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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 5, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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as he put it, to be relevant. meaning matters. amazing. that's it for us tonight. we have a brand-new episode of "tucker carlson today" featuring our interview, you can stream it on fox nation, go to we'll be back tomorrow. in the meantime, the great sean hannity awaits for the 9:00 p.m. our. >> sean: that teacher was impressive, very impressive. tonight, an important milestone. six months ago, your president joe biden proudly stated that under his brave leadership, the united states finally gained the upper hand against covid-19 and that we are closer than ever to declaring our independence from the virus. here we are happier later and we are now in the throes of biden's second dark winter of death and disease, fully massed and vaccinated people, people with boosters, and even people with immunity are all getting sick.
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people with all of these varying conditions, they are all getting sick they even "the view" 'whoopi goldberg, we got along, and her own words she did everything they told her to do. take a look. >> it was like, wait, what? it was a shock. because i am triple vaxxed, haven't been anywhere, haven't done anything. that's the thing about the yuma cron. you just don't know where it is. who has got it, it's one of those things were i've done everything i'm supposed to do -- it doesn't stop omicron. get stronger and it's different stuff. unless everybody gets vaccinated this is what we'll be facing for the next little while. >> sean: by the way, will be, praying for a speedy recovery
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for you. they told us that if you get vaccinated you'll never get covid but that's how they sold it to you for the american people. we played that tape over and over. joe biden again is telling us that we are experiencing a pandemic of the unvaccinated. what happened? joe, you're either lying or you just don't know, you are so cognitively weak. in this band from one year we went from promising, you went from promising that the shut down the virus, now you say it's not your problem: the federal solution to your problem. biden's right-hand man chief of staff ron klain one of the dumbest people in washington -- that's saying a lot -- 2020, let's check out his tweet. "testing still isn't fixed." we are the richest country on earth, we don't have enough swabs. testing still wasn't fixed enough! guess what, ron? testing still isn't fixed. most people couldn't find them
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over christmas and we are still waiting for them and your big announcement. we boarded more test? a little too little, little too late. we are a year into the biden administration. testing still isn't fixed. why did you reject ordering the recommended 732 million tests every month? this was offered to you starting in october. reported in "vanity fair," it was to raise supplies for was the predictable holiday surge, when people get together for hanukkah, christmas, and new year's eve. joe said to donald trump that it's a travesty to not have enough tests. to joe, it's a complete dereliction of duty. americans are still waiting in line for hours and hours and hours just to get the chance to get one of the few remaining tests on the market. care to explain that come around? care to explain that, joe? how are you such a failure? why did you regret the
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recommendation of the science experts to get them in october 732000000 a month? we wouldn't have run out of test over christmas. hopefully president biden and ron klain will get back to this because joe doesn't really answer any questions anymore. or he is not of answering questions anymore. he just stared silently, "joe, when are we going to have the test?" literally, as reporters are shouting outside the room. poor joey, doesn't know what year it is for yesterday he told us, there are a lot of reasons to be hopeful in 2020. he said 2020. it's 2022, in case you want counting! white house propagandist jen psaki telling reporters, joe does not have enough time to think -- the guy just got back from vacation! what are you talking about? take a look. >> he does have a number of
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meetings with policy teams, often what he's doing behind the scenes, if you are standing here today which i know he's always invited which is what you guys will say, but he said we never give them any free time or any time to think and that's probably true. >> sean: he averages less than one event a day. today biden had zero public events. the white house called the lid, meaning you won't hear from the president or us the rest of the day at 1:00 p.m. giving him time to think that yesterday biden stopped working around 4:00 after one public event. he didn't even get to the white house until moon after that lengthy vacation at the beach while the rest of america was waiting on line, trying to find the test someplace, somewhere. joe recommending he'll go to google to find the tests. a lot of help that is. and joe biden has all the time in the world yet, you know what, it still more than he can handle. with covid case is now reaching historic levels, who needs to hear from the president?
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a million new cases announced on monday. especially when biden's trusted messengers, the jonas brothers, big bird, benny drama are on the job. take a look. >> are going to be any changes in strategy? you got the jonas brothers? >> more jonas brothers? see if i would say that our approach to date has been that we have looked for trusted messengers. >> all right, jen, it's always good to have experts that we the american public can trust with our safety. maybe you should try rolling them out and try to sell build back broke again which is now dead in the water. according to jen psaki, it's important that we passed a social a spending spree first and then we can find out what's in it and then you'll like it once you know what's in it, but that has to be passed first. sound familiar? take a look. >> i'll tell you that build back better as you know has not passed yet and we are getting
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get it passed down they passed. people like the components of the bill, but they don't know exactly what's in build back better and what it means. it's always easier to sell a package to the public once it's past. >> sean: remember nancy pelosi said the identical thing about obamacare and that all of your health care premiums or through the roof? millions of people lost doctors? millions lost plans. luckily biden's build back broke plan appears to be stalled in the midterm elections are right around the corner, god help us all. here's a little unsolicited advice from the democratic party calling for you to have any shot of not getting blown out in november, probably would be time to swallow your pride, hold joe biden accountable for his failures, demand answers, while on the why we have a covid-19 testing shortage. we've got monoclonal antibodies for 18 months, demand answers while we have a shortage of
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them, demand answers on the constant flipping and flopping of the cdc and the nih and the origins of the covid virus. demand answers on the bizarre mandates and guidelines for children when the science doesn't back it up, and get this country back to normal. you might want to warp speed the antivirals that so many doctors seem to like or get out of the way, just let somebody else run the country. by the way, you can just adopt donald trump's policies are get out of the way because they work. of course, there's always another variant or a new scary development to worry about. there is already a new variant in france we are watching. it's called fluor it's a rare illnessof the flu at and infect somebody at the same time. i encourage everybody to stay safe and as always i'm not a doctor, i'm not going to play one on television or radio. consult your own doctor or
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doctors. look at your unique medical history, your current condition. anyway, the hysteria has gone on long enough. fox news magical a-team contributor dr. marc siegel is with us also. fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier. they said if you got the vaccine for your protected from getting covid. false. that's not true. i know people now and i know you are seeing the same thing, people fully vaccinated are getting omicron, people with a booster natural booster, they are all getting omicron. what's with all the boosters and the demands and the mandates? >> well, sean, the good news is at this point the covid vaccine has come to what we've expected
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with the flu shot but we know that the flu shot doesn't prevent someone from getting the flu but there's a big chance that if you got the flu shot and you get the flu, you have a less likely chance of having severe illness, being out of work or school longer, being hospitalized and requiring auction therein. thing holding true with covid vaccines. the fda has expanded recommending boosters in young adolescents. they did convene their independent advisory board on this and at the same day they actually put out a youtube video by dr. peter marx which first of all when did the fda start putting out infomercials? it's embarrassing and they should stay in their world. when you look at the science talked about in that video objectively, it really falls flat. first of all, no data was really presented to show that a booster in younger populations, younger healthy adolescents, healthy adults, actually decrease their very low risk of severe illness.
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they said that there is low risk of bio carry they have not been able to prove the benefit. sure, maybe it'll transiently reduce the risk of any sort of symptom attic illness. again, that's going to be short-lived. going to need to start focusing on the high risk people. we need to make sure that our high risk population has quality masks. they have access to vaccines and boosters. and that we are doing everything we can to make sure they have access to rapid testing. we need to stop our focus on the younger healthy populations because of this but we know that they are very low risk and they are not contributing as much to the transmission as you'd think. as you mentioned, sean, vaccinated, boosted, unvaccinated, everyone is transmitting the virus but is about saving lives at this point. zero lara is not a realistic goal
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zero covid is not a realistic goal. to be when i was doing the show and asking why is he not using warp speed tactics to make tests as quickly as possible? using warp speed tactics to build out all the monoclonal's that we've never had a shortage of before the federal government got involved. why not warp speed these antivirals that a lot of doctors -- i assume you feel good about as well, raving about from pfizer and merck. >> because we have operation snail speed which i wrote about -- >> i wish i thought of that, to be honest. i regret not thinking about it myself. >> you would've thought about it five seconds later but the other word i could use as incompetent. nicole is right, the vaccines are imperfect and they are useful to booster your immunity. but he's a one-trick pony on
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these vaccines. again, he is shaming the unvaccinated. to nicole's point, do you know what the vaccines do? they decrease severity. they can keep you out of the hospital if you're boosted. that's the way it should be sold because that's the way it is scientifically. you know what? your point about no rapid test around? he had every reason -- not just that he was worn in october, he was born a year ago by major scientist at harvard, get us those home test. i cannot prescribe the antibodies. i need them. i need the gsk won that specific for omicron. you just said, what about the pfizer drug? i have people that are high risk that broke through the amazing vaccines. they broke through natural immunity too which, by the way, this administration still won't talk about natural immunity, still won't do what israel and the european union is doing saying look, you had covid, they
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lose a lot of good ability not saying that you get immunity from getting over covid and i'm sure dr. saphier agrees with that. we have to have all the tools and the tool's tool shed.he's got one tool, het doing it, and is using at the blood and people with. incompetent. >> tucker: operations state snail speed. it's a repulsive failure for the american people. they need not going into our third year of this looking and searching for tests and being told "you might want to look on google which is what joe said. dr. and cute. i'm >> announcer: americans held hostage behind enemy lines. >> sean: the may have turn the page, we will not. 144 days since joe biden stabbed americans in the back, our friends, our allies, even military families left behind
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that he abandoned it. today, i couldn't believe it. i got to give a tip to the hat to the "new yorker" magazine. they describe what life is now liking the islamic hemorrhoids of afghanistan. a lot of this we have reported, we had other news that we had not reported where the taliban have established a repressive autocratic state that has carried out more than 100 targeted killings and abductions of former afghan officials. we know that's been happening in broad daylight. this severely limited girls education, banning women from many workplaces. they are silencing local journalists. they have beaten female protesters in the streets with whips. the report continues. "ongoing evacuations of the more than 60,000 afghan interpreters and others who work alongside the u.s. forces, those are people we promise that we would never leave behind. they were left behind during these chaotic american withdrawal. that has now slowed to a crawl.
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in other words, we failed americans, we failed thousands of military families and people with green cards, and our afghan allies. you know what? it's an embarrassment. he was more, former white house chief of staff race previous along with spokesperson morgan ortagus. we start with you tonight. i'm having a hard time understanding why, especially when you look at a show like "nightline," americans held hostage day wanted to 20 and the worldwatch. the media it's a virtual blackout for this topic. washington, d.c., virtual blackout. i in good conscious cannot forget our good down my fellow americans that he abandoned. why is everybody else ignoring it? >> you should never forget your fellow americans. it's the trust the people have here in the united states that their government would never forget them and what happened,
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and the policy decisions made, the intentional policy decisions made are creating a spiraling crisis across the world. when joe biden ran for office, he said he was going to restore dignified and respected leadership across the world and where are we? you outline what's going on in afghanistan, the humanitarian crisis that's going on. what's happening in ukraine? we are challenged by russia, being challenged by china on taiwan. decisions made by the president that have now spiraled out of control. you just outlined covid but you he made the intentional decision on the vaccines, stumbled on the block. he stumbled on the test kits. he then said the other day that he wish he would've ordered 500 million test kits two months ago. whoops. it took kamala harris to tell the world that in fact, it is true, we have missed omicron virus and we also missed the
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delta virus. you look at the economy. he was warned, like you said, he was warned that if you pour more money into the economy, we have, what can we have inflation? you have more money chasing fewer goods and we were going to have a supply chain crisis. and on the border! he said he was going to put up guardrails, he was going to keep security at the border. what did he do? swarm of illegal immigrants in the border but what did he invite into our country? covid and fentanyl which also kills hundreds of americans. these are intentional decisions as a result of bad leadership that have now spiraled out of control in four different important categories, sean. >> sean: unbelievable. i know you work closely with mike pompeo. unfortunately i know that the many private groups that have
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been willing to charter very expensive airplanes to evacuate americans with very little to no help with obstruction from our own state department. seems like now there is no way out and nobody seems to care. what does that mean for the people left behind, thousands of green card holders, americans in the hundreds, afghan allies, what does it mean for all of them? >> there is no coordinated u.s. effort to get americans edited in green card holders outcome up not that i'm aware of. i'd be happy to be proven wrong for this administration a show in the way they are actually trying to get americans, green card holders, family members out. my twitter dms always open for people out there looking for ways. there are some private-sector ways and i'm happy to help people. but isn't it crazy and a little unfortunate that former administration officials and
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people come up a career military are using private sector means to get people out? joe biden has left americans behind enemy lines. it's shameful, a disgrace. talk about what candidate joe biden promised to do. here is also one of the things that candidate joe biden promised in february of 202010 margaret brennan. she quizzed them on afghanistan. everybody forgets this interview. he said that he would bear zero responsibility, he said this back in february of 2020, he would bear zero responsibility and what happens to the fate of women and children in afghanistan. so he's showing callousness as it relates to america's responsibility in afghanistan for a long time. it's just that the media was desperate to get rid of president trump and they weren't paying attention. the media and so many people act so surprised that these decisions that biden made -- you shouldn't have been paid if anybody had been paying attention to the campaigning,
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would've shown that he was actually remarkably consistent in his callousness towards afghan women and children. finally i just say that the one thing that every american needs to remember when they go to the polls is november and seven months, seven months is how long it took for president biden to be in office for afghanistan to fall in for the taliban to take over. it's one of the first foreign policy decisions in my lifetime and the consequences will reverberate for generations. >> sean: he had all those months to get everybody out safely and the billions of dollars in military, sophisticated military equipment and technology that were left behind. thank you both. reince priebus, morgan, thank you. democrats obsessed with the riot that took place in their house but they don't give a lick about the ones that took place in your city. in your town where you live. mark meadows. he's next, straight ahead.
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to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> ♪ ♪ >> sean: democrats tonight are st >> sean: democrats tonight still obsessing over their sham january 6th investigation. we've been telling you that this has a predetermined outcome. just another reckless attempt to attack donald trump, his allies. their goal, to purge donald trump from ever running from office again. i asked him where his investigation into the approximately 574 riots in the summer of 2020 that many democrats never seem to talk about or call peaceful protests? or dozens of americans that were killed in the summer of 2020, like former police officer david dorn or the nearly $2 billion of property damage due to the looting and the arson that took place during those peaceful
11:27 pm
protests. what about the thousands of police officers that were injured, many severely? where is that committee. what, it doesn't advance the agenda to purge trump from ever running again? i get it but what about cities that defunded the police and invited and more crime and eliminated all obey all laws but how's that working out around the country? how about an investigation into kamala harris? the vice president for promoting a fund to actually bail out violent criminals and her comments, if i recall, she said that they won't stop, they shouldn't stop, and we won't stop? where is the liz cheney investigation into that now that liz is siding with the democrats i called her father "a "war criminal, a murderer, a crook, and even worse? darth cheney is what i think they said. tomorrow you can expect never
11:28 pm
ending lies, smears, political attacks, the democrats, and liz cheney and the liz cheney's of the world, the probe is another reason for them to obsess over all things donald trump, the guy who said that many of you will now peacefully and patriotically march to the capital so your voices may be heard. i know, the truth hurts a little bit. we do have a programming note. do not miss tomorrow night's show. here with reaction, former white house chief of staff mark meadows is with us. i want to go to january 6th verse and ask this. did donald trump and did you ask no weighing so many were coming to town, knowing that tensions were high post 2020 election, did you both ask for the national guard to be called up? >> without a doubt, sean. we made that very clear not just
11:29 pm
once but on numerous occasions. we wanted to make sure that there was plenty of national guard on the ready in case there was some kind of violence. you are right to point out that tomorrow is going to be spent on january 6th, a focus there because the january 6 commission is more about a political operation then it is about securing the capital. it's more about securing the white house in 2024 than it is about providing security at the capitol. and sadly what we are seeing play out each and every day, sean, is a fact that they are willing to do whatever it takes to spin their narrative because the left has another agenda. they want to increase the supreme court of 13 members on the supreme court so they can get rulings their way. they want to break the filibuster. you name it, they want to make sure that the socialist takeover of washington, d.c., is
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complete. >> i forgot to mention that mark meadows book is out there it's a great book, "the chief's chief." you asked numerous times, donald trump as for the national guard knowing that you have massive crowds there, political tensions had been high, which is a common sense thing to do. you condemned what happened on january 6th, i condemned it in real time and radio and on this program that night. and i condemn all rioting. the question is we also had the capitol police chief requested national guard. my question is who is in charge of making that decision about calling up the national guard? does nancy pelosi have a role on that and is she being subpoenaed? is she going to testify this committee with a predetermined outcome? >> not to my knowledge. she just has not been asked to give testimony. there are two people who need to
11:31 pm
be providing some answers and neither of them work in the west wing. one is muriel bowser, the mayor of washington, d.c., and the other is speaker pelosi. i can tell you, when the phone calls came to the west wing of the answers was yes, immediate yes. there was no actionable intelligence, there is no request that was ever denied. yet that's the narrative that the january 6 commission continues to put out there. it is just not accurate as it relates to president trump or anybody out in the west wing. >> sean: once they kicked jim jordan and jim banks of the committee and replace them with the two biggest republican from haters, i think the deck was stacked. you got seven democrats and two never trumpers. let's go to the riots. dozens of our fellow americans were murdered in the course of that rioting. thousands of police officers injured. billions of property damage.
11:32 pm
where is that committee, mark meadows? i have not heard of it. i'm sure they are probably forming it right now, the very same people. do they only care about the one riot that impacts them, but not the riots that impact other americans? >> there are two different committees that need to take place. the one that looked out all of that that happened over the summer of 2020 that quite frankly was applauded by many on the left. you remember the defund the police effort that was a slogan that was echoed over and over and over again until he figured out that it didn't pull very well. there is another commission that needs to take place. how about the 13 service members that lost their lives in afghanistan? how about the withdraw the didn't have to happen that way? why are we looking into that? don't those service members deserve justice as well? i can tell you, is very
11:33 pm
troubling to see and that's what the american people are seeing. they see the hypocrisy of all of this where it is a political narrative that's being driven by this commission instead of actually one that gets to the bottom and solves a problem and upholds the rule of law whether it's on main street or on capitol hill. >> sean: i understand that maybe people don't like donald trump's style. i'm from new york. it doesn't bother me very much. where i grew up, that was kind of the way things were. but let me see, he did accomplish a lot. i doubt he would've abandoned americans in afghanistan. he kept his promises on cutting taxes, he kept his promises on ending the bureaucracies, kept his promises on judges, free and fair trade deals all over europe, canada, mexico, japan, china, you can include them in all of that. he worked hard to begin the guiding us out of the endless
11:34 pm
wars. he built the wall. give us energy independence, and a record economy, especially for minorities in america. i do not see that happening with joe. what happened? >> tucker: it's not happening with >> it's not happening with joel, but it's something the american people whether you are a republican, independent, or some democrat, they see it as well. that long list that they saw president trump that he was able to accomplish during his four years come up they see it and they see it's not getting done now. that's what the democrats are so fearful of. they don't have a record to run on. what they are wanting to do is try to run in a narrative instead of joe biden's record. so you will see more of that tomorrow. sadly we'll take a solemn day and actually politicize it for there is one other group that's rejoicing with us focusing on this one day and that's our foreign adversaries. they love to do harm to america
11:35 pm
and they'd love to go ahead and focus on the difficulties that we've had. but i've got a news flash for our foreign adversaries: don't underestimate the resolve of the american people. we enjoy freedoms 365 days a year while you are celebrating january 6th. >> sean: you know something? you condemned january 6th, i also condemn the 574 other riots with all the damage that i've chronicled on this program and we will have a program that's quite different from the rest of the country tomorrow night considering all the coverage is basically going to be an echo chamber. mark meadows? thank you for being with us. mark's new book is called the chiefs chief. bookstores everywhere and on thank you for being with us. coming up, you won't believe what the new york's new radical d.a. is planning for the city of new york. it's pretty radical. as usual, democrats continue to
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: apparently you are on follow the failures of the far left d.a.s >> sean: now apparently we follow the failures of the far left d.a.s in new york. the far left new york d.a. alban bragg is his name wants to bring more far left lawlessness to new york city, unveiling a destructive democratic crime policy that'll let violent criminals go free, unprosecuted, unaccountable. the memo authored reveals updated guidelines that will for example allow armed robbers who use deadly weapons to be prosecuted only for petty larceny.
11:41 pm
convicted criminals caught with weapons other then guns will have those felony charges downgraded to misdemeanors. drug dealers believed to be acting a low-level agent of a seller will be prosecuted only for misdemeanor possession. get this. you know regulars that steal from home storage sheds, for example? they'll be charged with a lower level class d felony. will no longer prosecute the illegal turnstile with the reaction reaction, gregg jarrett. defund, dismantle, and obey all laws, now this. how's that going to end? >> not well, as any reasonably intelligent person would recognize. the answer to a surgeon crime is not less law and order, it's more of it. no reasonable person believes that only murderers should be
11:42 pm
incarcerated. but essentially that's the new order of alvin bragg, the elected district attorney, the far left progressive in manhattan. as you point out for example, you walk into a business or a store if you threaten to kill the clerk of the owner unless they hand over their merchandise, no longer armed robbery 25 years behind bars, it's a petty theft misdemeanor, you will walk free. says this will make us all safer, the rationale is there is a negative impact on his or her life, seriously. actually said that. that's his reasoning paid he claims that the real victims, the real casualties of crime is not the innocent victims. it's the criminals, mistreated, misunderstood, the victims of racism and housing problems and
11:43 pm
poverty and mental illness and drug abuse. we need to help to help with their innocent victims. he doesn't care about crime and punishment, he cares about crime and no punishment. instead of embracing law and order, he is advocating for lawlessness and disorder. he's creating an incentive to create more crimes. there is no disincentive. they now have free reign. sean, as you and i talked before, this is the growing trend in major blue states and cities run by democrats who have elected these progressive mayors in los angeles, san francisco, waukesha, wisconsin, to mow down and murder six innocent people and injuring dozens more. who is to blame all of this? the voters in those cities who
11:44 pm
put these naive and stupid people these stupid people supported by george soros. sadly they are going to get what they deserve. >> sean: gregg jarrett, thank you for that report. teachers in chicago tonight are finding new excuses not to show up for work as a teachers unions there, they voted to resume remote learning even after the state of illinois received a whopping $5 billion in taxpayer aid to to keep schools open as part of the coated relief packages. tonight breaking them we are now learning that there will be no in person or remote instruction tomorrow for chicago public schools. of course, the mayor of chicago lori lightweight is now threatening to withhold pay from teachers refused to show up to the classroom. here to break it all down, radio talk show host larry elder.
11:45 pm
larry, education is the key to the ladder of success and we are failing our kids spectacularly. >> think tanks on the left or right don't agree a whole lot but they agree that the first thing is to finish high school. where presumably you can read, write, compute at a grade level. some years ago, there was a study where public school teachers with school age kids sent their own kids, nationwide 11% families had their own kids in private school. 6% of black families do. 39% of chicago public school teachers with school aged kids put their own kids in private schools. it's equivalent opening up, come on in, eat the food, we sure won't do it. before the last pandemic, shut down schools in 2020, only 34%'s
11:46 pm
of chicago public schools could read at standard levels of provision she. only 18% in 2021 could. they got further behind, 70% if i'm not mistaken voted to disband in person education for the coming school year. it's absolutely outrageous. greater depression, greater isolation, greater suicides, all because they are banding in school education. absolutely outrageous. >> sean: thank you. when we come back, sara carter, part two of her exclusive reporting on biden's water bordr crisis but shall take you inside a texas dps drug warehouse. you don't want to miss it. next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: part 2 of sara carter's >> sean: part two, of sara carter's exclusive reporting on the fentanyl crisis in this country now taking us inside a texas dps drug warehouse. you do not want to miss this. take a look. >> we are now in our dps crime lab, brought to this location where we have our crime lab scientist, they do the drug analysis on these drugs in approximately talking about various drugs, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, there is approximately over a little bit 20,000 pounds or different drugs here in this facility right now. >> saw how much would that be worth on possibly the street? do we have an idea? >> you are talking about tens and millions of dollars. >> some of the issues facing our nation right now, that's a crisis of fentanyl. >> you're right on point.
11:52 pm
we are seeing these counterfeit pills being manufactured, we know the precursors are coming from china into mexico and once the cartels have a hold of the precursors, they synthesize and manufacture that drug and they move it across into our states but that's what we see with these counterfeit pills. it's affecting everyone, killing thousands of americans because these individuals do not know what kind of drugs they are ingesting when it comes to these pills. >> i've had the opportunity to talk to parents whose children have taken a pill at a party. they were not known drug addicts. they are kids did not use drugs regularly. maybe it was a recreational one time use, and they have died. >> one thing that's very important as a father and those who have family, we need to educate better awareness to our children, to our family, to our friends about drugs coming across because it's killing thousands of americans. those young adults are in colleges right now being presented with these pills that
11:53 pm
they may think of some type of pain medication or stimulant to keep them awake. whatever the cases, the fact of the matter is these counterfeit pills are killing thousands of americans and they are not aware of what they are ingesting. it's all falling back into these lack of border policies, the fact that the federal government is not taking any action at all and allowing these organizations to profit off of this current illegal immigrant coming across, but they aren't taking any action whatsoever to safeguard americans and safeguard the border and that's why we continue to step in and take action so we can safeguard the rest of the country. >> sean: sara carter joins us now, investigative reporter. i went into a drug warehouse years ago. i've been down on the border like you have been many times, about 14 times. when i saw this warehouse, if you can get through the stench of it, it's floor to ceiling drugs. the difference with fentanyl is
11:54 pm
you pointed out last night. if you got a grain of salt, two grain of salt maximum, it'll kill a 250 pounds man. >> correct. correct. that's what the law enforcement officials here in texas and across the country as well as those who work in the crime lab last night were trying to send the warning and parents are sending out that warning it, sean, so many parents who lost their children. over 93,000 overdoses and deaths last year. i've heard according to the corner in franklin county ohio, these numbers are far exceeded this year in 2021. so they are very, very concerned. china and the mexican cartels remain the major players. they are the primary distributors of illicit fentanyl in the united states. the pills, sean, look identical to the pills described by a regular doctor.
11:55 pm
he would see oxycontin or a fentanyl like i saw in the crime lab. it was exactly like the pills that are prescribed so no one can tell the difference, this is what parents and law-enforcement officials want people to know across the country. talk to your children. talk to your friends. talk to your family. let them know that if you take a pill that's not prescribed by your doctor, you are literally playing russian roulette with your life. these are poison and are dying in. >> it's happening, it's number one killer of people, 18-34 in the country right now. sara and the sad. tragedy. also preventable. great reporting. we'll have part three tomorrow night. more "hannity" coming up after this break.
11:56 pm
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