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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 9, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PST

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thank you all, we are very proud. that's it for tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪
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♪ and the rocket's red blair, the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ o say does that star-spangled ban other yet wave? ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪
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will: tradition unlike any other, your photos and our national anthem on this sunday january 9th on "fox & friends." good morning, will cain, pete hegseth, rachel campos duffy. as we kick off this sunday morning, we should note it is national law enforcement appreciation day. in addition to sending us your patriotic photos at friends email photos of your law enforcement loved ones. we'll air them throughout the show. good morning, rachel. >> i do love the photos. i love the photos of the today coming home from overseas, greet is his little girl. keep sending them in. good morning, will, good morning, pete. pete: good morning, rachel.
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the anthem always delivers. i got three emails yesterday. i forwarded them on to the producers. we send them along to the producers and they will make them in. 6:00 on the east coast earlier, some guy or gal is in a patrol car somewhere while we're all sleeping doing his or her job keeping us safe. we thank you for everything you do on this program and i know i speak for rachel and will. we have four hours after great program morning. thank you for being here. speaking of police and law enforcement attempting to do their job. there is more scrutiny on the manhattan district attorney who is supposed to be the top prosecutor in the borough of manhattan, entered his job, newly elected, his name is alvin brag from island of new york
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city, has faced a lot of lawlessness in the past couple years, he is taking a soft on crime approach. he ran on it. talked more about it. that is the approach he wants. making it difficult for cops and others to do his job. he was asked about it, invited by the reverend al sharpton to talk about it. here are some of the things he will no longer prosecute, marijuana, resisting with arrest, turnstile jumping. owe doesn't understand what everyone, what is frustrated about. here is alvin bragg, the new d.a. just not getting it, watch. >> gun violence is on the rise, domestic violence on the rise, sexual assaults we know we need to change to address that, partner with traditional public safety methods is invest in our communities. racial disparities, rights in our system. we criminalize poverty every day of the week. we criminalize addiction. we've seen the story of the
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person who is on their 8th arrest, people say how did that happen, assault happen, there were seven prior times where this person struggling with addiction or mental health. we need to connect that person to services. this will make us safer. it is intuitive. it is common sense i don't understand the pushback. will: that language is interesting, pete, because in tones, that the real victim in a crime is the perpetrator of the crime, of course you want to be able to attack crime from all angles. you want to always remember the rehabilitation aspect of punishment but that paints a light that the perpetrator is the victim. you know i think we're all sensitive, pete, you're very dedicated to insuring we always want to stay a show that is for the united states of america, not too focused on washington, d.c., not certainly too focused on new york city. here is a story about one borough in new york city, why is it important? i would say is this, this kind of approach to crime has
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theoretical debate it, it exports across to the united states of america, in the 1990s, you both know, many watching a theory of out on crime out of boston, it was joined with the commissioner bratton, broken window theories. if you prosecute crimes like broken windows criminals see you don't toll rate crimes. punish small crimes so big crimes don't happen. we'll let small crimes go. let's hope this is not exported in the situation. here is out it is received in other boroughs. staten island is the another d.a. he says these policies roll out the welcome matt to commit serious offenses without facing any consequences of the it is fantasy that our city will be
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safe. we can't turn our back on crime or wave a magic wand to make it disappear, rachel. rachel: that's right. as parents across america won't up to a need keeping an eye on school boards. this is the reason we're telling the story, not to be new york centric, you better watch out who is running for d.a. in your town. it matters. it will make a difference how your life and community survives. look, you have law enforcement process where it is like this. legislatures pass the laws, lawmakers pass the laws, then you have cops who investigate the crimes and arrest the criminals and you have the d.a.'s who are supposed to prosecute and then you have the judges who give out the sentences and the trials. if the d.a. doesn't do his job, everything falls apart. all the work everybody else did doesn't matter. that's why it matters. you see arrogant d.a. like this the peel of manhattan, the
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people of new york, passed laws that he is just decided you know, it doesn't matter. i'm not going to prosecute these because prostitution, trespassing, resisting arrest, doesn't seem to matter. what people like george soros and eric holder who have organizations that fund d.a.s like this people are wondering how is george soros involved in this, they figure out if you get the d.a., put in place the d.a. that shares that point of view, and it is not their, very expensive and you take, other races if you think about it, pete and will, we were talking about the mayor race, eric adams. a lot of people weren't thinking about this d.a. race and just heard about him as he started to say these outrageous comments. don't be distracted by the shiny balls by the big races of mayors and governors and congress races. make sure you keep an eye on the
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prosecutor race as well. pete: we all do, that's the problem, it is d.a. races. it's school board races, many of which don't often have political affiliation attached to them. you're right, we get distracted. what will we do, rip out the turnstiles? get on the subway. no reason to obey them. that is effectively what they're saying. resisting arrest thing, i don't know how a single leader in nypd tolerate that. what is incentive to make a arrest when resisting arrest is not to be prosecuted at all. i step back to say what job did he think he was running for? did he think he was running for pastor of manhattan or social worker of manhattan or community organizer from manhattan. he ran for manhattan d.a. that is what i want to say. takes me back to your point, rachel, that he was running for d.a., and social justice to that position which philosophically
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decriminalizes these things, which effectively leads to lawlessness. this is the approach they want to demoralize the police. manhattan has potential to become a criminal sanctuary borough. there are other borough's with other d.a.s, not to get new york city centric, criminals here manhattan is the place to go. the d.a. will let us go. that is what joe gimaldi, from turnnal order of police slamming this saying these things on justice. >> what is the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, that is what this plan is from this d.a. new york murders are up 45%. shootings up 35%. crime and everywhere. stores are looking like military installations. you can't find a u-haul truck in
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the new york area to move out. who in the hell in their right mind let's be softer on crime? have we learned nothing over the last two years from all the crime and disorder we've seen in our urban communities? will: you know, one last ribbon to tie on the new york city. i think many new yorkers thought they were emerging from a dark age, looking good buy with billion de blasio it doesn't look bright, with the early decisions of this new mayor eric adams, looks like the dark days of new york city are set to continue. speaking after sad story, this is tragic. a high school hockey player mid game when his neck was cut which another player's skate blade. ashley slow meyer talking about the tribute pouring on on 16-year-old teddy ball kin. reporter: the hock which world
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mourns the tragic death after connecticut high school hockey player killed during a game thursday. according to the chief medical examiner, st. luke's school sophomore teddy balkin died after suffering a wound to his neck. his death was ruled accidental and collided with him after he fell to the ice. the nhl released a statement reads in part, our prayers and heartfelt condolences go to his family and st. luke's teammates and many friends. before the game against tampa bay, boston bruin players put the handwritten tribute to the boy on their hockey, hockey sticks. sticks out for teddy. philadelphia forward, kim atkinson who grew up minutes away from st. lewks school in riverside, connecticut, also paying trish beauty on social media. in a statement the connecticut
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interscholastic athlete conference offered con dole lengths toes balkind's family. the school was closed on friday but reopened in the afternoon to allow the community to mourn. back to you guys. will: thank you, ashley. you know, rachel, pete, this story hits all of us. it hits anyone listening and obviously hits the community of connecticut and his family the hardest. i have 14-year-old, newly 14-year-old, so, you always put yourself into a story, your heart gets pulled. can i tell you i feel so, i feel so deeply for this family. i've done a lot of sports stories over time. i've been investigative pieces about freak accidents that happen often with hearts and young athletes. what you come away in the end they are tragic freak accidents. there are not much you can do. life can be cruel. you can only respond to the cruelty of life with love to this family. i would say i mentioned this yesterday, guys, a little bit of personal experience my high
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school days, not me directly, but a guy i knew. i know the other side of these tragic accidents as well, the other kid, the other family carrying a lifelong burden, one impossible for us to reconcile, it was an accident on both sides. you know, and there is a kid and a family who are lost today and we hope there is not, i hope there is not a second kid and a second family that are lost out of this terrible story, rachel. rachel: those are such powerful words. you're so right, will. i look at the young boy's face. he is so handsome, so full of life. there is a lot of hockey in my family. my husband played. my son played. i have a nephew who is a professional hockey player. if you know anything around hockey, and the hockey community it's a very tight-knit community. i'm not surprised at all to see you who the hockey world has come together. they're putting out the hockey sticks. they're sending their condolences to the family. i hope it brings some comfort but everyone in that hockey
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community knows this is a tragic freak accident. that beautiful boy could have been any of our boys or girls and so i think, it is just, there is just no words for it, there really isn't. it is just so terribly sad, pete. pete: you're right. your heart breaks. news reports describe teddy as a born leader, living every day to its fullest, motivating people around him. big ol' smile on his face. you can see right there. we all know guys, gals like that we competed with, we loved to play with on and off the court or on and off the ice. a tragedy, no doubt. will, you said this, i've seen it too, things like this happen on the court or on the field or on the ice in ways you just can't explain. that is where you have to appeal to god, say we can't understand why things like this happen but they do. so we keep that family in our prayers for sure.
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will: and, look, while some may dismiss these kinds of wishes as trivial we do not. they may be meager but they're also everything you can offer to say i can speak for the three of us everyone involved at fox, our thoughts and prayers are with that family. you're absolutely right. there is only one last to turn in these types of incidents, pete and it is to god. turning now to your headlines. we begin with a fox news alert. three teens killed, two others hurt in string of shootings in philadelphia just after 5:00 p.m. yesterday. police say a 16-year-old was shot three times. he was hospitalized and is stable but hiss 19-year-old friend was shot twice and later died at the hospital. came minutes after a separate incident saw a 17-year-old shot and killed. no arrests have been made in either shooting. a scary scene knew the george bush international airport in houston as a funnel cloud appears to touch down. the funnel cloud seen during a stretch of severe storms
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saturday. looking down at my screen. that looks like a big tornado. it is unclear if anyone was injured or how much damage the funnel cloud causes. the weather service has not confirmed a tornado touching down in that area at this time. the chiefs slide into first place for the moment in the afc after mounting a comeback against the denver broncos. >> gordon, lost the ball! gordon fumbles. it is picked up, nick bolton, former missouri tiger with, a game changing play! will: he gone. that scoop and score giving kansas city the fourth quarter lead in their 28-24 victory. here we go. get rolling my cowboys, keep our, who wrote this, keep our slim hopes for the nfc second seed align against the eagles. that is negative takeaway from a
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51 move 26 blowout from the philadelphia eagles. the point is get rolling before you get to the playoffs. be it the 2 seed, 3 seed, 4th seed. mission accomplished. we're rolling. those are the headlines. pete: hat tip to the writer. rachel: i was going to say that too, pete. got their revenge on you, will. if they just put it up on the screen you will read it. will: i think i have proven, yeah, right, was that a ron burgundy moment. did i adjust on the fly? pete: handled it well. you're in the playoffs too, that is all that matters. you're in the playoffs. rachel: up next, a controversial upenn swimmer, leah thomas, ivy league trans gender act lead, latest fight for fairness in women's sports. stay with us, everybody.
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♪. will: welcome back to "fox & friends." a little sweet dreams from the you rythmics -- which bring you back here with rachel campos duffy and will cain. this is story you may be familiar with, a controversial topic. lia thomas, trans swimmer, female athlete going into male. blowing away competition for the last several months.
3:24 am
encroaching upon some ncaa records. clearly on the path to dominating the ncaa championships after the some point in the season. lia thomas a controversial figure, formerly i believe will thomas, not just competition but inside of the u penn swim team, teammates anonymously spoke out. lia thomas lost this past weekend. leah lost to another trans gender swimmer from yale university. this is how the, the parents of the yale swimmer, parents of a university of pennsylvania swimmer's reactinged to this race. give you a few more details after you sigh reaction. one of the parents i wasn't prepared for that. everything is so messed up i can't wrap my head around it. they ncaa need to put science and discussion.
3:25 am
here is the complicating factor. it gets so confusing, the yale swimmer whose name i believe is isaac, last name escapes me for the moment, is actually a female swimmer transitioning to male. so a female swimmer transitioning to male beat a male swimmer transitioning to female. both swimming on the female team. it is worth pointing out the female swimmer transitioning to male that beat the male swimmer transitioning to female has not taken hormones. has not taken testosterone according to reports from "the daily mail." in essence no performance-enhancing drugs as of yet. rachel: so she says, who knows, i don't know. look it was the battle of the trans. this is the issue that we're dealing with right now. if you're an athletic director for women's sports, guess who you are recruiting, girls who are transitioning to men because maybe they're taking testosterone, that helps them or
3:26 am
men interests significancing -- transitioning to women. has gotten crazy and it is ruining women's sports. you brought up one of the quotes from the parents. the parents did it anonymously. many girls on the team are complaining anonymously. why is everyone anonymously upset about this, because they're afraid. and so i look at this and i look at the grown ups and you know, we tell our kids all the time, don't lie. don't tell a lie. but everybody is sitting there in the stands is participating in this lie. lia is not a woman. that is a man. i wish we could bring the picture. i sent the picture to our producers of lia just, you know, walking to practice or something and this man who thinks she's a woman is towering over these girls. i mean it is, it is so fundamentally unfair.
3:27 am
and yeah, i'm glad that j.k. rowling and a few other powerful people have stood up and taken some arrows on behalf of this issue, dammit, where are the parents, where are the grown-ups, where is everybody? this is absolutely outrageous. this theatrical. this is like everyone's taken a crazy pill and no one wants to admit that this is wrong. pete? pete: rachel you mentioned the anonymous parent. they got on it when they need to put science into the decision and discussion. the whole thing is antiscience. trans swimmer beating trans swimmer because the female swimmers can't beat the trans swimmer is a guy. you're right, everyone is complicit in a complete lie. they know it before their eyes. all those team members, all those parents have to stay anonymous because they're swimming in the woke waters of antiscience in these
3:28 am
universities. is anyone surprised u penn and yale? that is where the most nonsensical exists. that is here's the thing. we're watching it play out in front of us. logical extent of ncaa championships, olympics, all things are coming once we allow these things to continue, here is how the university of pennsylvania athletic as department is here is what they're saying about it. they're backing it up. here is their statement. as a member of the ncaa. penn is governed by the national body. lia thomas exceeded all protocols past couple years for a trans gender to compete for the swimming team. she will continue to compete with the penn team h swimming seem this season. they know it is wrong, but won't set up to the check marked social justice woke mob to
3:29 am
believe something they don't believe especially on the field of athletics. rachel: i say one thing if your child goes to the university, i promise you on this, first day of class everyone has to gift pronoun. there is no assumption that you're a girl or a boy. so you know, my daughter actually asked me, what do i, how do i respond? she is not responding. i'm biologically natural. it is so crazy. of course this was going to bleed into athletics but now you have girls hurt by this because grown re fuse to tell the truth and defend them. these girls are afraid of being attacked at the schools promoting this craziness. will: it is anonymous because terrified being canceled whatever that means in your private life. what we have is a lie, an absolute deficit of courage. up next a catholic university deny as student a religious exemption from the covid-19 vaccine and refuses to return
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about once-weekly ozempic®. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. ♪. pete: as the battle against vaccine mandates heats up a college student says he was forced out of school for refusing the vaccine, like many. mark huber claims st. john's university a private catholic school in new york denied his request for a religious exemption and he can't even get a full refund for the classes that he was not allowed to take. that student, mark huber joins us now. mark, thank you very much for being here. you're a student at kings college in manhattan we'll get to that where they allow a student to have individual conscience and choice. st. john's didn't. a religious exemption based on the catechism and other parts of
3:35 am
your faith. what was the st. john's, when you came for religious exemption. >> they denied me right away. they gave no reason. told me a day before school i was denied. and didn't find a way to a accommodate me for their delaying and denying my religious exemption. me and my family tried sending emails to the president and vice president of student affairs and they all ignored our emails because it goes against what they believe in. pete: so, a day before classes started you were notified. then you attempted to keep going to class and they shut down your student portal. they eventually notified your professors, so you couldn't even step into the classroom, correct? >> yes. that is correct. some, one professor of mine did try to help me as best as he can but it was hard to find a way after that. pete: wow. well here is what st. john's
3:36 am
university has said to "fox & friends." we asked for a statement and they gave us one. mr. huber was withdrawn from st. john's university after his legal challenge to our covid vaccine requirement was denied. he received a prorated refund. welcome to resume his studies at st. johns if he compliant with our vaccination policies. so if you comply you can resume. they're saying you withdrew therefore they won't give you your tuition back. you're saying there is a different side of the story? >> yeah. i did not have any choice in whether i was going to be withdrawn or not unless i got vaccinated. they're the ones who kicked me out. they gave about 1/3 of my tuition back. now they're also charging me $2600, again. pete: punitive at this point. how many, for students, how many students out there like you? this is just, this is one catholic university in queens.
3:37 am
this is happening to kids across the country, isn't it? >> at st. john's there were 16 families in the lawsuit that i was in. unfortunately we did lose that lawsuit. didn't really go anywhere but we're all still fighting. pete: you are. now you're at kings college which is on the island of manhattan. you might have a bad d.a. they have sensible policies for being able whether to decide whether you want to be vaccinated or not. affiliated with our good buddy brian brenberg, kings college a great school in manhattan. thanks for your fight it. didn't end the way you wanted at st. johns. you're setting example for a lot of people. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you for having me. pete: thank you, mark. the coming up the effort to save afghans left behind following the chaotic, that is putting it nicely withdrawal. they're hitting a major roadblock. former green beret, leader of task force pineapple, lieutenant
3:38 am
scott mann on the help his group needs to finish the mission.
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- [female narrator] five billion people lack access to safe surgery. oh, i need to get to work. thousands of children are suffering and dying from treatable causes. for 40 years, mercy ships has deployed floating hospitals to provide the free surgeries these children need. join us. together, we can give children the hope and healing they never thought possible. it's a mission powered by love, made possible by you. give today. ♪. rachel: more than four months after the chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan private efforts to rescue vulnerable people from the region continue. task force pineapple is a group of veterans helping to hide, transport and protect afghans who served alongside the u.s.
3:42 am
military but now their resources are drying up. former green beret and task force pineapple senior advisor scott mann joins us now. lieutenant colonel mann, thanks so much for joining us this morning and for everything you've done to help the people who are stranded, in need of help in afghanistan. it has been four months. has the u.s. government, the state department, anybody reached out to say hey, we want to help you guys in this effort? >> rachel, happy new year. i would say first of all there are a ton of organizations out there right now that are still in the fray doing this, that have different relationships with the government. i primarily work around the special operations veterans because these are the men and women that ran into the fray when the government didn't to try to help our partner force but to answer your question, the relationship with the u.s. government is nowhere near what it needs to be in 2022 to help these at-risk afghans. it is because of political will at the core.
3:43 am
rachel: just so strange to me. you're doing the work that they don't want to do and least they could do possibly find a way to fund it. i know your resources are drying up. >> right. rachel: i do hope the viewers will help out in that regard but as a taxpayer, seeing this mess that the biden administration created it is hard for me to understand why they wouldn't in the very least be helping out with funding. >> right. rachel: let me talk to you, let me talk to you about this because you say that this operation and some of the people that are working with you, they feel like they're being retraumatized, explain what viewers what how do you explain that? >> combat veterans, civilian volunteers, who have been on 100 plus 911 call with no relief, no support. for example, one of the women that one of our volunteers is working with, she has so much anxiety in our home of being hunted she is chewing her
3:44 am
fingernails down. now she is choosing tips of fingertips off. that is the level of anxiety and fear the volunteers are trying to as wage. they have no outlet. these are some of the most triggered traumaized people, in the american inventory. they went to war, one time, five times, eight times. now the government shifted responsibility to help at-risk people who we made a promise to, they picked up the slack. what will happen when that family gets targeted? when will happen when they can no longer afford the safe house? emptied 401(k)s, retirement accounts. that is what they talk about. they know it's a moral injury rachel this, is an injury on the soul not just of our veterans but nation. i think in 2022 if we don't get help to organizations like operation, some of this stuff will fall but we're not going away. rachel: how can our viewers help, really quick? >> operation it is
3:45 am
a group that pineapple is working closely with right now. burn rate to help people $15,000 a day. any contribution makes a big difference to help the folks stay alive until spring and we figure out what to do next. rachel: lieutenant colonel, want to thank you for not losing your focus on this, not forgetting about those who we made a promise to and left behind. also helping to identify the right ones which has been a problem. many people came over who weren't supposed to. >> these -- rachel: ones got left behind. >> these are highly vetted individuals. a shoutout to all of our volunteers, keeping the faith. rachel: thank you so much. appreciate it. >> yes, ma'am. rachel: pete? pete: scott mann, great american, thank you rachel, well-done. >> is. pete: few additional headlines this morning. six people are dead of a massive slab of rocco lapses, this is staggering on boaters near a
3:46 am
waterfall in brazil. authorities say as many as 20 people are missing. can you imagine? 32 were injured but officials say most have been released from the hospital. the brazilian navy assisting with the search as well investigating the cause of the deadly collapse which could have been the result of heavy rain. wow. almost looks biblical, like from a movie. fentanyl seizures at the texas southern border increased more than 1000%. cpb reporting agents busted 588-pounds of fentanyl last fiscal year across brownsville, texas to del rio. fenn at that till is the deadliest drug in the united states. 50 times more powerful than heroin. cpb says the total narcotics seizures including fentanyl, cocaine, meth and more, equal street value of $786 million. that is just what they seized.
3:47 am
this year the golden globes will be quote, a private affair. the event will not be live streamed. celebrities aren't planning to present the awards. there is not even a host. over the last year the golden globes governing body faced intense scrutiny for ethical failures and a lack of diversity. viewership last year fell 60% compared to the 2020 show. those are your headlines. apparently those awarded with the golden globe will be tweeted about it. you know your ratings have gone down you're tweeting out the awards, not even attempting to air it. good riddance turn now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for our fox weather forecast. rick? rick: is that true? they will just tweet the winner? pete: true. tweeting winners out. here you are. completely given out. rick: special. congratulations for your hard
3:48 am
work and accomplishments. guys, we got some weather going across parts of the northeast. icing we'll be watching this morning followed by a little bit of rain. be very careful across the roads especially berskshires and poconos. freezing rain is causing icing. behind it, warmer air, eventually little bit of rain take over and bottom drops out and temps cool down. southern side of the storm, severe weather, bad flooding across areas of houston and possibly tornado causing damage there. one tornado warning just to the northeast of the alexandria, louisiana area. look what happens temperature-wise. enjoy days with temps in the 40s. tomorrow temps begin to drop down, by the time we get tuesday, pete, talking temps just into the teens for highs. it will be really cold.
3:49 am
pete: wow. rick, you're right, my sarcasm has caught up with me. i could have been joking they're tweeting the awards. they are really tweeting the awards. that is how they're notifying people. i will play it straight. thanks, rick. bye-bye golden globes. bye-bye rick. up next bailing from blue states, u-haul running out of moving trucks. a former california assemblyman left the golden state for will cain's texas joins us next. ♪. seal. to help block out food particles. so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip.
3:50 am
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♪. will: new report from u-haul says californians are fleeing the blue state so quickly the company is running out of moving trucks. that is because some people are renting a truck one way to their new state. like texas. or florida. or tennessee. former california assemblyman chuck devore left the golden state for texas not long ago and he joins us now. chuck, great to have you in texas, great to have you on the program this morning. so we've seen the migration patterns, they're pretty drastic, they're pretty stark, what is the reasoning behind isn't why are so many people bailing out of california? >> this is a phenomenon that has
3:54 am
been going on for a good 20 years and tax rates explain a lot. the regulatory burden explains a lot because that drives job creation, that drives opportunity. something's happened in the last year, really since the onset of covid. that is really quite remarkable, it isn't just people are leaving california. that has been going on for to years. it's that there has been a collapse of people moving into california, about 38% decline because people just don't want to live under these draconian restrictions that at the end of the day don't actually do anything to slow the spread of the covid-19 virus. will: you know, chuck, anecdotally as a texan people talk about it a lot. we see these new residents. i have a lot of friends in tennessee who witnessed the same exact thing, arizona, florida, and there is also a concern among the native residents of all the states, hey, what's going to happen, how are these
3:55 am
people going to vote? are they going to change the reasons they were attracted to this place in the first place? what do you know about that? are these people moving from california to texas, for example, going to turn texas into california? >> that's a great question and i hear that a lot at the texas public policy foundation. we've done some polling, and there is other polling done exactly on this issue. for example, in the 2018 u.s. senate race between beto o'rourke and senator ted cruz, cnn did an exit poll, found among native important texans o'rourke won by 3 points but among people who moved to texas, cruz, who by the way moved to texas, won 15 points. we've done our own polling, people moving to texas from california are little more conservative than native-born takessance. they're even more so coming from the rocky mountain region. people who are more to the left from texas, generally international arrivals.
3:56 am
people moving in from latin america or from asia, for example. will: i'm up against it, chuck, that is good information. that is encouraging information to know people are moving for the right reasons. all right, chuck, great to have you on the program this morning. >> thank you. will: all right. we'll be right back. more for w about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ at carvana, we treat every customer like we would treat our own moms, with care and respect.
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4:00 am
♪ e. rachel: good morning. what a beautiful shot of our nation's capital with the lady freedom. will, pete, good morning to both of you. i have to tell you that shot, i wrote a book about the statue on the top of that capitol, i think it is one of the most
4:01 am
significant buildings. this is so much history behind it and so much history behind that statue of lady freedom. give you a little tidbit, will and pete. do you know why lady freedom is facing east? will: no. rachel: either of you? she is facing east, she is keeping her eye on england. she is always vigilant and protective of america's freedom. that is lady freedom on the top of the capitol. will: i like that, i like that bit of historical trivia this morning here on "fox & friends." whereby the way it is also national law enforcement appreciation day. i understand, pete, as we've asked this morning, we asked our viewers to send in photos at friends at as i understand it photos are pouring in. pete: we asked, we received. we have a bunch of them. let's get to them. this one from a very proud mother, donna of her son, looks like in the k-9 unit in the
4:02 am
police uniform. that's awesome. this is from tammy of her nephew timothy, pictured in his police uniform with his proud family. will: gail send this one in. she and her husband bill both retired with law enforcement officers with the u.s. marshal's service before he passed away in august. this photo from gene, her husband is retired police chief. he is pictured here with their two sons who both also went on to become police officers. here is jason, pictured back in 1979 pictured with his grandfather who was a police officer. rachel: mary joe sent a police officer son-in-law tyler pictured with her grandson. this photo of carrie of her police officer officer nephew josh with his k-9 partner. proud sister melissa sends this one of her police chief brother
4:03 am
bill. i love all the aunts sending in pictures of nieces and nephews of police officers there is no end to the pried so many feel for the family members who have taken on this, just incredible profession that does so much good for america. by the way, that is the danger of what's happening right now in crime in america is that you know, so much of this is a family business and when people feel unappreciated, they don't tell their son or daughter to go be a police officer when they think they're not being backed up but we back you up here on "fox & friends." keep sending us photos of your law enforcement loved ones email @friends at book end from this segment, trivia to mine, rachel. in the k-9 photos you see the other officers we appreciate this day as well the k-9 officers themselves, dogs.
4:04 am
doberman's on rare occasion, german shepherds more frequently used, do you know the breed most often used? that is the breed i'm referring to. breed often used for military, pete may know this easily although he is a cat guy, police military service, do you know what breed it normally is, rachel? rachel: i would have thought it was a german shepherd. will: pete. pete: i do not know. all i know that those dogs as wonderful as they are have no idea it is law enforcement appreciation day today. [laughter]. will: their handlers, their handlers can help make them know it's a special day with a extra tweet. they're the belgian malmios. i follow them. i don't have a belgian. watch online. they're incredible. they walk on high wires. they can climb a 12-foot wall. they're amazing. they're amazing dogs. rachel: so can cats, [laughter]. will: that's true, rachel.
4:05 am
cats can do a lot of those things. pete: will, you yesterday my cat is now fat, you are correct, it is becoming a lazy house cat. nothing i can do about it. no skills whatsoever. unlike those dogs who very much do. thanks for being with us. keep the photos coming in. we start with this news out of new york into chicago where schools are still not open. mayor lightfoot is trying to at least show a showdown with the teachers unions there. they're digging their heels in, saying we're not going back. we voted for it. it is too dangerous for us. over 70% voted not to go back into the classroom. and the teachers unions there now are making even new argument we could be out of school or dangerously in school as teachers but what we really need to be thinking about is remote learning. here is jesse sharkky, the chicago teachers union president
4:06 am
fighting, pushing back on what mayor lightfoot's opposition, listen. >> i hear the mayor say this she doesn't want to do remote but honestly that is just taking, that is a talking point, idea, remote is bad. remote education is a tool. teachers view remote education, yeah not as good as in person but think about it, in the past, chicago winter time. in the past you have a blizzard you got two options. hold the school during the blizzard, right in which case you know most people are not going to come. it will be dangerous to get there, going to put people at risk or you can cancel school. those are only two options you have. now we have a third option. we could hold school remotely. will: that piece of audio is insulting. that piece of audio is grounds for firing. he is the president of chicago
4:07 am
teachers union. can only be fired by his teachers. if you engage sacrificing our children you crossed a line in the sand. as far as i'm concerned unwilling to do your job, teach our children, you should be unwilling to collect your paycheck. we need to go ahead and cross the final line. if the teachers an teachers unions of chicago are willing to cross align with them. bring in scabs, bring in replacement, no more negotiation. if we can't stand up for our children i don't know what we will stand up for. this is insanity, it is lunacy, forced us into the position where we're willing to sacrifice the most vulnerable youngest among us. if you doubt me, take a look what happened in california. want to show you guys this real quickly. this is the loss of learning in california. another school that is indulged in lockdowns and, willingness to sacrifice our children. 49%, half cannot meet the standards for english.
4:08 am
33% and i would suspect that is low by the way usually math numbers are worse than english numbers, but math numbers, 33, 34% exceed or meet standards for math. that right there is child sacrifice at the alter of i don't know what you want in chicago or california. cross the line, we'll cross with you. no more job. no more paycheck. good-bye. i'm ready for the replacements. rachel: yeah. i don't they have it is coming. i don't know, if our viewers know who is jesse sharkky is, avowed socialist. marid to a avowed socialist, interesting is the daughter of a very wealthy former ceo of royal caribbean airlines. these are people who are idealogically wed to their ideas. they don't care about the kids. they care about their ideology. and that is what you have happening here. in fact alex fork, the chicago
4:09 am
physics teacher, also part of this union, he is going after anyone who tries to cross the line. he says here as a delegate i will be reporting the names of members who go in and actually do their job of teaching. now in chicago, will and pete, it costs $27,000 a student to educate them. which by the way that number is so crazy, you have amazing catholic schools all across this country who can educate for like 1/5 of that amount and do a better job than chicago school system. but they get $27,000 a student. imagine if those students could take, those families take the money put their kids into a private school or a different district that is willing to do the job. last night dan bongino went off on the teachers us unions for not wanting to do their job and work. listen. >> they will have no shot because you decided to send them
4:10 am
home and have them stare at a computer screen or an ipad or a phone all day and you want to call it learning. how about this? how about you get your butt back to work and start teaching our kids? if you don't want to do it, you can't have it both ways. fine, you don't want to teach, a-ok. staple a voucher to the back of everyone of those kids school bags, tell them, you know what? you go whatever school you want. a private school, a catholic school, because if you don't want to teach them, i promise you someone else does. rachel: you know, as i agree with dan bonn a geno, guess what, when i see the socialists and teachers unions, when i see teachers trying to find excuses to not go back and teach our kids, i don't want them teaching my kids. so if i was in the chicago school district right now i would be fighting really, really hard to get that money, to get a
4:11 am
voucher, have the money attached to my kid, not a system. these people are not even to be trusted to teach your children. pete? pete: that 27 grand number is astonishing. educational choice, educational freedom should be a number one for conservative candidates up and down the national to local spectrum because our kids deserve to be liberated. you mentioned jesse sharkky, that he is a socialist. i'm glad he wore his nicest red hooded sweatshirt to the press conference, dressed like a socialist as well. he is clearly very good at his job because teachers unions have done a great job, they're democrat cartels, they extort politicians and taxpayers, they control the deep state of education. they have fought their way to $27,000 a kid even though what they're teaching them is garbage and i bet their performance assessment is much like california. and they know right now they
4:12 am
have a shield in the white house. joe biden is in bed with the unions. his wife is a member of a union. they know if there was anytime to push their advantage, use covid as an excuse it's now. so the man in the red hooded sweatshirt walks up to the podium, doesn't give a damn about the kids, he knows it is a moment to give his teachers, what they want, in this case, more pay, and less work. and -- rachel: he lives in a million dollar, pete, he lives in more than a million dollar home. like a $1.5 million home. it is all fake. like the sweatshirt, i'm with the working people. he is married to a super wealthy woman. it is all fake. our kids are suffering for it. pete: nice hooded sweatshirt. i say this the mom who filed the lawsuit against the chicago teachers union will join us on this program at 8:40 a.m. eastern time. so the fight may feel futile but
4:13 am
they're at least attempting, which is great. will: i would love to button it with there. i mentioned that the chicago teachers should give up the paycheck if they're willing to give up their job. one more note, give back the $2 billion you got in incentives paid out by the federal government. $130 billion nationwide. chicago got $2 billion. we would like a refund. american people, chicago taxpayers would like a refund on the money went absolutely nowhere for you not to do your job. okay. then there is this, censorship continues to expand, really some odd and hard to understand ways. youtube apparently censored a music video from the singer from five for fighting. his name is john, they censored john, but i believe it was a music video from androsek. because he criticized the biden administration botched withdrawal from afghanistan.
4:14 am
here is a clip from the music video that was censored. ♪ this is still american. >> i want to help my family ♪ left her with the taliban and ohio hee how is that happening. >> any afghan leaves the continues to work for america -- ♪♪ can you look me in the eye, any minute tell me when did you decide this will defend your sacred motto, now me never mind ♪ rachel: yeah, you know if you ever wondered if we're looking more like china every day, here is exhibit a. in china you're not allowed to criticize the leaders this, is exactly what happened here. he named names, milley, blinken
4:15 am
are in the song. joe biden you have blood on your hands. youtube took it down. youtube said they took it down, images of atrocities from the taliban. that makes no sense, everything in the video happened is true. they took it down because they can't have a protest song. it is funny, like where, pete, where is hollywood? you know there used to be a tradition of you know, protest songs, vietnam war era and imagine if bob dylan was basically disappeared from the culture, disappeared from the cultural landscape? you know the left would be up in arms, but where is hollywood. where is the music industry saying that protest songs are part of this you know, sort of modern-day american cultural tradition? well if you have the wrong opinion, it doesn't matter i guess, pete. pete: yeah. hollywood is full of making videos for their preferred
4:16 am
democrat socialist candidates. we know exactly where they are. they are happy to see this happen. so is youtube even though this is their statement, they tweeted about why the video came down. they said this was our mistake. we've reinstated your video. so sorry this happened. thanks for being patient while we worked this out. always just a pesky mistake. the video has been reinstated. we really appreciate you being on our platform. would you please leave. here is what john ondrasik about youtube removing his video to reality this tends to happen, artists are criticizing one side of the aisle makes it hard to give them the benefit of the doubt. but that said they did the right thing. they addressed it quickly. they reposted it which i appreciate. he points out the pertinent point. happens to happen to the same types of people over and over again.
4:17 am
will: when it is intentional mean it goes in one direction, when it's a mistake, goes in one direction. set of referees only throw flags on one team. they may i can pick up the flag but only throw flag for one team. clay travis asked for one example, of a video taken down in ernest or as a mistake where the ideology from the other side, came from the left. let's take a moment. come back to it. i would love to produceers on it, if i'm wrong, video well-known, not well-known, piece of censorship was issued against someone coming from the left i would like to know about it. we'll report it t could be breaking news. pete: i will look hard. will: i think. we'll put our team on it, you know. like, supreme court clerks should correct the record when a justice doesn't understand basic facts about covid. we'll put our team on it.
4:18 am
senator joe manchin taking any chance of supporting biden's "build back better" off the table. alexandria hoff is live as the washington post-reports. manchin is withdrawing his 1.trillion dollar compromise offer. reporter: good morning. this report details that the week before christmas senator manchin counteroffered the president's "build back better" with $1.8 trillion alternative. but that offer has now been revoked. citing unnamed sources "the washington post" described this, quote, white house allies including several officials in the white house itself have in recent days expressed confusion as to how the admin could pass up on the potential for $1.8 trillion deal that would amount to one of the most significant pieces of domestic policy in deck cause. this report came out days after manchin said publicly there are now no negotiations taking place. the west virginia senator had been a long-time moderate holdout on the president's massive social safety nest and climate action bill. vocalized impact on current
4:19 am
economy and national debt. without manchin and any republican support the legislation could not pass. he solidified his stance on "fox news sunday"? >> if i can't go home and explain it for the people of west virginia, i cannot vote for it. i cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation, i just can't. i have tried everything humanly possible. i can't get there. reporter: following that interview the white house publicly chastised senator not negotiating what they called good faith. manchin said naming him in public way put his family in danger. the ongoing conflict and stalemate has led senate majority leader chuck schumer to move away from the bill, instead focus on an attempt to change the senate 60 vote legislative filibuster. send it back to you guys. rachel: thank you, sandra. up next the city of chicago is canceling days off for police officers as the union complains of staffing shortages due to
4:20 am
covid. and all on law enforcement appreciation day of all days. that story is up next. ♪. your kindness outshines your highs and lows. your strength can outlast any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs, once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles or confusion which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements
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♪. pete: at the top of our show and throughout the show we will be reminding you it is law enforcement appreciation day here in america, here on "fox & friends" but today in chicago, officers there are forced to work even if it is their day off. this as nearly 21%, nearly 1/5 of their police force is on medical leave. the union blames a surge in covid-19 as well as the city's existing staff shortages. chicago alderman raymond lopez joins me now with how this could impact the city's safety. raymond, thank you for being here. how does this impact the city of chicago impact safety? >> let me thank you for the 12,000 officers who do their job
4:25 am
day in, day out under this horrible mayor. this hurts them, days canceled, not spend time with their families not able to recharge, like every other person who goes to a job five days a week, who needs a break. they are struggling to keep law and order together in the city of chicago, in the face of a mayor who clearly doesn't understand the legitimacy of law enforcement into public space. she is committed to making their lives as miserable as possible, preventing them doing their job to keep chicago safe, and pushing policies for lack of a better term aimed at defunding the department through attrition and other measures. pete: raymond, the people has seen the hit not just with the idea how they're treated by the mayor which is real, it creates a real environment but led to retirements. so it is a force with less officers right now. if you look at the breakdown by year it has been growing by year, leading to a crescendo in 2021 of almost 900 retirements which i got to believe is far
4:26 am
surpass what is they would have projected or anticipated. what kind of police officer shortage is chicago facing right now? >> shortage in chicago is real. aside from the 900 people who retired we also know there are individuals who are leaving to go to, for lateral promotions in other departments in other cities, other states. florida, for example. as well as the fact that in 2020's budget the mayor eliminated 600 officer positions in the chicago police department. she has a running vacancy of about 1000 officers in the department right now and for 2022 she only committed in writing to hiring 200 officers to make up for the loss. so she is already at 1800 down. will replace them with 200. that doesn't account still for any kind of promotions that happen within the ranks. pete: it doesn't count still for additional retirements necessarily that may occur. you have a couple choices if
4:27 am
you're down officers. you tell them work longer hours, give up their off days, which is what is happening right now, or you police less. realize, sorry, folks there are certain neighborhoods, certain times we will have enough officers. is that what is happening in chicago too? >> lori lightfoot implemented all of those and more. she is endangering the lives of law enforcement officers in the city right now but not only forcing them to work the days off, not allowing all of our districts to be completely covered but now she is also requiring cars only have one officer in a car. they are no longer partnered together to respond to crimes which means if you have an officer in a situation where a routine traffic stop goes south as we saw in the case with ella french, no one will be there to support that officer immediately. there is no partner in the car to assist that officer. that is not only a threat to public safety, that is a threat to the officers that put on that uniform every day to be brave for the city of chicago. pete: criminal. it's criminal. >> it is criminal.
4:28 am
pete: for a dangerous city like chicago should be criminal. the only thing i wanted in combat which is different, dangerous situations to have some person have my back, going into uncertain situation all you want is a partner with you. they're stripping you of that. raymond lopez, thanks for speaking out being a strong voice. thank you,. >> thank you,. pete: pete ahead, attorneys for novak djokovic are serving proof after vaccine extension after the tennis star was detained after covid fears. the legal battle playing out down under. ♪. vazalore... is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. try new vazalore. aspirin made amazing! you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size.
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with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. ♪. will: tomorrow morning an australian judge will hear tennis star novak djokovic's bid to maintain his visa ahead of the australian open. the number one ranked player was detained wednesday because of the country's vaccine mandate.
4:33 am
however his lawyers claimed australian government gave him a exemption because he had covid back in december. meanwhile czech star varkova is held in the same detention hotel but dropped out of the tournament and will leave australia. attorney brian claypool joins us now to react. brian, thank for jumping on "fox & friends" with us. what a convoluted and confusing situation djokovic finds himself in. apparently got an exemption, there are a dozen different acronyms, government bureaucracies and tennis authorities in australia. he gets there and holds them in the hotel. he goes to a hearing on monday. what happens, brian. >> will, great to be with you i think djokovic is being risked of being aced on monday. here's why. what i think really happened his lawyers got an exemption from what is called stennis australia that is the private organization
4:34 am
that runs the australian open. i don't think his lawyers went to the federal government and got the exemption from the government. you just mentioned a second ago. you can't enter australia without a vaccine. that is not even a mandate. that is a law. so i think that his lawyers made a mistake, didn't get it from the government and the prime minister on wednesday even made a public state, said, hey, djokovic, if you're coming here for the tournament you better have your medical evidence ready. that was a signal it will not be enough coming from tennis australia. will: all right. i mean, defending australian open champ in limbo in a hotel detained and maybe soon to your point on monday, out of australia. turn back here not united states. alec baldwin has not turned over his cell phone, brian, a month after a warrant is issued. he has become a target of investigation in new mexico and along with new york authorities. so, look i don't want to turn my
4:35 am
phone over to anyone either. i just i don't know, one of the most private things in your life now, that being said a warrant was issued. it is certainly suspicious for him to, look, i lean on you. it looks suspicious to not comply with a warrant. >> well look the optics for alec baldwin have been terrible since the onset. i've done some criminal defense work and he is a criminal defense lawyer's worst nightmare that said though this investigation by the sante fe sheriff's department has been tantamount to the "bad news bears." let's remember, baldwin is the gent machine had the gone in his hand when halyna was killed. do you think the what is on his phone is the most important piece in the investigation? we're months out from the beginning investigation. three weeks ago the sheriff's department of sante fe did ride thing, we'll send a search
4:36 am
warrant to get baldwin's phone. what happened? baldwin's lawyer called up that is not a new york affidavit. there is legal term comity. one jurisdiction honors court order. that didn't happen here. they should have gone into suffolk county court three weeks ago to get a search warrant for suffolk county judge for baldwin. they troubled lawyers, we'll come serve a search warrant. that is hollywood justice, not real justice. that is you or me our phones would have been grabbed a month ago. will: right, absolutely. rules the more intricate rules better loopholes for those that know how to negotiate the rules. brian claypool that doesn't seem to be the case in australia with djokovic. we'll watch tomorrow. thanks for filling us in. thanks, you bet. >> you bet. will: downhill disaster as skiers are thrown from a chair lift in a north carolina resort.
4:37 am
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♪. rachel: parents across the country are fighting back as more school districts return to remote learning. this include our next guest who
4:41 am
are leading the charge in wisconsin. so while schools in milwaukee and madison delay in-person learning, i'm going to be joined right now by candidate for wisconsin governor, rebecca kleefisch and recall organizer, running for district school board scarlet johnson. welcome to both of you. i will start with you, rebecca. tell me what is going on in wisconsin and how much it has to do with our current governor in wisconsin, who as you know, comes from the union public school system? this, our his allegiances being pulled where he is not pulling for the wisconsin citizens and children, he is instead has allegiances to his public school union folks? >> you're right and good morning, rachel. you know as a wisconsin mom that tony evers is former state superintendent of schools before he got a promotion to governor. this man is literally the
4:42 am
architect of this status quo and even pre-covid in english language arts wisconsin kids were only testing at 41 1/2% proficiency. today we tested again. it is plummeted. only 8% of black kids in wisconsin are testing proficient in math and 39% of all wisconsin kids testing proficient in english language arts. this is inexcusable. moms like me and scarlet are standing up saying enough is enough. tony evers has to go. he is responsible for harming kids in our state. rachel: scarlet, you say that you're sick and tired of feeling grateful that they open the schools. you're a taxpayer. you pay the building. you pay for the teachers. you pay for the administrators. why are they making you feel like you should be grateful because they're doing their job?
4:43 am
>> i want to say mps received $770 million in covid relief funds yet they're still closed. rachel: unbelievable. >> we had to, come together, parents came together. we fought back, we protested, we emailed. we did everything we could. we were successful in opening schools although now the aggressive mitigation is making school life unbearable for our kids and it is really painful to watch. we're tired of feeling grateful that the doors are open even though our kids are treated more like a disease than children deserving of a loving, nuturing environment. you know i've gone from a stay-at-home mom to parent activist, recall organizer, now school board candidate i realize like i have to be the change. i have to stand up for children. i'm proof that if you stand up, you know, there will be an army of mama bears and papa bears
4:44 am
behind you ready to stand up and fight for their children. we are in a global academic crisis and, there is an extreme cost for what is happening. and our children are paying the price. rachel: thank you for saying that. i'm also sick of treating our children like they are a disease. they are the customers and they should be treated well. rebecca, wisconsin has always been on the forefront of school choice but it always been it ared to poor kids or certain areas. what are you seeing on the ground? you're all over the state campaigning for governor. what are you seeing on the ground in terms of the appetite for not a means-based school choice program but a universal school choice program where the money is attached to the kid and not the system, and parents can go wherever they want to take the money that meets their kids needs? >> you're dead on with your policy prediction there, rachel.
4:45 am
we had a parent townhall yesterday in waukesha, wisconsin, parents were clamoring for that idea. one of the things i pledged to do as governor assure taxpayers dollars, follow a child's education and not buildings and bureaucrats. we heard yesterday from a school choice mom in milwaukee. she says, this was a game-changer, truly a life changer for her two students. their kids are going in-person right now while other milwaukee public schoolkids are at home virtual. she talked about the case of the haves and have-nots. her best girlfriend trying to scramble switching her third shift so she can be at her home during the day. the same thing happened in madison. the inequality the across the state the patchwork between some districts are allowed to go to school, as you talked earlier feeling grateful your kid is allowed to go to school and the other districts where kids are
4:46 am
at home, us why very unfair. black and brown kids are paying the price. i'm puerto rican and i'm really angry that the poorest, most disadvantaged children are the ones suffering the brunt of an institutional failure on the part of education elites. rachel: it's absolutely true. it is the definition of systemic racism what they're doing but actually it's child abuse if you ask me. it's happening to everyone across the socioeconomic and racial divide. rebecca, scarlett thanks for being advocates for children. thanks for joining us on fox and friends. >> thanks for being advocates. rachel. >> you got it. thank you. turning now to your headlines, pete? pete: you got it. a tragic update to a story we brought you last year. police announced the death of an asian-american man who succumbed
4:47 am
to his injuries eight months after brutally beaten in a new york city hate crime. he was collecting cans off the street when a suspect was caught on video kicking him in the head. that suspect is ex-con jared powell who has been arrested at least 15 times in the past. ma's family calling for his attempted murder charges to be upgraded. they should. in north carolina multiple skiers were injured after being knocked off their chair lift on friday. the lift was doused by water, that had erupted out of a damaged hydrant. college students celebrating birthday was violently ejected from her chair lift along with her friend who potentially suffered a spinal injury. another skier broke their arm after jumped off the chair lift to avoid hit by the water stream. school gifts say men could
4:48 am
be more vain than women because they gaze at the mirror longer in a study of 68 adults, that is a very robust study but i'll take it, 68, experts found men stair at their reflections five seconds longer -- stare. yesterday we told you a survey found average man rated his own attractiveness 5.9 out of 10. dan bongino said this. >> if you go to social media platforms they frequently make fun of my looks all the time. he looks like the guy from "minecraft" with the block head. i'm not a 5.9. i'm a 0.0059. that is okay. pete: dan, as always. later in the clip he has a great show, great friends, loves jesus. got all he needs. dan, you know you sold yourself short for sure. turn it over to rick who will have to handle that headline for a second. so, rick, do men gaze in the
4:49 am
mirror longer especially men on tv? probably, right, we're all a little bit more vain. how does rick reichmuth rate himself. rick: whoa, i was not expecting that one. i seen you in front of the mirror in the makeup room as we get ready for the show. you spend plenty of time. teasing. not true. you spend no longer than will at all. none at all. rating myself. that is not my job. other people, we all look how we look. it is all in the eye of the beholder so whatever. who cares. here you go. here is what syracuse looks like this morning. a little bit of freezing rain going on there. a little bit of snow on the ground. a little bit of warmer air came in the higher elevation and hits the ground. that is 33 degrees. probably it is not freezing now but we'll see a little bit of freezing rain going on down across areas of upstate new york, across parts of
4:50 am
pennsylvania. let me show you that. ice storm warnings going on across parts of central pennsylvania. winter weather advisories going on across much of the region. we'll watch snow. not be that heavy. we'll see rain behind it. then we'll see temperatures really plummet behind that. a little bit of a complicated forecast going on the air across the northeast. tomorrow's temps in 20s, teens in the interior sections. look at tuesday a high temperature of one degree in burlington, vermont, 17 in new york city for high temperature. overnight lows in single digits, windchill feeling like below zero. be careful the next few mornings. this is the icing you see especially heavy across parts of pennsylvania. the other than side bringing rain, a little bit of severe weather across the deep south as well. pete, back to you. pete: rick, you're higher than a 5.9. we know that. we love you.
4:51 am
rick: i take it. pete: you got it. its temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. save up to $1,000 on sleep number 360® smart beds. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday.
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pete: child in the housing projects of harlem becomes the first in his family to graduate. he then served as an army artillery officer. he had a successful career at a top fortune 500 company. now he is here with an exclusive
4:55 am
announcement. kendall joins us now. when dal, welcome to "fox & friends." you have a big announcement for us this morning. what is it? >> yes i do, when you look at my life, it is the living case study that the promise of america is alive and well regardless of race, regardless of social standing. and i'm going to fight for our country again by signing and filing as a candidate for governor in the great state of minnesota on the republican ticket. my team is filing with state authorities and activating our website as we speak at kq for we're fighting because in our state we would, ground zero on the rioting, looting, and defunding the police initiatives all started and spread across the country and even now two years later we're suffering from record crime across our state.
4:56 am
and in the center of it all is our governor tim walz for allowing that to happen. his weak leadership -- will: kendall, your personal story, your personal story is one of inspiration. hopefully you can inspire minnesota. thanks for sharing news on "fox & friends." best of luck in the race. rachel: good luck. rticles. so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
♪ these are the days in america ♪♪ pete: good morning, michigan. what a beautiful shot. could be main street, i presume. just waking up on this subject morning, and we're glad you are. welcome to "fox & friends" at the halfway mark. it's january 9th, year of our lord, 2022. rachel, will, good morning. and i want to start with this in
5:01 am
this hour. i have a bit of a bone to pick with will and, rachel, i hope you'll join me on this. yesterday was a snow day for a lot of people. rachel, you shared a video of your kids sledding down the hill beautifully, i also shared a video of my gwen right there snow sledding down the hill, and will, you properly pointed out there's a little bit of chaos on the hill. and that's true, there's no doubt about it. but then you took to twitter later in the day, will, and you doubled down. and you as a texan gave a sledding psa over twitter. and this is will cain on twitter. i'm just going to read it, and then i'll let you defend yourself, will. [laughter] you said, please, for the love of god, tell your kid to walk to the side at the bottom of the hill. we're not raising sociopaths here. if you climb straight up and sent the sled down in front of everyone, it's on him and you if his legs get taken out next
5:02 am
time. so will cain, the texas guy, wants very orderly sledding hills. you tell me about that. [laughter] will: okay. first of all, yesterday after i tweeted that, i had a friend say you are totally unqualified to give this advice. i used to live on a hill in texas that was entitled hospital hill because there was a hospital, and i slid down on a piece of plywood and broke my leg from sledding. but i learned from experience, pete. and i thought we all agreed, you walk to the side. you don't walk up the middle of the hill because then the kids and the parents who are helping the kids have two choices. one, wait. billy's trudging up the hill, let's let him get up to the top. and then billy puts his sled down in front of your killed who wait -- kid who waited, or you go i'm just going to let my kid go, and billy's going to have to deal with this because he's
5:03 am
going to be injured and potentially lifelong problems because i'm going to send him flying up into the air. so you have a tough choice, and all i'm asking is walk to the side. i thought we all agreed here, rachel. rachel: i think this whole discussion perfectly encapsulates what it's like to be me in between will and pete. [laughter] so will is a rule follower. he is a boy scout. and pete is a natural rule breaker. and so is pete's just, like, get up on the hill, guys, and do your thing. and, will, i love that will thinks that's sociopathic -- [laughter] that you're raising sociopasts by not having -- sociopasts by not having these -- will: you have me pinned wrong. it's not about rules -- rachel: oh, pete! i mean, will. will: i don't want a law, i want some common decency. that's all i'm asking for. [laughter] if you see that as a rule, you might be a sociopath.
5:04 am
president if president my wife definitely agrees with you. hold on, my wife agrees with you. embrace the chaos. like, the madness -- you went down one hill in texas one time and one bad thing happened. i went down a million hills a million times in minnesota, and if you -- there's no way to organize the chaos. i mean, it's just kids flying all over the place. there is no side, the whole hill is the side. will: there is. pete: before you issue a psa, i would ask for a little bit broader life experience beside the one hospital -- pete: identify live -- i lived in new york for 15 years, and the way that you control this chaos is simply like this. hey, boone, when you get to the bottom, go to the side. that's it. that's all it takes. [laughter] pete: you know -- [laughter] will: you can control chaos. it's called parenting. [laughter]
5:05 am
rachel: when you have two kids, parenting is different. when you have nine and seven, you just throw your hands up and whatever happens, happens. pete: kids just doing it in -- it's the kids that i'm talking about. when the kids rule, i mean, even just in the neighborhood, kids all over the place. that's when there's just no order to it. rachel: right. sometimes they just go out and do their thing. will: that's fair. the kid chaos. the kingdom of kids, i get. just real quickly, reminds me of a jeff foxworthy skit. they had a tv perched upon tv trays and a tv perched on top of it, and that's dangerous. he's going to pull that on top of his head. he's like, he'll do it once. [laughter] rachel: that's very true. speaking of not being able to control your kids, after the sledding my son, who's 5 years old, had a play date with the neighbors that they were sledding with who's 4 years old, and fox caught this picture.
5:06 am
they shuck into my home studio, and they were pretending to do tv. look at that cute shot. i had no idea. the fox studio people sent me that picture and said, hey, there's somebody down in your studio. so thanks for taking that picture. now i know what they're doing when i'm not there. [laughter] will: not a rule, but a little bit of advice, turn your studio off when you leave. rachel: i think they were preparing for the next shot. they were preparing for the next shot. i was upstairs putting on my makeup, they were downstairs playing. i think my son likes that little girl, and i think he was trying to show off. will: well, here is a set of rules perhaps we should all follow. enforce the law. that's not going to happen in the city of new york, apparently. that's not going to happen in the borough of manhattan where the new da there, alvin bragg,
5:07 am
wants to lower the punishment on many what all call, i guess, small crimes. you know, these are crimes like trespassing, turnstile jumping, marijuana misdemeanors. these are crimes that he's looking to reduce the potential for incarceration and bigger punishments on. and he's got a lot of pushback. people are saying, hey, what are you doing here? your job is, as the da,en enforce the law. here's what he says about that pushback. >> gun crime is on the rise, domestic violence is on the rise, we have sexual assaults. that's what's going on with the status quo, so we know we need to change to address that. and the way to do that is partnering with traditional public safety measures and informs in our communities. we -- invest in our communities. we criminalize poverty every day of the week. we've all seen the story of the person who's on their eighth arrest and people say, well, how'd this happen? well, there were seven prior times where that person was struggling with addiction or mental health. we need to connect that person
5:08 am
to services. it's going to make them safer. it's common sense. i don't understand the pushback. rachel: so the man, the new man hat tan da says he doesn't understand the pushback. guess who is supporting him and his new approach to law enforcement which is so lenient? that's the new mayor of new york, the one that everyone has pinned their hopes to thinking, oh, if we elect a former cop to a mayor, we're going to get, you know, an elimination of all this crime, we're going to see a decrease in all this rampant crime that we've been so upset about. but it turns out you can elect an ex-cop if he's a democrat, he might not actually follow through as you saw. and also if you keep your eye off the ball and elect a da who's been fund by george soros, you're going to get a da who doesn't actually prosecute crimes. so there you are. i think a lot of these new
5:09 am
yorkers who have been on our show, pete, many of them, you know, is so hopeful that they were turning the page on the de blasio days, i think, are in for some disappointment. pete: yeah. as will pointed out, could we be headed for even darker days? it's crazy to think that we could be. will, i have a question from the legal perspective. we talked about earlier on the show. there's no doubt you're creating a magnet for criminals to come to manhattan now that, i don't know, you can jump a turnstile. why even have them? you can assault police. resisting arrest is not something you prosecute. but you're the da, you don't make the laws. your job is to prosecute based on the laws on the books. how far does he have discretion to decide i'm just not prosecuting that? because last time i checked, it's the laws passed by the city council or the legislature, it's still the law. how far can he go with this? will: so that's called prosecutorial discretion.
5:10 am
you can choose where to devote resources because the statements or, in your case, the district's money and time and attorneys. because every case needs a prosecutor assigned to it, and you can say what's our priority and what's not, and every prosecutor does. every little county in every district across this country, they do that. that's why in most cases it's a good thing it's a political office. you know, this is a political office, so he ran -- and rachel's made this point several times -- the people of new york city have endorsed type of decision making, ideology, this type of discretion. so pay attention. vote carefully, because that gray area you're talking about, pete, that discretion is essentially what you're voting on. pete: drive a truck through it, yeah. rah. rachel: yeah, it's really, yeah, it's destroying the way of life in the boroughs that he oversees. it's really disturbing. meanwhile, raymond lopez, he's a
5:11 am
chicago alderman, he's concerned about officer shortages in that city. that's also facing a crime wave. here's what he had to say. >> -- in chicago is real. aside from the 900 people who have retired, we also know there are individuals who are just leaving to go to, for lateral promotions in other departments in other cities, other states. florida, for example. they are struggling to keep law and order together in the city of chicago in the face of a mayor who clearly doesn't understand the legitimacy of law enforcement in the public space. she is committed to making their lives as miserable as possible, preventing them from doing their jobs to keep chicagoans safe and pushing policies that are, for lack of a better term, aimed at defunding the department through attrition and other measures. pete: yeah. it's not just new york, it's chicago, it's minneapolis, it's seattle, it's across the country where the combination of defunding the police and the election of radical, far-left
5:12 am
das along with mayors who don't back the cops and governors who are out to lunch have created an unholy crucible where crime is allowed, not prosecutesed -- prosecuted, and people are fleeing those cities. and now the schools are shut with the teachers union blocking kids going back to school. but across the country, there are food shortages looming as this new strain, omicron, has put even more strain on an already strained supply chain. thank you, joe biden, who said he would address it. it has not been addressed, and because of the money being spent from washington, d.c., the incentive for people to just not go back to work which means those supply chains are broken, and we're seeing inflation. now it's hitting things like meat and eggs as -- and also the global potato shortage, which i did not know there was a global potato shortage, but apparently there is. here's the consumer price index
5:13 am
increase from november 2021, 6.8%. and then the reported consumer price increase from december of 2020 to 2021, 7%. i mean,hill -- will, if you live on a fixed income and these prices are going up at this clip, not to mention energy and everything else, that's hitting you where life hits you. will: they're attributing this to omicron, they're attributing this to workers out, you know, exacerbated -- yeah, exacerbated labor shortages because of workers out for caron. and i -- omicron. i don't think this point can be hammered home enough, it's not because people are sitting home sick. mine, there are some. but the -- i mean, it's a pandemic of positive tests. and that's exacerbating the labor shortage which, by the way, was already created by policies when it comes to, you know, long-term unemployment, stimulus money, people with
5:14 am
money in their pocket, they don't need to go back to work. all of this contributing to rising inflation along with labor shortages and now a pandemic of positive tests. a man made crisis, a pandemic of policies that are creating these problems. rachel: yeah. and these are policies that are almost exclusively hurting the middle class and the poor. i mean, if you're rich, you're not worrying about the price of eggs and milk and potatoes and gasoline. this is hurting poor people. and i just, you know, if you look at this economically, culturally, you could look at this politically. prettily, what the heck are -- politically, what the heck are they thinking? this is like a recipe -- you couldn't plan to want to lose more than what they're doing right now, and you just have to wonder why they haven't changed their policies. where are they doing? what's pete buttigieg with the supply chain issues? where with's joe biden --
5:15 am
where's joe biden who, by the way, looked so ridiculous the other day as if he just discovered that a meat prices were up in this video that he talked about, oh, i was in the kitchen, and i just noticed that ground chuck is up, you know, $1.50. he looked so totally out of touch and straining to feel like he, you know, cares. but he doesn't. and this is, as you said, pete, this is hitting especially people on fixed incomes, those elderly people who really can't afford, you know, if they can't afford eggs and meat and gas in their car, you know, they're going to go hungry, heir going to go cold. they're going to go cold. pete: yep. great point. thank you, rachel. all right, a few additional headlines this morning as well which we'll get to. the nhl, national hockey league, paying tribute to fallen connecticut high school hockey player teddy ball cind who
5:16 am
died -- balkind who died thursday after his neck was cut by another player's skate following a -- an accident. paying tribute with the hashtag sticks out forty on social media. and on saturday, boston bruins' players put handwritten tributes on their hockey sticks. b ark lkind was just 16 -- balkind was just 16 years old. and iran vows to get, quote, hard revenge on the united states for the assassination of qassem soleimani two years ago. one of the country's top military officials saying, quote: wherever is necessary if, we will take revenge against americans by the help of people on their side. the message coming as iran issues sanctions on 51 more u.s. officials who they say play a role in the killing of assume
5:17 am
soleimani. glad that guy's gone. a man goes viral making impossessor if nations great again -- impersonations great again in an arkansas by's drive-through. >> we're talking about large, i call it huge. it sounds a lot better, yes. and a dr. pepper. we like dr. pepper more than dr. we like a side of horsey sauce. >> [inaudible] >> what a shame. [laughter] pete: what a shame. that video racking up almost 6 million views on tiktok. lara trump reposted it on instagram. if you close your eyes and you watch that tuck doc, you can barely -- tiktok, you can pair barely tell the difference, guys. rachel: so true. will: my return was out, so i
5:18 am
couldn't see it, and you're exactly right. all i could do was hear the guy ordering horsy sauce as president trump. and i agree, by the way. [laughter] up next, colleges across the country turning away students for refusing the covid vaccine. dr. marty makary says these policies defy science and reason. he's on deck. plus, tales of america's real live heroes told through the pages of a graphic no. we'll talk to author of the stories on this national law enforcement appreciation day. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:19 am
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5:22 am
muck. >> i did not have my choice in whether i was going to be withdrawn or not unless i got vaccinated, so they're the ones who kick me out. and they gave about one-third of my tuition back, and now they're also charging me $2600 again. will: a former st. john's university student claims the catholic college forced him out of school after using his religious exemption request, and
5:23 am
now he can't even get a full tuition refund. pete: our next guest says policies like this defy science and reason. fox news medical contributor, dr. marty makary,, is here to explain. doctor, thanks so much for being here. he then was able to go to a different university where you can get an exemption or you don't have to be mandated. none of this seems to have anything to do with science. >> you know, many of these colleges and universities, pete, are waging martial law against mild infection. these are the lowest risk people on earth, and these colleges are still trying to achieve covid zero through policies that are cruel. many times people have antibodies from prior infection, but they are antibodies that the government and the school does not accept. they neutralize the virus, but the government and the administration does not recognize those antibodies. will: dr. makary, i want to ask you about what's going on in
5:24 am
colleges, about justice sotomayor. in fact, let's revisit what the supreme court justice a had to say on friday during oral arguments, and we'll talk about what's going on on the other side. >> over 100,000 children, which we've never had before, in serious condition and many on ventilators. will: okay. so that's just, it's false. we don't even need to belabor the point. it's a flat out lie or misinformation. we've all three talked to you over the past two years, had long discussions, for example, on the will cain podcast. and i think you've been very measured and correct throughout the entire pandemic. there is so much nonsense going on at the highest levels of decision making, dr. ma makary. why. what is going on? >> i think people are falling for the fear mongering. they don't evolve their position. they dig in. and that's what politicians and people in government and in washington, d.c. often do.
5:25 am
they make a position and they dig in hard. and and the reality is things have changeed. things evolve. the virus is far less dangerous right mow. we have broad population immunity. the dynamics are totally different. by the way, she is off by an order of magnitude by about 20-30 fold. if you go to the cdc's web site, the number is 5,521. and that's with covid. dr. walensky's going to be on "fox news sunday" with bret baier today. we'll see if she corrects the record. rachel: yeah, you know, what's happening to our kids both at the elementary, high school level and the college level, to me, is really one of the biggest travesties of this entire pandemic. you mentioned that many of these kids have natural immunity, that's true. the colleges aren't acknowledging that. but i also think we ought to be honest about the vaccine, dr. makary. there are things we don't know. just yesterday cnn, or this past week cnn report ld that, indeed,
5:26 am
women are experiencing longer menstrual cycles. we don't know what that means, i don't know what that means, but there are many girls of childbearing age who want to get more answers before they're being forced to take a vaccine for which we're learning and information is just trickling out. so what do you say to that? this is still experimental, this vaccine. i know you say it's mainly safe. but when i read an article like that, that has me concerned. >> yeah, look, the vaccine is ideal for downgrading this very illness among people who are at risk of diagnose, but i've got patients who have reported vaccine-related complications. one woman has described menstrual irregular irregularities. johns hopkins is launching a national study to look at menstrual irregularities for -- rachel: thank you. >> now, when people say, hey, i'm experiencing this or i'm
5:27 am
concerned about this, the medical establishment has been so air gabt to say, oh, that's nothing, you still need to get it. no, people are hungry for honesty and humility. there's a lot we don't know, and people want to see that honesty. rachel: that is what makes me so mad is that we haven't been able to have an open discussion. i remember when women were telling me, dr. makary, that this was happening to them, it was considered a conspiracy theory, and now they're reporting that, yeah, it is happening. so i think it's the honesty and the lack of transparency that's making people really just angry are.. and we've seen that time and time again in med sun. the paternalistic culture blowing off complaints by women about pelvic pain, the old days we wouldn't leapt people get an hiv test at home because we as a doctor had to give them the news. it runs long and strong. rachel: thank you.
5:28 am
pete: dr. marty makary, as always, a fantastic guest. we appreciate your honesty and humility, which is needed when it comes to science. thank you so much. will: thank you, doctor. pete: all right. coming up, controversial u-penn swimmer lia thomas losing to another ivy league transgender athlete. the latest in the fight for fairness in women's sports. ♪ with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. only pay for what you need. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. [ kimberly ] before clearchoice, samy dental health♪
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5:33 am
hey, buck, great to see you this morning. two trans swimmers going opposite directions. same way in the pool, opposite directions when it comes to gender, and lia thomas takes her first big high profile loss. what do we -- how do we make sense of this? >> well, one thing i think is really telling here, will, is how little interest the traditional sports media has in this and the fact that lia thomas, you know, recently was shattering records, crushed everyone else in the pool, and we're supposed to pretend that we don't know basic biology and the realities of what not just active testosterone production, but testosteroning in one's growth process over a lifetime does to muscle mass, bone density. these are basic scientific facts. and it's interesting, of course, the last because the trans agenda now is really at the vanguard of their gender rights quest ignores all of this stuff. they pretend that we don't know
5:34 am
these things. so i think we see this, and the more attention it gets, the more people just can recognize from everyday common sense this is wrong. if i mean, there's something deeply absurd about pretending like someone like this doesn't have an advantage. and i also have to say, will, we mow in the news business are all using female pronouns for males as just a matter of course. i don't know why we've decided to concede that either. i think there's a lot here that needs to be re-examined. will: to that point, buck, you made the choice -- and i did as well just now, lia thomas. it's like that line from coming to america. a man wants to call himself ali, i'll call him ali. if will thomas wants to change his name, i'll honor that, but that doesn't mean i have to honor the pronouns because that's basic language and biology. real quick, you're absolutely right about the sports media. it's totally the uncovered. polling backed up what you said.
5:35 am
people, when their made aware of the -- they're made aware of the story go that's not right, but they don't know about the story because it's not covered. where does this go? do we abolish the male/female classifications? where does this go? >> i i think the left is creating a reality here, the ncaa which is obviously quite woke as an organization where they're going to have to third category, and it's not going to be a category or with a lot of competitors. i think, by the way, this might be a few years away. otherwise their only alternative is to allow for a handful of transgender females, biological males -- and i know we're not allowedded to say that, but that is the x-y reality of their chromosomes -- their going to be able to dominate and essentially set all the records in a sport which undermines women's athletics in its entirety which every parent right now already knows that there's something deeply wrong with this.
5:36 am
and i'm sorry that the left has to deny since -- science in their quest to make themselves feel better, but it's not right. will: all right. so you're perfect for this. i brought it up earlier in the show. youtube has reinstated a music video from five for fight's john, he cut and posted it about the botched withdrawal from afghanistan. it's a song where he's singing about it. he names names, he names blinken, milley, and then they said it was a mistake, oops, sorry, we shouldn't have taken it off. your cohost, clay travis, tweeted this -- he said can you come up with an example of one of these mistakes or even an open censorship of someone from the left? we know the multitude from the right, and i'm sure you and clay have talked about this on the radio, buck. i can't. can you think of an example of this happening to someone whose ideology comes from the left? >> no. i'm sure we would hear about it, will, because this is a pretty
5:37 am
common argument on the right that somehow -- and i think it's a sown one. it's one that i make, clay and i talk about it on the show together, that somehow the banning, the censoring always goes in one ideological direction. yeah, i mean, there's certain things, nudity, things that are censored on youtube no matter who you are, but the moment it is a function of political belief, it always goes against the right. if there was an instance, i would actually like to know who's the high profile person on the left who has been censored in a meaningful way. i've never heard of it because we understand -- and, by the way, i deal with this myself with youtube and some of these other social media platforms. they've essentially come out and said they are adjuncts of the ideological left. they are part of the democrat apparatus. they only will allow what is considered correct to be said on political matters whether it's the election or vaccines or a whole range of issues, and this is deeply troubling because of the amount of control that they
5:38 am
have. but i am happy to say that i think the right has woken up to this and not just to complain about it, to understand it, but we are building platforms. we are expanding beyond. there's gab, there's rumble, they're actually building the ships that we need to sail on the waters of free speech. will: yeah. god analogy. good insight this morning. really good stuff, buck. great to have you on the program. >> thanks so much, will. will: all right. take care. check out buck and they on the clay and buck show on premiere radio networks. up next, are chicago teachers breaking the law by refusing to teach class in person? hear from one mom bringing her battle against remote learning going to court. ♪ ♪ about my heart health from my genetic reports. but now that i have this info it feels like i can take even more control of my health.
5:39 am
it's the most meaningful way to start the new year. now just $129. ♪ ♪ your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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5:42 am
rachel: chicago's students won't be back in school tomorrow as the teachers union battles with city and district officials. now parents are taking their fight against remote learning to court. one with of those parents, chicago mother of three and 41st ward republican committeewoman amy kessum joins us now along with liberty justice center attorney jeff schwab. welcome to both of you. thank you for joining us this morning. amy, let me first start with you. as we know, each child -- or i
5:43 am
should say, our taxpayers are paying $27,000 per child for these children to be taught in person in the chicago school district. that is not happening. you say that this is what the teachers not agreeing to return to school to teach in person is a strike and that, obvious, as you know, is illegal. they say it's not a strike. what do you say? >> well, they can call it whatever they want, but it is a strike no matter how you look at it. look, i understand better than anyone their fear. i am a first responder. i've been out there these past few years every day, and the bottom line is teachers have been given every resource that has been available to them. they were first in line for vaccines, they're first in line for ppe, they're first in line for the boosters. enough is enough. we've got to get these kids back in school. rachel: yeah. i mean, each school received about a million dollars, each school, and probably more.
5:44 am
god knows how much grift has been involved in all covid money that's been pouring out. i'm going to talk to you, jeff, right now. tell me what you think are the chances of this lawsuit. i guess you're representing seven other -- or seven clients? is that correct? what do you think the chances are that your lawsuit will force the teachers union back into the classroom? >> well, we're hopeful, and we believe the haw's on our side. it's very clear, the contract itself says that a strike is not allowed. and also under illinois law they cannot strike while there's a good contract, which there is. rachel: so the teachers union has said that they will not return -- this is what they say -- until covid or the virus substantially subsides and until the city signs an agreement on the conditions of return. what are the conditions, jeff, that they are setting for? >> well, it's my understanding
5:45 am
that they want some sort of percentage to know whether to shut down schools. they've gone the percentage of the population in chicago that has covid, and they don't have that right to unilaterally decide like they're doing now, to uniharmly decide to shut down schools -- unilaterally decide to shut down schools. rachel: yeah. the mayor of chicago, amy, has come out -- surprisingly, actually -- against the teachers union. you're a mom but you're also a republican assemblywoman. what are you hearing on the ground? is this a bipartisan issue in chicago? or is this just republican moms and dads saying, you know, we want our kids back in school. >> no, this is not -- this is bipartisan. this is not a one-sided fight. you know, we as parents, we need to get our kids back in school. but, you know, even more so as a
5:46 am
first responder i know that the safest place for these kids to be is in school. and i think -- [inaudible] i think the mayor knows that too. i hope so. rachel: i hope so too. i hope it changes the politics around school choice in chicago too. we'll see if that happens. thank you, amy and jeff. appreciate your fight. >> thanks, rachel. rachel: all right. turning now to extreme weather, a scary scene near the george bush intercontinental airport in houston as a funnel cloud appears to touch down. the funnel cloud, seen here, during a stretch of severe storm the on saturday: it's unclear if anyone was injured or how much damage the cloud caused. the national weatherer service hasn't confirmed a tornado touching down in the area at this time. let's turn now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for our fox weather forecast. rick, what do you have for us? rick: good morning, rachel chel. yeah, it takes a little bit to
5:47 am
do the investigation, see if it was indicative of a tornado. also around the houston area, about 6 inches of rain, so a little bit of flooding as those storms moved through. you can see the flood watches and warnings across parts of central arkansas as well. all part of this same system, the north end is bringing some icing. ice storm warning across parts of pennsylvania and snow across the higher elevations and far northern parts of new england. moving towards the i-95 corridor, starting to see that icing move very close into that. be very careful out on the roads this morning across the hudson valley, across much of massachusetts and towards connecticut, western half of connecticut especially. we're going to continue to watch that. this will be out of here by the time we get towards tonight and then into tomorrow we start to see cold temperatures come in. take a look at what happens. here you go. here's your monday. chicago, 13. tuesday, 19 degrees for a
5:48 am
meanwhile, that cold has to go somewhere, right now targeting parts of the northeast. rachel, back to you. rachel: thank you, rick. and for the record, i gave you a 10 on that test that the boys were doing. so there you go. rick: wow. thanks, rachel. [laughter] rhode island ray all right. well, still ahead, a comic book that focuses on real life heroes instead of fake ones. we meet the police officer behind the book shining a positive light on law enforcement here on law enforcement day. ♪ finish. ♪ ♪ people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible... with rybelsus®. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer
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pete: america's real life heroes are being honored in a brand new graphic novel just in time for national law enforcement day. thin blue line tells stories ripped straight from today's headlines following police officers battling crime and anti-cop sentiment. award-winning comic book writer mike bair ron is self-publishins publishing this crowd funded graphic novel, and he joins us now. mike, thank you so much for being here. i'll also note the illustrator of this is a police officer as
5:53 am
well, so you're working with law enforcement even in the creating of it, but you're the writer and the brains behind it. tell us about this graphic novel, thin blue line. >> well, you know, i always say i don't choose my stories, my stories choose me. and like every one of you, i was watching television during the long, hot summer of 2020 when we saw talking news heads in front of cities being burnt to the ground explaining they were mostly peaceful riots, and then politicians started to cry for defunding the police. and my reaction was, are they insane? civilization depends on the rule of law. you're either for the rule of law or you're not. now, 20 years ago a story like this wouldn't raid any if eyebrow withs -- raise any eyebrows, butted today@proven to be quite -- it's proven to be quite controversial because a lot of people out there think they can replace the police with social workers. that's not true. i know a number of police
5:54 am
officers, and the ones i know are dedicated civic individuals who joined the force to make a positive difference in their communities. and we all know there are bad cops, but this isn't about them. the story practically wrote itself. i have to emphasize it's not a lecture, it's not didactic at all, it's pure drama. you're going to love it. it's going to grab you by the throat on the first page, and you won't be able to put it down until you finish it. and we've been delighted with the response so far. if we hit our next stretch goal, we're going to contribute to three police charities. one is adopt a cop that will pay for police to take jiu-jitsu, and the reason is brazilian jiu-jitsu trains you how to restrain people without harming yourself or others. and the next one would be national law enforcement officers memorial fund, and the third would be the national fallen officer foundation which, of course, helps the families of
5:55 am
those slain in service. pete: right. that's fantastic, mike. continuing to give back while telling the real side of the story. but you wanted to get this published at a publishing house. they didn't want to hear it, did they? >> no. we submitted it to every major publisher and a number of others, and the polite ones just gently passed. but the impolite ones -- and they're some of the bigger publishers in the industry -- their responses were vulgar and nas a city, and we weren't surprised -- nasty. we didn't expect anybody to pick this book up. we know what the comic industry is like. it's like any other branch of entertainment, it's split right down the middle. and we did, we did publish a couple of their responses with their named redacted. but we were always planning on publishing it ourselves. pete: wow. well, mike bare on -- baron, congratulations on the book. if people want to get it, thin blue line
5:56 am
thin blue line, to back the project. mike, thank you so much. god bless you, congratulations for telling the other side of the story which needs to be hold. >> -- told. up next, the golden globes losing their shine. coming up. ♪ we're a different kind of dentistry. one who believes in doing anything it takes to make dentistry work for your life. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile. . . . >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass.
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♪ >> a hazy morning in austin, texas as we welcome you in to the bright confines of "fox & friends" on this sunday, january 9th. here in the year of 2020. will cain, pete hegseth, rachel campos-duffy, glad to have you for the fourth hour of "fox & friends" where, by the way, it is national law enforcement
6:01 am
appreciation day. and we've asked you, send in your photos of your friends, your family, your relatives, who of have served in law enforcement and we can appreciate them and honor them on this day it's at they're pouring in like this photo from proud momma shirley and three sons, including twins, who became police officers. and mike sends this one, one of his sons, jeff, a sheriff's deputy in north carolina. rachel: here is john, pictured with his family and four generations of law enforcement. also here is sharon, she sends this one of her police officer nephew, jeff, she says is what policing is all about. i love that picture. oh, my goodness. this is victoria pickedded with her police officer -- pictured with her police officer father as a child in 1962. love that too. >> and will, i'm going to need you to pick up the reading
6:02 am
because my teleprompter looks like a snow blizzard. read these for me if you would. will: your internet is jenky. it looks like a snow blizzard but i'm here. i've got your back. kristin sends this one of her dad, dennis, a retired deputy. this one, melissa, one of her police chiefs who personally delivered a brand-new bike to a little boy in her neighborhood who didn't have one. standing up not just for friends and family, standing up obviously for the community and we love that. we love the photos and stories of law enforcement loved ones, it's let's move to a bit of news. pete: i could see the photos. i could see the photos and, you know, again, thank you to all our viewers. i've done this a couple times. i'm going to keep doing it. if you don't catch our show at 6:00 a.m., dvr "fox & friends weekend" on saturday and sunday
6:03 am
and rewind and watch our nation's anthem where we use our viewer photos only for the anthem. it is the most powerful moment of the four hours of our show and i encourage you to dvr and watch it. the photos we're getting for law enforcement appreciation day, totally on par with the kind of stuff we get for the anthem. just appreciation, gratitude for the people that do the hard work for our country. rachel: i want to say, this is law enforcement day. you don't have to wait for another year to thank your law enforcement. you can do that every day. when my husband was in congress, he had a thank a cop thursday on his social media and websites. you can thank a cop any time you see a cop but i'm so glad we're doing these photos today and i love the stories that you added with them. they make all the difference. will: because it's a show, we would hope, we think the three of us would like that is not necessary lay projection an inclusion, a community, a conversation. to pete's point on the national
6:04 am
anthem, it was awesome when we were doing it and it was simply the national anthem to start the show. now it's with you, our viewers, as your photos are included. you're part of the show. we move to news this morning. chicago schools set to move forward on wednesday, no school whatsoever right now in chicago and on wednesday they hope to go to remote learning which is essentially a vote for work stoppage, it's what happened in chicago. essentially the teachers have gone on strike, abandoned the city's children over, i don't know, abstract covid demand, after receiving already $2 billion in federal funds to ventilate, sterilize and mask up the school. the chicago teachers union wants more or they're not going to teach and listen to the president of the chicago teachers union, jesse sharkey, who says your concerns, you know, about your kids being in school, it's a talking point. listen. >> i hear the mayor say she doesn't want to do remote.
6:05 am
but honestly, that's just a talking point, it's an idea. remote is bad. remote education is a tool. teachers view remote education, yeah, it's not as good as in-person but like think about it. in the past, chicago it's the wintertime. in the past you have a blizzard, you have two options, you can hold school during a blizzard in which case you know most people aren't going to come, it's dangerous to get there, puts people at risk or you can cancel school. those are the only two options you had. now we have a third option. we can hold school remotely. rachel: yeah, that was avowed socialist jesse sharkey, the head of the chicago teachers union and in socialist fashion he has had his buddy, alex vorgey, a chicago physics teacher who put on facebook that he vows to turn in anyone who breaks that strike line as a
6:06 am
delegate, i will be reporting the names of members who dare to go in and teach your children, that's what socialists do. i just want to say this, pete and will. because i had an interview earlier in the show with a wisconsin mom who said you know what, i'm sick and tired of being made to feel grateful that the teachers come in and teach my kids in person and do their job. i'm also sick and tired of having my child feel like they're a disease and i think that the way she framed that is really important because until we change the power relationship between the teachers and the teachers unions and the parents, that's what's going to happen. we as parents are -- who is the boss? that that's the question, right. who is the boss? the boss are the parents and the taxpayers and the clients are the children and until we start to act like that, like we're the boss and they're the clients, this is how they're going to treat us and that's what needs
6:07 am
to fundamentally change and when you have, pete, school of choice, when you are in control of that money and you can take it wherever you want, to a place that meets your needs, had that wants to do the job and open up, that will take the money that the government gave, millions of dollars in covid relief and actually use it to mitigate covid instead of putting in equity programs and bloated administrations, this is what we're going to get. >> it's true. you know, the left loves the word defund. how about defund the teachers unions? rachel: yeah. >> how about marginalizing their ability to dock tri nate our kids. -- doctrinate our kids. it should be targeted by conservatives. it's the base of political power. these are cartels that work on behalf of democrats that extort politicians for the money that never gets spent for the right reasons. they control the deep state of our education. i love what you said, will.
6:08 am
they have abstract covid demands they use at the very moment they think they have leverage, at the moment we know people vaccinated or not vaccinated can also spread covid. all of these teachers were pushed to the front of the line to get vaccinated. they can wear all the masks had they want while they're in class and we know the numbers they're pedaling about children, hospitalization and deaths are all fake and false also. so they make up their demands in order to get what they want politically and so far it's working and it is going to have to be courageous politicians and parents. one of those was on our programs earlier, amy kessem, a chicago woman, part of filing the lawsuit against chicago teachers unions. here's what she had to say. >> they can call it whatever they want. it is a strike no matter how you look at it. i understand better than anyone their fear. i'm a first responder. i've been out there these past two years every day, and the
6:09 am
bottom line is these teachers have been given every resource that was available to them. they were first in line for vaccines, first in line for the boosters and enough is enough. we've got to he get these kids back in school. >> what a great point she makes. these teachers have been placed at the front of the line when it came to the vaccine, front of the line when it came to boosters, awarded $2 billion by the government to sanitize their schools and get them back to in-person learning. they have a paycheck they're collecting while not teaching our children. this seems to be in my mind, this should be in my mind a final straw, a line in the sand. if we can't stand up for our children, if we can't stand up for the most vulnerable then we cannot stand up against the lunacy. give back the money. give up your paycheck and give up your job. bring in the replacements, bring in the scabs, save our children. this lunacy has to end.
6:10 am
rachel: what do they do with the money? i mean, what is it, clorox to disinfect the tables, the desks? why did we give them that money? it was so outrageous. >> the man in the red hooded sweatshirt knows what they did with that money. they did whatever they wanted with the money. they bought a couple hand sanitizers and did whatever they wanted with their political per perogatives. the man with the socialist and the red swift shirt, ask him. -- sweatshirt, ask him 6789 maybe he'll tell you. then we have this, youtube decided to reinstate a music video from the lead singer from five for fighting. he made a music video about our botched embarrassing withdrawal from afghanistan. it's entitled blood on my hands and he takes direct aim at tony blinken, general milley, and joe biden. watch.
6:11 am
♪ this is american. ♪ left turn at the taliban. ♪ and how's that happening? >> any afghan may leave the country, including those who worked for america. ♪ winkin blinken, can't you look me in the eye. ♪ willy, milley, tell me when did you decide this, we'll defend. ♪ your sacred song now means never mind. rachel: winkin blinken, willie milley, he named names in the song. i think that's what got him in trouble. he also said of course blood on your hands, joe biden, and he's just-the song is very much in the tradition of american song writing protest songs that we --
6:12 am
you recall we had in the '60s and '70s but i guess in this era, the era of chinese authoritarianism seeping into american culture through big tech, that gets you censured and taken off. they say this was our mistake, we retweeted your video. we're sorry this happened, thanks for being patient while we worked it out. the artist was gracious about it and he said the reality that this tends to just happen when artists or people are criticizing one side of the aisle makes it hard to give them the benefit of the doubt but the that said, they did the right thing, they addressed it quickly, they reposted it which i appreciate. will and pete, you've been bringing up all morning long that we're waiting to see if we can find even one example of this happening to an artist on the other side of the aisle.
6:13 am
i don't think we have, pete. but rand paul brings up a good point, which he says we should just boycott youtube and all of these big tech censorship groups, they don't like us, they hate us as conservatives. here's what he has to say. i think it's an interesting take on it. >> if you're a republican or conserve of testify, i think it's a double -- conservative, i think it's a double standard. the bottom line is, i don't want to give free content to people who think they're better than we are, look down their nose as at us. they think we are deplorables and we're not as sophisticated as california or new york. i don't want to be associated with close minded people like that. as you can tell, it makes me angry. so competition is good. in the market get place, if more people go to, maybe youtube will some day oh, my goodness people are leaving us
6:14 am
and no one will want to participate, maybe they'll change their ways. >> it's taken us a long time to come to this reality a, it really has a, but we're there. i think it was on dan's show, i could be wrong, where i saw you the poll, it's not shocking but 99% of political donations for employees at twitter to democrats, 96% to facebook and youtube, to democrats. we have looked to see if we can think of someone on the left whos has been canceled or blocked from those platforms. we can't. it all goes in one direction. so why are we there? i know we have this instinct, it's a good one, i'm going to fight inside their terrain and behind enemy lines and i'm going to -- that's one thing and that's important. but what if the whole thing is rigged against you, slanted against you the entire time to mischaracterize you and block you, then you're just contributing to what they're doing. that's why i love creating a new ecosystem which can compete in the marketplace. kind of like fox news channel,
6:15 am
25 years ago. everyone said it couldn't be done and then we did it and did it better. we we need to find our entrepreneurs and support them and believe in free speech. just left, right, otherwise. that's what we're going to have to do and a i think rand paul's right. it's a wake-up moment for that. >> you know, i've asked this question honestly. i've asked this questioner ques earnestly, can you come up with an example from the left, where by mistake or through intention they were censored. we're come back to this in a moment. overwhelming support on social media, overwhelming. people are speaking. but also i should say on social media there's a couple names, i was told what about kathy griffin or what about the dixie chicks and what i would say to this is what we're talking about is not cancel culture. which by the way i condemn cancel culture. there's been victims of cancel culture across the spectrum. it's not even handed.
6:16 am
often cancel culture is a result of consumer choice. in other words, country music listeners go i don't want to hear -- rachel: they don't like the dixie chicks. >> i don't want to hear the dixie chicks. so stations stop playing them. that's different than being deplat taken off because of authoritarian mindset. i can't find that example. that's not kathy griffin or the dixie chicks. i can't find the censorship example towards someone on the left. rachel: you know, will, it isn't just rand paul. marjorie taylor greene came out and said to conservatives, get off social media. i have to tell you, i am really -- pete and i have had this discussion a lot. my husband has been telling me to get off of twitter, get off of all of this. there are some alternatives like getter and rumble now for those who don't want to use youtube. so i think it is time for me. i think i'm tired of feelings like -- i feel like an abused girlfriend, actually.
6:17 am
big tech's not going to get better. they're never going to treat me nice. had they hate me ultimately as rand paul says. and i think it's time for me to get off it. i think the question, though, is how do you get off? some conservatives say i no longer tweet but i keep an account so i can just see other stories come through. what do you guys think about that? >> i think the water's very warm on the quitting side. it's wonderful. it's wonderful. i don't miss twitter one bit. see you later. rachel: you're not on at all, pete. pete: i'm not on it at all. i don't have a sha he dough account or -- shadow at or anything. i don't have an urge to join a new one. i don't know what that says about me. maybe i will. i'm glad there are alternatives. i think it's important. like not having to instantly react to everything. we have eight hours of television to talk about it. i kind of like it. rachel: i might take take some advice from rand paul and marjorie taylor greene.
6:18 am
i'll let you know next weekend if i finally quit my abusive boyfriend, twitter. turning to your headlines. nhl paying tribute to fallen connecticut high school hockey player teddy balkind. he died thursday, this is so awful, after his neck was cut by another player's skate following an accidental collision. philadelphia fliers forward cam at kinson who grew up in nearby riverside, one of many nhl players who are paying tribute with the hashtag sticks out for teddy on social media. on saturday a bruins players put handwritten tributes on their hockey sticks. balkind, what a beautiful young man, what a smile, he was 16 years old. senator joe manchin is taking any chance of supporting biden's built back better plan off of the table.
6:19 am
the washington post reporting manchin is with drawing his $1.8 trillion compromise offer and is urging the white house to fundamentally rethink their approach, this after negotiations deteriorated in december. the move could possibly put the final nail in the coffin for biden's build back better agenda. we can only hope that that is true. and this year the golden globes will be a, quote, private affair. the event will not be live-streamed and celebrities aren't planning to present the awards and there's not even a host. over the last year, the golden globes' governing body faced intense scrutiny for ethical failures and a lack of diversity viewership. last year it fell 60% compared to the 2020 show. and those are your headlines. so build back better is getting the final nail in the coffin. is this the final nail in the coffin for the golden globes,
6:20 am
will? will: it's a whim per, goes out not with a bang, but with a whimper. i couldn't imagine caring less. it's being building to this moment for years. pete: it's true. nobody's watching. good riddance. a lot of people are siding with you about your sledding et etiquette. my good buddy mike, i texted me this. please tell will he's 100% right. have to get to the side. there are rules, this isn't nam. [laughter] >> mike and i are going to be good buddies by the way, pete. that's a line from the big lembowski. i assume you know that. there's rules here, smoky, this isn't vietnam. i love mike and thanks for having my back. pete: he's a great dude. he's a great dude. rachel: that's in front of my neighbor's house, that beautiful
6:21 am
sledding scene. thank you to my neighbor, gina, for blowing up those tubes and getting the kids down the sledding hill. >> beautiful. up next, former education secretary bill bennett sounds off on this sunday. don't go anywhere. ♪ to help block out food particles. so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip.
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6:25 am
>> as more schools across the country close yet again, new data from california's education department, failing education department, is shining light on learning loss during covid-19. during the 2020-2021 school year, less than 50% of students met their english language arts requirement while just over 33% -- 33% met or exceeded the basic standards for math. let's bring in fox news contributor and former education secretary under president reagan and our friend, dr. bill bennett. doctor, mr. secretary, thank you so much for being with us this morning and happy new year. it's always great to see you. those numbers are tragic. >> thank you. >> and exacerbated by covid, mr. secretary. we can put up on the screen as well, those are consistent with
6:26 am
scores from other years in california, previous years as well. they're only a little bit worse. so you've got worse scores coming out of california, but they've been consistently bad. yet, they're continuing to push to keep kids either out of school or remotely. what's the impact of this? >> well, the impact of this is lost opportunity. if you break down those numbers, disaggregate those numbers as we say, for minority children you'll see that they are much, much worse. and if you can't read successfully by the third grade, you're your life odds are diminished. now, we've heard the phrase just focusing on minority kids for a moment, black lives matter. what about black minds in do they matter? what about a mind is a terrible thing to waste? what you're seeing is a failing education establishment and i'm glad to see your discussion this morning. you guys are quite prolix this
6:27 am
morning, you know that, and that's good. you know what that means. and you can -- come on, i know you do, princeton. anyway, a lot of the discussion, pete and others is that about parents and frustration, frustration with what schools are doing or not doing. you make the very good point that when they were in session in california, they weren't doing much better. it's much like rachel's point earlier, she looks at the strike in chicago and says i'm not sure i want those people teaching my kids. well, that's right. that restiveness is building all over the country. we saw it in louden county in virginia, helped get glenn youngkin elected governor big-time and we're seeing it elsewhere. the only thing i would counsel for the discussion is there are things you can do. the supreme court has opened the way for much more school of choice. you cannot discriminate in the use of public funds against relidges us schools, for example
6:28 am
-- religious schools, for example. that was the finding knacks year. last point i'll make, governor doocy in arizona said i'm going of to provide $7,000 for any parent who is unhappy with the schools to go to another school. that may not cover all the cost but it will go some way. choice is opening up and smart governors, governors who are willing and people who vote the right way can take advantage of this in the states. i think we have an opportunity here and a lot of people are sizing that opportunity -- seizing the opportunity. carpediem. pete: i hope you're right, sir. we only have 45 seconds. it's a big question. when you look at this realm of education, how did -- and what we've seen crystalize during covid-19 as a lot of content came into our homes through zoom calls and all of that, how do we fall so far so fast where conservatives are so behind the eight ball when it comes to the education of our kids?
6:29 am
>> one way republicans have ceded education to democrats and they have for years. they say we're interested in taxes and banking and regulation, education is for the democrats. we're seeing what that has meant. but i would ask the be president -- askthe president of the unitd states who keeps saying the country was built on unions to challenge the unions to do the right thing. it's very clear from the actions of a lot of these unions, their interest is a self-interest, not the interest of children. we have in covid, in the covid period we've kind of put children to the back, the end of the line. let's put them forward again. that is the future, after all. pete: amen. secretary bill bennett, thank you so much, as always. we love having you. happy new year. >> thanks. thanks, pete. thanks. pete: thank you. all right. coming up, manhattan's new dangerous district attorney claims he doesn't understand why people are upset over his soft on crime policies.
6:30 am
but alicia and guy benson join us live next. decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ are you taking a statin drug to reduce cholesterol? it can also deplete your coq10 levels. i recommend considering qunol coq10 along with your statin medication. the brand i trust is qunol.
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6:34 am
>> storm domestic violence is on the rise. we've seen the story of the person who is on their eighth arrest. people are saying how did that happen. there were seven prior times with that person struggling with addiction or mental health. we didn't connect that person to services. it's going to make them safer. it's common sense. i don't understand the pushback. rachel: that's manhattan's progressive new district attorney, on the defense and surprised by the pushback that he's facing over his plans to go easy on criminals. so here to react is fox news reporter alicia acuna, along with fox radio and fox nation
6:35 am
host, jimmy falla and lisa booth and guy benson. alicia, he doesn't sound like a da to me. he sounds more like a social worker. what do you think? >> that sound bite that we just played, he talked about someone who has committed the same crime seven times and he worries about this person and the road that got them there and the immediate thought that came to mind for me was what about the seven people who were victims of these crimes? and i think that the confusion that he talks about is actually existing probably right now with the people of new york city who are wondering, well, if i don't commit a crime, what about me? what about the businesses, the business owners out there who now have to worry about people shoplifting and the shoplifters not worried about being charged, in addition to the police officers out there, what message are they receiving here? rachel: absolutely. so this da says that he's no longer going to prosecute marijuana misdemeanors, he's not
6:36 am
going to prosecute resisting arrest and interfering with a crime trespassing, turnstile jumping. the list goes oven this reminds me of california where the test scores are so low for kids there, the teachers decided we're not going to do grades and we're going to get rid of tests. is that what he's doing there? he admits that crime is up in new york. he's going to redefine what a crime is and then his numbers will go down, right? >> i never thought we would see something called criminal appreciation day. this is the most bizarre marketing strategy. [laughter] >> you know. we have teacher day and bring your kid to work day. we've never had bring your perp to work day. [laughter] >> rachel, think about where we are in new york city in the year 2022. times square used to have this famous thing called walking tours where you would walk through times square and a look at the architecture. they still have them. now they're called running tours
6:37 am
because you're getting chased by some lunatic. this is disgraceful. [laughter] rachel: you know, jimmy brings up such a great point. today is law enforcement appreciation day and we have this new da who now says that resisting arrest shouldn't be prosecuted. how dangerous is that for our law enforcement? >> i mean, the truth is, every one of these -- rachel: jimmy, that was for -- >> sorry, guy. good to see you, buddy. you're the best. rachel: finish up really quick and then let's take it to guy. >> beautiful. i'm always guy benson's opening act on the radio so this works out perfectly. [laughter] >> basically, understand this. every single -- every single police interaction that's blown into controversy and generated so much protest and heat in the streets was the end result of, what, somebody resisting arrest, whether talking about jacob blake, whether talking about --
6:38 am
you know, everything that went on, dante wright, where people resisted arrest, the end result being a tragedy. the first thing we should teach everyone is compliance. this does the opposite of this. i hate it. i cede the floor to guy benson. rachel: jimmy makes a good point, right? >> yeah. i want to talk about this da pra professing befuddlement. this portrays one of two things, either he's a law or he's more out of touch than we all think. the intellectually honest thing for him to say is i recognize there has been pushback against this approach in other cities where crime has exploded. la, san francisco, philly. there's a recall effort against a prosecutor who takes my approach. the former mayor of philadelphia is trashing the guy who is running the show in philly on
6:39 am
this front. i think it will be different in new york for these specific reasons, we can make it work here, i believe that's the case, recognizing why people are concerned and here's the point that i'm going to make to you to convince you that this is the right vision but he's not doing that. he's saying i don't understand why people are upset. he should understand. people are upset because this isn't working elsewhere. rachel: lisa, sounds like what he's saying is you're bad people that you don't see it the way i do, you're not as compassionate as me. >> we're just not crazy, right. this guy is crazy. and who is going to want to go to new york city, rachel, unless you're a criminal under these policies. i mean, look, i fled communist new york over a year ago for free florida, primarily because of covid. i was tired of the heavy hand of government dictating to me a free american how i live my life but secondly because the crime. i no longer felt safe in the city of new york, rachel. why would anyone when you have a da who thinks murderers deserve
6:40 am
less than 20 years, when you think armed robbery is a misdemeanor. why would you want to go to the city unless you're a criminal? why would you want a business there? if you're the police, why bother arresting if the criminals are just going to be released to the street and you have criminals going to the new york post saying i love these policies, right. charles woll arrested primarily for burglary going back to the 1980s, 11 arrests in 2021 alone, you have guys like this saying i love this. go for it, da. if you've got criminals like that praising your policies, maybe just maybe they're not the right ones. rachel: . yeah. great points all of you. i hope we don't get bring your perp to work day. it looks like we're on that path in new york city. >> it's not a good day. it's not a good day. rachel: it's not a good day. who will i bring. jimmy, alicia, guy and lisa, great stuff and if you want more of that, tune into the big
6:41 am
sunday show, one of the best shows on sunday here on fox news. stay with us. rachel: up next, the great sick-out as many as 5 million americans could call out from work this week. maria bartiromo on deck, next. ♪
6:42 am
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>> a surge in covid-19 wreaking havoc on the american workforce. 5 million people could call in sick this week. what kind of disruptions can we expect. sunday morning future anchor maria bartiromo joins us now. maria, great to have you on the program. we've got the jobs report which was disappointing and yet everybody is saying wait until you see january. maria: yeah. you're right, will. good morning to you. good morning, team. we are seeing the covid situation worsen because this administration is failing as it relates to covid, among other issues. you know, part of the issue is the administration has politicized our healthcare. yes, they have politicized covid-19. on the one hand, they refuse to acknowledge natural immunity. you have to have tests that you also have to have vaccination as well as a booster shot and they have completely ignored treatments that are on the market that have actually worked
6:46 am
to treat covid like hydroxychloroquine, like ivermectin. i have a doctor coming on the program, telling us what he has seen firsthand as far as treatments for covid right now. so the administration is basically telling us suck it up, go home, isolate for two weeks then isolate for five days and, you know, sick it out, ride through it, instead of actually treating these flu symptoms. it's having reverberations around our economy. if we see 5 million people call in sick this upcoming week, you're going to see lockdowns by he de facto because companies do not have the workers to get back on the job. so again, another crises as relates to covid adding to the crises around afghanistan as well as the border, the list goes on and on. we actually need leadership when it comes to covid. we're looking at the peaks right
6:47 am
here in terms of numbers of cases. rachel: tell us what you've got coming up on sunday morning futures. maria: first off, rachel, we're back to work, congress comes back to capitol hill this week on monday morning, the congress is back. we're going to have a first look at what's on the agenda from kevin mccarthy, the gop leader, largely expected to become the next speaker. it is on. we've got a number of recommendations as well as endorsements for people who are running so we'll have breaking news from congressman kevin mccarthy coming up. we're going to have breaking news from senator ron johnson. he is announcing this morning that he is running for re-election so he's going to talk to us about that. we'll talk with dr. pierre corey about this situation around covid, why this administration is blowing off treatments that have actually worked as relates to treating covid. and then we will catch up with governor kristi noem of south dakota. she has taken matters into her
6:48 am
own hands, ordering new you tests for the people of south dakota and the upcoming week she will give us the state of the state so we'll get breaking news from the governor in terms of what she is going to tell the people of south dakota this upcoming week in her state of the state. it's all coming up in 10 minutes' time. we'll talk to you then for breaks news. >> we will see you then. rachel: great stuff, maria. >> maria bartiromo great stuff. thank you. up next, the final sunday of the regular season, the must see nfl match-ups on fox today. coming up. for people who could use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks. neutrogena® for people with skin. my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working.
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>> ifs a huge doubleheader for the nfl with playoff implications on the season finale weekend. first, aaron rodgers will lead the nfc north champion packers against the detroit lions, watch that matchup on fox. tune into america's game of the week, 49er, rams, the final nfc playoff spot. carissa thompson joins us now. good morning, charissa. >> reporter: good morning, will. will: it's not the final weekend. there's a couple games. we're going to get to the niners rams game, so a win and you're
6:53 am
in for the niner, right. let start with the packers, lions. >> reporter: aaron rodgers said he wanted to play. how long is of course remains to be seen if they're smart, not the entire game, like we saw in last night's game with dallas, got to pull the starters when you get up by that much. taking on the lions, green bay clinched the home field advantage. we know aaron rodgers and the year he's having, an mvp candidate, likely the front runner. taking on detroit today, i like the packers by 10. it's very important and a these guys he vocalized they want to keep the momentum rolling and not take a lot of time off especially because they get the first round bye. i expect them to put up points on detroit. >> saints, falcons, saints need to win. they need help to get in the
6:54 am
playoffs, right? >> reporter: they sure do. the saints have won three of the last four. we were talking about this. it's crazy to think this was a team that was displaced and started the beginning of the season in dallas because of hurricane ida. they have had 58 different starters throughout the year. they've been riddled with injuries, especially at the quarterback position. i think they show up today. the falcons are -- have no chance of making the playoffs so the saints need the win and the 49ers loss to have a chance at this thing. i think they play out of their minds he's especially the defense in spite of the offensive injuries. i like the saints by 10 eastern on the road. will: you led us there. i'm curious to see how you think the playoffs are going to shake out. you do project the saints winning. so they did their part. then they need the 49ers to lose to the rams in the big game today on fox, that's the afternoon game, 4:25 as well. so 49ers, rams, rams are already in. they're fighting for the two seed with the cardinals.
6:55 am
the niners have to win to make the playoffs. then what happens? >> the niners have had the rams' number, will. in fact, they've won five straight against this team. but the rams still, again, going back to my previous point about the packers, they have to put this thing together. they've been up and down all year long and, yes, they end up getting themselves into the playoffs but they're trying to put it together especially matt stafford of, he's been inin the quarterback -- he's been inconsistent in the quarterback position. trey lance looking to get if not the start, if not later. i like the rams in this one. fox bet super 6 is giving everyone a free chance at 1 you $100,000. last week, nicole from chicago won 100 grand of tv's money. scan the qr code, download and play today. will: will do so, charissa.
6:56 am
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rachel: just a reminder that i'll be hosting prime time all next week at 7 p.m. eastern, 6 p.m. central is. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morn, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. welcome to "sunday morning futures," i'm maria bartiromo. happy new year. it is a new day. congress returns to work tomorrow, and we officially kick off the midterm election year. coming up, the men hoping to take the gavel for the gop majority after this november's election. gop leader kevin mccarthy is here laying out the gop agenda as the supreme court takes up joe biden's vaccine mandates as he pleads to follow his rules


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