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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 6, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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first anniversary of january 6th comes to a close. we wish we could say "that's it, we will never talk about that again." it is ugly and over but unfortunately we are not in charge. there is too much political advantage to be had by pretending it was the civil war. we will hear a lot more we will cover it. we will be back every night 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. have the best night with the ones you love and now, ladies and gentlemen integrate sean hannity. >> sean: as always the great tucker carlson. the mob and the media's reaching record levels. faking hysteria crocodile tears nl 9/11 pearl harbor, and even the holocaust complete with a special performance and the cast of "hamilton. it is a clown show unspectacular levels. and coming up we will bring you much needed truth into this conversation. we will point out all the rank hypocrisy, double standards, lying, grandstanding and who
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really is responsible for not protecting the capitol that the mob will never talk about and the commission will never investigate or the committee will never investigate. former chief of staff to the secretary of defense, cash patel, he will be here and he will explain how donald trump to days prior to january 6th last year wanted to call in 20,000 national guard troops before the january 6th date. nancy pelosi in the d.c. mayor, refuse the guard, in other words this was completely preventable except democrats rejected the protection here and we will also get insight from congressman jim jordan and congressman banks who were booted from the fake january 6th committee to stack the deck 100% against donald trump. and we will hear first-hand from families of the victims of the 574 violent riots from december 2020. where is the committee
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investigating all of those riots with dozens of dead americans, thousands of injured cops? now, you remember at the beginning, for example, the riots, fake news referred to it as fiery but most will make mostly peaceful. but they said mostly peaceful. all 12 thousands of police injured and some very severely in the fiery but peaceful protest as he said. thousands of americans dead and over 600 arson attacks, 97 police vehicles were lit on fire. a police precinct burnt to the ground and federal courthouse in portland set ablaze pretty much every night for months. dozens of businesses burned beyond repair an entire city blocks taken over by criminals in seattle in the autonomous chest chop summer of love zone. they are 2,000 incidents of looting and $2 trillion of property damage. rioters attacked the white house with the president and his
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family inside. look at this picture on your screen. this was may 2020, violent demonstrators called peaceful by democrats and the mob and the media attempting to break through a secret surface barricade entries on the white house grounds. some managed to set the st. john's church on fire. the situation was so dangerous, the president and his family were forced to flee to a secure bunker, ultimately 60 secret service officers, they sustained injuries in the attack. 11 were transported to a local hospital. according to democrats, the media mob, the january 6th committee, this never happened. where is the committee investigating this? take a look for yourself. the city council a mob in the middle of the night? >> they do what they do. >> that is happening in portland right now? >> it is being spread only in washington, d.c. >> is he from portland?
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>> yes. >> most of the protest commit is not generally speaking unruly. but fires have been started. >> there needs to be unrest in the streets as long as there is unrest in our lives, and unfortunately, there is plenty to go around. >> sean: then senator kamala harris took it a step further and a bail fund for the violent rioters. in june 2020 in the middle of the riots, she told stephen colbert, they will not stop. they shouldn't stop. we will not stop here and take listen. >> i know that there are protest still happening across the united states. but i do not see the reporting period >> but they are not going to stop here they are not goingo stop here this is a movement, i'm telling you. i'm telling you. everybody be aware. they are not going to stop and they will not stop before election day november, and they will not stop after election day. that should be -- everyone should take note on both levels. they are not going to let up and
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they should not. >> sean: beware, take note, they are not going to stop, we are not going to stop. a bail fund, people in a mob running down a precinct and disaster that was minnesota at the time? well, when would you have the committee investigate vice president kamala harris? kamala harris reveled in the violence, president trump was attempting all through the summer of 2020 to restore law and order all across the country and trying to use every tool at his disposal, including the national guard. after a long summer of large violent demonstrations, president trump knew how important it was to always prepare for the worst ahead of any massive demonstration. you always have bad actors, unfortunately. two days before january 6, 2020. we can now report tonight completely -- and we will have it backed up in a minute, donald trump authorized up to ten or 20,000 national guard
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soldiers to protect the p of the capitol police chief also requested the national guard not once, not twice, not three times but six separate times. both nancy pelosi and the mayor of washington, d.c., they needed to sign off on the president's order and both rejected these requests again and again. by doing so, they left the capitol totally vulnerable and as we now know was greeted within mere seconds. kash patel will join us in a moment and provided us a document showing the rejection. and when will nancy pelosi or marry her balser be subpoenaed to testify before this holier-than-thou sanctimony has january 6th committee that has the likes of adam shift, the guy that led three plus long years about election integrity issues that never happened? he collide over and over again about russian collusion. ask yourself this question, if
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the true purpose of the committee is to understand what happened so that it can never happen again, how can you possibly ignore the issue of rejecting the national guard that the president called up? the only reason i can think of is the committee is playing partisan politics and it has a predetermined outcome. all they want to do is bludgeon and blame trump again. everybody on the committee voted to impeach trump post presidential -- his post presidential surface. the books are cooked here that is why congressman jim jordan and congressman banks were barred from the committee. we will hear from them tonight. keep in mind every single member of the january 6 committee, as i said, to democrats, republicans voted to impeach donald trump. over the weekend one of those committee members liz cheney said the goal was to block donald trump from ever getting near the white house again. earlier today in a highly divisive speech, joe biden
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echoed liz cheney's fever dreams and accused donald trump of doing nothing to protect the capitol. we now know that is false. take a look. >> we didn't see a former president who just rallied the mob to attack. sitting in a private dining room off of the oval office in the white house, watching it all on television and doing nothing! for hours. lives at risks, police assaulted, the nation's capitol under siege. >> sean: rallied to attack? many of you will peacefully and patriotically marched to the capitol so your voices can be heard. calling up the national guard, is that rallying and attack? now pelosi and bowser listen to donald trump knowing we have 574 riots over the summer previously, knowing there was a big march planned for that day, knowing that it is sadly pretty
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predictable when you have a large crowd and there will always be bad actors. knowing tensions were high in the country post 2020 election. all of this could have been prevented. donald trump authorized the national guard all while democrats blocked his efforts to secure the capitol. don't forget, trump said again, "many of you will peacefully, patriotically march to the capitol so your voices may be heard." but of course, those words don't matter to democrats i have an agenda. the democratic party, they never let truth and facts get in that we have a good narrative. look over at msnbc, they actually had a historian comparing january 6th to the holocaust? take a look. >> we have footage of what happened january 6th. we have proof. dwight eisenhower from world war ii made sure all of the holocaust cams were filmed. so we got the film footage. my worry is what we call this to make sure we honor this day,
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this dark day of the year? we have to keep saying january 6th. i think it is like december 7th, pearl harbor and it is like 9/11 tragedy. >> sean: now, today vice president kamala harris also made a pretty horrible comparison herself. by the way, this is the person that tweeted out "oh, support the bailed plan for the people involved with the peaceful protesting riots." same person who said they will not stop, shouldn't stop, we will not stop. take a look. >> echoed throughout history, including dates that instantly remind us where they were and what they were doing when our democracy came under assault. days that occupy not only a place on our calendar, but a place in our collective memory. december 7, 1941, september 11,
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2001. , and january 62021. >> sean: now, 2,403 americans died at pearl harbor. i know pretty well because my father served in the pacific for years. nearly 3,000 were murdered 9/11 2001 and thousands were killed in the summer riots of 2020 that kamala harris cheered on. so please, spare us the low class theatrics. you are looking pretty stupid right now. take a look. >> i thought immediately to turn not only to my colleagues but to my staff who had been forced to seek refuge in our office, converting filing cabinets into barricades. >> this is a movement. i'm telling you. they are not going to stop this lawlessness. the violence, the chaos. and everyone, be aware, because
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they are not going to stop, they will not stop before election day november and they will not stop after election day of november. >> a violent assault took place here. the very fact how close we came to an election overturned. that reflects fragility of democracy. >> that should be -- everyone should take note of that both levels. they will not let up and they should not. >> sean: let me be clear also tonight, i don't like kamala harris and most of the democrats, we have been extraordinarily consistent. we do not on this program let politics to determine whether one riot is a good one or a bad one. there is no such thing. in real time on my radio show, this is from january 6, 2021 has the events of that they were unfolding. this is what i was saying. >> i see one or two videos of some vandalism. every good, decent, honorable
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american would condemn protesters that want to go down that road. i see a lot of older people, moms and dads, and families and stuff. there is always going to be agitators and some of these groups. the people that seem to always want to praise peaceful protesters are the media. at the democratic party. they went to great lengths to defend and even in instances where violence to condemn the violence. i condemn anybody involved in any incident involved in violence. it is that simple. we have to protect everybody. and i don't care if you agree with somebody or don't agree with somebody, protect the police and kids and older people at the rally. >> sean: and i went on to say the capitol and our elected officials. and here is how we covered it the night of january 6th right here on the show. >> those who truly support president trump, those that believe they are part of the conservative movement in this country, we do not -- we do not
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support those that commit acts of violence. they come a people we don't believe should be vandalizing the nation's capitol, attacking the brave men and women who kees safe and law enforcement and all of today's perpetrators must be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. but every good and decent american, we know will and must condemn what happened at the capitol. moving forward, we have got to do a dramatically better job protecting the innocent men and women who work there. we've got to protect our law enforcement officers. we've got to protect every single elected member of the congress and senate. this is not politics. they deserve to be protected. >> sean: that's right, the media mob has been a lying about me all week. we have been incredibly consistent all throughout. they are the hypocrites. they had a very different standard in the summer of 2020. we have been honest about it. january 6th, the riots in the
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summer of 2020, the democrats, the media mob, nope, they haven't been consistent. they want you to believe januar. they want trump walked up and barred from ever running again. they want to purge them from the republican party, which is what committee members now want. why are they ignoring trumps call to the national guard two days prior? why won't they call as a witness or subpoena nancy pelosi and mayor bowser? look at the cbs poll buried by the news organization or so-called news organization. a vast majority of americans believe january 6 was a protest that went too far. however, according to the political class, this was a violent insurrection caused by donald trump who called for a peaceful protest carried out by a group of people who refuse to accept the results of 2020. we have been hearing all day that anyone who ever cast down election results is a monster. democrats, they have never done
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the same? you might remember the dirty dossier bought and paid for by hillary clinton that accused donald trump of being a russian asset and a russian helped him win the election in 2016? you might remember the years and years of claims president trump's election was a legitimate. biden and harris echoed this dangerous life. they accused donald trump of cheating with vladimir putin himself. all of this has been debunked completely and they said it over and over again. adam schiff come another show, he sits on the committee when he led the effort and lead the line, the conspiracy theories, the hoax and we never talk about that? take a look. >> how do you fight? >> you are absolutely right. speak with the president is an illegitimate racist occupying the white house who has defined himself over and over again. >> i believe he knows he is an
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illegitimate president. he knows! he knows that there were a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out the way it did. >> the russian weighing in on the election, and frankly the fbi is weighing in on the election. i think it makes this election illegitimate. >> it was a legitimate. my biggest fear is he will do it again with his best powell. and we will be stuck for six more years with this guy. and that is terrifying. that is terrifying. >> would you be vice president? [laughter] >> i absolutely agree. >> sean: that was a three plus year lie by democrats. yes, questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 election. the media, they lied right along with them. the worst offender in spreading the lie, the content a dual layer adam schiff and is on the january 6th committee. it doesn't get any more sick or ironic than that and then stacey
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abrams herself, god bless her, she thinks she's the rightful governor of georgia, take a look. >> this is not a speech of concession because concession means acknowledge action is right, true or proper in a woman of conscience and faith i cannot conceive that. but will i say this election was not tainted? was not a disinvestment and disenfranchise of thousands of voters? i will not say that. >> do you know that election was stolen from a question mark >> i think the election was stolen from the people of georgia. >> sean: she is loved by all the democrats, they all love stacey abrams -- oh, we won't talk about that. democrats have challenged every single election lost in modern american history. "new york magazine" yes, he did steal the election. al gore won florida 2,000. and another, we really inaugurate the wrong guy. the same media mob want you to
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believe if you question and election results, that is treason. liz cheney is partnered with the very people that thought her vice president father is not legitimately elected and on top of that a crook, war criminal, liar, and a murderer. now, democrats want to distract from the country, you know, biden's failures as president and exploit the one riot last year to end the filibuster and pass the... radical election form. it is not election form but to banff for i.d. and to watch the vote count. mechanisms for ballots. and some of the democrats even want illegal immigrants to have the right to vote. in other words, they wanted to be easy to harvest ballots. and in some cases get illegal to vote at the polls. and never let a good crisis go to waste. january 6th is not the somber day for them they are acting
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like. sadly, they are exploiting this as a political opportunity. otherwise, nancy pelosi, mayor bowser would be called in and write would be question. why did they not go along with donald trump's call for the national guard? were celebrating with a special musical performance. we won't play it now from the cast of "hamilton." chief of staff during the trump administration, kash patel. the inspector general, by the way, said you did everything right the department of defense. fact-check: did donald trump call for ten to 20,000 national guard troops to be on standby january 6? did he do it two days before january 6th? >> yes, jean and it's great to be with you. i was in the oval office with the secretary of defense and the chairman joint chiefs of staff and president trump. he authorized as the law requires 10,000 to 20,000
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national guardsmen and women. but the second part requires federal agency work governor and mayor of the united states capitol mayor bowser to make a request. otherwise the national guard cannot be deployed legally. >> sean: okay, we have the actual signature of mayor muriel bowser with declining for national guard support. we will put it up on the screen to be clear of the district of columbia is not requesting of the federal law enforcement personnel and discourages any additional employment, deployment without immediate consultation, et cetera, et cetera. is that true? >> that is 100% accurate. and biden dod inspector general insults at the trump dod did not delay or obstruct the response to january 6. mayor bowser and capitol police repeated in writing refused to request the national guard. that is in the report and in the dod records and i wonder why so many people are not asking for it. i'm thankful you are. >> sean: let me ask you this.
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for the national guard to be called up, that had to be approved by nancy pelosi. is that the correct chain of command? >> nancy pelosi supervises the united states capitol police. that is the federal agency that mayor of bowser requested. i cannot imagine the united states capitol police did not consult with chain of command to make that request. we know we went to the capitol police and set ahead of time, we can posture ahead of time the national guard takes time to manage, equip these ladies meant to serve the community. we can't do it instantaneously. we can't beam them in but we have to pull them out of the communities. no such request was granted or given prior to january 6th. >> sean: did the capitol police chief himself on multiple occasions request the national guard help, even before the riots happen? >> i don't recall the national guard police. i never spoke to the secretary of army was handling that relationship. but there must be a formal
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request. there cannot be a phone call that says, "hey, we need help." you cannot deployed troops in america it is unlawful unless the national guard pursuant to a legal and lawful request that has to come from the head of the agency. >> sean: last question. you went to this committee before this committee. i read that they were asking more questions about afghanistan, which seems rather odd to me. but you have a timeline of the events that day. you were backed up by the inspector general, department of defense in terms of you taking the right actions. my question to you, what is in that timeline that people need to know? >> no, fantastic question. it is backed up by writing. mayor bowser written refusal, the communication between the leader in the capitol police and chain of command to the dod refusing our request to allow national guardsmen and women to stage january 4, january 5, before january 6.
6:24 pm
repeated refusal and they followed and i will leave you with this, sean, the dod is not only no fail mission on gods green earth. we were proven right that we acted lawfully on january 6th under the law and under president trump's authority. and the timeline as well. >> sean: it sounds like they were not interested. is it fair to conclude that donald trump's request for national guard troops two days before the sixth, had the mayor of d.c. approved and nancy pelosi approved it, is it a safe assumption that what happened on january 6th wouldn't have happened? >> well, i believe it to the viewers, 10,000 to 20,000 military officers trained to protect, not just property but personnel surrendered to united states capitol. i could not imagine a force on the universe to get through that. that is what we were preparing for and the request never came from mayor bowser in the
6:25 pm
capitol police. >> sean: sometime tomorrow we will post a timeline on kash patel thank you for being with us. straight ahead liz cheney but true intentions behind the sham january 6 committee. congressman jim banks, jim jordan on the committee and they were kicked off the committee. we will talk to them next. s.♪ ♪ iva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: joining us now two men kicked off january 6 committee, congressman jim bangs, congressman jim jordan. jim jordan i will start with you. where you kicked off of the many, given a reason and number one, number two you heard from the department of staff confirmed by inspector general department of defense that all the things they did were correc. why were you kicked off of the committee, and what are your thoughts about the issue of
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nancy pelosi and the mayor of d.c. rejecting donald trump's call for troops two days a time? >> i think that was why we were kicked out because jim and i were raising that question and she wasn't going to lead us on the committee. the first time in american history, sean, the first time it's happened. i think she is afraid of getting to the truth. why is the sergeant of arms office will not let them release the communications and documents that surround this whole decision? why is that? they won't release information. so we have conflicting testimony between the capitol hill police who said the police chief said he requested national guard be there january 6. sergeant of arms said no, you didn't. conflicting testimony. one guy says we asked for at once as we didn't hear the one answer to the speaker's office and that office will not release the communications between the speaker's office and the sergeant of arms and other communications sergeant of arms have peer that is the reason why jim and i were not on the committee to ask that
6:31 pm
question. >> sean: maybe i've been cynical in my days but probably bleached bit or smashed with a hammer. congressman banks, let me ask you, why doesn't this committee call before the subpoena, nancy pelosi the sergeant of arms, the capitol police chief, and mayor muriel bowser? why aren't they being called? >> sean, the most important thing i read today on the internet was a piece from former speaker newt gingrich and "newsweek" who said he knows firsthand as a former speaker of the house that it is the speaker of the houses responsibility to oversee the capitol police and oversee capitol security. it gets very uncomfortable when you go down that path and you realize the bread, don't let crumbs lead to nancy pelosi's office and that distracts from the circus, the narrative. today january 6, the musical at the capitol. going down and following the breadcrumbs to nancy pelosi's office means she was negligent.
6:32 pm
she oversaw a systemic breakdown of security at the highest levels of the capitol police that led to the capitol being insecure on january 6th peer that gets very uncomfortable for democrats to go down that path. >> sean: so we have jim jordan, only people that voted to impeach the president so the two republicans come with the biggest never trumpers. you two were kicked off of the committee. i don't see an effort to subpoena nancy pelosi or the capitol police chief or the sergeant of arms or mayor bowser. my question is, does that make this a sham committee with a predetermined outcome whose only goal is to bludgeon trump again with the hopes of purging him from any future political run? >> exactly right. and frankly how out of touch it is pure to be record crime, record inflation, record immigrations entering the country over the last year. democrats are having the cast of
6:33 pm
"hamilton" sing a song on zoom, for goodness sake. it shows how much they want to go after president trump at the most disgusting part of the day is what you represent and the monologue. the vice president of the united states a january 6 was equivalent to pearl harbor, equivalent to 9/11. tell that to the granddaughter whose grandfather gave his life on pd. tell that to the son whose dad was one of the firefighters who went into the tower 9/11 frankly, tell that to max, one of the 13 people from our district, one of the 13 people who gave his life for our country the summer. go tell that to them. this is from the same lady who was raising money to bail people out of jail who attacked law enforcement in the summer of 2020. go tell that to those individuals. that is how ridiculous and out of touch the democrats -- >> sean: last word, jim banks, i have 30 seconds. we lost dozens of americans, thousands of injured cobs, billions in property damage. the democrats were either silent
6:34 pm
or said the summer of 2020 mostly peaceful. where is that committee? >> it doesn't exist. 2400 police officers were hospitalized from bom riots in the summer of 2020, sean. i've never heard a democrat breathe a single word about those police officers because it does not fit into their anti-trump, anti-trump voter narrative. they don't want to talk about that. they obviously want to create the circus they have created today. >> sean: i'm sure you both have great confidence in adam schiff led one of the greatest post lies of the year and drag the country through. he sets on this committee. you can't make this adam schiff up. you can't. appreciated. you should be on the committee and it shows how corrupt they are. widespread rioting, we were talking about the summer of 2020, claiming the lives of dozens of americans. when we come back, we will speak with the families that lost loved ones in the 2020 riots.
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where is they are commission? straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all of the democrats, media mob, heist erie, hyperbole of january 6th obsession, ask yourself tonight, why is there such a loud silence surrounding the nearly 574 riots in the sumr of 2020? we lost dozens of americans. they were killed and $2 billion in property damage, arson, looting, major cities torched. rioters glorified by prominent democrats were ignored. where is the committee investigation into those riots? the thousands of police officers hurt because the cost of the lawlessness that took place are
6:40 pm
too real. we committed on this program to tell you the tragic stories that pretty much everyone else in the media mob ignores peer at the same with washington, d.c. joining us now is and torn. she is the widow of the late officer david dorn who was fatally shot. he was helping to defend a st. louis business 2020 admits violent rioting. welcome back to the program, horace, anderson sr., the father of the late horace lorenzo anderson jr. you might recall he was killed and shot in seattle's autonomous chop chaz loves owned by the mayor jenny durkan and joined by seattle activists andre taylor and became friends with both of them but i will start with you. your husband spent and all i heard about your husband, all i heard is how he dedicated his life to serving his community and protecting others and
6:41 pm
putting his life on the line to do it. where is the committee? are you angry there is not a committee looking into the riots that led to the death of your husband? >> i am. the riots were organized. they were funded by george soros. there was a bail fund set up for the rioters to be arrested. >> sean: have you confirmed that? did you confirm that he paid for that? >> i know there was a bail fund set up by him and yes, several people including kamala harris gave in to fund. >> sean: wow. you never recover when you lose a loved one. there was nothing worse than that. horace, you and i, and i don't know why you are still hanging out with andre, by the way. no, actually, andre and i have become firmly together. we've had some real conversation off the air. i know you miss your son. that night i interviewed you, one of the toughest i've done in my career and afterwards i know
6:42 pm
donald trump called you and no politician had called you previously. when you see this committee and the president called up the national guard. nancy pelosi did not respond, the mayor of d.c. did not respond. now you know nobody protected your son in the summer of love zone. there is no committee. do you feel angry? because i would be angry. >> yeah, i feel angry. i feel disappointed. i feel hurt. i feel lost. confused. so i have a few things at this point. always forgotten, always forgotten like nobody cares like it didn't matter to anybody. >> sean: i care. i know andre cares. i care about every life in america. andre. >> i appreciate that. >> beyond to politics, the human story is that horace called me as an american and i helped him as an american.
6:43 pm
you have helped us as an american beyond the politics. those are real stories. out of everybody through your show, horace was able to touch we come of the people. the president was one of those people. people often say that the president is this and the president is that. i state this come i don't care what you say per domain personally the most powerful man in the world did not have to call horace and offer condolences. no one else gave us a platform like you. so on a personal matter, you know my appreciate you and i appreciate the president for reaching out and told the human story. not about politics but a real human story. that is beautiful. and today we are ever indebted to you guys and we appreciate that. >> sean: i wish i could do more. and they could still investigate what happened in 2020. what do you say to the people on this committee that are only focused on one riot and up the
6:44 pm
ones that killed dozens, injured thousands of cops and caused billions of property damage and resulted in the death of your wonderful husband? >> they are looking in the wrong place. they want to make scapegoats of people. you know, the real tragedy is what happened in the cities. a lot of people lost their lives and like i said we had so many officers injured and the city of st. louis. millions, billions of businesses, even black-owned, mainly black-owned businesses were destroyed. for them to turn a blind eye to that, knowing it was not as organized as it was, that is the shame in our country. you know, the stuff going on january 6th, you know, it is all on video and release the video and you will know the truth. and then there is no investigation but come to the cities and talk to people that really sustained the loss, the
6:45 pm
loss of life, the loss of children, the loss of spouses. and then the officers who were shot, you know, ambushed and shot. that is what needs to be investigated. new organized that? where did that come from? >> sean: horace come i will give it the last word tonight on this. and that is, this could have been prevented. why would the government ever allow city blocks including a police precinct be taken over by anarchists where your son ended up dying? >> i don't know. i'm still trying to find the truth. i'm still trying to find the truth. i miss my son though. i wish somebody would have helped him. but he died and i have to pray every day that god just blesses me to one day get justice for him. >> sean: well, let me just say -- >> it is not popular, sean. he has a real human story. that human story is not popular. every day, he has to think about
6:46 pm
the loss of his son. created because of the situation. >> sean: yeah, it is sad. i would argue the reason is they don't get political mileage out of it. i have been scrolling the names of people shot in chicago since 2,000 what, 2009 on this program? names nobody knows or seems to care because they can't score cheap political points on it. those lives matter too. you are in our prayers tonight. thank you. i hope we get a committee to look into the rights of the summer of 2020. we need one. thank you for being with us. another day, another outrageous comment from joy reid. you will not believe this one pier that is straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: media mob working overtime to distract from
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america's failing biden/harris agenda and create new ways to smear republicans, conservatives pier look at msnbc, joy reid say republicans don't like biden because he was vice president for a black president. take a look. >> tomorrow he will speak any question whether or not he actually can change this or alter it at all. unbelievably, he has become for republicans as much as a figure of hatred and hate objects. then president obama was pier the black president. he was the vice president but i don't know what it is but this is like core democrat ever, an ordinary democrat. there is nothing outrageous. they have cast him as a demonic character. >> sean: joy reid has a long line come a long history of repulsive attacks on her fellow americans come a long line of reckless fact, fact free coverage of major stories.
6:52 pm
tiny minuscule sample, this is nbc news. >> you have to be willing to vocalize that these republicans are dangerous. this isn't a party but another political party that disagrees. at this point, they are dangerous. they are dangerous to our national security. for so many reasons, being a preloader and selfish and disrespectful one and misappropriating vernacular reasons. the absolute worst. if somehow they managed to stumble into the supreme court, do any of you to trust uncle clarence, amy tony barrett and those guys to follow the letter of the law? and diversity over that round of words. >> sean: here with reaction leo 2.0, and jesse watters. jesse watters is back with us. i ou both a thank you that i will get to another day.
6:53 pm
because joe biden worked on the barack obama, and uncle clarence nbc news? >> joe biden worked for barack obama, therefore g.o.p. hates joe biden because the association of barack obama. that is ridiculous and racist. let me see why g.o.p. in america does not like joe biden? we allow 13 american soldiers to be killed in afghanistan. played a race card called critical race theory. he basically has destroyed private schools and public schools. he has shut down the country but these mandates pier of the g.o.p. in america dislikes joe biden because he is bought and paid for by aoc and the extreme left. joy reid hates anyone who is black, white, brown, or yellow
6:54 pm
who does not adopt extreme socialist, progressive agenda. she hates me because i dislike joe biden for all the things that i articulate. joe biden is not good for america. >> sean: let me ask you, jesse watters, leo did forget 40 year high inflation and a $1.50 more a gallon and everything costing more, your thoughts. >> yeah come as republicans, we actually didn't mind joe biden when he was barack obama's vp. he was kind of funny, he wasn't threatening, good, old joe sticking his foot in his mouth purity was not taken seriously. obama did not taken seriously. he was a joke but now the joke is on us because he was president. we gave him a chance first because he was fair. but he broke the bank, broke the border, part of the country with mandates and disgraced us in afghanistan. the jury doesn't understand -- democrats gave us a lot of reason to dislike them. race is not even on the radar.
6:55 pm
you got adam schiff, you have schumer, nancy pelosi. we don't like crooked because she is crooked. not because she married the first black president bill clinton. but sean, we have breaking news right now here there is comcast sources that are stating joy is out of the show when msnbc reshuffles their line up the spring. john because he just broke it. even her allies at comcast says she's unmanageable and dishonest. so she's only got a couple of months left. >> sean: i saw the same report. i don't call for boycotts, shutdowns and cancellations. leo, quick. >> that race card will not hunt any longer. that is only card the democrats have left. it does not work. trump created diverse republican party. look who is part of it right now. >> sean: all right, jesse, thank you, leo, thank you. more "hannity" next.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: that is all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us and we hope you set your dvr. laura ingraham will tell you how in the next hour so you never miss an episode of "hannity." anyway, in the meantime the news continues on fox. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham will tell you how to set your dvr. laura. >> laura: i'm actually working on that. i'm doing a little how-to booklet. a little macro on your computer. do you know but that is? a little macro step-by-step instruction for you? >> sean: not really. >> laura: you need to have -- >> sean: i need but go ahead. >> laura: i have a jitterbug phone and i'm fed axing it to you tomorrow. you will have that. it will be no problem. [laughter] i'm just teasing you. you are a young man. >> sean: you are always teasing me. >> laura: awesome show as always. i will see you tomorrow night. i am laura ingraha