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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 29, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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today said that. >> thank you so much, joe, for joining me tonight. i thank you all for watching fox news primetime this evening. download my podcast. i will be back here tomorrow. will cain filling in for tucker. >> ♪ ♪ >> welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i am will cain in for tucker. we have breaking news tonight. a verdict has been reached in the trial of ghislaine maxwell. maxwell was found guilty on 5 count for her role in the sex trafficking minors for her lover jeffrey epstein.
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jonathan turley joins us immediately. was justice served? >> it was. i think the jury got this right. from the out set the defense was rather implaysib. -- implaysible. it was a woman arranging the transport of underage girls to epstein's house and flights to his island. it's hard to imagine anything was involved other than sex trafficking or the abuse of these girls. there was no explanation offered by the defense as to why she was harvesting girls from playground and other locations. i think they got it right. the fact is she did not take the stand. i don't think she had anything to say when confronted with these facts.
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looking at a maximum of 65 years. probably more towards the middle in terms of the guidelines. if you do a quick calculation probably around 12 to 15 years for a first offender, but this involved under-age girls and their abuse. >> will: the question becomes, what happens next? you have a wonderful analogy on your twitter feed. you said this is like prosecuting the get away driver in a bank robbery but letting the robber get away. will she name names? >> that's the disconnect for a lot of people in this case. we have a long list of people in
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epstein's home and they were not prosecuted. the department of justice seemed eager to scuttle any serious investigation. they gave epstein a horrendous plea deal where he got very little time and it marginalized all of these victims. they seem to be leaving out the part, it was a crime of sex trafficking to who? yes, there was epstein but other men were involved. we don't know if she can name names or has evidence to give. if she did, this would be the time to give them up. she needs cooperation credit. >> will: everything about the jeffrey epstein case has been abnormal and possibly a conspiracy. will ghislaine maxwell name names but will anybody ask
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her to? will she be offered a plea? >> that's the weird thing. you're absolutely right. for years we had a striking disinterest in pursuing the people who are receiving so-called benefits from epstein and from maxwell. they are out there. the question is: will anyone be asking who they are. and what evidence she might have. >> wl: thanks for joining us after this verdict. during ghislaine maxwell trial we got an inside look into jeffrey epstein manhattan mansion. photographers taken by investigators showed epstein had hard drives covered in evidence tape. investigators took photos of numerous black binders and cds.
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the federal judge in this case ruled the labels on the binders were identifying information for third parties so they were redacted. investigators found this bizarre painting on the screen now of bill clinton in a blue dress. who should be most worried tonight. is it bill clinton? is it prince andrew. nancy grace hosts crime stories on fox nation. thanks for jumpering on. who do you think sleeps uneasily tonight? >> the person that is sleeping the least tonight -- is ghislaine maxwell. she is headed to a federal pen. her sentencing hasn't been scheduled but looking at 65 years behind bars. let's bask in one moment of
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justice. will ghislaine maxwell sing for her super and name names? possibly, but that case has to be proven with victims that will come forward. if you want to name a president or ex-president or a wealthy individual or name leon black or whoever, that has to be corroborated in court. that will be the trick. will ghislaine maxwell rat people out? very likely. she was pretty stoic in the courtroom. one lawyer broke down in tears. but maxwell stayed cool. one last look back at her family and walked out of the courtroom. i don't know if she will crack. >> will: on the screen is a picture of chelsea clinton's wedding with bill clinton walking her down the aisle and there is ghislaine maxwell. and a picture of bill clinton
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receiving a massage. it's justice tonight that ghislaine maxwell sleeps behind bars. everyone is concerned that justice stopped here. she was trafficking these young women to other people. to individuals. you would have to suspect beyond jeffrey epstein. the prosecution discouraged any names coming out in this trial, third parties. i have to wonder, with everything found in his apartment, cd's and binders will we get those names? will somebody ask? will we pursue the next step in justice? >> i believe with all of the heat on federal prosecutors right now they will go forward. they will explore the possibilities within those binders. it's hard to keep a secret like that. there were investigators and
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crime scene tapes. they saw all of that. i find it difficult to believe they would keep it all under their hat. that's not going to happen. if the evidence to which you are referring exists. >> will: what do you make of what was cataloged inside of jeffrey epstein's apartment? >> well, if it had anything to do with the victims, the 4 women that came forward, it would have been brought out at trial. if it had to do with other alleged victims, they have to be hunted down and coerced to testify, encouraged to move forward with a lot against them. it would be a daunting task. i believe with so many people at the crime screen it's possible names will be named. >> will: it will be an injustice if this is the end of the story and not the beginning. >> yes, it will. if there are other perpetrators,
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no matter how wealthy they may be, if they are not sought out and prosecuted it's an injustice. lady justice wears a blindfold for a reason. she is not to care about your wealth or status. it's an injustice if this is not completed. >> will: nancy grace, thank you. jeffrey epstein's victims may get some justice when ghislaine maxwell is sentenced but never got justice with epstein himself. he was found dead in jail while awaiting his own trial. it was rule a suicide. one person who never believed that was michael, the former chief medical examiner of new york city and said epstein's autopsy points to homicide. thanks for joining us tonight. you made that proclamation this
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was not suicide in the case of jeffrey epstein but homicide. do you still stand by that? >> yes. i was there at the autopsy and saw the findings. there were crush injuries to the neck. 3 fractures in the neck which is extremely unusual in a suicidal hanging. usually there are no fractures. this is like a homicidal strangulation injury. the ligatture did not match what was on the neck. the guards that slept and didn't look at his cell for 8 hours, and they were supposed to it look every 30 minutes and refused to say when they went there what his body was positioned in. were his feet on the ground? was he on his knees or his
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abdomen? none of that came out from their statements. they refused to say anything. the fbi which was investigating the case because it was a federal jail, therefore the new york city police were involved in the investigation. but the fbi investigated. they haven't released anything including why the videos of the cell and of the tier were not working. they have the videos. they haven't said if they were manipulated. there is more to his death than released so far. >> will: no doubt. video suddenly doesn't work and the guards asleep. on the green right now is a graphic of the bone in the throat. help me understand this. you said there was a difference between the marks on a body who
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had been strangled versus the marks on a body that tied from a suicide hanging. how do those two markings differ in the autopsy? >> the internal investigation, when the head weighs 10 pounds. so when somebody hangs, the body, say a 200 pound person would weigh 190 pound pressure on the neck. that's not enough to cause a fracture of that bone. you need official pressure. more than the bodyweight pressure to break that bone and the two bonus underneath it. the adam's apple was also fractured. that's extremely unusual for a suicide. that points in that direction. it has to be investigated. it was called a suicide. the doctor who did the autopsy.
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i was there. he said it's undetermined. she is overruled three days later by the chief medical examiner who calls it a suicide. before all of this information was gotten together. i think there may have been a premature rush to judgment to call it a suicide for whatever the reason. usually these things take weeks at the earliest. the issue in the law: how come certain things have not been done legally? how come certain things have not been done investigating the death of epstein. >> will: if his death was a homicide, there is more than one reason ghislaine maxwell should sleep uneasy in prison tonight. you see an image of jeffrey
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epstein's neck and illustration of what he was describing there that appears suspicious in the ruling of a suicide. tonight instead of helping us end the pandemic the mild omicron variant is breaking people's brains. they are more unhinged than ever. that's straight ahead.
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our switch squad makes switching fast and easy this holiday season. >> ♪ ♪ >> will: the omicron variant largely turned out to be a bust. it hasn't turned into anything. anthony fauci predicted and it hasn't been the winter of death and destruction that joe biden predicted. the omicron variant is mild. when you thought america could turn the corner on the pandemic a new wave is sweeping across the land. insanity. the unhinged meltdown on a delta airlines fight by a former baywatch actress is not a reminder of however we have come. -- how far. it's a sign of what is to come. fear and paranoi are more ramp not than ever. strangely, it comes from those
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who say they are most predicted. the vaccinated and double masked person and the face shield. the lady who wears a mask outside by herself. the vaccine hasn't given these people their freedom. neither as omicron. they convinced themselves that vaccines and mask wearing would protect them from covid. now they are doubling down on their crazy behaviors. in people broadcast their insanity on national tv. >> you see how difficult this is for this administration. i am a fauci groupie. i buy k95 masks by the case loads and wear them everywhere. i am certain this is not a variant i can outrun. >> will: by the case lads.
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-- loads. a cnn reporter bragged on twitter he bought covid tests as a post-christmas gift for himself. he is hording dozens of corners tests. oprah winfrey shamed gail wing on facebook. it's not enough to be triple vaccinated. you must test and guarantee before seeing oprah as well. because king did not do that, oprah said king was not invited to her christmas celebration -- some friend. here is a sad image of joe biden and his wife working alone on the beach in delaware with masks on. only obeying their handlers.
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according to joe biden he is obeying his medical team. joe biden told us there was no federal solution to end the pandemic. he changed his mind to tell us that the medical team told him to require a vaccine mandate for air travel, he would obey them. the leader of joe biden's team is anthony fauci. fauci has 48 hours left to cancel new year's celebrations. he is doing everything to make sure that happens. >> if your plans are to go to a 50 person new year party and everybody hugging and kissing, i
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would recommend this year we don't do that. . >> will: at the center of all of this is the need for liberals to project their own virtue. as an author wrote: being the most fearful of covid is a virtue signal. it's like putting a black lives matter sign in their window. the pandemic gives meaning to their empty lives. they believe wearing a mask will save someone else's life. they are telling us that. today a "washington post" columnist endorsed vaccine mandates for air travel because we for a global war. after comparing the coronavirus to world war ii he wrote we need to compel all americans to join the war effort. not everyone is going along with
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this insanity. there are brave americans standing up with some sanity. a police officer in boston who is required to get the vaccine. she is 30 weeks pregnant and concerned about the effect on the unborn child. she challenged the boston mayor with the following. >> do you understand what it's like losing a child and having to go through fertility treatments? we are asking you, mayor, to understand where we are coming from. we care about our families. do you put everything and your research behind this vaccine right now and sign a document that you and the city will take full responsibility if something happens to us as mothers and our unborn children? would you do that for all of us.
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i deliver in 10 weeks and i am supposed to have 2 doses of this vaccine a month before i deliver. >> will: we joins us now. did you get the answer, the accountability you sought in the question to the mayor? >> no, we didn't. we got a lot of deflecting. it's been a week and we have not had a response from the mayor. >> will: it's a reasonable concern. your vaccine hesitancy is tied to your pregnancy. you had complications in the past. it's a rational and reasonable concern. your response from the city has been what? >> crickets at this point. i got pregnant 6 years ago with triplets. being pregnant right now is a miracle thinking i would never
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had any more children. like all americans, we are all scared and nervous. especially having an experimental vaccine pushed on us to keep our livelihood. >> will: what are your doctors tell youing about the vaccine and your stage of pregnancy? >> my doctor asked if i was interested in it. i told her no -- they respected my decisions. we make our own medical decisions. i refused the covid vaccine but i got the flu shot. i am not an anti-vax person. i will protect my unborn child. a lot of people feel that way right now. >> will: what happens next? the city's vaccine mandate goes into effect in just a few weeks. your job is on the line.
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what happens next? >> yes, mayor wu violated our collective bargaining agreement. a lost of the unions sat with the previous administrations and we had to vaccine or weekly testing. being a democratic mayor we never expected mayor wu to trash those agreements. we were left in the dust. our unions are not vocal about it. a group of boston city employees started this group. city employees that want to be in control of their own health. we are working together to fight this and show them we are still humans like all americans and we want to be in control of what
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decisions and what goes into our bodies. especially where it's an experiment vaccine. >> will: bringing a child into this world is a blessing. you have our celebration with you and also our prayers and we hope you get to keep your job which is odd to tell an american. best of luck. thanks for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> will: the biden administration which claims it's just trying to save lives announced it will pause shipments of monoclonal antibodies treatments because they are not effective according to the biden administration in fighting omicron. they push vaccines that don't protect you from getting covid. joseph is the surgeon general of florida and wrote a letter to the biden administration asking them to reverse their decision.
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he joins us now. why has the state of florida been deprived of further monoclonal antibodies treatments? >> that's a great yes. i don't know. it was a terrible decision. it's a ridiculous decision. you have a situation right now across the country where you are in the middle of a surge. unfortunately there is a lot of fear and panic out in the community again. it's not all omicron. there is still a lot of delta variant out there. you take away an effective treatment for the delta variant. it baffles me. it makes no sense. it makes we wonder about who is running the agency. someone with a clinical background would never make this decision. >> will: what is the demand in florida for therapeutics?
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how many patients are waiting for these that are deprived from the federal government? >> that's a good question. this is a wave that is affecting many parts of the country. we have a situation in florida and other states where the demand for treatment is outpacing the supply. that's the bottom line. we have a number of sites set up by governor ron desantis early on. in florida they know if they test positive and have risk factors, they don't just go home. go and get treatment. that's a message we shared in florida. right now we still have enough supply for the capacity we do have within our sites. but the demand exceeds that. that's the situation here. >> will: how effective, as we count the numbers, the demand is
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outpacing the supply. you have patients with a life threatening situation hoping for therapeutics and being deprived. this will cost people their lives. this decision. is that fair in your estimation? >> well, yes. the bottom line is if people need a treatment, and there is a better example in florida. there is the whole country. from has been evidence for monoclonal antibodies and other treatments that people can take outside of the for covid for at least a year. this include inhaled drugs. there is good evidence. ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are more controversial but they were so politicized it's hard to see
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what the science is saying. if you deprive people of treatment, it's the tragedy of this pandemic, they are more likely to get severely ill. that's the model that the leadership in this country at the public health level stuck to. [overlapping talking]. >> will: it's a competitive environment and deprived to people and that costs lives. thanks for joining us. >> that's correct. >> will: thank you. uttering the phrase "let's go brandon" makes the left angry. now anyone who uses it is part of insurrection. that's next.
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on television well is nothing she loves more than insurrection. nicole wallace is identifying a new insurrection saying "let's go brandon." this was her reaction to an oregon man who uttered the phrase on a christmas eve call with joe biden. >> let me tell you why this matters. the asymmetry of saying f-you to a sitting president in a call in front of your 4 kids, don't look past this. this is not a story about giving air time to a maga guy it. this is the insurrection in full
5:39 pm
color. >> will: victor davis hanson joins us live. i see your smile. i spoke to you a week ago. we talked about the verbal ticks that take over the human mind want the mind of the left. now insurrection is the most frequent and recent mental tick. >> yes. if saying "let's go brandon" is insurrection, what would be a cnn contributor holding up donald's decapitated head? what was night after night in central park having a look alike donald trump as caesar being stabbed to death and hillary clinton said the president was not legitimate and urged joe biden not to concede under any
5:40 pm
circumstance? what was the obama pentagon lawyer writing we should consider removing trump by the 25th amendment, impeachment or a military coup? a military coup was on the minds of a lot of retired generals. two wrote letters and other said that trump should leave the sooner the better. we know what it's really about. donald trump has been beaten to death. so has january 6th. they are afraid of democracy and afraid the people will speak. a month ago we would talk about the theme democracy is broken in 2022 and there will be a coup in 2024. now we have the insurrection. it's all a fear about the mid-terms. if they were rational they would say this agenda is not good for
5:41 pm
the american people. we need to reboot. they can't because they are hard-core. >> will: you said something else fascinating. this is a replacement for having a positive agenda of doing something to help solve the nation's problems. vilifying your political opponent as insurrectionists or racists is the last political tool of a failing regime. tell me about that. 10 years ago the obama administration prided itself on having an agenda for america. now it's about transforming your political opponent into the devil. >> it was. even barack obama realized when his agenda started to fail. he just disappeared and allowed the democrats and republicans to fight for the next administration on his last year. he disappeared on the golf course and his polls went up
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because he was disenaged. people didn't have to hear his sermons. joe biden is president and can't do that. he was good when he was in the basement and not heard much. the people around him are incapable as all zealots are incapable of self-criticism and high jacked the democratic party. the democratic mainstream are terrified of saying you have destroyed our party. retire or we will be defeated. do something different on the border. stop the crazy inflationary policies. it's either donald trump on monday, january 6th on tuesday or coup and democracy is destroyed on wednesday you are right. racism or sexism the rest of the week. people are sick of it. they will pay a price in the mid-terms.
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they know it. they are scared of democracy. >> will: right. racism on thursday and it's insurrection on friday. victor davis hanson, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> will: south africa is reporting lower hospitalizations with the omicron variant. is there something we can learn with how they handled it? that's next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> will: let's be real. the omicron variant is the most mild variant today. in south africa risk of hospitalization was 80% less than other variants. dr. marc siegel says we should follow their example and how they handled omicron and joins us now. always enjoy speaking with you. what should we learn from south africa? >> we should learn what transparency and science is like. we hear about science here but see politics.
5:49 pm
science they said this is a ticking time bomb. then came out in november and said we have a new variant and it's milder. it's leading to much less hospitalizations. i interviewed the doctor who is a shining example of what science means. listen to this: i talked to her about why it's mild. she said vaccines are helping and prior immunities from other variants. she said natural immunity is helping. she said it's milder on its own. scientifically it's milder. you were punished, travel bans, the united states. would you do it again? i thought she was going to say to me no way. because the economy will get killed here and tourism will get killed. she said we scientists in south africa will do it again tomorrow
5:50 pm
it. our job is to warn the world about theivator and reassure the world it's much milder and maybe the ticket out of the pandemic. -- variant. >> will: what a sad state. you were blown away and i have to imagine a scientist embracing transparency and truth? >> that's whatnot we get from public health leaders in the united states. thank you very much for showing us the lessons we can follow from south africa --. it's a disaster. pet chickens. adopted during the pandemic. they are being returned in record numbers. you can see two chickens adopted. that's straight ahead.
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popular during the pandemic. one report claims demand increased by 260%. now people are returning them. rescue organizations are struggling to take them all in. this show knows about pet chickens. we investigated the trend earlier this year. someone told me that chickens are so dumb if you face them in a corner they can't get out. is that true? >> whoever made that up has something against birdies. -- birds. they can figure it out. >> will: you are winning me over. [laughing]. how many chickens do you have? >> i have 30. [laughing]. >> will: the woman is a chicken ambassador and joins us now with her two chickens on screen. trish and karen. stop abandoning chickens.
5:57 pm
i was told you won tucker over. you might have to win me over as well. chickens. being abandoned. why is this a major problem? >> you know, i take offense to people that are getting chickens, planning to raise them. keeping them as pets and changing their minds and deciding they just want to surrender them at a shelter. people don't do that with dogs. i don't know why chickens should be treated differently. they are low maintenance and easy to take care of with the right set up. >> will: you said something key there. you said people adopting them as bets. i -- pets. i think of the chicken to lay
5:58 pm
eggs or serve as a meal. if you adopt it as a pet you should keep it but that's not what is happening? >> yes. i don't know if it's because they are chickens so they treat them differently. whatever, they won't mind. their are just birdies. chickens have facial recognition. they are more intelligent than people think. to raise them and have pets for eggs and kick them to the curb, i don't like it. >> will: on the screen while you are talkingoo a video of you. i believe this is you in the act of rescuing trish. is tlish -- trish the golden chicken on your table? >> yes. >> will: whom you picked up on the side of the road? >> i was driving down a local
5:59 pm
highway near high house. hives with a friend. hold the phone! that's a chicken. we pulled over. the speed limit was 55. i pulled over in the middle of the road. he got out and i got out and we cornered her. i won't leave you here to get run over or eaten. she's been with me for 3 or 4 years. she is a great addition to my family. >> will: how many chickens do you have? >> 30. >> will: wow. you have a chicken coup surely? >> yes, i have a coup that is connected to a stall in my barn. they come inside every now and then.
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>> will: we are having a good time but it's true with dogs or with chickens. people are abandoning animals they adopted during the pandemic and the future is not bright for abandoned animals. we appreciate you highlighting the plight of chickens on "tucker carlson tonight." tune each night at 8 to the show that is the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. have a great evening. pete hegseth is hosting and in 2 nights we will host all-american new year from nashville on fox news. >> pete: what if trish wanted to be free? maybe that was an abduction. >> will: i feel


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