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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  January 3, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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subcontract we had a collaboration with chinese scientists. and what he completed is that therefore we were involved in creating the virus, which is the most ridiculous majestic leaf i've ever heard of. >> laura: chinese scientists friends -- well, thank you for watching. "tucker carlson tonight" next. ♪ ♪ >> greg: yeah. [applause] what a smattering of applause. as you can tell, we don't have an audience tonight. they are dead. tired of the restrictions. so it is just us. i guess i should read my monologue. [laughter] welcome back to a brand-new
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year. are you excited or what? i know kat and emily should be because i haven't crushed them for they were jokes in my absence. >> and like greg when he sits in this chair come i don't need a booster right now. that is right. cultural reference new and 40 years old. you won't get that with greg gutfeld. is greg tied up, naked with duct tape in over his mouth? no, that was in high school. should we called him gigantic greg from now on? >> i will not be. [laughter] >> greg: yeah, laugh it up. they were yakking it up at my expense. i spent the last eight days in one bed. i usually prefer eight different meds each night like will chamberlain, but i was sick. i tested negative on covid but i tested positive on everything else. i'm pretty sure i have the flu, the cold to come as, z guth, ebola, but what do you expect
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when you borrow a jacket? who mugged a rodeo clown? your shirt had a triple bypass. i'm not kidding. that thing harbors more bacteria than a portable toilet. thanks for that single laugh. but thank god and made it through. i wouldn't miss it for the world because what a year we have planned. i'm an optimist and not just when i look in the mirror, the best sign watching the legacy media realize they are screwed. you know things are bad in 2022 when still reliving 2021. here they are gearing up for their version of conflict christmas known as january 62.0. the only thing that can save triple cable network is the ghost of presidents past santa trump. you see, there is an informal network of reporters who have been through with that day and still coping with that, leaning on each other, talking to each
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other. >> there's an informal network of reporters who have been through it that day that are still coping with that leaning on each other and talking to each other. they are all still dealing with that and convey to others how serious it was. >> greg: yeah because only you guys thought it was serious you jack [bleep]. everyone thought it sucked but like you they are not trying to turn a profit on it but our nations brave journalists are processing it like a price surge and responsibly raised chickens. yes, taking a riot or only a natural death was cop shooting an unarmed woman and making it out to be worse than 9/11. it hurts that still coping while everyone saw it for what it was common ugly events events that came and went. but cnn cannot let go and they need to convey to others how serious it was for them. because they are the real
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victims and why? reporting what actually happened didn't scare enough people. much like body spray, the hysteria has long wore off. all that is left is the stench. so what is left for cnn besides to catch a predator reboot? >> they got the stores. >> they have to create a distraction. look at this guy wearing a viking hat part of insurrection and no one charged insurrection for. he is so scary, he needed a halloween costume. but the journals were the real victims here. >> sometimes i'm fine, sometimes i want to sob for hours. sometimes i just want to sleep. so that sounds to me like trauma, like ptsd. do you feel like you still experience that? >> i do think so to a certain extent. >> is that for you as well? >> i've had experience in my life with a bad car accident
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where i was diagnosed with ptsd. i'm grateful for this as i've been doing with january 6th. >> to know the signs of ptsd. >> exactly, treatment, i know what it is. >> they are all suffering from ptsd experience prime military veterans and actual violent crime victims. you know the people whose complaint, the press normally ignores. if these journalists are victims, so is just a small lead. they have a hate crime against themselves and here they are demanding compassion. something strangely miss and win thousands of americans dying in the riots, they can with the media cnn ignored back when everything was mostly peaceful. they had those violent details like the secret service hides joe biden's car keys. so the media appropriates the pain of real victims just like when they blamed the terror attack and waukesha on an suv. they certainly didn't feel this way when violent was rampant through two dozen cities by
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lives. perhaps because they were far removed from the destruction that they papered over. you see, that is why it is the soldiers that get ptsd, not the people who sent them to work. you can't blame them for trying. the polling has shown the country moved on from cnn's latest fetish, at least the one that is legal. if the public sees the republicans moving and the right direction, the dems keep sinking like an iphone dropped in a toilet. i don't know if the republicans have any answers. since when do any politicians these days like maroon 5 catalog. i pretty much hate them all. but anything is better than what the dems are serving. it is 2022, but it's dressed up now has 2021. i might have that backwards. [laughter] inflation, covid, crime, it is a bottomless pit with spikes at the bottom, emily.
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[laughter] and that explains cnn going all in on january 6th. you can see right through it like miley cyrus tube top. maybe january 6 will be the diversion we see with the dismissal of suffering democrat rule in 2021. may be focused january 6, america will not look at every single day other than that where cnn dismissed and victims of persecution deserved it and law enforcement was worse than the thugs they tried to protect you from. meanwhile, they covered for the screwed up anchors, political relatives and deviant producers. in 2021 cnn did more covering up of the news than actual covering of the news. so i get it, for cnn january 6th, it really is there christmas. >> so they did kill james van der beek. >> they are you are. >> hey. >> i got you something.
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>> what, christmas was last week. >> oh, no, this is january 6th. i got it from cnn therapy. >> you shouldn't have. oh, my god, i love it! >> i knew you would. it comes with accessories. [laughter] >> greg: terrible. blame and they all make good stocking stuffers. santa is here to say it is you that are naughty and them who are nice. piece of advice? don't sit on it. a crazed applause. let's welcome tonight's guests. he's so british, even his crumpets have a stiff upper lip. commentator douglas murray. [applause] she is skilled at leading cheers, writing steers, downing beers, outnumbered cohost emily compagno. [applause] and when he saw and said, that
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frees up one extra bed at the homeless shelter. the founder michael. [applause] and new year's resolutions are all court ordered. [laughter] that was a hefty laugh because it is true. fox contributor kat timpf. [applause] all right, well wow, so anyway my vm the real victim and i just got back, thank you for the kind card and i think that was you that sent me the card. >> i didn't send anything. >> greg: you just made me spit. can you blame cnn for not moving on? this is the only thing that got left at this point. >> it is true. there is something ugly about journalist talking about themselves. it used to be a rule internal is
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that you never talk about yourself. >> greg: right. >> the reporters didn't save the stories about me. you reported on what you saw. i know the long-term respondents that don't do this. they just don't do it. they don't turn up and tell everybody else i got ptsd from it. and his innards don't diagnose ptsd on-air. [laughter] >> greg: true. >> but of course they don't want to let go of it, they are the heroes. >> greg: yes. >> they've always wanted to be since they first saw the president's men. >> greg: that is true, whenever you can be the protagonists why wouldn't you? you are now wearing that mutant -- mutant [laughter] >> you can do it, pull it out. mutant. >> it is like somebody who had one of those zipper surgeries. [laughter] that you had your pecks removed.
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>> pockets, just rip it out. >> greg: where did that come from? >> i got this from billy gibbons dumpster. >> greg: zz top. >> there you go. >> greg: should cnn focus on this? are we not focused? >> they should keep going. they need to's shine a spotlight on this. it's all about me, i'm a victim. here is what i like to do. the lefty commies and the left, they have this whole cry bully mentality. the act like "oh, it is unprecedented." it's never happened before. i've been traumatized and someone is to pass a law and the government needs to come -- like it so horrible to watch and so predictable and boring. they act like the capital has never been attacked before. i think it was bombed in the '80s and it was bombed in the postrace 70s and a shooting in
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the '50s. and in 1812 -- [laughter] >> greg: i'm glad you brought that up. never forget, never forget. but the thing that they are denying and this is the thing because it requires to go through this exercise of condemning it. we are not like the mostly peaceful riots we said those are freaking riots in january 6th, it sucked. that was a riot. no one is denying that but cnn pretends, they pretend that they didn't deny the real violence and they are the only ones talking about this. and so in order to buy into this like, you almost have to have like chemically induced amnesia. >> you have to be exclusively focused on this, or you didn't give it enough attention. >> greg: right, right, right. >> the editorial board set up a day is january 6th.
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yes, you are either obsessed with it or it's not enough. as they diagnosed themselves with trauma and the like is that you think as they experience this absolutely horrible day and having ptsd from it they would empathize with the millions of americans with years of violence in these last couple of years with 500 families that lost loved ones to homicide, to gunshots in d.c. or new york city, 800 in chicago. the guy that was beaten together in front of his two children hanging christmas lights. the list goes on of the endless across america america that are absolutely ripped a part by skyrocketing crime statistics and by urban centers that have absolutely imploded. you would think these guys would exercise something and say i have a lot of understanding so let me report on it. let me lift up and amplify your voices but they are absolutely
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ignoring what voters care about and their likelihood to. >> greg: to boil down that very long boring answer -- >> sorry. >> greg: think about this [bleep] those [bleep] spent more time talking ptsd. that was a person shot dead unarmed woman. i don't remember cnn talking about the ptsd of her family or anybody there who saw her get killed, unarmed! that is a lot to digest. let's go to kat timpf. [laughter] kat, what is going on with you? you got sick too. i will not ask you what you have because it's none of my business. >> i have omicron m ptsd. i guess, if that is what it is. sometimes i'm fine, sometimes i'm sobbing. that is normal.
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>> greg: that is my life! [laughter] >> how i live. i just hope they are lying. i hope it's not true that there's really not this group of people that needs to hang out and talk about january 6th. what do you do, you go to happy hour? and talk about it? i don't believe them and i hope for their sake it is not true. that makes me sad. >> greg: the thing is ptsd is real. there is no doubt they were shaking up about some of the things that this is an appropriation like going back to what douglas said despite being british, he is correct. [laughter] i went on the side and forgot the point i was going to make. >> appropriating drama. >> greg: appropriating drama is a phenomenon, a modern phenomenon to talk about yourself because you might get a book deal out of it too for a gig at cnn. >> were not supposed to want ptsd. >> don't you remember the cops
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testifying, this is a whole new thing. it has to be, i have ptsd and they have those cops testifying in every single one cried. what? i didn't expected to appear they were pushing and i was pushing back. >> we have got to move on. >> greg: that was the first time i saw cnn sympathetic with the police, right? it was something they could nail administration for a period up next crime is seeking alternatives and making them seem like conservatives. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th. at university of phoenix, we have scholarships for everyone hard at work, no matter where you work. get up to a $3,000 scholarship, starting with your first course. explore your opportunities at
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♪ ♪ >> greg: i finally realized what your jacket is, cool? no, it is he hall meets saw. it is he saw.
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it is the classic esau/ she saw. have the liberal ridge learned a lesson? no, it is not that hard. he hasn't had a full meal in six days. all right, can we roll that now? as the liberal lich started stocking up on smith & wesson. they screwed the police and local elections i'm buying up guns for their own protection and some of the wealthiest residents are blocking beverly hills only gun store and made a rising crime. you can see the fear in their faces if it weren't for all the botox. according to a lay magazine beverly hills guns, concierge service and they used to call me gold's gym, emily. [laughter] those were the days. business take off following a bunch of high-profile violent crimes. some customers have asked about armored cars with bulletproof glass or as they call it in
8:22 pm
chicago a school bus. [laughter] >> that was delightful. spoon you are a strange man. progressive never held interesting opinion let alone a weapon. here is tape of a recent buyer. >> [laughter] >> greg: nailed it. the sidewalks are covered with species instead of star. discussed how crime street is turning into a. he noted in recent interview we've wanted to make san francisco a place to be comfortable but that created a problem because suddenly people enjoying comfort is the people who decided they could define how they can enjoy the comfort pair that might be an intrusion on the people who are paying for it, the taxpayers. sub it is rare when we have to treat that obvious truth as refreshing. we caught up with the most
8:23 pm
popular perks for comment. >> at the city is cracking down but how has that affected you? i'm a small town kid and a lot would say hey, stop [bleep] in the streets but for that i'm grateful. >> any highlights or regrets? no, no i had a great run. i had the run of a run. one time i stop the side of the cable car and let it go for an entire city block. i left my shorts and san francisco. where will people find you? other than squatting in the streets? hit me up at the website and don't forget to like and subscribe. >> greg: good job. so kat, should we be happy about this change of heart or is this something like incredibly wealthy aleut people or just me my protection but you can't have a gun? >> i want to be able to have a gun. >> greg: i think you should
8:24 pm
have one. >> thanks, greg. [laughter] i've also shot one before so hopefully they know how to use because i don't think it's somebody breaking into your house but wait and watch a youtube video. you have to learn ahead of time how to actually use the gun. i think it is great, but i think also they will probably not admitted. we never know where these people are. the little orange shirts or whatever they wear scooby-doo and antigun stuff. >> greg: little orange shirts? >> didn't work. >> greg: you should wear it when you're hunting. you talk about orange vests. >> i think it was a thing but i'm not 100% sure. >> greg: we will fact-check this to make sure nothing ever happened. are we living to bifurcated society where only the rich can afford security? let's take the country of brazil, right? i have no idea what i'm saying but in brazil, the rich people
8:25 pm
are safe but everybody else isn't. >> and they have to wear orange. >> greg: that is the brazilian color. [laughter] it means peace, the sunshine country. >> yes. [laughter] yes, in los angeles typically talks about that. beverly hills said honestly, we are lucky we can write a check and cover anything the residents want or need. l.a. is like, we can't pier that is why the residents are getting terrorized even more. i love the gun company they still speak the language of beverly hills. the tony stark guy that hover around his house at all time, the gp package but there is an equivalence happening, but i think at the end of the day what is most important is deterrence. the thing that is going to achieve deterrence besides having dobermans in your properties and carrying your weapons on your person.
8:26 pm
>> greg: or in your person. [laughter] >> footing into office prosecutors that will prosecute. put these guys behind bars, otherwise we have to rely on kevin costner which i'm totally fine with. >> greg: yes, may he rest in peace. >> no -- yellowstone spoiler? >> greg: i'm just joking, he's alive. i believe he's alive. >> greg... b1 here is the deal, the problem is they have a novelty view of guns and love the way they look but they don't understand the practicality of them. and there's a lot they don't understand about guns. but this is one of those things everyone saw this coming. okay, you will defund the police and you have these prosecutors that actually won't prosecute the crimes. i bet they will have a thing only the rich people have guns and the poor people don't.
8:27 pm
it is insulting. i found the whole gucci package, like what is that anyway? a diamond encrusted shop with the drones and stuff. everybody in my neighborhood is fighting with that dollar store package. don't forget to throw a frozen burrito to break into your car. you have to go get the burrito because that is how poor we are. >> greg: that is a great story, thank you. >> up in brazil when i was forced to wear orange. >> greg: i may have my history backwards, douglas but the second amendment help you britain's, right? >> this is a very racist episode. >> but if it wasn't for guns we wouldn't be able to separate from the evil empire. >> again this is before my time. [laughter] i am victimized. >> it is an amazing story but it
8:28 pm
speaks to something that is troubling for america. i read the other day that things have come out in last year on percent of california. by the way, that might not be coincidental. if you wage war on the 1%, you might chase him out eventually. and then who will cover the tax burden in the state? you have seen this coming in san francisco. i think san francisco for a long time my least favorite city in america because for decades it has been a disturbed city. and what we are seeing at the moment is a san francisco of cities across the country. instead of learning lessons of san francisco, we keep falling what they have done with bifurcated society where the very rich live in power and they go downstairs and see on the floor. and they think that is normal and they think that is perfectly normal.
8:29 pm
>> that interfere with former mayor willie brown they brought up the point if something to happen to our resident number two and number three from san francisco kamala harris and nancy pelosi and they asked him, kind of in the form, no, we don't have a bench. we are totally talentless in that city and therefore the buck stops ultimately with nancy pelosi. once they were gone... >> greg: when she said number 2 came from san francisco. >> greg: she also said number three, which is a combination of one and two. >> which is the worst. >> greg: especially when you step in it. up next new york with cases and aoc hugs on those spaces. woman! >> vo: ...i searched for someone who really knew my car. i found the experts at safelite autoglass. with their exclusive technology, they fixed my windshield... then recalibrated the camera attached to my glass
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so my safety systems still work. who knew that was a thing?! >> woman: safelite has service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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8:34 pm
up putting the, covid rules are for republicans and people who serve her at parties. and new york had deals with covid and lisp masking restrictions come aoc supports unless she wants to vacation in the free state of florida. true to form she used the recent tweeting, it is old with the obvious strange and deranged frustrations that underpin the republican fixation on me, women and lgbt plus people in general." while she must really have the hots for desantis. she attacked him on twitter questioning where he was and pointing out he's been missing for like two weeks. someone has a crash. of course, they have are stupid joy reid joined in tweeting "a governor not governing during a crisis and on vacation instead.
8:35 pm
governor ron d santos -- joy reid is the michael scott of homer simpson. [laughter] if she got any dumber she would be nicole. turns out the governor was caring for his sick wife who is battling breast cancer. the spokesperson telling fox news he accompanied her to cancer treatments, which is so typical of a sexist pig. assuming his wife needs help for a cancer treatment? emily, so any criticism of aoc is of origin, why can't any criticism of governor desantis given he is a gorgeous man? you said it yourself in the break, he is the most gorgeous floridian you have ever set your eyes on. if you could move to florida and be with him, your soul mate -- you called him your soulmate! >> i would steal him from his wife. [laughter] no, this is not what happens.
8:36 pm
all the respect i have for governor d santos and his wife. i did not say that, you guys. [laughter] >> whatever. what i think is so tragic. >> greg: yes. >> the fact that a sitting congresswoman and someone from the beginning has begged us to take her seriously. maybe you don't have the background that lends itself to public service or you are a bartender, you are young -- anyway you are inadequate in so many ways but no, no, and here is why. absolutely annihilating any chance of people wanting to take her seriously because they were actually trying to criticize her on a policy, exactly and instead of saying this is how i feel about her and this, that weird perverted perversion way, it is so beneath the office of the city of congress and if she had done due diligence she would have found out where the governor was.
8:37 pm
>> greg: how art is that? douglas, you are a new yorker but are you as depended that she had to fly to florida to get her drag queens, new york city produces the world's best drag performers? >> i have got to take your word on that. i don't know, i'm sure they do. >> greg: they do. i will show you later. >> him after the program. >> greg: we will go to the bar and my stage name is... >> greg. >> greg: that is true. >> miami, the same time i think we went to different parts. but there is one thing i'm really confused about. what is this thing of saying me, women and go lgbqt people. does anyone know, is she saying she's part of the ever-growing outfit that people? >> greg: she might be. >> but why is she a crowbar and
8:38 pm
into that? >> with her metaphorical shield. >> i'm baffled by the whole thing appear this sort of view, you all talk about me must be the lamest of all comebacks. in miami, we didn't cross paths and so many reasons why i would not have made in advance, but no, it is just pathetic. of the congresswoman. >> greg: you know, kat check is a word for sexual intercourse. >> it is discussing. >> greg: through all the carpeting in the british harbor. exactly. >> greg: schrag. kat, tell us about the color orange. >> i was right, i love when google and i knew what i was talking about. and i do.
8:39 pm
question mark. >> no, i do know what i'm talking about. aoc, when i saw that, i saw how texas lifted a mask mandate and she went nuts and she said, "this will endanger people." if she thinks it is dangerous, i would think she would make it a priority to get her family out of that dangerous place because there is no mask mandate there either. that drives me crazy. we are forced to do the mask mandate and we are forced to do the stuff. again, this year, two shots, and i want to be able to do what i want to do. >> greg: poor thing. >> it is hard to be me. [laughter] >> greg: i got ptsd from being around you. >> i have heard that before. >> greg: aoc is truly the gift that keeps on giving. she has given us so much. >> you know, will be honest, to jobs, that was a great win. we need to invent technology that has never been invented
8:40 pm
before. that is great. this is my favorite you just want me and you can't have me for the last time -- that's like the ultimate high school girl defense. for her to actually try that in the professional political world is just hilarious. by the way -- i've got to run but you made accidentally a really good point. >> what? >> greg: if you were to use that in a corporate setting that would be sexual harassment. if i called somebody in a meeting and said, look, you haven't been doing a good job. you are just saying that because you want to sleep with me, you would lose your job. seriously! and it won't work in politics either. >> franklin roosevelt traded december 8th. >> greg: coming up will ai experiment? [applause] ♪ and savings like that follow you everywhere.
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>> greg: can electrified brain cells in a cluster when all the games at dave & buster's?
8:45 pm
scientists have taught living human brain cells in a dish how to play the video game pong and may have taught dead ones how to write for jimmy fallon. [laughter] using electric closest to stimulate the clumps of cells in a game world which sounds better than human brains we experiment on, researchers show improved performance in the game faster than ai's meaning they a clump of brain to be a computer at pong. the study of brain cell clusters and dishes is nothing new. pong plaguing many brains are the first to be shown performing goal oriented tasks which can overwhelm some of the finer human brains. so this is considered a major step towards the creation of synthetic brains. and i have to say, it can't come soon enough. like scientists making a coronavirus more infectious, why
8:46 pm
ask what could go wrong, i say? all right, emily, people don't understand, okay, so, if those brain cells or working on their own, they are living in a universe that they believe is only there universe, right? there universe is pong. in that world, they are literally living in a simulation, which means aren't we living in a pong world? somebody else is doing the exact same thing to us we are doing to the brain cells. they just prove the simulation works by manipulating brain cells to perform an action which is what is being done to us right now, emily. >> that is matrix. we just need -- what? anyway. here is what is so gnarly about the entire thing, whatever, everyone. here is what is so gnarly. the craziest part is that this
8:47 pm
brain like work in, which is disgusting, that thing learns. it learns. that means you can put one in eight jurassic park framework. it is literally like tony, the huge guy like basically the human brain into anything terrifying and that thing will learn how to take over. so to your point, yes, this is the most dangerous thing we've ever heard about in our life. >> greg: she missed the point. she misses the point. >> we are in the matrix. >> greg: it shows that humans can create universal simulations. that is what it saying! >> yes, i want to get out of it now. [laughter] when you to where -- i thought i need to leave the simulation. i did.
8:48 pm
biko right. >> greg: all right, there is a group of scientists believe this is why we don't find aliens. >> right. >> they are in their micro universe doing that and we are now just realizing that is where we are. i feel bad for whoever's grandpas brain cells were thrown into the science. all of a sudden, he's in heaven and a piece of him is ripped away. like that poor guy. if we are in the matrix come i want to be in the first one. i don't want to be number four. >> greg: last word? >> i don't know what pong is because i'm so young. [laughter] sorry, it's true. i don't want my technology to have brains. brains that people judge you. i don't love my phone to have an opinion. >> greg: interesting. >> on what i do on my phone >> greg: again you miss the point, too, it's amazing.
8:49 pm
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>> greg: are people getting better about fans on twitter? announcement eight joe rogan open an account on social media
8:53 pm
platform with free speech and doing so just in case [bleep] twitter gets dumber. twitter permanently banned marjorie taylor greene over covid misinformation. last week the platform and for all it just robert malone before he appeared on rogan's podcast allegedly over. meanwhile the moderna and administration with thousands of retweets. i will stop there because i'm bored by this topic. marjorie taylor greene, cats come i don't know, is she related to jonathan taylor thomas? [laughter] >> yes. yes. spilling good, good, good. biko >> greg: the streisand effect you are aware of that, when you don't know about somebody until something is made out of them and then everybody knows who they are. >> they are throwing these people off of twitter like the
8:54 pm
dude, spitting back like one of the inventors of the vaccine. marjorie taylor greene, the girl from the sitcom. >> greg: yes. >> she was spitting facts too from the federal website. >> greg: but she didn't count the facts correctly. she should have conditioned it a little bit. to take on this weird trend. >> i tried to join myself but i'm not very good with technology. so i ended up sending out a code on twitter. >> greg: everybody did that, did you see that? >> they told me to although they thought i was hacked. the moment when the president said -- and i wanted to announce that i am on already but i'm not. >> greg: it was a weird thing, all of these people jumping to it and it made me feel like it was more like palor. >> i will make this fast.
8:55 pm
>> greg: please do. >> they want to censor more but the answer is censoring more. they say that the free market regulation failed. and then you have congressman like crenshaw who proposed new legislation that essentially amend section 232 to open and improve access, to prohibit political censorship. so people should figure out what they are doing and extend g.o.p. when it is for free speech or lack of censorship. >> greg: what does this have to do with jonathan taylor thomas? i bet if we met, we would be good friends. >> i'm sure. >> greg: would we hang out? >> you have to make sure you are posting facts the way the world health organization. how long will lock down last? pick a color. >> what's going on? >> greg: dr. fauci says it
8:56 pm
will last as long as it will last. >> put that on twitter and see that it will get banned. >> greg: where am i? we will be right back. liberty, liberty ♪iberty, only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ such tree-mendous views. i'm at a moss for words. when a cough tries to steal dad's punchlines, he takes robitussin naturals powered by 100% drug-free ingredients. are you gonna leaf me hanging? soothe your cough naturally.
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ask about ubrelvy. the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. >> greg: we are out of time, thanks to emily compagno, douglas murray, kat timpf, "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream's next, i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. welcome back! ♪ ♪ >> welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm gillian turner in washington in for shannon bream tonight. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, a federal judge is granted a temporary injunction to a group of active duty naval seals, suing president biden. they are seeking a religious exemption to the federal vaccine mandate. in his ruling, district court judge reed o'connor states the navy service members in this case seek


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