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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  December 29, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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summerall that's the greatest tandem in sports. they were authentic and people could relate to them and that's all we have to say about the late, great john madden, rest in peace. >> benjamin: thank you for joining us today. happy new year to you. julie. >> julie: "the faulkner focus" is next. thank you so much for all of you at home staying tuned today. we'll be back tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. "the faulkner focus" is now. >> fox news alert. the white house covid response team will hold an update after the u.s. hits a grim no record when it comes to the virus. you are in "the faulkner focus". i'm trace gallagher in for harris. the nation racked up more than a quarter million cases yesterday alone. the most in a single day since the pandemic began. lines for covid testing stretching on for hours and results taking days to come back. it is all leading many to ask why the feds left us so unprepared for omicron?
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now the cdc has dramatically reduced its estimate for how prevalent the omicron variant actually is in the united states. but the president says more covid-related mandates are still possible. watch. >> will you make a decision? >> many republican governors say mandates are the wrong way to handle covid. south dakota governor says she will continue to fight them. >> he doesn't have the authority to put the mandates in place and why south dakota and many other states and governors and attorney generals have challenged the federal government on this authority in court. it will be heard in january. and we'll win because this president has taken unprecedented action to impose on the liberties and freedoms of the american people and sometimes the only ones that are left to fight are the governors. >> either owe update the
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breaking news with steve harrigan. home of the cdc in atlanta. >> this white house covid response team meeting comes at a critical time when it comes to numbers. seven day average from the u.s. now according to john hopkins university setting a record at more than 265,000 cases per day. that's the seven day average. keep in mind hospitalizations and deaths are still climbing at a much slower rate. also just what you see around the country with the long lines for testing and a sense of desperation among many of those in line to try to get testing. the biden administration has really laid out the challenge and it is a basic one. they have shifted the isolation time for the cdc from 10 days to five days for people who have covid but with no symptoms and they're doing it, the biden administration says, the challenge is a basic one. to keep society functioning. here is dr. fauci. >> given the wave, the
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extraordinary unprecedented wave of infections that we're experiencing now and will certainly experience more of in the next few weeks, that there is a danger that there will be so many people who are being isolated who are asymptomatic for the full 10 days that you could have a major negative impact on our ability to keep society running. >> think about what that danger could be in concrete terms if this continues to spiral with new infections? essential workers, firefighters, police, grocery store workers, the hardest hit part of the u.s. now mid atlantic states, maryland and virginia hard hit. washington, d.c. number of new cases up 120% in the past week alone. several states connecticut and georgia calling out the national guard to help out in hospitals and at testing sites. trace, back to you.
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>> dr. jeanette nesheiwat is a fox news contributor and emergency room doctor. cdc estimates the omicron virus at 78%, they've backed it up to 23% for last week. the big concern among medical community might be the fact that what happens when you miss like that we are basing policy and new mandates on the potential on the delta variant being prevalent in society talking about hospitalizations and deaths over the next couple of weeks. how much of an impact is that. >> the modeling platform the cdc used was off. there was a dysfunction in their testing. i think this is because we don't have enough sequencing and surveillance. we get 10% of the cases that go to the cdc for them to isolate and see is it delta, omicron, the initial variant we had. we need that concrete information to make our
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protocols and regulations moving forward. it is very important that we really are on track and in alignment with what type of variant we're dealing with. when we lock down and cancel sporting events and close down schools and shut down broadway, it has such a massive social and economic disruption it puts everything out of whack and we need to be focused on the correct data and numbers so we're appropriately acting accordingly and not putting people out of jobs and that sort of thing. >> we talk a lot about healthcare workers being in the trenches. you are among them. when you have the cdc coming out and missing like that and have the president coming out one day saying there is no federal solution and the next day saying there is federal solution. how does it affect you healthcare workers trying to deal with all this confusion? >> i think that statement was
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really disheartening to hear. having taken care of thousands of covid patients on the front lines in new york city i remember the trump administration sent us ppes, gloves, ventilators, masks, everything that we needed. the medical teams, the national guard, the u.s.s. comfort. i had everything i needed because of the federal response. the united states of america, one nation. we have to work together, the federal government, governors and states need to work together to protect our citizens and residents. >> what is fascinating you look at new york and they have the highest vaccination rate in the country. they now have the highest case rate in the country, mask mandates all over the place. connecticut governor was asked about mask mandates and he said this, watch. >> do you think reinstating the mask mandate could also curb the spike that we are currently in?
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>> it is not curbing the spike in new york city which is probably ground zero. i think about nursing homes and other congregate settings where the booster shot is a number one priority. >> maybe we're getting to the feeling that masks aren't really the remedy we thought they were? >> it is not just one tool. it is a combination of being vaccinated, having the third dose, getting tested, making sure are you in areas with good ventilation. wearing a mask in crowded indoor areas. the mandates are not working. in new york 80 to 90% of the population is fully vaccinated. it is just the nature of the virus. omicron is extremely contagious. the most contagious variant we have. it will run its course. we need to do the best we can to adapt and learn to live with it and do it safely. we know how to do that.
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>> a lot of that is people might just be over it. people are moving along. new york city when the holidays were in robust fashion last week and people were going to fifth avenue and looking at the windows, the "new york post" is saying new yorkers are over it suggesting it may be an indication the pandemic days are numbered. the number of people and energy level in stores, restaurants on the streets is remarkable given our supposed death rattle. it isn't that people aren't afraid, of course they are, but they aren't as afraid as they were a year ago. is that a fair assessment? >> we shouldn't be afraid in the first place. we shouldn't be fearful or panic. we need to understand and know your risks, know what to do to protect yours especially if you are unvaccinated you are at higher risk. but if you are vaccinated and taking precautions, if you are doing everything are you supposed to do that's it. do what you have to do and move on with your life.
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we can't let this virus control us any longer. >> your last take on this when we talk about new york having the highest vaccination and highest number of cases and mask mandates. when we hear the phrase this was a pandemic of the unvaccinated, that kind of seems to defy logic. last look. >> it is the pandemic that includes all of us. the unvaccinated are at higher risk of complications but even if you're vaccinated you can pick up and spread the virus. we're in together and best we can all use this mitigation strategies to protect one another. the concern is the unvaccinated are at a higher risk and the ones that will end up hospitalized and losing their life. we have the tools to fight this virus. we know what to do to keep ourselves healthy and not lose our lives. just a matter of using those tools. >> what are you seeing on the ground? i want to ask you when they say the omicron variant is not as severe and the reactions have not been as severe, is the
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early analysis that you are seeing does it mirror that? >> yes, absolutely. most of my patients that i am seeing testing positive, trace, their symptoms are very mild and some are shocked they even tested positive. what i see most of them haven't had their booster. with two shots i'm seeing severe sore throat, headache, runny nose, congestion. just one person out of the last 1,000 persons i've seen. less severe but again if you are unvaccinated you are at higher risk of complications and protect yourself and get your vaccine, wear your mask and do those sorts of things. >> leaders reacting to the covid crisis have americans on the move. "wall street journal" calling it the great pandemic migration. census data shows a mass exodus of the blue states with the most heavy handed restrictions and lock downs with people heading to red states that kept their schools and staying in the red states kept their schools and economies open.
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i think that's kind of what is happening here. people are like we're moving on if we don't agree with the policies and staying put where we like them. your final thoughts. >> it is important to avoid the use of the word mandate and continue to educate, encourage and incentivize the safety protocols so we can all get over this pandemic and be healthy. >> dr. nesheiwat, thank you for coming on. always appreciate it. president biden's first year coming to a close. five new year's resolution for the president that liz peek says could help him turn around his terrible 2021. she is next. plus inflation already breaking americans' wallets and one prediction about gas prices could make the pain at the pump too much to bear. >> that is really damaging for the finances of middle class workers. and the solution to this is so obvious. we have to start producing more
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>> inflation plaguing the biden administration. analysts say the price of gas could average $4 a gallon by memorial day. a chief economist with some optimism for the coming year. >> i do think that a lot of the higher price pressures from the reoping of the economy will fade. things like airfare, hotel rooms, new and used cars. i still think inflation will be higher than the feds want but we will see slowing inflation over the course of 2022.
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>> a new op-ed with a less rosie outlook saying we should not expect to see inflation fall much from its november level of 5.5% although the fed is for casting 2.6% in 2022. good reason to expect a much higher rate, even a rate of 3% can cut the value of money in half in 24 years. liz peek fox news contributor now in "focus." always great to see you. you talk about inflation and it really has to come down dramatically for the american people to feel it. right now they're feeling the opposite. i want to put these fox business polls up to give us an idea and snapshot. people are extremely or very concerned about inflation or higher prices. 84%. on getting inflation under control, are president biden's actions hurting or helping and 47% say they are hurting. on the president's job approval numbers you see there approve
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38%, disapprove 59%. this going into the mid-terms year is very significant. >> very significant, trace, good morning. here is the problem. wages are going up but prices are going up even faster. wages are going up 5%, prices about 7%. when you have 22 prs percent in a recent economist poll saying the economy is good or excellent this at a time when the stock market is hitting all-time highs and there are plentiful jobs, something is really wrong. what's wrong is that those price increases are eating up wage increases and making people less well off. everybody knows it. in terms of the biden response to this, what response? what we've seen so far a very feeble effort to help out by unblocking supply chains which i don't think has made much difference. the fed finally has decided to
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change its incredibly excessive easing of the monetary supply. i think way too tepid, too little too late. i think inflation will be 4 or 5%. i think the fed is getting it wrong. >> a lot of people agree with you. we had the gas price thing saying it could hit $4 a gallon by memorial day. outside the door it's $5.36 a gallon. in california if it's $4 nationally it will be $7 here. people see it what you drive to work, you see 15 signs that say the price. it is one of those things that's a reaction that american people are very, very strongly for or against. >> look, the government has done nothing to increase domestic oil supply. thankfully it is begin to
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increase a little bit. if biden had done one thing right he would have encouraged the oil industry to increase production. instead he took federal lands off lease, increased prices of federal lease acreage and he also put in new methane rules that increased the cost of production. so when he goes to opec to ask for more oil he could have turned around, made a local call to the u.s. oil industry and said pump more because they are now. they will eventually and it will help. we are the biggest producer in the world. it matters enormously what the u.s. oil reduction level is. >> you wrote five new year's resolutions president should adopt. put them on the screen and we'll hit them rapid fire. you say first and foremost he needs to fire somebody. who are we talking about? anybody in particular? >> certainly the people who
8:22 am
orchestrated the absolute disaster in afghanistan. whoever decided to close the bagram air base that person should be fired. 13 service members were killed, trace. hundreds of afghans. somebody's head needs to roll. >> come out from behind your teleprompter. he saw that when he said there is no federal solution for the omicron pandemic. >> well americans already -- over half of americans don't think biden is mentally competent to be the president. if he isn't he should resign. if he is let's see him in action and take some press conferences that aren't pre-scripted. it is an out rage to have the president of the united states telling americans he is not allowed to talk to the press enough. >> he needs to watch more television. >> absolutely. when he is on tv repeating the
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words from a caller on christmas saying let's go, brandon and he says i agree. no one has even commented on the fact. how clueless that he doesn't know what that phrase means. >> number four drop the divisiveness. >> stop blaming republicans and trump. try and bring the country together. he ran on this. he has done anything but. i have never seen a president -- in fact polling shows that the divide has gotten wider. that's not good. >> lastly, stop denigrating the united states. >> how about a little love for the united states? we are not a systemically racist country as he points out all the time. we are a great country with opportunity for everybody. let's applaud the united states, applaud our history,
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stop tearing down our statues, changing our school books to make the united states look like a terrible group of people. this is horrible. i think biden needs to get online with most americans who are proud of our country and rightly so. >> we could add one more new year's resolution who said stop convicting people before they get due process. liz peek, always great to see you. thank you. >> thank you so much. happy new year. >> you as well. the spread of the virus is hitting travelers hard. thousands of flights delayed in recent days. many americans are trying to figure out when and how they will get home. the president said states should take care of their own covid problems. apparently there is a federal plan. >> they have to understand the role of federal government. provide complete and clear recommendations not to have mandates or coerce people in
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every single thing to do what the government wants. you see where it has led us in this pandemic and it is counterproductive.
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>> president biden: there is no federal solution. this gets solved at a state level. i'm looking at governor sununu on the board here. he talks about that a lot. it ultimately gets down to where the rubber meets the road and where the patient is in need of help or preventing the need for help. >> on monday the president said recent covid spikes need to be solved on a state level after loads of criticism the president tweeted that there is in fact a federal plan in place but despite said plan, states like connecticut have resorted to calling in the national guard to help distribute masks and getting people tested. david spunt traveling with the
8:31 am
president in delaware. >> the president's covid response team is holding a media briefing right now and members of that team just announced about 15 minutes ago that members of the national guard, 13,000 members of the national guard, are in 48 states right now to help with testing. on another note there are about 30 states that the federal government is sending ventilators to. we know clearly there is some sort of federal response despite those words from the president a couple of days ago. but testing, trace, continues to be a major headache for this administration. people are waiting in line not one or two but three or four hours in some places to just get a test. the president himself on monday admitted his team was behind the 8 ball on testing and also denying a "vanity fair" report that claims his team turned down the opportunity for more testing just a few months ago. the author is standing behind it tweeting i interviewed seven
8:32 am
people who attended that meeting. five experts and two administration officials, three days after that meeting a white house official communicated that it won't be pursued at the time to make more tests available. the president who said earlier this week about no federal solution he said there is a federal plan and whether he will mandate vaccinations for millions of people who get on a plane to travel. he says he hasn't been briefed yet. >> i don't think people should expect that all of a sudden tomorrow or next week we'll be saying that you need to have a requirement for vaccination to get on a domestic flight. when i say something is on the table i mean we keep an open mind and consider anything and everything that might be appropriate to protect the american people. >> even the mere idea, trace, of a travel mandate has critics
8:33 am
calling foul. >> when you have a leader overstep their authority especially in a time of crisis that's when you break this country. >> and to pile on some of the testing problems the food and drug administration just came out yesterday announcing they are not confident with those antigen tests, the rapid antigen tests you swab your nose and get results in 15 or 20 minutes. according to the fda those tests are less sensitive and not as effective in detecting omicron. trace. >> confusion abounds. thank you. for more on this let's bring in former clinton white house special assistant bennett and jason meister. thank you both. listening the whole concept you have a lot of democrats really disappointed in this disastrous messaging. then you have some democrats saying the g.o.p. is blowing it out of proportion. the truth is they are not.
8:34 am
you remember that this is what president biden ran on. he ran on covid. in fact, in the spectator it is written biden won the presidency on a promise of the federal solution he says doesn't exist. it didn't exist in 2020 either. that did not stop him from saying that he wouldn't open the economy until he martialed the powers of the federal government to shut down covid as if a pandemic can be defeated by taking it out back to the gym and pummeling it like it was donald trump or corn pop. what do you think? >> look, this pandemic has gone through many phases that no one predicted and no one could predict. no one in the world could predict exactly where we would be a year later. bottom line is this. there is a difference between the words plan and the word solution. no one would want the federal government to impose a top down solution on everything.
8:35 am
what the president has announced quite properly like with all responses to disasters, is that the federal government will work in lock step with the governors and states and low kalts. some of the things the federal government provide and some things are provided through the states and local areas. i worked as a liaison to governors when i was in the white house. we had hurricanes and tornadoes, not of this magnitude in the 90s. the way it worked is the federal government provided expertise and help and logistics and money and the governors and locals provided the services. that's the difference between a solution and a plan. this is an attempt to make a mountain what wasn't even a mole hill. i do think the president has done some things really well. there have been some things that haven't gone as well as the testing, you are right about that. on the wholly don't think it is the controversy it is being made out to be.
8:36 am
>> the democrats made it a mountain out of a mole hill. i can show you 20 headlines when president trump was in office of them just going after him for the federal response. it was the same, right? matt says we didn't know it was coming. they didn't know it was coming then. you have john harwood from cnn literally defending this. i want you to watch this and get your response on the other was a throwaway line for biden. there is interaction between the federal and state governments and presidents always make reference to the fact that states have a lot of authority and we need to work in cooperation. i don't think he was actually signaling like oh, okay, not my job anymore it is your job. >> a throwaway line? he ran and won on ending covid. >> he did. he ran on covid and that's all he ran on from his basement in delaware. he has no plan. he never had a plan.
8:37 am
he just continued to repeat that he would shut down the virus. well, we don't have any virus shut down. we have over 365,000 deaths under biden which is more deaths of covid -- with covid in 2021 than we ever had in 2020. the vaccine mandates have caused severe vaccine hesitancy among americans and you have millions of americans that have anxiety from the covid pandemic. he hasn't shut down the pandemic at all whatsoever. >> an interesting thing. i go back to the whole concept of matt, you were talking about it earlier, you didn't really know. you talk about the media coming to the defense and they really don't have all the information. i'm surprised as a matter of fact, matt, that there is this covid surge because it was just back in march last year that rachel maddow said it was done and over. watch. >> now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every
8:38 am
vaccinated person. a vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus, the virus does not infect them, the virus cannot then -- what this means is we can get there with vaccines. we can end this thing. >> you think she will apologize for that, matt? >> i don't know. fundamentally what she was saying may have been right in the moment but as we stipulated, no one could predict exactly how this virus would change and morph over time. what she was saying at its most fundamental level vaccines are vital to our response. i'm sorry, vaccine hesitancy comes from vaccine mandates is ridiculous. it comes from the fact there are many people, many elected officials and very active on media and social media, saying
8:39 am
that the vaccines are somehow dangerous which is a lie, a dangerous lie that has led to the deaths of tens or hundreds of thousands of people. what maddow was saying is we need the vaccines to stop the spread of this virus in killing people and putting people in the hospital. it may be this virus is with us as a chronic condition. if it's not killing people and putting them in the hospital she was right about that. >> she said it would stop the disease and stop people from spreading it which was totally wrong. jennifer rubin getting torched for her flip-flopping. many calling her out for tweeting yesterday that we can stop agonizing over cases and saying that the media's obsession with case numbers is unwarranted comparing it to a tweet in 2020 that called out republicans for not recognizing it as a public health threat. wow. how the times have changed, jason.
8:40 am
>> trace, i actually think this flip-flop by the media and biden administration is deliberate. they are getting killed on covid in polling and they need to divorce themselves before the mid-terms. nothing thing that's happening in omicron. we've been following the political science as opposed to the science. the end of the pandemic was always the natural immunity. omicron, the evidence we see coming out of south africa and other places is that omicron will infect close to 3 billion people over the next three months. those 3 billion people on this planet, almost half the planet, will have natural immunity. that natural immunity will push out the delta variant. they see there is an end to this pandemic and that the natural immunity, not the mandates and not the lockdowns, but the natural immunity will end this pandemic. >> we shall see. gentlemen, thank you so much for your time.
8:41 am
>> thank you. >> very bad year for the people of chicago as murders are as you know through the roof and now police are warning senior citizens there to be on guard because criminals are trying a new trick to rob their homes. and there is this. >> frustrated. my boss is not happy. i was supposed to be at work tomorrow. >> travel at airports across the country and stranded and airlines canceling or delaying thousands more flights today. we're live at laguardia airport in the midst of the misery. so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i'm so glad we're finally on vacation. yeah, and kayak made it so easy -
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>> trace: travel nightmare not over for fed-up passengers stuck at airports coast to coast. thousands of flights canceled or delays at the busiest time of the year for air travel. people are scrambling to find a way to get to where they need to go. >> our flight was delayed and then of course we got to catch a connecting flight. we missed it by four or five hours. we spent the night here in salt lake city and now we're trying to get back to arizona. >> trace: can you imagine?
8:47 am
david lee miller live at lagardeian airport in queens, new york. >> so far today at least 800 flights failed to take off or land in the u.s. and have been canceled. but the number of flights that have been canceled is somewhat lower than we've seen the last few days. these flights have been canceled primarily due to staff shortages resulting from people suffering from covid symptoms and undergoing isolation. new cdc guidance has workers testing positive with symptoms have been quarantined for 5 days instead of 10. thousands of airline customers there is plenty of disappointment hard hit by weather. alaska airlines canceled 12%, 77 flights today. airline says it is reducing departures from seattle to allow more time to de-ice
8:48 am
aircraft and united 7% of its flight. jetblue 8%, 83 flights. delta 3%. trying to change aircraft and american airlines has canceled less than 1% of its flights. across the country long lines at many airports especially the hubs. frustrated passengers are running out of patience. >> i have been at the airport since 9:00 a.m. i want to get home. >> come here and -- >> despite the omicron variant cdc says it is not considering a vaccine mandate for domestic travel. according to the tsa yesterday it screened close to 2 million travelers. that numbers we're seeing so far this holiday season show that there is an improvement
8:49 am
over last year but, trace, there are still far fewer airline customers than we see pre-pandemic. back to you. >> trace: david lee miller thank you. police looking at a new wave of crime in chicago. thieves targeting seniors pretending to the water co-workers. they lure the homeowners outside and rush in and steal at will whatever is inside the house and whatever is valuable. chicago hits the gruesome milestone of 783 murders to cap off the year. the mayor pleading for federal help to stop the carnage after she rejected assistance from president trump. at least 16 major cities set to break murder records this year. 16 american cities set to break murder records this year. all but one with a democratic mayor. president biden's d.o.j. plans to give 1.6 billion in grants
8:50 am
to towns and cities to help reduce the dramatic rise in violent crime. one chicago alderman says that is not a solution. >> chicago is on track to receive 1.5 billion in non-covid related funding in 2022 should be taken to task for its policies that enable gang bangers and criminals to feel like they run this city. if biden truly wanted to have an impact on the violence across our cities let alone chicago, he should hold those politicians accountable and say until you get crime under control i will close the spigot. >> trace: that's the problem. let's bring in the vice president of the fraternal order of police. the problem there is almost no accountability in the criminal justice system these days. >> you are exactly right. none whatsoever. we have had a toxic cocktail shoved down the throats of law
8:51 am
abiding americans rogue prosecutors who are letting violent repeat criminals out over again and continued demonization of law enforcement and the unmitigated disaster that is bail reform. look no further than the christmas parade massacre, that monster was out an $1,000 bond. never should have been out in the first place or the idiot who burned down the fox christmas tree. it was on fire and he was out of jail. you combine these things and understand why we are having historic violent crime rates. murder is up 63% in atlanta, 88% austin. 65% in chicago. 67 percenters in l.a. in philadelphia and indianapolis we are seeing the highest murders ever recorded on record. i think it is easy when i talk about these numbers for people to get lost in statistics. these are people, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, who deserve to have safe
8:52 am
communities, who deserve to have opportunities to prosper and unfortunately those opportunities are being robbed from them, no pun intended because politicians are too busy pontificateing bow behind the microphone and they don't give a damn about their communities. >> trace: the murder rates are high across the country and record levels in chicago. i want to quickly go back if i can and talk about this new trick or this new plan that these people in chicago have to go into these older people's houses as the water department and bring them outside and rob their house. it is not on the life or death scale here but again these are people and there are going to be zero consequences for the people who perpetrate these crimes. >> you are absolutely right. this is what happens when you perpetuate a culture of lawlessness like the radical left wing mayor lightfoot has done for some time in chicago now.
8:53 am
now these criminals feel bold because they know there won't be any consequences. shocker. they go out and target our most vulnerable, our senior citizens in our community because they know they will get away with it. the fact of the matter is the brave men and women of the chicago police department will catch the cowards but they'll be out before the ink is dry on the paperwork. don't worry, there is a fresh idiotic idea coming out of the city council now. if you see someone with a gun in progress run at them and blow a whistle. i can't make up something so stupid. that's what they think the solution is. i assure you, folks, don't run toward somebody with a gun. call the police especially in a city with 800 murders. >> trace: they talked about the chicago way and you look at lori lightfoot and it has become so political. she is begging for federal help and then under president trump she did not want any federal help at all.
8:54 am
that's nothing but politics, joe. >> you are absolutely right. she didn't want the help when president trump was offering it. in fact, she went a step further and defunded the chicago police department by $60 million and during that time they were seeing a huge spike in murders during that time and yet she still moved forward with it. now we see it play out again this year and now she is begging the federal government for help and you need to crack down on the policies in your city that led to this disaster. >> trace: police arrested in minneapolis, their murder rate 94. three short of the most deadly year which was back in 1995. that city is ground zero of the defund police movement after the killing of george floyd and the protests. this is a very small city with a very high murder rate. even if you back these policies up it will take a while to get corrected. very quickly. >> you are absolutely right. the damage done by the defund
8:55 am
the police movement and the anti-police rhetoric is going to take years to correct. the people i really feel bad for are the poor people living in those communities who have to live with it and take years for us to get them back. >> trace: joe, great to see you. thank you as always. thank you for watching "focus." "outnumbered" right now. veteran homeowners- with home values at all-time highs and rates at near all-time lows now's the time to do more with your home equity. veterans are calling newday at a record pace to take advantage of the newday 100 va loan. you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value to upgrade the kitchen, add a pool for the grandkids, or have the security of cash in the bank. with an average cash out amount of $60,000, you can do more.
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>> mixed messaging and covid confusion seems to start right at the top. we are talking about president biden, who has flip-flopped again on the response to the virus. even worse than that, the cdc got key data on all micron all wrong. this is "outnumbered," i'm kayleigh mcenany joined today by fox & friends we fox & friends weekend cohost, rachel campos-duffy, fox news contributor, mollie hemingway, fox nation host, tomi lahren, and in


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