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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  January 1, 2022 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> we are following major stories this new year's day. president biden entering 2022 under much pressure on multiple fronts here at home and overseas from the pandemic to high inflation and tensions with russia. the crisis are piling up on his watch. happy new year's everyone, thanks for spending the first day of 2022 with us. welcome to fox news live. i'm julie banderas. >> the two big stories that we are following covid taking no
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break this holiday weekend omicron variant spreading across the country and the surge expected to get worse before it gets better and remembering giant of the small screen and tributes pouring in, we will look back at life. live team coverage this hour. laura ingle on betty white but first rich edison live in wilmington, delaware where the president is spending the holiday weekend. rich. rich: good afternoon, william, the president faces a host of challenges as he's getting into his second year in office. his administration is trying to make testing a priority though he's caught plenty of criticism for not moving on that sooner to try to beat the holiday season and now this omicron surge to close out 2021 plenty of americans stood in line trying to get their covid test, looking at empty shelves trying to get test. the administration working on buying 500 million at-home kits,
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even the president admits he wishes he had moved on that a couple of months ago. the administration also has several upcoming court challenges, fedudge blocked mask and vaccine mandates in texas headstart program and ruling likely means continues in federal court system. this friday supreme court schedule today hear challenges to the biden administration's vaccine or testing mandates and certain healthcare workers. the president faces challenges abroad, russia has amassed tens of thousands of troops with the border with ukraine and feels poised to invade the country for the second time in 8 years n a phone call thursday with the russian president vladimir putin president biden said he warned russia not to invade. >> i made it clear to president putin that if he makes any more
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moves, goes into ukraine, we will have severe sanctions. >> russian state media says putin responded to that, if the west put the severe sanctions on russia, then russia will respond by severing ties. william, back to you. will: thank you, rich. julie: fox news alert, researchers expect the omicron strain to peak in the u.s. by mid-january, it has been driving record numbers of covid infections all across the country straining hospitals and testing facilities and u ending air travel. but recent study suggest omicron is less damaging to the lungs than other variants. i guess that's slice of better news today. charles watson live in atlanta, home of the cdc. charles, what else are they saying? charles: well, some promising signs from a couple of studies that show the omicron variant
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may be far less severe than other variants we have encountered in the past. scientists tested the virus on both hampsters and mice as well as human lung tissue in a separate study, both show omicron variant really struggles in terms of affecting cells in the lungs which in turn spares them from virus. medical professionals say there's a positive to pull out of this. >> although we see the number of cases skyrocketing, the good news the death count is going down, that's what we want to see. we know it's contagious, managing symptoms and controlling the spread and we have the tools to do that. charles: rapid spread is certainly what we are seeing here as the u.s. reports record numbers of daily new infections averaging well over 300,000.
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in florida new infections top 75,000 on friday, the highest single day total since the start of 2 pandemic. federal teams dispatched to central pennsylvania to help relieve hospitals and allowing national guardsmen to act as nursing assistance for the new year but the same pandemic wearing on people. >> we will go through it again. who wants to go through it? charles: medical professionals says the u.s. needs to use all tools in arsenals that includes therapeutics and antivirals if we are going to beat the virus. julie: charles watson, live in
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atlanta. will: tributes continue to pour in for betty white. icon died at 99, 18 days shy of 100th birthday. laura. >> hi, will, almost anybody that you talk with today have a favorite memory of betty white, whether it's a quote or impeccable comedic timing, one thing that people can agree on when it comes to comedians, they broke the mold when it comes to betty. as we take a lack back at the world learned passing on new year's eve, tributes started pouring in, many remembering with love and laughter she brought to the fans throughout 7 decades in show business including the president and the first lady, listen.
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>> that's a shame. she was a lovely lady. >> 99 year's old. >> my mother's age, god love her. >> hollywood is remembering betty white as fans leave flowers on hollywood walk of fame. white's star was original when the walk of fame was constructed in 1961, fans of all ages say she was a part of their lives for years. >> i grew up watching betty white, many shows such as golden girls. i watched it with my grandmother. a grandmother that everybody wished they had. >> actor ryan reynolds who starred with white in proposal tweeted what many are calling a near perfect twitter, the world
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looks different now, she was great at defying expectation, she manage today grow very old and somehow not old enough. we will miss you betty. now you know the secret. the timing of her death came as people magazine had put her on the cover celebrating big milestone, huge celebration plan by production company, we are still waiting to see what will happen with that, chances are she will be celebrated, of course. will: the key to happiness is a sense of humor, laura ingle, thank you. julie: u.s. military monitoring tensions between china and taiwan. meanwhile beijing also issuing a warning to wal-mart stores in the u.s. what's that about? lucas tomlinson live in washington with the very latest to explain, happy new year. >> happy new year to you, julie. speaking from a shopping mall,
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xi jinping says his country is well on its way to becoming the global leader by 2049, 100th anniversary of the people's republic of china and also made dubious claim about taiwan. >> the complete reunification of our motherland is an aspiration shared by the people on both sides of the taiwan strait. >> taiwan's president disagrees and warns beijing against any, quote, military adventurism. in recent months china launched nearly 150 fighter jets near taiwan as two u.s. navy aircraft carriers ronald reagan and carl vinson sail together in western pacific which beijing viewed as provocative. china launched 5 bombers after 5 members of the u.s. congress visited taiwan. friday china warned wal-mart against removing products made in xinxang, the u.s. government accuses running forced labor camps, homes to millions of
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muslim minorities, take down all products from a region without valid region hides ulterior motive and stupidity and shortsightedness and will surely have bad consequences. in recent interview when asked to name the biggest security challenges facing the u.s., vice president harris said out democracy and the climate. she did not mention china. china is ramping up mining of social media including facebook and twitter in an effort to boost its own propaganda, julie. julie: lucas tomlinson live in washington for us, thank you. will: president biden warning vladimir putin of severe sanctions but does the threat carry any weight in moscow? we will talk strategy kneel with jamil jabur. ♪ ♪ t ♪
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in a shooting at the mall of america in bloomington yesterday. again, investigators say one man shot at another after an argument apparently. mall resumed northerly operation after brief lockdown but did cancel planned new year's eve celebrations. in las vegas more crime. suspects in custody after man in his 50's and a 66-year-old woman were both shot to death yesterday in two separate apparent robberies. police say they believe the two shootings are related. will: in addition to those domestic issues we have problems basically emerging overseas, we have two of them, russia's conflict with ukraine and china want to go take back taiwan. right now we are joined by jamil jabbour, director of the national security institute, former white house account to president bush. putin has 90,000 troops on the ukrainian border and insist
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pledge nato never to admit ukraine. what does putin want and what should the u.s. response be? >> putin want to elevate russia's role in the globe as general matter he wants to demonstrate that they are not the weak economy that they, in fact, are and want to do so and raise own standing at home by being aggressive abroad and trying to get in there and potentially conduct an invasion and that's something that we have to push back on and make clear that we will not accept countries that are broken off the soviet union two decades ago being brought back in by invasion of a sovereign nation will: do you think he can actually do that? >> he invaded crimea in 2014. he has demonstrated willingness to do that and engaged to a mini covert invasion with the so-called little green man from russia there in the province. so i think there's a very real possibility with 90,000 troops massed in the border as you say
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that he may come across if he doesn't believe that sergey lavrov use about helping ukrainians and make it costly if they do go in. will: mr. putin is no fool. he know that is the u.s. and nato cannot agree to his demands and leaves two possibilities. either he will use the west refusal as pretext to invade or he will use the threat of invasion as leverage for diplomatic concessions that he couldn't otherwise obtain. exactly what concessions might he be looking for, jamil? >> i think he will do both of those things and come across the border and seek concessions and return us to precold war or during cold war state where we allow essentially him to have unfettered access to all the former soviet republics and run them the way he wants to and engage military troops in the region. we can't accept that. nation that is have been long democracy and members of
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partnership for peace program and we cannot accept and not give in his demands. president biden should make clear that we will arm ukrainians and let them defend their own country but give them capability to extract human cost from russia if they do, in fact, come across the border. will: president biden threatened putin with sanctions, if he moves on the ukraine, the theeconomic consequences. >> he will try to achieve a diplomatic outcome he couldn't achieve otherwise or take some of ukraine the same way he did in 2014 when president obama was in charge and president biden was the vice president. will: what are the sanctions that will deter president putin?
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>> potentially punishing on pipeline and preventing it from flowing natural gas into europe but, of course, we know the germans can only last so long without access to that gas pipeline and so this idea somehow that we are going to hold out for long period, punishing for russia is hard to do. oil sanctions might help but at the end of the day vladimir putin response is not economic sanction. that's the problem with approach. it's all economics. we have to make it costly from human perspective and the only way to do weaponry, antiship, antiair, missile receives. if we give to them as soon as possible we might have a chance from deterring vladimir putin. will: you say the u.s. and nato allies should be arming ukraine as of monday, tomorrow? >> part of the challenge, if you go in, we will punish you with economic sanctions, we will strengthen nato and ukraine. it's too late if he goes in to
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strengthen ukraine. we need to strengthen ukraine now if we chance of real deterrence. will: let me ask you about question one china, is it real posturing on his part or is he possibly going to invade taiwan in 2022? >> you know, if you had asked a question a decade ago, china wouldn't come across the taiwan strait. around the globe including in ukraine which they are watching right now, if we don't defend our allies, they are going to see an open opportunity to go into taiwan. that would be catastrophic given independence on taiwan. we need taiwan to stay as independent as possible. we won't allow it to happen with russia and ukraine and we won't allow with taiwan and china. will: what do we do right now
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regarding right now? >> more military equipment to taiwan, more trainers there and make china understand if they are going to come after us, they will see military response in taiwan. will: so much so much for your thoughts, appreciate it. >> thank you. anita: israel becoming one of the first countries in the world saying they will administer a fourth shot to fight covid. will the u.s. follow suit. coming next. ♪ ♪ ♪ “food is love.” so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ i want to make the most of every meal we have together. ♪ at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking rybelsus® with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to the possibility of lower a1c with rybelsus®. you may pay as little as $10 for up to a 3-month prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. julie: the nation is mourning the loss of legendary actress betty white. she died yesterday at the age of 99 just a couple of weeks before she would have turned 100. she won 5 emmys, she earned several more nominations and her decade's long career, impeccable comic timing resonated with generations and helped blaze the
11:26 am
trail for other women. >> she's a legend. she's an absolute legend and the fact that she was so fearless which is one of the most important components you can have for being a comedian. you know, you have to have in fear, you have to be not able to take yourself seriously and find the funny because there's humor everywhere and especially if you can laugh at yourself which is something that she did on a regular basis, that's why we loved her. julie: in hollywood, fans placed flowers and other momentos in white's walk of fame star. the actress would have turned 100 year's old on january 17th. will: but not before burning about a thousand homes. sub freezing temperatures getting in the way of recovery. jeff paul live in louisville, colorado, jeff in the snowstorm. >> yeah, william, 8 inches of snow that has fallen in the area
11:27 am
easing fears about fire starting, surprisingly some homes in impacted areas that are still smoldering. that's part of the reason authorities aren't letting too many people back to impacted neighborhoods. they are saying it's still too dangerous, however, we did get chance to see hardest hit areas and this is what we found. >> really odd feeling when you walk into the neighborhoods that have been impacted by this huge wild fire, you know, just a few days ago there was homes here and now feels like empty lot, undeveloped subdivision and this gives you an idea of the people and families who lived here. we are in the holiday season and you have a charred reef on both sides of what was ideally a garage. you see the car inside here, the front of the garage door, bricks on top of that and then another burned out wreath, you can still smell the smoke and feel it in your nostrils despite all the
11:28 am
snow that continues to fall and blanket all of this damage. >> so far there have been zero confirmed deaths in this fast-moving and massive wild fire. they say it's miraculous that so many people were evacuated and so now the attention shifts to recovery but the weather is only making that more difficult. a lot of folks throughout the impact of louisville and superior are worried if they can't get to their homes, their pipes will freeze, we are learning that the state of superior has shut the water off there. local operations, managers say they understand the frustrations and the concerns but they are trying to keep everyone safe and at this point still no official cause of this wild fire, that is under investigation but this area was under severe drought and you couple with 175-mile wind gusts, it certainly did not help, william.
11:29 am
will: question, speculation it was a down power line in some way, shape or form n california large legal payouts, edison and pg&e and others, they will shut the power when forecast is over 40, 50 miles an hour. what do we know about colorado? >> well, it's unclear if any power was shut off or not but here is what we do know. recently possibly a down power line was the cause of this fire, preliminary but the power company said they went out, did little investigation and looked into the ignition area of this fire and didn't find any down power lines, they did think that maybe it's possible people convinced power lines with communication lines but highly unlikely that a communication line would start the fire. the origin of the fire still very much under investigation but you really have to look at the conditions here. extreme drought, it doesn't look like it right now with all the snow that's falling, extreme drought and you have the fast-moving winds, the embers pick up and spread the fire very
11:30 am
quickly. william. will: it only takes a spark. thank you, jeff. julie: well, israel has approved a fourth vaccine dose for people most vulnerable to covid-19. it has become one of the first countries, in fact, to do so as it braces for wave of infections fueled by the omicron variant with cases rising here in the u.s. question now is will a fourth dose soon be required for us, for americans? joining cedric, critical care physician and national spokesperson, he joins me on the phone. thank you so much for talking to us. the director general of the health ministry says that the doses would initially be given those with weakened immune systems adding and i quote, given the gaps of knowledge that exist around the world regarding the efficiency of a fourth dose in the current circumstances, we
11:31 am
are acting cautiously and responsibly. is a fourth dose possibly on the horizon for americans? >> you know, first of all, happy new year. when you think about -- julie: happy new year. >> the vaccine actually works, the individuals with weakened immune system, it's definitely necessary for those individuals and we want to make sure they protect themselves against this virus. i do think that it is necessary for individuals with weakened immune systems. as far as the united states goes, when you actually look at some of the data in terms of vaccination protection after a third dose against omicron and in the uk, it protects 88% when you look at hospitalization rate which is great. >> well, the world health organization this week director general said that he's worried about the omicron and delta variant of the coronavirus creating tsunami of cases he called it. according to the agency the number of covid-19 cases
11:32 am
increased by 11% last week while those in the americas rose 39%. i want to take a look at the numbers compared to last here in the u.s. cases in general up 79%. they are at 316,000 and counting. hospitalizations up 9.1%. deaths down 9.5% and it's that down number i want to emphasize here. it seems as if the side effects to omicron are not as deadly as its predecessors, predecessor variants. >> that's exactly right. when you lack at the omicron variant, it doesn't tend to infect the lung cells, deep in your lungs as much as upper aerowave cells. that's a good thing in a severity standpoint. there's a lot of people getting infected so the potential to cause havoc and to wreak damage
11:33 am
is still there and very important to wear masks, social distance and get vaccinated if you haven't done so. julie: what about kids? kids are being affected by this a bit more. pediatric covid-19 hospitalizations rather are up quite significantly actually, a rise of 66% in a week alone and while childhood deaths remain low, the question now is does this amplify the urgency to get boosters and vaccines cleared for children? >> yeah, you know, i think it does amplify the urgency. i have a 6-year-old and 9-year-old, they are both vaccinated and they are supposed to return to school on monday. the school is still going to institute the mask mandate which i think is appropriately necessary and also when you look at in children in terms of hospitalizations, it's 20% of the omicron cases the children getting hospitalized where as before it was only 4% or 5%. so definitely more infectious and more transmissible and we
11:34 am
have to continue to look out and protect our children, vaccination, masking, those are important things that continue to do. julie: right. it's also important to note that a lot of those positive covid tests were not children that went to the hospital because of covid, they were actually there for other reasons, perhaps scheduled surgeries amongst other issues and they tested positiver while they were in the hospital but also just want to emphasize too t fact that omicron is not necessarily more severe for children despite the rise in hospitalizations, is that correct? >> that seems to be so. you're exactly right. there's a lot of incidental as far as testing. i admitted a patient to the hospital the other day. they happened to be positive for sars-co2. that's happening a lot. julie: dr. cedricwetland, sorry we couldn't see you on camera, we had technical difficulties. nonetheless, appreciate you coming on new year's day, happy
11:35 am
new years. >> happy new year. will: other major story of last year inflation galloping out of control. fastest rate in decades. will the new year give your wallet a break? that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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julie: chief justice john roberts striking a blow for the federal court system saying in a year-end review, quote, decisional independence is a essential to due process
11:40 am
promoting a more impartial decision-making free from political or other strenuous influence. his comment comes amid widespread political criticism of the supreme court and calls to dramatically reform its structure. >> we all have been paying more from groceries and beyond, economists say things could get worse before they get better. joining us now john bussey, associate editor at wall street journal and fox news contributor. john, let me ask you a few things, when trump left office 3.8 and now 6 points higher. president biden seems to be taking no responsibility for the numbers that you see in front of me here. inflation numbers bacon up 21%, steak 25, gasoline 60, eggs 8, furniture up and cereal as well. why is this happening? listen to what president biden said about the supply chain.
11:41 am
>> the reason for the inflation is that we have a supply chain problem that is really severe and it's causing a significant increase in prices and things are hard to get access to. will: everybody victims of supply chain or do biden's policies have something to do with inflation, john? john: this isn't really a political issue. you want to blame politicians, you can -- there's a lot of blame that can go around to a republican administration that, you know, had a really catastrophic response to the -- to the covid crisis. and subsequently to the biden administration democratic administration that could have done better as well. i mean, this is being driven by the fact that we had to shut down our economy, big chunks of the economy two years ago in
11:42 am
2020 and took a while for the factories to get back operating again. you know, and when that happens you have a lot of pinned up demand as a result of consumers not being able to get what they want. there's a disjuncture and you had record inflaying. it's probably not going to get better any time soon. you had an incredible galloping economy in 2021. it was very strong, over 5% growth, huge job additions to the economy that is expected to continue into 2022 and so demand is going to stay strong and the question is how much is omicron going to disrupt supply. will: let me ask you about two other factors that i don't hear president biden talking about, government supply and spending and businesses like say restaurant or trucking that's the highest cost input.
11:43 am
president biden says the cure for inflation, here is a soundbite may be more spending. >> this build back better bill is not going to increase inflation. it doesn't raise inflation. will: john, give me your opinion on that issue? >> spending will increase demand for a product. mind you a lot of the spending is over many years, the build back better program that he has proposed is out over 5, 10 years of spending. it's not going the happen all at once. the spending associated with the covid crisis where checks were sent to homes and money was sent to a lot of companies to keep workers on the payroll. the intent there was to keep workers on the payroll and to keep people employed and to help consumers get through the covid crisis. you can make your political argument either way that might have contributed to inflation
11:44 am
and on the other hand contributed to the economy performing in 2021 better than it has in decades. the question now, again, is going to be the virus. virus will determine a lot of this, william. if you want to really do something to help on the inflation front, avoid the disruptions that cause factories to shut down around the world because they can't have employees coming because they are sick or airlines to have to cancel flight. why? because employees are sick with covid. what can you as an individual do about that, get vaccinated, wear a mask, do those things that the public health authorities are suggesting that we do. that will limit the spread of the virus and will limit disruption to the economy. will: so let me ask you, when we look at the budget, when president trump left office was 4 trillion and now $7 trillion. most of that is printed or borrowed money. is that going to have any impact on inflation? john: yeah, it's not good to run
11:45 am
up debt. you had during both administrations you had an increase in debt. you had a record level of deficit at the end of the last year that trump was in office. so and now you've got in addition to that that debt. that's not good for the economy long-term. the hope of both republicans and democrats is that you can continue to expand the economy, tax receipts help pay for some of that debt and that's a balancing act when you have something as disruptive as we are going through right now. it's very difficult to find the way through that mind field where you're not having to run up additional debt to get through the crisis but you're keeping people employ so that you have tax receipts and economic growth that helps you pay down the debt. will: takeaway, get vaccinate today keep working and keep the economy moving, john bussey from the wall street journal, thanks for joining us today.
11:46 am
john genuine my pleasure. julie: so the biden administration officially committing to extending operations at the international space installation are all partners on board with the plan? we will take a look. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> new year, new you, new everything. radioshack rebranding as crypto currency platform. filed bankruptcy protection twice before it was acquired by an investment firm last year. so the radioshack, the name has been around for 100 years, well, the new owner trying to revamp that brand as a decentralized finance space. julie. julie: william, the biden administration says it supports extending operations of the international space station through 2030, that's the end of the decade. announcement comes as no surprise as, of course, the u.s. has expressed interest in continuing space exploration and research. nasa administrator bill nelson saying, quote, as more nations are active in space, it's more important than ever that the united states continues to lead the world in growing international alliances and modeling rules and norms for the peaceful and responsible use of space. joining us now former nasa
11:51 am
astronaut jose hernandez. thank you so much for talking to us. happy new year. >> happy new year, julie, thank you very much for inviting me. julie: as much as this was expected it's still excited to hear that this will be extended until the end of the decade, i'm sure it will go beyond that, but upon announcing international space station, one thing the biden administration did not address how to get all stations partnered notably russia to agree on the station's future. do you foresee an issue with russia getting on board? >> there's somewhat of an issue there, julie, because as you know the international space station has been a collaborative effort with 5 basically space administrations throughout the world and -- and one of them is russia and the issue with that, of course, is the fact that the political environment is not
11:52 am
healthy -- as healthy as it could be between u.s. and -- and russia and also russia has plans to build their own space station and they want to use some of those modules, so the timing is going to be interesting because they're basically talking about having a six-year life extension of the international space station and like you mentioned probably beyond that as well. julie: yeah, the fact that russia wants to build its own -- i think i might have lost your audio. i'm going the try again. the fact that russia wants to build its own space station, does that concern you at all that they want to break away from other european countries and the united states and sort of explore on their own? >> no, not really, julie, because of the fact -- we have been in low-earth orbit doing research in low-earth orbit in decades now and the new horizon,
11:53 am
the new research challenges that awaits us is the program of establishing a long duration lunar on the surface of the moon and then develop technology and test technologies that ultimately will allow us to go to mars and beyond. those are the challenges where, i think, we need an international collaborative effort. now since we have done a lot of research in low-earth orbit, i think different countries can go ahead and do their own research and -- and we can collaborate on the more challenging issues such as establishing a long duration lunar base. julie: since the white house decision alone is not sufficient to continue operations on the international space station, i guess nasa said it would work with the station partners which include canada, europe, japan and russia, again, russia is kind of the sticking point there. what do you make of russian officials expressing doubts about the technical ability to
11:54 am
the iss to operate through the end of the decade given problems with the russian segment of the station as well as they have that desire as you mentioned to develop a russian national space station? >> well, julie, you're right that president biden directed nasa administrator bill nelson to work with its equivalent there at russian space agency to be able to work something out and i worked with the russians in the nuclear nonproproliferation arena and i've worked with them in nasa and really think it's more of a posturing for -- for a financial advantage in terms of saying, okay, you want us to stay in the game here, it's going to cost this much so i think they are just trying to posture to try get the best financial advantage when they negotiate and -- and do extend the life span of the international space station.
11:55 am
julie: got you. jose hernandez, thank you very much, happy new year to you. >> thank you very much, appreciate it. julie: william. will: out with the old and in with the new, celebrations around the world ushering a 2022, next a look at how people partied with covid still raging. ♪ ♪ ♪
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nations around the world make welcoming a new year, ryan is live in london with more. >> you would not have said that here in london 20 article, my entire neighborhood erupted into a crescendo of fireworks at midnight and that's because a lot of people stayed home and had their own fireworks displays watched on tv and that's with the mayor of london asked people to do, stay home and safe because omicron is still a really big issue here. when 90000 cases new year's eve in the uk, but double the number in the u.s. sydney australia is where the world's first big new year celebration kicked off, tens of thousands of people watched, not as many people as before the pandemic but many more than last year. a spectacular display against the backdrop worlds tallest
12:00 pm
building. more celebration than last year but perhaps still far cry from what we had before the pandemic. >> kind of boring, that's how it is. thank you very much. >> we are back at 4:00 p.m. eastern with more news. william, this was a fun hour, let's do it again in an hour. shall we? journal editorial is next. ♪♪ >> welcome to the journal editorial report as we look ahead to a brand-new year end new set of challenges for america and the biden administration. i am paul gigot and we begin with the coronavirus pandemic entering its third year. president biden promising to distribute 500 million at home tests as cases of the rapidly spreading omicron variant and testing demand ramps up causing long waits and delayed results as states across the country as


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