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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 28, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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please, if you have liberal policies, leave them at home. remember why you left and leave that with the failed leaders in your former state. come on here and enjoy freedom. todd: check out final thoughts with tomi lahren exclusively on fox nation. tomi, we appreciate it ben, it's been fun. "fox & friends" starts. ♪ ♪ ♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ when i'm wiser and i'm older ♪ all this time i was finding myself ♪ i didn't know i was wrong ♪ wake me up when it's all over. will: shot of nashville, tennessee on this morning of december 28th, 2021. it will be the sight three days from now of a rocking new year's celebration
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hosted by "fox & friends weekend" team. we hope you will ring in the new year here with us at the fox news channel. this morning, on "fox & friends" though, i'm joined by lawrence jones, my good friend and for the first time ever hosting "fox & friends" kay kayleigh mcenany. kayleigh, welcome to "fox & friends." >> kayleigh: hey, it's great to join you. it's not lost between me i'm between two dallas friends who have a very right to be excited. you got to get through the goat. you know who i'm talking about the greatest of all time who lived not too far from here in tampa bay. sorry about that guys. you may have some trouble. will: ronald jones is a good running back. but i think the cowboys running defense will be able to stop rondell jones. ♪ lawrence: cailee, good have you on the show today and i look forward to that rivalry
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continuing. will: everyone knows hot goat is that's exactly right. that's a daunting task. getting past tom brady has been a problem for over 20 years now it will be a problem once again this year. let me tell you what's a problem in the nation this morning. that is we are at a total vacuum of leadership. not just in the political arena but the bureaucratic arena as well. and kayleigh and lawrence, as far as i'm concerned, the house of sand that is this castle of fear is falling apart. the final throws of the fear-based pandemic. what i'm talking about is a total reversal from president biden on the rhetoric and language that he used just over a year ago. the same can be said for the cdc. the cdc has cut the quarantine time down for five days for anyone who tests positive for covid. that is to, quote, keep society functioning and president biden has finally agreed, kayleigh, that maybe there is not a federal solution to this.
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look there is no state solution. governor sununu on the board here talks about that a lot. it ultimately gets down to where the rubber meets the road. >> kayleigh: it's amazing, will, there is no federal solution. this is the same guy who said he had a plan he hid in his basement he said he had a secret plan. 2020 he said we are 8 months into this pandemic donald trump, my former boss, still doesn't have a plan to get this virus under control. i do. well, where is the plan, joe you? said you had a plan there is a federal plan, will producing testing, operation are warp speed. now there is no plan. lawrence: you are exactly right, kayleigh. i'm conflicted because i actually agree with the
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president he demonized for the president siding with ron antioxidants or greg abbott in texas saying he left too much authority to the states. different tale now because every federal, you know, mandate that he has tried to issue that has been challenged by the courts, they basically lost those mandate challenges and they sided with local governments instead of the local governments getting to the side. i just don't understand why the pivot now and, number two, why the media is allowing them to get away with it. because, if this is true now, why did donald trump lose? i mean, he lost because of the pandemic quote, unquote, and that joe had a plan.
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but now we're just allowing him, will, just to skate by without any consequences. byron york had some comments about that. watch. >> what is happening here is reality has intruded again on the biden presidency. his disastrous handling of the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan revealed joe biden was not the expert in handling foreign affairs that he claimed to be during the campaign. he had been in the senate a million years and said he knew how to do this stuff. now, this latest turn in the covid crisis has shown that he was not the expert that he claimed to be during the campaign this has shown an extraordinary contrast between candidate biden and president biden and for president biden to say there is no federal solution, that is the kind of thing he would have blasted president donald trump for saying and now he's saying it himself. will: so, lawrence, the best i can offer to help explain and
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you asked why now, to help explain why now is the offloading of responsibility. what you can see now, what anyone with any clear eyes can see is omicron is going to make its way through our country. omicron is going to make its way through our society. people are going to get sick. we also now know they are not going to get severely sick. the odds of severe sickness are incredibly low. what i can't forgive them for lawrence and you made this point and i think it's important and it's not to play the game of i told you. so it's important to never forget what the so-called leaders said before. and you heard byron york there reference afghanistan. it's a matter of things that you said on the campaign trail. it's also a matter things that you said three weeks ago. you know, three weeks ago i mentioned along with many others that omicron could be good for society. if we had a very mild form of this disease it confers natural antibodies, that's the end of the pandemic. that's called a conspiracy theory and misinformation. everyone is misunderstanding that's the truth. that looks to be the truth.
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don't forgive them because they do a 180 and the speed with which they do a 180 is increasing, it's down to two or three weeks until they totally contradict themself here is the thing. except for one. one last holdout and that is dr. anthony fauci who as recently as yesterday saying i think we should probably not get together for new year's. he will will be the last holdout on authoritarian power grab and he will be the last one on this sinking ship. >> yeah, i'm done with dr. fauci telling me if and when i can celebrated thanksgiving. if i can celebrate christmas. if i can celebrate new year's. no more of that, dr. fauci. i will celebrate those holidays. i will congregate with family. we all know omicron is different. but, look, president biden has a lot more to answer for than just him saying there is no federal solution here. remember, there is this explosive vanity facial report that came out that said he was presented with a plan in october to surge testing. and here we are two months
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later, that plan was rejected,according to reporting, but president biden yesterday said no, no, no. i never rejected any testing plan. we need to get to the bottom here because one person is not telling the truth. either vanity fair was out and out wrong or joe biden did reject a plan that would have given us more testing, that wouldn't have led to shortages of testing when you go to cvs or walgreen's. he needs to get his facts straight. that begins with talking to the press, lawrence, and taking a few questions. lawrence: kayleigh, the article is well-sourced. we are not just talking about one organization that offered help with the testing there were numerous amount of researches, academics, that presented a proposal that it was flat out rejected by the white house because they said that they didn't need it. that there was not going to be a surge. you know, will, you noticed something. and we are starting to see the 180 with this administration. but i contend we can't allow them to just get away with this because this has become a
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pattern, right? so you have got covid. obviously there is a huge 180 on it. but it was crime as well. they said they were never for defund the police. they wanted to strengthen the police. they know that was a lie. they said they were going to secure the border and it was actually donald trump that actually screwed up the border. okay, we know that's a lie. they said the payments weren't going out that we later found out that peter doocy's reporting was accurate on that. then they blamed donald trump for the botched afghanistan withdrawal and said that you know, during the campaign trail he said he was going to fix that and then we later find out that he said oh it was donald trump's fault because he negotiated with the taliban and all that. it's lie after lie after lie. and we got to top' stop just calling this a 180. these aren't pivot points. >> exactly. lawrence: deception to the american people and the media and if they won't do it, we have to hold them accountable. these aren't pivot points. these are lies because the polling is starting to change, so now the white house wants to change with it. will: that's right.
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okay. still ahead, breaking news out of denver, unfortunately five people are killed and several hurt, including a cop in a violent shooting spree. the gunman opening fire across six different locations. and travel frustrations boiling never a big way. an elderly man is viciously attacked by a former raiders cheerleader. crazy video has gone viral. you might have already seen it. what we now know about the woman dubbed delta karen. with vitamin c, d and zinc* season after season. ace your immune support with centrum. now with a new look! ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪ will: we're back with your headlines. we begin with a fox news alert. a gunman fatally shooting at least four people and injuring three including a police officer monday in a colorado attack. the gunman opening fire
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seemingly at six random across the denver -- random areas across the denver area. the suspect later died at hotel in lakewood. ungleer police shot him. >> we were in there, my husband and i, and you could hear just popping outside. and it was like one shot and then maybe five or six more and a couple more after that. and they swooped us right inside. will: police believe the gunman acted alone. a motive is unclear. americans' holiday travel nightmare continues as more than 600 flights within the united states and into the united states have been canceled today. yesterday more than 2800 flights were canceled around the globe. major airlines blaming bad weather and omicron related staff shortages for those cancellations. thousands of americans caught stranded for the holidays. flight disruptions are expected
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to linger this week. and the monday night football the miami dolphins make history with a 20-3 victory over the new orleans saints. miami becoming the first team ever to follow-up a seven game losing strategic with a seven game win streak. the dolphins' defense stifled ian brooke making first nfl start with two interpretations and eight sacks. and those are your headlines. kayleigh, speaking of the nfl. kayleigh: now to this. a former raiders cheerleader is now facing federal charges after attacking an 80-year-old man on a plane because he was not wearing a face mask while eating. neither was she. todd piro live with the details. >> kayleigh, great to see you. this is absolutely wild story that woman identified by authorities as ex-nfl cheerleader turned real estate agent. patricia cornwell accused of striking and spitting on an 840-year-old passenger.
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watch. [screaming] todd: corn wall an excheerleader for the new york raiders lashing out for the unman being unmasked while not wearing a mask herself. federal criminal complaint says the incident began when cornwall could not get to her seat from the restroom because the beverage cart was block the aisle. the flight attendant asked her to find an empty see. what am i rosa parks. at that point the elderly passenger told her she wasn't black, wasn't on a bus and wasn't in alabama. cornwall also known as hatie breten facing charges for a dui arrest in florida last month. her attorney says she suffers from anxiety and failed to take her medication before that airplane incident. cornwall was released on a $20,000 bond and told not to
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consume alcohol or travel on commercial flights as the case proceeds. seems like a good instruction from the judge. lawrence, back to you. >> thanks, todd. this is unbelievable. and the rosa parks comments, really? that's where we are going with this? and let's not demonize people with legitimate mental health issues that struggle with things. we know exactly where this comes from. the president of the united states made it very clear that it is your patriotic duty to get the vaccine or to confront others that don't have the mask on. we have divided america into two groups, either you are pro-vax or anti-vax. either pro-mask or antimask. so now you have all these vigilantes that are now karens that feel like it is their duty to enforce what they consider federal law. it's just unacceptable, will. will: it's unacceptable, but,
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unfortunately, lawrence, it is believable. for all the reasons that you actually laid out. that video on your screen right now doesn't show the full vantage point, cornwall yells at this man for an extended period of time. she strikes him. she slaps him, she scratches his cheek, she draws blood. she never pulled her mask up. and the point of that being all while demanding he put his mask up while he is eating. the flight attendants asked her to put her masks up no not until he does. this is a person who is mentally disturbed. i don't know if she is clinically mentally disturbed or societally mentally disturbed. what i mean for that is all the reasons you laid out, lawrence, many people have lost their mind. and what my favorite part, kayleigh of this video is just the utter lack of self-awareness. beyond the violence and absurdity the utter lack of self-awareness her own mask is down. health isn't the point. the point is she is better than him and she must let him know that to the point of violence.
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that unfortunately all too believable because it's becoming all too common in america. kayleigh: exactly right all too common. sadly this is not a one off. so last year there were a few hundred incidences like this and you would expect it to be lower, after all this was covid-19 there were lockdowns, but, nevertheless, this year there have been 5,300 altercations like this with passengers. not all to this degree but unruly passengers, we all fly, i have seen unruly passengers and at a certain point you are like hey, put on your mask, do what you are supposed to do. follow the rules. because guess hot burden falls on? it's the flight attendants. i have had some amazing flight attendants coming over and giving my daughter a pair of wings. they are wonderful, great people. we all have that one flight attendant who says put it up in between bites you left it down five seconds too long. we all know that one flight attendant. 99.9% of flight attendants are
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incredible and not put in situations like this. everyone be calm, smile. we could all use a little of that right now. not the scenes we are seeing like this. lawrence: i just worry, guys, that this pitting americans against one another -- by the way, other an issue that the science rejects. i mean, let's just be clear about the matter. the science says that we're safer on planes without mask we don't need them there. yet, we have adults fighting each other because our government refuses to follow the science. meanwhile lecturing americans that they need to follow the science. i think we are slowly, will, reaching that breaking pointed where americans are just going to start rejecting this. that's how absurd this has gotten. will: that's right. it's time to do away with this theater. this theater that's dividing americans. we move on to this president biden has signed a $768.2 billion defense spending bill into law. this is at the same time the administration cuts thousands of troops from a cost of living
3:22 am
stipend. that's an adjustment for troops. depending upon where they are based. for example, those stationed in washington, d.c. where, of course, it's much more expensive to live than, say, san antonio, texas. kayleigh this is something i'm sure you know a good amount about, have some experience within the white house. signing more money into the budget but at the same time, cutting money back from the troops. kayleigh: yeah, this effects about 48,000 troops who won't get cost of living stippen. no one loved our veterans more than president trump. i think his policies reflected that unfortunate to see that our troops are being put in this kind of position. not only that when you look at this big ndaa the national defense authorization bill that was signed by biden, one of the things democrats wanted to put in there was a dishonorable discharge potentially if you
3:23 am
refuse to get vaccinated. our troops unfortunately losing this cost of living stippen, also the target of dishonorable discharge. thankfully republicans kept that out. there is real human costs to, this lawrence. here is sunday bite from kathy barnett she served in the armed forces reserve senate candidate. this is her view on how biden is treating our service members. >> add this to the long list of grievances that we have with the biden administration and how they have dealt with our service members. we can look at how they exited afghanistan 13 members of our service -- of our armed forces, they lost their lives as a direct result of the failed policy of this administration. and now we have our service members once more sacrificing, putting their families out here and the federal government sending them to these very expensive cities and now removing a very small stipend. >> i'm conflicted here on one
3:24 am
hand that's why democrats are finally cutting spending, that's something that i have been asking both democrats and republicans to do. but then you get to the nitty gritty. why cut here? it makes absolutely no sense. you got build back better. what is it two to $3 trillion. they are spending money on that. >> cut from r and d. cut all the salary from the generals or something like that. you attack the rank and file when they are already at low morale right now? it's just makes zero sense and, you know, the president has always, when he talks about the military he goes to his same compassionate plea, referring to his son. where is the compassion here? i mean, it can't just be in those moments where you want to pander to the military. i mean, it means in these moments as well. i would actually want to hear from jen psaki or the president of the united states on why they
3:25 am
thought this was a good idea, will. will: yeah, and i think kayleigh makes a point that extends beyond the specific issue. and that, of course, when it documents armed supervisors but also when it comes to employment in the united states at large. just more and more hurdles put up between someone seeking a productive important job and the requirements to take that job. vaccine mandate now pushing military members out. we know that. that's a story this week. i don't remember what the number was. but however many united states navy members are no longer in service because of noncompliance with the vaccine mandate. now you put in a cut to stipend to live in more expensive areas stationed in washington, d.c. put more and more hurdles into having an active, full, fierce ready to defend this country fighting force and unfortunately something that's taking place all across the country. more and more hurdles into someone actually doing their
3:26 am
job. kayleigh: yeah, all of this as lawrence points out such low morale, afghanistan did such a toll on our veterans. they have been suffering through so much and now this. all right. next, a 911 dispatcher in chicago is fed up with the city's out-of-control crime. he is sounding the alarm about staffing shortages that are leaving officers afraid for their lives. his message for the mayor that's next. ♪ liz, you nerd, cough if you're in here! shh! i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs. throughout history i've observed markets shaped by the intentional and unforeseeable. for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold,
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i'm not happy. when you say chicago, people are afraid. that was like it's a death zone. several of my officers who texted me, okay and said that they were scared. they are tired of this nonsense. they have no backing and they are scared of being out there by themselves. lawrence: they are by themselves. keith thornton joins me now. is he not speaking for the city of chicago or dispatchers office. is he here in his own personal capacity.
3:31 am
keith, break down what is going on in the windy city. >> hey, brother, it's good to be with you guys this morning. thanks for that very important for me. what's going on in chicago all hell has broken loose. i mean, it's been shenanigans and nonstop day after day. doesn't morning morning time, evening time, whatever, at all hours of the day there is a mask amount of crime taking place in the city of chicago. it's horrendous. people are being shot, killed. doesn't matter what age you are. doesn't matter if you are female or male anymore. what's horrible is the lack of leadership and the failure of leadership throughout this entire city of chicago. it's ridiculous because it does not have to be this way. our citizens deserve more backing out there and the acknowledgment that things are going on and action needs to be taken. more importantly, our first responders, not just the police but fire department, e.m.s., the dispatchers, call takers that are out here doing these wonderful jobs. they have absolutely no backing. they are being overworked. and with the shortages going on right now, it's only affecting the citizens of chicago.
3:32 am
lawrence: keith murders are at 783 this year. that's a 63% increase from 2019. thefts are up 20%. criminal sexual assault are up 29%. when you talk to cops, because you are giving them the information from the citizens, what do they tell you? >> well, you know, once again, stepping away from my job, i was a police officer los angeles and south central. we had the very same problems that are taking place right here within chicago. i worked alongside men and women who are great. i saw some officers who are bad out there which is a very small percentage. running and chasing guys and doing what we have to do. we have to have backing out in los angeles and every department and city has their problems. l.a. was popping off when i was out there in the day. same things going out there. got their stuff together. put the chief in charge and let him take over that department.
3:33 am
that's exactly what's taking place here and the officers don't like it. these guys are overworked. their days are canceled. their vacations are canceled. this is not just the police department, these are the 911 calls to the dispatchers, center goes down guys so overworked. they are not getting the calls over to the fire department and police department to respond. this is a citywide problem. it's a crisis. a state of emergency should have been declared and so many things should have been brought in here, federal government wise where it was stated to the mayor by donald trump that things would come our way but it was just not acknowledged and not wanted now we are up to almost -- i think we are bypassing that 700 number. i think it's way up into the 800s now of people dead. when resources from trump said it was going to come our way, it was way below the numbers where it is now. it's absolutely horrendous. the blood, in my opinion, is on her hands. lawrence: you know, keith, everybody to chicago. i have talked to families who have lost you loved ones because
3:34 am
of the gun violence there gang bangers literally rulings street. i hear them. they are calling for help every single day. do you think that's not making it to the mayor's office because the cops here, the emt hear, the leadership isn't changing. >> let me tell you something this is not just a police problem. a problem where police are supposed to be social problems correct everyone's problems. number one starts with parenting. if you don't have the resources out there to teach parents how to be parents because they are so young niece days, nothing is happening. not going to fall back on the school. it police department fire department best firemen. paramedics best paramedics you need more resources in these communities. instead of naming more streets, after famous people or building sculptures and statues here in parks for $90 million, those things could be divided up, hit up into the ward 50's alderman and let them do their jobs of bringing more resources and
3:35 am
programs to the area. this is not a black problem, a white problem, a democratic or a republican problem a latino problem, this is all hands on deck problem. and everyone within commission should be fueled up. that's why i'm taking a stand to let chicago know what's going on. it's out of control. you are being told lies. and we have to come together as a people to correct this. you put everything else aside. your position and everything else and do when we have to do to bring our city back. it's not being done right now by the top who is supposed to be leading us as well as her superintendent of police. lawrence: they are more concerned about naming streets instead of the blood on the streets. and that's so sad. keith, thanks so much for joining me today. >> god bless you. thank you. lawrence: you, too brother. still ahead, president biden is playing the blame game. why he claims it's trump's fault there is not enough covid tests nearly one year into his own administration plus the cdc is shutting down on quarantine time for people with covid. dr. marc siegel weighs in on both stories. that's next on "fox & friends"
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by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting...get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections some serious... and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms... or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms... develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. quay kay in a call with our nation's governors president biden admitted that not enough is being done on covid testing while also deflecting blame on to, you guessed it, former president trump for not producing any over-the-counter take home tests. listen. >> seeing how tough it was for some folks to get a test this weekend shows that we have more work to do. when i took office, ten months -- we were ten months into the pandemic, even so we had no, zero, over-the-counter home tests in the united states.
3:41 am
none. we went from no over-the-counter tests in january to 46 million in october, 100 million in november and almost 200 million in december. but it's not enough. it's clearly not enough. >> if we had known we would have gone harder, quicker. kayleigh: here to react is fox news contributor dr. marc siegel. dr. siegel, that sounds like the blame game to me. i have talked to people in the federal government, former colleagues of mine who said that, in fact, abbott started scaling back the amount of tests they were producing because there was no indication from the federal government that there would be demand. and you say this is so interesting to me, dr. siegel, there should be a second operation warp speed like trump did with the vaccine but for testing and therapeutics. that's great idea. >> listen kayleigh, good morning, by the way, president biden on the phone with the governors, that actually sounds like operation warp speed, doesn't it? that's what actually happened with operation warp speed, and the other thing that happened
3:42 am
with operation warp speed was buying a lot in advance. that was signature president trump as you know. that he basically gave money to the drug companies in advance of whether knowing the need would be there that worked so well with the vaccine and that's why pfizer ponied up the vaccine and when moderna did and all that work. that didn't what happen a test. it's not happening with the pill, the new pfizer pill that's coming out. that's why there is a big stall. i want to make another point, under president trump, had you three major tests approved via next now by abbott, three main ones out there now. guess what just got approved the roche test just got approved one year into the biden administration, one year, that's a terrific home test and it finally got an emergency use authorization but was stalled in front of the fda under the biden administration the blame game doesn't work and for sure
3:43 am
president biden has to say what did president trump get right? he built the partnership. he built a public private partnership. he used of the defense production act. he put a lot of money into this by the way, saying you are going to get 500 million tests out there and put them on the federal website. yikes, i remember that federal website from obamacare. forget about it, you can't order a thing stuck in bureaucratic morass. you think you are there in some kind of limbo land. kayleigh: great points. i saw that public-private partnership firsthand. now you don't seem to have that dr. siegel, dr. fauci is saying we should cancel our new year's eve plans. what are your thoughts on that. >> that's part of, again, dr. fauci is a great virologist as you know but he doesn't consider always the public health implications of something. especially here in new york city where the mayor is saying don't cancel new year's eve, that brings great spirit to us and hope for the future and you are
3:44 am
outdoors by the way. even in the cold here in new york you are in the outdoors not spreading covid. plus the omicron variant is anywhere anyway. i mean there is no reason friesen a viral point of view not to have these gatherings outside. so i think that that's not taking into account, dr. fauci the tremendous implications here of mental health and the need continue to go on with our lives. kayleigh: exactly right. meanwhile the cdc now recommending shorter covid isolation, dr. siegel, why did this take so long to get to this point? >> yeah, everybody clamoring for this for a long time, kayleigh. they finally said healthcare workers should do it and people said wait a minute, if healthcare workers can go back in the hospital after five days, why can't somebody go back on an airplane after five days, makes total sense. and okay krohn is actually a shorter period of time. you get it, there is not a long -- after you are exposed you get it quickly. when you are coming out of
3:45 am
omicron five days is probably enough if you haven't had symptoms for three days. the one thing i would add and this ties the entire segment together is where is that rapid test we need so can you tell you are not spreading it anymore before i say go back to work? we need that rapid test. and, of course under president trump we would have had it by now. kayleigh: thank you, dr. siegel, putting a nice bow on the end of this segment. appreciate you being here. now, over to will for some headlines. will: thank you, kayleigh. turning now to this. a ring doorbell camera catches the moment a small jet plane crashes in southern california. san diego county sheriff deputy says no survivors are expected as the plane is totally destroyed. unclear how many people were on the plane. the 10 seater jet took down multiple power lines leaving much of the area without power. a democratic congressman and his wife say they no longer trade personal stocks after missing a disclosure deadline by a week.
3:46 am
congressman peter welch's wife dumped 6,000 bucks in exxon stock just before a climate hearing. welch questioned the oil company's clean energy practices. according to rules, congress members and their spouses have a maximum of 45 days to report stock sales. they failed to meet that deadline. the power ball jackpot surging onto $441 million the third highest jackpot this year. no tickets were sold with the winning combination in monday's drawing. the jackpot will keep getting bigger until a winner is picked. the last big winner was in october when a person in california bought a ticket worth nearly $700 million. the next chance to win big is tomorrow. and those are your headlines. adam, you have done the calculations, i'm sure. you know, the cash value, early -- i think it's roughly half. then there are the taxes. >> it's not even worth it. will: might go home with 250. >> is it even worth it got to
3:47 am
wait until it gets to a billion to throw a couple dollars down. that's what i think. dive right into this forecast. here is what we're looking at weatherwise across the country. real warm air piled up in the southeast and right there is our frontal boundary back behind it temperatures down to 1 degree in montana and with the winds, actually some wind chill warnings here. whenever you see that strong frontal boundary that's where you see typically severe weather. we have thunderstorms falling across portions of the plains to the north of that that is nothing but snow. and off to the west we continue to track this round and round of moisture there is going to be snow again across the mountain states here the next couple of days as winter just lingers there for a whole lot of snow for the west. those are your weather headlines. for now, will, back to you. will: still ahead, the new spiderman movie was just a huge blockbuster blowout for marvel. it almost approached the powerball numbers. might have superseded them actually. what will dominate next year's box office?
3:48 am
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3:52 am
. will: it's been a blockbuster blow out at the box office. film to cross $1 billion. at the global box office. marvel isn't strong its momentum now. here with what we can expect in the new year, movie critic and fox news contributor kevin mccarthy. kevin, good morning to you. so, spiderman, it blew everything away in 2021. these are our highest grossing movies, kevin, as you go through this take a quick look, spiderman, the domestically 487 -- 467 million second they are all marvel by the way look at that except for the f 9. they are all marvel spiderman clear number one. >> absolute massive success good morning to you by the way and hope you have great christmas and i'm live from my parents house this morning williamsburg, virginia. happy to talk to everybody in america about this. this is great success story for the box office because going into the pandemic one of the big questions was -- what was going
3:53 am
to happy to movie theaters. what was going to happen to movies at the box office obviously spiderman no way home billion dollars first 1 days huge success story. as you mentioned, will, at the beginning of the segment, they are all top five film at the box office this year that were very successful. four of them were marvel, as you mentioned, spiderman, venom part 2 let there be carnage and fifth one was fast and furious 9 established franchise a ninth film in the franchise. what we are seeing here, will, we are seeing films that were established already and massive franchises and super hero films are still bringing people to the theaters. but the problem is going to be going forward what's going to happen to the drama, like the last duel or west side story films that skew a little bit older my parents for example are in their 60's. they are still not going back to the movie theaters. we are noticing that younger skewing films are really being successful at the box office people are going back to the
3:54 am
theaters for gigantic blockbusters as we talked about. a report came out yesterday through come score that showed the box office was up 91% from 2020 but still down 61% from 2019. now, you really can't compare 2019 to 2021 because we are in a very different time period now, but the last film to go 1 mr. to the box office was star wars the rise of skywalker. obviously going into the pandemic, we already saw at the major film that were going to do well at the box office going forward are these established franchise like "star wars," like marvel, those are the films that are doing really well. will: it's a good time for the movie industry. i have been a part of this conversation over the past two years of will the movie theater experience come back after the pandemic? we can tornado watch at home? we can stream movies almost upon release. spiderman seems to suggest yes it will come back if you have the right movie. shear marvel's offerings in 2022 take a look at what they have coming up this coming year.
3:55 am
you have more of dr. strange, thor, my kids' favorite marvel universe. spy denman that's animated spiderman across the spider verse and another black panther movie. >> obviously one of the things you pointed out there very interesting people are returning to theaters for a certain type of film. i think going into the 2022 year the films you just mentioned everybody is super excited about that considering dr. strange was a huge part of spiderman no way home people will go going into dr. strange magic sequel of the first dr. strange. i'm hoping that spiderman no way home gets a best picture nomination. i'm hoping that we can get away from this idea what is an oscar worthy film and bring in other genre like action, super hero and comedy and horror. these are the movies that people are going to see. if people see those films represented at the oscars that they are actually seeing in theaters, maybe that will bring more audience to that as well.
3:56 am
we need to rethink that in my opinion. will: really quickly, i have 30 seconds, search, what are your most anticipated movies in 2022. >> no question my top 3 the first one dr. strange 2 as you mentioned comes out may 6th. another marvel film. the other one is d.c. the batman, reeves taking on batman role can't wait for this march 4th. unbearable weight of massive talent nicholas cage playing nicholas cage who sin varietied to a birthday party for a million dollars to play his famous characters like face off and con air and all the movies that he did in the 1990s and 1980s amazing story. comes out april 22nd. unbearable weight of massive talent and movie of the year is do you know. dune. will: i streamed that one. >> yes. will: kevin, great to talk to you, thanks. >> will, great talking to you. hope you have a great rest of the week and happy new year,
3:57 am
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♪ ♪ i want to put on my my my my boogie shoes ♪ and boogie with you ♪ yeah ♪ i want to put on. lawrence: boogie shoes that's what we need this morning looking at miami. welcome to "fox & friends." i'm lawrence jones live in dallas along with kayleigh, this is her first time hosting "fox & friends." it's so good to have her.
4:01 am
also will cain also on the other side of dallas, thank you both so much for being with us. kayleigh. kayleigh: yeah, great to be here. look at that beautiful shot. miami, florida. i'm in the sunny state of florida. i believe both of are you in texas. fedex, florida, can you get much better than that. lawrence: that's right. will: yesterday, lawrence, the producer said hey, will, will you not say you are in big d? people don't know what that is. will you clarify that's dallas? i said you must out of your mind. everyone knows what is big d? people know. kayleigh: there is a country song about it. yeah. will: going through the big d and don't mean dallas. kayleigh: there you go. will: that's the country song. texas holding down the ends of your panel right now with florida in the middle almost as it should be. we start with in this morning on "fox & friends." falling poll numbers are plaguing the biden administration as the president jets off to delaware for a holiday get away. after admitting there is no
4:02 am
federal solution to covid. david spunt is live in washington with more. david? >> hi, good morning to you three. there is a new gallup poll out of the approval of 11 federal officials that has president biden third from the bottom. the president coming in at 43% approval. 451% disapproval. the vice president at 44% approval, 54% disapproval. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell bottoms out the list while chief justice john roberts sits at the top of the list. the poll comes as the president and his team continue to be criticized for the testing shortage. the president yesterday admitted in a call with the nation's governors more test something needed and his team is behind the 8 ball when it comes to testing. >> it's not enough. it's clearly not enough. if we had known, we would have gone harder quicker if we could have. >> president biden, why did your administration reject a holiday testing surge in october. >> we didn't reject it. >> despite a shortage of tests and a rise of cases, the cdc
4:03 am
announced yesterday quarantine measures will be cut in half. good news for the workforce and that's why it's being done according to the cdc director according to the new guidelines, if you test positive, regardless of vaccination status, stay at home for five days instead of 10 days if symptoms are resolving. continue to wear a mask around others for another five days. if you are exposed to someone with covid-19 and are boosted or completed the first round of vaccine shots. wear a mask around others for 10 days, test on day five if possible. if exposed or unvaccinated or got shots more than six months ago, stay home for five days, wear a mask for another five days. also the government preparing to send half a billion home tests for those who request them in a few weeks. back to you. lawrence: david spunt live in washington. thank you, sir. so, guys, this is just the latest numbers for the president. and the more and more i think about this latest blunder, i mean promising things on the campaign trail and not delivering once he got into
4:04 am
office, the more and more i start to think the american people were robbed of a fair debate during the presidential race where everything was based on emotion and it wasn't based on what the candidates would actually do. whether it's crime, whether it was what happened in afghanistan, whether it was what happened at the border. and now when it comes to the vaccines and what he has able to do. let's be very clear. he got the vaccines before he even got into office. all he had to do was make sure more people got them there. the one thing that we knew that needed to happen was more tests. weave find out that more and more scientists, as well as researchers said they have a plan to get that done. the biden administration just rejected it, kayleigh. >> that's exactly right. lawrence. i mean, look, the federal government, let's be clear, they don't produce tests, the private sector does. and what president trump did is he partnered with the private sector, made sure they knew, produced the test. there is demand there. there is going to be a federal buy of these tests. president biden did not do that i talked to a senior
4:05 am
administration official who was at the height of covid-19 and some of the production and partnerships with the private sector and he said to me abbott basically stopped producing tests at such a large scale in about june or july because they could not get a read from the federal government as to whether or not they would be buying tests. his direct quote i thought it was pretty revealing how do you allow abbott to scale back and almost stop producing rapid antigen tests. president biden told us in the basement he had a secret plan. he said president trump, you don't have a plan, quote: i do. well, there was clearly no plan. there was a focus, as you said, lawrence, on vaccines but where was the focus on testing? where was the incentive incentivizing from the federal government saying produce, private sector it, just simply didn't happen. will: i think i might have a little bit different opinion than the two of you on this. i am not going to indict biden for failing to provide the
4:06 am
number of tests that demand might require in the united states today. here is why his fault is making false promises. he promised to have a plan. is he not moses. this is what i'm tired of. i'm tired of this false reality. everyone is standing at the water's edge of covid and pretending they can part the waters they cannot. it is enitem nic. everyone is going to get omicron or some variant of covid at some point. no leader can deliver us from this. and yet they pretend to. and they use fear to try to get us through this or empower them through this entire pandemic. and so what president biden is now finally facing, kayleigh and lawrence, is he facing reality, i can't, i can't stop this. it's hurting my polls. and what he is suffering from is his fault promises. i'm just done with that i'm
4:07 am
ready for reality. >> i'm ready for us to all come out of this fear fog we have been living in for two years. and realize we have to return to our regular lives we have a to understand we have to live code. we will live. and that's the key. living. not living in fear of death but living and stop letting people like biden promise if you sacrifice life he can deliver you from death. that's my i'm sorry rant this morning, lawrence. kayleigh: that's a good rant. lawrence: it is. if you allow me to build on that. you said that they are using fear but they are also using the kids as well. here is a cover from the "new york post." unhappy meal. tourists can't eat in restaurants because nyc is now requiring kids to get the vax as well. i don't know but guys. i know you both are parents. i haven't been blessed with the opportunity to have children
4:08 am
yet. but there seems to be this push now to reach the parents through the kids. you see this through these psa announcements targeting the kids. requiring the kids to go on cruises. all you want for christmas is kids to get the vaccine. i find that very troubling. to bypass the parents, to get the kids to somehow put pressure on the parents for them to get the vaccine. the innocent minds to say that the kids can't go play with their friends have a good time unless they get the vaccine. kayleigh: that's just it. one thing to mandate something for an adult which i don't agree with at all. then did you go through the adult to mandated on a child to tell me what to do with my 2-year-old. no thank you. and it goes back to i think a central thread that is woven through covid-19. it's this i had dr. scott atlas
4:09 am
back when i was in the white house walk in my office and say kayleigh, what country sacrifices their children on the altar of covid-19? and that's exactly what we have done. we know kids are not affected by covid in the same way as adults. yet, we have closed down schools. a bunch of jurisdictions did that last year. forcing them into virtual learning which we know is devastating. now if you are a 5 or 6-year-old in new york. we are going to put you out in the streets in the freezing cold and not allow new a restaurant if you don't have the vaccine. no thank you. let's not sacrifice america's children. that's what we are doing. jose santana a dad of two and a fowrs, he told the "new york post" this. we are vaccinated but our children are not because in costa rica, young kids cannot get vaccinated yet. all we have do is outdoor activities like walking around central park and times square. it is very frustrating. we were supposed to be in new york for six more days but we are going to try to shorten our trip, will, forcing 5 and 6-year-olds out on the streets just to eat.
4:10 am
will: the answer to your question or rather scott atlas' question to you, kayleigh, the united states of america. the united states of america one of the only countries sacrificed our children at the altar of covid-19. this is not happen in europe and central america to that point from the frowrs costa rica. it's happening most prominently in new york city. here is christina drake-myers she is a host at the times square margaritaville. she said she turned away more than 20 diners by midday on monday. said they can eat outside but who is going to eat outside with a 5 and 6-year-old in this weather. foreigners don't understand why we had to turn them away even people from union city, new jersey were confused. you know, kayleigh and lawrence, this isn't the even the worst of it in new york city soon define fully vaccinated for children as having two shots. two shots. now, lawrence, you have talked about flying in the fails of science. this flies in the fails of more rattle. morality. when the fda recommended
4:11 am
covid-19 shot for children they specifically pushed back the fda against the idea of mandates. that didn't stop politicians. politicians quickly ran straight to mandate. now they are going to mandate two shots. dr. marty makary somebody i have spoken to many times on this news channel and the will cain podcast said it is not right. it's a one shot regimen if you choose to vaccinate child. many not seeing the risk we ward on that necessity. even if you choose to one shot regimen. 5-year-old is not the same as a 30-year-old. why does bill de blasio not understand that. lawrence: audacity this is big government at play. i want to shift stories. this is chicago. we have been talking about the violence there, they just announced they are going to will largest firework display the city has ever had. goes on the heels of a dispatcher who went viral for raising concern about the staffing in the police department. take a look at and this then we will react. >> it's outrageous and i'm not
4:12 am
happy. when you say chicago, people are afraid like it's a death zone. several of my officers who texted me, okay. and said that they were scared. they are tired of this nonsense. they have no backing and they are scared of being out there by themselves. lawrence: you know, i just want to give the audience a little view of what happens after every major holiday in chicago. i have been covering chicago for years. talking with the families there that have been impacted. talking with the law enforcement officials. before the holiday, we actually write the segment before that we just fill in the numbers. and every night before those holidays i hear from my law enforcement sources and they tell me a play by play of what's going down on the ground. they don't have enough officers to patrol the street. they have no support from the city leadership. lori lightfoot has abandoned the law enforcement and abandoned the city. the d.a. is out of control and
4:13 am
those same criminals that have been shooting people up, they are going to be back that holiday night to shoot up again. it's just unacceptable what is happening to the people of chicago. it is an american city and we have abandoned them. kayleigh. kayleigh: we have, totally. you have have talk to some of those victims of crime i love the way you go across the country and give us a window what is going on. on top of that what is happening in the streets is lori lightfoot. you mentioned her name, the mayor of chicago, i called her back during the administration the derelict mayor of chicago. i said president trump is offering you federal assets. take them. if you don't have police officers which by the way of the fault of the left because defund the police encouraged law enforcement officers if it didn't outright defund them to retire in droves. well, take federal assets lori lightfoot. she didn't do that instead she replied and i will quote her directly hey, karen, watch your mouth. she has a time to hurl insults but not protect her streets. now fast forward what are we a
4:14 am
year later? a year later now she says i will take some atf agents here on the streets. too little, too late, lori lightfoot. you should have done that a long time ago, the victims, will, the victims are the men and women and the children tragically. all too often children though ho have died in the streets. will: yeah. just another, i know, lawrence, would we should stop calling it a 180 a lie, a 180, whatever you call it just another example. i don't need those federal resources and, yet, this time it took a year for reality to set in. i think it's tension between truth and lie. a dishes between reality and pseudo reality. the chickens do come home to reuse. but in the spirit of let them eat caking coal see. the leaders decide largest fireworks display in history. this while lawrence spoke you saw that viral video keith thorton the chicago dispatch
4:15 am
earlier. lawrence spoke to keith earlier on "fox & friends." watch. >> day after day. doesn't matter if it's morning time, evening time, whatever, at all hours of the day there is a massive amount of crime taking place within the city of chicago. and i mean it's horrendous. people are being shot, killed. it doesn't matter what age you are. doesn't matter if you are female or male anymore. what's more that's horrible is the lack of leadership and failure of leadership throughout this entire city of chicago. it's ridiculous because it does not have to be this way. our citizens deserve more backing out threatened at acknowledgment that things are going on and action needs to be taken. more importantly, our first responders, not just the police but fire department, ems, the dispatchers call takers. no backing and being overworked with the shortages going on right now, only affecting the citizens of chicago. lawrence: we often talk about chicago because that is the prime example of democrat-run leadership and honestly, this is happening all across the country.
4:16 am
it's not just chicago anymore. i mean back then it was. now it's filly, it's new york. it's every baltimore -- you pick a liberal city in this country and by the way, it's not just the inner city, it's spread into the suburbs, so much so that a lot of these suburbs want their own police departments now. there is an entire criminal enterprise. it's not just murders. they are allowing people to go. we call it smash and grab. they are able to steal. they are able to rape people with no consequences. all because of these d.a.s. all these george soros funded d.a.s that believe no one should be locked up. let's be clear what they believe. they believe that the system is racist and that anybody that is incarcerated at some point in their life they should be let out. used to be about criminal justice reform. but the people they are releasing have not reformed their lives. will. will: right. right. to your point. it's not just the cities that we focus on. it is happening all across it
4:17 am
country. as an example we turn now to some headlines beginning with this tragic story. a 7-year-old girl is shot and killed in nawferls on sunday while riding in a car with her mother and sister. police have not identified a suspect or a motive. the new orleans police superintendent asking, quote: what can a 7-year-old have possibly done to be a victim of such a heinous crime? the mother and sister were not injured. the second california department of education official resigns after being called out for not living in the state. pamela actually lives, yep, in texas. california state employees are prohibited from living out of the state and banned from traveling to texas and 17 other states deemed to have discriminatory laws. according to her linkedin, she has worked in texas since 2016. her exit follows the departure of daniel lee, a philadelphia-based psychologist. lee was california's first superintendent of equity.
4:18 am
a new jersey police officer's emotional sign-off is taking social media by storm. listen. >> you are free for last tour of duty. >> it was an honor and a pleasure to serve the residents of north articleton. will: officer proudly served as a dispatcher and then as an officer, working his way up all the way up to lieutenant. his proud stepdaughter posting the teary tribute. we here at "fox & friends" also thank officer peck for his 20 years of service. and those are your headlines. kayleigh: loved seeing that. wow. great story. i mean, our police officers now more than ever, wow, they are putting their lives on the line and thank you officer sean pech, we so appreciate you here on
4:19 am
"fox & friends." still ahead, a professional boxer is shot to death in front of his family in an alleged road rage attack. danny kelly jr.'s coach joins us live with an update and the founder of the controversial 1619 project is once again waging war on parents. claiming they don't need a say in their own child's education. yeah, that's a winning message. dr. carol swain reacts. ♪ ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work?
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and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. ♪ lawrence: welcome back to "fox & friends." police are searching for answers this morning after a professional boxer was shot to
4:24 am
death in front of his family. police say the alleged road rage attack happened when daniel kelly jr. was driving his girlfriend and three children to a family dinner on christmas eve. darryl brown was danny kelly jr.'s boxing coach, and he joins us now. mr. brown, we are so sorry for your loss. what happened here? >> i really don't know. i just know probably around 7, 7:30, i received a call from danny's aunt explaining to me that he was shot and killed. what did they tell you it was a road rage incident? >> yeah. she had mentioned that it was supposed to have been some form of road rage. they don't know really what happened if someone cut someone off, an argument maybe ensued. i don't know. >> she just told me he was shot. he was shot like twice, i believe she told me.
4:25 am
lawrence: and we know that in p.g. county there has been a lot of violence. when you got the news that he had passed away, what went through your head. >> well, it was devastating to me because we had plans to restart, you know, the career in the new year. i had been talking to quite a few promoters about helping us out. helping him get back into the ring and then this took place. the last we spoke was on the 22nd of december regarding, you know, the promoters. lawrence: danny kelly's family released a statement i want to read it, the family of danny kelly are deeply shocked and saddened. danny always put his family first, especially his children and fought bravely for his community. moving forward we ask that we all keep faith in god in hopes of a resolution in the near future. sir, tell me about danny and what he meant to you.
4:26 am
>> danny meant a whole lot to me. i met him when he was 16 years old. his aunt brought him to the gym. he wanted to box. we had been together ever since. we done moved around a lot to different little gyms, you know, just trying to get help with his career because he wanted to be a professional. i was mostly considered amateur coach. i want to the get more hem we moved around so we could get that professional experience we are all looking forward to that come back story. >> it would have been great come back. lawrence: you are exactly right, sir. well, you guys that are watching today can help us. if you have any tips, please call detectives at the number on your screen, they need your help to find the people that did this. he was shot in front of his children. darryl brown, thank you so much
4:27 am
for joining me on the program. condolences to you. >> thank you. lawrence: and all impacted by. this thank you for having me. lawrence: coming up, trouble on the tarmac, the holiday travel nightmare is not letting up. with hundreds of flights that are canceled already today, we are live in philadelphia international airport with an update. and if you are wishing for cheaper groceries in 2022, you are just out of luck. the food items expected to cost even more in the new year. that's next on "fox & friends." ♪ honey, honey ♪ you are my candy girl ♪ and you got me wanting you ♪ honey ary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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will: one of the busiest travel weekends in the united states didn't go smoothly for some americans as thousands of flights were delayed or san said nationwide. jeff flock is live from philadelphia international airport with the details. jeff? >> not pretty out here guys this morning. we got the latest numbers today on cancellations from flight aware. i put my glasses on and read you 691 cancellations so far today. 534 delays. it comes after a real blue
4:32 am
monday yesterday. take a look at these numbers. big time. 1474 flights canceled over 7,000 delays across the system. good news? that, from dr. fauci, who says the mask mandate stays but he is not yet supporting a vaccine mandate to fly. listen. >> i did not say i support mandates on domestic flights. i said that is something that is on the table for consideration. i didn't say i support it or didn't support it. >> the positive news continues with the news from the cdc that, you know, airline employees were testing positive for covid. they weren't symptomatic had to stay out of work 10 days now just five days. take a look at the new guidelines. covid positive test five days and mask for five. boosted and exposed don't need
4:33 am
to quarantine just mask for five days. rochelle walensky the head of the cdc say quote we want to make sure there is a mechanism we can safely keep society functioning while following the science. of course we got a big day coming. new year's eve a lot of people travel then as well and yesterday the numbers were big through the airports, more than 2 million travelers yesterday. almost double what it was this time last year and approaching the levels we were at pre-pandemic times 2019 when 2 and a half million travelers went through on the same day. the hope is this new cdc guidelines will -- the new cdc guidelines will enable more folks to get back to work at the airports and fewer flights to be canceled. lawrence: hey, jeff, lawrence jones here. what are you hearing from folks there? i'm sure that they are clearly frustrated. we heard from folks that had to sleep in the airport. couldn't get food delivered through door dash.
4:34 am
what are you hearing there? >> my daughters were in for the christmas holidays. one is stranded now in chicago because there was a delay on the flight couldn't make the connection. here's the thing these things cascade and folks in philadelphia this morning were delayed yesterday so they missed the connection and couldn't get where they needed to go. frustration building although i think most people say it could have been worse. a lot of people were expecting it wasn't going to be easy this holiday. kayleigh: i'm sorry these delays have affected you personally jeff flock. best of luck to your family. >> hey. keeping my daughter nearby. i like that, actually. she doesn't leave then. that's the good side. kayleigh: i love it. that's the silver lining to it all. all right. thank you, jeff flock. well, if you were hoping for groceries in the new year, you are out of luck. items like produce, dairy, packaged food and cookies and candy are all expected to be
4:35 am
more expensive in 2022. joining me now with reaction is tony, the ceo and food retailer and distributer of spartan nash. thank you, tone, appreciate you being here. >> good morning, it's a pleasure. >> tony, so you are a ceo of a company. this inflation, it's bad, going back to 1982 is the last time this kind of inflation. have you seen this personally in your own company? >> well, we haven't seen this inflation for 40 years as you mentioned. we are spartan nash is uniquely across dimension of this 150 grocery stores we run in the middle of the country. we serve about the same number of military bases across the globe with groceries and serve over 2,000 independent grocery stores also in the midwest. so we're managing this extraordinary inflation from a number of different dimensions. >> tony, take a look at this list. all the companies, in 022.
4:36 am
general mills, campbell's soup. the list goes on and on. we were told for a long time that this inflation was transitory but yet all these companies are looking at raising prices in the upcoming year. it doesn't seem so transitory, does it? >> that's not transitory at all. that list is as long as your arm. it's every supplier and no category and nobody will be completely immune from this inflation. we are seeing, again, sort of record numbers of those costs increase come through. it is -- it's a function of the folks that are struggling to get labor and run their factories and run them in a way they can be effective and profitable. kayleigh: right. we see this was meat, paltry, fish, eggs, there is 12.8% increase over the past 12 months. are some products seeming to incur more inflation than others? >> yeah. you have hit on a couple there. fresh items certainly seeing a lot more inflation right now. we are seeing that as across
4:37 am
meat, produce and juices and a number of items and the more fresh areas of the store see more inflation in early wave. seeing it across the store. seeing it in dairy, you mentioned a moment ago. it's really going to touch all categories of the store. kayleigh: yeah, well, thanks for your work with our military heroes. we appreciate that, tony. and all of this coming alongside a labor shortage as well. a lot of problems for both small businesses, large businesses like the one that you run. thank you for being here, tony. >> a pleasure, thank you. kayleigh: all right, up next, the founder of the controversial 1619 project thinks only institutions and professionals should be in charge of what kids are taught in schools. not parents. dr. carol swain joins us to defend parents' rights. ♪ ♪
4:38 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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will: the founder of the controversial 1619 project is taking aim at parents claiming they shouldn't have a say in their own child's education. >> and i don't really understand this idea that parents should decide what's being taught. i'm not a professional educator. i don't have a degree in social studies or science. we'll send our children to school because we want them to be taught by people who have expertise in the subject area. and that is not my job. will: joining me now with reaction is former university professor and author of black eye for america how critical race theory is burning down the house dr. carol swain. good morning, dr. swain, great to see you today. >> good morning. will: there is nikole hannah-jones saying listen to the experts not parents. >> it's such a loaded statement because she acknowledges she is
4:43 am
not a professional educator that she is confused. we know she is confused about cuba. she is confused about capitalism, she is confused about when america was founded, about slavery, about a lot of things. and when it comes to the professional educators, i have been one most of my life and some of the worst ideas in human history have come from professional educators. and we cannot trust them with our children because they have agendas that's very much rooted in cultural marxism. it's about turning down traditional structures, family, marriage, the church, hun and on. it's not about helping our children. it's about the destruction of our traditional institutions and way of life. will: dr. swain, i want to build on something you said on her confusion over history.
4:44 am
this woman is writing fake and widely debunked. schools are using for curriculums. what's fascinating to this to me she pits this as experts vs. parents. but, yet,er influence over, quote, unquote, experts is unparalleled. she is purporting to teach america about our history, about america's racist founding. in the end, what she is saying is don't trust parents, trust me and what your children should be taught. >> well, you know, she received a genius award, a pulitzer prize and she is an author of creative fiction. so if you want your children taught creative fiction, then trust nikole hannah-jones and those people that have given her the good housekeeping seal of approval even though, you know, she is not qualified to teach as a professor at a university. she just said it herself. she is not a professional educator. she is a journalist.
4:45 am
and there is nothing wrong with being a journalist. some of my best friends are journalists but the ones that i know that are journalists know that they are journalists and not professional educators. and nikole just admitted that she knows. will: i love the big smile on your face when you said there is nothing wrong with being a journalist. you couldn't smile bigger and you couldn't be nicer as you say exactly that dr. swain, it's fascinating. i think underlying this is who actually in essence owns our children, quote unquote experts or parents. that's the key to this. always good to talk to you and have you put into perspective with a smile on your face, dr. swain. >> thank you. >> all right. let's go over to kayleigh mcenany who has a few additional headlines for us. kayleigh: great interview, will. nothing wrong with journalists but we need good journalists. now on to headlines, a colorado d.a. is asking a judge to consider reducing the 110 year sentence for a truck driver
4:46 am
convicted in a crash that killed four in 2019. the d.a. is instead asking for 20 to 30 years. the supporters of the trucker say even that is too much for what many believe is a tragic accident. a petition with close to 5 million signature temperatures is demanding clemenciy. a new sentencing hearing is set for january 13th. the united states is defending sending officials to beijing while upholding its diplomatic boycott of the 2022 winter olympics as the chinese foreign minister called it a farce. monday, the chinese foreign ministry said it received at least 18 u.s. applications for diplomatic visas. the biden administration says the officials are going to support the athletes and not attend the games. the furry friends experiencing a christmas miracle finding their furr ever homes with police officers how cute after what could be a tragedy.
4:47 am
someone left the litter on zipped up duffle bag on the counter of a tulsa convenience store. thankfully, the puppies are okay. the four responding officers couldn't resist and adopted one each. the fifth went home with a store employee. oh, how heart warming. those your headlines. let's check in with meteorologist adam klotz for our fox weather forecast. adam: good morning, kayleigh, what we are track something a big cold front in the middle of the country bringing heavy rain at times and a lot of folks seeing heavy snow with it you see in front of the boundary temperatures running up into the 60's. back behind it quite a bit colder air spots in the northern plains spots in single digits or below zero. we have wind chill watches and alerts back there as some real winds getting up to 40, 50 miles per hour going to make it feel like 30 or 40 degrees below zero with that system because of all that cold air back behind it and right along that frontal boundary that is an area where we are seeing snow pop up.
4:48 am
so we have winter weather advisories all as a part of this system. but there it is. there is the snow moving up into the upper midwest, just so the south of that very heavy rain. some thunderstorms now moving into saint lewis. again, we have been watching this for the last week and unfortunately it's going to continue unless you love that snow it has been round after round of winter weather in the park coast and there is going to be more of that on the way over the next couple of days, kayleigh, those are your weather headlines, back over to you. kayleigh: thank you, adam a snowy few days before new year's eve. a family in north carolina loses everything in a fire right before christmas. but their community is stepping up in a very big way. up next, meet some of the fire fighting heroes helping them rebuild. r aexam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday.
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lawrence: we're back with quick headlines. olive garden says it may not bring back its never ending pasta bowl. turns out the popular promotion isn't as profitable as previously delivered. despite that the olive garden's unlimited soup and salad breadsticks are here to stay and one cryptocurrency skyrocketing because of this elon musk tweet. the spacex founder tweeting about the coin, which is named
4:53 am
after his dog flokey to his nearly 6 million followers. the coin surged around 3,500% since the tweet but it has cool ed a bit in the past 24 hours. >> it was a christmas tragedy the family lost everything last week after their home in greensb oro, north carolina caught fire but the fire department stepped in to help. will: these local heros gifting crystal givens and her family more than $2,000 worth of walmart gift cards to help them rebuild. crystal joins us now along with greensboro fire department captain ken lilly thank you both for being with us this morning on fox & friends. crystal we'd love to start with you. how are you feeling this morning we know this happened just before christmas. you lost your puppy, you lost your home, your kids are safe, and you do have at least a bit
4:54 am
of a new start with the help of the fire department and many giving neighbors. how are you doing this morning? >> i'm actually blessed. i can't complain, like you said, i have so many people reaching out to me, started with mr. ken right here, but ever since then, it seems like when he opened that door, everyone else started to follow so i am blessed beyond measures, yes, i miss my dog so much, tremendously, but thankful that me and my kids and my family are still here, because it could have been so much different. we could have been in that house and not being able to get out so i'm just blessed. god is really working wonders. lawrence: you know, crystal, i am blessed just witnessing your resilience right here on national tv after experiencing so much tragedy. ken, thank you for your service. what made you get involved? >> well it was real easy. first of all, i want to shun the
4:55 am
gratitude from ms. givens, this was a collective effort from everybody in the department. i was just a collection point for the funds just trying to keep things organized to make sure it got to her in a reasonable time so she could replace the kid's gifts prior to christmas day. >> crystal, you know, i read that your husband broke his foot thank goodness your husband wasn't in there, you weren't in there, your three kids were not in this building but you mentioned god. do you believe god was watching over you during this ? crystal? we might have lost crystal. captain, let me ask you, captain lilly. what motivated you to do this? you said this was one of the most rewarding things you've ever done giving these gift card s to crystal and her family. >> it is.
4:56 am
it's just not that difficult to be human, when you see tragedy on this level and you see a family just totally devastated and realize they may not have the ability to recover like some other folks, it just makes you want to step up and try to make a difference in their life. again, this was not me. this was the group as a whole. i was just a collection point for the funds to put this together to make sure she got it in a reasonable time so she could replace her kid's christmas gifts. this was a gift from not only the department but from others outside of the department. will: well, every charitable organization, every neighbor needs a leader and initiative and you provided that captain. we're so happy, crystal, that you've been provided a new start god bless you both very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. will: exfoliation more fox & come
4:57 am
into one efficient stroke, for a shave as quick and easy as washing your face.
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♪ i've got my friends ♪ >> welcome to the third and final hour of fox & friends, on this beautiful tuesday morning, december 28. you are looking at green bay, wisconsin. look at those beautiful, beautiful lights. half way between christmas and
5:01 am
new years, lawrence, hey. lawrence: hey, it's good being with you for the third hour you and will live from dallas. still a big show ahead, will. will: got a big show ahead, it's kayleigh mcenany's first time hosting fox & friends for those just joining us in this third hour, i would say she's doing wonderfully. no rookie when it comes to dealing with the unexpected. >> kayleigh: i'm sitting between two veterans right now so i am a rookie, i'm a novice between will and lawrence and the beautiful states of texas i'm just here in florida right in the middle. lawrence: well, kayleigh, we never had to deal with the press so i think you've got us beat. >> kayleigh: yeah, jim acosta, it was a fun bunch, but i'd rather be here with you guys so thank you so much for having me. all right we'll get to our first topic here. president biden, do you remember , he told us from his basement he had this secret magical plan to shutdown covid?
5:02 am
he said president trump, where's your plan eight months into your presidency, you don't have a plan and his exact words were those two beautiful words "i do ." he told us he had a plan but year into his presidency just yesterday, take a listen. >> look, there is no federal solution. this gets solved at the state level. i'm looking at the governor sunu nu on the board here and he talks about that a lot and it ultimately gets down to where the rubber meets the road. >> kayleigh: yeah, well that's a lot different than what president biden was telling us in october of 2020, you know, i mentioned what he was saying back then as democratic nominee for president, let's put it up on the screen, he said "we're eight months into this pandemic, and donald trump still does know not have a plan to get this virus under control, i do" but look, president trump did have a plan, he manufactured testing, disbursed that testing, president trump did operation warp speed, got a vaccine in
5:03 am
record time, and planned to distribute it as well. he did have a plan. he partnered with the private sector president trump did, and then now, a year into the biden presidency, lawrence, and there was no plan to manufacture testing. you go into walgreens, cvs, the shelf was bare. where are the tests, president biden? lawrence: you know, and we talked about this earlier in the show. the constant change, the 180 they call it that become actually live, i was just watching a clip from rachel madd ow last night and she essentially said no one ever said that, you know, the vaccine was going to take covid away. it was just going to get the symptoms, and reduce the symptoms and you guys didn't , that's not what actually happened. this continues to be a pattern. i actually agree with the president of the united states. that's just not what he said during the campaign. quite frankly, he criticized donald trump for doing the same
5:04 am
thing. donald trump did have a plan. the plan was states, what do you need, whether you're a liberal or conservative call the white house, you need a ship i'll send you a ship, you need a vaccine i'll get a vaccine done in record speed. you need more testing i'll do what i can to get rid of the government red tape so that can happen. that was the plan. it was joe biden that said you know what? actually, you know the states leading this is a bad strategy. actually, that's killing americans and so i'm going to put all these mandates in place, so the states can do what they wanted to do. well the courts shot that down and said actually, local control rules, and so now you have the president as the polls shift saying actually that wasn't really my position. this was always my position. it is up to us, it's incumbent on us, will, to not let this just pass. will: is that what, did rachel m addow say that last night? i have to admit i didn't watch
5:05 am
but there's a viral video going around from the spring of 2020 where rachel maddow says with all of the certainty in the world that the vaccine will stop transmission that once it reached a host who had been vaccinated it can no longer pass on to another person, thus, ending the pandemic if everyone will simply get vaccinated. of course we know now that's not true and i don't have time on fox & friends. i do have the will cain podcast and i will be hosting tucker carlson tonight, tonight, where maybe we can layout some of these, as you said, lawrence, 180's but here is just a small sampling for just one moment. the cdc now says that quarantin ing can be reduced to five days . this just what, a week and a half after joe biden said we're in for a winter, a dark winter. a winter of death and suffering for the unvaccinated. joe biden says there's no federal solution. this as kayleigh pointed out, after saying that he had a plan, where president trump did not. another simple example, one that
5:06 am
could be a part of a list as long as our arm. moderna ceo said in the spring of i believe or in the fall of 2019, that his vaccine was 100% effective. now, a new study out of britain suggests that the fourth booster , the booster shots are down to 25% after 10 weeks. the lies barely holdup to a few weeks worth of scrutiny, so we can go over this and we should, to your point, lawrence, we should. we should hold all of this to account. there should be a list of all of these lies and we can start one more with this from dr. marc siegel who said that joe biden is blaming, lying by blaming donald trump for the lack of testing. >> under president trump, you had three major tests approved. abbott, cordell andbd veritor, those are the three main ones that are out there now those home tests. guess what just got approved?
5:07 am
the roche test just got approved , one year into the biden administration, one year and that's a terrific home test and it finally got an emergency use authorization, but was stalled in front of the fda under the biden administration, so the blame game doesn't work and for sure, president biden has to say, what did president trump get right? he built a partnership, he built a public private partnership. he used the defense production act. he put a lot of money into this. >> kayleigh: dr. siegel is exactly right. i saw it when i was in west wing where down to literally not just the county level but the hospital level. we were able to see ppe and supplies and where they were going partner with the private sector. that's how the federal government should work, empower the private sector, don't thwart them by not saying hey, we need tests. give them accurate cues as to the direction you're going, president biden didn't do that and there's real questions, lawrence, for him with vanity fair, reporting that they were
5:08 am
offered a plan back in october, a testing plan. it was "a blue print" for how to avoid what we're seeing now but they didn't take it. what were you doing in october? president biden, our commander-in-chief, he was asleep at the wheel. lawrence: yeah, and invoking fear to people and creating vigi lante's. a former raiders cheer leaderrer is now facing federal charges after attacking an elderly man on a plain because he wasn't wearing a mask while eating even though she wasn't wearing a mask either, todd piro is live with the details. todd: absolutely wild story here guys that woman identified by authorities as ex-nfl cheerleader turned real estate agent patricia cornwall now accused of charges of striking and spitting on an 80-year-old. listen. >> [overlapping speakers] todd:
5:09 am
cornwall an ex-playboy model actress and former cheerleader for the oakland raiders lashing out at the man for being unmask ed while also not wearing a mask herself. federal criminal complaints as the incident began when corn wall could not get to her seat from a restroom because a beverage cart was blocking the aisle. a flight attendant asked her to find an empty seat until the cart passed and she respond ed "what am i, rosa parks " and at this point the elderly passenger was told her she wasn't black, on a bus and wasn't in alabama and corn wall also facing charges for a dui arrest in florida last month. her attorney is saying she suffers from anxiety and failed to take her medication before the airplane incident. cornwas was released on a $20,000 bond and was told not to consumer alcohol or travel on commercial flights as this case proceeds it seems like some pretty good advice to me, guys back to you. will: thank, todd for the update on this story.
5:10 am
it's just a story, a lesson an absurdity; however, it's probably not too uncommon. we might be looking at a particularly acute problem here in side the mind of patricia cornwall, but it's a bug planted in everyone's mind we talked about it kayleigh and lawrence throughout the morning this idea you can pit people against one another based upon vaccination status or based upon masking status and it is inevitably going to result in quite honestly this , she strikes him, scratches his face, draws blood, spits in his face, never pulls up her own mask. it results in this , and you know what, kayleigh? here is what i would say. this is not the worst of what we will experience if we continue to pit americans against one another based upon whether or not they have their face covered with a piece of cloth. >> kayleigh: you make a really interesting point, will and remember it was president biden who told us the vaccinated have a right to be angry at the un vaccinated. he said if you're unvaccinated you will pay the price, i mean,
5:11 am
he has been using really dire kind of conflict-inducing terminology and he's changed it to lately, i'm thankful for that but initially when he announced a mandate it was pitting groups of americans against one another but beyond just the vaccination issue and in this case, how senseless she wasn't wearing a mask and she attacks an 80- year-old man for not wearing his mask while eating which he's allowed to do, beyond that there's this attitude of lawlessness in our country and you see it in the streets with the smash-and-grabs so brazen and coordinated you see it in the airways, as people on planes are attacking one another, so visceral it just seems, lawrence , there's an attitude of lawlessness we've gotta fix. lawrence: yeah it's a huge problem in the country, but this situation highlights a lot of things. first of all the science is just that. you don't need the mask on the planes that is the obvious point first, but number two, let's say you did need the mask. part of the science that they say is that the mask blocks the
5:12 am
respiratory droplets from going on other people. well, ideally an 80-year-old man is high risk and you spit in his face, like for the person that believes in the science, you literally just spit on an 80- year-old man and if the science is true, he's the one that's most at risk on the plane , will. will: by the way, lawrence, by her own standard i would assume one of the charges therefore, could be at least wreckless endangerment, i mean, is it attempted murder if she is spit ting in the face of an 80- year-old man, without her mask up over her face, i think we should hold her to her own standard. by the way her standard seems to be everyone else must cover their face but apparently in her past she's not concerned with covering her body i'll be googl ing patricia cornwall in just a moment and seeing raiders pictures, the cheerleader. lawrence: [laughter]
5:13 am
will: we can move on. to this. these food items are getting more expensive here in 2022. take a look. these are the prices expected to go up on certain items at your grocery store, produce, dairy, package goods, cookies and candy i know no one minds that because we all have new years resolution s so right now we're fine with the price of sweets going up, just talk to us again on january 15 when we've given up these resolutions, but on a serious note, clearly, things that impact our daily life, our quality of life, are going up, here is one more example, kayleigh. look at these companies, all suggesting they are going to be raising prices in 2022 you can see kraft heinz, campbells, general mills, all, you know, food manufactures, food distributors going to be rising, raising prices into the new year , kayleigh. >> kayleigh: this is the worst inflation, will, that we've seen since 1982, so in 40 years and yet, we were told by the
5:14 am
administration this is transitory, it's not going to be here forever, but it is here, and every time we get more disturbing economic news, be it the labor shortage or underwhelming jobs report we have a chief of staff who tries to put lipstick on a pig who tells us don't believe what you're feeling what you're see ing, he tweets out these stories, jobs report better-than-expected when in fact we all know it underperformed expectations, and then inflation. it's transitory, they told us, but listen to tony sarsa, i spoke to him last hour he's the ceo of a food distributed or company and he has words about whether this inflation is so transitory. >> we have 150 grocery stores, we run in the middle of the country. we serve about the same number of military bases across the globe with groceries and we serve over 2,000 independent grocery stores also in the midwest, so we're managing this extraordinary inflation from a number of different dimensions. the fresh items are seeing more
5:15 am
inflation and we're seeing that as you mentioned across meat, produce, across juices, and a number of items in the more fresh areas of the store, the more inflation in this early wave but we're see ing across the store, center of the store, in dairy as you mentioned, so it's really going to touch all categories of the store. lawrence: i immediately think about the small business owners that are going to be impacted by this. they've already gone through a pandemic where the government shut them down and they weren't able to open up their doors. you know, i've enjoyed being back home in dallas because i get to go to all my favorite restaurants and texas is known for having cheap prices on the menu. it seems like every restaurant that i go to, there's a little sign either on the menu or on the table saying, we're having to raise the price by $1 or so to adjust for inflation essentially because a lot of the products are out of stock, they can't get it and so they pass that on to us, and that's
5:16 am
going to hurt them in the long run. of course people want to go out and support these businesses but again, if you're seeing it from the small businesses, if you're going into the grocery store and you can't get certain items, or the prices going up, the gas station, it builds up and then eventually, average families just start to cut back, will. will: yeah, and look, as a reminder, this is the number one issue for americans. every poll suggests this is their number one concern. the rising rate of inflation far and away the thing they are most concerned about and it looks like it's only going to continue to be an issue going into 2022. a few more additional headlines starting with a fox news alert. a gunman shooting at least four people and injuring three including a police officer monday in a colorado attack. the gunman opening fire at six locations across the denver area the suspect later died at a hotel in lakewood. it's unclear if he was shot by police. a woman who witnessed the chaos
5:17 am
describes what she saw. listen. >> then my husband and i, you could hear just the popping outside. it was like one shot and then maybe five or six more and a couple more after that, and they swooped us right inside. will: police believe the gunman acted alone. his motive is unclear. >> americans holiday travel nightmare continues as more than 700 flights within and into or out of the united states have been canceled today. yesterday, more than 2,800 flights were canceled around the globe. major airlines citing bad weather and omicron-related for those cancellations. thousands of americans caught stranded for the holidays, flight disruptions are expected to linger this week. >> the former nba star says he spent his entire rookie salary before setting foot on the court he expected to make millions as
5:18 am
the top 10 draft pick so he spent nearly 900,000 bucks on a new escalade and jewelry among other items. i'm just doing the math there's a lot of other items to fill up 900,000 dollars from an escalade and jewelry. the point guard was picked in the second round of the 2001 nba draft which left him in financial ruin. he even slept at the arena a few times because he could not afford gas, and those are your headlines. will: that's a common theme. lawrence: there's a lot there. that's why i'm so glad there's a lot of brothers that are stepping up saying they need financial literacy classes and they are willing to give them free to make sure these players keep their money. will: i was just going to say -- >> kayleigh: 900,000 is a lot. will: there's a lot of money and issues here and look i'm supportive of this and supportive of people being able to capitalize on their unique talents whenever they are ready
5:19 am
to meet the marketplace teenager s or wherever that might be but you can't just turn people loose with as you pointed out lawrence without financial literacy and when i say turn people loose we need to do our best to educate individuals because there's a lot of money being lost out there. lawrence: you're exactly right, brother. in less than one hour from now the fourth day of deliberation is in the ghislain maxell trial will begin and the jury is signaling they are nowhere near reaching a verdict. nancy grace is live with the latest and pull out your pocketbooks with the new year just days away. we've got tips and tricks to help make your financial life happier in the new year, next on fox & friends. ♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep
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5:24 am
will: jury deliberations in the ghislain maxell trial will resume in a fourth day. the 12 person panel made several requests monday including asking for office supplies and transcripts, signaling the decision could still be far away. the jurors are also asking the judge for a definition of enticement, which is one of maxell's charges. here with what this could all mean, host of crime stories on fox nation, nancy grace. nancy, just the person i want to talk to this morning. you know, nancy, i've gotta admit to you something, i don't know enough about this trial but i'm going to be honest with you, i don't think it's being covered enough. what's going on? can you catch us up-to-date really on where we are with this trial? >> yes, i can in a nutshel what
5:25 am
it is about is jeffrey epstein now dead, his girlfriend, basically serving as his pimp procuring or enticing young girls as young as my little girl , lucy, age 14, literally trolling playgrounds in new york to pin them up on a silver platter to jeffrey epstein to sexually molest. okay let me let that sink in. their defense is, she's a scape goat. he's dead so they are going after her. actually both things can be true she can be a scape goat and be guilty so let's agree on that . what's happening now? the jury asked for the read back of several people's testimony. here is the good news as far as i'm concerned. they were all state's witnesses. one was the house manager for the palm beach mansion of epstein that saw these young girls sometimes top less at the pool and other witnesses were all states witnesses and that suggests they are leaning toward
5:26 am
the state. here is the problem. they want a lot of office supplies. why am i worried? because they want to color code things and wanted highlightsers and all different colors and stickies in all different colors either they are super organized or having to make a flow chart to figure out the six counts but don't worry we're just heading into day four deliberations, they had a four daybreak for christmas, i agree with the judge on that. i didn't like to split up deliberations. i think you lose focus but you don't want an angry jury that wants to be at home or out shopping, so the judge did the right thing, i still expect a verdict today or tomorrow. will: today or tomorrow. hey, thansly really more on this maxell trial and it's up to every judge but i wish this would have been televised there's too much going on the public needs to know more information on this and my question for you is really quickly on this. i lean on my law degree, didn't practice, passed the bar, didn't practice, isn't it fair to say the longer deliberation goes on, the better it is for the defense like wouldn't you think a guilty
5:27 am
verdict would come back sooner rather than later? >> that is the general consensus that the longer the deliberations go the more they are having a problem reaching a verdict but let's just keep the faith and i agree with you. this is not just a rich people problem. ghislain maxell and epstein multi-millionaires, children are being molested and trafficked all over the country, every socioeconomic level that's why it's so important we keep up with this case. will: really quickly before we go, you've called and been a leader of the free britney movement her conservatorship is over do you think she's finally achieved justice? >> you know, i think a lot of people are wining because she hasn't let out or released any new music, they need to get over that. she's been like a trick pony since she was a little girl performing, give the woman a break and speaking of whining, reverse myself let me tell you a lot of people
5:28 am
are whining ghislain maxell was behind bars for her birthday. are you kidding me a little girl that went out and enticed little girls to get molested by a grown man, she gets a birthday cake? no i hope she spends a lot more birthdays behind bars. will: really good stuff, nancy we need to dive into that trial much more deeply going forward. thank you for your time this morning, nancy. >> thank you. will: we're being told it's not march 2020 again but tech giant apple guess what? banning customers from its stores in new york because of covid, and liberal policies, high taxes and high crimes are sending people scrambling to escape blue states, up next, a former california businessman will explain why he decided to relocate to redder pastures. ♪ find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point.
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for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> kayleigh: we are back with your headlines. the lapd releasing body cam footage of the officer-involved shooting death of a 14-year-old girl. her death now ruled a homicide. the la county medical examiner's office confirming that the victim died of a gun shot wound to the chest. police say the teen was trying
5:33 am
on dresses in a changing room when an officer fired at a nearby assault suspect who was attacking a woman, so tragic. >> all of new york city's apple stores are temporarily closed for in-person shopping. the tech giant putting a stop to in-person shopping due to new york's surging covid cases. however, customers can still pick-up online orders from the stores in-person. stores in long island, new jersey and upstate new york remain open for now. >> firefighters in greensboro, north carolina, surprise a family of five who lost nearly everything they owned in a house fire just two days before christmas. firefighters from several fire houses in the city raised enough money to buy the family $2,500 in walmart gift cards. homeowner crystal givens and fire captain ken lilly joined us earlier this morning. watch. >> i'm actually blessed. i can't complain like you said i have so many people reaching out
5:34 am
to me. >> kayleigh: crystal and her family raised an additional $5,800 on gofundme, and those are your headlines, over to you, lawrence. lawrence: thanks, kayleigh. talk about a blue state exodus, red states like florida, texas, and arizona are all welcome in a surge inflation over the last year, while residents fled blue states like california, new york , and illinois including our next guest who moved his entire business to texas. rex founder and ceo peter rex is here to explain. thanks so much for joining me today. why did you decide to move? >> well, great to be here and i hope you had a merry christmas with you and with your family and hope everyone else did as well. lawrence: thank you. >> we decided to move for a number of reasons, faith, family and freedom is what we boil it down to and when you look at what's going on on a global stage what we can see is an
5:35 am
indictment of new york and california and the way its government is dealing and the policies and the culture as well. lawrence: i want you to look at the numbers here in the population change in the four of the largest states so you got california a .7 drop, then texas a .1 growth, florida a 1% growth, and then new york, a 1.6 drop so does that surprise you seeing clear contrast these red states, people are fleeing them and i'm sorry the blue states people are fleeing them and those red states people are coming there in droves. >> yeah, lj, it doesn't surprise me and i'll give you a little story about the culture and why that's actually influencing people as well to want to stay in places like texas, and it's a thing that i think people are not giving enough credit to as well a lot of people focus on the tax and policies and this and that but
5:36 am
last week i was at a christmas party with the company and the wife of one of our executive s who had moved recently, left a big tech company to join our company from the west coast and relocated their family, she told me that her child had received a christmas card from another classmate at school that said merry christmas and underlined christ and then wrote in, remember to keep christ in christmas, and the wife was just overjoyed telling me about how happy that made her feel, to now be in an environment where the culture is on her side, to help her to raise her child well lawrence: you know, rex, that's such an excellent point. so often people point to the better tax and business environment in these red states but it's really the culture, the low crime, the god-like environment, christianity is welcome there. why do you think so many people miss that? >> you know, i think they look at the a lot of people look at the money, they look at the tax stuff, because that's easy to
5:37 am
see. it's easy to look at, but when you think about the things are sometimes harder to find you've got to talk to people and be on the street to understand that and i think it's important that people realize this migration that we're seeing here, i would say we are half way through, we're not at the end of that. i was talking to a ceo of a public company on the west coast , and he was saying we're at the end of this now, and i actually disagree with that. i reflected on his comments there, but we're in the midsway of this migration and people continue to move here i made the move a year and a half ago and relocated to texas and we're very happy by the way but there's other companies still coming, elon musk made the same exact move and just in the recent months actually, and he's an american hero and moved his companies over here to austin, texas as well. lawrence: peter rex, welcome to the free state of texas. thank you, sir. >> thank you, lj, appreciate it lawrence: no problem. coming up, new e-mails reveal the biden administration
5:38 am
prioritized the teacher's unions over the needs of students when reopening schools post-pandemic, so our next guest just wants the white house to follow the science, and let kids learn, that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ priceline works with top hotels to sell their unsold rooms, saving you up to 60%. ah, yes. the parental delegation? you should stay with us. it's no trouble. it's no trouble for him. fine, don't stay with us. i didn't really ask to... okay.
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>> kayleigh: newly-surfaced e-mails prove that teacher's unions influenced the cdc's last minute changes to school reopening guidance, and one message, obtained by fox, an hh s official said that before releasing that guidance quote, we need to think about this in the broader context of teacher contract negotiations. white house staffers also arranging a meeting between cdc director and the head of the national education association. joining us now to react is mary sanderson, the co-founder of into america and mom of three, erin pine, a school nurse suspended after speaking out
5:43 am
against masking students. mary, i want to start with you. you said i've been saying for a long time, biden open the schools, blue states open the schools. just let our kids learn. i think that's a very fair ask. why do you think it took so long to open schools in the wake of covid? >> well, as a mom of three, we experienced the shutdown like everyone else, kayleigh, and you're right. i've been pushing to allow other children to have the same experience we have. we'll have long term ramifications of these shutdowns , even in my own children who were back in school pretty soon, we had to review curriculum and had separation anxiety in our youngest so we've been pushing hard and i think what we're seeing is that the democrats lean heavily on the unions, and it's not just the unions. the far left has a grip on our schools. it's a team of consultants and activists who make a living off the education bureaucracy that
5:44 am
we have and so we're trying to shine a light and i think the recent e-mails from the biden administration, we've seen that the fbi followed parents and also the white house is coordinating with the unions shining a light that they put politics over parents. >> kayleigh: seems to be a trend, marie. erin coming to you, you're suspended for speaking out against masks for kids, but what is so peculiar to me is that the world health organization seems to agree with you. they say, "children age five years and under should not be required to wear masks. this is based on the safety and overall interest of the child" so sounds to me like you were just saying the science. >> right. i mean, right now, we know that the schools are not following the science, and if you want to know the science go to justfacts .com and read the article on masks by james ag retsky. you know, i'm not surprised that these e-mails are coming out which is proving what i've known
5:45 am
all along and what i've been saying is that we are not following the science. teachers unions are calling a lot of the shots here, based on their opinions and or some other agenda that i'm just not aware of and it's not the science. the only controlled study that we have on cloth masks shows that it actually increases disease and, you know, causes disease and increases transmission in healthcare settings, so if that was done in a healthcare setting, where these, you know, healthcare professionals who have been trained to wear masks are actually experiencing disease and increased transmission, how much more are we going to expect our students who are children not wearing them correctly to experience disease and increase transmission? it's just not, it's not based on science. >> kayleigh: yeah, and will cause them a lot of harm in the long run psychologically. marie you say at the heart of all of this , crt, these onerous mandates and masks in schools, a
5:46 am
lot of problems we're seeing you said it was the firm grip that the far left has on our schools. that seems to be the problem at base. >> it's definitely a problem and i think what we have to do is let parents get more involved in their student's education, and parents are waking up and seeing this , and the election we had in virginia, education was a critical issue. into america surveyed parents not too long a.g. ago and found that states where biden won by certain points last year it's tied whether or not they send a republican or democrat back to congress and a lot has to do with education. 43% think their child's education is going in the wrong direction. we know the president's under water on his approval ratings and just this month, the way he's handled covid. he's under water again, and so parents need to pay attention, this is a long history of the far left having a grip on education, and i think we're set
5:47 am
parents are now waking up and understanding the union on education at their local level. >> kayleigh: exactly. we saw in virginia it didn't go so well for the democrat candidate there in virginia and at the heart of all of that was education. thank you, both, marie and erin, for joining us. we also want to get this in, this is an hhs statement, we could pull that backup really quick. the hhs said to fox news that these e-mails reflect, "standard practice" that was their response. thank you both for being here. have a happy new year. >> thank you. >> kayleigh: let's check in with meteorologist adam klotz for our fox weather forecast. adam what do you have? >> good morning, kayleigh. well we have warm air running into cold air whenever that happens you see storms right now that's going to mean snow but there's that warm era cross the southeast just off to the west of it, very cold temperatures fargo negative 4 degrees and right in the middle where those two air masses meet that's where we're seeing at times thunderstorms in st. louis taking you up to chicago and everything on the leading edge of this that is
5:48 am
no fall and this is the first snow of the season in chicago the latest that has ever happened but it does look like they get a little bit of snow today otherwise, continuing rounds of moisture and snow moving off the west coast, that again is going to bring at times very heavy snowfall some of these areas getting up to a couple of feet, more snow, for folks in the west just rounds and rounds of winter weather hit them. those are your weather headlines kayleigh, to you. >> kayleigh: the first snow of the season in chicago just in time for the new year. thank you so much, adam. leave your money stress in 2021. the tips and tricks to leading a financially happier life in the new year, that's still ahead ♪ money, money, money ♪ as a professional bull-rider i'm used to taking chances. but when it comes to my insurance i don't. i use liberty mutual, they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wooo, yeaa, woooooo
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will: it's that time of year again if you're hoping to save money in 2022 you're not alone. 44% of americans want to save money for their resolution, so how can you make your financial life happier in 2022 after two years of pandemic stress and strain. joining us now, with some tips is personal finance expert, dan ricotto. dan, great to see you this morning it's on my list, i'm part of the 44%.
5:53 am
how do we begin by saving? >> yeah, and most of us don't make it to what, let's say valentine's day when it comes to our new years resolutions, right and good morning to you all. so let's keep things simple. the fact of the matter is, you don't need a big fancy spreadsheet, you don't need a big financial plan, keep things simple and practical, and have a little bit more fun with your money next year, what i mean by that is number one, set a practical goal, a specific goal, maybe it's i want to pay off a specific credit card by the end of next year, right? that's achievable that's doable. it's not, you know, pay pay off all my debt. i just want to get rid of one of those credit cards. number two focus on what you can control. you can't control the dow jones industrial average. you can't control the geniuses in washington that are coming up with new ideas all the time for us, but you can control how much you put in your 401 (k) plan for example, so there are those specific things that you and i can control and studies show when we feel like we're in control of our money, we actually do a better job with
5:54 am
our money and we're happier with it. not necessarily making more of it. automate. i don't know about you guys but i set a lot of things on auto pay so i don't sit at the dining room table once a month like we used to do my wife and i as a family and try to pay all of the bills. automate those easy things get rid of them and simplify. i've got four kids a busy household like you all and it's just, you know, there's combined accounts when you can, maybe get rid of one of those stream ing services you haven't used in a long time so simplify and finally, create a little bit of money space. you need some space, and create some space for your partner and your budget. studies show that when you have a little bit of space and a little bit of room for error, guys, become a little bit happier with your money. lawrence: so dan, my question is , with inflation being such a big issue, how does that come in play? >> that's a good question, lawrence and listen, you're reminded every time you go to the gas station when we spend an
5:55 am
extra $20 to fill our gas tank the reality is that inflation is as you know 39 year high but our wages haven't kept pace, so now is the time as we approach new year, now is the time to comb through your budget for next year and take a look at the budget and say well maybe this little thing i don't need or maybe there's an extra way to boost my income. listen we work with clients all day long all around this grant country and the fact of the matter is everyone is struggling no matter where you are in terms of this inflation but all of us would benefit from a little sit-down, go through the budget no matter how much or how little you have and try to figure out ways to deal with this record inflation that was supposed to be transitory, lawrence. >> kayleigh: was supposed to be, dan,, but i was reading advice on how to be financially sound but one thing i read was just be grateful for what you have so what about the role don't look at the next car or house, be grateful for what's
5:56 am
right in front of you. >> i love that thanks for saying that because again working with clients over so many years it's not so much how much they earn or how much they have in the bank or the 401 (k) plan it's the fact that they feel in control of it that makes them happy and grateful for what they've got, and that's really what it's all about. it's not, you know, money itself means nothing. it's the family, the friends, everything else but if we can take that stress away, kayleigh, we're doing a great job in 2022. >> kayleigh: yes indeed. will: well said by both of you. dan, thanks for being with us this morning. >> see you guys thanks. lawrence: thanks, dan. will: more fox & friends, moment s away. ♪
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>> thanks for watching "fox & friends", three hours went by fast. we'll be here tomorrow. you crushed it, kaley. >> we have a fox news alert out of colorado. five people are dead including the gun with a shooting spree. the shootings in multiple locations wounded three people including a police officer. the suspect died in a shoot-out with officers. no word yet on a motive. a live report later in the show. >> but first president biden passing the buck on the pandemic telling the nation's governors the fight against covid is now in


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