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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 27, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> thank you very much for watching "fox new primetime" come up dominic will be here tomorrow night and i will be cohosting at 5:00. meanwhile, tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," i'm sean duffy in for tucker. it's hard to believe in less than 12 months joe biden's popularity has absolutely crumbled. most of the self-proclaimed experts on cable news probably expecting the exact opposite from your president with control of both chambers of congress. but that's precisely what happened to be have gotten tired
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of joe biden. it's not a gaffe or speculation, according to almost every poll from gallup to reuters and everything in between, approval for joe biden has dropped significantly in the last year. just today, rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll showed 58% of americans disapprove of joe biden's performance as president. according to our recent pbs poll, a meager 29% of independents approve of joe biden. you'd be hard-pressed to find a majority of any demographic group that thinks joe biden is doing a good job. even cnn recently conceded that biden's low poll numbers are not an exception for biden at this point but rather the rule. it's hard to say on any given day of joe biden is aware of his low poll numbers. on some days, he doesn't seem to even know he's the president. but on the rare day joe biden is mentally present, poll numbers are in something he pays attention to. >> how much do you pay attention
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to approval ratings? >> not anymore. [laughter] not joking. [applause] i was checking in the mid 60s, not the mid 40s. skin you take the with think the president of the united states would pay attention if it wears to tank in such a short time frame. he doubled down on his divisive policies. joe biden doesn't pay attention to approval ratings, he's also telling us something else. he saying he doesn't care enough to change. he doesn't care to unify the country he keeps dividing. it's not the presidency that joe biden promised us last year in the election. >> i pledge to be a president who sees not to divide, but unify. that doesn't see a red states or blue states, only sees the united states. the bible tells us to everything
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there is a season, a time to build, a time to reap, at a time to sew, and a time to hail. this is the time to heal in america. >> sean: so how is america coming along? will have to guess, after a year of living through joe biden's policies, millions of americans have used their first amendment rights to tell us exactly how they feel about him. >> [bleep] joe biden. [bleep] joe biden. [bleep] joe biden. [bleep] joe biden. [bleep] joe biden. >> sean: chance like that occurred all across the country this year until they evolve into the euphemism let's go granddad. never before in modern american history has the phrase specifically been invented, commercialized, and repeated to
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insult the president. no matter how silly or serious you think the phrase is, it's now hit in new heights for joe biden thanks to a man. even on christmas eve, while he was taking calls from the public and tracking santa claus, joe biden could not escape let's go brandon. >> you guys have to be in bed by 9:00. asleep between 9-12 or he doesn't show up. >> this is into you, jared, this is to the kids. [laughter] >> that's right. i hope you have a wonderful christmas. >> yeah, i hope you guys have a wonderful christmas as well. let's go, brandon! >> i agree. by the way, are you in oregon? >> sean: die clips now a viral sensation. naturally, allies in the media swooped into his defense. it doesn't matter that he claims let's all brandon just ingest, journalists were outraged.
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nbc news was traumatized by the call and ran a headline calling the phrase a "right wing slur." called it a "verbal insult." garnishment eric swalwell of all people who repeatedly slept with a chinese spy has the audacity to accuse him of accumulating the family and being "indecent." instead of talking about joe biden's performance, cnn took the opportunity to attack anybody who dares to under the phrase "let's go brandon" because at cnn, let's go brandon is all about insurrection. >> is ungracious, it's juvenile, it's reprehensible by the father. but i don't think it's fundamentally about instability, it's about insurrection. if i don't know the individual t the whole "let's go, brandon" motif is a reflection of two-thirds of the republican base driven by trump's claims
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and big lie that biden's and illegitimate president. >> sean: candace owens is the host of "candace" and she joins us now. set me straight on this because for all of donald trump's presidency, they used vulgar and insults against him and here you have one guy, an electrician from oregon who says "let's go, brandon" and the left loses their mind. >> yeah, the irony of the coverage about this is that "let's go, brandon" the chat arose because feeling that it was a referendum on the mainstream media, constantly lying about america. response, you've got the mainstream media going after this man and completely lying about what the chat represents trying to make it something more sinister and vile than it is. it's america saying the mainstream media lies and we don't like the president. you have to ask yourself at this point, who are they lying for? we know they are lying, they know they are lying, everybody around the world knows they are
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lying, not a single person left or right who will look you in the face and pretend that joe biden is a well-liked president. they can't even put him in public, they put him behind screens to get the questions in advance because there is no reason and not even new york city you can't go into the city of new york without people screaming this chant. all around the usa. who are they lying for? at the end of the day what's happening and the reason why they reacted so viciously is because they are angry. there is an element that actually believe after trump was gone they would retain control of the narrative. to control a certain way and the world would believe them and realizing now that's not the case. no matter what they say about joe biden, americas rejecting the presidency and americas altogether rejecting that left stream media which continually and routinely lies about the american people. >> sean: candace, there rejecting the policies because those policies have been catastrophic for their livelihoods and families. i've got to tell you, in a
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moment of feeling a father's heart, when i saw the video and have got to tell you i felt sad and i felt honest about that, i don't know if joe biden was never told what "let's go, brandon" means or if he forgot what it means, but they repeated the line. it shows that he's just not all with it i think. >> people hold the perspective. if you look at joe biden and think it's elder abuse and personally shame on joe biden for allowing this to happen i would never have allowed my husband if he was losing his cognitive discipline and never allow him to go on tv or to pretend he's running for president as we try to hide him. this is a power-hungry family. my perspective is that when they sat down they decided to run as a family especially when you read hunter biden laptop text messages. if you realize he understood what he was doing and what the mental status and when he has moments of clarity, this is a farce of a presidency and continues to go on anyway. i grant him no exception and no
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excuses. >> sean: no exception, candace, but one thing i look at throughout all of this is the media has no excuse. they come in and they defend him and defend his policies with the american people suffers, that's outrageous. thank you for joining me tonight, candace. >> thank you for having me. >> sean: joe biden supporters collapsing and his vice president's and faring much better. the kamala harris has an explanation who don't like her. they are just sexist and racist. >> why do you think there's such scrutiny, women are held to a different standard, that's a fact. >> the fact you're a woman and a minority in the office as part of why they're such scrutiny. i will leave that for others to deal with. i have a job to do. if you talk about being the first order being maybe it's because i am that -- for the
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first time maternal health is on the stage at the white house. >> sean: wants to asked, with the greatest threat to the national security is. if she didn't say china or terrorism. if she says it's her democracy that keeps us up at night. >> would you think of the biggest national security challenge challenging the u.s., what makes you stay up an eye? >> frankly is our democracy. there is no question in the minds of people who are foreign policy experts that the year 2021 is not the year 2,000. i think they're so much about foreign and domestic policy for example that was guided and prioritized based on september 11th, 2001. we are embarking on a new era where the threats to our nation take many forms. including the threat of autocracy.
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taking over and having outside influence around the world. >> sean: larry elder is a radio host and former gubernatorial candidate and joins me now. good to see you. i have to tell you, listen to this and you look at the left, the left has schools. they've got wall street, businesses, hollywood, they have the deep state in the military and to think that kamala harris is concerned about a few americans were concerned about voter integrity and that's the main focus and to rent in america. >> you know, sean, when you start with this, the lieutenant governor-elect of virginia who is a black female, you do not hear her complaining about her critics and calling them sexist and racist, she dealt with the criticism. kamala harris had one job and she succeeded and that job was to drag a mentally declining joe biden cross the finish line because remember bernie sanders won the nevada caucuses. he was the clear front runner of the democratic party and they were scared to death of james clyburn then supporting
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joe biden on the eve of the south carolina primary, the congressman from south carolina. joe biden won the primary and they coalesced behind him. they didn't care he was campaigning from the basement that his mental skills had declined to come out they wanted beta donald trump. that's why kamala harris was chosen, she's a female, she's a person of color, and they said themselves a ticket with two white males is systemically racist. her job was to do just that. they gave her the two jobs, the major jobs to the borders in the voting rights, that's in trouble because as you pointed out earlier, it's the policies. they were convinced donald trump was raised wrist racist.regarding the voting rig, the premises unsound. the voting rights act is in place in the john lewis act is going to sterilize all the elections. even barack obama once said the reason our election is difficult to hack is because we have a 15
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state election. that's why it's so difficult for the elections to be had. the idea that voter i.d. is racist, guess who supports voter i.d.? black people, poll's show that period of 2008, the percentage of black voters eligible to vote exceeded the percentage of white voters who are eligible to vote for the very first time despite the alleged voter suppression laws. the premise is faulty. two very difficult jobs and the reaction of an article which the black publication if any indication after cnn put out the expose that her staff was in an uproar, they were angry, they were accusing biden of throwing her overboard, they all said this is because she's a black female. black females are the backbone of the democratic party. if kamala harris proceeds to be mistreated, they are in deep trouble. black female's won't vote republican but they'll stay home in 2022 and 2024, and they should know this. >> sean: to that point, you've
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got kamala harris pulling in them mid to high 20s i'm a horrible for a vice president, she should be beating the president herself, how does the democratic party pick a kamala harris because she doesn't have a lot of support with the american people but if they don't pick her, your point is that the african american women won't come out and vote. democrats are in a pickle, right? >> absolutely. she does poll well among black voters. they had her and 72%. it was supposed to be broken down by gender but i assure you her support among black females is higher. if she is perceived as being deep state for whatever reason, they will feel she was not given a chance and thankless jobs and feel as though the biden administration is sniping behind her back. they cannot get rid of her if they still want the most powerful and loyal part of their base which of the black vote in the black female vote. they can't do that. they will rue the day if they
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tried. >> the point is, they need independent voters and they need hispanic voters, and their hemorrhage ending those two demographics because this administration has been so horrible. again, they are in a really tough spot. thank you for joining me tonight. >> you got it. >> sean: tony fauci wants to ban unvaccinated americans from air travel. plus a covid karen beat up an elderly man on the flight for being mask less that's coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: airline travel and america is becoming more violent. violent. a maskless woman beat up an elderly man on the flight because he was apparently eating without a mask. fox news village and has the story. >> good evening tio, sean. a video of the fight has gone viral with over 4 million views already. posted on friday night and it shows some serious drama that turned physical on a delta flight from tampa to atlanta between an older maskless man and a younger woman was upset that he wasn't wearing a mask. take a look at the video. throughout the video, the woman yells at the man to put his mask despite having her mask down around the chin.
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he responds by calling her a karen and eventually takes a swing at him. take a look. speak out you don't dare talk to me like that. get your leap up, stand your [bleep] up. >> karen, you're a leap karen. [bleep], [bleep], [bleep]. >> mask up. mascot. >> [bleep] you sir. >> sean: you can see a boiling over right there and the woman appears to spin on the man after she appeared to hit him and they tried to get at one another as they cuss each other out. a flight attendant had to keep them apart and you can see the
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woman -- the person who posted the video ended it showing the woman being escorted away and they end up showing police waiting on the tarmac in atlanta waiting for that aircraft to land. atlanta pd announced that incident caused injury to passengers and delta employees alike. they called the woman in this incident a suspect and the officially i.d. her as patricia cornwall and said that she was taken into fbi custody. upon landing, it's unclear what she's going to be charged with. sean, sending it back to you. >> sean: bill melugin, thank you for that disturbing report. i appreciate it. joe biden made an omission about the coronavirus pandemic. he undermined every federal mandate he tried to impose. joe biden admitted his policies to end the pandemic. >> there is no federal solution, it state level. i'm looking along the board. he talks a lot.
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it boils down to where the rubber meets the road and that's where patience is a need of help or preventing the need for help. >> sean: unfortunately for joe biden and americans who agree with that statement, pandemic mandates are products of democracy. they are edicts ordered by the great patron saint of wuhan anthony fauci. he contradicted joe biden and called for his federal vaccine mandates for domestic air travel. >> when you make vaccination requirements, that's another incentive to get more people vaccinated. if you want to do that with domestic flights, i think that something that should seriously be considered. >> sean: a senator from the greatest state of wisconsin, joining me now. senator johnson, you've been one of the most outspoken critics of anthony fauci. give me your take on what fauci saying about americans having to be vaccinated for air travel. >> hello, sean, thank you for
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having me on. we ought to acknowledge the reality the sad reality of our report response to covid in large measure directed by anthony feld she has been a miserable failure. 18,800,000,000 americans are dead his main goal was to unify and heal the nation. anthony fauci, call him flip-flop found she, whether it's on masks, mandates, august 2020. he basically did not see mandates being imposed in general public in recognizing with a miserable failure to covid has been. of i can think of anything more divisive or idiotic. unfortunately, creating vaccines would be 100% effective and 100% safe, but they're not. we know that fully vaccinated,
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individuals can catch covid and transmit, so what's the point? we are not recognizing natural immunity and not acknowledging the vaccine injuries and doing research to help those individuals who have been harmed by the vaccines as well. fauci has not been honest or transparent with the american public, and i don't -- i think he's done a miserable job in terms of responding to covid. >> sean: senator, that's my question as a follow-up because i'm concerned that fauci comes out with the edicts and mandates and we want to have mandates for people to see each other at christmas or new year's party, going to a building in new york city and you have to have a vaccine to travel on the airplane. the problem is i know scores of people who are vaccinated have been boosted and they all got omicron. this is not a pandemic of omicron of just the on facts, everybody's getting that. where are we having special rules for the unvaccinated compared to the vaccinated?
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>> because they need to find a scapegoat for their failure. at this point, sean, i have no idea why anybody would listen to anthony fauci. he should have been terminated and fired from his position a long time ago as soon as we found out that he funded the dangerous research that folks at the wuhan lab had access to. just on the account alone, he should have been fired as a private citizen, but he is apparently still in charge and called on to the shows despite his complete lack of wisdom on this. i have no idea why anybody, anybody would listen to anthony fauci as it relates to covid and the coronavirus. >> sean: senator, i totally agree. donald trump should have fired him, joe biden should fire him, he should have no place anywhere near power because he is wrong consistently. benatar, thank you for joining me. i appreciate it >> stay well.
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>> sean: "the washington post" has advice for all of us men out there. get a vasectomy, now an act of love. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: nearly half of all americans spend over five hours a day on their cell phones. surveys from the last few years indicate that the average american checks their cell phone over 80 times a day. smartphones have positive effects on lives, we don't spend enough time talking about the dangers of cell phone use on our health. what are some of the dangers? tucker sat down with radiation expert dr. devon davis for a full hour on the latest episode of "tucker carlson today." if you want to take a look at that for the conversation right now. >> the issue of cell phone radiation, we have been in denial. the dino is in large part is the introduction is psychological.
5:33 pm
we cannot think about the possibility lake is it a chance that these things are harmful. the answer is we have controlled studies where they take a test tube of from a healthy man and take two tests. if they don't expose it to cell phone radiation and they expose the other. will die three times faster with three times more damage to the dna, that's been replicated in many studies which is how science works, you have to repeat the results. bodies that advise the government are asked for their advice, we say we don't have enough evidence but if you look at them membership of the bodies and the revolving door that takes place between the industry and those who regulated, you can see there has not been an independent evaluation. we are calling for a full independent evaluation of the science and this is the past two years right here, the main
5:34 pm
studies done. we sent it to the court recently. the fcc has utterly failed to look at the science. it's highly inconvenient truth. >> tucker: where are the trial lawyers in this? i have to ask, reads not ideological, trial lawyers are greeted by definition, fine. they ended the tobacco industry effectively by suing. 1964 officially we learned that smoking causes cancer and emphysema. they moved in and shut it down. why has not not happened here? >> it's interest income on some of the same characters involved telling you tobacco is good for you, thank you for smoking, brilliant movie. very important basic idea that the industry had its own p.r. people whose job it was to tell people that smoking alcohol and tabasco is not really so bad for you. >> tucker: it's complicated, we're not sure since the
5:35 pm
sciences out. speak at the closing scene has the guy very confused looking and off-camera it says is it true? do cell phones cause cancer? they all speak at the same time, we are not sure, may become a may be, than the voice of authority says i want you to say the words in front of the mirror. while we are concerned about the evidence at this time we have no proof. that cell phones are causing rain cancer. that's the lost line of that movie. we have no proof. what is proof? proof in science on the issue comes from two things, you study animals experiment only under controlled conditions or you look at patterns and people. the difference between the two fields which i happen to be both, and epidemiologist looking for patterns and people. the epidemiologist can only tell you about the past. we have to wait for the bodies, we are body condors in
5:36 pm
epidemiology. the toxicologist tried to predict the future. they try to predict what's going to happen. we have a whole body of animal studies, many in this stack and many of which have been before the fcc in previous iterations. that body studies have been basically ignored and dismissed by the same efforts and by the same characters that went around discrediting people who warned about the dangers of tobacco. they have effectively use the strategy to attack scientists, attacked the science, attack the funders, and tried to discredit the entire enterprise. >> sean: when you can watch the full conversation with dr. deborah davis right now on fox nation by going to tuckercarlson with a conservative majority of the supreme court, the chances of overturning roe v. wade --
5:37 pm
"the washington post" has a solution and abortion gets a load. then she just get vasectomies because it's an act of love. unfortunately, it's not new to the left. aoc has been telling her supporters for years that having children may not be the best thing for the environment. >> the scientific consensus that the lives of children will be very difficult, and it does lead i think young people to have a legitimate question. is it okay to still have children? also just a basic moral question like what do we do? even if you don't have kids, there are still children here in the world emma and we have a moral obligation to them. to leave a better world for them. >> sean: columnist with the spectator and he joins me now. give it to mia, is this an act of love or is this really about consequence free sex?
5:38 pm
>> why stop at the vasectomy? lop the whole thing off and trends which if you really love your wife and you want show her a supporter of womanhood. i would love to see how "the washington post" and this reporter who is clearly a bit too excited about the idea of men being mutilated in a clinical setting unnecessarily, how would you react if women were doing the same thing? if there is a trend of women getting their tubes tied to show how much they love their husband and maybe it's not such a bad idea. how would they react to that? we would no, these women are horrible and self hating. of course, we can laugh at the men doing this doing this now and it's perfectly in line. it's what drives the left, it's their religion, it kills about everything they do and of course they believe in population control. they want fewer people on the planet.
5:39 pm
of course populations are growing in rich western countries except by illegal immigration. i wonder how if you take this to parts of the world where the population is exploding like in sub-saharan africa or central america, and wonder how those men would react to being told that they should have a vasectomy to show how much they love their women. >> sean: it's really good politics because of you have all these woke liberal men in bike shorts that get vasectomies and not have kids, but you've got conservative men like me who have nine kids isn't that great because he of conservatives being born and liberals not having kids. >> that's why we're not super mad about it, they are not breeding and that's fine. i hope these men get a free box set of harry potter when they go and further snap. and whatever else they like to do in their free time. it find if you want to do it, go for it, but it makes you less of a man, i'm sorry.
5:40 pm
>> you saw the video of aoc who is out they are saying we want to save the environment and let's not have kids. give me your take on aoc saying you'll save the environment if you don't have kids. >> it's finally out in the open with this, the left has been secretly saying this for a long time, the way to save the planet's fear of people. him and of course sound very nice fun they become so brazen lately with they truly believe in what they're about. they really have gone off the deep end. what she's been learning in colleges what she's been saying and circulating around the progressive caucus for a long time. they want fewer people and less people carried him there's many ways to do that. this one just sounds a little nicer than other tactics that the left has tried and sadly successfully tried in the past. >> sean: some would say that world should have no kids, save america and have less liberals.
5:41 pm
thank you for joining me tonight, i appreciate it. thank you, twitter position protests the transgender swimmer at the university of pennsylvania. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: spending three decades as a u.s. swimming official but she just resigned in protest over transgender swimmer leah thomas of the university of pennsylvania who is a biological male that's been allowed to compete against females. thomas is now dominating swimming events and setting records. in a razor legation letter, she said that "she can't support this" and that everything about swimming is being destroyed. she joins me now. cynthia, thank you for joining me and thank you for your bravery. i'm curious, what kind of response have you gotten since he resigned from your position? >> sean, thank you very much. i've gotten a lot of kind comments from fellow officials,
5:47 pm
former officials, and from parents of swimmers and swimmers. the fact is that swimming is a sport in which bodies compete against bodies. identities do not compete against identities. from the very beginning, swimmers are divided by sex and age group. eight and under, 9, 10, all the way up because from the very beginning swimming, usa swimming recognizes that boys swim differently from girls. this is just accentuated when boys and girls go through puberty. boys will always have larger lung capacity, larger hearts, greater circulation, a bigger skeleton, and less fat. girls go through. he and they have a double whammy. they not only grow, but they get periods and often have a totally different center of gravity. they have to learn how to swim over again. while leah thomas as a child of god, he is a biological male who
5:48 pm
is competing against women and no matter how much testosterone suppression dogs don't like drugs he takes, he will always be a biological male and have the advantage. it's horrible. the statement for women then is you do not matter, what you do is not important, and little girls are going to be thrown under the bus by all of it. he will be destroying women swimming. >> sean: my next question for you is young women who push back can be believed, social media blowback can be great. but if you look to moms across america, moms of athletes or you looked up rome athletes or olympic athletes who competed in the sports as women to stand up for girls to compete against other women. are you seeing that kind of mother support or the kind of athletes where they will stand up and support the movements and biological girl should be competing against biological
5:49 pm
girls and biological boy should be competing against biological boys? >> it's great, sean. i'm getting great leaders from dads of daughters and moms of daughters, but we are also seeing some past olympians stepping up and saying, no, this is wrong. we must remember olympic swimming for women was built on great swimmers like jill, surely come on janet evans, jenny thompson, all these women who worked so hard before title ix when they didn't have the opportunities that men had. it would be such a shame, such a travesty to throw it away now. this is what will happen. men are different from women, men swimmers are different from women, and they will always be faster than women. >> sean: you know, cynthia, as a father of six girls, i have nine kids, six or girls, thank you for standing up for girls to actually have the ability to compete and win when
5:50 pm
they compete against other girls. i hope every mother and father out there, every olympic swimmer, any woman athletes stands up and stands with you to say this is wrong. it's unfair. thank you for lending your voice to the cause and standing up and resigning in protest. you're a great american. >> thank you very much, sean. >> sean: our military continues to fire marines over the vaccine, china's cranking out warships and producing new weapons. where are our priorities? that's coming up next. ♪ ♪
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one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. >> sean: u.s. military has fired 159 marines for refusing the coronavirus vaccine. while we fire members of our armed forces, the chinese meanwhile are flexing their strength. they recently unveiled three new warships in one day. successfully tested a brand-new engine for hypersonic weapons.
5:56 pm
one of the senior military misplaced priorities, douglas mcgregor is on retired army colonel and former senior advisor to the acting secretary of defense and joins us now. colonel, talking about the hypersonic missiles that the chinese developed, is that a threat and should be concerned? >> first of all, we don't know too much about them. a lot of people have looked at hypersonic missiles going all the way back to the 1960s. to be frank, they haven't worked well. i would not place too much stock in that. i think the more important issue is this. everyone, russians, chinese, anybody out there who has any hostile intent whatsoever toward the united states is building morale and capability. we are doing the opposite. >> sean: colonel, that goes with my next question, we have a military that's concerned about the environment, racism, don't we want our military to be a
5:57 pm
killing machine so if any threat comes our way, we can destroy that threat because we have the best military, the best armaments, and the best defense? >> i think the biden administration has decided that anyone who refuses to take the vaccine and is in uniform is presenting resistance to the biden administration's new order inside the military. i think that's ridiculous, but i think that's they are revealed. if you don't take the vaccine, then you're also opposed to crt equity, social justice, these other things that they seem ready to ram down everybody's throat. i think the more it's important thing to realize is that covid is not the black plague. we have only had 82 fatalities since the pandemic began inside the armed forces. and that means 0.013% of the people of who have been infected with a virus have lost their lives. it may be of interest to your viewers to know that in the last
5:58 pm
month we lost two people in uniform, and both of them were fully vaccinated. a lot of marines, sailors, soldiers saying, look, i don't want to do this. i think we should respect their wishes because this is not the threat that it's made out to be too young exuberance, intelligent, effective shoulders, sailors, airmen, and marines. those marines we invested a lot of money in them, we need them. we may need them soon. we need them in the marine corps. >> sean: we have seen over the course of obama presidency and now with biden, there has been a shifting of our generals. and some have been retired and others have promoted. it seems like you have a little bit more woke progressive general in today's military that you used to have. do we have the depth and the military if we have the right president to actually save it and get it back on course?
5:59 pm
>> no. sean, this is not a new developments, this has been going on for 30 years. this began under the clintons and it's gotten progressively worse with each administration. they have promoted routinely people have showed unquestioned obedience to any dumb idea or policy that the administration wanted. we've done a lot of stupid things with the military since 1991. as a result, our military is not ready to fight. i don't see any evidence that this administration is remotely interested in that. frankly, i think they want to make it as impotent as possible because the left tends to view the military with suspicion. the right never has, but that is the left's view. >> sean: as we look forward to, you're going to see this transition take place and you're going going to see it will woket like corporate america and schools. i hope the military just continues to push forward and have a rebirth.
6:00 pm
it not leaving a lot of confidence, colonel. >> don't underestimate the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. there are the people we depend upon. >> sean: i'm out of time. that's about it for us, don't forget a brand-new episode of "tucker carlson today" featuring dr. deborah davis is available to stream right now on fox nation by going to tuckercarlson >> sean, thank you mama breaking up just a little bit here about good timing. thank you to the special edition of "tucker carlson tonight" mike "hannity," i'm gregg jarrett in for sean. we begin with a flashback of sorts. of 14 months ago, then candidate joe biden proudly declared "donald trump still doesn't have a plan to get this virus under control i do." now more than a year later, biden has finally revealed his plan to shut down the virus telling state


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