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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 5, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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golf and he doesn't defecate because he uses all of his energy in service of the state. they are getting more creative. >> thanks for joining us. thank you for joining us. i am see you back here tomorrow and the rest of the week. tucker carlson is coming up next. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." sorry. pardon the good cheer. today is january 5th known to all civilized people january 6th eve. tonight we at midnight we will remember what happened what took
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place a year ago at the united states capitol. it's a horrible event to think about. body counts are the traditional measure. 40,000 casualties in getsy burg. 2400 lost in pearl harbor and 3,000 dead on 9-11. but that won't work observing a moment of silence for the fallen of january 6th. on january 6th there was -- let's just ashli babbitt. she was not a soldier or a deck hand on the arizona or a fireman rushing into a collapsing office tower. she was a trump vote. unarmed and shot to death with a capitol police officer. ashli babbitt was the death toll. it's not only about the numbers. about how many people were killed on january 6th.
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a list of those who were not killed is long. it include all 535 members of congress as well as their entire staff and the press corp that covers them. none of them died. who cares? it's not about body count. it's about feelings. it's about how the survivors feel. especially the reporters who survive. the feelings of reporters in washington matter a great deal in america and matter more than how you feel. you probably noticed how you feel is irrelevant to anyone. the journalists of capitol hill are very upset and many have not recovered from what they saw today. as they sleep at night the horrible images replay in a loop. the smoke from the artillery fire. the screamed the mortal wounded calling out for loved ones like
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a demonic sound track. hell in a small place. imagine the night before thanksgiving at whole foods. on january 6th you could not tell who was the enemy was unless you looked down and saw they bought their shoes at wal-mart. casey hunt was there that day. hunt is the chief national affairs analyst at cnn. as a veteran of the siege of the capitol, hunt took to twitter to give hope to fellow survivors: finding strength knowing i am not alone in this. # january 6th. that was just a sweet. you have to believe this is a hopeful country and that hunt and survivors will come together
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in a reunion held in the certain to be build january 6th memorial. hunt and grizzled veterans of the "washington post." bloomberg news and politico and the daily beast. they will raise their white claws as one and remember how they cheated death that terrible day. okay, we will stop. we are feeling shamine making fun of it. in fact, as a political matter, the anniversary of january 6th is not a joke. it's a very serious thing. pretending that a protest was a failed coup is the democratic party's entire strategy to win this year's mid-term elections. governing did not work. today the attorney general of the united states announced the department of justice will arrest people who voted for donald trump. watch -- >> the justice department
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remains committed to holding all january 6th perpetrators at any level accountable under law whether they were present that day or were otherwise responsible for the all the on our democracy. we will follow the facts wherever they lead. >> tucker: everyone who was responsible. the department of justice already had the largest manhunt in history. dillinger is laughing from the pit of hell. people who are taking pictures on their phone got picked up by the fbi and some sent to jail. it's not ending. there is more to come. merrick garland never speaks alone. the chorus joins him because they always move as one. frank, for example, a high fbi
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official who works at nbc news tweeted this: there is more, ladies and gentlemen. a former msnbc executive wrote this: arrested for what? i guess there wasn't room in the tweet to explain. bad people should be arrested! there are a lot of actual criminals who got no space in the garland speech. he did not mention the pipe bomb. there it is right there. that was january 5th actually. that individual was caught on surveillance tape. the pipe bomber was on a phone
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several times. that's traceable. where is that person? merrick garland did not mention that. here's what he focussed on. >> we received over 300,000 tips from ordinary citizens who have been our indispensable partners in this effort. the fbi's website continues to post photos of persons in the event of january 6th and we seek the public's assistance in identifying those people. >> tucker: they are posting photos and taking them off the website including the most wanted. remember epps? he was on the fbi website. now he is gone. hasn't been charged with anything. why is that. no one in congress seems to care
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even conservative republican senators. what are they busy doing? repeating the talking points that merrick garland wrote for them. here's one example. >> we are approaching a solemn anniversary this week. anniversary of a violence terrorists on the capitol. we saw the men and women of law enforcement demonstrate incredible courage and bravery, risk their lives to defend the men and women who serve in this capitol. >> tucker: everyone who is conservative appreciates ted cruz. he is smart. maybe the most articulate person in the congress. he doesn't use a single word by accident. he is a lawyer. he described january 6th as a violent terrorists attack.
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it was not. it was not an insurrection. was it a riot? yes. why are you telling us it was, ted cruz? why are none of your republican friends saying anything? what is the hell is going on here you? are making me think maybe the republican party is as worthless as we suspected it. that can't be true. reassure us, ted cruz. for more perspective we are talking to charlie hurt. you have seen a lot. do you think january 6th is the most violent and terrifying event you have ever come? >> no, not by a long shot. i think it's true that it is the scareiest thing that a lot of these people have ever witnessed -- which says more
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about them and their life experiences than about that day. >> tucker: that's a smart point. if you are running around i am a hard news journalist that's collusion. >> or you think earplugs are rubber bullets shot at you, you are in the wrong line of work. i am not belittling how traumatic it was to it a lot of people. they probably do suffer from ptsd. maybe they should find another line ever work. if you are a perspective juror fthey -- if they witnessed a crime or were a victim of a crime they are stricken from the jury. how are these reporters allowed to cover congressional hearings every day where half the people
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on the panel they believe want to kill them? how can they be honest reporters? i could do not that. >> tucker: that's a smart point. the main hiring thing for every reporter is narcissists. >> january 6th is the twitter media. >> tucker: let's talk about january 6th which was an actual event where crimes were committed. >> a riot. >> tucker: i believe that. and we are for prosecuting all crimes. but it's become more than that. this being washington, it's used to a political effect. how do you think democrats believe january 6th will allow them to not lose in the mid-terms? >> first these are the most
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sheltered people on earth. they don't get out much. if they got out more, they would realize nobody is talking this. nobody but they themselves in the media and a few people obsessed with the news every morning. i am talking about democrats. if you are a democrat voter in chicago do you care more about that or the blm summer of hate in which your neighborhood got torched? >> tucker: and dozens of people died. >> and government buildings were destroyed. you had cops killed. is that more concerning or is this? it reveals the dissect. -- disconnect. democrats have nothing better to counter the mayhem they inspired. that's why they are talking about this. not only does it reveal how
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disconnected they are. but the more they talk about the more disconnected they are from the voters. they have given up on hoping to win. >> tucker: i think that's right. charlie hurt, great to see you. january 6th, we had a inquiry from yahoo news? asked if it the documentary supported violence? of course it doesn't. watch the documentary and you will find it out. i have watched and sent us this transcription from the documentary. you will see it on your screen. this is a quote from the end of "patriot purge."
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i wrote that. that's my voice over at the end of the documentary. in the transcription there are a series of dots signifying something was removed. the phrase don't fall for it was removed. that's what we said. remain peaceful. don't commit violence. love your fellow americans and make the country better. you can watch the video yourself. they edited the transcript to suggest we were promoting violence. it's not often you see a clear example of media dishonest. i know jon ward very are. he and his family have been to our house. he is a sincere family man and
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he is also week. in a moment like this, weak people get crushed by the forces above them -- weak people conform. if you want to draw a salary from a big media company you toe the line. you lie. the whole thing is heart breaking to watch. what an awful moment was this. lt. col. was if jail because he criticized the withdrawal of afghanistan. he will join us for his first interview. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: stu spent 17 years in the u.s. marine, and 5 combat deployments in iraq and afghanistan. he is the only person in the united states punished in any way for the debacle of the withdrawal from afghanistan. he criticized it and they sent him to jail for. we sat down for his first interview since leaving jail and here's part of it. >> ♪ ♪ >> this has been building up for
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a while. anyone that has been there and experienced it, it's very personal. in the age that we live, i was watching the afghanistan plan fall apart before our eyes. social media real time. it was frustrating. i talked to family and friends. i had a lard time with it. a week previous to it, the commander of the marine corp stated was your sacrifice addressing all we were struggling with? if you are having trouble, seek therapy. he never pointed out that any senior leader might be culpable for wrongdoing. we could have avoided a trip to the therapist had he admitted that senior leaders had faults. i was angry about how it was handled.
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the unit that was was attacked was my first unit and my best friend got killed. it came full circle toy moo. i put them out. i knew this unit. i had become the commander. all of this just got to a point where i knew for a fact that no senior leaders would be held accountable. i was going to be held accountable. at a certain point, we need to address our short falls or we will keep repeating our mistakes. the made the video in my office and didn't post it right away. i was outside my house with the wife and the 3 kids in the house. knowing this would change your life forever. i made the decision to put it up there. >> tucker: but why? everything you said, everyone
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understands your frustration. you are clearly smart. you didn't know you would go to jail for it, but you did it anyway. why? >> this has been my whole life. my whole adult life has been dedicated to america. i wrote a master's thesis on making foreign diplomacy more effective. no one is more personally invested than me. that's irrelevant when i am watching the junior service member win every tactical engagement and the national security strategy is all predicated on changes on a tactical level. we won every tactical level engagement. what we are losing at is the
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operation level. people need to be held accountable. these junior enlisted are sacrificing everything and they are not getting the credit they deserve. you asked me why i did it -- >> tucker: those are the menu command? >> yes, i was the company commander in multiple commands. i have been a company commander for 5 years. they fired me before dinner the next night. but, i did it because not only was i personal invested. following vietnam no general officers were held accountable. they had to clean up the draft
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generation but they never went back and held themselves accountable. the exact same thing is happening right now. this generation doesn't know how to fight china. we need to change it. it's a tactical problem. the same thing that should have been addressed after vietnam we are not. we had a marginal success in desert storm in the '90s and that threw us off with the changes that need to take place. all of those reasons are why -- it's not my place to say it. everyone pointed that out, but nobody else is saying it it. nobody else is saying it. >> tucker: a really great and honorable man. that whole conversation is available right now on fox nation. a teacher who is battling cancer
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will continue teaching in person despite demands from the teachers union to go remote because of the omicron variant. that story is next.
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>> tucker: we are learning more about how fake the most basic covid numbers. they are made up. they are a lie. the "l.a. times" confirmed that a majority of people listed as covid patients in hospitals are there for something else. they merely test it positive for the virus. biden announced that long covid is real. it's a disorder and it's now a disability under federal disability law. >> i am proud to announce a new effort to help americans grappling with long covid. many americans who recover from
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the virus still face lingering challenges like breathing problems, brain fog, chronic pain or fatigue. these conditions can sometimes rise to the level of a disability. we are bringing agencies together to make sure americans with long covid who have a disability have access to the rights and resources that are due under the disability law. >> tucker: brain fog and fatigue. maybe that's a real syndrome. maybe it's just thursday. it's not sure this is real. most people who told physicians they had long covid never even had covid at all. one german study revealed the patient's brain showed no changes. alex is following this story. the author of a best selling book. i don't want to make fun ever
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people suffering or their illnesses or symptoms which are probably real. if this is a federal disability we have a right to know where it's a thing or not. is it? >> well, that's a great question. every time i come on, i say thank you. we were on the week the book came out. it's because of you andaa laura it's a best seller. it was under a media blackout. you talked about and the "new york times" would not allow it on the list. thank you. >> tucker: your former employer? >> right. they wouldn't drop water on me if i were on fire. i am telling the truth. long covid, long covid is a joke
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unfortunately medically. we have to be aware these people are suffering. it's like chronic fatigue syndrome that have taken over parts of medicine in the last 30 years. middle aged women, a certain person fits this profile. suffering from fatigue and pain and depression and they work pretty hard to medicalize their condition. men have their own ways of dealing with it. for men it's often back pain and alcohol. a lot of americans are under stress and covid made that worse. that doesn't mean this is a real medical condition. there is no evidence that a virus -- if you are really sick with covid and get stuck on a ventilator and need oxygen report, you will have a recovery period that is significant.
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that's not what these people want to talk about. they want to talk about people who have few or no symptoms and never hospitalized and never had a positive covid diagnosis and to claim later they became sick with long covid and they are entitled to welfare for the rest of their lives. it we are going to do that, we need some evidence this is an actual illness with a biological course. we don't have that at all. more evidence developed in the last couple of months that suggests this is not a biological illness. that doesn't mean these folks are not suffering. >> tucker: i get. the plan is to send every american a check every month. would this be more straightforward to do that? >> to make people pretend they are sick worsens their conditions. in 2008 talking to
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a rheumatologist about fibero myalgia, he said the longer they hang around the medical system, they bottom worse. -- become worse. it's harder to get back to being healthy. >> tucker: it's like medical marijuana. if you want to legalize weed do it. democrats tell us in order to save democracy they have to pass the john lewis voting rights act. it it does the opposite. we have details straight ahead.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: the john lewis voting rights act is the number 1 priority of democrats in the congress. they are so desperate to it pass it before they get creamed in
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the mid-terms, they are threatening to abolish the filibuster which would change congress forever. make it different from what it is now. if this bill becomes law the federal government would have veto power in voting in every state. the federal government would be able to rig any election. the state would have to go to the congress for permission to do anything. this is a huge change. probably unconstitution. states that have no requirement for voter i.d. would be suspended -- states would lose control of redistricting. it's complex. democrats are smart enough ton they can control the outcome of the election. they are not stupid like the
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other party. victor davis hanson joins us tonight. give us your evaluation of this bill. >> well, first ever all, this is in reaction to the declining popularity of joe biden and his agenda. after he was elected we were told that we have a good system. we got rid of the trump threat and in august, his polls crashed. it's part of a larger landscape where we will pack the court and get rid of the electoral college and we will get rid of the 9 person 150-year-old supreme court. they have no confidence in the people. they say democracy is broken in it 2022 or 2024, it is broken
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because we are not in power. the constitution says the state has the primary responsibility. the federal government can intervene on 18-year-old vote. if the states did not have the primary responsibility, it would not be in the constitution. they want to turn over wyoming or utah or indiana's voting laws to people in the doj. they will come in and say, you can't stop third party vote harvesting. we need more mail-in ballots. all the things they felt were good in the last election. their main focus is voter i.d. it's a pseudo-answer in search of a pseudo-problem. in 2012 barack obama had a higher margin of
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african-americans turned out in greater numbers to vote for him. 96% than did white voters. 2020 more people voted than ever. the idea you are suppressing the vote is a manipulation of language. before you could not have illegal immigrants vote in new york. now you can as nancy pelosi and others said 17 years old and 18 years old should vote and ex-felons. they are trying to enlarge the electorate because it doesn't feel their electoral needs. they need to get the filibuster eliminated or this won't pass. we are talking about january 6th, these guys are stone cold revolutionaries. they know what they are doing. they are 10 times for dangerous than that clownish group that went into the capitol on january 6th. they are more dangerous than the
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120 day continuous rioters who killed and injured cops that we don't talk about. these people don't believe in the constitution and want to change the system to guarantee the results that otherwise they can't achieve by the people. >> tucker: so nicely put. i listen to you talk and think you must be reading that but you are not. i am impressed. victor davis hanson. people who care about new york and everyone should care about new york, a lot of our economy comes from new york. realize that it's over at this point. why? because the new district attorney in manhattan alvin bragg announced his office will no longer seek prison sentences for very serious crimes. armed robby will be down graded.
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what will the effect be? we have someone who lives in new york. seth, thanks for coming on. tell us what this soros backed prosecutor plans to do? >> you spelled it out. he wants non-carseration for almost any crime other than murder and rape -- as far as gun crimes and street assaults, he doesn't think they merit jail. he doesn't want bail imposed at all except for rape and homicide. if you commit a serious crime, you can walk. he has a radical view of how
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criminal justice should operate in new york meth it's frightening. people are up in arms about it. but this was his campaign. this is what he ran on. he made these promises. he said he didn't think that gun crimes should bring jail -- >> tucker: that's strange. he is a left wing democrat and a soros puppet. i thought left wing democrats were for taking people's guns away or is kyle rittenhouse the only gun criminal in america or farmers with shotguns in their closet? >> that's an interesting question. who will get arrested. he talks about how his dad had an illegal gun. he had it for safety and protection. it was okay. i guess other people who have guns maybe it's not so good.
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he doesn't think a gun should read to a jail sentence unless it's used. >> tucker: that's what we are seeing. race-based application of law. >> well, given the fact that 98% of gun crime in new york city is committed by blacks and latinos, it shakes out that way. everything is excited by eric adams as the law and order mayor. in july he said there is no difference between him and alvin bragg on criminal justice. we for a sticky situation. >> tucker: we are. some of us were hoping that eric adams would be better than the mayor he replaced. i still hope that. seth, thank you. after a lot of depressing
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stories here is an inspiring one. a teacher who is battling cancer in chicago has announced he will not go remote because of the non-deadly omicron variant. he wants to continue teaching students even though the teacher's union doesn't want him to. we will hear from him next.
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chicago voted to stop teaching
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students in person. chicago cancelled classes today. one teacher battling cancer has refused to stop teaching students in person. that teacher is joe. he joins us tonight. thanks for joining us. bless you for this. tell us why you made this decision. >> hello. well, in the previous time i already mead a decision. i joined -- chicago public schools as a teacher. my role should inside the classroom with my students. it should understand be in the [inaudible]. first and fore most i am a teacher. secondly, i believe that there are ways to fight city hall. you don't dangle the plight of
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the kids in the middle of the fight to it seek your demands. there are other ways i believe. i have nothing against the union. but i have something against people using the union as a tool for political gain. that's my stand. i feel that despite my battling cancer, i still have a role to play right now. i just want to make my life relevant. the thought they can still be of service to my students and i can touch their lives and make a difference in their lives. >> tucker: well, you are going to make me cry. the fact you cancer and you are fighting it. you are not afraid or you think you're duty to the students is
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higher than the risk. -- that's inspiring to the rest of us. why do you think it's important to teach them in person rather than over a zoom app? >> i had done the remote learning for more than a year with the students. i have seen the limitations and the challenges that a teacher has with remote learning. it's not really effective. it's not as effective as doing in it person teaching. i feel it's not also fair to the parents. the parents should are earning an living. i think that the union should not look at this in the sweep way. there are schools without covid. i have 84 students in my
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classroom and i am not aware of anyone having covid. i am not aware of a teacher having covid in my school. i think it's a mixture of the administration coming up ways to ensure safety. [inaudible]. i think the union has to it look at this on a school to school basis. this is unfair to the students and to the parents. >> tucker: thank you very much. he is going in to it teach amid a covid outbreak despite the fact he has cancer because he wants to help people and be relevant. point of life is not to be safe or prevent yourself from dying. the point is to do something.
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as he put it to, be relevant. meaning matters. amazing. that's for it us today. -- we have a new episode of tucker carlson today. sean hannity awaits. >> sean: that feature was impressive. very impressive. tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity." tonight an important milestone. 6 months ago your president joe biden stated that under his brave leadership the united states would gain the upper hand against covid-19 and we would declare independence from the virus. now we are in the throes of biden's second dark winter of death and disease. fully masked and vaccinated people and people with boosters and even with immunity are all getting sick. people wit


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