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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 29, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> mixed messaging and covid confusion seems to start right at the top. we are talking about president biden, who has flip-flopped again on the response to the virus. even worse than that, the cdc got key data on all micron all wrong. this is "outnumbered," i'm kayleigh mcenany joined today by fox & friends we fox & friends weekend cohost, rachel campos-duffy, fox news contributor, mollie hemingway, fox nation host, tomi lahren, and in the virtual seat,
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fox news contributor, brian brenberg. another stunning turnaround from the white house after the president got heavy pushback for saying this: >> this is no solution. ultimately it goes down to where the rubber meets the road. >> kayleigh: then the president tweeted about his federal response, which is it? is there a federal solution or not? that confusion is leading to scenes like this, hours long waits for covid testing and days long waits for the results. now as the result is considering a vaccine mandate for domestic travel, could be on the table as well he says -- sweeping vaccine orders. with florida's governor, ron desantis, calling them useless. arkansas senator, tom cotton,
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blames the president's "incompetence" for the covid search. rachel, i feel like i have a very bad case of whiplash, we are told on the campaign trail president trump, where is your plan? you don't have one. i've got one. there is no federal government response, then there's cleanup on aisle five with the white house twitter feed, then finally president biden saying he now has a federal plan. its head spinning. >> rachel]: yes, it's very schizophrenic paired what's interesting to me is that about joe biden, he's very old and he's not tweeting. so somebody else may be reading this. and that means that first of all, it begs the question who is in charge? we have a right to ask that question. is it his staff? is there a cabal of valerie, jared, and who's in charge? we ought to know that.
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two, look i don't blame him for all mike rohn could i blame him for not having the tests. the fact is this is the virus. especially with the vax, the facts are the ones giving him a crown and spreading it the most. so a vaccine solution for everything is actually living in another era. we need to move forward. this administration is caught flat-footed and you are right about one thing, kayleigh, he criticized the trump administration for not having tests when this first started and nobody should've started the trump administration to magically come up with a bunch of tests. but he was given a plan in october, he was told to order them, and he decided not to. and nobody understands why, he should be asked to respond to that. why did you not want to have
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tests when you knew this variant was on its way? >> exactly. mollie, he was given the most advanced testing system in the world. this was a novel virus. there were no tests when president trump inherited this. he got covid-19 in the united states coming over from china, there were no tests. he developed more tests and administered more tests than western europe combined by last fall for that is impressive. why didn't president biden keep it up? >> it's really important to go back and think about what last year was like before president -- the year before president biden was made a president. you look at what happened in this pandemic hits the world, the trump administration does a bunch of stuff that they should have done better, but on the big stuff they got everything right. namely developing these vaccines, overcoming the bureaucratic hurdles to get those vaccines, and by the time president biden is inaugurated,
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he has all the tools he needs, and this is important because he claims that the reason why you have to vote for him is because he has some magical, mysterious plan to take care of the global pandemic. in the end it's been a year, he's done literally nothing other than use the vaccines that the trump administration develop, use the protocols and procedures that the trump administration developed, and he's done nothing else. the situation is so much worse than it was when he took office. again, the entire case for his presidency was that he had this plan and he was going to squash the virus. he has done nothing. >> kayleigh: he's done nothing, tomi, governors are single is no federal response therefore there are no federal mandates. but joe biden decides to take a walk in the beach with his new puppy, reporters managed to shout a few questions at him. one of which is will you require vaccination in order to have
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domestic air travel? it seems like it to be is pretty simple answer, no pit i'm not going to distract terminate on who can travel but domestically vaccinated versus andra x and it appeared but not so fast, he did not shut down the idea. let's roll the tape. >> kayleigh: stunning. more mandates coming? >> tomi: more mandates from the man who has no federal solution but wants to play the rest of us into compliance friend of the year? how long? when we are talking about governor standing up that's what they need to do. there needs to be more. they all need to stand up and speak truth to power, especially to this administration that has admitted it has no plans. when we are talking about these vaccine minutes i think that's where most americans are so frustrated. we know that getting the vaccine one, two, three does not prevent you from getting all mike rohn or any of the variance and it
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doesn't prevent you from spreading it. i vaccine is personal. it's to lessen your symptoms and increase your chances of survival commode we know the mortality rates are very low for omicron as we've seen so far. it's a personal production bid this is another instance of the government coming in as the nanny state and telling you what you should do for your personal health. every time they try to slam van vaccinated for being selfish makes no sense bid getting a vaccine doesn't keep you from passing it to somebody else. it's about personal production. we need to get that straight. i also have another theory as to why the testing was not expanded when it could've been good i think we can all agree that we need more tests. i believe, this is my personal belief, that the biden administration didn't want to expand the testing, because they didn't want to show that the vaccinated were still getting and giving covid. i think they thought that would discourage vaccines. they wanted to lessen the test, or maybe not get as many as they should have. they didn't want people to realize my maybe this vaccine is not foolproof. again, that is my personal
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belief. but when you talk about advising his medical team, we all know he needs advisors and we all know he needs to listen to scientists. i don't remember electing dr. fauci to run my country. it seems like he is. a lot of americans, including myself, have a real problem with that. >> it's a very scary prospect, dr. fauci running the country, but i agree it is like that at times. brian, public health and confidence in public science are institutions in the cbc, it's really important. about it when you look at all of this in aggregate, when you see biden from a policy standpoint flipping between i have no plan i have a plan, you look at the science and dr. fauci to give an example, admits he says no mask at the beginning of the pandemic because you need did to save them for health care workers bear than a ghost from one mask, to mask, back to one mask, no wonder people are lacking faith in the science and dr. fauci.
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kayleigh it's the tyranny of nonsense. this is impossible to navigate if you are a business, if you are a family, if you are a parent and you are trying to figure out what does living life look like going forward, this president is resoundingly unhelpful. he got it right on monday, he was right on monday, there is no federal solution. this has to be handled out of state and local level. about on tuesday, his political handlers got a hold of him and they said mr. president, we can do it that way because it violates all of your promises, all of your promises that once again never made sense. if we are going to get out of this, we have to get out from under the nonsense. right now it's obnoxious cloud hanging over everything in this country. >> it is. rachel brian makes a point that there was no federal plan and you make the plant that we know he doesn't run his own twitter
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or come up with his own independent ideas, do you think tuesday was a rare admission of the truth? >> rachel]: i think he does have a few lucid moments. look, there could also have been a little pass the buck and that the governors take the place for why this is spreading, but also i mean look at he's on the beach wearing a mask outdoors with his wife, are they wearing that in the bedroom? if they have to wear it outside on the beach with the dog, i mean he sent so many mixed messages. it doesn't make any sense. again, this is the moment to talk about natural immunity, early treatment, about other forms of saving people besides the vaccine. now we know that the vaccine is not going to protect. it doesn't matter if you have one, two, or for jobs you can still get all mike rohn. it looks like they are the one spreading at the most right now. speak of one-time president biden doesn't wear a mask is when he's out a slinky d.c. restaurant and he thinks nobody is looking.
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>> president biden's approval rating taking another head. they've now fallen below his deeply unpopular vice president, kamala harris, for the first time since taking office. the president now 43% to president del mike harris is 4%. it's a major boon for the g.o.p. with republicans becoming increasingly optimistic of a red wave and next year's midterm. i'm going to start with tomi. are the republicans right?
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>> it's so sad right now because joann, you are having this horrible game of ping-pong. not a good position to be in if you are part of the democrats. i don't want to get the many tips or tricks because i would love to see a red wave. for the sake of the country moving on for the next several months the tip i will give them is that is, if democrats stand up and they start being the moderates they claim to be when they were elected, then i think they will see a shaft and the party and will see a shift in the country. they have to reject the wokeism. they have to reject the mandates and tyranny of some of these democrats would come out to be reasonable actually represent their constituents and pushed aside the hysteria of covid and move forward and get our economy and people working in things running smoothly again i think the democrats would be better off, i think the country would be better off, they're still going to be a giant red wave,
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but i hope for their sake they get their act together. >> kayleigh: mollie, were talking about some of these mandates and we see joe biden is flirting with a domestic travel mandate, there's a lot of theories on why this is happening. one of them, mollie, is joe biden and his team are looking deep into these poll numbers and maybe they are actually flipping with their own base and this is a bone to the base. what are your thoughts on that? >> mollie: i don't think they have much thinking going into any of their political strategy right now. i live in virginia. we recently had elections where republicans shocked everybody by winning all of the statewide races. it's not a particularly republican state. i think a really big reason for that, we talked a lot about what happened with schools and critical race theory and things like that, but i think a really big reason was some of the mandates that democratic leaders have put in place are very unpopular with average americans. the idea is that doing more of those mandates would help out
9:18 am
democrats seems wildly unwise. but i do think it's also important that republicans, not just rest on the comfort of democrats doing a horrible job with the states that they run in the cities they run and holding all three branches in the federal government, or holding the senate and the house and in the presidency. they need to offer something as well. it's clear that people are not very much liking what democrats are offering at the federal, state, or local level. >> kayleigh: brian, how much do these poll numbers have to do with inflation? >> brian: an awful lot. people open up their wallet every day. they go to the store every day. they are seeing in front of them the fruits of the left-wing agenda. that's exactly what they are seeing. that's what they are associating with the biden administration west. he has to reject the left. it's not working for him or the people on his ticket or his
9:19 am
party who are going to run for reelection this year. it's definitely not working for america. the problem for president biden isn't that people are being fed a narrative, it's that they are seeing reality and they don't like it. when they hear the words coming out of his mouth they associate that reality with him. he has to change what he does, he has to change what he says. but as evidence this week with covid policy i don't think that's going to happen this year. >> kayleigh, is that right, that the president is totally incapable of doing anything to turn around these numbers? >> kayleigh: he's not a leader. he can even get a domestic agenda through. there is no doubt about that. even that agenda would be devastating because he thinks he's fdr pete he just doesn't have fdr like majorities. democrats have a devastating formula right now. president biden came in with the slimmest majority in congress of any president in modern history.
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add that to the fact that republicans have the best rating on the generic ballot since 1981. republicans are currently leading democrats in "the washington post" for the came out in november. that doesn't happen for republicans. at a time when his presidency is falling, republicans are rising as we approach november 2022. i mean best of luck, guys, you are not righting the ship. speed to my husband came in on that 2010 red wave and he said these numbers are better than that. that's kind of scary. you see some of the polling with hispanics, which is such a pivotal democrat as well. good stuff, guys. up next a pivotal moment one journalist says single-handedly destroyed trust and public health officials when it comes to covid. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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>> journalist glenn greenwald just nailed the moment that folk started questioning health officials bed after being under strict lockdown for months this happened. public health officials didn't seem to have a problem with people protesting and riding to mask in the streets in the name of george floyd. greenwald pointed out that in a tweet this is a pivotal moment in the pandemic's history. for four months the message was clear and unrelenting, everyone must stay home. those who leave, even to go to a deserted beach, our reckless sociopaths. ed flipped overnight to endorse a mass protest movement that liberals like. politico even tweeted out in june of 2020 it's time to get out of the house and join the protest. other outlets even compared white supremacy to covid.
9:26 am
look, brian, i remember seeing this letter from public health officials in june of 2020. it was more than a thousand of them. i was working in the trump administration up the time. ed was a shocking letter from health professionals that side as public health advocates we do not condemn these gatherings of risky for covid transmission. we support them as vital to the national public health vent about threatened health specifically of black people in the united states. there should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against staying at home orders. look, this seems if we like to because you can protest, if we don't you can't protest. >> brian: anybody who read that statement in june of 2020 went what are you talking about? so you're telling me that if i protest this no health problem. if i protest that, it's a health problem. i mean i was in minnesota at that time, there were folks at the state capital thing let us
9:27 am
go back to work. they were getting lambasted by the media. as soon as you get a different kind of protest, which devolved into riots, all of a sudden social justice made a health issue go away. let's be consistent. the average american just wants health policy, not health policies/politics, just health policy. tell me what's going on from a health perspective. the problem is in june of 2020, what we saw is health policy can be compromised by politics in a heartbeat if all the right issues aligned and that's where people lost their faith in public officials. >> kayleigh: exactly. tomi, putting aside the writing, which we all condemn come of course people have a first amendment right to protest after the murder of george floyd that was an important moment to stand up for justice in this country and i support them taking to the streets peacefully. but i likewise would be able to support being able to go to your
9:28 am
church and attend your political rally. those events were just not allowed because again, the love just didn't support the cause. >> tomi: yeah, if you were a protester, a looter, a writer apparently you work immune to covid for at least three weeks and in some cases far longer. this is why the american people laughed at everything that was going on because covid did take the social justice hiatus, so did "law & order." i think about it that angered so many people, including myself, is watching businesses that were forced to become close then get broken into and looted. when you look at that it's amazing to me that biden could win the presidency based on that because the american people were watching that. they were watching in kenosha, wisconsin, a place they didn't think would be touched by this kind of social justice activity, and they watched their streets being burned and they washed people gather and they said listen i can't go to school, i have to go to wait for a government stimulus check in my business is being destroyed. but it's in the name of health and safety for me to sit back
9:29 am
and do nothing? that's where the american people lost a lot of faith in our leaders. again, it's amazing to me that the biden presidency was able to happen in the wake of this. i do think that part of it was motivated by this blm movement that's always been advantageous to debit grasp at the covid narrative was moving, but that blm narrative they couldn't decide which one to go with so they decided to mix them both up in a giant, muddy mess. >> kayleigh: it was absolutely an important movement to illustrate the difference and they chose which movement they supported, mollie, but i think there were other moments that caused people to question some of what was coming from our authority figures who recently the cdc data is changing, they said 73% of cases were omicron, they revised it down to 22%. suddenly in these new guidelines they differentiated between vaccinated and boosted, putting those who only had two shots in the same category as the unvaccinated, so shifting
9:30 am
definitions without clear expectations i think is problematic. >> mollie: completely agree. while this one incident in 2020 of saying that you should be able to protest but everybody else has to stay inside was very damaging to people's trust in public health. because prior to that people really were trying to believe what they were hearing from public health officials. really public health officials have done a horrendous job, nearly the entirety of this pandemic. they have admitted to lying for particular reasons, you know you mentioned earlier about how you don't need to wear a mask and then changing to say you did come he admitted that he lied about what vaccination rates would be needed before we were in the clear that he did it for a particular political gain. he is avoided taking positions on things like whether people who cross the border illegally should be tested for covid, or vaccinated. you know it so clearly he's a political creature. he's just one of many political
9:31 am
creatures who have used these pandemic to showcase they really have no idea what's going on or how to treat it. but also for political power. so many elites and members of the bureaucracy have used this pandemic for political power. not for the good of the people. i mean there aren't things that should be done in response here. whether it taking on china for its role in unleashing this across the world, deregulating things so that people can get the best treatment, vaccines, and things like that. but generally speaking, federal and state officials have just done a horrendous job and they have showcased that for everybody. i worry about future public health incidences. they've done nothing but destroy credibility and left us without really guidance from any of them. >> kayleigh: rachel, i think transparency can go a long way. the new guidelines reducing quarantine time. it said this, new cdc guidelines
9:32 am
spurred by worries omicron search could lead to a breakdown in essential services. we need our essential workers and i watch the cdc director doing interview on another network. it would be nice to have a commander in chief come out and explain very clearly the rationale for -- i think it would help a lot for the american public. >> of course had what appeared but they are making it up as they go along. depending on what political pressure they are under. i would say about these locked down stairs a really heartbreaking part about this. being locked down our elderly. they were not allowed to see their grandkids or families. many of them died of loneliness and not covid. imagine how you would feel if your grandmother died and you never got to see her or bury her. then you saw -- because these health bureau credits told you
9:33 am
it had to be so. then you saw them justify in the letter that all these other people could get out and protest and be outside and suddenly covid spread didn't matter. if you were in a george floyd protest, or if you are coming over the southern border. it was disgusting. it was heartbreaking. and i think this lack of trust and public health world will last for decades and decades to come. spew when you make a good point. the elderly suffered, the kids suffered. real tried to stay in all of this. coming up, some teachers unions around the country are again calling for school closures and remote learning as covid cases spike. despite the long term impact the out of the classroom have already had on american soldiers. ♪ ♪
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>> it's seen some educators aren't learning from history. some of the biggest school districts now looking to return to scenes like this. they are pulling their numbers about shutting down classes again. some new york city's teachers are pressuring their union as well as the mayor to bring back remote learning. "the new york post" editorial board writes "whose side are they on?" certainly not the students. especially the -- follow the science has been a refrain of the left for the past two years. then follow it. kids need to be in school. don't take them -- don't take it away from them. mollie, i have to tell you it's a mom -- i know you are a mom too, i found it breathtaking how willing the left has been to destroy childhoods.
9:39 am
we have two years of their life in order to make this political point they want to make. they know there is no need to have remote learning, that it hurts kids, that suicides are up, that suicide attempts are up over 50% with teenage girls, have you been surprised at just how cruel they have been? knowing what they know in terms of the data? >> rachel]: it's been amazing to watch. i'm sure republicans are thrilled that teacher unions and randi weingarten and other officials are working so hard to put kids in lockdown, even though there is no scientific basis for doing so. but it's horrific for children, it's making sure that people understand that government, school unions exist in no way to help children, only to help
9:40 am
teachers, and they do not care about the well-being of students. that is so abundantly clear. i don't think anybody can disagree with that. but you are wondering why aren't more people working to defend these children who don't have as much of a political voice, who are experiencing horrific rates of depression and suicide, all sorts of antisocial behavior, all of the problems that come with virtual learning, which is always a worse way to learn than in person teacher instruction. it is alarming what we allow these children to be put through. it's really time for responsible adults to start carrying so much more about these children, who had not just months, but years of their lives destroyed in some cases by these teachers unions and other people who just used these children as collateral. >> yeah, tomi, you see parents are frustrated and the science does make sense on any of this. now we see randi weingarten, the
9:41 am
head of the teachers union come as trying to backtrack. see what they "new york post" has to say about that. "the new york post," in a recent op-ed, has said that randi weingarten attempts to rewrite school clothing history and it will not fly. those who follow to close schools, those who fault weingarten for closing schools misunderstand the role she's played over the past few months. rather than championing shutdown she spent much of her energy both in public and behind the scenes trying to get schools open. so why is she backtracking? is she going to get away with this? our parents especially and taxpayers going to hold her accountable? >> i guess it depends on the news you want and consume. if you are going to believe the entirety of this covid narrative, that's what it is. it's a covid narrative. we are going to hopefully look back in five years at this time is one of the stupidest times in our nations history. i will say this about these school closures, what i think
9:42 am
happened here is there's a lot of teachers that are fantastic teachers and care about their students and are tenacious and want to go teach. they want to see their teachers learning. i would say that's the majority of teachers. then just like any group you have some teachers that got quite fond of sitting at home in their sweat pants doing remote learning, not having to do much our having to leave the couch. they were able to but they are teaching on cruise control and they got very used to that. not unlike a lot of the people that were used to getting their government checks and not going to work, that's why we are having no workers shortage. we have conditioned the american people, not just teachers, but a lot of americans to sit home and do nothing. we've convinced them that is for the greater good. another part of the problem is this, i have several friends that were teachers. a lot of teachers it's no secret tend to lean a little bit more liberal, they watch liberal news and consume liberal outlets. they do buy into the covid hysteria. that's another part of the problem, they believe everything that cnn says is gospel.
9:43 am
that's why we are in this place. >> meanwhile, brian, the country that at least this, china, has 200 million students in in person learning since september of 2020 pair they never stop sending their kids to school. we live in a global economy. our kids are not just competing against each other and other states, they are competing with the chinese. what are the prospects for our students as they've lost a year or two of learning? >> brian: we are already seeing the effects in the short term. very few people are talking about what this is going to mean for our students 20 or 30 years down the road. i shudder to think how these affects accrete over time kill them he said this, dr. fauci is fond of saying he's never going to take anything off the table. you have to take things off the table at this point. one thing you have to take off the table is remote learning. it's off the table, we will deal
9:44 am
with this some other way, but we will not do to our kids going forward what we've done in the past. it's got to be gone and has got to be gone right away. >> amen to that, brian. just ahead apparently being the woke is american. what the rest of the world's needs is some good american wokeism. the bloomberg article that claims the movement could be the next great u.s. export. let's hope not. that is up next. ♪ ♪ as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo!
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>> a new bloomberg op ed argues that wokism will rule the world. a george mason university professor rhodes "i don't trust anybody's predictive abilities about what wokeism will lead to including america's black communities, but critics of wokism should root for at least parts of it to succeed. molly, are you rooting for worldwide wokism? >> mollie: definitely not. it's an insidious ideology but i think there is truth to the idea that as wokism takes over
9:49 am
american institution and those american institutions still have power globally, that there is a danger that we will export this horrific ideology, because our military has been completely taken over by it. when they are taken over by something, they implemented whole hog. our academy has been completely taken over by it. but also hollywood. hollywood is a great exporter of ideas. they did a really good job of exporting ideas more geared towards freedom and liberty decades ago. now they export this ideology. so i think it probably is finding a large global audience and that is something that needs to be fought against. >> kayleigh: interestingly this bloomberg article quotes "the new york times" and it doesn't seem like the rest of the world wants this wokism ideology. "the new york times" is quoted as saying french politicians, high-profile intellectuals and journalists are warning that progressive american ideas, specifically on race, gender,
9:50 am
and post-colonialism are undermining our society. france's education minister says they are against an intellectual matrix. interestingly the french don't even want this. >> brian: no. they've seen what happens with wokism. it divides people and tears people apart because it labels people. it says you are something, you're in a category, you look a certain way. that inexplicably means the following things about you. it shuts down -- god forbid that's what we export to the rest of the world. how about a virtue? how about talking about patience and kindness and charity in conversation and dialogue? how about moving forward and finding solutions instead of constantly talking about grievance. i vehemently disagree with them
9:51 am
that there's anything good about the woke movement now. we do it the way they want to we will get nowhere. that shouldn't happen. it shouldn't happen anywhere in this world, including in the united states. >> it does seem like a divisive ideology at its face. >> absolutely by design. personally say this exporting, this is not an american export, this is a foreign idea to what it means to be a -- this is cultural marxism and it has nothing to do with what he needs to be an american. the reason why the french don't like it is that it ends up homogenizing people. the french are very proud to be friend. we should be very proud to be american. when you are not an individual and you're just your color or your race, or your gender, or your sexuality, this is not what it means to be american. it doesn't surprise me that this came out of bloomberg because this sort of woke capitalism has
9:52 am
benefited many of the oligarchs, the globalist to benefit by concentrating their wealth, getting us to all disagree and fight with each other over race and so forth, we are seeing a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the richest americans and they are using the pandemic to absolutely accelerate that. that is a distraction by some very powerful people. >> and all under the guise of wokism, political correctness, tomi your thoughts? >> tomi: it's not even a movement come at the brainwashing mechanism. what wokism is done, especially in the academic solutions commits really brainwashed our youth into those virtues signaling atmosphere where they think they are doing something good in reality most are not doing anything to advance any cause whatsoever. they are advancing a myth. they feel good about doing it. they are led by their emotions and feelings. it's the same thing with climate change. i feel like they are doing something so they feel like they can give themselves a gold star and brownie points at the end of the day, but they are not really bettering anybody's lives.
9:53 am
the fact that this is being exported i think is, for me, and shame to know that it came from america. i'm not entirely sure if it did come here from here or if it's just the global elites trying to distract us all from what is really going on by having us look over here and think with our emotions and our feelings first and foremost. i do think the american people are starting to reject it. as we've seen, the term woke is not a positive thing anymore. it used to be two or three years ago that was a compliment. now we see it in a much more derogatory fashion, let's keep moving forward with that. woke is dead. >> i like that. on that note we will end. very good, tomi. coming up the taliban that lets you taste on screen. we all are some thoughts coming up right after this. ♪ ♪
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kayak. search one and done. ♪ ♪ >> thanks to a professor in japan you may be able have a taste what's on your television screen. according to a new report, so-called tasty bee combines video images with realistic taste. it allows viewers to taste the items being displayed on screen, by licking their televisions. tommy, will you be the first to try this? >> we spent the whole show talk about covert so i think the last thing we should be doing in terms of health and safety is having everyone gathered around the tv to like it, one after another. that will be a hard to know from the meat.
9:59 am
>> rachel, how does this work with covid? >> i don't know but i have a hard enough time keeping the refrigerator handle disinfected my house. i don't want to add the tv to that. i will say, i do love the food network, sometimes i'm watching late at night as i'm cleaning my kitchen and i really wish i could taste what they are showing on the show. i'm conflicted. speak out yet. well brian, they do offer alcohol tasting and some molly yeh training. that's an option. >> i guess that's great. but just a reminder to the world that real food, and real alcohol, and real people and real lakes and real grass exist. we are taking this virtual reality thing way too far. go out and experience the beauty of this creation and quit licking screens. >> that may be the best advice i've heard all day. molly, are you in? >> like rachel, i also watch a lot of food network.
10:00 am
i watch baking and cooking shows, i am kind of intrigue. but i'm terrified that they would actually roll it out on something like cnn and sicken their dozens of viewers peered so we have to be careful what shows they allowed on. >> although no one would be watching her tasting if it was on the place you mentioned. >> all right. happy new year to everyone in the coming days. thank you. now here is america. >> got a fox news alert to kick up a special edition of america reports. united states, now setting new records for daily coronavirus cases as the pandemic is set to enter its third year. the mixed messages coming from the white house about just who is in charge of the responsibilities leaving a whole lot of americans use. rich, it's great to be with you in washington today. >> it's great to be with you too julian. i am rich edson, john and sandra are off this week. present time said monday that there are new federal solution to covid,


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