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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 3, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PST

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tomorrow. >> let's do it again tomorrow and wednesday. a real pleasure to be with you, my friend. have great day and see you again. in the meantime be good out there and those of you that have to deal with the snow, be careful. >> seriously be careful. the first one always a problem. with that, be safe, shovel with your legs not your back. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> dr. fauci now saying that americans could be forced to test negative before exiting the newly shortened covid quarantine. >> what's happening is there is quite a bit of confusion created in the public and that confusion simply leads to lack of confidence. >> it's a new year but the deadly violence that plagued cities led by democrats in 2021 continues. >> in new york city the new mayor, eric adams says he is reigning in violence. >> my city is going to be safe. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez is caught partying unmasked in florida. cases skyrocket. >> she wants to shut down new
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york and come counsel here. maybe she is doing a fact finding mission to see what predom is like. >> president biden is speaking to the nation of ukraine amid continuing fears might be planning to that nation. >> he knows we facing a weak administration like the obama administration. >> it's good and the bengals have won the afc north. talk about the jungle. welcome to the jungle. ♪ ♪ a brand new day ♪ ain't no doubt taking over me. >> brian: brand new day, brand new year, 2022 is upon us. i'm sure cincinnati and bill hemmer who represents the the ee state of ohio but really born in cincinnati until rerecruited them to new york have to be happy because the bengals actually wonhe division and they have a bright future and of course the big news was that
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pete and rachel, you are both in for your respective people, you are playing the role, petes, for steve and rachel you are playing the role for ainsley. you worked so much over the last week i feel terrible that you have got to work today, pete. >> pete: it's all good, brian. it's all good. you talked about winners like the bengals last night. i'm exhausted because i stayed up watching my losers blow it sound night football and be out of the playoffs. i'm in a grumpy mood. it was a great new year. i want to say hello to rachel but i have to hear what brian kilmeade did in the new year because rachel, will and i were partying in nashville. >> brian: working. >> rachel: we know you weren't working on new year's eve we were and having a lot of fun. what were you doing, brian? >> brian: real quick look over the last week. able to get together with my brother's family and with us at a series of outdoor and indoors
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events. able to enjoy having a week after for the first time in a long time and all the cousins really enjoyed being together. so we had a chance to see everybody and catch up which, when you get a little bit older people are updating. it's amazing the change in everybody. we all had a great time and good to have both girls back from college as well. but, what about. >> pete: we know that nobody works harder than you, so sincerely say i'm glad you got some actual time off but you are right. i'm seeing little glimpses as they get older the changes amplify you are like who is this child in front of me. i don't recognize them at all. >> brian: you will be there. >> pete: getting there a little bit. rachel has got some of that, too. >> rachel: do you know ohio recognize? your brother. you guys look like twins. i was first looking at him and thought that was you and then i looked at the other side of the table and i mean it's extraordinary how much you guys lookalike.
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>> brian: right. the whole thing was, rachel, i remember he was in 12th grade and i was in 9th grade i remember for that one year i had so many girls talking to me hey, how are you doing. say to myself even though i'm 41'1 and 08 pounds girls like me. getting to know me instead of my brother a better athlete obviously better looking. when it would come to work, you will have a hard time putting your expenses in because you guys on new year's eve were actually going at it. working and having such a good time. i'm not too sure your expenses are going to be satisfied. pete, why don't you tell me a little bit about what you were up to. >> pete: it's true. we are not basic costumes have to expense. they are high quality dumb and dumber full on tuxedos, i don't know, rachel decided to say that will was dumb and i was dumber, fine, i will take it but the dance moves on the dance floor for new year's we were busting a
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move. a line dancing contest in nashville. giving it a shot. >> brian, there was some sheeting going on. so, lawrence was supposed to be with us in nashville. somehow mysteriously, the best dancer of all of "fox & friends" ended up in new york, i don't know what pete had to do with that. then he seemed to dance better -- he seemed to line dance better than the guy from texas, will, and i noticed that pete was in the building before me and will and i think he was getting line dancing lessons from the girls beforehand so he could win. there was a lot of weird stuff going on. but boy did we have fun. when they came out with those costumes. nobody was expecting it. the crowd went wild. these guys i don't know how many drinks they had in them but they totally got into the role. it was very, very fun. >> brian: those are two athletes, they could adjust without the steps on the ground, without the dr. sholls on the ground to know where to actually
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line dance, it seems like you guys actually knew what you were doing but more importantly had fun not knowing what you were doing. >> pete: that's true, brian. i get accused of being there early. do you know what's that's called showing up for production meetings. that's what that's called, brian. >> brian: that would be great. too bad will has never learned that. >> rachel: meanwhile, brian, you give me a hard time all the time about how big my family is so sean was back home with the kids. i told pete he went from being a beer dad to a wine mom. he pulls out a wine glass from behind him there during that shot. but he took care of the kids. he drank through it. and watched all of us on tv and had a good old time. >> brian: it was a great show. you guys are the perfect host for it sadly, you did so well. ask you again next year. maybe we can see if we can get some tickets to get the whole crew to visit you. so, yeah, a lot going on. but you guys were awesome.
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i'm sure the ratings are going to reflect that something we can't escape and that's covid-19. now we are in covid 22. and unbelievable. i understand people's frustration. but i'm also really more than disappointed in let down by our so-called healthcare professionals. they cannot even get on the same page having done this for three years as if the virus first hit. if you admit you don't know, that's one thing. but to continue to change the rules on the fly and then contradict each other and expect us to make heads or tails of it while trying to get back to work and back to life is inexcusable. case in point. 3 feet 6 feet apart, now it's 6 feet. now 10 days, 5 days on the surface i'm loving it. it's called living with the virus. pushback people scared to death because there is not going to be a test after five days of incubation and quarantine.
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now after five days go out again. but that's a problem for other people to say wait, i want a test. what test? how are we going to get it? are they going to be dependable? listen to the cdc director and then listen to anthony fauci and you tell me where we go from here. let's listen. >> what we do know is that the pcr test after infection can be positive for up to 12 weeks. that is not going to be helpful. you are not going to be transmitting during all of that period of time. we have seen that in study after study. >> there has been concern about why we don't ask people at that five day period get tested. that is something now under consideration. the cdc is very well aware that there has been some pushback about that. looking at it again, there may be an option in that that testing could be a part of that. and i think we are going to be hearing more about that in the next day or so from the cdc.
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>> pete: holy cow could it be more confusing, brian, to your point. what is anthony fauci even saying? it's under consideration to be looked at. we have received some pushback. what is the science? at least in the answer from walensky at least at a minimum she is saying the pcr test will show you are positive for 12 weeks so it's not really helpful. but, by the way, you mentioned where are all these magical treat all these people asymptomatic. parents are utterly confused. can i talk about my little parent group here. they don't know how long to stay at home. when to keep their kids at home. when they need to test. when they don't need to test. bribe brian unbelievable. >> pete: school doesn't know which means they give up. >> rachel: i just have decided, brian and pete, that i'm not going to take medical advice from people who haven't treated anyone with covid-19 and that would be walensky and fauci who have never treated anyone with covid-19. there are a lot of doctors out there, many of them by the way
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whose advice is being suppressed by big tech and big pharma that and big government who have been treating people for a long time and have lots of good advice, so, that's who i'm listening to. we talked during our new year's celebration there in nashville about the winters in 2021. and for me the winners are those doctors, the frontline doctors, many have been doctors on peter. it makaryy. peter malone, dr. rich, dr. saphier. people show have been on the frontlines who have been treating people who defying what the government has been saying oftentimes at professional risk to themselves. i think it's about time that we stop pretending that everything dr. fauci or walensky says is somehow some edict from god. they have been fallible. one last thing i have been saying a lot and gets me really upset. in the wails of dr. fauci.
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he is somebody not wrong duplicitous. lied to our country and take us off the track of china. he gave money to very risky gain of function research and tried to hide it and more importantly, we found these emails that he has been trying to orchestrate smears against renowned researchers and doctors who dared to contradict him. this is somebody we should be very weary of. >> brian: rachel, everything you have said is incorrect i would add dr. siegel into that too. >> rachel: yes. >> brian: seeing what's happening in airlines and business and saying let's be practical we need to learn to live with this. you need the five days. once you have five days and asymptomatic to begin with, if we didn't flood everywhere with testing, wouldn't be able to pick it up, we would be living our lives maybe with runny nods and back to work like we do every single day of our lives through school and entire lives. delta and other businesses say
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guys, i can't run a business if you make my guy or my woman that tests positive out for 10 days. i can't get an airline in the air. i can't run this country. so they said i looked at it for five days you are really not much a risk, wear a mask, and we will talk about that later and then get them back to work. and dr. fauci decides that we might revisit it to a question from george stephanopoulos. that is not how you rule. you don't rule through questions and answer. you come out and say i got an announcement. here's what i have got to say and then do you have any questions? instead hi, george, what's going on? about the five days should there be a test? yeah i'm thinking there should be. you are thinking there should be. you are the chief medical expert and thinking there should be and should the cdc and fda actually talk to you before they come out with emergency mandates who are bypassing their board? absolutely. there is no coordination. and we think it's okay for them to do five thoughs and just go out and question the cdc director who said that we're
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going to be picking up this virus in people for weeks; therefore, they will never get back to work or to school or to life. trying to say we have to learn to live with this. we're three years in. we have made our decision. we want to live with it not run from this. meanwhile, this week the white house will defend its president's vaccine mandate before the court. kevin corke has been scrambled early. sharp. we are asking him to do overtime and outne this story for us, kevin. >> always great to be with you my friend. good morning to you. the administration, you are right, brian, is defending its actions and asking the court to, quote: not stand in the way of saving lives. as you point out justices will have a chance to hear two challenges to sweeping mandates that will impact possibly up to 100 million americans. the first forces private companies employing more than 100 workers to require covid-19 vaccination or have unvaccinated
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employees to wear masks and be tested regularly. there are exemptions in case you are wondering those who work at home or alone or perhaps outdoors. meanwhile, there are some congressional lawmakers who think mr. biden is quite frankly abusing his power. >> why is he continuing to try to enforce this mandate on every business across america, 82 million americans would be affected by it, and many will lose their livelihoods as a result. >> this is a real possible damaging circumstance. meantime the second challenge justices will hear is have to do with requiring shots for healthcare workers at facilities that receive medicare and medicaid funding. arkansas, by the way, among the 1 states opposing this order. governor asa hutchinson says the administration frankly should follow the science. >> but, we don't know what the future holds and if it gets worse than we have got to look at solutions that are conscientious and what the
3:15 am
public can accept. >> there is asa hutchins right there the supreme court is scheduling back-to-back hearings on friday very busy day for my friend shannon bream and we'll be here throughout. for now guys back to you. >> pete: kevin, well done, >> thanks. >> pete: antonio brown calling it quits mid game. the jaw-dropping exit caught on camera. plus rules for thee but not for me. congresswoman and comrade alexandria ocasio-cortez under fire for enjoying the free state of florida -- free state of florida that i can't say and -- ♪ ♪ not only do centrum multigummies taste great. they help support your immune defenses, too.
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♪' >> rachel: we're back with some headlines, two people missing after the marshal fire tore through colorado. the fire burned through boulder county on thursday more than 6,000 acres. the cause is still under investigation. and originally fire officials thought downed power lines sparked the blaze a power company in the area is reporting none of their lines were compromised. police are now looking into this video showing a shed burning near where the fire started a search warrant has been executed on that property. a terrifying moment for eagles quarterback jaylen hurts and some unlucky fans when a railing collapsed in washington. watch this.
3:21 am
fans tumbling to the grounds all around hurts who narrowly avoided injury. the football team is looking into the incident. but believe -- they do not believe that anyone was injured and antonio brown is no longer a tampa bay buccaneer after bizarre outburst yesterday. brown ripped off his jersey, shoulder ands and under shirt. after the game the coach saying is he no long arer a buc and those are your headlines. >> brian: i don't understand that do you know tom brady. tom brady convinced the team to sign him. he said he would come live with me as he tries to get his life back together after domestic violence problems and other issues that got him cut from various teams and out of football for a year. he brings him through. the team finally needs him when they have a plethora of injuries he pulls that out. obviously has a ton of issues and jets still unable to win. meanwhile, on to this.
3:22 am
>> pete: true. >> brian: guys, i'm so hopeful that eric adams is the real deal as mayor. if you are a politician, you want to follow somebody who is absolutely terrible and a marxist and that is governor mayor de blasio. so eric adams comes in here, who maybe understands what the city needs. he doesn't hate business. he talks about loving america and he also says i have got to fight crime and i'm going to have this thing called a plain clothes unit in order to find out where the crime is hang. i'm going to go after the gangs, listen. >> the balance is not just heavy handed policing. it's public safety and justice. what we do long term and what we do right now. we're going to go after gangs. we are going to take down some of the large gangs in our city. whenever you see a shooting take place, look at the next line, gang-related. we want to zero in on gangs. we want to reinstitute a plain clothes anti-gun unit and zero
3:23 am
in on those guns. we want to refocus on those who are carrying guns and violent crimes in our city and turn around this city. it's going to be a safe place. say all the time prosperity safety and justice. my city is going to be safe. >> pete: brian, i like what i'm hearing. you are exactly right. the bar is so low from our former communist mayor who seemed to want the city to burn and criminality to be okay he has nothing but upside. the question is not what he is saying the question is what he will do when the first incident occurs or police make a mistake or there is a big high profile case. will he stand behind the police and possible job they are doing special if they are going to take on the gangs taken over some parts of new york and boroughs and sparked the violence. let's give him the benefit of the doubt right now but he has a huge task in front of him,
3:24 am
rachel. >> rachel: yeah, i couldn't agree with you more. i'm not as hopeful as brian started. first of all, when he says he wants to bring bass prosperity to the city, is he not removing any of these mandates as far as i can see. he showed up to his, you know, inauguration there swearing in fully masked outdoors with his family, so i'm not seeing that he is following the science as well. look, when i look at these problems, i see family problems. i see spiritual problems. i see that there is a break down in just morality as well as all these other police reforms that need to be done. and i think as a black mayor, he has an opportunity to tackle some of those issues in a way that other politicians maybe can't. so i'm looking forward to see going he doesn't just work on police reform and tackling the gang but if he is also willing to take on this third rail, this issue that no one wants to talk about which is the breakdown of the family, the break down of ethics and morality that is happening across the country but
3:25 am
is very acute in these big, big democrat cities. >> brian: yeah, we will have to see. i do worry what you said, too, pete about mandates. is he going to lose almost everybody in the department of corrections. 40% aren't vaccinated. numbers astronomical same about cops. complaining about healthcare won't have enough. thowb thousands told to go home without a vaccine. maybe can you go and say we need you back. we know you want to work. we understand your worry. maybe we can be -- we'll have a testing regiment and get back. those are the kind of things optimistic but it wouldn't be hard. we will have to see. i do think that i love that he is taking on schools and saying these kids need to be back in school. we will talk about that in about 30 minutes. something else happening in miami that i missed. a party i was unable to attend but i probably wouldn't have i didn't travel with my i.d., i could not get into this drag queen bar in miami where she was with billy porter. and she was dancing, having a good time and hugging without a
3:26 am
mask. miss mask first was in florida the land of the free, having a great time, which you are allowed to do but going, sitting there, being totally happy with the personal decisions and discrepancies that the governor of florida allows, and there she is caught without a mask. i don't know if she is going to accuse people of that want that out wanting to date her like she did over the weekend. i think, pete, in particular, i think it's amazing that she knows there are cameras around and she doesn't care about looking like a hypocrite. >> pete: it's true. it's breed love defense. feeling the love. feeling the spirit. when you are feeling it, nothing else matters. i mean, we know she is a hypocrite. we know she ultimately went to florida so that she could take the mask off and live free because that's what people actually want to do or maybe, brian, or maybe, she heard the interview with dr. scott gottlieb who finally admitted what a lot of us have also
3:27 am
understood for quite some time, listen to what dr. scott gottlieb said about masks and whether or not they work will. >> watch this. >> cloth masks aren't going to provide a lot of protection. that's the bought line. this is airborne illness we understand that cloth mask is not going to protect you from a virus that spreads through airborne transmission. could protect drop elizabeth transmission something like the flu not something like this coronavirus. >> pete: rachel, if you are not going to double mask or triple mask no mask and wave to the audience if you are the comrade. >> rachel: when i saw this i thought first of all this is a great endorsement of ron desantis and of florida's policies. she did it right there. i want to go back to what, brian, we have all laughed off that she said, you know, oh, that her critics just want to date her, that republican men criticized her because they want to date her and they're sexually frustrated. i have to tell you i'm very disturbed, genuinely disturbed that this woman continues to
3:28 am
sexualize everything including, you know, her critics because she can't handle any kind of criticism. i think this is a person who needs to be in therapy and not in congress. i found her response really weird and disturbing. and i think that her constituents ought to be embarrassed of it and ought to be embarrassed of what she is doing that she should go back to her district. her district is dirty. companies crime-ridden. there is no economic prosperity because ever the policies that she supports, she is an embarrassment to her party and to her district. >> brian: listen, rachel, it's hard to count anything you said the what aboutism category. ted cruz i thought about this most criticized republican from democrats. ted cruz all you female democrats that are criticizing me, you just want to date me. there would be such outrage, he
3:29 am
would have to have an apology resignation. for her to come out and say this, i thought it was a joke. i thought i was reading the babylon bee but it wasn't. it was real. >> rachel: me, too. can i just say this? it's also not true. republican men, conservative men do not want to date communists. they know it will lead to a life of misery. so it's also false. >> brian: right. i'm -- i think you said enough. i'm going to go to pete's point real quick. scott gottlieb coming out and saying that masks are useless, useless makes me wonder how the 6-year-old putting on a mask right now waiting at the bus stop this morning feels. the parents who are frustrated beyond belief that they have got to put a mask on the kid. now they are told by a premier doctor that both sides seem to really respect, i know i do, they don't work. oops. masks don't work.
3:30 am
>> pete: take them off. >> brian: unbelievable. >> pete: do you know what the response will be? n 95 for everybody. print more from china. that's their response. they can't instead look at and it maybe it's time for sensible measures. >> brian: n-95 surgery and amitt me particular. that's what the n-95 is for. >> rachel: no oxygen to the brain. >> brian: there is a reason why we are breathing out, we are expelling. up next, deadly drugs fighting our nation's border. unprecedented amount fentanyl agents are seeing. exclamation point take a break. ♪ ♪are you ready♪
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>> brian: is for the first time in u.s. history federal agents intercepted more fentanyl than heroin at our border. the amount of fentanyl seized more than double. 11,000 pounds. highlighting the border crisis impact on the opioid epidemic just focused on illegals about how about this special agent derek joins now. what is significant for the nondrug user watching now. what's the significance between the two drugs? >> >> first of all, the cartels are in the business to make money so they can make fentanyl synthetic opioids, much cheaper for them to make and it way more addictive. okay? it's more powerful and killing kids at record levels. on christmas day, on new year's
3:35 am
day we all celebrated families were devastated like 300 a day devastated because kids are dead from poison. mexican cartel poison is unnun dating our communities and being deceived. we have never seen this many americans killed from organization across our border. so we have to start treating the mexican cartels as international terrorists because they are killing our kids at a greater level than any terrorist organization ever. >> brian: so the thing that we should keep in mind is that it starts in china. they cut a deal with the mexican cartels. and they, together, flood a wide open border and they are killing us. this is not just because we seem to buy it. this is because they want to kill us and poison americans. >> brian, this is unrestricted warfare and using the mexican cartels as a proxy to kill our future generation. our future military, our
3:36 am
doctors, our lawyers, our teachers, we are losing a 100,000 americans a year. 275 to 300 a day. the vast majority it's from the poisonous fentanyl. it's not only produced in labs in mexico, and made into the pills. these poisonous pills. just look at the d.e.a. operation they seized 20 million pills this year alone. phoenix, arizona on one day december 1st, they seized 1 million pills working with state and local counterparts. the problem is they are sending the powder that's made in labs in mexico into our backyards and making these pills in -- using pill presses in their basements here in america so we have a very dangerous situation. brian, the cartels and the social media facilitation, they are operating with impunity right now. we need to be much more aggressively. if al-qaeda killed 100,000 americans in a year, what would the u.s. do? sit back and just allow it?
3:37 am
we have to go after these cartels like we have never done before. we have to shut down the labs. we have to shut down the money flow. we have to shut counsel the chem chemical flow. we have to put them out of business and stop worrying about hurting the mexican government's feelings. hugs for drugs. we have to keep the thugs, the drugs and the bugs out of our country. that should be the priority of the american public. not mexico, not china. right now it's out of control and we need some aggressive action, brian. >> brian: derek, absolutely putting ritalin kid wants to study more ritalin. i'm not saying it's right but do it. i want to concentrate for add and sprinkle fentanyl in there and not a matter of kids doing drugs and doing too many. it's a lot of these people are not drug abusers, they are one and done, right? real quick. biggest thing is like xanax, for example, a lot of kids see mommy
3:38 am
and daddy taking xanax for social anxiety. the world is crazy with covid and mask and no school so they take this stuff, they are depressed. they think they are going to feel better. they don't know they are getting poison from mexico, right in these labs, and i like to say, this is not overdoses anymore. that's joe biden's talking points. this is murder and poison against our kids. and we need to step up and we need to save these future generations from dying because it's really disturbing. i deal with the families every day around america and it's heart break thanks so much. we're going to keep doing this until people listen. >> thank you, brian. >> >> brian: mixed messaging on covid from the biden administration. >> pcr test after infection can be positive for up to 12 weeks. that is not going to be helpful. >> people are getting concerned about why not test people at that time.
3:39 am
>> i think reasonable thing to do dr. janette nesheiwat, that's. who she is going to be next. heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th.
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♪ >> pete: welcome back, more mixed messaging out of the white house to say it nicely. top officials at odds over whether you need to be tested in order to end your covid-19 quarantine. >> the pcr test after infection can be positive for up to 12 weeks helpful. not transmitting during all of that period of time. we have seen that study after study. >> people are getting concerned about why not test people at that time. i myself feel that's a reasonable thing to do. i believe that the cdc soon will be coming out with more clarification. >> pete: here now with a doctor
3:44 am
you can actually trust fox news medical contributor dr. janette nesheiwat. thank you so much for being here. it felt like such great news when they said, listen, we all know it's crumbs at this point but it was 10 days to quarantine, then it was 5. then it's do we test or not? you see very contradictory statements there what is a parent, a business, someone trying to go back to work supposed to do here? >> first thing, talk to your doctor and, yes, the mixed messaging, not only does it lead to confusion and frustration but it leads ultimately to you a lack of compliance. and the messaging is problematic. to say it's reasonable, yeah, sure, it's ideal to get tested but it's impractical and unrealistic because we have such extreme shortage of testing and diagnostic tools and then to say it's not helpful to be tested. it is helpful to know so you don't bring it home to somebody who may be vulnerable grandma or someone high risk. at the same time, you know, if
3:45 am
you do still have covid after being tested five days later. it's going to create more problems, more chaos. we need to look at the big picture. we can't stop omicron, it's so contagious, but we can work hard to try to manage it while it traverses the nation. it's going to make its rounds. and we need to do the best we can nittany lion mize its impact. >> pete: you are exactly right, doctor. it does toledo a lack of compliance because people don't trust it and then when the cdc puts out new guidance, certain institutions say we are not going to pay attention to that that's what the public and the parents here absolute utter confusion. in ideal world we would all wake up in the morning and take a test. that's not the world we live in and ultimately we have to adjust to that although i wouldn't say we take a test in the morning. go to schools for a second. a lot of schools returning back to school today. new york city schools as a result are planning to ramp up
3:46 am
testing for vaccinate and unvaccinated students but they have a test shortage so should would he be testing asymptomatic students whether they're vaccinated or not? >> if we have a student asymptomatic, no symptoms, vaccinated not a wise use of scarce resources. it doesn't make sense. we want to do everything we can to keep kids in the classroom. if they are sick, if they have symptoms, have a fever or cough. sure, let them get tested and stay home until they get better. let's safe the test for those that are high risk, who are most vulnerable with underlying medical conditions. let's not waste the resources that we currently have. unfortunately, we are three years into this pandemic and the lack of preparation and planning has put us in this situation. but hopefully we can continue to try to ramp up the production and the accessibility and availability as these tests. we don't have to, you know, struggle and figure out who needs a test. who doesn't need it, when do we
3:47 am
need it? when can we go back to school? >> pete: amazing, as brian kill my put it covid-19 has become covid 22. after a year of the biden administration who knew there would be new variants we are behind on testing. it is not the way it should be. dr. nesheiwat, thanks so much. happy new year, always great to see you. >> thank you, happy new year, thank you. >> pete: happy new year. we reached out to the new york city department of education but obviously they are busy shutting down their schools and didn't get back to us. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. janice, happy 2022. >> janice: happy 2022. and do you know what we have got? we have a snow storm for d.c. where they could get measurable snow and you know what happens in d.c. when it snows. people can't deal. they stay home, which is a good idea because we have to get the plows out there to clear the streets. it's a quick moving but impactful storm system that's going to bring a wide swath of 4 to 8 inches in and around the
3:48 am
d.c. area up towards southern new jersey and higher elevations are going to get over a foot of snow. take a look at it. we do have that snow falling across portions of tennessee in towards virginia and up towards the mid-atlantic. on the warmer side of the system the threat for tornadoes, we have a tornado watch actually in effect from myrtle beach all the way up towards the mid-atlantic, the delmarva area. that watch is good until 11:00 a.m. in addition to the tornado threat very strong winds and heavy rainfall. so, dynamic system not only bringing heavy snow but the risk for strong to severe thunderstorms. there are your winter weather alerts all the way up towards the d.c. area toward atlanta up towards atlantic city, so. heavy snow in and around the d.c. area not yet for new york city. we have to wait maybe for our storm system back to you. >> pete: very good, janice,
3:49 am
thank you very much. new year, lots of snow. maybe new you. the easy steps can you make towards a healthier lifestyle in 2022 that's coming up. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. i've always been running. to meetings. errands. now i'm running for me. i've always dreamed of seeing the world. but i'm not chasing my dream anymore. i made a financial plan to live it every day. ♪
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♪ >> rachel: welcome back, have you gained a little unwanted
3:53 am
weight during the pandemic? guess what? you aren't alone. more than six in 10 americans say they have undesired weight change and 42% say they gained weight on average of 29 pounds. but it's never too late to make a change. here with her tips for a healthier 2022 is dr. senior director of change formerly known as weight watchers. great to have you. happy new year a lot of viewers are perking up, tuning in a lot are dealing with this. what are the best tips for keeping that new year's resolution some of us have of dropping weight? >> absolutely. happy new year to you, too. it's so good to be here. when it comes to new year's resolution think about the fact that we are so ready to be be getting out there and getting healthier. people have gained weight as have you mentioned. people are really in a position where they want to start making
3:54 am
a change. but they don't want to put a pause on their life to do it. that's a good thing. because we know that the more that you have to contort yourself to eat healthier, the less likely it is that it's actually going to happen. so, when it comes to setting new year's resolutions we have to really think strategically. first of all avoid any temptation that we all have to try to make these really dramatic gigantic changes. they tend to backfire. really the best way to go is to set small goals that are focused on what it is that you actually want to do each day. the key there is that you can repeat it the next day and through repetition you actually start to be able to develop some habits. >> rachel: doctor, give me an example of that, doctor. give me an example of that. >> sure. yeah, so if you want to, for example, set a goal to eat more vegetables every day, say two cups of vegetables, that might seem like a really small, even too simple kind of a goal.
3:55 am
but that's the kind of thing that because you can do it tomorrow and the next day and the next day, you are going to start to build some momentum and over time that's exactly the kind of thing that keeps you going. because you can keep it up in the long run and often other time what we see is that people then start to make other healthier changes because that first one felt really good. >> rachel: right, the second one you said is to expect set backs and the third one is embrace compassion. tell me about those. >> yeah. so no one is perfect when it comes to the getting healthier in any way, shape, or form. and when we try to be perfect or do everything exactly right, we often end up throwing in the towel, so, setbacks happen to 100 percent of us. and we need to expect them and plan for them. that's going to actually help us stay on track. and then when it comes to practicing self-compassion, this one is really clear. the science is so clear that it is completely garbage to think
3:56 am
that what we need to do is be hard on ourselves in order to get motivated. that's really not what works it actually ends up back firing much like setting really big goals. so the more that we can actually recognize that struggling to make behavior changes is actually part of just being human, the more we can stop judging ourselves about that and really start focusing on the things that are really going to help us in the long run. >> rachel: this all sounds like very sound advice and especially the last one, being a little kinder to ourselves. if you need more information or want more advice visit for more information and sign up for the personal points program. if you start ww today start the new year with three months of free membership. that offer ends at midnight. i lost 26 pounds and i feel incredible. with the new personalpoints program, i answer questions about my goals
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♪ >> dr. fauci now saying that americans could be forced to test negative before exiting the newly shortened covid quarantine. >> what's happening is there is quite a bit of confusion created in the public and that confusion simply leads to lack of confidence. >> it's a new year but the deadly violence that plagued cities led by democrats in 2021 continues. >> in new york city the new mayor eric adams says he is reining in surging violence. >> public safety and justice my city is going to be safe. >> congresswoman alexandria
4:01 am
ocasio-cortez is caught partying unmasked in florida as cases skyrocket. >> she wants to shut down new york and come down here. maybe she is doing a fact finding mission to see what freedom is like. >> president biden speaking to the president of ukraine amid continuing fears russia might be planning to invade that nation. >> vladimir putin is not backing down from this. he knows we are facing a weak administration just like the obama administration. >> the kick is good and the bengals have won the afc north. >> talk about the jungle. welcome to the jungle. ♪ wake me up before you go, girl. don't let me hang on like a yo yo. >> wake me up before you go. >> pete: welcome to this second hour of "fox & friends" on a monday morning, 7:00 eastern time. tampa, florida, live shot where tampa fans are waking up today
4:02 am
kind of chuckling. good morning by the way, rachel and brian. i will go rachel first. brian, you may want to react to this more. tampa fans are chuckling because yet again the new york jets blew it i like to make fun of the staff because we have a lot of new york jets fans and brings me glee to watch them collapse. it really does. good morning, rachel, i know that's all greek to you. >> rachel: good morning. i was going to say if you want a reaction to that you better go to brian. i know nothing about sports. not interested. >> brian: i will say, this diehard jets fans looked really good for three, almost the entire game. they decided on fourth and 2 to go for it with a 3-point lead and instead they end up getting stopped, tom brady goes down the field and scores with no time left on the clock and they win again. so, the thing is. [laughter] >> brian: jets fans have to almost be happy because they will get a higher draft pick.
4:03 am
certain people i have only met john madden a couple of times and yet i felt like i knew him. basically my whole adult life. pete, i'm older than you and rachel, obviously older than you guys giants and jets were always bad growing up. when the playoffs started they were like this new league pick another team. the giant and jets were literally bad for 15 years. i used to watch the raiders and steelers play every year. john madden as a coach was very real to me. i remember john madden as a broadcaster earth shattering to me. i remember reading out fox starting out fox network before i was working here in los angeles and seeing the big move when they signed john madden and pat summer all, and he became part of basically the voiceover of everything i was interested in growing up. and he just -- he was just so different from everybody else. outside of howy cosell totally revolutionized color commentary
4:04 am
and people trying to emulate him today. over the weekend a lot of tributes to him. fox bug, fox nfl football and then have the john madden with the head set on afterwards. a big tributes there. they also had tribute at the vikings-packers game. cardinals, cowboys game and bengals-chiefs game. you see all the different ways in which they gave tribute to john that den and a moment of silence before the game, pete. >> pete: brian, a truly larger than life and there are tributes and then there are tributes like john madden has received on every network across the entire league, across all of culture because, yes, he was a great nfl coach. yes, he was a great broadcaster who changed the whole dynamic there. but he also name on the most popular video game across america so everybody knows john madden at one level or another. he is one of these rare guys where not only is he universally respected for being a
4:05 am
professional but just universally beloved for being a great human being who wore his heart on his sleeve. loved to have fun, loved to play hard. and coach as they call him will be remembered and rightfully so. he changed the game of football. he changed the game of how football was broadcast and made everybody love it in the process, rachel. >> rachel: that's right, a buffalo bills player wearing cleats featuring madden do we have a picture of that. >> brian: stephon digs right there on his shirt. i saw michael vic went from the field to the broadcast booth the first thing you should do michael, how do i approach this? he says you want to know how to approach it? call john madden. even though he had been retired he called up -- got great advice, be yourself and bring in every man quality to the game even though you know more than most of the fans, almost all the fans, bring that to the broadcast booth and look to educate people and talk to them. that's what he meant to a lot of people because he just loved the
4:06 am
game. i also thought in the special that was put out by fox sports, it's unbelievable that it happened a week before he actually would pass away. but at the end of the documentary watch it, because john madden watching on a flat screen the size of most buildings, he is watching people talk about him. and he is watching -- he ends with his son he goes i know my dad is going to watch this. and you see madden just look at and this says if a human being could be at their own funeral because of what happened a couple of days later and he just looked and he goes wow, i wasn't expecting that. and i just thought that's why this moment mattered to so many people who never met him. >> rachel: sounds like an amazing human being who had a huge impact on so many people's lives and especially on that sport. we're going to move to another topic, a few weeks ago the chicago teacher's union put out
4:07 am
a poll to their union members asking them what they wanted to do about, you know, omicron, and that poll came back and it's interesting. corey dean less who is a school choice activist put out a tweet and i noted it just watch the teachers unions are going to strike because 91% of the teachers who responded to that poll said they should go to remote learning again and that's will that's looked like what might happen. all staff and students provide negative results from pcr tests taken within 48 hours returning to school. chicago public schools need to provide at least 300 testing sites. chicago need to provide k 94, kn 95 and n 95 masks. principals can move classes to
4:08 am
remote if covid cases report. you can see the low bar that they have. that by the way is in addition to the demands they made early on in the pandemic to millions and millions of dollars to them reopening the schools. it looks like they took the money from us and they now want to shut down again. >> pete: exactly. by the way, they're all vaccinated and boosted and boosted. so, they are all protected. they are all going to have all the masks they want. look at these, these are extortion demands. all staff and students provide negative result on pcr test within 48 hours of returning to school? do you understand the herculean task ppcr test for everybody within 48 hours of a return. what if an outbreak happens? this means teachers in chicago and teachers in the teachers union don't want to work. they don't want to go in the classroom and they want to extort school districts and taxpayers for more money. exposing them, brian, yet again
4:09 am
for who they are. >> brian: a couple of things. this is different. i feel like i'm watching, you know, for the longest time the administration, joe biden and anthony fauci well we shouldn't go to school too dangerous. shouldn't go to school. too dangerous. something changed. enough to the president knows that's a loser because parents voting against -- not keeping their kids at home number one because kids aren't learning. number two, the secretary of education said kids are vulnerable. they have been through enough. they need to go back to school. anthony fauci said kids need to go back to will school. the mayor of new york city saying the tests are, in the studies reveal that kids are safer back in school. so, it is i feel like saying okay, i don't have to do this fight anymore. you guys are now fighting with each other. the other thing that happened when i was on this book tour, i talked to so many teachers fox is against teachers. i go we are not against teachers. i think most teachers want to go back to school are doings yeomen's work. new appreciation for the skill that you have.
4:10 am
i think a lot of these unions make them knuckle under to their universe what they consider the demands looking out for them. i don't. dr. general net nesheiwat weighed in. >> we have a student that is asymptomatic, has no symptoms, is fully vaccinated, then it really is not a wise use of our scarce resources. it doesn't make sense. look, we want to do everything we can to keep our kids in the classroom. if they are sick. if they have symptoms, if they have a fever or cough, sure, let them get tested and stay home until they get better. save the tests for those who are high risk, most vulnerable with underlying medical conditions. let's not waste the resources that we currently have. unfortunately, we are three years into this pandemic and the lack of presentation and planning has put us in this situation. >> rachel: yeah, she is right. that's just pure common sense. but that's just not what we are doing anymore when it comes to covid. brian, i have heard from
4:11 am
teachers as well. and i do empathize with those who want to get back. here's the deal. if you are part of that teacher's union, you are part of the problem. the teachers union is the problem. they are the ones trying to shut down the schools. they are the ones advising the people they donate to the democrat party and the biden administration to shut down schools and to change policies in order to bring that about. i mean, so what are you going to do? last year if you recall, it was almost exactly this time this year that we had a teacher who was also part of the union board in chicago, who was tweeting out we need to go on strike. we're not going to go back to class. then we found out she was tweeting that from puerto rico from, a resort. there are real incentives here that some of these teachers do like the kind of flexibility that they can get from, you know, having remote learning it means you can go to puerto rico and zoom from your hotel room and then get down to the pool.
4:12 am
so i don't know what to say to those teachers except if you want to be on the side of the kids. if you want to be on the side of the kid, then get out of the unions. the unions have proven themselves over and over again throughout this pandemic that they don't care about kids. now senator tim scott was on last night i believe on trey gowdy's show. here's what he had to say about why what is happening to our kids is so detective tri mentalr future and to their future. take a listen recommendation the education issue will be a part of my campaign because, in my opinion, it's the great equalizer in our country. one of the messages i love to share number one is that america, number one, you won the lottery if you are an american citizen, america is a story of redemption, we need to remember to fail forward. in life you will have hard time you are going to have struggles but fail forward. we don't count the number of times you get knocked down. in america, we count the number
4:13 am
of times you get up. the american dream is within our grasp. there is old scripture that says we are able, through god, to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or imagine. that's good news. our kids need to see the best of who we are. and that gives us a chance to live that dream. >> pete: boy, he is right. the problem is with these unions we have talked about, these democrat run cities, inner cities, government run schools that are shut down the most. fall behind the most and push kids further behind. >> brian: for two years. >> pete: this is the equalizer. for two years and they want to do it for another one, brian. it is equal opportunity not equal outcome. at least that's what we thought it is. it's not what the left today believes it is. and education is the only pathway towards a merit based outcome and we are crushing these kids, brian, we are crushing them. >> brian: absolutely. well, let's talk about this
4:14 am
coming year and this past year. so it was interesting. "u.s.a. today" and suffolk did a poll. they said can you give me one word to describe 2021. guess what it was. take a look. awful, terrible bad. will and sucked. 12% chaos and confusing and turmoil. 6% disaster, train wreck, catastrophe. these are synonyms. 6% it was okay. 1% was long. so this is pretty negative on the positive side, rachel, let's be optimistic for 2022, go ahead. >> rachel: that's right. the train for looking forward says that 46% of people are hopeful. 9% are worried. and 18% are exhausted. i could tell you i don't understand any of these polls, brian and pete, because i are just been living my life. i have not let this get me down. in the summertime i go to the northwoods of wisconsin to my lake house where we are just
4:15 am
free and we don't care and i have had covid so i have natural immunity so i don't walk around worried about any of this. and that's what worries me about the situation that we are. in omicron, yes, is very transmissible. but it is also not very deadly. it's actually i believe a really hopeful sign that we could use it to get towards natural immunity and get ourselves out of this pandemic all together. >> pete: yeah, no, i agree with this poll and, rachel, we were planning for new year's eve, brian, and we're sitting there going how should we sum this up? you know what? 2021 was a train wreck. let's hope 2022 is better. i think even if we have had some personal successes and some things have gone right and there is hope, i mean 2021 was not a good year. this was personal association by the way. the poll was open-ended so you could submit your own words in a response.
4:16 am
that one word you hesitated, bribe, was probably the top choice for most people. let's hope these what new year's is about hoping that the next year is better because it can't really be worse. >> brian: let me borrow and i will give it right back to you. i would say this, you're in control of your own thoughts. if those words train wreck, disaster get into your disaster starting 2022 don't let it it's how you interpret it if you have go left in order to go straight ahead go left and then go around the obstacle and go through it. this whole thing should be if i'm a leader, if i'm a politician, if i'm a ceo and vice president. i'm saying how do we live with this, work through, this not hide from this. and do not let those negative words get into your head, because it will be one of these things will just keep building on each other. especially if you are a parent. you don't want to even hear those words from your kids. you don't want to get them depressed. you have got to let them know these are obstacles, clear it and move forward. pete, back to you, i'm sorry. >> rachel: pete, i was going to
4:17 am
say we have been terrifying our kids. our leaders have been terrifying our kids. there has been no need for this. we ought to look atom chron what it is. i call it omni cold. be sensible. if you feel sick, stay home and move on with life and in 2022, promise to absolutely, no matter what the consequences are, speak the truth. >> pete: it's true, thankfully, i'm not the ceo of anything. i'm just a tv host. i'm only the ceo of my kids. they be not allowed to be victims or create excuses. let's be honest, 2021 not so good. bye-bye. we will be optimistic for 22. not good. all right. turn to headlines. a democrat led chicago starting off the new year with a violent weekend. at least four people are dead after 25 are shot over the weekend. win of the victims, a 16-year-old boy who was shot in the arm and leg and taken to the hospital. is he expected to recover. and friday night an 18-year-old was shot in the neck.
4:18 am
he letter died at the hospital. secretary of defense lloyd austin tests positive for covid-19. austin says he was experiencing mild symptoms while at home. is he fully vaccinated with a mask and a shield, especially when reviewing troops. he received his booster shot in october. austin said his last meeting with joe biden walls on decembea week before experiencing any symptoms. heart beat of our enemy. check this out a mother gives birth to twins born just 15 minutes apart but in different years. the california woman going into labor on new year's eve will delivering baby alfredo 11:45 on december 21st, 2021. then came his sister, ailen born exactly at midnight 2022. mom says it's crazy to have twins with a different birthday and birth year. and those are your headlines. pretty neat.
4:19 am
i like that. >> brian: baby story not involving you or rachel. that's a big story. that's pretty impressive. [laughter] coming up straight ahead. president biden pledges allegiance to the ukraine and vows to hold russia accountsable as they build up their military. former state department spokesperson morgan ortagus on this if the commander-in-chief is tough enough to put putin in his place. plus. >> our team on that specific report circle back,. >> circle back,. >> circle back. >> i hate though disappoint conservative twitter but i'm going to circle back. >> brian: why one college is calling to ban the use of jen psaki's favorite phrase. we will discuss it because we have a lot of time. this is a three-hour show ♪ all you have to wait a second ♪ a hand on mine ♪ the clock is ticking so say ♪ tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record.
4:20 am
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4:24 am
♪ ♪ >> brian: here we go, president biden reaffirming united states support for the ukraine as russian forces build around the country's border. the white house releasing a readout of president biden's call with the ukrainian president zalinsky saying quote president biden made clear the united states and its allies and partners will respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. joining us now to weigh in former states department spokesperson morgan ortagus further invades ukraine invaded through separate tises that have not left. morgan do you think putin has been getting the message through call last week and zalinsky call yesterday. >> hard to know what's in putin's head. one thing we know for sure or two at least. is he petrified and obsessed with nato obsession and does not want to have ukraine being a member of nato. he also doesn't want to have any sort of missile systems provided by the united states near
4:25 am
russia. his nato obsession has been around something he has talked about 20 years. this isn't new. this is why he invaded georgia in 2008 to try and prevent nato from giving them membership and, again, it's very hard to know what's in putin's head. i think a lot of his obsession with ukraine, the build up of troops, which is not new but is certainly bigger in scale than it has been before, is to resist ukraine from joining nato. >> brian: listen to adam schiff yesterday, he thinks that invasion is going to happen. and he can't figure out why, watch. >> what specifically would stop vladimir putin from his aggression? do you need to cut that country off from the global financial system, to sanction him personally? >> well, i think that it would require enormous sanctions on russia to deter what appears to be a very likely russian invasion of ukraine again. i also think that a powerful deterrent is the understanding
4:26 am
that if they do invade, it is going to bring nato closer to russia, not push it farther away. >> brian: i don't know what is he talking about they don't understand people who want to get along and not received well at a cocktail party. hard for them to understand the motivations of putin or xi jinping or dictators around the world they see the world from how they want it to be not for how it is. you do have a combination of things that i think could potentially deter russia, you could do more energy sanctions. you could tell them as president biden has done, i think that they are going to cut their banks off from the global financial system. the problem is that there is so much threat and talk and action from our side -- excuse me threats and talk from our side with little action. so this entire year, the biden
4:27 am
administration, despite what the democrats did to president trump have been very reluctant to send any sort of lethal aid to the ukrainians for fear that there provoke the russians. >> brian: we should not worry about them. they should be worried about us. and we don't seem to get that. >> right. >> brian: january 10 on it we will have talks with them and january 12th. nato will have talks with. they russia is beginning to win because they have this give me an idea of an off ramp. is he all about public perception. 100,000 troops if he pulls them off and gets something. that won't work. give me an off ramp, morgan. >> yeah, he going to want concessions that i think are very difficult for us to give. the main thing that he wants is for president biden to say fine, we are never going to let ukraine into nato. i don't think that's something that we can give. so, i think the off ramp here is that we are going to have to continue to ratchet up the costs for him not to invade. this is similar to the cold war. we can't let the first domino fall. ukraine matters. not that the u.s. needs to get involved militarily, about
4:28 am
ukraine matters because russia, putin, xi jinping other thugs around the world cannot decide the fate of the world based of a tanks and weaponry and threats. inspects the it's not just about it's about tijuana the pathetic negotiations. all coming to a head this year. >> brian: all working in concert sadly. morgan ortagus, thanks so much. >> yeah. thanks, brian. >> brian: you got it still ahead chicken wings are costing restaurants arm and leg pun intended. putting them less loved meats on the menu, how the supply chain crisis could super bowl spread. it doesn't taste like chicken. ♪ grne medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late,
4:29 am
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4:32 am
>> rachel: back with some headlines, thousands of people in amsterdam swarming the street sunday to the latest coronavirus measures ignoring the rule which bans demonstrating. new lockdown close restaurants, nonessential stores and entertainment venues, the netherlands covid case rate is currently 85.55 for every 100,000 people tested. an emergency order was later
4:33 am
issued sunday evening by the amsterdam mayor demanding that protesters leave. at least one person was arrested. one of the white house press secretary jen psaki's go-to slogan appearing on a university's list of words that should be banned. >> i'm happy to circle back with our team on that specific report. circle back, circle back, circle back. i hate to disappoint conservative twitter but i'm going to circle back. >> rachel: lake superior state university bans psaki's signature circle back and 10 other phrases being banned including no worries, you're on mute and even supply chain. those your headlines. pete, i'm sick of hearing about the supply chain. onli' run reason we hear about supply chain and that's joe biden. >> pete: that's true and guess what you are about to hear about the supply chain right here. the restaurant industry is
4:34 am
crying foul over the supply chain issues impacting chicken. >> a chicken breast is typically unavailable to many restaurants today. either it's thinner, thicker, bigger, or you can't get it at all. they are changing the chicken thighs and trying to modify recipes if you don't know what you are not going to get until you don't get it, you don't have the opportunity to change. on top of it not as many employees we would like to have and it's a nightmare. >> pete: chicken breasts and wing costs significantly more than they did just one year ago. but restaurant owners are having to get creative to keep poultry on your plate. that includes next guest founder of wing it on. restaurant matt your job is to deliver chicken to people in a way that they want it. talk about something we didn't have to think about before. now you as a business owner are
4:35 am
looking at your bottom line, looking at rise in prices, looking at lack of chicken to do so if the in the first place, how are you managing this? >> hey, first thanks for having me on and giving my me a platform to talk about sod of the head winds facing in the chicken industry now. what we looked at is called the whole bird strategy. when you think of the anatomy of the chicken wings only make up 10% of that bird. and producers need to find a home for the other 90%. including those less in demand cuts such as the leg and thighs, really the dark meat. because in the united states, we're actually the only country that doesn't prefer dark meat over white meat. so what ends up happening is that the majority of our dark meat gets exported overseas to russia, middle east and africa. consumers are starting to come around on that. specifically when it comes to the thigh. so we looked at bringing in a thigh wing this year that has a similar taste experience and
4:36 am
bone-in experience to a traditional chicken wing to combat that shortage we are seeing in the traditional wing market. >> pete: matt, is it working i have never had a thigh wing. trying to use the whole bird but do people want to eat the whole bird. >> yes, thankfully one of our major competitors wing stop decided to jump on board the thy and wing bandwagon as well. as soon as they issued a nationwide marketing campaign, sales of the thigh wing jumped in two weeks. people coming around. great cut. we don't grill in the summertime. the thigh meat is the go-to cut. it's juicier, it's tender, and people are starting to realize that, you know, it might not be as bad as a wing as well. >> pete: interesting. labor, you run i believe it's 10 stores, how is your workforce? >> our workforce has recovered
4:37 am
in the last month. actually fun i couldn't mention labor because labor is the linchpin behind the chicken wing shortage. they say it's not a chicken shortage, it's a labor shortage. our chicken wing shortage will croffer it as soon as the labor shortage. happen super bowl. >> pete: not a lack of chicken, it's a lack of people to process. >> the farms can lay the eggs. the good thing about chicken is from hatch to slaughter is only a 40 day cycle. the chicken markets can recover very quickly but they don't have the labor in place of the secondary processing facilities to get those pieces cut and over to the distributers and tout to the restaurants. >> pete: wow, i didn't realize it's 40 days. i hope they make the best of them. matt, thank you so much. matt wing it on, thank you. >> thank you. >> pete: up next, house democrats are purportedly precinct for nancy pelosi's exit
4:38 am
from congress. former speaker newt gingrich on how the left might transform -- can they without pelosi at the helm? ♪ we always find a way back home ♪ ♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without ♪eartburn?
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4:43 am
favorite. it looks like the debate might be around the leadership who he or whoever is leader decides to surround themselves with. will it be the socialist, the communists? the progressives of the party or central left moderates? what are your thoughts on that? >> well, first of all, this is a very big moment, pelosi has been an astonishing dominant figure and whether you like her or dislike her, whether you like or dislike her policies, she has been amazingly effective for a very long time. she survived losing the congress. came back and the minority leader, got to be speaker again, and with a tiny majority, she accomplished things i didn't as a former speaker i didn't think were possible. so, you at least technically have to have a real respect for her professionalism, her toughness, the degree to which she owns the house democratic party. when she leaves there will be a big vacuum. hakeem jeffriess is probably the best positioned and i think the
4:44 am
way you phrase it is exactly right. it has to be somebody who has a foot in every camp, who has allies who are willing to accept them. there is a tendency by the news media to greatly overstate the importance of the squad. in fact, the news media in many ways makes aoc and the squad important. their actual total votes about six, which is not enough to elect anybody. but, also recognize this will almost certainly be the minority leader, not the next speaker. and so the question will be in part for the democrats who can get us back into a majority? that will be a real test between who can represent the left and who can get us back into majority? not necessarily the same person. >> rachel: do you think that hakeem jeffries is the best person to do that? for the democrats? >> i don't think -- i don't think a republican can judge that. i think that he certainly has positioned himself well. he has worked very hard to be broadly acceptable.
4:45 am
but, there are a number of other players there. i wouldn't be too surprised to see four or five candidates initially because they -- it's a rare moment of openness. i also suspect that the number 2 and 3 slots will also end up being vacated partially because when they lose, and i think they will lose this fall, they are going to suddenly face this realization who has the drive and charisma to get them back to a majority that will be the question if they had a big majority and picking somebody to sustain the majority. they have real problems. the problems are going to, i think, compound and get worse as they go through this year. partly brought on by biden, but partly brought on by the fact that they have gotten too far to the left and they don't really represent the country. they represent the left wing of their party. and that's a very narrow base to try to sustain a majority in the house.
4:46 am
>> rachel: well, let's look ahead at 2022. we are looking at joe biden to do list. it looks a lot like it's 202120 do list it looks like he didn't get a lot done. so, tell me why he didn't get it done. and what has to change in order for him to get those items done in 2022. >> well, remember, i have a pretty deep bias here. i'm a conservative. i think the policies he adopted are disastrous in the real world. so, you know, he is anti-american energy. the price of gasoline and heating oil go up. he has launched a program of inflation. people feel it in their pocketbooks every time they go to the store. he has totally failed to meet the logistic supply chain crisis. there are still 90 ships offshore waiting to be off loaded in southern california. you go through item after item and biden's problem is the real world. there is still 100,000 plus people coming across the border illegally every month. none of them with covid checks.
4:47 am
none of them with criminal record checks. so, we're seeing a compounding of reality in ways that i think make it hard for them. meanwhile, they simply took off too big a bite. their idea of build back better was actually build back a lot bigger, and that's not what the country wants. and so i think we're going to see a replay of 2021 with a disastrous result in november for the democrats. >> rachel: yeah. looks like it might make a win for republicans come the midterm. speaker gingrich, always a pleasure to get your insight. no one knows more than you on these topics. >> thank you. >> rachel: happy new year again to you and can a his it that. >> happy new year, take care. >> rachel: taking a live look at the white house as the snow is coming down. winter storm warning is in place for the nation's capital until 4:00 p.m. today. federal offices are closed as 8 inches are expected to fall today. new jersey governor phil murphy also issuing a state of
4:48 am
emergency for five counties where forecasters predict up to 18 inches. that's just a tuesday in wisconsin. but, let's check in with meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. >> janice: it's true, rachel. you know what happens in d.c., you know what happens in d.c. when you get like a little tiny bit of snow, things shut down, right? and that's exactly what's happening. 4 to 8 inches for a wide swathe, really from the d.c. area up towards new jersey. let's take a look at it. not only the snow though. we could see the risk for severe storms across north carolina. that means tornadoes. we got a very dynamic system, one that's bringing the first big snow storm in several years for the d.c. area. we have winter weather alerts from atlanta, georgia all the way up towards atlantic city, new jersey. so this is going to be a short-lived storm but very impactful for some of these areas. and it's going to be really difficult to travel in and
4:49 am
around the d.c. area, an area that's not typically used to 4 to 8 inches of snow. we could see upwards of a foot or more in the mountainous regions of virginia and west virginia. there is your snow forecast where we see the deeper shades of pink along the app. lations upwards of 12 to 18 inches of snow. and then in and around the d.c. area, a wide swath of 4 to 8 inches. so it will be out of the area tonight but for the meantime, people need to, you know, listen to their local officials because things are going to be really tough to travel this morning. all right, rachel, back to you my friend. >> rachel: thank you, janice, listen to your local officials and listen to janice dean. take care, janice. all right, well, stay with us, tom shillue is next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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4:54 am
you recall the 80s? >> yes. a little bit. we take you back the big stories the laughs and the tears would bring it all back from 1981. there is so much to talk about. it is such a fun show to do. >> in particular what stands out we go over the movies and the pop-culture stuff. we go over the politics and there was a lot of stuff that was happening. we need to go back and look at the 80s. inflation was low.
4:55 am
when was the movie rainman released? 1984. >> brian is correct. i apologize. 1988. question number two. in the air tonight with phil collins. >> 1986. >> i'm going to say in 1980 -- 1981.
4:56 am
>> where is the beef do you recall those commercials? >> 1984. >> 1984 is the answer. pete at this correct. >> the memories are already coming back. to look back at when tom was really cool in the 80s. thank you so much tom. >> thank you to our sponsor you can now view a full episode in 1981 free online. hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years.
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5:01 am
good morning. weather outside is awful. that is the white house that you are looking at. that is quite a cool shot. good morning everybody and good morning peter. i was just saying this is just another day in minnesota or wisconsin.
5:02 am
but now everything shuts down in washington because of this. >> it is true but i don't want that at all. i am sick of the cold and i don't want to be called. i used to love these images now they just make me cold and i don't want to see them anymore. i know it's 2022 and i don't want to be pessimistic. we to be more optimistic and use positive words. for when it's cold there are less things for the kids to do outside. when you go to a warmer climate the kids can do stuff outdoors year-round. unless he wants to take the train which he used to do which i find quite interesting. i just can't get enough of the line dancing. i want to know what you are doing on new year's eve.
5:03 am
how much did this take for your reluctant when they first said to do this? >> interestingly, no. i do enjoy dancing and a couple of beverages typically helps. you just drop those inhibitions and you go for it. that is not a life. 's over for me is different than most. >> in this case i'm going to wear some orange and white blue. sometimes you could do this to you just drop angle for a. >> he is more of a texas dancer and i'm more of a bad hip-hop dancer. you know he did not dress appropriately. there is nobody in nashville the dresses like this. do you have any say in your
5:04 am
wardrobe? >> he loves this. >> while these guys for dancing at the store they were incredible at the wildhorse saloon. they went into the crowd teaching everybody how to do this. meanwhile shawn was back home. taking care of everybody. he watched us all night on the new year shall. during the show we were asked what was our resolution. i said mine was going to be gratitude for sean. i have a great husband and i'm going to show more gratitude this year. i came home a bit tired and a bit crappy. he said remember your new year's
5:05 am
resolution. that was a problem with saying it on national tv. i'm now held accountable every single day. >> you get some pretty your job i watch them on every show. i watch you on every show. >> you were going to need hillary clinton to a village to raise your family. i just had a chance with my nieces and nephews. it was not on television so. for the most part we were able to go out to eat and get together. 's not easy getting a table for about 15 people. it's great to see and it wasn't too long ago. if you are kids playing defense everybody is running around and we can go play.
5:06 am
now they can drive. they can drink for the most part they have had a great time. >> what a beautiful family. dc help break their teeth are? pete kick us off. lets 2022. >> my phone rang in the middle of that segment it was delta airlines. my flight is probably delayed. to get on a plane you don't have to take a test. you don't have to be vaccinated. all of these guidelines seem to be ever shifting. to include if you are sick how long you must quarantine before you go back to work for back-to-school. the number is changing and the question is do you have to take a test or not? all of us are just looking for
5:07 am
some clarity in some science from these doctors that are supposed to be giving us all of this information but this can't seem to get on the same page. here are the doctors on whether or not testing is to happen after quarantines. >> you are going to be transmitting during that entire time. >> there has been some concerns about what we don't have people getting tested. this is something that is now under consideration. they are very well aware but there has been some pushback on this. looking at this there could be an option in this testing could be a part of this. i think we are going to hear more about that in the coming days program.
5:08 am
>> some concern under consideration. some pushback could be an option i don't know what you just said. that song i'm not to be free. it kind of seems like they are just making it up as they go. that is how i feel. neither of these two have ever treated a patient. i've decided moving forward that i'm going to get advice from people that have actually treated people and there's plenty of doctor's many of them have been on our show. you name it. go online and we have all. they have been far more reliable than anything coming from the cdc.
5:09 am
you spoke this morning with another doctor was talked to a lot and she said all this mixed messaging is leading to a lack of compliance. the mixed messaging doesn't just lead to confusion but ultimately leads to a lack of compliance. the messaging has been problematic to say the least. is ideal to get tested but impractical and unrealistic because we have such an extreme shortage of testing and diagnostic tools. it's also not helpful to be tested because it is helpful to know that you don't bring this home to somebody that could be vulnerable. if you do still have infection after being tested it could create more problems and more chaos. a couple of things. he also came up out and said we should be looking at cases.
5:10 am
hospitalizations. this came out as a question. georgia the question and the thing about having a test after five days. what happens is we have to learn from this. deal with this intelligently and responsibly. whether you like it or not some people choose to mountain climb and skydive. what i find so disturbing is they are actually listening to the business community and weighing the advantages. if we keep telling people that you are positive and on the shelf over the course of ten days. no doctors know nurses. we can't live like this. there is almost no chance of you spreading this after five days.
5:11 am
instead we are now badgering these medical professionals. these tests that go into your nose you are going to test positive after 15 days. we can't miss work for 15 days. a few rapid tests to understand results? none of these tests are reliable can i just add that we don't have enough which is a failure by the administration. but overall i think there has just been too much testing. there is testing to do testing. testing to do everything. everywhere i go the only thing
5:12 am
that is consistent is that people are waiting in the cold in line for a test that they probably do not need. this is something we must change by the way the president did what trump said the last few days. there is no federal solution. you said you would kill the virus and help the economy. every single step of the way you have left everybody down. we finally get a break and we will find out in the next 48 hours. ultimately what has been advocated is the balance between
5:13 am
the livelihood and the science. scientists out front we have that conversion all the time now from their viewpoint. but there is another topic that is quite central obviously. it's affecting theories across the country and that is drug users and drug overdoses. the lacing of drugs of people using drugs for the first time. and drug seizures at the border. looking at 2021 it has simply exploded. this is the first time in quite some time that there is more drugs crossing our borders. before we end this over to you you had a great interview with derek a former special agent and he propped on the fact that it is not just a problem. this is a china problem.
5:14 am
to do something they are doing intentionally. they are using these cartels as a proxy to kill the future generations. we have doctors lawyers and teachers. we are losing 100,000 americans per year. we are operating with impunity. we need to be much more aggressive. we are looking at the communities and we are deceiving them. >> this interview that you have is so eye opening. it was simply mind blowing if you ask me. i have always been concerned about the drugs cross the border we have talked a lot on this show and other shows about the
5:15 am
concern of the destabilization of mexico. i believe it is turning into a drug state. i have called joe the human trafficker in chief. this is a threat i had not thought about. this alliance between the cartel and the communist chinese government to basically flood or border and poison our young people is actually an national security threat. >> this is a multifaceted attack of china. they are trying to neutralize us in the south china sea. at the same time they are trying to poison us and people say i don't just go buy drugs and my kids don't buy drugs. but there is so many different
5:16 am
things that use the term laced. people i know in college are using prescription pills to focus and study longer. they could use some type of amphetamine to stay up late to study. these aren't bad kids hanging with a bad crowd that have lost their way. these are people living every day like. when it starts getting into prescription drugs than it's going to be everybody's problem. but our president understand this issue. what is happening with illegal drugs affecting every bracket. i'm going to crack down on this and use leverage with mexico in order to do this i'm going to hurt them with trade like the president did.
5:17 am
the only thing they are going to understand is money. if you are going to do this and help them crackdown within their borders at the same time reinforcing this that is called leadership. simply being a leader in this is what people don't understand. what is happening at the border is not democrats being open to immigrants. it is letting down america and the reason why trump did this is because they want to be americans. they don't want illegal immigration. we do have human trafficking bringing drugs here. i dare to say they aren't even trying in the white house.
5:18 am
>> they're coming at the us. >> but that is the problem. this is the problem with electing our president. all the information in those e-mails is so relevant. he has not been held accountable there's no questions about why he hasn't confirmed that the chinese. this is a new ones that americans should pay attention two. >> amidst growing concern over russia's military buildup. mark is live with details on this. >> the president spent part of his holiday on the phone trying to grasp what russia is trying to do with all of their troops.
5:19 am
on sunday president biden speaking by phone. he is said to have urged them to de-escalate the situation. allowed diplomatic efforts to stop any issues that may exist. >> nothing about you without your. they are praising the us and its allies for efforts to keep the peace in the region but notably in washington russia is not likely to back down from a potential invasion. >> i fear that they are very lightly -- he appears intent on doing this unless we can persuade them otherwise.
5:20 am
i think nothing other than a level of sanctions they are going to receive is going to determine this. back to you. >> thank you for that report and we appreciate aspects coming up this congressman is under fire for enjoying the florida freedom that she criticizes. dan is going to give us his unfiltered take on her hypocrisy it is getting fit with your new year's resolutions. trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high ♪ ♪ you know how i feel ♪
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gym memberships are usually booming. fitness is at the top of the list for resolutions and things to do. but as people are so sick of the new york state fitness alliance joins us now. what has happened to further hamper your business? >> is become such a challenge. people are afraid. they don't want to come in. we are being asked two make a decision between doing a mask or have ever been to get vaccinated people need to come in and work out.
5:26 am
we need people getting exercise and fitness so this entire thing is when we are helping people trapped their goals and get back on track from where they have fallen off. it's been quite a challenge because of this. >> twenty-two% of closed for good. that is 9,000 places through no fault of your own. nobody is looking at the industry in our opinions in the way that they are looking at anybody else. it is specific for others that are able to operate while shut down. yuko and with a mask and you have to wear masks the entire time within our facilities. go into another industry and take off the mask. it is a challenge. >> there is no doubt if you have
5:27 am
some kids telling people to wear masks we have been doing it for a few years. the best thing to happen to anybody is to get in better shape and fight the illness. this is where health and fitness comes in. >> this is been the biggest challenge for us. we are speaking with local state and federal officials. we are the answer. we help people boost their immune system. we help people prepare two fight against this. many others have believed all sorts of data that people that are in shape or have very strong health they are able to handle the viruses. the different variants in the air affected much less because they are in such good fitness. they are in such good shape and i don't understand what we can't make that connection and have
5:28 am
this set by the officials with the support behind the. >> let us be part of the solution. keep in mind some of the hardest working people are in fitness but there is no proof of any spread. they want you to come in as a member don't let this be the reason you don't get a chance this year. picking out and hopefully people will pay attention. >> straightahead bomber responsible for the attack killing troops in afghanistan is identified. they were all locked up. up next to the parents of a hero reacting to the suspect that was released from jail.
5:29 am
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5:33 am
has always wanted to join the marines. 's family joining us now. welcome to those of you and happy new year. lets say that everybody here at fox is heartbroken. before we talk about these developments i wanted two give you the opportunity to tell us more about him. >> i apologize i did not hear you. >> tell us a bit more about your son. >> he was a good kid in every single way. he's always wanted two help people. neighbors and friends. he just wants to be a marine since she was a toddler that's all he would ever talk about. actually started training himself to be a marine at the age of 14.
5:34 am
it was just something that he had always wanted to do. it is still a bit unreal that he is even gone. it has been quite difficult. >> i'm sure it has. now that we know the suicide bomber that killed your son was actually being held at a prison that we knew we had to fight him in the base knowing these prisoners would be released what is your reaction to that? >> my reaction is frustration. we were able to keep our son alive. for the last 20 years he goes and joins the military's and our country doesn't protect him.
5:35 am
the airbase was a more substantial base where they could have done this evacuation from. they go and lose the embassy. ultimately they ended up at the gate of the airport. the fact that they let him out is a testament to the carelessness of this administration. to top it all off our son wasn't killed by the bomb. this isn't even the guy that killed him. what do you mean by that? >> we still haven't got the autopsy report from the government.
5:36 am
we have reason to believe our son was shot. our son was killed by gunshots. i can feel your frustration. we were reporting as your son was there at the airport. the entire weekend we kept saying that they were sitting ducks and it's a very dangerous situation. do you feel that our government and leaders have been held accountable?
5:37 am
would you like to see happen for accountability? >> be held responsible and when i questioned him in dover delaware why wasn't he planning this evacuation? situations like this are quite fluid. we need the generals on the ground to change the direction of any given task. people are hanging onto the size of airplanes. i think this was a key to the us military and government officials that we may need to send a few more troops because this would be getting out of hand.
5:38 am
they did not do this they let the opposition take over the evacuation. the people coming through the gate were okay. i don't know how they were killed but they change the policy and so that nobody else can come. everybody trying to get evacuated was no longer to bring any belongings. i don't think a new but he has been held accountable. i think americans feel exactly the same way you do. we are all equally outraged and heartbroken. we will remember the sacrifice of your son and the other service members. thank you for joining us we know it's been a tough holiday for you.
5:39 am
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rated the number one hiring site. try it for free at under fire as the city is under a strict mask mandate. she is caught partying without a mask in florida. if you don't think about this and i you said it's a party like to go two. >> here is the deal. just don't come to florida. it's a free country and i can't tell her what to do. i believe in freedom and you can travel the way you want.
5:44 am
why do you want to come down here? you say that you hate us. and we are all backwards we are like a bunch of rednecks. every insult that you can throw at conservative america. why do you want to be around us? why do you want to be around? we are not interested. there is no mass exodus to new york or california. everybody is emulating the 1980
5:45 am
s. they are trying to escape from new york. please don't count because we are not interested. you have created these issues by voting for the lunacy. just stay away. we have a good thing. ron did a photo shoot. if you think it is a joke and put this in a search engine. it was the most amazing thing.
5:46 am
we love you in nashville. please don't go away mad. why y issue therein for the? >> because she knows what everybody on planet earth knows. conservative red states are beacons of freedom. we have learned to live with this. as is said to you on new year's eve don't wait to dive. live your life.
5:47 am
go out and enjoy yourselves. go and enjoy yourselves because she knows this she is a fraud. you are just sexually frustrated you want to date her and date a communist. >> you have met my wife and i think i'm doing okay. i'm doing okay on the dating from. if i weren't married and were single the first question would be are you a communist? no additional answers are necessary.
5:48 am
a winter storm warning in place in the nation's capital until 4:00 p.m. today. good morning and what a way to start in 2022. a big snowstorm for washington dc. the mountains are over 1 foot of snow. it is quite incredible.
5:49 am
winter weather alerts expanding through georgia all the way up or go we will continue two monitor this for the latest weather alerts. >> cancel culture could be coming into another portion of military. on the latest attack against the infantry patch let's check in with dan coming up at the top of the hour. a frustrated america battling
5:50 am
bureaucracy. politics taking a break but it is back with a vengeance. they are trying to reverse the slide. getting back saying that we will talk about sports at 9:00 a.m. so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> among the troops who stormed the beaches of normandy on d-day, soldiers with the 29th infantry division. now, though woke movement is coming for their infantry patch. that when you see right there on the screen, the blue in the gray. now under review for potential retirement over confederacy tires. here to react, 101st air course veteran and candidate jake beckett. thanks for being here. that lineage of this unit is significant. the virginia national guard was a coming together of union and rebel. it is in their simple and yet may cancel it? >> absolutely. the patch itself represents the unity of these four confederate and union soldiers who came together to serve our common
5:55 am
purpose. this patch was proudly worn by soldiers who stormed the beaches of normandy. now they want to cancel it. people who are offended by this patch in the same elevator. i am so sick and tired of the cancel culture. we've got to stop it in its tracks. give them nothing. speak out that's exactly right, jake. there aren't people clamoring for this. there are actually guys in the 29th infantry saying i'm offended by my patch. they are not out there. there's just a few people who have an agenda. and yet we cave. why is our pentagon and others often caving to this also? >> it's part of this orwellian naming commission that want to whitewash our history and remove the proud traditions of our military. it has to stop. as you said, i spent years training. you spent years in the infantry. no one is offended by this. it's about coming together, working together and striving toward common goals but no one
5:56 am
cares about this stuff except left-wing politicians and media who want to whitewash our military. defending our country not on this orwellian nonsense. >> you're totally, totally right. everyone laughed when they said first they start with confederate statues then it will be thomas jefferson and george washington. names of bases that many of us deploy to intranet as well. thank you so much for your time, your service and good luck in your race as well. moments away. for enlisted veterans, helping thousands buy a home, get cash, or lower their mortgage payments. we start by asking one simple question: how can we help that veteran? with more ways to help more veterans, no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newday usa.
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6:00 am
>> the white house a little blurry. the president will come back from delaware. it gonna get some rain. special thanks to all of you for keeping the president freedom fighter top in the country. rachel and pete, do you want to do this again tomorrow? >> dana: president biden returning from vacation to a full-blown covid crisis. the virus is once again upending americans lives. the white house is short on solutions. good morning, i'm dana perino. bill is off. >> good morning everyone. i'm trace gallagher. this is "america's newsroom" paired the virus is causing holiday hangover for travelers. airlines to cancel flights, more than 3,000 today alone for bad weather making things even worse. >> dana: also not helping, makes messaging from the cdc


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