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tv   All American New Year  FOX News  December 31, 2021 10:30pm-2:00am PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> you are in the right spot! good evening, america, and welcome to the fox news all-american new year live from nashville, tennessee. look at this crowd. it's jam-packed, live music,
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live comedy and the fox stars you know and love. the party started hours ago, rip roaring we've got reporters fanned out across the country. on the east coast, and more importantly, right here in god's country. >> that's right! with that raymond arroyo, we've got, you know, everybody. new york city, lawrence, jones, i'm telling you i'm so glad we are not in new york city and we are right here! >> we have john rich, who will be giving us a live musical performance in just a minute. several other music acts will be taking the stage tonight right here in nashville, tennessee. so why are we in nashville, tennessee? >> why are we here? >> this show tonight, honestly, is about you. this is about america. every other show tonight will be somewhere along the coastline, they will be wearing a mask. they will be what we think out
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of touch with you, out of touch with america. our goal tonight is to be with you, to be with america and do it right here from nashville, tennessee. >> how out of touch are they in new york city? they've got bill de blasio. bill de blasio, and i've got will and i've got -- way better. >> recut all of you. will is from texas, he went classic country, boots and a belt buckle. >> he shorted, he's ready for the day. >> ready to go. rachel looking beautiful in new year's fashion for sure. well, i do have my hat. >> are you wearing it? come on! >> it's and all-american new year. by the way. email us. this is a shared party. we want to hear what you're doing, what are your resolutions, take a picture with us in the background. >> what are you wearing?
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and also, if you have any crazy questions for us, we are going to answer them. right here. >> the crazier the better. >> your hat is perfect, i think you need an ill-fitting bikini at a houseboat. >> listen to this, i hope you're having a party like this. >> look at this. >> this is just the beginning. it's 9:00 central time, 10:00 in the east coast and we are excited to share the evening with you. let's bring in lawrence jones and emily compagno, who said a few bad things about times square. we've got two good ones right there in times square. lawrence, emily, happy new year's to both of you. lawrence, let's start with you, what's up? >> happy new year's! i'm sorry, i'm feeling the spirit just like the san francisco mayor was. such a great vibe pair. these are people who have decided they weren't going to allow the pandemic to stop them from having a good time!
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look at them! what's up! happy new year, happy new year! we are going to have a good time tonight. everybody is excited. we've got a scavenger hunt coming up. let's see if we can find the cuomo brothers! apparently they are somewhere out here, hopefully i can find one of them, guys. ♪ ♪ >> where is emily at? emily, were you doing! >> i'm right here, guys! >> how are you feeling out there! >> arms doing so great, you guys, i'm so excited to be here with lawrence and all that we have that scavenger hunt he talked about. so much in store, cameos including from new york's finest, we are so honored to be alongside tonight celebrating with sony people in times square. we cannot wait to ring in the new year. >> emily, so i think you know what the list of the scavenger hunt is. >> the list is awesome. >> i will read the first three and we will go down the line. you've got to find and
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all-american hero, broad category but i think we know on fox what we're looking for here. you got to find a dressed up dog and a soundcloud wrapper. i don't know what that is. >> you also need to find some swag that's not made in china. that's going to be really hard to do. here's my favorite one of the list, you guys, somebody has to find hunter biden's laptop. it's been lost. >> i think you win an indictment if you find that. >> you do. >> one more thing, find a newlywed, we love newlyweds! >> some newlyweds right out here in this crowd buried keep looking because you want to find a fox news hat, as lawrence said, one of the disgraced cuomo brothers, or a person wearing a diaper. >> there's probably a lot of them out there. >> also a $2 bill to cap it off, the cherry on top. >> that's a good list. and you at home can play along if you want buried >> go get them, guys, the clock starts now. time starts on the scavenger hunt. one, two, three, go.
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>> we got it! >> i have faith. >> we told you coast-to-coast tonight, but that's new york city, let's take you out to a real party town. i don't know, nashville is giving them a run for their money for sure. new orleans, we got new orleans -- raymond arroyo in new orleans. >> that's abby hornacek! >> amazing. >> sorry, abby, tell me. >> already started drinking! he's already started drinking! no one knows new orleans better than raymond arroyo. >> when i heard that you are having -- when i heard that you are having a scavenger hunt, rachel, for the folks in new york, i thought give us the scavenger hunt, hours were be find booze. >> raiment is not wearing a diaper, so does that not work for you. >> that's going to be harder to find here. we won't get into that. but i love that you're here in new orleans, abby. and we can introduce not only you, but everybody to our traditions, some of the culture.
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this is a resilient place, because you know we are surrounded by water, and that togetherness created nine separate cultures, our music, our food, some of which are going to see tonight and of course nobody parties like we party. >> you can hear the rev of the engine. >> i do hear that. what he looking forward to tonight? we are going to take you for many hot spots. >> i will just quickly say before i came to new orleans, i thought that latoya control was the mayor, but it turns out that raymond arroyo is actually the mayor. everyone here loves him and looking forward to seeing the vibrancy of the city, the rich culture, the music scene, the food scene and here we have a lot of stops along the way. >> and surprises. we are going to introduce you to all of that. and look, tennessee williams said -- i'm apologizing ahead of time to everybody from cleveland, i didn't say this. tennessee williams said it. there are three great cities in america, new york, san francisco, and new orleans. everywhere else is cleveland. if we are going to show you why he said that.
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now i know you've got john rich over there, we're going to show you what we have in new orleans, take you to the edge of the french quarter to the new orleans jazz museum. watch this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> okay, guys, there's more of that to come and so much more and in our next segment we are here, guess what? abby and i are doing some swordplay. you will see what we mean when we come back. stay there. >> i want you to take those sorts down onto bourbon street and i want to see what kind of chaos ensues. i will be watching, guys. >> all right, you guys! [laughs] >> i believe we lost our third partner. >> we have, we are going to get over to him right now.
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i think is up on stage right now, isn't it? >> that's right, can you hear me? you got me over here? i'm on stage, as close as i've ever been to a rock star. happy new years, america. the wildhorse saloon. and look at these gentlemen performing for us tonight. ♪ ♪ all right, hey, wildhorse saloon, how are we doing tonight? welcome to the fox news all-american new year's, we are fired up that you're here. and there's thousands of people here but there are millions of people watching with us as well across america. bringing in 2022 with all of you. we are psyched to be here. look who's here with me! [cheers and applause] latest his element, john rich. john, thanks for welcoming us to
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nashville. >> waited would just like to say to mr. pete, welcome to nashville, can i get a hell yeah? >> narrator: are you feeling good some >> feeling good. and a shadow to my cohost, will cain and rachel campos duffy as well. [cheers and applause] will you play for us? >> i would love to play a song. happy new year's to everybody in nashville and of course america. [indiscernible]. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ when i walk into the room passing of hundred dollar bills ♪ ♪ all my silverado grill. ♪
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♪ everybody is getting down ♪ ♪ in this town, it ain't never going to be the same ♪ ♪ y'all sing it! i make a lot of noise ♪ ♪ can the girls say ♪ ♪ save a horse, ride a cowboy ♪ ♪ i don't give -- about nothing. while the girls -- sing it, girls ♪ ♪ i'm the only john wayne left in this town, and i saddled up my horse ♪ ♪ and i ride into the city ♪ ♪ i make a lot of noise ♪ ♪ because the girls, they are so pretty ♪ ♪ riding up and down broadway ♪
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♪ on my old stud lead roy ♪ ♪ the girls say ♪ ♪ save a horse, ride a cowboy ♪ ♪ everybody says ♪ ♪ save a horse, ride a cowboy ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ i met thoroughbred ♪ ♪ that's what she said ♪ ♪ in the back of my truck bed ♪ ♪ as we was getting buzzed on sides ♪ ♪ out on some back country road ♪ ♪ we were flying high ♪ ♪ finest wine ♪ ♪ having ourselves a big and rich time ♪ ♪ i was going about as far as she would let me go ♪ ♪ put your hands up ♪ ♪ but her evaluation ♪ ♪ of my cowboy reputation ♪ ♪ had me begging for salvation all night long ♪ ♪ i took her out gigging frogs ♪
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♪ introduced her to my old bird dog ♪ ♪ sang her every willie nelson song i could think of ♪ ♪ we made love and i saddled up my horse ♪ ♪ and i ride into the city ♪ ♪ i make a lot of noise ♪ ♪ because the girls, they are so pretty ♪ ♪ riding up and down broadway ♪ ♪ on my old studley roy ♪ ♪ and the girls say ♪ ♪ save a horse, ride a cowboy ♪ ♪ everybody say ♪ ♪ save a horse, ride a cowboy ♪ ♪ what, what ♪ ♪ save a horse, ride a cowboy ♪ ♪ last time, everybody sing it ♪ ♪ save a horse ♪♪ happy new year's, nashville, tennessee! god bless you! >> all right, coming up, the party continues right here in nashville as the "gutfeld!" team takes us to comedy school. you're not going to want to miss
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it. ♪ ♪ >> happy new year, everyone! sending you best wishes for love, health, and joy in 2022! i will resolve to keep fighting for freedom and liberty in the new year and we will continue to cover all of the stories that matter to you. have a happy, healthy new
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♪ ♪ >> i am brian kilmeade and i am wishing you a happy new year. i suddenly got way better looking. >> the reigning king of late nights, if you haven't heard, greg gutfeld. we would always welcome into the couch if he wants to not replace brian kilmeade, that's not what we're saying. a guest appearance by greg gutfeld on "fox & friends" would be welcome. >> absolutely. by the way, two of the hardest working people i know, those two. for sure. >> you know he's the new king of light that, forget abc, cbs, nbc, anybody else tries to do, greg beats them. and by the way, we want to be funny. i will say this. i want to be funny.
10:48 pm
>> you do want to be funny. >> i want to learn how to be funny, i've always wanted to do stand-up comedy. i propose to the producers to do it tonight, i don't think i'm getting at, but great and his hilarious late-night team took the three of us to comedy school to teach us -- to find out really whether we are capable of being funny. >> let's see. ♪ ♪ >> phones off, everybody. today we are going to go over some of the comedy techniques that have helped make the gutfeld show pete all the plate i host and we are closing in with william devaney buried it we get laughs and we get respect. >> sorry, i was washing greg's car. pete, dealer question? >> can somebody be too handsome to be funny? >> we don't know and please stop asking that question. if with today's news -- >> i'm sorry. i can't talk. i mean comedy school. okay, bye.
10:49 pm
>> with today's news you just have to cycle through a few ideas. can someone be dumb, unqualified, and a jerk? >> good question. yes, we call that a chris cuomo. ♪ ♪ >> let's try it again. you have biden, you have pants. >> biden spilled ice cream on his pants! >> that's one option. >> i'm sorry, one more time. no, okay. pete, it's actually one of your kids. >> it's one of your kids. >> interesting. >> which one are you again? >> if people want to see posts failing to be funny, they can just watch "the view." >> i think he's got it! >> [laughs] he finally got to it! >> you want to be the stand up and it turns out that will was
10:50 pm
the funniest! >> i know, and you were distracted. >> always! >> the entire time. it's true. we thank the gutfeld show for giving us love but will is in the middle of love now it appears. will cain, what you got there in the crowd? >> i found a table full of people having a good time you're new year's. sitting here with laura, where you from? >> i'm from canada near toronto. >> you came all the way for all-american new york from canada? >> de fox news. >> canada. >> yeah, my dad, it was his birthday on the 29th and he's watching home at canada and he's 89, his name is charlie, and he loves you. >> he loves me? >> he just loves you. >> and i love him. mina -- nina, are you going to stay all the way to midnight? >> yeah. >> how are you going to parties in a? >> i don't know. >> haven't you been here since 3:00 this afternoon?
10:51 pm
>> 3:00? >> she's been waiting here in line since 3:00 this afternoon. >> the party started early, and i have a suspicion it's not ending anytime soon. >> adorable people but we came all the way to nashville for the all-american new year's and you found a canadian first? >> i didn't know she was canadian. but look, do you want to become an american? >> i do. >> she wants to become an american. >> dan bongino -- >> let's have nationalization. ceremony right here! >> we could arrange that. you have to pass the citizenship test. >> you actually picked up on something i didn't -- you picked up on something -- i picked up on something else, that there's a child in the bar. both of us have kids in this bar tonight. >> we do, yours is almost old enough to drink, mine is old enough to go to sleep in about an hour. she's four. >> still ahead, it's not just nashville rocking out this new year's eve! >> after the break, we had to
10:52 pm
south carolina. look at that, she's already found a hero! is going to tell us what the hell is a meatball drop? >> that's weird. >> they are doing a meatball drop in south -- it sounds amazing. >> it sounds gross. >> you get to see it at the end. >> how big is this meatball? >> it's like 40 pounds. >> it's like a child. >> but first, we are also stopping in tampa as madison alworth is looking to find a little new jersey down in florida. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> happy new year's eve, so what can we expect for 2022? how about the greatest political come back and beat down of joe biden and his horrific policies ever. that would be an awesome 2022. how about we all were safe to say bye-bye to nancy, bye-bye to chuck, and get back the house on the senate and set up a republican victory for 2024? that's my only wish. i only ask a little thing, that's all i want.
10:57 pm
anyway, happy new year. ♪ ♪ >> well, i think -- i actually think that sean hannity's resolution is going to come through. >> i do too and that's why he is so effective. it's new year's eve and he's plotting a republican takeover. we are having a party in nashville, somewhere he's on the phone with every political strategist making that happen for you. >> absolutely! >> tonight we party. tomorrow, we get to work. in tampa, florida, right now, the party is everywhere it's new york city, it's nashville, tennessee, it's new orleans, and medicine is holding it down in tampa. how's it going, madison? >> oh, my gosh, it is so fun! we've been partying for hours here. we have the d.j. going but d.j. pauly d from jersey shore fame is going to come later. i didn't want to wait until 11:30 so i found my own d.j. pauly d. they are going to show us their best fist bump and if they do the best fist bump we are going
10:58 pm
to give them a bottle of champagne. with got -- we've got some fist pumping, okay! with got some hands up in the air. i really seen one fist farm, so i think our winner is right here. i don't really know if we need more alcohol in tampa but that's what we're doing here, we are handing it out to the guest d.j. pauly ds and we are having a good time! >> i spent a lot of time in new jersey. [indiscernible] new jersey! >> we bring the jersey people here. >> wow. >> i think if you guys have a few more drinks [indiscernible]! >> don't come to new jersey and mess with me, all right? we know how it is, everywhere we go! >> that's hard-core. we are going to head over to south carolina and bring in aishah hasnie. come on in, tell us what you're doing over there! >> the cameras out of control but we will get her in a second. how are we doing?
10:59 pm
>> hey, you guys! nashville is a great town, new york city is a great town. they've got the ball. we got a giant pair of flip-flops and an amazing party. check those out. they are bedazzled just the way that i like it here. and a big old party, getting ready for dumped him to the new year. i want to talk to one of my best friends i just made here, miss charlotte. the mayor's wife, and she is the reason we have giant pair of flip-flops that drop every year, the 11th year in a row. tell me about this tradition. where did it come from? why the flip-flops? >> because we are flip-flop town. we were flip-flops year round around here, and new york they have the ball, we ought to be able to have flip-flops. >> can i tell you a secret? i saw your interview online and i saw you were wearing these
11:00 pm
beautiful giant flip-flop earrings, i went out and i got my own pair of flip-flop earrings too. i hope you like them. do you approve? >> i do! they are wonderful! >> i love what you have on today and i love the casual feel here because look, it's a beach town, it's a lot of fun! what's up? >> we heard something. we heard something! we were talking, there's not only a flip-flop dropped, we heard something what a meatball drop as well. >> oh, my gosh, look at that! >> you wouldn't know anything about the meatball drop? [laughter] >> there is a giant meatball, guys, i've been told. 50 pounds. it's the size of me. i think you can eat it, maybe? i don't know how old it is. we will check it out. >> is it really meets? is it really made?
11:01 pm
>> it's real meat! they tell me it's rick -- it's kind of bland. >> well, what are you going to do with 40 pounds of meatball? >> that's very new jersey also, by the way but we want to ask our viewers, we will put the email up on the screen. >> i know what i want to see. i want to see the meatball drop. >> i have to see the meatball drop but we are going to let our viewers figure this out. do you want to see a flip-flop drop or a meatball drop? email us. >> all-american new year's. >> looked kind of cool. the mayor's wife sold it pretty well. >> she did a good job. >> the meatball sells itself. >> and she shoulder to showed up in flip-flops, the whole deal. >> i want to see an edible new year's eve drop. >> pete said they actually eat
11:02 pm
it. i have to see that. >> i believe it. you know what we have tonight? a human meatball in the crowd. his name is jimmy, and he's bringing comedy for us all evening long. jimmy, our fox news viewers know you will love you, i just introduced you as the human meatball, that's not fair, they're human wrecking ball, what you got for us? >> happy new year, america! down here the wildhorse saloon, 2022 is not yet a year but it is the blood alcohol contact by just about every buddy i'm surrounded by, including emily and james. hello, emily! hello, james. how do you guys know each other? >> we dance together. >> we dance together. so you are both getting paid in singles? >> pretty much. >> absolutely! >> so we've got emily on the main stage -- i mean, you're a stripper, but the cover charge is 25 to get in and 55 to get out? be honest buried 75 bucks for 3 minutes. some things you don't want too
11:03 pm
cheap, you know what i'm saying? what is your new year's resolution? >> to enjoy every day like it's my last. >> if you're hanging out with james a lot it might be. if ever there was a guy who had a [indiscernible] in his trunk, if this guy. james, you're a huge joe biden fan? >> joe biden fen? >> i'm going to take it away, i didn't like the way that went either. we are having a great time down here at the wildhorse saloon. we got dancers, drunk people, with got let's go brandon fans in the background. there's been a lot of chanting over here and we are going to get some comedy on stage in a little bit in this fabulous gold jacket, i will see later. >> we can't wait to hear from you. by the way for our viewers, based on the camera angle, it looks like james is a horse. >> interviewing a horse the entire time. >> there was a human being behind that right there in a plaid shirt. but it really looks like a horse. >> it really did. >> i don't know what james looks like, i assume he has a long face. >> i like to see his face.
11:04 pm
>> jimmy is wearing a pretty snazzy coat there. that's pretty awesome but the only person who is dressed better than jimmy is our own lawrence jones, and he is over in new york city. lawrence, what you got? >> maybe an update on the scavenger heart. >> what's up, family, we are having a good time here in times square, i know you guys are having a good time. look at all the people here! these are the people who said they were going to come out -- i met some friends. with got frank and christina, and frank, i think you have something that you've got to take care of tonight. >> i want to tell this beautiful woman right here, the love of my life, christine, will you be with me for the rest of my life? because i love you. >> yes! yes! [cheers and applause] >> she said yes! she said yes! all right, guys! we got our first wedding proposal! >> that's one. that's one, lawrence!
11:05 pm
>> that's one item on the scavenger hunt list. >> that's pretty good. the scavenger hunt says newlyweds. >> that counts. >> that counts? >> and that was not made in china. that was made in america. >> that's a 2- e.r.a. we will be the judge. there's no real criteria, it's like fox and friends. >> you will give it to the newlyweds category. >> that's pretty good. >> put it on the board. >> now let's check in in new orleans. that was lawrence of new york, we will see how the scavenger hunt is going in in new orleans, emmett arroyo and abby hornacek holding it down. what's up, guys? >> we are on the patio. a rowdy crowd behind us, and look, in new orleans it's all about tradition, right? and there's this famous story -- a got really quiet, they wanted to hear my story, is that right?
11:06 pm
[cheers and applause] a famous story where napoleon, his troops are riding home after the french revolution, there was a duchess who is making champagne, she had of the trip the champagne, they were writing on their horse, so they had to open the champagne with their swords. >> sabers. they call it sabreing the champagne bottle and they do it every new year's eve here. so we're going to do it ourselves. this is not a sharp sword. i mean, look. okay. >> don't you dare -- >> we are going to have a little competition. the competition is whoever cuts this bottle better has to buy drinks -- the loser has to buy drinks. >> i'm going to lose on purpose. >> we will see. winner buys drinks. >> hold on. are you ready? one, two, three. hello! hello! [cheers and applause] thank you! >> okay, who won?
11:07 pm
>> that was pretty good. >> thank you! >> well done! you know, abby hornacek like a true athlete, knows one not to follow through. >> pretty darn good. well done! >> i'm going to make a prediction. i'm going to mike a prediction that louisiana is a pretty -- i think the laptop is there, i think laptop is in louisiana in new orleans. >> guys, have to show you something before we go. look at this. >> we need something to eat with buried >> the most fantastic dessert -- oh, my god. we don't need this. >> raymond horse the champagne, it makes it go even more. >> when we are done here we are going to bourbon street. she hasn't been to bourbon street. i'm taking her there and we are going to show you how we party
11:08 pm
on bourbon street. we are going to introduce abby to raw oysters. say there, guys. >> you're going to introduce abby to raw oysters. pete, your wife is from new orleans, have you ever had banana fosters? >> i have, and i love it. it's so good. >> abby is going to be introduced to raw oysters and raw debauchery. >> there goes my prediction of hunter's laptop being in new orleans. well, 2021 has been one hell of the year, so let's end it with some laughs. jimmy is here with stand-up comedy and a stand-up comedy set that you do not want to miss. stay with us! right there! ♪ ♪ >> happy new year's to you! let's raise our glasses, this is
11:09 pm
a watters world mug, and toast to one crazy year, 2021. thank god it's over. ♪ ♪
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(swords clashing) -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> i can see which is doing here, i know what she's about to do. watch this. >> what do you got, emily? >> i'm not two points behind anymore, guys!
11:13 pm
because i have two right now. i have american heroes and a dog that's dressed up. i'm here with new york's finest. you can't get any more of a hero than these been in women protecting us tonight. canine ralphie, who is the star of nypd. i'm here with officer -- tell me about k-9 ralphie. >> this is k-9 ralphie. he's named after an officer killed in the line of duty. >> thank you so much for your service, and k-9 ralphie, thank you for your service, sweet boy. the star of nypd and then lieutenant, how does it feel to be here in time square tonight? >> amazing, start the new year with a new mayor, can't wait! >> sergeant, how does it feel to be turning the page and getting into 2022? >> like anybody else, i am so ready for it, let's get the new year started. >> i'm here with american heroes and a dog dressed up, wearing his best, number 38, let's give
11:14 pm
it up for times square and new york's finest! take it away, nashville! >> that's good, emily, american heroes. >> all the way one point on that one. i think we go half point on the dog. >> half point on the document dressed up dog? they are dressed up as nypd dog but that's their job. it's not really a custom, it's work. >> uniform. >> half point, she's behind one and a half, but pretty darn good. as you can see, only an official count on the fox nation channel. on the all-american ears, you're not going to want to turn the channel, especially where it all because rachel campos duffy is introducing her comedian for the night, he's got a heck of a set, i got a preview of it earlier. rachel, where you at? >> hey, you guys! oh, my god, this crowd is amazing. this crowd is amazing right here in nashville. you know him, you love him, he's the fox news -- host a fox across america, welcome jimmy!
11:15 pm
[cheers and applause] >> yo, nashville! hey, girl. i've got to tell you, i love this crowd because you are living in a free country and that is amazing. where i'm from a new york, everybody's got three masks, they are scared to leave the house. the only thing people are scared of in nashville is running out of beer, let's be honest buried it's so true, you know? for those of you watching on tv at home who don't speak nashville, it's a word that means anything you want after six beers, am i right? right? you want another beer? i'm just telling you, i love it because this town does not give an f.
11:16 pm
i got picked up at the airport, got -- the guy driving the cab, i would like hey, do i need to where a mask down town and he said only if you plan on robbing a bank and he was -- he made a right turn and was like woo! i had a great christmas, but i got to tell you, the supply chain is a mess, okay? my wife, jenny, she wanted one of those amazon alexis for christmas. so i go out and i spent all this money on an alexa but the supply chain gets screwed up and they send me the cheap knockoff that doesn't take questions called a kamala. but, yo! it's bad. every time you ask it a question it's assistant cuts it off in the driving directions are useless, it doesn't know how to get to the southern border. it's really bad.
11:17 pm
but seriously, 2021 will forever be remembered as the year that we freed britney and put our president into a conservatorship. think about that. for real though. i don't care how you vote, one where the other, you have to admit, joe biden is the only human being you know who quits talking in the middle of a sentence because he's done, you know what i'm saying? it would be like -- you know, the rapidly rising -- i don't know -- yo, this dude is sending in the punt team on second down. it's not good. and i care, man, i'm raising a kid in this country, 13-year-old lincoln, my son, great kid, but that name became controversial with the woke crowd this year so now he's going by his middle name, o.j. but i really do -- i pay
11:18 pm
attention to the country and i think if you really wanted to help in 2022, everybody needs to calm down. seriously, calm down. for real. here's the thing, really quick, just hear me out. everybody, we live the greatest country the world has ever known, that's a statement of fact, there's never been a more tolerant time in our society them right now, never more inclusive time in our workforce the now but everybody's open stomach busy fighting and social media we are missing a great party. i will give you a good example. the navy admitted this year that aliens came to america and no one even noticed the new story. think about that, et didn't phone home, he took in over and no one cared because we were fighting on twitter. it should have been a big story if for no other reason than because it was the only alien that got sent back under biden, and here we are. but i'm just saying. like if you want to help the situation, just calm down a little bit, you know? people don't realize how out of
11:19 pm
their minds they are. it like on facebook, everybody has a facebook friend who's become like a constitutional lawyer that's writing like 9,000 word essays. facebook needs a button called who asked you, you know what i'm saying? my body paints houses, he wrote a 9,000 word essay about the debt ceiling. how about you stick to the living room ceiling and we all get on with our lives? hey, my man, a little kid right here in nashville. get him a beer! come on! you call this a town? little -- write parenting right there. i love it. and i love your mom because every time you laugh you show a little more cleavage in our, so thank you. very nice. this is amazing. but seriously, two things you got to do, okay? you've got to calm down, you've got to support the cops. we have to support the cops. if you are a man or woman who
11:20 pm
puts on the uniform, thank you, we love you, you are important to us. and everybody needs to know that. i know that because everyone in my family is a cop. i would have been a cop if it weren't for this thing called a background check. but you never know. if but it's amazing because my brother just became a cop in new york city and i called him up the first a tuition good luck and our days were like identical. i was like how are you making outs of our? is like good, just on the lester is trying to see if this guy had weed on him, then i followed a hooker for two blocks. and i was like me too! >> as a matter fact, we're about to bust a massage parlor. best advice i can give you, man, i say this every day on fox across america and that's why -- i just want to clear up the confusion because i know we have a lot of dusek acts here in nashville and let's be honest, i look like the lead singer of a boy band called in rehab. but the best advice i can give you for 2022, and i really do
11:21 pm
mean this, is to be a republican, be a democrat, whatever. republican, democrat independent, just don't be an asshole, you know what i'm saying? happy new year, nashville! i'm jimmy, good night! >> that's beautiful! he says he ordered an alexa and he got a kamala, which means it doesn't ask questions -- it doesn't take any questions. perfect for jimmy. >> perfect for jimmy. he delivers. >> and he said get that kid a beer. there's a couple kids in here that i'm wondering abo. >> engine with the biggest rope one of the whole thing? by the way, that was a great bit -- just support the cops. you know, everybody says -- the dumbest tagline of 2021 was defund the police. may we leave it in 2021. >> let's leave it behind! >> my goodness. jimmy failla, everybody.
11:22 pm
we have a special guest right now, faced timing and ally from the show from i assume back home in new jersey, it is the duffy family! all of them but one or two. they are standing right here. >> hi, guys! and ucs? >> what's up, spider-man! >> i can't hear you, tell me what's going over there! >> this party was really rocking earlier. people came out, we had a little bit of wine, bubbly for the kids, i know everyone is getting tired, there has been some fighting. they are ready to go to bed but we've been watching you guys, it's been awesome and i think everyone agrees that the party in our household is never the same without mama duffy here to make sure it's all organized well. >> well, i think -- i think sean is waiting for those kids to go to bed so he can do some drinking himself maybe. >> hold on. i'm not waiting for the kids to go to bed, i've been having a couple of glasses of wine in the
11:23 pm
interim. >> form a representative of america than we are right now. how long will the kids hold on? one of the going to bed? from new year's -- everybody go to bed. >> i hope this doesn't last very long, rapid up and had to bed, so i sit back and watch you guys and enjoy the night. you guys have been doing really well! and it's been so cool to see how excited people are to celebrate and be out without masks in new orleans. people love it and i think the more they see that, the more they want to get out of there lockdowns and liberal cities and go to places that actually celebrate life in the new year. >> and they are, shawn, they are. people are voting with their feet, moving to places like tennessee, texas, florida, and i'm going to tell you something, when you don't live in a lockdown state, when you live in a free state, life is good. >> life is good right here in nashville buried sean, i wish you were with me.
11:24 pm
but it looks like you've got your hands full there. >> i wish i was with you and i wish i had a belt buckle like will. that's impressive. you come in style, texas style with a belt buckle, you've got the whole thing going on. love it! >> i know what you got for christmas because i helped advise it. it didn't happen? >> i'm saving it for our anniversary! thanks a lot! >> well, you've got a good gift coming. tell me in the break! >> [laughs] oh, boy, [indiscernible]. >> i don't think it's much fun here as it is there but we are doing our best. and we've got someone was a little rambunctious. [laughs] he has his spider-man suit on. >> it is so loud here. >> you're the best. and what that means is we appreciate you, shawn. >> i love you, honey! >> from you in the entire
11:25 pm
clansmen, you're holding down the fort, fake new year's here in a little bit. >> i love you, honey! thanks for taking care of those kids! my new year's resolution is to be more grateful for what an awesome hubby you are. i love you. >> be more grateful is a good one for all of us. >> look at that shot, that's an all-american shot on the all-american new year's. see you guys later, see you, spider-man! have a great new year's! >> perk up, margarita! perked up! >> i love it! >> he said you're wonderful and you're beautiful and you're talented, that's what i heard. >> i missed that. >> that's what i heard. >> amazing crew. listen to that new year's resolution, and we all get resolutions from our wives to say that. i will be more grateful for you? i will just drop the mic and walk off if i got that new year's resolution. >> no kidding. i'm going to face time my wife in a minute and be like what's up. >> what's your resolution?
11:26 pm
>> thanks for coming to my living room, america. >> i got left out of the gift giving. >> well... >> coming up, the count down to 2022 continues all across america. we've got scavenger hunt ongoing. >> and a tribute to our and women in uniform, you can't miss it! stay with us right here in nashville! >> happy new year's everyone, it's judge jeanine. i wish for peace on earth, but i want you to know what my new year's resolution is, it's to give up york peppermint patties that i love, so i'm going to give them up. but as i hold it in my hands, i think of that rich, dark chocolate. i think of myself as being on top of a cold winter a mountain with a cool breeze blowing through my hair and breezing across my body in this long, white dress. on second thought, i'm not going to give up york peppermint patties, i will give up something else that i don't
11:27 pm
like. happy new year! ♪ ♪
11:28 pm
11:29 pm
11:30 pm
♪ ♪ [off key singing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:31 pm
♪ ♪ ♪♪ if i were you mama if i were you mama i'd want me back too ♪ ♪ ♪♪ yeah, i'd want to go back mama to that week in nashville, tennessee, ♪ ♪ that that hotel bed and it never been the same, babe ♪ ♪ you had just tried ♪ ♪ if i were you ♪ ♪ i'd miss my kiss ♪ ♪ i'd miss me keeping you up all night ♪
11:32 pm
♪ if i were you, i know that losing me ♪ ♪ would make me lose my mind ♪ ♪ you ain't gonna find nobody like me ♪ ♪ best you ever had and i'm always going to be ♪ ♪ if i were you ♪ ♪ if i were you mama i'd want me back too ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ typical you mama always wanting what you can't have ♪ ♪ let me hear you, nashville! ♪♪ if i were you ♪ ♪ i'd miss my kiss ♪ ♪ i know that losing me would
11:33 pm
make me lose my mind ♪ ♪ you end gonna find nobody like me ♪ ♪ on the best you ever had ♪ ♪ and i'm always gonna be ♪ ♪ if i were you ♪ ♪ if i were you mama i'd want me back too ♪ ♪ i'd want me back too ♪♪ [cheers and applause] >> this is the music city and that was lindsey l performing "want me back." multiple number one, country music award, where glad to have her this morning -- this morning. i said this morning, that's how i feel. sometimes you are a little foggy. got one hour left. normally for morning shows, which we will be in a few hours. and we will be in a few hours. one hour in new york, two hours here in nashville.
11:34 pm
>> lindsay was amazing. that was amazing. what a performance. listen, we asked you to send some pictures of what you were doing on new year's eve, to email it to us, you did have come here's a picture from kelly on her family nuzzling up this new year's. that's adorable. >> bringing your home to the nashville airwaves, this one comes from angie, who is going to 2022 with all of her dogs. >> that is a dog on a dog and maybe another dog, i can't tell. in this picture comes from charlie and jenny were celebrating at home tonight. i like it. by the way, in fox & friends weekend style, extra points if you have a photo of the show in the background. that will get you on the program. email us, >> don't you love that they were home and still prepared to put on the glasses and the hats? way to go. >> because the kids are off to college! time for quiet time.
11:35 pm
let's do this. let's go to new york city, let's go to times square, where lawrence is working on a new year's eve scavenger hunt. he's already crossed a few things off the list. we are ruling it a newlywed, but he had a proposal, alive on air proposal. what are you doing now? with got emily as well. let's start with lauren. what you have, lauren -- lawrence. >> i've been working through the crowd. you all like these glasses? you are like this? >> yeah, yes. >> all right, so i was out and i was supposed to get the $2 bill, and i have captured the $2 bill. i should be in the league now. i know you guys are taking score, whose up? >> that's three. >> you're in the lead. you're right, that's the third -- >> that's what we are talking about. so i'm going to be a gentleman and toss it over to emily. what have you got, emily?
11:36 pm
>> wait, wait, wait, before you toss it to emily, emily, wait one second. earlier when you were on with us emily, pete judged and i did what you said, i followed along. and he judged your dog only a half point, right? well, lois was watching and she writes in we love your shows, but we have to disagree that emily only getting half a point for that dog -- so if you are right sin, and you have been i think overruled. >> through the red flag. upon further review. >> yeah. we went to the votes and emily got the full point for the dog, so you are at two points as well. lawrence is at three, what do you bet? >> you guys are such person over his! >> i am stressed about that half point call earlier. we are going to review the game day footage. i'm killing the scavenger hunt because i found the disgraced cuomo brothers right here, disgraced trash, but we are
11:37 pm
going to throw the trash out with the rest of 2021, but more important is all of these people celebrating with me here in times square, so excited for 2022! all the trash is behind us. we're so excited for 2022! times square is off the hook, guys, that's worth two points! where you get this kind of energy other than times square? pickle i have to say -- >> i think emily should just get points for that awesome coat that she's wearing. >> yes! >> just a fashion point on top. two points because we upped her on the dog, she gets definitely point for the cuomo trash and then a half point -- >> it's rigged. this is rigged. >> no, lawrence, i believe in you, you're going to be able to mount a comeback, we're going to check in with you as the night goes along. don't be discouraged. try harder.
11:38 pm
emily is spiking in the end zone just now on you. you got a $2 bill, she found her disgraced cuomo brother, sorry, get creative. >> i'm going to win! >> all right, it's on! it's on! >> it's on, it's on, for those of you scoring at home, three and a half emily, 3, lawrence, and we got creative. that's what it takes. >> i think maybe new orleans, are they in on this? >> they are not in the scavenger hunt. they can maybe help. >> i still believe that -- >> we are on bourbon street, guys. i said i would take her here. this street has been here since 1721, named after the house of bourbon. you can see these people are like ripping it up, guys. come here, abby. okay. i want to ask these people why they came. why are you here? your son is a freshman at baylor and you're here the sugar bowl?
11:39 pm
why are you here? >> i want to watch the ole miss game. because i like ole miss! >> there we go, hotty toddy! we are going to go inside felix's because what and i promise we would do? >> we would eat a raw oyster. >> let's go. >> and that's what we're doing i guess. >> follow us in. this is felix's. >> welcome to felix's! >> thank you, look. this is where you come look at these guys. >> well, i would love to see if we could try and shock and oyster because i hear it's hard work. thank you, what a gentleman. what are we doing back here? we are shucking some oysters? >> yeah. >> that's a really sharp knife. so i can't use it. >> you can't use it, you've got to be really trained to know how to use this knife. >> so watch this technique here. you eat them raw. >> we shock them, you suck them. >> i should have brought the saber from the last place so
11:40 pm
they could have shucked our oyster with the saber. >> it they are good here. >> i think that oyster kind of taste like when you're surfing and you get knocked in the waves. what do i do with it? pick that up. >> go ahead, just pull it out of there and swallow it. i will tell you now that it's in your mouth why i don't eat raw oysters, because i think they are likes snot on a shell. you've got to try one of these here. she hasn't swallowed yet. okay, guys, we are going to come back in a moment because we have a real surprise for you from bourbon street. stay with us, and all you carpet bagging -- we are watching you from here in new orleans. >> we will bring you and oyster back! >> i've got to know, put that microphone in front of abby, what did you think?
11:41 pm
was it good? >> what did you think? >> he kind of painted an image for me while it was in my mouth so it tasted a bit like the image of painted but it was delicious! >> they are really good. >> to know that i do not like oysters but actually enjoy that. it's quite something. >> that is an endorsement if i've ever heard it. you still me a drink, which i'm going to claim on our next job. >> i will take you one back and you can try it, how about that? >> i love it. >> you are in the best possible hands, no one can show you a tour of new orleans better than raymond arroyo and raymond, you're a true pro. you said try this and then here's why i would never try that after she's eaten it. television professional. >> it's the new orleans shuffle. >> the amount that i've had to take for raymond arroyo. they love him here. rightly so. >> we will check in with you in a little bit. >> did you see that they wouldn't hand her the knife because you have to be a professional to use the knife?
11:42 pm
>> they are a conduit for cocktail sauce, tabasco it horseradish. >> is going the other way, that's why people don't give me access anymore. just go to the internet. don't worry about it. >> oh, i remember now. i forgot. all right, somewhere out here in this crowd, rachel campos duffy is i believe with an american hero. where is she? >> rachel, where you at? >> i'm right here, you guys! i'm upstairs in the bar and i'm here with really amazing people. i'm here with two veterans and one of the cofounders of an organization that helps veterans process all the things they are going through through songwriting. i'm going to start here with michael, you like to be called big mike, right? >> yes i do. >> all right, tell me how songwriting has helped you. you say it's help to come out of your shell. >> yeah, you know, the songwriting is wonderful but they also do a creative arts
11:43 pm
program where you can use clay and stuff and that really helped me come out of my shell through using the pottery and stuff like that. the songwriting as well. i wrote a song for my wife called thank you for your service and she's just an amazing woman that stood by my side through the whole thing so it was just a blessing. >> it's really spectacular. greg, i'm going to go over to you because you grew up in a home before you even got into the military, you got for a home that was pretty abusive, he went to iraq, came back, tell me how being p.r. of this is -- specifically even songwriting, has helped you kind of process all of that? >> really, the biggest way was being able to -- when i put the words in the songs together, it was the first time i was able to really vocalize my story and really validate what happened, which was truly empowering to be able to go out and then share my story with other people to help empower other people with things that they've been through. >> it's really incredible. richard, really quickly, how did
11:44 pm
you know that songwriting could help veterans, you know, get through ptsd, get through that transition back to the homefront? >> i honestly didn't know until i fell into it after i came home from war and i was injured, told my story for the first time it it saved me. and i was like i got to bring other veterans to do what just happened to me. >> we are in the perfect down to talk about songwriting. we are here in nashville celebrating the new year, i want to wish you all a very, very happy new year and thank you for your service. >> happy new year! >> take care, everybody! back to you guys! >> thank you, rachel. wouldn't be an all-american new year's without talking to some heroes. we found a few of them here. >> don't go anywhere, the night is just getting started here in nashville. we brought our dancing shoes to the party, you and i. here's where we are -- going to teach us how to line dance coming up. >> yep, let's do it. ♪ ♪
11:45 pm
>> hi, everybody, i wish you a really happy new year and i just hope for everyone out there that this year will be peaceful, that people will come together a little bit more, that we will all live in a moment and that we will understand how special the experience of being an american is and just be a little bit nicer, little bit kinder to everybody. have a wonderful night and a happy, happy new year to everybody. ♪ ♪
11:46 pm
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
11:49 pm
tired of diets and fads in addition to the that just don't work? stop chasing trends. trust science. leanfire from force factor contains energizing ingredients to help double your weight loss. melt fat, burn calories, and transform your body. rush to walmart for leanfire, from force factor. ♪ ♪ >> a big happy new year to everyone in the fox news viewing audience, my new year's resolution and i suggest one for you too, do everything you can to provide freedom in this wonderful constitutional
11:50 pm
republic that we call the united states of america. happy new year's. >> welcome back, everybody! we are here in nashville, tennessee! this has been the most amazing evening. it has surpassed my expectations. i want to wish all of you back home a very, very happy new year. look at this little girl! i'm going to tell you what, these guys aren't going to leave nashville without learning how to line dance. and so we brought in tiffany. what are you going to do with these guys? >> we are going to do the new york stroke. >> the new york stroke. >> i can do that. >> the new york stroll right here. >> you just strolled out of new york to come to nashville. >> that was the new york stroll. hey, get out of my way. you're going to teach us how to line dance right now to the new york stroll and a little bit later on the show i believe pete and i are going to be competing.
11:51 pm
>> it's a competition. >> and we have some amazing uniforms we are going to wear for that. >> get ready for that. >> that's a big surprise, by the way. that's a big surprise. >> tiffany, take it away. >> take it away, let's go! >> what do we do here? >> here we go. >> i'm watching you. >> right heel, left field, right heel, left heel. double, double, shuffle, step back, step front, step back, turn around. he'll come out right heel, left heel, right heel, left heel. shuffle greater shuffle shuffle. right back, right back, turned to the front. turn to the front. right, left. there we are. step back, step front, step back, turn around. right heel, left heel.
11:52 pm
shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. step back, step front, step front, step back, turn around. there you go! >> come on, catch up! >> i don't know! i'm feeling like he's got a little more! >> turnaround. heel. >> i'm impressed. it's good! >> he's beating me. he's beating me. >> right, left. >> yeah! because step. front. >> back, front, turnaround. >> i'm getting the hang of it, will! >> i'm starting to get the hang of it too! >> step back. >> yeah.
11:53 pm
>> step back, step front. >> [indiscernible]. >> there you go! >> this is very tiring. okay. it's a legwork out. >> pete, it's on now! it's on now. ♪ ♪ >> what are we doing? >> shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. >> get the hips into it. >> i spun a little early. sorry. >> look at that. >> you got it! >> more hips. more hips. ♪ ♪
11:54 pm
>> i thought we were done. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> all right, i think these guys are enjoying this a little too much. stay with us, we've got a contest between cops and firefighters and also sister hazel. ♪ ♪ >> this is my first new year's as an american citizen, so what does that mean? what we do differently? do i get twice as drunk? who knows, but i hope you're having just as good a time as i am tonight.
11:55 pm
happy new
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
♪ ♪ >> i just wanted to say happy new year's to all of the people who watch fox news and the people of it fox news from all of us here at daily wire. my new year's resolution is to make 80% of my body composed of covid vaccine. >> what did he say? >> i don't know. >> 80% of his body made up of covid vaccines. that's what i made out, i could be wrong, america, correct me if i am. it's very loud in here. >> that would be wonderful if you were wrong. >> if anybody can do it, it's ben shapiro, a real talent and great to hear from him. >> welcome back to nashville, tennessee, 30 minutes ago -- 30 minutes to go until the ball drops in times square in the eastern time zone. as we make our way to midnight
12:00 am
here, some of the emails we are receiving from their viewers on how they're planning to sobered new year's, already having a good time, and what they will be doing it midnight. >> here's a pick from darlene, who is looking to get lawrence and emily a hand with their scavenger hunt. it look at that. $2 bill, come get it! >> two points for darlene. she is tied with lawrence right now. here's another one from amy and her daughter who are enjoying our all-american celebration. i believe that's john rich. well done. >> extra points if you had the show in the background. >> extra points. and it's not just dogs that are out there partying with us tonight. betsy had her cats are ready to ring in 2022. you know it. >> by the way, you guys, that i tell you what my new year's resolution is? i don't know if anybody has seen her guns, but she has a strong woman, and i am going to -- i told her that, actually. i want to be like that by next
12:01 am
year. >> i wouldn't fight her. strong-willed and physically strong for all the right reasons. we don't think ahead, we are men. and here's an email from jason weighing in on the meatball versus flip-flop dilemma saying in honor of the rapidly inflating price of meat, can we take a break and actually watch some meat fall for once. >> and inflation joe. only it fox news. you get inflation jokes like that. >> well done. keep your emails coming in at we will be ringing the new year eastern and central, we want to see your pictures throughout the night. >> i'm sweating. i'm sweating from line dancing, i'm sweating from the sea of humanity in here. it's warm. but it's a good party, i will tell you that. let's bring in aishah hasnie, she is in south carolina where
12:02 am
she is trying to decide if it's flip-flop or meatball, and she's got her waiting for us. >> what's it going to be? >> we are working on the meatball for you, will. standby on that. it right now thoug we are going to stir up some really delicious fish tacos because we've got a taco eating contest underway! we've got the firefighters! and the police department! we are going to see who is the hero. all right, are you ready? three... two... one... eat! >> my money is on firefighters. >> firefighters. money is on the firefighters. >> look at that. that is -- >> that's one of the grossest things we've ever done. >> my money is on the fire to firefighter.
12:03 am
>> but this is absolutely the grossest thing we've ever done this network. >> i love it, absolutely beautiful. >> it's dedication, it's hunger. >> there is something what the firemen posture that is me confidence that he's going to pull this out. i can't explain it. >> how do you judge it? >> i don't know. >> look at the confidence of his bites. >> the confidence. >> look at the police dog. >> it appears that gentleman on the left is the official judge. he's paying very close attention. the firefighters mouth has not left -- >> i can't get enough of that k-9 unit. >> i'm telling you, the firefighter won, there's way less tacos on his plate. >> i think we're going to check -- aishah, do you have an update? do you have a score? >> i just want you to know this is also not made in china. >> police officer won after all that! >> you know what? he stayed focused.
12:04 am
>> were you going to disney world? i think is going to throw up. >> aishah, what was the official score to >> it was 5-4. i'm disappointed in zach because zach was really pumping me up. he really trained for this, so zach let me down. what happens? what happened, zach? we were betting on the firefighter. >> those tacos are so good! everybody was betting on the firefighter. come on, zach! >> yes we were. >> but i didn't realize that the cop looked like he might be mexican-american, so maybe that's why he won. >> wait, but aishah, is that poor k-9 going to get a bite of the taco? is the police dog going to get to take off the muzzle and get a taco? >> can we please introduce you to the k-9? what's her name?
12:05 am
>> we thought goose was going to try and help solomon but goose doesn't want to tacos at all. first new year's eve. oh, my gosh. >> aishah, well done. well done. we said we would bring your heroes, aishah delivers with the firemen, police officer. we will check back in with you, flip-flop and meatballs it continues. >> in south carolina! >> let's go to tampa, florida, now where madison alworth is -- last we checked in with madison i believe it looked like it was on the jersey shore. but it was actually tampa. looking a little more florida now, madison. >> yes, yes. it is a bit more florida now, i have a really fun game for you with coconuts and very floridaesque. these two couples are going to move the coconut up to them outs
12:06 am
without using their hands. here we go! three, two, one, go! all right, we have the moving. another prize, surprise, surprise, we're going to be giving them alcohol, so they are both very motivated to be doing this. if as you can tell, not trying to use the hands. oh, my god, we are close. we are close -- that was a hand! that was a hand! there we go! we have our winners! there you go. all right, little more florida for you. there we go, congratulations, guys, back to you! >> that was and said you knew id this full-time. for my peeps up -- what was that, a coconut body role contest? >> like that with no hands. >> it is something that happens on college campuses, not always on fox news. >> not anymore.
12:07 am
>> right behind us on the stage, can block andrew copeland and sister hazel are ready to perform to us live right here. take it away, fellas! all for you. >> all right, yll together. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
12:08 am
♪ ♪ ♪♪ i thought i'd seen it all ♪ ♪ because it's been a long, long time ♪ ♪ but then we will trip and fall ♪ ♪ wondering if i'm blind ♪ ♪ there's been time ♪ ♪ i'm so confused ♪ ♪ and all my roads ♪ ♪ they lead to you ♪ ♪ i just can't turn away ♪ ♪ it's hard to say what it is ♪ ♪ i see in you ♪ ♪ wonder if i'll always be with you ♪ ♪ words can't say, and i can't do ♪ ♪ enough to prove it's all for you ♪ ♪ rain comes pouring down ♪ ♪ falling from blue skies ♪
12:09 am
♪ yeah, words without a sound ♪ ♪ coming from your eyes ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ finally i figured out ♪ ♪ but it took a long, long time ♪ ♪ oh, now i'll never turn about ♪ ♪ maybe because i'm trying ♪ ♪ there's been time ♪ ♪ so confused ♪ ♪ all my roads ♪ ♪ they lead to you ♪
12:10 am
♪ i just can't turn and walk away ♪ ♪ very nice! ♪♪ it's hard to say what it is ♪ ♪ i see in you ♪ ♪ wonder if i'll always be with you ♪ ♪ words can't say ♪ ♪ and i can't do ♪ ♪ enough to prove ♪ ♪ it's all for you ♪ ♪ yeah, it's hard to say ♪ ♪ it's hard to say ♪ ♪ it's all for you ♪♪ all for y'all! happy new year, everybody! shout out to gainesville, florida! >> it's all for you, that song
12:11 am
came out in 1997, i was a sophomore in high school. >> really? >> yeah, loved it. >> that's the year i graduated from grad school. >> we are same age. i love it. >> what time is it? it's 10:40 central but 11:40 eastern time which means we are just, as the clock ticks, four, three, two, one, 19 minutes away from the final count on. by the way, guess was going to join us after the break? one of your favorites, the great dan bongino will be here to help us bring in -- >> come on, dan! he said he was going to do it, and he did! ♪ ♪ >> hello from south carolina. from my family to your family, we hope 2022 brings you joy, happiness and peace all the year
12:12 am
long. happy new year. ♪
12:13 am
12:14 am
it's a thirteen-hour flight, that's not a weekend trip. fifteen minutes until we board. oh yeah, we gotta take off. you downloaded the td ameritrade mobile app so you can quickly check the markets? yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board. excellent. and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. have a great flight.
12:15 am
thanks. we'll see ya. ah, they're getting so smart. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we are 15 minutes away from the ball drop in new york city as we bring in the new year, 2022. right here in nashville,
12:16 am
tennessee. >> we also want to bring in raymond arroyo out in -- which, first we are going to times square! we are in times square right now with lawrence. >> it's a live shot because we've got reporters on the ground, we will check in with them again but that's where the ball will drop in new york city. >> it will drop right there. >> all masked up and ready for bill de blasio to hit the -- maybe we will skip that. >> maybe the rotten apple will drop. look at them in new york cheering for a new year without bill de blasio. that's what i'm seeing right there. >> lawrence jones and emily compagno are in those crowd somewhere in new york. we will check in with them in a little bit but we are going to go live to new orleans, we have raymond arroyo and abby hornacek. you are with us, you are one hour and 15 minutes away, how is it going? >> we are in pat o'brien's and it is swinging here. >> this is the most electric product seen in my entire life! >> we are close to the new year and they are really excited. this place was a speakeasy,
12:17 am
guys, you used to have to ask a question of storms brewing. well, it's very different today. >> i hear -- i hear all the cheering, so hey, why are you at pat o'brien's tonight? >> why am i pat o'brien's? i met pat o'brien's because i know the rams are going to put on a great performance tomorrow and the baylor bears don't stand a chance. >> we got the sugar bowl tomorrow. what's great about it is you have to watch through the carriageway, so there is so much history here. >> abby, i've been meaning to ask you all night, the jackpot question. what are you drinking new year's eve? >> well, i heard that pat o'brien's invented the hurricane. >> tell people what's in the hurricane. >> i'm about to taste within the hurricane but apparently back in the day they only could get rum here so there's rum, grenadine, and punch. >> want to take a little sip.
12:18 am
>> yes. here. >> happy new years. that's all we can take her we will be in trouble. back to you guys, we are having a better time than you are. >> i don't know about that. >> i don't know about that! >> they are raising the bar. >> have you had a hurricane? >> this is the most amazing crowd have ever seen. truly, i know they look like they're having fun in louisiana, but i'm going to tell you this right here is a dan bongino crowd. i know i'm a little early. >> we are going to get to him in one moment. i've had a hurricane at pat o'brien's. >> pat o'brien's is awesome, dueling pianos. but you know what else is awesome? ainsley earhardt. who is -- i don't know where she is but all i know she space timing end. >> hey, everyone! >> happy new year, ainsley! how is it going? tell us how you're bringing bringing in 2022. >> we are watching you guys. rachel, you look stunning.
12:19 am
we are all talk about how much you love your dress, pete, we love those ten issues. you all look so cute! >> thank you very much. >> you all look like you're having so much fun. we are down in florida and we watched the carolina game. that's our friend waltz. this is my friend hannah. hannah, tell us about yourself. >> i'm from new york, i live in florida now and happy new year! >> happy new year! and her parents are watching, right? what are the names? >> my mom and dad, we love you! >> this is one of my best friends from college, we went to the university of south carolina together, this is hunter. >> happy new year, everyone! >> where you from? >> i'm from south carolina. >> she's a dermatologist, she is so smart, wicked smart. and this is one of my best friends from new york who just moved to connecticut, this is lori. >> hey, happy new year! >> tell us about yourself. >> i'm from new york and moved to connecticut, this is my gorgeous knees. >> miranda, tell us about
12:20 am
yourself. >> i'm from new york and my mom and dad are watching and so is my grandma. >> hey! her grandmother, lori's mother, is like my second mom and my daughter 'a second -- third grandmother and we love their family and they have just -- they are some of my best friends in new york and my family is so far away and they have gotten me through the ups and downs of new york city, so we love you! mom, grandfather, my mom is awesome. we love you all, thank you for everything! >> boy, south carolina friends -- >> happy new year, ainsley! >> your south carolina friends can teach her new york friends how to say happy new year, y'all. and get it right. >> well tested say something. >> all the way. >> all the way. >> love it. >> happy new year! >> people want to be here for this part of it, they'd love to be hanging out with
12:21 am
ainsley earhardt. wonderful person, one of the best people you could possibly work with at the fox news channel. >> you teased it. >> i couldn't resist! you know we are called fox & friends for a reason, because we truly have good friends here. probably one of the best friends that we have at fox & friends, somebody i love dearly, dan bongino. this crowd has gone wild for you, dan! >> i just invited myself! you know, so i'm sitting there on a morning saturday appearance with you -- you know i love you. i don't get up on saturday for squat. and by the way, to the executive suite at fox, i'm not responsible for anything that happens from this point on. i'm just kidding. i'm just kidding. but i will take a sip of that. but you guys sounded like you are going to have so much fun, and will, who is a better actor than i thought, he's like -- rachel is like so, what are you doing?
12:22 am
and will is like cleaning up for new year's or whatever. and pete is like we are going to -- nashville. nashville -- i set i've got to go. >> people are already weighing in. i got smoked in the line dancing training. >> you did. like, listen, i was with my lovely wife -- we were watching on the camera and we were like holy moses, the minnesota boy beat texas, what happened! >> i don't know! look at that! >> he's got moves! i was a little disappointed! >> i've never -- have you ever line danced before? >> no. >> you know what? he came an hour earlier than we did. i noticed he wasn't in the car. >> a competitive day. >> this is not a joke. this is like a real competition. but rachel, my wife is colombian, she's got moves like
12:23 am
you wouldn't believe. >> paula. >> the lovely paula cheeselike man, pete is doing it! he's getting it done! >> very nice. >> by the way, dan, we can't let this segment go without waiving to paul over there. just there, come on! >> you're the real deal. you said hey, can i come down a party with you guys we were like, for sure and then you're a man of your word, you showed up. >> showed up in style! >> i was in miami this morning. eating breakfast at the st. regis and i'm like where driving home, we are dumping herself at the house and we are flying to nashville! to say hello to the boys. >> hey, dan, do people yell let's go brandon wherever you go? i noticed some let's go brandon guys when you got him here. >> everywhere, even in miami. i didn't have one person say a bad word. everybody came up, they are huge supporters. >> on the 7:00 show we do
12:24 am
something called on the clock. i'd like to dispute that. >> i admitted that. >> i'm going to throw monkey wrench in your plans there. i'm going to tell you i invented it. i told jen hex up a while ago, we got to do something on my show like around the horn. i'm going to say i invented -- i'm going to take it from both of you guys. >> you can see the clock is already up. >> first topic, joe biden spent the week being dragged along the beach by his new dog named commander. of course joe was masked up all alone with jill. does that inspire confidence to you, dan, for 2022? >> the dog is not showing any love, which kind of hurts me a little. i have lucy, my goldendoodle, and if lucy comes off the stage here, she will be peeing everywhere because she loves people and she gets excited. listen, it's new year's, good
12:25 am
for him, whatever, but the dog should be like jumping on him and whatever. i'm a little weirded out by that. >> why is the dog on a leash too? that's a beach, i don't care about the royals, let that thing run free. >> why is he wearing a mask on the beach? i mean, come on, dude! >> i'm surprised the dog is not masked to be honest. >> next up -- >> okay, after the disastrous year, democrats are already looking for replacements for 2020 and it's getting so bad for them that now michelle obama as a potential favorite. what you think about michelle obama? >> well, listen, she'd be real trouble. i mean, no joke. but here's the thing. do you have anybody else other than the obamas? i mean it's like, guys, we've got to go to sports cars, will knows. we forgot more about sports than
12:26 am
i remember, but this isn't majorly baseball where you call out mariano rivera for every game. >> he's retired. >> right, right, you've got to get a different guy, get a different picture once in a while and it's like always the obamas like how bad is your party have to suck that every time you're going back -- bring the right -- you've got to get someone else. are we supposed to be on the clock? i'm not watching and if. >> your good. >> would michelle do it? >> no, no way! why! why would she do it! >> next up, aoc is not -- what happened, they just killed it? they killed it. >> let's do the next one. >> we can't even hear the producers on the clock is out. >> ignoring us. >> i saw aoc. that's a segment in and of itself. what you got there? >> ihink we are heading to times square. dan is not going anywhere, your sticking around.
12:27 am
>> he is staying with us. >> but we are heading over to times square because we are just 3 minutes and 20 seconds, as you see on your clock, from ringing in a new year. >> lawrence jones is there. >> why don't we go to lawrence jones. and then emily, what you got for us? >> get her! >> there they are! >> you know we are all a part of one big happy family, so me and emily make amends and bring it together. where moments away, emily, from the ball dropping. i remember as a kid watching this happen. so amazing, denise is watching us right now. mattie, hey maddie. we feel the energy here. >> yes we do! it is so amazing being here in times square and it is so amazing to be minutes away from 2022, we feel so much energy around us, everyone is so excited to bring in the new year, to ring in 2022 at all that it holds. lawrence, what are you most excited about for 2022?
12:28 am
>> i'm excited for after we've had such a great year as a company, i'm looking forward to getting back to some normalcy as well. we were down there, but when we are down here, it's like we are making their way and because they are excited. >> they are so excited, you can feel the energy, you can feel the anticipation. we are minutes away from 2022 right here in the heart of new york city. lawrence, such an honor to be here with you. all of you guys in nashville it all of the guys watching at home, right here in the epicenter of new york city, it's incredible! >> we are going to send it back to you guys in nashville and then we will see you guys when the ball drops! >> we are a minute and 45 seconds until the ball dropping in new york city. we are told in moments mary bill de blasio's term will expire and he will hit the button and we will all say thank you! thank you! it's over! >> that's why they are there!
12:29 am
>> thank you! >> that's how a lot of people feel. so at some point bill de blasio will take the stage and we will give him a minute of tv, the last hopefully we get him on the fox news channel for a very long time. as he presses the button. >> he is definitely the most hated man in new york city. very interesting. >> there we go, he's got a mask. >> and the countdown begins. >> people are removing their masks so that they can kiss. dr. fauci will not like that. at all. >> no kissing or hugging. >> the ball is set to drop in new york city. that mask is blow your nose, be careful.
12:30 am
10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one...
12:31 am
12:32 am
12:33 am
12:34 am
happy new year. and welcome 22022. we're in new york city. the new year has begun. 2022. we hope it is just a bit better than a 2021. >> we have a new mayor is that going to be any better? i would say that 2021 was rough
12:35 am
but we are blessed by god. we are so lucky to be alive right here and right now. they were dropping those boats taking machines everywhere. we are going to get through this. we are going to get through the virus and this president. who gets to live like this? >> that is the message. we have to be grateful and i hear this. we should be grateful because look where we live. look what we are celebrating tonight. >> the reality is we are the greatest country on earth. we live like kings and this is
12:36 am
everybody. this is the most prosperous mos people country a human history. >> look at this crowd. this reminds me of why america so great. this is my new favorite town. >> for all the love of nashvill and we are about to go live bac to new york city and times square. we are going to celebrate the new year. >> i don't know if you can hear this but we were just playing new york new york. frank sinatra and this is the moment that we live for. >> there is nothing like being in times square and then hearin new york new york everybody wishing each other the best. everybody just wishing each other a happy 2022.
12:37 am
celebrating as americans. >> at this very moment adams is going to be the next mayor of new york he is being sworn in right now. >> i guess we are playing it right now. >> the constitution of the stat of new york as the charter of the city or go as the charter o the city. of new york. of new york. and i will think fully discharg the duty of the office of the mayor of the city of new york. according to the best of my abilities. so help me god. congratulations.
12:38 am
>> there you have it. a new mayor. coming in and it's a guy that w have supported. they are happy with this new ma coming in he's talked about defunding the police and the things he's going to change. >> the only thing louder than a celebratory nature of this with a sigh of relief for the new mayor. we are so excited for the direction we are going. anything would be better than last year and it's all going to be uphill from here. >> you are in nashville and thi new mayor we will see what he i going to do. >> it was good to see his mask off as he was sworn in everybod
12:39 am
else is wearing masks outside. do you think we have a former law enforcement officers sworn in as mayor. this the year that we can put away that the fund nonsense? is the silliest political move in history. did you see her dancing on social media earlier? she has some moves. but this was the single dumbest political strategy in the history of politics. whoever got a focus group going and said i have an idea let's run on it defunding the police this person should be put down. she started this when she said this. >> i think she was in florida.
12:40 am
she was in my state. i thought it was a free country but i don't like you. >> when she was criticized by guys like you. >> i love my wife and i don't want to date you. i have a rule against this that is my number one rule. >> there's one thing i know about this. there is no need to answer any of this. >> if britney spears is a communist i think we are all safe. >> there are no communists in nashville. >> stick around because we do have an after party. maybe we can have a few adult sodas at the after party.
12:41 am
>> political predictions? i'm going to say would pick up 25 seats in the house and i wil say that we are going to win a senate seat and get back maryland. this could be a long shot but i do think we take the house and the senate in a crazy race. may be nevada. let's say entertainment wise changing the cultures a slow status coming to a close in 2022. >> this is not necessarily goodbye we are sticking around lex let's go to your state of florida. we are checking in it's a new year in florida 2022. >> it's a new year in florida. people have been so excited we
12:42 am
have fireworks over the top of us. when the ball drops everybody was so excited and celebrating and cheering. if a party and you can't always control a party. people were very excited. excited to be here in florida. the party does not stop until 3:00 a.m. we are taking a look at some people but let me tell you some things for sure. they are having a very good tim and they are very excited for the new year. it looks like these guys made i back to tampa bay.
12:43 am
>> some dangerous territory. >> what a nice guy. i was texting my neighbor i'm absolutely name dropping. >> i didn't have a chance to finish this. happy new year's. >> has there ever been a moment 46 minutes away from the ball dropping in a central time. what a difference for the unite states of america. it's nice to be in the free states if you are playing a scavenger hunt in this area you wouldn't find a mask insight. he's actually put his bath on the line.
12:44 am
we fly on airplanes every day. the virus is real we get it. but life goes on. in the world did not shut down with the spanish flu. i wish there was another way around it. we've done everything and it di not work. you are just waiting to die. if you want to sit in your hous and wait to die that is your choice. we should all be free to make that choice i know the risks an i'm aware of it. i am not waiting to die. i'm going to live my life. that is the message tonight i a not waiting to die.
12:45 am
its 2022 on the east coast with one hour to go. we put on our holliday best to show our line dancing skills. all of that coming up next.
12:46 am
12:47 am
12:48 am
we are going to do some more line dancing in just a moment. but first week of performances
12:49 am
from john. stay with us a first we are wit jimmy. >> nobody is line dancing in th balcony. they are walking a straight lin in front of a cop if they are not careful this might be the most drunken crowd in the history of nashville. a cop stopped me on the way her and he asked about drinking and he had a sixpack. >> don't understand. nashville might be the party capital of the world. >> should have a goal be to drink more in 2022? down in nashville they have at miller light coming out of a faucet it is a bad situation. who do you trust more?
12:50 am
the buffet at the strip club. i didn't mean to bring you back to work on your day off i apologize. does what happens in nashville stay in nashville? yes. we are going so hard in 2022 i think everybody onstage just wants to have more fun. you have to let these people se your role models. don't let anybody else drive home because they have no motor skills currently. >> some good will get back to you.
12:51 am
>> let's shall these guys how i is done.
12:52 am
>> \m \m
12:53 am
we are going to check in with new orleans and nashville. okay.
12:54 am
12:55 am
12:56 am
12:57 am
it's wonderful to see everybody. we still have our outfits on. >> now i understand what you're giving us shots at the last commercial break. i needed some liquid courage to
12:58 am
get this outfit on. >> do you think we in paris ourselves on national television? >> i think we have totally redeemed ourselves. >> some of the viewers are waiting in. celebrating the new year and didn't see that coming. >> since they are partying alon with us at home very well done.
12:59 am
this is jackson square. >> have actually read that this is a statue with both feet off the ground. >> jackson laid the cornerstone but we all need this and this i where we come together. how is it going everybody? i have become to you. >> did you get these off the ground on bourbon street?
1:00 am
>> you were seeing in the choir that's very nice. we have more beats coming and you didn't do anything for thes beads did you? >> what is the new year's resolution. >> i want to get engaged to my girlfriend. >> quick before we run out of time where are you from? >> we are from dallas texas. >> we are getting so close. why don't you propose now? i will propose for you. will you marry this man? give her a kiss go-ahead. >> that's great to see happy ne year. we are awaiting this floor to drop any moment. >> i have had this look on my
1:01 am
face all day long especially no that these two are getting married. >> we will check in with you later. >> he just proposed to a woman on behalf of her boyfriend. that might be a first for tv. but well done. >> it's going well done there i new orleans and i have been wondering for about 45 minutes if they drop meatballs or what they do in south carolina? how did it go? did you want to see a flip-flop drop or a meatball drop? that's a pool i can get behind. >> the margin of error is 1 percent. we should do a meatball drop an see if people actually eat the meatballs. >> i think they do something like that.
1:02 am
just give us a meatball drop i think you have it. >> we do have this so let's pla this for you now it was an amazing sight in north carolina experiencing a meatball larger than my head coming down and would you believe it people actually just ate this. that's probably more disgusting that hockey -- the meatball came down. you are the winner and you have your meatball. i think this was very cool, i mean, look how pretty this is. coming down with this it's almost a tradition i'm walking over and talking to these peopl hello you are on live tv happy new year's. >> you have a new year's resolution?
1:03 am
>> enjoy life. >> happy new year. >> resolution? >> very thoughtful thank you so much we appreciate this. i would definitely like to eat meatball now. very well done we asked for the meat and you brought them. they flip-flopped very well done. much prettier than anything els i've seen in times square. >> it is one of the most odd customs ever. >> i would say line dancing is incredibly odd.
1:04 am
>> john coming up formerly from kansas in now to perform live i nashville. >> ♪ ♪
1:05 am
1:06 am
1:07 am
1:08 am
♪ ♪
1:09 am
1:10 am
q1 ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ will come back the celebration. we are right here in nashville tennessee. a friend of the show tonight this is just a tease joining us after the break.
1:11 am
don't go anywhere everybody wants to hear this.
1:12 am
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1:15 am
(swords clashing) -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme.
1:16 am
a beautiful message. helping us bring in for two minutes away in the central tim in nashville. i'm not hearing anything right now it is so loud. we will rock you. the all-american new year. it wouldn't be an all-american new year without leo. i broke my hannity contract to be a michelle.
1:17 am
rachel and pete. i can't believe you are wearing those awful since those are horrible suits. you didn't think they were beautiful? >> i think this suits with orange and blue you really can' beat this. >> rachel looks gorgeous you guys are doing fantastic. it's been great and i'm glad i' on the show. >> i want you to tell them that i love them. but this is what happens on liv tv. >> can i just say this? if you can hear me this is what i love out this. i have my two friends here and love you we love you and happy new year.
1:18 am
i will tell you the chemistry i fantastic. >> you guys are fantastic together a great trio and i loo forward two coming to new york to be on the set. issue a warning. i'm going to admit my hits it i blown out. >> i'm going to have to wait until i get this fixed. i am waiting. here is to you. happy new year.
1:19 am
do you know is out in the crowd you? on the velvety this is lit up like the fox news christmas tree. i wanted to get some 2022 predictions. nobody cares. houston is stealing signs. take her car keys away she should not be driving. >> very cool. do you played music? >> is he going to be in the white house or a retirement
1:20 am
home? >> he is not going to be in nashville. they love fox news in nashville. you are a comedian, why are you on a news channel? >> give me a 2022 prediction. >> this year is going to be better than the last. >> jimmy they said i can go wherever i want too. the party is right here. if you look forward into 2022 i one sentence if you are looking forward 21 thing in the new yea remembering what we went throug last year what would you how would you sum up what you are looking forward two next year? >> i'm from grand rapids michigan. i'm looking forward two having
1:21 am
healthy and happy family. >> i'm looking forward to traveling with my family and getting back out there before i go back to college. >> traveling with family and going to college. that sounds wonderful and normal. >> i'm from georgia southeast. >> the whole country came to nashville. two weeks ago i heard you were going to be here. we decided we were going to come. we are here with you guys to make. what are you looking forward tw in the new year? i would love more people gettin together and thinking god for what we have.
1:22 am
if we get unity on the right an left in 2022 you are going to b a magic maker. what are you looking forward tw next year? >> getting some normalcy back into our lives. just coming back together with some unity. getting a relationship with others just love each other and become one again. i want things to be normal again. >> you look reluctant. you are going to have to speak on behalf of all the men. >> i'm from georgia. >> when you look into 2022 what are you looking forward to in the coming year.
1:23 am
>> i'm hoping that we can get united back together instead of being so divided. >> this is the beautiful part about the new year. it's all about hope and family relationships. it's about the things we want t do in 2021 but did not get a chance too. we have nine minutes until the ball drops in nashville. raymond in new orleans. >> we are about to drop the bal right behind us. the anticipation in the crowd i incredible but i have the most important question of the day.
1:24 am
how do you pronounce new orleans? >> you can say it however you would like. whatever you call it just don't forget it. it's a lovely thing here and th passion you are seeing the excitement and everything you are seeing all night this all comes from an awareness. we are not in control of anything. with the hurricanes and the floods like being so fragile we live life to the fullest. this is what you are seeing in the face of the people. i think that is the most american thing at its heart. >> they were putting oysters across the street.
1:25 am
200 years old and they were still wearing their jackets. we've embraced the new year wit tradition and the former to nex year. >> happy new year's. some fantastic cover. have already self-monitoring pretax. >> we had some karaoke going with the journey while you were out there in the crowd. >> this is the real deal.
1:26 am
they hoping for a moment where we get introspective. it's a new chapter for everybod every year. every other network show though we are right here in nashville and new orleans. 's were the heart of america is. everybody loves us and these ar our friends. we are free without mask having a good time. people have come from minnesota denver wisconsin and arizona.
1:27 am
that is what this party is for virgo. >> this is a reminder that this is what america is about. they are doing a great job over there there but right here in nashville people want to reclai their lives. >> it almost feels like if we are going to renew america some hard-working people. people work hard to love the police and believe in the borders. this is what is so amazing. we are only three minutes away
1:28 am
from 2020. >> i think i need a refill. just a little to yours? >> here is the refill. i have my refill. i hope all of you can hear the music because it is quite loud show. i believe we still have two minutes. happy years to everybody in central time ago it is god's
1:29 am
country. it's not just the east coast. here almost from you what are you forward to this new? not just us three not just the channel but we are putting the rocket boosters on the freedom. going to steal your resolution. going to drink to that. >> which is start. taking everywhere we. i think we should all start working a little bit harder.
1:30 am
twenty seconds. >> 3, 2, 1. >> ♪ ♪ this is a brand-new song
1:31 am
off my brand-new cd. ♪ ♪ this is a crazy world we ar living in. until the break of dawn. i have my christmas list come o in.
1:32 am
♪ ♪. ♪ ♪
1:33 am
♪ ♪
1:34 am
how long have you been together? >> i love the younger couples that are so happy for you my wife and i have been married fo 15 years. >> it is going to be amazing. god loves america. god loves fox news.
1:35 am
you've accomplished an amazing feat. can he do this again for television? we didn't get you on camera can you do it again for television? this one isn't real so you can still get out of this. take it away. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> beautiful. it was just as good the second time. and the nice thing about this i it's not like anybody knows tha you been drinking for 17 hours
1:36 am
straight. it is going to be great and congratulations. i've asked you to find a proposal before the night was over. if i can find a golden jacket that will fit me i think i can find anything. another song behind us what a party and what a make. it is 2022. as we go and it has started looking better.
1:37 am
a minnesota boy won the line dancing competition. i will say after this they migh be playing britney spears. i don't think she's got enough airtime in 2022. >> my phone is blowing up.
1:38 am
i have a feeling 100 percent. i think the balloons dropped an i didn't even see it. let's check in with new orleans. what are you doing? we have some swords opening champagne. this is where they traditionall and the night. we have the coffee.
1:39 am
we swapped the champagne for th coffee at the end of the night. can hear me? it is a little bit more down an dirty in nashville i just want you to know. we are much more civilized here in new orleans. they could not get the coffee beans. we have all the powdered sugar in the world. don't put me on the spot like that. i want to do this three times per day. we disagree with each other so much.
1:40 am
i hope we let this go into the new year. my friend who was such a part o the world we really do have a short amount of time on this planet. i love that we are able to share. we are going to make you eat this on live television.
1:41 am
as we start the next year there are two people that i want to enter the year professionally with. i think our friendship has grown. it's not just you too. i feel like i know you guys. if we were relying on cnn stuff is coming over.
1:42 am
we are so happy to remember his family. this is coming from the heart and on this note we have all of our viewers sharing their new year's celebration. we are all celebrating the new year with the all-american new year's show on fox. we have one of our fox news favorites. look at earl. you can see tommy and his daughter. >> joining in down in nashville. this is george a bit of a
1:43 am
mullet. i want to put this one on the national anthem at the beginning. look at this. this is business in the front and party in the back. a disco and that is really something. a pitcher from abby and her daughter. they are already one hour into the new year. these kids are up late. before the show was over we are going to have to figure out who has won the scavenger hunt.
1:44 am
happy new year's to my entire family. happy new year's my parents and my sisters in arizona. two everybody in wisconsin we love you. >> i think we have an idea. >> do you really think this is good idea? they have to spell your name right. this is true. this is not spelled correctly.
1:45 am
one of the rules of politics that bad press is good press. we have something else coming o the other side of the break. a big surprise. there is a big surprise on the other side of the break. it is hard to believe we are
1:46 am
getting ready for 2022.
1:47 am
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1:50 am
this is a happy new year from the fox sports crew. we hope that dallas goes deep into the playoffs. they have a good team. they are the top of the nfc. if it wasn't for the money i wouldn't talk a lot.
1:51 am
>> she is a loser because she i a hypocrite. the winner i would have to say is trump 2024. i would say the communist.
1:52 am
they tried to bury him from the beginning of 2021. they tried to shut him down and say that he could never come back. >> all of the doctors on fox news that have been right about so many things. the whole gambling segment was bit intense knowing that i have lost so much money. >> there are so many people.
1:53 am
these nashville women are out o control. she walked up before. i said that we matched. she is a miss. 's everybody here from nashville? you are from philadelphia? i think i can talk a bit slower for you. welcome. where are you from with that amazing hat? >> arkansas.
1:54 am
and what you think about pete and 2024? >> nobody is going to vote. i have to be honest. you are out pretty early in the primaries. my stomach still hurts but happ new year. >> we love you jimmy.
1:55 am
lets walk into 2022 together. >> i'm excited. >> i'm here with my good friends. >> we are ready to go. >> a very big day. >> i love that. i have been around fox and friends for five years now. we have a great team coming together and it is a lot of fun. >> to meet come on up here.
1:56 am
>> happy birthday to you. happy birthday to kelly may. she is also a new bride by the way. what did you find out about this? and when did you find out about the surprise? >> this show does not happen without our amazing producer. happy birthday. congratulations on your wedding. we love you. it's amazing they don't tip the waiter.
1:57 am
thank you for hanging out on th all-american new year's. 2022 is going to be a great one. .
1:58 am
1:59 am
2:00 am
see nuan hour. -- see you in an hour. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ♪ ♪ >> [cheering]. >> greg: yeah! happy almost new year. look who is here the lovely but shorter dana perino. >> [cheers and applause]. >> so excited for 2022 she can barely contain


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