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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 4, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> laura: i remember when he was a really well respected guy.
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what happened there? of course, nbc is following in line. the riots and the republic. one year after pro-trump attacked the capital, the politicians born of a democracy and still at risk. now, if there was an award for transparent fraud and shocking hyperbole, then "the new york times" would surely win. every day is january 6th. democracy in grave danger. then the topline reveals they their real game plan to effectively outlaw the republican party with one of america's two major parties are gone, it is clear preserving democracy will not be a bipartisan effort. you see, only democrats can solve our democracy crisis. created, of course by nonliz cheney republicans. now, when you understand this, step 2 makes a lot more sense, which is frame any future g.o.p. election win as proof that
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democracy is imperiled. >> they take over 2022, that is the end of democracy and we will have a third term. >> a worry if republicans win midterm elections voting as we know it in this country will be gone. >> if you have a significant win for a trump lead republican party that means 2024 will be seen as a legitimate. and once again elected a president and especially, congress that would do his bidding, you will not recognize our country. >> laura: right, the party opposed to lockdown covid mandates and continued dependence on the brutal chinese regime, that is the tyrannical party. nice try. and get with the program, in a republican effort to shore up election integrity verify voter eligibility is to be trashed as a racist and totally
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undemocratic. >> these are crafted to shape electric such as the party that holds power in the states and most of them are republican parties, folks hold on to that power, even if they don't win the republican vote. >> laura: this brings us to step 3, change the rules. if steps 1 and 2 fail, change at all. mark elias is actually polluting the possibility of already using an obscure civil war era law to disqualify any republican candidate who questions 2020 election results. but this would require establishing such individual support and actual insurrection. good luck with that. so ballot harvesting, vote by mail come early voting, no voter i.d. requirements, pelosi and the hard left are pushing all of it. touting it as come up course, democracy enhancing measures.
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now, in the senate chuck schumer decided the filibuster, which we have already shown you. repeatedly defended in the past is an ancient and probably racist obstruction to democracy. speak with the senate republicans continued to abuse the filibuster to prevent this body from acting and the senate must adapt. before, changing the rules is nothing new. >> laura: nothing new. and if all else fails, democrats can always call on big tech to ramp up censorship machine. >> functioning democracy depends upon an informed and educated citizenry, that was thomas jefferson in social media, i think, one of the culprits i represent silicon valley. we do miss information and disinformation. >> laura: he wants more suppression of your free-speech right. so the party of democracy, ladies and gentlemen, you just heard it. they will let you say whatever you want so long as it doesn't contradict them in any way.
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the end result of the drumbeat is predictable. the new and gra polls find 64% of americans believe the democracy is in crisis and riske leftist spent the last four years preventing a narrative that america is i rotten racist country. they tore down our history and to paint all that is good about this nation. and now, they want us to believe that they are the defenders of american democracy? i can't believe rochon was quoting thomas jefferson. don't they believe he is a racist? or any of these people, by the way, predicting the end of democracy? are they liquidating their portfolios? are they staying away from horrible, awful rotten places like florida or south dakota? are they stockpiling weapons to protect themselves? are they getting passports so they can quickly move to canada or europe when the whole thing collapses? did any of them leave the country when trump won in 2016?
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up course not! they are not afraid of losing here they are afraid of losing power. they are afraid of maybe going to fund-raisers without masts, okay. it is all a big ally and it is designed to scare you. and that is "the angle." joining us, so prize-winning independent journalist lynn greenwald. glenn, it is a reasonable question, i think. if these people really believe democracy is hanging by a thread, i don't see them making any radical changes to their own lives to prepare for the coming doom. >> yeah, of course i don't believe it. remember the four years of the trump presidency was dominated by completely different catastrophe rising theme. life as we knew it because the kremlin had taken over americans through clandestine blackmail of trump? what happened all of that? they don't talk about russia
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anymore and ever since 1/6 a completely central threat to democracy, trump had vision of putting dissidents in camps as four years as president. he never did that appear that he will overthrow u.s. democracy and institute totalitarianism. really what this is about, laura, they know they have no governing program that is popular and will help them win collections. in a live what they are talking about, where is there any discussion of the conditions of american workers or inflation or covid or anything like that? this is all designed, just like the whole russia stuff to distract attention away from the things they have no answers for that people actually care about in order to kind of create melodrama that makes people forget how poor they are and actually doing anything for the american people. >> laura: this is the art of distraction, demonization and that the aid were up at all, glenn. i want you to watch cnn promo
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for this anniversary special thursday night, watch. >> american democracy really in danger? i didn't want to believe it but the threat seems real. we can't just look away so join me for the fight to save american democracy. >> laura: glenn, these people -- i mean, he needs to be a credible guy but what happened? >> you know, when you go work in an institution that goes at collective mania, you get swept up in it. he goes to work at cnn everyday at the prism through which he evaluates the world. but remember, nobody watches cnn. one of the only times people did january 6th, the record viewership. they are so desperate for trump to come back though from six to be talked about. it is this effort to try to make themselves relevant. but i don't think -- i always said i don't think americans woke up in the morning and worried about vladimir putin but foe on russia.
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i don't think they wake up in the morning scared of january 6. i think they have a lot of things on their mind and it is a loser. the whole attempt to call january 6th insurrection, the demo tracks in they have been investigating everything in connection with january 6th. do you know how many people have been charged with inciting insurrection or treason or domestic terrorism as a result of anything? zero! exactly, just like robert mueller never indicted anybody for criminally conspiring with russia. they live in this fantasy world that never corresponds to the reality. they keep thinking if they feed on it, one day it will come true. >> laura: one thing i was thinking about that poll, glenn, i'd cited, a disturbing number of people say that democracy is in peril after the proper guys and they have been doing. i think a lot of those people might be people in the middle or even on the right to think for years they urged politicians to
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shut the border down or to end these wars. none of it was ever done. and i think they are very frustrated by that peer of the school to be political. most people don't want any of that. yet, the politician both seem to want peer that disturbs a lot of people about democracy. >> there is so much hypocrisy with the democratic and narrative how people in 2020 some including donald trump said it was fraudulent. in 2016, they said the same thing about donald trump's victory. they said he was ineligible president hillary clinton called him that in a poll 2016 at least two-thirds of democrats believe there was fraud in the 2016 election and he had not one that russia intervened. when you have democrats -- and after 2016 election they planned what they called electoral college coup. they were trying to face college voters to vote for hillary clinton instead of donald trump, even though trump
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won that state. when you have democrats simultaneously attacking democracy because i need to win and at the same time claiming democracy has been overturned when they lose, course, a lot of people will believe democracy is is a very healthy. it is happening on both sides and they see it is not functioning the way it should. >> laura: colin, great to see a happy new year. of biden recent response to the search is not having a plan but rather blaming the fellow americans. >> those fully vaccinated those with the booster shots, you can still get covid, but it is highly unlikely, that you will become seriously ill. there is no excuse, no excuse for anyone being unvaccinated. and this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> laura: the end of that sound bite is the goal here. joining me harvey risch, epidemiology of the school of public health. and board-certified phd research scientist, is this
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still a pandemic of the unvaccinated or was it ever a pandemic of the unvaccinated or has omicron blown up the fraudulent narrative? >> the last point is exactly right. we are ending the pandemic now. i am very optimistic that we see the thrashing of very mild disease through omicron. that is what is going to make a blizzard in cases across the united states now only some of which are being counted because the people are doing so many at-home tests and plenty that will families are positive and so what? they have mild symptoms by and large peer that is the way this is going to go. delta at the cdc said today, delta is below 5% of cases. and that is going out. >> laura: iran gave parents advice today, look. >> if the kids are too young to
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be vaccinated, surround your kids with people who are vaccinated. we know that our kids can be safe when in school, by the way. social distancing class with larger classrooms on buses and everything from bus drivers to buses to the actual bus. >> laura: what is he talking about here? is any of this held up with the case numbers that have come in from schools over the last couple of years? >> look, i'm glad you asked, laura. first of all, the case numbers in children how relevant are they? you could have every kid infected in the country and then it will only be a blip in terms of severe illness and death rates that we see, right? we know by and large children don't get sick much. when they do, they don't die. the cdc actually december 31st released its own study that showed in children who are infected and hospitalized, almost half of them have another
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viral infection. many of them in the hospital for another reason other than covid. dr. fauci recently admitted that and showed you can pretty much predict which kids will get extremely ill. that is based on the prior medical history as well has being obese. if you have kids already very sick or old lease or other risk factors, they are the ones to focus on. young, healthy kids otherwise who don't have comorbidities, why focus on them so much? again, if they focus the efforts on the population and i don't mean children who are at risk, we would be it in a different place right now. but they are not and they put too much emphasis on children. >> laura: the message that should be loud and clear and harvey, we talked about this in back in march of 2020 that this was a really bad virus for people who had high bmi, compromised in other ways, metabolic syndrome, hypertensive, diabetic, it is
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and remains a real problem. but for some reason, that part of it never gets discussed and suddenly it's out. by the way, the cdc released new guidance for testing that i think is only going to confuse a lot of people more. as noted in the labeling for authorized over-the-counter antigen tests, negative result should be treated as presumptive negative results. they do not rule out a covid-19 infection. dr. risch, so negative doesn't mean negative? >> well, i'm not exactly strong on the whole testing regime anyway. the whole point of this is cases only know what population of the community you have. they do not count how well you are managing the pandemic. the advantage of the pandemic by reducing hospitalization, by reducing deaths. that is all that matters. so the people have to be treated as high-risk and otherwise, they do well. there was a lot of over-the-counter stuff that
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helps. so, the cases really don't count anymore. that is what omicron is telling you. >> laura: a politico is reporting the white house embraces a managed not contain omicron game plan. health officials inside and outside the administration privately acknowledge there is little left for the federal government to do but hold on and hope the worst is over. isn't that kind of, dr. hemmati, a lot of us have been saying this, i don't know, harvey, how long have we been saying this? a couple of years? a year and a half? so they are realizing this is hurting them in the polls. they can't keep this up much longer. i think people are now finally onto this. thoughts, dr. hemmati. >> look, i think you can tell right now that a lot of people in the administration are finally beginning to try to find and out. now especially with the omicron variant coming out and people
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realizing this will be my older and my older and milder. they were looking for a way to basically talk their way out of all of these policies they've had over the last couple of years that have largely failed. they are trying to reduce the length of quarantine and trying to talk about forcing schools to stay open under all costs. >> laura: masks. >> all parameters, masts as well. they were basically acknowledging all of these things have failed without saying everything we have done has failed. especially now with therapeutics coming online which they haven't supplied to pharmacies. they had years to do so. we should really be looking at the end of a long and dark tunnel. there is a bright light there. we are looking at the bright light in the administration needs to come out and say it. >> laura: we are done. we have done everything we can and that is it. doctors, thank you. teachers unions rc using omicron to lucknow classrooms. we will expose the frauds in
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moments. and you won't believe what colleges and universities are requiring a fully faxed students. one of them tells us next.
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♪ ♪ >> we have the tools. we have the resources, gym, and we have to have the will to make
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sure we have the power to keep her children in the classroom learning. >> we are trying as best as we possibly can to keep the schools open. >> we know our kids can be safe when in school, by the way. that is why i believe school should remain open. >> laura: "the new york times" reporting the spread of omicron again with labor testing shortages has led to a growing number of educational disruptions. educational disruptions, that is a snow day. intentionally keeping kids out of the class, that is child abuse. now, what happened to that -- what was it $170 billion we gave to schools to reopen? wasn't that the amount? why were the teachers first in line for the vaccine if that didn't change anything? the milwaukee school system announced on sunday it would go remote until next week. cleveland, solely remote this week, the schools remote for at least two weeks. detroit canceled school through wednesday promising to update
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parents later this week. one official went on cnn to repeat a familiar refrain, watch. >> we know that it is highly contagious, and we just want to flatten the curve here that is certainly the best way to go to keep everyone safe. >> laura: she did say flatten the curve. and right now the chicago teachers union deciding whether they will show up to work at all and that is where we find garrett henney who has the full story for us tonight. garrett. >> laura, we are still waiting on the results of that vote and to find out whether or not teachers will show up for class tomorrow. the teachers union have a long list of safety demands including increased testing, better masks and clear metrics when schools transition to remote learning if there are outbreaks. today's the president said the city leaders are not doing enough to keep teachers safe. we are in the highest part. that is 20% positivity or higher
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and concerned. >> today school and health officials acknowledge the concerns but the data and the science doesn't support them given 91% of public school staff is vaccinated and nearly one-third of students have received one dose. >> and adults with a booster vaccine, it is near zero. >> there is no evidence in the schools throughout the whole semester, whole entire semester and complaints with all exist about what we didn't have. >> we just didn't see it. >> health experts maintained schools are among the safest places for kids to be. some chicago parents are feeling frustrated at the teachers union isn't following the science and putting the well-being of students first. >> they will never pass up an opportunity to exert their leverage and they will get power plays. unfortunately, our kids here in chicago are the ones pegging the
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consequences. >> if a union does openly vote not to show up tomorrow, the city said it will be an illegal strike and will have no choice but to cancel classes, laura. >> laura: garrett, thank you and when it comes to higher education, colleges and universities pride themselves as learning and critical thought. so why is there a code policies completely insane? now, take georgia university where felipe vaccinated students are randomly tested for covid every week. positive students are forced to quarantine in a room and campus for ten days where food is dropped off once a day. princeton university does not allow fully vaccinated students to leave the county unless on a sports team. all students are tested there twice a week. then, george mason university where my next guest is a law student. joining me robert. your schools not only mandating masks, it is requiring that all
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students get boosted in order to be considered fully vaccinated? how long did they give you to comply? >> that is correct. we already have a vaccine mandate and everyone is fully vaccinated and wearing masks on campus. on new year's eve at 7:00 p.m., we were told everyone needs to receive a third shot of the vaccine, a booster and 45 days. and this goes against everything that i learned at george mason about the importance of free consent, free voluntary choice because what they are doing here is they are preventing students from being able to make a free choice. no, i don't need the third shot. i recovered from covid and had shots. i'm already protected. there is a higher risk for adverse side effects and inflammation for young, healthy males. once you are vaccinated it outweighs covid. they have to sacrifice tens of thousands of dollars of lost scholarship getting kicked out of school or dropping out and
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trying to start over again next year. to me, it is incredibly unethical. >> laura: where are they other students on this? from what i gather from the college kids i talked to, they are afraid to say it anything. everyone needs a recommendation. they want to get in the job market, join a law firm or work for the prosecutor or defender. they don't want to be that guy or gal that gets up and says "no, not doing this." is there a lot of a lot of fear and george mason about that point? >> you are exactly right. to me, that is what makes this third vaccine mandate so indefensible. again, a bunch of classmates are very, very healthy, young males in their 20s who recovered from covid and had two shots in the past ten months. it is clear it is a net harm to force them together. you are right, they understandably want to get negative attention and put their
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heads down and go along. to see the administration exploit that power imbalance and leverage that against the students who are denied free choice, to me, is indefensible. i started a petition on george mason repeal his mandate, and we have had over 100 signatures from students, alumni, professors appear that made me see right away there is a lot of people out there -- >> laura: robert, where are all the law professors? you have a lot of good law professors and federal society members, are they giving you any help? >> we do have a lot of good faculty and i learned free voluntary choice and consent. >> laura: not anymore. >> we got this letter from the president and i thought it was a pop quiz. can we apply what happened in the classroom? this could not be valid but it violates ethics.
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but it is real. there has been a professor and also came out against this. >> laura: robert, robert, you need to keep going. you need to keep pushing, and we appreciate you being here tonight. if this continues, i mean, there is no end to this nonsense. now requiring that they prop up one of america's most poisoned and political and cynical figures. dinesh d'souza repeal who this is in moments. stayed there.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: now, democrats just announced the body of former senate majority leader harry reid would lie in state at the u.s. capitol rotunda. the question is regardless of where your politics are, is that appropriate? in terms of destructive political figures in modern american history commit is hard to say that harry reid was at the top.
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i want to read an interview he gave during the 2012 campaign about mitt romney. his poor father must be so embarrassed about his son, he said in in reference to turn over 12 years of tax returns when he ran for president. he went on to claim a person who had infested with bain capital called his office, harry, mitt romney did not pay texas for ten years. okay, well it was proven. am i right? and reid revealed his real character. >> no regrets about mitt romney and some called it -- >> they can call it whatever they want. joining me now dinesh d'souza host of the podcast and victor david hanson. again, we are sorry to hear that reid passed, but this effort to prop him up in this way, is that
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warranted in any way? >> i think it is a little obscene to be honest. i realize a tradition when someone dies, a dignified silence, i guess al capone died, we would be combined to talk about the fact he made really good spaghetti and meatballs. they would say nothing about what this man's life was declined by appear the same with harry reid. he has been a divisive in american politics. american politics designed to be an argument. well, it's not between friends but at least among people not sworn enemies. i think if we look back to american politics, we see reagan did not treat his opponents, his enemies, neither did carter and by the way, neither did bill clinton. what changed, who changed it? certain key figures and harry reid is one of them where they began to treat the political adversaries as people to be destroyed and they look for ways to gain the system,
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almost like las vegas gangster style politics. we are living with the ugly truth, it is hardening our hearts those of us that want to have arguments can't have them because we are in the mode of constant demonization and determination. >> laura: victor, people have said bob dole, of course, he light and stayed at the capitol rotunda. so, this is just republicans, you know, playing some political game here. how would you distinguish bob dole and reid in that regard? >> i think bob dole was considered tough but not mean-spirited and he was mellow but it is ironic of how closely harry reid's life and career married mirror image of joe biden's beer they were roughly the same age 79, spent decades and the and representeds tough on crime for the iraq war against abortion, they cultivated, good old joe from
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scranton and harry from nevada. commonly made people but they were actually very mean-spirited is the way you pointed out with mitt romney. joe biden's saying, dogface pony, fat, chunky. they had a problem with race i will be candid about that. it is realistic when you look at what they both said about the candidacy of barack obama. harry reid said light skin and he could turn off and on his dialect. it was almost exactly what joe biden said when he discouraged obama as clean and articulate. the first person was an african american candidate. finally, they reviewed senatorial careers as a family franchise. if you wanted to have a federal or state contract or you wanted to get in on one in nevada, you had to do business with the reid family, son-in-law and same is true with joe biden.
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they viewed their careers as making rich. the hard lift took over the democratic party. that old guard in biden and reid were opportunistic. they didn't have principles. they viewed the career about getting rich rather than working for the american people. >> laura: i have to switch gears and go to this hyperbolic dramatic cnn special they are doing on thursday and other media outlets regime, dinesh, about january 6th. why are they doing this, and what does this really mean, given all of the problems the country is now facing with supply chain still covid and the rest? >> i wouldn't say january 6th is a distraction, but what i would say is this. if you follow january 6th at the granular level with the facts coming out slowly, the government is really recommend
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to release footage, particularly of what happened in the tunnel on january 6th where you know began to see these cops using massive amounts of force against unarmed support against women. and now being called into question the second trump supporter that was killed by the authorities. now, as i think all of the empirical irrefutable on video evidence coming out, there is a necessity on the part of the left with big public dance which distracts attention from the facts and tries to put and reinforce the original narrative. it was an insurrection and yes no when charged with insurrection but somehow insurrection without insurrectionist. >> laura: gentlemen, great to see you. thank you new york mayor city to meet with activists once he assumes office. why is he now shutting them out? we will show you exclusive text messages in a moment.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: it is time for tonight's edition of "positively boosted." ♪ ♪ we will introduce this club to you last night but worth repeating the ground rules for
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entry. it requires utter disdain with an vaccinated receiving the three jabs yourself and the final requirement, "still got covid." positively boosted is a big one. american federation of teachers president randi weingarten are. you might remember from keeping your kids out of schools for months on end or holding the taxpayer ransom and not releasing hostages. let's take a look at what she said last august. >> let me just be personal for a moment, which is vaccines are single most important way of dealing with covid. >> laura: ouch! i guess not, but congrats on the new honor. tonight, we have another "positively boosted" to announce, jimmy fallon who you may remember from this christmas hit last month. ♪ ♪
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>> laura: well, positively boosted we wish you a quick recovery in mild cases. perhaps, it can be its own elixir. in the meantime, be sure to look out for the next edition of "positively boosted." speaking of boosters before he took office, eric adams will hear out protesters but now that he is safely in office, he is so far using the media including my next guest. joe rose was arrested after it tried to get served about a vax card. joe, i want to show the audience part of the text you received from adam sunday after you asked to meet in person. nope, covid numbers are spiking and i'm not sharing a room with them vaccinated people. i have a family. i'm not exposing my family to covid. we reached out to the mayor's
7:51 pm
office to confirm that he sent this text and they never responded to us. joe, is a zoom meeting could enough for you? >> this is the funny part. i actually had gone inside his office on vaccinated with a group of people. and he was not wearing a mask. so he's hypocritical. not everyone that is sent them medical blueprint is on vaccinated. there are people that agree with what we are doing but they, the two doses, some people took one dose and didn't want to take the second and some did not want to take the booster. i'm not understanding. if the masks work, why can't we meet in person? >> laura: also, it is exclusionary. it is anti-american to say that the unwashed -- it's like a vexed system that i called so many months ago. what about that overall attitude that i won't be in the same room
7:52 pm
with you, like the new leper colony even though vaxxed people cannot get it and transmit it. >> absolutely. it is so antiscientific. i was disgusted. i was just so shocked. i didn't know the response to it. okay, you are insinuating that i'm sick. can you prove that i'm sick? if you took the vaccine you should be safe and protected or does the vaccine actually work? i don't understand at all. i did message him again and he is not only the mayor of the unvaccinated, but he has the right to respond to myself and other people. we have lost our jobs and we cannot eat or even go to the movie theater. and so come up course, again, there are people vaccinated that do not want to show their vaccination card in order to be a part of society. >> laura: show me your papers. now, he said something about
7:53 pm
potential booster mandate yesterday. watch. >> tell us about mandates for boosters for city employees. >> we will do an analysis in april the department of mental hygiene and see if we want to mandate them. but that does not take away from my clear message to new yorkers, get your booster shots. get vaccinated. we will look if we have to mandate purity if we do, we will do it. >> laura: joe, what is your prediction? what will happen? >> i think that most likely we will continue to move forward with the vaccine mandate. he does not care that new york city is falling down. he does not care that his city is destroyed. he doesn't care that people like myself law-abiding citizens -- something i used to do before the normal. yesterday, i had to go to court. never in my life did i think i would get arrested because i want to go patronize a business. it is absolutely insane. he has to do what is right for
7:54 pm
the people. you are supposed to take care of new york city and make sure that we are working and that new york city is thriving. unless you are being bought by big pharma. there is no reason why you should move forward with this unconstitutional mandate. >> laura: joe, we appreciate it and we will can continue to track this and other blue cities across america. we will have a breaking update on the fate of the chicago public schools. stay there.
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this just in from a local cbs station. have voted in favor of closing the schools again. the vote deadline was extended to end at 10:00 p.m. central this of course means parents still don't know if their kids are going to be attending schoo tomorrow morning. that's a nice way to go to sleep. not knowing.
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but a by day and week by week i think people from diverse backgrounds are beginning to se what the truth is. about the party they have enduring allegiance two. maybe they are looking to make change. be sure to set your dvr. and remember that freedom matters. an extra clammy. happy tuesday everybody gets another in studio night without a live audience. if you hear the laughter at hom just remember -- >> everything is about precautions these days. one mask.


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