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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 3, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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he's kind of winning and away. we are not mad at him. by the way, bring up a sort of "tucker carlson today" featuring our interim don't make with isaac moorhouse is out now. we will be back tomorrow and every week, the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity pomposity, smugness, and groupthinknt and now we want to wish a happy new year, sean hannity. >> sean: thanks to you, tucker. thanks for dramatizing their the start of the year. really appreciate all of that. happy midterm new year, welcome to "hannity". 2021 is officially over. we will not stop our count on as it continues. >> americans held hostage behind enemy lines, day 142. >> sean: democrats have moved don. of course president biden has moved on and so is the media mob. biden promised to stay in afghanistan until every american was home safely. a disgusting lie from joe, i can't believe this happened to our fellow countrymen, now spanning two years.
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ultimately joe biden'sng word aa biden, as he called it, isn't worth that much. if anything. but we will not stop our countdown until every american is home safely. we begin tonight with some troubling news. just released numbers now show over 1 million americans have contracted covid-19 just over the last couple of days. some of the highest numbers ever. we begin the new year knowing biden's first year as president has been a disaster, a failure and almost every single thing he uttered was dead wrong. even joe's entire closing argument 2020 on the campaign trail was a big lie. on october 15th,nt 2020, biden announced "we are eight months into this pandemic and donald trump still doesn't have a plan to get the virus under control. i do." on october 23rd, 24th, 28th, 29th, and 30th, biden vowed that he would shut down that virus despite inheriting nott one, not two, but three vaccines and of
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course monoclonal antibody treatments in a country on the mend. more americans have died from covid-19 hunter biden, 418,000, then under donald trump in 2020. so what was joe's great plan to stop the virus? well, a hope and a wish apparently, because just before christmas with omicron, the new variant, raging, biden finally admitted i can't stop this virus, there's no federal solution to covid-19. joe, i thought you said you would shut it down. take a >> president biden: i will put in place a plan to deal with this pandemic responsibly. i've already done it. look, there is no federal solution... i'm going to shutdown the virus. i'm going to shut on the virus. look, there is no federal solution. i'm not going to shut on the country but i'm going to shut on the virus. l i'm going to shut on the virus. look, there is no federal solution. i'm going to shut down the virus.
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i'm going to shut down thego virus. look, there is no federal solution. honestly with the american people, and we will never, ever, ever quit. that's how we shutdown this virus. look, there is no federal solution. i'm going to shut down the virus. look, there is no federal solution. >> sean: is it only me that observes that joe biden seemed a lot more energetic even a year ago? we now know there was no plan to shut down the virus. in fact, joe didn't even have a plan to get enough covid tests into the market as probably all of you now know after the last couple of weeks. americans all across this country are now waiting online for hours just to have a shot at getting one of the few remaining tests available. not even home tests are available in stores. in december of 2020, joe biden called the testing shortage a travesty. joe, that makes your failure
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inexcusable. but now, two years into the pandemic, joe wants everyone to cut him a break because nobody saw this coming. joe, did you miss the delta variant like you missed the cultural phenomenon of let's go brandon. maybe my favorite joke, because cognitive moment. tonight we know that joe punted on a plan to get tests because of a bombshell report -- look at this from "vanity fair." in october, a covid-19 testing experts -- well, they presented joe a federal plan, gave it right to the biden administration that would ramp up the production of tests -- just in time for the holiday season. that plan was totally ignored by the biden white house. to make matters worse, the u.s. is now also experiencing a massive shortage of life-saving monoclonal antibody treatments. by the way, there's no shortage of that either. donald trump, we've had two years now to build this up.
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after largelyld ignoring monoclonal antibodies for mom, only mentioning it once in a year, the biden administration recently purchased nearly the entire supply of one critical omicron treatment, preventing states all over the country from filling their usual orders. so many states have just decided to hell with the federal government, they are buying it on their own. now those treatment are being rationed across the country and we don't even really have a b b shortage. while america had no tests or therapeutics over christmas, well, what do joe biden do? he stated the beach walking his dog. the state of new york is now dealing with shortages by denying access to antibody treatments now based on the issue of race. if you are a white person and you live in the state of new york, you go to the back of the line for these life-saving treatments. we will have more on that insane, unconstitutional and frankly racist policy coming up,
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but clearly there is no excusey for the shortage of monoclonal antibody treatments. if f there's no excuse for the shortage of the tests that are needed andts available that are necessary and available. the trump administration got three vaccines to market in record time. joe can't deliver enough basic tests two years into this pandemic after bragging about a foolproof plan to shut the virus down. well, now the federal government can't shut the virus down. where is' operation warp speed for testing americans when they need a test? where is joe's operation warp speed for therapeutics and antibody treatments? where's joe's operation warp speed for studies on natural immunity?is where's the warp speed on thesee two antiviral medicines that show us so much promise. another preventables and biden self-inflicted disaster just like the border, just like energy, just like the economy, just like foreign policy and pretty much every thing else.
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four months according to joe and fauci, the so-called experts at the cdc, the mob and the media, vaccines were a cure-all. never talked about therapeutics. let me be clear, i believe in science. i believe in the science of vaccinations. data clearly shows people that decided to get vaccinated or have natural immunity usually have better outcomes if they contract the disease over unvaccinated individuals, but that debate i would argue is pretty much people have made up their mind. biden and so-called experts, they did promise us that vaccines would halt the virus and stop it right in its tracks, stop the spread of the infection, it ends the pandemic once and for all. that's what they told us in the beginning andng yet again they were all dead wrong. let us touch on your memory bank for a moment. >> president biden: we are making sure health care workers are vaccinated becauseor if youi
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seek care at a health care facility, you should have a certainty that the people providing that care are protected from covid and cannot spread it to you. the various shots that people are getting now cover that. you're okay, you're not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations. >> vaccines prevent getting infected, prevent getting sick, prevent your hospitalization. >> our data from the cdc today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don't get sick, and that it's not just in the clinical trials, but it's also in real-world data. >> now we know that the vaccines work well enough with the virus stops with every vaccinated person. a vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus, thers virus does t infect them, the virus cannot then use that person to go anywhere else. >> sean: none of what they all told you in the media mob to all
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those politicians, is true. make no mistake, if you're fully vaccinated, guess what? you can get the omicron variant. if you're fully vaccinated and even got your booster shot, guess what? you can still get the omicron variant. ifst you're fully vaccinated and have a booster shot and even have natural immunity, you can still get the omicron variant. how do i know? because i know people myself in every category. i spent more time on the phone with people that in fact tested positive and many of them fit those categories. one vaccine shot, two, three, doesn't matter. people are still testing positive. we think now maybe we should transition to therapeutics, right? they never want to mention monoclonal antibodies or the new antivirals that are out there. by the way, there's no need for any of this to be in short supply, just like testing should not be in short supply. now, not that long ago joe biden
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once doubted the vaccines on the campaign trail. he said on august 6th 2020, he said if and when the vaccine comes, it's not likely to go through all the tests that needy to be done in the trials that are needed to be done. then on september 2nd, he asked "who's going to take the shot, are you going to be the first one to say put me, sign me up, they now say it's okay"? as president, all of those doubts, they magically disappeared.di it's one-size-fits-all medicine with joe biden and anthony fauci. the vaccines were suddenly perfect and good, the trump vaccines and vaccineut hesitancy among americans, that was mocked and ridiculed widely, but still early last year the white house and many other prominent democrats, they promised you that the vaccines were a personal choice, mandates were never going to happen. another lie. take a look. >> president biden: no, i don't think it should be mandatory, i wouldn't demand it be >> perhaps the federal government should step in and
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issue mandates, and if not, are you putting the needs of unvaccinated people ahead of the needs of vaccinatedul people? >> secretary psaki: i think the questionnaire -- one, that's not the role of the federal government. that is the role that institutions, private sector entities and others may take. >> here's thee thing. we cannot require someone to be vaccinated. that's just not what we can do. >> i don't think he'll ever see a mandating of vaccines, particularly for the general public. >> sean: looks like the big x on family feud, but it's not funny.y. billions of americans are now facing those mandates and don't let your hearts be troubled, these mandates may not be long for this world. m we have very serious legal challenges in multiple courts, many now successful, one breaking today, a federal judge
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granted a temporary injunction to a group of navy seals seeking a religious exemption from the vaccine. but you see the pattern here? every single step of the way, biden and his experts, they have lied and been dead wrong about pretty much everything. wrong about vaccines,, shifting goalposts on masks and mandates and social distancing and lockdowns and monoclonal antibodies which they ignore and other therapeutics, the number of days a person needs to be quarantined, even the origins of the virus. we were lied to about that. the same people that think they know what's best for your kids. by the way, tonight biden is t looking for ways to get all kidk vaccinated. in fact, the fda just approved boosters for kids as young as 12. keep in mind, according to the american academy of pediatrics, the death rate for child covid-19 cases ranges from 0.00%, two years and, to 0.02%. in other words, covid-19 does not pose a serious risk tohe children and the fact that you can get omicron vaccinated,
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boosted with natural immunity means that maybe we should leave the kids the hell alone. the statistics, science, logic, doesn't matter to the white house. the cdc, the fda. of course the nih or the media mob. they follow the science only when it's politically convenient for them. and as always, well, political narrative is far more important than reality. here now with more,e he's runng for the republican nomination for senate in the great state of pennsylvania, renowned surgeon, over 4,000 heart surgeries in his life, dr. oz is with us. so if you're fully vaccinated, you can get omicron, if you're fully vaccinated and have a booster, you canse get omicron. if you're fully vaccinated, have a booster and natural immunity, you can get omicron. why isn't there more talk about the therapeutics? because that would be the next logical scientific step for me. >> you know, we've got blinders on. there is gross incompetence. we don't have enough testing as you pointed out, the lack of
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antibody cocktails is almost criminal at this point. i was managing patients over the holidays, pleading with other physicians who might have an extra cocktail available of these monoclonal antibodies. they're just not available. and how about the pills, sean? some of the pills we suspected might have worked before covid hit our shoulders, approved by the fda, you can't find any. i wasrs calling the companies, u call in and everyone else is calling them. biden said he would defeat this virus, covid, but i think covid has defeated him. have meandering bureaucrats -- compare that to the warp speed initiatives that resulted in the vaccines that we have, which still remains the primary therapy that we are always offered. it is shameful with america's resources and our ingenuity and then after that that the biden administration is picking andoo choosing when to follow the science. i think it's a political agenda at this point in the stuff you mentioned about authorizing boosters for kidsnc 12-15, thers no panel involved that they are supposed to -- scientific advisors are supposed to assess
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for example -- myocarditis, which is what held us back the first time but i actually take it a step back, i think boosters of the wrongt challenge for america. we need to focus on adults who need medications. here's what i do, simple. i'm a doctor. i reviewed the data, one size does not fit all when you have a thousand -- infection and complications in older people versus young kids. we have told be brave enough as conservatives, as republicans, as americans, to talk openly about this. to call it like it is. this is frustrating voters in pennsylvania and americans all over the country are feeling it. the constantly changing rulebook is got to stop. >> sean: i knew so many people that were getting this. i actually a called you and askd very specific questions. early on with omicron, we knew it was more contagious. i did not knowe how lethal it my or may not be at that moment and you were pretty reassuring and also you said you couldn't believe that tests more readily
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they are not. that monoclonal's were not very available. they weren't. they should be. there's no excuse for that, and these antivirals, you've been telling me about this for weeks and months that were not using them and they show great promise and hope and they work. >> well, sean, let's take the one from pfizer. this medication in clinical trials has reduced the chance for major complications of death by 90%. where the pills? to the best of my debility, i've looked everywhere. you can't find them and i don't know who was able to get them, forget about individuals in cities making panic rules that are inconsistent for the public but as an average doctor you're just trying to help your patients. we don't have scenarios where we only rely on prevention. i might prescribe you a cholesterol medication, but just in case you have a heart attack, i know how to do heart surgery, that's my day job. i'm a heart surgeon. we can't give up treatment and just trust that it works for, for everybody, we learned that the hard way with covid.
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>> sean: we actually call you -- you went through medical school, what, four years internship, residency, 4,000 heart operations, we are going to defer to the title doctor that you earned, unlike the philly inquirer. thank you for being with us, we appreciate it. happy new year.s, in case you're wondering, joe biden still had zero answers for the lack of covid-19 testing. it joe says the omicron variant was surging. president joe biden headed for the beach for his lengthy vacation. naturally democrats, they wanted to know where -- oh, not joe biden was, where ron desantis was buried including congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez, who tweeted "hasn't governor desantis been inexplicable he missing for like two weeks? as it turns out, governor desantis was working in tallahassee and also was with his wife while she was receiving cancer treatments. ocasio-cortez, what was she doing? she was down in miami enjoying a maskless vacation in the state of florida.
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with videos of her in a crowded club dancing the night away,ci maskless, and from the pandemic through ripping through her home city of new york city where nearly 20% of the population estimates show might have omicron. but according to the congresswoman, any criticism of her vacation -- i don't get this part, is somehow sexually motivated. you have to explain that to me. it's time for rational adults, take back the swamp and state houses all across the country put an end to this covid-19 madness once and for all. joining us now, for the governor ron desantis. governor, i actually talk to people on your staff, you are in tallahassee most of the time and when you weren't in tallahassee, you were with your wife him and by the way, our thoughts and prayers are with her as she is going through her treatments. >> yeah, sean, when people try to say thatpl that's a vacationi think anyone that's gone through those treatments would not agree that chemotherapy is a vacation, and so my wife has had to go
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through that. i've a company to all those treatments, trying to be a supportive husband, so that's what we were doing on the one day where i didn't have anything on my public calendar because it is a private matter, but if people are going to live, we are going to fight back and i can tell you when you have people like that congresswoman who ripped florida because we are open, who say you need lockdown policies and then the first chance they get they come running down tot my state. if i had a dollar for every lockdown politician that's done that over the last two years, i'd be awfully wealthy right now. >> sean: i've got to laugh, that's funny. how did we end up -- now you ended up -- when joe biden first talked about the vaccine mandate, he also then began buying -- buying out all the monoclonal antibodies. and was rationing something that
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we didn't have a shortage of. but you decided to spend your own floridian money and buy it how do you explain not having enough tests available, enough monoclonals available, and enough antivirals available when we know that they work? how is that even possible? >> well, i think with the monoclonals, that is absolutely leading to people dying because we saw when we put in our sites this summer in florida to deal with the delta wave, we kept tens of thousands of people out of the hospital. we save thousands of lives by providing that treatment, so that should have been replicated in all thesese other states, but instead, what biden and his cronies have done, they've seized control of all the monoclonal antibodies. so yes, when we were in the pinch, i bought some myself. none of the governors now are able to do that because the feds have seized control, so we are in a situation where we've now asked for 40,000 more every week because i have people that i could help, and they are holding onto it and there are not distributing it. and we need it to be distributed. >> sean: you n had these centers
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all across florida free of charge to anybody -- that was only first of the breakthrough cases with delta. it quickly ended delta in your state and now they're not available at this ps point and u can't even buy your own? i just read thatlas today. >> they give us some. they give us some ey don't give us is much as we need. so we felt in infrastructure florida, sean, two to three times the number of treatments that they are sending us and we could make those readily available. we've asked them to do that. we have sites that will be turned on, additional sites, within less than 24 hours if they send us the medication. so we are asking them to send it to us, we know it will help people than the fact of the matter is, they've had a lot of time to plan for s this wave. >> sean: you talk to the producer of virginia? >> welcome of the federal government says there's no shortage, butut if there's not, then why arere they not sending what these people need?
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i think they may have noty purchased enough and i think that's probably the root of why they are being scarce with it. >> sean: all right, well, our prayers -- we've been friends a long time, our prayers for your wife as she goes through that harsh treatment. when we come back, new york wants to prioritize who gets covid tests based on race. straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight, a disturbing development in new york were far left state leaders are now admitting that they are using race as a factor in determining who gets access to life-saving covid treatments, even testing. now they've released a plan including material -- viral pills, monoclonal antibody treatments and according to the document, the criteria includes "nonwhite race or hispanic latino ethnicity should be considered as a risk factor as long-standing systemic health and social inequities have contributive to an increase risk of severe illness and death from covid-19." and it gets worst. leaked emails from new york city health officials reveal that the city is using race to decide how
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to distribute covid tests all across new york city in the five boroughs. that email also reveals that the city would prioritize neighborhoods flagged by the "task force" on racial inclusion and equity. making life-saving health decisions based on race? some might call that racism. how about any american that needs help gets it? how about we have a president that has enough tests, has enough therapeutics, monoclonal antibodies, antivirals. we can warp speed all of those. dr. marc siegel just texted me, this is operation joe biden snail speed. the weight the far left lunacy doesn't stop there. failing far left new york governor kathy hochul is now finding more ways to justify her never-ending pandemic power grab declaring racism a public health emergency. here for a quick reaction is out kick founder, also the creator
11:30 pm
of the let's go brandon t-shirt of which i am a proud owner. clay is with us along with fox news correspondent at large rivera. happy new year. i was surprised, clay, that joke on the cognitive mess didn't know what let's go brandon means. i missed that night of broadcast excellence, as rush would say. >> that is so great. that was a riveting -- >> sean: that was a riveting, revealing moment. geraldo rivera, very simple question. if we are going to use race to determine testing, treatments, isn't that cold racism? >> it is, it's as racist as if it were the other way around, and it makes very little sense. it is true that race is a factor in fatalities and hospitalizations due to covid, particularly in the earlier incarnations of the disease, but
11:31 pm
this as dr. oz points out correctly -- this disease is not about race, it's about age. 81% of the people who have died or have been severely hospitalized because of covid have been 65 years old or older if so you really want to target a vulnerable population, then you should set up these clinics and so forth in senior citizen communities. not -- it's not about race, it's about age. and for them to do this, i think is really -- using, you know, public health for social equity i think is really preposterous. >> sean: and clay, i don't know the reason why but i know for a pretty long period of time, minorities in new york city for example were at much lower rates in terms of getting vaccines. i can't give an explanation. if the city decided to go into areas where there were low levels of vaccination and they
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felt that it was important to offer it for free, i believe in freedom, medical privacy and doctor-patient confidentiality. i guess that's a rarity these days. that i would find acceptable because it's based on science. this is based on race and race alone. >> yeah. look. i think the easy way to think about this, sean, and also geraldo, is imagine what the reaction would be nationwide instantaneously if a city or a state had made the decision to prioritize treatment for covid for white people. that may or, that governor, they would be under siege immediately. there would almost instantaneously, i bet you, be an attorney general press conference where merrick garland said that they were going to begin an investigation into bringing criminal charges to find out how that had occurred. we need to stop treating people based on their identity and start treating everyone equally, and so, if we prioritize treatment for white people, it
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would be a criminal investigation. why are we not looking at this in the same way when it comes to prioritizing minorities? as geraldo pointed out, look, the two biggest factors in terms of covid disparate treatment are age and weight. if you are obese and you are elderly, you are under incredible danger from covid, and i encourage you to go get your vaccine and get boosted if you haven't already. but treating everyone as if they are under the exact same risk is wrong and also trying to pick races -- [indiscernible]. >> sean: i advise people talk to their doctors. i'm not a doctor, i'm not playing one radio and i'm not playing one on tv and i don't know people's medical history, their current condition. that's not for me to decide, the one-size-fits-all medicine. geraldo, here we are two years into this, we ran out of tests all over the country the last few weeks. we've known -- we've had monoclonal antibodies for a year and a half, geraldo.
11:34 pm
we ran out of those too. there's no excuse for that. we have these new antivirals. they are not being distribute it, geraldo. i've never seen such a level of failure than the government here. >> one more point -- i will get to that. one more point about the government using public health for social engineering. eight years ago mayor de blasio, just elected, opted to plow the snow from the poor communities first, not the wealthy communities. i lived on the upper east side, the garage for the sanitation truck is right there. they always plowed their way out, so they plowed that neighborhood first, then got to the outer boroughs. de blasio said no, no, we're going to start in the outer boroughs and work our way in. it was the end of his mayoral days. he had eight more years to go, but nobody in that neighborhood
11:35 pm
would ever vote for him again. now, in terms of biden, president biden's ineptitude, a lot of it has to do with the fact that we haven't been able to keep up with the way this disease is evolving, in fairness. no one expected omicron. delta was a surprise. you know, i think that what biden did against trump was extremely unfair. jump to the best he could on the basis of the information he had. biden i think had a cockiness and an arrogance that is coming back to bite him, but he -- i don't think is a bad person. >> sean: a year and a half monoclonals, you run out? two years into the pandemic, you have no tests? this is -- you know what, i can't take it, it is so incompetent. clay, geraldo -- >> imagine this. trump would be impeached if he were still president and everything else where the exact same. democrats would be losing their minds, they are trying to cover for biden's failures, just imagine everything is the same and trump were still president, he would be getting destroyed every single day.
11:36 pm
>> sean: excoriated every second, minute, hour of every 24-hour day as they love to do in the media. thank you both. now turning our attention overseas tonight, a lot of crises around the world. biden, that whole team continues to resort to tired political platitudes rather than confronting what a real growing threats, china, iran, russia. biden told putin on sunday that the u.s. will "act decisively" if the russian leader invades ukraine. sure he is shaking in his boots. ask yourself, does anyone really think vladimir putin cares what joe biden thinks? does he not know he's a cognitive mess? yes he does. and get this. the biden state department is being mocked tonight after a bizarre series of tweets about secretary of state tony blinken's spotify playlist, his music playlist. have you heard the news? secretary blinken is now on spotify. check out the latest recommended playlist, the department tweeted. i will ask, amid growing threats
11:37 pm
around the world, real threats, the globe, can this be the priority of our state department? putin, president xi, kim jong un, iran, they see with the rest of us are seeing, and administration totally incapable or unwilling to stand up to america's adversaries, and the threats are only intensifying. look at the new report from "the wall street journal" detailing increasing cooperation with china and russia and by the way, that also includes iran. detailing ambitious joint military exercises, deep collaboration on advanced weapons technology, and over in tehran, well, the iranian president continues to lash out and stoke wider conflict, claiming former president trump, mike pompeo, they've got to face trial for taking out soleimani or tehran will seek revenge by the way, the today is the anniversary of his death, good riddance to that evil terrorist and the anniversary of president trump making the decisive military decision to
11:38 pm
keep america and the world safe. there with reaction, former secretary of state, fox news contributor mike pompeo. i wish i knew the story behind this because the fact that you were able to nail this guy -- he's on a commercial flight. you knew he's on that flight, you wait for everybody else to be safe, every private citizen, you take him right out on the tarmac, one of the best military efforts in our lifetime. >> well, sean, happy new year to you. you around the world -- went around the world and the threats pretty accurately sadly. you're right about these threats from iran, they are unprecedented. you have a nation-state, the world's largest state sponsor of terror, very capable, saying they are going to rows every muslim in the world, that is something that's not been done before, it's a real security risk. i think it tells you something about how they are thinking about this administration. i wouldn't change a thing about what we recommended to the
11:39 pm
president. we were defending the united states of america. we were keeping the american people safe, qassem soleimani was actively engaged in plotting against america and we took military action, lawful military action to make sure there are no americans were killed. it was a good decision and now we have the responsibility, the american leadership has the responsibility to keep every american safe against the threat from iran and to see the president out there talking about putting president trump in man trial and if that doesn't work, having us assassinated, is deeply unprecedented and they're real responsibly for the leadership team. >> sean: it's a threat to your personal safety and president trump's personal safety. i would take that seriously. but i don't think vladimir putin is amassing 200,000 troops on the ukrainian border for no reason at all. nor do i think that the saber rattling and flying fighter jets over taiwan airspace is more than a message from china. after the olympics, my prediction is it will try their reunification with china. am i wrong? >> sean, i think that's likely. these are all connected as well. they are connected by the
11:40 pm
central thesis of an administration that's not prepared to defend the things that matter most to america. we've demonstrated for four years how deterrence work. ronald reagan knew peace through strength, we talked about america first and getting it right, we made it clear to the chinese we would oppose real cost with them, i don't think vladimir putin would behave in a way he's behaving, coercing europe, coercing the west, having conversations with the president of the united states walking away thinking i think i will send a few more trips to the ukraine aborted. this is the president who chose not to send the military assistance to the ukrainians when they took one fifth of ukraine. i suspect vladimir putin thinks that the things that biden is telling him today are not likely to be followed through on. i hope he is wrong and hope president biden is determined to protect america's interest wherever they are. i suspect that leaders around the world don't see that.
11:41 pm
they saw what happened in afghanistan. they saw a pipeline shut down in the southeast part of the united states and we did virtually nothing. i hope this administration will begin to restore insurance that america had discussed for years that kept a lot of us safe. >> sean: if i'm right and we have this -- it's not that i'm right, we know that there is this new alliance with china and russia but it also includes iran. which makes me than most nervous because if you marry radical islam with weapons of mass destruction and a convert or die philosophy, that could only lead to one thing potentially even a modern-day holocaust. a danger that the world better never have to face but i'm afraid we are headed that direction. thoughts. >> the weaker america is, the more appeasement we show going to the negotiating table, even as we speak, sean, going to the negotiating table in vienna to talk to the iranians about
11:42 pm
striking a deal to get back in the cruddy deal that we had in the jcpoa, the nuclear deal. that's the kind of appeasement that creates the very risk that you talk about. i assure you the israelis are concerned about that as well, they are concerned about iran getting a nuclear weapon on president biden's watch. they know that american weakness puts real risk on israel, real risk that you can have some kind of holocaust, and we should forget, sean, too, add venezuela and cuba into that mix with china, iran, russia, and china and it got real risk right here in our hemisphere, 90 miles off of america's short. -- sure. we need to do things the trump administration to to protect america. i hope this demonstration will begin to show that kind of real resolve and strength. >> sean: welcome of the world sees that joe biden is weak and they are obvious for advantage of it. that deal, that iranian deal that brought plane loads, cargo plane loads of currency for the mullahs in iran would also allow them to get nuclear weapons by
11:43 pm
2025 anyway. the worst deal in history. mr. secretary, happy new year, thank you for being with us. when we come back, democrats, they want to radically change the way things are done in the senate. biden's poll numbers are tanking. newt gingrich has an explanation. what does it all mean? we are in 2022, the year of the midterm, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: joe biden begins this year, 2022, midterm year, with slumping approval and an agenda inin peril on capitol hill, increasing iron from the radical far left progressive that run that party and get this, a new report from political citing multiple democratic strategists sang democratic voters should expect a primary challenge to biden if, in fact, he tries to run for reelection.em as congresswoman ocasio-cortez's for communications director told "politico," "is deeply unpopular, as old ases adam schiff, and he's largely ineffective unless we are counting judges or whatever the hell inside baseball scorecard that we are using, i think you will probably get demolished in the midterms" but even with the failure starting them -- staring them right in the face, democrats continue to double down on their reckless, radical
11:50 pm
socialist agenda with senate majority leader chuck schumer saying he's going to bring a vote on the floor to abolish the filibuster as part of the democratic fantasy of passing their election takeover bill. wow. he says he will do that by january 17th. remember it wasn't all that long ago democrats were saying this when talking about the filibuster when republicans were in charge. what a dramatic 180 this is. imagine that, in the washington swamp, people so hypocritical. >> speaking of those other candidates, several of them have proposed major structural reforms to our government and th our democracy. these include abolishing the electoral college, expanding the size of the supreme court, setting term limits for justices, abolishing theth legislative filibuster, which, if any, of these do support? >> nonburied >> with the filibuster does, with the extended debate does is employ both sides of the aisle to come together, in a bipartisan copper mines in way. >> they want because they can't
11:51 pm
get their way on every judge to change the rules in midstream, to wash away 200 years of history. they want to make this country into a banana republic where if you don't get your way, you change the rules. >> sean: that's what chuck wants, banana republic, and of course democrats aren't taking filibuster and trying to ram through far left socialism, they are obsessed with more hysteria. this is the week of all thingshr january 6th and using their sham predetermined investigation with the predetermined outcome always to attack donald trump. liz cheney, where is your investigation into the approximately 574 riots in the summer of 2020 where dozens of americans died, billions of dollars in property damage with arson and looting, and thousands of cops that were injured during those riots. where's that committee? and why are you now siding with far left democrats, thee ones that called your father,r
11:52 pm
dick cheney -- they called him a murderer. they called him a war criminal and a crook. really, you know, argue that obsessed with donald trump? clearly the answer is yes oror u would be investigating all riots equally. at the 574 riots that killed dozens, injured thousands of cops and billions in property damage. here with reaction, author of "beyond biden," fox news contributor newt gingrich is with us. all right, so you've got this radical base and the party turning on biden. his poll numbers are tanking. they only care about one riot, not the 574 riots, and they have nothing good that i can think of, mr. speaker, to run on in terms of being a successful policy. >> well i think you sort of captured it in your opening monologue.
11:53 pm
if you have a president who can't solve the problem of enough supply for monochrome -- monoclonal antibody, can't solve the supply for testing, can't fix anything involving the pandemic, theypp have more ships hitting outside long beach harbor, about 121 now, than they had three weeks ago. so the supply chain stays broken. their answer to the price of beef is to set up this brand-new government program to support smaller producers u and smaller factories who have no effect on the price of beef. it but it gives them an ability to passout a billion dollars for political purposes. you go down the whole system, it like that. they basically understand that if the election is this year -- elections this year involve an honest count where you have to prove who you are to vote and where only citizens can vote, they're going to lose. they're going to lose badly in the house, they could lose 40-70 seats.
11:54 pm
>> sean: can they pull that off? >> they got to find a way to break the game. >> sean: can they pull it off? >> i don't know. look, if you are to break every rule, if you're willing to lie about every topic, if you can bring total pressure to bear, who knows? i mean -- in the senate it comes down to whether or not sinema and manchin willhe stand firm in defense of the filibuster and whether or not you have in senator mcconnell a leader who actual takes them on if they try to change the filibuster. republicans can i think make it so painful they can't do it. >> sean: we need another contract with america and beyond biden in bookstores everywhere,,,. mr. speaker, we will have you one soon.
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more [indistinct] next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening as we kick off this midterm new year. thank you for being with us. please set your dvr. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, happy new year. laura ingraham, happy midterm year. >> laura: i'm excited about this year. it's going to be a great year, pumped, ready to go. >> sean: did you have a good holiday? >> laura: i did have a good christmas and good new year's. i traveled to a free state. it's always fun i enjoyed that very much. to travel to a free state. >> sean: i spent a lot of time because everybody i know and every contact i had was actually asking me, what is that stuff you talk about all the time mono -- colonal antibodies?