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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  January 9, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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dvr so you never misthe show and you can catch more of the jeanine thanks so much for watching. i appreciate it. i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice and the american way. ♪ ♪
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered
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lnl it is no longer a deangt. americans are moving from blue states to red states in droves. da it is eve where and shows states like new york and california are the least popular. but why exactly are they leaving kind of important you know. joining me now for rebuttal is democratic strategist sarah norman. sarah thank you for joining us we appreciate it. so sarah. you would think this would be a testament, i mean, people are evacuating these deep blue states new york and california illinois as well. and masses and not relocating to other blue states but relocating to red states why do you think that's happening? >> housing, so look generally we know that blue states and cities are much more successful when it comes to everything from economic quo to clean air and water, to addressing child poverty, but mixed in with those successes are some huge failures. and anyone who generally agrees
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with democratic strategy should be honest about that. now the biggest one of those failures is housing. that is what is driving this spikes and cost of living in places like san francisco and seattle. and you know, let's take san francisco as an example. frifng is most progressive city in the united states. when it comes to social issues, but when it comes to housing it is not progress eve but quite conservative and what is happened is some wealthy homeowners and real estate investors who want housing prices to remain high, have used their political influence to slow down construction and impose these ridiculous zoning laws. dan: i have to stop you there for a second with this -- this is kind of tough to take. you're not really suggesting that san francisco has a conservative housing policy one, and second, i look to challenge what you said earlier, states the top ten states for economic
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growth we'll put it up on screen here are all led by republicans. so i don't know where you're getting your da it from but top ten states for job growth republican led states. so where are you getting that data that economic growth is better in blue states? >> well it has traditionally and where the beg tech companies are. and in terms of people moving -- dan: but i showed it to you zaire rei i love debate that's why i have you own and let you answer but i like you to address what's on screen right here. that top ten state are all led by republicans so that's just not accurate like what -- you can't make stuff up. you know? >> i apologize, i can't see the screen. i see a black screen but if you're talking about top ten states -- dan: my panel -- nebraska, utah, arizona, texas, mississippi, alabama, georgia, those are all led by republicans. so i just told you them. >> yeah. that i think that makes sense
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due to remote work. you know for the first time you have been able to have the big city blue, blue state income while having those low cost of living in red states. i alsoment to point out where people are moving to let's look at texas biggest place people are moving to is austin which is a very blue city. same thing with boise, idaho another very blue city so people are -- >> wait -- in red states. >> you're suggesting people are moving from blue states to red states in blue cities -- but sarah, the red state rule still apply >> whether you liven my or martin county where i do there's no state income tax so i don't get you're making up point not yours. that preem people are living for cities in red states with less democrat, you know, rulings and regulations and taxes.
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you're making that point not yours, right? >> well if you could let me -- actually respond i would love to make more points. but i think that it is actually a much simpler idea than what we're looking at for the first time people could keep their high salary jobs explore new states, and hey they're tending to go to red states and in blue area is where they trust the government a little bit more. and some people are already moving back like for example, in new york we have twice the growth than in first half of 2019. i honestly back to what i was saying before, think a big issue of why people are leaving housing. due to remote work and no longer ties to cities. dan: i would like to throw this up because they ask people why they're moving high cost of housing in there. but one of the other reasons is taxes. lower 37.. also 39% sarah said political reasons. so it is kind of a big deal
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right? they want lower taxes and they don't like politics of the area they're leaving we can -- speculate or we can ask people why they're leaving and they're telling us we don't like politics or taxes. does that matter? >> well, i don't know who what -- what segment of people that you're looking at but i think this is a classic case of cherry picking data to preconceive notions -- led to the -- dan: we asked them they literally asked them why did you leave they said tax and politics. i mean, we asked them. it is not cherry picking anything we asked them. that's a poll. that's how that works. all right well sarah, listen we appreciate your time. thanks for coming and defending your positione really appreciate it. coming up, kids are our future so why aren't teachers union acting like this unfacility erdz on unfacility nerd a brand new segment, coming up next.
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1:30 am dan: welcome back to our first unfiltered on unfiltered listen not a secret i'm not a big fan of tell prompter eyeball to eyeball here. chicago teachers union under my skin this week by canceling in
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person learning after a volt by their teachers union to go remote due to omicron surge. folks, first for teachers out there listen good teachers change any life i am who i am and i'm speaking to you in coheernght sentences because of what great teachers did for me not targeting great american teachers i have teachers in my family and a lot of patriots out there who have taken up that honorable profession. a big thank you and it is heart felt for everything you do. having said that, the unions that represent some of you not all of you because a lot of teachers are upset about this too are a disgrace and stain on this country. those kids in chicago this is their only shot -- education is their only way out and their only way out. you've stolen that from them. they deserve better than this. our great etion untap resource many this country is not some rare earth mineral it is not some mean we've gotten in south dakota it is our kids. it is taught logically our
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future it is literally not figuratively our future you are stealing it from them you are ripping their larts hearts out and no shot because you decided to sending them home and have them stare at a computer screen or ipad or phone all day and call it learning. how about this -- how about you get your butt back to work and start teaching our kids and if you don't want to do it, you can't have it both ways. fine. you don't want to teach, a-ok. staple voucher to back to every one of the school bags tell them you know what you go to whatever school you want. a private school, a catholic scoot school because if you don't want to teach them i promise you someone else does i read in wall street journal a op-ed by and he said something like this 20,000 public high schools in the country and just 2,000 of them are responsible
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for half of the dropouts. if you're black, you have a 50.chance of sending your kid to one of the dropout factories does that sound like land of equal opportunity and civil rights issue of our time and obstacle to civil rights and that obstacle right now is teachers union. i'll conclude by saying this to teachers again, from the bottom of my heart. thank you for everything you do. that change lives of children every day thank you but to unions representing you you are decimating destroying these kids shot at a future every single day it is not just wrong. it is not just wrong. there are a lot of things that are wrong on economic side of it. it is morally wrong and what you're doing is a stain on this country and you should be ashamed of yourself. joining me now is research director for the american federation for children if cory you've been a warrior for school choice for a long time. listen have the teachers unions here finally jumped the shark
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cory? the chicago parents they're american citizens they're american citizens like all of us and no derchght their kids deserve a shot too. >> yeah. absolutely. i mean think of it this way if your glory store doesn't reopen you can take your money elsewhere and school doesn't you should be able to take your children's education dollars elsewhere. and some governors in places like arizona doug implemented a program announced this past week if your public school doesn't reopen if it closes just for one day, you can take up to 7,000 dollars of your children's education dollars to a private or homeschool type of option such as a microschool or some type of pandemic pod. look think about it in chicago. they spent over 27,000 dollars per ked per year. give that money to parents and allow them to find alternative arrangement private school tuition on average in chicago is half of that amount only about 11,000 dollars per ked and fund student directly instead of a system in that sense, that's
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only way to fix this. only way to hold schools accountable so that the schools work for the kids. and the families as opposed to other way around. >> you're right cory thank you so much for fighting this fight i appreciate you take time with us. thanks a lot. >> thanks so much. dan: you got it coming up on unfiltered dazzled silicon valley made billions by defrauding. >> a health care pioneer is being compared to visionaries like bill gates and steve jobs. >> i like to welcome elisabeth holm. >> incredible holmes. >> now facing prison time. how does elizabeth holmes pull something like that off? a panel including family friend of holmes weighs in next.
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>> health care pioneer is being compared to visionaries like billionth gaetz and steve jobs. i like to welcome elizabeth
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holmes. >> incredible elizabeth holmes. ♪ ♪ >> you found this company 12 years ago right. tell them how old you are? >> 19. whistle-blowers expose elizabeth holmes was an extraordinary fraud. >> now officially been indicted on federal wire fraud charges. >> fadgedder found guilty on four federal fraud charges for exaggerating her company blood testing technology to investors. she was compared to steve jobs and now she's a convicted felon who is facing up to 20 years behind bars. welcome back to unfiltered rise and fall of elizabeth holmes fascinating story kapght vatted nation and how was she tiebl fool sel con valley investors and society's elites for as long as she did? joining me now for perspective on this fascinating case is our panel former family friend and neighbor joseph and host of the
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next revolution steve hilton has inside knowledge of the workings of silicon valley steve i'll go to you first. listen these were smart people she fooled with a blood test technology steve. a lot of venture capitalist out there. but you know, i saw some of your notes before this explain how they work and why they need people like holmes and want to believe in people like holmes? >> that's exactly right dan. it is not some kind of unexpected they think that they fall for the hype. the entire venture capitol industry is built on hype and exaggeration i know that from personal experience. i've been here now ten years i've been around pitching to these venture capital term and worked for some of them. what they're looking for is that one in 100, one in a thousand company that's really huge, hay get pictures all the too many. ten a day, hundreds eve every year they're not making sure pictures are good or make sense they don't have time and they're not even interested.
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what they care about is scale and care if your plan works is it going to be big enough to make up for all of the money we lose on all of the pictures that we invest in the don't pan out. so they're not really checking they want to believe the hype. because they know that if one of those tiny number that actually succeed make it big, they'll make all of their money back so they don't properly check or invest they want the hype to be real. dan: such a great point and analysis steve. joseph you know you knew elizabeth holmes you guys were familiar with her was she really that charming i followed this story closely they never really had the technology down ever for the blood testing from a drop. and yet nobody seem to even ask basic questions like does this actually work? >> yeah. i mean it is pretty astonishing i don't know so much to do with charm of elizabeth. but i do credit her for creating
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this machinery around her and mystique of these famous board members. the security guard, bullet proof glass i think if you -- if you have enough of this stuff around you, you can effectively intimidate which is what she did intimidate a lot of people scare them from asking basic questions. dan: so seem like all an act reminds mef walk around carrying folder thick and no one will ever stop you guys thanks a lot for your perspective we really appreciate it. thanks for coming on. >> thank you, dan. dan: coming up unfacility everyday taking one for the team one high school coach gets suspended and winning -- pete hegseth takes seat in the hot seat coming up next.
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered team for hot takings outrageous stories you food it hear about and give hot takes it "fox & friends" weekend co-host,man pete hegseth you were a, player weren't you? i remember that >> i was. true. >> this story is right. >> but i spent most of my time
1:48 am
on the bench dan. most of the time on bench even though i thought i should have been playing. dan: but you made the team so connecticut high school coach he suspended after a 92-4 win. see listen, this may be an unpopular opinion i don't know. i didn't tease this with you before. i don't know where you stand the team dime play. they won. i always think back to that remember when the buffalo bills came tbhak that playoff game down by like 20 something point at halftime you play to win. 92-4 okay great. maybe other team will come in better prepared next time hegseth as our professional basketball analyst on the show today your thoughts on this, sir. >> okay so you're the coach you win by 88 points and you get suspended i'm with you on this dan let me unpack this a little bit. so i watch a lot of youth sports a lot of bad youth sports and the difference between ability
1:49 am
in town or ages in different is amazing. teams will win by 40 and win by 50. this is -- high school girls basketball in connecticut. now, if you're in high school and you're choosing to play basketball you know -- you know you're step on to court for, you know, 40 minutes and you've got to play hard and what are you supposed to do other team wasn't pressing or trapping so the team that losts complaining that they were sell, you know, running fast breaks and scoring layups at the end of the game that's called basketball i'm sure they were playing their bench which means their bench was way better than other team. like if you're losing why are you not complaining instead just turn to your kids say they're way better than you and team won next game by only three points with coach so, obviously, not that much better but that other team was really, really, really bad and that's life. dan: listen, i'm telling you man played on teams they were
1:50 am
terrible we lost a baseball game once 22-6 you come in and play better. pete this is my favorite story of the week cover a lot of heavy top egg this is one is loaded, though, we have exclusive footage of you and will at the all american new year special in nashville. check this out. ♪ ♪ ah -- [laughter] dan: all right. time for that that was not you. that was harry and lloyd christmas from dumb and dumber here's the actual video i saw this of you and will you look sharp. i was -- i had to do a double take. by the way, will prangted this line dancing between those segments because he was not as good before he did a little practice. so we asked our audience pete, who wore it better? you or the dumb and dumber fellas and the results are in. and you guys kicked some serious
1:51 am
butt. 60% we have affiliate votes on this by the way pete 60% your thought on this rout by you and will. [laughter] i appreciate that as a life fan of lloyd and harry of dumb and dumber that's where idea cam from to achieve that level is mind blowing to me dan you understand and appreciate that. we have a lot on the costume he is to happen it was new year and let me say this dan. let me say this i had to peek at the minute by minute ratings of new year eve that line dancing did very well you know what else did very well -- dan bongino, because america loves dan bongino. and you said you were going to show up, dan and you did. and you delivered -- dan: man of my word. >> made it to remember. dan: on a serious note you and i joke around a lot we love segments but i love you guys man. you and pete and will, and the
1:52 am
crew and there was nothing me and paula wanted to do more than hang out request you it was honor to be on set with you we had such a blast it was fun as it looked folks not an act. i love these guys thanks for coming on as always thanks for spending time with us. appreciate it. >> you got it brother. glab coming up unfiltered jam-pack lightning round you don't want to miss.
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered listen we told you so and i hate doing this. but remember when on this show i warned you about what happens when democrats aplowed to implement butcher sticker potses you can slap it on some garbage bumper sticker that's liberalism. cash bail bad fix right on back of a car cash bail terrible and mass incarceration that's a great i had a great idea for a stupid bumper sticker remember when they were so proud. and this one too.
1:57 am
bail reform and suicidal defund policewoman that's two bumper stingers right there see folks bumper stickers aren't policy and leftsist bumper stickers they don't save lives. they cost them. they get people killed. oh folks we always bring receipts sadly in harris county detective 150 suspects killed on bond and despite rise in crime recent fox business poll shows guns yes guns are what democrats blame most. if that wasn't bad enough they aren't slowing down at all check out this insane hl from austin, texas. a judge with a $50 bond for child sex predator previous judge recommended a million. folks this is one of those rare times where really i sincerely hope we're wrong and don't have to do segments like this in the future. a shame. time now for our lightning round
1:58 am
we like fit in as much material as we can right before the end of the show story number one, you use venmo and paypal third party payment apps good luck. they now are forced to report transactions in $600 or more to the irs. governments got to get their hands on everything doesn't it god forbid cash is king again and king again after this. they have to get their mitts on everything they think your money is their money. story number two, late great yogi bhara said it best once déjà vu and in chronological order and democrats love passing bills and love also admits they have no idea what is in them. >> we have to pass bill so that you can find out what is in it. every element of my plan is overwhelmingly popular. but the problem is with everything happening, not
1:59 am
everybody knows what is in that plan. >> like clock work here's jen psaki just this week. >> they don't know exactly what's in build back better and what it means and it is always easier to sell a package to public once it is passed. [laughter] dan: reveal yogi back have him as president right now. people are less intelligent least surprising story of the week listen if you're spending all of your day on tiktok watching videos of ariana grande on the supreme court case or whatever is geng on, you're probably not gong to bump yourself up on the i.q. scale. researchers use some select attitude scale correlating with a cognitive ability test to get results this is least surprising story of the week. get off the tiktok liberal and go read a book or something
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before we go remember you can stream dan bongino show on fox nation week days follow us unfiltered instagram or on fox that did you it for us tonight. be sure to set your dvr and we'll see you next saturday night 10 p.m. greg: i'm greg gutfeld and i love you, america. [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. same old joe. subject of tonight's watters words. the president's first year is officially over and so is the rest of his presidency. the guy is damaged goods. 58% of americans disapprove of him and democrats want to primary him. he said he's deeply


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