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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 2, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PST

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brian: i can't thank you enough for watching the special edition as i tried to fill his shoes. be sure to you watch fox and friends and also the brian kilmeade radio ♪. [playing of "the star-spangled banner"]
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♪. pete: welcome to "fox & friends" an this sunday january 12nd year of our lord. we ask and you deliver.
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lawrence, you're in for will this morning. rachel, i see you digitally now. last i saw you it was 2:00 a.m. in nashville. usually a bad thing. but in this case it was a good thing. rachel: it was such a good thing. lawrence, it was great seeing you over there in times square. i have to say i wish you were with us in nashville. lawrence: me too. rachel: it was so much fun. everyone was ready to party. everyone wanted to elect pete president. it was so much fun. >> originally i was supposed to be in nashville. then the producers called an audible and sent me to times square. i had a great time. i thought the kid was missing out on all the fun with all of our friends and audience who we consider our family. that is me dancing in times square. if london breed was going to feel the spirit i would feel the
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spirit out there in times square rachel: i'm going to say this about nashville. we have lots of other things today. nashville loves fox. i have never felt the love as i did there. people love our network. people love our message. they love america. you felt that in the room. i think they were, they were the guests that you know, i don't know that made the show me. they were part of that show in a way i really didn't anticipate. i just felt the love. and like i said, they're ready for pete hageseth in 2024. spelled your name wrong but -- pete: it really got off of the ground great. pete, go back, there is a sign back there. oh, okay. it says, i didn't even look at it, i was proudly interviewing the gentleman holding the sign after which you and will
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correctly pointed out my first campaign lit literature was spelled incorrectly. it was a bad start. it ended in one moment. that was the high point. i think we showed the photo, rachel, we said we had other news today. not really. we'll stay on this for a while. this guy right here, look at this kid, this was sent into our email that night. that is patriotic in the front and back. that is one heck of a hairdo. he won new year's with my opinion. rachel: we call that the wisconsin waterfall. lawrence: pete i hear you and will were line dancing in tennessee? pete: you better believe it. in fact we had, we had authentic, "dumb and dumber"
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costumes, a little bit of the best possible instruction you could get right there in country line dancing t was called the new york strut was the version we were charged with learning and we thought, let's add a little flair with lloyd and harry with "dumb and dumber." we have a cain fight with will cain. he has some moves. people were saying i was the winner. rachel: there is debate, both will and i thought pete dancing was mysteriously good. he actually got to the venue before we did, so there is some suspicion that competitive pete was actually practicing while me and will were on our way over to the venue, because he can't stand losing. it didn't make sense will from texas was somehow not as good after line dancer as pete. none of it made sense. the line dancers seemed to know
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pete. what was going on with that? it was very bizarre. will and i concluded, this was all rigged, pete got there before, learned a line dance, because he can't stand losing. somebody who wouldn't lose, my husband. pete: i won't confirm or deny. rachel: sean skypeed in our home from our kids. he turned from a beard -- beer dad when we were married, check out the wine mom, pulled out the wine glass, and turned into a suburban wine mom on the show. lawrence: look how well behaved they are. they're all in attention, not acting up for the tv. those are well-behaved children, rachel. pete: residual, it's the
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residual discipline of mom, let's be clear about that. sean said mom will be watching you during this clip, you better behave. so we got the best four minutes of the night right there on tv. is that right, rachel. rachel: you did, the clip, didn't show little patrick dressed as "spider-man," i would not have approved the outfit for tv. dad is in charge. i want to wear your halloween costume? sure. that is what happens when dad is in charge. lawrence: the movie just came out. i understand it. pete: it was well-done. i was grateful to be a part of it with both of you. we'll see if top it next year. not to say we got the assignment. lawrence: i think the "fox & friends" team should own new year's as we go forward. rachel: i like that. pete: i like it, lawrence. i like it. it was a great time. let's plan on it next year.
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in the meantime we have a little bit of news this morning. we start off where we left off 2021. we don't want to start here but the reality crime was off the charts last year. all the way we covered on this network. the way police were demonized and bail reform. catch-and-release. lawrence, you covered it so many well in so many cities. we hope there is a new era in new york city. maybe it is, maybe it isn't. new york is one of the first cities to see the first homicide of 2022. so this is the first homicide in each of these cities already, new york, chicago, louisville, milwaukee, indianapolis, montgomery, birmingham, alabama, shreveport, louisiana. rachel, let's hope this year improves. and maybe there is a wake-up for officials in leadership who realize their policies are getting people killed but still remains to be seen. rachel: yeah. if you take a look at that list of the cities that you had there, pete, every single one of
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them is run by a democrat mayor. so that should give you a hint what is going on. you're axe shootly right. it -- absolutely right, it's a new year but old democrat policies are in place. those policies favored the criminal over the victim. i think it is very sad. as we saw with the "new york post" covering the story with the new mayor adams, he had, taking a tour of the city, and he has to phone in an assault in progress on the first day. i know he was a cop. i'm surprised, lawrence, he didn't jump in himself to break that up. he called the nypd to break that up but new york city has not changed. i'm telling you, it is, it wants to change. why it elected an ex-cop as mayor but let's see if that actually happens. he is saying he will clean it up. what you do think will happen? lawrence: i'm hopeful because i
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talk with nypd, when i was down there, talk about people that love fox, nypd love fox because quite frankly it has been the only network that has their back, all cops backs, honestly. i talked with them. i got to see pat lynch that runs the union as well. they were hopeful, this is the first step, why didn't his security detail because he does have a new york pd security detail step in that is not their job. they can't do that. they have to protect the principals. it was a much different tone. you saw him with pat lynch yesterday with a press conference and the new commissioner, sewell. seems for once we had the mayor, the mayor, the commissioner and the police, the rank-and-file on the same page. i know it was a small thing to have the mayor call the police and say you know, we got people
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that are committing assault out there, let's get some men and women out here to stop this but tone matters, guys. this new mayor, eric adams, this will not be a city of violence no more. watch. >> we must find those who believe they are going destroy our city with gun and gang violence. that is not going to happen. i am clear on my mission to aggressively go after those who are carrying violent weapons in our city. and i'm going to be undetermined and aggressive by doing so. you don't start bringing in the new year with bringing in violence. that is unacceptable. i made that clear on the campaign trail and i'm going to live it out as the mayor of the city of new york. lawrence: we'll cover every
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single day. one of the first moves he said he was making, bringing the anticrime unit back. de blasio, got rid of them because of politics and because of the political climate, pete. but it seems like this new mayor is off to a great start. we don't know if he is going to veer over to the left but right now it seems like what he said on the campaign trail, he is implementing on his first couple days. pete: i hope you're right, lawrence. i have my fingers crossed. like my brother says i will use wait and see technology, to see what he actually does. he talks about guns and gang violence. gang violence he is right, if it becomes about guns, i get it, the laws in new york are what they are, he will not have the kind of success hopes he has. we wish him well on the new year. he calls in on a train of assault. five minutes later, no one was arrested, no one was interviewed. it was a good tone, discuss it
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mean things will necessarily change? rachel, all of us are cheering, hoping, he will face reality and stand up to it. rachel: you say he will face reality. i will change the subject just slightly to show you why i'm not as hopeful although i would like to see a change in new york city. i work here in new york city. i can't stand what's happened to the city but you know, my husband sean interviewed a bunch of small business owners who are equally hopeful, not just about crime changing but the mandates destroying their businesses. when you see eric adams walking open streets of new york with a mask on, innorring the science, we know that is completely ludicrous, it doesn't give me confidence that the guy will turn this around. the city is dying not just from crime but so many things including the economic collapse really of small businesses in new york because of ridiculous, non-science-based covid mandates
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and a aura of fear and paranoia. he started off the new year, you saw you were there, lawrence, he was on the stage where he took his oath of office, half the people around him were masked, masked with some of it. that didn't give me hope for the city. i would like him to remove all the masks, you know what? this is a new day in new york. we'll be open for business. we're going to bring crime down. we'll be the city we used to be prior to bill de blasio. just not as hopeful for nyc. pete: let's see on the covid thing, on december 27th, it was declaredded if you're an employee in new york city you're not allowed to work unless you're vaccinated a lot of people look to see if he rescinds that quickly. no word yet. he has given some indication. we'll see. lawrence: pete, i think it is still important to note, the guy is still liberal. hopefully turns some things around. but he is very progressive as
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well. not as hopeful if he doesn't rescinds some of these orders. pete: we'll turn to additional headlines as well. three people are dead following the colorado home fires. nearly 1000 homes are destroyed. some of the images are tragic. they are dealing with frigid temperatures and several inches of snow in addition. all three who were missing lived in homes consumed by the flames. crews will use cadaver dogs to assist in the search today. those folks remain in our thoughts and prayers. new mexico, more than 20 people are rescued being stranded in a cable car from frozen cables. they were trapped after working a new years eve party. the tram sitting on top after
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mountain 10,000 feet above sea level. the workers initially repelling down 85 feet so rescue helicopters could get to them. whoa. can you imagine? waiting on a winner. the powerball jackpot climbs to $522 million. the big prize growing after no winner came out after the first powerball drawing of the new year. the next drawing will be tomorrow night. still time to get a ticket, to give away your money because you're probably not going to win. those are your headlines. rachel: pete you can't win unless you play. i think i will play tonight. i'm feeling lucky. all right. well still ahead, back to remote, many students will not head back to class after the holidays as schools shift back to virtual learning over covid. two georgetown law students say they want some of their tuition money back. they join us live coming up. plus from permanent cocktails to
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rachel: this week the supreme court will hear arguments over president biden's sweeping vaccine mandate on private businesses. lucas tomlinson is live as the white house shifts the burden of the omicron surge to the states. lucas? reporter: good morning, guys. the supreme court scheduled to hear the arguments this friday against the vaccine mandate, the case brought up by trade associations and trucking, other businesses. recalling president biden's message to governors last week. >> look, there is no federal solution. this gets solved at the state level. ultimately gets down to where the rober meets the road. reporter: critics say if covid policies best left to the states there should be no federal mandate for the vaccine. >> the government was created to work, 50 individual states, each creating their own solutions so that if one makes a mistake we
3:22 am
don't make a national mistake. we make a state mistake but the biden administration has want ad one size fits all, make everybody do the same thing, force it, mandate it from top down. reporter: in june 50% of american adults were fully vaccinated, dr. fauci predicted there would not be quote the kind of surges we've seen in the past. today there are a record breaking number of cases the highest since pandemic started but hospitalizations and deaths are lagging. many are crediting the mild variant and vaccines. >> i'm a huge fan of this vaccine. a big proponent, i believe in boosters but decreases hospitalizations but they don't have anything else, any tools in their arsenal, do they? they're pushing mandates an demanding, bullying. reporter: some health experts would like the white house talk about mental health the effect isolation is having on americans, many of them teens, many returning remotely, not in person this week, guys.
3:23 am
pete: lucas, thank you very much. appreciate it. let's hope some sanity is restored by the supreme court in this moment, especially based on what we know. but it's a new year which means, guys, as legislatures go new laws take effect and there are some interesting ones across the states. first nationally, folks should note the no surprise act, means insurance companies have to cover out of, out of network expenses when there are emergencies which is helpful for some people and probably have some ramifications. but here is some other interesting ones that caught our eyes. out in oregon, they can sell cocktails to go now. in california 15-dollar minimum wage for any business over 25 employees. ohio will require financial literacy classes for all high school graduates. in nevada, insurance companies can't deny coverage for homeowners based on breed of their dog. in washington statehouse sellers must disclose a property's internet access.
3:24 am
in utah, clothing and bedding filled with down or other material must be sterilized or labeled. i looked up a couple other ones, lawrence, of interest to in texas, in january it will be illegal to chain up a dog in texas. i don't know that. rachel, to me, i will hand it over to you, to me this is good news all fronts, it is federalism at work. let states decide how people want to live. you can change it if you want to even if some of these laws, i don't know a little quirky. rachel: some are quirky, some are good. let me say to pick back up on what lucas was reporting on with regard to the supreme court and the mandate, why do we have a mandate for a vaccine that didn't protect you from omicron? we're seeing more people who had the vaccine getting with omicron. let's start with that as a stupid rule. as far as these laws, i actually like some of them. i think cocktails should be to go all the time.
3:25 am
if you like your cocktail but want to leave the bar, why not leave with your cocktail. i like that. frankly this financial literacy classes for high schoolers, i love that. finally something practical kids can use rather than all the racist crt they're wasting time on. teach the kids financial literacy, balance money, checkbook, understand the economy biden is ruining right now. how inflation works. what happens when you print economy, all these things are great for kids to learn. i like that. frankly, with some people working from home these days, i think the economy has changed dramatically in the aftermath of this pandemic. many companies are realizing their employees are just as productive at home as they were in the office. i think that actually has been kind of a good thing for moms especially, who want to balance work life better. so i think that disclosing that your home as internet access is
3:26 am
important. i like that idea. not all of them are bad, pete and lawrence. lawrence: i will say most of time when we talk about the pandemic and all the measures that came from government it is all bad most of the time. alcohol to go, okay, they finally got something right. i'm so glad they decided to make that permanent. but california, do you guys want to kill businesses even more? this 15-dollar minimum wage if you have 25 employees or more, will only crush the business even more. they're already on the ropes right now, especially with all the pandemic measures that they're experiencing. overregulation is there. why a lot of these businesses are relocateing to the great state of texas. lastly, we always talk about the next generation, all these athletes that are out there. i praised a lot of these small business owners or big fortune 500 ceos that made it, going
3:27 am
back to teach the athletes how to manage the money. get all the money, don't know how to manage it. i think the kids need to learn this in school. i was blessed enough with parents that value, we didn't have a lot, but they value saving, doing all that. they were able to teach me some of those things but i think that should be something taught in school. all this other nonsense that they're never going to apply in real life. take some of those nonsense courses away, give something that will be actually applicable to their life in the real world,. pete: pete i remember not understanding why i was taking home-ec, now i realize i know how to write a check. a little more advanced these days. i know that i hate to burst your bubble, guys. i know you're excited about cocktails to go in oregon. not like you're sloshing out of the a bar with begin and tonic to go, you're only allowed to take out sealed containers not opened until you get at home.
3:28 am
rachel: i knew you had to be something. lawrence: pete, did a party-pooper. pete: sorry. rachel: it is proof we should never put faith in government, they always get it wrong. they always get it wrong. we'll move on here, after millions of covid relief money, this, i have a child involved in this, georgetown is returning to remote after the holidays. two lawsuits are fed you will with virtual learning and want so of their tuition money back. i want some money back from the university of chicago. they join us live next. ♪. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ find your rhythm. your happy place.
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♪. pete: welcome back. goering town university law students outraged that their school will be going remote for the start of the spring semester and they are demanding lower
3:33 am
tuition as a result. the copresidents of the conservative and libertarian student association writing in a letter, quote, the uncertainty of an in-person return not only comes at a psychological cost to students but also a significant financial cost. if the school moves forward with its plan for mandatory virtual learning we call for an appropriate reduction in tuition to account for the compromised semester, compromised semester being provide. conservative and libertarian student association at george down, copresidents, luke bunting and elena quint. thank you both for being here. completely understand why you would write this letter. you're going to a prestigious law school, ultimately for a reason, not to go online. luke, why are they doing this when the entire student body is required to be vaccinated it is my understanding and we know that omicron is a much milder variant? have they justified this
3:34 am
decision? >> no i think we have the same question you do. the email we got was pretty vague. i think our big worry is that they are not following the science as you said. omicron is much more mild strain of the virus and are possibly this to play caught minority of students who want maximum covid protection in the face of data that is our big concern. pete: that is my big question, what they're saying reflect how most students field or more compliant student body, let's mask up even though we have a vaccine and go virtual the way it is? are you speaking for a majority here, what is your sense? >> we have receive overwhelming support for our letter not just in the law school campus but the other campuses as well. the pandemic presented a challenging time for us, we stepped up to the plate, wearing masks, coming together as a community which is why this
3:35 am
decision means is so shocking. we've done our part. now time for george town to do this. pete: georgetown, by the way number of universities received millions of dollars from covid relief funds 6.1 million universities. financially they can handle this luke, for students what the is the tuition what kind of reduction are you asking for or leave it open for them? >> i think it is $30,000 just tuitionwise just for the semester. not counting for dc area rent costs, traveling, figuring out logistics to get back to campus. we're not sure based on the vague letter from the president we're not sure we can trust that we willing back on campus at any point during the semester. all of that together, this is a large financial and logistical burden for the students. at a time we should focus on getting ready for classes not
3:36 am
figuring out whether we get back to d.c. for learning. pete: you're right. not a shrink gel date yet met by those with autocratic, maximalist tendencies, you're exactly right about that. here is a statement from georgetown. "fox & friends" asked georgetown law for a statement. they gave us one. the decision to move to remote learning driven by the operational did i are up shuns that the spread of omicron almost certain to cause. we appreciate a desire for a return furthermore date. are hopeful of that. this interruption of the on campus operations will be a short one. elena, first of all have you heard from them on the letter, what is their response to the statement? >> we have not heard from the letter but we love the faculty, at georgetown. they have done above and beyond to make it safe for to us return to campus in the fall. a lot of those measures are still in place, including mandatory vaccines, boosters, daily santaization of classrooms
3:37 am
and those measures should continue. we hope we're able to return to campus, are asking for tuition reduction, holding it virtually, the price tag to reflect diminished value of a on-line education. pete: yeah. 30,000 a semester an living cost in the d.c. area. you have to pay for that and everything on top of it. that is a mint. that is a lot of money. luke, exit question to you, ultimately if they don't respond to the letter, if they stay virtual, go longer, is there another recourse for you guys? >> i think we're looking into all the options at this point. i think a lot of us are just worried by seeing the university continue to ignore the science, make decisions they even admit impact the quality of our education so all options are on the table for us. trying to find ways to respectfully put pressure on the university to make sure what we're paying for is what we're
3:38 am
receiving. pete: it's a law school. so there are a lot of other recourses as well which i'm sure you thought about. hopefully it doesn't come to that. hope fully you're back in class. we said a lot of hope over last couple years. luke and elena, thanks for your stance and sharing it with us on fobs and friends we appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: coming up new year, new mayor in new york city. can he turn de blasio's disaster around, some nypd officers, they are optimistic. that story is next. ♪. my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line
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♪. >> we're tired of the continuous violence that have been perpetrated by a number of people who believe we're going to live in a state of disorder. we're not going backwards. we're not going to live in a state of violence, in a state that gun violence is normality in the city of new york. lawrence: that is the new mayor of new york. he ran on tough on crime agenda. now nypd officials are peel feeling quote, optimistic, as air adams a former police officer taking the place of bill de blasio former mayor of new york city.
3:43 am
we have a sergeant joining us now. anna, they say they feel optimistic of the new mayor. we saw what happened yesterday where he calls in to the police to get those assault folks that were out there committing assault on the streets. what do you see happening with him being the new mayor? >> i think that there is it going to be a lot of great things happening with him being the new mayor. i think him having a law enforcement background as well as a background in serving the community and those, that combined is going to basically bring this city forward. we've been through a lot these past couple of years and i think with this new year and these new changes i think it is going to come with great positivity within our city. lawrence: yeah. shootings are up 52%.
3:44 am
burglaries up 102%. murders up 52%, shootings up 102%, burglaries 16%. what needs to happen right now to stop the bleeding in new york city? i already know that he says he is going to bring back the anti-crime unit, what else needs to happen? >> well, a lot of things have happened in order to bring those numbers up. i mean we've had a lot of police officers who have retired. we have had a lot of police officers that have moved on gone to other departments. we also have had covid which has you know, significantly brung our numbers down. i think that with the mayor coming in and a new police commissioner that we have and these new changes i think that they are going to bring in a fresh perspective within policing and that it will actually help us fight this
3:45 am
battle going on with increase in crime. lawrence: what about recruitment, sergeant? >> i think we will not have a problem with recruitment. listen, i've been doing this job for 26 years. i love this job. and, and i always tell people that, listen, it's a great job. there is a lot of negativity going on in regards to it but you know, it has been great to me. it has been great to my family and i think that pushing that narrative we will be able to get more people to come and join us. lawrence: sergeant, thank you for all you do for the city and what you do for the country as well. prayers for you as well as your law enforcement brothers and sisters. thanks for joining the program. >> thank you and happy new year. lawrence: happy new year. rachel, you have some headlines. rachel: that's right, thanks, lawrence. we begin your headlines with
3:46 am
this. isis suicide bomber responsible for killing 13 servicemembers outside kabul airport. he was a one-time engineering student who was in prison following a foiled terror plot back in 2017. it is believe he escaped custody in early july ahead of the august 26th blast that killed hundreds of afghans. florida police are itch soing for two men accused of lighting a christmas tree on fire in key west. it damaged part of the famous buoy marking the southern most point in the continental united states. the landmark is located 90 miles away from cuba and was restored after suffering hurricane damage back in 2017. the documentary honoring betty white was still shown in theaters on what would have been her 100th birthday. film-makers capturing the late icon's best moments on screen. take a look. >> louder?
3:47 am
>> the window. the window. the wall. >> [bleep]. [bleep] >> you scared. you scared. [bleep]. you scared. rachel: white passing away friday in her sleep at her california home. funeral arrangements have not been made public. we're all going to miss betty white. those are your headlines, lawrence. lawrence: funny, you grief, rachel. see the moments of her, you are instantly moved to joy. thanks so much, rachel. let's turn to chief meteorologist. rick: muth for fox weather forecast. hey, rick. rick: lawrence, it is really cold out there for the first time all winter for some folks, so incredibly warm across, only across the eastern part of the
3:48 am
country. cold air settled in here, 19 degrees is the current temp in fargo. 63 in atlanta. 69 in raleigh on january 2. amazing to see temperatures this warm. we'll break more temperatures, today. temperatures, changed across the central part of the country. minus 40-degree temperature swing from 40 hours ago in lubbock, texas. we haves from and freeze alerts down parts of south texas, parts of the deep south. tonight and tomorrow morning. we're looking at a little bit of a freeze going on. enjoy one more day of temperatures like this, across parts of the southeast, temps will be absolutely warm, before the front moves in to close temperatures down for florida on the day monday. guys? lawrence: let's hope texas was prepared this time. last year it was crazy out there. we're crossing our fingers, brother. rick: this will not be that cold
3:49 am
do not worry. it is not what happened last year. lawrence: thanks, rick. is finding a new career one of your new year's resolution. we got you covered. how to find the right opportunity. ♪. show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent. and ride in a sleigh that really slays. because in a cadillac, tradition is yours to define. so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today. ♪ ♪
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♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." is finding a new job one of your plans for the new year? we got you covered how to determine if a new opportunity is actually the right one for you in 2022. america's career coach, ken coleman, from ramsey solutions joins us now with tips. ken, so grate great to see you. happy new year. what a great top pick. there are a lot of job opportunities. people are in the drivers seat. what are your tips to make sure you find the right job for you? >> thanks for having me. first the right pay. we'll look at four filters. excuse me, the right pay, i mean the right work. what i mean by the right work, is this job something a great fit for you. looking at three things, are you really good at it? do you have the talent to pull this off. number two, do you love the work. are you spending 75% of your day
3:54 am
doing work that you love? finally is this job creating results that you have a values connection. that is what we mean is this the right work. the second one is, is it the right pay? i think a lot of people get confused on this, because we saw in a recent ramsey solutions state of work study that 5% of americans would take a pay cut to pursue meaningful work. that is great. it speaks to the pandemic, what has been going on. people want more purpose in life but you got to make sure you can afford to make that change. finally the third one is, is this the right environment? we're seeing in the great resting nation millions and millions of people change jobs. one of the reasons is the toxic environment that people are finding themselves in. so we want you to be thinking about is this job putting me in an environment where i can be developed and i can be promoted? finally, is this the right time for me? just the right time to make a move for my family, for me
3:55 am
personally. all of those filters will help you make a great decision. rachel: i think you make such great points. i have a friend, she is a lawyer. she had been, you know, at home during the pandemic and when she wanted to go back, the company wanted her to go back to work she was in the position to say i will go back to the office but four days a week. i want a day where i work from home. she wanted the balance. the company said yes. it was incredible how this labor shortage or, at least people not wanting to go back to work as much are putting people in the drivers seat to go, i want to do this on my terms. i don't think i've ever seen this before. >> that is a very good point. ceos are really grappling with this. what do we do? we have the talent arms race. what we have seen over the last three months of jobs report. talking about 12 plus million people changing seats. a big game of musical chairs. that is putting stress on companies to react to in a positive way people like your
3:56 am
friend. so you got to be careful though. if you play that card, you got to know that you're willing to walk for the four-day work week or work from home. you have to be careful, not all companies are willing to work with you on that. rachel: that's true. for more tips, check out ken's book, from paycheck to purpose, i love that title. thank you, ken, so much for joining us. >> thank you. y windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪. rachel: good morning, everybody. welcome back to "fox & friends." it is 7:00 a.m. eastern time, 6:00 central time. that was a shot of times square. lawrence, welcome, pete welcome. times square probably doesn't
4:01 am
look recognizable to you after you spent new year's there partying out into the new year with all the people that were in times square. look at that it is like empty. tell us what you were seeing there in times square during new year's eve celebration? lawrence: they said it would be only 15,000 people. it is normally like 40,000 people. that was me dancing with the crowd. i was feeling the spirit. they said it would only be 15,000. seems as the night progressed, people started to join in on that moment. i used to watch that on tv. being able to experience that one time, i don't give new york too many compliments. it was a moment to be there, to experience that with the folks of new york city. rachel: i bet that was. pete: imagine that, lawlessness in times square. even on new year's eve. i could see this, in that shot, i could see the needles on that
4:02 am
live shot, glistening from the road there. lawrence, you did a great job making the best of new york city. you know. maybe new york city can put a better foot forward in the future and maybe there is some new year's resolutions that we can all make to put a better foot forward, by the way. we want to share some of yours, our viewers on the program today. what are your new year's resolutions. friends the bigger, the better. rachel, you mentioned it on the new year's eve program but do you have a new year's resolution? rachel: i do. i am determined, this is the same new year's resolution -- pete: hold on, now i remember it. it is the greatest one ever. please, hold court. rachel: i'm going to work out more consistently. but here's the difference, okay? here is the difference between last year. this year on my podcast from the kitchen table with my husband we
4:03 am
invite ad life coach on to give us how to keep resolutions beyond january 15th. so i actually got some pretty good advice. if you want to check that out. it was pretty helpful. sean got on a health kit to work out be, consistent seven months ago. he has not stopped. i at least have inspiration from sean. he makes me feel guilty i can keep it up. the tips from the life coach were actually pretty good. if you want to check that out, "from the kitchen table." what is it your new year's resolution. lawrence: did the same thing three years ago. decided i would get my health backing and been on the road, started eating crazy. i've lost 75 pounds. i have been i know you can do it. my new year's resolution is more balance right. not stop working hard but work smarter. enjoy family, friends as well,
4:04 am
some balance in my life. pete, what about you? rachel: does more balance, lawrence, mean having more of a personal life? does that mean you get a girlfriend this year? lawrence: let's see. i may even get a wife this year. let's see. rachel: i love it. i'm a matchmaker. pete: i was told you're headed down to the southern border after the show. i hope it works out for you. lawrence: here we go. sean hannity has a mentor to me and been on me about this, settle down, get a wife, nice christian woman, and start multiplying. so i got to get on that. [laughter]. rachel: always good advise. pete: start multiplying. rachel, i have to say that was not the new year's resolution you shared with us on new year's, which was, maybe we
4:05 am
get the tape and play it, you were talking about how much you want to love sean and support him. hey, remember that one. that was great. maybe we can play the tape. so you have multiple. that is great. i have multiple. one is not suited for television air, rachel, it's a big one, big one, not sharing that one right now. but the other one is, maybe after 41 years on earth i will stop biting my nails. i don't know if i can do it. i really don't. i have never been able to do it. consider my propensity for hand washing, consider how that would improve my health. i have a very robust immune system because of that horrible habit. check me in a month from now where most people fail on most of resolutions,5% resolution failure rate. rachel: i have tip for not biting your nail. nail polish over your nails. you won't buy them. pete: not going to work.
4:06 am
not going to work. will power. rachel: give you my nail polish. i think it will be fine. just keep biting. we're going to, you talked about the southern border. we're going to talk a little bit about that because it hasn't changed at all. in fact the counters are up. 1.7 million. this is the highest on record. lawrence, you've been down to the border so many times. you see the frustration, you heard the frustration from our border patrol, begging for the federal government to do something. your state of texas has tried to do something there, but it doesn't seem to be enough. they have really need the federal government to pitch in here. tell us what you think will happen as we move forward with the border into 2022, lawrence? lawrence: well we've seen the biden administration, all the different mandates, things they really don't have constitutional authority to do.
4:07 am
one of their constitutional authorities is to secure the border and they have been absent on it. kamala has been nowhere to be found. the president has been nowhere to be found. mayorkas privately admits there is a crisis on the southern border but when he gets in front of the public he won't admit it. they're doing zero for the state of texas. my buddy chris olivera with the department of public safety, the federal government has essentially abandoned texas. that is why they have been stepping up. >> in2021 we saw any lack of action from the federal government to for the border. we put texas and national guard. state funding to secure the border. government greg abbott launched, construction of the texas border wall. we're taking measures. one that is very challenging, some of those areas, some of
4:08 am
that land is federal property. they step in going into 2022, fulfill their agreement to follow through with their remain in mexico policy. began construction on the border wall. helped the federal resources, federal partners this is not the responsibility of the states. it falls on the federal government to take action. lawrence: pete, they haven't just failed on the issue. the federal government underjoe biden's leadership, they're petty as hell. texas wanted to build the own wall, they are doing, they shouldn't have to do. we have equipment sitting on the border when it comes to building the wall as well as the technology there. it already has been paid for by the u.s. taxpayer. texas offered to buy the material and the federal government said no way. they won't secure the border. when texas tries to do it, they try to impede us every step of the way. lawrence: totally right, lawrence. that pettiness is product of official policy which is absolutely not, we will never
4:09 am
fortify the border. we don't want to. therefore the republic of texas has to do it for the rest of us americans. that number, 1.7 million, probably a little bit low. if you add all the "gotaways" to that too, 500,000 that is 2.2 million illegal encounters, that is the city of houston, texas. if you've been to houston, texas that gives you the visualization the amount of people counting on the southern border. here is resolution, for the biden administration, stop doing illegal things and they are not going to do it. this is why it is so dangerous, you guys talk about this, you both know it very well. this is not just a border issue, rachel. this up to every community in our country, in some really devastating ways. lawrence: that's true. rachel: that's right. air tone attorney general mark brnovich, says fentanyl, is just
4:10 am
pouring over the border. it is destroying cities, towns, family across america. here is what he had to say about that issue. >> it breaks my heart, pima county, fentanyl is leading cause of death of our young folks. we seized nine million fentanyl pills, enough to kill the entire population of arizona this is a serious problem. i want folks to appreciate, i will be fighting hard every day. i'm a middle class public schoolkid, first generation, it makes my heart when i see what the biden administration has wrought upon this country. the man-made disaster is not climate change. it is the southern border and the chaos the biden administration brought not only to arizona but this entire country. rachel: it has been combustible. you see young people, and really the general population experiencing mental health issues on a scale we've never seen before because of so many of the mandate, covid mandates
4:11 am
and isolation that so many people feel. at the same time we're seeing massive amounts of fentanyl coming over the border. i was in the cab when i was in nashville, pete, lawrence with, a cab driver. he happened to be from mexico originally. he told me his son was a cop and that they arrested a worker, a young 16-year-old worker from walmart who in his backpack had fentanyl and drugs and scales. he was being paid, this is happening in nashville, he was being paid $2,000 a month from the drug cartels, mexican drug cartels to start getting kids hooked on fentanyl and other drugs. this was a young american white kid. you're seeing the cartels are getting stronger and stronger. they're entrading deeper, deeper into our community. at the same time something very dangerous is happening that our country is not really focusing
4:12 am
on. we're turning mexico into a marco state. we're absolutely destablizing mexico. lawrence: it is there. rachel: by empowering enriching cartels who are making massive amounts of money not just from drugs and human trafficking. there is a congresswoman from florida representative cammack, she is calling joe biden the trafficker in chief. i think that is something we should start calling him. our government is absolutely complicit in this drug business, in this human trafficking business. we're doing the last leg for the drug cartels after the people cross the border. this is unconscionable what is happening. we're making the border, the people who live along the border, it is unliveable. they can't get in to get services, whether it is hospital the, they're calling the police. there is not enough people there. the social service network for tax-paying americans living along the border is absolutely
4:13 am
overwhelmed. pete: yeah, you know, rachel on another story, you mentioned ice like. a lot of that of course is our kids in schools, some going back to zoom instruction in middle schools and high schools based on what state you live in but a lot of universities are doing this big-time universities where all the kids are already mandated to be vaccinated, got all the mask requirements, protocols in place. what struck us this morning a lot of institutions going back to virtual learning for their college kids have taken boatloads of emergency relief financeds uncovid-19. so they're getting millions of dollars from the government while keeping their colleges closed. here is what the colleges that qualified, that received money from the higher education relief fund. here is what they must do in order to get this money according to get rad government. they need to implement, get this word, evidence-based practices to monitor, suppress the coronavirus in accordance with public health, apparently, a few
4:14 am
others in there. no less than 50% of money to financial aide. you have to do outreach students if they need adjustment on the financial aid. apparently you have to be following the science and following the evidence. yet, lawrence, if you have a young student population, eager to go book to campus, all of which are vaccinated, most are used to wearing a mask, even if it is not effective, especially not necessary with their age group or omicron, they're being told back to the zoom classroom. you're not coming back. it is devastating for kids. lawrence: it is unbelievable, pete. these colleges and public education system as well, $170 billion. look at an example for a second. you have georgetown, 6.1 million, yale 5.2 million, duke 26.8 million, temple, 151.2 million. the university of washington, 205.9 million. van per tilt 28.4 million,
4:15 am
university of the miami 41.2 million. they got all of this money. they still won't open. here is an idea, if you're not going to open up, give the money back. maybe we can pay off the debt with that money. it is truly unbelievable to see what happened during the pandemic. you see the mental health crisis. yet you want to do the same thing to these kids. your university, pete, we covered this, princeton, they require you to get both vaccines, to be boosted, tested. now you can't even leave the county. this is really demented what is happening, rachel. rachel: it absolutely is. by the way princeton used the covid money to hire right investigators to investigate kids who were violating so-called covid rules. i mean they were using it to turn the university into a chinese surveillance state. this is absolutely outrageous. by the way, these universities are sitting on massive
4:16 am
endowments. what you can see from this money is that covid turned into a boondoggle. covid. instead of using our tax dollars to mitigate the health problems that we're coming from it, everyone came with their hand out to take money from this and you can see, they're not using any of it to actually open up the schools. this is absolutely outrageous. here are some georgetown law students, saying, hey, we want our money back. >> we aren't sure if we can trust that we will be back on campus at any point during the semester. so i think just all of that together, this is a large financial and logistical burden for the students at a time we should be focusing getting ready for the semester in the class, not trying to figure out if and when we get back to d.c., getting back to learning. >> we hope we're able to return to campus and the only reason we're asking for a tuition reduction if they decide not to, hold it virtually the price tag
4:17 am
of the school to reflect a diminished value of an online education. rachel: these kids, i wish they would be a little more forceful with the universities. this is such a travesty that is happening. you're right, lawrence, this is having mental health impacts. a lot of these students, especially the ones from princeton on earlier this week, say they don't have the resources, number of mental health professionals to deal what is happening with the kids. so many are just left in their homes on a computer. they're not getting their money's worth. their parents are paying money. they're paying money. they're not getting what they paid for. lawrence: unreal. rachel: it's a real problem. pete: rachel, students should agitate a lot harder. there is a culture of compliance unfortunately like too many of them. like going up to the car wash, i want the deluxe, i'm going to duke i want the deluxe, they give you the standard, not even
4:18 am
but the substandard, expect you to pay the deluxe price. they're stuck on zoom calls when they were supposed to be in classes getting intock trin nated by their professors. i digest. rachel: not just coming through the screen and coordinate, do group projects, that those things prepare you for working in the workforce. thieves kids are losing out on something. they're losing out on incredible social opportunities and personal development. i see the universities so crave ren. frankly in my opinion, i think it is evil what they're doing to our kids. lawrence: we should never given an inch. the kids learn from the adults. the adults were compliant and kids follow them to be compliant as well. it is a big mistake. history will remember this moment. anyway we have to go. president biden will talk to ukraine's president today amid growing tension over the russian military buildup over the
4:19 am
border. former cia chief dan hoffman served in moscow. he says putin is testing the while house. white house. that is coming up. ♪. i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala? fewer asthma attacks. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection-site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala.
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at ♪. >> we also are very happy to hear the news that very soon we'll have the fda final approval with a pfizer booster available for 12 to 15-year-olds. we're ready. we're continue to get more kids vaccinated and also boosted this is great. as young as 16 are also eligible. get that done. >> democrat state officials are pushing a third shot for your children as cdc will reportedly approve the covid booster for those age 12 to 15 as soon as tomorrow. lawrence: unbelievable. fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel is here to react. thanks so much for joining the program. does the science report moving on to boosters for our kids?
4:24 am
>> great question, lawrence. depends who you're talking about, high-risk groups, obese, diabetes, kids with underlying conditions, immunocompromised, i would say yes. i spoke to paul offet education center in childrens' hospital of philadelphia, head of are not being called, to analyze this here is what he said. i think it would have been valuable for the american public to heard a discussion about the pros and cons of that recommendation. i see it as a lot of opportunity , he said. that is just what we don't need now, lawrence, a hospital opportunity a study in arizona showed 92% effectiveness of those teens of preventing covid after two shots. another study out of the united kingdom, shows very dramatic increasing hospitalization after
4:25 am
two shots, even against omicron. i think the shots are safe. another big study out of the united kingdom show they're safe in teens without causing mild carditis we were worried about. before we to jumping from shot to shot which need the discussion the doctor was talking about. lawrence: we're always citing from everywhere else. rachel: that is such a great point, lawrence. where is all the covid money going? if we're not seeing studies on the effect, even psychological effects of mask on kids, long-term effects on, we haven't seen that, how are we mandating vaccines for kids when there has been no long-term studies. also, doctor, isn't this with omicron, being symptoms so mild, wouldn't this be a great opportunity to get herd immunity out in our population? >> first of all you said a lot of things there, rachel, i agree with. rachel: i know i'm mad.
4:26 am
>> studyies in the united states, per lawrence's point. a. b, the vaccine worked to decrease the high-risk of serious illness in all ages including teens. c, i think that, i have written about it in the "wall street journal," on cron is very mild and especially in low risk groups like teens. it is spreading. it is causing antibodies against other variants. yes, we look like we're heading in the direction if we don't get heard -- herd immunity we'll the endemic instead of ferocious pandemic. this fear used by democrats to the society is not helpful. yes we need to get vaccinated but where are all the tools we need? where are the drugs we actually need to fight this? the pfizer drug is not available. monoclonal antibodies is not available. they want everybody to get tested. they scare you with the idea you rush to the pharmacy with a
4:27 am
single sniffle to get tested, there are no tests there. everybody is lining up, coughing and sneezing on each other. we don't need that. we have need to be calm, reasonable, study these things, mild in almost all cases except for those most at risk. pete: doctor, i can hear next couple days the fear index ramping up. they are dubbing what they call flurona. rare double infection of influenza and covid in a young pregnant thankfully doing well. the symptoms are mild. we always bury that in the 20th paragraph. flurona, is this something we hear about? >> we better not. that is fear-mongering, the chance of you having flu, pete, covid together are extremely low. i don't want to hear that but i want people to understand is, with flu season coming i will have to make this diagnosis on the phone or on television,
4:28 am
clinically to differentiate two things very similar without the tests to do it. i can do it. i studied flu for many years. i can do it. i'm not worried about the flu. we have a vaccine. we have treatments. we have tamiflu. i'm not worried about it. i'm worried about the hysteria you just said that will result. flu-demic, twin-demi is coming. we don't need that rhetoric coming out of the administration. >> mama jones will not forgive the folks for overtesting. made me test all this time, meant being a false-positive test. i missed christmas over the nonsense. >> should have some tea. needed some tea, lawrence or tea and chicken soup. lawrence: unbelievable. thanks, doc. thanks, guys. up next this grandpa is going viral after following his dream of baking at 90 years old. the sweet story you don't want to miss it. that is next on "fox & friends".
4:29 am
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♪. >> made it clear to president putin if he makes anymore moves, goes into ukraine, we will have severe sanctions. rachel: president biden is set to speak with the president of ukraine today after he says he warned vladmir putin of the quote, heavy price, of a potential ukraine invasion during their phone call last week. our next guest says russia is testing the biden administration with their military build-up. let's bring in former cia chief who served in moscow, dan hoffman. happy new year. what do you think of this situation? the president says russia will pay a high price for this. what does that mean and do you think putin is scared? >> well i think vladmir putin is
4:34 am
following a very coldly calculated strategy here. it certainly was not lost on the kremlin when the biden administration said they wanted a stable and predictable relationship with russia. for vladmir putin, who was a kgb operative, and trained in understanding how others, how his adversaries think, that was an opportunity so putin did the exact opposite. he amassed 100,000 troops on ukraine's border, put them into a chokehold and he is trying to extort the united states and nato into recognizing russia's historical sphere of influence. already our allies are nervous about it what happened in afghanistan, we didn't cult the nato allies even though they had four times as many troops as we did. putin is forced to talk on president zelensky on the phone and doing it today to reassure sell len ski. it is unconscionable ukraine
4:35 am
doesn't have a seat at table where their fate is being decided. rachel: what do you mean they don't have a seat at the table? explain that further. >> what vladmir putin wants to do is to solve these issues as president roosevelt and stall len did at yal this a with the united states. russia is father to the conflict, russia doesn't want to include ukraine in the negotiations and prefers to negotiate solely with president biden and is seeking through, seeking a guarranty that nato will not expand further. russia has already prepared a draft agreement for the united states and for nato. we'll see how the united states responds next week on 10 january when the diplomatic process really begins in earnest. when deputy secretary wendy sherman meets with the russian foreign minister. rachel: explain to me why the american people should care about this issue?
4:36 am
why is it important? for many americans watching this show they think it's a european problem. why is it an american problem? >> russia is an american problem. russians interfered in our elections. they have launched massive cyberattacks including solarwinds. they allowed cyber hacking groups to homestead on their territory. they invited georgia, continue to occupy georgia. they invaded ukraine. impact on nato partners. impact on free trade. if we don't stand up for the territorial integrity of ukraine and their efforts to build a democracy i'm not so sure we stand for much of anything at all. i would recall president reagan invoking john winthrop city on the hill. democracy matters. doesn't mean we have to send troops to ukraine. we can shore up their defenses with more military assistance and diplomatic support. rachel: interesting perspective. that so much, dan.
4:37 am
really appreciate it. happy new year. >> thanks, happy new year. rachel: well the isis bomber believed responsible for the attack that killed 13 american troops is identified. medal of honor recipient david bellavia reacts to that live next.
4:38 am
4:39 am
4:40 am
♪. pete: welcome back. u.s. officials identifying the isis suicide bombing responsible
4:41 am
for killing 13 u.s. troops and nearly 100 civilians. there were also two dozen american troops injured. outside of cabal's airport, outside of the abbey gate. his name is abdul lagari. he was reportedly jailed by the cia for a foiled terror plot but was released by the taliban on july 1st, during the chaotic final days during the fall of afghanistan retired army staff sergeant an medal of honor recipient david bellavia is here. happy new year. does this surprise you at all? this guy was locked up near bagram was overtaken? he was freed. what do you make of this? >> everyone will say this is inevitable. this is what happens with the ugly transition when military, when our military pulls out. i don't think any of this was inevitable. talk about the holiday season, happy new year to you. christmas just went by.
4:42 am
how many families have empty claire's at the table because of the consequences of these decisions. our guys did the right thing, military, cia, did the right thing. put a bad guy in custody. he is in tall ban takes over. jails open up. terrorists will be terrorists. how else do you look at the story. why are we finding out about this now by the way? is this shocking to you? did we not think the connection between the taliban with this guy? this to me is obnoxious we're hear about it now and it is obnoxious everything we were told within 24 hours of this attack turns out to be true. pete: our response was to kill innocent civilians accidentally. foreign policy types will say why would the taliban release isis fighters? they're at war with each other. why would that be in their interests?
4:43 am
explain why they might do that? why would they go into a jail release everybody, then we're at the behest of the taliban who are provided security for us no in the out tore corridor, what went wrong? >> that is any foreign policy wonk, why would iran help sunni and wahibis to attack the golden mosque dome? why would iran do anything to facilitate the idealogical sunni opponents comes to the global war on terror? guess what? this is becoming a equal opportunity to go against western democracies, allegiances are formed, people will find a common interest which is to undermine and embarass the united states. i would like our state department not to be a part of that team. i would like our administrative officials to understand what we're up against, what we're at war against and to push back and defeat and destroy the enemy. pete: there is no deeper state by the way than the state
4:44 am
department, many of which across the globe push interests which are totally against what those in america would deem to be our interests. i want to move on to one other story though, david, you remember lieutenant colonel stewart scheller, one of the only people that spoke out of the military marines lieutenant colonel. he has since been released from the marine corps. he is now free to speak to the public. he will we believe speaking with tucker sometime this week. he posted on facebook, he put that video out we're looking at on our screen that everyone heard. what do you expect to hear from this lieutenant colonel going forward? >> you know, i'm going to tell you what, pete, lieutenant colonel's don't buy pickups at 29% apr, they don't marry strippers and the other thing lieutenant colonels don't do, don't pick up the cameras and turn them into reality show testimonials and go on tiktok undermine chain of command. i agree what everything colonel
4:45 am
scheller said. you are in uniform. you're the tony vin man on the right. that chubby clown put politics under oath and decided to undermine the commander-in-chief. it is wrong when he does it. when you play stupid games you win stupid prizes. leaders have to be accountable. we're watched every day. being an example and do the right thing and raise your subordinates to be ready for the greatest honor in the world which is to lead men and women in combat. this lieutenant colonel failed and i disagree. i think he is should go away. pete: david, fair point, his people would say, he took accountability for it. he was pushed out of the marine corps. he knew what he was doing was wrong and but needed to speak out. what do you expect to hear from him going forward, setting that aside? >> i expect to hear everything i heard you say more articulately to more people. the difference with pete hegseth
4:46 am
is you didn't violate your oath. there were many things you disagreed about in the obama administration, pete. you could have put your uniform on and amplified that message but you chose to put your army and your soldiers above your politics. that is an example. and what this lieutenant colonel should have done. i expect to hear a bunch of excuses. i don't want to hear him. it was wrong when vin man did it. it was wrong with when this guy done it. we are warriors. get the politics out of soldiering. do your student job. that he was it. pete: david bellavia, you are a warrior indeed. happy new year, brother, appreciate your time. >> thank you. pete: you got it. turn now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for our fox weather forecast. first time laying ice on your beautiful face in the new year. great to see you. rick: happy new year, pete, good to see you too. hope you had fun in nashville the other night.
4:47 am
[inaudible]. only take as day. doesn't take too much, here we go across parts of the north. it is cold already. 19 in fargo. a little bit warmer than other places hard to imagine. a warm-up to minus 19. parts of the southeast, really warm as you wake up. 63 in raleigh. other little towns, talking about temps into the 70s across areas of the deep south. there is a front going to moving through bringing mostly rain. it has brought a lot of severe weather last couple of days. you can tell guess where the front is, across parts of the south. a lot of rain coming behind this. a little bit of snow. southern appalachians for tomorrow and the front does difference down through parts of florida. we'll be seeing temperatures tomorrow back below where you should be. guys, send it back to you. rachel: thank you, rick. lawrence: thanks, rick. rachel: now we got to show you this because a 90-year-old
4:48 am
grandpa shows that it is never too late to start something new. watch this. >> our grandpa decided to become a baker at age 90 and baked us a cake every time we visit. ♪. rachel: the grandpa known as papa rudy is baking his way all over tiktok. you have gone viral for i can bab being his granddaughters cake every time his grand university todays visit. papa rudy is saying social media says he is inspiring. he is inspiring. lawrence, pete, i said when my kids leave the house, i want to go to cooking school. i love to cook. i'm not a great baker. that is one of the things i want to get better at. that is amazing. i think he is inspiring. lawrence: i think we found our
4:49 am
next "cooking with friends" segment. rachel: yes. lawrence: maybe he comes to headquarters to cook for us. or we come to him. how about that? pete: i like that, lawrence. get the invite in the mail. that is part of getting older. i am getting older, i never took shop class. i don't know anything about small engines. i want to know how they work. i want to go back to that class. i don't know anything about carpentry. at some point you say i want to figure these things out. good for him. lawrence: as we grow up, po, as we say in the house, you learn a little bit of everything, fixing cars. my first job was a maintenance man in my apartment complex i grew up with. i can do plumbing, all that good stuff. pete: wow. look at that. >> i told you, i told you guys he was ready to get married. he can be a hand did i man. learns how to bake thanks to
4:50 am
grandpa rudy. you're ready, lawrence, this year. lawrence: between you and sean hannity, it may happen in 2020. 1619 founder project nicole hanna jones. she says americans are being taught a history of a country that doesn't look and the u.s. is willfully antiblack. jonathan hunt says that jones version of history is fiction. he joins us next. to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile. book today at, walk in, or call 1-800-aspendental.
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4:54 am
♪. lawrence: so the founder of the 1619 project pushing to reframe american history. nikole hannah-jones says, quote, the agenda is to force a reckoning who we are as a country. take the story of black americans and slavery from being asterisk to being marginal, essential how we understand our country. we've been taught the history of a country that does not exist. west point graduate, army veteran jeremy hunt joins us now. jeremy, what say you? did she get this right? >> look, this is insane. i read, not all of the 1619 project but specifically the claims she has made. what she is saying america somehow was fought to preserve
4:55 am
slavery, not fought for independence, but fought to preserve slavery. says great britain somehow was on the way to phasing out slavery around the world but america fought to preserve it. that claim might strike you as a little crazy because it is. it is completely made up. you talk to historians, even left liberal historians the claims in the 1619 project have all been refuted. but the problem about this is, it is not a work of history, it a work of grift. we work in era where we have the faux historians get up to say whatever they want to, as long as they are condemning country, they make money off of this, she has a documentary coming out this year about this work of fiction she created. lawrence: it is crazy, jeremy, she cites all the historians in her project. then once they criticize her on new history, she removes them out of the book.
4:56 am
so it tells you she is not intellectually honest. jeremy hunt, thank you for your service. good luck with law school, brother. >> thank you, take care. lawrence: more "fox & friends" after this. . . .
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ hey, ya. ♪ hey ya. ♪ hey, ya. lawrence: you're looking at god's country, dallas, texas. i'm in for will cain today in the virtual galaxy, also here pete hegseth, rachel campos-duffy. it's good to be with you all. rachel: good morning, lawrence. pete: good to be with you, lawrence. somewhere in the vast, expansive galaxy, will cain is hopefully sleeping, which is what all
5:01 am
three of us -- if i knew what direction we were pointing, i would help our viewers out. he's out there somewhere. his head is on the pillow. we were up late a couple nights ago with new year's eve. it was a good idea that we didn't host on saturday morning which was discussed about whether we should or not. it would have been a little dicey. so 36 hours later and some caffeine, some sleep and a shower, here we are, rachel, ready to go. rachel: that's right. with a little caffeine in us, i needed that and by the way, my husband got up with me this morning and made that coffee for me and printed out my papers and all the stuff that we do from our home studio now and i'm really grateful for had that. that was one of my new year's resolutions, by the way. lawrence, let's talk about your new year's resolution. lawrence: my new year's resolution this year is more balance in my life. i'm not going to stop working hard and start working less but working smarter and give some more family time and friends and
5:02 am
all that good stuff. rachel: yeah. balance. that's good. a few years ago -- pete: we started the new year -- rachel: go ahead, pete. pete: no, no, no, you started the new year in a nice way. i think we have video of you dancing in times square, bringing it in, even though there weren't as many people around you as usual. what you reminded us of -- there he is, feelings the love, feeling the spirit. he doesn't have my kind of moves as shown by the line dancing, i get it. those are pretty good news. you shared with our audience, one of your resolutions years past was to drop weight and you have proven this, apparently. this is lawrence pre resolution. you were a linebacker. now you're a d-back. you were a linebacker. lawrence: one of our bosses said i went from lineman from one end, to being in gq magazine. so that tells you --
5:03 am
[laughter] rachel: he can dance but he can also dress well. he is the best dressed man at fox news, no question about it, lawrence. but it is inspirational. that's not an easy thing to do, to drop 75 pounds, more importantly to keep the pounds off and you've been an inspiration for me. we've talked about your weight loss, you and i, multiple times. you're a keto guy, you do other things. i think you're balanced about how you keep it off. it's not like you're on a crazy, strict diet. you lost the weight. you found a way to keep it off in a balanced way that's sustainable and i think that's an important thing for people to look up to because a lot of people are using weight loss, that's their new year's resolution this year. lawrence: hell no, i love sweets and i love good food. i'm not starving myself. i'm still getting some of the foods i like. it's just about balance as i was a talking about earlier, making sure you go to the gym and during the week i try to eat
5:04 am
healthy. on the weekend, i indulge, enjoy a little bit. pete: i can't wait to check in with you in about march after you've been to the border, you've been to four cities, you've done six diners and we're going to find out how your life balance is working out. it's a great resolution but then "fox & friends" happened and a sean hannity happened and news happened. lawrence: pete has no faith in me. pete: i have a lot of faith in you, lawrence, i don't have a lot of faith in our news eye kell. as a result, our life balance is probably out the window. rachel, you said on this program, i was excite todd hear again this beautiful -- excited to hear again this beautiful resolution you gave. you gave a different one. we dialed up the tape from new year's eve from when we were hosting the all american new year's in nashville, here's rachel's resolution on the special. listen to this. rachel: i love you honey. thanks for taking care of those kids. my new year's resolution is to
5:05 am
be more grateful for what an awesome hubby you are, i love you. >> that's a good one. >> that's a good one for all of us. pete: i remember a longer version of that. maybe i remember and forgot too much from that night all together as one. but it was a wonderful resolution that i think is a good example for other people, rachel. rachel: yeah. no, you know, it is one of my resolutions, to be more grateful. i'm really lucky. i think i won the hubby lottery with sean. he's a great partner. he's a great dad. and he takes care of me and i love that. like i said, we get up really early. he had my coffee while i was doing my makeup. he printed out my sheets. basically hes was acting like a production assistant for me here at the house and i'm grateful for that. pete: amazing. rachel: i try do the same for him. i think we talk about a lot of things what that we need to do in our lives. i did put being more consistent with working out at the top of my list. truly, if your relationship, if your marriage, especially if you have a family, if your marriage
5:06 am
t isn't going well, nothing goes well. that's something we need to tend to and sean has been somebody who has put our marriage first and has actually set a really good example for me in that he says that's the most important thing in our life ain't truly is and i'm really grateful for him. so i'm going to continue to be grateful throughout the year. lawrence:s especially this morning, guys. we have a lot to be grateful for. that brings us to the fox news alert. three people are feared to be dead in the wake of severe wildfires near denver. officials estimate 1,000 homes are at a complete loss. alicia acuity necessary is live in -- alicia is live in boulder counter with more. >> reporter: yesterday at this time we were talking about reports of one missing person, as you mentioned. that has indeed changed. here is boulder county sheriff, joe pelle. >> different than yesterday, we currently have three reported missing persons.
5:07 am
two in the area of superior and one in the marshall area. we unfortunately believe these are going to turn into recovery cases. we're calling in cadaver dogs and search teams to help us with the effort tomorrow. >> reporter: one of the missing is 91-year-old nadine turnbull. she was last seen inside her home and about to evacuate. her home was destroyed in the fire, as were the homes of the other two who so far have not been located. we have also received an update on the staggering loss of property left behind by thursday's wind-whipped fire. as of the latest update, 991 homes, businesses and other buildings were destroyed. that does not include the many others that were heavily damaged. some homeowners were allowed back into the burn area yesterday with so many found with absolute heart break and it wasn't just the loss of where their families had just woken up thursday morning for fast, but
5:08 am
-- breakfast, but everything that surrounds them. >> the kid's playground is down the street. we can buy new books and new furniture but it's hard to build back a community and friends and social network like that. hopefully we can build back something but there's just so much loss. who is going to want to come back to this? >> reporter: also today, the investigation over how this fire started continues. there were initial reports and beliefs that this was due to downed power lines. that has now been discarded. according to the sheriff, they're looking at the possibility of negligence. it could be arson. they have executed a search warrant in at least one location so we will keep you updated on that. back to you. lawrence: thanks so much, alicia. pete: alicia, thank you. devastating. we think about all those families and what that gentleman said, so true, how do you rebuild a community? we wish them the absolute best and we'll bring you any updates we have. we're all wishing better for our
5:09 am
cities especially the cities that have been beseiged by crime. it started with the summer of love in 2020 and the mostly peaceful protests where there was no accountability. you had defund the police movement in 2021 which unleashed record homicides in a lot of cities. some of those same cities have seen the first homicide of 2022. you see them up on the screen, obviously not just new york, all across the midwest too. many democrat-run cities that have embraced some form of defund the police or reimagining of police that wreaked havoc on the cities over the past year. looks like unfortunately in some of those places it's starting again. in new york city, there may be a few sheriff in time, rachel, but we emphasized this morning maybe. we'll see. guarded optimism in new york city, rachel. rachel: yeah, guarded optimism after they elected an ex-cop to be the mayor. here he is walking -- it's his
5:10 am
first day in office. he he's walking along to see the city for the first time as mayor and he witnesses this beating up -- two people beating each other up, it's so violent he ended up having to call the cops himself. here's lawrence talking about this right now. pete: absolutely. lawrence: we'll find those who believe they're going to destroy our city with gun and gang violence. that is not going to happen. i am clear on my mission to aggressively go after those who are carrying violent weapons in our city. and i'm going to be undetermined and as dress i've by -- aggressive by doing so. you don't start bringing in the new year with bringing in violence. it's unacceptable and i made that clear on the campaign trail
5:11 am
and i'm going to live it out as the mayor of the city of new york. pete: let's see if he really is a cop's cop. if he really is the kind of guy that has their back. that's what giuliani did. that's what's required. words are good. results are going to matter. he's brought back -- sounds like he brings back the plain clothes unit, the question is does he restore the ranks, what a do you do with vaccine mandates as well, rachel, as as you have pointed out and is he really a aggressive. calling the police on the first day on the the train on the way to work, fine. they responded five minutes later, no one was arrested. nothing actually happened. there's a lot of no consequences in our cities these days. will he follow through? and the reason why this matters in new york city, we don't want to be too new york city centric, it's because as goes new york, especially with crime and policing, oftentimes other cities follow the lead. that's why the broken windows theory spread you across the country and led to a great
5:12 am
reduction in crime. now we're sliding backwards. maybe he'll stop the slide. lawrence: as we introduced the segment, we pray it gets better in major cities. we can pray all day. until the leadership accept accountability and the way that they view crime, nothing is going to change. i do think this is a shift in tone because as you correctly noted, the police have been demonized. i think this is the first time we've seen since the giuliani days the police commissioner, the mayor and the police union all together in a united front saying you know what, criminals, we're not taking any anymore. but again, the question is when the pressure starts to cave in, when the politics change, will he stand? right now, i think it is a general consensus from both on the politically left and right that crime is a big issue in the city. but when those social justice warriors begin to roar up, is he going to throw the cops under the bus? and that's what i'll be watching for. look, when there is injustice,
5:13 am
i'll be the first one there. but again, that is not 95% of the cases. right now, the criminals are running the street. the question is, is he going to back the cops on a day-to-day basis. it was a great step, having the anti-crime unit back out there. i think that is going to be critical to crime fighting. but again, as the days and the seasons change, will he stand for the rule of law? i think that's what i'll be monitoring, rachel. rachel: yeah. absolutely. that is the question that we all have and you're right, we're going to see it, the moment the social justice warriors come in and protest outside the mayor's office or confront him in any way, that will be the moment that we see whether this man is the man that's going to stand up to them and stand for the victims rather than the criminals and whether he throws his brother and sister cops under the bus or not. good point there, lawrence. well, another big story that we're looking at this morning is that u.s. officials are revealing the identity of the
5:14 am
isis suicide bomber who is responsible for killing 13 service members outside of kabul's airport in august. lucas tomlinson is going to dig into the terrorist's past, tell us more. >> reporter: the isis suicide bomber responsible for killing 13 american troops has been identified. he was a former prisoner of bagram air base which the u.s. military abandoned in the night. he was freed and the taliban took over the base. the suicide bombing, one of the deadliest attacks in the 20 year history of the war, of also killing hundreds of innocent afghans. he wore a 25-pound explosive vest when he approached the gate of the kabul airport. the new york times reports the cia had tipped off indian authorities in 2017, warning them he was planning a suicide attack in new delhi and the intelligence stopped the attack and turned him over to the cia
5:15 am
which kept him locked up in bagram, home to a special operations task force, apache gun ships, jets and drones. this comes as colonel stuart sheller says he has discharged four months after he was chris sized president biden's -- criticized after president biden's botched afghan withdrawal. his mother spoke earlier. >> our son is here today. >> you will hear from stuart sheller coming forward, he will be calling on leaders, calling for accountability and this is just the beginning of his journey. >> reporter: new year's day marked the first time in 20 years the taliban ruled afghanistan once again. guys. pete: lucas, thank you so much. appreciate the details on that report. you don't get through the line with 25 pounds of explosives unless someone's complicit in that and the reality is, we let the taliban have bagram. they let the terrorists out. this guy found his way through
5:16 am
their ranks, probably with them understanding because the intelligence was thick that he was and 13 americans and dozens more were wounded, 13 killed, dozens wounded as a result. it remains probably the deepest, darkest and most evil strain of what the biden administration has unleashed and done to the honor of america. thankfully he didn't find his way to where he thought he was, somewhere he's looking up from hell, wondering what kind of decision that was for him to end had his life. we had a medal of honor recipient on the program, who is amazing if you read what he did to receive the medal of honor in killing terrorists, knows about this. i asked him about this attack and what he thought about it. listen. >> our guys did the right thing. our military, our cia, they did the right thing. they put a bad guy in custody and he's in bagram, taliban takes over. the jails open up. and now guess what? terrorists are going to be
5:17 am
terrorists and how else do you look at this story? it's disgusting. why are we finding out about this now, by the way? is shocking to you -- is this shocking to you? did we not think there was a connection between the taliban with this guy? this to me is obnoxious that we're hearing about it now and it's obnoxious that everything we were told within 24 hours of this attack turns out to be true. rachel: you know, pete, this is one of the terrible after effects of our disastrous exit from afghanistan but there's so much more. i mean, people aren't talking about the -- the media is not talking about the poverty and the starvation that has set into afghanistan as a result of this. there are stories now about parents selling their children, a disgusting practice, in order to survive. selling little girls and little boys as child brides into other families, to older, disgusting men. this is happening in afghanistan
5:18 am
all as a result of the destabilization and the manner in which joe biden got out of afghanistan and i don't think enough focus has been left on what he did there, how he left as our last guest talked about, you know, allowed these prisoners freed, left our weapons to the taliban. it's one thing to say i want to he get out of afghanistan. it's another thing to leave this disaster in its wake. lawrence: and no comment about sheller and who he was representing. did a lot of diners outside of military bases, a lot of people feel the same way he felt and they wonder why do the generals generalto write books about thit happen in administrations with no consequences but sheller says one thing and they try to bury him. it just doesn't seem like it's fair, pete. pete: yeah, vindiman was a hero but sheller was demonized.
5:19 am
he took accountability for what he did. he knew he couldn't speak out in uniform. now he he's out of the marine corps. now he's prepared to speak out. he'll be i believe talking to tucker this week. it will be interesting to hear from him. rachel: he does, but your last guest was very critical of him. pete: some people -- if you're by the book on being in uniform, you shouldn't speak out in uniform, in your uniform. but that's true. but stuart sheller knew that and said the result -- the consequences are worth taking that risk because i need to speak out. no one's thrown their rank on table and said giving up bagram was a mistake. he watched his leaders fail him so he spoke out and took accountability. i understand the argument but i think this is a moment where it was worth doing. lawrence: milley needs to resign. pete: that's what he was saying. no one's taken accountability still to this day. so i look forward to hearing from the colonel. we've got a few additional
5:20 am
headlines this morning. today, millions of people are expected to return home from the christmas and new year's break. already, at least 1700 flights hitting the chopping block just this morning, just this sunday morning. airlines canceling 2700 flights yesterday, stranding thousands. airlines blaming bad weather and covid related staffing shortage, some offering pilots and flight attendants double and triple the pay if they will show up to work. and turning over to college football and the new year's day bowl games, ohio state rallying from a two touchdown half time deficit to beat utah 48-45 in the rose bowl. and oklahoma state also coming from an early hole to beat knowe dame if the phi he's take bowl. in the sugar -- fiesta bowl. those are your headlines. bowl games still enjoyable, guys, just not the same with the
5:21 am
new playoff. it's just an additional game with not much consequence. but if your team's in it, is fun. lawrence: all right, guys. still ahead, texas pumps the brakes on president biden's covid mandates for kids. attorney general ken paxton made it happen and he's next.
5:22 am
5:23 am
this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." the biden administration dealt another major blow in their push for vaccine requirement as a texas judge rules against vaccine and a mask mandates for schools head start programs. our next guest sued the administration over these mandates and calls it a win for the children of texas. texas attorney general ken paxton joins us right now. happy new year, attorney general, and tell me more about what your office has done to put an end to these mandates. >> so happy new year to you and your listeners. we've been fighting this ever since biden issued these mandates. we fought on different fronts from employers, over 100 to medical workers to federal contractors and now to children. the idea here is the federal government just can't make up laws without congress passing
5:26 am
them, the biden administration has to follow the laws, have to follow the constitution. they're implementers of the law. they can't just make it up and in this case they're forcing american workers to decide between their health and their job and they just can't do it. it's just wrong. rachel: so these mandates that you're fighting specifically we're saying that children had to be masked in the head start program and those who worked with them, the volunteers and the teachers had to be vaccinated. is that correct? >> yes. so the court -- and the court came down and said that they could not do this, that that the agency that was implementing this didn't have the authority to tell parents that their children were going to be masked, that's a parental decision, and they did not have authority to force workers, staff members, to get the vaccine. that's up to the individual to make the decision about their health. rachel: absolutely. and there have been no long-term studies on these vaccines and so it seems odd that you could force someone to participate in essentially a vaccine experiment
5:27 am
or research without them wanting to be involved. let me ask you this. i know you're in contact with so many other attorney generals across the nation. do you see that other attorney generals are going to follow in your foot steps now that they see you've had success with this? >> yeah. actually, they already have. there's another lawsuit filed with 20 other states that i'm very excited about. i think it will be successful because it's so obvious that the law does not allow for this, that these agencies that are implementing this don't have the authority to do it and this is the way our constitution works. this is up to congress. if they want to mandate it, i'm not sure they can but at the very least we know that an agency cannot do this. rachel: absolutely. i mean, let's just put the law aside for just a second. i mean, let's just talk about the science. the vaccine as we see with omicron are not protecting or stopping the spread of covid in people who are vaccinated. so why would the federal government continue wanting to do this? it makes no sense.
5:28 am
i just can imagine if i was an employee who didn't want to take the vaccine and i was forced to take take it and then i got covid, i would be pretty upset. >> yeah. look, you can push the law aside here. we're not going to do that. the reality is, there is -- the science doesn't back up what they're doing. i don't understand why the biden administration is pushing forward with something that imposes so much on people and forces them to make really difficult decisions about their health and looking at what's actually happened and realizing, hey, this may not work for me and then having to decide, well, i'm going to lose my job if i want to protect my health. it makes no sense. it's not fair to people. they should have that decision made by themselves. rachel: p ken paxton, thank you for and thing up to the american citizen -- thank you for standing up for the american citizens. >> happy new year, thank you. rachel: still ahead, a panel of moms reacts to the return of virtual learning. stay with us.
5:29 am
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lawrence: holiday break may be over but thousands of students will be staying home as nearly 300 school districts go remote in response to the surge in covid cases. let's bring in our panel of moms to discuss. new york post columnist and mother of three, cara, florida mom with moms for liberty, keisha king and mom with parents defending education. cara, i start with you. this is one of the reasons why you're leaving new york and heading to florida. but you were early on sounding the alarm on this, right? >> yeah. you know, i knew that once you close schools it gets a lot easier to keep closing them and i have to say that in march 2020 i actually said we should close schools because it made sense at the time and suddenly very much it didn't make sense when all the data started coming in.
5:34 am
so we know right now that kids are very not susceptible to covid-19, we know it's not a big risk to them and yet schools are the only thing we discuss closing. we don't discuss closing anything else. mind you, i don't think we should close anything else but we certainly shouldn't close anything for the lowest risk population. the new normal is not normal and parents need to fight it. lawrence: you're exactly right and they no the examples of this, they know the science. they're choosing to not follow it. we got the numbers from the cdc, it says that there's a 31% jump in mental health er visits among kids aging 12-17. but this really gets dirty here. 51% jump in er visits among girls for suspected suicide attempts and i got to say, this has to be linked to the pandemic, right, keisha? >> i absolutely think that it is. children need stability. and when you're yanking them out of school, putting them back in
5:35 am
school and having them go through all of these processes and the fear mongering and all of that, of course they're going to be suffering with things over than the threat of covid. we can't just be singularly focused especially when it comes to our children because we know number one that they need stability and number two that their mental health and other things around them are being affected as well. we have to take a more comprehensive approach to this and i certainly do not think yanking them out every time there's a spike in cases or you new variant comes around is the solution. that's hardly the solution. and by now i think the biden administration and teachers unions and school boards, they've got to come up with better ideas. lawrence: that's exactly right. we've got to live with this. osra, you've been at the forefront of fighting back, going to school board meetings. what can parents do to take the education back for their kids?
5:36 am
because it seems like at this point it's life or death. >> absolutely. i mean, keisha and carol put so well the fact that the children are now on the line and you're so right, lawrence. so we are basically ceos or coos in our own house and what we have to do is we have to run the house of representatives, we have to run for the state house, we have to run for the school board house. we have to run for office and this is a travesty that's happening globally. you know, right now, the world bank, unicef and unesco issued a report recently. they said that kids of this generation will have $17 trillion in lifetime potential lost because of school closures across the world and there's a new concept that they put out called learning poverty. for a community that cares so much now about equity and all of these issues of discrime dis--
5:37 am
discrimination. we have to realize we're really punishing our children with bad policy makers who are really putting them as our sacrificial lambs of society today and we have to do what we know best which is protect our kids and get them to school, get them to learn their reading and writing and stop all of this nonsense. lawrence: i've only got a few seconds left but all these schools and colleges requested what was it, $170 billion and then on top of that, after they get the money, they want to close again. like they should return it, right? >> that's right. yeah. absolutely. i said at the time that there's no amount of money that you can throw at schools to open them. it's really just will. you want to open the schools, just open the schools, have randy winegarden get out of the way and open the schools. europe did it. lots of places around the world did it. we're unique in closing schools in very blue areas and those people should really stand up and say this is not acceptable. this does not follow the science.
5:38 am
and yeah, return the money that you took for no reason that has no effect on opening schools whatsoever. lawrence: exactly right. keisha, osra, carol, go cowboys. i'll seize you all later. >> -- see you all later. lawrence: sean duffy joins us next on "fox & friends." ♪ you've got to keep your head up. ♪ you could let your hair down. ♪ you've got to keep your head up. ♪ you can let your hair down. ♪ find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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5:42 am
>> we have a special guest right now. about to join us, facetiming into the show from new jersey, it is the duffy family. rachel: hi, guys. >> the party in the duffy household is never the same without momma duffy here. >> yeah, momma duffy. rachel: all right. pete: let's bring in sean duffy. rachel, you bring him in. rachel: he's right here next to he me. that was him on new year's eve. he was trying to control those kids. >> it doesn't go as well when mom's not there. i was trying to keep them together, to get them to sit down. they were fighting beforehand, a couple of them were. my 5-year-old was mocking me, he was repeating everything i said after me.
5:43 am
thank god you guys couldn't hear me because it was so loud on your end. it was great. pete: it's true. we could barely hear you. what was new year's eve -- how much of the show did you get to actually watch, sean or were you just kid management? >> i tuned in, i watched the whole show. i cooked-we don't steak in our house a whole lot, i cooked steak for the kids, i made them hash browns. we watched you guys. i know we'll talk about the poll, about how people feel in america. they that poll was probably taken before everyone watched the two weekend co-hosts of "fox & friends" dress up as dumb and dumber and dance. that was a absolutely brilliant. i loved it. you had the canes, the hats. i know minnesota can't dance but you can, pete. most men looked at that, you were throwing in extra moves, you had hip swivels, you were
5:44 am
doing the carey moves. you sent lawrence to times square so he couldn't show you up on the dance floor. rachel: that's a exactly right. lawrence: that's a good point. i didn't think of that. rachel: pete is pretty competitive, and he's pretty sneaky about these contests. he probably called the producers and he said keep lawrence and his moves back at times square, i'm going to beat will. i have to say, pete. you were pretty good. i have to give credit to our producers. they didn't skimp on those outfits. those outfits were pretty good. i don't think they were bought on amazon. they looked good. lawrence: they were quality. >> all texas after will was dancing, they were shaking their heads. how did he beat us in line dancing? pete: people don't know about the lutherans dancing in the church basement after hours, it can get a little crazy. lawrence: sean, we've got serious news for you. so president biden, he's
5:45 am
striking a positive tone in his new year's eve address. but with the mull till crises of -- multiple crises of this administration, a new polls shows most americans are more fearful than hopeful about what's to come in 2022. does that message work, brother. >> first of all, the positive message doesn't work. no matter what joe biden says, the reality is something different for people in their homes. we have to think, where were we a year ago. when we came into 2021, our border was becoming more secure, we had a vaccine thats was coming to america that was going to hopefully take us out of the pandemic. we weren't even talking about inflation. we weren't talking about the prices of gas at the pump. we weren't talking about prices at the store. we weren't talking about supply chain issues. because of joe biden's policies this year we are having conversations on all these issues that make us feel less secure. i think right now people feel like my freedom's in jeopardy, the fact that i can't decide what i put in my body, that the
5:46 am
government will mandate a vaccine on me, i think as you mentioned, the town the size of houston has come into america through the southern border, they're not enforcing our laws and americans can't afford the lot of things they put on their kitchen table. i think people want to be done with politics. they want to go on vacation. they want to take a trip, without a mask and a vaccine. rachel: i agree. i agree, absolutely. i would say that joe biden getting on dick clark's, ryan seacrest's show isn't going to change anything, any of the realities that sean was talking about. i think that it's very clear that people aren't feeling very good coming into the new year, as far as the economy and so many of the laws that we see that aren't helping americans. however, there is some hope, sean, don't you think coming up in the midterms. >> i was going to mention that. if you looked at next year, how are people going to feel after republicans take control of the house for sure and maybe even
5:47 am
the senate, they're going to feel more hopeful what that more common sense will be coming into their american politics, there will be oversight on joe biden and hopefully he'll roll back some of the destruck policies, the -- destructive policies, the far left wing of the democrat party policies, they'll come back to the center and get america back on track. rachel: do you think that will happen. >> i think if joe biden and democrats want to win in 2024, i think they'll have to come to the center. america is not buying the policies. we talked about crime and riots that have been happening in 2021 but the crime that's been across the country are off the charts and i think people are absolutely sick of it. pete: it's true. and biden wants to sound like reagan and optimistic when in reality he's caught up in the malaise of his own making that looks more like jimmy carter. i know tv will not be full of malaise at 5:00. what have you got coming up on the big sunday show, sean? >> this is a big sunday show
5:48 am
today. we have dr. nicole saphier will be on, tyrus and ms. deangeles will be there as well. we have a great show stacked up, 5:00 eastern, 4:00 central. and by the way, if you want to check out rachel and i's podcast, we're talking about new year's resolution and keeping them on the podcast. so often we make resolutions and we don't keep them. i started my workout session actually in july but we're going to try to keep our resolutions this year and she gaves us tools and techniques on how to do they that. rachel: we invited a life coach onto the show. i've never spoken to a life coach before. i thought that was interesting. she gives all kinds of great tips. pete: we spend a lot of time de-- dissecting rachel. rachel: it's a therapy session for me as well. tune in. lawrence: we'll listen to it and we'll catch you at 5:00 p.m. important the big sunday -- for the big sunday show. see you later.
5:49 am
new year, new hats in the ring for the office, more veterans are launching campaigns. we'll talk to two of them, next. ♪ living in the usa. ♪ i'm so glad i'm living in the usa. ♪ anything you want, we've got it right here in the usa. in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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pete: 2022 will be a fast and furious election year, several highly anticipated elections across the country, that includes the state of ohio where many people are running including joe blistone. he is running for governor. he will announce his running mate today, u.s. veteran and navy cross recipient jeremiah workman. they both join us now. thanks so much for being here. jeremiah, it's great to see you. all complete american hero, friend of mine. this is an amazing announcement. joe, let me start with you first, you're running for governor. you didn't think you would ever get into politics. you did. why are you running? >> well, you know, pete, we see last year our rights taken away because of the pandemic and our current administration picked winners and losers when it came
5:54 am
to business and it was never on my bucket list to jump into politics but here i am. i feel that our governor has ruled ohio by an iron fist and it's time to stand up and take our state back. pete: jeremiah, i know you as a friend and as a warrior as a marine who is not overtly political but something's at stake in this country. you never thought you would jump in. now you're lieutenant governor running mate. talk to me about it. >> i lived just outside of d.c. for the last 10 years, 15 years. i saw the swamp in action firsthand over there. but i looked at jessica a couple months ago, back in february, and i said, hey, there's a swamp brewing in columbus and we need to get back there to do what we can to take care of this and
5:55 am
join the fight and right the ship and do what's right for the ohioians who are being bullied by the current administration. i thought it was time to stand up and do the right thing. pete: i have no doubt about that. joe, why did you choose jeremiah. >> well, through the vetting process i actually come upon somebody who was a teacher for jeremiah when he was in high school and that's how the introduction came about, through mrs. keller, councilwoman in delaware. pete: very cool. well, there's one of the tickets on the republican side, joe blistone, jeremiah workman. jeremiah, thanks for everything you've done for the country, now
5:56 am
you're throwing your hat in the ring. vets will play a huge part in how we get our country back. thank you for sharing this announcement on "fox & friends" this morning. >> thanks, pete. >> thanks, pete, appreciate it. pete: thank you. you got it. still ahead, foul play in the supply chain crisis, how pricey chicken is forcing your favorite restaurants to put some less than loved meats on the menu >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ make me want to roll my windows down. ♪ pete: it's a live shot of nashville which is looking a lot quieter at 7:00 a.m. local time than it did on new year's eve when rachel, will and i had the privilege of hosting the all american new year's live from nashville. it's good to see things have calmed down there a little bit but we still have an hour left on this show to get a little
6:01 am
spicey. rachel, great to see you this morning. lawrence in for will. it is january second. rachel, good morning. rachel: good morning to both of you. i have to tell you, if our producers had not put nashville on the top of that shot, i wouldn't have recognized. when i was down there, that whole area was just booming with people everywhere. there's balconies with bars and people hanging out all over there and then of course at the wild horse where we were at, it was rocking, pete, lawrence, that's to say that the crowd inside the wild horse for me was what made that whole night. it just -- the love for fox, the love for america, the way they were just ready to go. you know what? we don't care about all the bad news out there, we're going to party it up tonight and, boy, did they. we just had a blast and we were feeling the love all night, weren't we, pete? pete: we sure were. the love was in the air.
6:02 am
for the country, really. i mean, the biggest -- by the way, huge shoutout to dan bongino who came as a guest and who followed through on his promise to be there and he was. jimmy falia brought the house down with his comedy. the biggest applause for the night was how about we support the police, guys and the crowd went nuts. this is the new year's that america deserves even though we're in the midst of a ma a lace right now. lawrence: i think the city is recovering. that's why the streets are empty right now because you guys shut down the house. you know, it's interesting. i am so glad that we had the challenge, especially "fox & friends" specifically, whether it's diners on on-the-street reporting or hosting events like the new year's eve, are starting to faux of cuss not just on -- focus not just on our reporting, but going there to host more of the shows and more of our coverage from those locations, i think the audience appreciates it because we're really their only voice. rachel: yeah.
6:03 am
that's so true. pete: i know you both know this. you get so much common sense wisdom from people, that stuff i incorporate into what i talk about every day from people living it in their own lives, rachel, i know you feel the same way. rachel: yeah. it is so true. when we go to the diners, we learn so much. i still remember going to north carolina, just before christmas, and hearing what those business owners are dealing with. i mean, here i was at christmastown in north carolina and the business owner there couldn't take advantage of christmastown and all the tourists that came in because she couldn't keep her staff -- she couldn't keep enough staff on past 3:00 p.m. christmastown and the lights liking up, it's at 8:00. she couldn't have hot chocolate and pie for them as they came through christmastown. we learned what people are going you through on a daily basis on main street and that's why it's so important that this show -- i think we're probably one of the only shows that on a regular basis gets out into real america and talks to real people and
6:04 am
nashville was one of them and we had a great time and nashville welcomed us with open arms and thats was awesome. pete: for sure many thank you to all of you who made "fox & friends" and fox and friends weekend the number one cable news morning show in america. we will continue to live up to that and continue to get out of the new york bubble and out into america to hear from you. it's new year's. we're asking for resolutions. we shared a few of hours this morning. now yours are pouring into here's one of the resolutions that came in, name's michael, michael plans to spend more quality time with family and friends. i like it. rachel: i really like that one too. karen wrote us. she wants to quit the toxic environment also known as her job. and she says besides that, everything else is a breeze. that's a really good one there. lawrence: that's a karen i love right there. and phil is getting ready to plan better for his retirement. i'm with you, phil.
6:05 am
i'm already planning for my retirement. i'm already -- pete: are you already planning for your retirement? lawrence: i'm planning. you have to plan over time. you can't rush it. you've got to save for the future. pete: it's true. compound interest is a real thing. i ignored that, my college roommate poured a bunch of money into a roth ira, i'm sure he's rolling around in it right now and i put nothing in. so retirement, what's that? i'm going to work until i'm 90 just like everybody else in washington, d.c. lawrence: he was in the bar r, spending all the money. rachel: i actually interviewed for my podcast a kid would at 12 years old was one of the earliest investors in bitcoin and he was a beyond millionaire by the time he was 18. so i don't know if that's your goal there, lawrence, but start early. pete: hence my retirement plan, bitcoin. [laughter] rachel: well, if joe biden
6:06 am
keeps devaluing our currency, you might be in a good investment there. lawrence: good point. rachel: all right. well, today president biden, speaking of the man devaluing our currency, is set to speak to the leader of the ukraine as russia's military builds up along the ukraine border. lucas tomlinson is live as tensions intensify. >> reporter: good morning from the d.c. bubble. the call comes three days after president biden spoke to russian president vladimir putin, ahead of scheduled talks between the u.s. and russian officials on january 10. u.s. officials are concerned over russia's buildup of troops along ukraines bore semiconductor since the spring -- border since spring when the first of the forces arrived. russia has taken over crimean peninsula. over 14,000 ukrainians have been killed in the fighting since. u.s. officials are looking for another sign of a potential invasion. experts say -- should russia
6:07 am
launch another invasion it will be met my fierce insurgency. >> vladimir putin is following a very coldly calculated strategy here and now he's trying to extort the united states and nato into recognizing russia's historical sphere of influence, already our allies are nervous about it. they saw what happened in afghanistan. >> reporter: president biden spoke on friday. >> i'm not going to negotiate here in public but we made it clear that he cannot -- i emphasis, he cannot move on ukraine. if he makes any more moves and goes into ukraine, we will have severe sanctions. >> reporter: 1983, president reagan deployed the intermediate range missile to europe to counter the threat, historians said it was like holding a gun to gorbachev's head. moscow blinked. some say they need a similar
6:08 am
event today to send a message to putin. pete: thank you so much. you may be the d.c. bubble but you're not infected. we appreciate your reporting. looking forward to 2022. great reporter, great natured guy. thank you, lucas. the front lines, we're talking about omicron, talking about what's happening in '22, the front lines of that are what's happening to our kids and whether our kids will be placed into yet another virtual learning situation as the number of covid cases goes up, of course that's the wrong metric especially with omicron. in 300 school districts across the u.s., they are going remote as we go into january and at a georgetown law school, students are demanding lower tuition. it's not just element, middle and high school, universities are going virtual as well. many of them are so-called elite universities and some are calling for the tuition to be reduced as a result. there's no doubt, in fact, my
6:09 am
kids' school district in catholic school, it's a catholic school, actually put out to parents in december almost a vote of parents, do you want to be virtual in january when we come back or would you like the kids in school? the response was overwhelming. put the kids back in school and thankfully they will be. but most districts -- you don't have a choice like that. if your district says you're locked down it's back to zoom schooling for kids. that doesn't do a lot of good for those kids. rachel: when you're in a government school, you go by the government and the union rules and by the way it is the unions who are pushing this because for some reason teachers don't want to go back, many of them don't want to go back and teach in-person and we're seeing it at the university levels as well. my daughter goes to the university of chicago. they've also gone remote for the next few weeks, no word on how long that will last. many -- both the public schools and universities all took massive amounts of money for i don't know what reason during
6:10 am
covid. because if you're going to shut down, it doesn't cost that much by the way to prevent covid or mitigate for covid in your school. what do you need, maybe some hand sanitizer, maybe you're going to hire janitors for a few extra hours to disinfect classrooms. i still don't understand why any of these schools, much less the private, elite institutions that are sitting on billions of dollars of endowment money were given our tax dollars because of covid. for what? what were they doing with it. whether they opened or closed, it's still not clear to me. the slap in the face to taxpayers is on top of extorting and getting the money from us, they're still closing down. it makes no sense to he me. if you poll the parents, they'll say no. when the teachers union in chicago, lawrence, polled the members of the teachers union and asked them do you want to go remote in january and beyond,
6:11 am
91% of them said they did want to go remote. so this is a real conflict between what teachers want and unions want and government officials who are pushing this fear and what parents want. which is to follow the science which proves, the science proves that children are in in no danger of dying from covid, much less omicron. lawrence: you're exactly right, rachel. this goes back to the union leadership, let's be clear, it's them that wants this and the union leaders buy the politicians in large. let's flashback to what actually happened. remember when they threw this temper tantrum saying the teachers are first responders too, they should get the covid vaccine first. we gave them the covid vaccine first. then they threw a tantrum and said we need new ventilating system. we gave them the money to have the best ventilating system. after all of that, they still didn't want to open up the schools. we finally opened up the schools and we saw that mental health, what was going on with the kids, we saw the kids were behind and
6:12 am
now they want to shut down the schools again. well, there's a lot of parents that are upset about this. i talked with three moms earlier today. this is what they had to say. >> we know right now that kids are very not susceptible to covid-19. we know that it's not a big risk to them. and yet schools is the only thing that we discuss closing. we don't discuss closing anything else. >> yanking them out every time there's a spike in cases or a new variant comes around is hardly the solution. by now, i think the biden administration and teachers unions and the school boards, they have got to come up with better ideas. >> we are really punishing our children with bad policy makers who are really putting them as our sacrificial lambs of this society today and we have to do what we know is best which is protect our kids. .pete: man, lawrence, what a great reminder. either you're an essential worker or you're not.
6:13 am
now that you have the vaccine, either you you go back to work or you don't and parents have to -- this may be yet another year where parents have to fight simply to get their kids into the classroom, let alone then what they're going taught with the critical race theory stuff we high lighted on this program. lawrence: why aren't they so aggressive like they are with the folks that are in new york city. if you don't get the vaccination, they'll throw you out of a restaurant. why don't they treat the teachers like that. if you don't want to return to work, then just don't and you won't get paid. we'll find someone else. and if there's not enough teachers that show up to work, maybe they'll give us the money back and a we can decide where our kids go to school. period. pete: you're right. rachel: ultimately that's the answer. by the way, if covid has done anything, lawrence, and thank you for bringing up that point, if covid has done anything, it's exposed the unions, it exposed the corruption and it exposed the idea that somehow teachers unions care about children.
6:14 am
you're absolutely right. the silver lining in this pandemic ought to be that we need to attach the money for education to our children. we should not fund systems. we should fund children and families to make the decisions on their own and i promise you parents out there, if fight for this, all of this will go away. because there will be tons of other options for you. you won't be held hostage by your local public school. lawrence: so true. pete: school of choice should be number one for freedom loving parents in america today and now's the opportunity to push it and especially -- the problem is right now, you need a ronald reagan air a traffic controller type moment with the teachers where you say either you come back or you're fired. the problem is joe biden is in bed with the teachers unions so it's never going to happen. so we'll see. school choice, though. let's go to something a little lighter which is the -- it has a serious strain to it. we've seen inflation on basic goods but now it's hitting chicken and it's hitting chicken
6:15 am
at a 200% price increase on the cost of chicken. here's the wall street journal headline. says pricey chicken put thighs on the restaurant menu. here's the details of it. in part of a quote. at the wing it you on chief executive said this to the wall street journal. you think of the anatomy of the bird and the wing itself is only 10%. that leaves 90% of the bird the producers have to find a home for so they're going from the wing to the thigh which has a little bit more dark meat in it. sometimes dark meat is good. you better tell the consumer, guys, don't you think? i don't know. .lawrence: the fatty part too. that's why in the fitness space, guys, there's push to go to more of the thighs because the breast is getting out-of-control. the white meat is soaring in prices and so they're trying to find some other healthy way to get it done. rachel: i will just add this. first of all, of all parts of the chicken, my favorite is the
6:16 am
thigh so it's not a problem for me. i like thigh meat. that said, let's add this to the list of things we never had to think about before joe biden. so before joe biden got in office we didn't know what supply chain was. things just functioned. we hadn't seen inflation since like this since the 1970s so we didn't think much about that. now we have to think about what parts of the chicken we can actually afford to east it used to be that chicken wings was like blue collar, everybody can eat kind of food and now that's gone through the roof. cream cheese is through the roof. everything is through the roof. thank you, joe biden. thanks for making super bowl more expensive for us. lawrence: as i continue to sarks everything was about -- continue say, everything was about feeling good. i go to brunch with my friends and i say how are you feelings, we're paying more for drinks and food for brunch. so your guy. pete: they turn around and say guess what lawrence, you're buying. lawrence: bingo.
6:17 am
[laughter] lawrence: always buying. we've got headlines. a 36 hour manhunt comes to an end after the deadly shooting of a veteran illinois police sergeant. marlene rickman who was shot and killed in the line of duty wednesday outside of a hotel on the south of chicago, her partner also coming under fire and remains in the hospital. the two suspects will face murder and attempted murder charges. praying for that department. and new mexico, more than 20 people are rescued from a cable car stuck on frozen cables. the group spending the first night of 2022 trapped after working a new years' eve party. the tram sitting on top of a mountain. 1,000 feet above sea level. the workers initially were ray rapeling down 85 feet so rescue workers could pull them up. a documentary honoring betty
6:18 am
white will show in theaters on what would have been her 100th birthday. they captured her best moments on screen. >> louder! >> the window, to the wall, to the wall. >> let me see you getting, you're scared, you're scared. >> wiggle it. lawrence: she's was so good. white passed away friday in her sleep at her california home. funeral -- arrangements have not been made public. and those are your headlines. rachel: oh, betty white. by the way, that was from the proposal, a great movie. i grew up watching her on the golden girls, a sit com that so many people loved. i know i loved it. she's going to be missed. she was just one of a kind. lawrence: yes, she was. pete: great spirit. rachel: yep, she did. as we head into 2022, senate
6:19 am
candidate herschel walker has one idea for a better new year. >> i was looking at some things and i saw this build back better and i thought of something. instead of build back better, why don't we build back trust? rachel: build back trust, that's herschel walker and he joins us live, next. stay with us. ♪ how we roll around here. ♪ real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends" as we kick off the new year, democrats are still divided over president biden's spending agenda. lawrence: our next guest has suggestion. instead of build back better, how about build back trust? pete: republican senate candidate for georgia, herschel waker, joins us you -- walker, joins us now. maybe we'll get a chance to ask you about whether the bulldogs can do it for the time since 1980 since you did it they'll get a chance. first to politics, when you talk about build back trust instead of build back better, what do you mean? >> what i mean by had the that is i don't think anyone really trusts this administration.
6:24 am
right now there's a new variant coming out and i think the biggest problem now is we're not energy independent no more and you talk about the chicken business a few mince ago. i'm in that -- few minutes ago. i'm in that business. the supply line has gone down. the price of everything has gone up. you look at what he did in afghanistan, no one wants to talk about that anymore but the military trust, the police trust, people that are leading the cities, no one is talking about the border anymore. where is the trust in the administration anymore? that's the reason i'm running for the senate seat. i want to bring trust back into this country, the greatest country in the world. rachel: herschel, i couldn't agree with you more. i think we have never seen such a lack of trust in our government and in our institutions than we see now. i think really the pandemic has been probably the biggest eye-opener. what can you do from your seat
6:25 am
in congress at the senate if you were to be elected, what can you do to bring back that trust? >> i think what i can do is really talk to the people and i think the people would of trust in what i say because i say what i mean, i mean what i say and i think anyone that knows herschel walker knows that's what i'm going to do. that's why i'm telling everyone to go to put me in the senate. i'm tired of people putting the country down, i'm tired of people talking about we can't do this. we're the greatest country in the world. why we can't take care of ourselves, right now you look at the car industry, you know, we're he dependent on other countries that don't like us to supply us with things that we need. we don't need to do that. we're a great country. we have to put trust in people that we put into office that can do the right things for america right now. you know, we've got to do things for america. the people right now, kids right now, kids are having problems. they're not in school. so i want to help put kids back in school, i want to put trust back in this country so people
6:26 am
can trust in everyone. lawrence: herschel, it's going to be a big race in georgia. we know the ground game is going to be essential. when you're out talking with voters, what do you hear from them? >> you know, what i hear from them most of all, they want to know why people aren't back working, why are people not working now. that is a good question. not only is government giving them money but right now what is the reason why people aren't going back to work? they want to be paid more. how can you be paid more when companies are suffering as well. one of the things i try explain to people, i'm into the business world as well. well, now since we don't have -- we're not energy independent, i have to pay more for my gas. what do i have to do? i pay some of -- i pass some of the expenses onto my customers. i don't want to do that but i have to. i pay more for feed. i have to do it. i have to pay more to employees. it's not like i want to charge
6:27 am
you more, it's just that i have to because we, which is the greatest country in the world, decided to give our energy to someone else that don't like us. that we learned from the pandemic early on when a lot of these countries were making products to us that didn't want to give it to us when we needed it. we need to put new people in office right now that we can trust that believe in this country and that believe in the people and i do. pete: i love it. >> go ahead. pete: go a -- go ahead. alabama standing in the way of georgia's first national championship in 41 years. what's going to happen? >> well, you know, it's very rarely that you get a second chance to do anything. georgia got a second chance right now to go out and beat alabama. i think they're going to take advantage of them. i told everyone in the beginning of the game, the first time they played, i think georgia's going to have a tough time. i really thought georgia was going to have a tough time because they had nothing to lose. right now, i think georgia wants
6:28 am
to prove that they're not the team that people you saw in the sec championship game. they've got to prove it. alabama's got a good team. it will be i think one of the best national championship games people see in a long time. lawrence: herschel walker, thank you so much, sir. pete: thank you, sir. >> thank you guys. thank you, and god bless and everyone go to, put me in the t senate and we can see some changes. lawrence: happy new year. rachel: happy new year. lawrence: we need that business experience, it's showing right now. pete: it's true. so true. lawrence: a sad reality heading into the new year, more americans are turning away from religion, are faith leaders use -- our faith leader is using social media to spread the good word. he joins us next. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass.
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pete: we're back with a fox news alert. three people are feared dead in the wake of devastating wildfires near denver. officials estimate 1,000 homes are a complete loss. alicia acuna is live in boulder county with heart-breaking stories. alicia. >> reporter: good morning, pete. and as the sun is coming up here in louisville, colorado, we are seeing crews move around, getting into these burned out areas, continuing to check how things are going. you mentioned the missing people, the three missing people. yesterday we heard it was one. unfortunately, the news has not gotten any better. here's the boulder county sheriff, joe pelley. >> we currently have three reported missing persons, two in the area of superior, one in the marshall area. we unfortunately believe these are going to turn into recovery cases. we're calling in cadaver dogs and search teamses to help us with the effort tomorrow. >> reporter: one of the missing
6:34 am
is 91-year-old nadine turnbull. she was last seen trying to escape her home during the evacuation. her home was he destroyed in the fire, as were the homes of the two others who have not been located. we are also received an update on the staggering loss of property left behind by thursday's wind-whipped fires. as of the last update, 991 homes, businesses and other buildings were destroyed. that does not include the many others that were also of heavily damaged. some home of owners were allowed back into the burn area yesterday. what so many found was absolute heart-break. it wasn't just the loss of where the families are woken up to breakfast and coffee but everything that surrounds them. >> the kids' playground is down the street over there. i can buy new books, buy new new port huron churr but it hard to -- furniture but it's hard to build back the community and he
6:35 am
social network. there's so much loss. i don't know who wants to come back to this. >> reporter: the investigation over how this started is continuing also today, pete. initially they thought it was a downed power line but now the sheriff says they're looking into the possibility of arson, the possibility of negligence. they did serve a search warrant on one property yesterday. we're awaiting details on that and also one other thing, it is freezing out here. it's about 14 degrees here in louisville. there have been folks who have been lining up to get space heaters for wherever they're sitting at this point, so they have some kind of warmth had. -- warmth. back to you. pete: alicia, thank you so much for that report. we appreciate it. all right, rachel, over to you. rachel: thanks, pete. all right. well, a recent survey by the pugh research center reveals that more americans are steering away from organized religion. the shocking survey says 29% of
6:36 am
u.s. adults say they have no he religious affiliation, that's up 6% since 2016. the survey also says that less than half of u.s. adults say that they pray on a daily basis and 25% attend only -- only 25% attend weekly services. faith leaders like our next guests have turned to social media like instagram and tiktok as a way to reach the younger generation, joining us now is author of how to pray, a guide to everyone, reverend james martin. thank you for joining us this morning. you say the church needs to go online. as a mom, and a fellow catholic, i'm not sure that's the answer. i would love to hear your perspective. i think a lot of people need the church, need be in person and that all this social media is making people feel more and more isolated. >> oh, absolutely. i mean, it's no substitute for going to mass and being with the community. but certainly in the pandemic, it's one way to reach people
6:37 am
and, you know, really that's where a lot of people are these days. i look at jesus and you see someone who went to where people were in two ways, physically, he went to nazaraeht and the sea of galilea and he spoke to them. we are going to where people are and we're speaking their language. it's not a substitute for mass and being in person. rachel: absolutely. and so many priests and pastors shut their churches during this pandemic and allowed the government to tell the church that they needed to close and they submitted to that. i heard of some priests actually apologizing to the parishoners for doing that and saying if the government tells me to shut my doors again, i won't. i think a lot of people fell out of the habit of going to church. does the church itself bear some responsibility for this drop in attendance? >> well, i think they were
6:38 am
responding to a health need. i think they were trying to keep people safe. and the catholic church, we're pro-life. that includes taking care of people's lives even in a pandemic. i don't think it's that the churches were responsible. i think people were staying away for those reasons. but i think the question is, you know, will they come back after the pandemic. will they have gotten in the habit of not going to mass or will they really seek out community and want to go back. so that's an open question. rachel: yeah. i think there's a lot that the church could do as well to fight back on marxism, cultural markism which has taken over our youth. as you know, marxism actually sees religion and family as a competition. is there something that the church can do in that regard as well to fight back against ideologies that are highly secular like marxism? >> well, i don't know if marxism is much of a problem, it's just general secularism and sort of questions of things that are
6:39 am
impinging on people's time. i think the question is, as the culture gets more and more secular, what can religion offer. again, it's offering them an encounter with god and i think it's, once again, meeting them where they are and to go back to your original question, sometimes that's on social media. and a i think that's okay, if that's where people are. rachel: yeah. if that's where people are. but i think also the church needs to bring us to a higher level. i think that's why, father, you're also seeing in the catholic church a return to so many of our ancient tradition, latin mass is becoming very popular among young people, isn't it? >> yeah. i mean, among some young people, i think the numbers are still pretty small but i think once again, it's meeting them wherever they are and it is, you know, sometimes in the latin mass but more often in the vernacular and what can the church do to encourage people to encounter god and in terms of the pandemic what can the church do to help heal people from this
6:40 am
traumatic experience that people have been going through. rachel: absolutely. opening the churches is a great first c thank you so much -- first step. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. rachel: one of the nation's top banking regulators is resigning after warning of a hostile takeover of the agency. jason chaffetz reacts next. ♪
6:41 am
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6:44 am
lawrence: welcome back many one of the nation's top bank regulator submitting her resignation letter, cutting her term short, after warning of a, quote, hostile takeover of her agency by democrats, the outgoing fdic chair writing in an op-ed never before has the majority of the board attempted to circumvent the chairman to pursue their own agenda. jason chaffetz is here to react. jason, should we be worried? >> yeah, we should. these are the kinds of shenanigans that go of on behind the science where we've got somebody appointed to a five-year term so they're not subject to the political whims and the swings of the pendulum based on a new president but behind the scenes she is dealing with a five person board, the majority of which are biden apointies who are trying to get rid of nearly 100 years of precedent and do some things that are very concerning.
6:45 am
and she lays it out be in had this wall street journal journal op-ed and i think makes a very compelling case. lawrence: why is this different than any other time in history? new administrations come and go. each side disagrees with the way the other side is operating. but it seems like she's stating that this is much different, they're trying to make historic changes in the agency that shouldn't be political. >> yeah, when you get into banking regulations and those types of things, look, if the congress changes the laws, it changes the way that banking or some other financial institution is supposed to operate, go ahead and make that change. but to do so with these board appointments, there's a reason why people get appointed to these terms. now, no doubt, a president gets to aliterally thousands of people to political appointee jobs but you have positions like the director of the fbi or this
6:46 am
board appointment here at the fdic where you're supposed to be in place for a number of years so you don't go through those swings of the pendulum based on politics. but in the biden era right now, this is very different. she has never seen anything like this and she's been involved for a very long time. lawrence: yeah. this is another consequence of the past election. jason, you're in for maria this morning. what have you got coming up? >> i'm excited sitting in for maria bartiromo, sunday morning futures, coming up at the top of the hour. senator roger marshall from kansas is going to be with us, talking about year one of the biden administration, rep --representative maliotokism new york and mike turner, the congressman from ohio, taking over for a retiring devin nunes
6:47 am
and his first better view, we're going to talk china, we're going to talk russia, we're going to talk about adam schiff. he's got a big load on his plate and he will be pass a nateing and then john tapper, if you haven't seen his show, fascinating. a lot of viewers like it. we'll talk about the economy and reality of small business in america. lawrence: the show is about 13 minutes out. don't go anywhere. thanks, jason. we'll be watching. >> thank you. lawrence: let's turn to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for our fox weather forecast. hey, rick. >> good morning, lawrence. really cold air across the northern plains. minus 17 in fargo, a little better than you've been for a lot of this week. really warm still one more day of record breaking temperatures across parts of the southeast, already this morning, 75 in tall what he see, it's january 2 -- tallahassee, january 2nd, 75 degrees. tomorrow the cold front will have moved through, all the way towards south florida so we'll see temperatures back a little below average for this time of year.
6:48 am
all part of this system that brought heavy rain across areas of the northeast. most of the rain has moved on. the southern side of the storm still really active. you notice the snow back behind it, two things we'll watch, one is severe weather, we'll watch for a threat of that today. everybody across the southern appalachians and the mid atlantic need to watch for a snowstorm, some models look like possibly a bigger snow storm, maybe washington, d.c. will see over 6 inches of snow by tomorrow morning. guys. lawrence: thanks so much, rick. >> you bet. lawrence: the matchup of the ages, tom brady and the bucs face tom wilson and the jets today in the largest age gap between two quarterbacks. so is age just a number? we have the details, up next. ♪ take me on. ♪ take on me. ♪ i'll be gone.
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here. aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. pete: the new year is bringing new excitement to the nfl. fox has all this weekend's much see matchups including the defending champs, the bucs versus the lowly jets which will
6:53 am
feature the largest age gap between quarterbacks in 72 years. tom brady and wilson share the same birthday, 22 years apart. here with the games you need to see, carissa thompson. great to see you on this sunday morning as always. >> great to see you. glad we got -- pete: we're making something out of a blowout here. >> we've got to have story lines. when brady is at the helm it's allstate the story line. look at that, 20 year difference. the texans or jaguars he show up, so anything can happen on any given sunday. the buccaneers playing good football right now, putting it together when it matters, going up against the jets. the bucs have the number one passing offense, number two scoring offense in the league and a tom brady, 11-4, they clenched the nfc south title for the first same since 2007 last
6:54 am
week. i expect them to continue to roll. i have them winning by a big number, 14 over the jets. pete: i can't believe i kit you off when you were about to say thank goodness we got will cain out of the way. >> i thought you were being nice so i was going to let you have that but we can go hard in the paint right now on will. kidding. pete: for sure. for sure. no, i'm sure he's watching because his game is a big one, we're going to get to that in a moment. the 4:00 game. first, a game with huge implications for both teams, basically a playoff game for the eagles and washington football team. they're hoping to get in but clinging to life. >> washington coming off the huge loss to dallas, losing by 42 points. they're going in the other direction. the eagles playing great football, won their last three games, they had the number one rushing offense since week eight, a big reason for that is jaylen hurts as he shows up every week, leads all quash backs with 10 rushing touchdowns.
6:55 am
i like the eagles over washington by 7. pete: i want everyone in be bubble except for the vikin to lose and the vikings now without kurt dozens. it could request a -- kurt could you sins. -- couzens. >> you and i can talk offline about that. right now we have to talk a about america's game of the week, the arizona cardinals, the dallas cowboys, the teams going in opposite directions. arizona card a nails started off 7-0, now lost five of the last eight, taking on the cowboys who are putting it together at the right time. the cardinals can control their own fate, so a big win today if they could pull it off on the road against the cowboys. however, i like the cowboys at home by 10. pete: all right. i'm told we've got to leave it right there. but fox bet super 6, you can
6:56 am
check out the app as well and put in all your picks. carissa thompson, thank you so much. we appreciate it. have a great sunday football day. at prices you'll really want. start the year fresh at lowe's. shop lowe's store & save event now in-store and online. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> thanks so much for watching "fox & friends." rachel. rachel: bye, guys. i'll be on tomorrow morning too. pete: wow, you guys went quick. ♪ ♪ jason: good sunday morning, everybody, and happy new year. i'm jason chaffetz in for maria bartiromo. straight ahead on "sunday morning futures," president biden is facing multiple challenges in the new year, mainly due to his own decision making. inflation is running rampant at nearly a 40-year high. the humanitarian crisis continues at the southern border with no end in sight. covid cases are sharply rising with tests in short supply. and murder rates are


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