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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  January 2, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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molly: an update underway beginning any moment on the massive wildfire in boulder, colorado it destroyed a thousand homes and businesses, new this hour officials say more than three people that were missing have been accounted for in residence that lost everything beginning the long road to recovery. welcome to fox news live i am molly line. kevin: kevin corke search teams are still looking for the missing but the debris from
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destroyed buildings and homes in the snow that fell overnight our company their efforts. investigators are working to figure out what sparked the fast-moving fire in colorado near boulder county jeff paul joins us with the very latest. >> we discussed some good news one of the people accounted for, originally three now there's two the one person that they found is alive and well we just got an update a few seconds ago that should be a morale boost for search and rescue teams but also for the folks in the community that one person that was feared dead is found alive looking for two people and it's going to take some time because all of the snow. the other thing that is out there that were trying to get clarity on is the cause of the fire there is confusion whether downed power lines was the cause that has been repeated by the power company that said they didn't find any down power
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lines. the sheriff's office is getting a lot of tips because of one of the tips the executed a search warrant the governor address the possibility of this fire been intentionally set. >> if there was any form of deliberate or accidental arson i fully expect any responsible will be held fully responsible under the law for the utter devastation that was caused. >> 1000 homes are considered destroyed more than 100 others damaged in the wildfire. there is no stopping today a lot of folks that live in the impacted neighborhoods are returning home to assess the damage some pulling into the driveway amazed somehow their home is still standing. >> it burn right up to my house and when i came back the fence was laying down the firefighters had to save my house.
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>> others have not been so fortunate and learning that they've lost everything for it we spoke with one homeowner tom spindle whose family had to run for their lives his home burned to the ground and the only thing they have left of the clothes on their back in a 1999 honda civic that did not burn. >> we think about family heirlooms or photo albums or things that aren't backed up to the cloud that you cannot get back. you don't get those things back. but everything else is stuff you can live without. >> to give you an idea of how vast this devastation is. there will be ten or 12 up and down the street and most of them have been burned to the ground you can see what's left of the cars of the driveway at home behind me that has burned. one thing that is amazing we have to focus on that neighbors who did not lose their home or
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helping other neighbors with accommodations to stay at their homes. that's something we need to focus on the human spirit that this community says they will rebuild. >> the spirit of colorado on full display you saw us to predict coverage for just a moment of a share conducting a news conference. will monitor that as we get more information, jeff paul, thank you so much. molly: thousands of americans kicking off the new year stuck at the airport airlines are canceling 2400 flights and counting. that's just today blaming staffing shortages and the spread of omicron covid and severe winter as well laura ingle following all of this in newark with the latest on the struggles. >> the airports at train stations and the roads as well, it's a mess for a lot of people trying to get home and now that the holidays are officially over
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it's time for people to get ready to go back to work tomorrow and those evitable travel problems that we heard about our here and that's how many people are starting the new year. they're spending the holiday weakening airports and schedule new ones after thousands of flights nationwide were able to take off due to crew shortages or whether leaving travelers like this a lot longer than their vacation destination that they plan. >> i've been here since 4:00 o'clock yesterday. when i came the flight was delayed they didn't tell me that the flight was canceled until five hours later. >> there are 2400 cancellations within into or out of the united states on the sunday and over
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5000 delays. new year's day numbers shows over 2700 cancellations and more than 7000 delays nationwide. while there are many airports with problematic flights look at where things are the worst with the numbers we pulled these up if you're traveling to denver, chicago o'hare, atlanta or newark new jersey you're a prime candidate for frustration today. as i mentioned earlier the roads and rails are very busy aaa estimating 209 million people traveling for this holiday. that is 20 million more than we saw last year. if you're after and things are crowded no matter where you are that's why the numbers are up. molly: tough going for a week ahead as well. laura ingle. thank you. kevin: schools are scrambling to deal with surging omicron as students and teachers prepare to return to winter break. some are ramping up testing and even reinstating mask mandates
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while others are returning to remote learning. this despite the biden administration calls to keep schools open education secretary reiterated that on "fox news sunday" today. >> we've been very clear i expectation is for schools to be open full-time for students for in-person learning we remember the impact of school closures on students last year in our science is better we can have better tools. it's really important that we work together to make sure children are in the classroom and safe. kevin: that's what a number of parents are saying follow the science and get them back into the classroom charles watson from atlanta the home of the cdc. good afternoon charles. >> schools nationwide are set to begin their spring semester this week but thousands of students that does not mean that they will actually be in the classroom, school districts and universities are opting to begin the semester with remote learning. the goal is to give students and
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staff more time to get tested. in new york city the largest school district students will get tested if there's an outbreak in the classroom those who test negative can return to class while positive cases and those who opt out of testing will stay home. but somehow what will have on the long run and this comes as the fda is expected to improve pfizer's booster shot between kids 12 and 15 years old. that could happen as early as tomorrow. health experts are pushing for people to get fully vaccinated and get their booster shots, anthony fauci said it's important even if you want show symptoms should you become infected with omicron variant. >> of course you don't want to get people panicking over asymptomatic infections. asymptomatic infections are a part of the process that spreads it around to the community and many members of the community are vulnerable.
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>> the u.s. is averaging nearly 400,000 new infections every single day in dr. fauci since the peak of the surge is still weeks away some say the goal is not to avoid getting covid but to avoid ending up in the hospital. >> when you talk about a viruslike covid 18 it's going to be ubiquitous in somebody who everybody gets infected at some point. the key is to get infected when it doesn't put you at risk for hospitalization. >> the biden demonstration is helping to arm the public with tools to stay safe, 500 million home test should be available later this month as well as two antiviral pills approved by the fda to treat covid-19. >> get this test into the hands as many americans as possible. charles watson in atlanta.
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molly: the surgeon coded cases is dashing many companies hopes of getting their workers back into the office. j.p. morgan chase and citigroup say that employees can start off the new year by working remotely there among many businesses adjusting the return to office plan joining us now former linkedin chief hr officer steve to talk about what this means. thank you for joining us there are a lot of businesses not just the finance world trying to bring the workers back into the office in reverse the plan and extend the return date, what does this mean for these businesses all across america. >> this is a hard period of time everyone is trying to adjust to something we never dealt with before not only are we having to change how we work and create organizations but we have a workforce that is carrying a lot of burdens outside of office my kids education, proper groceries and things like that the world has changed and presented a real burden for businesses on how they will lead and organize through this.
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molly: whether or not your child goes to school, the big question do workers want to come back or do they prefer to work from home or is it a mix gallup did some pulling in a sample of workers that could work from home gallup found 30% would never coming, 10% while all the days back in office for 60% want to blend, do they want to come back or have they gotten used to this. >> is a great question here is how i take about this. if we continue to have the situational mindset that this is a covid issue i think were missing a big opportunity we have to have a sustainable mindset if we can build resiliency of how we lead and organize that will make us stronger down the road and what organizations are struggling with we never learned how to create value as an organization when people are remote. now we are not short and we don't have all the companies that we want to be able to know
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that we could do that with certainty. we're in a period of transition isaac received a lot of good signs but there is no one-size-fits-all. any organization that is trying to strive towards a fits all is a broken solution. the more you offer flexible opportunities for people the larger your population you can recruit from. it's a really great opportunity that many organizations should be taken advantage of right now. molly: that was my next question about flexibility. will companies be forced to recognize that some employees want the hybrid model that allows work balance, life balancing a lot of other challenges at these times. if these copies want to retain certain talent. >> absolutely you have to do that right now if you have jobs that can be done remotely i think what we learned during the pandemic the necessity to understand the personal circumstances are in place some people want to work in an office in some feel more productive in a shared workspace some people
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need different flexibility because of the special needs of the family circumstances. the faster organization can learn how to do that in the more competitive advantage to recruit and retain great talent that is the biggest challenge right now for organizations. molly: is part of this dealing with the reality of the time were living in an safer to allow people to work right now and february march. something bigger than that the taste of freedom i like metonymy, my dependents and shopping at a grocery store and not have to jostle with elbows the other groceries on sunday i could go whenever and get my hair done and not have to fight people on saturday for an appointment that is powerful and that's what businesses are reconciling with were almost two years and people tasted the freedom of metonymy and reluctant to give that up.
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molly: can you believe it two years, thank you so much for your insight. and spending sunday afternoon with you. thank you for joining us. kevin: thank you, could omicron be the beginning of the end of the covid pandemic, were gonna have a chance to speak with one doctor how a retrovirus could be ending sooner than you think. plus president biden speaking on the phone with ukraine's president last hour and made growing tensions with russia we have all the details from vomiting, don't go away. ♪ age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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kevin: welcome back to fox news live 18 minutes after the hour omicron covid strain as fast as the spreading appears to be causing less severe symptoms. aside to say that could be the sign of the end of the pandemic. initial data from south africa where the strain was reported indicate deaths from omicron dropped by a quarter compared to earlier variance. the study says that deaths and hospitalizations will also keep falling in the coming weeks about vibration from pandemic to endemic it still an interesting debate. we wanted to welcome an
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epidemiology professor at ucla and a phd smart person who knows all about this i think i'm like most people, enough already with the pandemic i want this to be over but ethic the conversation with you in the reading i've done it looks like this will stick around and we could get used to the idea if you will that this virus be here to stay. >> is really nice to be here thank you for having me it's an important discussion which is where are we in the pandemic and what we expect going forward many people are tired of this virus, were all tired of this virus the data from south africa is very compelling in the data that we see the united states this virus is less severe it so much more contagious and other variance. when you have some anymore infections you could end up with a lot of people the hospitals and a lot of people dying we want to do everything that we
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can to push down this virus and stop the spread of the virus you don't want to get this virus because it might be milder we don't know about long covid, a lot to think about. kevin: can ask you about herd immunity i know we don't talk about it a great deal the press because refocus dramatically on what we could do to end the virus and protect people from getting the virus i don't hear much about herd immunity. is that a conversation that not be had or in my placing too much emphasis on a solution to the problem. >> that's a really good question the situation is this we have so many people who are not vaccinated and people could get reinfected so herd immunity is not something on the table at this point anymore. what we have to think about is having a virus that is going to be endemic and we will have to be regularly ready to deal with it and manage it just like we deal with the weather when we have surges we have to prepare
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and do the right thing and get vaccinated and wear a mask and do a lot of testing testing is something we need to double down on. october going to manage it when i could get rid of it's going to be here we are going to have to start thinking how do we live this virus and that is vaccinated the world wearing masks, high-quality masks and testing, testing, testing. kevin: can i ask about the idea of vaccination. obviously more than 150 million americans have already been vaccinated and i was reading a study in israel we can look at another vaccine or another shot or another shot or another shot. is not the future in your opinion. >> what is going to end up is like having a flu shot annually. i think because we have so much virus circulating and somebody
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places for this to go at this point we are still moving in this direction. right now people were immunocompromised can get a shot and that's going to be helpful to keep people out of the hospital. what we have to think about going forward how are we going to keep people out of the hospital and keep his infections mild. we have to think about what we expect from vaccinations. we expected to make these infections mild in hospitals from being overwhelmed and keep people from dying those are the things that we need to think about with vaccines. kevin: the 22nd set i have left, should we focus our energy of getting people brought vaccinated. whether south africa where people are coming in from or where they're not coming from we have access here a lot of american cities help and we have to make sure will again out for our fellow man across the globe.
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>> as working in africa my entire career in global health, my answer is yes an infection anywhere is an infection anywhere, how do we fix that we vaccinate the world. kevin: we so much appreciate your time, have a good weekend. molly: president biden second year in office could turn out to be tougher than his first, he is returning to washington tomorrow with a full plate of problems at home and overseas with the midterms and possibly his own political future hanging in the balance. rich edson is live in wilmington, delaware where the president is spending his holiday. >> afternoon president biden is spending his last full day here in delaware this holiday season. he is returning to washington and he faces a host of covid related challenges especially when it comes, many of the long lines to get covid test, the
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administration is trying to buy 500 million test to send out free although it's unclear when this month that program begins. the administration faces criticism over evolving covid guidance from medical experts as this virus continues to change. >> i think there is confusion because you have one set of rules for healthcare workers and another one for those in the school systems and now one for the general public. i would like to see harmonization of those we need to simple fight more for the public. >> the legal challenges the supreme court hears cases involving the administration mandate for employees of larger companies and many healthcare workers to be vaccinated or tested. a federal judge blocked the federal mandate the vaccine mandate for those involved in the headstart program in 24
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states. some school districts are returning to remote learning and others implement testing requirements. >> we need to do everything in our power which includes getting access to the test. the american rescue plan and march had funding for testing. >> overseas russia has mass tens of thousands of troops along the border with ukraine the president says he warned vladimir putin the west would enact unprecedented change since against russia if it invades ukraine again. president biden says he is scheduled to speak with ukrainian president zelensky about all of this. a show of support from the united states to ukraine. molly: here at home a lot of parents with a lot of questions of the kids had back-to-school. rich edson live in wilmington, delaware. crime made the 2021 deadliest year on record in some major
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molly: a look at the top stories very cold start for 20 people in mexico and their train car got stuck dangling above amount range officials rescued everyone on board despite high winds and poor visibility. kentucky governor declaring a state of emergency yesterday after powerful storms brought tornadoes and flash flood into multiple counties. this comes weeks after devastating tornadoes killed at least 77 people in the state. new york city mayor eric adams spent his first morning as mayor calling 911 he made the call while waiting for a subway train in brooklyn after witnessing two men fighting in the street outside of the station. in adams a former new york city
1:31 pm
captain about to crack down on crime while in office. kevin: one heck of a story "fox news live" continues 30 minutes after the hour democrat led cities all soaring crime rates record for high of murders back in 2021. in chicago police released a report showing 797 homicides in the city last year alone almost a quarter of a century, and houston the murder rate went up 70%. right here the nations capital the deadliest year since 2003. lucas thomaston has more on that. >> for many cities across the nation last year will be remembered as a violent one in 2020 when chicago saw more murder than any time in the past quarter century. 16 cities across america stretching from portland, oregon to jackson mississippi to philadelphia all expansive record-breaking number of
1:32 pm
homicides. one of his first interview since taking office new york's new mayor outlined his plan to fight crime. >> were gonna take down the large gangs inner-city we want to reinstitute an anti-gun unit and 0 in on those guns. >> the city of houston ended the year with a homicide rate 70% higher than the previous year this despite houston the 2020 voting to increase police funding. the murder in the nations capital and suburban saw last year levels not seen a more than a decade reflecting the growing violent trends nationwide. homicides in washington, d.c. rose for a fourth consecutive year surpassing 200 for the first time in nearly two decades. in maryland's county outside of d.c. there was more killings than any time in 14 years. chicago's top cop on the threat his own officers face every day on the streets. >> 76 police officers have been shot at were shot stated in the line of fire that's the
1:33 pm
beginning of the year protecting the people chicago. >> some critics blamed the defunding of police and the spike in murder and other violent crimes. others like the pandemic blaming lockdown for people not working her kids on schools. lucas thomaston fox news. molly: marijuana legislation will be on the ballot in several states is election-year and more republican lawmakers at the state and the federal level are throwing their support behind the effort. an october gallup poll shows 68% of americans support legalized weed a record high for gallup that includes 83% of democrats and half of republicans. joining is now criminal defense attorney and prosecutor david schwartz, thanks so much for joining us on the sunday afternoon. nearly half of the republican support the decriminalization of cannabis. what could gop support and
1:34 pm
effort towards legalization mean. is this a major turning point not just for the industry which is growing but also legal applications? >> right you need gop support to pass legislation and this idea that you mention at the beginning of each state passing his own legislation is not going to work from an infrastructure standpoint you need to create a federal legal industry you need federal legislation supported by both houses and whereby you could have a decriminalization of marijuana and therefore you could stop illegal trade that is going on right now or will go one in the future you also need to set up a federal banking system for marijuana. marijuana dealers cannot do any of their banking because of the fact that is still criminalized federally. molly: very challenging you hit on the federal aspect of this nancy base is a republican of
1:35 pm
south carolina she first introduced this bill to decriminalize the tax and regulate and fund certain criminal records telling politico we need the federal government to get out of the way i try to be thoughtful about what i put in the bill that would appeal to democrats and republicans which is why criminal justice reform as part of it. your thoughts on where both sides can find common ground. >> there has to be common ground i don't agree with the fact that the federal government needs to get underway, they have to get in the game completely the federal government needs to regulate this and there needs to be an intense regulation of marijuana the same way we regulate tobacco and we regulate alcohol there needs to be an expensive program of federal regulation of marijuana so we can set up a banking system that can support the industry and set up a tax structure, don't forget you have high tax states and low
1:36 pm
tax states and what happened to cigarettes, cigarettes come from the low tax states and get into the high-tech states and therefore creates a criminal enterprise. you do not want to seem thing to happen with marijuana he will be able to regulate it and create an equal tax structure throughout the country. molly: that's what the industry is going for when we talk about the gop is there a generational divide that has to be addressed on the republican side when it comes to this issue. >> there's always a generational divide. i speak to somebody gop lawmakers on both sides democratic lawmakers and certainly the younger generation is much more open to industries like marijuana. the new generation you could be a republican you can be pro-business you can be for less regulation but certainly you can be for the new generation of industry and you can't fight the fact that marijuana is a viable
1:37 pm
industry now it is going to be a viable industry. if you just look at it from an economic and business standpoint we might as well get the most out of the industry rather than allow it to be treated illegally like it's been already. it's very important that the new generation gets involved and we get the industry regulated and legalized. molly: a quick follow-up just a timeline when you see the gop making a major move on this issue at the federal level. >> it could be very soon obviously have the midterm elections, i don't think this is going to be hot button issue no matter what i think we have a lot of issues but certainly if the gop became open to this industry and regulated it and
1:38 pm
brought in the new generation and showed us the gop is not the will gop but the new gop open to do industries i think politically it could be a great issue especially given the statistics that you gave it the beginning of the report showing the overwhelming support for legalizing marijuana. molly: david shorts, thank you very much we appreciate your insight. kevin: thank you, day 32 of major league baseball lockout it's also business as usual for baseballs minor-league affiliate. we'll have a chance to speak with one team owner about how problems in the majors can be a real boom for the minors, that is coming right up. ♪ a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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molly: it's the end of an era blackberry once a titan of cell phones going dark this starts
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tuesday devices ready to blackberry will no longer reliably function that includes making calls to 911, blackberry tried and failed in 2013, i loved my blackberry. kevin: known as a crack. i love the buttons it reminds me of early in my career you can type faster on an iphone guy i get it by having the buttons was easier didn't you think? molly: absolutely was addictive, you didn't even have to look like teenagers today they can do anything without looking on their smartphones, now it's a paperweight. you can feel in a time capsule speak to him to go see, i'm the person that doesn't throw away the phones, all have to see if i still have mine somewhere. meantime a breakdown and contract negotiation with players and owners leading to a
1:44 pm
lockup for major league baseball during the off-season what this means there could be cancel games in a shorter season if an agreement is not reached. however, amid the uncertainty minor-league games are expected to play without issue we welcome brandy and alyssa president general manager of the winston-salem -- and minor-league team and north carolina. first of all i'm a guy the grip of the town with minor-league ball for a long time denver did have a major league baseball team before the rockies got there, i don't think people realize especially in the large cities it is a tremendous product and frankly it's cheaper i'm not knocking major-league baseball me huge fan, it's a real opportunity for you guys. >> we sell this in 94 the 70 communities they don't have a major-league affiliate or professional sports nearby it's not that we don't prefer the
1:45 pm
term chief we say affordable but it's affordable for families weathers going to the movies anymore cost you $20 or popcorn in a minor-league level. that's our intent to continue to be community pulling and provide opportunity for entertainment the summer we know over the past 20 months if you need to get outside and something to do especially in the summer months. were looking forward to have the opportunity to do that this year. kevin: no question i don't care for their oura new britain, it is fun for me too get out there and watch ballgames i just really love the sport. i understand you have to tow a delicate line you're not wishing ill on the majors as long as are in there, great but if they're not in their they're still out in the field. >> exactly. i speak for everybody in the country you said in this broadcast we all was some normalcy and so often happens with mlb and everybody plain
1:46 pm
baseball obviously their parent organization we want the best for them as well will be able to capitalize and if people are looking to the baseball caps hopefully winston-salem or 119 affiliate in their facilities. we need people to come to the ballpark and taken the expansive create memories for the families. we are hopeful that were able to do that sooner than later in spring training will start up soon this will be baseball season before you know it. kevin: i don't know if it spring training or minor-league ball you could see the future faces autographs, inexpensive input in particular for the families. it's a lot of fun. let me share the statement from major-league baseball to give the folks at home a sense of what they're dealing with they want to get back out there on the field. i think i have a soundbite or a statement that i share essentially what he saying we will continue, to be clear the hard but important step it does not mean games be canceled but were taking the step now and
1:47 pm
that's important because it accelerates urgency for an agreement and as much runway as possible to avoid doing damage to the 2022 season that's from rob manfred. in the time that we have left you echo his sentiment let's try to get this worked out because major-league baseball is a make his favorite pastime. i love football but i get it. at the same time we want to get the majors out there. that helps you guys too. >> it does everybody wants for baseball the players get battle under better by plain baseball. both sides realize that they want to get players out there that's why having a minor-league season is so important we lost the ability to play in 2020, we saw the impact and what that meant to players who are developing into lower levels. it is crucial and i think that we have learned from kobe that that has to happen. i know mlb and the players associate are taken on the steps and everybody wants a fair deal, it is a business i do understand what's happening but hopefully
1:48 pm
and hopefully we can have a great season. totally the white sox will have another great product on the field and win a world series i would love to be there in chicago. >> the president and gm of the winston-salem, pleasure to talk with you and best of luck this baseball season. >> thank you. >> tensions flaring up between israel and palestinians in gaza with president biden sitting on the sideline the latest from the middle east next. sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles. [a vulture squawks.] there he is.
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molly: kim jong-un ignored the usns comfort urine speech on friday as he focused on domestic
1:53 pm
issues facing his nation from food scarcity to pandemic response. he made no specific mention of south korea other than a passing reference to bilateral relations. instead to pursue high-tech weapons to counter military instability on the korean peninsula pretty praise the military advances made during his ten years in office. kevin: thousands taking to the streets in netherlands to protest the dutch government covid lockdown demonstrators divine abandon fighting with police as they marched toward a park in amsterdam one person was arrested under the countries lockdown all nonessential shops including if you can imagine bars and theaters have been closed it's a very difficult time for the folks in the netherlands. molly: tensions rising in the middle east israel carried out airstrikes on gaza after hamas launched rockets and the mediterranean sea off of tel
1:54 pm
aviv yesterday. trey yingst is live with the very latest on this. >> molly good afternoon the new year in the middle east is not off to a great start is really airstrikes targeted hamas positions along the gaza strip the strikes were in response to rocket fire on saturday and landed off the coast of central israel there was a sniper attack from gaza the injured one civilian hamas claimed it was conducted by an attacker addiction negotiators are working around the clock to prevent another round of escalations between the two sides after the 11 day last may it comes amid tension of the mega policies meant to decrease tension have only added to the status quo. the eighth round of nuclear talks in austria resume between the u.s., iran and the parties of the nuclear deal iran is still increasing its storage and enrichment of uranium actions that may push israel to act on
1:55 pm
militarily against the country. analyst warrant a passive approach that have the potential to start a war can be dangerous in the new year. iran kept the rhetoric high wall commemorating soleimani the top general that was killed in the u.s. drone strike two years ago. >> they will not be given the revengeful nation will continue and they must not think this amount is enough the revenge will continue. >> issues arising better returns to action. over the past several months we've seen continued proxy action across the middle east, this is a number of countries into a larger conflict. >> trainings live in jerusalem. kevin: 2022 could be your lucky year, details on the powerball jackpot that just keeps growing and growing. did you win? that story is coming up.
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>> powerball jackpot is once again growing after nobody matched all six numbers. the prize now worth 522 million. there were four winners of smaller 1 and 2 million dollars prizes. that's not that small. the next drawing is tomorrow night. we will see how many people run out and get the tickets. >> i have five words for you, if i win, i will send for my things. real pleasure to be with you,
2:00 pm
molly. it's been a lot of fun today. great working with you. have a wonderful rest of your weekend. >> thanks for watching, everybody. >> thanks for watching. that does it for us. the big sunday show is coming your way next. this has been fox news live. >> hello everyone. welcome to the big sunday show, the first one of the year. here's what's on tap tonight. sean? >> violence is running rampant in democratic run cities but even the most liberal are ready for new leadership. >> [inaudible] >> the new message on crime from new york's new mayor and how it impact


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