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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 28, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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criminals over law-abiding citizens. >> jackie: it really underscores the point why people have to vote in their local elections. that's the way these changes are made. always great to see you, sir. thank you so much. we are going to leave it there for the moment. that is it for us today. thank you so much for joining us. "the five" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone. i'm rachel campos duffy along with joey jones, richard fowler, dr. nicole saphier, and tyrus. it is 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> joe biden is getting up and going to the beach. the president has no events today and instead is in delaware for a holiday getaway while omicron spikes all across the country. back when he was a candidate,
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biden promised to shutdown the virus virus. then once he was president he bashed g.o.p. governors for not doing enough. >> the administration's failure on testing is colossal. but the failure of planning, leadership, and execution. we will deal honestly with the american people. and we will never, ever, ever quit. that is how we will shed on this virus. i am going to shut down the virus. i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm going to shut down the virus. we need to scale up testing. so anyone who needs one can get a test. after ten months of the pandemic, we still don't have enough testing. it's a travesty. some state officials are passing laws or signing orders that forbid people from doing the right thing. if you're not going to help them, at least get out of the way. >> now the president is singing a much different tune, saying there's not really much you can
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do. >> low, there is no federal solution. this gets solved at the state level. he talks about that a lot. and then ultimately what he gets down to where the rubber meets the road, and that is when the patient is in need of help or preventing the need for help. >> but people all across the country still don't have access to covid tests and they are stuck waiting hours in line. when maybe you didn't have to be this way. >> under president trump, you had three major tests approved. by next now, by avid -- those of the three main ones that are out there now. guess what just got approved? that tests just got approved one year into the biden administration. one year. and that is a terrific contest. to finally get a mirth in the mike emergency use authorization will was stalled under the fda installed the biden
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administration appearance of the blame game doesn't work and for sure president biden has to say what did president trump get right. >> well, i'm going to start with you, joey, because the failures of this administration have been very personal for you. talking about the humiliating exit from afghanistan and the needless deaths that was caught in that situation. but here we are. he said he was going to have the tests. we don't have the tests. and he also complained about the other president not having the tests and we don't have the tests. joey. >> feels like somebody may be just played joe biden's words for joe biden and he would listen. just get out of the way and if you're not going to hug, get out of the way and let those who will do it. and that is what he is doing. going to go on vacation and some governors are going to step in and do the right thing i hope. it really is amazing. can you imagine the billboards that will pop up in places like my hometown in dalton, georgia. going to be joe biden's big face and going to say, "there is no
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federal solution." there is nothing president joe biden can do by his own words to help any of these things we are struggling with from inflation to like you said what happened in afghanistan to what is happening at the border and no coronavirus. i don't know how you work for this man and not just hang your head in shame when he sits up there and says something like that. he is a staff there that is working every day. i think they are honest in their work and he really has just taken the air out of their balloon. i don't know how they keep going to work every day at this point. >> nicole, we start with you, too, because you are a doctor and my friend but a doctor too. i've a question about question about omicron that is on my mind as i see all this play out. omicron is very viral and comment spreads rapidly but appears to not be deadly. so explain to me those were not be a great opportunity to let it rip through the population and get herd immunity. >> well, rachel, first of all, after all the global data from
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south africa, u.k., scotland, others including the united states, there's a lot of information that is suggesting that the bivalent of omicron is much -- anymore to 40 to 80% less. doesn't mean that it is not as contagious. it is actually much more contagious and much more transmissible which why we are seeing such a high rise in cases right now. but in terms of should we just let it read, it's a fine line, rachel. first of all, by doing that and letting things go unchecked in the population, you will have preventable illness, preventable hospitalizations, and preventable death. however, i read a piece on couple weeks ago was met with criticism because that at this point in the pandemic, we have the vaccines, boosters, large amount of natural immunity, and we finally have a variant that is highly contagious but seems to be more mild and especially more mild and people who are fully vaccinated and people who are boosted. people have the tools at this point to prevent infection and
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if they do get infected, it tends to be more mild, serious, and now we finally have treatments that are proving effective. so yes, getting the hybrid immunity, that vaccine-induced immunity plus a breakthrough infection so some level of natural immunity, and that is by far the strongest way of protection we can have moving forward and this could be our step into making the virus become endemic and that is how w the mind-set needs to change. i'm glad president biden has finally realized that it will not be a black-and-white federal solution. i am old enough to remember when president trump set a couple of years ago that this needs to be -- the onus needs to be on the state. it is the federal government's job to secure these private public partnerships and get out of the way. and that is exactly what operation works be dead. they allowed people -- and get things to the mark and we are not seeing the same urgency under the biden administration. >> you are so right, doctor, because president trump said
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very beginning that states should be allowed to do with the think is right for their state. richard comment seems like the biden administration is agreeing with trump on this. do you agree that this should have always been a state solution? >> a couple things. number one, i do think it has to be a mixture of both. the federal government and the state government working together to make sure people get supplies, folks get ventilators that we saw the beginning of the pandemic when states were searching for ventilators, it was on the federal government to make sure they have those ventilators. with that being said, what i really hate is the president on vacation headlines. this headline rears its ugly head every single year appear to have been under george w. bush, adam dominic happened under barack obama, during donald trump -- i think the american people are smarter than that. they know wherever the american president goes, so goes the white house. all the necessary advisors the president needs to have on hand to make decisions. the nuclear football.
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military. everything moves on the present moves, so this headline that news outlets continue to put out there, it is just so misleading and ridiculous. speak out yet. i actually agree with you, richard. i think with technology the president can go wherever he is out. the prison is not in good shape, mentally, that is another issue no matter where he is at in that case. tyrus, let me go to you because the president's top covid advisor is dr. fauci as we know. and he is saying we need to cancel new year's. i want to see new year's on fox news. we are not canceling. what do you think? >> is someone who gets to stay home for new year's, cancel away. i'm just kidding. it's wrong. the only thing that is refreshing is that the president finally did throw his hands up and say we dropped the ball. there is nothing we can do at the federal level. it is up to the governors of the states. and i kind of at least give me that because we heard nothing but nonsense coming out of the federal government under this administration since they came in and were going to do all this
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other stuff. here's the part that drives me absolutely mad is they wanted all of us to act like -- remember when we were kids it was like code orange and code red. it has been code orange covid pretty much since the administration took over. but they still ran out of tests, which means on the surface, you are telling us it is terrible, but in closed doors, you're saying don't worry about it. we can go on vacation. we will just lower the cdc from ten days to five days so we can make up for not having testing because federal workers can go back to work unless they have a negative test on their covid test if they get covid. so they continually changing the federal ruby excuse where someone peels the stickers off, that is what they are -- we saw the rubik's cube. it's a hot mess. get it together appeared >> i love that. >> they definitely look like they are making up as they go along. all right. coming up next, we all know joe biden's poll numbers are
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♪ ♪ >> how much do you pay attention to approval ratings question mike >> not anymore >> if it -- >> president biden claims he didn't care about his approval ratings, but the next poll might make and pay attention. his approval rating is now fallen below is deeply unpopular vice president, kamala harris, for the first time since their time in office. the president clocking in at 43% as opposed to 44%. the sad state of affairs for the white house is a major boon for the g.o.p. with republicans becoming increasingly bullish on the prospects of a red wave and next year's midterms. rachel, i want to come to you first on this. do you think it is inflation or may be the crisis at the border or may be just on and abilities has set an agenda that americans
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can get behind? why or american so down on them question mike >> for civil and with a comment on jimmy fallon, how nice he is joe biden. he had apologized for humanizing donald trump when anna mann peered so interesting. his wildly unpopular. i think the first in the home and that made people really stand up and go no more so what happened in afghanistan. i brought that up in the last segment because i think it was so emblematic. there is nothing that has gone right. for me personally, i think the biggest issue is the loss of freedom that we have experience over the last couple of years on this normalization of the government taking control of our lives, whether when and if we can go to church, when we can open our business is, if our kids can go to school. this is outrageous. and look, i think there is going to be a huge wave for republicans. there is no doubt in my mind. the question is do they deserve and what will they do with that power? rand paul on senator ron johnson
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has been a hero in the senate. jim jordan. i don't hear republicans talking enough about her loss of freedom, about the road that we are on to a communist chinese credit score system. all of the things that are happening that are so scary and so un-american. these are the things i want to hear republicans talk about for them to deserve our roads. of course i vote for them over what i see here which is absolute failure on part of the democrats. i don't see one thing that biden is doing right but i would like to see more from republicans in terms of speaking up for the liberties that we've lost of the last two years. >> that's powerful and absolutely right. we should be able to sit here and say i'm excited about what this politician brings to the table instead of holding her nose and voting for whoever -- tyrus, amara 2019 sitting there and going donald trump could
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lose. and then got hit with a virus and things changed and i think a big part of why he lost the election in 2020. what can republicans do to prevent themselves from losing the red wave? >> first of all, yeah, it is a matter it was president during the pandemic. you are not going see that through. even though i thought president trump did an outstanding job in terms of getting the vaccinations going and getting people an opportunity to get better faster and his focus was always on getting america back to work. people heard that and got behind it and they believed in it. this administration, while their entire thing to do was undo everything he did. the only thing you want to undo, undo alike on one of his tweets. the deeds ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the deeds outweighed the tweets. now we are seeing note deeds and no tweets so we can even get entertained while we are beating treated ms. briley. here's a thing. to be fair.
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present shows more neck and neck with the vp. it is like -- here or something free. you want to get ten points right now, ten points right now on those poles, simple. all you have to do is sit up at the beach and go hey, previous administration, whoever was in charge -- we are going to bring you back, i want to pick your brain about the border, bring back some of the things you are doing right. are bad. we are going to stick with that. the border locks down. that in itself is accountability. knowing what is right. and you're going to get some points back for that. try that. deeds. get some deeds done. >> i think i would love to get ten points in any way they can right now. dr. saphier, we talked about how president biden and kamala harris basically elected on the premise and bring some sort of resolution to the coronavirus. he we are a year into it. we know where we sit. we are in boxes. not sitting in a table in
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new york city right now. has president biden done anything to validate the narrative for the 2020 election in this last year? >> the reason that he is now below -- and yes, tyrus, he is neck and neck, but technically below vp harris and that is because the way he has handled the pandemic and that it has been he completely politicize the virus, blame the unvaccinated for spreading it. now the democrats are actually getting breakthrough infections, even at "washington post" saying we shouldn't be chaining people for getting covered. we shouldn't happen shaming anyone all along. completely flubbed the booster rollout which caused two high-level administrators to actually leave, now that we have ohmic on here, i am of immunity in the population of a milder variant and now is the time that we should say it is time to move forward. but fauci and biden can't get out of the way. the best thing that they could do coming into the midterms is remove these federal mandates because we know of coping
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circulating in the vaccinated, the unvaccinated, and even the boosted. the message needs to be do what you can to protect yourself, your family, so we are going to get out of the way, remove that osha mandate. hold back on a lot of these lawsuits and allow states to take accountability for their people and get people back to work because these mandates because the worker shortages which is what is causing these complete spiral out of control right now. >> richard, build back better, b, b, b and governor abbott is building us while down there. what can democrats do to get some momentum on their side were just tweak america's interest in possibly voting for them and just about a year and a half? >> is a great question and i agree with tyrus with the idea that you have to have some deeds here. let's be clear. if you voted for donald trump in the last election, you are not going to vote for joe biden's reelection. joe biden should talk to those -- and instead talk to the 78 million people who got them into the white house and that
2:22 pm
meets at the continue to deliver on the promises he made to those voters. he made a promise to fix the loan day in the country, a promise to ensure a secure voting rights for african-americans and people of color all across this country, he made a promise that he was going to have a conversation with the base that got him through the gate which are african american voters and now more than ever, the president needs to talk to his face. if he is talking to his base, he will have a good midterm. if he stops, he won't. what was interesting in this poll was this. every elected leader in washington was negative. outside of john roberts and she's just if it is not elected, and appointed, and he runs away from politics as fast as he can. >> maybe he should talk to joe manchin if he wants to know and -- chicago 911 dispatcher says all has broken loose in the city. he is calling out liberal leaders. ♪ ♪
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>> a chicago police dispatcher was once praised by mayor lori lightfoot now speaking truth to power in sounding off over rising crime and the shortage of cops. >> it is outrageous. and i'm not happy. in chicago, people are afraid. several of my officers have texted me and said they were scared. they are tired of this nonsense. they have no backing in their scared of being out there by themselves. this mare does not care about chicago police officers. period. she doesn't care about any responders. she doesn't care about the city.
2:28 pm
>> and the dispatcher wasn't on calling out the mayor. >> at all hours of the day, there is a massive amount of crime taking place in the city of chicago. and it is horrendous. people are being shot, killed. other citizens deserve more backing out there and acknowledgment of things going on and action needs to be taken. and more important in our first responders but not just boys but fire departments, ems, the dispatcher call takers that are out here a wonderful job. absolutely no backing. being overworked and with the shortage is going on right now, it is only affecting the citizens of chicago. >> it is so discerning to hear this. let me go to you first because a lot of the men and women who wear the badge that i've talked to, a lot of them were veterans as well, and they describe what it's like being in the streets of chicago and a lot of the blue cities these days is like being in a foxhole under fire and you are for helicopter support and there is nothing coming back. and your experience, when you look at these cities, is there any advice you can give these men and women who are in this
2:29 pm
situation where their sixes are just not covered. >> everybody hates the bad cop. authority who would abuse it or use that. even casually to put them in a corner. and i hate that feeling myself. with the majority of cops -- when i say the majority -- my belief, my presumption when a cop walks up to me and that that is not the case. and for any cops out there, remember why you took the job. remember why you took the badge at all. it was in for the pay, was it for the glory, is because you felt like you could do something to make your community better. and if every single one of the cops out there disbelieved that and acted that way i don't think politicians would have the opportunity to continue to undermine them because communities would support them. >> well said. richard, i go to you. when you hear some of the things that mayor lightfoot has said and practice, when you look at the democratic scheme of things she didn't want help from the previous administration.
2:30 pm
she said that merchants and retailers need to do a better job, it's their fault of the crime is high, she won't speak to reporters unless they are a person of color. when you hear the missteps, how hard is it as a democrat to get behind any of this or is there something i'm missing? >> i don't think you are missing anything here. i've no love lost for mayor lightfoot. she has done a dismal job of leading the city. not only an increase of crime but she has also failed to talk to members of the north and south and west side of the cities. she promised to unite the city and deal with income inequality and deal with the disparities between the south and west side at the city and she failed at that miserably. she failed to implement a testing and contact tracing policy even though the biden administration gave her over $1.8 billion. and as a result of that, there is a school just a couple of weeks ago in the city of chicago, jensen elementary, and i witnessed an outbreak that
2:31 pm
because two mothers to die of covid-19. this is all happening on the mayor's watch and she has admitted that she is filled when it comes to implement in a policy to greet mike decrease the spread of covid-19. so shame on mayor lori lightfoot and thanks the people fighting to the link against her on the south and west side of chicago. >> dr. nicole, for lack of a better term, diagnosis, murder, up 68% in chicago. when you hear these kind of numbers and i kid you not at ont attempted murder is down. i don't even know how to even talk about. when you look at these numbers of violent crimes, where do you think the best way for chicago is to start to turn this around? >> terrace, covid deaths are down in 30% in chicago but there shootings are up. public safety is a fundamental responsibility of the local government. and so when you see cities like chicago that are high in crime, that is a direct failure of the elected officials in the
2:32 pm
policies being implemented. and people are starting to see that elections have consequences. so when you have a city like this high in crime and low and health because you police officers because of underfunding that are retiring or they are quitting, this puts people in a very precarious situation, and you're going to see more violence. perhaps president biden, dr. fauci, they should all focusing on this public health crisis because this is rapidly expanding and there is no end in sight to and spend a little less time on covid. >> that's a great point. rachel, final thoughts? >> amen to that, dr. saphier. more children have died of gunfire in chicago than covid for sure. obviously this is power because the dispatcher, dispatchers get the calls and have to make the heartbreaking decision to send out responders and then if there is not cops, they have to let those people in distress no. this man knows what he's talking about and that is why he is out there and it is really powerful that he is. i lived in third world countries. my father was in the military.
2:33 pm
and when i go there was enough funding for law enforcement there and rich people able to have their own private security and basically fortresses around their house. we are seeing that now in cities like chicago in los angeles. rich people mitigating basically covering their bases, their houses with private security. in the poor people are left to deal with this crime. we are turning our biggest cities into their old world countries, and it is done deliberately, doesn't have to be this way, the funding as they are. she is just choosing not to give to law enforcement and safety. >> wow. up next. here we go again. new signs that liberals want to lock down your kids and return to remote learning. ♪ ♪
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for immune support. boost® high protein. ♪ ♪ >> some of our nation's biggest school districts are defending the idea of shutting down in-person classes and returning to remote learning. the chicago teachers union reportedly asking members if they support a districtwide positive in person learning allowing them to pay online in new york city teachers are pressuring their unions as well as the mayor to bring back remote learning. that outgoing merit doesn't seem to budge. speak our schools have been saved. bluntly, the safest places to be in new york city. schools need to be open. everyone talks about the needs of our kids. their health needs, physical health, mental health, nutrition needs, social development needs, academic needs. schools need to be open.
2:39 pm
>> so listen, every time i hear headlines about teachers unions, it was time to time out to remember that teachers unions are made up of public sector workers and educators and i've done some time interviewing educators. and what you see them saying is we want to be back in our classrooms or also trying to balance that with the safety of ensuring our students don't get covid and bring it home to parents or grandma. dr. saphier, my question for you is how do we help both parents and educators bridge this balance of the importance of having in-person learning while also ensuring these children are not spreading covid-19? >> it's a great question and i can tell you one of the biggest failures of our entire response throughout the pandemic is taking children out of school. but the biggest failure is keeping them out of school. the fact that this is even an option at this point is a continued failure of us from a federal level, state-level, and a local level. under no circumstances should these schools switch to remote learning unless there is a very specific needs.
2:40 pm
and it is about the teachers getting covid-19, the children getting sick, it is about them bringing home the virus. but time after time, we have now been able to prove that there is a low amount of transmissions in school. no more than flu and cold. we need to stop stigmatizing -- if you have a high absentee or you have enough children who are out's sake, and often times they will close donna classroom so they can sanitize and given time to recover. but they shouldn't preemptively be going to remote learning in anticipation of positive cases coming back from the holidays. there is no reason for that. we've now gone to a place where you have an entire generation of children who have been poor performance when it comes to education. they have not had adequate education. a poor socialization, and that has been a complete hindrance to their mental and physical development. it is far more dangerous to keep
2:41 pm
them out of school and bringing them into school when we know at this point these again continue to be the robust to make the lowest risk population when it comes to covid-19. they have the ability to be vaccinated, ability to be boosted, and from there it is time to move forward and let this mild illness in children otherwise circulate so that they can get that immunity and we can continue keeping them in school because that is what is best for the long term. >> thanks. joe, my question is this. the prevailing balance i think is that dr. saphier laid out there. how do you balance educators who want to be with their students when you have government failure when it comes to testing, contact tracing, ensuring folks have access to the vaccine. >> may be get parents to advocate for the children. you will have that p.i. breathing down their back i guess. the problem now -- you up in the segment talking about how --
2:42 pm
teacher unions are made up of the workers. the person in there with a kid. the members are, but the leaders are not spare the leaders or bureaucrats. the leaders are corrupt individuals and now serve to satisfy them sales. and i don't mean that to attack teachers unions peer that is what unions have become in place read communications taking advantage of workers which is what started the idea of a union to begin with. what we need to do is be less selfish. but we haven't done is how coronavirus affects children. we have learned is how badly being out of school affects children. if i'm looking at those two things face-to-face, doing unselfish thing, putting my kids in a classroom and make sure they have the social and learning opportunity to every american needs. nothing affects social economically underprivileged kids, nothing bridges that gap wider than at home learning because they won't have the same
2:43 pm
problems as other kids -- >> what is your take on that, rachel? >> let's start with what joey was talking about within unions. public school teachers don't work for the unions. they work for us, the taxpayers. we pay their salaries, and that is who they work for. it is very clear when you have mental health skyrocketing, mental health problems among children as young as four or five years old, you have a 50% increase in suicide attempts among teenage girls. the pandemic is really the epidemic of mental health among our kids. and it has all been orchestrated by people with political motives. we've absolutely destroyed their childhoods, we have taken away their extracurriculars, we have crossed sports dreams for so many kids. we've isolated them. we have caused them to lose years of learning. our special needs kids, by the
2:44 pm
way, are suffering the most. and by the way, we are torturing them. we are masking them as i go to school. this is outrageous and it shows that we don't care where prioritize her children as a society. you look at china, 94 million chinese have been going to school since the pandemic started. this is a culture that values education and clearly values their future. we are not, and where allowing political actors very bad ankle, corrupt political actors ruin the lives of our children. >> tyrus, and to rachel's point there, how do we compete with the global world when we see a country like china, india, south korea, their investment in public education and making sure their students have the best education far outpaces america. >> you can never really compare the united states to any other country because we are a country of freedoms and we have choices. they don't have a choice in china necessarily to home school or whatever. i will say this as a parent and
2:45 pm
a former educator, homeschooling your own children and teaching her own children is the toughest job in the world because it is really difficult. and masks in school, really hurt younger children's development because you don't much children develop by mimicking the teachers, watching the teacher phrase words, how they say things, interactions. those things, those movements that we need that also had to do with comfort, the kids aren't getting nuts. so a lot of things go wrong when you're not in the classroom because you are not getting that environment and you are not getting the stuff you need. and it puts a lot of burden on mom and dad who are working two jobs trying to play catch-up from when they couldn't pay rent. in home learning is a very bad idea. we need our schools open and the teachers always get the brunt of it, but is the administrators need to get their act together. >> i agree with that. administrators do need to get their act together. for my years in journalism, when teachers raise their voices, they are raising them for their students. don't go away. "the fastest" is up next.
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>> well, welcome back. it is time for it "the fastest." first, a family celebrating christmas getting the shock of a lifetime. after one of our neighbors barged into their house with this demand. >> get out of my house right now. >> in the house? >> i mean, so you have this family celebrating christmas. they are singing, they are gathering, they are being married. tyrus, the neighbor barges in and says to keep it down. what do you make of that? >> well, you know what, in my neighborhood, you would've walked in, he would have been carried out. or at least have walked away with a limp and the really scary
2:51 pm
story for next year's christmas. with the exception of larry david on curb your enthusiasm, he is the only person who can pull this off. like i said, you walk in, but you are getting carried out. >> yeah. rachel, i'll be honest, this seems like every night at the campo stuffy house. do you, sean, and the kids just try to keep it down for your neighbors? >> it's impossible. when we purchased the house, we make sure we don't have neighbors to close. my first thought was this was definitely a hispanic family. it is loud just like ours. my second thought is in the christmas spirit, it would've been nice if they invited her in. maybe it is that what she really wanted. she wanted to be part of the fun. >> richard, so what do you make of this? do you think that may be instead of yelling at her they could have said hey, you know as, have a cup of eggnog.
2:52 pm
>> she -- not so much on this one. i want to copy and paste everything that tyrus said. if you walk in my house like that, you're going to be dragged out, that is for sure. but bah humbug to the karen. she is the opposite of the christmas spirit. we have to -- and this karen didn't do anything for the christmas spirit at all here. >> joey, what is your take on this christmas karen bah humbug. >> they are neighbors. they know what kind of person she is and apparently it is not a very joyous one. very much a grinch. it is awesome they celebrate on night and wake up christmas day and play with the toys we got the night before. and what kind of christmas. don't you have unless there is something going on in their lives, maybe the chick-fil-a rule -- that was terrible. how can you do that? that is terrible.
2:53 pm
>> i think i would have given her a little eggnog and cookies and to see if i can cheer her up. but stay tuned. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to the "the five" full-time for one more thing. this is a catholic boys school in rhode island. the audio went out during the star-spangled banner and everyone in the stadium decided to just belt it out themselves. listen to this. ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave >> rachel: that just made my heart warm up and get -- i love this catholic school. i love america. and i love hockey because they
2:58 pm
still are very patriotic. joey: pay for flights for injured wounded service members and veterans to go home and spend the holiday with their family. one cool thing they are doing is sending my best friend danny ridgeway silver star recipient home to duck hunt he spends every christmas and new year's eve with me. please go donate donate money or sky miles at luke's richard? >> rachel: that's awesome. richard, what have you got? >> richard: so today third day of kwanzaa which is dedicated to collective work and responsibility. this pledge today is that on this day we pledge to build and maintain community together with our brothers and sister's problems as our owns a wise african saying goes if you want to go far go alone. if you want to go fast go alone.
2:59 pm
if you want to go far go with a group. joey: awesome. >> nicole: my youngest of three boys gifted for christmas a little puppy and helping to give him some responsibility but we will see. this is waking him up christmas morning. my husband and i dress as little elves. at first he thought it was a stuffed animal. he almost threw it across the room. when i lifted it off the hood he actually saw what it was. >> thank you, mommy and daddy. and this is woodley because he is the color of wood. tyrus, close us out. that is the cutest puppy ever. >> tyrus: that's tough to follow a lot of people want to know how i was able to defend my world championship in w.
3:00 pm
only way to get ready for the new year. i'm proud of him. >> richard: that's impressive. >> tyrus: i'm not sure what muscle that isolates but that's cool. >> rachel: all of them. joey: i have done that by accident. >> rachel: try that tyrus. it's your goal for the new year. that's it for us, all of you. "special report" suspect next. >> bret: i don't know, tyrus, that looks painful. rachel cob graduates on all-american christmas and all the success on the book. >> rachel: thank you. thank you so much, bret. >> bret: breaking tonight you probably know someone with covid tonight. whether they have symptoms or not, you more than likely know someone who tested positive tonight omicron is officially dominant strain in the u.s. the cdc reporting the highly contagious variant is now response istanbul for 58% of yol any cases. hospitals are bracing for a


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