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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 7, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> we begin with a fox news alert. teachers forcing chicago public schools to cancel class for a third straight day with no clear end in sight between the showdown between union and city hall. it is friday, january 7, you are watching "fox and friends first." i'm todd piro. >> and i'm -- in for carley shimkus. the public school system is refusing to pay educators who do not show up for in-person work and demanding they end their "illegal" work stoppage. here is more from lauren. >> good morning, ashley. todd, for a third straight day chicago schools replain closed,
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at odds over in-person learning as omicron spreads. left in the middle is students and parents. >> it is out of nowhere and devastating to see my kids have to suffer remote learning again. they don't learn anything. >> the union voted to resume virtual learning and says democratic mayor lori lightfoot received millions in funds. lightfoot cited with the teacher union in the beginning now blames them for playing politics. >> i think the only way to read it as union trying to pull aside the pandemic. this is about politics, not the pandemic. we're drawing a line. enough is enough. we need partnership not conflict right now. >> chicago is not the only school system with teachers skipping class.
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in california, they are threatening a sick-out over covid plans. >> we're trying to prevent shutting of schools if we do not have the staff. >> the chicago public school system warned educators, if you don't show up, you don't get paid. mayor lightfoot announced the city fired unfair labor practice complaint against the teachers. >> ashley: trey gowdy says it will affect. >> bars are open and schools are closed, good luck selling that in november. i enjoy the democrat against democrat violence that we're watching. for a party that claims to be about kids, leaving the bars open and closing the schools, good luck in november.
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>> ashley: the bars are open, the schools are closed. makes you wonder where people's heads are and if they don't want to go to work. i hope that is not the case. todd and i both come from families with teachers. our grandmothers were teachers. my aunts were school teachers, as well. this will come back on the politicians. teacher unions need to get this under control and do something that works. what they are doing is not working. go back to the drawing board and figure out how to come to an agreement. and have the benefit of kidss in mind. they already suffered for two years on this. i'm not a parent, not claiming to know about being a parent. i have enough friends with kids to know and obviously i was a child at some point and i understand the importance of going to school and being able
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to be in a learning environment. i can only imagine how people feel working from home, i feel like there is not exactly that push that you need when you are sitting in a classroom or in a work environment. i also do want to make the point with the teachers unions, they are using kids as pawns is what i'm starting to think because they get all the demands met. they got their mask mandate, when is it going to stop and what will it take and who will have to step up? parents ultimately, todd. >> todd: yeah, when is enough enough for the unions. there is a lot of blame to go around, from the top. lori lightfoot accusing unions of politicizing the pandemic and that is what she has done since march of 2020 and leaders across
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the country have done. let's get to the unions, your point is well taken. they will push until they get more, more, more. when is it going to stop? it is important you brought up the teachers. oftentimes, the teachers want to go back to class and they are desperate, i've seen an outpouring of support for teachers. this is different situation in chicago. you have 70% of teachers saying they do not want to go to work. they voted for the union proposal to not go to work and that is what i think differentiates this situation from the situation in a lot of countries where teachers are shouldering the burden and doing amazing work. all the teachers are doing is defying the science and what the experts say that school is the safest place to be and defying what the white house is telling them to do. it all comes back to what trey
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gowdy said, democratic party did not learn a lesson from virginia. parents get mad when you go after their kids and do something to jeopardize kids. we saw youngkin win on crt, when you expand that to shutting schools period, not even discussion of what you are teaching, parents, it will come out in november of this year. we're awaiting the release -- please. >> ashley: one more point, it is unfortunate all teachers are lumped into this one sum. 70% were for this, but 30% are not for this. it is unfortunate that everyone is being lumped into that. like i said, we have to come to an agreement on something. >> todd: you will be speaking to one of them in a few minutes. you are right, we cannot demonize the entire teacher
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population of chicago, some are doing the right thing. we're ark waiting the release of the december jobs report this morning. democratss chomping at the bit, hoping for strong numbers as omicron cases surge and biden approval rating plummets. six of joe biden former health advisors urge him to change his pandemic strategy. the group saying the administration needs to clearly communicate current goals and strategies instead of shifting from one crisis to another. seven after the hour. republicans mocking democrats theatrical january 6 event as more than a push to promote an election narrative as their agenda spireals out of control. president biden marking the day by going after former president trump. listen. >> president biden: former president of the united states of america has created and spread a web of lies about the
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2020 election, he's done so because he values power over principal. his bruised eshg go matters more than our democracy or constitution. >> todd: there is the unity we were promised on inauguration day. kamala harris equating capitol riot with pearl harbor and the 9/11 terror dates. >> december 7, 1941, september 11, 2001, and january 6, 2021. >> todd: unconscionable. house speaker nancy pelosi taking the opportunity to incorporate actual political theater. yeah. that is hamilton, she played prerecorded message from the cast of hamilton. that performance blowing up on social media, many calling it cringe and bizarre.
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lara trump will join us to discuss my money on the fact she will have something interesting to say about that, ash. >> ashley: look forward to that one. former house speaker newt gingrich related to what he saw yesterday. listen. >> the most viciously partisan personal assault i think any american president has ever given and these folks mastered this hypocrisy of saying i finish beating you up, kicking you on the ground, can i stand there and tell everybody how much i want us to work together? that is what we saw today. kamala harris's insane suggestion that pearl harsh on and 9/11, each involved thousands of dead americans were comparable to what happened last year on the 6th of january. >> todd: a certain part is laughable, but if you were one who lost family members on 9/11
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or have a grandfather or great uncle at pearl harbor and know people who died, that is not a laughing matter. the fact she combined those three is unbelievable. the mixed messaging and confusion from our cdc director rochelle walensky is too much for the "new york times" to handle. we have scathing criticism from the gray lady. >> ashley: new york city business owners bracing themselves for return to lawlessness and anarchy under manhattan's new coke d.a. how bad could it get? david webb is here to tell us. ♪ before treating your chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more, you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start, with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months.
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>> ashley: colorado trucker ordered to spend 110 years behind bars. the judge saying the court respects the authority of the governor to do so. it appears respect is not mutual. this likely referring to the decision to -- the decision before the judge was set to hold resentencing hearing. he is now facing only 10 years for his role in a fiery crash that killed four people. and a judge in texas sets bond
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for convicted sex offender at $50,000. he is accused of assaulting a teen, previous judge recommended bond be set at one million dollars. austin police officer calling it unconscionable. >> this person could get out of jail for $5000 and this person has a long history of sexually assaulting children, high-risk sex offender list on the database. >> ashley: austin police have no longer have the staff to monitor sex offenders after the city defunded the police department by a third and cut positions. just another issue when you defund the police. >> todd: just horrible. speaking of horrible, new manhattan district attorney bragg defending his far left policy, which will stop
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punishing crime. >> no, i mean, depends upon your definition of criminal. i challenge anyone. we laid out path to reduce incarceration, reduce violent crime, give people serves to keep neighborhoods safer. >> todd: here to react david webb, host of reality check with david webb on fox nation. reality check for that d.a., david, criminal is someone who commits a crime, any crime. how outrageous that d.a. can't admit that? >> david: it is more than -- outrageous, rudy giuliani and i know about bringing new york back from the fear city, remember the manual put out, you flew in and got a manual, look it up on the web. we had a conversation about this
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right after new year's and on day three, he issues this day one memo that gives a roadmap to criminals that outlines, being read by criminals not just law-ark biding citizens like you and me and outlines what you can and can't get away with clearly. it opens the door for criminality. i cheeked with people who work the streets and they confirm this. criminals know what they can't do. you know who pays the price? bodega, the mom and pop. bragg's intention is to empower criminals rather than put criminals away and have fair policing practices that protect the community. >> todd: before we get to kamala harris, will mayor eric adams reign this guy in? >> no. i have been warning people about
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eric adams since day one. he is not who he proports to be. former police officer, look at his mandates, he's a far left mayor. >> todd: that is extremely concerning. this is beyond concerning. i'm running out of words to describe this. vice president harris making comparison between january 6 and terror attacks on 9/11 and war, literally the start of our entrant into world war ii. take a listen. >> certain dates echo throughout history issue dates that occupy place on our calendars, but a place in our collective memory. december 7, 1941, september 11, 2001, and january 6, 2021. >> todd: look, this is not a radio talk show host or msnbc,
2:19 am
this is vice president of the united states. how does she dishonor the victims of the two tragedies, most historic tragedies like that, david? >> david: because she's an incomtent lestist and doesn't care. i reviewed survivors. i lost someone in every airplane and building in the pentagon on 9/11, as did many americans. they are using fear. democrats have nothing else to sell, but fear. the whole january 6 memorializing is attempt to enshrine this in american history as something it is not. just like they tried to rewrite american history, they would like to rewrite current american history and yes, a terrible day, a riot who should never have happened. it gave democrats a weapon to use against america, not just donald trump.
2:20 am
get over donald trump, kamala harris and democrats can't. they give us fear, they sell fear in new york and to americans and all you are doing is voting for their power, not yours. >> todd: david webb, we appreciate your insight on this. very important to hear exactly what you you said on both topics. ashley, over to you. >> ashley: todd, time is 5:20 on the east coast. most chicago teachers refuse to go to work, one educator is determined to get back in the classroom and make his mark on america. >> despite the answer, i can't right now. ♪ >> ashley: good for him, inspiring teacher sharing his message with us next.
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[chanting] >> todd: developing story. supporters of novak rallying. the tennis great is confined to immigration detention center in melbourne. >> ashley: his mother calling him a prisoner after his visa was cancelled. aleg logan joins us. >> alex: novak is detained. his fans are rallying behind him, really across the world. take a look at this video, which took place with people chanting and protesting him being held in a melbourne immigration
2:26 am
detention site. his mother is speaking out and calling for his release. >> they are keeping him as a prisoner, it is just not fair. not human. we don't want to give him a chance to move to a better hotel or house which he already rented. >> alex: his lawyers are challenging the decision, set to be heard on monday, just one week before the u.s. open. the country requires proof of vaccine and no word on the grand slam champ's vaccination status. the athlete has previously spoken out against vaccines. other players are weigh nothing about this. >> i don't like the situation, but it is happening. in some way, i feel sorry for him. but the same time, he knows, he
2:27 am
knew the conditions since a lot of months ago. >> tough to say, if he had a fair exemption from the rule, he should be here. if he didn't, he shouldn't be here. >> director of the tournament says people applied for medical exemptions, but really only a handful of them received it, saying he does not want special treatment for anyone at this tournament to come next week. ashley, back to you. >> ashley: alex hogan, thank you. most chicago teachers are walking off the job. some are pleading to get back to the classroom, including our next guest, who won't let anything stop him from seeing his kids in person. joseph battling cancer and joins me live to explain why he is pushing to keep kids in school. joseph, a few things. kudos to you, hats off to you for standing in the kids'
2:28 am
corner. you have been a math teach sxer chess coach for 17 years and currently teach at the elementary school in chicago. tell me why you are one of the few teachers it seems in chicago pushing back on the union trying to get kids in the classroom? >> good morning, ashley. yes, that is correct. i've been with chicago public school for 17 years. the thing is that i have also done remote learning with my students last year, plus more than a year classes were suspended, we did remote learning. when the students came back, i noticed it is not really that effective. there are a lot of limitations i had to face, a lot of challenges i had to face in remote learning. basically even the math
2:29 am
concepts, it is not what it used to be in the past when i was teaching in person and compared to what i did in remote learning. it is the kids that suffer out of this remote learning arrangement, i thought i cannot be part of it and to think that my classroom, my students, 82 of them out of the classes, not one, not one has covid, i'm not aware of a teacher who has covid in my school. i cannot see the reason why we should be staying home when my school doesn't have that problem of covid. we have been trying to follow the safety protocols, safety
2:30 am
measures, even in my classroom. it is not clear to the students and the parents. >> ashley: you think the union should go school -- on a school-by-school basis to combat the issue. your students aren't being affected, as much. question about obviously you have been a math teacher for 17 years, would you say that the issue that you are facing as far as prepandemic and post pandemic and what we're dealing with now, do you think the lack of in-person learning will affect kids long-term? >> i believe so. i believe so, just for one year of remote learning that we did last year, when they came back, it entailed a lot of adjustmentss, even socially. from the start of the school
2:31 am
year, this year, august, started and took about four months of adjustment. we are again facing this remote learning that the union is demanding and i feel it is not really beneficial anymore to the kids. the thing i'm handling -- about to graduate, point is that number of them are not even ready for high school, if this is what is going to happen. i'm concerned about the impact that it creates, negative impact it creates on my students. i just want to have my students successful be ready for high school and be ready for higher learning and life. >> ashley: eighth grade is a detrimental year, can go either way, especially going to high school. this upsets me so much, there are teachers like you issue
2:32 am
battling cancer and wanting back in the classroom and you are getting coupleed with teachers who want to stay home. good luck with your fight against cancer and the fight against the teachers union. joseph ocol, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> ashley: todd. >> todd: that is what america is about. prayers to him and his family. president biden speech yesterday bashing president trump was too much for some in the media to ignore. >> calling him out divide more than it heals? >> you have to recognize the extent of the wound. >> todd: joe concha has a few thoughts about that strategy and he joins us next. ♪
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>> ashley: vice president kamala harris dodging accountability for the mass exodus of staffers and accusations of bully nothing her office. listen. >> there have been a rash of stories about dissension inside your office and the white house,
2:37 am
questions about your role. what would you say you have learned over this year? >> one of the things i've learned is to get out of d.c. >> ashley: eddie scarry had this reaction this morning. >> eddie: if only she was done with d.c., she wants imagery of being handed big responsibility, but doesn't want to be responsible for anything. >> ashley: ark midthe exodus, harris is expected to announce new communications director simmons as early as today. >> todd: afterpromising to unify the country president biden faces accusations of dividing the country over trump bashing. >> does calling him out divide more than it heal? >> you have to recognize the extent of the wound. you can't pretend, you have to face it. that is what great nations do,
2:38 am
they face the truth, deal with it and move on. >> ashley: joe concha is here live with us. joe, it seems like mr. biden needs to take one from his own book when he says deal with it and move on. i feel like yesterday was just him yelling, i felt like i was being yelled at. >> joe: you felt correctly in this situation, right? the president's speech, look at it objectively, it was highly objective, profoundly political. that is mr. biden's mo since coming into office. the vice president attempted to equate january 6 to 9/11 and pearl harsh osh. you discussed it with the great david webb earlier. that is one of the biggest insults making that comparison. this day backfired on democrats. final straw having cast of
2:39 am
hamilton perform at what was supposed to be somber ceremonies at the behest of nancy pelosi, expect janet jackson and justin timberlake to emerge at some poin poll offer poll shows this country is more divided than one year ago when he came in and that is what he ran on. the ark political are dealing with real issues, inflation, crime, they see what is happening at the border and with our education system in cities like chicago. they say, we don't want theater or cheap political shotss. we want action. january 6 is a horrible day, i have said that, written it for the hill, no one is say whatting happened shouldn't be forgotten, but democrats overplayed their hand and it will have a boomer ang effect, guy >> todd: what about the media's role in yesterday allowing the broadway show to happen without any questioning and broadcasting with all the bells and whistles
2:40 am
to the nation? >> joe: it was completely expected, todd, desantis said, i will not watch their super bowl, right? january 6, that can't happen again, clearly, but the same time, the way it was treated on other networks, it was wall to wall to wall. this network received some criticism for covering january 6 and talking about other stories, as well. that is how you do it, you want to have a broad base of news to present to the american people and things they care of and are impacting them. what can i say, what we saw from other networks and in print was exactly what we expected. it was wall to wall to wall and the hieshboshgle and soaring rhetoric, surprising as birds flying south for the winter. >> ashley: right. get to this. now the "new york times" is
2:41 am
dragging the cdc director walensky around the place because of confusing messaging they are giving us about covid and what walensky said, she said cdc's recommendations -- this is from the "new york times" headline. walensky critics say the cdc's recommendations are so confusing or abruptly modified they seem like drafts more than fully vetted proclamations. so is it saying something, telling that now the "new york times" is pushing back on walensky? >> joe: yes, as they should. the white house pays attention when the new york times and "washington post" start to criticize them as they should. latest guidance covid positive people are required to isolate for five days instead of 10 days and dr. fauci and the surgeon general come out and take public issue with the cdc director. this is enough to make your hair
2:42 am
hurt and quite frankly, no one knows what to do, particularly when you are waiting for a test to see if you are covid positive and that is taking days to come back or you can't find a test or have to wait in line for hours. adults in charge, guys, children appear to be in charge at critical time in this country's path as far as covid is concerned. >> ashley: right. let's not forget rhode island and the healthcare system allowing covid positive workers to be in the hospital, that is neither here nor there, a different conversation, but confusing language. joe concha, thank you. president biden former advisors urging him to change strategy when it comess to dealing with the pandemic. cheryl casone has advice for the former boss next. ♪
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>> todd: former advisor to president biden calling on him to change his approach to covid. >> ashley: cheryl casone has the details.
2:47 am
>> cheryl: good morning. markets are watching for that report due out 8:30 a.m. eastern time. 4.1% is expected. the report may not fully capture the economic activity in the latter half of the month of december. this as president biden advisors say he needs to change his approach. they write, infectious diseases cannot be eradicated when there is limited long-term immunity or nonhuman reservoir of reaction. with what tradeoffs remains undetermined. white house press secretary was asked about this and if covid was here to stay. >> does the president believe covid is here to stay? >> again, the president's goal is to defeat the virus. the president's goal and objective is to save as many lives as
2:48 am
possible. >> cheryl: question for businesses, do you lose employees each time they contract covid? people have had this now multiple times. >> todd: yeah. with all that said, no letup from the white house on vaccine mandates. >> cheryl: right. and they are not budging on mandates despite pushback from the postal service. >> osha issued standard to protect workers from the spread of coronavirus on the job everywhere. companies, including the postal service and the agency found it was feasible for all employees, including the postal service, that was two months ago. >> cheryl: requiring postal service to absorb dramatic loss of employees at time when labor market is extremely tight in the middle of peak season would have a potential catastrophic effect to provide service to the
2:49 am
public. this will impact millions of workers and of course in particular the u.s. post office workers. >> ashley: this is really big gut punch especially the keystone pipeline workers and the american public with this issue in court. >> cheryl: yeah issue the court fight continues over keystone xl pipeline. district judge tossing lawsuit from 20 generals biden authority to block it. the judge wrote, the court takes tc energy at its word that keystone xl is dead, any ruling this court makes president biden had to revoke, the court does not have jurisdiction, case must be dismissed. montana ag says quote in part, this is -- recent events made it clear, we need more, not less. similar pipeline could have provided that instead, montana
2:50 am
is paying the price per president biden's disastrous energy policies. that pipeline would have created 42,000 jobs. >> todd: such unbelievable mistake. yeah. cheryl casone, have a great weekend, we appreciate your time. see you monday. a major winter storm barrelling north after dumping snow on the south. >> ashley: janice dean is tracking it all. excited to see this shot, what is it looking like? you look great. >> janice: it looks like a big snowglobe, which i love. i'm from canada, i love a good winter storm. this one will bring four to eight inches along a good chunk of i-95. people are urged to stay off the road. a lot of kids have the day off, my kids both have the day off school today. it is tough to travel on the roads for the morning commute. you can see looking at radar,
2:51 am
where the bulk of the storm is, right over new york city and rhode island, toward connecticut and rhode island and of course maine. this is a situation where the roads are difficult to travel on. it is very difficult to travel by air. there are certainly airline delays. it is a quick mover, relatively speaking. by this afternoon, the worst will be offshore and could see blizzard conditions for parts of maine. temperatures are cold enough the snow will hang around for next couple days and get a shot of cold air going through the weekend. there are winter weather advisories. for d.c., it is over with, philadelphia still getting snow and winter storm warnings for jersey up to long island and toward coastal new england. this morning, it will continue to snow. i'll be live on "fox and friends" enjoying it and near the end of the show, stay tuned for the world's greatest snow angel, that would be a tease.
2:52 am
>> todd: the best tease you get all day. jd, not just a snow day for her kids, but for her, as well. enjoy it out there. republicans mocking democrats for turning january 6 into actual political theater. ♪ ♪ i thought i was so smart. ♪ >> todd: lara trump here to react to all of it next. with ww, i lost 30 pounds and i feel incredible. i love the new program because the app does all the work for you. it's never too late to start. join today for 50% off at hurry, offer ends january 10th. . .
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if you have an infection or symptoms such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪nothing is everything♪ talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi. learn how abbvie could help you save. >> there is a crime scene here, pictures in our head. the pictures of the ininsurrectionists coming through. >> more in payroll tonight than it was a year ago? >> the mainstream media emboldening democratic lawmakers as they declare dramatic rendition of january 6th. that was really nothing more than an election play.
2:57 am
fox news contributor lara trump joins me now with more. lara, did yesterday's production and it literally was a production make any american forget, i don't know, crippling inflactions devastating gas prices. shut downs and murders in the street. you know, the entire democratic agenda. >> yeah. well, that's exactly right, todd. look, we have known for exactly a year that january 6th, 2022 would be one of the most over-the-top displays of political theater in recent memory and, of course, the democrats did not disappoint any of us with that. they pulled out all the stops, moments of silence, hyperbolic comparisons to 9/11, and pearl harbor. they even got the hamilton cast involved in this day. we knew they would milk it for everything they possibly could but, to your point, todd, all the while, the american people paying the highest gas prices in
2:58 am
decades, visiting grocery stores with bare shelves, having to make really tough decisions like do i stay home with my kid who is not allowed to go to school right now, or do i go work to earn money for our family? so, i mean, they are missing the mark as always. they are doing what they always do on the democrat side. they are putting themselves first and not even thinking about the american people. and by the way, it wouldn't be so offensive to people if any of these same individuals who made such a display of all of this yesterday had condemned the summer of love riots where police precincts were burned down, government buildings were destroyed. a lot of the people discouraged that behavior. kamala harris, our vice president, even bailed those people out of jail. so, it was absolutely over the top. we knew it would be. did nothing positive for the american people, all the while, still hurting from the democrat
2:59 am
policies, and the biden administration. >> todd: lara, of all we saw yesterday, whether it was the fundraising off of the right, the illegally incorrect word of insurrection all over the news yesterday or the speech of the united states who was quote unquote a uniter, was the comparison to 9/11 and pearl harbor the most offensive thing you saw yesterday? >> there was a lot 6 offensive material yesterday. look, the fact that we even have to say this. nobody thought the january 6th, 2021 was a positive thing. no one wanted to see that happen. obviously we have to caveat these things for the democrats and the mainstream media. but, yes, so over the top for our vice president to compare what happened a year ago on january 6th, to those horrific events, tragedies in american history, but it just goes to show you, todd, they know no
3:00 am
boundaries, they will go over the line every single time, this was no different yesterday. >> todd: as ron desantis said this was their super bowl. this was probably their hail mary, we will see if it lands, my guess is it doesn't. lara trump, we appreciate your time. ashley, thank you so much for joining me these past two days. appreciated it, loved it "fox & friends" starts right now. >> several former members of the president's health advisory board to new normal of living with covid. >> frankly, glad to see them join our side. it's a political decision. >> supreme court set to hear argue manies over the president's vax mandate. >> if the president is these orders and expect them to be obeyed the constitution means nothing. >> certain dates stay with us throughout history. >> ridiculous to compare januare days where america was attacked and we went to


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