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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 4, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and we plan to do this on january 6th. that is it for us tonight. have a great night we are going to go to sean hannity. >> sean: i'll take the 11 seconds early but you're always welcome to your time. tonight an important message i had to the cowardly swamp creatures, all of you in washington, d.c., both the political swamp creatures that are elected and the media mob swamp creatures who don't seem to understand their role in the federal government or the media or why, in the case of politicians that were elected and hired in the first place, that important message coming up straight ahead. but more importantly our account that no one else pays attention to, we won't stop, continues. >> americans held hostage behind
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american lines. day 143. >> sean: speaking of swamp politicians, they have "turned the page" but really they have turned their backs on our fellow americans, thousands of green card holders, of course, are tens of thousands of afghan allies, and it is now day 143, no end insight, abandoned, trapped behind enemy lines in the islamic emirates of afghanistan. on this program, unlike them, we are not turning the page, we are not stopping our account until all of them, our fellow americans, our home safely. we begin tonight with yet another crisis, the ongoing surge that's happening as we speak. yesterday, the u.s. just reported a record number of covid-19 infections, over 1 million. this is without a doubt a humiliating catastrophic failure for a man who ran the entire campaign that he would shut down this virus. said it again and again and
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again, i'll shut it down. take a look. >> i'll put in place a plan to deal with this pandemic response. there is no federal solution. i'm going to shut down the virus. >> there is no federal solution. >> i'm going to shut down the virus. >> i'm going to shut down the virus. >> looked, there is no federal solution. >> i'm going to shut down the virus. look, there is no federal solution. we'll never ever ever quit. we'll shut down this virus. >> look, there is no federal solution. i'm there is no federal solution. >> sean: there is no federal solution? clearly biden's plan to shut down the virus was a farce so the white house wants to trot out the week frail struggling
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joe biden to what is a very bizarre make-believe global office set complete with a miniature oval office desk. not the real one. snow is magically falling in the digital windows. with ß-letter like this, anyone can pretend to be president. take a look at my background. even i can make pretend like joey. i'm not sure what is worse. is it joe with the fake snow or is it may be a kamala harris and the image makeover attempt with child actors? you decide. the real oval office was only across the lawn. but joe seems to prefer the fake oval office with the fake snowflakes. if this were president trump at a tiny desk in front of fake windows, could you just think and imagine for a moment the constant never ending mocking from the mob and the media? of course, they have a different standard for joe biden. he was in candidate production program, now the presidential protection program from the media mob.
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today, in his fake oval office set, joe biden doubled down on his equally fake plan to stop the spread of covid-19. he said, just get vaccinated, boosted, wear a mask! even if it doesn't actually stop the spread. take a look. >> those are fully vaccinated especially with the booster shots. we have booster shots for the whole nation, okay? you can still get covid. but it's highly unlikely, very unlikely that you'll become seriously ill. we are seeing cases among vaccinated and workplaces across america including here at the white house. but if you are vaccinated and boosted, you are a highly protected. you know, be concerned about omicron, but don't be alarmed. >> sean: i thought they said to follow the science. considers to call it the pandemic of the end vaccinated. we all know that is simply not
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true. we have fully vaccinated people getting omicron, fully boosted, they are getting covid, so our people fully vaccinated with boosters and people with natural immunity are all testing positive for covid and passing covid on to the fully vaccinated other boosted people. this is a big reason why testing is so important. the question is where is joe biden? where are the tests, joe? a year ago you vowed to make testing a prop down my top priority in your administration. you said is a travesty that we don't have enough test when donald trump was president. now those test for most americans are nowhere to be found. but don't worry. today, biden unveiled the solution. he told you to use google. no federal solution. use google. take a look. >> last few weeks we stood up federal testing sites all around the country. we are adding more each and every day.
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google "covid test near me," go there, find the nearest sight where you can get a test most often in free. >> sean: is it just me or is his cognitive condition deteriorating before our eyes? i'll let you decide that too. if you think a strategy on testing sounds stupid to me should check out his plan to keep your kids safe in school. apparently joe wants plenty of social distancing on buses, or something. take a look. >> for patients who still haven't gotten kids vaccinated, please get vaccinated. look out for their interest here. it's the best way to protect them. and for parents with kids too young to be vaccinated, surround your kids with people who are vaccinated. ventilation systems in the schools, social distancing in
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classrooms, even larger classrooms. on buses, everything from bus drivers to buses to the actual bus, there's a lot of reason to be hopeful in 2020. but for god's sake, please take advantage of what's available. please. you are going to save lives. may be yours may be a child's. >> sean: you make tests, monoclonal's, antivirals available, joe? joe said in 2020, he said 2020. joe, it's 2022. god help us. i don't know what's worse here. is it that he doesn't know what "let's go brandon" means? is it that he had no clue his own administration was pushing for $450,000 payouts to illegal immigrants that had family separation issues while breaking our laws are not respecting our borders and sovereignty? or is it that joe doesn't know what year it is? we'll let you decide that too.
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of course, biden's plan for schools doesn't begin and end met with buses. from the very start of his failed presidency, joe all but outsourced his education policy to major far left teachers unions, including one led by randi weingarten, a real-life radical extremist who worked as hard as she could to keep your kids out of school for nearly two years. now she is lobbying in favor of a vaccine mandate for all public school kids. so don't be surprised if joe biden tries to require vaccines for all public school children as young as five, even though the science is not showing a lot of 5-11-year-olds dying. you see what's happening here? the administration has no plan or strategy to deliver on joe's lofty campaign promise that he was going to stop the virus. oh. okay. shut it down. they are doubling down, tripling down from looking for ways to deflect the blame. right on cue, one white house
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spokesperson, what do they do? all else fails and you screwed up that bad, blame donald trump for it leaving biden with no plan. listen to this. >> we had covid, we saw an economic shutdown with 10 million americans out of work. we saw covid-19 raging across the country. schools, businesses across the country closed. there was no plan. absolutely no plan left for us on how to move forward from the previous administration to address any of it. >> sean: year in, no testing, there is no testing in the country. he did nothing. we've had this virus for two years. joe has presented a plan. read "vanity fair," opportunity to buy 732,000 tests a month. he didn't do it peer that was back in october. no plan? ever hear of operation warp speed? mass distribution of ventilators? ppe?
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therapeutics? a proven strategy to send military doctors and nurses to covid thursday areas? biden had all the tools he needed to succeed, promise to shut down the virus and he still dropped the ball and there is no federal solution. tonight, the result of his failure? more than 419,200 americans have died under joe biden's watch. that means more debt americans from covid in 2021 then 2020. in october of 2020, biden claimed 220,000 americans dead, yet if you've heard nothing else i said tonight, here are this: anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the united states. so tonight, i call on joe to take his own advice. a beach somewhere in the house in delaware calling his name and i'd encourage him to answer that call. here with reaction, former
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senior cancel to donald trump kellyanne conway. former messages senator scott brown. you know, two niles plus in and you were there in the beginning what we didn't know a lot about this. more people dead this year and last year of 2021 then 2020. then we have a situation where we don't have enough testing the move had monoclonal antibodies for 18 months, and we don't have enough. they didn't see the surge coming, they said? that to me is failure, incompetence and frankly it's in coherency to me. they are deaf, blind, and stupid on every level. >> it's complete malfeasance by the federal government. wants to be a big government socialist when it comes to testing, one of the 1 million new cases that we have as of today. today, we had more cases than we've had in any day during the
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pandemic which was almost two years old. let's look at the facts. fact, donald trump the administration developed through vaccines. biden the administration has made zero. we did the signs for them. i was there, in the cabinet room, when the pharmaceutical companies johnson & johnson, pfizer, madrona, and others came to talk about her script and drug prices and the president immediately had them focus on therapeutics and vaccine development and i was there when he said that don't tell me these things take too many years but we don't have any years people tell me this is a serious virus. period 12 million americans while donald trump was in the white house got shots in the arm including joe biden and kamala harris bit had joe biden been president and not donald trump, joe biden would not have been vaccinated a year ago. they don't have a plan but they don't have a cute clue in the polls are catching up. six to 5% of americans said that they disapprove of joe biden's handling of the virus beer that used to be his most positive
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issue and, let's face it, it was the big lie that he ran onto shut down the virus. people didn't vote for joe biden to pull us out of afghanistan and trap americans behind enemy lines. they didn't vote for joe biden to have inflation and a supply chain crisis. they didn't vote for joe biden to shut down energy pipelines. they voted for him because he promised to shut down the virus and he and his administration have accused everything that they've been. we have surged ppe, had military ships go to los angeles and new york and new jersey to help people, to help the overruns of cases. we search food and meals for this school children that won't have them because they were out of school. sonny purdue and donald trump to that. we made sure that ppe exists. sean, the biggest crisis that joe biden is creating with arcades in our school.
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there is no ppe to make our kids whole again. these kids are suffering mental health, they can't have fun. they can't merge healthy relationships, they say they can't focus on their education and career. the first thing melania trump and donald trump had a zoom in the situation room with governors and staff saying, let's work together to focus on the physical and mental well-being of these children. they are locked down, let's make sure we are treating the whole student. they ignore that because it was trump's idea and even today "the new york times" admits that we have locked down these kids and their minds in the way the mental health is suffering. >> sean: well said and i believe all that is true. i've talked to medical doctors and they confirm what you say. senator scott brown, no federal solution and if you need tests just go to google. how about operation warp speed, produce as many test as the country needs immediately?
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how about operation warp speed for monoclonals, how about operation warp speed for these new antivirals that are out there that every doctor i've talked to seems to be very hopeful about? why can't we do that? >> first of all, sean, i want to wish you, kellyanne, everybody listening and watching a happy new year and i pray every day for a very successful 2022. i want to make sure that we get there what we are going through bit i hope it's not going to be continued to be politicized because i want the president to succeed. i want him to beat this virus so we can get back to normalcy. i will reflect, being president from's ambassador to new zealand and samoa for almost four years, i remember with fascination looking and listening at the media criticizing his tweets and his words and not focusing on the very things at the both both of you have talked about and not looking at the amazing toolbox that president biden was given to try and stop or really put
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some damage. a million cases today? that's his idea of success? he needs to get a new team, a new phase because between the cdc, fauci, and the white house, everybody is so confused. everybody wants to do the right thing. they want to social distance, they want to wear a mask. should we get vaccines, not can vaccines? he has demonized the vaccine versus the on the i know people and youdo as , they've been vaccine, boosted, they've got the monoclonal antibodies, they still get the virus. >> sean: i know people at previous infections have had it. scott brown's wife is running for congress in new hampshire and i'm paying very close attention to that race. i'm actually going to put the better brown on the show one day. you've been on so often and i think it's time to bring your wife who's running for congress. i've got to run.
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thank you, both. kellyanne, scott brown. covid's raging full two years income a test in short supply. most americans want them, can't get them. the worker shortage is getting worse, 4.5 million people leaving jobs in november. naturally joe biden is focused on america's evil meet conglomerates. according to biden, big meat is hurting this country. who caused the problems? joe? take a look. >> there is a sunroom off the kitchen and my wife was there with his sister and a good friend named marianne and she was saying, do you realize it's over $5 for a pound of hamburger meat? $5? the big companies are making massive profits. their profits go up, the prices you see in the grocery stores go up commensurate. i've said it before and i'll say it again: capitalism without competition isn't capitalism,
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its exploitation. that's what we are seeing in meat and poultry in those industries now. >> sean: we didn't have that problem under donald trump you're here with more, south dakota governor kristi noem. i know you know what thing are two about the meat industry, governor, and if we didn't have a higher energy prices, $1.50 more for gasoline, diesel costing about the same costs more to get to the store, i'd blame joe biden for joe biden's economic policies have resulted in more people leaving jobs than taking jobs. your thoughts? >> sean, our ranchers have been getting screwed for decades. back when i was in congress and joe biden was vice president of the united states to do something about it, the big packers to control a majority of the market. 85% of production and the beef industry goes through four big packers. he correctly identified the problem. the issue is he's not willing to
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do what president trump did. president trump started an investigation into these packers to make sure that they are not manipulating the markets, that they are not hiding the prices, manipulate and contracts to steal from ranchers and drive up costs to the folks you have to buy their groceries and pay for it on very tight budgets. that's what's frustrating to me. not that joe biden didn't identify a problem. it's not that he's not willing to enforce the law. again. he's willing to go out there and spend more money and pursue other ideas and not just do the basic job of government and that's to make sure that you are implementing the laws correctly, making sure that people are following the rules, his department of justice has every single tool to make sure the people are not attacked under the situation that they are in today. listen, what's alarming to me is that you saw joe biden attacked capitalism. you saw him attack free markets. he's attacking america. what has made this country so special, and he starting to do this on an issue that he has a
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little bit of credibility that it is a problem for the problem is that he's not willing to fix it in the way that it should be fixed. >> sean: let me ask you about covid-19 p.r. test available to the degree you need them in south dakota? what about monoclonal antibodies? doctors are raving about the antivirals. i don't know much about them. pfizer -- i think it's merck that created them. are these things in short supply in your state? >> we've been offering free tests over a year in south dakota. there have been plenty of tests and that really is the key to making sure that people have all the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves and for their families. we will continue to do that. unfortunately the federal government makes promises they don't follow through on. they are not doing what they need to do to make sure that they are getting the opportunity for testing and antibodies and treatments to get out there, therapeutics for individuals and families. it's incredible to listen to this white house and how inept
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they are at literally everything, sean. they left me a voice mail on my phone, senior advisor in the white house asking me if i needed any help in my home state of montana. they don't even know what state on the governor of. there aren't a lot of us appear there are, like, 50 of us. come on, let's get something right. we depreciated some of the american people are frustrating because they are being thrown out. >> mount rushmore, south dakota. i've been there. governor? that made my day. thank you very much for sharing that. straight ahead, john solomon with breaking news about election integrity in georgia. investigation, the left is resorting to fearmongering ahead of the midterms. mike huckabee is with us. i have a message to the creatures in d.c., both the elected ones and the media mob ones. straight ahead.
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>> sean: tonight we have big breaking news out of the state of georgia tonight where officials are now opening an official investigation into serious allegations of illegal ballot harvesting during the 2020 election and the 2021 runoff in the senate. here's what the georgia secretary of state is now telling john solomon. take a look. >> if people give us credible allegations we want to make sure we did that. in order for you to do investigations, the state board has the issue subpoenas. is that part of the process you are dealing with right now? >> if we have people who don't come forward for whatever concern because we really need to get to the bottom of it. if it comes to that, that would
6:27 pm
be the next step we are looking at that. >> sean: the news, founder, editor in chief of investigative you talk toratzenberger and whau learn and did he indicate the full scope of this investigation? >> what he said is exactly what you just heard. we have an open investigation that the group, very respected election expert, there may be as many as 242 people who participated in what you'd call a harvested campaign in georgia. harvesting is the reason come up put together many cell phone records from one of the participants that there was a widespread effort, 5,600 trips
6:28 pm
to drop boxes to deliver ballots on the november 2020 election that settled control of both the white house and in the senate. that is a large-scale operation if the allegations turned out to be true. he said that they were credible, may be they issue subpoenas in next few days. >> sean: give us a time frame and more specifically mentioned evidence. what evidence? >> i started working on this in the summer when i heard that the captain had approached governor kemp with his information. didn't really pursue it aggressively. there is video footage. when brad ratzenberger made the agreement have these ballot boxes, he required surveillance cameras to be on them 24/7. i've seen some of the footage. you can see people taking stacks of ballots -- by the way, not at 9:00 in the morning but 2:00 in the morning, there in the
6:29 pm
morning, between midnight and five in the morning, sometimes dropping them on the ground, somebody stuffing them into the ballot boxes. the classic of harvesting. that footage is very strong. they took a tactic the fbi uses, cell phones u.s.-based data and identified who these 242 people most likely are because they were the only cell phone at the box in the moment. very strong evidence. anna corroborating and a corroborating witness. >> sean: you have video evidence, when do we get to see that? >> now it's a matter of investigation. at some point if secretary ratzenberger sees enough to pursue criminal prosecutions, those videotapes will be released along with other evidence he has gathered -- >> sean: he's had that evidence and you've seen that evidence? >> my understanding is that his staff has seen the evidence but he's trying to secure it through subpoenas so it's officially obtained through official proceedings and the investigation will start.
6:30 pm
the key thing here, sean, someone who said he participated in it, that's the person ratzenberger's office most want to speak to. he is identified as john doe in the complaint. but that's the key person he wants to get to. >> sean: wow, this could be huge. john solomon, thank you. democrats want to stoke more baseless fears, hysteria, as they watch the biden agenda fail on every single front. democrats, their allies, the media mob now worried that a republican victory in 2022 may be the "end of the democracy as we know it." that's what they are saying. take a look. >> especially if you have a significant win for a trump lead republican party means at 2024 is going to be seen as illegitimate and potentially a constitutional crisis. >> i'm worried republicans win in the midterm elections, voting as we know in this country will be gone. if they are able to enact the
6:31 pm
house, the damage that they could do to permanently make it difficult to vote and just alter the way that we purchase a paid and the democratic process could be irreversible. and so this may not -- as i said, this is not only the most important election. if we don't get it right, it could be the last election. >> sean: joining us now with the reaction from a former arkansas governor mike huckabee. governor huckabee, if you want to visit the president, you visited many a president in your day, or go to the capital, go to a dnc convention or buy a six-pack of beer or a jewel pod, you need a photo i.d. simple things for election integrity. voter i.d., signature verification, chain of custody control to maintain integrity, updated voter rolls in the partisan observers, watch the count, start to finish. and you have to be in this country legally to vote. is that burdensome?
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>> no, it's not a burden, it's a necessity. i didn't think eric swalwell could lower himself anymore than he already has. but he has done it. he's succeeded and he's done it well. here's the funny thing he says. we couldn't end with a war situation in the house -- yeah, we actually couldn't because under people like eric swalwell, adam schiff, nancy pelosi, things of god as bad as they can he make it out to be that if somehow republicans take the house they will turn off the water in every american city, cut the electrical lines, and outlaw avocado toast. it's going to be a terrible day. it's unbelievable that anybody would take this guy seriously. i certainly don't. i don't think most americans take seriously the notion that if we actually have honest, fair, and consistent elections, somehow that's going to end voting as we know it.
6:33 pm
it's going to restore voting as the law says it's supposed to be. >> sean: we know that they want new green deal socialism, so far that has failed peer they want to pack the courts, so far that has failed. end the filibuster, d.c./puerto rico statehood. i can't name a single thing, maybe you can, that joe biden can point to that he can identify successful. we have around 574 riots in the summer of 2020. dozens of americans died. billions in property damage, arson, looting, thousands of cops injured, many seriously. where is that committee? they only seem to care about the one riot that they can politicize. i condemned january 6, i condemn tonight any writing anyplace anywhere. why won't they investigate those riots? >> it doesn't fit their narrative, sean penn they want to make as if what happened on january 6th a year ago was an
6:34 pm
insurrection. it wasn't. if it was an attempt at one, it was the most boneheaded in the world, trying to take down a nuclear power with flagpoles. just think about the absurdity of that. i'm with you. i condemn that on the day it happened and said it was the dumbest thing that people could have done and those who have broken at the capitol who insulted or assaulted any police officer should have to pay. that's criminal activity. i was also consistent, as you wear, and others where that what you said in the summer, those were not peaceful protests. those were violent outrageous attacks on the very democracy that democrats pretend they want to protect. >> sean: they focus on that so they don't have to focus on joe's failures. your beer is getting big. i don't know. next year, we might have a role for you around christmas. i don't know. >> joe biden can -- >> sean: i missed that. i wanted to hear that. coming up, kamala harris is
6:35 pm
slammed for tweeting "america is moving again." said that as thousands of americans are trapped on i-95. joe concha and lara trump here with that. my message after all you swamp creatures, politicians, media mob preachers in d.c. straight ahead. using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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>> sean: hundreds and hundreds of motorists stranded along i-95 in virginia from outside d.c. all the way down to near richmond. cars, trucks at a standstill. freezing cold temperatures backed up for miles and miles and miles. some stranded for over 24 hours after a snowstorm paralyzed the entire region. of course, far left liars on twitter tried to blame newly
6:40 pm
elected governor republican governor -- he hasn't been sworn in yet. northam is still your governor. vice president harris posted a tweet saying "america is moving again" in the latest tone-deaf baffling moment paid she may want to bring back the child actors. with the reaction, fox news contributor's joe concha, lara trump are with us. i look at this and i'm thinking, you know, you can't make this up. but she does a really good job with child actors. that image makeover, we night need the kids to come back in and do another session. >> she is very reliable that video. it worked wonders for kamala harris. if she didn't have bad timing and bad communication skills, she would have none at all. obviously this tweet was terrible from start to finish no matter how you look at it.
6:41 pm
what is moving again, by the way? is inflation moving in the right direction? are people moving off their couches out of their couches and back to work because the government has stopped paying them to stay home? of course not. i don't know what her tweet was all about. nothing is moving in the right direction as long as kamala harris and joe biden are in charge. just like everything else in this administration, that tweet was an epic failure. but i'm wondering as it relates to virginia, how could you fail the people of your state so badly. ralph northam, you are still the governor of this date. maybe he was too busy cleaning out his office because glenn youngkin is fortunately for the people of virginia, i know they are so happy about this, taking over soon. of course they blame republican end, sean, as you pointed out, not even in office yet for this mess. i knew about the storm's snowstorm coming and i live in
6:42 pm
florida! they could have used the signs all down i-95 to tell you to mask up in your car with your whole family to warn people about the snowstorm! failure across the board. it's all mind-boggling. >> sean: i'm surprised they didn't blame your father-in-law. joe concha? >> one could only imagine if ron desantis, the republican governor of florida, handled this the way governor northam get democrat did if a snowstorm crippled his state. it can snow in florida. happened to me in spring break, panama city in the '90s. here's the gut feeling. almost certainly they don't write their own tweets. whichever in turn is handling them needs to be reassigned to do something else. let the white house chief of staff based on experience alone. interns can do lots of things in the white house. one quick note by the way. i was on the network earlier and i said that a debt had occurred
6:43 pm
during this storm and there were fatalities. not in virginia as stated but states in neighboring maryland. apologies for the error. no excuse. that's all. >> sean: i look at this and i can't cite anything done effectively. we don't have enough tests, monoclonal antibodies around 18 months, we ran out of those. what does this guy do -- name one thing he's done successfully? i have about 30 seconds. >> sean: i'd love to name one but by every metric he's failed the american people. there's not one positive thing you can point to within this administration between joe biden and kamala harris that they have been successful on for the american people. people are paying more for everything, they can't meet basic needs, embarrassed on the world stage day after day. we have a wide open southern border and americans feel the difference. they feel the difference with a joe biden presidency and they know how much better they had it
6:44 pm
when president donald trump was in there. that's why it there's going to be a red wave this november and that's why in 2024 i guarantee you a republican -- i won't say which one yet, we'll be taking back the white house. >> sean: donald trump versus joe biden, a double digit 13 points, 14-point win. thank you both. when we come back, as biden's border crisis, it gets worse than ever. there is more fenton all day in harrow were now being seized at the border, killing more americans. sara carter was given exclusive access by the texas cps drug lab. she shows us next. my important message for the d.c. swamp creatures, both the elected ones and their willing allies and basically press secretaries in the media mob. straight ahead. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. free your gut, and your mood will follow.
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>> sean: the real cost of biden's open border crisis is obvious as ever tonight as we are learning more fentanyl than heroin was stopped at the border this past year. first time ever on record be our very own sara carter has an exclusive report tonight on this fentanyl crisis. she was given exclusive access to the texas dps as they tried to do the job that the biden the administration just refuses to do. take a look. sara? >> sean, tens of thousands of bereaved parents as well as law enforcement officials across the country are trying to warn the nation about a crisis, a drug crisis of nonaddicts, where counterfeit fentanyl pills are killing our children and killing
6:50 pm
people regardless of age but i want you to take a look at the exclusive video that we were able to obtain as well as a special interview with our texas crime lab, the texas department of public safety in houston. listen to this. >> i look at this lab and this is just incredible. this is the lab or your testing all kinds of narcotics that you are finding on the streets. is that challenging? >> yeah. i mean, there is a changing of things now. always new drugs emerging from a new analogs out. it's a lot of utilizing these guys to the best of our ability to figure out what it is clement doing different research into it, trying to identify all the stuff that we are seeing. this is an actual kilo of fentanyl that was seized, one of the few that were seized in a case. >> when i think about fentanyl, you need chemicals, precursor drugs to help make the fentanyl. it used to be that the fentanyl is coming directly from china. you've got these precursor
6:51 pm
drugs, explain that. they use those to make the fentanyl? >> they adjusted what was controlled overseas and instead of hitting the fentanyl like you said, we are getting their pres cursors and the heirs of the rising it or assembling the drugs themselves from mexico and sending it of course. there are some that still come to the mail directly in the u.s. but it seems that the primary route is through the southern border. >> people who think they can tell the difference between a real oxo cotton and one that's been manufactured in some lab somewhere, may be in a trailer in mexico, tell me how lehman can tell the difference. can they? >> we don't usually know it's not a real tablet until we run it on our instruments and that it's not totally different. >> someone who got the pill from someone in school, they wouldn't
6:52 pm
be able to tell the difference. >> would be hard to know. >> how much fentanyl in a pill can kill? >> the rule of thumb people say is about 2 milligrams. >> you cannot even see the 2 milligrams of fentanyl here. it's really that... it's that minute. 2 milligrams of fentanyl. it's potentially lethal enough to kill an average human being. right here, we have 1 kilogram of fentanyl, according to law enforcement officials, this is potentially lethal enough to kill 500,000 people. sean, the texas department of public safety actually seized over 918 pounds of fentanyl as of december 30th for 2020. you can imagine how much that is on the streets. they are telling me that this is just a small portion of what
6:53 pm
they've been able to seize because they believe so much more has entered the country. one of the greatest fears they have is that the fentanyl is being transported across state lines. they are finding it in schools but we've seen children as young as 12 and people as old as 65, nonaddicts who have actually taken a pill from a friend or borrowed something from a neighbor, may be taking a percocet, oxycontin, adderall who have drop-dead taking one pill. have to warn everybody out there that this is truly a crisis and it needs to be investigated by the biden the administration and something absently must be done. >> sean: the number one killers of americans aged 18-45, fentanyl. we don't talk about it enough. part two of the series tomorrow night. thank you, sara. coming soon, i have a message but part of the media mob, press secretary for the democrats? you don't want to miss it.
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