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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 3, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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steele on the on the crown the crown variant across america breaking records in terms of numbers of cases in new york. now putting nonwhite people ahead of every other person when it comes to some treatment. and getting criticized heavily.
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i'm harris faulkner. this is "outnumbered." i'm joined by my cohost, emily compagno, kayleigh mcenany, tomi lahren, and fox news contributor jason chaffetz. happy new year, everybody. so good to see you. wow. i like your new part, tomi. >> tomi: thank you very much. >> harris: new york's eligibility plan for distributing its limited supply of covid treatments now includes taking the patient's race into account with mml explaining it this way. this is a quote. "nonwhite race or hispanic, and ethnicity should be considered a risk factor as long-standing systemic health and social inequities have contributed to an increased risk of severe illness and death from covid-19." critics are going after that policy, calling it racist. >> jason: it's unconstitutional, and it's
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racist. quite frankly, this is a critical race theory. this is literally critical race theory applied to public health. since there is past discrimination against african-americans and other minorities, there should be present discrimination against white people forgetting vaccines are or getting treatments. >> harris: you know it's fascinating to me about this, in the very beginning of the pandemic, and you know. you are with the trump administration. you guys dealt with the high numbers of people of color who are diabetic and overweight. all of that time has passed, and the current administration, these democrat lead cities and states have not done anything to ease up on that. instead, they want to make everybody else pay. >> kayleigh: exactly right. i stood at the podium many times during the trump administration and a knowledge there definitely is a disparity in the way folks deal with covid-19. it does disproportionately affect black and brown communities. we said what do we do about
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that? let's make sure that these are available, but not based on race. that is purely and simply unconstitutional. i'm sure my colleague, emily, we'll get into that. but it's absolutely striking, harris, when you look into what new york does here, they are going to administer therapeutics based on race, which we know is not right. it's not constitutional, et cetera. but they cite a cdc document for the reason in doing this. the cdc document talks about the disparity in how different races handle covid-19, and they point to this. vaccination status, noting that there are more white people vaccinated then there are in communities of color. interestingly, if you're pointing to a document that said vaccination status is the reason for this disparity in part, he says but at least in many liberal sectors, failure to be vaccinated for covid has been named a moral failing. there's even a suggestion that the unvaccinated should not
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receive treatment at a hospital, so you cannot point you that in one instance and say they should pay and then pointed out as a rationale for race-based discrimination on therapeutics. >> harris: you also, jason, cannot point to this and say this is not about politics because it is. i mean, if you think about this, if they really wanted people of color to rise and be more equal and all of these things, why did they elect a vice president who, while she was running with joe biden, decided to tell people, and you know people of color were listening to the first black and brown vice president to be, don't get this vaccine if it comes from trump. because she would not do it. >> jason: jay's culpable in that. hey, i'm sure that senator elizabeth warren will be at the front of the line if they are going to base it on that. >> harris: low, good lord. >> jason: i just could not resist. how about this? how about we have enough testing for everybody and enough therapeutics for everybody so we don't have to pick people based
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on their race? he would think two years into this, we actually would have their therapeutics and the tests. i don't understand how we are two years into this. joe biden says i forgot to order the test, by golly. we should have known. and why are we targeting people who -- for testing, who are not high risk? healthy 18-year-olds do not need to go through this. but there are certain people, based on other characteristics. but race is not one of them. >> harris: tomi. >> tomi: yeah, for the party that claims to want unity, they are sure sending some mixed messages here. and i think that we should all take a page out of the book of john dunn. as this is what progress looks like, we should be the while that progress runs into. this is not progressivism. it is lunacy. it is ridiculous. race baiting identity politics is all the left has a beard but there's a bigger conversation to be had here.
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we need to be focusing treatments and therapeutics on those that are more vulnerable, but in the bigger picture for this nation, we need to be talking about overall health. if you recall, we have had gyms, aa meetings, other things have had limited capacity, shut down altogether. we want to talk about helping those that are most vulnerable, whatever their race or ethnicity is, we should be talking about overall health. talking about how we treat people, i'm of the opinion that freedom works best for everybody. maybe the left should get a dose of that. >> harris: you know where we can go for that? emily compagno. emily. >> emily: things, harris. first of all, tomi, i love that you quoted john dutton, as long as you don't say "spoiler load." there are two major problems. unworkable, impractical solution to these symptoms, rather than the underlying issue. it actually falls on its face
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constitutionally. we know that it discriminates plainly on the issue of race, but it has to have a strict scrutiny standard. the law has to be narrowly tailored to serve compelling state interest. here, sure, there is no one that can arguably -- that can argue effectively that this is narrowly tailored to such. what i mean about the underlying issue is that i understand that these black and brown communities suffer more from underlying factors like obesity and kidney failure and diabetes, absolutely. and they are not represented in the higher concentration in age, which is number one, but the answer is to not allocate resources in this way that detracts from those populations that are suffering from the highest ratio, which is those that are older. the issue is to address it in other words, trustee access to health care and those other mediums. access to food deserts. all of those underlying issues
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need to be addressed. allocating certain resources on the basis of race now with this unconstitutional lies not the way to go about it. >> harris: that's all comes back down to law enforcement. you cannot fix a food desert problem and put the walgreens and those pharmacies and those grocery stores back in those areas where the crime is a raging right now because you don't have the cops and the underfunded cities to protect those targets. when i say targeting, i mean from a guy here in new york who hits the same shop 27 times. the same walgreens. it is not sustainable, we have going on right now. you don't have access in some communities, but we are going into year three. these are the basics. as jason pointed out, we've got some very basic stuff that needs to be handled. jason, before we scoot on out of here, there is one that boggles the mind. at the beginning, we set if we ever get a vaccine, we are gonna
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mobilize it. johnson & johnson came out one that did not have to have all of the fancy refrigeration. now that jerry is out on whether it helps against omicron. you are going to take it into those mainly black and brown neighborhoods, where are the ideas with this administration? >> jason: well, the president is now admitting that you need to do it state-by-state. you look at ron desantis -- >> harris: that's what he is admitting. >> jason: yeah, exactly. they don't have a plan. i challenge anybody to sit down and write out what is the biden plan to tackle this? when you are going to spend $73 billion to have testing for everybody, that's more than $200 per person. but if you go to get a test, you're going to be waiting in line, or you're not going to be able to find one. so instead of targeting those who are the most vulnerable, those that really truly needed, we are going to start sending out testing kits to everybody across the country even though they may not need one.
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it doesn't make sense. >> harris: imagine what people would do if you just hand them the cash and say keep this for, you know, the monoclonal antibodies or anything that you might need along the way. they are stuck on the basics. maybe she thinks the rules are for the other people. the heat aoc is getting now that the far left congresswoman is again spotted partying math class in miami. outdoors. maybe not even breaking any rules, other than her own. plus, her suggestion that her critics are angry because they want to date her. she really tweeted about it. ♪ ♪
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because once you experience thinkorswim® by td ameritrade ♪♪♪ there's no going back. speech is far left congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez accused of hypocrisy after she was spotted ringing in the new year in miami maskless a omicron cases surge. she was greeted with applause and was seen hugging patrons in this crowded bar. also getting roasted for tweeting at critics who called her out for heading down to miami with her sandal wearing boyfriend yet "if republicans are mad they can date me, they can just say that instead of projecting their sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend's feet." jason, equating criticisms with g.o.p. sexual frustration and obsession. >> jason: i am going to go to
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have betty white quote. she said "you don't lock into integrity. you actually work for it." it is not something that is high on her list. i think she is more about on television. she is and a horse race with dr. fauci as to who can be on television more often. she's not actually doing her job. why doesn't she talk about freedom and liberty? this is the way you should live. instead, she's got this perversion that she's got to thrust out to everybody to be able to try to attract even more attention. i don't think it's effective. i think it's shallow. it's inconsistent with the way she preaches. she dictates like a democrat, but she often wants to live like a republican. >> tomi: great line, jason. "it's starting to get old, the
9:17 am
frustrations that underpin the republican frustration on me with sin lgbtq people in general. these people clearly need therapy, one do it, and he is politics as their outlet instead. it's really weird," she writes. kayleigh, you an awesome instagram life directed at aoc. your thoughts? >> kayleigh: i hail from the great state of florida. my state of residence being a great place to vacation. i think everyone should come to the great state of florida. it's a great place for an important reason. we left freedom here. we have a governor that loves freedom. it was a remarkable contrast when i would travel to new york and then come to florida and see the contrast of people outside living their life, walking out in the fun, going to the beach versus new york city where auc hails from. kids were five years old have to sit outside and eat in the cold if they are not vaccinated. a city that is basically uninhabitable in some ways
9:18 am
because of the crime epidemic going on there. come vacation in florida, aoc, but realize why use of the state so much. one other thing i will say, if you are a sitting united states congresswoman in the house of representatives, you represent nearly 700,000 people. you are the titular head of the left and a powerful wing of the democratic party, and you are engaging in juvenile behavior, thing republicans are mad they cannot date you, aoc. come on now. tweet something befitting of your position. not that juvenile behavior i think it's a middle school or would engage in. not, i can, sitting congresswoman. >> emily: jason brought up freedom. how does not plan to freedom in her approach to them up until now? >> tomi: well, these liberals, all of them really love to go to florida, and for good reason. they have a fantastic governor. it's understandable. every time we catch a democrat being a hypocrite, they try to
9:19 am
protect themselves on the en masse in gaslight us, saying that we are just going after them for xyz reasons. now, because you are a hypocrite. we don't care if you have fun. we just wish he would not preach to the rest of us. furthermore, i want to talk about aoc and this whole theory that everyone wants to date her. this is a problem i have with modern-day feminism. they say that we are all equal, they don't want to be treated differently because they are women. and then they tweet things like this. if you criticize me, it must be because you have sexual perversions about me. that's disgusting and shows you how ridiculous modern day feminism has, but let's be honest about aoc. she might be a congresswoman, but she wants to be a kardashian. she is addicted to the same in social media. she's addicted to herself. she wants to be a reality tv star. frankly, that might be a better path for her. for right now, she is representing a lot of people, and she should act like it.
9:20 am
>> harris: there was a kardashian who pushed for crime reform. don't compare her to kim. i don't know why aoc is talking about sex. i don't understand it. it's not befitting of a congresswoman or congressperson, but she's not even concerned with the people in her district. why not tweet i know you saw me maskless, i want to let you know what the rules are. that's got the conversation open about vaccinations and why some of you have chosen not to do so. i mean, she could have turned this into an opportunity. in fact, she missed a huge one because she did not look outward here she looked in the mirror. she looked inward. she decided to make it all about her. this is not really about her. we don't care if she parties, do we? i don't, tomi. i love fun. she needs to do locally what they are telling her to do.
9:21 am
apparently she loves florida. so we thought she loves new york, so show them some love. that's her job. >> emily: great points, everyone. you guys now that. twitter permanently suspending congresswoman marjorie taylor greene's personal account over her tweets about covid, and icons as they warn democrats threatening the first amendment. that's next, guys. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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9:26 am
going into effect after greene tweeted this. dangerous vaccines were stopped. after come extremely high amounts of deaths, and mandates increase. she responded, blasting them, accusing them of a double standard. jason, starting with you, can you think of any example of a leftist to being banned on twitter? >> jason: now. he just got a look at rachel maddow. the information that she put out the vaccine, saying that if you take the vaccine, it stops right there. you could not transmit it. that ends up being false information. of course they're not going to ban her, nor do i think they should. but they are inconsistent. i think that what they should go after twitter for his electioneering. i do believe that they are suppressing the right wing, suppressing conservatives with their ability to communicate on
9:27 am
their platform in doing so unilaterally. but i think they are engaged in deceptive trade practices, and i think whether it is the ftc or something semi, emily and i have talked about this in the past. i think their deceptive trade practices, enticing people to get people to join twitter and then you can communicate with your friends, and you really can't. i think that is deceptive, just like if a serial said it is going to make you strong, you're going to feel good, look how big this is. they have to put warning labels on the cereal boxes saying those flakes are really not that big. and they would be all over of them. you have more friends, be able to communicate with them. i think they should go after them more. >> kayleigh: electioneering, look no further than hunter biden and the way they censored that story, but to the point of covid, let's take a listen to scott gottlieb and dr. fauci who sound very different on the issue of covid-19 and cloth
9:28 am
masks. >> cloth masks are not going to provide a lot of protection. this is an airborne illness. it is not going to protect you from a virus that spreads they were airborne transmission. >> are they effective at preventing the spread of omicron? >> yeah. when the cdc says they are effective, in fact, they are. >> kayleigh: stephen miller saying that his comments would have been "a twitter benefit had been six months ago." the point i'm trying to make, they are disagreements on different issues when it comes to covid-19, but should they be the misinformation police? >> harris: let's consider where the bar is for twitter. not long ago, senator tim scott, african american senator among republicans, was forced to endure as the rest of the world watched, a hashtag with a racial slur against him.
9:29 am
and when it populated and trended, we found out that there was not some sort of digital or mechanical algorithm that made it so popular. it was human beings have twitter who thought that that was a thing to do. so what i need to know is are these the same people were fact-checking? because clearly he is not that racial slur and deserves much more than that. whoever thought that that was like that idea, we should have read about them being fired. marjorie taylor greene is not a doctor in infectious disease. if you want to get your information from her, follow her, i guess. but what they usually do is put a sticker on all of us, even when we are spouting the facts about covid-19 or whatever, they put a sticker on us. to take her down, i think responsibly, you need to start taking a lot of people down. honestly, why does that person have an account? i don't know what they are
9:30 am
tweeting, but somebody who they have said israel dominic is real as her tweeting >> kayleigh: why should and how can israel be eliminated? these tweets linked to nine questions. you also have the tweet from ilhan omar, where she has an anti-semitic remark quoting "all about the benjamins." where were the fact-checkers here? >> tomi: where where the pc police? i think it's quite obvious that if they are on twitter, what have you, when it happens, and i mean liberal because they are an arm of the dnc. just be honest about it. that is what you want to do, just come out and say it appeared to jason's point, don't say that it is a public forum
9:31 am
for ideas. something aaron rodgers said that i think is so important. science that you can question his propaganda. what is twitter stake in advancing this propaganda day in and day out? i could talk about this for the entire segment. there have been things that at the beginning were misinformation about the wuhan lab leak, not talking about masks, that initially twitter flagged and said this is incorrect. this is misinformation. where is twitter when these things turn out to be accurate? where is twitter to say we made a mistake? where are your fact-checkers to correct? they never issue a correction. they never do a statement about anything they have done peer journalists are expected to do that. i think twitter should do the same. if they want to be the fact-checking police, own up to it. >> harris: where is correction sticker? with marjorie taylor greene, you know what they are missing? an opportunity to have a
9:32 am
conversation with her. what was your source on this? she's a congresswoman. you know she's going to bring whatever it is from her perspective. why not make -- >> kayleigh: right. we know that twitter has the ability to censor her. they are a private company. but when congress steps in income tells twitter or social media to regulate misinformation, that could be a different story. >> emily: right. i think we are seeing to go very different approaches. on the one hand, we have representative dan crenshaw who just introduced a bill amending section 230 to prevent against political censorship you to jason's point, also knowledge is the fact that they are -- twitter's interest in regulating
9:33 am
misinformation, i argue that it is coming straight from house democrats who, three times in the last five months, have called the ceos of social media platforms before them to testify. but their explicit purpose is to censor into regulate. they released a quote saying "industry self-regulation has failed, and therefore, we, meaning congress, must begin the work of changing incentives for social media companies to allow and even from a misinformation and disinformation." you have a house democrats for their sole goal to be to regulate and to have at their home social media companies. and then you have the other approach, which is insuring freedoms and access and lawful approach not on the basis of discrimination, including and especially political censorship. >> kayleigh: that's a great comparison. a lot of first amendment issues at play there.
9:34 am
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>> emily: democratic front cities are seeing record crime numbers as we enter a new year. chicago ending 2021 with 797, science, the largest count in 26 years. washington suffering its deadliest year in nearly 20 years. new york city searing dominic seen nearly 500 for the first time in a decade. now on new year's day, an nypd officer woke up to a bullet to the head after he had been shot resting in his car between his ships. officer kees, expected to make a full recovery after having bullet fragments removed from his skull, thunderous applause upon his release from the hospital. we are continuing to pray for
9:39 am
his recovery. watch. >> not just heavy-handed policing. public safety and justice. what we do long term and what do right now. reinstituted the plane closed antigun unit, zero in on this. >> emily: the new mayor went on to say this is not going to be a city of disorder. this is not going to be a city of violence. we are returning from a violent past to a place that is safe to raise our children and families. do you believe the residence of new york city can hold hope, tomi? >> tomi: i think that's the only thing they can do, but the democratic party needs more like eric adams. the entire country needs more democrats like eric adams. i will say it over and over. democrats are not able to avoid everything that is going on in our country when it comes to
9:40 am
crime and the policies that are causing the crime and the emboldening of criminals. i think it has become so plain as day, they are going to have to confront it. there is no more pretending it is not there, but this is what i want for the rest of the country that i love so much, safety. the democrats for his need to come out and say we were wrong. we want to issue a blanket apology to all the law enforcement officers we spent the last year demonizing. we want to fund you, support you, fiscally and when it comes to everything that you are doing for our communities. we were wrong, we support you, and moving forward, we are going to do everything in our power to make sure you feel that support. that's where it needs to start. >> emily: you had an awesome interview with chip roy on this subject. >> harris: well, you know, what's interesting is the collusion between what we are seeing on our streets in america and what we are seeing at the border.
9:41 am
all of that, as tomi is talking about law enforcement right in the middle. not just an apology. we owe some funding. we have them a thank you. we owe them the future because without that minute, will not be here. while congressman roy was talking about was the fact that sentinel on our streets, we know just a speck has high potency that endangers our law enforcement. who do you think breaks up those drug rings, coming across the border? we cannot be -- imagine what it is like when they come out. i mean, it is potentially lethal for the people who are protecting us. and i say open because they don't seem to have a problem getting here. if you close and lock the door. maybe aoc needs to go back to the border. if she's going to do that, she's going to have to be serious now. she cannot just blame republicans.
9:42 am
she has to go down there with some policy, how about the vp or the president, in all seriousness, do something about this. law enforcement has to be more than just welcome. they have to know that they are needed and that this is urgent. but we will see. >> emily: kayleigh, you are committed to being the voice of the voiceless and saying so many names, tragic names at the podium, those who lost their lives, particularly children, for which he received a lot of backlash by those on the left, including the mayor of chicago, lori lightfoot, who called you a name. so to tomi's point, what do you think has to happen for the liberal leaders to get on board with what the americans are clamoring for, which is peace and justice and safety on our streets together? >> kayleigh: yeah, i think it's very simple. stop focusing on politics, and start focusing on people because every time we put up those numbers, 467 homicides here or
9:43 am
there, they are not a number of youth that is not a statistic. those are names. those are faces. those are little boys and girls whose parents no longer have them. moms, dads, uncles, aunt, grandmothers, grandfathers. they are people. they have a name. we say it here on "outnumbered." please start saying them very loudly across news media. president biden should start saying their names as well. >> emily: that's right. jason chaffetz, take us home. >> jason: if you want the results, you have to elect different people. it's on the people. i love law enforcement. i love what harris and tomi just said about it, but i've got to tell you. if you want to change in your city, stop electing these democrats because they are the ones that are not prosecuting the crimes, not supporting their police force, and they are not doing what needs to be done to actually make your community safe. >> emily: that's right, and hopefully there will be some type of incentive for good people to run, so that the
9:44 am
buffet -- the elected buffet -- i feel like a lot of the ballots, they are really stunted. and the options are all terrible, frankly. all right, just just ahead, the left tried and failed to attack governor ron desantis during a rise in covid cases. then they tried to take a swipe at senator ted cruz by using his 13-year-old daughter. that's next. ♪ ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. people with moderate to severe psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create
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>> can president biden stop vladimir putin from invading ukraine? charles payne with his thoughts on how the administration's response to this new wave of because it will affect the economy and your bottom line. and tom homan on the doj asking the supreme court to end remain in mexico. we've got dan hoffman, jonathan turley, and abby all coming up. join sandra smith and me for "america reports." we will see you soon. >> kayleigh: the left and the
9:49 am
media wrapping up their attacks on republicans. first they went after florida governor ron desantis, saying he was m.i.a. and not governing during a crisis. aoc was among those who piled on, claiming that ron desantis had been "missing" while his state was dealing with increased coronavirus cases. turns out he was with his wife as she underwent cancer treatment. then the media decided to use ted cruz's 13-year-old daughter's tiktok video to attack him after she posted about the benefits and drawbacks of being a senator's daughter. emily, this is just so gross. we know that casey desantis is an amazing first lady. i have aoc attacked him for being missing. i think that criticism is misplaced because aoc was partying beachside data track bar. tossing the ball with his wife.
9:50 am
i think that criticism was misplaced. >> emily: it was absolutely misplaced. i will never forget after a conversation we had on the show about breast cancer and all of our individual experiences with it. how casey desantis wrote us each a thank you letter for not only praying for her but for calling attention to the issue of breast cancer for so many women that that issue -- she is so brave. for the media to not take it upon themselves to dig a little deeper, just inquire, he is a little bit of facts and common sense as to where governor desantis was when he was caring for his wife during that time. to me, it is just sickening. especially when contrasted with aoc where she is constantly saying if you just think about it or look a little deeper, then you'll find the facts. here, the facts were really incredible to see. unfortunately, i think the level of commitment is lacking. the use of a 13-year-old girl,
9:51 am
john made a great point, the larger story here is how impressive it is that senator cruz raised a daughter to know that she can have difference with him and thought and feel free and unencumbered to hold her own opinions. >> kayleigh: great points. the facts don't lie. people migrated to florida from other states from 2020 to 2021. it was the number one destination that people came to you for a reason. i think jealousy of the success of the governors florida is at the root of the issue. >> jason: in addition to jealousy, they think he might be the next president of the united states. these people, joy reid and aoc and nbc for that matter would have some degree of credibility if they apologized and said hey, we made a mistake. they should have asked and inquired first. people make mistakes.
9:52 am
they say i'm sorry, god bless her, hope that she makes a full recovery, something like that. but i did not see that. maybe it happen. as far as ted cruz, oh, breaking news, a 13-year-old doesn't agree with dad. [laughs] >> harris: may need to meet my daughter. [laughs] >> kayleigh: the dallas morning news weaponizing the thoughts of a 13-year-old girl against her father is pretty sick. >> harris: you know, i mean, look. it is so lowbrow. it doesn't just exist inside the beltway. it exists everywhere that people want to be right all the time and not consider that they could be wrong. jason is right. why not step onto the high road? take your bike or convertible, get on the high road. it is almost always empty. and apologize and correct the
9:53 am
record. but they can't do that. the leaning left liberals in the media who write this trash, but also the editorials. they were not really concerned that he was missing. not really. because they need to lean on some of those unfunded police officers to go find somebody who is missing. no, they just wanted to take a stab at him. when they are wrong, they don't even have the internal -- what is the word i am looking for? they do not have the class to come forward and say we're sorry, we hope that mrs. desantis is doing well, which is my first thought. because class isn't free. >> kayleigh: no, it's not. are we expecting an aoc apology, tomi? >> tomi: no, i think she's probably still partying. and good for her if she is. let's talk about our transportation secretary who went on maternity leave during the middle of the supply chain
9:54 am
crisis. the actual border. let's talk about our president who spends most of his time in the basement or the beach. you want to talk about absentee leadership, we are going to have plenty of time to discuss that. [laughs] >> kayleigh: oh, yes, we could take the whole rest of the show. more "outnumbered" in just a minute. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners. if you haven't refinanced yet, get in on record low rates now. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. just one call, and you can save thousands every year. there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. the newday two and a quarter refi. at these rates, you may never need to refinance again.
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♪ ♪ >> harris: all right, time for a lightning round. for many people, the new year brings resolutions to get in shape. some people say it is a chance to give up alcohol, a trend known as dry january. let's get some thoughts and
9:59 am
plans. jason chaffetz. >> jason: it's been about 35 years since i had a sip of alcohol, so i think i can pull this one off. >> harris: do you have a resolution? >> jason: sure. i've got to cut down on pringles. other than that, i like where we are going. >> harris: i like a good pringle. tomi? >> tomi: i think we should all resolve to drink more in january. we are coming up on a year of this administration. we need more alcohol. >> harris: the only way that this can work, harris, the super bowl is held on the first sunday of february. otherwise, it would be like two more weeks of dryness in january. >> harris: kayleigh. >> kayleigh: given the next level of crazy, aoc could have a dry january, it would behoove her. i joke. i just. >> harris: do you have a
10:00 am
resolution? >> kayleigh: has, to be marked present. truly spend time with family. >> harris: my resolution, i have to do more for my teenagers. just to listen more. i only have a few more years before she's an adult. all right, >> harris, thank you. and fox news alert to kick us off, a colorado community devastated by wildfires that could go down as the most damaging in the state's history. an investigation is underway. >> but thousands of families are looking to rebuild after losing everything they had in a matter of minutes. we have a live report from colorado coming up just ahead. >> but first this monday afternoon, another fox news alert to kick off "america reports." thousands of americans spending their holidays in line, either for a covid


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