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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  January 8, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PST

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robert o'neal, the former national security adviser is excellent. it's about the threat that we face from china. download it at fox >> jessie: geraldo, if you can crack open the frame for greg. he wants to see the center fold. crack it up. it's beefier than the cover. >> jessie: have a great weekend.
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[national anthem] and the home of the brave ♪ will: con imrat rations, most beautiful set of pictures i have
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seen in my time on "fox & friends." good morning and welcome to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. will cain, pete hegseth and rachel campos-duffy. i hope wherever you were broadcasting this morning. that's the best set of pictures i have seen yet. the airstream running through a national park, presumably in arizona or southern utah. and then the cherry on top. i ohope you two saw it the man wearing sunglasses chugging a miller lite. my friends, my viewers, you have outdone yourselves. good morning. rachel: i believe he was wearing overall's shirtless if i recall that picture. nothing says merica like that. i will say these pictures really do bring me a lot of hope because sometimes we look at people kneeling before the flag. people hating on america. and then you see these miracles of families gathered around the table or as the hegseths often
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do in their front lawn in front of a giant flag post in front of their house, pull up in front of their house, you are reminded that there are plenty of americans out there who love america. want to show it. and are unabashedly patriotic. just like this show. pete: for sure, i don't know if we can put that photo back up that one was emailed to me by the way by a viewer directly. that's fantastic. you are right, will, i was having technical issues, so i actually was running outside trying to fix something and by the time he got back in to wash, the man with the beer was on my screen. i said what kind of anthem do we have today it's a good one. we are scrolling through it. we might get to it but we appreciate -- there it is right there. there it is. that feels like a movie set right there. i don't know what that is. absolutely beautiful. amer canna, hit us up on fox's email or people have emailed me, whatever, we continue to love it go ahead, will. will: real quick story before we
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dive into the news. yesterday i decided from my home studio i needed some more flags. i went to a flag store. i wanted to get a texas 1824 flag. that's what they fought the alamo under the banner. i wanted the original texas republic flag and american flag and come and take it flag. i went to a flag store and the guy that runs the store comes out and the first thing he says is i don't feel very good. i said oh, i'm sorry to hear that. and he starts scrounging under his desk for a mask. the entire time he is telling me about this. sell me half a dozen flags he doesn't have a shirt on. he had a mask on but no shirt. [laughter] be. pete: that's amazing. will: and i have my flags. beautiful in here. get to some news for you this morning. president biden sweeping vaccine mandate for businesses and healthcare workers is heard in front of the supreme court. alexandria hoff joins you live
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from washington with more on the requirements and impacts more than 100 million americans. alexandra, good morning. >> good morning. what the supreme court is considering right now is how much power the executive branch can exert in the lives of americans. listen in to some of the questions posed by justice roberts. >> i wonder if it's not fair for us to look at the court as a general exercise of power by the federal government. and then ask the questions of why doesn't congress have a say in this? why doesn't primary responsibility of the states. >> seven of the eight justices appeared in the courtroom, justice sotomayor elected to dial in from her office. they are now weighing the labor department's emergency regulation requiring employees at companies with 100 or more workers to get vaccinated. >> most osha regulations, all of the ones with which i'm familiar affect employees when they are on the job but not when they are not on the job. and this affects employees all the time.
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>> justice sotomayor pushed back on calling the measure a mandate since employees will have the option to test weekly. she along with justices breyer and kagan made it clear that they support the requirement. >> more and more people are getting sick every day. this is the policy that is most geared to stopping all this. there is nothing else that will perform that function better than incentivizing people strongly to vaccinate themselves. >> opponents fear the labor market strain if employees decide to walk away from their jobs rather than get vaccinated. a decision could come as soon as the next few days. will, rachel, pete? rachel: thank you. will: thank you. pete: thank you. rachel: all right, well, there were some of the arguments made at the supreme court is very interesting as i was listening to some of the arguments, i had
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to wonder do some of these liberal justices ever leave the supreme court? have they been outside? do they know what's going on with omicron? have they seen that there have been massive breakthroughs, especially among the vaccinated? one of the worst, i think, you could call it misinformation. pete, you talked a lot about that word being used throughout this pandemic to, you know shut people down. what about this misinformation from judge sotomayor claims that omicron is deadly for kids. take a listen. >> those numbers show that omicron is as deadly and causes as much serious disease in the unvaccinated as delta did. we have hospitals that are almost at full capacity with people severely ill on ventilators. we have over 100,000 children, which we have never had before
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in serious condition. and many on ventilators. rachel: pete and will, i guess the question is, is she lying or is she just that ignorant on what's happening with covid and how it effects kids? i don't know the answer to that. i have been told she was a wise latina, but these claims certainly don't seem wise to me. pete? pete: good question. i mean, wrong, wrong, and wrong across the board on that. it would seem to be an argument that would be convenient for her even if it's not true at all, which is why we always check in with people that actually know these things like dr. marty makary, who was able to listen to what the justices said. there is plenty to talk about on the constitutional side. but if a justice is going to try to play doctor and then make up information or certainly misrepresent it at best, in order to advance a political or
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constitutional argument, let's have a doctor on to actually answer that. here is dr. marty makary on justice. >> that's not true. we have not had 100,000 children in serious condition in u.s. hospitals. according to the cdc, omicron is more mild. we have laboratory evidence of that we have epidemiological evidence of that the statistics they cite appear to be more derived from media headlines than data. inconsistent with the tracked and key indicators new hospitalizations for covid rather than with covid. pete: maybe, rachel answered the questions. they are reading headlines that are convenient for them and regurgitating them at the supreme court. will, i was heartened and continue to be heartened by the concern justices, thanks to donald trump who are on the court, who have the potential to be bulwark.
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why doesn't congress have a say in this? why doesn't we the people have a say in this? why is it osha that gets to control all of your lives not just at the workplace. seeing that this is being challenged so quickly and hearing sensible voices on the supreme court, at least on this particular issue gives me hope, will. will: yeah, to the issue of misinformation, that is a buzz word. almost like a verbal tick inside the media. it's one that i don't know, many learn and then have an involuntary reflex of repeating. the truth is to your point, rachel, it's a lie, flat out false and perhaps done intentionally, if not intentionally then maybe even more concerningly stupidly. and so here's where it dovetails with the constitutional issue, pete. what the executive branch wants to claim is that we are in a national emergency and, therefore, extraordinary powers are granted to the executive branch through oshaa. we don't need congress. we need to go ahead and save people's lives. in order to validate that emergency situation, we're going
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to either stupidly or intentionally lie about the circumstances. that's what sotomayor did. and the bottom line is, whether or not she [inaudible] pete: that's right. will: the emergency must continue so repeat the lies or the misinformation. where did she get them? did she acquire them? did she acquire them as dr. marty makary said from the media? well, that's not a far stretch. watch this. this is the coverage of yesterday's hearings. >> the court tonight seems prepared to block what the biden administration calls a powerful tool for fighting covid. today, the supreme court's liberals said the need is urgent. >> with nearly 36 million adults yet to get a single dose of the vaccine, liberal justices said the dangers of the coronavirus justify the unprecedented federal mandates. and for the first time, a majority of the justices, with the exception of justice neil gorsuch wore masks. will: if that's the depth of the coverage from yesterday, can you understand how someone could
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come away thinking, i don't know, blatant falsehood like children are on ventilators across this country in record numbers. either way, peter, either way, rachel, the bottom line is this you have to have -- and this is an important issue, because it's the issue going forward, you have to have supreme court justices who are smarter. you have to have supreme court justices who are better, rachel. rachel: absolutely. and by the way i know that, you know, i have to ask the question, when we see that omicron is -- you are seeing break through cases more in those that are vaccinated. i saw alex berenson studies coming out of europe you are more likely to get omicron if you are vaccinated. why are we forcing people to get vaccinated if you are more likely to get omicron in the variant that we have now? that makes no sense at all. all of this, the vaccine mandates are precursor for the
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vaccine passports and the vaccine passports, as we all know, is the infrastructure for a u.s.-chinese style social credit score system. that is, i think, what's really at the heart of this. i know i sound conspiratorial saying that i'm starting to finally see many people writing articles about this. that this is the beginning. if they can force you to do something, like inject medicine into your body on the basis of health and safety, what else can they make you do and we all know that liberals are very, you know, wildly about language. you remember infrastructure became anything they wanted in their infrastructure bill. health and safety can mean anything. they can say that something that has to do with climate change is about health and public safety. and they can force us to do something based on that. i am very nervous about this. i am heartened pete as you are there are conservatives on the
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court pushing back. that made me very nervous hearing how misinformed how supposedly our wisest minds are on the supreme court. topic, which is our economy.r in december, there was -- we're seeing some reports from our december job reports, and it's saying that 400 jobs were added. but the reality is that only 199,000 jobs were added. the expectation, of course, was that 4.1% unemployment rate, it actually was down from that. it was under 4%. so joe biden, of course, is touting that instead. take a listen. >> there has been a lot of press coverage about people quitting their jobs. today's report tells you why. americans are moving up to better jobs with better pay, with better benefits. that's why they are quitting their job. today's national unemployment rate fell below 4%, to 3.9%.
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the sharpest one year drop in unemployment in the united states history. [clearing throat] the first time the unemployment rate has been under 4% in the first year of a presidential term in 50 years. pete: yeah, the speech writers are making their extra money right now, having to spin all of this, to go back to our previous topic as well, the idea that you need to get -- we are going to crush the virus and you need to get vaccinated oops, those getting vaccinated are the ones getting covid in this new variant how do we sell this to the american people? we need a better spin. the numbers come out, half of what people were expecting in deals. important note on this jobs report, guys. it came before the reshut down or the reintroduction of a new strain of omicron, of the virus. this is probably the better side of the december numbers and january numbers, you know, could look even worse. we don't know. but that's half of the expectation. and the unemployment rate, will,
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as many people know, can reflect people dropping out of the workforce as well. we, as we do, we ask people who know these things like charles payne, the host of "making money" what does he think of this jobs report? here's what he said on "special report." >> if we have 10 people looking for jobs and 9 quit. they would say that's good news. but those are still nine people not working. using the unemployment rate, the so-called u 3 unemployment rate is the worst thing. i don't know how we ever started doing this i think it's an atrocity. the media should stop using it certainly as a key point when 96,000 people leave the labor force and your unemployment rate goes down, that is not good news. will: as charles explaining how it is that you can come in less than half of what your job expectations are and the unemployment rate goes down it's because people are dropping out of the labor force. that is not a good sign for the
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future of the economy. as pete suggested, it may just show up in the coming 30 to 60 days when we see job reports from the beginning of 2022. rachel: can i say one thing on that, will? it's not just bad for the economy. we need look long term. what does that mean for our culture that we have people who are deciding that it's better off to stay home and take a government check than go it work, when we have an economy that's always been based on hard work and personal responsibility and taking care of your family. it's troubling on an economic front. it's troubling on a cultural front. i haven't seen enough talk about the cultural implications of this great resignation. no doubt. we turn now to additional headlines. a police precinct in philadelphia is forced to evacuate after unidentified suspect entered the building and sprayed a chemical. the kyw reporter who was on this said that officers immediately
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began coughing and gagging, describing the substance like pepper spray. a hazmat team was called in. it's unclear if anyone was hurt. now to fox weather. record rain plummets the pacific, across the pacific northwest causing severe flooding in washington state. over 20 people rescued from floodwaters so far in communities like it where roads and homes have been completely submerged. in seattle a man was rescued after a mudslide knocked a home off its foundation trapping him in a basement and causing a house fire. unclear if anyone was hurt. plus, a 72-year-old man is missing and presumed dead after going to move his car and never returning home. this while icy conditions freeze out parts of the northeast, making travel nightmares even worse. over 5,000 flights were canceled yesterday as airlines battle winter weather and covid staffing shortages.
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a group of seven parents file a lawsuit against the chicago's teachers union calling strike against in person learning illegal. parents are demanding educators get back into classrooms and put an end to school closures. but, cps says classes will be canceled again monday if the district can't reach a deal with the unions. and those are your headlines. pete: some really doozies in there, will. not raising my spirits this morning. we will try to get up on the positive side here. we will see. will: i know. pete: more workplace woes for vice president kamala harris. her brand new communications director already apologizing for an old tweet. and a group of veterans are embarking on a brand new mission. rowing across the atlantic ocean. forget about the hudson river. how about you roll across the atlantic ocean. the good cause inspiring their trip later this hour. 60® smart ,
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. >> hockey world is warning after an accident during a high school game that connecticut. a sophomore at st. luke's school died when his neck was cut by another player's skate blade. police say when he fell to the ice during the game the other player couldn't stop in time. the connecticut scholastic conference saying it extends heart felt condolences of the saint luke's hockey player and saint luke's community for tragic loss. our you thoughts and prayers are with all impacted by this tragedy. nhl players paying tribute sticks out for teddy. and placing hockey sticks
3:25 am
outside. kim atkinson who grew up in nearby riverside connecticut among those offering his support and paying tribute to the young player. the st. luke's school was closed because of snow on friday but it reopened in the afternoon to allow the community to mourn. back to you. pete: thank you. what a tragic story. coming from a hockey community those are tight-knit groups we think of them today for sure. i didn't play hockey but i know a lot of people who did. will: prayers not only to the family who lost that young man but the other young man who was involved in that incident. pete: for sure. will: he has quite a burden is he feeling this morning and one he doesn't need to carry in an accident like this. awful story all around. pete: no doubt. well said, will. well, speaking of difficulty ti. gott vice president as we know for the last year has been attempting to find her own lane
3:26 am
inside the administration. maybe find an assignment she can actually do and effective at that is yet to actually happen. her staff, meanwhile, recognizing her inability to communicate has tried to keep her under wraps to prevent her from the kind of gaffes she is prone to. as a result, there is frustration in that staff, and there have been a lot of shakeups, a lot of people leaving. some new ones come in. she has a brand new communications director who has just been brought into the job and is now, this communication director is now under fire because of tweets from 2010. now, this is the cancel culture the left has created for themselves. i don't frankly care what he tweeted on november 9th of 2010. but by their standards he has to be corrected for what he said then. here's a tweet for what jamal simmons, the new chief of staff for kamala harris tweeted in november of 2010. he -- and that's him right there on your screen. this is what he tweeted. just saw two undocumented folks talking on msnbc.
3:27 am
one law student, the other a protester. can someone explain why ice is not picking them up? so, will, it's tongue in cheek, clearly. and he is simply saying if you are not legal maybe the laws should reflect that and he is making a joke about it. but he has got to apologize now, doesn't he, will? >> yeah. because of he focused on the law and not on race. but he has learned his lesson since that time, pete. he has understood that the only path to enlightenment in the democratic party in 2021 and 2022 is to focus exclusively on race. so he corrected the record to your point and said the following. as a pundit for much of my career, -- i have his tweet right here: i have tweeted a lot and spoken out on public. sometimes sarcastic unclear or missed the mark. i apologize for offending those as much as i do as making america the best multiethnic
3:28 am
diverse democracy it could be. i focused wrongly he now says on immigration policies and laws. i should have focused on race, he says, rachel. rachel: exactly. you look at that tweet. it's so interesting. what makes america great is diversity, not rule of law. and, again, look at what he was commenting on. how emboldened do you have to be as illegal immigrant to go on national tv and talk about it and he is actually pointing out what most of us are asking which is, you know, if you are illegal, why isn't someone doing something about it? and, of course, he has to apologize, again, it also shows as you point out, will, just how far the democrat party has gone to the other side. i think jamal wants comments were kind of mainstreamed, 12 years ago. a lot of people on the left and right thought that way. but not anymore. that is a no-no. that was a very naughty tweet. and so he has had to apologize. are you starting to think, will,
3:29 am
that maybe this kamala harris communications office is cursed? just nothing goes right from taking that job. will: i would say this is -- we don't have to go back a dozen years either to find inconsistencies, the sins that for example, jamal simmons would need to apologize for. pete, i don't know if you know this as well i believe he called joe biden what did he say old and out of touch or confused? he said these things as well. and he called, get, this he called the vaccine then under the guidance of president donald jankyscience. i'm curious how he feels about the vaccine today under joe biden? rachel: i kind of like jamal. pete: kamala harris said i wouldn't take it because it's developed under the trump administration and now suddenly all about it you mentioned cursed. you right moob right, rachel. i just think it's really hard to
3:30 am
be a communications director for people that can't communicate. that's a really big problem in your job description that all -- that folks for the biden and harris administration have in front of them. so i have empathy for jamal, good luck. rachel: good luck. pete: good luck. all right. moving on fact check fail. the washington compost as mark levin likes to call them forced to issue correction after claiming senator boston bomber was wrong about the boston bomber getting a stimulus check. guess what? he did. joe concha sounds off on that 4 weeks. neutrogena® for people with skin. you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire.
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3:35 am
terrorists and prisoners would receive a coronavirus stimulus check. "the washington post" fact checker now writing, quote: it turns out tom cotton predicted correctly. dzhokhar tsarnaev the boston bomber did get a stimulus check so, we have adjusted the pinocchio rating on this 2021 fact check. here to react fox news contributor joe concha. joe, good morning, happy new year. we all remember how they treated him with the lab leak theory as well. now he was simply pointing out at the time this is the implications of this legislation. it is going to go to prisoners including a terrorist like tsarnaev and it did. the fact checkers did they ever get the facts right or they just want to set the narrative? >> apparently we need fact checkers for the fact checkers which make your hair hurt. tom cotton, what is it about this guy, the senator,
3:36 am
republican, when he said i believe this was in july of 2020 that we really should consider using the national guard if mostly peaceful riots get out of control. he had this editorial in the "new york times" and then the editor, who won a pulitzer was shown the door because he had the audacity to allow specter out there. you are right. the same "the washington post" that called senator cotton. you can go look it up. a crazy conspiracy theorist having audacity covid-19 was created in a wuhan lab. turns out he is right on that one. ask john stuart from the left. any apologies or ajustments coming on that one? why is the headline still, will, quote, murders, undocumented immigrants grants behind up claims who is getting stimulus checks, question mark. along with a photo of cotton below it if you look at the headline in the photo and many do when scrolling through social media you would assume that cotton was lying about that and he is not. so misleading, such a lie. and, look, many fact checkers
3:37 am
and more bias from the folks that they are actually fact checking. that's a problem. pete: it's so true. joe, the boston bomber got a $1,400 stimulus check because of legislation that specifically allowed for that. that's all tom cotton pointed out, why is our media not pointing out the outrage of that. instead, going after a decorated veteran senator who is simply pointing out the legislation in the first place. joey: great point, pete, that's right, he is a veteran. they didn't really even -- i looked and it was very scarce. just to give you a very recent example of fact checkers selectively choosing what they fact check based on the letter that's next to the politician's name whether it's an r or d, right? justice sotomayor yesterday during those supreme court discussions around joe biden's vaccine mandate actually had this stat which just blows my
3:38 am
mind that 100,000 children are in hospitals right now in serious condition, suffering from covid. that is blatantly untrue. and you would think that would be fact checked. if clarence thomas ever uttered something like that. i would guarantee you would see a litany of fact checks. instead barely seeing anything on this. again, this is something where fact checkers are basically on a four year vacation since joe biden was inaugurated he is like george washington. he would never lie or jen psaki for that matter. yet, if a republican does anything remotely out of line, boy, suddenly vacation is over. they are back and back to the umbrella drinks again. it's quite pathetic, quite frankly. pete: that's exactly it it's always not just the sin of what you say, it's the sin ever omission. they don't just cover the lies that the left says and they only focus on republicans because we know exactly who they are. they are an extension of the democratic party. joe concha, you are the man. thank you for your time.
3:39 am
appreciate it. joey: great to talk to you, pete. have a good one. pete: you too. it's the latest and greatest. kurt of the cyberguy will join us a little later in the show with the newest high tech gadgets. first, joe biden's vaccine mandates are hitting the high court. the impact the could take on healthcare workers and businesses dealing with them. that's it. ♪ ly pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that.
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will: the supreme court is set to decide the limits on biden's vaccine mandates as critics say his unconstitutional rules will devastate healthcare workers and businesses across the nation. let's bring in judicial crisis network president carrie severino along with job creators network chief communications officer elaine parker. ladies, thank you for being with us this morning. carrie, i would love to start with you. you heard of the oral arguments yesterday, to the best that oral arguments can point you in the right direction. where do you think the supreme court is leaning on these mandates? >> yes. so with respect to the osha mandates that says you have to have a vaccine or test if you have a business of over 100 employees, the court seemed very skeptical. osha is supposed to speculate job related things like wearing a hard hat at a construction site or a ventilator if you are working with powdered substances. this is not what this is meant to be a national policy on a major epidemic. and the court was very skeptical
3:44 am
that they were going way beyond the authority they have. did congress really mean to give broad authority to regulate all of american businesses when some have higher risks and some have lower risks, et cetera. with respect to the healthcare workers mandate, it was a little harder to read but definitely some of the same skepticism there might be some instances where the situation merits it but there is also the concerns on the other side of, you know, is this going to be forcing employers, enforcing healthcare workers to get a vaccine in situations where they might not be at serious -- creation as much of a serious risk and in that governmental authority. even though it's a great policy there is a question who decides this policy? should it be unelected bureaucrats or congress itself? will: right. elaine, it's estimated that this would cost businesses nearly $1.3 billion to comply with the mandate. 45 million, that's the number of jobs potentially impacted.
3:45 am
i'm curious, in your estimation, in your position from the vantage point you have been able to acquire, i'm curious, how many businesses do you think have already complied with this? i wonder as i watch these oral arguments has the economy already moved ahead of the law? i mean, anecdotally, i know a lot of corporations have already put these rules into place. >> well, thanks for having me, will, first of all. look, we represent small businesses. and our small businesses, you know, the fda define as small business as any company under 500. and so this mandate impacts companies that have over 100 employees. and when you think about how many companies that impacts, that's a huge swath of our small business community. there is 30 million of them in the country. and this mandate initially had a stay put against it and then the stay was lifted. and, yet the administration continued saying that they were moving forward weather forecast date and they were continuing to
3:46 am
pursue a january time frame to get this implemented. even when the stay was in place. and we really felt that that was bullying the country and our small businesses. they are going to be severely impacted at a time when they can least afford it they are facing major inflation, supply chain crisis, and labor shortages that we haven't seen in our lifetime. and then they were faced with being bullying and implementing all of these processes and policing their employees on something that they shouldn't have been part of. it's not a question of whether or not we should do something about covid or how serious it is. it is who has the authority. and the fact is. will: no doubt. >> states and congressional representatives. will: no doubt. and i want to return to the legal argument in just one moment. quickly as a follow-up there and you make a great point. there is 30 million businesses between 100 and 500 employees. those are the ones that you are focused on. i'm just curious and i don't know what percentage of those have already implemented, you
3:47 am
know, requirements that would at least shadow what the biden administration is asking. i'm just curious why, if they are not mandated yet, is it liability that many companies are concerned with? why have many companies already begun to institute these types of requirements on their workers? >> well, look, the larger companies, it's not a big cost to them. it's not a big issue. they can take a few people in a department or dedicate a whole department to tracking and setting up processes. before a company 100 to maybe 105 or 130 employees, those employees, you know, we estimate anywhere between 15 and 30% of those employees do not want to get vaccinated for whatever the reason. we are not an anti vax position. that's not what this is about. this is about a labor shortage and the science that doesn't support whether you have 99 employees and the mandate doesn't affect you and you have 100 and you hit the mandate and you have got to implement all of these processes and police your employees on something on a
3:48 am
decision that should be made between you and your doctor in the examine room but not you and your boss in the lunchroom. will: it's a great point elaine and good to emphasize the difference between big corporations and 100 to 500 level employees and the impact. really quick, carrie, what do we make of justice sotomayor? how can she be so misinformed? >> unfortunately, i think we are seeing some of the comments coming out that she famously now said there were like 100,000 kids in the hospital, maybe a lot of them on ventilators. that's more than have been hospitalized for the entire duration of the pandemic. unfortunately, i think we saw a lot of the justices arguing from what they thought was a good policy like oh this is a really big emergency. so we should be allowing osha to regulate this rather than thinking about the real legal question. will: they're just exaggerating. >> even if you think it's necessary, does osha really have the authority for it unfortunately, that's the reason justices shouldn't be second guessing this it should be
3:49 am
congress because they have access to those facts in ways that the justices obviously don't. because. will: i have to run, carrie, but i think it's clear, exaggerating the facts to extend the emergency powers or attempt to extend emergency powers. carrie, elaine, great to talk to you this morning. thank you. >> thanks so much. will: you bet. still ahead, check this out. kurt the cyberguy is showing off brand new gadgets from the most influential tech events in the world. ♪ snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture. but super poligrip gives him a tight seal. to help block out food particles. so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip. i recommend nature made vitamins, because i trust their quality. they were the first to be verified by usp, an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards.
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rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." the 2022 consumer electronics show is in las vegas and it's back with in person attendees and as always, the coolest technology. kurt the cyberguy joins us with his top tech picks from the show. hey, kurt, this looks really good. tell us what you have got. pete: incredible stuff. good morning head test for 2022 the huge electronic show, matter is alternatives to zoom, 3-d learning. easy cars. absolutely huge there and how to turn a kid into a doctor. we start with safer, smarter and cleaner tech for you.
3:54 am
oral bio smart sensing toothbrushes are on their way. lights will tell you when you are plying too much pressure, too little or just the right amount for the best cleaning. and they are going to come out at about 100 bucks later this year. we don't know which month quite yet. ultimate squishy human body lab. what in the world am i talking about? a kid stem innovation coming in february. smart stem inside of it human anatomy model with 25 realistic removable squishy organs inside and body parts that will sell just under $100 when that comes out later this year. infinity game table is really catching the table. arcade one up showing off new infinity game table that puts iconic board games into a shared sit down experience. you have monopoly, scrabble, battle shim and dozens more. 24 or 36-inch feed with feedback on it prices started at just 699 and up from there introducing the sharp roku tvs expect a full line of hd and 4 ktvs
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4:01 am
president biden sweeping vaccine mandates for private businesses and healthcare workers are in the crosshairs at the supreme court and alexandria hoff joins us live as the high court argues impact millions of americans. alexandra? >> good morning. the supreme court is looking at two cases here. the requirement employees at larger companies to get vaccinated and second the mandate healthcare workers funded by medicare or medicaid. the first justice sotomayor pushed back on calling the measure mandate since employees will have the option to test weekly and wear a mask. she along with justices breyer and kagan made clear they support the requirement. >> more people are getting sick every day. this is the policy that is most geared to stopping all of this. there is nothing else that will perform that function better than incentivizing people
4:02 am
strongly to vaccinate themselves. >> both of the cases have been fast tracked during to the biden administration planning to implement the policies on monday. justice samuel alito posed this. >> most osha regulations, all of the ones with which i am familiar, affect employees when they are on the job but not when they are not on the job. this effects employees all the time. if you are vaccinated while you are on the job, you are vaccinated when you are not on the job. >> chief justice john roberts highlighted key questions on the power of the executive branch. >> it's not fair for us to look at the court as a general exercise of power by the federal government. and then ask the questions why isn't congress have a say in this and why doesn't this be the primary responsibility of the states? >> opponents, many of them, large employers, of course, fear that this requirement will only
4:03 am
further stress an already strained labor market. once again, since this is fast tracked, a decision could come in days or just a few short weeks, will, rachel, pete? will: all right, thank you, alexandra. as listen to the report and pay attention to what happened yesterday at the supreme court, i want to, if i might, rachel, tell you quickly my three take aways from these oral arguments. the question she slayed out is whether or not the federal government, the executive branch has the power to mandate vaccines through the administrative body of osha. and whether or not, and you heard samuel alito ask the question there there has been anything like this in our past? have we ever had osha shove this type of regulation down onto the american people? then the second is the nature of the emergency. that's what many people have talked about today when it comes to the misinformation from justice sonia sotomayor. where she completely exsagger rate offed the number of children with covid. the number of children on
4:04 am
ventilators. the number of people with omicron. it was nothing short of lies and misinformation. and then finally, third, rachel, what i would say is underlying all of this is whether or not this one tool is the solution to the self-described emergency. in other words, are vaccines the thing that we have to push to solve this problem? and as you pointed out in our previous hour, the evidentiary foundation of that is crumbling. in other words, will vaccines deliver us from this pandemic? the answer from the scientific community more and more is we're not so sure. and but the answer from government is always and every time yes. vaccines and only vaccines. rachel: that's right, will. if you listen to justice kagan, she said more people are getting sick every day. that's right. more vaccinated people are getting sick every day. we can talk about all the fancy legal arguments that you want.
4:05 am
why is this case even going forward right now when, as you said, there is a lot of questions about the vaccines, in fact, alex berenson has been on our network talking about the fact that in europe some of the studies coming out saying you are more likely to get omicron if you have the vaccine. so why the heck are we even arguing about whether we should mandate that or not? but i do worry about some of the things that you talk about as well. i am worried that this, of course, is such an overreach that this is -- the justice the justification for some other things that the government can force us to do under the guise of health and public safety. this is the basis of a vaccine passport. and that the vaccine passport is basically the beginning of a chinese style social credit score system where the government can limit your movements, where you can go, what you can do, where you can
4:06 am
work. based on whether you are following what it wants you to do. and that's exactly what happens in china. i remember, will, years ago, speaking at a university and having a chinese student stand up and tell me about the social credit score system in china and how they could, you know, you couldn't get on a train. you couldn't get on a bus. i remember hearing that just maybe four years ago and going oh my god, i can't believe that could happen. and guess what? it's already happening here in the united states where people are limited by their travels and we are going to see more of that you talked about sonia sotomayor giving these very misleading comments earlier. joe concha was interviewed by pete hegseth. and he talked about this double standard over how her very false comments were treated versus, say, if a conservative justice had said the same thing. take a look.
4:07 am
>> justice sotomayor yesterday, during those supreme court discussions around joe biden's vaccine mandate, actually had this stat which just blows my mind that 100,000 children are in hospitals right now in serious condition suffering from covid. that is blatantly untrue and you would think that would be fact checked. if clarence thomas ever uttered something like that, i can guarantee you that you would see a litany of fact checks, instead i'm barely seeing anything on this. will: the double standard is stark. here's what is not stark to many in the american public, rachel. i just want to back you up on two things you said. things that can sound conspiratorial today become truth tomorrow. things conspiratorial yesterday are truth today. if you question whether or not a vaccine mandate is a slippery slope and it can toledo a social credit system, ask yourself this. did you ever think you would
4:08 am
live in america where any type of debate, much less disagreement over one given policy will get you banished from almost every social platform on the internet. did you ever think we would be there? but yet we are. and then the other thing is, regarding your statement on the vaccine and whether or not there is data out of europe on the relationship of infection and vaccination vs. unvaccinated. get ready for the term original antigenic sin. sounds like white house in our ears but it's the scientific question. and that's an important point question about what this virus does going forward, how it adjusts real journalists and real truth seekers will ask those questions, rachel. rachel: absolutely. real quickly on this question how sonia sotomayor is treated
4:09 am
vs. justice exarns thomas. if justice clarence thomas done that not only become fact checked it would become this narrative how dumb is he when we know he is brilliant. meanwhile the wise latina sonia sotomayor gets a pass on it. put of african-american museum in washington, d.c. he wasn't in it. that would never happen to sonia sotomayor to the new hispanic museum they are doing there in washington, d.c. funded by this congress. so, there are so many hypocrisies on the way conservatives are treated. but especially conservative minorities, liberals have a special punishment for them and poor clarence thomas has been the victim of it many, many, many times. we are going to move now to
4:10 am
crime in new york city. the nypd commissioner seawell has been emailing her police officers saying listen, i'm very concerned about the policies that are new d.a. is putting forward. she said i have studied these policies and concerned about the implications of safety of police officers. the safety in the public and justice for the victims. i am making my concerns known to the manhattan district attorney and hope to have frank and will discussions to try to reach more common ground. particularly, she is concerned that this new d.a. is refusing to prosecute a refusal to arrest unless it's part of a felony case. he also wants to classify gunpoint robberies as misdemeanors instead of felonies. this has police officers and
4:11 am
business owners in new york city very worried, pete. pete: it does. i'm back, guys. i had a couple difficulties. i'm back. i know you guys covered it down 9, 10 minutes for me. i have no doubt. why do you even need me here. hit the nail on the head. this is amazing to me. so, you got the nypd commissioner saying i'm very concerned. the d.a. wants to make -- wants onto say it's not a crime to resist arrest. like imagine being a police officer who is attempting to do your job on the beat and it's not illegal anymore effectively to resist arrest. it better are more than i'm very concerned. it's going to have to be a lot more than that here's what the criminals are saying about it in fact, an accused burglar, his name was charles walled let's get the criminals' point of view of the criminals are saying i'm grateful forever bail reform because i'm too old to go to jail. i'm way too old. i can't do it.
4:12 am
rikers island is not the key. do you know what i'm saying? i have been in jail all my life. can i do that standing on my head. can i get more drugs in there than i can get out here. hopefully the d.a. can see i cannot do all these crimes they are accusing me of and they will get dismissed will, i can hear your reaction. criminals love this. no pun intended for resisting arrest or any of these other pesky crimes. will: man can you see on your screen is the new district attorney of manhattan it's alvin bragg. here's what he had to stay in an interesting interview yesterday with eric schwabb. watch. >> what we're doing now is not working. plain and simple. and so this is our path forward. this is how we reduce violent crime. >> wouldn't these policies give criminals a green light. >> no! i mean it just depends on your definition of criminal. will: that's my favorite. it just depends on your definition of criminal. i mean, you don't always have to
4:13 am
go 30,000 feet but when they tee it up you might as well hit the home run into the sky. when you manipulate language over and over, you manipulate people's minds. manipulate the definition as you said in our previous hour, rachel, of infrastructure. manipulate the definition of racism which is now at least a five year project. one that's been in the background for several decades. manipulate the definition the insurrection. manipulate the definition of vaccination whatever that means and fully vaccinated it's like grasping at smoke, see if you can grab it into your hand. manipulate definitions and you manipulate people's minds, hey, they are not criminals if we don't call them criminals. rachel: you know, will, i think it's really important to go who is this guy? who funded him? it's really important that we get to the bottom of this. and we keep bringing it up. but i don't see anybody else really talking about that these are george core roast funded d.a.s. these are d.a.s who got in office because eric holder, and
4:14 am
george soros have a project to put d.a.s like this in place to basically break down rule of law, to change the definition, as you talked, about of whether a it means to be a criminal. to make the job of our police officers more difficult. and ultimately, to destroy the standard of living in these cities. part of me says, you know, new york that's your problem. you have guys voted for this guy. and i see the mayor doesn't seem to care. he says he is down with what this d.a. is doing. as you said, pete. even the police commissioner is like, you know, very diplomatic about this. i don't see her, you know, throwing down and getting angry about this. she is just like well, you know, i'm frustrated. guess what, maybe the rest of us shouldn't give a damn either. this is what new york wants? this is what new york is. if you guys want a george soros funded d.a., then there you go. you will start to see what we are going to see in our next segment which is people moving
4:15 am
out of these cities and going to places where law and order and police officers are respected. pete? pete: yeah, it looks like a lot of people agree with you, you are exactly right. here is the headline on our next story from u-haul. texas, the u-haul where you move somewhere and rent a u-haul you move. u-haul says texas just edged out florida for the largest net gain of one-way u-haul trucks in 2021. you guessed it, california and illinois saw the greatest net losses. and here's the map of the top five u-haul growth states because when you drive a u-haul you don't drive it back after you drop your stuff off. where are they dropping them off? texas, florida, tennessee, south carolina, arizona. first three have a zero state income tax from what i understand: no one is going north and heading back to the d.a.s rachel is talking about.
4:16 am
i want to go back to my crime infested city. will: no. they have run out of u-hauls in california. they can't get them anymore. they have all gtt gone to texas. you know how they adjust the market, if you want a u-haul going to california, it will cost you like 100 bucks. you want a u-haul going to texas it will cost you 2,000 bucks. they have got to offset where they're. they have got to get them back to california. here's what christina ramos, the company president of u-haul south austin, she said the texas economy is growing fast with a strong job market and low cost of living, it's a no-brainer, texas doesn't have income tax so families get more for-mile-an-hour money, and, plus, texas to a large extent, i would except austin from this description. texas to a large extent hasn't lost its mind over covid and that's why people are moving. rachel? rachel: absolutely. same with florida. same with arizona. it's just look at the states
4:17 am
where people are moving. to say it's really obvious what's happening. and i think what the question is going to be is how will this impact the states that people are leaving if they lose that tax base, do those states continue to devolve and get worse? but, also, what happened to the politics of texas? and arizona? and tennessee as people -- and florida as people start to move in who maybe like the freedom but, you know, still have some old ideas, liberal ideas that i think people in those states want to keep out. so i think that's the big question moving forward. well, we got some headlines for you now. president biden tours destruction in colorado in the wake of last month's devastating wildfire that destroyed over 1,000 homes. the president placing the blame on global warming. >> these fires are being super charged. they are being super charged by
4:18 am
change in the weather. unusually high winds, no snow on the ground to start, created a tinderbox. a literal tinderbox. rachel: this comes as officials confirm the first death caused by the fire after finding the remains of 69-year-old robert sharp in boulder county. the search continues for one more missing person. a new report shows big tech employees at google and twitter heavily favor democrat candidates. that's not a big surprise. the media research center finding that at google 94% of the company's top donors gave to politicians on the left. and 99% of twitter employees favor democrat candidates. those donations pouring in at all top big tech companies are accused of selectively banning conservative voices. all right. well, hot or not. a new survey finds that many men
4:19 am
do not think they are looking that great. a poll finding that most men rated themselves below a 5.9. of the 1,000 men surveyed only about 42 percent said they were happy with the way they look. and that number goes down as men get older. only about 36% of men in their 50's are happy with their looks. but clearly, no mid life crises from our 10 out of 10 anchors, will and pete. even in dumb and dumber suits you guys looked pretty hot. pete: that's gratuitous. will: i would think, get that picture off the screen. i think the question is, are men self-aware? the question is are they right or not? and not whether or not they have a false inflated sense of confidence and maybe men are right, hey, we don't look that good, especially as we get older. i want to know what it is as compared to women? how do women feel about
4:20 am
themselves. rachel: me too. we should see if the producers could pull that up. maybe there is something on that. my geles is that women are harder on themselves than men. pete: interesting. isn't the old idea that like men are supposed -- you look more distinguished as you get older, so shouldn't your ratings go up it sounds like ourself esteem goes down. i'm looking forward to my self-esteem dropping dramatically in just a few years. will: you starting from a high point. pete: when we rate ourselves -- oh, get out of here. get out of here. i will give myself a 5.95. i will say right there. will: get those women scores up see what they think of themselves. we will have that a little bit later in the show. next, even far left democrats are concerned about biden's abysmal approval rating. accusing him of setting up the party for a 1992 style disaster
4:21 am
in the midterms. is biden taking the country backwards? sean duffy is on deck next with reaction. ♪ my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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4:25 am
>> the polls show the republicans have a slight edge maybe worse we see biden approval rating going down and moving in the wrong direction. if we see a midterm outcome where democrats lose the house and god forbid the senate, too, i think all bets are off and we will see the democratic party trying to go in maybe a different direction and, you know, sort of run it indicate its losses. rachel: that was a former aid to alexandria ocasio-cortez predicting a disaster for democrats in the upcoming midterms. will: he goes on to put the blame squarely on biden saying that the president's failures could push the party towards a 1992 style election defeat. here to react fox news contributor, former congressman sean duffy. good morning, sean. >> good morning. good to see you guys. pete: good morning.
4:26 am
will: so what do you think? do you think it's correct, sean, that they are heading for a 1992 style disaster? >> i do. i think the polls are cataclysmic for democrats. i think if you look at the generic polling in just house races, generic republican or democrat, republicans are at historic numbers and that means, i, that i blood bath for democrats. why is this happening? very simple issues. the issues in the last election were about covid and joe biden said he was going to beat covid. and then because the media was so mean to donald trump and they had to the russia collusion narrative and the country was divided, joe biden said i'm going to unite america and bring us together. he has done flog to bring us together. he has divided us even further. covid and division in the country are significant issues. on top of that the economy is not going well. when people can't fill up their cars or put food on the table that's an issue. when crime is an issue in our streets and southern border, they don't like that. the fact that we don't up vest in american energy and we
4:27 am
outsource that to people that don't like us, that's a problem. so i think there is a whole litany of issues that are affecting joe biden. but really these are left wing issues. democrats, the aoc wing has pushed these issues, that's why joe biden is in this place. so, yeah, i think they have real problems. pete: sean, you know how d.c. works and the parlor games there is already speculation he doesn't run in 2024. if the midterm goes really poorly for democrats, it's going to be open season, that's what these aides are effectively saying. joe biden, there will be immediate calls for him not to run? and if so, who is in the wings? >> well, so i think it's a good point, pete. look at joe biden even in the last campaign. i mean, he could barely give a speech, right? he hid in his basement. he was not a real presidential candidate. he used covid to cover up so many of his failings because of his age. and the media has propped him up. they were the ones that did the
4:28 am
work for joe biden the presidential candidate. the question becomes what is the media going to do? if the media turns on joe biden, he doesn't have a chance of winning. they will try find a new candidate in 2024. if the media continues to support him and prop him like they have over the last three years, there will be challengers, no doubt. will anyone be able to mount a significant challenge to joe biden? i don't think so. and, again, it's sad. it should be based on the candidate and the vision and ideas of the candidate, but here, it's not. it's the prop that the media gist the candidates. joe biden should have never won. joe biden shouldn't have got through the primary. he was failing and we all saw it. but the media covered for him. they continue that. he is going to run again and frankly whether it's donald trump or ron desantis, a republican will be the next president in 2024 if that happens. rachel: you know, sean, what i find so interesting is that the biggest critics for biden and you saw that that was one of
4:29 am
aoc's former spokes 'people, he also said that joe biden is old as sh-blank, right? that was his other comment about him. it's funny because he is so unpopular because is he taking on their issues and, yet, they are the ones who are the most critical of him, calling him old, you know, aoc is young but clearly her communist socialist policies are not popular. when joe biden took them on, his poll numbers tanked. sean: good point. aoc staffers listen, is he not effectively communicating these ideas. we are doing great things for america. they just don't see it because joe biden can't communicate it because is he old as sh blank blank. his ideas are horrible. america doesn't want to be a socialist country. we don't want to spend and borrow and print known because we know that has real impact on our lives. america like the policy which again aoc and this guy corbin stood for.
4:30 am
it's not that joe biden can't communicate it it's just that they are flat out horrible policies. will: can you hear more by the way from the duffy's, rachel and sean on their podcast kitchen table podcast which you can download at fox news sean: hey pete and will can i make one last point. we have ron johnson on this weekend. rachel: great podcast. sean: talking about covid and mandates and the science. he has been one of the main truth tellers out there on this and great podcast. many might know he is a wisconsin senator. is he looking at running for re-election. there has been rumors out there that he is going to actually run. we were pushing him and encouraging him to get into the race for a number of reasons. great podcast, tune, in by the way i think you guys are 10 out of ten in the way you guys look at 40 years old. just saying. will: but the question is where do you rate yourself? that's the survey? rachel: he's a 10. he's a 10. he's a 10. will: all right, thanks, guys. we will see you later.
4:31 am
chicago parents fed up. some even suing now as teachers unions keep their kids out of class, our parent panel is next. ♪ it's time for our lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360® smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. and its temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. save $200 on the sleep number 360® c2 smart bed, queen now only $899. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. - [female narrator] five billion people lack access to safe surgery. thousands of children are suffering and dying from treatable causes. for 40 years, mercy ships has deployed floating hospitals to provide the free surgeries these children need. join us. together, we can give children the hope
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your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. ♪ pete: chicago schools will close for a fourth day on monday as teachers refuse to return for in person learning. forcing a group of chicago parents to take that fight -- their fight to court. jackie spinner has experienced the burden of remote learning as both a chicago professor and a mom of three and says canceling school is not sustainable or responsible. my kids are not okay, she writes. jackie joins us now along with chicago dad and former educator alberto mow lahna. i wish it was under better circumstances as you know better than anybody else.
4:36 am
chicago schools closed. lori lightfoot playing. her kids are in private school doesn't impact her personally. what is the impact on kids in chicago who aren't in school and don't know when they will go back and there is a stabbed off with the unions there? >> thanks for having me. my kids are struggling. they have struggled all week. i wish that they could at least be online with their teachers. we are trying to do work. they are communicating with their teachers. i'm texting some of the work that they are doing and they want to be in school whether it's online or in the classroom. we're just not going to have school isn't acceptable for them. pete: of course it's not. alberto, the unions refusing to come back, they were first in line for vaccinations, first in line for boosters, all the medical protocols, money invested in schools. yet, they are still refusing. why are they not going back to
4:37 am
work? >> it just seems like a power play and enough is enough. with all due respect to the other guest, i'm so sorry for what her kids are going through for all parents going through. but, enough is enough. kids need in person learning. this is the fifth time in less than three and a half years our kids dawned in person this is going back to the strike of 2019. it seems like a power play, very inappropriate. our kids are being held hostage. and, you know, adults can have disagreements but keep the kids out of it. they need their education. they need their services. they need all of their supports, extracurricular activities. and we're just going to go further and further behind. pete: jackie, i want to break down alberto's points here are the demands the union is making. show down, show down over what? they have already been
4:38 am
vaccinated. all of those things have already been provided. now they want negative pcr tests for anyone who returns to school. 300 testing sites which we know we don't have ghuf of right now. they want special medical grade masks for all staff and students. and then the principals need to have the authority to take classes remote. at what point, jackie, are these demands -- what if everybody else who had a job other than teaching under the shield of a union could make these types of demands who deem themselves essential and really are essential for kids, why are we not doing more to call out the unions for just not working? >> well, i think -- well, if i recall, they are working, right? i have had to pivot. pete: they are not working. they are not working. they are not. they're literally not working. the kids are not in the class. they are not showing up. 75% of them voted not to show up. >> well, i have taught online and let me tell you it's a lot more work than teaching in the
4:39 am
classroom. pete: but i had kids on a zoom call yesterday in my class and they are station like zombies. there is no way they are getting, even if teachers are peddling harder than ever there is no way they get the quality of education they get in a classroom. you are educator, you know that. >> remote is not a better option than in person. i think that -- i also don't think it's unrealistic to ask teachers what measures would be appropriate for our kids to return to school. one of the things we are not talking about here in chicago is such our low vaccination rates among the students themselves. it's something like 16%. and you know,. pete: jackie, the students are not affected. at what point do teachers look at the science. now we know with omicron, teachers are just as likely to get infected as someone who is unvaccinated at this point. and kids have never been affected by covid-19. so what's the fear factor that is infected teachers where they are now saying the kids aren't
4:40 am
vaccinated? the parents should get to choose, so we won't go to the classroom? where does it end? does it ever end? >> the pediatric icus are full with kids of covid. i have three kids who. pete: many of which have other. >> did you invite me on here to yell at me. pete: no, i expected -- i mean, this is an interesting debate. because you are arguing for some level of online education that the unions really aren't part of the problem here and that kids need to get vaccinated to solve but there is plenty of kids that are sick it's true but the vast majority of them are not affected by covid. >> here's what i'm arguing for. i'm arguing for the two sides to come together and come up with a resolution. some kind of resolution so that my kids aren't caught in the middle of it. i think -- right. we are seeing this political fight happening in the chicago. it happens time and time again and kids get caught in the middle between the rhetoric on both sides.
4:41 am
and i'm tired of that i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted trying to parent my kids and do my job. i have been doings this for two years now. i want my kids in school. i want them to be safe in school. if they are not going to be in school. i want them to be able to log on to a computer as ugly as that is and as hard as it is. i have you a tick tis particular kid. autistic kid he needs to be in the classroom. pete: last word. >> i'm a former teacher and principal. this is inappropriate and unacceptable. i'm pro-teacher. my family has teachers. there is a growing resent with the teacher's union. we need to start having conversations about accountability. what is the chicago public school teachers union going to do to make up for all of this lost learning? how are we going to hold them accountable. they're receiving their salaries, health benefits, other
4:42 am
benefits. how are we going to hold them accountable? and finally we heard from mayor lightfoot, i would like to hear from local state and national leaders. where do you stand, with the parents and family the children of chicago filibuster schools or with the teachers union? i would like to know where president biden stands on this issue. pete: yeah, unions are being edges posed for what they really are political machines that protect their priorities and don't necessarily put kids and parents first at all. jackie and alberto, thank you very much for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. te: good luck to kids in chicago. it's amazing. all right, joe biden's latest jobs reports a bust as we know coming in far below expectations. jackie deangelis on what is driving the decline coming up next. superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need.
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rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." another economic bust for joe biden. the december jobs report falling far below expectations. the u.s. adding just 199,000 new jobs last month, which is less than half of what economic -- economists predicted and even worse the black unemployment rate jumped to 7.1% while the rates for hispanics, whites, and asian groups all fell. here to reacts is fox business correspondent jackie deangelis. it's always so great having you on the show.
4:47 am
you are so good at breaking this stuff down. tell me how he is bragging about the unemployment numbers dropping but there is like no job growth. this was like half of what was expected. >> absolutely. good morning to you, rachel. it's always great to be on. listen, you have got joe biden. you have got marty walsh going around saying this was a great jobs report. look at the unemployment rate. 3.9%. what they are not talking about here is as you said first of all that we're seeing half the job creation that we were expecting to see at this time. they are not talking about the fact that we're in a pandemic now for two years and using that as an excuse for people not to get back to work. there is some details in here. labor participation is still under where it was when it was at peek levels. people are not returning to work. there are 6.3 million people looking for jobs. there are more than 10 million jobs available. if you want a job, it's out there for you to go and get it now, why aren't they doing it? first, you have those boosted unemployment benefits, right?
4:48 am
they ended in september. buff now you are dealing with rental assistance programs, people are getting a lot of help to be able to stay home. and the monthly child tax credit. so people are bringing in stimulus money and essentially saying i don't need to get back to work. the evidence is in the problems that you see in the supply chain. the evidence is in inflation. 6.8%. look at the rage growth. 4.7%. not going fast enough to keep up with inflation. so what we essentially need to do is say, covid is here to stay, we have got to open everything up. we can't be enforcing mandates, they are only making it worse. people have to just accept the fact that they have to get back to work. rachel: you know, i want to talk to you really quickly about this as we touched on this a little earlier. you talked so much about the economics, the numbers, what it does to our economy. but what does it do curly when you have all of these people just decided i'm not going to work. this country was based on people who work hard who take personal responsibility for their families and their lives.
4:49 am
and what happens to their self-esteem when they just sit back and take government assistance and checks? >> joe biden, on the campaign trail, i can't remember how many times i heard him talk about his father telling him how a job is your dignity. it's your respect in the community. and i don't disagree with him, rachel. i actually think he is right. the problem is for two years now we are incentivizing people to stay home. and the longer you do it, are the harder it will be to get them to go back to work. even people who are employed, for example, they have gotten used to working at home. they don't want to come back to the office. we have all sorts of pandemic problems. now stretched out for two years going into a third year at this point that are going to be really difficult to reverse. when you give people stimulus payments and checks like this, continuously for two years, very, very difficult to take that back. so culturally what's happening is we are having an erosion of the american dream if you will. work hard, achieve your dreams, you know, put your kids through
4:50 am
school. that kind of thing. people are just saying why should i do that if the government is going to pay me? i can stay home and not have to worry about it. rachel: that's so spot on. the american work ethic is the foundation of the american dream. and if you kill that work ethic, you kill the dream. >> yes. rachel: that's what socialism is. jackie, so great having you on. >> thank you. rachel: we have to have you back. >> thank you. rachel: all right. you got it the cowboys won't let covid get them down. professional bull riding is back at madison square garden and adam klotz is there trying it out. ♪ ♪ these are the faces of listerine. the face of millions of germs zapped in seconds. the face of clean. the face of whoa! some are of intensity, others joy. all are of... various: ahhh... listerine. feel the whoa!
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4:54 am
will: back in july of 2020 professional bull riding the first sporting event to safely return with fans. but as we see another series of shutdowns nationwide these cowboys are not letting covid get them down fox meteorologist adam klotz is at madison square garden where pbr will be hosting buck off at the garden tonight. adam, what's going on? you are going to get on a bull in the next couple of hours for our audience, correct? >> yeah.
4:55 am
had that's right. i'm going to get on a bull in about an hour. we are in madison square garden where typically you think basketball or perhaps hockey. there is 1.5 million pounds of dirt on the ground because instead we are doing bull riding. i'm joined by professional bull riding ceo sean gleason. sean, the intro there, they were talking about how covid and how you guys have kind of handled this you are one of the first sports to get back in after the lockdown and now we are kind of in another wave but while the rockettes and snl and a lot of these places in new york city are shutting down, the show goes on. >> exactly first sport down first sport back. protocols used by most other protest sports leagues. the show must go on. we are here and go to go to every stop that lets us have an event and get what we can get. adam: breath of fresh air because i want the show to go on.
4:56 am
what's going to happen tonight. >> top 35 bull riders in the world against the best bulls on the planet. buck them down and crown a new champion for the new york event and move onto the next market. adam: i'm going to get on this bull in the next hour you have something that's going to help me get ready. >> if you are going to get on a bull might as well do it with gear. adam: will was making fun of my cowboy gear. will: all right, adam. more "fox & friends." we'll bea watching. can't wait. super poligrip. it's time for our lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360® smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. and its temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. save up to $1,000 on sleep number 360® smart beds. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. serena: it's my 3:10
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♪ ♪ is ♪ rachel: that is the exact brown band. good morning, it's 8:00 a.m. here in the east coast. but that's a gorgeous shot of florida. it makes me wish i was in florida right now boy is that beautiful. welcome pete, welcome will. who is feel like they want to be
5:01 am
in florida right now? pete: universal. florida state of mind even though i'm in the prison of knowledge. everyone who is down there we salute you and love you and wish we were you, will? will: beautiful shot of deerfield beach came to us, i saw, courtesy of surf line. it is a site that many surfers like griff jenkins or i dabble myself from time to time use. you can check cameras to see what the swell is like that that's a camera shot surfers could check to see how is it coming in there from our vantage point in jersey and texas. coming in beautifully. even if there is no waves to ride. it's always coming in beautifully. but we move some news this morning for you. how about this? parents in chicago, suing the teachers union for a work stoppage. i don't think it can be described as anything but a work stoppage, in effect a strike. they are calling it an attempt to move to remote learning. the chicago's teacher's union
5:02 am
wants more. they want more despite being given $130 billion by the biden administration. school districts across the country in the past. they still want more. and, pete, you had a fascinating, spirited exchange a little bit earlier on "fox & friends" with jackie spinner, she is a chicago professor. she is also a mother, along with alberto molina a father of two in the chicago schools. here's how that went regarding the impact between parents and the teachers union in chicago. >> my kids are struggling. they have struggled all week. i wish that they could at least be online with their teachers, we are trying to do work. they are communicating with their teachers, i'm texting some of the work that they are doing. and they want to be in school whether it's online or in the classroom. we're just not going to have school isn't acceptable for them. >> it just seems like a power play. >> we have inappropriate. our kids are being held hostage.
5:03 am
and, you know, adults can have disagreements, but keep the kids out of it. they need their education. will: pete, that was a really good interview. it was very entertaining. you pushed back appropriately. i would say two things, you know, the professor argued with you about the necessity of remote learning in lieu of in person learning. we should point out that's not happening in chicago. they are not working right now. there is no remote learning. the kids in chicago are not getting educated. the second thing is you pushed on the number of hospitalizations. you did a good job. you appropriately did so because i think it's not fair, it's accurate to say she exaggerated just like the supreme court. just like justice sonia sotomayor. there is a exaggeration of the effect on children. point out this peels of news. hospitalizations are kids hospitalized for something other than covid. so, in other words, they are in the hospital with covid. not because of covid.
5:04 am
because we test everyone that goes to the hospital, pete. pete: bingo, will. i'm grateful that jackie came on. we did have a spirited conversation. that's the kind of conversation we need to be having right now. she said the teachers are working because they are having to work remote. it's hard to teach over zoom. you want to work harder and teach over zoom and make sure kids learn less which she acknowledged that's exactly what happened. that's not an answer. the other one she did bring in kids in hospitalizations. i have done a little research before. i did a little bit more this morning. just a quick glance at a.p. report that says this was -- you can google it right now. it says hospitalizations skyrocket in kids too young for the covid shot. but then you have to read the actual article. and when you do, it skyrocketed from 2.45 of every 100,000 to 4 of every 100,000. and by the way, walensky the cdc actually acknowledges that the numbers include children
5:05 am
hospitalizations because of covid-19 and as you said, will, those admitted for other reasons but found to be infected. the cdc also says the surge could be partly attributed to how covid-19 hospitalizations by age group are defined. a positive test within 14 days of hospitalization for any reason. so if you are found with a positive test within 14 days for any research they go on to acknowledge and these are experts, most of the code kids in the hospital are actually not here for covid-19 at all. it's some other reason than they are found to be positive. they also acknowledge, of course, that severe illness among children during omicron is much lower than the delta variant. it's a screaming headline that makes us think our kids are under assault when, in actuality, it's not up at all. it's much milder and usually they are going for other reasons and then found to have covid. yet, this is what the chicago teachers union and others on the left are trying to use to
5:06 am
justify to keep kids out of school, rachel. rachel: yeah, i loved that interview that you had. i was really intrigued, she was the professor versus alberto, the other guest. and alberto is like we need to put kids first and put the concerns of adults aside. and when i heard that interview, what i saw was that the professor who is a liberal, who runs around in these liberal elite circles was concerned about what her friend in her liberal circles think. and she was willing to sacrifice what i think she knows is the right thing to do for kids, put them back in school. because she couldn't come down too hard on the teachers unions. i have to say i just don't get it with the teachers unions, pete and will. just from a pr perspective. i mean, i have been onto the teachers unions, a lot of conservatives have for many years. there was a time when speaking out against teachers unions was a little bit taboo because it felt like you were attacking
5:07 am
teachers and nobody likes to do that i think that everything that the teachers union, especially the teachers union in chicago is doing is just really bad for their image. i mean, i don't think anyone is afraid to say anything negative about the teachers unions anymore other than say this professor from the university of chicago that you interviewed because they are exposed now. and they want this -- the schools closed. and they even want remote because they can do what they want, you know, you can't teach for 8 hours on zoom. what are they doing? they're emptying the dishwasher, they're doing their bills. a lot you have go online you find some people are v. been caught shopping. we had stories last year about teacher union teachers in puerto rico demanding we strike as they post on instagram by the pool at a resort in puerto rico. this is what is happening. and parents are really angry because their kids are suffering. meanwhile, governor ron desantis
5:08 am
in florida is saying that this frustration over our schools and what our children are doing but also just the whole issue of liberty in this era of the pandemic is causing a lot of people to want to move to florida. take a listen. >> we protected people's rights during covid. part of is because we have led on education not just crt and having schools open but having school choice. we have more school choice in florida both charter schools and private scholarships than anybody in the country. i think when people see that parents get really excited in some of these other states, as you said, they are hopeless in some of these parts. if you are under the thumb of one of these really strong unions in a school district as a parent who is more freedom oriented, you have got no shot to effectuate any change, because the union owns the policy lock, stock, and barrel. will: in our previous hour we talked about americans moving across the country. we showed u-hauls moving from
5:09 am
california to texas and that florida on that particular chart. u-hauls moves is number two on the number top five states of where people are moving. there are some of the reasons why the there laid out by governor ron desantis as to why. you can see more of that interview on "life, liberty, and levin" tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. pete: great stuff, spot on. on other news this morning as well. joe biden struggling off a disappointing december jobs report showing the u.s. added less than half of what was predicted. alexandria hoff joins us now with more on this jobs report. alexandria. >> these are december figures. that's the concern here that the job growth slowed even before the omicron variant took a firm hold on the economy. the labor department reported that employers added just under 200,000 new jobs last month. that's less than half of the 400,000 that economists had predicted the country would gain. but president biden did not
5:10 am
bring that up at all in his remarks yesterday. instead, highlighted a better than expected drop in the unemployment rate which fell below 4% at 3.9. >> americans are moving up to better jobs with better pay, with better benefits. that's why they are quitting their job. this isn't about workers walking away and refusing to work. it's about workers able to take a step up and provide for themselves and their families. >> the separation between the jobs report and unemployment stems from the labor department using two different surveys to compile the final jobs report. fox business' charles payne shared his thoughts. charles: we ask 10 people looking for jobs and nine quit. they would say that was good news. those are still nine people not working. so, using the unemployment rate, the so-called u 3 unemployment rate is the worst thing. i don't know how we ever started doing this i think it's atrocity. the media needs to stop using it
5:11 am
certainly as a key point when 90,000 people leave the labor force and your unemployment rate goes down, that is not good news. >> according to the december report, the country gained more jobs per month in 2021 than any year on record. but we are still 3.6 million jobs short of pre-pandemic levels. will, rachel, pete? pete: alexandria, thank you for breaking down the numbers for us this morning. we will have more on that throughout the program. we want to bring you another story because there is a new -- not really new but a tool of the left of the media, same thing, is their fact checkers to fact check. they always only fact check in one direction. they like to fact check certain people more than others. one of those they love to fact check is senator tom cotton because is he willing to be in front of the curve on so many different issues. of course, they pick and choose when they fact check and what they fact check and how they fact check it. what we are learning now they often get it wrong out of the
5:12 am
gate. if you recall they fact checked senator cotton on lab leak theory and had to retract on that. now there is a second fact check they gave two pinocchios to senator cotton for in 2021. now they are having to retract those pinocchios because it turns out senator cotton was right. here is what senator cotton tweeted back in march 8th of 2021. he said on march 6th at 10:12 a.m. the senate voted on an amendment to exclude prisoners like the boston bomber from getting stimulus checks. every democrat voted to send checks to prisoners and every republican voted to stop prisoners from getting checks "the washington post" jumped on that and said no way, two pinocchios, that's a lie. dzhokhar tsarnaev will never get a check. he will with, they have had to retract that turns out this is what "the washington post" fact checker glen kessler had to say now. turns out tom cotton predicted correctly. tsarnaev the boston bomber did
5:13 am
get a stimulus check. we adjusted the pinocchio rating on this 2021 fact check boston bomber got $1,400 check tom cotton read the legislation and explained it yet as "the washington post" always does, they tried to jump on him and they were wrong and now they are will bury their tiny little retraction. rachel: they did bury that. tom cotton right on a lot of things. he was the one who came out very early in the pandemic who said wow, that's weird, we have a covid virus, you know, and there is a wuhan lab that does this kind of experimentation. right next to where they said the wet market was. and then they called tom cot tom cottona racist. they did all kinds of things to smear on him. turns out he was right on that, too. if i was "the washington post," i might be a little careful next time i go after senator tom
5:14 am
cotton, he tends to be right a lot. will: yeah, joe concha jumped on earlier and talked about this concept of fact checking. listen. >> if you look at the headline in the photo and many people do when they are scrolling through social media, you would assume that cotton was lying about that, and he's not. it's so misleading. it's such a lie. and, look, many fact checkers are more biased than the folks that they are actually fact checking. fact checkers are basically on a four year vacation since joe biden was inaugurated. he looks like george washington he would never lie or jen psaki for that matter. yet, if a republican does anything remotely out of line, boy, suddenly vacation is over they are back and back to the umbrella drinks again. it's quite pathetic, quite frankly. will: that just illustrates for you the techniques of dishonest journalism. you pointed out earlier the difference between a headline and article when it came to child hospitalizations the headline screams fear the article says you are up 2.5 to 4
5:15 am
out of 100,000. then can you screen something incorrectly and correct it months later buried small in the fine print. and then, to be honest, the most dishonesty form of fact checking. as soon as all journalism some level of facts. we don't need fact checkers who just disguise their opinions under the umbrella of fact checking. just tell the truth. you will be fine. it's like, do you know, do you remember a decade ago pete and rachel there was this thing everybody is in explanatory journalism. vox was going to be. part of what journalism is. we don't need you to cloak yourself in the cape to let us know you are super special, you are the fact checker. rachel: also, follow the money. organizations like snopes, if you go back and you look who are those people that started that? people can go back and do this investigation themselves because snopes and some of these other independent fact checkers, you
5:16 am
know, the ones that aren't even associated with the -- with the publications like "the washington post," those organizations are funded by people. they are started by people who have a very biased political perspective, so it's important. if you are going to go to those sites to get the facts, figure out who are those people? and you can do that. pete: yeah. they will don't -- the reason the facts don't matter is because it is all about narrative at this point. and they don't really care. and then they issue a retracked and they cover it up. but it served its purpose when it needed to to try to discredit tom cotton and they count on programs like us later on, yeah, we will report the fact that they everywhere wrong, but their readers, as little as there may be, never quite get that retraction. burned in their brain first thing they heard or the headline, to your point. especially on covid, the headlines are so mismatched with the reality of what is going on. you got to read deeper because otherwise you are getting totally deceived. all right, turning now to a few
5:17 am
additional headlines as well this morning. a tragic loss in connecticut. this really is. as a teen hockey player, his name is teddy balkan, was killed thursday in a tragic accident. police say the sophomore at saint luke's school was killed when he fell on the ice and another player's skate cut his neck. the hockey community paying tribute including cam atkinson who grew up in another nearby neighborhood. sticks out for teddy and placing their hockey sticks outside as a tribute. so tragic. and it's all hands on deck for chicago police. the department canceling days off. 21% of chicago cops are on' medical need. mostly with covid. some officers say they would welcome a covid positive test just to get some rest. since the department has enacted
5:18 am
mandatory 12-hour shifts and continues canceling days off, this comes as law enforcement appreciation day is tomorrow. if only the leaders in chicago actually appreciate their law enforcement, they wouldn't be asking for covid in order to get a brief respite. four florida veterans are rowing across the ocean to fight suicide and ptsd. the group called four from home. i that's correct. if not correct me. consists of one marine, one navy, one army, and one air force vet. the group is raising money for canines for warriors. the group we are familiar with on this program works to pair service dogs with vets with ptsd. there are currently just about $3,000 from their $730,000 goal. 4 from home. check them out. and those are your headlines. will: that's a heck of a row boat. i would do it. would you do it?
5:19 am
cross the atlantic? pete: no, absolutely not. row? come on probably not. will: adventure of a lifetime. adventure of a lifetime. pete: that's a lot of time together, brother. [laughter] will: it's like two weeks on this show. it's like, you know, four hours saturday, four hours sunday, do that twice and you are across the atlantic. pete: really, you think that's that quick when you are rowing. one rotate, will all the way across. will: it is out there when we get beyond the distance of seeing the shore and you pull out that outboard motor which i know you are we are going to get this and crank that bad boy out. [laughter] rachel: all right, well, coming up, an arizona border official is sounding the alarm on the threat of cartels at the border. why he says this is a fight that the u.s. can't win. plus, he was discharged for criticizing the chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan. lieutenant colonel stuart scheller joins us live with his plans for the future. stay with us.
5:20 am
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5:24 am
illicit drugs here in the united states as well as for cheap labor or sex trafficking. and it's something that we know that it gets through. rach public safety official sounding the alarm on battle with mexican cartels. authorities in mexico arrest two suspects. after an suv filled with 10 bodies was left outside the office of a mexican state governor. our next guest says it's time to put public safety and national security ahead of politics. former border security section chief and republican candidate for arizona attorney general lacy cooper joins us now. lacy, thank you so much for joining us. you know, i have been talking about this for a while. you know, mexico is devolving into a narcostate. we are destabilizing mexico with these open border policies.
5:25 am
clearly these bodies were left there to intimidate that governor in mexico. what is happening? how much worse has the situation with the cartels gotten from your point of view since these open border policies of the biden administration have been permitted? >> well, you are right, that it is devolving down there, rachel, i will note that the bodies that were found at the governor's office were found in front of a christmas tree. if that's not a message of intimidation, i don't know what is. the open border policies that the biden administration has implemented absolutely fuels and funds the cartels. and the reason is that every migrant who crosses the border illegally pays money cartels to get here. what do the cartels do with that money? they go and buy firearms and body armor and heavy artillery and armored vehicles to help with their war down there.
5:26 am
they are rival cartels fighting over that particular state where that suv full of dead bodies was found because that is a high trafficking sentinel corridor. rachel: yeah. i mean, if you are kamala harris and your job, as she said was to get to the root causes of why people want to come across, i think tee stabilizing, you know, mexico and emboldening and enriching the cartels is the opposite of solving the root causes. of course people are going to want to leave mexico. it's just frustrating. on the other hand, we see that arizona state troopers in just one week, they have confiscated 664 pounds of methamphetamine, 37 pounds of fentanyl. this drug trade is killing americans, isn't it. >> it absolutely is. fentanyl overdose deaths was the leading cause of death among young americans last year with all the emphasis on covid. nobody is talking about what is
5:27 am
really killing young americans the fentanyl pills we see on the streets even 2 milligrams of fentanyl will be a lethal dose. d.e.a. will tell you more than 40% of the pills out there right now have a lethal dose in them. we saw a seizure recently in arizona of 1.7 million pills. they calculate that they probably saved 700,000 lives. the cartels have been shifting position these synthetic products like methamphetamine and fentanyl in the last years more efficient manufacture than feels of marijuana or poppies, more lethal and lucrative. rachel: we had a former d.e.a. agent on last week. they said they are seeing a lot of coordination between the chinese, this fentanyl trade.
5:28 am
but with the chinese, it's not just a proposition, for them it's a national security to attack america. destabilize america by getting our citizens hooked on it and that the chinese are coordinating and working in conjunction with the targets. how is this not a national security issue for our government? how is the biden administration allowing this to happen? >> i don't know the answer to that border security is national security. hands down. the ability for terrorists and for the chinese government to take hold of what's going on in america through the southern border is too great of a risk for us to just have an open borders policy. rachel: lacy cooper, thanks for staying on this and bringing this all to our attention. appreciate it. >> thank you. rachel: well, the mask mandate push back. one new york county leader is tired of government overreach and is arguing that elected
5:29 am
school district leaders should be the ones making decisions. bruce blakeman joins us next with that. stay with us. ♪ are go for launch. um, she's eating the rocket. ♪♪ lunchables! built to be eaten.
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♪ ♪ will: state officials are imposing quote autocracy. the newly elected executive of nassau county, new york wants to let school districts decide if students must wear masks inside buildings. he signed a trio of executive orders in direct defiance of the governor's mandate. >> don't estimate do so at their own peril including the county executive of nassau county. i have the law of the state of new york behind me. and i will always exercise my authority and obligation to protect the health of the people of the state. that is what allowed us to -- will: nassau county executive
5:34 am
bruce blakeman joins us now. bruce, there you were. you were called out directly by the governor of new york. she says your executive orders are toothless. how does it work? how does it work between you and the governor now in nassau county? >> well, you know, to the last seven or eight months, i have been hearing from parents who want their kids to be unmasked. maskthey don't feel that their children are getting the right environment to go to school and learn and to study. they are tired of the cancellation of the school prom, the christmas pageant, football games, basketball games. basically they want to get back to normal. and with our hospitalization rates nowhere near where they were nine months ago with having one of the finest hospital networks in the world in nassau county. northwell, nassau medical center. mount sinai.
5:35 am
nyu langone and other great healthcare facilities we have hospital beds, our icu units are not full. we are not in crisis. and they want their kids to be able to go to school without having to wear a mask. it seems like a very reasonable thing. so, in nassau county, i signed executive orders saying that there is no mask mandate in nassau county. i think and your rationale is certainly it these ears sound, bruce, but who wins? this is sound off between you and the governor. will they follow the you afforded them or follow the mandate of the governor? >> well, that's exactly what my executive order says. it says that each local school district can make their own decision. so now they have the ability to say to the governor and to the state education department that nassau county has signed
5:36 am
executive orders giving us, the parents, the school board members, elected school board members the right to make decisions for our own schools. and, look, i would like the governor, instead of fighting us, to listen to reason, and to understand that this is something that the people want. and basically, there are other ways to fight covid and we are doing that very strongly in nassau county. today nassau county, through my order, we are handing out over the weekend 160,000 free covid tests. we are also opening a vaccination pod for free vaccinations. and we are giving kn 95 masks to teachers if they so wish to have them so that we keep our schools open and that we have a more normal environment. so i would like the governor to just instead of fighting us, let's talk about it. let's have a conversation. and let's see if we can resolve it in favor of the kids. and not politics.
5:37 am
not in autocracy in albany. not tyranny by government. will: here is what i would like to watch going forward, bruce. i want to watch what those school boards. what those districts do with their new found freedom under your executive order. do they exercise that freedom and watch what the governor does in response what either enforcement mechanism or incentive in terms of money she can do to work around and force her mandate. we will be watching that. we will check in with you hopefully this the coming weeks. bruce blakeman, thanks for jumping on with us. >> thank you so much. will: you bet. still ahead, more than 20,000 afghan commandos were left behind the chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan. lieutenant colonel stuart scheller called out leadership over the fiasco and you are well aware he lost his job. he joins us live on what he is doing now, that's next. ♪ your plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. vazalore... is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule
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5:42 am
accountability over what happened, the debacle in afghanistan. and now we are learning yet another data point more than 20,000 afghan commandos remain left behind not to mention the americans and siv applicants months after the botched withdrawal. lieutenant colonel and author of the upcoming book "crisis of command" stuart scheller joints us now. lieutenant colonel thank you so much for being here. really appreciate it and by the way. we only have about five minutes here, colonel. and if people want more, they got to listen to your interview with tucker carlson on "tucker carlson today" at fox nation. you go through your entire story. it's absolutely fascinating. and i'm grateful what you have spoken up for. one question i want to ask: you stood up for accountability when no one else did. but no one else has been held accountable up or down the chain of command. do you think your stance ultimately was effective? >> pete, first of all, thanks
5:43 am
for having me on the show. and, you know. i really appreciate you asking that question. because people are asking me, you know, look at the scoreboard, stu, you are losing. you haven't affected change. i just got out of marine corps. i have only been out two weeks. pete, bring me back on in a year and i will be pointing at the scoreboard. i fully intend to make change. i have been very saddened by the amount of people think this is just the way it is and you can't make change. i believe we can make change and i believe we will. pete: well, you know, you have said from the beginning this was never about politics. other people have wanted to make it political. it wasn't political about for you. when you talk about that kind of change, are you talking about political change? are you talking about change within the military, the kind of retribution you faced for speaking out? i mean, you took accountability for it, but your superiors went after you all the way to the day you were out of the marine corps. >> the target at my wrath when i was in the military four star
5:44 am
level. we ever winning every tactical battle in the wars last 20 years where we were failing operational and strategic level. the four star general up to the national security council and no one is addressing those problems. also, i believe congress is not holding the military accountable. this is a two-prong approach where we need leaders, not politicians and we also need the military to recognize its failures so that we are not putting junior service members in harm's way when there is preventable attacks. so, yes, both a political and a military focus of what i plan to change. pete: you raised a great point, lieutenant colonel, and it's summed up in a line that your lawyer, used in your sentencing hearing. he said this and i think this crystallizes a lot of what people don't understand and you can maybe unpack a little bit for us. stu said there is more accountability for a corporal who loses his rifle than a
5:45 am
general who loses a war. why is that inside today's military? >> i think most americans lionize generals, they want to show appreciation to generals. they think re military generals are very smart. did you go back to abraham lincoln and look at him. look at how many generals he had to fire. look how many generals we fired in world war ii. we have gotten away from that i don't know why we have gotten away interest that but we need to get back to open criticism, taking a hard book at where we are failing, and holding them accountable. pete: do you think it's ultimately once you become a general you are ultimately in a political realm, many of which don't have combat experience so the whole -- each the way they treated you all the way up to the secretary of the navy and commandant, they are going to close ranks, squash any criticism to preserve their career? is there a lot of that going on inside the military today? >> i think my situation is a perfect example of how it could
5:46 am
have been handled better. i do think that many generals figured out how to navigate their career and that becomes the focus. maybe more so than honesty and -- an honest assessment of how we could do better. if you start ruffling feathers it may come at risk to your personal position. so there is absolutely some of that i mean, the secretary of the navy, he is supposed to take my discharge. he was too scared to even take the discharge that was routed to him. he had the under secretary of the navy endorse it because he didn't want to get his hands dirty. it goes back to we need leaders, not politicians. so i was really disappointed to see that. pete: it's so amazing. so you write a letter explaining your position. the secretary of the navy doesn't even want to read it. and pushes it off to somebody else. you have said something though, lieutenant colonel on a podcast in the middle of this week which caught some people's eye. you said, quote, i'm probably going to jump into a race in
5:47 am
2024. so, unpack that for us a little bit. you said you're ready to get involved, check back with you, and we will. what are you looking to potentially jump into here? >> the bottom line, pete, is america is the greatest country in the world. i am a conservative but i have dedicated my whole life to foreign diplomacy. i have got three sons growing up and i want to leave this place better after i leave for my sons. and so, now that i'm out of the military, i think the way to make difference is through politics. you know, i have just gone through a lot. so i don't think ' 2 makes sense. there are ways i can influence the 2022 election cycle with leaders i want to put in office. i think in '24 the time will be right where i want to throw my name in the hat and try to make the changes that i believe need occur for our country to remain relevant in the foreign diplomacy sphere. pete: i would be remiss if i didn't ask because this is
5:48 am
politics. a state, a district, a particular position? >> i'm not there yet, pete. i'm obviously looking at the field. but there's a lot changing with redistricting right now based on the census. so i have got let the landscape kind of settle. i will reassess. i will look at where i'm at and we will go from there. classic politician answer. pete: that is a great answer. true. but, you know what? you showed the kind of back -- you can give that kind of answer because you showed the kind of backbone the vast majority of politicians would never show to cut against the grain and put the career on the line to speak truth to take accountability when no one else did. you did take accountability. you lived with that and now you are moving forward to the next step. lieutenant colonel stuart scheller thank you for having that courage. for speaking for so many who couldn't speak and did you in uniform. congratulations on the book. "crisis of command." as you mentioned you can catch the full interview of stuart
5:49 am
scheller on "tucker carlson today." thank you for being with us this morning. >> thanks, pete. pete: thank you. all right. i think there is a big chapter ahead for this guy. all right, a professor takes aim at the constitution in a new op-ed. arguing it's the enemy of democracy. "fox & friends" co-host brian kilmeade. he's up early on a saturday. he is going to help us set the record straight. and, hold on to your hats, adam klotz, he tries out a mechanical bull. there he is, next. ♪ roll me over and let me go ♪ running free with the buffalo ♪ ♪
5:50 am
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5:54 am
won that competition. as the reigning "fox & friends" bull riding championship that is me i'm tossing it over live to madison square gardens where pbr is returning to new york city. i am the winner of that one. will: that's true. adam: good morning y'all. get that y'all, i'm already beginning to feel like i fit in around here. i'm being joined by professional bull riding coach so i do have a little bit of advantage when it documents riding a mechanical bull. dalen, he is a professional bull rider. you will will be competing tonight; is that correct? and second night of this event. >> yes, sir. adam: what will you be doing tonight. >> trying to ride a bull. adam: something similar to what i'm doing but a mechanical one. tell me right before you are about to go out there is it nerve-racking what's it like for you. >> i wouldn't say nerve-racking. your nerves are going and adrenaline is going. adam: does that change over time or still hit you. >> still hits me. will: okay. that's great now as a complete
5:55 am
novice over here. any advice for me as i jump on this bull. >> only 8 second to make it too hard. adam: only 8 second. is the mechanical bull and the real bull, what's the difference like? i'm sure you have been on a mechanical bull before. >> kind of like night and day. like nothing a real bull has muscles moving, all kinds of places and. adam: can you coach me as we do this but for the folks back in the studio. i know will, i know pete. i know you want this thing to throw me. i told them to start me off intermediate level to get that going. and crank did up eventually once i give them the go ahead. any advice here what i should be doing. >> turn toes out. adam: toes out. see this is why i'm going to beat you guys. will: crank it up, come on, adam. pete: crank it up. rachel: come on. adam: whew. will: come on, now.
5:56 am
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book today at, walk in, or call 1-800-aspendental. >> whoever put that shot up, that's alive shot where the green bay packers -- we didn't have that, otherwise we would have worn that in the playoffs
6:01 am
but instead, the football gods keep crashing down on me. a moment of silence for myself. and inside joke, moment of silence. we will loop you in later. antonio brown walked off the field. "cavuto" i sent a tweet of antonio brown asking for a moment of silence and not insignificantly being awarded that moment of silence by a pie just hope that pete deserves a moment of silence, the home of not just the green bay packers but the most iconic classic quarterback in the nfl and the most interesting, someone i
6:02 am
have disagreed with but certainly the most interesting quarterback in the nfl aaron rodgers, good morning to you both. >> good morning. rachel: it was snowing in wisconsin but also here on the east coast. all of our kids were missing the snow. it looked almost dangerous but it was fun. as we were walking over to see the kids there were so many kids. we have five kids. that the whole neighborhood come? just our kids and their kids but it looks like the whole neighborhood is there. pete: it looks like a lot of fun. brian: completely idyllic which is different from my experience
6:03 am
where we brought our kids to a ready hill near the new jersey turnpike at 3:00, mostly grass. you can see the cars speeding by, my daughter gwen almost hitting a bunch of people but not as good-looking but that is the way she loved it and had a good time and there's time for a gratuitous cat photo. rachel: your cat -- pete: i noticed this in your sledding video. we need to instruct our children don't walk back up the hill in the same when used let it down. the most irritating thing in the world, can you walk around the outside? otherwise it is a legacy.
6:04 am
pete: they make themselves constant targets. brian: they get out and do a 180 and walk up the same path and dodge people coming down. my video of the morning, no snow in texas but my oldest son turned 14, he did little trap shooting this past weekend. i won't tell you the carcinogens because they weren't good but he managed to hit two so it is all uphill from here. rachel: that looks very fun and very texas. i love it. brian: 24 degrees, just know snow. rachel: we will move on. some arguments happening over the biden vaccine mandates for private businesses and healthcare workers being heard at the supreme court. alexandria half joins us with that.
6:05 am
>> reporter: the supreme court is looking at two cases here, the first is the requirement for employees at large companies to get vaccinated and a mandate for healthcare workers at facilities funded by medicare or medicaid. justice sonja sotomayor pushed back on calling it a mandate, she feels it shouldn't be since employees have the option to test weekly and wear a mask. she along with justices breyer and kagan made clear they support the requirement. >> more and more people are getting sick every day. this is the policy that is most geared to stopping all of this. there is nothing else that will perform that function better than incentivizing people strongly to vaccinate themselves. >> reporter: both cases were fast tracked due to the biden administration planning to
6:06 am
implement the policies monday. justice samuel alito posted this. >> most regulations with which i'm familiar affect employees when they are on the job but not when they are not on-the-job. this affects employees all the time. if you are vaccinated while you are on the job you are vaccinated when you are not on-the-job. >> reporter: chief justice john roberts highlighted several questions on the power of the executive. >> i wonder if it is not fair to look at this as a general exercise of power and then ask the question why doesn't congress have a say this and why isn't this the primary responsibility of the states? >> reporter: opponent, many of them large employers fear this will stress an already strained labor market. the decision could come in a few short weeks or even days.
6:07 am
brian: appreciate it, great insight. it is saturday and it is 9:00, our man, dan bonngino. so great to see you this saturday morning. we will get to some fun stuff in a moment but we start with this report and at a little bit of a soundbite that will get you fired up. justice and doctor sonja sotomeyer claiming it is as deadly as delta and hundreds of thousands of children on ventilators. is what she said. >> those numbers show omicron is as deadly and causes as much serious disease in the unvaccinated as delta did. hospitals are almost at full capacity with people as severely ill on ventilators, we have 100,000 children which we
6:08 am
never had before in serious condition, many on ventilators. brian: we are trying to figure where she got her numbers from but she needs to maintain emergency to support her side on this case. >> i don't mean to laugh. while i was listening to that not one clause or word in that is true. it made me think at bailey madison we are all dumber for having heard that. it is not just the 100,000 number with a ventilators, none of that is true, not even the placement of punctuation. madam supreme court justice sotomayor, with all do respect, is it too much to ask to read the national enquirer before you go up there. forget your clicks briefings.
6:09 am
read a newspaper. not one of those things is true. not that she was off by a little bit. there are not 100,000 kids in the hospital. the number is 3000. you were only off by 97,000. it is not like she said was 3400. it was 3375. listen to me. she was off by 97,000. can you read the briefings, man. how hard is it, you're one of the nine most powerful legal professionals in the entire cosmos. can you read some basic material before you go on the air. i've got a phone. you can borrow mine. put in a search engine, children, hospital, omicron, delta.
6:10 am
it is not hard. the information is not for sale. it is free. you can read it and one more. i'm not done with this. prior is there's 750 million infections. this month 750 million, your only off by 749 million. can you read a book on this thing, please! holy moses, today get to the supreme court? seriously, was this a crossword puzzle that they submitted to get on the supreme court. i nominate will cain, he passed the bar. i'm not kidding, will cain on the supreme court. will: if i make it to the nomination process, do you know
6:11 am
what i get? i get a team of clerks who can research for me as well. i get actual human beings. i don't even need the phone. i have eight minions. i want you to think about how many contributed to the stupidity. >> we've known each other a long time. a great debate, all i do is estimate can you get some data. in 10 minutes or less they get you almost everything you need. are you telling me where on tv an important job i love but not as important as the supreme court, that they can't find the clerk to go is that 100,000 number accurate, it is not, your only off by 97,000, please don't delete yourself, you
6:12 am
couldn't find something to figure this out. my gosh, 6 of fox production team on them, this isn't hard to grasp. >> why are we even hearing this case? supreme court justice kagan says we are getting sick and the only way to do this is through vaccination when with omicron and the moment we are and it appears the vaccinated are more susceptible to getting covid. why are we hearing this case? >> on a serious note, things like chevron deference and administrative difference, congress lost their cojones a long time, they don't like to take notes, they are interested in power, not having gets doing the right thing but they write really vague lost and administrative agencies in the executive branch can go out and
6:13 am
interpret as they see fit. the supreme court has given them wide latitude in the court system through things like chevron deference and elsewhere to do these kinds of things but you see clarence thomas and others say this is getting out of hand. there is nothing in the osha law and the laws that cover osha the give them any authority whatsoever to force 330 million americans who work at these companies, a lower number, to inject these substances into their body but because politicians have no guts and the founders thought that our politicians would jealously guard their power what they missed is that we would elect a gutless class of losers who only want to maintain power and never make a tough decision so they blame it on osha and the center for medicaid medicare services. that the long answer. the hard one to take but we have a bunch of gutless losers in dc.
6:14 am
todd: we have a bunch of gutless losers in dc but on a more important note how would they rate themselves and how would you rate yourself as far as how attractive they think they are, see the pivot we do? we go for really serious things like injecting things in your body to how men rate their attractiveness? a new paul asks men how they rate their attractiveness level and the average score of a man is 5.9 self assessment of 10 which i will point out is above average but looks like a pretty average number. how does dan bondsgino rate himself on the scale of 1 to 10? >> we can cover chevron different, administrative difference, laugh about stuff and in this case we cry about stuff because i look like this.
6:15 am
i'm sorry, i don't like liberals, i don't. it is not a personal thing, i think your ideology is stupid but i through this out. if you go to social media platform they frequently make fun of my looks all-time and say he looks like that guy from mine craft with the block head and i will throw that went to you. the verdict is in. i have a gavel. i'm not the most attractive cat in the world and that is all right. i'm okay with that. i have great friends, a wife who is stunning, don't know why she is married to me, i am not a 529. i'm a 0.0059. but i have a great show, love you guys and i have a good time, great job, i love jesus christ, i don't have to be a 5. at least we agree on something.
6:16 am
pete: i'm here to promote because i'm the king of promotion or the right-hand man of the king of promotion on the other side of the screen from me but i'm here to present unfiltered tonight on fox news channel and then turn it over to rachel to rehabilitate dan because it will feel awkward for me to go you are not 0.0, you're much higher than that so i will turn it over to rachel. rachel: dan is one of the buffets to guys i know. i've also seen the way your wife looks at you and this is what i want to say to all three men here. you are as attractive as your wife thinks you are and i've seen pete and dan. will, haven't met your wife. that i've seen the way your wives look at both of you and
6:17 am
you guys are based on that. i've seen your wives look at you and they think you are both -- >> i promise my wife is real, not a fictional character. >> pizza on unfiltered tonight. it is a big scandal brewing at fox news, big scandal. how did will cain improve his dancing skills so dramatically on new year's eve from the initial line dance to the costume -- this is addressed tonight on unfiltered. you -- your dancing skills at the end of the dumb and dumber concert spectacular and in the beginning world of the rough. something happened. you have the gift. >> could i have hustled him? >> i think you did. it was a muscle and you look
6:18 am
up, got rand paul on tonight, big surprise for pete and awesome debate on why people are evacuating blue states, escaping new york like snake skin. don't miss that. >> last note on our last topic, money can't buy you love, you're a better looking than jeff bezos by far. >> but he has a lot of money. rachel: his money is not helping jeff bezos. just ahead, just ahead, the constitution of the united states the enemy of democracy, brian kilmeade joins us on his day off to react, stay with us. ♪♪ born in the usa
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6:23 am
professor taking aim at the gop in the constitution. in a new politico hotbed corey robin argues this, quote, democracy is not just the enemy of the republican party but the enemy of the constitution. americans associate the constitution with popular liberties such as due process and freedom of speech, they overlook its architecture of state power which the rights formidable powers to equal representation and majority rule in all three branches of government. rachel: let's bring in the other the president of the freedom fighter which is on the new york times the syllabus, brian kilmeade here to react. what do you say to this? i am so sick of people trying to take down our constitution.
6:24 am
brian: is at brooklyn college and he goes into detail, goes back to hundred years, talking about slavery and what was going on and some terrible supreme court decisions we all know that allowed slavery to take place in segregation to take root and it was all renders and we did this thing called getting better, learning from it and making progress but when you get into history, wheels better equipped than all of us, you go into detail and you can take a step back from constitutional scholar to somebody who is extremely frustrated that there are majorities, barely, in the house and senate are unable to get anything done. frustrated that the filibuster even exists, frustrated the voting rights legislation can't be jammed down our throats and the type of thing that when states get rights, he gets angry. is also against the electoral college. we hear these arguments over and over. too many electoral votes in
6:25 am
proportion to california, not really when it comes to population and the goal when it comes to the electoral college, tell me the rules of the game. if you want to keep citing the popular vote and saying that is what the american people want that is not the rule. if you want a popular vote election, goodbye midwest and goodbye smaller state and you are going to see republicans and democrats sitting there populated areas and try to maximize their votes in those areas. that is not the image of the founding fathers. you have a guy that talks about gerrymandering being illegal, that was part of the system from day one. you in the state legislature you have power, the majority weighed in and carveout the district in those states, those levels of the game for 200 years. he is frustrated with america because it is not the america that he wants.
6:26 am
todd: he want to appear democracy, we are constitutional republic designed to protect the rights of minorities against the will of the majority whether it be white versus black in the 1800s or the unvaccinated versus the vaccinated today, designed to protect minorities but i guess he just wants hard fast majority rule. speaking of history nicole hannah jones, author of the 6019 project has rewritten american history it is really frightening when the civil war began, she tweeted we did not stop the expansion of slavery, they dominated the supreme court in 1865 when the north was reluctantly drawn into a war that ultimately ended in slavery. the president of the freedom fighter, when writing that book did you learn when the civil war began, what your it was? >> you just all part things when it comes to history books, get in the vicinity. it seems like yesterday. how about that? everybody knows.
6:27 am
imagine on a test in high school, you have row number 9, you got the wrong number, everybody knows i know the right answer, stop questioning me, teacher. on the previous one i just saw this, 327 times the democrats filibustered republicans. was anyone saying constitutional crisis and when it comes to the 6019 project this is not the only thing she got wrong. number one the south was an economic powerhouse with agriculture, we weren't built on slavery, didn't have a revolution to preserve slavery, none of that is true but these are the central tenets of the book that is no curriculum in countless states and counties across the country which is why pete's head explodes every day when he looks over his shoulders and they studying things that make no sense built on 1619. this is the latest. i can't go through life saying you know i know the answer when you get around, when we get
6:28 am
things wrong, within 90 seconds it is on every blog and social media site and we can't say you know we got it right but it bothers me that she wants to my people that bring this up and say we just went and all white supremacist america. we have the courage to stand up and not be sheepish and say it has nothing to do with white supremacy. america has huge problems, slavery is a huge evil. was on every continent on the planet. was the world in which america came into. we fought a war to get rid of it. the 1860s, 1965 we leveled the playing field and continued to get better and better. why she goes out of her way to say america is an evil place built on slavery which is a fundamentally insulting argument. pete: in the 1800s the
6:29 am
abolishing of the slave trade which stopped the trade itself but didn't stop the activity of it until the civil war but those are the things she totally glazes over, totally ignores. the 6019 project from the beginning has been panned by historians, fact after fact and narrative after narrative is fundamentally incorrect yet she insists. here she is tweeting how she explains away that steak. it was poorly worded. i meant until 1865 ended the war which the more than been reluctantly drawn into. i realize people want to catch me up. i doubt anyone believes i do not know when the civil war started but it is what it is. of course she knows. >> they act like white people had nothing to do with the policy of slavery and the push for equal rights. were there racists in america
6:30 am
that were brought up? by racist parents who thought it was a society which that was natural? yes. not excluding it but people played a huge role in leveling the playing field, giving everyone rights, to eliminate that, a portion of the population, you demand they apologize and take an eighth grader or 8-year-old and say i want to tell you little white child that you are into president you, black person, will never be successful in america because you are the oppressed and the victim. that is why you push back, not because we want weight rule. we just want america to be equal for all and to be the melting pot that it can be and is, unless you choose to point out the worst part of our pass -- past. >> such a great point. it was white christian abolitionists that were of fundamental instrument will part of the whole movement towards changing the way things were in america with regards to slavery and also that she is
6:31 am
influencing our children's curriculum nationwide. i guarantee you in america right now more kids know the date she put forward as the start of america's in 1776. i bet 1619 has more impact on kids in our american public school system than 1776. >> based on her own standards those children only need to go 1630, i will ballpark it, you know i know, when was america found it? ballpark. rachel: she also says america doesn't exist. that is her latest statement. >> they tried to correct her and she put it in the book anyway. >> he is under a ceiling. under a ceiling in front of an air-conditioner. >> i'm in a back room.
6:32 am
i have 235 dogs on either side of me. i close the curtains and i bet they would not be barking during this segment. pretty excited. >> almost as good as yours. >>, rate myself in terms of looks at you i went inside myself and asked myself what do i really think? i of the toughest judges but this is what i got. i got a perfect 10. thank you. i give myself a. it could be a four but -- i really do -- brian: great job on that. pete: all right.
6:33 am
will: it has been disappointing december for president biden, spinning the dismal jobs report while everything gets more expensive including mortgage rates. cheryl casone reacts next. ♪♪
6:34 am
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6:37 am
global americans are moving up to better jobs with better pay, better benefits. that is why they are quitting their jobs. this isn't about workers walking away and refusing to work but workers able to take a step up, to provide for themselves and their families. pete: the jobs report social expectations by 200,000 jobs. foxbusiness anchor cheryl casone joins us to discuss. unemployment fell, the jobs
6:38 am
number far below expectations and yes unemployment fell. i'm looking at labor force participation and that seems to explain the gap here. >> reporter: 96,000 people left the workforce, they have a different take on the numbers and many analysts i talked to had. in particular president biden was asked about correlation between wages and inflation. we saw 4.7% gain year-over-year, you would think that would be good, not when you have inflation sitting at a 39 year high. any of those wage gains the american worker has seen has been wiped out by inflation. that was the first point. when asked about it he called it malarkey. i think it will get worse when we get to the revision in a month. they only took the surveys through the week of 12-13.
6:39 am
we've seen 1.7 million absences in december. if this case count stays where they are we are worth 4 million absences for the month of january. the jobs report did not adequately show the true situation for american jobs and what they are not making when they go to work. pete: it could be scary to watch those job numbers come back in the coming months. there is no easy answer. let me show you the fixed rate mortgage, 3.22%, up dramatically, is that what we have to do -- >> interest rates going up raising rates. 3 interest rate hikes for 2022.
6:40 am
interest rates are going to go higher, 30 year, and at 3.7, maybe 3.8% on the 30 year. as far as the housing market in 2021 we are not going to see that again. we are seeing price jumps of 14% for existing home sales, that is pretty big. all these folks looking at low interest rates, they wanted to buy the house. that is great but when you are overpaying on valuations for home that is when the problem came in and a lot of folks find out they paid for property in 2021. the frenzy in the housing market. pete: not sure that is good news. you can watch american dream home tuesdays at 8:00 pm. you don't want to miss that.
6:41 am
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rachel: more than 5000 schools across the country shutting their doors to students last week including chicago public schools as they plan to cancel class for the fourth day monday. let's bring in our panel, do fall county florida parent and host of the keisha king show, keisha king and former wall street journal columnist, i want to start with you. when the pandemic started the schools said give us money, we are talking billions of dollars of money and we will stay open. now you have been trying to bring attention to how this money has been used. you say it is not been for covid mitigation. >> it is outrageous. there are five letters i want people to know, ess er. since the spring of 2020 the
6:46 am
school systems have to hundred billion dollars in those funds, elementary school, secondary school recovery money. it is going for safe spaces, anything except getting kids back to school. the bailout of the auto industry, they received 20 million almost. now the schools received 10 times the auto industry and going back to school, there is a place you can call, department of education inspector general and you've got to follow the money in your school districts. all you have to do is put in the letters and find out where your money is going and report back to us, we are following the money.
6:47 am
rachel: it would be a shame if it is used for these divisive equity programs. some schools are opening and i had reports from parents calling me telling me the in 95 masks are outrageous, can't imagine how they are going to get oxygen to the brain during the school day. wire schools not measuring the closures and onerous mask mandates against the psychological issues that are happening. girls attempting suicide that rates we've never seen before? >> it is all a push to get children vaccinated. there trying to get this to coerce parents and children to get the vaccine. even if they did all take the
6:48 am
vaccine they wouldn't -- studies have shown other developed countries is shown masking children is not healthy, it is causing them to be more isolated and when you're more isolated evil developmental health illnesses. this is something that is already a problem in america, mental health issues and you've seen the opioid crisis skyrocket and we will see more of that. school closings, they are not getting the education they deserve. to the detroit free press, he was going to keep the schools closed and four five months behind, holding education hostage unless they get vaccinated. rachel: they are losing time with education and the
6:49 am
isolation, they are on this all the time and that is leading to mental health issues. my kids used to say you are not the loss of me. that is the relationship with the teachers union. don't we pay, are we supposed to be in charge? >> that's a great question because chicago is in leadership vacuum. mayor lightfoot is fighting for the kids. where is ron desantis to make the schools open, they've got $1.8 billion in stimulus money at chicago public schools, now the union is accusing mayor lightfoot saying she misspent the money. parents have to remember school is not free. we pay for them to stay closed.
6:50 am
we are funding students. >> such a great way to end the segment, funding students and not systems, at least one would come out of it. it reminds me there is still hope out there. will: thank you. a tragic loss in connecticut as hockey player teddy balkan was killed in a tragic accident. at saint luke's school was killed, fell on the ice and another cut his neck. the hockey community paying tribute including tim atkinson,
6:51 am
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pete: family friendly entertainment coming home to your home theater. >> i was counting on it. >> my time has not yet come. will: angel studios offers an alternative to hollywood. they've raised $50 million to distribute crowdfunding's independent productions on their streaming platform. joining us is the ceo of angel studios neil harmon. i will also note the film we just showed is on fox nation streaming right now.
6:56 am
you created content where you release it and share platforms like ours that have those shared values. talk about what you are trying to disrupt and change. >> the difference between owning something and renting something. my neighborhood there is a string of houses and they were rented for a time and they became run down as families moved in they improved those homes and made them more beautiful. angel means ownership. our company is named after people who funded these shows and so the creator and the audience come together to make a beautiful show they own together. will: a crowdfunding concept but you've got to decide what films you're putting together. what are you seeking to fill here?
6:57 am
>> hollywood has become over 100 years, the people they think about our different from what many people throughout the world think about. we think audiences and people like us are better at deciding what movies to make and what shows to make them hollywood executives are. will: a great point. the disconnect couldn't be more real than right now. what are people clamoring for that you provide, the chosen being an example of that, that hollywood isn't providing? >> the chosen is a great example. 19,000 people invested $10 million to make season one of the chosen. season 2 is seen 330 million times available on fox nation.
6:58 am
a fantastic show and there's something special about it because dallas junk and in the creators put so much love and care into the show knowing they were answering to their audience and not a hollywood studio. some other projects that aren't getting voiced from hollywood, some other examples are total twins and wing feathers saga. it is an animated series that teaches about freedom and economics, some things we've lost sight of in recent years. it does it in a fun way, as funny as phineas and for but as educational as the magic schoolbus. it started last year and has super high ratings. will: it is important to create an ecosystem that reflect our values and you are doing that right now. if you want to check out more of this project, the
6:59 am
chosen is a great example of the stuff you create. >> thank you. pete: we only have a minute and 20 left in the show. are you giving it another round? what have we got here? >> reporter: i might ride as we finish it off, celebrate i'm the best bull rider. that is what we learned through all this. >> the longest time. will: let's go to the scorecard. rachel, the reigning champion, 27 seconds on the bull and adam, 32 seconds. look like your new reigning "fox and friends" champion. it does matter how high it turned up. >> we shouldn't discount
7:00 am
seconds, we need to count form as well. even though we had a professional bull rider instructor. >> oh, my goodness. pete: crank it up. crank it quick. rachel: crank ill, crank it! will: i'm sort of impressed, to be honest. ♪ neil: all right, i don't think i would ever try that, but hats off to the savant. in the meantime, forget about how the supreme court weighs on the administration's mandates here. in the case of citigroup telling its workers come january 14th if he was not been vaccinated, they will be terminated. they're just the latest company to say that and are not affect by anything that will ultimately come out of the supreme court. but you're going to see a


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