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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  December 27, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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behind democrats' voting rights bill. what's in there? we will show you. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight again. that's it for this "special report" faired, balanced and still unafraid. this week freedom is hosted by katie pavlich and that starts right now with six seconds to spare. hey, katie. >> katie: hey, bret. thank you very much. all right. good evening and welcome "fox news primetime." i'm katie pavlich. tonight we start with democracy. for months the left has been sounding the alarm that american democracy is dying. >> i do think that we are facing a crisis of democracy. >> a demise much democracy. it's happening before our eyes. >> they reward those, the republicans not all but most republicans with power which puts us one step closer to ending this democracy.
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>> katie: the left loves to accuse republicans of damaging our rule of law but they couldn't be more wrong. in reality, it's the democrats who see democracy as a pesty road block in way of radical socialist agenda. just ask kamala harris who said the quiet part out loud this weekend. >> what do you sees a the biggest national security challenge confronting the u.s.? what is the thing that will raise you and keeps you up at night? >> frankly, one of them is our democracy. >> katie: the biden-harris administration has routinely shown they don't care about your freedom as they push unconstitutional vaccine mandate. now they are admitting they just don't care about your democracy either. the democrats are hell bent on federalizing our elections and will let nothing stand in their way including our current laws. vice president spent the weekend trying to guilt the american people into following her lead saying our standing in the world is being threatened. >> people around the world watch what we do as america. and right now we are about to take ourselves off the map as a
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role model if we let -- if we let people destroy one of the most important pillars of a democracy which is a free and fair election. >> katie: but here is the irony of all of this. in the democrats donkey who he like effort to fix the fictional assaulted on voting rights on democracy and than existent threat willing to burn down democratic rules to the ground. >> many of your supporters believe in order to protect democracy in this country have you got to protect voters' rights. are you prepared to support fundamental changes in the senate rules to get this done? >> yes. >> what does that mean? >> that means whatever it takes change the senate rules to accommodate major piece of legislation without requiring 60 votes. >> so you support a carveout of the filibuster for voting rights. >> the only things standing between getting votes rights legislation passed and not getting passed is the filibuster. i support making an exception of
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voting rights for the filibuster. >> katie: because that's what the democrats really want. end the filibuster. this would allow them to jam their entire radical agenda through the senate. the democrats say they stand for democracy until it gets in the way in their way and then they want to destroy it. just look at progressive congresswoman p&a parilla jayapal who could not take joe manchin's answer no for build back better. calling on overriding the procedure and calling for executive action. it's obvious the american people are not a fan of executive overreach. maybe this is why joe biden's approval ratings are crumbling as recent polls have shown more than half of the country disapprove of his leadership. and it's not just the white house feeling the heat. as a red wave could be set to hit congress in the 2022 midterms with data showing more americans preferred generic republican candidates over the democrats. these polls show what we already know sat american people are fed
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up with big government. that they have had enough of policies being shoved down their throats. but don't kid yourself the war on democracy is real. it's just that the attacks are coming from the left. here now texas congressman chip roy joins me. congressman, what is your reaction to vice president harris saying that essentially america is about to be wiped off the map in terms of credibility when it comes to our election process? >> well, katie, i hope you had a merry christmas, good to be on the show. you know, look, the threat to our republic. the threat to our national security is sitting right there at 1600 pennsylvania avenue in both the vice president and the president. these are individuals who are at war with the american people. they are at war with the rule of law. they don't care about it. right? texas is under assault right now with wide open borders. china is elm pawshed as ever. we saw what happened in afghanistan. we are empowering the russians with nord stream 2 leaving ukraine dangling in the wind. meanwhile inflation is skyrocketing and they are focusing on the election. the elections are the very things the american people are
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going to seek to use next year and they know it they want to do everything they can to try to stop the american people or standing up in defense of this great country. the small businesses the local communities, the people out here in real america who are actually fighting to save their country. democrats want to stabbed as road blocks in that i gave a speech a couple weeks ago in which i excoriated house colleagues for being the united states house of free stuff. going out and spending money and now you see congresswoman jayapal saying that the president ought to spend $1.8 trillion without congressional approval? that is wrong. to be clear, i produced legislation when president trump was in the white house, the article 1 act to prevent any use of executive power to do that sort of thing. the american people are tired of the swamp games and democrats are starting to show exactly how they feel about our democracy. >> katie: yeah, congressman, they always talk about democracy and voting rights which sounds really nice and, you know, of course everybody supports voting rights when it comes down to what democrats' plans are for
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federalizing elections, getting rid of voter i.d. which is something that the majority of american voters approve of, allowing the federal government to take over local jurisdictions of elections. talk about the language that's being used here to kind of attack republicans on the issue of democracy in voting when really it's the democrats who are assaulting the way that we do elections in this country. >> yeah, there is no question about it this whole idea that they are trying to save the voting rights acted is a lie. and if there is anything that characterizes this white house more it's the word lie. because that's what he they're doing. the voting rights act is fully in place. americans, listen, fully in place. all that got repealed was section 2 with respect to applying to the states about 8 years ago shelby county decision. that was because it was using 50-year-old data. we knew was that going to happen. they want a central takeover of elections. they want to put the department of justice in your neighborhood. the same department of justice that had the fbi targeting parents for simply wanting to know what's going on in their school boards. but here's the good news.
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because of covid, the vale is lifted on the corruption of this administration but also local elections, local school board, the corruption in the school, the corruption from our universities, the corruption in the media. the american people are starting to see that the democrats are now scurrying around trying to figure out what they can do because they know american people are on to their game. >> katie: congressman, you are on the house side of capitol hill. and you get to work with the squad oftentimes. senator joe manchin gets the luxury of being in a separate chamber on capitol hill. but talk about this destructive behavior, the squad is taking on of trying to get the president of the united states to go around congress because they didn't get this $2 trillion spending plan that they wanted. to say. >> yeah. i mean, absolutely. one of the fundamental pillars of the strength of our republic, right? talk about democracy, the republic is celebration of powers and congress being separate from the executive branch. and they want to end run that they want to have biden use powers that he doesn't have. that would be unconstitutional
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to spend money that he can't spend. and they are doing that purposefully. look, some of us have been consistent. like i said, i introduced legislation when president trump was in office saying you can't use executive power beyond what congress approved. that's what the american people want. they want us to do our job, now they want to end run the filibuster in the senate. look, i worked in the senate as a staffer. i was senator cruz's chief of staff. a lawyer on the senate judiciary committee. i know how the filibuster works. it's an important part of the cooling saucer. this something that i think is a real problem for the health of our republic if the democrats undo that and start peaking the thread back to advance their radical agenda. we need to stand strong and make sure the american people see the truth and hold the line against this radical unwinding of our republic and what the american people speak next november. >> katie: congressman, you mentioned elections in november. republicans are winning the generic ballot. what do you see for see happening the next couple of months. >> i don't like getting in the
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forecasting business. we have a job to do as republicans winning hearts and minds as republicans. we need to stand up against the democrats to preserve and protect our country not just get back in power. i don't like the phrase take back the house. i want to take back america. i want to take back my country for our kids and grandkids. if we do that we will have success next november. the american people are tired of what's going on. they are tired of the swamp in general. let's remember why president trump was ushered into power in 2016 because he ran against the swamp. he ran against washington. the republicans can't get lazy and just because the incompetence and frankly the flat out evil and the lies of the administration, we need to stand up, lead, show them what we are going to do with a limited government that edge powers the people to prosper in this great country. i think we can do it. >> katie: they have got to work for it you are absolutely right. congressman chip roy, thank you for joining us. all right here now tonight charlie kirk founder and president of turning point u.s.a. so, charlie, what about this projection game that democrats always play of accusing
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republicans and conservatives of attacking democracy while they themselves want to get rid of things like the filibuster. >> they say it's a threat to democracy. it's really a threat to democrats when they say that they use that term democracy "the washington post" did the same thing as a way to try and stop any sort of accusations towards their motives or their action. look, they are trying to get rid of the filibuster because i think this is going to be the last time in nancy pelosi's lifetime they are ever going to have unified control of every single chamber. i think it's realistic that regular people are going to say wait a second, this is what happens when we give them the house, the senate, the presidency. divided government is supposed to exist for the idea much separation of powers that kind of tension is supposed to slow down really bad ideas. and the filibuster was put into place for the exact purpose of trying to have these radical ideas, usually from house committees slow down and hopefully, you know, sobered up. look, katie, this is all about power. we know that this is why they
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immediately transitioned from million at this trillion dollars boondoggle bill build back better or whatever voting rights. that transition pivot happened almost seamlessly. as if joe biden had those speeches prepared go south carolina. i think republican also be on their game because they will try to have a federal takeover of our elections which is going to make -- is going to make any sort of state sovereignty when it comes to audits. when it comes to voter i.d. measures. null and void and have to go through the biden justice department. >> katie: that's the issue, right? senator joe manchin, for example, said he doesn't support getting rid of the filibuster. president joe biden spent his career in the senate said he doesn't support getting rid of the filibuster. and, just this week now that he's in power can't get anything done in the house and senate despite it being his party now all of a sudden they are for getting rid of the filibuster. >> no. you are exactly right. you have to ask yourself the question why. so you have schumer, pelosi, and biden that they're all looking at things completely differently than lawmakers in our generation
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would look at them, katie, which is they are trying to think of how far the historians are going to categorize them. are he this going to go down as the democrats that failed in the big ambitious kind of progressive dream, the utopian dream or are they going to be the ones that were willing to do what was necessary to builded bridge to another tomorrow of whatever sort of america, globalist america they want to create. it's all about the kind of 30, 40 picture out of pelosi, schumer, and biden they want to be remembered fondly by the academics at cornell, princeton, stanford and yale which i think is gross and awful. without the country who care what is they are going to say about you. that's why they are willing to sacrifice their prior positions because they are looking at their career and they are saying we are never going to get this opportunity again. we want to be known as a woodrow wilson and fdr and lbj, a game changer type of coalition, not one that is going to try to go towards the middle and do what's actually best for the country. >> katie: you don't think they
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are going to have any regrets about this harry reid when he moved the filibuster on nominees. mitch mcconnell warned him he was going to regret it you don't think democrats are looking at that from that perspective at all. >> i think that's an important point. i don't think they care. i this i they are in the midst of a massive gamble. the massive gamble is that we know the people don't like us, we know that our numbers are under water. so what can we do to change the rules of the game that might give the aoc radicals a better shot at fundamentally transforming the country? i think it's going to fifth amendment i think 2021 is going to go down as the year of the failed left wing revolution. they tried everything they possibly could to try to lower the spear conservative movement. >> to try to have people stop showing up at school board meetings. have chatter on social media lessen. they failed. that's why they are pushing this voting rights lettle legislation. >> katie: they are seeing the writing on the wall as well for 2022 try to jam as much leftism
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to the senate and the house before then. charlie kirk, thanks so much. >> thanks, katie. ♪ >> katie: all right, now time for a fox news alert. the cdc announcing major changes to the covid quarantine protocols. we will tell you what they're and how they will affect you and your family after the break. ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. finally. our honeymoon. it took awhile, but at least we got a great deal on our hotel with kayak. i was afraid we wouldn't go.. with our divorce and.... great divorce guys. yeah...
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♪ >> katie: fox news alert. the cdc is changing its guidance once again slashing the mandatory quarantine people for those who test positive for covid 10 to 5. claims in response with the omicron variant which comes with milder symptoms. regardless of the variant you catch the quarantine period is only five days. seems like they are finally admitting that you and i have known all along. having to isolate or quarantine
4:20 pm
threatens to crush the ability of businesses to stay open. joining me now fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary and independent women's forum senior fellow beverly hallberg. dr. makary to you first, what is this change from the cdc and what does it generally mean. >> they are saying it's based on new data. it's not really based on new data. they are recognizing that you will absolutely destroy the infrastructure of not just the airport and travel industry but hospitals. and so many other aspects of society if we stick to a rigid 10 day asymptomatic quarantine requirement so now they are saying you can go to five days. they have even said hospitals can go less if they need to for some staffing need. and we're also seeing this sort of distinction of those who have had boosters giving them the privilege of not having to quarantine at all starting to create this sort of artificial construct that they are boosted and unboosted americans despite the fact that there is no evidence to support boosting young people in the united
4:21 pm
states. >> katie: so, beverly, here we are again with the cdc kind of carving out a different category for the either unvaccinated or unboosted not recognizing natural immunity for example and people are still very frustrated with the political science seems like they are using to change guidelines rather than actual science. >> yeah, they should be following the science like they say they are doing. but the reality is they haven't been. and there should have always been a multipronged approach to attacking covid that does consists of vaccine but also consist of recognizing natural immunity and testing and seeing how the lack of test something creating chaos across this country as people are not able to determine whether or not they have a cold or is this actually omicron that they have. and we are seeing this politics of fear play out because you even saw in the city of washington, d.c. when we saw cases of omicron go up, even though these cases are mild all of a sudden you have the mayor there issue a vaccine mandate
4:22 pm
that's supposed to take place on january 15th. those of us who want to visit our nation's capitol, if you are unvaccinated you are not able to go restaurants and museums and not participate in life in washington, d.c. even though you should be able to do so in your nation's capitol. a lot of this, in my opinion, is about grabbing power, not actually following the facts and following the science. >> katie: dr. makary, you know, we have seen this testing shortage. we now know the biden administration rejecteds very robust plan in october to get ahead of this testing crunch before the holidays but it's the cdc and dr. fauci have said go ahead and get a test even if you are not showing symptoms. are we actually overtesting at all? is that something that's causing this problem? >> well, you can't have it both ways and have a very limited testing supply that we're rations and at the same time give guidance to every american and every business to do routine screening just to get together or engage in regular activities. if we use the current number of
4:23 pm
tests that they have acquired, we would blow through those tests with the current screening requirements in about five days. they have got about 160 million a month planned for the next three months. you would need 2 billion a month to keep up with their own guidance. they have not moved their guidance from a universal testing protocol to a selective testing strategy. we are still waiting to hear from them about that. >> katie: speaking of hearing from them today we heard from president joe biden about his responsibility for what's going on. take a listen. >> look, there is no federal solution. this gets solved state level. i'm looking at governor sununu on the board here. he talks about that a lot. and it ultimately gets down to where the rubber meets the road and that's where the patient is in need of help or preventing the need for help. >> katie: beverly, that's the opposite of what we heard from joe biden on the 2020 presidential campaign trail.
4:24 pm
>> frankly, this answer astonishing because he is completely reversing what he said his pfs was about even when he was running for office on his own website. he had a 7 point plan on how he planned to defeat covid. so i am looking to the liberal media that often gives him cover to call out this flip flop. to call out this 180. they want to have any shred of credibility left they must call it out for what it is. that is him pushing the responsibility to the states. i happen to agree with him that the states do have a major role and should have a major role in dealing with covid. what he is doing with this is saying i'm not going to take responsibility. the same governor lay off and to back off during his time as presidency, he is now saying that they are responsible and here is my message to the president. i think a lot of americans feel this way. if there isn't a federal solution. there is going to be a federal mandate on vaccines. i think him needing to reverse that because he apparently doesn't think that there is any
4:25 pm
type of solution to covid to begin with. >> katie: doctor, last final word to you. >> well, one thing that was missing from the president's speech today was any mention of therapeutics, here we have drugs that have cut covid deaths to zero two of them. one out for a while that cut deaths by 91%. not a single mention it play be because we didn't prepare enough and have enough on hand. >> katie: all right, dr. makary, beverly, thanks so much. up next, cares finds new increased ways to bomb another softball interview. we will talk to jimmy after the break. ♪ s why iliberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> no one had greater expectations for 2021 but kamala harris. her first year as vice president is not gone as planned. her approval rating hittings historic low. staffers keep jumping ship and
4:31 pm
she still refuses to address the crisis at our southern border. this isn't how the white house wanted the year to go. last ditch effort to get v.p. positive headlines pushed an interview with cbs this weekend. it didn't work if anything it made matters worse. listen. >> what do you think your biggest failure has been at this point? >> to not get out of d.c. more. [laughter] i mean, and i actually mean that sincerely. i have talked with some of your former senate colleagues and they say you have been given impossible portfolio. do you think any of this is fair? do you think you are being set up to fail? >> no, i don't believe i'm being set up to fail i'm vice president of the united states. anything that i handle is because it's a tough issue. >> do you think you were judged fairly. >> i will leave others to make that decision.
4:32 pm
>> katie: hosts across america jimmy ditch the jacket. my first question for you, jimmy, do you feel like you are being set up to fail for coming on with me tonight? >> well, i just want to be clear about one thing. i'm broadcasting tonight from wapakoneta, ohio makes you the first sober person i have talked to in three days. the reason i'm going without a jacket k.p., i mean you don't know wapakoneta this is my jim jordan look. i'm in his congressional district right now. i'm not doing the jim failla i'm doing the jim jordan. i'm not being set up to fail. this is the part her biggest detriment as a public human being. like she is a lying sociopath. i mean that k.p. when she says in that interview oh when we first got into office we weren't allowed to travel. yo, joe biden has gone back to delaware every single weekend of his presidency. and, sure, he might think he is still? washington, but the rest of us
4:33 pm
know he has been traveling. okay, this is no different than the border. you know, when she has handled the border, we didn't get mad at her because of her gender. we didn't get had of her because of her race. she got mad at her because the border is now problem. elm being affected by the fentanyl coming across the border now. she responded by conducting a study on the root causes of illegal immigration. if your house is on fire. and you call the fire department, the last thing you want to hear is you are in luck. we are going to conduct a study on the root causes of fire. no, you don't want that, you want a truck with water and she is not sending it which is why she is polling behind omicron right now. >> katie: jimmy, they have tried really hard to rebrand her image with a couple of these interviews, all of them have gone poorly. they haven't fixed the awkward nervous laughing yet. rebrand image things going right with the administration. they can't get a win on anything right now.
4:34 pm
>> yeah, that's another lie, too when she said we have got to pass build back better because that will get costs under control. yo, the congressional budget office the cbo scored this bill. they found it would increase inflation and add to the tax deficit and add to the national debt as well. so at a time when americans are struggling, passing the bill is the financial equivalent of throwing a drowning man a sofa and there she is oh there is my laugh again, we have got to pass the bill. and that's why nobody likes her. that's the biggest thing k.p. what she doesn't get is we are not mad at her because she is a woman, we are mad at her because she is incompetent. okay. there is nothing she can point to that is a success and this idea that her defenders, okay, that's why she something asked this question were you set up to fail? you are the vice president of the united states. you are second in line to a job that will never have the luxury of choosing which crises you have to tackle. on some level the people working on her staff have to know that but the fact that they have continued to carry on as if in this is a race thing or gender
4:35 pm
thing it's embarrassing, k.p. >> katie: when she says it may be a race or gender thing and also the media has been saying that the interviewer also made that statement basically in a biased question when she asked her it's like do you remember president donald trump and how the media treated him? as i recall he was a white male and he got treated pretty poorly. [laughter] yeah, i mean at this point in the trump presidency, let's think about the poll numbers here. okay? biden and kamala are polling both below 40%. okay? and that's comparable to where trump and pence were with the key caveat being at this point in the trump presidency, everybody in the media, on earth, was pretending he was a russian asset controlled by vladimir putin. at this point in the biden presidency, we have everybody in the media pretending he is sane and competent. come on, man. >> katie: we brought you on for law firms and did you not fail. thank you for joining us.
4:36 pm
>> i think it was intervention christmas. you are the best k.p. >> katie: you are welcome. coming up mayor lori lightfoot wishing a happy kwanzaa in chicago except for the dozens of people that were shot and killed.
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4:41 pm
>> katie: the crime rate in chicago has been out of control for months and sadly this christmas weekend was no exception. 22 people were shot, two of them fatally other the week. so what did chicago mayor lori lightfoot have to say about it? >> joyous kwanzaa, chicago, the seven principals of kwanzaa guide to us unit and cooperation as we work to uplift and protect our neighbors. may the light of peace bring happiness to your homes as we wish you the warmth and togetherness of kwanzaa. >> katie: happy kwanzaa indeed joining us now is heather mcdonald the author of the diversity delusion and so heather while people are being mowed down in her city, mayor lightfoot is, of course, focused on kwanzaa. >> well, it was really hilarious
4:42 pm
about that announcement, katie, it went on to have very dower pronouncements about having a covid safe celebration. are you kidding me? there is a person shot every two hours in chicago. a person killed every 10 hours. there has been at least 27 children who have been killed this year at least 100 children though ho have been shot. a one-month-old child shot, 4-year-old, 6-year-old, 7-year-old,-year-old, these children all shot in the head in drive by shootings. here's what lori lightfoot should have said, if you pick up a gun, if you even think of picking up a gun, we are coming after you, we are supporting our police department. we are going to come and get you, she should have also called on this insane federal monitor to finish his work. is he crippling the department in senseless paperwork decrees. there has been a flighted of officers from the department. public safety should be the number one issue in chicago, it is the only issue as long as
4:43 pm
people are getting mowed down, as long as you have these mobs rampaging down the magnificent mile, there is no way the city is going to recover and reexperience its urban vitality. >> now that you mention people can't celebrate kwanzaa if they are being shot in the streets especially if they are children. but what is the solution here, you are an expert on crime, the break down of law and order and it just seems like mayor lightfoot and those around her aren't willing to do what it takes to even start dealing with this problem. >> and she is hampered by kim foxx who is if anything worse than her, the prosecutor that is -- we hope, going to be sidelined because of the jussie smollett hoax, what they should be doing is fighting back against the phony narrative that says the police are racist where people are being victimized most. 81 of all homicide victims in chicago this year katie are black. even though blacks are only 30%
4:44 pm
of the population, that means the police cannot fight crime without disproportionately in neighborhoods. as long as lori lightfoot continues to give any support to the narrative that we should think about the cops as racist, the cops are going to continue being passive not engage when they should understandably because the elites like the mainstream media and politicians keep telling them they are racist for simply going and trying to save black lives. the black lives matter movement is a complete fraud. it is a hoax, there has been not a peep of protest about these 27 children who have been shot because they are black and because they were killed by other blacks. >> katie: we are grateful that you are here tonight to talk about it and talk about the consequences of lori lightfoot's ineptitude in her city, thank you very much. all right, biden's response or lack thereof to the border crisis at the border has been a disaster to say the least. now patriotic citizens are taking matters into their own
4:45 pm
hands. texas resident samuel hall is the founder and president of patriots for america for the past two months the texas based group of volunteers has coordinated with sheriffs in neighboring counties to help stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border. the militia has been granted permission by landowners and have made 2300 arrests under the program samuel hall founder and president of patriots for america joins me now along with julio rosa, senior writer for town and the author of an upcoming book fiery but mostly peaceful. thank you both for being here today. tell me about your new group. >> well, patriots for america, katie is, you know, we are a militia organization. we are are a faith based organization. we are christ-centered. the left has done such a good job really demonizing that job militia and some of the militias have given them plenty of rope to hang them with. psa militia is a much different organization in a respect. you know, we come with a peaceful mission. we come with a mission of
4:46 pm
humanitarian aid. and we do everything the right legal constitutional way. we leave our ego goes out the door and here to make a positive difference. >> katie: julio, you have been everywhere from texas to arizona. you have seen landowners who find bodies, criminals rummaging through breaking into their ranches for example. tell us how dangerous it is for people who may hear the term militia and kind of recoil at that given their inexperience with the border. >> well, it's just a simple fact that unfortunately border patrol is completely overwhelmed because these large groups of people who illegally cross the border give themselves up. that means there is hardly anybody actually patrolling the border to catch the people who don't want to be caught. that's exemplified most recently in yuma, arizona. yesterday i had a source tell me still to this day they have lots of people coming over a lot faster than they can pick them up and process them. as i report for town hall, sometimes they only have two to
4:47 pm
three agents during the day patrolling the border just patrolling. not transporting or processing and at night it's even worse where sometimes even one agent. 2021 surge it be up to 15. this is part of what we are talking about when it is a crisis because, you know, yes, there is the families and the unaccompanied minors and also the more nefarious aspects on the people who don't want to be caught. those are the people more apt to be dangerous to themselves and also to american citizens. >> katie: samuel, this partnership you have with sheriffs and alan owners and 2300 arrests. tell us how that happens. does someone call you and the sheriff is unavailable so you step in? how does this process work? >> you know, katie, we operate as a constitutional militia. so, you know, when we come across illegal immigrants, we don't know who is going to be violent and who is not. treat them all people looking for a better life unless they pose a danger to our team.
4:48 pm
the sheriff and dps make arrest. we don't make arrest. we don't detain people. we are there to disrupt and frustrate. we do so in a peaceful way. taylor kramer was on the ground with us. he has got a rumble chain of rbg truth and can you see and see how we operate as a militia, how we treat illegal immigrants. we do it peacefully and humanitarian way. we also do things out of wisdom and discernment and we have to operate in such because there is like your colleague just said and there is a lot of dangerous people coming across. a lot of the nefarious people. drug smuggling and human trafficking. a lot of children being hurt because the biden administration, those socialist marxist communist in d.c. have opened up our borders on the altar of political gain in votes. that's what this is all about. it's about turning texas blue. that's what they are doing right now their marxist playbook is very clear. a lot of people dying on both sides. it's sad and a travesty for this
4:49 pm
nation. >> katie: julio, you watched and reported all throughout 2021. what are your expectations when it comes to o2022 mr. it's criminal aliens coming across, humanitarian issues on the border, given everything that you have seen? >> i hate to be the pessimistic one here but i don't think things are going to change in 2022. i mean, crisis in this surge has been inflicted self-inflicted by the biden administration's open border rhetoric and policies that have been put in place. so, you know, right now we have remain in mexico up to a certain point but that's not enough. the cat is out of the bag. so, i think we're going to continue -- i think i'm going to be spending a lot of time at the border next year for town hall because this will continue. it's happening right now as we speak and i think it just shows that the lies that the biden administration said by saying it's seasonal and trump administration's fault that's why we are having this crisis now shows all the data we have from this year now shows that's
4:50 pm
simply not true. like i said because they don't seem to actually want to solve there, unfortunately the border crisis will continue into next year. >> katie: julio, samuel, thank you for your work and be watching into next year for sure. thank you very much. coming up, corgis, kahlua, and lickable television. abby hornacek is on the clock up next. ♪ ♪
4:51 pm
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♪ ♪ >> abby hornacek on the clock, four topics 60 seconds each here we go. are you ready? >> i think so, katie, we will see i guess i guess. >> let's do this. first up, you never asked for it but it's here, television thanks to a scientist out of japan you'll now be able to taste any on-screen tv flavor with a simple lake and one feature will allow you to download and
4:56 pm
virtually taste meals from restaurants all around the world. >> i was wondering, i kept getting emails from the bureau wise katie pavlich licking the tv in her office. now we know why. >> i want to eat italian food. from italy. >> you can get it from italy now. you can do alcohol tastings as well, i'm not sure who likes the taste of alcohol without the actual effect of the alcohol, but i guess how it works is that the professor invented not on the market yet still in the lab, but it has ten canisters of flavor and put it on the transparent piece of paper. it goes over the television and you lick it and you can taste a croissant. >> kind of gross, but not going to hate it until i tried. technology for a whole month, we might just have a challenge for you, the company kahlua coffee
4:57 pm
liquor is offering $25,000 to couples who successfully cut technology out of your lives. winning couples will have to pass a polygraph before collecting their cash. >> yeah, i don't know if couples will be able to pass a polygraph but it is a good test for the relationship. i think it's a great thing, because you have the couples that probably need to spend time without the technology without social media to build a relationship. if it doesn't work, you have a lot of kahlua to drink to ease the awkwardness. it's a win-win for the company and a win-win for you. >> i like it. >> technology or the polygraph, that's what i think. football halftime shows may have gotten an interesting after the nfl unveiled a corgi puppy racing to the halftime line up weekend. that's not even the cutest part, all the corgis race while wearing many santas on their
4:58 pm
backs okemos and that doesn't need the reindeer anymore. he just has the corgis. >> i was wondering why none of the corgis had a red nose like why did nobody think about that? our four pets, these poor things have to dress up with a santa on their back. it's interesting and there's a reason why the puppy bowl is so successful is because people love watching their pets. more than that, people love to see their pets dressed up in costumes and i saw some study before halloween that said one in five americans were planning on dressing up their pets for the holidays. it makes a lot of sense. >> my dog is a lie in every single year and there stomach about corgis. a corgi contingency of lifeguards at a doggy pool party once. they all had their little uniforms on in there something cute about them running around on the short little legs. finally up next -- may be, he's probably too much of a diva for that but we could try. a texas man was boston on assault and violation charges
4:59 pm
after he posted a photo of himself alongside a mall santa on instagram. photos appeared to show another man posing with a handgun next to the mall santa. but there's a problem with that, right? >> i would think so, katie, there's a huge problem with that. i think when you look at this first of all why do it was mexican of all why post on social media. the guy had a warrant out for his arrest in texas so he's being extradited to texas. they didn't pose with santa, they walked around the halls of the mall and they were throwing cash in the air. it took a video and posted it as well. of del mike texas does have cash bail so they could have used the money. they might have wanted to save it for that because now they have no money and they're going to jail. >> criminals aren't always the sharpest tools in the shed, that's for sure. abby hornacek, thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> thanks, katie.
5:00 pm
>> thank you very much for watching "fox new primetime" come up dominic will be here tomorrow night and i will be cohosting at 5:00. meanwhile, tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," i'm sean duffy in for tucker. it's hard to believe in less than 12 months joe biden's popularity has absolutely crumbled. most of the self-proclaimed experts on cable news probably expecting the exact opposite from your president with control of both chambers of congress. but that's precisely what happened to be have gotten tir


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