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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 5, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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dvr. pretty easy to do. not that hard so you never miss an episode and in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled while laura ingraham is next with an extra 12 seconds. hi. >> lauren: when you say "set your dvr" exactly what are you referencing? is it the little thing that says "record?" or do you think people have the actual box? the dvr? do you know what i'm saying? for a long time my kids download mild apps on the dvr's. a simple procedure. >> on your 8-track, listen to
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"hannity!" >> on your 8-track. ever since my birthday, you've been really mean. you've been really cutting mean! >> you're a young man in a young man's job so i appreciate it, all right. we'll pick up where you left off on. i'm laura ingraham. this is the ingram angle from -- ingraham angle from washington tonight. there's a political purge underway. congresswoman marjorie keller green will be here later on in the show to discuss it. also, what could be taking the place of the tedious entertainment industry award shows this season? raymond arroyo has the big reveal in "seen and unseen." but first, the monsters they created. that's the focus of tonight's angle. in 1994 after getting wiped out in the mid-terms, bill clintonton knew the only way to guarantee a democrat win again was to move to the middle. >> i call the leaders of the
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next congress, senator dole and congressman gingrich to tell them after this hard-fought campaign we're ready to work together to serve all of the american people in a nonpartisan manner. >> he went onto work with the new speaker of the house, gingrich, to balance the budget and implement conservative policies like welfare reform. of course, when obama then followed bush, he did some pretty liberal stuff as we know like obamacare but he was a talented politician at least. obama couldn't do everything the hard left wanted but they believed he would lay the groundwork for a massive expansion of federal power. and then after democrats lost in 2016 with hillary, they just went totally bananas! by 2020, the party could not resist throwing in with its most radical element. they work with the press and corrupt forces inside our own government to hound trump with
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relentless and baseless investigations and leveling these ridiculous accusations. the left salivated in the prospect of impeachment and conviction. they were committed to winning by any means necessary. when it became obvious in 2020 that joe biden, their hologram candidate, couldn't inspire any political excitement or energy himself, they had to find that energy somewhere else. and find it, they did, in blm, the teachers union, the greatty climate crowd, covid fear-mongers, the squad... you know the game. suddenly democrats who campaigned as moderates were spotting the lingo of diversity, equity and inclusion! vaccine mandates, build back better and the elimination of the filibuster. they're now stuck with these crazy hard-left policies and toxic people issuing unrealistic demands and then when moderates
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like joe manchin don't play along, they're torn to shreds by the squad. >> i never negotiated in good faith and he's obstructing the president's agenda. >> if he doesn't have the courage to do the right thing for the working families of west virginia and america, let him vote no in front of the whole world. >> it's unfortunate that it seems we can't trust senator manchin's words. >> the excuses he just made i think are a complete [bleep]. >> laura: instead, democrats are pushing ahead to coddle criminals in places like new york city. the new d.a. there is rolling out the welcome mat essentially for felons by releasing guidelines to treat serious crimes like armed robberies as misdemeanors. he wants to do it all -- he wants to did all away with the jail in most cases with the
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exceptions of maybe homicides but if you murder someone, the maximum prison sentence now in new york he's going to ask for is 20 years! >> what these -- would these policies give criminals a green light? >> no. it depends upon your definition of "criminals?" >> laura: mo my gosh! this is insane. these are the monsters they created. when it relates to covid, the democrats can't commit the obvious the virus a virus and will spread and mutating into list less virulent strains. time to get back to school. drop the testing. drop the masks, drop the mandates and get back to work. those who want the vaccine, more than 62% of the country, have already gotten it and nearly 74% have gotten at least one dose. biden should celebrate that. instead, the hectoring conditions. >> for god's sake, please take advantage of what is available. please! >> laura: and the covid control freaks he's empowered
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are threatening now to put the screws on the unvaccinated. >> we could penalize them more. we could say, you have to pay more on your hospital bill if you weren't vaccinated. you can't get life insurance or disability insurance at an affordable rate if you weren't vaccinated. those companies shouldn't treat us as equals in terms of what the financial burdens are that disease imposes. >> laura: now, does the administration think this type of rittich, -- rhetoric, the covid shaming they're do helps? biden's people agree with this sentiment. how many times have they said "this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated." the shaming is unbelievable with these people. according to the latest cnbc change research poll, 65% of those surveyed disapproved of the way biden is handling covid. the monsters nourished by his imfeebled administration are
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devouring everything around them and doing enormous damage in the process. take the teachers union for example. biden could end their tehranny in places like chicago overnight -- tierranny in places like chicago overnight but he's afraid to punish the hand, wine garden. >> this is a great day for you all, you're going to have one of your own in the white house and joe will make a great -- and jill will make a great first lady. >> joe and i will never forget what you did for us. joe and kamala won't only listen to you, they'll make sure your voices are leading this movement. >> laura: oh, they're leading it all right and as a result of biden doing the teachers union spied spitting, schools are closing again and the cries of working parents go unheeded. >> i'm missing a day of work and my children are not in school. it's very hard on my family right now. there's no reason for them to be at home. my kids are being held hostage at home.
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>> laura: news flash! joe biden and kamala harris don't care. it's infuriating! the fact is, just as we predicted, biden is far too weak to tell any of the special interests lined up at the trough to stand down. they've let entire party get hijacked on january 6th and liz cheney is desperate 20 use the committee to retake the republican party from the populous, which might be good for her, i guess, but it does nothing to help the democrats. americans didn't approve. storming the capitol. it's not one of their top 20 priorities to drag out an investigation. look, the democrats don't care it looks like they're going to spend the entire year talking about january 6th. >> the actions we have taken thus far will not be our last. the justice department remains
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committed to holding all januart any level accountable under law. >> laura: but not the people responsible for the afghanistan withdrawal. they're not accountable at all. this is the president's agenda in 2022, we'll protect from you the insurrectionists while they drive up inflation and destabilize our position abroad and drive illegales into your town and keep your children from going to school and keep from you work. this isn't a hard left country. they're not going to be able to convince voters to dump the electoral college, make d.c. a state, get rid of capitollism or -- capitalism or eliminate prisons. ain't going to happen. this isn't the biden administration. it's the msnbc administration. as for right now, for all intents and purposes, biden a lame-duck president. americans don't care what he says. his own party doesn't really care what he says. other countries certainly don't care what he says. and could anyone in good faith really say he's gonna get better
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with age? if he can't remember the current date or the names of his own cabinet members now, how the heck is he going to sound in 2024? and here's my prediction: a g.o.p. win in november will not force any democrat intraspection, ala bill clinton in 1994, it'll deepen their commitment to rules changes to ensure they never lose power again. the monsters are too strong now. it will take an electoral tsunami in 2024 to wipe 'em out. that's the angle. joining me now is molly hemingway, fox news contributor and senior editor in the federalist and phil, president of the committee to unleash prosperity. molly, the left unleashed this series of frankensteins on the country. they needed that energy and the passion going into 2020.
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and now they've completely lost control of them. >> well, it seems like the democratic party actually -- or the progressive part of the democratic party has had a lot of success in rising and becoming dominant in the democratic party. the problem for the democratic party is a lot of the radical policies more and more alienating for normal americans and so you're right that biden can't really do anything because he's beholden to some of the extremist groups. he may want to divorce from some of the teachers unions because of the problems they caused in virginia. they were responsible of a republican sweep all three state offices, which is amazing for virginia, but they also give $700 million a year to the democratic party in political funding and activism. they're the primary constituent group that our delegates of the democratic convention -- they're the democratic party. even though they're making it hard to get votes from normal americans, there's not that much
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he could do. they've been beholden to identity politics. there is that kind of racism of identity politics is knock to bees most americans but not in the democratic party so the real problem they're facing is party-wide. >> laura: now, phil, chicago teachers union members are out on tv trying to defend this decision to defy all science and logic by closing schools, watch. >> why do you not feel it's safe for teachers in chicago to be in classrooms right now given i believe your vaccination rate is well north of 90%? >> it's not a matter of we don't want to be there is that we can't stay there. testing, masks, vaccination, proper ventilation, our schools, most of them don't have those basic things. >> laura: general sake, phil, today they distributed
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$130 million for the ventilation and the social distancing. >> chicago got $1.8 billion for the covid upgrade they held our kids hostage for last year when they -- we can't teach unless you rain thousands of dollars on our heads. taxpayers, fine, we'll pay the ransom. it's not a strike. it's not a strike. we'll show up to work online. illinois doesn't have online school, but, you know, it's not an illegal strike and negotiate with us but we're not going to teach until, you know -- in fact, it's interesting. do you know how long they said they weren't going to teach for? two weeks. the last two weeks, it was a year and a half. >> laura: when any of the public or private schools say, molly, we're going to close for the weather and the ice n a situation like this the weather and the ice become week after week after week. i don't believe what any of these people are saying. >> well, just amazing, just like
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phil is talking about, last year, we did so many payouts to democratic special interest groups under the guise of covid needs and yet here we are, you know, a year later and they're still saying they can't function even though in some cases we gave trillions of dollars in some of these packages to fund schools being kept opened, but clearly, the teacher unions don't care and they really don't care even if it's causing major problems for the democratic party, which is really what is interesting. >> laura: and by the way, over at cnn, they're pedaling the same lies that were used to keep kids out of school last time around. watch. >> should these kids be in school? >> i agree with the teachers union to be honest, john. history repeats itself. for some reason, we're not learning from our mistakes. now, we're introducing an even more transmissible variant into the mix and the surge is going to continue to go until our children go back to school right now. >> laura: phil, your reaction?
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>> we've got -- we have a systematic review in the journal of global health. they looked at 90 studies of the impact of school closures on covid transmission. their conclusion is schools have a protective effect, because they're relatively structured environments. they say when you close schools, you approximately double -- practically double the risk a child will attract covid. they act like when you close a school, the children go and disappear into a closet and interact with no one rather than being out in the community and interacting with lots of people which is what actually happens. this is drier all the science. even if the only thing you care about is covid which is still some elements of the left in this country but we also know the massive educational harms, mental health harms and suicide rates and drug overdoses, they don't care. it's unbelievable. i'll tell you what, the administration has zero control over there. biden walks out and says every school should be opened, they say, we don't care. we're not going to work. >> laura: the monsters that they've created. >> this is more of the twitter
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presidency than trump. there's a twitter mob of people with pronouns in their bios. anytime they do anything reasonable, they get heckled down and reverse within a day or two. >> laura: i think it's going to lead to a max exodus from the democrat party. that's what i think. mollie, i have to say this just for you, though, because this myth that democracy is under attack a year after january 6th is being pumped everywhere and now they've trotted out 97-year-old jimmy carter to sound an alarm about this. he supposedly wrote a piece in the "new york times" saying the spread of disinformation, especially on social media, must be addressed. we must reform these platforms. corporate america and religious communities should encourage efforts to counter this information saying we're in genuine risk of civil conflict in losing our precious democracy. they're really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, molly. what's up? >> you know, but it's interesting, because jimmy
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carter was one of those top-level democrats who spent years pushing the lie that donald trump had stolen the 2016 election. this was a lie that was pushed throughout all the media among top democrats including jimmy carter who said the russians won the 2016 election. he knows a lot about disinformation. but how come it is that you could be if you're a democrat, you could push these lies, you could undermine the country, you could say that the people don't get to elect a president if it's republican and that's fine. nobody has a problem with it no matter how damaging it is to the country, and yet we're all supposed to drop everything in response to just one of the many riots that struck the country in the last, you know, in the year proceeding the last year. the left rioted at the white house, at federal courthouses, they burned cities down, they destroyed buildings, police precincts and refused to accept the 2016 election for years, and now they want to make hay out of this i think because the democratic party is struggling
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so much, even though it controls the senate, the house, the presidency. it's not -- its policy are so awful they're using this as an excuse. they're even saying if a republican is elected in the years to come that that will not be legitimate. they have trouble accepting election results and they need to be held responsible for the damage they've done to the country. >> laura: yeah. yeah, how ironic. he's the anti-democratic force as are so many other people making the same argument. if the outcome isn't the one they want, then it's illegitimate. mollie and phil thank you. on the eve of january 6th, house republicans have serious concerns about the supposedly new and improved u.s. capitol police force and the coordination with speaker nanci pelosi's office. fox's chad pergram is here with all the details. chad? >> laura, this has the potential to be a donnybrook. republicans aren't buying an assessment the capitol is as secure as should be one year after january 6th.
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capitol police chief tom manger and other members of the capitol police board appeared this week at a press conference. the first for the board in its 75-year history. >> u.s. capitol police as an organization is stronger and better prepared to carry out its position today than it was before january 6th of last year. >> one house g.o.p. leadership source told fox "the whole spectacle was coordinated by the speaker's office." capitol police inspector general michael benton says the police haven't implemented 64 out of 104 recommendations for security after the riot. the source suggested either bolten isn't be truthful or major isn't being truthful. manger sold the senate he's officers short and it'll take four years for the department to be fully up to speed. laura? >> laura: later, we expose how the d.o.j. dragnet created in the wake of january 6th is the real threat to democracy.
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marjorie taylor green has insight on that. up next, shocking properties china tonight have us once again asking why are we sending our olympic athletes there in a few weeks?
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>> laura: with less than a month now until the olympics kick off in beijing, the ccp's cruelty and callous disregard for human life is in full display in the city which is under brutal covid lockdown. the reports coming out of the city of 13 million people are horrific and should have every u.s. elected official questioning this decision to send our athletes to the upcoming beijing games. for starters, some of the city's residents aren't allowed to leave their homes. no one is allowed to leave the city without special permission. one resident wrote on chinese social media, can't leave the building and it's getting more and more difficult to buy food online. another lockdown victim ominously wrote, to be honest, i
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don't think covid is scary. i think having no food to eat is my biggest threat. but what's really disturbing are reports of critically ill people being turned away from hospitals. sky news is reporting that one woman put in a call for help online after her father suffered a heart attack but was initially refused care as he came from a medium-risk location despite having a negative pcr result. but this next account shared by the a.p. is perhaps the most distressing. it's about a pregnant company who felt pains on her stomach on new year's day but was not allowed into a hospital. she waited outside the hospital on a pink plastic stool until she started bleeding. she was finally let into the hospital after medical workers saw the blood about but the fetus was already dead. why would we prop up a regime that operates this way? that treats its own citizens this way? why would we give them cover and
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the benefit of our presence? moreover, how can we trust the ccp to protect and care for our athletes. the answer is we can't and shouldn't. joining me now is mike pompeo, fox news contributor and former secretary of state. mr. secretary, these olympics are poised to be a massive p.r. coup for presidency and yet we're -- for the president and yet we're plowing right away. >> good evening, laura. glad to be with you. i've been asking for our athletes not to go to beijing for a while now. i regret that the leadership in the united states and the i.o.c. failed the olympics. i saw carl lewis run. we were sitting on high-up seats in the l.a. coliseum. i love this event. we shouldn't prop up the president. this will be known as the genocide olympics. what's taken place in western china is nothing short of genocide.
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the virus came from the wuhan institute of virology. almost certainly this virus was hoisted around the world. second, not only are we propping up one of the greatest human rights violating leaders in all of recorded history but we're putting our athlete ins a very difficult place. imagine one of them wants to say something about tiananmen square or talk about the wuhan institute of virology, the chance of them getting their exit visa will be low. beijing is the most survailed city in the world whether it's their cell phones or ipads or whatever it is, or something they're saying to someone else, you can bet the chinese communist party will be able to track everything they do, every place they go and everything they say. they'll record it. it'll be used for chinese communist party purposes for time ongoing. >> laura: just days ago, this is a little notice story in the "washington post," it revealed china was mining for social media data on westerners, a post review of bidding documents and
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contracts were of 300 chinese projects since the beginning of 2020 includes orders for software designs to collect data on foreign targets from sources such as twitter, facebook and other western social media. i guess i'm in trouble, mr. secretary. ask me if i care. no one has covered this except this one piece thankfully in the "washington post." >> you know, i hadn't seen the most recent reporting but i certainly know precisely what it is they're talking about. was to your show -- goodness it might have been more than a year ago when we first talked about the restroom tiktok. the fact the chinese were surveilling every data set and surveilling kids here in the united states using tiktok. there is no such thing as a private entity no such thing as private information. this is all owned and controlled by the chinese communist party and will all be used for the purposes of their government. we've seen the person that doesn't care about basic dignity for any human beings, thrown
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reporters in jail in hong kong. we have spoke ben this virus that has now killed millions of people across the world this all came from the chinese communist party. they should be held accountable for each of the things and shouldn't be permitted to benefit from the glory of the olympic movement. >> laura: the fact we never got unique access into that wuhan lab, we were never able to examine the original documents, the information on who patient zero was. a year exactly later, oh, it's just like applause, thank you, sir. may i have another? he'll be sitting there in all of his splendor in the stadium bragging they were able to control covid in their country, of course, by welding people into their apartments and we're not sending diplomats though there, mr. secretary. that'll show 'em. does that make a difference in
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the end we're not sending diplomats there? >> not a bit. he doesn't care. he'll get the chance to stand on the world stage. he'll be carried on american media all across the world and global media on the opening night of the games and there he'll sit talking to the world using chinese propaganda tools across the world talking about the great democracy of china and what a wonderful nation it is. this is a debacle. he shows you the i.o.c. itself is disconnected from the central things that matter. >> laura: mr. secretary, you've been an incredible leader and a voice on this. we thank you. now, a pair of awards shows are canceled. i know you're devastated, but congress is set to fill the void. raymond arroyo has it in "seen and unseen" next.
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>> laura: it's time for our "seen and unseen" segment where we explore the big cultural stories of the week. for that, we turn to fox news
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contributor raymond arroyo. all right, ryemond, you have big awards show news, i hear. >> let's start with an ingraham exclusive. we obtained an exclusive of this sunday's annual golden globe. [crickets] the hollywood press association announced they'll have no celebrities accepting their golden globes, no press and they have no celebrity presenters and, oh, nbc is not broadcasting the ceremony which i guess say good thing since at this point it's likely to be the staff of the beverly hills in attending. the grammys are also postponing their ceremony citing covid worries but fear not, laura. the january 6th committee is ready to fill the primetime void. >> i remember as a kid getting to watch a bit of the watergate
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hearings which were a daily spectacle that the whole country tuned into and if we can do that for, um, you know, break-in a couple of offices in the watergate hotel, certainly we can do it for a massive break-in to the capitol of the united states. >> that's right! the select committee is interested in creating their own nightly spectacle, laura, reportedly considering making it a primetime miniseries. i'm not sure it'll be as interesting as the golden globe red carpet but it's coming your way in march or april, so set your dvr's. >> laura: well, it might get higher ratings than the actual golden globes, correct? wasn't that cratering? this is a christmas in february, march and april if we're not going to have to watch any of these awards shows, raymond. this is a -- these are ongoing gifts. >> well, consider the alternative, liz cheney said and all the members of this
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commission this wasn't a political commission. this thing looked more p.t. barnham than warren commission to my eye. they need a lot of stars. stay tuned for those subpoenas. we'll see what happens. in advance of any tv spectacular, laura, or special event, the media often does puff pieces to wet the appetite. barbara walters used to interview the celebs before the oscars. now, cnn is doing the january 6th prelim show, the children of january 6th. >> jackson says, you know, my dad this was great dad who taught me all of these great things and taught me to do the right thing and all of a sudden jackson has to use that knowledge his dad gave him on doing the right thing and use it to turn his dad into the f.b.i. now, it's kids saying how do i keep my parents from getting radicalized on facebook? >> they're now politically dividing not only americans but families, celebrating children for ratting out their parents
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with authorities. this is deeply insidious and just what you've come to expect, i guess. >> laura: raymond, i saw this incredibly fascinating narrative of the bratty kids telling on their parents for going on a facebook page. wasn't it in that illustrious journal "teen vogue?" >> that is correct. >> laura: how is that publishing? this is ridiculous. >> they're promoting on all fronts. laura, as you've long reported -- and we've got to get to this. this is so important, and the cdc admits most masks afford no protection against covid. now usa today is reporting that health officials warn that cloth masks have no effect against omicron. nbc still wants your kids masked and ready. >> they go all the way over your head. not the most comfortable but very, very snug. not a lot of air is getting in between the sides of my cheeks or the tops of my cheeks. you really want to make sure you
7:41 pm
have one that fits your child's face and you want to layer the cloth mask over that mask. so the surgical mask goes on first and then the cloth mask. >> and then you put a plastic bag and you put tape over the kid's nose and mouth and they can breathe through their ears. laura, i read an interview with a researcher at children's hospital in philly today. he said when kids get omicron, the symptoms of the disease are so reduced and the disease is not at all severe. so why do they want to multi-mask kids like this? >> laura: well,it's a sign of submission. i think when they see the -- i like the face shield -- they have the face shield and the two masks and when you don't have a face shield and you're sitting next to them on an airplane, boy, the look they give you. do you notice that, raymond? how do you -- oh, great, i'm not sitting next to a fellow traveler with a face shield. it is all theater. none of it makes a difference
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unless you're wearing a real n95 and you can -- you could imagine how children would be able to deal with that. for 15 minutes you can wear it. >> people are passing out. they get oxygen deprivation. before we go, i have to show you this. a woman entered an ice cream shop in argentina. she didn't want to run afoul of the store's mask mandate. she created a mask using her dress. i hope the dress was multi-ply. her chances of contracting covid dropped, laura, but her chances of catching a cold or an unwanted advance just doubled them denied her service, by the way, but i think she'll have no problems getting ice cream if she really wants it. >> laura: i thought she'd get the sprinkles for free. i mean, but what's -- what's worse? you know, taking the dress off or getting the covid? what's worse at this point? raymond -- >> it all looks absurd to me the multi-masks and taking the dress off -- it's awful. >> laura: we've been talking about this since april of 2020.
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now they're just coming along to the fact the regular cloth masks don't work. ok. well, should have just listened to the "ingraham angle" in 2020. raymond, greet see you as always. democracy isn't imperiled because of what transpired on january 6th but rather what the left is doing in response. congresswoman marjorie taylor greene is here to explain in a moment.
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>> the justice department remains committed to holding all january 6th perpetrators at any level accountable under law whether they were present that day or were otherwise criminally responsible for the assault on our democracy. we will follow the facts wherever they lead. >> laura: what do you think he meant by "at any level?" or "otherwise criminally responsible?" we can certainly speculate you about what's really important here is attorney general garland is trying to monitor and punish political opponents. i don't care how much he said on the contrary today. this time it's being used against anyone who was anywhere near the capitol building on january 6th but next time, it could easily be you and your
7:49 pm
friends who are targeted. joining me now is georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. congresswoman, this is the most significant aftershock of january 6th, this expansion of government surveillance to punish political opponents. >> you know, when i was listening to his statement just then, i was wondering does that apply to antifa and blm rioters? most of their charges have been dropped. all of those riots happened to the american people in their communities where they live, where private businesses were looted, police officers were attacked, federal courthouses were attacked, and i can't understand for the life of me why no one cares about communities in american cities but yet they care so much about the riot at the capitol? you know, i was there that day, laura. i was in the chamber. i was very much what you would call a victim of that riot. it upset me greatly. i couldn't believe it happened, but what they're trying to do
7:50 pm
with the january 6th narrative should terrify all americans, because it is a true two-tiered justice system, and it shouldn't be happening in america. >> laura: yeah, as we said many times on this show, those who committed crimes should be punished, but something much more sinister is going on here at the prosecutorial investigative level and to that point, it seems, congresswoman, that ray f. isn't the only january 6th suspect who kind of mysteriously disappeared from the f.b.i.'s most-wanted list. the washington examplar is reporting tonight -- examer is reporting tonight an unidentified man wore an earpiece during the riot and was filmed carrying what appeared to be a concealed handgun on his left hip. he was pictured on the f.b.i.'s most-wanted list for almost five months until he was removed without explanation on the same day the "new york times" reported that an f.b.i. informant was, indeed, at the capitol on january 6th.
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congresswoman, that's an interesting coincidence. >> absolutely, and i greatly appreciate your willingness to talk about these things. there's so many people in the media that are just following the january 6th committee narrative. think there's a lot more that happened -- i think there's a lot more that happened that day on january 6th and it is appalling, anyone that committed a crime, they deserve their day in court, and they should -- they've been charged and should be charged, but what you're talking about like ray f., why did i not see him in the d.c. jail when i went in and went on that tour that day but i saw many people being held in there that have been held months on end, haven't seen their families, pretrial defendants held in solitary confinement, completely denied rights like haircuts and shavings and medical services when they have issues, health issues that greatly need treatment? there's a lot of questions that need to be answered and the january 6th committee is unwilling to ask the right questions. the f.b.i. put people on their
7:52 pm
wanted list like ray f. -- i think he was in the top 20, and then took him off. john sullivan who recorded ashli babbitt's death and then sold his videos to media companies, you know, he has been charged. but he had a knife on him inside the capitol, but yet at the same time, he's not being held in jail. there's so many issues here like the man that was on the scaffolding ordering people to go into the capitol. where is that man? who is he? why hasn't he been charged? then there are reports of people wearing earpieces but not just one. i've seen reports of many people wearing earpieces. who are they? why were they wearing earpieces? what exactly was going on? why wasn't the national guard there? that's what i really want to know. i was a brand-new member of congress, and the national guard wasn't even called in and nanci pelosi didn't give permission for them to be there that day. >> laura: well, there's certainly a lot of video that's not been released, and a lot of
7:53 pm
information that's not released, but maybe they're waiting to, you know, august of this year right before the mid-term elections. that's their entire campaign. i want to get your reaction to congressman adam kinzinger's thoughts ahead of tomorrow. watch. >> it's easy to demonize and isolate liz cheney and i. we're willing to play that to do that because it's the right thing. i'll tell you, if you put everybody on truth serum, they'd agree with us. the problem is the base voters are not having anybody tell them the truth and they're the ones that are going to be misled and abused as they have been for so long. >> laura: congresswoman, talk about abuse. he's sits on the january 6th committee alongside adam schiff! >> of course, he does, and adam schiff lied and lied to the american people with his russian collusion witch-hunt. it's a complete scam. if adam kinzinger wants to be on truth serum, he needs to subpoena ray f. and call him in front of the january 6th
7:54 pm
committee. why don't they subpoena his banking records instead of worry about innocent people who worked on trump's administration or people that got a rally permit -- legally got a rally permit on january 6th to use their first amendment right. adam kinzinger is totally irrelevant to the g.o.p. he's completely serving the democrats and hoping he gets some kind of contract from msnbc or cnn. this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. i'm here in washington d.c., laura and the reason why i'm here is because i think january 6th is an important day, and i'm willing to talk about the real thing that has happened that day, because i think the american people deserve the truth. >> laura: congresswoman, thank you for being here tonight. we'll be watching tomorrow and the democrats have a kamala problem. i'll explain it in moments. my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you.
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i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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the exodus continues.
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just this week to more staffers announced resignations. vincent evans the deputy director of public engagement is in with governmental affairs. she must be closing in on a baker's dozen. the democrats are ready for her to be the chief of staff. this is it for us tonight gutfeld is next. >> happy glorious wednesday. day number three of no in studio audience. if you don't hear laughter following my amazing jokes just imagine you're watching somebody else do standup.


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