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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  December 31, 2021 6:00am-9:00am PST

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it's the all american new year from nashville tonight. >> happy new year's eve. i'll be up bright and early with you tomorrow morning. happy new year. >> enjoy popping those bottles tonight. i'll be here bright and early tomorrow. i'll have a glass or two. happy new year, everybody. love you, bye. >> god help us. [bleep] >> did you guys just see that? >> you can hear the terror in their voices as fast-moving wildfires forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes in colorado. the smoke and flames engulfing two towns north of denver. officials say nearly 600 homes have been destroyed. good morning, everyone, i'm trace gallagher. julie, good morning to you.
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>> julie: good morning, trace. i'm julie banderas and fox news live. the sky in colorado an ominous shade of red. the flames erupted yesterday morning. some were sparked by downed power lines. the situation even prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency. >> gusts of 100 to 110 miles per hour moved this fire down a foot ball field in a matter of seconds. very little time to get out. very little time to even get the most important parts of your life. >> trace: reporting live in boulder county, colorado. alissa, good morning. >> good morning. this situation actually continues to evolve and as the sun comes up we'll get a better look at the extent of the devastating damage that took place and continues to take place as i stand here. our photographer we managed to
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put up this shot two minutes ago. we had been on the move and we were inside a neighborhood. i'm in lewisville, colorado. you can see the house still in flames. we have fire crews over there. we were standing in a neighborhood where the burned-out homes when we were warned by a fire official it was way too dangerous to be in there. this isn't your average fire the way he put it. we're talking about homes going up. you are talking about carpets, sofas and appliances and carcinogens burning into the air and why we are where we are right now. 11:00 yesterday morning when a downed power line authorities believed sparked a grass fire. it was picked up immediately by wind gusts that were going between 40 and 110 miles an hour. it didn't happen in a rural
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area but in a suburban area. highly populated area of the denver area, lewisville, a population of 25,000 and the town of superior, colorado over u.s. highway 36. so there were apartment buildings. entire apartment areas that were engulfed in flames. there was a hotel by marriott engulfed in flames. there was a hospital was evacuated including their i.c.u., all out. this morning the town of lewisville and the town of superior, colorado trying to figure out exactly how much is left. we do know at last count 580 homes were burned. people got out. they had minutes to get out. one example if you can see and hear the video was a chuck e.
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cheese. parents and kids. listen. >> go, go, go, go. >> unbelievable situation here. these parents trying to get out into the parking lot. only to be met with these wind gusts that were incredible and hard to just walk through including the smoke and the flames that they could see as well. i can tell you, trace, from personal experience that family members who live in this area had minutes. my husband's family lives up the street from where i'm standing. their house is standing. they had minutes. my sister-in-law told me she had time to grab water, oranges and her kids and they were able to get out. additionally not to make it such a personal note just that i happen to have all this information, my husband and his brother and their dear friend opened a restaurant two weeks ago just down the street the other way from where i'm standing. we watched the images on our
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ring app as the flames engulfed our business and that of our neighboring businesses as well. there is so much damage yet to be heard of that is going to come even more clear as the day goes on. trace. >> trace: the damage is heart rending. we are glad your family is okay. the best to them. we'll get back to you when the news breaks. on to the covid pandemic. now facing problems amid a surge in covid cases. the cdc sounding the alarm raising its travel warning to the highest level and telling americans to avoid cruise travel regardless of vaccination status. with us now dr. marc siegel. dr. marc i guess what we're saying even if you are vaccinated and boosted the cdc is saying do not get on a cruise ship. what's the reasoning, the rationale for this. >> good morning, trace. i think the issue is that on a cruise ship it is like a petri dish.
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no matter what virus we talk about. we have to start talking about viruses rather than fear. even if it were norovirus, it spreads around the cruise ship. covid-19 with the omicron variant is so transmissible. if there were cases on the cruise ship and you couldn't be sure and we're seeing so many breakthrough cases among the vaccinated. we'll talk about that. over 580,000 new cases in the united states over the past 24 hours and even in portugal which has over a 90% vaccination rate they now have 28,000 new cases over 24 hours. cases are breaking through like lightening even if you are vaccinated. they the end to be much milder the silver lining. if you'll see spread you won't want to be on the cruise. >> trace: the cruise line industry released the following. cruise ships over a highly
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controlled environment with science-backed venues. significantly lower incident rates than on land. and do they have a point? you look at other things. we put people on planes and you fly shoulder to shoulder with somebody for five hours. go to vegas, go into a casino with 3,000 other people or catch a concert with 10,000 other people for three or four hours. it seems like there is a little bit of picking and choosing here, dr. siegel. >> very fair response to that, trace, i have agree with everything you just said. maybe brings up another point the rigid tee of talking about vaccine requirements all the time. maybe with a cruise ship they could say have a rapid test before you get on regardless of vaccine status. did you recently have covid? and did you have a proof of positivity of having had covid? that immunity has been showing in studies in south africa to make a big difference.
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i think that cruise ships are still on the table. it is personal choice but maybe they would have a tighter system of figuring out how to screen you. airlines, too. you just said airports are even more of a problem than planes. i think screening should be more than just vaccine status. proof of immunity from prior infection and rapid testing if we had them. scarcity of rapid tests. >> trace: i want to put up the averages. the change from last week. cases 316,000, up 55%. hospitalizations up 9.1 percent. look at the bottom. deaths are down 10%. i know it is a lagging indicator. isn't this where we wanted to be? case rate up and death rate stable and going down? >> absolutely. that's the light at the end of the tunnel. i wrote about that in the "wall street journal" this week. i want people to take heart with new year's coming. don't respond to fear mongering. let's have hope.
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the light is coming. we aren't used to seeing the scaffolding as viruses as they evolve. trace, as we come to the new year if the variant is so mild and swarming it will provide enough immunity plus vaccination. everyone out there get vaccinated and boosted if you haven't been, to bring us into an endemic phase and out of the pandemic in the spring, my prediction. >> trace: just to follow up on that people should read your op-ed in the "wall street journal." it is fascinating. dr. marc siegel. thank you for coming on. >> julie: meanwhile tough day for air travelers this new year's eve. more than 1,000 flights have been canceled so far as the covid surge and winter weather causes chaos nationwide. the situation is so bad one airline is already canceling flights into the middle of next month. jeff flock is live in philadelphia this morning
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following it for us. good morning, jeff. >> good morning to you. that airline is jetblue flies out of philadelphia and other places in the northeast. the statement they just put out saying they are indeed going to cancel 1280 flights into january. they say quote now, we expect the number of covid cases in the northeast which is where most of their personnel are continue to surge for the next week or two. that means there is a high likelihood of additional cancellations beyond even those ones they just announced. take a look at the numbers today. so far we are at 1,187 cancellations, so far already today. over 700 delays. that comes on the heels of yesterday, another tough day. over 1400 cancellations yesterday and more than 8,000 delays. now, most of these are coming from the omicron issue, although there is weather in places like seattle and denver as well. hardest hit airlines is united
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yesterday with 10% of its flights canceled, over 200. jetblue as we mentioned 17% of its schedule and delta. not so much people sick, airline workers feeling sick but testing positive for covid. take a listen. >> they are not going to the hospital or dying but they can't go to work. when you have airline personnel be they flight crews or cabin crews or even the personnel in the airport and they are up close to the public, they are sick and they have to stay home. >> they are hoping that the new cdc guidelines with five days of quarantine after will help but that is not in effect yet. julie. >> julie: all right, jeff flock, thank you so much. trace. >> trace: families across america rising up to fight government mandates in schools this past year. coming up we'll have tips for
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parents on what they should look out for in the new year. plus kamala harris fumbling a question on inflation while hillary clinton takes a shot at progressives warning the far left wing of the party could undermine democrats in the mid-terms. our political panel responds to that next. >> we've got to be very clear eyed about what it is going to take to hold the house and the senate in 2022. ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ ♪ heartburn, ingestion, upset stomach... ♪ ♪ diarrheaaaa.♪ try pepto bismol with a powerful coating action. for fast and soothing relief. pepto bismol for fast relief when you need it most.
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>> trace: vice president kamala harris facing more criticism after struggling to answer a question about long-term inflation in a recent interview. now former presidential candidate hillary clinton is calling out far left democrats over policies that could lead to huge losses in 2022. lucas tomlinson live for us in washington with more on this. lucas, good morning. >> good morning, trace. many raised eyebrows when the vice president answered this direct question on inflation from cbs. >> was it wrong to consider inflation transitory? the price hikes seem like they'll be with us for awhile. >> we have to address the fact that we have to deal with the fact that folks paying for gas
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and groceries are -- need -- >> harris went on from there. trillions of new government spending for the current inflation crisis. >> we're in good shape in terms of getting employment back, getting growth back and so forth. the march stimulus package literally manufactured inflation. it was financed with printed money. his build back america program would just make things a lot worse. >> inflation has skyrocketed now. energy up 33%, gas up 58%. that's not all. 16 cities across america stretching from portland to jackson, mississippi and philadelphia all experiencing record-breaking number of homicides. borderer patrols says illegal migrants, the highest total on record. hillary clinton offered the falling warning to democrats ahead of the mid-term elections.
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>> it is a time for some careful thinking about what wins elections. at the end of the day it means nothing if we don't have a congress that will get things done and we don't have a white house that we can count on to be be sane and sober. >> when the clock strikes midnight the count down to the mid-term begins. inflation, crime and illegal immigration will help flip congress to the republicans. >> trace: thank you, lucas. >> julie: for more on all of this let's bring in desirae, former congressional candidate for ohio and now president and ceo of innovation ohio, and the founder of classic communications and assistant secretary from the department of homeland security.
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long titles. we'll have time for the interview. let's start with hillary clinton not only taking a shot at progressives and calling them out on their inability to get things done. she is warning them their tactics could cost them the house and senate control in 2022. since she is familiar with losing elections does she have the point of progressives undermining other democrats? >> i don't think hillary clinton was at all bashing the progressives. she is asking and telling members of congress to get the job done. overwhelming majority of americans like people in ohio, a state that went for trump, support build back better. and so the agenda and the items in that agenda which the biden/harris team campaigned on is popular, americans support it and we need to get it done.
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>> julie: left wing progressives went after joe manchin after his opposition to the build back better plan. the democrats are treating their own, they have bashed joe manchin from the very beginning. that won't help them when it comes to the mid-term elections. do you think they will heed hillary clinton's advice? >> i don't think bashing joe manchin is the takeaway. we want him to support it and what we need to talk about to build human infrastructure. i do think it is a great thing and a great idea that we are at this moment where democrats are discussing policy while republicans are attempting to attack democracy and creating warfare with our policies at the state legislature levels. >> julie: lauren. >> i think hillary clinton's comments actually reflect they are worried the democrats don't have anything to campaign on in
6:21 am
the mid-terms because democrats generally like to pass the big bills with lots of different things on them and talk about the small sliver that actually impacts the american people instead of this massive government spending program. i think what they are lacking is real answers to the things that americans care about the most right now which is inflation, the coronavirus, pandemic and how the white house is handling or not handling that. the fact that we were caught flat footed with the latest wave is giving a lot of people pause on if democrats can manage the crises the way biden promised he could when he came in. it is things like these and also the labor shortages and everything else happening that the democrats don't have good messages for especially with inflation and the economy not doing as well as it should be at this point they are concerned about that. if they don't pass build back better and it doesn't look likely, then they don't have anything they can go on the campaign trail and say they did. that's what hillary clinton is pointing to i think is the underlying effect that the party has become a little
6:22 am
hostile to their moderates and don't have anything they can go to the american people and say we're making your lives better. >> julie: all right. lauren, thank you very much. we appreciate you both coming on, disray, that's all the time we have. happy new year. >> trace: new york city getting ready for a scaled back celebration in time square and how the nypd is working to keep everybody safe plus president biden bragging about the economy and drawing mockery in the process. will the new year bring relief from inflation? we'll ask our friday money team coming up. >> you cannot stop inflation by just spending your way out of inflation. that is the wrong recipe. the american people don't want it and they've had enough. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need.
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>> julie: final preparations are underway in new york city for tonight's scaled back ball drop in time square. revelers need to show proof of vaccination and wear a mask as there is a surge of covid cases. laura, engel is live with more. >> we're talking about less people and more precautions. that's the name of the game tonight. you've been here before on new year's eve and know it's packed. things will look, feel and sound different. safety and security is always a top concern but adding on precautions for covid-19 at the top of the list. a live look at what things look like in time square. all those -- it's not usually super busy this early but we see a little more action of people scrambling around to get people ready. there is no more recognizable place to watch new year's eve celebrations than here in time square in new york city.
6:28 am
things will kind of change when you watch it on your screen tonight if you aren't here. new year's eve 2022 will be a scaled-back celebration at the symbolic center of the big apple as new york city deals with yet another spike in covid cases setting a new reported record yesterday of nearly 44,000 confirmed cases. the rules are strict for revelers. only 15,000 will be allowed to attend this year. attendees must show proof of full vaccination, valid photo i.d. and wear a mask to get into the area. years past we've seen approximately 58,000 people crowded into viewing areas. last year crowds were banned all together with covid. as covid concerns are front and center the nypd keeping a watchful eye on security, of course, saying there are currently no credible threats but security efforts will be high. >> including plain clothes observation teams, bomb squad response teams, radiation
6:29 am
detection teams, canines, drone detection and sand block trucks as well as from sanitation. >> chicago will move forward with its parties. other major cities are pulling plans. the 15,000 folks set to party tonight they will start letting people in and getting the screening process started in the next several hours. the party begins at 6:00. see you here from times square julie. >> julie: all right. i'm a little jealous. i'm in a van two hours away. i would rather be where you are. happy new year. i know you probably would rather be home. thank you. >> trace: julie being held hostage in a van. president biden citing an unnamed expert to brag about the economy. he tweeted we're ending 2021
6:30 am
with what one analyst described as the strongest first year economic track record of any president in the last 50 years. let's keep the progress going. here to react is steve moore former economic advise o*sh to president trump and austan goolsbee from the council of economic advisors under president obama. welcome to you both. a lot of people said the tweet was a doozy on the scale of the hunter biden laptop being russian disinformation. you felt like big tech would shut it down. you had someone saying please tell us the name of the country where this happened. steve, what do you think of the tweet? >> well, happy new year to you, trace and to austan. look, it is hard to say this is a great -economy. the jobs are out there, we have a record number of unfilled jobs.
6:31 am
that's a great situation. if you are a working for a new job they're available if you have the skills to fill them. the problem has been in my opinion, this is like our country has become addicted to crack cocaine of government spending. that can't go on. this is new year's eve. people will be drinking a lot tonight but guess what you get a hangover effect. what really worries me is what will happen in 2022 when you have the hangover effect from all of this inflation and all the unpaid bills of trillions and trillions of dollars. i think it could be quite a come down. >> trace: seems fair. austan, i'm assuming you aren't the anonymous source that gave the president this information. what do you think of the tweet? >> i wish. look. i think there are clearly negatives in the economy. by far the paramount negative is that we don't have control of the virus. hopefully this omicron variant will prove to be mild and usher
6:32 am
in the end of the pandemic. until that happens we are going to see a negative impact on the economy. inflation is the other negative but there are many big positives so if by making fun of his tweet you are trying to imply that there weren't big positives i think you are wrong. we'll have the fastest economic growth for the country in almost 40 years. we have the lowest jobless claims in more than 50 years. and we've added more jobs this year than in any year in a long time, as well as passing a big infrastructure plan. he has a lot of positives to show but they can't get complacent. i feel on testing they got complacent. they made an unforced error. >> trace: one analyst said, we lost 22 million jobs in the pandemic, steve. it is like saying we shut down the beaches because there was a shark warning and when we opened the beaches back up because the warning was lifted the president is taking credit
6:33 am
for getting people back in the water. the jobs were going to come back. if there is a lot of good news out of this, austan, the american people aren't feeling it. look at the poll numbers rating economic conditions fair or poor. 82% believe the economic conditions are fair or poor. is the economy getting worse onto the next poll? 67% of the population believe it is getting worse. those are numbers that, you know, people just aren't feeling it, steve. >> you are exactly right. people see every day the higher gas prices, they see the higher prices of meat and dairy products and other things at the grocery store. you can't spin this one way or the other. people feel it in the wallet every single day. but when austan is talking about the things in the economy, the job market is really good, no question about it. how about the massive increase in the national debt? how about the fact that wages are running behind inflation?
6:34 am
that means that people's paychecks are shrinking. people are becoming poorer because of this inflation. the big question is how are you going to solve this inflation problem when you have an administration that wants to pour another $4 trillion of unpaid money into the economy that can only be paid for by printing more money? i don't understand the logic of it. >> trace: austan, last word. >> i will say this factually not true. if you add up the tax cut they got and the amount wages went up it is well in excess of inflation for 2021. we will have to see. i believe that the inflation is in large measure derived from the pandemic and the supply constraints and those are easing. the price of oil is down about 25% or more from its peak. hopefully that will translate into lower gas prices. if not, then i think steve is right, that president biden is going to face a lot tougher 2022. but i think if we get control of the virus, which is
6:35 am
possible, the economy could have a very strong 2022. >> austan, i hope you are right about that but i'm a little nervous about it and i don't think now is the time for another big spendsing bill. >> trace: austan and steve, happy new year, gentlemen, thank you. >> julie: parents standing up for their kids in 2021, 2021 was a brutal year for parents pushing back hard against critical race theory and far left lesson plans in the classroom. what moms and dads need to know to keep up the fight heading into the new year. plus promises made and promises not kept. how the list of democrats' accomplishments this past year is looking very short.
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and for 3 months after you stop taking zeposia. don't let uc stop you from doing you. ask your doctor about once-daily zeposia. >> julie: you could call 2021 the year of the parents. concerned moms and dads making their voices heard at school board meetings and their votes matter at the ballot box, all in a fight against critical race theory and the far left
6:41 am
agenda. as we look to the new year, carroll markowitz writes three ways parents can keep fighting the good fight in 2022. carol is a "new york post" columnist. tell us how we should as parents keep up the good fight. let's pull up your three tips. >> in 2021 parents realized there was a problem and took a really big first step. speaking up about that problem making it known, showing up to school board meetings saying they wouldn't stand for it. all of that is actually very difficult especially when your community at large don't agree with you or you need to convince people to your position. they got a lot done and they really made a splash including in places in virginia where they elected a new governor based on school policies. all of that is very important. but going forward, there is a really big hump that parents will need to get over to actually make the changes.
6:42 am
politicians don't always do what they say. school boards might not coalesce around your positions, speeng up at school board meetings might not be enough. parents are in for a much harder fight in 2022 and prepare for that and they should be involved. >> julie: wins are important but not the end of the road. critical race theory is not generally called by its name. if you fight covid-19 restrictions it will require repeating the same information again and again. some parents did fight some pretty hard battles and won actually as democrats lost a key governor's race in virginia while other democrats across the country were forced to back off from any chance to returning to remote learning. so coming up this coming week my kids are going into remote learning. i think a lot of schools will be because of the fact that we
6:43 am
don't have enough home tests as biden had promised and so we have people coming back from winter break and they can't go back to school. it is a bummer. >> right. you know, parents need to constantly say remote education is not real education. remote schooling is not skoofmgt we really all learned that last year. these temporary remote breaks can turn into longer term remote breaks. parents need to actively fight this. i think the randy weingarten lie where she said she tried to open schools last year. show us how much you want to open schools nou. tell the school districts not to go remote and that kids need to be in school and they're low risk. the signs is on the side of kids being in school. show us how much you want kids in the classroom. now is the time where the rubber meets the road for people like that.
6:44 am
>> julie: we moved out to long island and they have been in school all year with one week where they had to quarantine because one kid in their class got covid. other than that we've been in school. i was planning on starting a diet and doing a dry january as of this monday. now my kids will be home. that's out the window. anyway, all right. i want to move on to another topic. really bad timing. really screwing with my plans. author of 1619 project says american kids are being taught the history of a country that does not exist. nikole hannah-jones made the following comments in an interview with the a.p. days after saying she doesn't understand why parents should have a say in their kids' education. if she can't understand the role of parents and education then should she have a say on whether her 1619 project should get taught in school? >> well that's a great question. the thing is that it's actually her version of the country that does not exist and that is
6:45 am
completely fictional. i'm an immigrant to this country and know what america is all about. i celebrate this country and blessed to be here and my kids understand that. the country nikole hannah-jones pretends we have this awful place that never has any positive things come out of it is the fictional country. she is right in a way we don't learn enough history. learning her fiction is not how we solve that. we need more american history and more world history in the classroom and so while she is correct about that it won't be her leading the way on it. >> julie: okay, carol markowitz, thank you very much. happy new year. >> trace: fox news alert. hundreds of marines booted from the military for refusing to get the covid vaccine. why some of those service members say they're the targets of a political purge.
6:46 am
plus harry and meghan split from the royal family was one of the biggest scandals of the year. we'll look back at other celebrities and politicians who were at the center of the controversy. ♪♪♪
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>> julie: in the spirit of out with the old and in with the new there were a number of scandals in 2021 that rocked the world of celebrities and politicians alike. ainsley takes a look back. >> celebrities and politicians finding themselves at the center of some of the biggest scandals. royal family was rocked by bombshell revelations after prince harry and meghan markle sat down with the interview to oprah. >> i'm comfort knowing we did everything we could to make it work. >> they claimed there were conversations among the royal family over how dark their son's skin might be. meghan had suicidal thoughts. sharon osborn caught up in the fallout of the interview facing
6:51 am
allegations of racism after questioning the validity of meghan's mental health struggles and let go from the show. the free britney movement dominated the news in 2021. the legal and family drama took center stage and she fought to end her conservativeship. a judge officially terminated it in november. after mounting pressure and potential impeachment trial andrew cuomo stepped down as new york's governor in august. report by the state attorney general found he harassed multiple employees and that his administration created a hostile work environment. >> the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to government. >> his brother faced his own repercussions, chris cuomo was fired from the network for helping his brother pressing sources for information on the governor's accusers and helping
6:52 am
his craft -- bill cosby a free man. he was released from prison in june after pennsylvania's highest court overturned his 2018 sexual assault conviction. prosecutors asking the supreme court to take a look at the ruling. disgraced r&b singer r. kelly found guilty in his sex trafficking trial and faces up to 100 years behind bars. sentencing is expected in 2022. smallville actress beginning her three year prison sentence for her role in sex trafficking crimes. she pled guilty to charges she manipulated women becoming sex slaves within the cult-like group. country singer morgan wallen was caught on camera using a racial slurred. dropped by his agency and music pulled from most of the radio
6:53 am
stations. it wasn't all bad. his online sales and streaming numbers saw an increase after the incident. the surge for a permanent replacement for alex trebek continues after executive producer mike richards was booted from the role. he stepped down as the new host and his executive producing role on the show after past sexist remarks row surfaced and multiple discrimination lawsuits during his time at the price is right. aaron rodgers faced heat after revealing he wasn't vaccinated. many thought the football star did get his vaccine after he said he was immunized over the summer after he tested positive for covid-19 in the fall. there are sure to be plenty more stories in 2022 and we'll be there to cover it all. in new york, fox news. >> trace: people around the world already ringing in the new year. fox news is counting down to 2022 with our all american new year live from nashville,
6:54 am
tennessee, with additional coverage in times square and across the country. lawrence jones joins us now with a preview. he will be in times square. lawrence, my friend, what's on the agenda tonight? it is a scaled-down version of the times square celebration but what's going on? >> my thing is talking with people. pete, will and rachel will be in nashville where it's free and open and i will be out in times square talking with folks, getting their opinion, what do they want to see in the upcoming year, may be games and fun. it will be a day to leave the politics alone and have a great time. >> trace: interesting because you talk about covid. we've talked about in years' past so much focus on terrorism and keeping times square safe. this year it will be a bit toned down because of covid. >> you are exactly right. it will be toned down. you know what, trace? because this is new york, there still will be talk about
6:55 am
security. this is the biggest city in the united states. we're always having to have our head on a swivel. i will talk with law enforcement as well seeing what they are doing to make sure we keep safe. i traveled as i was getting into the city this morning, it is still locked down like it would have been if it were going to be 30,000 folks that were out there. >> trace: i've been through times square many times on new year's eve. i heard you talking this morning on "fox & friends" about your new year's resolutions and i'm curious to give us a quick rundown of those. >> i'm just trying to have more balance in my life. i will continue to work a lot and work hard but work smart. so i want to still make some time. i didn't get to see my family a lot this year. that means a lot to me. i will try to get that done. maybe i'll get in a relationship or something. we'll see how that goes. >> trace: you have been a very busy man. it has been the election and so forth over the past year.
6:56 am
there it is right there, the all american new year in nashville. fox news ringing in 2022 live from the wild horse saloon in nashville with all american new year hosted by pete hegseth and rachel campos-duffy and the man on your screen right now, lawrence jones. lawrence, good luck to you and we'll be watching tonight, my friend. >> julie: russian president vladimir putin warning of a complete rupture of u.s./russian ties as president biden pushed to de-escalate tensions on the ukrainian border. we have details straight ahead. tums vs. mozzarella stick when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite.
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>> julie: fox news alert. more than 200 marines have been kicked out of the military for refusing to comply with the pentagon's covid vaccine mandate. the defense department sent a clear message, get the shot or face the consequences. welcome to our second hour of fox news live. i'm julie banderas. >> good morning, i'm trace gallagher. fox news confirmed 206 marines have been removed. they had to be vaccinated or apply for exemption by november
7:01 am
28th. several of those who got the boost say they are being -- got kicked out say they are being targeted by a so-called political purge. mark meredith live in washington with more. good morning. >> good morning to you. vaccine mandates remain controversial. in the military they're non-negligent yabl. marines telling fox 94% of active service members are fully vaccinated. new data from military officials that shows as of thursday 206 marines have been dismissed for refusing to get a covid-19 vaccine up about 40 people in the last week. so far no religious exemptions sl been granted. marines set a deadline of december 14th for members to be fully vaccinated. it recognizes covid-19 as a readiness issue. it has increased risk to the marines and marine corp mission. it protects our marines, communities and nation. defense secretary lloyd austin
7:02 am
directed each of the military branches to set their own time lines. congress recently required men and women who are discharged for not complying with the mandate be removed under general conditions and not discharged dishonorably. a federal judge in oklahoma ruled against the state's republican governor. he had challenged the pentagon's vaccine mandate arguing it had no right to dictate for the state national guard under his command. the judge disagreed and said the lawsuit was without merit. eager to see what it will mean for military members around the world. >> trace: mark, thank you. t- >> julie: democrats are getting hammered for not delivering on many of the lofty goals set for president biden and his first year in office. with a short list of accomplishments. will the party be able to fend off a red wave come 2022?
7:03 am
vince is a talk radio host and editorial director at the daily caller. all right, let's look back, shall we? president biden promised so much on the campaign trail, yet has delivered very little when it comes to covid. how might this affect his standing with voters do you think? >> it will be a huge thing. it is already affecting him dramatically and why you hear a lot of tone shift from the biden public health officials trying to figure out a way to get out of the crushing nature of the government restrictions associated with this pandemic. the reality julie is that he made so many promises on the campaign trail that he has failed to deliver on or had down right lied about. you remember the trump administration phrase was always promises made, promises kept. with bind it is promises made, promises wrecked. he promised to shut down the coronavirus and not the economy. of course both of those things have gone in the opposite direction. we experienced the single highest day of cases in the united states in the duration
7:04 am
of the pandemic and inflation is out of control. fuel prices are out of control. people are poorer as a result of all of that and it has left the biden administration scrambleling to explain why they haven't done anything positive for the american people. >> julie: look at the fox business poll on what kind of year it has been for the country. it hasn't been that great. a good year? let's see. in 2020, 13% believed it was a good year, now 19%. not much of an improvement. bad year 70% are now saying a bad year. first of all how does the president make a promise such as we'll wipe out covid when clearly we've never lived through a pandemic like this exactly like this one, anyway? it is like false promises one after the other and other takes away from all credibility and makes you wonder any promises in the future, can we believe them? >> that's right. it only adds to the trust
7:05 am
deficit. we don't trust washington but they lie and fail to deliver. when you promise to shut down a virus what you are saying is you can control nature. it reminds me a lot of barack obama claiming that he was going to lower the seas when he was elected president of the united states. the reality is that you are going to have -- you have to manage a pandemic and be honest with the american people about what you know. within the administration there has been so much deceit that people just don't trust this government. biden's risk politically is not just he is turning off republicans. he has been doing that forever. now he is increasingly turning off independents in dramatic ways and yes, democrats as well and that will come back to haunt him as we go into the mid-terms. >> julie: same poll in voters are hopeful for the country's future, yes 42%, no 54%. a lot of pessimism right now. >> a great deal of pessimism.
7:06 am
i should point out one thing about the poll numbers. they started to go down after the debacle in afghanistan. that's a promise that biden made that we would get everybody out of afghanistan before the military did and we pulled the military out first and left hundreds of americans stranded and left 13 of our troops dead in the process. that devastating failure is still haunting joe biden to this day as it should and it deserves a lot more scrutiny. >> julie: it should absolutely. that was sort of the beginning of the downward spiral if you will. with control of both the house and senate want to ask you democrats looking to push their agenda through congress. even with those majorities their list of accomplishments thisier is short. i want to look at democrats' wins in 2021 xwaird to their failures. among them the 1.9 trillion american rescue plan and 1.2 trillion bipartisan
7:07 am
infrastructure bill. increased debt ceiling. impeachment of president trump and there is the rest of that short list. let's look at the list of legislation democrats failed to pass, a much longer list, build back better is still in the works, god only knows when that will pass if it does. the voting rights bill, appropriation bills to fund the government, immigration reform, police reform, gun reform, raise minimum wage, convict president trump and the list goes on. do you see the democrats possibly realizing that hum, 2021 didn't work out so great and maybe we should begin to compromise before we eat each other alive? >> they've shown in evidence of that. you can get hopeful and think that maybe they will pay attention to the falling poll numbers and do something meaningful to change direction. i'm pessimistic. i don't see it. nancy pelosi is scheduling a day of festivities already on january 6. she has an entire agenda for how to make last year's riot in
7:08 am
the capitol more public and focused on and wants to spend all that time the "washington post" reported this week she wants to release a public report just ahead of the mid-terms about her findings. not a fact finding mission, it is a political exercise designed to demonize her opponents. the american people won't like this. if you have over 100,000 people dying of the opioid crisis to name one of many scandals washington should be focused on real issues and not phony garbage policy that only advance nancy pelosi's interests. >> julie: vince, thank you very much. happy new year for you. >> trace: meantime a new batch of ratings from the cook political report shows republicans with a clear edge in the battle for control of the house. the independent nonpartisan newsletter shows democrats defending eight toss-up seats. this coming at the 23 democrats announced they won't seek
7:09 am
reelection. republicans need to flip five seats to recapture the house. dueling conflicts on the foreign relations front. china raising the stakes warning that the u.s. will pay a quote unbearable price for aiding taiwan. at the same time president biden not mincing words with vladimir putin while urging russia to ease its military build-up near ukraine. we'll talk strategy with former obama state department official next. >> what putin wants to talk about, those are his demands. he wants to dictate where we put our troops, where nato puts their troops, who can become a member of nato. if he can get away with it. he got away with it under obama/biden and believes he can again.
7:10 am
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we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a difference together. >> trace: tragedy in illinois after a bradley police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty. the sergeant and her partner were responding to a distour answer call at a hotel. they were shot. her partner remains in critical condition. multiple law enforcement agencies in illinois are conducting a massive manhunt for the alleged shooter, darius
7:14 am
sullivan offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to sullivan's arrest. >> julie: ukraine's future was the topic of conversation during thursday's phone call between president biden and russian president vladimir putin with putin threatening to cut ties with the u.s. if economic sanctions are imposed in the event russia decides to take military action against ukraine. rich edson is living in wilmington, delaware where the president is spending new year's eve. good morning, rich. >> good morning, julie. u.s. officials say after this call they are watching russia's movements along its border with ukraine as it has amassed tens of thousands of troops along that area. u.s. officials say this 50 minute call between the two leaders was substantive and serious. president biden offered putin two choices, stand down or russia faces sanctions and a bolstered nato position in eastern europe. white house press secretary jen
7:15 am
psaki says about this call president biden urged russia to de-escalate tensions with ukraine. he made clear the united states and its allies and partners will respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. some analysts say the administration needs more than just sanctions to deter russia here. >> we don't have a plan for how this administration plans on shoring up ukraine's territorial integrity. sanctions isn't the way to do it anyway. >> russian state media reports putin told president if the united states and western allies implement the threatened sanctions that could lead to russia cutting diplomatic relations with the west. that's a major step usually reserved for governments with the worst of relationships like the united states and iran. russia has already invaded ukraine seized control of crimea in 2014 and invaded georgia in 2008.
7:16 am
the united states and russia top officials are scheduled to have discussions in about a week and a half in geneva. according to u.s. officials, president biden and putin won't be directly involved in those conversations. julie. >> julie: all right, rich edson, thank you very much. >> trace: let's turn to david, the former foreign policy advisor to the obama campaign and former state department official. thank you for coming on. when the administration says they will respond decisively if russia goes back into ukraine or goes further into ukraine what does that mean in your estimation? >> what president biden has said is clearly means a significant increase in sanctions. sanctions that will be designed to harm russia as much as possible to put as much pressure on putin as possible. we also know that president biden has said very recently he does not intend to put u.s.
7:17 am
troops in ukraine. so we'll also be doing more support for ukraine in terms of providing them with more defensive weapons that they can use in order to withstand and invasion by russia and notable that the white house spokesperson said russia should not increase its invasion. it is already conceding that russia has already invaded eastern ukraine and has a presence in some of that region and make sure russia don't use the 100,000 troops on the border to go into eastern ukraine. >> trace: yesterday i talked to the former ambassador to ukraine taylor. he said this. >> i think he really believes that the sanctions that are lined up with our allies in europe are serious. i think he really understands that the ukrainian army is much stronger than it was when he
7:18 am
invaded last time in 2014. he understands that the ukrainian people are defending their own land and they will fight hard. both the military as well as civilians will fight against invading russians. >> trace: do you get that sense, david, that vladimir putin believes to some extent his back is a little bit against the wall? >> i hope ambassador taylor is right about that. i think he is right that the ukrainian military is much stronger now than it was in 2014 when russia invaded and took crimea, but of course the ukrainian military is not as strong as russia and could not withstand a full scale invasion but inflict a lot of casualty on russian. putin is worried about sanctions but not as worried as ambassador taylor suggested. there are already a loft sanctions on russia. it hasn't deterred putin from
7:19 am
taking provocative measures and continues to do. so some combination of a very significant support for the ukrainian military and maximum sanctions could hopefully deter putin from going in. >> trace: we know putin's list of demands. nato military assets out of poland and other countries and ukraine doesn't become a member of nato. that won't happen. what do you think he would settle for? if this is the negotiation and looking for leverage. what do you think he is really willing to settle for in this? >> i think that biden had said clearly he is not going to agree publicly to never allowing ukraine to be part of nato but the reality is the process for ukraine succeeding to nato membership is not close anyway. privately biden could say we aren't going to guarantee that ukraine will never be a nato member. it won't happen in the next few
7:20 am
years and i think maybe that's one concession that putin is looking for. i think putin is also looking for some concessions on whether the u.s. is going to put more military presence in ukraine. i think that's another thing that biden could concede but biden should insist upon real demonstrated steps by russia to show it is not going to use the 100,000 troops on the border to go into ukraine. that would mean an identifiable de-escalation and a withdrawal of those troops and the military presence and less interference in ukraine's sovereignty and less interference in the eastern part of ukraine, less support for the separatist rebels in eastern ukraine. biden should insist on those things. >> trace: happy new year, sir. thank you. >> julie: outgoing new york
7:21 am
city mayor bill deblasio changing his tune on covid shut downs, what he said ahead of tonight's big new year's eve celebration in times square and how a nationwide covid test shortage could disrupt some school districts in the new year next. i'm so glad we're finally on vacation. yeah, and kayak made it so easy - searching hundreds of travel sites to find us a great flight. my ears still won't pop after the flight but i don't even care.... what? kayak. search one and done.
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7:26 am
now says he doesn't believe in shutdowns. deblasio is defending his decision to let the times square new year's eve celebration go forward despite record covid cases in the city and new york state. >> look, i don't believe in shutdowns. we have to fight our way through covid. shutdowns are not the answer. the answer get people vaccinated. vaccination only. it will be outdoors, vaccination only, masks required, socially distanced. >> julie: hum. trace, back in 2020 can we put up deblasio's tweet. #as covid indicators continue to rise it is time to shut down indoor dining. we can't allow the virus to reassert in our city. i support governor cuomo's decision. together we'll fight back the second wave. i tell you what has been painful. the tenure of mayor deblasio in
7:27 am
new york city. >> trace: isn't it fascinating that one day before you leave office you no longer believe in lockdowns? last year they had to be put in place. it is astounding. it's almost like these politicians believe we don't have videotape and can actually google some of their past statements and tweets. it is amazing. he is on his way out and he is thinking who needs lockdown, right? julie, good. >> julie: tell them to -- [inaudible]. >> trace: americans having a hard time finding covid tests and the shortage could disrupt schools in the new year as many public school districts are requiring covid testing for students and staff. fox business reporter lydia hu is live in washington with more. >> washington, d.c. is mandating that students test negative before they return to schools on wednesday. d.c. mayor is making the tests
7:28 am
available to all students at public and charter schools. parents have to pick them up early next week. but the announcement made on twitter drew ier when the mayor said she expected schools will need to return to virtual learning throughout the semester. already 25 city public schools moved to virtual learning in the past month. meanwhile chicago public schools sent 150,000 covid tests to 300 schools hard hit by the pandemic in areas with low vaccination rates. they are asking families to voluntarily test students before they return to the classroom. parents were instructed to return the tests for -- they were outraged by overflowing back logs at drop boxes that forced them to leave the tests unsecured waiting for pickup. the deadline to return the tests was extended by two days. happening just this morning the
7:29 am
massachusetts teachers association, the union there, is asking that schools stay closed on monday. the union wants the day so teachers and staff can be tested after they say tests have been delayed in the supply chain. in a statement given to fox business the state of massachusetts is making clear that it will not close schools monday telling us quote, it is disappointing that once again the nta, the union, is trying to find a way to close schools, which we know is to the extreme detriment of our children. strong language there to say the least and becoming clear that this testing issue is once again pitting teachers unions against students and parents. back to you. >> trace: indeed it is. lydia, thank you. >> julie: let's bring in new york city physician dr. debbie. i am sorry.
7:30 am
she is the founder of metropolis pain medicine and the author of coronavirus made simple. every time i say your name. i practice it so many times and when it comes to saying it live i can't do it. all right. let's start with the long-term risks of potential mental health issues that children may encounter during remote learning. do they outweigh the short term benefits do you think of mandating covid tests for public school students? >> >> over the past couple of years it does. we see depression and anxiety increasing with remote learning. the suicide rate increasing. hard to separate whether it's from remote learning or the virus itself for the lockdowns. it seems as people are deprived of seeing their peers, the benefits of working with others and the education that they gain from the school in-person setting that's what is contributing to all of those negative effects.
7:31 am
i'm concerned about the psychological well-being of the kids but also the physical well-being. if you separate kids out not all kids are the same, right? kids are healthy, the majority of kids. there are kids that need special services. some of them are sick and immunocompromised. we've learned about remote learning and how to do things virtually. some of those kids who are high risk for having covid complications maybe for them they can be kept at home because the risk of being in school would be greater than the benefits. but if you think about the other kids, there are some that are at risk for other problems like they get food from school, they get psychological services, they get services in terms of their physical disabilities. they really rely on school for a lot more than solely education. they really need to be in that face-to-face setting especially when it comes to child abuse and other things that we --
7:32 am
>> julie: i agree. educationally it is a huge setback not to mention the mental health statistics that children suffer according to this latest statistic. let's look it up on the screen here. during the pandemic, 25% experienced depressive symptoms. 20% experienced anxiety symptoms and emergency room visits for suspected suicide attempts in early 2021 compared to the same time period in early 2019, 51% higher for girls. 4% higher for boys. why do you think girls are suffering so much more? >> we don't know if it's necessarily that they are suffering more or they present more. i think people are used to screening for things a little bit more in girls so there could be that. also at least in terms of society, you know, in terms of suicide attempts, girls and women also the end to use pills
7:33 am
a little bit more than other violent means. so it is hard to tell exactly what's going on. we need to be more vigilant in both groups. there is a connection in society, like i think girls the end to connect a little more through their peer groups to other people versus boys sometimes are a little more isolated to begin with. there are different patterns of socialization. if we look at how schools are doing their testing, even now let's say face-to-face schooling there is a lot of separation in new york city between how it's done kids vaccinated and unvaccinated. that sets things up also for bullying among kids and other types of behaviors. some of the things we've looked at in the past before covid, some of those behaviors may not apply now but we need to be careful how we are stigmatizing kids and other things going on in our society.
7:34 am
>> julie: doctor, thank you so much for talking to us. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> trace: a man in las vegas is accused of shooting a waiter less than a week after being bailed out by a nonprofit organization. so what can be done to curb a surge in repeat offenders? a juror from the kim potter trial, police officer who shot a man and convicted for it now saying the ex cop made an honest mistake. could this be grounds for an appeal? clerk: hello, how can i? sore throat pain? ♪honey lemon♪ try vicks vapocool drops. in honey lemon chill. for fast-acting sore throat relief. wooo vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops.
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7:38 am
>> julie: colorado governor grant clemency to a truck
7:39 am
driver sentenced to 110 years if prison for a crash that killed four people after about 5 million people signed a petition supporting the driver. reduced the sentence for the 26-year-old man down to 10 years. he will now be eligible for parole in december of 2026. this has been a very contentious case, trace, and after the five million signatures they were pleading with the governor to reduce his sentence because by law they had to give him the maximum required sentence given the violence behind this accident which many argue wasn't violent, it was just a terrible, terrible accident. >> trace: when you read the report you think 110 years is excessive. dropping it to 10 seems like a bargain. bail was posted for a suspect
7:40 am
days before he shot and critically wounded a waiter in las vegas. anderson has three separate felony convictions since 2018. the bail project released a statement saying our local office received a referral for bail assistance from the public defender after the court approved his release on bail of $3,000. we were shocked to hear about this incident. this tragic incident and condemn the violence. meantime let's bring in attorney misty meris for more on this. the bail project says they are shocked. are they? i can give you 25 examples of these exact types of incidents where somebody has been sprung and they've gone out and committed a worse crime. >> trace, what a tragedy. here my question is okay you are shocked. what internal procedures were in place to vet this particular
7:41 am
situation before posting bail? here we see a lengthy criminal record. what was being done internal tloi make an assessment whether or not this person is a potential threat to the community? and that is where i think we'll see major change here, trace. this is going to hit the organizations in the pocketbook because we are going to see civil litigation coming out of these types of incidents where bail is being posted and presumably there isn't a full vetting procedure before it's being done. those will be the checks and balances, it comes into play when there is already a tragedy. >> trace: in september the bail project helped free 23-year-old travis lang on burglary and cocaine possession. october 1st, a short time later, he allegedly killed 24-year-old mcginnis. his mom said innocent until proven guilty. they aren't bailing out
7:42 am
shoplifters who need food but violent offenders. they take no accountability through the legal process. there is no reason why my son had to die. that's what is happening. people who have a tendency and committing significant crimes are being booted. >> absolutely. that's why the checks and balances internally to make that assessment of their criminal history and impact on the community is released is critical in these cases and speaks to the larger issue of bail reform that we've seen around the country. i'm a new york lawyer and i've been living it. it is tragic. taking away judicial discretion for some of these crimes and we see repeat offenders. new york state doesn't have the resources in the pre-trial process. >> trace: i want to get your take on this. kim potter the ex police officer convicted for shooting a man while on duty a juror
7:43 am
said we felt like she was a good person. we felt she made a mistake and that a mistake does not absolve you from the fact that she did commit a crime. is that grounds for an appeal? we thought she was good. we feel like we had to convict her. >> it's a great question. the standard here was a recklessness standard. the statute in this case was very broad. the statement likely not a strong grounds for appeal but that juror made a further statement was when the jury held the gun and taser. different circumstances being boots on the ground in a critical life or death situation than sitting in a jury box. the stronger argument on appeal is that it was presented --
7:44 am
>> julie: from immigration to inflation, mainstream media has taken heat for fumbling some of the biggest stories of the year. we'll look back at some of the major blunders with carley shimkus. stay tuned. r cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health.
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>> trace: as we get ready to
7:48 am
usher in a new year bill hemmer has a look back at the stories that defined 2021. >> 2021 was another turbulent year marked by civil unrest, economic uncertainty and a pandemic that just won't go away. those stories and more dominating the headlines this past year. the year kicking off with one of the worst breaches of security in american history. after a rally featuring a fiery speech from president trump. his supporters attacked the capitol on january 6 demanding his loss in the 2020 election be overturned. members of congress there to certify the vote went into hiding as thousands stormed the building making it as far as the house and senate floor and the speaker's office. those events eventually prompted the house to impeach president trump a week later making him the only american president to face two
7:49 am
impeachment trials. but much like his first, the former president was eventually acquitted by the senate. just a week later. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> joe biden becomes the 46th president of the united states. the socially distanced inauguration taking place under a cloud of uncertainty. also in january the covid death toll passes 2 million around the world. it would grow to over 5 million by the end of the year. the containment effort was on delta, more contagious and deadly than the original. a big push for vaccinations and boosters as the best way to stop the spread. shots from pfizer, moderna, john john getting the green light from the fda. millions signed up immediately. demand tapered off as vaccine hesitancy set in. the biden administration
7:50 am
responding with a series of mandates including requirement for federal workers and contractors to roll up their sleeves or lose their jobs. a nationwide vaccine mandate for all private businesses with more than 100 employees. 2021 also saw its share of racially charged murder trials, starting with chauvin, the police officer kneeling on george floyd's neck for more than nine minutes. he was convicted and sentenced to more than 22 years behind bars. in surfside, florida, a 12d story apartment building collapses in the middle of the night with no warning leaving at least 98 residents dead. afghanistan was changing rapidly. president biden sticks to an august 31 deadline to withdraw u.s. troops. but the taliban were on the march. they made a lightening blitz across the country eventually
7:51 am
taking the capital city of kabul on august 15th. the pentagon forced to deploy 7,000 troops to secure the airport in the final days of the evacuation. with just four days before that deadline an isis bomber hitting one of the main airport gates killing 13 american service members and dozens of afghan civilians. back in the u.s., hurricane ida slamming into louisiana as a category 4 storm. it was the second most damaging hurricane in the state's history. ida's remnants caused massive destruction throughout the northeast. at least 115 dead and more than 65 billion dollars worth of damage. in wisconsin, kyle rittenhouse is charged with first degree intentional homicide after shoongt three people during the civil unrest in kenosha, last year. >> not guilty. >> he claimed self-defense is eventually acquitted on all charges and two weeks before christmas a series of tornadoes
7:52 am
devastating parts of the midwest causing dozens of deaths and billions of dollars in damage. the hardest hit state kentucky where the sheer level of destruction was nearly unprecedented. and looking forward in 2022, covid may dominate the headlines again depending on new strains like omicron and keeping a close eye on the supply chain issues and inflation and the mid-term elections where republicans hope to take back congress. of course, we'll be here for all of it. until then in new york, bill hemmer, fox news. >> trace: amazing because as bill says, covid dominated the headlines in 2021 but there were so many other defining moments from hurricanes to tornadoes to that building collapse in florida and to afghanistan. just stunning amounts of news coming out. >> julie: it is also stunning we are still in the pandemic. 2020 seems like so long ago. here we are two plus years
7:53 am
later. let's hope for a much happier and healthier 2022. >> trace: yeah. >> julie: the mainstream media had some major missteps you could call them when it came to reporting on some of the biggest stories of the year like in the kyle rittenhouse trial when several outlets actively pushed the outsider narrative falsely claiming rittenhouse traveled to illinois from illinois to wisconsin with a gun. watch. >> in wisconsin you have rittenhouse, white teenager who crossed state lines with a rifle. >> who came across state lines with a firearm he purchased illegally driven by his mother. >> celebrate the rittenhouse acquittal. vigilante justice is an active threat to american society. >> julie: let's bring in carley shimkus first. wonderful to see you this morning. first of all the rittenhouse trial was one of the worst representations of fair media
7:54 am
coverage. the fact there was no fallout whatsoever saying stuff like he didn't cross state lines. he did not purchase a gun illegally. that's a fact. he did not purchase a gun illegally. it was legal. he acted in self-defense. they never reported that. there was drone video, high definition drone video that proved that as well. why no accountability for the mainstream media? >> i think you are absolutely right. i'm sure kyle rittenhouse wishes that the only thing the media got wrong was the false claim that he crossed state lines with a gun. for over a year members of the media and the president accused kyle rittenhouse of being a racist and called him a white supremacist when the three people he shot were white and a jury found he acted in self-defense. even after that verdict came down the not guilty verdict came down the president and members of the media pushed this narrative there was some great injustice that occurred. this became such a politically
7:55 am
polarized case, i don't think either of those reactions are accurate but when it comes to the media, kyle rittenhouse says that he may sue for the falsehoods that they told. >> julie: i mean, the media basically convicted him in the court of public opinion. there was no question and we played a few clips of evidence and there is so much more. next the media downplays inflation. watch. >> the economy isn't bad, it just that people are mad because everything is late and costs more. one of the reasons prices are up is because people can afford to pay those prices. >> julie: what? >> this is laughable. the kind of stuff the american people really can see right through. but that doesn't stop the media from trying. cnn had an article why inflation can be good for everyday americans and bad for rich people. i think even worse is if you remember there was a family of
7:56 am
12 that was highlighted in a media story and they were concerned about the cost of milk saying it is getting too expensive for them to buy the milk that they usually do for all of their children. the media made fun of them. how cruel and out of touch of the reality of the situation. fox business poll shows 60% of people say inflation causes them financial hardship. those are the facts. that's how the american people really feel. >> julie: all right. carley shimkus, thank you and happy new year. >> trace: biden wrapping up his first year in office with more failures than accomplishments in 2021. does he have a plan to turn things around in 2022? we'll speak with marc thiessen about that and more coming up. throughout history i've observed markets shaped by the intentional and unforeseeable.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> trace: broken promises and backtracking. president biden wrapping his fishes year in office with covid on the rise and more mixed signals on where things go from here. good morning, i'm trace gallagher. good morning, julie. >> julie: good morning, trace. i'm julie banderas and fox news live. the president campaigned on a promise to shut down the virus. remember that promise? fast forward to now and the u.s. is recording more new infections than ever before. the white house says it has a plan but claims omicron variant came as a surprise.
8:01 am
critics not reassured. >> if biden has a plan and it works how many it doesn't work? the results are stunning in terms of the numbers. president biden promised he would shut down the virus, not the economy. in july he was declaring victory that he had solved this problem. but he has not and we are all suffering for it. >> julie: rich edson is traveling with the president in wilmington, delaware. hi, rich. >> it was a year ago that americans were looking forward to 2021 as the year that we would finally get over this pandemic. here we are now with the omicron surge, highly contagious variant that is now pushing record numbers of infections here in the united states. it was also a year ago that then president elect biden was just off a campaign promising a competent federal strategy to
8:02 am
confront covid-19. republicans have spent the year ripping his response. g.o.p. tweeted joe biden claimed he would shut down the virus, a year later when he failed to do so he says there is no federal solution to covid. joe biden is a hypocrite. a year ago the president said the vaccines should not be mandatory. with millions of americans reluctant to get the shot his administration mandated workers at large companies get vaccinated or tested weekly. supreme court will hear challenges to those rules in a week. republicans say all this gives them an issue in next year's mid-term elections. >> covid lockdowns, restrictions, vaccine mandates. people are recognizing and a defining issue and why the republicans will take back the house at least. >> the biden administration says it aggressively pushed vaccines. more than 200 million americans are fully vaccinated and it has kept and will continue to keep americans who have this virus
8:03 am
out of the hospital. he says he has also insured hospitals have the equipment they need to confront the surge. >> president biden: we have stockpiled and pre-positioned millions of gowns, gloves, masks and ventilators, called ppp. we're ready to send them immediately to any state that needs more. >> now there is the question of testing. the administration is in the process of ordering 500 million tests but acknowledges they should have done that two months ago. >> julie: thank you. trace. >> trace: biden's approval raingt on covid tanking dropping nearly 20 points in 10 months. half of voters now disapprove of his response and this poll taken before omicron began its full blown rampage. marc thiessen, former white house speech writer joins us now. good morning to you.
8:04 am
he ran on covid, he won on covid. now you see his polls are tanking and there appears to be no solution. your thoughts. >> yeah. his first act as president was to pass $1.9 trillion with a t in covid relief. here we are 10 months later and we don't have tests and there are lines around the block for pcr tests, you can't get the at-home tests and no treatments. where was the operation warp speed for treatments? why don't we have a surplus of all of these different treatments? of course his poll numbers on that will decline. his poll numbers are underwater on every single topic. no president in my lifetime or maybe american history has fallen from grace so far so fast like joe biden. he started out with 56% approval rating. today he is 10 points underwater, a 30-point slide in one year. no other president has fallen that far that fast. >> trace: and the whole
8:05 am
response has been a business mall. the public health response to covid has been awful since cases first appeared in wuhan the reaction has been marked by mistakes, reversals, outright lying and political manipulation. it is time for a rigorous investigation. a truth commission with subpoena power to get to the bottom how our public health authorities have mismanaged this pandemic. they were shutting down beaches and parks and outdoor space and putting people inside. it was lethal and it was excused. >> yeah, after the 9/11 attacks we had the 9/11 commission which went back and did a lessons learned exercise. not to lay blame but figure out how did we miss this attack and how can we make sure we don't do it again? we need the same thing when it comes to the covid response. there have been so many mistakes as you indicated. look at the cdc.
8:06 am
they banned testing in the crucial weeks of the pandemic and contaminated their own tests and came up with 6 foot distancing not based on any science at all. that was what caused all the school shutdowns. there have been so many mistakes not just by presidents but the public health bureaucracies. we need to hold them to account for why they made so many mistakes and how to avoid them in the future. >> trace: you talk about the cdc don't get on a cruise ship. you can go into the casino with 3,000 hours and play craps. joe biden among the 10 best according to you standing up for taiwan, signing the 1.2 trillion infrastructure plan. accelerating vaccine delivery at home and abroad. sidelining the court packing movement on the left and the
8:07 am
worst, afghanistan withdrawal debacle, weaponizing the f.b.i. to go after parents. unleashing the worst border crisis in u.s. history. pushing vaccine mandates and failing to deliver on promises. if it was christmas the naughty list is way above the nice list for marc thiessen. >> it is very much so. i started doing this in the "washington post" during the trump administration. every year i did the 10 best and worse things the president did. just like joe biden did good things as president. i came up with 10 and they are there in my "washington post" column. winnowing down the worst list to 10 was one of the hardest challenges i've ever faced. >> trace: happy new year. thank you for coming on. >> julie: hillary clinton knows a thing or two about losing elections. now the former presidential candidate is warning the far left could spell doom for the
8:08 am
democrats in the mid-terms. will the party listen to her? there is also this. >> there are a lot of people especially if you live in rural communities, there is no officemax. >> we campaign with the plan. >> you haven't been to the border. >> and i haven't been to europe. >> julie: it has been quite a year of criticism for vice president kamala harris. we'll take a look at some more of her most cringey moments and ask if she can turn it around. be sure to tune into fox news channel all american new year's, festivities live from nashville kicking off at 10 p.m. eastern. pop a cork and raise your glass. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ when you really need to sleep
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8:12 am
>> i think it is a time for some careful thinking about what wins elections and not just in deep blue districts where a democrat and a liberal democrat or so-called progressive democrat is going to win. i'm all about having vigorous debate. it is good and gives people a chance to be part of the process. but at the end of the day it means nothing if we don't have a congress that will get things
8:13 am
done. >> trace: former presidential candidate hillary clinton taking a shot at the far left of her own party warning that they could hurt democratic candidates in districts that are not a sure bet. v.p. harris may not be helping the cause. she is facing even more criticism after flubbing a basic question on inflation. lucas tomlinson live in washington >> good morning, trace, when asked to name the biggest national security challenges facing the u.s. the vice president said our democracy and climate. asked about inflation from cbc she said this. >> was it wrong to consider inflation transitory? the price spikes seem like they'll be with us for awhile. >> we have to address the fact that we have to deal with the fact that folks are paying for gas and groceries and are -- need solutions to it.
8:14 am
>> inflation has skyrocketed, food prices -- border patrol says encounters with illegal migrants the highest annual total on record. chad wolf appeared on fox earlier today. >> in the midst of the worst historic border crisis that we have ever experienced you now have the biden administration trying to end the remain in mexico program for the third time. they tried it twice by policy memorandum and now they're at the supreme court. >> that's not all. 16 cities across the u.s. stretching from albuquerque to st. paul to rochester new york and atlanta experiencing record breaking homicides. when the clock strikes midnight the countdown to mid-terms begin. happy new year, trace. >> trace: happy new year live for us in d.c. thank you. >> julie: power panel now,
8:15 am
david avila chairman of gopac, crystal knight from priorities usa and emerge tennessee. david, i will start with you. hillary clinton interestingly enough is not only calling out progressives for their inability to get things done but also warning them it could cost them the house and senate control in 2022. as we mentioned earlier clinton is familiar with losing elections so does she have a point? >> she does and you look at historically 2006, 2010, 2018 when one party has had the white house, the senate and the house, in that mid-term election the house went from -- to the other party and in two of those the senate also went. the one time it didn't two elections later the senate lost. you look where biden's approval rating is now his a 30-point loss for the party in power. well more than what republicans
8:16 am
need to take majority in the house. positioned to take the senate. even if his approval rating went up a little bit. before we hear about how redistricting will favor republicans let's keep in mind in new york, illinois and maryland where democratic legislatures are doing what they can to make it hard for republicans. in a year like this it won't matter. the wave will be so large that unless you are in a 30 or 40-point democratic district it will be competitive. >> julie: it is, crystal. a lot is riding on this next year. democrats hold razor thin majorities in both chambers and have the possibility of losing seats. 23 house dems have announced retirement or intent to seek a different office. the real clear politics average of polls shows on a generic
8:17 am
congressional ballot voters chose republicans 44.1% over democrats 41.7%. what do you make of the dems' disarray ahead of 2022. >> i wouldn't say it was disarray. we are resetting the party and preparing for the elections. in 2017 there was 38 republican sitting house members who decided not to run for office and/or step down from their elected office seats. so what we'll see next year is many of these democrats either defending their terms or moving on to run for higher seats. so the party will resurface new candidates and refine its messaging so we can win in 2022. >> julie: okay. we'll see. vice president harris by the way struggling this year. take a look at some of her most cringe worthy moments from 2021.
8:18 am
>> agreeing to voter i.d. one of the compromises. >> in some people's minds well, you are going to have to -- xeroxs are -- photocopy your i.d. there are a whole lot of people especially people in rural communities there is no officemax near them. >> we campaign with the plan. upper case t and p. the environment we are expected to defend the plan. >> you said two days ago you were going out to back israel which hurts my heart. it's ethnic genocide. >> this is about the fact that your voice, your perspective, your experience and truth nod t be surprised. we have been to the border. >> you haven't been to the border. >> and i haven't been to europe. >> he made a big decision, afghanistan. were you the last person in the room? >> yes. >> you feel comfortable?
8:19 am
>> i do. >> julie: which interestingly enough she said she was in the room but after the afghanistan pull-out, david, we didn't hear one word from her despite the fact that women and children were deeply suffering and we have our first female in the office of the vice president and she did not speak up for a second regarding this. it took her about a month to actually weigh in. >> well, let's keep in mind democrats didn't rally around the vice president when she ran for president. she didn't even make it to iowa. she was out in december before the iowa vote even occurred. what is more interesting if you look at her approval rating, it is being driven by democrats' discontent. she is 40% lower approval rating than al gore and also interesting how democrats are treating the vice president. remember joe biden's gaffes
8:20 am
were always joe being joe? yet democrats are saying oh, she is not ready for prime time. her office? disarray. these stories aren't coming from republicans inside the administration. this is coming from democrats inside the administration. so they seem to be treating the current vice president very differently than they did the last democratic president or the democrat before. >> julie: right. it looks like voters are noticing, crystal. the real clear politics average of polls shows only 37% see her favorably. 57% unfavorably and she also saw the exodus of top staffers this year amid reports that she is a bully, fostered a toxic workplace and the list goes on. can harris turn this year around do you think? >> absolutely. i believe -- i have every confidence in vice president harris and i think she is doing a great job her first year in office. i think what's not helpful is that cable news networks
8:21 am
continue to run over and over again about any type of challenges that may have come out of her office or that she has made and they are creating this narrative that she is not doing well and that she is not acting vice presidential. so really i hope in the new year we see more cable networks promote more positive things coming out of her office and the legislation she is helping to usher through. >> julie: i think people would like her to do something. when asked if she has gone to the border and she made a joke about europe. i don't know. she was assigned to be in charge of the immigration crisis, yet she hadn't been to the border in that interview which is embarrassing. that's the bottom line. it is an embarrassment when your elected leaders aren't doing the job they promised to do, david. >> you bring up a good point as the three of us talked earlier this week, when you think the
8:22 am
biggest challenge to democracy around the world is voter i.d. and not having enough electric cars maybe we don't want her making a lot of national decisions. >> julie: all right. i've got to go. i ran out of time and getting a quick wrap. happy new year to you both. appreciate you coming on. >> trace: a truly apocalyptic scene in boulder county, colorado. 100 mile-per-hour winds fanned flames. tens of thousands of people forced to flee. a live report on this next. >> this is not something you see in town. this is something you see in the mountains. i've lived here for 28 years and never seen anything like it. it is crazy and scary.
8:23 am
[upbeat acoustic music throughout]
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> it is coming over your car and where am i? i would imagine it is what a
8:27 am
nuclear disaster looked like. i feel so badly for the people in the homes back there. it is awful. >> julie: an absolutely surreal scene in parts of colorado. footage shot north of denver showing fast moving flames engulfing entire neighborhoods as tens of thousands of people frantically flee their homes. the fires have already consumed thousands of acres, burning hundreds of homes and businesses to the ground. we're live in boulder county, colorado where people are still trying to evacuate there. you have family nearby, your husband's family had just opened a restaurant two weeks ago you reported earlier and you had to watch that on ring kam be burnt to the ground. devastating and i'm so sorry for your personal loss. >> julie, i appreciate that. my family appreciates it.
8:28 am
everyone is safe. in reality, our business either will be or won't be again. people who won't return to their homes ever again. our thoughts and prayers are with them at this moment. i can tell you the governor of colorado is frying above the areas of lewisville and superior. we got kicked out of the neighborhood for our own safety. there is smoke you can stillz. firefighters still working on protecting homes and fighting fires. this as the wind has died down. it is slowly beginning to snow here. hopefully the cold and precipitation will help things out. 24 hours ago things were so much different. to give you one example. listen and watch what families were doing trying to get out of a chuck e. cheese with their children. >> go, go, go, go.
8:29 am
go, go, go. >> unbelievable sight trying to get out of there as they saw the fire approaching. but also to go out into the parking lot and be met with wind gusts between 40 and 110 miles per hour as the fire was encroaching on this entire area. it was really just an incredible sight and frightening for so many people. thousands of people had to get out of this area in a hurry because as the governor pointed out just last night, he said it was moving at a rate so fast it was taking up the span of a football field in a matter of seconds. so it was going that fast and they were trying that hard, the authorities, to get people out of the way so they could start fighting this fire. we will have an update at the top of the hour from an
8:30 am
emergency official here. >> julie: thank you so much. >> it's like he gets it backwards. there is a federal response to covid, just not what he is doing. he is imposing unconstitutional mandates. osha mandates that would require businesses to fire workers who aren't vaccinated. that's the opposite of what he should be doing. >> trace: congressman crenshaw says biden's vax mandate for business is unconstitutional and a lot of republicans agree. 47 senators and 140 house members have banned together on the issue asking the supreme court to block that mandate. a 6-3 conservative majority among the justices. it upheld many state and local vaccine mandates but that may not save the president. guy louis is a former u.s. attorney. thank you for coming on. we appreciate it. the big argument here seems to be this mandates are not really
8:31 am
within the purview of the occupational safety and health administration. is that a sound argument in your assessment? >> trace, i think you have hit the nail right on the head. let's go back. osha, the act they are traveling under, was established in 1970 frankly as a result of there being asbestos and hazardous materials in the workplace. the question becomes is it's a constitutional struggle of epic proportions. how much power does the federal government and in this case joe biden and the white house have over your daily life? can he kick you out of the military and get hospitals to fire you? does he have all this power over the individual and the decision making as opposed to the state or the local government? >> trace: some would say is it
8:32 am
about the president's power or a fight about the flexibility that federal agencies have during times of emergencies like the pandemic? >> great question but think about what has not occurred here. this is a law he is actually following as an executive that he is affecting as a result of being president. this is basically his own mandate out of the white house. we have not had hearings, we have not had votes. there has been no legal process. so i think in terms of the court, the supreme court setting this on an emergency basis oral argument january 7th, i think it tells us a lot about how seriously the supreme court takes this mandate. >> trace: you talked about military earlier. i want to put it on the screen. we confirmed 206 marines have
8:33 am
been fired. marines have been fired for refusing the vaccination. where do you think this goes, guy? >> well, you make a great point. the irony -- the irony is almost incredible to me that you are firing hospital workers, you are fired and then we have people lined up here in miami-dade county literally waiting five, six, seven hours just for a covid test because there is not enough equipment, there is not enough people? i think this is going to the supreme court and i frankly think they will step in and decide it is too much power for the federal government. >> trace: make a good point. these people come back from overseas missions and we thank them for their service and now we are firing them because they won't get a shot. guy lewis, happy new year, sir. >> thank you. >> julie: from entertainment to
8:34 am
politics to sports. 2021 we said goodbye to many prominent people. we'll take a look back at their lives and legacies next. okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ (kate) this holiday, verizon has the deal that gets better and better
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>> i had my flight at 1:00. had to wait four times. got here an hour early and it is like nobody was here at the airport. >> we found our flight was being delayed and then we got -- to our connecting flight we missed it by four or five hours. >> i was supposed to come home sunday. >> we've been trying to get home since then. >> trace: we've all been there,
8:39 am
frustration, exhaustion, anger, thousands of travelers experiencing a range of emotions for days on end. the airlines have been canceling thousands of flights because of bad weather or staff shortages. thousands still stuck in the nightmare that started before christmas. jeff flock live at philadelphia's international airport. jeff. >> it's the only good thing about the masking now you can't see how angry people get in the midst of all this. the other good thing look at the t.s.a. lines. fewer people going through t.s.a. the latest numbers. we're up to 1300 plus cancellations so far already today. 1300 plus delays as well. on the heels of yesterday when we had 1400 plus cancellations for the entire day and 8,000 plus cancellations. hardest hit airlines united, jetblue and delta. united canceled 223 yesterday,
8:40 am
similar numbers today we think. jetblue 179. delta similar numbers. aaa says if you have to go somewhere right now it will take some doing. listen. >> this variant is hitting at the worst possible time with so many people traveling. so it's going to require a lot of patience on those that are flying and some maneuvering if flights get delayed or canceled. >> some of the airlines making a plea with their passengers to try to sit it out. alaska air says we strongly urge flyers with non-essential travel scheduled before january 2 to consider changing it. we aren't able to reaccommodate most guests for at least three days. jetblue canceling flies well now into january to try to head off the last-minute cancellations that drive everybody crazy. >> trace: this is probably why
8:41 am
when jeff flock travels he prefers to travel by car, not plane. >> i'm a driver, you said it, baby. you have control that way. >> trace: but that dog in the car and off we go. jeff flock live in philly. jeff, thank you. julie. >> julie: or a scooter. i believe he said he would ride a scooter. scooter or car. depends on the distance he needs to travel. so as we look back at 2021 we're honoring the lives of many luminaries lost this year including football legend john madden and senator harry reid. here is a look at others we remember. >> a high drive into deep left center field. he goes back to the fence and it is gone.
8:42 am
♪♪♪ >> you can't hurry love, you just have to wait. >> i think we all need some kleenex. instead of goodbye, how about so long? >> neil armstrong, buzz ald ren and mike collins. >> hit this.
8:43 am
>> what would be the result of a nuclear weapon ever used? i fear people have lost that sense of dread. >> you have meddled with the primal forces of nature and you will atone. >> he has been a check on a way of life. ♪♪♪ >> thank you very much, thank you.
8:44 am
>> goodbye, school. ♪ the love boat promises something for everyone ♪ ♪♪♪ >> be the best that you can be. i truly believe that none of us have anything until the least of us is something. >> rush limbaugh was talent on loan from god.
8:45 am
>> no such thing except death and taxes. >> i want you to go out there and play and hit the field confident that we are the best football team in america. [applause] ♪♪♪ >> experience will make a great book. ♪ dream, dream, dream, dream ♪ >> i'm hanging with my best friend. not a chance.
8:46 am
>> i can speak about it now because no one can be harmed. all statute of limitations have run. >> i was secretary of the navy 1971-19272. ♪♪♪ >> everybody is elected over there for an hour and a half. i love the job and got the job. okay, i'm the prime minister, i thought i was. ♪♪♪ >> i have never been prouder in my life than to have been the republican nominee for the president of the united states. >> this is the fake news.
8:47 am
>> there is nobody to hug. ♪♪♪ >> above all, never lose faith in america. >> be on the next flight. >> trace: a look back at how much we've lost. from sticker shock at the grocery store to pain at the
8:48 am
gas pump americans are feeling the pinch of inflation and pointing fingers as president biden's policies. we'll ask if things will get better for our family's finances in 2022. ♪♪♪ finally. our honeymoon. it took awhile, but at least we got a great deal on our hotel with kayak. i was afraid we wouldn't go.. with our divorce and.... great divorce guys. yeah... search 100s of travel sites at once. kayak. search one and done. what if you could see the details of your great-grandparents wedding day... ...or the record that welcomed your great-grandmother to the world. your family story is waiting to be discovered, and now you can search for those fascinating details for free—at ancestry.
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at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. find a northwestern mutual advisor at >> julie: president biden heading into the new year under the shadow of rising inflation. some see it as the main issue that killed his spending agenda and it is weighing on americans, 84% say they are very concerned about it and nearly half say the president is doing more harm than good. meanwhile, economist steve moore fears things will get worse before they get better. >> we have to pour gasoline of the fire on inflation by passing some version of the build back better bill. i certainly hope we don't. if you raise taxes on businesses and producers, they will produce less, right? if you tax something you have less of it. that means you will get potentially in 2022 this kind
8:53 am
of witch's brew of higher demand which increases prices and lower supply of goods and services and that is going to make inflation worse. >> julie: dan, a cpa and market analyst joins me now. happy new year, thank you for coming on. do you agree things will actually get worse before they get better? >> yeah, actually i do, unfortunately. it's a tough outlook to go into the new year with. to me i will reference the law of motion, an object in motion stays in motion until force acts upon it. so what is happening here? yes, the virus was the catalyst that started us down this path of inflation. but really what is causing the inflation relates to a policy reaction. as steve moore just referenced, too much demand, not enough supply. so what's the policy reaction?
8:54 am
print more money, which creates more demand, and then either incentivize workers to stay home or mandate that they have to stay home and then that lowers our ability to produce and create supply. so to me it is all policy related and that's why i think it is justified that people are laying this in front of president biden and saying hey, you are causing this and we don't feel so good about it. >> julie: i don't feel so good about the next predictions. experts predict food and gas prices will keep going up next year, 5% for food. gas buddy says prices at the pump could near $4 for a gallon by memorial day. a gas buddy petroleum analyst on that. watch. >> it is a waiting game here and why i think 2022 at least at the pump is going to be front and loaded. the highest prices will be in the first of the year and segue
8:55 am
into lower prices as we close out 2022. still at the end of 2022 we are still talking about prices that may not get under that $3 mark. >> julie: right now the average for a regular gallon of gas is $3.28. more than a dollar a gallon more expensive than this time last year. i don't really know what to make of this but i do not see 2022 starting on a very positive note. that's the last thing that administration wants. >> i would think so. it would make you wonder, julie, why wouldn't the administration look at what we just laid out which is so obvious to everyone, too much demand, not enough supply. let's focus in on how to create more supply. that's what is generating all this. i still say that the supply problem, the supply chain is
8:56 am
still labor causing the issue. i just saw a report from reuters that said right now in the united states there were up to 11 million job openings. so if we're short 11 million workers, how do you make up for that? inflation has to be right on the scene related to that. it is so obvious. it just takes a little common sense to say listen, let's let capitalism work. let's let the free market work. and it will work in the end. inflation will come down. >> julie: thank you. dan, let's hope so. i would like to see a positive 2022. trace, it has been wonderful working with you at the end of this year. i couldn't pick a better person to do it with. >> trace: as always, happy new year to you. "outnumbered" after the break.
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♪ ♪ >> that was australia welcoming in the new year with a spectacular fireworks display and we are just hours away from celebrating new years here in the united states as the world ushers in 2022 with uncertainty and amid the ongoing covid pandemic. i'm kayleigh mcenany, and this is "outnumbered." joining me today is kennedy, lauren sim


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