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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  January 9, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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arthel, seeing a sea lion, why did the sea lion cross the road? arthel: to get to the other side. i'm glad he didn't get hit and taken care of and let out into the world see you at 4:00 p.m., everybody. ♪ ♪ >> we are awaiting a decision from the supreme court on president biden's vaccine mandate as some are set to go into effect tomorrow. welcome to fox news live, i'm mike emanuel, this comes as justice sotomayor faces criticism for her misstatements about omicron during the oral arguments, lucas tomlinson is live in the white house with the very latest, hello, lucas. lucas: appearing on fox news sunday rochelle walensky says it's safe for teachers and
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students to be in school right now, very law risk. one of the things she talked about was that the mortality is -- >> fall of this year we had a delta surge and we were able to safely keep our children in school before we had pediatric vaccination, fast-forward to now. we have pediatric vaccination. >> two supreme court justices offered their takes very different takes about vaccine efficacy. >> we know that the best way to prevent spread is for people to get vaccinated. >> as i remember in the filings that the 18 to -- that the younger workers, the 20-year-olds who are unvaccinated are actually safer than the older workers who are vaccinated. so there are obviously some differences. lucas: mike, you pensioned you mentionedsotomayor, the mars
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giving her pinochios for making the quote, she went off the rails an later called he's estimate wildly inaccurate and when the cdc when it comes to mortality, it's about 1 and 50,000 children will die of coronavirus, the same about chickenpox. like you mentioned the osha mandate goes into effect tomorrow with a company of hundred more employees to have employees fully vaccinate or if are unvaccinated they have to undergo weekly testing, mike. mike: lucas tomlinson live from the north lawn, thank you very much. for more on president biden's handling of covid pandemic as cases surge across the country, republican congressman, greg murphy. he's also a member of the
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doctor's caucus. congressman, welcome. congressman: good morning, or good afternoon, i hope you're well. mike: same to you. are you convinced the united states supreme court will say the biden administration overreached with these mandates? >> i am, mike and i thought this all along. you know, i've been actually as a physician i've been a proponent of vaccination. i think that's a conversation that individuals need to have between a patient and a doctor, not a citizen and a government. i think it's massive overreach which has been the plan of this administration since day one. even they've said we are not sure this is constitutional but we are going to push it anyway. the sad thing that with so many have had overreach, they created in their own right and own regard vaccine hesitancy so i think it gets thrown out. there's no reason, no precedent for this ever being done before. mike: you're a doctor, how should american parents protect children at this stage?
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>> i recommend vaccination. i don't know, you know, if we look at all of the stuff that's going on and occurred because of what we have done during this pandemic as opposed to the vaccination itself, i think really actually we need to pull back mid stream and take a look at things, we are smart but there's so many times that during the pandemic people have been isolated, away from their church, led to substance abuse, the greatest numbers we have seen before in overdoses. i think it's just being smart. taking a deep breath, do what you can and know that this virus, this particular variant while more infectious it's less virilant. i feel sorry for my colleagues in the hospital because they have been working tireless his in two years. fortunately we have not seen the lethality that we did with previous variants. mike: congressman as a dad all my peers are worried about their children and being educated in the classroom, what are your
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thoughts, what's your message to the teachers unions in places like chicago that's talking about leaving the classroom? >> mike, i think our teachers need to do the damn job. i'm sorry to be so forward about that but that's the job to teach. if other segments of our society can go back to work, our nurses, our doctors, people at work, they can go back also, teachers want to teach and they want to take care of their children so they have pushed another agenda and as you were talking about before, the cdc has lost credibility because it followed what the teachers union wanted to do. no, they need to go back and do their job, it is safe to do it now. they've been vaccinated and boosted. it's time to actually get america back in the classroom. >> what about what has happened to the children, many have been out of the classroom for at least a year, what are your concerns about other health risks such as depression for kids that have been forced to stay home? congressman: mike, i'm very concerned about that. i'm writing a letter or sending out this week to nih director to
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look at what the side effects the corollary side effects have had in the pandemic because of reactions, our kids especially those in minority communities or marginalized out in rural areas have been severely adversely affected by being out of the classroom, they've lost a year plus of their education. i'm worried tremendously about that because there's no way that those individuals, those children can ever catch up. mike: congressman, we are running out of time. you passed 1.9 trillion in covid relief. we are seeing a testing debacle in the country. do you wonder if the taxpayers got their money's worth? >> no, the message has been wrong which is what the administration has done since day one. now we have the worried healthy, everybody getting 4 or 5 tests a day which is really put a pressure on our system. i think our individuals are being screened at the hospital, yes, in some regards we've created a hysteria by testing
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everywhere that just does not need to be occurring. mike: congressman murphy from the great state of carolina, have a great day. >> you too. mike: rising omicron cases democratic policy and committee cochair and serves on the house appropriation committee, congressman, welcome. congressman: nice to be with you in 2022, how are you doing? mike: great to have you. what is your take on the biden administration mandates being challenged in the supreme court? >> first of all, i want to congratulate you for having greg murphy on. he's a physician. dr. murphy and i are friends and we are working together on an important initiative the justice act which would provide an avenue of redress for a couple of generations of united states marines and marine families and mr.s at camp lajune who are seeking compensation for being
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poisoned by the well water there between greg murphy's leadership alongside me we have amassed over 124 cosponsored and i'm happy to see him pushing vaccination. you know, that's the answer. one thing -- you can talk about cdc as their message changes here and there but what they're prescribing but what the statistics show is not subject to debate. what they saw in october was that if you're not vaccinated, you have a 14 times greater chance of dying of covid. that's why the hospitals are full of people that are unvaccinated. that's why if they come for you for intubation it's probably because you're not vaccination. i myself caught covid and i'm vaccinated and it was mild and i chalk it up to that and it's
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interesting, the supreme court argument, we have nine justices. it's a heavily conservative court right now as you know, all of them are double vaccinated and boosted. it's an interesting dynamic. what they are doing is it administrative overreach and maybe they will decide that, it seemed likely that they will try to find some kind of middle ground, mike, only companies medicare and medicaid, healthcare operations need -- can be subject to an osha mandate like that. i do expect them to reach some kind of middle ground like that but the bottom line is, go out and get vaccinated. it's not political, donald trump is double vaccinated. if you care about making your family safe and your friends and your loved ones, go out and get vaccinated. mike: estimated 5 million people who may be out sick having huge
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impact on american businesses. here is the cdc director today from fox news sunday. >> you know, i think the thing that's most disruptive to any business or industry is to have half of the workforce out because they are sick with covid. we have seen with the omicron variant that prior protection protects you less well than it had with the current -- with prior variants, so having previous infection seems to not protect you as well as against omicron. >> what are your concerns about the economic impact at this stage of the covid fight? >> well, obviously the big economic impact is that we are coming out of the pandemic, you know, we are learning to deal with it. this has all been on the job training for the government and for everybody in the united states and the world. how to survive covid, how to -- how to bring back the economy after ward, obviously we have the lowest unemployment we've had in 52 years in the country
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but it's not all good. we are struggling with inflation, not only in the united states but in asia and in europe as well. that's what happens when you have too many dollars chasing too few goods, inflation start to kick in. but always remember this, and probably 98% of americans don't realize it, but the chief agency to fight inflation is not congress or the white house, it's the federal reserve and the chair of the federal reserve jarome powell, jay powell, is up for reconfirmation, he was appointed -- nominated by donald trump, he was renominated by president biden and he's going through a senate hearing this coming week. i think, you know, there's been criticism of him but i'm here to say he helped us through that pandemic, he came up with innovative ways for the fed to help the monetary supply so that businesses could stay open. he has been a visionary and i would like to see him reconfirmed.
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mike: congressman matt cartwright from california, have a wonderful day. >> see you, mike. mike: more on the president's mandate vaccine case i'm joined by former deputy assistant attorney general tom dupree, tom, welcome. >> thank you, mike. mike: rule from osha due to take effect employers of 100 or more workers to suggest mandatory mask and testing policy at company expense, tom. tom, how do you assess that case? >> well, we have a good sense of that on friday, mike, when the supreme court heard the arguments and at a minimum conservative justices expressed deep skepticism about federal power extends to impose the vaccine or test mandate. it's always hazardous business to pry to predict the outcome of supreme court case and the questions and comments, the justices make the argument but i have to say, deep skepticism among the justices and it's very difficult for me to see how the administration gets to the 5
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votes on the court they would need to uphold biden's mandate. mike: interesting. there's the hhs order affecting all healthcare facilities that treat medicare and medicaid patients with federal funding to require vaccinations of all workers and staff with limited exemptions for religious or other, you know, reasons. how do you assess that one, tom? >> i think that mandate has a better chance of surviving, mike. again, based on the questions and comments from the justices, i think the justices understand, number 1 that that mandate is more narrowly tailored than the employer mandate which sweep so broadly. in addition, there's a common sense understanding that if you're accepting medicare or medicaid funding the government can put limitations on entity that is accept the funding. for those reasons if there are any chance that the supreme court reaching a compromise or middle ground it would be with respect to that mandate rather than the broad employer mandate which seemed to be in trouble until friday. mike: liberal justices seemed to be reacting to the latest covid
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headlines in court the other day due to omicron, do you think they have a helpless feeling at this point because they are outnumbered? >> well, i think that they can, they can see the writing on the wall. they can see the questions that their colleagues were asking. we don't know what's going on behind closed doors over at the supreme court. the liberal justices were clearly hitting hard during the argument on what they viewed as the wisdom of the policy. does it make sense as health and safety measure? the conservative justices viewed the case very differently. they view u this as a question of federal authority. did the federal government namely congress authorize the biden administration and the agency, safety and health administration to issue a rule of this scope and this impact on our society. mike: tom, you have worked in government before, what does the biden administration do if the high court comes down hard on these mandates? >> well, they can do two things. one they can take their ball and go home and say we will leave mandate to go state governments
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or to, you know, congress. i think the other thing they could do is go back to the drawing board and try to craft a more narrowly tailored rule, one that might take into account the nature of the workplace and one that wouldn't sweep as broadly as the one they put in place did. so they can tick another shot at this but at least as of now based on the arguments we've heard, i would say the existing mandate could be in trouble. mike: you're an attorney, you served at high levels of our united states government, do you think when these rules were proposed that there were attorneys in the house that said, that may not pass court muster? >> i'm positive there were. that's one of the things the justice departments and other agencies would do when a rule like this is on the table. hey, wait a minute. is this within our power? it's the president and the attorney generals that make the call. especially in this administration, my guess is they probably want today push the envelope a little bit as they could. they obviously feel strongly and
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wisdom of the policy. let's put the pedal to the metal and we will let the courts sort it all out. mike: tom dupree, fascinating. chicago public schools and teachers union still in deadlock as mayor lori lightfoot rejects the teachers unions proposal. what this means after the break.
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mike: chicago public schools canceling classes on monday as negotiations with teachers union hit an impasse, mayor lightfoot shooting down a proposal. live with charles watson with the very latest. charles: chicago teachers union is willing to send members back to monday but won't be for in-person instruction. the union proposes teachers to help sign students up for covid-19 testing and hand out laptops for remote learning which would begin wednesday.
10:21 am
covid infections is increased more than tenfold with nearly 11,000 students and staff in quarantine district wide. if case numbers begin to move in the opposite direction, the unions proposal would allow schools to reopen for in-person learning as early as the 18th, this would also include weekly random school base testing that allows students to opt out. at a press conference union president jesse sharke says this is the best way forward. >> we are dealing with the high point of a surge. we have to have adequate safety measures in place. this is the plan that puts those in place, gives people the assurance and specific date that allows us to resume first instruction and then in-person schooling soon. >> chicago mayor lightfoot who maintains schools are safe for children quickly shoot the idea down accusing union leadership of not listening and calling for return to in-person learning immediately. lightfoot tweeting, quote, that's what parents want, that's
10:22 am
what the science supports, we will not relent, neither group -- neither will group of angry parents rather who are suing the teachers union for what they call and illegal strike under the collective bargaining agreement. we heard from one parent this morning who says she understands teachers concerns but enough is enough. >> the bottom line is the teachers have been given every resource that's been available to them. they were first in lines for vaccines and ppe, they were first in line for the boosters, enough is enough. we have to get kids back in school. carlos carlos the two sides are reportly in agreement in terms of contact tracers but stalemate remains in terms of what metrics would initiate remote learning and the remote learning that the chicago teachers union is suggesting right now. mike: charles watson reporting live, charles, thank you very
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much. ♪ ♪ ♪ mike: the latest on the omicron variant and what we can expect over the next several weeks. i'm joined by dr. amesh adlja, john hospital kins center of health security. welcome. >> thanks for having me. mike: states that have had the most covid cases in the past 28 days or so. i would love to show them. the red ones being the hot spots around the country. doctor, do you expect omicron to fade perhaps by the end of this month? doctor: if we see the same pattern that south africa and parts of the united kingdom, yes, we will see a quick peak and collapse in cases. it's unclear whether that's going to be the fate in the united states but we will start to see signals like new york city that got hit hard first pretty soon if that's going to be the case. that will be a good thing if we can get through this surge in cases but obviously a lot of damage has been done in the time that omicron has been spreading in many cities around the
10:24 am
country. mike: big fight in this country in this covid world is our schools, what is the science, doctor, about children and schools? doctor: schools are some of the safist places for children to be. we knew even in the prevaccine era that we could keep schools urging and now we have so many more tools with vaccines, antivirals, antibodies. we have best practices. it's unacceptable that the knee-jerk reaction is to shut down schools. the last thing to shut down and first things to open. kids have been damaged so much during the pandemic. not so much by the virus but what adults have done to them and i think in-person schooling should be default and everyone in the field is basically in favor based on all of the scientific data, there's no excuse. it has to be seen as a failure that not every school is open. mike: fascinating.
10:25 am
you made reference to antiviral. the fda approved new antivirals, why haven't there been push to use them? it feels like they are sticking to just vaccine and not talking antivirals at all? doctor: because there's not enough of antivirals yet to go around. the pfizer antiviral and merck antiviral are limited quantity. it's usually high-risk individuals because there's not enough doses out there. as we get into the late winter and into the spring they'll be more doses and become more routine drug that can be used to keep people out of the hospital. i just wished we had more of it because it is such a path-breaking drug. mike: one issue that got a lot of attention vaccinated people that contracted omicron, here is dr. rochelle walensky today. >> that is true, it's infecting them at a lower rate and importantly those people who are vaccinated and affected in omicron are not the ones that
10:26 am
are ending up very sick in the hospital. those are the people who are unvaccinated. mike: i've had people say they are fully vaccinated and they've gotten the booster and we are worried they will be asked to get boosters every six months with no end in sight, your thoughts, doctor? doctor: the threshold from boosters is from getting severe illness, hospitalization and death and that's not something that we have seen erosion in healthy people. people above age of 65, high-risk condition, j&j vaccine, they should be getting boosted. but for the general healthy population, i think a booster maybe gives you a transient benefit, pushes a breakthrough down the road. that was with delta. it's probably less protective against omicron. i think we have to come back to a strategy on boosters and the best strategy, i think, is one targeted toward high-risk individuals because as dr. walensky said, it's unvaccinated individuals that are take up icu beds that are getting hospitalized. i don't see people because of
10:27 am
lack of booster and i see people because of lack and first and second doze. mike: dr. adlja, great to have your perspective. >> thank you. mike: police believe there may be a fifth victim of the shopping cart killer. we will bring you the very latest next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: major update in the alarming shopping cart killer case. police confirming the name of a possible fifth victim linked to the killer, alexandria hoff has the story here for us in washington. hello, alex. alex: the potential victim was found not far from our building here near union station back in september. new digital evidence provided the suspect, but awful and obvious connection, the body of 43-year-old sonia champ was found inside of a shopping cart. >> this case is not about shopping carts, it's about a serial killer who took the lives
10:32 am
of innocent women. so no matter what jurisdiction you live in, if you had contact with robinson, we urge you to contact the fairfax county police department or your local law enforcement agency. alex: 35-year-old anthony robinson dubbed the shopping cart killer is currently in prison awaiting trial for the murders of two women, 29-year-old and 54aline resmond. 29-year-old shayane brown in dc, bodies found in container in alexandria, virginia. >> we believe that there are survivors out there and we are determined to dig deep and get to the bottom of this. alex: investigators believe they will find more victims, they are just combing through missing persons report.
10:33 am
as far as robinson goes, he has no criminal history. he's from new york living most recently in dc but he has been known to travel and the pool of possible victims could span the entire east coast. mike: alexandria hoff, thank you very much. alex: sure. mike: breaking news new york city, 31 of people are suffering from life-threatening injuries. the new york city fire department, 200 members responded. ♪ ♪ ♪ mike: several lawmakers slamming manhattan district attorney alvin bragg soft on crime approach but the da says he doesn't understand the pushback, alexis mcadams with the very latest, hi, alexis.
10:34 am
>> new district attorney alvin bragg to no longer prosecute trespass and also sex work. he's reducing charges stealing from stores and drug dealing, bragg says he's not soft on crime, though. the union representing the nypd sergeants claiming that the da's office is ignoring key information in police reports so that the office can consider lesser charges. we reached out to the da for comment about that but haven't heard back yet since we reached out this morning. the sergeant association tells me that the changes are only putting new york on track to be on par with chicago and la's high-crime rates. >> you just said it. the other cities where this is happening. we have seen this movie before and we know how the movie is going to end. and i hope that da bragg is not that person. >> now more criticism continues to roll in, new york's mayor eric adams believes that bragg
10:35 am
will be a partner that will keep new york city safe. giving nearly 800,000 noncitizens the right to vote in local elections. >> i think it's imperative that people who are in a local municipality have the right to decides who going to govern them and i support the overall concept of that bill. >> so that bill will give nonillegal americans to vote for bureau president, council member and local ballot negotiatives and that begins in 2023. mike. mike: alexis mcadams in new york city, thank you very much. more on how the soft on crime policies may be hurting big cities we are joined by louisiana radio -- radio show host and gop strategist jeff and former adviser to kamala harris and democratic strategist sarah norman, welcome to both of you. >> thanks, mike. mike: first let's talk crime
10:36 am
crisis, major crime, up 7.4%, homicides up 6.3%, there it is on the screen. sarah, how alarming are those numbers? >> of course, it's alarming and i think one thing that we have to do to free up police resources is to stop focusing on smaller crimes and free resources to focus on this. i don't like the numbers. i live in new york. mike: it's not just new york city. homicide increases, portland up 43%. austin, texas, up 88%. las vegas up 50%. san francisco up 17%. jeff, how do you assess the crime crisis? >> soft on crime prosecutors. liberal judges, liberal mayors. last year there were 16 cities that set murder rates across the country. 15 of those led by democrats,
10:37 am
one by nonpartisan mayor. it's a crime explosion in the country. all of it stems back really to what happened in the summer of 2020 when you had 574 violent riots, 2000 attacks on police officers. democrats started talking about defund the police and massive police resignations and retirements so there's not enough police officers and now look at what new york is doing. those resisting arrest are not going to be arrested, not going to be prosecuted and be back out on the street so the officers have to continually deal with these criminals that the liberal prosecutors are letting back out on the streets. it's a disaster and no wonder police officers are retiring and resigning, mike. today is national law enforcement appreciation day and i just want to say i appreciate the work of our law enforcement officers and i feel very sorry for them to have to deal with these liberal cities and liberal mayors where they're
10:38 am
unappreciated and they have horrible environments where they have to work. >> parents furious children are being sent home to school. let's play it. >> they want to dictate all policies in the city of chicago even further behind education and they say they know that they have the numbers to cripple our education system just by simply saying i'm not going to go to work. mike: sarah, are the teachers union misreading the stress and anxiety millions of parents are feeling right now? >> you know, i think we all have to remember that everyone has a point here. parents want their kids in school. kids need an education. teachers want to feel safe and we've all heard those horrible stories about teachers, for example, there was one teacher who was also leukemia patient of died of covid because some parents lied about their covid status and even refused to allow their kids to wear a mask. that being said, in terms of the specific issues, i think it's totally fair of teachers to ask
10:39 am
students to wear a kn95 mask for things like shutting down an entire school system because one school had a case, i think that's overreaching, but, again, no one is a bad guy here. mike: jeff, i know a lot of parents feel that their kids have lost at least a year of education thinking they didn't learn a darn thing while looking at their laptops, what is your take? >> you know, mike, this is an outrage. we've got to put our children first. children learn better in a classroom. not via zoom, not via remote learning. the studies show it. the safest place for a child is in the classroom. okay, all of the studies show that, even joe biden and the mayor of chicago were saying that. so what the teachers unions are doing is just really, i think, an attack on our children, so this has got to end.
10:40 am
.children need to be in the classroom right now. they need to be back learning. also, mike, remember if they're at home, they are putting a burden on working parents. what are working parents going to have to do? skip work, leave their children. it's tough on parents as well. we need to think of all of the families when these policies are being promoted by these out of control left-wing unions. mike: sarah, do you want to respond? >> you know, i think that's really unfair. i agree with you that kids should be in school, but i think we need to be fair to teachers and recognize that they're scared for a real condition. this can be a deadly disease. i think if we are going to send our kids back to school which we absolutely should, we should all agree to have them wear masks. it's absolutely worth it for their safety and the safety of their parents and, of course, the teachers. mike: jeff, final word.
10:41 am
>> i would say the safest place for the children are in the classroom, that's where they need to be and we need to fight back against the unions and make sure that they don't succeed in this. this is a real battle and you've got liberals and conservatives saying that what the unions is wrong and this remote learning does not work. mike: jeff, sarah, thanks so much. have a great day. >> thank you. >> thank you. mike: texas governor greg abbott officially announcing running for reelection. live report from the border coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ b
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mike: these are live images from our southern border. texas governor greg abbott officially announcing he will seek a third term on saturday. likely democratic challenger beto o'rourke is claim to go supporters that border towns don't want a wall. let's go to bill in la joya, texas, for what he is seeing on
10:46 am
the ground, hey, bill. bill: hey, mike, good afternoon to you. the border crisis isn't just going to be front and center for texas politics. obviously it's going to be a much bigger picture with the 2022 midterms coming up with republicans looking to seize on what's been happening down here as we go into the second year of president biden's presidency. take a look at this video we shot in la joya yesterday, a little bit of a slower week in rio grande valley, the slowest we have seen since we started coming down here, however, border patrol agents saying the mexican military has been patrolling the other side of the river. they expect things to start picking up again within the next week or so but you can see we still have migrants crossing, smaller groups, though, smaller family units and individual runners rather than the big massive groups of several hundred we are typically use today seeing. you mentioned abbott, take a look at the video, he was here in the rio grande valley yesterday in mcallen in particular, officially announcing that he will be running again for texas governor and he has made the border a huge part of his campaign.
10:47 am
he has consistently blasted the biden administration for their policies and highlighted that texas has had to step up to the plate, spend hundreds of millions of dollars of its own money sending texas troopers, national guard and building its own border wall. he says texas shouldn't have to be doing this. take a listen to what he had to say. >> one of the greatest safety threats to texas is the reckless and dangerous open border policies of president joe biden. [applause] >> i promise to do more than any governor ever to secure our border and keep our community safe. bill: meanwhile one of the big things he's campaigned on that texas is building its own border wall. you can see video we shot last month when governor abbott was announcing beginning stages of construction of the wall, initial 1.7-mile stretch in rio grande city all bought and paid
10:48 am
for by the state of texas. the idea being they will try to fill the gaps where there's no federal wall after the biden administration canceled all of the federal contracts. the trump wall that was in the process of being built. take a look at the video. this is his opponent, former congressman beto o'rourke, democrat taking a drastically different approach to the border. he does not believe that a border wall should go up. he says it's a waste of taxpayer dollars and he says the national guard shouldn't be here. he says all the money that governor abbott has been sending for border security down here, should better be going to schools and infrastructure, that sort of a thing. it's going to be a head to head battle and see how that plays out. back out here live the omicron variant spreading across the country and hitting border patrol in the rio grande valley. dhs source telling us that border patrol have more than 200 employees quarantine with 188 confirmed infections of covid-19. we will send it back to you. mike: quite an impact.
10:49 am
bill live in la joya, texas. thanks so much. tennis star nova djokovic still in limbo waiting for a from the australian government. a decision expected in a matter of hours. that's up after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ t
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mike: world's best men tennis player due to have court hearing to determine if he will be allowed to compete in australian open over visa canceled over vaccination status. trey yingst has the latest. trey: djokovic will appear virtual will ever before a judge. the number one player is currently being held in an australian immigration detention hotel since thursday after his visa was canceled at the melbourne airport. djokovic had been granted medical exemption to enter the country to play in the australian open despite not being vaccinated against covid-19. the 34-year-old had coronavirus last month but australian border officials ruled he doesn't meet the criteria for an exemption. as he await it is court case that will determine his fate, supporters of djokovic gathered outside of hotel this weekend calling for the neglect nice player to be released. >> all night, i haven't slept since he come off the plane.
10:54 am
we are sick to the stomach. like every parent you never expect this to happen to your child, so i can't comment anymore but devastating. trey: the debacle over whether djokovic should be allowed to enter australia has become political measure. australian laws regard to go reentry has varied in state and federal level. the state of victoria is saying the case should be decided at the common wealth level. australian open to begin januar. this would be critical to finding a resolution to djokovic's case. mike: trey, thanks very much. the life of a woman along with her husband wrote some of the most beloved popular songs of the 21st century. that's next. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ ♪ memories light the corners of my mind. ♪ misty water-colored memories of the way we were ♪♪ mike: barbra streisand singing "the way we were," a classic hit for her back in the 1970s. the music world is mourning the loss of the woman who helped write the lyrics, marilyn
10:59 am
bergman. marilyn and her husband alan collaborated for more than 60 years winning three oscars, three grammys and four emmy awards, charting hit songs like nice and easy with frank sinatra expect windmills of your mind from the movie, the thomas crown affair. if you watched television in the 1970s, their lyrics for sitcom theme songs were every from from maude and good times alice. but she and her husband are best remembered for their decades of collaborations with superstar barbra streisand. on twitter streisand says marilyn and alan bergman were like family as well as brilliant lyricists. we met 60 years ago at a little nightclub and never stopped loving each other and working together. their songs are timeless and so is our love, may she rest in peace if. they're marilyn bergman dead at 93 years old. that is all for this hour of "fox news live."
11:00 am
it's been a pleasure. bret baier is anchoring "fox news sunday" today. i'm mike emmanuel here in washington, thank you so much for watching. have an awesome day. ♪ ♪ bret: i'm bret baier, a high stakes session of the u.s. supreme court could decide how far the president can go in enforcing sweeping covid mandates. ♪ bret: two critical cases now in the justices' hands. one impacting whether millions of dollars -- doctors, nurses and medical staff must be fully vaccinated, the other impacting tens of millions of employees of large private businesses. >> i'm a grocery guy. i'm not the vaccine police. bret: both fast tracked as covid cases rise,


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