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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 31, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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meeting with kim jong un to denuclearize the korean peninsula. making sure we had peace in the middle east. all positive, people know it, if he comes back he will win. carley: lara, thank you so much for joining us on this new year's eve. thank you, everybody for watching. >> happy new year. carley: much more fun to come in 2022. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ baby you're a firework. ♪ come on and let your colors burst ♪ make them go oh, oh, oh ♪ leap across the sky, sky, sky ♪ you don't have to feel ♪ing. joey: good morning, happy new year's eve.
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the new zealand celebrating 2022. maybe almost a day to wait before we can celebrate. and look at that fireworks everywhere. that's a party. i like it. you know, i think noon in georgia might look that way in a little bit. i think my neighbors will have some fireworks. good morning, cailee. kayleigh: good morning. it's good to be with you and lawrence jones. of course, you joey jones. happy new year's eve to all. isn't it exciting that we are finally two years out of this pandemic and we are finally starting to see some celebratory activity it will be a scaled back new year's eve, lawrence jones, as you are there in times square but still to have 15,000 gathered it's exciting to have some semblance of normalcy albeit not quite where we were two years prior to today. lawrence: yeah, you are exactly right, kayleigh. i would say that i'm optimistic. i think the american people are
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tired of it all and trying to get to some sort of normalcy. i think they are going to reject a lot of this nonsense going into the new year. so i'm optimistic. i think this is going to be a great year for the country. kayleigh: no doubt about it we have a lot of news to get to today. we begin with this fox news alert. kayleigh: a life threatening fast-moving wildfire forced tens of thousands of colorado residents to evacuate their homes. alicia acuna joins us live on the phone in lewisville, colorado on the latest of the marshal fire. alicia? >> good morning, kayleigh, joey and lawrence. scene here driving in my car. we have been moved a couple of times by law enforcement for our own safety. we are in the communities of lewisville -- these are neighboring suburban neighborhoods. about 25 files northwest of
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denver just to set the scene here. right now firefighters, we are told, are continuing to beat down the flames of this fire that came through this area with such ravaged veracity. it was really something to behold. i can tell you at 11:00 a.m. yesterday, there was a fire that was sparked in the boulder area. it was picked up so fast by the fast-moving wind here going from gusts from between 4 o0 and 110 miles per hour. according to authorities here on scene, there was no chance for firefighters to even attempt to attack the fire. they were busy trying to run as fast as they could to get people out of the way. there were people inside a costco, again, this is the suburb, people inside of a costco were evacuated and they were inside of what felt like a total normal costco. they walked out the doors into
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completely smoke-filled very windy, dangerous air and just trying to get out. that was just one example here. i can tell you 580 homes, at least, have been destroyed. that's according to all local authorities on the ground here. there was one woman, we spoke to, you can take a listen to what she had to say about trying to get out. take a listen. >> >> this is the first time i have really been involved in anything like this. i will tell you, it is really scary. >> houses and things can get replaced. i just want to make sure that i will be okay and mayan mall is okay. and, you know, i hope my neighbors have all heeded the warning. >> you know, guys, the wind that i talked about, that came, in it went for seven hours. it was absolutely relentless, as were the flames. and then just by nature of me
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living in this area, it just so happens that my husband, his brother, and their dear friend they opened a restaurant in the city of lewisville two weeks ago and we all watched the images on ring app. inside the restaurants as the flames overtook our business. fortunately everyone got out safe i can tell you it was a matter of minutes for our employees and my family to get out of that restaurant. up the street is my in-law's home. my husband's family, all of their -- they were all evacuated again minutes to get out, no chance to take anything with them because everything came so fast. and they were able to get out. they are safe, and now we are waiting to be let back in to lewisville to find out if their home still stands as are so many other people. back to you. kayleigh: wow, alicia, i'm so
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sorry to hear what your family has gone through that is devastating two weeks after you mentioned that restaurant opened. i'm so glad that they are okay. >> thank you. kayleigh: i'm sorry for what they have had to go through there. my prayers. alicia, 600 homes destroyed nearly. 30,000 residents having to flee. where are these people going? i know some people may have family they can go to. is there a shelter set up? is there somewhere where people can go if they have had to flee? >> right. yes. there are -- so part of the problem with the fire kept moving. so fast. and it was changing direction. so first authorities were telling people go north. okay, let's go north. then they realized the fire was moving north that had to switch. there are three different evacuation centers that have been open that we know of. and from the video that i was watching overnight we do know that there were people who went to these places. some areas -- some of the
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evacuation centers though were also trying to deal with covid. so they were trying to keep people separated and one of the larger evacuation centers said they couldn't accommodate people to sleep. they could just get there to check in and maybe get some water, a blanket or something. but, you know, we're all dealing with the pandemic but they are also trying to get people in very large number because those are densely populated areas to move out in the safest way possible. so, yeah. there are three different evacuation centers. i personally know of people who are staying with family and friends. so many people opened up their doors to family and friends as well in this whole area. >> we have generous. you see that type of generosity in these situations all over the united states. lawrence: alicia, lawrence jones here. you sore right when these moments happen we see the best of this country people coming
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together, condolences to your family as well as the surrounding area. can you really talk about, you know, the prep time? because you talked about there were minutes -- was there anything on the radar or anything saying that this may happen? >> well, we were dealing with the wind -- we already knew-we are used to that colorado. and there is a snow storm that's coming in later on this afternoon will definitely help the situation with the fire. but the wind brings it in. the wind brings in the storm, right? and we have been watching all of this weather go. there was no notice for folks who were -- they were grocery shopping. the target was on fire. the hospital where my daughter was born was evacuated and there were parts of it, is my understanding, were on fire. they were getting people out of the icu at the hospital and trying to evacuated people. this is a full service, full
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emergency center that also had to evacuate and get everybody out. so there was -- it was minutes, lawrence. there is no exaggeration. irs watching authorities running on my tv screen. i was watching reporters try to report. it felt nearly impossible. governor jared polis at one point yesterday during an update said that the fire was moving at football length rates in the matter of seconds. and it almost sounds unbelievable when you think about it but from watching it happened, myself, i can tell you it was true. joey: alicia, thanks so much bringing it to us. let everybody know you are in contact with we are thinking about them and praying for them. as soon as everyone is safe we will be a part of helping rebuild. >> thank you. thank you so much. it means the world. kayleigh: thank you alicia. all right. on to this. omicron has taken the spotlight
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this new year's eve as case loads nationwide are surpassing, get, this january 2021 levels. we know omicron is more mild; however, the case load is particularly high. meanwhile, president biden, what's he doing? he is spending the holiday at his beach house. it's his 31st trip there but his ad ministration is urging the supreme court to keep his vaccine mandate on private companies the same one by the way that is helping cause the worker shortage that aside. members of congress meanwhile saying it's time to block the vaccine mandate. i happen to agree with them lawrence and joey jones. it's pretty remarkable the way that this president has abused his authority. he used osha, a very little used regulation to seize on emergency power in a way that's never been done to create this onerous vaccine mandate on the american people. i was looking into a national review article on the likelihood of the supreme court upholding
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this. and just this july, get this, the congressional research service said this about this osha provision he used for his vaccine mandate. they said this has rarely been used, this authority in the past. and it's not been used sips the court, get, this dropped down in asbestos similar related order in 1983. in other words, the last time this provision was used was 1983, and the court struck it down. biden has really exceeded his authority and caused a lot of economic pain and hardship in doing so, lawrence. lawrence: you know, kayleigh, i have got to tell you, i continue to be baffled by the administration' response to covid. especially when you have the president of the united states just telling us days ago that he was against a federal response. now, we know what the courts have been doing the entire time. the courts have been striking down all these federal mandates. they simply said they can't do it. they don't have the authority to do it. they sided a little bit more when it comes to state and local
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governments. federal level they haven't been favorable to the biden administration. bmi bennett, our fox news contributor, former education secretary said he predicted there is going to be great relearning in response to the covid response. watch. >> this may be the educational shakeup we need. i do think the great relearning is beginning. i think it's beginning in earnest. when you talk to people around the country, citizens, those subjects are becoming citizens to use your nice phrase there i think you can see a sign of this and people are tired of surrendering to the experts who have been so wrong. just one last thing. when the head of cdc says well, we thought 10 days for lockup, you know, would be proper, but we decided to go with five because we think that's all that the public could bear. well, that ain't science. that's policy. that ain't science. that's policy.
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you know what it is? it's politics is what it is. we don't need bureaucrats making decisions that we elected politicians for. lawrence, you said you are baffled by this. i'm beyond baffled by it we have a president who got elected into office with this big pitch on coronavirus and how he was a savior and we saw this week just how unprepared this administration is. i hope that, you know, for the sake of this country, i hope they get their stuff together and start making forward looking decisions. kayleigh: no doubt about it president biden said it's time to shut downtown virus. he promised us he would do so. it feels like covid has shut us down. it's very much unfortunate. all right. this is next. hillary clinton has a warning for her party. >> stop the far left push. why she is already blaming progressives for possible midterm losses. and betty white is just weeks away from her 100th birthday. don't you love her? she reveals her secret to a long, happy life exclusively to fox news.
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kayleigh: we are back with headlines, illinois police offering $25,000 we regard reward forthe arrest of two whod police officer. sergeant of marlene ritenmanic and injury of tyler bailey. responding to disturbance at the comfort inn hotel when they were attacked and shot at.
3:19 am
officer bailey is still in the hospital in critical condition after beyond going injury for head injuries. a shocking 110 year prison sentence for a trucker has now been reduced to 10 years. colorado governor jared polis communitying the sentence thursday of a trucker convicted in the 019 crash that killed four people. the original sentence based on state minimum requirements sparking widespread backlash. a petition to have the sentence commuted gaining nearly 5 million signatures. one of the most popular campaigns ever on now to a fox news exclusive. betty white shares her secret to a long, happy life as she gets ready to turn 100 years old in just a matter of weeks. >> i'm actually able to deceive me once. obstetrician magician. he delivered brigitte. it was so confusing. it's a girl. now it's a dove.
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>> white telling fox the secret is i have always been a cockeyed optimist. i got it from my mom. i'm going to stick with it her birthday is on january 17th. i think, guys, i think that's great advice, being optimistic less stressful lifestyle. joey: i like that term cockeyed optimist. i'm going to call myself that from now on. maybe i will live to be 100. >> that's what we call wisdom right there. kayleigh: very much so. lawrence: listen, if you are a democrat strategist, you probably want to listen to a lot of people and look at candace. one person you may not want to talk to is hillary clinton considering she hasn't been very good at winning the elections she is running in in the last eight years. but she thinks she has a place to maybe tell us what democrats need to do to win elections. maybe she has grown and learned herself. she still talks about it the gift that keeps giving. keeps telling us all the reasons
3:21 am
why she lost and latest target are progressives. let's take a look at that. >> i think that it is a time for some, you know, careful thinking about what wins elections and not just in deep blue districts where a democrat and a liberal democrat or so-called progressive democrat is going to win. i understand why people want to argue for their priorities. that's what they believe they were elected to do. look, i'm all about having vigorous debate. i think it's good and it gives people a chance to be part of the process, but, at the end of the day, it means nothing if we don't have a congress that will get things done and we don't have a white house that we can count on to be sane and sober and stable and productive. >> hillary, looks like she found her way out of the woods she was
3:22 am
sauntering in after losing the election. gives us a advice. she blamed a thousand different entities for her loss none of which were herself. one of those things she blamed people or groups were bernie sanders and his supporters. she has a beef with progressives. putting that aside though she is right that the left always comes out with some sort of crazy around election time. defund the police, abolish ice, critical race theory. all that aside, that's not just progressives. that's not just the reason the left will lose in 2022. it's joe biden. the guy doesn't know how to govern every issue 67% disapprove of his border activity. 65% disapprove of afghanistan. and quinnipiac in november he had a 36% approval rating. yeah, blame progressives. you are right about that. but your moderate wing -- so-called moderate wing is devoid of solutions, lawrence. lawrence: kayleigh, i would like
3:23 am
to build on that point. her analysis is wrong because she tried to -- tries to paint the progressive wing as some type of fringe element within the party. but it's not true. ever since republicans lost the georgia election and they got full control, it seemed like biden has endorsed the progressive wing. every single legislative thing that they have wanted to put up, he endorsed it bernie said he is the most progressive president in history. you got aoc and the squad that are backing joe biden. and the president is going right along with that. so, to paint this as some type of small fraction of the party, i just think that is false. tomi lahren has some thoughts about what the democrats have to run on on hannity, watch. >> at this point where democrats are having to decide if they are going to listen to someone like hillary clinton or listen to someone like aoc. not great choices if you are a democrat and you are looking to either keep your seat or looking to get elected. you don't have a lot of great
3:24 am
options. so what they are really banking on is that the american people are stupid. but what they don't understand is that the american people are not stupid. we go to the grocery store. we go to the gas pump. we see that this country is turning into a giant dumpster fire. they chose wokism. they chose lockdowns over freedom. now, here we are and they are trying to confuse us into thinking things are going well. joey: tomi is right on a lot of things there. one thing i will say back to what hillary clinton was talking about. when it comes to progressives, they are not going anywhere. especially the squad. let me tell you why. this is a secret a lot of the people don't think about. there are a couple of republicans that make headlines a lot because the things they say, but they can raise millions of dollars with a tweet. and the squad is the same thing for democrats. they are here to stay because that's where the passion is so as much as hillary wants to blame them they will always have that voice as long as the squeaky wheel gets the grease. as long as they can say provocative things and raise money because money still talks in d.c. as long as should
3:25 am
basically. i don't know if joe biden is doing a bad job of managing it. even nancy pelosi seems to not really care to manage it anymore. it's a problem they will have to figure out. kayleigh: yeah, very true. what lawrence was saying was so very accurate. i spend the entire time on the trump campaign hearing oh, wait, this guy is a moderate. joe biden is the moderate one, he is not bernie sanders. we were told that forever more throughout the campaign. but now look at the decisions he has made. he is clearly the mariannette puppet of the left where it came to the defund the police movement. he played along with it a little bit. >> we have lightly calling it out here and there, just enough on immigration. he won't return to policies that work because the squad rules the day and how dare he return to trump administration policies he has done so a little. each step build back better, socialist take over, these are the policies of the squat. lawrence, you are exactly right. he is no moderate.
3:26 am
lawrence: not by a long stretch. what we are experiencing right now is the great debate. the progressives are going to be progressive. they have -- they are going for the big things, build back better infrastructure, defund the police. everything that they want is on the table. the question is: leading into the midterms, what are the republicans going to do? you have opportunity to go for it, the american people are rejecting, you see poll after poll rejecting every part of the biden administration's agenda. they are tired of open borders. they don't like the economic -- we're going to talk a little bit about kamala harris' response to inflation. doesn't seem like she is prepared for the challenges. when you look at every single issue that is on the table, americans are suffering right now. and so, it is incumbent on the republicans to present them a different option. i hope they do that cailee, in the midterms. kayleigh: it's a great point. they need a new contract with america like newt gingrich h you have got have solutions. i think the party does. you are exactly right. it's not a forgone conclusion
3:27 am
just because the left right will win. up next, a war of words between joe biden and vladimir putin. the russian president is talking tough in the fails of possible u.s. sanctions as moscow's military grows near the ukraine border. so who will blink first? florida congressman michael waltz was just on the ground in ukraine to see the situation himself. he joins us live next. ♪ claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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>> run. kayleigh: we are back with a fox news alert. a frantic parent running out of a chuck e cheese in colorado as flames from the fast spreading marshall fire approaches. the life threatening fire has already burned over 580 homes as thousands evacuate. the governor has declared a state of emergency. the boulder county sheriff says at least seven people are injured. including at least one first responder. he says further injuries and death could be possible due to the intis city of the fire. joey? joey: wow, that's amazing. it's you aing. i have family there. i think we will talk about that later and what's happening there
3:32 am
is so sad. thanks,. kayleigh: you are welcome. joey: making demands in a tense phone call as moscow's military buildup gross near the ukraine's border. the white house is urging deescalation as the kremlin warns the biden administration further u.s. sanctions would be, quote: a colossal mistake. florida congressman michael waltz and green beret just returned from ukraine to see the situation himself. congressman, thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you, joey. joey: really what i would like to do is have you help our viewers understand some of the nuances here because i have talked to people that are in this country from ukraine. i have seen the reporting on it. and it seems like that russia -- their motivation may be more to keep ukraine out of nato. can you explain to us, really, what's motivating russia to push in this way and what we can do about it. >> well, russia and particularly
3:33 am
the nationalist like putin believe that ukraine is part of russia. they historically believe that and they believe it now. now, that's the propaganda. it's hard to tell how much of that they true believe and are willing to act on. but that's the -- you know, that's the broader narrative that ukraine is in -- is actually physically part of russia, curly, historically, and should be politically. and ever since putin lost his puppet down there, he really had a puppet government down there in the ukraine has, you know, indicated that it wants to align with the west. is in line with our values. and wants to move towards a free, open, fair democratic government and free market, putin hasn't liked it. we saw the invasion in 2014 of crimea in eastern ukraine. and why is he doing this now? i will tell you, because he believes he can get away with
3:34 am
it. they got away with it with the obama-biden team in 2014. he thinks he can get away with it now. the other piece joey is you can't overlook how energy policy and the failed energy policy of this administration is playing into this. on the one hand, gas prices are through the roof. well, that benefits russia and russia's oil and gas economy. they are flush with cash right now. but then the other piece is biden walking away from the nord stream 2 sanctions that the trump administration had put in place. basically makes western europe dependent on russia for its oil and gas and it allows russia to bypass eastern europe and the ukraine and to potentially starner them in the middle of winter. all of those things together is why we are on the edge of this crisis. joey: let's speak plainly here for a second. i don't think the will, even among your colleagues or yourself is to go war with russia. we have seen proxy wars not pan out for us in southern asia over
3:35 am
the last 50 years. what is the goal here? to make it so cumbersome on russia that they back off? what is the real strategy that you and your colleagues are pushing for? >> it's about deterrence, joey and peace through strength. he show strength now you raise the cost for russia to do this now, then hopefully we will keep a stable environment in place. and you are right. why does this matter to everyday americans? well, let's go back to the last time we had a major land invasion in europe, right? first it was a check republic, then it was poland. then it was france. and then we had world war ii. and our adversaries are going to continue to push when they perceive weakness and putin particularly wants to reestablish the old soviet union. he is going to push as far as he can. as far as we let him get away with. that's why biden -- i mean, one
3:36 am
of the things in being on the ground was ukrainians saying biden taking a tough stance after russia invades doesn't help us very much. joey: that's a sobering analogy you draw there talking about world war ii and the slow creep that turned into a world war ii. so, congressman, thank you for your service. thank you for what you are doing now. and thanks for coming on. >> thanks, joey, happy new year. god bless. joey: happy new year. all right, coming up, ayey league lock down, princeton university is taking covid crackdown so far the students can't leave the country. we hear from one princeton student next. ♪
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are ♪ lawrence: welcome back. the fight to flatten the curve becoming so extreme that princeton university in new jersey will forbid students leaving the school's county when school starts in january. already mandates covid-19 vaccine and the booster. is this going too far. campus reform correspondent joins me now. reed, thanks so much for joining the program. what is your initial thoughts on this. what is this going to do to the students and how are they feeling on campus right now? >> thank you so much for having me. i think, if i could sum it up in one word, i would say that the policies are a little bit overkill. i mean, i get, you know, us having to have booster and such. but it doesn't make everywhere sense to have them -- require us to get this booster only to go back to school and wear a mask and social distancing and
3:42 am
continue to live like it's marc. the intentions are right. but we are a healthy young student body, almost search vaccinated and i don't really know what they are trying to protect at this point other than their own type of re7 station. and i think this is a theme that you can see consistently across college campuses especially with campus reform has been doing where you see these illogical and inconsistent policies that go against the facts. lawrence: yeah. so i i guess my seconds question would be is are students going to try to challenge this? i mean, do they have the right to tell you you can't leave the county? >> so, i think that one of great things about the student body is we are really advocates for ourselves. i'm a class senator i spent the last semester investigating what the university did in terms of disciplining kids over our covid semesters last year. i think what a lot of kids are scared about are not the restrictions but the punishment that follow them if you violate them. last year the university hired private investigators to interrogate kids that were
3:43 am
accused of violating our covid policy. lawrence: unbelievable. >> yeah. a lot of kids are sick of what they sees a abuse by the school and also sort of these notifications coming to them at unspecified times. i think kids are really kind of fed up with it and it's encouraging to see them standing up to challenges. lawrence: you are exactly right. mandates all over the place. we got a picture of them on the wall where can you see mandate after mandate and it doesn't seem like it's getting better. we reached out to princeton and this is a statement that they released to us. although all of russ exhausted and frustrated by the ongoing covid pandemic, we must continue to do everything we can do to protect the health and well-being of our students, faculty and staff. but, is this really protecting anybody, reade? >> i think that's a great question. i would say it's not. because last year princeton university had a record high
3:44 am
level of appointments made at counseling and psychological services center. the mental health aspect of the student body is absolutely dismal. i think that given niece challenges, that, to me, is more tangible than anyone that had covid at that school. i think our infection rate, even at the highest level was 0.058%. if we are looking at health and well being standpoint hypocritical to enact restrictions and not care about the well-being of our students and offer math. lawrence: great point. a lot of point people aren't making these kids are perfectly healthy on the campus but now being impacted by all these mandates mentally. that is going to be the true story. we already have some data on it but as this gets worse, it's going to impact even more of those students. reade, you have been out front on this, and we appreciate you joining the program, sir. >> yes, sir. thank you so much. lawrence: good luck. carley, i think you have some
3:45 am
headlines for us. carley: that's right. i do. the verdict in the ghislaine maxwell trial sent prince andrew's team into emergency talks. seizing on any opportunity to discredit his accuser virginia giuffre. name names to reduce her sentence. >> i believe that all along she has been playing her cards very, very wisely. she didn't need to implicate other people but this would be the time for her naming names. carley: the socialite's conviction raise questions how much prince andrew knew about his two friends ghislaine maxwell and jeffrey epstein. lays down the groundwork bet millions on public companies. public disclosure form paul pelosi call options worth up to
3:46 am
$2.5 million across google's company alphabet, disney and sales force this month alone. one of those purchases coming just two days after nancy pelosi opposed a ban on lawmakers buying shares. pelosi telling reporters, quote we are a free market economy. lawmakers should be able to participate in that. a library in indiana gets a big surprise when an overdue book from 1968 finally gets returned. the st. joseph's public library manager says it was a copy of sir givee by scottish author george mcdonald's returned by mail. the 53-year checkout equals nearly $4,000 in late fees. but luckily the library taps fines at just $5 and is not looking for a reinburstment. they believe the book was lost at another library this whole time. how about this for a story? guys, back to you. lawrence: they brought it back. s.
3:47 am
joey: i'm pretty sure there is a berenstain bears book that belongs to an elementary school. >> good morning joey and everybody. this is the 2022 ball. you see it on tv and hard to get a sense how it is with me in front of it gives you a better idea. 12 feet in diameter, nearly 12,000 pounds. now made up of all of this cut glass. each one of these a little triangle nearly 600 of those. they are carved by waterford crystals. this year's theme is the gift of wisdom and, boy, could we use that generally, standing out in times square there would be about 60,000 people this year they are going to keep that
3:48 am
15,000 for a little bit more social distancing. but a billion people are going to watch this ball drop around the world for the folks here in new york city, the forecast is actually going to look pretty nice. if we can bring up those graphics, even early this morning i'm really comfortable out here. it's nearly 50 degrees in new york. and really everyone on the eastern half of the country is dealing with pretty comfortable temperatures considering the time of the year that it currently is. we get a little bit later into the day and then into the evening hours, things still fairly mild 40's and 50's up and down the east coast. snow there in the mountains as they see rounds and rounds of it i bring you back to new york city and what we are expecting here this evening. the temperatures we are seeing now, 50 degrees, that is going to last pretty consistently. i'm sorry my pockets are full. i want to pull out something. this is how i'm going to be ringing in the new year. some fashion advice. do we like these? do i make these look good? what do you think? joey: i like it. adam: i do look sharp?
3:49 am
kayleigh: those are fantastic. i love them. adam: can always see out of this guy because there is a zero. i don't know what's going on over here. i need some light. kayleigh: need light-up glasses. reassess. need some pizzazz and sparkle. adam: i will work on it. kayleigh: better have some lights on next hour. i will be looking. thank you so much, adam. still ahead, finances are top of mind for many americans setting new yearens resolution. talk to a personal finance expert about what money tank you should take off your to do list for 2022. ♪ ♪ ...even walking was tough.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
♪ kayleigh: with inflation expected to linger long into the new year it's crucial to know what to do and what not to do with your money. in a new op-ed our next guest explains how to stop tracking money and task off your 2022 to-do list. we welcome veronica dagger.
3:54 am
welcome, veronica. >> thank you for having me. kayleigh: interestingly, you say inflation should play into some of our financial decision-making? >> that's right. for example, one tip we have for folks is not to rush to pay off your low interest mortgage. if you have a fixed rate mortgage say at 3% in this inflationary environment, it makes more sense to put some of that added money towards something that is going to perform better than the interest costs of your mortgage. for example, a new u.s. i savings bond is paying about 7%. can you make a lot more money doing that than paying off your mortgage, for example, and doing so is also really important for someone who is short on savings for retirement. in this kind of environment, you want to maximize your dollar, stretch your dollar as much as possible. kayleigh: now, you mentioned not to panic buy. some of under the circumstances remember the toilet paper runs from the beginning of the pandemic. it's very hard to do so.
3:55 am
>> really hard especially if you get a text message from a retailer supplies are limited only five left. do it now. i get it i remember those days. but, also, remember up if you panic buy across the board it can bust your budget. take a second, take a pause if you really need the things you are about to buy. also take a moment, do a quick google search. shop around, see what retailer has the best price for you. also, if you are in the store, ask for a discount and also in this environment, inflation, consider substituting. you may not need that exact item. you can probably get something similar for cheaper. kayleigh: yeah, you mentioned not tracking your spending dollar for dollar. you analogize it to crash diet. >> crash diets don't work for most people. really stressful and time consuming. instead of tracking your spending, automatically transfer all the amounts to fixed bill each month like rent, mortgage,
3:56 am
car loans. get those out the door right away automatically. and then after that track your spending. automate your savings each month as well that way all that money is out the door and whatever is left goes to your discretionary spending. kayleigh: great and very practical advice. thank you so much, veronica. >> thanks for having me. kayleigh: all right. happy new year. from budgeting to bubbly, we have got you covered. still ahead, the best bottles to pop when the clock strikes midnight. plus, there walls no shortage of media misfires this year. we take a look back at the biggest media fails. stick around ♪ tums vs. mozzarella stick when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite.
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♪ come tomorrow ♪ tomorrow i'll be gone ♪ stay tonight kayleigh: welcome to this second hour of "fox & friends" on the last day of 2021. we are prepared to ring in the new year. you are looking at times square right now where thousands are set to gather. it's exciting because there is
4:01 am
finally a new year's celebration, unlike other cities which have canceled their new year's new york city is not. thousands will gather right there in times square and our own lawrence jones will be here. i'm here with lawrence, here with joey jones and, lawrence, are you ready to get out there? lawrence: kayleigh, i'm hearing that it's not going to be as cold. i was a little worried about that at first. i'm a texas boy, i'm used to the heat. i think i'm going to be able to do this. i'm looking forward to it, pete, will, and rachel will be in nashville during our all-american new year's coverage tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. i will be in times square with emily compagno, i think, joey. joey: you are not going to sleep at all tonight. going to ride right into 2022. lawrence: what's new though? joey: fair enough. i have a 2-year-old, i don't sleep anyway. happy new year as we call it in georgia game day. we have the georgia bulldog and michigan wolverines. i think everybody will tune in
4:02 am
for bulldog victory and great 2022 about victorious georgia bulldogs down there. kayleigh: listen to that football and fireworks. a new year indeed. joey: suggest it for everybody. kayleigh: very much so. on to this very sad news, we begin with a fox news alert. thousands in colorado evacuating as life-threatening fast-moving wildfire forces a state of emergency. alicia acuna joins us live on the phone in lewisville, colorado, with the latest on the marshal fire. alicia? >> good morning to all of you. we do have an update on the evacuations here. there some of the partial evacuations and some of the areas around the lewisville area where the evacuations are being lifted. there is no longer any wind but the fire fighting does continue in some areas. as i told you in the last hour, we have been driving through some of these neighborhoods here
4:03 am
and there are still homes that are definitely burning and there are firefighters doing all that they can. but, as the sun is going to get set to rise here in just a little bit, there are going to be thousands of people trying to get back to their homes and, unfortunately liberation hundreds of people who will find out that they really don't have much in terms of a home left. right now we have been told about 580 homes were destroyed between the towns of superior and louisville. this is suburban denver for lack of a better term. if you are not from this area, we are a 20, 25 minute drive north to the city of denver here, and this is suburb i can't as i have been talking about. so you have densely populated areas, we we saw multiple
4:04 am
businesses this came in at 11:00 in the morning yesterday. that is when this fire began but was quickly picked up by wind gusts that were so erratic and going so fast it took everybody including members of all fire departments involved here by surprise. we are talking about gusts between 40 and 100 and 10 miles per hour. pushing this fire so fast that the governor of colorado said it was consuming football length land in the matter of seconds. so, when you have homes that are in the way, we also have extreme drought situation that is squarely right on top of the area where this fire hit. could not have been a worse location, really in terms of the destruction and possibility of destruction when you are talking about fuel for a fire there were people that had to get out of their homes and businesses in seconds. i believe we had some sound of
4:05 am
someone who had to do just that. >> i grew up in louisiana through hurricanes. nothing like this. >> did you see any fire or anything? >> no. but it's like raining down ash just a mile or so that way. >> just scary, right? >> yeah. >> ever sion seen anything like this? >> not in my time. >> so, some somewhat good news also coming in the weather. it's going to be dramatically different than it was yesterday. we are expecting a snow storm here in the middle of the afternoon and when i say storm, we would have to talk to our weather folks like how fast that will be coming in. if it will be more wind or if it's going to be snow. they are expecting a couple of inches here. folks again though, going to be trying to figure out what they have left going into 2022, back to you guys. joey: wow, alicia, thanks for reporting on this. stay safe. like i said earlier, we are all praying for everyone out there. >> thank you. joey: you know, guys, alicia
4:06 am
talked about how this affected her family i actually got a picture late last night from my cousin in-law. her and her cousins are nurses out there. nic nurse. back porch life flight nurse. they said they are evacuating her hospital. i don't know the name of it. it may be the same hospital that alicia is talk bsmght as life flight nurse her husband jared has been flying patients all night long to other hospitals because they had to evacuated an entire hospital. i don't know what mindset you put yourself in. they have two small kids. they evacuated to a weekend camp site they have a few cities away. and i haven't had a chance to check in with them today. i can't imagine what they are going through. and they are just two people in hundreds of thousands being affected by this. kayleigh: wow, joey, we are thinking about adrian. i can't imagine evacuate ago hospital during the time of covid. absolutely amazing image you just popped up there. but on to this: so border patrol recently picked up
4:07 am
illegal migrants from as far as away as turkey and dozens of other countries. this is really interesting, guys. because, when you look at the numbers here at the number of illegal migrants coming from outside the mexico or northern triangle countries where historically the vast majority of migration has come from, this year, over last year, it's a seven times greater number of immigrants from outside of those regions. when you look at it over all, think about this. one in five people, one in five who have migranted to our country illegally, that amounts to 378,000 migrants are from outside of mexico or those northern triangle countries. so we are talking countries like turkey. when kevin mccarthy stood at the border and said hey, guys, there's a real national security threat going on here, and, remember, he was derided by the left, you know, how dare you say that well, he was right. we have got a real problem. a national security problem on our southern border, lawrence.
4:08 am
lawrence: you are exactly right. i have been reporting at the border for five years. it's not getting any better right now under this administration. there was just a point during the trump administration where the border agents were prepared to go on the offense. now you have these illegal immigrants that understand if you want to get into the country, all you got to do is go through mexico. this is why you see a lot of these folks coming from central america, as you correctly pointed, to kayleigh, we even had a chinese national when i was at the border once that we saw going through a tunnel that border agents were able to process, capture and process through our system. again, there is no incentive to do it the legal way when it's so much easier right now because the biden administration is just allowing folks to come in. i also reported back in central america that a lot of the folks that are -- even in the middle class that want to come to the country would have gone through the legal process because they cannot find work now, they are saying they are just going to go to mexico and get into texas
4:09 am
and, by the way, the only people that are securing the border right now when it comes to texas is the texas department of public safety, the border patrol are swamped, they have no support from this administration. ken paxton, who is the attorney general for texas says this is part of biden's agenda, watch. >> this is a part of his agenda. and if it means that more americans die because of covid or more americans die because of fentanyl overdoses which are up, i think drug overdoses are up like 29% this year or whether there is more crime along the border or more people lose jobs, it's worth it to him, i think, because of votes and, two, i think it hurts republican states, particularly, but all states that have illegal immigration. but particularly costs republican states both in lives and in social costs and also economically. joey: listen, guys, i'm from a town called dalton, georgia that is mostly hispanic. and it's mostly actually people from mexico. they came there legally and
4:10 am
illegally to work in the textile industry. there is one thing i learned growing up. that's if you come here illegally you are disenfranchised. you are not actually a part of this country. you don't get to partake in all the wonderful things. you live in the shadows. we shouldn't want that on anybody. if we want legal immigrants here, we need to pressure congress to change the laws. illegal immigration works negatively for both sides. kayleigh: you are right. it's incredible, joey, to think an illegal migrants could have more rights in this country than a u.s. citizen but they do. where is the vaccine mandate or illegal migrants crossing the border? it doesn't exist. instead what we are see something a flurry of drugs crossing the border. absolutely horrendous for the first time in our nation's history 100,000 overdoses directly tied to the southern border. on to this, guys, kamala harris the veep always out of the vep 'vice president. yet another example of
4:11 am
absolutely horrid communications that's actually pretty difficult to watch seems like an snl actor but indeed our vice president. here she is on face the nation on inflation. >> was it wrong to consider inflation transitory. these price spikes seem like they are going to be with us for a while. >> we have to address the fact that we have got deal -- the facts that folks are paying for gas, paying for groceries and our -- need solutions to it so let's talk about that. kayleigh: yeah, it's astounding to me, lawrence. i mean, she can't get an answer right on the issue that is economically speaking most important to voters. i mean, it's stunning her communications ability. i compare this to vice president mike pence who was always a fantastic communicator who lady the covid task force and did a really great job exhibiting leadership. i mean, you just compare the ability of a national political figure to speak to the american
4:12 am
public is paramount and it just doesn't seem like kamala can ever get it right. lawrence: kayleigh, what we are witnessing is what the staff has confessed to. i mean, when you look at these anonymous reports, by the way our whole press shop is essentially leaving at the beginning of this new year. they say that she is not read up on the material. well, we see it in our ---with our own eyes every single day. she is just not prepared for the task of being vice president because she is not doing the studying. she is not listening to the briefings, and then she does these interviews that she likes to do off the cuff and gets it wrong. went from talking about inflation to the supply chain. i mean, there are so many things that is wrong with this vice president but, again, we knew this back on the campaign trail. this is joe biden's fault. he divided to pick her instead. the democratic voters rejected her during the primary, progressives rejected her during
4:13 am
the primary. minorities, black folks, hispanics rejected her during the primary and they still decided to put her on the ticket. again, there has been reports for years about her a.g. office, her senate office, and now the vice president's office about her not being prepared for the job. and, yet, she got the promotion. joey: you know, kayleigh, you would know this better than me. there is a formula for success when it comes to a president and vice president. generally speaking your president is the stoick statesman and that vice president attack dog always on the attack gets a little bit more muddy. obviously with president trump and mike pence that was almost kind of reversed. it was more of a balance. you have both personalities. what makes this so perplexing to me kamala harris at her most effective was the attack dog personality in those senate hearings. obviously i didn't agree with the majority of it, but it was effective. but now she is kind of -- you know, if we are using that attack dog neutered in her
4:14 am
ability to attack. i don't know if that's a joe biden thing or a kamala harris thing, you would have more insight than me. it just doesn't work. the messaging doesn't work. the personality balancing doesn't work. kayleigh: joey, the vice president tends to have more legislative and government experience than the president it may seem counter intuitive but it's true. vice president pence was very help envelope that regard. in this case you have someone who is one of the least experienced vice presidents in history on top of that doesn't have skill either. lawrence: one being able a tack and the other the ability to governor. punching in a committee against republicans and they can't respond back. another thing going out there and solving the problems for the american people. she doesn't have any experience and it's showing. kayleigh: it's a fantastic point. over to someone who has a lot of experience doing great job always. carley shimkus with headlines.
4:15 am
carley: stop it -- keep going. i'm kidding. turn to headlines beginning with this a travel nightmare continues this weekend. thousands of flights are canceled as omicron surges among airline staff already facing stiff labor shortages. flight aware reporting more than 2,000 flights canceled today and nearly 1900 are canceled for tomorrow around the globe. stranded travelers may be ringing in the new year at airports as more cancellations for today and tomorrow are being reported by the minute. 206 u.s. marines are removed from the service after refusing to get the covid vaccine. the announcement comes as the military ramps up discipline for those who refuse to comply with the pentagon's vaccine mandate. earlier this month, 103 marines were fired for not getting their vaccine shots the same day the army released six of its leaders including two battalion leaders for not getting vaccinated. all right, so when people think
4:16 am
of new year's eve, most think about the ball dropping right here in new york city, but some cities across the country are getting creative. north carolina 10-foot tall 150-pound acorn made out of copper and steel will fall keeping up with a 20-year tradition. look at that on your screen. lebanon, pennsylvania is set to droop giant piece of bologna tonight. across town in mechanicsville a giant wrench will plummet to ring in the new year. over in bethlehem, pennsylvania where teeth are manufactured they will drop a 400-pound. lawrence: we will take it though. thanks, carley. carley: you bet. lawrence: looking forward to the new year. we have been talking about new year's resolution and what we will do in our personal lives. i shared with you guys the other day i plan on working on balance. work, family, and a little bit
4:17 am
of fun i'm not saying i'm going to stop -- work less but work smarter. that's what i'm going to do. smarter, not a lot. joey: we talk about balance for me. balance is probably finishing things. i don't finish things really well. i move onto the next. i'm a fire starter not fire tender. change in that moment you realize it. i got a lot of wood projects in my wood shop unfinished. as boring as it sounds i'm going to finish some of my projects hopefully by 2023. kayleigh: that's a good one. lawrence jones you stole my new year's resolution. mine was to be more present -- it wasn't woodworking it was to be more present. like you, joey, i have a 2-year-old. it's really hard sometimes when you are with your daughter to put down the device when you are in the news business especially you are always reading the news and emails. i want to be more present with
4:18 am
my husband and daughter and use down time few and far between to really be there. thank you, lawrence, you echoed me. joey: yeah. kayleigh: yes. all right, well, more americans are turning to guns for protection as crime skyrockets across the country. you were next, a beverly hills gun shop owner as business booms and media has been wrong a lot this year. >> critical race theory, which isn't real, you oppose critical race theory being taught in schools, which i should say is not part of virginia's curriculum. kayleigh: coming up, we'll countdown the biggest media misfires of 2021. ♪ you really got me now ♪ yeah, you really got me now ♪ ome to allstate. where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more.
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♪ lawrence: so you have seeing crime all across america crime so bad even liberal elites rushing to buy firearms. our next guest owns a gun shop in beverly hills and says between rampant theft. looking for guns for protection. let's bring in russell stuart on guns. thank you so much, russell, for joining the program with us. are you surprised by the amount of folks come in to buy guns? >> good morning, thank you for having me. crime escalating with defunding of police and gorge gascon's
4:24 am
laws putting criminals back on the street. people are taking law into their own hands and rightfully so. joey: got a question for you california compliance what kind of guns are you seeing people coming for most? are you educating them and pointing them towards a certain type of gun? it looks like this is mostly for self-defense. what are californians looking for? >> definitely we do have to apply by the california compliant rules. we are seeing a lot of handguns moving. a lot of self-defense shotguns. we're definitely -- we definitely stress training. obviously we do have a lack of shooting ranges around here so we definitely try and do as much personal training inside of our shop but we definitely, definitely definitely want people to go out, practice, train, learn how to use their weapon and it's only going to be a public safety issue if they do not. lawrence: you know, russell, i
4:25 am
have seen some other liberals try to make fun of beverly hills and say this is just the rich that are, you know, all of a sudden afraid. meanwhile, we have seen 686,000 more guns sold in the whole state of california. that's up 65% from 2019. so it was once just a crime being in the big cities but it's starting to spread to suburbs like beverly hills, right? >> oh, absolutely. but i also want to stress this is not a rich issue. public safety is not about politics. it's not about money. it effects everyone. half of the people in beverly hills are only renters. it's not just the rich. everyone deserves safety. and this is just not something that they are getting from their leadership so they are taking it into their own hands. joey: russell, do you feel like this is sparking maybe not advocacy but awareness for the second amendment and do you feel like in your area of california that people are becoming not
4:26 am
just more educated but more understanding of why the second amendment is so important? in other words, going beyond retail purchases and more about lifestyle and understanding our constitution and why this is so important? >> 100 percent. i think i have had a lot of customers who have come in who are first-time gun owners who are in their 50's, 60's, even 70s who have said their entire lives i was afraid of guns, i would never own a gun and probably wouldn't even advocate for that ownership but who are coming in now and saying i'm definitely changing my mind. i don't know whether they are now gun people per se or second amendment, you know, advocates. but i definitely know that they have changed their mind when it comes to ownership and i'm glad to see it. lawrence: looks like they just want safety. it's that simple. russell, thank you so much. i hope some of that energy moves towards new york as well and folks are purchasing guns here. thank you so much, sir. >> thank you so much for having me. lawrence: you got it it's a war of words between biden and
4:27 am
putin. the russian president is talking tough as moscow's military gross near the ukraine border. so who will blink first, we ask. former secretary of state mike pompeo next on "fox & friends." works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs. find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c.
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♪ >> go, go, go. run, run. [sirens] kayleigh: we are back with a fox news alert. that is a frantic parent running out of a chuck e cheese in colorado as flames from the fast-moving marshall fire approaches. the life-threatening fire has already destroyed over 580 homes and burned over 1600 acres. the governor has declared a state of emergency. the boulder county sheriff says at least seven people are injured, including at least one first responder. he says further injuries and deaths could be possible due to the intensity of the fire. guys, send it on over to you. lawrence: wow, keeps getting worse. thank you so much, kayleigh. a heated phone call over founting tensions in ukraine. putin warning he will sever ties u.s. imposes new sanctions as
4:32 am
biden threatens serious consequences over ukraine invasion. after critics tells him to be tougher on russia. kayleigh: here with reaction is former secretary of state and fox news contributor mike pompeo. welcome secretary pompeo. >> good morning, kayleigh, great to be with you lawrence and joey, happy new year. kayleigh: happy new year to you, too. secretary pompeo, there were two calls this month, one was on december 7th with vladimir putin and president biden, what was interesting to me is after that call happened, it was the action that vladimir putin took. it was to add 10,000 more troops to the border of ukraine so clearly he didn't get the message and then there was a report this week that he was going to pull back 10,000 troops. it's unclear whether that happened. but what is very clear is he is still mounting troops on the border. i don't think he is getting the message from president biden. your thoughts? >> well, kayleigh, think about the messaging, don't forget the earlier conversations as well. indeed a summit between the two
4:33 am
where the russians had launched a cyberattack on the united states, closing down a pipeline. it seems like a long time ago. that was 2021 when gasoline wasn't available in the southeast united states because of russian activity. president biden threatened but did nothing. and so now you have it. you have more words from the biden administration but no actions, no demonstrated result and i think you see vladimir putin observing that. he is requesting to push. is he going to use his coercive activity to achieve a diplomatic outcome he couldn't achieve otherwise or actually retake some of ukraine the same way he did in 2014 when president obama was in charge and vice president biden was then our vice president. lawrence: so, mr. secretary, thank you so much for being with us today. let's talk about that. because there was often some criticism of the trump administration, specifically the president of the united states that said he was too soft when it came to his words. but when we look at the actual policy, he was the touchest when it came to being hard on russia. so, what does the commander-in-chief now need to
4:34 am
do because it doesn't seem like tough talk is working. >> lawrence, you know, i'm glad you mentioned this. i lived in this. i was present for all of this where president trump was a russian asset and we were weak on russia. in fact, we sanctioned more than 200 russian entities. we have built the united states military. maybe the thing that was the most alarming to president biden is we actually supported our troops, our soldiers, we built the u.s. force that could support and defend american rights everywhere. we took down the caliphate. we went after the iranians, all things that the russians were supporting. this was a serious administration that i think vladimir putin knew he wouldn't have done what is he doing today during the biden administration. last thought on this, your point is well-taken. i think vladimir putin watches this administration. he watched what happened in afghanistan. we think of these things as a separate but they are deeply connected. remember the russian history in afghanistan where they were drummed out of there. he watches the america lose 13
4:35 am
services as we wantonly depart afghanistan in a way that was a total debacle and sees a weak leadership from the united states. he doesn't see us defending our values and he is prepared to push this issue with ukraine to the brink to get what vladimir putin really wants. we don't know precisely what that is. we know what he has asked for. we think he knows he can't get that there is something he intends to push. when you don't see leadership with the west demand germany stolen the nord stream 2 pipelines there is real risk vladimir putin will misjudge and would have been a conflict between ukraine and russia that the world does not need or want. joey: secretary pompeo i'm pretty sure you are well red on lieutenant colonel dave grossman what he writes on killing with conflict you have fight or flight but you also have posture and submission. that really becomes part of politics, especially with defense strategy. if we are now showing essentially submission, did we get back to an effective posture without a fight like are we in a
4:36 am
place that just the raw human interaction means we are barreling towards a fight or is there a way to fix this and to posture ourselves better? >> lawrence, there is absolutely a way to make sure that there is less conflict. i worked on this as secretary of state every day. diplomacy to solve problems and american national security interest. i hope this president does it if. he doesn't i'm i'm confident the next president will. our economy is capable. we can toliver things no one else can deliver. if we open up our energy for expottery again and deliver everythinged that the world needs. we should be a confident america. we should be defending the things that matter to us most. and securing american freedom at our southern border and all across the world each and every day. we shouldn't be weak and in submission mode and in appeasement mode sitting with iranians in tehran. we should be focused on doing the right things for the american people here at home and
4:37 am
projecting american strength abroad in a way that ronald reagan did. he said 30 years ago. soviet union. 30 years ago today the soviet union had his last breath. we should remember ronald reagan said we win they lose and a strong confident america can do it again, lawrence. i'm very confident of that. kayleigh: peace through strength. wise words, mike pompeo. i really wish the current president would take you up on them. thank you so much for being here and happy new year. >> thank you, kayleigh. thank you lawrence. so long. happy new year. kayleigh: no shortage of media misfires this year. remember how the supply chain and inflation were covered? >> so the economy isn't bad, it's just that people are mad because everything is late and things cost a little bit more. >> one of the reasons prices are up is because people can afford to pay those prices. kayleigh: we take a look back at the biggest media fails. that's next.
4:38 am
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♪ kayleigh: there was no shortage of liberal media misfires this year so we thought we would break down some of the media's biggest missteps of 2021 and there were a lot. here to help us is fox news contributor joe concha. who better to walk us through some of these. joe, welcome. >> you again. i just saw you yesterday on "the five." i can't get rid of you hoya
4:43 am
saxta. kayleigh: georgetown. for the viewers who don't know that framing of kyle rittenhouse. take a listen. >> kyle rittenhouse, a white teenager who crossed state lines with an ar-15 style rifle honchts came across state lines with a firearm that he purchased illegally driven by his mother. >> the right to celebrate the rittenhouse acquittal while the growing obsession with vigilante justice is an active threat to american society. >> wow. kayleigh: we need some accountability here. >> be aively: media malfeasance to the point an entire college course could be taught about it basic rules here. the defendant guilty until proven innocent. i'm pretty sure you went to law school as you know that's not how the system works. race was a central theme as well. three white guys shooting three other white guys in self-defense and then you had a network, the one you just played msnbc, they were tossed from covering the
4:44 am
trial after they chased the jury van back to its hotel, witness intimidation. even running a red light in the process to do so. a hot mess in a dumpster fire. funerally the justice system got it right. kyle rittenhouse obviously exxon nerve rated maybe celebrated a little bit too much to my taste. the justice system ignored the media coverage here, kayleigh. kayleigh: yeah, and then there was this one. remember all those voters who showed up in virginia and voted based on education and critical race theory and they elected a republican governor. well, it apparently was a figment of their imagination. roll the tape. >> critical race theory, which isn't real. >> you oppose critical race theory critical race theory being taught in schools which i sudden say is not part of virginia's curriculum. >> specifically targeted the issue of education and what he calls critical race theory, even though it's not taught in virginia schools. >> what can i say, kayleigh.
4:45 am
media leaps like you played there in new york and washington. they can claim all they like that crt isn't being taught in virginia schools or elsewhere. parents in the commonwealth. parents across this country, they knew better when watching that coverage. they saw the curriculum. they spoke to their children. the teachers that were brave enough to defy their union bosses also spoke out. critical race theory being shoved down students throats flies in the face of the mantra of dr. martin luther king. i would much rather my children learn from him. he preached on judging others not on the color of the skin but by content of color. crt does the exact opposite of that meanwhile 25th in the world in writing, math and science maybe we get back to book ling and tackling fortunately the virginia governor's race showed that parents have had enough, kayleigh. kayleigh: they have had enough. the november 2022 midterms will show the same.
4:46 am
the pricy receipt that you have very grocery store the check that shows how expensive your meal is at a restaurant, the gas prices, here is what the media has to say about all of that. >> the economy isn't bad, it's just that people are mad because everything is late and things cost a little bit more. >> one of the reasons prices are up is because people can afford to pay those prices. >> fascinating. what can you say, kayleigh? it's fun when the richest 1% are telling you things aren't that bad. meanwhile you read poll after poll. 90% of the country is says inflation is something they are deeply concerned with. that's 170 million people saying, boy, this is having a big people. not 170 million. i'm doing math wrong. 320 million half say inflation is directly causing hardship on household particularly the low and middle class because they can't on so, all these price increases when it comes to food and gas and heating their homes. disconnect between elites and news rooms and what feel are feeling on the ground.
4:47 am
abc news poll just out 7 in 10 americans disapprove of president biden's handling of inflation. when you want to spend trillions and have you already spent trillions this year already, that can do that, and, look, you can soft pedal this all you like, americans are simply not buying it, kayleigh. kayleigh: but joe biden and ron klain tells us it's transitory. don't worry about that joe concha. >> right. kayleigh: border agents egregious lie media. >> we saw image of one border patrol agent using a whip and effectively trying to lasso some of the migrants. you see that picture there. as an image, to me it does smack of a by gone era of slavery. kayleigh: chris cuomo boy that's a flashback. >> seems years chris cuomo patronizing people on television. rush to judgment led by the president of the united states
4:48 am
and those in his administration. mr. biden owes those agents a public apology. i never really heard much about that investigation by the way while those agents were suspended. the media members that pushed this b.s., they knew better yet they went ahead and with that narrative anyway. now they have egg on their faces of course but apologies as you know it's just not in the d.n.a. of many people in this business unfortunately kayleigh, i have got to know before we go, it's going to be 2022 soon wharntion is your resolution? mine is to lose weight. the wife just said i look like i'm in my second trimester, not good. i want to hear yours since weight is clearly not an issue. kayleigh: mine is to be present. when i have those rare moments to be off work. with my husband and daughter bring down the screen time. joe, make this final point. have you noticed a trend and everything we are walking through that the ivermectin story was such a high that oklahomans were overdosing on ivermectin what was oklahomans,
4:49 am
60 minutes lie about governor desantis? governor desantis a successful governor of a state of florida. all the lies tend to go in one direction that's against the right and against republicans. so, anyway, joe. thanks so much for being here. had to make that point. pretty obvious to our viewers but worth saying. >> journalism has become activism in many circles, unfortunately, kayleigh. that's the overall theme we are seeing. no longer about bias and trying to control narrative and change an outcome. that's a scary thing, kayleigh. kayleigh: thank you for being here. happy new year you don't need to lose weight, joe. >> thank you. i'm going to tell her that. hear what she said? kayleigh: please do, please do. straight ahead. we're live in new york city's times square ahead of tonight's new year's eve celebration. adam klotz is at the site of the iconic ball drop as we count to. ♪ waiting for tonight ♪ oh, oh
4:50 am
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>> new york city's times square gets ready for a scaled back celebration to ring in 2022. let's check in with fox news meteorologist whose never wrong, adam klotz, live from the iconic
4:54 am
times square ball with a special guest. >> adam: never wrong indeed, and my forecast, i mean, and 50 degrees out here today is going to be 50 degrees when the ball drops so it's going to be beautiful and lawrence is going to be out here and he will enjoy that but for now we're up here enjoying the nice weather jeff strauss is the organizer of this entire event. >> with the times square alliance we work on it every year all year along. >> it's a big one what can we expect this particular year. >> this year the ball is ready and the revelers are back. we'll have a reduced number and be getting ready to celebrate 2022. i brought you one of our wonderful hots so you can just be like the revelers down below. >> thank you, i love this. >> i'm always looking for style advice and tassels i guess are in. >> we'll have our friendship chinese stars and our mittens from carnival we're ready to have a great time. >> adam: you said the revelers , who are the
4:55 am
revelers? >> the revelers are all of our guests people come from all over the world to celebrate with us in times square. when that ball drops behind us we're joined by these revelers and over a billion people around the world who will be counting down with us there's no moment like it. >> adam: a billion people watched last year we had zero revelers or very scaled back very small situation, it's a little bit bigger this year, not full-on. how does that change your planning? >> well what's the great thing is we're going to have this party no matter what. the ball is going to drop and 2022 is going to happen. it doesn't matter how many revelers are here and we've got great entertainment, we have all these big acts down there that are celebrating the new year and it's just a great way to start 2022. >> adam: any act or particular part of the show people should be especially excited for? >> well those 60 seconds and when it lights up 2022 and you have a ton of confetti falls down it's filled with thousands
4:56 am
of people's wishes and when you reach into the sky and pull-down someone's wish and we're all wishing for the same thing. >> adam: that was a great answer i'm glad i asked that question. thanks for meeting me here and doing this. good to see you every year. guys we're ready getting closer to seeing this ball drop we're ready for 2022. lawrence: thanks, adam. i can't wait to be out there tonight joining you guys. all right, the all-american new years live from nashville tonight at 10 p.m. eastern, you've gotta see will, pete, and rachel and they will also be joining us next hour. kayleigh? >> kayleigh: i can't wait to watch i'll be watching and i'm glad it's 51 degrees, you won't freeze, a texas boy needs to be warm so good. still ahead, no new years celebration is complete without a champaign toast. we've got the best bottles to pop when the clock strikes 10:00 next hourd, on fox. you'll find some of the peace-of-mind you want. at prices you'll really want.
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5:01 am
right here in new york, joey. >> man i've never been to australia but looks like they know how to have a fireworks show. it looks like a lot of fun, it was orchestrated and they are lighting up bridges and i get excited just to see it, that looks like a whole thing there, man. that's a happy new year. lawrence: and it's still going. >> i hope it turns for them down there i know they've struggled in australia and i hope the new year brings in some new happiness and joy and freedom down there. >> and tokyo, we know other cities have had to cancel their new years eve celebration, but we're not canceling it. certainly not here at fox news, where we'll be in nashville, and lawrence jones will be in times square. lawrence i don't know how you do it, you're up early, out late, i have to be in bed by like 8:00 p.m. but you do it around the clock. lawrence: i have this rule. go to bed by 12, up by 4:00. >> [laughter] lawrence: that's the rule. >> kayleigh: you're like
5:02 am
kilmeade, you don't need sleep. lawrence: we'll sleep when we're dead. >> kayleigh: i love it well on to very sad news. we begin with a fox news alert. thousands in colorado evacuating as life threatening fas-moving wildfire forces a state of emergency. alicia acunia joins us live with the latest on the marshall fire. alicia? reporter: good morning, kayleigh and as we wait for the sun to come up here in louisville, colorado to get a better assessment of how things are going we can show you a closer look. i'm in the middle of a suburban neighborhood here in louisville. this is a driveway to a home that once stood here, and just to give you an idea of the torna dic nature of this fire and the storm and the winds that pushed it, just take a look. we often see this , when we're covering tornadoes, right next to this home is a house that looks virtually untouched. the car still in the driveway and we've seen burned out vehicles all along as we've been
5:03 am
trying to drive-thru here. a couple of updates. first we have the wind picking up a little bit. we just heard another explosion, you've been hearing them all throughout the night with the fire. that is just a natural part of the situation here, so we may have to move at some point, and in addition to that, there are areas where evacuation orders are being lifted and pre- evacuation orders. that doesn't mean that everybody can come back right now. folks are still waiting, some 30 , 35,000 people were evacuated in this area, 580 homes lost in the fire so far. that was as of the count last night. the fire is continuing to burn in some areas, firefighters are constantly, continuing to try to keep those flames down and protect other homes. let me take you back to 11:00 in the morning yesterday, in the boulder county area, there was a downed power line, authorities believe it sparked a grass fire, that was quickly picked up by wind gusts between
5:04 am
40 and 110 miles per hour. that fire came on so quickly, in an area that's pretty densely populated. we're not talking about just a country area that's rather rural we're talking about a more urban , suburban area, two towns of superior and louisville, colorado. there were people who had to get out of their homes and businesses within minutes. they really didn't have time to get much out, let's take a listen to one of those. >> the trees, they're all up in flames, like there's embers everywhere, so it makes me very frightened of course with the wind that it's going to continue to spread to other homes. it was so dark, of course you just can't see anything. it's like the black of night. i would imagine this is what a nuclear attack would look like. reporter: and also, another update is something i talked to you guys about earlier.
5:05 am
as i've mentioned earlier, our family, my husband, his brother and dear friend own, opened a restaurant two weeks ago in louisville and then on our ring app that we had from the camera inside our restaurant, we were watching the images of the flames overtaking the business. we were in a business area, a shopping area, and i drove by earlier and saw our business, along with the neighboring businesses, completely burned out. everyone got out safe. it was a matter of minutes though. i can also tell you just from personal experience, our family, my husband's family, they had minutes to get out of their home with their children and their animals and it was, my sister-in-law said they had, she grabbed water and oranges and that was it. this is one story from hundreds of people here. we're hearing of some people who are injured, six to seven people who were hospitalized, and we will, all of these numbers are
5:06 am
going to be updated in the next hour or two and we will bring that to you, as it comes. back to you. >> kayleigh: alicia i'm so sorry for your family's loss and i'm so thankful they got out but we're praying for your family and the 600 others who lost homes what a tragedy just before the new year, thank you. lawrence: thank you. >> thank you. >> kayleigh: well on to this. president biden, he spoke with russian president vladimir putin it was a last minute call. the call came as russia is mounting troops on the border of ukraine, there's been reports that there were upwards of 100,000, certainly tens of thousands, that number is unclear, but jen psaki, the white house press secretary, she came out with this statement after the call and said president biden urged russia to deescalate tensions with ukraine he made clear that the united states and its allies & partners will respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. well, here's the problem in my
5:07 am
mind, lawrence. jen psaki, that's nice, those are words. but vladimir putin, he doesn't understand words, lawrence. he understands actions and in fact joe biden had words with putin on december 7 in another call and the action that putin took after was not to pull troops back from the border. no he added 10,000 more. you brought this up last hour, lawrence. the trump adminitration, whatever you thought of the words, the actions were very very clear. they shutdown russia's diplomatic presence on the west coast of our country, expelled 60 russian intelligence officers as robert o'brien, the national security advisor said sanctions so much there was almost nothing left to sanction, and russia, i think that's the language putin understands. lawrence: that's exactly right. we're talking about joe biden and he's a man of words. just to go back, back in 2008 when president obama was then-candidate obama, he select ed joe biden because he was known to be the guy that was supposed to be an expert at foreign policy, chaired the senate foreign relations
5:08 am
committee that powerful committee and he was known to be the guy but when they got elected he became vice president , the intelligence community, universally said that joe biden wasn't prepared on foreign policy. he then took that same record and ran on it for president, said we needed someone that was experienced on the world stage that was going to bring back normalcy, that everyone knew him and respected him. well we're seeing it again right now where they don't respect the president's words because they don't match up with his actions. putin is still steamrolling the president of the united states, joey. >> yeah, you know, there are issues i feel like even if the president mess it up, even with covid kind of, americans know how to kind of buckle down, do what's right and get through it. those are domestic issues but when you have issues like this , something that's happening across an ocean but can affect us domestically, that's when we worry because we don't get a lot of say in that. we can't do something in our
5:09 am
everyday lives to keep ourselves safe from foreign adversaries like mike pompeo, former secretary of state said on the show earlier today he talked about how this affects even our oil & gas and things like that and let's take a look at what he had to say. >> you have more words from the biden administration but no actions, no demonstrated result and i think you see vladimir putin observing that and he's going to push and use his coercive activity to try to achieve either a diplomatic outcome he couldn't achieve or to actually retake some of ukraine in the same way he did in 2014. in vladimir putin watches this administration, he watched what happened in afghanistan, we think of these things as a separate but they're deeply connected remember the russian history in afghanistan where they were drummed out of there. he watches the americans lose 13 soldiers as we depart afghanistan in a way that was a total debacle. >> kayleigh: putin saw afghanistan, guess who else did, china, iran, they saw it, and it sent a very clear signal that
5:10 am
the united states, unfortunately and i say this unfortunately, because you never want our country to be weak on the world stage, but afghanistan sent a clear message that we don't have a president whose totally in control. we do, however, have a wanna-be president who lost her election and i'm of course speaking of hillary clinton. she lost in 2016, less than a year until mid-terms, she has some thoughts for her party. >> i think that it is a time for some careful thinking about what wins elections, and not just in deep blue districts where a democrat and a liberal democrat or so-called progressive democrat is going to win. i understand why people want to argue for their priorities. that's what they believe they were elected to do. look, i'm all about having vigorous debate. i think that it's good and it gives people a chance to be part
5:11 am
of the process, but at the end of the day, it means nothing if we don't have a congress that will get things done and we don't have a white house that we can count on to be sane and sober and stable and productive. lawrence: she can talk about the progressives all day but part of the reason why they got bernie sanders out of that primary during her race because they said that bernie sanders wasn't able to beat donald trump and she will be forever known as the candidate that couldn't beat donald trump either. she can talk about the progressives all day, but they are running the show when it comes to this administration. bernie sanders, aoc, have all made it very clear that joe biden is the most progressive president, all right? and joe biden is signing on to all of their agenda, so again, there used to be this element of the democratic party. that is no longer the case. they are setting an agenda, they are running the table, and you know what? i think the american people want this fierce debate. they want the progressives and
5:12 am
the conservatives to go at it and to be able to choose which one they like. looking at the country right now , the direction that we're going in right now, and looking at the president and the vice president approval rating number s is clear that the american people are rejecting this progressive agenda, joey. >> joey: you know what's funny i think hillary clinton feels like a lot of democratic candidates who have run for president over the years which is man, why couldn't i have inherited this situation and i don't mean that to say she's cheering for coronavirus but i think most of us accept that was a big part of why joe biden was able to win and i think most of us also accept pretty much everybody that's ran for the democratic nominee probably be doing a little bit better job at least of command ing the room that joe biden is, so she's stuck in this place of perpetual, you know, what-ifs i guess so she's always going to sound off. it's just what she has to say mean anything anymore, and i think right now, probably not, because joe biden's the president and the progressives aren't going anywhere, so i don't know what she's adding to the conversation
5:13 am
>> kayleigh: yeah, and she calls out progressives now but hillary clinton has never been a crusader against progressives. i don't remember her calling out defund the police or abolish i.c.e. or critical race theory, so why is she doing this now? maybe she has presidential ambitions, maybe, you know, i thought she was the least- likable candidate in modern history, and then kamala harris came along, maybe she thinks i can do better than that person but on to this , someone very likable, my friend, carley shimkus, with the headlines. reporter: awww, thank you very much. you're likable as well, we have headlines covid-19 not taking anytime off as record breaking case numbers surge past those of january 2021, and while president biden vacations in delaware with his new puppy, his administration is urging the supreme court to uphold this vaccine mandate on private companies with over 100 employee s. republicans pushing back with 47 senators and 136 house members asking the high court to block
5:14 am
the sweeping mandate. the supreme court is scheduling an unusual january 7 oral argument on an emergency appeal related to that vaccine mandate. >> outgoing mayor bill deblasio bids farewell as new york city's mayor and teases a run for governor. listen to this. >> the time to speak about the future is up ahead a little bit in the future. not going to do that today. i can say to you that whatever plans i have i'll be talking about very very soon. reporter: before he can look ahead, deblasio owes new york city taxpayers $320,000. he racked up the tab using nypd as security detail during his failed 2019 presidential campaign. so far, he has refused to say when he will pay that money back >> and south carolina, not holding the mayo after their victory over the unc in the duke's bowl. south carolina coach getting
5:15 am
more than he can handle after leading their team to victory over their rivals 38-21 and $10,000 was offered to the team 's charity of choice if they got it dumped on them after the game, the video, oh, my gosh , what better way to celebrate a victory than a mayo shower i guess except take a shower with water and burn those clothes, because it's going to be smelly. lawrence: let me tell you, there's a lot of things that are disgusting, mayo is at the top of the list. >> joey: i can think of a few ways to celebrate a bowl victory that didn't include that but more power to them because those coaches made a lot of money and he could have made a larger donation to not have that happen but those coaches are looking for an angle in recruiting and that's helpful, it was worth the mayo bath i'm sure. lawrence: thanks, carlie. >> kayleigh: i prefer the champaign shower.
5:16 am
lawrence: exactly. >> kayleigh: all right, coming up border patrol agents encountering migrants from as far away as turkey, but as the pandemic rages on is enough being done to keep americans safe? we ask former acting dhs secretary chad wolf, next, and then, get ready to ring in the new year in an all- american way. fox & friends weekend co-host will cain, rachel campos-duffy, and pete hegseth will join us live, to preview their new years eve special in nashville, tennessee tonight. ♪
5:17 am
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>> welcome back. the coronavirus pandemic prompt ing border patrol to require proof of vaccination from all foreigners entering the country starting later next month, but as agents pick-up a surge of migrants from as far away as turkey and dozens of other countries, what needs to be done now to secure the border and keep americans safe? let's ask former acting dhs secretary and heritage foundation visiting fellow, chad wolf. second wolf, thank you for joining us and let's get right to it. is this a little bit too late? is this really going to be an effective policy? >> well, obviously, they've got a serious border crisis going on that's gone on for 11 months now and they have refused to put the policies and programs in place to address it, and so what you see now is you see historic numbers coming across the border , illegal apprehensions, individuals coming across that border every single month and now you have places like turkey,
5:22 am
east africa, and other places that we see migrants showing up. border patrol apprehends 120 different nationalities coming across that border, so we're talking about public security threats, national security threats, and other issues that we really need to be concerned about and the biden administration is not doing the job it needs to do to protect american communities along that border and american communities throughout the country. >> joey: this idea of requiring a vaccination that really doesn't do anything for what the border patrol is doing with. i mean migrants are surging across the border i don't see proof of vaccination being a part of that. >> well you're right, joey. it's one thing to require proof of vaccination for those folks that are entering the country legally. individuals that are doing it the right way, but then you have hundreds of thousands of folks doing it illegally, and there is no testing requirement, there's no vaccine requirement, there's no quarantine requirement, for these individuals, so their policy continues to be very
5:23 am
hypocritical. they just don't care about and they refuse to address the illegal population that's coming across that border every single day. >> joey: i was a little bit confused when the supreme court basically told the biden administration the remain in mexico policy had to remain, i felt like they would pretend to be upset by it but kind of take that win with the headlines but now they are challenging it and asking the supreme court to review it and see if they can't actually end that policy. what do you think their motivations are here. doesn't that policy actually help? >> well of course it helps and the proof and the data is there to demonstrate that, so in the midst of the worst historic border crisis that we have ever experienced, you now have the biden administration trying to end the remain in mexico program for the third time. they tried it twice by policy memorandum and now they are at the supreme court, so again, this program was designed to root out the fraud and the asylum system. if there are individuals truly fleeing for their lives, they will wait in mexico.
5:24 am
that is okay. it's for those individuals that know that they have no legitimate asylum claim that have no desire to wait in mexico that want to be in the u.s. , they don't want to be part of the program. >> joey: yeah, secretary, thank you for joining us and thanks for the analysis. >> thank you. >> joey: still ahead, ivy league lockdown, princeton university is taking its covid crackdown so far that students can't leave the county but princeton grads can still party. pete hegseth and his fox & friends weekend co-host rachel campos-duffy and will cain will join us ahead for all of the all-american new years celebration, coming up, next. ♪ man, i slept. we gave new zzzquil pure zzzs restorative herbal sleep
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>> kayleigh: we're back with a fox news alert a frantic parent running out of a chuck e cheese in colorado as flames from the fast-spreading marshall fire approaches. the life threatening fire has
5:29 am
already destroyed over 580 homes and burned over 1,600-acres. the governor has declared a state of emergency, the boulder county sheriff says at least seven people are injured including at least one first responder. he says further injuries and deaths could be possible due to the intensity of the fire. guys, over to you. well, princeton university students are calling out new covid rules that bar them from leaving the school's county, when the semester starts in january. >> we're a healthy, young student body almost everyone is vaccinated and i don't really know what they're trying to protect at this point other than their own type of reputation and i think this is a team that you see consistently across college campuses when you see these in consistent policies that just go against facts. lawrence: here to react is fox & friends weekend fam pete hegseth , rachel campos-duffy, and will cain. pete and rachel are already in
5:30 am
nashville. will didn't want to leave texas so he's going to be there a little bit later. i want to go to you, pete. what's going on with your school , brother. it's mandate after mandate, you gotta get covid test, gotta get boosters, test when you get there and then they still want to lock you down. pete: you're going to make me try to defend the lunacy of the ivy league, i've got it. [laughter] there's absolutely nothing to defend at this point. princeton is unrecognizable both in the classroom and now as it pertains to covid protocol. it's anti-science, you've got young, healthy people all vaccinated, forced to be vaccinated, many of which probably regretted it at this point, and they are still forced to mask and self-social distancing, they can't get together in groups of more than 20. 20 was just a pre pre pre party when i was there so i don't know what they theophano doing these days, that student is right. princeton wants to look good in
5:31 am
the eyes of other elites and has nothing to do with the benefit of their kids yet sports teams i should note so i did sit the bench on the basketball team i would have been allowed to sit the bench in another county but not other students it's insane. >> joey: yeah, pete its come a long way since the time that dean cain was ripping up the grid iron and you were warming the bench in basketball there, but to be a little bit more serious, you went to school at princeton, kayleigh was talking about being at georgetown, i went to georgetown these are institutions that are supposed to, you know, really get us thinking about life and freedom and free speech and here we are and it seems like they are just scared and codelling and is that, i mean, what are we going to do with this? how do we fight back against this idea that we're teaching 20 -year-olds to be scared to live their lives? rachel: is that for me? because i have a lot to say about that. >> joey: rachel i think that be better for you. rachel: [laughter] i'm going to tell you this.
5:32 am
he can rip on princeton all he wants and god bless the guests that you've had. i've watched an interview that todd piro did the other day, but one of the guests that you had from a princeton student said that they actually figured out that they were hiring private investigators to investigate the students who violated covid rules, so yeah, i could blame princeton because these ideas are crazy but coming from a state school in arizona, i'm not surprised that these ivy leagues are crazy. i can't believe how complaint the students are. even how polite and nice and they are like i'm frustrated. i'm frustrated? i thought they had a diversity program there. where are the latinos losing their mind in that school. i can't believe that the student s are allowing this to happen. that they haven't protested. we saw women burning bras in the 60s over less than this. this is an absolute infringement on their freedom and i can't understand, actually what scares me is how complaint and submissive the students have been through what i think is a
5:33 am
chinese-style surveillance system that has been imposed not just in princeton. i had a son at madison university of wisconsin madison last year and if you didn't have a covid test, you couldn't get into a building. if you were kids were turning each other in, they were encouraging kids to nixon each other if they weren't wearing masks or they were too close to somebody else. this is insanity but the sad part is its been normalized and these students are accepting it, they maybe complaining but complaining very lightly. i can't understand it. it scares me. >> kayleigh: i went to law school in the people's republic of cambridge, a little left wing town, i went to harvard law, these are left wing indoctrinations but i do i think there's cause of encouragement. there are a lot of motivated young conservatives finding their voice, will and are going to fight back on their campuses.
5:34 am
will: well a couple of quick thoughts i don't think we can highlight the craziness enough. the craziness is such that if you have a gathering over 20 people you can't have food so there's not any kind of impulse to take down your mask. we all know you can't leave the county but sports teams can. it's just so stupid. it's just so dumb, and this is from one of the most prestigious universities in the country and then that should lead you to this question. if they're to the anti anti- intellectual and about i- science on this issue what else are they so stupid on and the answer you'll find is a ton of them, because to pete and rachel and that student's point it is about virtue signaling the mo davis earn day black lives matter sign in your yard. it's really sad for one, i have a 13-year-old and i have to seriously consider not that i want to send him to an ivy league school but any institution that accepts this kind of anti-intellectualism i don't want any part of or anything to do with it, so the last thing i
5:35 am
would say -- pete: will is exactly right. stop holding them up as prestigious. will you're right and i'll let you finish they aren't prestigious anymore. will: the last thing i would say is i didn't get the memo that there was a fox & friends all-american new year meeting in a hotel lobby at 7:30 central time, on a friday. much liked to i didn't know to get there early and convene for the coffee or whatever is going on so that's one hell of a party that already started. rachel: he decided to drag his feet and stay in texas a little longer. can i just make one important point to move on for this i think it's super important. i think that the fact that these schools are looking more like chinese schools scares me but the other part is really heartbreaking, and that is that some of these students have talked about the mental health crisis on campus. they don't have enough mental health people to even help them, the lines are long. kids are wanting to commit suicide. kids are depressed. they aren't just restricting their movement, they are damaging them emotionally, and
5:36 am
many kids are dropping out of schools and others are suffering quietly in their dorm rooms where they are locked in. it's terrible. lawrence: well y'all got up early, you guys are fired up about it and we're happy you joined us today. later tonight, you're going to have the all-american new years live from nashville tonight at 10 p.m. eastern time. i'll be in times square, you guys will be leading it in nashville, so we'll be looking out for you then. >> joey: hey guys thank you all for coming on and rachel i know your daughter we've interviewed her she would not stand for this. she's got fire in her and she's very talented and i appreciate you pointing it out. i know will stayed in texas because he's probably going to catch that football game, alabama and cincinnati tonight. i'm sure that's why he's still there. will: i've gotta get to nashville. i will be watching in nashville. pete: it's in nashville, will. it's in nashville.
5:37 am
rachel: come on, will let's go get out of texas let's go. the party is starting here. will: i'm on my way. >> joey: speaking of football that's my segway there. still ahead we're gearing up for a week 17 of the nfl on fox, fox nfl sideline reporter jen hale breaks down all of the must -see actions, that's next. we hit the bike trails every weekend shinges doesn't care. i grow all my own vegetables shingles doesn't care. we've still got the best moves you've ever seen good for you, but shingles doesn't care. because 1 in 3 people will get shingles, you need protection. but, no matter how healthy you feel, your immune system declines as you age increasing your risk for getting shingles. so, what can protect you?
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lawrence: it's week 17 of the nfl season and we've got you covered with this weekends must- see games on fox. fox nfl sideline reporter jen hale is here to break down the match-ups for this weekends games. >> good morning, happy new year , i'm doing great how about you? lawrence: i'm good so first up the cardinals versus the nfc
5:42 am
east cowboys champions sunday at 4:25. i think i'm picking them to win, what about you? >> i agree with you, i think they are going to win, but i think they have some attention to details that they need to really hone in on this game. zach hasn't looked exactly like himself ever since that calf injury. lawrence he hasn't been running nearly as much so i think that's something he's going to try to get back to this week to get ready for the post-season it's going to be tough because that cardinals defense, they're tough, they aren't going to make it easy that's a fun one to watch. lawrence: exactly right and i hope he does have that back for this upcoming game so next we have the los angeles rams versus baltimore ravens,lamar jackson is supposed to make his return sunday at 1:00 p.m. eastern. who do you got to win this? >> look i know that ravens fans have their fingers crossed but we actually got bad news yesterday about lamar. he returned to practice, did not look so good was gimpy on that
5:43 am
angle and he didn't practice yesterday, practiced wednesday but not yesterday so will he make his return? that's really the huge question mark there. the ravens are not out of the post-season statistically, but they gotta win these next two weeks and you don't want to have to do it with a backup quarterback so if lamar plays that gives the ravens a really good chance otherwise i've gotta go with the rams. i think they are really clicking on all cylinders right now. lawrence: lamar jackson still questionable, that's bad news for them. okay, next, so tampa bay buccaneers versus new york jets sunday at 1:00 p.m. i'm going with the buccs. what about you, jen? >> i'm totally with you, seeing eye to eye, yes indeed and here is the thing so i talked to tom brady yesterday, yeah they got the nfc south locked up but the conference seeding is still in play and the buccs really want that second home game so they are pulling out all of the stops not taking this week off by any stretch and here is a piece of fun trivia for you.
5:44 am
guess what the opposing quarterback of the other side, the jets quarterback, zach wilson has the same birthday as tom brady but they are 20 years apart, 44 and 22 this maybe the biggest age gap we've ever seen, zach wilson was one-year-old tom brady's rookie year. lawrence: furthering that conversation, is there another fact that he needs at this point it was a tough week for the sports community especially the nfl community, so we're remembering john madden, jen. >> lawrence, excellent point indeed. you're going to see tributes all weekend long as these games unfold. john madden touched the game in so many ways whether it was from his hall of fame coaching career or the stamp that he left on the broadcast industry. for me personally he gave me some of the best advice i ever received when i was just starting out 11 years ago at the nfl on fox and he's done that for so many people. we're all still chasing the standard he set for us and
5:45 am
it is a great loss. he defined how to do this and how to do this job and we're all going to miss him very much. lawrence: had so much class as well, jen i think that i owe you a cup of coffee from my last bet so i'll catch up with you to get you that. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me lawrence. lawrence: you bet take care. carlie you got headlines for us? reporter: that's right and we'll begin with this , a suspect captured on video attempting rob an elderly woman and dragging her to the ground is turned into police by his own mother. minnesota authorities say the suspect was already in jail for a separate carjacking when his mother saw the footage and reported him. the elderly woman suffered a brain bleed and concussion but is expected to be okay. she never let go of her purse, the suspect is facing robbery and assault charges. >> a shocking 110 year prison sentence for a trucker has now been reduced to 10 years.
5:46 am
colorado governor commuting the sentence thursday, for a trucker convicted in the 2019 crash that killed four people. the original sentence based on state minimum requirements spark ing widespread backlash, a petition to have the sentence commuted gaining nearly 5 million signatures one of the most popular campaigns ever on >> listen to this a bride in tennessee celebrates her big day with her 97-year-old great great grandmother as her mattron of honor. the wedding was held at a senior living facility so she could be in attendance. staff bought courtney's dress and arranged to have her hair and makeup done. a bouquet was even made to replicate the flowers courtney carried when she was married in the 1940s. the bride said it made the big day extra special. you've gotta love that story. those are your headlines, lawrence, back to you. lawrence: i'm telling you, honoring the great grandparents what a blessing.
5:47 am
thanks carlie. >> you bet. lawrence: so no new years celebration is complete without a champaign toast. we'll break down the best bubbly for your buck but first we'll check back in with adam klotz live from the icon being ball drop in times square, stick around. hi susan! honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? now get powerful relief with robitussin elderberry. real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> kayleigh: in just hours from now the iconic times square ball will drop to ring in the new year. let's check back in with meteorologist adam klotz. he's live in times square for a fox weather forecast. adam has improved his outfit in the 6:00 a.m. hour he just had glasses but he got a hat last hour. adam? >> adam: well you wanted shiny glasses, and it's probably hard to tell but these are flashing, i promise you, they are, and yeah, this is the 2022 ball. you see it on tv every year, maybe not always see someone in front of it. it is huge it's 12 feet in diameter, weighs almost 12,000 pounds, and it's comple in these pieces of cut glass, which i'm holding right here i know this is hard to see , but wrap
5:52 am
ped in these pieces of cut glass, cut by waterford crystal. these are designed to look like the gift of wisdom, that's this year's theme and certainly something we do need. now, typically, there be 60,000 people down in times square for this event. this year there's going to be 15,000 of them, kayleigh, i know you were kind of judging my look , my glasses, i did find more, so i want you to just let me know. i mean, what should i be wearing this evening? what looks better, do you like these? do you like the flashing ones? i don't know. lawrence: tough crowd. >> kayleigh: let's see the others. let's see them. lawrence: put the red ones back on. >> joey: you can see out of those better. >> kayleigh: adam you've upped your game, i demanded sparkles and you brought crystals so wel. >> adam: thank you. >> kayleigh: thank you, all
5:53 am
right, adam. well no new years celebration is complete without a champaign toast. here to show us some of the best bottles, champaign expert angela sovey. thanks so much for being here. >> hey, good morning and happy new years eve. >> kayleigh: happy new years eve now tell us about moet and s handone. >> oh, we have so much wonderful champaign in front of me right now, and what better way to toast to 2022 than with a decadent glass of champaign from champaign france, so at moe t we have a champaign for every mood, every budget, every party size, so let's talk about some of these great champaigns in front of me. over here i have moet and this is the world's most beloved champaign, it's bright and it's fruity and did you catch how i'm pronouncing it?
5:54 am
moet. you pronounce the t. so an easy way to remember that is no way will you say moet. next up, another name that can trick people up, but if you love pinot noir, you will love it because it's made with over 50% pinot noir. it's delicious. over here, these are the best of the best champaigns, we have a chardonay lover's dream and it is fresh and so elegant. we have dom perignon, it needs no introduction, it's an icon, a legend and no better way to ring in the new year with a glass of this luxurious bubbly. finally, we have krug, and this is a rich, decadent champaign that is meant for the most luxurious of toasts at new years eve.
5:55 am
it takes 20 years, isn't that incredible? lawrence: it is incredible angela so i'm going to be on-set for part of the new years but after that i'm going with my friends and we pop bottles so my question for you is, how many bottles do we go through, typically, you guys on a new years eve? >> oh, well it depends on your party size, and again, we've got bottle options for any size. we've got these great minis . these are a great single-serve option suggested retail around $ 15. we have a magnum. if you plan on serving 12 or more glasses of champaign, you need to upgrade to a magnum. this is spectacular and what a way to make a splash at your new years eve celebration. >> kayleigh: gotta go for the magnum. lawrence: that's what i'm talking about. >> joey: angela thank you for the education, a guy like me i just got a big education, thank you so much and for bringing the class level up on the show here, and filling in for me today.
5:56 am
>> oh, definitely and all of these bottles are available for purchase on our >> joey: more "fox & friends" moments away. (burke) this is why you want farmers claim forgiveness... [echoing] claim forgiveness-ness, your home premium won't go up just because of this. (woman) wow, that's something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. [echoing] get a quote today. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ have you checked singlecare? i think you can get a cheaper price on this. cheaper meds with singlecare. stop! i should spread the word. but how? i wanna be remembered for the savings, with singlecare. you walk into the pharmacy, with great insurance. but then, (screams) singlecare beats the price of your copay. singlecare the musical. are people ready? (sings dramatically)
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oh, i need to get to work. telling people to check the singlecare price.
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>> thank you so much for joining the final "fox & friends" of this year.
6:00 am
it's the all american new year from nashville tonight. >> happy new year's eve. i'll be up bright and early with you tomorrow morning. happy new year. >> enjoy popping those bottles tonight. i'll be here bright and early tomorrow. i'll have a glass or two. happy new year, everybody. love you, bye. >> god help us. [bleep] >> did you guys just see that? >> you can hear the terror in their voices as fast-moving wildfires forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes in colorado. the smoke and flames engulfing two towns north of denver. officials say nearly 600 homes have been destroyed. good morning, everyone, i'm trace gallagher. julie, good mornin


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