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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 10, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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tonight. and as i have always said the reason it is such a disaster these people are machine politicians and don't believe in anything. thank you for watching we will see you next sunday on "the next revolution". >> we began with a fox news alert and a sad way to be here with the nation, the morning comedian and "full house" star bob saget was found dead in a hotel room at the age of 65. good morning, i am todd. >> and i'm ashley strohmier. he was in florida with a comedy tour best known as danny on "full house." >> okay, are we going to have
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fun or what? >> since then he has remained an icon in comedy film and tv, marianne rafferty has the details on his death. >> good morning, todd and ashley. news left his fans and celebrities across the country's done. he was found dead in his room the ritz-carlton in orlando sunday night. just yesterday, saget posting a selfie on instagram with a stand-up set in jacksonville as part of his ongoing tour. he said he was "back in comedy like i was when i was 26." before promoting to have his upcoming shows to take place in west palm beach. many of saget's "full house" stars shared the news. a statement reads in part "bob was the most loving, compassionate and generous man. we are deeply saddened he is no longer with us but know he will continue to be by our side to guide us as gracefully as he always has."
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and john stay most weeding domain my tweeting i'm complete utter shock i will never ever have another friend like him and i love you so much, bobby." his oldest daughter on full house heading in part, "bob was one of the best human beings i have ever known in my life. i know him so much. in addition to the full house comedy club paying tribute by updating their signs and displays. in a statement that orange county police say no foul play or drug use is suspected in his death. as part of the stand up to her, saget was set to perform across the venues in canada through june 25th. bob saget was 65 years old. ashley, todd. >> todd: marianne rafferty kicking us up on a monday. and i think what hurts about this one, he was sort of america's dad there for a while. "full house" was an institution there in the '80s, early '90s.
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i think the story line of a widower and trying to raise all of those girls and obviously having other members of his family there to try to help him out, i think it spoke to a lot of people. what is so fascinating about bob saget if you just remember him from the show, you probably think he is just a milk toast kind of guy but his comedy was pretty raunchy there. he towed the line on appropriate versus inappropriate and that is what made him such a well-rounded entertainment figure. i think the key to me that stands out is all of those tributes from his costars. they said he was a great human being. i think when we ultimately go, that is when we want to be remembered by, one final antidote before i toss it to you, ashley. you remember stories that he is to change some diapers on sets things used to go awry with the olsen girls. i think that speaks to the fact of being america's dad, ashley.
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>> ashley: yeah, so around this time i was more of the age mary kate and ashley olsen when this was popular. so come i remember more of that but i remember saget the guy that was overly a foggier gnomic father figure. like you said, todd, that is what makes him so great but i want to humanize this because a lot of people look at celebrities and celebrity dads and they feel like they know these people because of roles they play on tv or if they go to the comedy shows. but you really have to think about the family. he has three girls. he has a wife. it just makes me wonder how they cope and grieve when it is constantly being brought up in the media. in one hand, you are glad they are talking about it and loved your family member and someone you cared so much about, but at the same time, it has to be
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pretty hard, like having it rehashed constantly. so, there is always that fine line with that, but of course it was very loved, but as you said, his comedy could be raunchy. so you went with the times. he was what he was supposed to be full full house, that fatherly figure but at 65, he enjoyed comedy and what he was doing. we are going to turn to a fox news alert, the father of novak djokovic telling of the telegraph his son has been arrested peer that comes hours after a judge overturned a decision to revoke his visa. >> todd: the twist and turns in this story are remarkable, early or ruling to release from an immigration hotel where he was being detained. 30 minutes of the decision, the ruling clear the way to compete in the australian open next week. now, that is very uncertain.
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>> ashley: the australian government lawyer noted the administration could still impede "extra power of cancellation." that means novak djokovic will face safe deportation and missed the australian open. okay, obviously, this is dragging on to being much more of a situation that i personally think it should be. but todd come if you just go -- this is ridiculous it i think ce if you go and look what it takes for an unvaccinated austrn to leave the country, it is insane. the rules and regulations. you have to file an exemption and explain why you want to leave. so, like i said on friday when i was with you guys filling in for carly, i don't know why he wouldn't just bow out. he had wor $220 million and could win a little over two if he were to win the australian open and i would be like "i'm done with this."
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>> todd: it is because he wants to break the grand slam record. when you reach this age that he is, he's not an 18-year-old anymore. the body can break down and the body can break down quickly. and i think novak djokovic from a tennis perspective that this could be one of his final chances to break the grand slam record. it could go away in a heartbeat, but the bigger picture, when it comes to covid is, could this be the breaking point on thin natural immunity discussion? novak djokovic says he has natural immunity. the medical officials said that qualifies for an exemption. where do we go from here both in australia and nationwide? we began this story with the latest breaking news and that he has been arrested. that is something that has just changed within the last few minutes. so this is a story that will have many twists and turns but
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again, the take away what happens with natural immunity both in australia and nationwide? we will have to wait and see on that. in the meantime, this is actually a heartbreaking story over the weekend. in other fox news alert, at least 19 people, including nine kids killed in a horrific apartment fire in the bronx. one way recalling to try to escape the smoke. >> there was a body dragging to the fence. i don't know if that person was dead or not. >> todd: 200 firefighters responded to the scene. the fire caused by malfunctioning space heater was knocked down in about an hour. eric adams praising the heroic efforts. fdny of heroic efforts. >> they still pushed through the smoke. you can't do this if you don't
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feel attached to the city. >> todd: the bronx building up reportedly had two dozen violations and complaints despite getting $25 million in state loans for repairs. chilling surveillance video showing a robbery suspect pointing his gun at employees inside of a manhattan burger king. the suspect allegedly shot and killed crystal despite the woman handing over money from the cash register which total $100. new york mayor city eric adams outraged over this senseless act. >> that shows a total disregard for life as some people have in the city. and we would rather say that they should be able to walk our streets and at this 19-year-old girl. >> todd: crime stoppers is offering $3,500 award for the capture. >> ashley: the commissioner
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bill bratton slamming the new dal and brad for his woke policy with city violence, crisis. he predicts a further spike in crime and bragg says by decriminalizing just about everything you might see. his policies include shopping the policy trespassing and resisting arrest. this follows eric adams promised to return to broken windows policing after winning on it tough on crime approach campaign. in former new jersey governor chris christie who spent nearly seven years as a u.s. attorney is also responding to the d.a.'s radical policies. take a listen. >> the fight here in new york city, because we now have a mayor eric adams who is saying that what he wants is a former police officer is to bring back plain clothes, gun units to take guns off of the streets, to arrest criminals, violent criminals, and he is
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already fighting with new manhattan district attorney who says he's not prosecuting any crimes. it is crazy. i will tell you, someone who goes to new york city frequently commit is once again a dangerous place and not a place people would want to go or bring your families. >> ashley: what do these new liberal policies mean for law enforcement? we will discuss that in the next hour and founder of the new york city chapter of blue lives matter. new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio=cortez tested positive for covid days after partying in miami. >> this misinformation circulates on child cases in chicago district shows a fourth straight day. alexandria half joins us with the details, alexandria. >> according to the cdc the data is not there to quantify the covid deaths due to the virus. when it comes to kids, mass hospitalization is not happening
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despite what supreme court gestic said last week. that is according to cdc director michelle wilensky. who said this on fox news sunday. >> with elma krohn the death registry come of course, takes a few weeks to collect and of course omicron has been with usa will be forthcoming. but the most thing we can do for the children to get them out of the hospital is to vaccinate them and vaccinate family members around them. >> with the well-being of kids has been question is chicago and school shut down and dragged into the second week now. the teachers union and to force to remote learning for hundreds of thousands of students. >> to be clear that chicago teachers union is an illegal walkout and they have a pen at their post and the kids and their family. >> this is how the union responded to that "do you know the way teachers see that?" we see this as bowling and attempt to not listen to the
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people who are actually in there to make schools and education work. but many, of course see this as the pandemic and bargaining chips. randi weingarten, head of national federation of teachers added this: speak with the teachers are trying the best they can. they need to be respected, not vilified. chicago is the exception that proves the rule. >> now it was more expectation than exception when announced yesterday congresswoman alexandria ocasio=cortez testing positive for covid-19. just over a week ago, she was seen dining mask list with her boyfriend in miami and giving out tugs at a brunch. the team said in part she is experiencing simple gnomic symptoms and the congresswoman received her booster shot this fall and encouraged everyone to get her booster and follow all cdc guidance. when the cdc director said the public has lost trust in their guidance, she simply said "our
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job is to provide updated guidance." ." todd. >> todd: all right, alexandria, thank you very much. florida governor monte santos on the fight to keep schools open, listen. >> extended rule closures will rule that years and years down the line but we signed into law earlier in 2021 a parent's bill of rights and parents are in the driver's seat when it comes to the health, the education and upbringing of their kids. that impact is like, you can't force a kid to wear a mask to school. so we stood up with parents for parents rights on that. yes, we've been battled on that pier of the teachers union sued me to try to close the schools. we beat the unions on that. some of the school districts fought us because they wanted to force mask on young kids, and we were able to win those battles and win with parents. >> todd: next hour, a chicago mom joins us live to discuss the impact of the union walk out on
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her three kids and spoiler alert, she's not very happy about it. >> ashley: i can imagine. the house minority leader kevin mccarthy is anticipating a wave of democratic congressional retirements head of the 2022 here is republicans look to retake the house. >> in 2010 when we won the majority, 17 democrats retired. already 25. i expect that number to be up over 30 democrats retirements because they see what the future holds and they see the numbers. we want to earn enough we have a governing majority, that means the realm of 20 or higher. we are fortunate enough to win 35 republican seats. that would be the largest republican majority more than 100 years. >> ashley: mccarthy added a fire house nancy pelosi bite taking the house majority and opened the afghanistan withdrawal inventing lawlessness at the southern borders and will the pipe and administration be accountable? >> todd: let's head to the nfl
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and a wild way to end the regular season here at the las vegas raiders clinching a spot in the playoffs with a wild sunday night victory over the los angeles chargers. carlson securing the playoff bid with last second field goal in ot. also the west coast, san francisco 49ers securing their spot in the postseason with overtime victory against the l.a. rams. the teams were wild yesterday. the tennessee titans will be the number 1 seed taking care of business against the houston texans. while john, the producer john, buffalo bills have lengthy afe's after beating producer anthony's new york jets. sorry. after hectic play of games sunday, the wild card come from is a lot of information so let's begin with the raiders and the
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bangles at 4:30 p.m. on saturday. looking forward to a wild we can, ashley. >> ashley: every time i think of the raiders i think of the chiefs because arrowhead stadium at a cheap game, oh, my gosh, it is wild. and now, 4:16 on the east coast, covid positive health care professionals to work in hospitals after firing hundreds of healthy unvaccinated ones. we are talking to one of the workers who lost her job last week. >> todd: a big show still ahead on this monday morning. dr. rebecca grant, beverly holberg and lieutenant colonel allen west. don't miss a moment. monday rolls along.
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♪ ♪ >> ashley: los angeles police officers with just before a barreling train collided. after crashed onto those trucks, watch. >> though, go, go, go! >> ashley: absolutely terrifying. the pilot crashed on the metrolink and family line train tracks shortly after takeoff. that pilot was rushed to a regional trauma center for
1:22 am
treatment. he was the only person on board. >> todd: wow, that is literally like you see in the movies, but that is real-life and scary. the san francisco fire department urging the public not to call 911 for nonemergencies due to severe staff shortages. san francisco fire chief claims it is receiving calls for nonlife-threatening purposes stemming from the omicron variant amidst drone fires out with covid. there are abundant calls about my old symptoms and testing requirements. 22 minutes after the hour now, or is on adjoining filmic 20 positive covid symptomatic hospital workers to continue working. all of this as cdc director michelle will linsky tries to explain the updated guidance for workers on "fox news sunday." >> the thing that is most disruptive to any business or industry is to have half the workforce out because they are sick with covid appeared right now the most important thing to do is to protect americans. we do that by getting them
1:23 am
vaccinated and get them boosted. >> ashley: caitlin was 1 of 700 mayo clinic workers filed last fired last week to comply with the vaccine mandate and she joins us live. first off, i want to clarify mayo clinic's official policy is not to go back covid positive workers just to throw that out there. you were let go from your job january 3rd that we just heard michelle will linsky's statement as far as trying to clarify some things that they are saying as far as workers and having thayer staff out. do you think it is contradicted at all that she says it will hamper the hospitals for having half of the workforce out because of covid but yet you still see people get covid with the vaccine and you got fired for not complying. >> oh, yeah, you know, there is a lot of air in the with it and
1:24 am
it is super unfortunate because there are vaccinated coworkers who have been exposed and they are waiting for their test results to come back and they are still allowing them to come to work. their test results are coming back positive towards the end of the shift and they have work that will shift with the patient and not even sending them home. at the end of the day, to fire me, who is negative because i am not vaccinated, but to let vaccinated positive employees still work and take care of patience is not safe or for the best interest of the patience, unfortunately. >> todd: focusing on your situation for a moment, how much of a gut punch was it to basically be fired for your religion? >> yeah, you know, it was heart-wrenching. it was devastating. the whole process of the
1:25 am
religious exemption was beyond intrusive, and i feel like it put my religion and my faith on trial and completely overreach from mayo and should not have happened in the first place. no one should have to make this choice. >> ashley: and i want to point out this past christmas, you did work. you said you missed your son's first christmas. that is a huge milestone for you and your family and to have to work and ultimately be let go just a few days later, what are you going to do? are you guys going to move? are you potentially going to go someplace that don't have these rules to keep doing what you love? >> yeah, that is true, i did have to work christmas and it was absolutely heartbreaking. i worked christmas eve and christmas day and i couldn't be with my son for his first christmas. i was caring for covid patience. and then a week later to be, you know, pushed out the door was
1:26 am
just after i've been extremely loyal to mayo clinic. but right now, my plan is to put myself in my family first. i know that at the end of the day come i'm passionate about nursing, and that's not going to change. i got into nursing to care for people, and i will find a way to do that whether in the state with an employer who will respect my decision or out-of-state. >> todd: is it clear how long this health care system can go on like this because it seems their priorities are all out of whack. good people like yourself are run into a wall here. we are praying for you. we wish you the best. >> thank you. >> todd: people deserve to do the profession they want to do. kaitlin elcock thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. >> todd: 26 minutes after the hour after the residence there at one university morning they
1:27 am
were school is being hijacked by wokeness. they are going to tell us the mandatory training that they say they are being subjected to when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> todd: resident assistants at caroline university calling out the school for its woke mandatory training that claim phrases like "america is a melting pot are now offensive." a katie sanders, campus coordinator for usa at carolina university. thank you for being here. katie, first question to you one of the teaching tools in full something that is a gender unicorn. katie what is a gender unicorn? >> for that, i cannot -- you know, how much you know you are, and how much other you are. it is basically saying you can
1:32 am
be whatever you want. there is a line that needs to be drawn for that so... >> todd: gender unicorn, wow, that is something else. chris, let's get to the concept of a melting pot is offensive. how is that possible when literally at the core of our emigration, the notion of kind of what it means to be an american? >> i agree one thing that martin luther king said is you should be constant of your character and not your skin. i feel like america is a melting pot where everyone works together and can work together so we can have the best unity and best group that we can possibly have. >> todd: katie, why did you decide to speak out? >> i decided to speak out because something needs to be said. i'm here, you know, not to speak out bad but to get my point across. i love it here and i love my job, but my main financial
1:33 am
support is being an e.r.a. and to think about this topic. so i know i will be fired after this, but i felt it is important we shine light on what the administration is doing. >> todd: it is amazing the bravery of people like you speaking out in the face of being fired. chris, who supports these trainings? >> i feel like there is a big disconnect between the administration of the students at western carolina. we have a very conservative population, but we have a left-wing administration. while there are higher-ups like the students do stand up for the freedom of speech, there are many people who feel unsafe with their conservative values at western cal dome at carolina. we are being mocked by the fact right now western carolina faculty on facebook said they could not be prouder of the news here there are professors that report to the chancellor and they are selling woke carolina university shirts with the
1:34 am
unicorn on them. >> todd: that is sickening. katie tooth at chris's point are the residents clamoring for this kind of wokeness? >> for the majority i don't want to speak on their behalf but i feel like the majority of the students here feel like this is not okay. it is just too much, i feel like, it is crossing the line. for me personally, you know, it feels like going back to the diversity and inclusion training, the fundamental aspects of what christian doctrine. you have a christian saying, you know, we are all one race, it is like, i don't know how that is being defensive so... >> todd: western carolina university did not respond to a request for comment from us. i just don't understand why colleges seem to punish the majority for the sake of a few outspoken individuals who are basically trying to find things
1:35 am
to get upset about on a day into a out basis, a sad state of affairs but katie, chris, thank you for taking time to let us know what is going on over there, actually over the appearance. >> ashley: talks between u.s. and russia get underweight in geneva with weeklong stand up the ukraine border. we will tell you what is at stake was sanctions of killing qasem soleimani and vowing revenge on the west. dr. grant explains why the u.s. needs to stand strong in the face of adversaries next.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: we are back with a fox news alert. actor and comedian bob saget found dead in his orlando hotel room last night. just sharing after performing stand-up comedy said as part of his tour to make stops in the u.s. and canada. he was back in comedy when i was 26. he was best known for playing danny tanner on the "full house." >> okay come are we going to have fun or what? [laughter] >> todd: since the show's run ended in 1985 he has remained an icon comedy film and bob saget just 65 years old. 39 minutes after the hour and the u.s. and russia to set down for high-stakes talks among russia build up around ukraine.
1:40 am
>> ashley: even before the de-escalation new york exchange began, u.s. antony blinken deming expectations. joining us live with the latest, jamie. >> hi, ashley, hi, todd, the culmination of something very, very tense weeks of speculations and concern that rush is about to invade ukraine again. so there will be further meetings also in other parts of the continent but basically these concerns have led to ukraine saying an attack could lead to world war iii. now, high-level diplomats from russia and the united states are meeting in geneva to ward off crisis that nato stops expanding and does not expand never shipped to ukraine. that is an nonstarter for the united states. russia has amassed 10,100,000 troops along the border of ukraine. but can they substitute for military mike? >> any progress that we are going to make will have to
1:41 am
happen on reciprocal basis. nothing is happening without europe. it is hard to actually see progress as opposed to talking in an atmosphere of escalation with a gun to ukraine z. >> ukraine has said if they invade they will send those troops back in body bags. let's not forget that russian president vladimir putin despite stern warnings from the u.s. got away from taking part of ukraine, crimea, back in 2014. now, vladimir putin says he believes the dissolution of the old soviet empire which included ukraine was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century. so what will get him, what will deter him from trying to claw back more of ukraine this time? ashley and todd. >> ashley: okay, thanks, amy. we want to bring in national security internationals and relations expert, dr. rebecca grant.
1:42 am
dr. grant, when you hear -- we heard a me she just said about starting world war iii. when people hear that obviously the ears perk up. antony blinken said they will put everything on the table to de-escalate this. what could that look like today? >> these are some of the most significant talks with russia in at least ten years if not longer. so it is crunch time for vladimir putin's dream about extending russia dominance. no question, europe is really worried about the situation in ukraine but remember native holds high cards and everyone is downplaying the talks but it is important for vitamin e are prudent to understand this is not the time to move on ukraine. that is the job of the diplomats in europe today. >> ashley: and then iran said the attacks "will come within." do you think any of this as far as on u.s. soil, do you think any of that could perhaps be something that is happening at
1:43 am
our u.s. southern border because 45 different nationalities cut up the southern border illegally potentially could have something to do with that threat? >> right in on iran, we also have talks going on getting back to the 2015 nuclear deal. this is round 8 of those talks and they are not going well because iran refuses to reverse the violations with nuclear material. the question is iran plotting to do more? remember the new head of republican revolutionary guards is threatening. they have tried attacks in u.s. soil, cyberattacks and shutting down a. my point here is, hey, we have to be on the watch and with 45 different nationalities apprehended along the southern border, you've got to keep an eye on that as well. >> ashley: okay, how big of a role does germany play in this?
1:44 am
>> oh, germany's role is huge in both cases, and it's great we have the new german chancellor who was taking a hard line with russia specifically talking about alternatives to that new pipeline. so germany has been great. germany is central to the iran talks. germany is playing a big role and i'm impressed with this new chancellor trying to hold a firm line and keep nato pointed in the right direction. >> ashley: i think this will be the last question we have time for, but obviously, china has to be brought up here in china is sitting back watching what is happening and seeing how this is going to unfold, correct? >> yes, china is watching the talks with the u.s. and russia to see if team biden can hold the west together. kind of also part of that nuclear deal with iran, but don't expect any help from
1:45 am
china. china will use the russia talks or the situation with iran to try to make things harder for the united states and our western allies. >> ashley: it will be interesting to see how these talks go. if anyone can come to an agreement on anything, dr. rebecca grant, thank you for your intake on this this morning. thank you. todd. >> todd: fascinating segment. thank you. democrats need party leaders like michelle obama to try to motivate voters ahead of the midterms. the parties current leadership struggles with a likability crisis. we will tell you how the former first lady is getting involved. america's grocery stores are reporting fair shelves as omicron with shortages on items like meat and eggs. supermarket chain ceo john is here to tell you how this will impact you when we come back. ♪ ♪
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>> ashley: the former first lady michelle obama helping democrats to vote up registration for the midterm. sunday, "new york times" michelle obama's sent a letter to recruit and train 100,000 volunteers to turn out voters. she promises to register
1:50 am
1 million new voters writing "we have to vote like the future of our democracy depends on it, and we must make the ballot box more accessible for everyone." new york city mayor eric adams giving advice for the midterms, listen. >> we have to be radically practical. radically practical. we need to deal with those kitchen table issues that are important to everyday americans and new yorkers. >> ashley: meanwhile the democrat allowing noncitizens to vote in the big apple midterm election. the local give more than 800,000 noncitizens the ability to vote for offices such as mayor and city council. proponents vowing to challenge that in court. >> todd: house speaker nancy pelosi still believes she can get senator joe manchin on board with president biden's huge spending agenda, even after he told his support over inflation
1:51 am
fears. take a listen. >> well, i have spoken to the senator over time. i do think there is an agreement to be reached. it is so important for our country. >> todd: his vote is crucial for democrats to pass the legislation, but he said his position hasn't changed. i find this fascinating come at the house thinking they can pressure the senate. grocery store owners sounding the alarm says disruptions surged by omicron cases leaving store shelves empty and shortages of meat and eggs on the horizon. joining me now, john, united company ceo and chairman and ceo of the supermarket chain. john, this is real. this is happening this week. we could not find meat or eggs in multiple stores. we found them in one store, but is this going to be the norm the next couple of months? >> well, there is a danger of it
1:52 am
as omicron grows, and it will grow over the next two, four, five, six weeks. omicron is taking its toll at different levels of the supply chain whether it is the warehouses, whether it is the selectors, the drivers, the loaders. and january 6, there has been interruption in the system. right here in the northeast, where the stores are located, we have multiple suppliers where the national chains in the midwest have one or two or one main supplier and what is happening is those suppliers are short on products because of the situation of people being out because of the omicron, then they will have interruptions.
1:53 am
what we are seeing is price increases, the price of eggs or coming up, the price of poultry, the price of beef all across the board because the supply and the product and increasing the price is to try to control the demand. so, if they normally sell 10 million pounds of chicken, they figure if they raise the price $0.10, $0.20, some people buy less chicken and the people who really want to buy the chicken, the chicken will be there to buy. >> todd: the laws of supply and demand. let's look at these numbers, november 2020 and november 2021, beef up 20%, pork 17%, chicken over 9%. what can the biden white house do to reverse this in your opinion? >> well, it is very easy. the price of all of these
1:54 am
products went up because the price of oil, the price of gasoline increased the price of transportation. now, they cut out the pipeline going to canada, the keystone pipeline -- >> todd: there we go. >> canada and alaska have over 100 years of oil. if we turn on canada and we turn up alaska, the price of oil, crude oil will go down $20 a barrel. almost over a 60-90 day period meant. what happens? when you have self supply, then the price comes down, and it will affect everything going forward. now, i have said this before, nobody understands why we are not buying from canada, we are not buying from alaska. and we are buying from
1:55 am
vladimir putin and we are buying from opec making them rich and american people poor. >> todd: right. it doesn't make any sense on any level and yet, it is impacting every single facet of our economy right now. john catgsimatidis, it is always a pleasure to have you on the show. >> thank you, todd. >> todd: coming up next to our & friends blue lives matter joe and parrot trees, beverly and candidate for texas governor lieutenant colonel allen west straight ahead on this very busy monday morning.
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>> todd: we begin with a fox news alert, the nation mourning the death of bob saget. tough way to wake up on a monday. i'm todd piro. >> and i'm ashley. saget is known for his role as danny tanner on "full house." >> joey, it is incredible. i want to touch it, feel it, smell this puppy. >> let me smell the puppy. >> i want to smell the puppy first. >> i'm second. >> ashley: an icon in


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