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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  January 8, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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short staffing, omicron. , luckily still time to place an order for mardi gras march 1 this year. eric: what is he going to say about this? arthel: thank you so much, who was you tomorrow noon eastern. enjoy your evening. ♪♪ >> hello, everyone. i am lisa booth along with guy benson, alicia acuna. here's what's on tap tonight. >> shocking story out of new england, death of a young teen killed and ice hockey player by another players skate. tragedy tonight. >> so sad. alicia. >> data showing half of :
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hospitalizations in one state has nothing to do with covid, coronavirus confusion coming up. >> jimmy. >> remember virginia governor made headlines over the halloween costume? he's not getting criticized for planning the people stuck in traffic jams that stratus drivers for 24 hours this week. >> a guy can't do anything right but first, new york city district attorney doubling down on radical policies as crime spikes in the big apple. >> hot of the assault happen? several times with the person struggling mental health. it's intuitive, common sense. >> alvin bragg calling for prosecutors to stop prosecuting low-level crimes, charges for certain crimes, don't, sentence
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like murder to 20 years in prison. radical ideas, the new police commissioner concerning she's calling out the new district attorney. she sent an e-mail to nypd saying i study these policies and i'm concerned about implications to your safety as police officers, the safety of the public and justice for the victims. guy, i think we can all agree it's crazy to try to reduce murder sentences to 20 years or reduce armed robberies for a misdemeanor but we have us interesting dichotomy in new york right now, the new mayor former police captain who campaigned on being tough on crime a d.a. who doesn't want to prosecute crime so where could this leave the city of new york? >> we've seen this movie play out unfortunately in places like los angeles and san francisco and philadelphia, it's a ugly result in those places. you cannot have cheap law
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enforcement officers who aren't interested in prosecuting crime. defining down crime including serious crime so i think you're right, you hit the nail on the head with this question, it's going to be fascinating to watch how this plays out because eric adams won the democratic primary in new york by being a tough on crime no-nonsense candidate is a former cop himself and taken that physician already and it's refreshing to have someone who's not a lunatic as mayor of new york city, it's been a while but i think he's taken a strong stand thus far, the quote from the police commissioner as well, they are already doing battle with the new district attorney who was elected so the fact that they are taking shots at each other, we one week or so into the new year? i think there will be a power struggle, crops and mayor on one side and the chief prosecutor perhaps on the other side a lot of the time it could be a story
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to watch and could be a struggle in new york city based on other results around the country. >> you also have nypd commissioner concerned about this and the d.a. responding to the concerns this is what he said, the commissioner calls for productive discussions to reach common ground shared mission to deliver safety and justice for all and the opportunity to clear up misunderstanding, the conversation started directly not through the media. you've got the deicing we could find common ground but if you are nypd, why even go after the criminals if they are not going to be prosecuted? >> exactly, in the other sector of society i keep thinking about other businesses, small businesses and large businesses as well as they know there's no incentive for people not to shoplift or do drugs outside
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their door than who is going to help them? that is going to be hard and interesting, i predict probably quite tragic to watch this play out because the policies he saying this misunderstanding from he laid and out clearly what will work and what won't if you try to bring charges for someone who's committed a crime, that is going to be difficult so there's probably a lot of confusion and i agree that police officers there, the message they are receiving could be very concerning. >> absolutely and businesses and all dynamics at play, jimmy, i've got to get your response, we got criminals literally praising this so this is what one told the new york post, i am grateful for reform because i'm
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too old to go to jail, i can't do it. rectors island is not the key, you know what i'm saying? i been in jail all my life, i could do it standing on my head, it's not teaching me anything, i can get more drugs in their than up here and hopefully they will see i did not do all the crimes they are accusing me of. let's look at this rap sheet. we've got 32 prior arrests, mostly burglary, crimes dating back to 1983, 112021 alone, 11 and released after the latest felony arrest so maybe, just maybe someone like this should not be on the street. [laughter] >> you think? >> a wild idea, right? >> really wild. i can't tell you how thrilled i am to be on air because i just assumed this was an intervention called drinking after christmas -- >> we have to talk after this. >> thank you. that means a lot to me but this is what i want to say, alvin
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bragg's ember medic of everything going on in this country right now and democratic politicians created a world with more sympathy for the criminal than it does for the victim which is insane. when you hear a guy kind of being lauded for the fact that speaking out against the fact that prisons are overcrowded, you can be for prison reform without showing sociopathic indifference to the rest of society and that is what the bail reforms are because we create a situation where the politicians don't have to inhabit the world they create because they all have a security detail, they are not shopkeeper who's going to get robbed three times next week is not going to jail or former cabdriver like me who knows how the streets are, they are bad and i can tell you this, we need. , everybody needs to support the police, the most difficult and important job in society, i
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would be a cop myself if it weren't for this thing called a background check but we got to stick up for the cops aside from that. [laughter] >> that's another thing to talk about. [laughter] guy, he mentioned something earlier, both of these guys were elected, you've got not the criminal but the mayor eric adams who was elected, the ca elected, completely diametrically opposed and what they want to do with crime, how does that happen? >> a lot of planning of heads and i had our colleagues mccarthy who was a longtime federal prosecutor on my radio show this week and he said it's not like the president and attorney general whether president is elected in the present gets from the bars and he could call the attorney general and say this is what we are going to do, here is how we are going to do it, you're going to carry out my vision we are going to find somebody else to do the job. that's not the case in new york
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city because the new d.a. was elected by new yorkers so when i use the term power struggle, you have two people duly elected by the citizens who seem to have very different approaches to this and that's why i think this is going to play out badly for the citizens of new york. in a lot of cases for the criminals, i think the politics in new york city will be fascinating on a new level over the coming years because of us. twenty years maximum under? no bail? it's crazy even if you are in favor of reform like i am, that's crazy and it's not a new experiment, this has been playing out in other cities, we've seen the results and new york is think let's give it a shot. what a disaster, it's predictable. >> guy mentioned this experiment we are going to see unfold here but what does it mean for the police officers sworn to keep the cities safe and now their hands are tied?
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what is it mean for their safety? >> you would have to imagine what's going through their minds and hearts because it's difficult enough or police across the country to recruit officers because it doesn't seem to be the best in life for them and also the d.a. had a speech today he gave when he was standing next to al sharpton and in the speech he acknowledged violent crime is on the rise in the city that's out of control so one of the other citizens of new york hearing? it's not going to be so bad if you are a criminal but it's really bad right now if you are not a criminal it is going to continue to pay to do the crime. >> what does it mean, you said you were a former cabdriver, what does it mean for tourism? >> tourism focal down, all economic activity will go down because people don't want to spend their money where they don't feel safe. there is direct correlation
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between high rate of crime and economic opportunity, it will drive down the economy with crime which is why new york look like gotham but that means not coming because he got laid off due to the vaccine mandate. >> i think people don't want to spend money where they don't feel safe, great panel. still ahead on the big saturday show, horrific death of a young teen killed while playing high school hockey, questions about safety on the ice after the tragedy, that next. stay with us. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show, tonight the sudden tragic death with tenth grader in connecticut raising questions about the safety of high school ice hockey. teddy falcon was playing a game thursday night when it that the accident was occurred. police captain say a player from the other team who fell on the ice, another player near they're down player, is unable to stop and collided with a player who
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fell. i skate cut his neck. the local community and hockey community at large and morning, professional players posting photos of her hockey sticks on social media under six out for teddy and tribute and this is unimaginably sad and tragic story obviously. jimmy, you are a parent and a sports fan, how did this story hit you? >> this is a really challenging thing to tackle because as a parent you understand they are going through unimaginable english and i think happens to a lot of people in this situation is the story makes you feel so helpless we start looking around for some type of a villain, who will for regulation to scrutinize because it takes us feel there's something we can do to avenge the way we feel and only the poor kids parents feel that even the kid skated into him who obviously on the ice looking for this to ensue and it
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really is difficult because there is an inherent risk to playing sports that being said, this is not something anyone ever signed up for our dreams could happen so you do hope, we take a closer look, i don't know there will be a self, that's the most heartbreaking part, there's not a lot we can do other than hopefully step up away the way professional teams have, posting photos. the rangers and devils and nonprofessional teams like the islanders but it was nice to see people acknowledge this. >> yes and you look at the photos of this kid, so much life, his whole life stretching out in front of him and ends in an instant and it really is a freak accident, there's no avoiding this, is a contact
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sport, it's unbelievably unlikely to occur and i understand for some to say maybe we need to tighten up the rules or maybe it's not safe, there were thousands of hockey games played every day, this, because it's so rare, how do you grapple with these emotions and considerations? >> you said exactly what i say to my kids when i'm trying to explain something so incredibly tragic, you can't even imagination this would happen but what i tell mine, i have teens at home and i'm a parent of 310th graders, the same grade as teddy and what i tell them this is on the news because it's so rare, it's not something that happens all the time. that doesn't help in any way for heartbreak the family and the community is experiencing from a broader perspective, it's incredibly rare so hard, sports
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does come with inherent risk, that's the nature of sports and every now and then our hearts break. >> i am a big hockey fan, hockey players are known to be postnet communities which is why you are seeing the outpouring including these professional franchises and lisa, jimmy touched on this a little bit, of course are hearts go out to teddy's family, truly cannot imagine and i think there also has to be rallying around wherever the kid was caused this accident, it's not his fault, never anyone's intent but my goodness, that will be with that young man the rest of his life, to. >> the tenth graders so they are babies and teddy's dad was in attendance so praying for him and his family as well i can't even imagine in the natural response, what could we have done to prevent it and what can
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we do in the future? with freak accidents, sometimes there's nothing we can do and that's almost the hardest conclusion to come to my understanding even wearing a neck bar doesn't prevent lacerations and sports there are inherent risks, hit in the head by balls and alternative, i've slipped in the shower and got a concussion but life is full arrests in sports are full of us and i don't think there's much that could have been done to prevent this but we should pray for his family and the young man involved and i cannot imagine having to go through that in life, tenth graders so young so praying for everyone involved, it's really sad. >> absolutely. we got to leave it there. next on the big saturday show, new data causing confusion on coronavirus, are covid patients hospitalized because of covid or in many cases because of something else? the big discrepancy revealed next. ♪♪
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♪♪ welcome back to the big saturday show, as if there wasn't enough confusion about covid, new data from new york state department of health is adding to it, almost half the coronavirus hospitalizations are actually not due to covid and while the cdc announced kids hospitalized with covid, it actually turns out there were taken to the hospital for issues other than covid and then thought a positive test result. i'm going to patio first because we hear so much about hospitals being overrun and how terrible things are and now we hear adults and kids are going to the
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hospital maybe for a broken arm, most basic terms and then they test positive for covid so they need clarity on these numbers. >> and also what does it mean for the death count in the country as well? how many died from covid versus with covid? we've seen previously a motorcycle death categorized as a covid death what does it mean and total for the policy decisions made for the past two years? what's remarkable is yesterday's conspiracy theory, we saw the origins of the coronavirus in conversations that weren't allowed to be had surrounding the wuhan lab, people previously have been pointing this out and call it a conspiracy theory or even the fact people were previously talking about vaccinated people to get and spread covid, yesterday's conspiracy. today's truth but what i find the most troubling over the past
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two years is lack of critical thinking in this country and shutting down, if you raise these points previously, you were condemned, shut down and ridiculed when we were having these conversations the past two years, wouldn't the public policy decisions we make been better off? >> , people have questions out there and there are a lot of people who are punished even for asking the questions. god, i want to come here because two critical decisions by the supreme court regarding vaccine mandates and before i get your take, i want you to listen to the ohio attorney general said friday. >> they are trying to work their way around congress because congress, they don't have the boat to do what they want to do. if there's to what the government is allowed to do not just because they think it's a good thing, is it a lawful
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thing? >> first of all, the biden administration, this president, the first one to try workarounds with congress, they feel congress isn't working for them but you have 27 attorneys general were concerned about what could possibly happen monday. >> the white house chief of staff had retweeted something a few months ago suggesting exactly what this one around the constitution, it came up during oral arguments yesterday and it sounded to a lot of legal like the majority of the court was at least sympathetic to the argument we heard from a gentleman from ohio and i want to go back to something lisa said because i agreed on this, the last year end a half close to two years i've been someone advocating we take coronavirus seriously, i've been an advocate for the vaccine, i got natures booster so not immunity as well and respectful debate on the
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question of vaccines, on twitter and other places. [laughter] something we should be able to have a back-and-forth and good decisions about it, lisa is right though, some questions asked, we were told don't ask that if you ask this question, there is something wrong with you getting yourself suspended or banned platforms and it's not a new phenomenon that there are hospitalizations with covid versus hospitalizations for covid. we've known this including all the death count as well, something people have been talking about for well over a year end an important decision to make, i'm glad we are finally getting to the you can finally talk about the because doctor fauci and others decided talk about it now but it's been a phenomenon that should the into the policymaking or should have for quite some time and you and i agree on that, there hugo.
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>> it's always a good place to be. >> but i interrupt this lovefest for a second? [laughter] >> we were having a moment, jimmy. >> you are, i was getting emotional, i was going to be in a bad spot myself and cry on tv and my mascara runs. guy said something good, discussion we should have been having a year ago when it comes to the vaccine and efficacy and whether or not people vaccinated coming down with cases of color, we weren't even allowed to tweak that three weeks ago and that is the insane part of right now, a lot of objective people tuned up public health issues not for partisan reasons but because of common sense, they've seen the over counting and about faces by the cdc which the cdc lost the locker room because there coming
2:31 pm
audibles, this is football. they go to scrimmage and yell omaha and switch formations but when you do that for 330 killing people, that's a lot of confusion and people have tuned out the cdc but the thing that drives me crazy, i'm a parent as we mentioned earlier, we have one kid, they saw the first report card and i don't know, can you get a dog or something? have horrified kids over counting these and running headlines like all the kids are in the hospital and to be honest, it's shameful. >> okay. >> next, golden state no more, new proof people are putting this on the blue states when the big saturday show continues. ♪♪
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♪♪ welcome back to the big saturday show, new proof the blue states are going off. new report california and illinois, greatest one way net loss of rental trucks. most appears to have gone to texas and florida. guy benson, texas is very hot right now let's be honest, there are some liberal places in texas like austin that are so liberal they want to defund the cops so let me ask you, because it put texas ahead of behind florida in the running for the next summer vacation home you purchase? [laughter] >> summer vacation, maybe winter vacation to go to florida sounds pretty nice especially right
2:37 pm
now, it's bridget in washington d.c. lisa probably has a strong be honest having moved to florida recently it seems like a lot of my friends are moving to florida, i have to admit this but i think california is doing is driving people out of their state and doing it shamelessly. the voters there put a rubber stamp on the leadership of governor newsom by 30 points, to me that would be final straw if i were living in california and you've got people not talking about proposing the state of california to double their taxes on top of what they already have to pay for a huge government healthcare scheme so i hope they do it. there are consequences for elections and what they want, this is what they voted for it of people want to vote with their feet as they have been, by all means. if i were a dictator for a day and wave a wand, i'm not actually calling for it but i sort of wish if you try to
2:38 pm
escape a place like california, a refugee politically because of the political failures of california, he should have to sign a waiver when you get to the new state promising not to vote for the party that's ruining california in your new state for at least ten years because we are seeing california application of colorado and arizona and other places like no, there's a reason you are leaving, you need to learn that lesson. >> i would piggyback, and go further, i think if gavin newsom wanted to help the environment, he would make every u-haul electric because how much electric we would get, we have a quote here i want to bring up, u-haul official on why people are moving to texas, texas economy is growing fast with strong market and low cost of living is a no-brainer. texas doesn't have income tax so families get more for their money so there's another paul here, why americans moved in
2:39 pm
2021. 45% decided lower cost of living, 43% with a better culture, 49% political reasons, 38% climate change, 37% lower taxes and 32% better rates. i want to throw this out, if you were advising the democratic party and i hope you don't because i need you to hire me but if you were advising the democratic party would you tell them they are prioritizing the wrong issues right now? >> yes and if they haven't heard that message loud and clear than they are simply not paying attention as they -- we are in 2022, heading into the midterm. [laughter] i am here, still getting it but anyway, i've covid arizona politics for it seems like forever and we saw in 2020 joe biden took arizona and they have two democratic senators, one is
2:40 pm
on the independent side but when i'm there and spend time talking to people, there are so many times when someone will say people are moving here from california and bringing their politics with them. that's changing the state the way the electorate works. when it comes back to the democratic party, major elections here, they are not looking so good in the midterms right now. i would say pay attention. >> and to that, people love freedom so says ron desantis who weighed in on why people are moving to red states. >> people seeking freedom are coming to florida, texas and tennessee and others as well but we have been the epicenter of fact i think part of it is because we've been bold saying florida is a free state and we were saying that when it was not popular. now the lockdown politicians are found in florida vacationing. >> the full interview airs tomorrow 8:00 p.m. on life,
2:41 pm
liberty and levin. lisa, you moved to florida and although it hard to tell from the instagram feet, it's not just for this, explain why. [laughter] >> you just heard governor desantis, he's the best governor in the country, florida is the best state i moved there because i wanted to be free. tired of the national guard being sent to airport, i want freedom and i thought shelter in the state of florida and can you imagine not just keeping florida three but the country free, or the nation look like if it wasn't for governor ron desantis holding the line for freedom with the trend of lockdowns keeping his estate free and across the country free? i think is a hero, a national hero to me and i love being a floridian and he is the best governor in the country. >> # yacht party. playing the victim. virginia's governor pointing finger and hundreds of drivers
2:42 pm
stranded when they were shut down for 30 hours, how he says it their fault. straight ahead. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show, it's a political game game in virginia. drivers were stranded for 30 hours earlier this week, the out governor says don't blame him, blame the drivers. he said earlier this week quote i'm getting sick and tired of people talking about what went wrong and then went on to post these questions to the drivers. number one, did you know about the storm? number two, why did you feel it was so important to drive through such a snowstorm? three, in hindsight do you think maybe you should have stayed home or wherever you work rather than getting out on interstate 95? jimmy, you get this first but i will say this is one of the best text you can send to a teen, i can't but as a governor talking to adult? i don't know, your take. >> this is the second worst
2:47 pm
story involving him and the car, the first he drove to a costume store and got a clan costume for his college yearbook but what a lowlife. when you start shaming the drivers for being on the road, when it really demonstrates is how out of touch a lot of democrats are with regular people, regular people don't have the option of staying home, they don't have the kind of job that's as well, we will send in the team because the commute got a little rough today, they've got to be out there doing their thing and that is the part that drives me crazy, there is this indifference and they show this in moments where they don't want to be accountable for situations they should have jumped on but what is fascinating is in the effort to blame other people and i'm sure we will get there, there were people blaming republicans twitter is so stupid, -- twitter is like a
2:48 pm
fight club for people who don't want to get hit and you can tell because you can tweet on twitter, it's my dog's birthday and somebody would be like yeah but trump you would say but my dog doesn't know who trump is. >> let's look at the tweet, people were out there and they are blaming the incoming governor, one user set youngkin failed his first test in virginia. this never happened under democrat governor northam or any other governor and another, collateral damage between glenn youngkin and wrath of god. guy, there's just one problem with all of this, isn't there? >> there is and i am a virginia butter and happy glenn youngkin will be the governor here soon but he has not yet and at least one of the tweet was from a former journalist who of course supports the democratic party wants to blame the republicans, everything can be republicans fault even if there republican isn't in charge yet, it's still
2:49 pm
ralph on the clock, stoked governor, maybe he's checked out, maybe he's red-faced for months because his parting lost a few weeks ago but he's still technically the government and for him to be out there posing questions like blame the victim questions, maybe he could send a text to u.s. senator tim kaine, a democrat stuck in the traffic jam for 26 and a half hours, why were you on the road? going to washington because i had to cast the vote, people have jobs to do in the one element of that which bothered me the most, him telling the radial host or whoever was interviewing him, i'm sick and tired of people asking what went wrong. really? it was like the next day after people were in their cars overnight with nothing to eat or drink or go to the bathroom and you are already tired of any accountability? governor northam will be former governor very soon and i hope
2:50 pm
governor elect youngkin do a better job take it as a learning experience when he's actually in charge which is happening in a matter of days. >> lisa, governor northam apologized so we should put that up there, he put out tweet, we certainly don't want to blame the drivers, the folks stuck on the highways four hours, this is after by numbers, he blamed them. >> i just want to fact check something, maybe governor northam was red-faced, it was black faced but that's a fact check there for governor northam. [laughter] my favorite, there's a tweet making the rounds on twitter like i can't believe glenn youngkin would mess this up so badly and someone was like actually governor northam still office and it was like the immediacy, she said i'm so glad he's on it.
2:51 pm
but i used to work on capitol hill and political campaigns and seen tim kaine matter-of-factly for his two hour commute to the capitol turned into i think 27 hours, i kept asking myself if glenn youngkin was in fact in political office right now as a republican, what would the tweet look like, what the response look like? i think we could all assume it would be a little less matter of fact and blaming and going out there with a megaphone attacking him. >> but jimmy loves twitter. [laughter] that's all i got out of this. >> every time i log on to twitter, i feel like a party where everyone else already had 13 drinks and i'll never catch up and that really is twitter, nowhere in the world is there a place where if only he spent more time on twitter. if you're stuck on the highway
2:52 pm
19 hours, maybe you lost your ability to get on twitter, that's the only upside i could think. >> our picks for big saturday fought our next. ♪♪
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2:56 pm
of the week, will start with mine, associate justice of the supreme court sonja, yesterday's supreme court hearings on coronavirus mandates, oral argument, she spread misinformation repeatedly uncovered, when making her argument. the justice claimed among other things, we have over 100,000 children we've never had before in serious condition and many on ventilators. she also said omicron is a deadly has delta, neither of those things are correct. not even close to correct. she was off by about 97000 in terms of the kids and never the she throughout their. and i'm not expecting too often agree with her but you would hope that these nine lawyers would at least do the homework to have their stat, their basic facts right before they rule on constitutional issues that affect millions of people and she was embarrassingly wrong
2:57 pm
repeatedly. jimmy, what you got? >> aaron rodgers deny boycott of super bowl for covid protocols. qb took to twitter to shoot down what he called fake news. let me jumping and say this, even if aaron rogers did boycott the super bowl, i'm not impressed because the jets have been boycotting for super bowl for 50 years but enough. the real reason we are in this position people going after aaron waters, the rumor started because of a former new york jets quarterback who said on the morning radio show, not a superstar show like the guidelines and show what you can listen on fox news radio everyday, they started the rumor, there anti- aaron rogers because he's anti- vaccine mandates but the big headline
2:58 pm
for the quickly, before i give it to you, we were told we were all going to die at football games if we gathering big crowds but you >> aaron rodgers has made more sense than if many people. all right, this is my headline, so, police officers in pennsylvania were conducting a dui stop when they found a live deer in the trunk of a driver's car. so she hits the deer, this driver. the passenger and her put the deer in the back of the car, in the trunk, they thought it was dead. turns out it was alive. she gets pulled over, and they release the deer in the wild. i personally think she's going to have a hard time arguing she wasn't drunk when you have a live deer in your trunk. that's just me, but it might be a tough sell. what's your headline? >> totally agree. the evidence is in the car. there's not a lot you can do. mine is not so much a fail as it
2:59 pm
is kind of adorable because it's an animal, another animal story. a hotel manager in zambia, africa, was shocked to find an elephant having the lobby. it was apparently looking for food, of course. and i guess between october and december, a little outside of that, the elephants are wandering around looking for wild mangos. and sometimes they'll come in a number of times throughout the day. i just think it's cute. it's popular with the visitors. also cute. i would go there for that. >> they're very larges so maybe a little scary if, you know, you don't want to get too close, bu- >> when i -- >> guys, guys, guys, do we have time, do we have time for jimmy's intervention? can we get that started now? [laughter] >> yes, jimmy. >> actually, jimmy, we immediate to talk. we're concerned. we love you there. we're here for you. [laughter] >> listen -- >> and you're being taken to a treatment center in approximately 30 seconds.
3:00 pm
>> listen, if i had a dollar for every time i heard that, i'd have, like, three brand on me right now, but if you guys really mean it this time, we all know i could use it. >> we love you. we're here for you. >> that does it for us. see you back here tomorrow at 5 p.m. eastern for "the big sunday show." "the fox report" with jon scott starts right now. jon: the fates of two of president biden's vaccine mandates now in the hands of the u.s. supreme court. good evening, i'm jon scott, and this is "the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: the justices are considering whether two of president biden's vaccine mandates should take effect. a decision could come at any time. meantime, as covid cases in the u.s. hit record levels this week, the president is shifting his messaging on the virus. after nearly two years of the pandemic, he's repeated his process to shut it down, promises, i should say, to s


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