in new orleans. i took a southwest flight. it was direct, it was great, all good. in these two gentlemen decided to fight over bag placement. and then one of them had their
2:20 pm
mask down and he told him to put his mask on and shut up and then of course the dinner bell rang. the flight attendant was standing next to me was probably pushing her 60s. she had a nice -- like a merry christmas sweater on. and i said to her man, i will handle this. and she has had by all means, do it. i said fellas, just so you know, if i'm late getting home to my daughter, you two a going to have a bad day. in the two of you aren't going to do anything like i will do to you. and they sat down and ended at. but my point is this. we can all -- when you got them, you got them. we can all blame it on the mask as we want to. but this is about accountability. we are all frustrated. that doesn't give you the right to be a jerk. doesn't give you the right to yell at somebody. it's not a time to have a power trip and, "oh, don't tell me what to do." i know everyone is their own instagram model and star but we need to respect each other. certain people just act on given
2:21 pm
any response. and you can't give them for a break for this. we are all in this together. you don't need to be a jerk and say it is because of mask mandates. you are a jerk because you are a jerk, you're just using the mask. >> katie, what is going on in these airports? >> if i were a social alley student at university, this would be my thesis project. studying what is going on at the airport. the government imposing these absurd and ridiculous regulations that make us all turn into these faceless, humorless beings that are just floating around the airport. but i want to talk about what dr. fauci said. he is saying that he wants to maybe implement a vaccination requirement for domestic flights. rachel is absolutely correct when she starts about the mike talks about this being a new social credit score system when he is pushing this. nothing to do with science. the ceo of all these airlines saying these surgical masks aren't really doing anything when it comes to airplanes. and we were told to your ago that flying was absolutely safe. and so dr. fauci is not doing this based on science, he is
2:22 pm
doing this based on control. and wanting to keep people away from their families because of vaccination requirements, a, for something in my not need, or b, for something that might artie have natural immunity for my not not want, it's absolutely despicable and un-american. >> i totally agree. fascinating topic. all rights. kamala harris firing back at critics for suggesting they are just being racist and sexist. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kamala harris pushes back at reports she was "set up to fail"
2:27 pm
and suggesting anyone who dares to criticize her is "racist and sexist." >> no, i don't believe i being set up to fail. but more important, i am vice president the united states. anything that i handle is because it is a tough issue. and it couldn't be handled at some other level. speak of the fact that you are woman and the fact that you are a minority in this office part of why there is such scrutiny? >> i will leave that for others to deal with. i have a job to do. and i'm going to get that job done. >> and so much for the border crisis. here is what the vp says is her biggest failure. >> what do you think your biggest failure has been at this point? >> to not get out of d.c. more. [laughs] and i actually mean that sincerely.
2:28 pm
>> katie, help me out here. she has horrible issues with her image. the movie, child movie actor's classroom thing didn't go to plan. we are kind of cut from the same cloth. the only way you improve you in the public is by accountability and the deeds that you do that are successful. can she ever give us that, or is it too much to even think about? or wish for? >> first, i would say her biggest failure is not getting that laugh under control. when she is asked serious questions during interview. and that question from our great brandon was so leading and biased to say are you basically sure that is not because you are woman and a woman of color? have they been paying attention to the trump administration and the way the media treated as a neutron who is a white male? kamala harris had an opportunity here to make history, an opportunity to make something of that history, and instead, she
2:29 pm
is having back and acting like she is some kind of victim instead of digging into the issues. she is by giving up or poorly very serious topics and yet has done hardly anything to make its more successful. and it is because kamala harris, who was a pick from joe biden as a gift to the far left, with not forget she was the most liberal senator in the senate. she even beat bernie sanders back in the day. and he needed that kind of face to get him across the finish line which is why he picked her among other issues. she has an opportunity here to really do some good with her office, and yet, she is just turning around and basically throwing up her hands and sing well, i am not being treated well because i'm a woman because i am a woman of color and that is just untrue. she hasn't delivered results on a portfolio the president has given her. >> jason, it is astounding to me. i don't ever remember hearing barack obama ever play that as an excuse for not getting things done. at my grandmother always used to told me, it is not you are
2:30 pm
called what happens to you, it is what you would do with that. when you think about how you can fix problems, you can never fix a problem that is always an imaginary monster. always racism, always sexism. there is no way to gauge that. when does that stop. doesn't that just hurt the democratic party when accountability is right there? >> absolutely. it totally does. her biggest failure is she has no accomplishments, and her biggest failure is the fact that she said she was the last one in the room talking to joe biden before they made that incredibly botched attempt at extraction of our troops out of afghanistan. she has given the border assignment and yet to talk to henry, a democrat -- a democrat -- is a national district encompasses about 200 miles of the border with mexico, and even he says she seems totally disinterested. can't even get her to return a call to the democratic congressman.
2:31 pm
to the dash guatemalan president says i haven't heard for her though my coming from her since july. enter number one sure , the link coming tour , with the help usher through the president's agenda through the sun and the house, and a half hauled all democrats. cheney did that for bush. but i have to tell you. kamala harris, i cannot figure what she is doing other than sending her own staff to get psychological help because they feel so hit by kamala harris. >> richard, let me ask you. if you were sitting at a table right now to give her advice on how to turn around this whole image thing and get the american people back on board, what was your -- >> it was you, bro. >> come okay. a couple things here. the president had to do more interviews like we saw her do
2:32 pm
this last weekend. but i do think she has to engage journalists who speak to the democratic base. we know the democratic base is the most loyal democratic voters are black woman so why isn't she talking to folks like faulkner, why isn't she having interviews with , with april ryan and cameron hall and other black female journalist so she can begin need to have a conversation with black america. and i think the first thing she says and that number station as she apologizes for this treatment of haitian refugees at the southern border of the united states bear that's why a lot of african american voters have consternation the biden's present office because she is in charge and the border and i do think those voters -- count >> rachel, final thoughts. take it home. >> i'm going to respond to what richard said. her problem isn't with black voters. they may not be happy with her -- that she has right now is the first black vp, but they are going to vote for her.
2:33 pm
the real problem that this is administration and kamala harris particularly has is with hispanic voters. they are bleeding hispanic voters. they will not win any future election without them. and part of the problem, big part of the problem, is what is happening at our border. a lot of hispanics live along that's border. they know exactly what happens pair they deal with the dead bodies in their ranches. they deal with a crime wave. the sex trafficking. the jobs they lost. infrastructure jobs that they lost. they see panels resting. yes, she should get out of d.c. and visiting with us hispanics because they are going to lose the next election if they don't get those hispanics back on track. i don't see them making any attempts to do that. >> enough said on that one. coming out, it is a red state boom. why are thousands saying sayonara to the liberal blue states? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> it is a red state boom. americans fed up with rising crime, taxes, and homelessness from blue states are flocking to republican red states like texas and florida. according to new census bureau data report, the biggest population decline was in washington, d.c. i would buy democrat-lead states like newark, illinois, and why, and of course, california. the largest increase was in g.o.p.-led states like idaho, utah, and montana. wow. interesting data there. richard, i noticed no one is moving to california, illinois, and new york. what does that tell you about
2:39 pm
liberal policies and about the desire of so many americans of limited government and more freedom in their lives? >> thanks for the question. a couple of things. i think it is interesting to see with these population booms are happening. but it's also interesting to remember that one folks who leave these blue states with his purple states and go to red states, they don't lose their political sensibilities. they tend to take them with him. jessica georgia. georgia now has two democratic senators and very likely it will the most competitive governor's race in american history between brian kemp and stacey abrams. the same goes for florida when you see him on the ballot versus marco rubio as well as north carolina where sherry beasley who is a former head of the supreme court north carolina is now running for the senate and has a good chance of winning. so looks like when these blue voters or blue state voters are moving to red states, they are bringing their voting records with them. >> jason, richard brings up a great point. a lot of people in texas and arizona were saying don't bring
2:40 pm
your liberal ideas to our state. how was i going to affect the politics of red states when we see this kind of migration? >> well, i live in one of those red states, and that is what scared the living daylights out of you. you are more than welcome to come here but don't think you're voting record. member the reasons you came here. low taxes. you can enjoy republican -- you can get a piece of land that you couldn't afford another states. so don't bring those policies to good intermountain states like idaho, wyoming, montana, utah. even to arizona. that is what is going to ruin it more than anything. >> katie, really quick here, this data cited crime and homelessness, taxes, but what about covid mandates? are these covid mandates, vaccine mandates making cities unlivable? >> a lot of friends in arizona
2:41 pm
have a bumper sticker that says don't california my arizona. please don't bring voting records in your previous state if they are liberal policies. but you are right. there is a lot of covid regulations in california specifically. people drive over to utah, arizona, even about her and more freedom. and you are, it's astonishing to watch thousands of kids get pulled out of school and moved to state like florida. new jersey is the same way. people want to be free. >> absolutely. hearing from young kids who are graduating from college and saying i want to move to a place where i have more freedom. and i think a lot of it is the -- is these covid mandates as well as the crime and the cost of living in so many blue states. >> it's not just that. what is that's on, don't make my red eyes blue. something similar to that. i grew up in california. i'm from california but now i called the great state of louisiana home for a good
2:42 pm
reason. i like my freedom, i like the fact i am able to make my own choices, and i think that's important to a lot of americans. but i also owned land in montana. so my advice from anyone coming to these blue states, roll up your sleeves, be accountable, and think about the reason why he left in the first place. don't bring your type of thought process that got you in the mess in the first place. you guys have been voting responsibly, you wouldn't be in the situation. so don't come up here and try to change the way we do things with your woke-s -- because of southern hospitality is a beautiful thing. so just act accordingly and try not to blue up -- not going to happen to louisiana, telling you right now. welcome, but cleanup after yourself. don't money up our carpet. >> keep your wokeness as you say to yourself. don't bring up to the reds die. things, guys. the fastest is up next.
2:43 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome back. time for the fastest. first up, millions of americans are now facing the post-christmas still not what to do with those unwanted christmas gifts. exchanging, regifting, or attempting to return them are all junctions, but most people apparently just grin and bear it. and the people thinking about returning, justino, walmart's return policy is 90 days target, 30 days. costco, 90 days. and amazon, 30 days. jason, are you returning packages this year? >> no, i regift them. i am pretty good at it. and richard, the only reason you haven't gotten my craft to miss i have too figured out which one it is.
2:48 pm
>> i will be waiting with baited breath. katie, how about yourself? are you planning on regifting or returning. what is happening? >> i left all my gifts -- no gifting, no read turning. but regifting is great so you have a regifting file for the right occasion. you can do it for birthdays too. you might as well just have an extra storage pile for regifting, especially if you are in a pension don't have time to go to a store. >> that is a good one. tyrus, are you a grin and bear it type of person? >> oh, no, my brother. and my house, we testify, we keep it real. my 7-year-old, if you give her socks for christmas she will be like, thanks, did you even try? we believe in real honesty in my household, and so if you give a lazy gift, if you give fruitcake redo candies do candies permit t.j.maxx, you are going to hear about it at the dinner table see
2:49 pm
you better bring your a game gift. regifting would be, look what my cousin gave me. he wants this? or you know it, take it back with you. how do you like it but you might we keep it real in my household peers so everyone has a clean conscience at night. so you bring your a game with your gifts or don't bring them at all. sometimes a merry christmas goes a long way. >> i'm here for the a game, tyrus. rachel, how does the duffy client handle gifts they don't want? >> usually it's a sizing issue. they go back and return it. but i think katie's idea -- a great mom ted, he been been in the storage closet and put those gifts and you don't want or don't want to return and then when you are in a pinch you can go back and do that. and some people don't mind saying hey, look, this didn't work for me. do you want to? you can do that. >> i am here for a period up
2:50 pm
next, everybody is getting cited for the new year's plans and resolutions. except for patriots coach bill belichick. had to ask this question after the brutal loss last weekend. >> the bowl aside, sorry, doing it story that new year's resolutions, and wondering if you had any you want to share with your fans and our readers? >> not right now. maybe next week. speak out maybe next week, katie? >> you know, that poor girl. her editor told her to ask that question and she did and it did not go over well at all. i guess your bill belichick and you want to make won a couple of super bowls, what are you going to put on your super new year's resolution list? >> maybe getting a new outfit. maybe -- what you think, jason?
2:51 pm
>> any question to bill belichick is going to get a grumpy answer. there is no doubt about that. you lose the game, why even asked the coach a question? he is just going to put on that grumpy face and that is the end of it. >> grumpy face. rachel, what do you think about his response there? >> anyone who watches "fox & friends" nose i know nothing about sports but i would say this is a good question. i know nothing about sports but in watching this little question and his response, i knew that he is unhappy with how that last game went. >> yeah, tyrus, did you catch the game? >> i caught the game. a diehard patriots fan. he didn't lose the game, he lost the division and possibly a playoff berth. so he is a little cranky, and his new year resolution, that is easy. never, ever, lose the goat. we would not be in the situation, bro, if you would have just game tom a little
2:52 pm
respect. let him call a play. look at us now. that should be his new year resolution. >> you heard it there first. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . .
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♪ ♪ >> katie: it's time now for one more thing. i will go first. the mountain west is now getting snow. i'm sure jason knows that. it's not coming without problems. 160 skiers were stranded for several hours on friday on a ski lift in utah when it broke down. sounds terrible. and terrifying. officials said the experience
2:57 pm
mechanical failure which sent the mountain operation staff into evacuation mode. video from the skiers on social media staff members using ropes to lower the skiers to the ground. after two hour operation they were lowered down the broken lift. the staff were heroic so if you are a skier, good luck this season because that's a little scary. all right, jason. >> jason: yikes, that's not a way to go. check out this video. you want to see impressive, ladies and gentlemen, check out this cake this cake is made in the united kingdom looks exexactly like jim carrie's portrayal of the grinch. baker masterpiece made from leftovers just unbelievable. jim carrey who played the grinch said i really hope that people would admire the character and now people get to eat the character. so, oh my goodness.
2:58 pm
well done. >> katie: wow, that's incredible. all right, richard? >> richard: that is definitely incredible. i would love a piece of the grinch for christmas, i guess. surfing santas that's what's n cocoa beach, florida. reindeers, all for their best santa outfit this was for charity. they told fox news dig that they raised over $62,000 from selling t-shirts for the event. this is a big deal. i guess they said screw surfing -- screw skiing we are going surfing for this christmas. >> katie: santas are quite the athletes they run, sea and surf. tyrus? >> tyrus: you have to train 365 to put on the jacket. great former governor, the great my hero and everyone's arnold schwarzenegger just did amazing
2:59 pm
thing he helped bring up i believe it was 25 homes. if we can roll the spot it will be phenomenal. >> i'm really ecstatic and so excited. to me, this is the greatest christmas gift. >> tyrus: he was working for village for vets. he was able to raise and donate $250,000 which equated to 25 homes for some very deserving men and that hits you right here through not through the heart part, this part. >> katie: that's awesome. all right. rachel? >> rachel: i have another heart-warming christmas story. so you all remember avalon 7-year-old took shelter famously in the bathtub with her little sisters during the horrible tornado that hit a few weeks ago. she lost her sister an missston. she broke her vertebrae, having a heroic recovery and president trump and former first lady
3:00 pm
melania sent her a box filled with american doll, books, bracelets signed maga hat and this beautiful letter that you see right here encouraging her on her recovery. that's the christmas spirit and it was a beautiful reminder of our resilient american spirit. we needed to hear that. >> i hope she feels better. yeah. that's amazing. that's it for us. "special report" sus next. hey, bret. >> bret: hey, katie, thanks. good evening. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, the centers for disease control and prevention has just announced it is cutting the quarantine time for those infected with the omicron variant of covid in half from 10 days to five days if asymptomatic followed by five days of mask-wearing when around others. the news comes as long lines for covid testings persist around the country due to the omicron variant surge and people try to return from their holiday vacations as flight delays and


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