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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  January 9, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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a potato you can turn on the show. >> thank you so much, that was good. that doesn't for us the "fox report with jon scott" starts right now. ♪ >> 19 people including nine children are dead after massive fire in a new york city apartment building good evening i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". the five alarm fire broke out this morning at a 19 story apartment building in the bronx of new york you just all mayor eric adams and kathy hochul will joining fire officials one of the worst fires in the city's
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history this is firefighters rescued victims from every from the building many in cardiac and respiratory arrest and suffering from smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire under investigation but the fire commissioner believes a malfunctioning space heater began the fire. alexis is live at the scene heartbreaking development covid-19 people are no longer with us after they were not able to make it out of the apartment complex behind me nine of those people were just kids. i also talked about ms. ago after the press conference with the fire commissioner to see if they expect the death toll to rise they say it's very possible because 13 people are still in very critical condition. i'm going to step out the way seeking get a closer look at the building. you can see all of the windows at this huge apartment complex
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in the bronx neighborhood are smashed out, that is because the brave men and women from the new york fire department climbed up on ladders smashed the glass trying to get as many people out as possible let's take a look at the video of the aftermath around 11:00 o'clock this morning this unfolded in there watching in horror as small kids were carried out of the burning building the fire broke out around 11:00 o'clock inside of the 19 story apartment building near east 181st street in the bronx the building was full of families and residents as the fire tore through the building and more than 60 people injured and 30 of those people have life-threatening injuries still at the hospital, dozens calling 911 and 200 ft and why firefighters in action crews say several floors were full of heavy black smoke once again they believe the causes malfunctioning in a space heater the door was not closed which caused the fire to spread rapidly. listen. >> it was a very difficult job for our members, air tanks contain a certain amount of air
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they ran out of air in many of our members continue to work to try to get as many people out as they could. >> back out here live in the bronx neighborhood, the governor of new york was here and she says this is all hands on deck effort to make sure all of these people get everything that they need in the city of new york they will put them into emergency hotel rooms and try to get them off the streets as they look around for their neighbors and family members to figure out who did not make it out and get them off of the streets and into a hotel room to get them something at this point. eric adams telling us this is one of the worst fires of near cities history and we want you to hear what the governor said she's going to do. take a listen. >> were sitting in shock, it is impossible to go into that room were scores of families who are in such grief and in pain to see and a mother's eyes as i held
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her who lost her entire family. it is hard to fathom what they're going through. >> you cannot understand what these people are going through watching them walk by trying to figure out who made it out alive and who did not. nine kids no longer here celebrating the new year and they're just laying around, they were relaxing 10:30:11 o'clock some people said they heard fire alarms but not everybody that is a huge part under investigation to understand and the fire department coming out there are two issues with fire codes and we will dig into that in the bronx neighborhood, the fire began on the second or third floor but this being a 19 story building the smoke to meet up the stairwell and that's why so
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many fidelity's. >> the big thing is something we've all heard fire prevention and safety the door that was enclosed and they tell us nobody can expect this to happen a huge building behind us and the fire spread so quickly into the hallway and people on the 12th, 13th for within moments their units were full of smoke one woman telling me she tried to grab her daughter and within a few minutes she did not know where she was and a firefighter came in to the window and able to pull them both to safety, very dramatic and you got a feel for the poor people summoning people lost their lives another thing they mention is that emergency personnel some of the services offered to the people were the nine children in new york city are going out of counseling for all the other kids that will know that their classmates are not coming back to school. jon: concrete and brick building
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it was not the timbers were the studs and the walls that caught fire it was the smoke that killed so many people. >> somebody people went into cardiac arrest they found them in the hallway on several different floors in the main issue the smoke inhalation they say the death toll could rise because 13 people are in very critical condition from severe smoke inhalation. jon: the worst fire in new york city and more than 30 years. live in the bronx, thank you. thomas joins us now on the phone. the former commissioner of the fire department of the city of new york. he served the city during the 9/11 crisis. it has got to be the worst in the city since 9/11. >> the shame of it is there was not that much fire it's one apartment fire and the smoke spread throughout the building
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because somebody doors were left open and stairwells in the ground floor and the apartment. it's just unfortunate so many people had to be injured and fatally injured when a fire was not that extreme. jon: it sounds like people panicked and ran out into the halls if they stayed in their units and put a wet towel under the doors to keep the smoke out, there would've been a better chance of survival. >> there is no question, people get really scared and they overreact and you just don't know how many victims and there was a serious condition in their apartment and they felt the best thing to do. normally the stairwell but not in this building and the two stairwells were like chimneys and that's why so many people
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were overcome if you're on the top of the stairway on the upper floor that smoke comes up and it's as though you're 5 feet away because he gets so hot and so smoky. jon: we heard incredible stories from the mayor of new york and commissioner niekro who holds the job that you used to hold. talk about firefighters whose oxygen tanks were empty but they went back into the building to try to rescue more people. that is testament to the bravery of the men and women who donned the uniform. >> you have really good units up there i know south bronx and the department of the bronx in the firefighters and the unions do a great job they constantly train and are dedicated and they want to help people that really need it and make a difference in i was saying before we went a long
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time ago to debilitating and they had more time, now they have less time these guys it is a credit to them, a lot of them say i have number oxygen i'm leaving but they just kept going. jon: were looking at a video that the bystander shot as it was building, it's incredible you see a lot of smoke pouring out of a second-floor window that may be where the fire began and there is some smoke coming out of broken windows on the upper floors. the fire equipment ladders how high can they go this is a 19 story building how high can the ladders reach. >> he will be able to get past the fifth floor it depends so close they could get to the building hundred 50-foot, they cannot get up to the upper
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floors that smoke coming out that is because the door on both of those apartments are opening the doors to the stairwell are open there is no fire commissioner niekro said it's only one apartment the tremendous amount of fire because of all the things in the apartment is a fireproof building that building will not bring down although it could if you let it burn as we know it will come down if you don't put the fire out. these guys put the fire out pretty quickly but they could not put it out fast enough to stop the smoke. jon: the smoke from a couch if there's a foam cushion and a couch, the smoke can be absolutely deadly when something like that goes up in flames. >> tremendous amount of smoke it is horrible biden smoke, some smoke you can take better than other smoke and plastic as you
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mentioned in all the synthetic material horrible smoke, it chokes you and take you down quickly. jon: is our understanding a good many of the families in the building were migrants from africa. i imagine there was a language barrier in some cases that might've added to the confusion and made it more difficult for the firefighters to communicate with the people that they wanted to rescue. >> by the time the firefighters get their their communication with the people is not the problem these buildings have fire drills in the fire team that tries to educate the people the building and i would imagine the people who don't speak the language or new immigrants maybe they're not aware of the safety precautions and rules we tried educate the folks with.
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i don't know if that was a factor but listening to everybody is sound like it probably was. jon: we are here in a high-rise building in midtown manhattan we have fire drills every six months or so and sometimes i tend to treat them with a grain of salt like this building will not catch fire but this is a good lesson and what can happen, one apartment saw flames but the entire building 19 floors filled with deadly choking smoke. >> i don't know what else to say. that is the truth, that's what happened. >> the former commissioner of the fire department city of new york we appreciate your time. the supreme court is expected to rule onto a president biden faxing mandates should be
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allowed to take effect. what are the mandates requires employees that private companies that have more than 100 workers to be fully vaccinated or tested weekly and wear masks. if the supreme court does not intervene that mandy is supposed to take effect tomorrow and directly affect millions of americans. jonathan is standing by with his legal expertise and lucas tomlinson has elitist from the white house in just a few minutes. meantime schools in chicago will remain closed monday as a standoff continues between that city's teachers union and district officials. the issue whether schools should be in person learning during the latest covid search. charles watson joins us live with that debate. >> it appears both sides have their heels duggan as remote learning is a center of issue that is were negotiation began for the chicago teachers union the union proposing to resume virtually and transition back into the classroom once that happens the teachers union
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newest offer for a list of mitigation efforts is says will make schools safer including optional random weekly school-based testing programs and stricter metrics in regards to when school should turn to remote classes and the number of infections in students and staff increasing were then tenfold in the last two weeks. the teachers union says its plan is the best option moving forward. >> it would give parents the clarity that we would begin instruction next week and we will begin in-person instruction after a period of time where we could get kids signed up. >> it did not take long for chicago mayor to opposition to the union's latest proposal and twitter the mayor accused union leadership with not listening and called for a return to a person learning proclaiming that's what parents want.
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>> chicago teachers union was an illegal walkout they abandoned their post and kids and their families. we can get the deal. fundamentally what we cannot do is abandon the science. >> got so frustrating that some parents are suing to force teachers back into the classroom calling their refusal to show up to work in a legal strike under the collective bargaining agreement and according to one attorney the teachers union has felt to demonstrate solid legal footing that will support his actions. >> what are the conditions was not met and that is the collective bargaining agreement has to be terminated or it has to be expired, that is not the case. >> despite all of this mayor lightfoot said she believes a deal can be done before the week but unless both sides are willing to make some major concessions it is unlikely we see a deal before the day is
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over. jon: charles watson reporting live, thank you. >> this fox news alert supreme court ruling that could come down anytime on the biden administration vaccine mandate for large businesses in healthcare workers the court held emergency oral arguments on challenges to the mandate just on friday one justice in particular stands accused of misinformation, lucas tomlinson is live in the white house. >> good evening on "fox news sunday" bret baier asked the cdc director about the comments of supreme court justice sonja soto my work that claim 100,000 children in hospitals in serious condition and many on ventilators. >> comparatively the risk of death is small but children are supposed to die. if we have a child who is sick with covid-19 we want to make sure that we protect them.
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>> to the supreme court justices waiting on vaccines. >> the best way to prevent spread is for people to get vaccinated. >> as i remember in the filings that the younger workers, the 20-year-old you were unvaccinated are safer than the older workers who are not vaccinated. there are some differences. >> some critics are hitting back in justice kagan saying the backseat is supposed to stop the spread while they were a million cases in a single day, the fact checker gave justice sotomayor were the highest on the scale saying that she went off the rails with her claim and called her claim wildly incorrect they acknowledged the correct answer is fewer than 3500 children
3:18 pm
hospitals some medical experts say covid mortality in children are not much different than the chickenpox and warned about the dangers of isolation with her seniors and children doctor walensky warns not to take omicron lightly despite lagging hospitalization and covid deaths. >> other countries indicate on a person by person basis, it may not be but given the volume of cases that we are seeing with omicron we may see death rates rise dramatically. the osha mandate requiring companies with 100 or more employees to have them fully vaccinated or if unvaccinated to wear masks and submit to weekly testing supposed to go into effect tomorrow. jon: we will have much more with attorney jonathan turley coming up. plus the cdc director urging americans not to take comic-con variant lightly despite your hospitalization and deaths compared to the delta variance. doctor marty makary joins us with more on where we are nearly
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jon: as we told you a moment ago the nation's highest court is about to weigh-in on the biden vaccine rules during oral arguments with conservative
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justices on the court brought up illegal issues with the scope of the mandate in the administration acting without congressional approval. for more on what's going on let's bring in jonathan truly george washington university law professor and a fox news contributor. professor this is such an interesting take if i were an hr person at a major company this is supposed to take effect for private employers tomorrow how do we know when the court real world. >> us down to the wire they could issue released on the injunction anytime now there are two cases a major one involves the osha rule that is for all companies over 100 employees. the second one deals with medical or healthcare facilities. the has a smaller footprint most eyes are on the osha case that's
3:24 pm
where we saw the greatest skepticism from the justices we could see the justices with the second case of the mandate go by they noted the medical facility themselves really having challenges role most of them have rules for vaccination anyway when it came to osha there was considerable skepticism not just on the authority of the federal government but on the factual basis for implementing a sweeping role. >> speaking about questions about factual basis, justice sotomayor were talking about 100,000 kids hospitalized with covid right now and she basically inflated the number by 30 times or so. >> that is not a good thing when you're arguing there is no need for judicial review of the agency and you turn around a
3:25 pm
wildly inaccurate account of cases there is a need for judicial review and a need for greater judicial knowledge of the underlying problem in putting aside the misstep really what's involved who should make this decision there is a thing called the major decision or major question doctrine. major questions are thing that the court prefers congress to decide rather than agencies or the court the justices kept coming back and said you waited a long time to issue an ets in an emergency temporary standard why should've congress weigh-in why didn't congress look at this issues including the factual disputes like justice sotomayor. jon: i've never heard of a situation where supreme court justice is making a statement from the bench that drawls for pinocchio's from the washington post is there precedent for this kind of thing.
3:26 pm
>> this is an embarrassing moment for the justice in the court an obvious error but there's a substantive element and to have a better understanding of the underlying. why do we just issue a stay so we can drill down on some of these issues and justice sotomayor came in and made the sweeping inaccurate statement about the need for action by the agency and why further judicial review is not needed it could not come at a worse time for those who are trying to defend this mandate. jon: arbitrary nature of some of this boggles the mind if i read a company that had 103 employees could i fire four of them and all of a sudden i'm under the required number of employees.
3:27 pm
>> the conservative justices probed on those types of questions of why the supply is so broadly, there is a lot of different types of companies from lawncare to trucking to movie theaters all of them could fall within the rule and they kept on asking why a blunt tool that is what the liberal justice came in and kept on emphasizing how dire the situation and that begs the question who should make these decisions and what are the true underlying facts the irony people are barred on twitter all the time for disinformation and i asked today on the column whether i repeated justice sotomayor were and what i be barred on twitter, the answer is no because twitter only bars skeptics not zealous.
3:28 pm
if you overestimate dangers you are good to go. but if you question the number of cases, you get barred, what a country. jon: it's great to have you on. thank you. >> high-level talks that underway between the united states and russia over moscow's buildup of 100,000 troops on the border with ukraine, russia says it is not planning to invade but it wants the u.s. to back off its support of ukraine. greg live in geneva switzerland with the latest on that. >> were outside the u.s. mission in geneva where there is crucial talk starting tomorrow but tonight there is informal talks deputy secretary for a working dinner the russians emerged saying they talk of businesslike. but those russian troops on the border of ukraine the threat of invasion or the vladimir putin
3:29 pm
for ukraine and other countries to stay out of nato and the troops in arms of the u.s. alliance to shift away from russia here is how secretary state lincoln described his choices. >> i don't know if the decision has been made and it's clear that we offer them to passports through diplomacy and dialogue and the other is through the appearance of massive consequences for russia if it renews its aggression against ukraine were about to test the proposition of which path president putin wants to take this week. >> according to the u.s. the demand is nonstarter and the u.s. is turning serious consequences including tough new sanctions in a toughening of defenses ever russia invades. there are some areas the u.s. is ready to discuss including pulling back military exercises in the deployment of missiles. it's not clear if that'll be enough the biden administration is already being to these talks
3:30 pm
after moscow played regional bad guy. we have a comment from the state department as well about the working dinner and preventing a hard-line i don't think any side wants to come up we can lease negotiations it's been pretty tough talk on monday and throughout this week. jon: keep us updated. thank you. new details coming in on the devastating fire in new york city. 19 people killed this morning in the bronx and a horrible tragedy the bodies found in the smoke-filled stairwells as people tried to escape a live update from the scene next. ♪ ♪ ♪ easy tools on the chase mobile app. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost.
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among my patients, i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity & gum gives us the dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. jon: back to the top story the terrible fire in the bronx of new york the five alarm fire broke out at a 19 story apartment building.
3:35 pm
the new york city fire commissioner called it one of the worst fires in the city's history he said firefighters rescued victims from every floor of the building many of them in cardiac and respiratory arrest and suffering from smoke inhalation, the incident is under investigation the fire commissioner says he believes the space heater is the cause of that fire let's go live to alexis mcadams she is outside of the high-rise building in the bronx where this all took place. >> a heartbreaking day for the families here the entire community in new york city and the firefighters who did everything that they could to save the people inside of the apartment compex behind me 19 people dead including nine children the death toll expected to rise as we have a dozen people in critical condition at this time this was caused according to fire officials a space heater. this is 11:00 o'clock when the fire broke out all of those windows on the apartment
3:36 pm
building are smashed in, crews were breaking that glass and pulling people out one by one the commissioner says they did everything that they could to save as many people as possible. take a look at this vehicle the five alarm fire breaking out at 11:00 o'clock this morning in the 19 story apartment building near 181st street in the bronx more than 60 people injured and 30 of those people had life-threatening injuries at this time. this morning dozens calling 911 for help inside of the building that triggered 200 ft and why fire crews to jump into action running into the building were all of the floors were full of heavy black smoke even though the fire was on the second or third floor the smoke went up all 19 floors, people found all over the building suffering from severe smoke inhalation people going into cardiac and respiratory arrest by the minute the fire was spreading because a
3:37 pm
door was left open an emotional day for the department hearing that many kids did not make it, take a listen to the commissioner. >> it certainly is traumatizing when we cannot save a life and our members have tried diligently, fire and ems to bring some of these people back into bring them out as quickly as they can. >> eric adams was speaking today to the media as family searching for the loved ones many people have nowhere to go tonight, were trying to figure that out the mayor was trying to figure out 13 people and cargo condition let the families know one of the worst fires that we had in new york city in modern times we also talked to people able to get out of the burning building one of the women said the smoke became so sick she could not see in front of her and then saw a fire department member come inside and save them.
3:38 pm
>> a few minutes it was black a baby and a daughter and he was trying to keep his face covered it was pitch black in the daytime all you could see was black smoke. >> you can hear the cruise behind us trying to move the barricades, this investigation is far from over i asked the new york mayor if the building had previous issues he said at least two reports for building violations will get more information on what those met in the past year so many people displaced tonight in several days of how the fire started. the preliminary information is from a space heater. jon: alexis mcadams live in the bronx, thank you.
3:39 pm
>> you know how many of the 836,000 deaths in the u.s. linked to covid are from copan or how many are with copan but other comorbidities, do you have everything? >> of course with omicron we are following up very carefully our death registry takes a few weeks to collect and of course omicron has just been with us for a few weeks but the data will be forthcoming. jon: two years into the coronavirus pandemic and the cdc director rochelle walensky is not able to provide updated numbers on how many americans actually have died directly from copan 19. more on this and other related issues of the virus doctor marty makary fox news contributor and professor at johns hopkins school of medicine. maybe you can clear this up for me interviewers you go into the hospital with heart failure and maybe you catch covid the day before you go when angie died in
3:40 pm
the hospital heart failure but you had covid but the government, the cdc will chalk it up as a covid death. >> that is concerning the number one indicator of the entire status of our pandemic the entire time the new hospitalizations for copan not just with copan and we never gone that number even in the year in which doctor walensky has been in office we never see the distinction not many states are pushing back saint berger collected ourselves in new york city they reported that most 51% of the hospitalizations are not for copan, jackson memorial hospital in florida is the same and were seeing more and more states look at the distinction to understand how they can best prepare. jon: doctor walensky also said this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated. i want to get your reaction to the statement from her. >> we know people who are
3:41 pm
vaccinated are still protected about 70% against infection especially if they are boosted the people ended up in the hospital and the people ending up very sick with omicron are the ones unvaccinated. jon: unvaccinated, is that the case? >> that is not true what she's referring to is a protection against severe illness and getting the infection does go down slightly with vaccination and down slightly with boosters about ten weeks from your booster pfizer general verna that efficacy against symptomatic covid goes down to 35 and 45%. people who advocate rigorously is a way to stop the spread are in a tough time interpreting the study because you need to get boosters every three months in order to keep the interbody levels high and stop the
3:42 pm
transmission it doesn't matter to immunize for measles, mmr or the flu you are at risk for omicron think of as a bad cold season going around and about half of everybody you know will get this virus. jon: you suggest universities are being a little wrongheaded about the way they are testing their students. many of the policies are not just anti-scientific they are downright cruel they are created a massive social inequity they are taking the test which are on scarce supply away from poor and minority communities in creating a black-market many universities are hoarding this for the lowest risk people on earth young immunize students and these should consider the social equity implications of these policies princeton test people twice a week and other schools once a week georgetown rigidly tested pcr test in solitary
3:43 pm
confinement with a drop off food when sitting in front of the door and not even come down to the five-day recommendation of the cdc, many of these policies are downright cruel. jon: in chicago they're having a fight over whether the teachers should actually allow students to go to the classroom what would you say to the chicago teachers union. >> it's been over and over again for the last several decades. we see many parts of society and here we have clear data that the mental health harm is significant from students being shut out of schools order chromium policies even wearing masks cloth masks which have no impact on transmission with omicron of the mental health applications need to be considered. jon: doctor marty makary, always good to get your point of view.
3:44 pm
thank you. texas governor greg abbott is running for reelection. he says border security will be a major focus of his campaign, more on his announcement and latest at the border. ♪ these are the faces of listerine. the face of millions of germs zapped in seconds. the face of clean. the face of whoa! some are of intensity, others joy. all are of... various: ahhh... listerine. feel the whoa! have you checked singlecare? i think you can get a cheaper price on this. cheaper meds with singlecare. stop! i should spread the word. but how? i wanna be remembered for the savings, with singlecare. you walk into the pharmacy, with great insurance. but then, (screams) singlecare beats the price of your copay. singlecare the musical. are people ready? (sings dramatically) oh, i need to get to work. telling people to check the singlecare price.
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(gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th jon: greg abbott is officially running for reelection the republican made the announcement from mcallen texas one of the border towns in dated with migrants over the past year. abbott says border safety and security will be a major focus on his campaign, bill melugin live in the way of texas with more.
3:49 pm
>> good evening is not a coincidence and governor abbott chose mcallen to make his campaign announcement it's one of the epicenters in the rio grande valley during the border crisis at the city with the federal government was releasing tens of thousands of migrants during the peak months the rio grande valley here's a video right here in the way you we mentioned yesterday it's a little bit slower of a week they still been activity reducing smaller groups and more individual runners with the massive groups of families border patrol trying to apprehend people in dhs telling us more than 140,000 apprehensions sense october. if you take a look at the video governor abbott and the rbg the official announcement that he will be seeking another term as texas governor help make the governor huge priority. he's gone after the biden administration and touted what texas has done in response saying the state is spending billions of dollars to secure the border itself with the troopers, national guard and
3:50 pm
building its own border wall, the state of texas about how to do it, take a listen. >> what are the greatest safety threats to texas is a reckless and dangerous open border policies of president joe biden. our promise to do more than any governor never to secure our border and keep our communities safe. >> governor abbott's democratic opponent federal work to get a different approach. he said building a texas wall is a waste it's a waste of taxpayer dollars, the national guard should not be down here and he says governor abbott does not know what border communities want the border crisis a big deal in texas will shut up for the 2022 midterms when you look at the big national picture with republicans looking to capitalize on what they see as a failure at the border to president biden took office.
3:51 pm
jon: that is a race to watch, thank you. at hearing underway under the worlds top men tennis player novak djokovic can compete in the australian open the latest on his case when we return. urn.. claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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jon: a court hearing taken place down under to determine if the number one tennis player novak djokovic chu will be able to compete after his visa was canceled over his vaccination status. trey yingst has a story. >> novak djokovic is appearing before a judge in a deportation case that is stirring controversy around the world. >> the number one ranked player has been held in australian immigration detention hotel since thursday after the visa was canceled at the melbourne airport novak djokovic chu was granted a medical exemption to play in the australian open despite not being vaccinated against covid-19 the 34-year-old had coronavirus last month but australian border officials ruled he does not meet the criteria for an exemption as he waits the court case that will determine his fate they gathered outside of his hotel this week and calling for the tennis
3:56 pm
player to be released. >> all night i haven't slept. like every. you would never expect this to happen to your child. the debacle over whether novak djokovic could enter australia is an internal political issue, australian laws during the pandemic of varied on the state and federal level to the health minister for the state of victoria is saying the case should be decided at the common-law level. the australian open begins january 17, this week will be critical in finding a resolution to the case. jon: that is how fox reports this sunday january 9, 2022, i am jon scott, thank you for joining us. we will see you next week "sunday night in america" is next. emerge tremfyant®. tremfya® is approved to help reduce joint symptoms in adults with active psoriatic arthritis.
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